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    Thread: WILDs always start in bed, can't get out.

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      WILDs always start in bed, can't get out.

      I woke up after 5 hours and went back to bed. I went through 2 rounds of sleep paralysis. After the second, the vibrations and the sounds stopped suddenly. I was still back in my room in the dark. I reality checked and failed. So I'm dreaming, but I found it immensely hard to move. I tried to say "I'm dreaming" but it barely came out as a mumble. I RC'd again and passed. This same scenario has happened twice. I never really have strong visual hypnogogia so I can't just pop into the dream. How can I get out of bed next time?

      For the record, I haven't had any lucid dreams yet except these two wimpy ones.

      Also, I was very unemotional when I failed the RC, so excitement shouldn't have woke me up.

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      I rarely try to move. I'd simply float out of bed and ignore the blankets. If you find you can't move, you don't have to. There are other ways.

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      Sometimes I can't move or see, when I become lucid. I remind myself that nothing can hinder me in a dream, since I'm not actually using my eyes or physically moving. This usually helps. Another way I deal with the issue is "reframing" the problem to be part of the dream. For example, once I believed the darkness was just a bubble around me. I moved out of it and saw again.

      Just take a deep breath and float out of bed, like Him said. There's absolutely nothing that can stop you.

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      ^^ That.

      The thing to remember when in that moment, SpiritStairway, is that when dreaming you have no body, period.

      If you find it hard to move, it could be because you are still a little too attached to your physical body. Let it go; try to assure yourself that there is no place for your physical body in your dream, and try to decide that you will move with a thought, and not a physical process.

      In other words, don't think about getting your body out of bed. Instead, think of getting your Self into a new dream scene.

      Oh, and if you find yourself waking up after, say, making an effort to move your dream body, it could be that you were very close to waking when the LD occurred (this happens very often, BTW), and your actual body respnded to your requests to move by waking up (thus making it easier to move, physically)... and, of course, if you are still attached to your physical body, this issue will be more likely to happen.
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      In the little WILDS I have had (more of a DILD guy), if I am in a position where I can't move or cannot see anything, I will try to conjure a different scene where I am not in bed and not laying down, usually this helps to some degree.

      I agree with Sageous about not thinking about your body, it will only draw more focus to it and thus cause you to wake up (possibly in SP).

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