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    Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind

    Welcome to my Dream Journal! I'm using DV to log absolutely ALL dreams I have, so I'm gonna implement various pages or "sections" that'll keep everything organized soon. That way, it'll be much easier to sort through all the dream journal entries and find recurring elements, plots, characters as well as dreams I find very significant.

    I love using visual imagery to try and best remember what I experienced in my dreams so often my journals will have photos, pictures, drawing and artwork if it is relevant. Same goes for music and videos.


    Normal Dream
    Lucid Dream
    False Awakening
    Hypnagogic Imagery

    Rating System:

    The idea for the rating system was inspired by and basically came straight from Mzzkc.

    The purpose of the rating system is to help readers (and me) sort through all of my dreams and find the entries that are the most interesting. I log absolutely ALL of my dreams every night, and so finding the "good" ones started to become a little tough. This is an attempt to fix that.

    I give each of my dreams a rating, somewhere between 1-5 stars. I rate based on a variety of subjective opinions. This rating system does not follow any sort of set standard as to what type of dreams I value more than others. It is purely subjective from the time that I post it. I may have a change of opinion in the future, but at the time of the writing, that is what I feel the dream gets. Once it is set, I will not change the rating.

    Recurring Elements:

    The Dark Garage Complex
    Elevator Tower
    The Bridge
    Parallel Penn State
    Parallel Danbury, Connecticut
    Parallel Hospital
    Dream Frat House

    By Theme:

    Sleep Paralysis

    Artificial Intelligence
    Dream and Spiritual Entities
    DVASA (Dream Views Aeronautic and Space Administration)
    End Of The World
    Shared Dreaming
    Time and Interdimensional Travel

    Lucid Dreaming Goals:

    [ ] Meet my dream guide
    [ x ] Meet my spirit guide: 1, 2, 3
    [ ] Access any sort of forgotten memories!
    [ ] Share dreams with others
    [ ] Summon myself and see what he's like
    [ ] Go into a mirror and see what's on the other end
    [ ] Taste silly things like dirt, rocks and drywall!

    DV Tasks:

    List to be Added

    DV Users in Dreams:

    Oneironaut Zero
    Raven Knight

    1. Animal Transformation

      by , 08-14-2011 at 12:07 AM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)
      August 11th, 2011
      Animal Transformation (Non-Lucid)


      Lift Off!

      I find myself in a class room. A guy is sitting to my right. I think he has blonde hair. I also think we have the same boss. We start talking about psychology-related topics.

      I describe to him how I talk to my "superiors" or anyone with "authority" above me.

      Something about a paper.

      It is the next day. We are in the classroom again. For some reason, the guy and I don't talk at all. It's as if we are not supposed to. It feels awkward.

      TL and I are on a plane. The plane is small, but it is a passenger plane. My brother is here with us, somewhere. So are a lot of DreamViews members.

      This plane is strange. It somehow physically manifests DreamViews threads. There are a lot of threads here that discuss RD's older courses. Oneironaut and a few other users discuss it via the threads.

      I sit down near a window seat to the left, by myself to quickly sift through the threads. I am about to post saying RD's material is solid, so long as you keep your mindsets in check.

      TL sits next to me.

      I feel dizzy. Everything is incredibly vivid.

      I close the DV thread "tabs" on the plane.

      Something about it being story time.

      Something is scaring me.

      Six cranberry juices are available. She drinks four of them.

      The plane quickly accelerates as it moves across the runway. It lifts off. I feel nervous because I haven't been on a plane in a long time.

      As the plane lifts off, TL decides to walk somewhere.

      What the hell?

      I fear she might fall out of a window because the plane is still gaining altitude.

      Animal Transformation

      I have a dog in my backyard. She can transform to a cat, a bird or even a human! She reminds me of MW. In whatever form, she is driven purely by instinct.


      It is day time and the sun is shining as I follow her into the backyard.

      She is a kitten and hops over the nearby fence. I hear a large bird somewhere. I fear she might be eaten by the bird.

      She doesn't.

      It is now night time. She transforms into a dog. We are outside at the front of the house. She runs into the next door neighbors house (to the right). We run around following her trying to be safe. I sense danger nearby. Everything is dark and creepy. But she's trying to lead us to safety.

      Small Beach Island

      My family and I are going to the beach. It is day time.

      We enter a very narrow island. It is almost like a small strip of land. It is completely man made.

      The beach is to our left. There is ocean to the right as well, but no sand or anything like that.

