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    Thread: write a poem that expresses your thoughts and feelings

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      I just finished inventing a new machine
      I fired it up and now I'm filling up everything
      Standing in columns and rows as far as the eye can see
      Beams and towers stacking up and collapsing in a sea of me

      Now I'm everywhere at once and so "I'm" nowhere by logical consequence
      Which of "my" perspectives would one consider the preferred frame of reference?
      The answer to the question just depends, it's something that's inherently relative
      Based on the way you define and differentiate "me", which one you ask, and the answer he gives

      Each individual an identical biological entity, sharing just my single identity
      Who and what is truly "me", in which body, felt and perceived by which ensemble of electrical activity dancing in homeostatic harmony?
      Can I be quantified, am "I" the gestalt symbols that others perceive as exhibiting the qualities of "me"?
      Is each unique copied clone a me of their own existing next to one another but all alone in that endless sea?

      Each and every living corpse a unique and visceral source
      Of ineffable perceptual existential potential instantiated by some unknown force
      Believing utterly their view as what must be true
      That, "I am neither false nor fake; simply myself, not you"
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      I need to stop seeing through the eyes
      Of the people I'm not
      I can only be my true self
      I gotta follow my heart
      Not always my mind
      Now, where do I go from here on my journey?
      It's time to shape my life
      Into what it was meant to be
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      The dawn will never rise again for my eyes
      And I will never sleep again
      I've lost my hope time after time
      Cause the light has vanished from the sky
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      It's cold and dark enough
      for the trees to shiver from the fall wind
      Twinkling stars give light
      to the world behind the clouds
      as the mountains welcome the silence
      While the animals are slumbering deep within.
      Are you remembering where the warmth from long ago is?

      (Small poetic thing I came up with)
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      What am I at war with
      other states of mind
      The thing that I adore
      is the thing that takes my life
      Somethings I were born with
      some things are only mine
      So I will stick with me
      untill I change my mind

      Finding myself torn
      between the things
      I am involved in
      countless sins
      and still beneath an angels wing

      Will I bring your heart to see me
      or will I sing myself into a sweet sleep
      When I put the word out in these mean streets
      That I really believe we would be a teen dream between in these clean sheets
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      My love, don't even try to fight it I know you no longer can hide it. In a dream, I can feel your hands on my body and now, I feel like a hottie.
      It's all that I deem, Love and passion bursting at the seems.
      I can feel the magic thru my fingertips.
      I know this sounds clever like a hand on a lever as I sail thru a river on my new endeavor. I feel brave like I feel the love burning and raging thru my veins.
      Be a man, take the rains.
      I feel like I'm in a haze,
      and my heart is ablaze but, it must be a phase.
      I don't feel ashamed of the fame although
      I know that I would be to blame because my heart is hard to tame.
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