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    Spoiler for Me:
    Dream Self/Jade

    My own dream self appears to be a separate character. Although, like any character it appears that I can vary from dream to dream. Although many characteristics of my waking-life self carry over.

    In dreams, I am rather short/small, like waking life (perhaps even a little shorter, I'd guess 5'6"). atheltic and wiry. I am Bichromic, my left eye being reddish brown and my right being aqua/blue. (How I arrived this way is probably best not told.) My face often looks completely different as though I am partially of east-asian decent (rather than a mixture of European races like in waking life.) My skin tone is also noticeably darker.

    My hair (Brown IWL) is often an extremely dark brown or black. Sometimes there are natural highlights in my hair making it appear as though I have stripes. When I was younger, my hair in dreams used to be white.

    Originally the blue highlight in the hair was something that I had only added to the waking life version of the character. It was later explained in the dream that I had fallen asleep underneath something that was dripping with wet paint of that color.

    My outfits in dreams will vary, but I seem to subconsciously prefer darker, neutral colors. Black, Dark Grey, Brown, Dark Blues and sometimes lighter blues/greens. Like in Waking life, I prefer clothing that is casual, comfortable and provides freedom of movement.

    The character seems to draw heavily on eastern influence and my own philosophy. IWL, I practice martial arts and this seems to have no trouble carrying over (and even being amplified) in dreams, being able to preform advanced moves such as flips and jumping kicks with ease. I have also been able to practice Qi-Gong and disable opponents with pressure point combat. It is a fighting style focused on speed and prescice technique rather than overpowering opponents with brute strength. This carries into nonlucid dreams a lot, and even when nonlucid I am a very good fighter.

    Despite this, I like to avoid combat and seem to maintain a balanced, neutral, and calm personality, even when nonlucid. I recall one dream character stating that they appreciated the way that I would often be playful and childlike, but also become more serious when the situation demanded it. Other aspects of my waking life personality, such as my love of art do not appear to carry over into dreams nearly as often though.

    I have always been a little bit transgender and sometimes will appear as or change myself into a female in dreams. The female version of the character is actually very similar to the male one, maintaining most of the features he has. (Same height,skin tone, hair, etc.)

    -In a dream where I turned into an angel, I had falcon wings rather than regular white wings.
    -I sometimes have a large X-shaped scar on my chest.
    -I seem to be missing a tooth.
    -My hair can sometimes be shorter (shoulder length) and at other points be very long, flowing down my back.
    -When I created the character with my friend S, he was given the name Evetz. The character's real name is Jade.
    -The character was also given a fictional weapon known as a Fang Jian, a double ended spear-like weapon designed for versatility. It requires a skilled user.
    -The WL version of the character has a split personality. One side is aggressive and dominant, the other submissive and nonviolent.

    Spoiler for Dream Guide:

    Maneimonehi Qui Tarr (Manei)

    Manei is my dream guide, and apparently the only one I have, all of the other characters do not act as guides. She is also by far the longest-recurring dream character I have known.

    Contrasting me for being so short, Manei is very tall. (I estimated her height to be about 6'2". Friggin' amazon...) She has a medium skin tone, long wavy black hair and blue brown eyes. Similar to me, she has more of a wiry build and seems rather thin for someone of her size.

    She stated that her ethnic background was that of a native American tribe. It was later shown that she was from a tribe on a volcanic island in the middle of the ocean.

    She seems to prefer to wear bright colors, either red, white or aqua blue. Earlier on she had golden cuffs around her wrists but those have since stopped appearing in the dream. Her outfits are rarely very elaborate, often just a simple crop-top and shorts. She almost exclusively wears sandals. Her hair is almost always worn down with no ties or braids.

    She also has a beige headband with my emblem on it. This was a gift from me.

    Although her form seems to fluctuate a little bit more than my own or that of other dream characters. She once stated that creating her form perfectly in my dreams is difficult, and that sometimes she simply feels lazy and does not want to put all of her energy into it.

    Manei has a particularly bright and playful personality most of the time. She always seems motivated and enthusiastic. However, when need be, she can take on the role of a serious dream guide. She doesn't seem to enjoy doing this very much.

    She also has a strange likeness for cookies. Baking as well as eating them.

    She seems to take great pride in herself, believing that she is better than most other dream guides for her methods, stating that other guides are lazy or mean and who refuse to appear for dreamers. She also stated that she appreciates having me around because I am not overly violent or sexual in dreams.