      As the waves hit the sand, everything gets pushed to the right and slowly weathers away the island. Manmade mechanisms push against the waves preventing the weathering from getting worse and worse. It puts the sand back in it's place. Otherwise, the sand would get pushed and the island would get smaller, eventually sinking completely.

      I decide that if there ends up being a hurricane or something, we can either run to the car, or just stay on the island and see what happens.

      I worry that my mom may not be able to run at all.

      Lucid Elixirs

      I log in to DreamViews.

      IAmCoder is talking to Loaf about something. It looks like they are using an instant messenger.

      IAmCoder: "I can't believe you did that! I didn't say you could use lucid elixirs to get lucid whenever you wanted."

      Loaf: "I think I can fix it."

      IAmCoder then posts the weirdest smilie I have ever seen. It is the outline of a sunflower, and the head is that of a man, who's smiling. The entire smilie is tilted to the left.

      Computer Frag

      I stand in front of my Philly computer.

      Brother Frag

      I feel as if my brother is in danger. I must protect him.

      Campus Frag

      I remember a dream I once had involving JP and walking through campus. It is night time and we are catching up. This dream is similar.

      Superman Frag

      Tom Welling is promoting the original superman book. An invisible narrator helps him. But he's never actually read the book, nor is he interested in reading it. He openly admits it as he tries to promote it. I agree with his sentiment. xD
    2. The Vampires' Death Ritual

      by , 07-30-2011 at 10:27 PM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)
      July 29th, 2011
      The Vampires' Death Ritual (Non-Lucid)


      My recall is getting insane!

      It is actually leaving me with the same problem I remember writing about in the past. It's getting to the point, again, where my dreams are increasing in vividness, so therefore my journals are doing the same as well- more detail, more descriptions, etc. Except, it takes so long to write!!!

      I want to increase my recall, but I also don't want to spend a few hours each day writing my entries. If my recall continues to increase and if my dreams get more vivid, I'll definitely want to find a way to log everything in a time-efficient manner. Maybe a new routine, a new way of taking notes or something else. I'll have to try different things out

      Give Me My Money Back!

      I am in a classroom. There is a cute hipster-geeky girl here. She reminds me of someone I know in waking life. We hug a lot and talk about random things.

      It is the next day. I meet a girl I've never seen before. We hug and talk a lot. The girl from the day before comes to the class late. She pretends to be jealous. After finishing talking to the girl I just met, I go up to the hipster-girl and talk to her for a while again. We catch up.

      A classroom window. I notice it on the far back wall. I look out of it. We're in a high building. I see the street below us.

      A blur in memory.

      I am in my Aunt S' Connecticut house. I am in the bedroom and it is daytime. BB is here. So are a few of my frat bros, as well as my actual brother. It's supposed to be our frat house, or some sort of vacation house we rented out for the summer. We are just relaxing and getting ready for our day.

      BB is given a mirror by LP. In it, he can see how he will die. It is up to him whether or not he wants to see it. However, it comes with the risk of instant death. There are two "ways" he can look at the mirror. Through the North and through the South- it depends on which angle and direction the mirror is pointed at. He has to pick one of these two ways.

      "The ice piercing winds of the North..."

      For some reason, the North choice seems deadlier.

      He chooses the South. It reveals to him that he will die within seconds. The cause being because he chose to look at the mirror!

      BB is incredibly stressed out and anxious. I notice an incredibly long needle hanging off of the ceiling. It looks like if it were to fall, it could easily slice through someone and kill them. We take the needle down. In doing so, we save BB. Was this the only threat to his life? Or is this going to be a series of threats like in Final Destination? BB is still worried, but at least he's alive.

      We walk into the living room. My aunts NT and MT, uncle FG and a lot of my family are in the dining room eating breakfast. My parents aren't here. My brother and I are offered drinks by my grandfather.

      "Toman esto," he says.

      ("Drink this.")

      He sounds absolutely NOTHING like my grandfather. In fact, his voice reminds me of a previous dream character I had long forgotten about- the Mini Santa Claus dream entity.

      This actually disturbs me a little, since it is very unusual. Am I dreaming?

      Vividness increases.

      I'm about to RC...

      ...Something distracts me.

      I feel like my extended family has negative intentions. My brother and I tell everyone we have to go. Then we leave.

      My memory goes fuzzy.

      Somehow we manage to find our parents. They are in a stadium-like mall. The mall's halls resemble the large halls of a basketball stadium.

