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    1. Lucidity enslavement

      by , Yesterday at 09:12 PM
      So I was sleeping trying to performe dark gestures that what I call it when I think I'm dreaming I'm trying to do lucid intervals where I can false replicate my dream body as if I'm still awake this is darkness control you have to replicate your body in still infamy as if just moving around the house this is called the mirror enslavement technique this is where you see yourself Ina mirror in a dream for the first time and you can do this in waking reality whenever so I was trying to astral project so I kept faking it and walking to the mirror just so I can enslave my subconscious to keep thinking over and over so it work so as I was enslaving my mirror persona I closed my eyes and just thought that I was surrounded by mirrors so I what faint and jolt acting upon if I were still looking at myself going to see myself in the mirror as I enslaved this humor I thought to myself how can imprison people Inside a looking glass that was under my control everytime someone look in a mirror or look upon glass
    2. Almost lucid

      , Yesterday at 05:56 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      First day when I actually had to use 2 blankets, because it got chilly at night. Finally, I'm so over hot summer.

      So, in a dream, I decide it would be a great time to WILD. I start to rock back and forth and I try to actually feel the motion. Like it happens when you imagine a motion while falling asleep, then when you are in HH, you actually start feeling it.

      So I start rocking, I'm on a verge of feeling it, when someone in the dream disturbs me and I can't continue. Dangit.
    3. Meeting a Genie

      by , Yesterday at 04:29 PM (My Dream World)
      I think this dream occurs after a brief awakening IRL. The memory is a little hazy for this one. I'm in my grandparent's apartment at night. I think there are some other people from the family there, but I don't remember if I interacted with them. At some point, I get lucid and for some reason I remember the Task of the Month about summoning a genie and making a wish. I enter a room, expecting the lamp to be there. I find it on the stand where there used to be a TV. It looks just like you'd expect, it's a small, golden lamp.

      I start rubbing the lamp until some pink, slightly purple smoke came out of it. I cannot remember very well what the genie looked like, just that it had a vaguely humanoid form. Wanting to be able to change the dream scene easily, I tell the genie "I wish to be able to travel to any place I can imagine, instantly." I don't remember exactly what the genie did, but I imagined myself in a sunny beach, and suddenly I find myself in one. I am in a sandy island in the middle of the ocean. I them imagine myself back in the apartment and I teleport there. It is daytime now.
      I think the dream ends around here and I transition to a non-lucid nightmare, where I'm home at night and I pick up the phone but there is no response. I put it down and pick it up again and there is no sound. I say "Hello" and a very distorted voice mimics me. I put the phone down immediately.

      I tell my uncle about this and he dismissed this saying it's my imagination and similar stuff has happened to him. He tells me about how there was a dog that appeared in the building at night and he thought it was a ghost until he caught it. I then drag him to the phone and I pick it up again. I start saying something and them a clear voice begins speaking a mix of english and jibberish at me. This startles me and I wake up

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      nightmare , lucid
    4. SO MANY missed opportunities for a DILD

      by , Yesterday at 02:26 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      Fragment 1: In the beginning of the dream, I was having a dream where I woke up in a room with a 3D grid of exotic guitar/shamisen/ukelele hybrids. I then woke up, went to the bathroom, and wrote about my dream.

      Fragment 2: After that, I had another dream inside the current one where I was walking home from school when some high pitched voiced stopped me and prevented me from moving. I had entered sleep paralysis. I then woke up. I could have used that as a great opportunity for a DILD, but I didn't.

      Fragment 3: I had found a new software used for lucid dreaming. Basically, what it did was play music from your favorite band, and that was supposed to set the mood of your dream. I went to this strange place with a lazer gun which was supposed to be a portable version of the device. My friend Who we'll call K, said that he doubted that it worked. I then downloaded the software and an archive of songs. I opened one of the songs, which was this crappy foreign hip hop song, and then my computer went crazy. Things like a random doom level generator having a seisure, random faces in circles popping up near the task bar, and text changing were the common results. I went to the start menu to restart my computer, and there was a search bar that was counting down the time before the ultimate payload attack on my PC. Every time I tried to restart, it closed the start menu. I then woke up.

      MAN, this dream had a lot of opportunities.
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Christmas Carols at the Checkout

      by , Yesterday at 12:34 PM
      Morning of September 22, 2017. Friday.