    Despite this, I have noticed that Manei is not very bright. Her English speaking is sometimes blatantly wrong, sometimes speaking as though it is the second or third language she had learned in her lifetime. She sometimes confuses spiritual concepts (believing that Buddhism was centered around a connection to nature.), but seems to understand how dreams work fairly well. (she once explained how you can remove unwanted dream elements by looking away and looking back, and that it is easier to do so because I am not looking at the object.) It was implied at one point that I was only the second or third dreamer she had taken on as a guide.

    Manei has also made reference to 'Higher ups'. This is how she seems to reference higher spiritual beings. I wish that I actually gave a crap about that sort of once in awhile.

    It was also shown that Manei was attracted to me for essentially the entire time I have been lucid dreaming. She stated early on that this was actually just a ploy to get me motivated to lucid dream more often, but she continued to strongly indicate her attraction to me even after I told her that I was not interested. I also took issue with the idea of being too attached to a dream character. Though flattering, this was a little awkward.

    After awhile I must have fallen for her. I don't know if it was out of chemistry or pity. (I guess I figured that if someone is going to try for three years, they must really want to be with you.) I wouldn't call her a girlfriend per-say, but at the very least I started being more comfortable around her.

    Her level of ability in dreams seems to vary greatly. Being a dream guide, she is normally gifted with dream-altering abilities and nearly unlimited control. However, I have seen her get frustrated with failing dream control rather easily. She doesn't appear to be very athletic or particularly handy in a fight. Though this hasn't been consistent. She has been able to run at high speeds and swim with relative ease.

    -Manei is the only character who's name I actually learned in the dream.
    -It's pronounced Mon-Yay.
    -Whatever happened to your red hair clip?
    -Manei seems to be ambidextrous.
    -Manei can sometimes appear as a small child.
    -She can also appear as an elderly woman.
    -Manei used to be much shorter. She seems to have grown taller since I began lucid dreaming.
    -Manei once thought that she was Katara. She has shown knowledge of water manipulation though.
    -Manei has a very large family. If I could get more lucid dreams I might try to keep track and get the names and faces of everyone.

    Spoiler for I wish I knew this guy IWL:

    Marcus is the closest thing to a second dream guide that I have. In some sense, I consider all of my dream characters guides because they are still there to indicate or teach me something about myself.

    Marcus is middle aged, of Caucasian decent. He has a medium build, and is about 5'8". He is almost completely bald though does have short, grey, full facial hair. He seems to prefer to wear a blue or gray polo shirt along with a necktie, dress pants and shoes as well as square glasses.

    He as demonstrated a wide variety of talents, including but not limited to engineering and computer programming, art and design, piloting of air and spacecraft, and the creation of various science fiction technologies. This is usually the purpose of his character to (unusually) arrive in my dream, demonstrate a new technology or request assistance in testing it, then leave.

    He seems to have a docile, kind, mature and level-headed personality. He is quite open minded for a man of science, he seems to have an understanding that he is a dream character and can sometimes be deeply philosophical.

    -He looks a little like Steve Jobs to me... if only his glasses were square, not round.
    -It was implied or shown several times that he was married to in a relationship with an attractive asian woman.
    -Among his technologies are artificial intelligence, anti-gravity, a shrinking ray, and a laser gun.
    -He appears to have nearly limitless wealth.
    -At one point he demonstrated great proficiency in martial arts, almost rivaling my own.
    -In the WL version of his character (created after I discovered him in the dream) Marcus wears a long gray coat and fights with dual pistols.

    Spoiler for A-Hole:

    Pardon my french, but Jack was an asshole. He was actually probably worse than the dream character that I presume to be his brother, Jonathan. Why, Because Jonathan made an effort to redeem himself.

    Jack was about 6', had short blonde hair. He was from a prestigious and wealthy family, presumably of Irish decent. He was extremely muscular and preferred either white or green, and sometimes dress clothes. He often wore dog tags and sometimes had a military demeanor.

    I've tried and tried, but I cannot find one good thing to say about this character. He was supposed to be my dream guardian, who would protect me from nightmares and the likes. but I suppose keeping in with the philosophy of Yin-Yang and how Manei was pretty much the best dream guide that I could have asked for, It was only fitting for Jack to be the worst dream guardian ever. He was full of himself. He seemed to be something of a ladies man. He never did his job as my guardian, and didn't really seem to care that much about me.