      I've been here before in another dream, once or twice. The place gives me a weird feeling in every dream. Like it's very far away. But not exactly dangerous. It feels like an intersection or a crossroads, between places, where people gather. I don't know how else to describe the feeling, but it's been one of the very few reoccurring elements in my dreams.

      It's a darkish blue-ish color this time. We are seated at a very small square table eating some very awful fast food. The corn is incredibly dry. Our parents are annoyed with my brother and I because we are hanging out with our extended family more than we hang out with them.

      My dad asks me for a favor. He wants me to get a tray of condiments from a nearby table. Our table is out of them. I walk to a nearby table, put a napkin over my hand and pick up the tray of condiments. That way, my hands don't actually touch the tray.

      As I do this, a middle-aged suited man sits down at that table and starts to eat, completely unaware of me. I realize his food was already placed there. But why isn't he acknowledging me in some way? This is...weird... I'll just pass the condiments back to him when we're done with them. I give the tray to my dad.

      We eat our food and I actually manage to convince my parents to come watch a horror movie with us. I am surprised. I know they despise horror movies.

      We go to the movie theaters. It is night time. We buy the tickets and go inside the theater. The movie starts.

      The premise of the movie is the following. The protagonist is about my age. He can tell when disasters will happen. For example, in one part of the movie we see a tall apartment building. It's "ether", "aura", or "energy" starts to disperse around it, making the building glow. A little while after this happens, the vibrations start. The building first vibrates slowly, but then it gets faster and stronger. The vibrations get intense and then boom! The disaster that was supposed to happen happens.

      I am pretty sure the protagonist is the only one who can perceive this. No one else seems to notice it.

      When I see the apartment building vibrating, I get excited. This correlates to my life in some way! But wait! How...? Oh. Never mind. A TV show I used to watch did something similar (Fringe). Then I started getting bored of the TV show. But I think this movie is awesome.

      The movie is generally intense and unusually vivid, as if I were actually being pulled into the scenes.

      A new scene comes up. Kids are getting on a ridiculously huge and bulky amusement park ride. The ride is yellow and it can hold around 50 kids at once! It is as tall as a high building. As the ride starts, the protagonist notices the energy and aura surrounding it. It begins to vibrate. Some disaster is about to happen. The protagonist knows that if the disaster does come to pass, everyone on the ride will die.

      "This ride is just asking for it," he says.

      The structure of the ride makes it seem like the engineers were being careless.

      Something funny happens. When he first says the careless line, I am not paying attention. So I say "What?" The protagonist repeats the line for me!

      He and his group of friends run towards the ride, climbing up any structures or surrounding buildings to get to the top. There's are mostly wooden structures, and they climb these.

      I now have a plate of food with a tray on a table in the middle of the theater.

      All of the colors on screen get dimmer. I figure we must be facing the "wrong" side of the theater. I turn around to face the "right" way. After several minutes a quick bright light reveals that the audience is right in front of us. We're facing them! We turn around again. I vividly observe the crowd. I notice that about 75 percent of the seats are full. We're now at front.

      We are now seated in the front row.

      I look at the movie screen. The movie switches to a green Windows OS desktop screen. AIM is running in the background. Then it immediately switches back to some movie playing software. The software is playing the movie and the projector is digital. I slowly figure it out. We aren't watching the movie from a roll of film at all. The projectionist is simply using a computer projector to show us a digital copy! Wtf!?

      This upsets me for some reason. Probably because the projectionist is being incredibly lazy.

      I look around as I want to see how other people are reacting. Most don't seem to care. A random guy in martial arts robes is lying down on his back in the second row of seats. He isn't too happy with the projectionist either. I suggest that everyone should just walk out and request a refund. However, most of the people in the audience are actually too scared to do that. A few of them are unwilling. I manage to convince my family. We walk out of the theater as everyone cheers for us. They are chanting for us as well.

      We leave the dark theater. For some reason, my dad gives me 15 bucks. Apparently that's how much he paid for all of our tickets.

      As we walk down the hall, we notice a lecture hall to our left. The creator of the movie is there. A short Indian man wearing a green polo with white-stripes. I look at my brother.

      "Should we get our refund directly from the source?" I ask with a smile.

      "Do it," he replies.

      "Lets go!"

      We walk inside the brightly-lit lecture hall. There are lots of bodyguards surrounding this man, but I walk past them...they don't seem to care...weird...