      I am near the front area in a store, which is much like the Woolworths grocery store we presently shop at. I am not sure of the time but it seems to be morning. I am with my wife Zsuzsanna but there are also several unknown people present. A man who looks like Javier Bardem is near one of the aisles adjacent to one end of the store (the left when inside the store).

      There is some intimacy with Zsuzsanna (mainly due to ambiguous associations of the store also somehow being of our present home). Later, another female, unfamiliar, is present. There also seems to be some sort of Christmas mood, as at least one person is talking about Christmas music. I am not sure if the other female is Javier’s wife or possibly a prostitute. I loudly and sarcastically sing with a sustained vocal, a line from “Oh Holy Night”, which is “Fall on your knees”, a line a classmate used to be sarcastic about. (This is due to randomly reading about the song “Lola” by The Kinks yesterday, which has the suggestive line, “I got down on my knees”, though I already knew everything about this song.) The female is now sitting on the floor on her knees. I soon have the awareness that it is time to leave the store, yet which is also supposedly now more clearly the bedroom of our present home (and yet it is still Woolworths despite the blankets on the floor). I do not reflect upon this impossibility (I am not viably lucid, so thus I am not aware of the very common lifelong symbolism of a checkout being a dream’s end marker due to it being a common metaphor for “checking out” of the dream state.)

      Javier is packing something into a bag. (I loosely associate it with the bag Santa Claus carries around in popular myth.) It is sitting to the right of the last checkout access inside the store, on the left of the store. I absentmindedly place an unplugged alarm clock into the same bag. (This is an obvious subliminal attempt at reinduction to stop any waking prompt neural energy.) I also notice what I think are a pair of my blue jeans in the bag. I take them out of the bag (though I am not sure if I am wearing anything in my dream as I am not focused on that presently), though leave the unplugged alarm clock in the bag. Javier looks at me with a very annoyed expression. I get the impression that the blue jeans are his, and the clock is mine (though this is not certain).

      “What are you doing?” he says with visible irritation. “It’s time to leave the dream state. Plug that thing back in.” I put the pants back into the bag, but soon wake, while still holding the unplugged alarm clock.

      The checkout of a store has been a common end marker in my dreams since early childhood, yet I (or rather my clueless non-lucid ephemeral dream self identity) almost always forget this dynamic (though even in lucid dreams it is sometimes automatically rendered as such, though not usually in apex lucidity). Plus, even though the preconscious is almost always a different character, I often still do not recognize this very distinct energy and persona even after fifty years. (This is probably a biological safeguard.) Being undressed in public is simply a residual memory of having fallen asleep (as I do not wear clothes to bed).

    6. Lego World Nautilus

      by , Yesterday at 10:07 AM
      Morning of September 22, 2017. Friday.

      In my dream, we are living in a distorted version of the Loomis Street house (where I have not been since February of 1994 and where Zsuzsanna and our children had never been). However, I have no recall that it was actually my sister Marilyn and her husband (of whom I have no thoughts of at all in my dream) whose house it mainly was.

      In the first part of my dream, I am watching a nautilus on top of the kitchen counter. Rather than this part of the kitchen counter being in the actual kitchen along the west wall, it is along the west wall of the dining room left of the west doorway. I had been sitting at the dining room table. Although the nautilus is otherwise a water denizen (and probably a feature of the very common water induction as dream state initiation), it moves along the counter, seemingly healthy, seemingly breathing the air. I feed it some pieces of cereal and watch it eat. It faces to the left in profile.

      Over time, I realize that the nautilus was part of an aquarium based on Lego block creations. There are an unrealistic number of boxes of Lego kits throughout the living room and dining room. The aquarium with the Lego features in it belongs to our youngest son. In the later scene, after the nautilus had been in the aquarium for several minutes, I notice that it may be dying, as it spews blood and is also bleeding from underneath its shell. I learn that our son had paid $80.00 for the “kit”. However, it does not make much sense as I also learn that the people who sold it want it back - yet $230.00 must be paid for them to have it again (which of course makes no sense at all). However, because the nautilus will soon be dead, the scenario is problematic. I am very annoyed. I am not sure what we will do. The creature is still breathing, but I do not think it will live.