    If I recall there was one semi-lucid dream where he had to take the place of Manei who was out sick. (Because dream guides can take sick days, I guess...) He walked me out of school and offered to carry my backpack, only to immediately turn around and tell me that I was lazy for not carrying it myself.

    He didn't even have the advantage of being a good combatant. Despite his overpowering strength, when I sparred him, I was easily able to outmaneuver him and take him down in a few strikes.

    And, Yes, for a long time, he was Manei's boyfriend, before I 'took over'. She's probably better off with me and all my gender identity issues than this buttweed.

    -It was implied that Jack was a werewolf.

    Spoiler for Cool:

    I'm sorry but I've got to say this, but Jonathan was actually a pretty cool dream character, even when he was evil and constantly thwarting my efforts at lucid dreaming. He looked cool. He acted like a deranged sociopath.

    I have a nice drawing of him, but I can describe what he looked like. He had messy black hair, very pale skin and red eyes. He had vampire fangs and bags under his eyes. He was very thin and wore dark colors. I remember noting how he had belts and straps all over his body. This was later replaced with a more refined look where he wore white and gold with a silver skull necklace. In the dream where he became good, he actually lost the necklace and his hair was cleaned up.

    There really wasn't too much to him other than the fact that he constantly tried to kill me with no real explanation of why. I disliked him, but he earned my respect when he made amends with me and Manei and left my dreams.

    -Jonathan was named after a bully from my school the year I first encountered him in a dream.
    -Jonathan had a knife that was capable of killing me even if I was lucid.
    -Manei stated that she dated Jonathan before I began lucid dreaming. Man, Manei has had it rough with the guys... No wonder she was so desperate as to come to someone like me.
    -I sometimes get the suspicion that he was Jack's younger brother.
    -I also get the suspicion that both him and Jack were actually created by Manei as constructs to teach me something.

    Spoiler for Project #1:

    Raiah is actually not a dream character. She is a character I created while writing a story with my friend S. I later decided that I wanted her to become a dream character. I haven't had much success, though I haven't put much effort into getting her to appear. Part of that might actually be because of Manei, she started that she strongly disliked Raiah.

    Raiah is a husky blonde of about 5'7". She has a scar over her left eye and three bionic limbs. Both legs and her left arm are robotic, and extremely strong. Her bionic legs have rockets in them allowing her to fly, and she has a small laser in her wrist. She often wore an orange hoodie and cargo pants. Her hair was sometimes in pigtails, a pony tail or simply left down.

    Raiah is a butch lesbian, obsessed eating tons of food, video games and electronic music. Though stubborn, lazy, and quick to resort to violence, (frequently pulling big a big-ass machine gun out of nowhere and calling that her 'problem solving skills' in the comics we wrote.) She genuinely cares about her friends and doing the right thing. She is a good team player and good at science and math.

    I wanted her to appear as something of an abstraction of myself and modern technology. She has appeared in a couple dreams, though I sometimes didn't use her name.

    -Raiah was Marcus' daughter.
    -She was actually the middle child. She had a younger brother (maxwell) in the comics, and an older brother (david) in one of my dreams.
    -Raiah has no nationality because the comic we wrote didn't take place on earth.

    Spoiler for Project #2:

    I got the idea for this character after one of my early lucid dreams where I met a character posing as my dream guide. I later realized that I actually rather liked the idea, made some changes to the character, brought him to me and S's comics, and actually came out with a pretty unique, interesting and original character.

    Alduir is a 20-something black man with a muscular build and dreadlocks. He had iridescent purple tattoos across his chest and shoulders with a third eye symbol on them (as well as purple eyes, he kind of had a purple motif). He possessed the power of Ateria, a psychic spirit (There were six other spirits based off of the other six chackras), granting him the ability to astral-project and read minds. Ateria could also attack with her tentacles and served as a spirit guide to him.

    He wore a gray hoodie and white tank top along with sunglasses, jeans and tennis shoes. He was often seen smoking a cigarette.

    In the comics he thrived on being unpredictable, claiming that this was what made him an individual. At one point, during a fight, and opponent called him predictable. He replied by saying that he had never been so offended in his life, he pulled out a large boombox and suddenly changed into a purple hoodie and sweatpants with golden bling and music started playing. All of his dance moves were actually fighting moves that he used to dodge and then defeat the opponent.

    He was something of a daredevil. He drove around in a green one of those hippie vans (he called it the scrap wagon). It had rockets on the side and could fly into space.