      He is seated in the upper right section of the audience, in the farthest corner/end of the row. I want to get through the seats, past everyone, but I decide to wait. I have my hands in my pockets and realize that may look suspicious. I take the cash out of my pockets.

      The man is called downstairs to the front for some award. He retrieves this award and starts climbing up the stairs. That's when I make my move. I catch up with him as he walks up the steps.

      "I need to talk to you."

      We walk back to his seat. I sit down next to him.

      Me: "Listen. I just saw your movie and I want a refund."

      Him: "Ugggh. Get out."

      Me: "The projectionist didn't use the actual film. He was lazy on the job and instead used a digital projector to show the movie from his computer."

      Him: "You have no way of proving this."

      Me: "Listen. You can either refund my tickets, or we can solve this through the very lengthy process of court. You said so yourself, in your binding movie contract, that anything 'not right' can be taken up in court and you will automatically concede. I will take you up on that. Or you can just give me the refund now."

      He concedes.

      He gives me an old roll of photos. It is supposed to be the entire film for the movie. He then gives me a digital camera which is supposed to be a voice recorder.

      I am supposed to use the roll of photos to do something.

      "What about my money?" I ask. "Ohhh..I get it. This is like a mission. When I'm done I'll have my money."

      The voice recorder "camera" is to be used for mission updates and it provides a means for two-way radio communication. I state (into the voice recorder) that I am accepting the mission and will do [something illegal that I forgot] to ensure it goes well. I remember that the man is not exactly my friend or my boss. I tell the man (through the voice recorder) that I will delete my previous statement so that he can't stab me in the back and take me to court using my statement as evidence.

      Apparently everybody in the audience can now hear our conversation. Everyone thinks I'm a terrorist.

      I stand up and get ready to leave. Then I notice three or four of my friends at the front left section of the audience. They see my brother and I. They start walking towards us. I notice AM and KC are in the group. I forget who the other two are.

      I give them all hugs. I talk to KC for a bit. I'm pretty sure, in the dream plot, we hooked up before. She is taller than I remember.

      KC mentions something about us being the ones who are bad...?

      I then talk to AM, who looks slightly different than I remember. They all wanna leave and just go out to have some fun. They are now walking with us, as we leave the lecture hall. KC leaves with my brother down the hall in some other direction.

      I invite AM to hang with me. Things get really vivid. I focus on AM, staring directly into her eyes as I try to figure out why things feel "off." There's somethings different about her. Something's not quite right...

      ...She distracts me by talking. She says we'll hang out.

      I put my arm around her and we walk down the hall together, as we continue talking. After some time, she gives me a subtle sexual stare and I take that as my cue. That was...fast. o_o

      I start making out with her.

      After around five seconds, I stop us. There's something in my mouth. It tastes metallic, soft, wet and stringy. I'm about to spit it out.

      "No!" she yells. "Leave it in. Enjoy it."

      Is this food? Is this watermelon or something? Is this a drug of some kind?

      I am about to spit it out.

      I wake up.

      The Vampires' Death Ritual

      We visit our grandpa in our aunt N's house several times. The last time is the scariest and we basically decide to stay there all night. We all think he is going to die soon and we want to be there til that time comes.

      We are seated in the living room. My mom is to my right and my brother is to her right.

      I step outside.

      We are now in the suburbs. Everything is house-on-the-shore like. My wife (in waking life, I have no wife; rhymes ) is lying down somewhere in the front of the house which is more like a closed off patio. Then there's the actual patio outside.

      We are having a conversation. Something weird happens here. I leave her having a conversation with a double of myself as I want to walk outside and enjoy the fresh air while still talking to her.

      When I return to the closed off area of the patio, I find it disturbing how there is actually a double of me here. It really strikes me and I become aware of it. I am now paying attention and I slowly walk up to my wife. I find my lips involuntarily moving to respond to whatever she says. I am involuntarily taking part in the conversation she and my double are having.

      I open the entrance door into the house so I can see her and look for the double she is supposed to be talking to.

      "Are you talking to someone else...?"

      "No, of course not. I am talking to you."

      I look around. The double of myself is gone. In his place (where I left him earlier) is a television.


      We are in some weird tropical place. A group of people are here. A ritual. Natives. A group of foreigners meet the natives and discover something BIG. At first, the leader of the foreigners thinks that the natives are insane, but ultimately, he understands them. Scary dance.

