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    Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind

    Welcome to my Dream Journal! I'm using DV to log absolutely ALL dreams I have, so I'm gonna implement various pages or "sections" that'll keep everything organized soon. That way, it'll be much easier to sort through all the dream journal entries and find recurring elements, plots, characters as well as dreams I find very significant.

    I love using visual imagery to try and best remember what I experienced in my dreams so often my journals will have photos, pictures, drawing and artwork if it is relevant. Same goes for music and videos.


    Normal Dream
    Lucid Dream
    False Awakening
    Hypnagogic Imagery

    Rating System:

    The idea for the rating system was inspired by and basically came straight from Mzzkc.

    The purpose of the rating system is to help readers (and me) sort through all of my dreams and find the entries that are the most interesting. I log absolutely ALL of my dreams every night, and so finding the "good" ones started to become a little tough. This is an attempt to fix that.

    I give each of my dreams a rating, somewhere between 1-5 stars. I rate based on a variety of subjective opinions. This rating system does not follow any sort of set standard as to what type of dreams I value more than others. It is purely subjective from the time that I post it. I may have a change of opinion in the future, but at the time of the writing, that is what I feel the dream gets. Once it is set, I will not change the rating.

    Recurring Elements:

    The Dark Garage Complex
    Elevator Tower
    The Bridge
    Parallel Penn State
    Parallel Danbury, Connecticut
    Parallel Hospital
    Dream Frat House

    By Theme:

    Sleep Paralysis

    Artificial Intelligence
    Dream and Spiritual Entities
    DVASA (Dream Views Aeronautic and Space Administration)
    End Of The World
    Shared Dreaming
    Time and Interdimensional Travel

    Lucid Dreaming Goals:

    [ ] Meet my dream guide
    [ x ] Meet my spirit guide: 1, 2, 3
    [ ] Access any sort of forgotten memories!
    [ ] Share dreams with others
    [ ] Summon myself and see what he's like
    [ ] Go into a mirror and see what's on the other end
    [ ] Taste silly things like dirt, rocks and drywall!

    DV Tasks:

    List to be Added

    DV Users in Dreams:

    Oneironaut Zero
    Raven Knight

    1. The Demon Disease

      by , 03-02-2012 at 07:11 PM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)
      Thursday, March 1st, 2012
      The Demon Disease (Non-Lucid)


      My friends and I are hanging out in my frat room. It is somewhere around 10 in the morning, but we are planning to drink soon. MO, AN, AM, BS, my brother and I are all here.

      I start to drift off to sleep as most of us are sitting in my bed and talking...Everyone almost leaves so I wake up and we start planning a game.

      I wake up.

      The dream time was parallel to waking life time...It is around 11 am right now.

      I fall asleep.

      I am wearing my black thermal-like shirt and my black jacket.

      MO and I are in a video game, book and movie store. There is a lot of dream-plot context already established that parallels waking life events.

      We (in both the dream and WL) have both turned in resume and cover letter packets for review by one of our university's English teachers. In the dream, the teacher is a male grumpy fat video game nerd and IWL she is female and a really nice and helpful teacher.

      In my resume, I name an entrepreneurial venture I ran and maintained for three years IWL, but am vague with the details on what we did. The dream teacher takes this to mean that I am running a budding video game corporation.

      As MO and I walk through the store to find books to help us improve our resume, I see a HUGE shelf section reserved for my old business's products.


      This poor guy. This business is over...

      I kind of feel disdain as well towards him. It seems a bit manipulative and as if he is just using me as a student to try to advanc himself in another market.

      We look through all the movies and VGs. Disney DVDs packaged in those old plastic VHS boxes, a few books here and there, nothing too out of the ordinary for a dream.

      I walk outside. It feels like we are in a subway that contains a lot of underground stores. I see a small dark dungeon-like food court and a lot of kids sitting in the seats.

      There is a small, fat kid eating a lot of boneless wings. But his body is not capable of digesting anything he eats properly. He gets fat but is literally starving. He seems to be choking so I run to help him. I pick him up but then others intervene and try to properly prevent him from choking to death. But he dies.

      He was Patient Zero.

      This is a demon disease. That is what it is being called.

      Special ops wearing black, and scientists wearing disturbing flesh-colored hazmat suits are brought in.

      I run to a nearby bathroom and look in the mirror. It feels like we might die here today, but we might not. I look at myself. I made contact with the kid trying to help him out. I might have contracted the disease. I look deeply into my pupils to see if my eyes have changed in any way. I notice nothing.

      Vividness surges as I stare and try to figure things out. If this really is a demon disease, I think I know who might have the answer. I turn around and walk out of the bathroom. I notice a group of three military ops standing nearby. The leader is a man with long blonde hair, a small thin goatee-like beard, and a brooding personality. Automatically, I feel as if he is a friendly presence. I walk near him. Something is troubling him. I can tell.

      The other two are a woman, with what might be purple hair, and a plumper guy. They are also quiet, but they don't really have that worried vibe about them.

      The leader gives me an automatic rifle. It is huge, but light. I wonder why. Then I realize, that with my black clothes, I look like an op. We are signaled by someone to walk towards some nearby science lab-like room. In a slow, single-file, we inch our way to the door. As we walk, we stay close to the wall.

      As I walk, I pass the guys in the hazmat suits. They look disgusting.

      Then, one by one, we slowly enter the room.

      There is another doorway across the dark unlit room. We are ordered to shoot anyone who walks by this room.

      I get the incredibly disturbing suspicion that they are taking absolutely everyone who was here today that is not an op or a scientist and shooting them to contain the disease. This bothers me. There are other, better ways, to contain this disease.

      The other three are shooting. I lift my gun. If I don't shoot, it'll be suspicious.

      But I can't kill innocent people. I shoot one time, intentionally aiming to miss.

      Then I hear a cry.

      Did I hit someone?

      Without thinking, I immediately drop my gun and run across the dark room, my back to the other ops, heading towards the crying figure. He is a male, with dark hair.

      I run and run and run until I am almost to the doorway.

      Then I freeze in horror. He is my younger brother.

      Fortunately, he looks like he hasn't been shot. But I could have sworn I hit him. Really weird...

      Grateful, but pissed, I make my decision. I'm gonna try to save us and have us cured of any demon disease we might have. But if my brother is going to go down, I am damn sure gonna try to save him. Even if it means I will get shot in the process.

      I continue to run towards him, well aware that the gunmen are aiming in my direction. Maybe I'll make it. Maybe they won't shoot.

      Before I actually reach the doorway, I wake up.

      As soon as I wake, I realize I should have announced I knew who had the cure...That could have bought time.

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