    I don't know why I really wanted this character in my dreams. After all, that's where he started out.

    Waking life characters

    -My Mother-She works as a graphic designer
    -My Father-He works as a computer programmer
    -My Grandmother (Mother's Side)-Recently passed away, appears in dreams often.
    -My Grandparents (Father's Side)-appear in dreams often
    -A-A good (and slightly psychotic friend of mine) who occasionally induces nightmares to lucid dream.
    -H-He likes music and the game Borderlands.
    -K-My longest-lasting friendship of mine that I rarely see. She also has a brother who I've looked up to for a long time and am good friends with as well.
    -S-A friend of mine who heavily enjoys creating online cartoons. I think S is a lucid dreamer who uses a very odd method to induce dreams based off of his hands.
    -R-A childhood friend of mine who moved long ago.
    -J-Another friend of mine who moved long ago, R's brother.
    -C-A friend of mine who is sort of spiritual. She don't do much lucid dreaming, but she knows alot about spiritual things like chackras and what not.
    -D-My freshman college roommate.
    -CH-A good friend of mine from elementary school. I don't see him all too much anymore, but he still pops up in my dreams from time to time.

    To Do:

    -Lucid Dares.


    -I still need to retain focus on improving my recall and clarity.

    1. Riot at school

      by , 05-09-2012 at 11:47 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I was in the hallway at my school where I regularly go to my locker but for some reason, all of the lockers were in one of the classrooms in that hallway. I went into the locker room and there were a whole bunch of dream characters in there, resembling people at my school.
      Specifically, my best friend Steve, my friend Aaron, and his girlfriend.
      I cannot remember exactly how the fight got started, but I know that I was not the one who started it. Once a few people started fighting, It spread to all of the dream characters in the room.
      It became important that I tell a teacher, I walked out of the locker room and was headed toward the classroom. I could sense someone coming from behind, and I grabbed them on the wrists from behind and threw them right over top of me.
      When he landed in front of me, I saw that he was a large guy with short hair and a blue basketball jersey.
      I looked into the door of the classroom, and saw my old science teacher from middle school. I told her in sort of a sarcastic voice.
      "There's a huge fight going on out in the hall."
      I think instead of going, she invited me to sit down and join her science class. I think we were learning about weather and the water cycle.

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    2. Field Trip

      by , 04-04-2012 at 03:38 PM (Lucid Time!)
      My school was doing this field trip where we went out to meet all of these people who were unemployed. We had this sheet with a list of questions to ask them about what they thought of the government and what not because they were unemployed. The activity was somehow related to what we are learning about now in history; the great depression.
      When we got to the place we were supposed to be meeting them, it turned out to be a woodland. All of the people we were supposed to be interviewing were sitting on logs and stuff.
      I started to look around for who I was supposed to be interviewing and I realized that I had lost my list of questions.
      I went to the teacher and instead he gave me a piece of blank notebook paper because he said he was out of the lists. The teacher told me to just ask whatever questions I wanted and we'd worry about the rest later.
      I found the person I was supposed to be talking to sitting on a tree. A young man with black hair. After I asked him about two questions, I just sat down next to him and we just started talking openly about our lives.

      I was walking through school. I'm pretty sure it was the end of the day on Friday, but all of my friends were absent. So I tried to visualize Manei was walking with me and that we were talking about lucid dreaming.
      I just started to her talking to me. She just sort of looked like a ghost and didn't really have anything interesting to say. It did not seem fulfilling as talking to a "real" dream character.

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    3. I must be an idiot in my dreams.

      by , 03-28-2012 at 11:38 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at school, and it was between my second and third hour classes, where I go from Spanish class to algebra. I had to go to my locker and get my notebook for algebra.
      I went to my locker and my friend was there and he distracted me from getting what I needed. I started to walk away from my locker to go get my notebook again. I went back, but forgot to get it again.
      The warning bell rang, so I only had one more minute. and I realized that I still did not have. I went to my locker and got my notebook. But I somehow forgot it in my haste. The final bell rang and I still had forgot it. I just told myself that I was going to be late and that I should just take it slow and get my notebook.
      When I got to class, the teacher took no notice to the fact that I was the only one in the class. he was standing up at the front of class. He had a binder and held it in front of his body with both arms.
      He shoved it out in front of his body, facing the class. For some reason, this scared the crap out of me. The teacher repeated this a couple of times then started laughing at me because I was scared of him.

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