Thought I'd post this since some of you may find it interesting...

I've been trying to WILD using the guide on the forums and in the past it worked for me once or maybe twice. Lately here's what's happened:

I set an alarm (or wake up naturally) around 4:30 or 5am, a few hours before my normal time (after a full 8 hours sleep which I normally get). I roll to my back and start some deep breathing relaxation until I feel like though I COULD move, my arms and body are super relaxed and don't WANT to move. Then I know I'm relaxed enough and try to WILD following the guide. These past times I've always come close but when I feel the start of the hypnagogia, I think I get too alert or something and I don't get through to a dream. After a while of this, maybe 30 minutes total after waking I either drift off to sleep accidentally or give up and go back to sleep. After that, when I have a dream, it just turns from a normal dream into a lucid one, like it just snaps into focus from foggy dream mind to lucid. I've been able to then chain several lucid dreams together, last night 3 of them, though all very short, still very exhilarating.

I believe what's going on is basically a WBTB here, my WILD attempt is long enough that it wakes my brain into a conscious state for long enough. The attempt also provides the motivation and focus so that after returning to sleep, lucid dreaming is really "top of mind".

Thought I'd share as it's basically combining a couple of techniques and getting results though maybe not quite as expected, and have gotten the same result 4 nights now on the past 4 or 5 weekends (about once per week).

The only other thing I've been doing is trying to work on my dream recall by really making an effort each morning to remember by dreams. I usually remember at least part of 2-5 dreams.