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    Thread: The Next Level

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      The Next Level

      Hello to Everyone.
      From long time I wanted to post this, but I could never muster my resolve.
      This is only first part from series of events. When I translate the other parts I will post them.

      June 2011
      It was an ordinary night and I was going to bed at my ordinary time 3am. Little before fall asleep I looked at the clock, it was 3.05am. Suddenly I opened my eyes in dark unknown place, before me appeared big black gate. It was made from strange metal and had weird drawings and Hieroglyphs all over it. The size of the gate was around 4 meters in width and 3 meters in height. All around me was dark and silently. All of sudden a voice like thunder said 'choose to go back and forget everything you saw until now( behind me appeared a dark lonely path that was leading to nothingness) or go forward and learn the truth'. I looked at the dark path and I thought that everything can over just like that, but truth was that I always wanted to know more about this world and beyond. I looked back at gate and put my hands on each side of the gate and push with all my might. The gate opened with metallic sound and from it a very bright light comes out. The feeling was awesome. I was floating in white warm light. For a moment I understand everything. I woke up in my bed and looked at the clock, only 5 minutes had passed.

      With this my journey to unknown has begun.

      p.s. In incoming days maybe i will be unable to post because of internet provider problems
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      ^w^ That dream must have been exciting but what do you mean you understood everything? Do you mean like the meaning of your dream or life in general?


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      Very cool start.
      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

      "Instruction in Dream Yoga"

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