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      I need an army of lucid dreamers...

      @Dreamwalkwr - Not old at all, these have all been made in the last few days. If you look at the blue bar above each post, it tells you when it was made.

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      Best lucid dream you've had?

      I had a lucid dream before where i was trying to convince my gf that we were in a dream and she didnt believe me even tho i was levitating so i said 'watch

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      Best lucid dream you've had?

      I can't say I had a "best" lucid dream, I had a few really cool ones back when I was better at all this... I was just reading in my journal

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      Dreamviews Please Slap Me

      Going to bed now. I actually felt really rested this morning even though I got up at 5:30am. I guess It's because I woke myself up rather than used an

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