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      Post Unsure of what is going on

      My situation is unique to say the least. I've always been very different as far as seeing things and other strange things.
      It started when I was awake but after that it has been when I've been asleep. I am unsure of what to call this.
      I will make this as short as I can with hopefully enough detail.
      ** This situation began 4 months ago. I started having a deep longing to get to Scotland. I felt myself saying you need to get there and beginning to have anxiety because I can't. A month later a song just popped in my head and I couldn't get it to stop. It was random and I didn't know the name of it. I still can't. It's 24/7!! No matter what I am doing its playing in my head.
      Skip forward to present.. I heard if you play a song then the song goes away. I decided to try that after I researched and found the song. I put my earbuds in and sat down and turned it on. As soon as the singing began something strange happened. I started seeing things and I guess you could say "in my mind" I was somewhere else and in another time. Like if you were dreaming only I was awake. That night when I went to sleep my mind was telling me to turn the song on and kept saying that. So, I did and again, the same thing happened except there was more detail and it was longer because I was asleep and it has happened EVERY night since. Interestingly enough one of them was so vivid and so real that when I woke up I decided to write everything down. Later that day I found out that it was winter solstice.... any help would be awesome!!! thanks! I can provide the details of the "dreams" or whatever they're called but decided to save them so this post wouldn't be too long.

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      I think you kept having the song related dream cause you continue to think about it. When I make music the melody can stay in my mind for a while too but it eventually goes away. I admit before it did annoy me though. However, I find giving myself a break from music helps too.When you feel like it is playing in your head too long just ignore it and do something that will keep your mind off it. I dont understand the part about you seeing things while awake. Do you mean you had a daydream or saw images with your eyes closed/open?
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