      This discovery is something VERY low key. It impacts the whole world greatly, however, no one knows about it yet.

      Foggy memory.

      I am in a small, square-shaped auditorium. Everything and everyone is sealed off from the "outside" world. Everyone in here is isolated. That's just the style of the auditorium. Kind of like a planetarium that isolates everyone's access to the halls. Every seat is filled in the audience.

      The group of foreigners walk in with natives from that tropical place. The leader's mom is here. Some of his family and friends are here. Some of my own family and friends are here as well. He is going mainstream. He wants to let the world know what his group has discovered.

      A ritual begins with the natives, and the leader joins in. They dance. The leader gets redder and redder and his veins pulse stronger and stronger. I fear he will actually explode. The kids in the audience laugh at the ritual. They are making fun of it. I want to leave. This feels like some sort of trap or setup.

      I start walking to get out. The leader gets some rope and some other stuff. I think knives as well. He tells everyone in the audience to tie a specific section of people up. Incidentally, that group has his mom in it. He realizes this and tries to stop everyone, but its too late. Everyone has started doing what they were told.

      The end of the ritual has already arrived. They isolate and tie the section of people as everyone in the audience starts to join in and chant. I am ridiculously freaked out right now.

      I walk and get on the actual stage. I pretend to be a part of the ritual as I look for a way out of this sealed off auditorium. Below the audience, I see a tunnel that may lead outside. I sneak off into it. Fortunately, no one notices me.

      A couple of people are chasing far behind me now. I continue running down down this dark gray carpeted tunnel and at the other end, I spot two elevators on the left wall. I press the button to go down on the first one. I see a set of stairs, but find them more dangerous. More people are in there. The elevator has no one...I think.

      The elevator doors open and a woman with short brownish-orange hair walks out of it. She asks me where the ritual is taking place. I point the directions to her as if I am happy about the ritual. I act as if I just need to go to the bathroom or something. Then I walk into the elevator and press the button to go to the first floor. The doors close and the elevator starts to go down.

      The leader of this whole "plot" is not the leader of the foreigners. It is another man who reminds me of Sam Merlotte from True Blood. He feels somewhat like a father figure, but scary and with evil intentions. They catch up to the front of the elevator as I am going down, and the leader starts speaking with the woman. I can somehow hear and see them (superimposed onto my vision) as the elevator makes its way downward.

      The Woman: "Even the ritual dancers may or may not survive. Only the surviving 30 or so vampires will be the ones to join us. The rest will be killed. That auditorium better be a blood bath."

      She shows her fangs.

      The Leader: "Who's in the elevator?"

      The Woman: "A young man."

      The Leader: "You know what to do."

      The Woman: "Okay."

      The leader leaves and the woman talks to some other person (I think over a radio or something).

      The Woman: "Press the following button sequence to freeze the elevators: sec, go, enter."

      I am hoping that the elevator gets to ANY floor before it freezes. That way, I won't have to be retrieved by anyone. I won't be stuck, and I can just open the doors and start running. I close my eyes.

      Come on! Luck! I need you!

      I somehow get off of the elevator. A lot of vampires are after me now. I am in a floor similar to the earlier tunnels that lead outside of the auditorium.

      I am now running down a mall-like hall towards another set of elevators. The stairs are CROWDED with vampires, so they are NOT an option.

      But the elevators are frozen! I see a keypad next to the elevator. It has those buttons mentioned earlier on the edges of the numbers. I remember the exact sequence. Sec, go, enter. I press the buttons.

      Please let it work...The elevators turn on!

      I enter the elevator and go down. It'll be a while before they realize that I managed to get the system up again.

      I go down somewhere to one of the first four floors of the building and start running. The entire mall is a dark blue color.

      I see a large set of glass doors all the way at the button of several flights of steps. Incredibly bright daylight shines through them.

      Wait, am I already a vampire? If I am, I can fall large distances and not get hurt...But that could also mean I'm dreaming...

      ...Before I get too deep into my thoughts, I jump.

      I jump directly to the third floor from the fourth as a "test." No pain, no injuries. Hmm. I guess I am a vamp.

      I then jump directly to the second floor with my intentions being to exit this damned mall! I see all kinds of vampires running around as I make my way towards the entrance as fast as possible. Bulky ones, skinny ones, weak ones, strong ones. They are killing each other and chomping into other vampires' necks to do so. I see my friends OT, MQ and my brother as vamps helping each other survive the onslaught of more sinister, evil vamps. I run to them. I wanna help them escape.

      A huge Simpsons bully vamp flies in the form of a bat towards us. He transforms into his human form and tries to grab and kill my friends. I manage get his attention on me. My friends escape. It's implied that he's incredibly strong and fast. I want to transform into a bat to escape. As I focus and believe that I will turn into a bat, he picks me up and bites into my neck, taking a huge chomp.

      I wake up.

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    3. The Dragon Blood Infection

      by , 07-26-2011 at 05:17 PM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)
      July 25th, 2011
      The Dragon Blood Infection (Non-Lucid)


      Minus the frag memories, these dreams were really vivid. I also had some level of awareness and control, but never fully came to the conclusion that I was dreaming.

      Frag Memories

      Something about me being an actor/performer.

      Something about a girl that I might have been interested in.

      All-Access Online Pass

      I am on my computer in Philly. I am trying to figure out how to buy something online. I want to buy access to some course so I can study. But then, I remember I have full access to everything on this website for free since I helped complete a thorough beta test of their website.

      The Dragon Blood Infection


      It is night and my family and I are driving to my campus. We're either moving out or in. I don't think my mom is here, only my dad and my brother. We decide to stop by a coffee-shop to get a snack. For some reason, I feel like my dad is annoying me. We walk inside the coffee-shop.

      Fluorescent lights dominate the atmosphere. The floor is a pale white. To my right are all the coffees available. You don't ask for the coffee you want. They just make whatever and we take our pick, like a school cafeteria. The same applies for the snacks. My brother takes the only grande coffee their. I keep waiting for a new grande to be put out, but they're only putting out talls! Finally, I get some sort of vanilla-flavored coffee.

      I am in my Philly house. I think I am standing in the living room. Extreme vividness, but not as much awareness.

      At my core, I am a dragon. I am like one of those "Supernatural" entities that look human, but is actually something else. Dragon blood flows through my veins.

      Something bad happens. Someone is exposed to my blood. This can have all kinds of effects on different people. The person who is exposed becomes infected with some sort of disease. It is like the infection from "28 Days Later." The person's eyes become red and they are taken over by a rage. They also look pale, sick, and insane.

      I have to contain this. Somehow, I create a cure from my blood in the form of a white powder. I place the powder into a baggy and cure the person. This person is now my cousin, LG. She is no longer infected by this virus. But the virus is a tricky one. If she is exposed again, the virus will no longer be curable by the powder. It will have adapted and become immune to the powder. And this is the only cure I know how to make, as it was extracted from my own blood, which is also the very cause of the virus!

      I am in the backyard. We are having some sort of family get together. Some people are inside, some are out. My cousin JM is sitting down on a chair in the backyard. We are talking about something. He knows about me being a dragon. I tell him about how I almost screwed everything up. I didn't want to bring a hell of a virus onto the people around me.

      I forget I am a dragon. But I know I am working to prevent any outbreak of the virus. Thus, I will be exposed to it a lot. I tell JM to kill me with no hesitation if I get infected. I don't want to put my family, my friends, or anyone else for that matter, through the risk of being infected. As a military-man, I expect him to be able to do this. But before killing me, if possible, try to cure me. Curing is always better than killing!

      Then it hits me. I can't get infected. I remember that's why the virus is out there in the first place. That's why I was able to make some sort of cure.

      Something is hovering in the air. It distracts me for a little bit. I am not sure what it is, but I find it strange.

      I walk back inside the house and through the kitchen. In the kitchen, I notice boxes that weren't there before near the trash can. I continue my way through the house, to the living room and finally to the couches. I find my cousin, LG. I look at the glass-center table in between the couches and see a pizza box on top of it. I remember placing the powder on the table. She can't be exposed to the powder unnecessarily. It may trigger the virus again.

      I tell LG not to touch the glass table, and not to do something else. I also tell her to let me know if she starts feeling sick or showing certain symptoms.

      She and my other cousin both go upstairs to check their facebooks or something on the computer.

      My dad is seated on one of the green couches. I am in an empty part of the living room with my brother and some other guy. We are all dragons. We can only transform into an actual dragon by merging together. I am the tail end, my brother is the middle, and the other guy is the head. We must be completely synced in our movements and intentions. I somehow know the power of belief and intention affects everything around me. It can prevent me from getting hurt, it can help me transform, amongst other things.

      In my movement, I must run and dive down directly towards the floor. Ideally, I would then merge and transform with the others before actually hitting the floor. We try this three times. The first time, I am worried I will hit the floor and get hurt. So I don't actually dive. We don't transform. The second time, I decide to just do it. For whatever reason, I know I won't get hurt. Everything around me is fluid and malleable and what happens is a matter of what I believe will happen. I dive directly downwards. We don't transform. I land on the floor with my two hands, flip smoothly, and land back on my feet. This surprises me. The third time, we still don't transform.

      I know we just have to truly believe it will work. We need to transform successfully today. There is some exam or something happening tomorrow that will require us successfully becoming a dragon.

      I am traveling with someone. I sometimes see this in the third person and the first person simultaneously, sometimes third person only, and other times first person only. The person I am traveling with is scarred. He has been in many fights before and looks like he could have just been let out of jail.

      I apparently have a son, still a baby, who went missing. The guy with me is helping me look for him.

      We may have been prisoners of an enemy for a while. We are now climbing out of some sort of hatch near a large building or structure. Outside of the hatch and near the structure is a cliff. It is easy to climb, as an old ladder-step mix thing allows one to simply climb to the top directly. At the top of the cliff, near the edge, is my son. There is an evil guard here who merely laughs at us as he points his gun towards us. He thinks we are weak. To him, I look like nothing more than a child. The tough guy looks like nothing more than a weak starving man.

      The tough guy takes this perception and plays along with it. He walks up to the guard weakly and tells him of our search. The evil guard decides to use us for his entertainment to see how far we get. He will probably kill us after we take several steps toward the cliff. The tough guy pretends to take a step in the direction of the cliff and away from the evil guard. As the guard brings his gun down, the tough guy immediately knocks it out of his hands and towards the cliff. Then he knocks the guard out. Not so weak now, huh?

      I am now someone else, a third person of the group? The tough guy might still be here, maybe not. Maybe I am the tough guy now. Either way, the father of the son is standing right below the cliff as I climb the ladder-steps up. I arrive at the top. Being here is tough. Everything is hazy and unstable as if an unseen force is trying to get me off of the cliff.

      I see the son right at the edge of the cliff lying on his back. I am worried that he could easily fall off. I push him away from the edge. Then, I get knocked out of the cliff. I climb back up, push him even further away from the cliff and get knocked back down. Around the third time I do this, as I get to the top I see a vision superimposed onto my field of view of what I am supposed to do. I am supposed to grab the baby, jump off the cliff so the unseen force can't knock him off and kill him, and basically sacrifice my life to ensure the baby lives. This doesn't really make sense to me. The baby has been up here just fine all this time. It's just a matter of making sure he doesn't kill himself. Thus, I go against my vision.

      I start to head towards the baby to push him even further back away from the edge of the cliff before the unseen force knocks me down again. I pick up and look at the baby. He has a human head, that is supposed to be similar to mine, but now has the body of a bug as big as a cat. Thousands of bugs just like him arise from behind the cliff. They all have a head that looks similar to mine, but the body of a cat-sized bug. They have white-ish wings with kaleidoscopic designs.

      "Are these my children?" I ask myself. "Is this the way they look like because of my dragon blood? No. Wait. This is an ambush. They are shape-shifting bugs. These are bombtrees."

      I don't know why I call them bombtrees, but it makes sense to me. This is what the species is called. Thousands of bombtrees appear out of nowhere and start flying around me.

      "Hmm," I wonder. "Now what do I do?"

      I am now in my Philly house again. I am on the computer and I am editing a dream journal on Dreamviews. The dream journal system is a mix of the old thread-format and the new blogging system. One of my posts has 9 comments. There is one user, who doesn't exist in waking life, who posts in The Lounge often as well as in my journals. He has a white-ish avatar.

      Another of my dreams has 1 comment. I start editing one of the dreams. I "remember" it happening and start fixing any errors I notice. Grammar, spelling, all that stuff. As I edit the dream, I experience it happening. It is superimposed onto my field of vision.

      Everything is in black and white. I am on a bench. There is a girl I find really unattractive sitting next to me. I have no idea who she is, but she is supposed to be my girlfriend.

      "Why is she my girlfriend?" I wonder. "I have never seen her, nor have I ever met her, in all my life!"

      Her head slowly makes its way to mine. She wants to make out with me.

      I start getting scared.

      No! Stop it! Get away!

      But I can't stop. It's going to happen.

      I see her lips puckering up.


      Before the kiss actually happens, I wake up.