      I become distracted when I notice three men lying on the ground just outside the south area of the house, sleeping. It seems to be late morning. I see them through the bay window. They are parallel to each other but are sleeping in informal clothes. Soon, one wakes and phases through the wall. This makes me annoyed and I jab my Olympic barbell (no weights) into his neck and hold him down on the floor with it. He is standing at one point, but I punch him. He becomes a sheet of notebook paper, which I tear into several pieces.

      This dream, as is usually the case with at least one dream per day, was partly based on something my wife Zsuzsanna had seen that I could not have known about. She had seen a movie yesterday morning (with some of our children) that had Lego in it, and a Lego aquarium as with my dream (and at the beginning of that movie). No one ever mentioned anything about this prior to my dream. This sort of event has been validated to have happened long before I even met Zsuzsanna (when she also appeared in my dreams as my “mystery girl” with the exact appearance and unlikely mixed accent of Romani Hungarian and Australian, as well as actual Persian associations as with some dreams).

      I should probably add another paragraph, as new readers who believe in “dream interpretation” (as the term is commonly used) would not have any understanding of what is going on here. The man I fight with, as always, is my personified preconscious in the projected symbolism of the emergent consciousness. (This is easily validated by the fact that he wakes up and phases through the wall.) This is completely unrelated to real life and is a waking transition function of RAS biology (reticular activating system which controls the dynamics of sleeping and waking and waking symbolism). The aquarium represents the dream state itself. The bleeding nautilus signifies increasing neural energy during the waking transition (and incrementing awareness of having a real physical body), though probably also has personal associations with mortality. The act of feeding the nautilus cereal when it is not in the aquarium represents “being out of the aquarium” (not sleeping) and having breakfast (cereal).

    7. The Dark Tower – Healing on the Beach

      by , Yesterday at 03:59 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 09-21

      The Dark Tower – Healing on the Beach

      I am on a beach that somehow looks familiar. It reminds me of the beach that I used to focus on in my bedtime meditations to trigger lucid dreams. I walk down the beach just enjoying the feel of the ocean breeze, the sound of the birds, and the sound of the water. I haven’t gone far before I notice there is a man walking down the beach in my direction as if he was drunk. He also looks like he might be a bum, he is filthy and his clothes are all ripped up. I am about to continue on my way when I see him collapse. I figure even if he is a drunk, he might be in trouble and need help. I head in his direction. I see him reaching clumsily for a gun at his side but his arm doesn’t seem to be able to grasp it. The effort seems to be the last energy he had left and he passes out.

      When I get closer to the man I see the reason he had been unable to draw his weapon. His right hand is wrapped in a dirty, blood drenched scrap of cloth. That doesn’t look good. I also see that there is the redness of infection making its way up his arm. I will help with that. While he is unconscious I carefully remove the filthy cloth and see that the hand is missing two fingers. No wonder it is bloody and infected. I focus healing energy through the man’s hand. Light energy surrounds the wounded hand and glows brightly for a bit and then is absorbed into the man’s body. The hand is now whole again. The red of infection is also gone from that spot. The man seems to recover some and he wakes up. He turns suddenly towards me and has his gun out in an instant but he doesn’t pull the trigger.

      The man knows me, and I recognize him. He calls me Raven and I recognize him as Roland Deschain from the Dark Tower books. He realizes with some shock that he’s holding his gun in his right hand. I tell him he was injured somehow but I healed his hand. He asks how I did that, am I a sorceress? I tell him I’m a healer, using the light energy to do good. I ask if he is injured anywhere else. He said a lobstrocity bit off a toe from his right foot and took a chunk of meat from his right calf… I carefully remove the ratty boot from his right foot and heal the missing toe and then the injury in his leg. Now Roland is feeling much better and he stands up.

      Roland wants to know how I found him here. I tell him my dream state takes me wherever I need to be. I look at one of his water skins and see it is empty, so I use the Harry Potter spell aguamente to fill it with fresh water. The other skin is nearly empty so I fill it as well. Roland says this is no dream. I say that for him it is real, but dreams are how I travel to the other worlds and for me this is a dream. Roland thanks me for filling his water skins and asks me if I happen to have any bullets on me, most of his took a wetting in the ocean. I don’t think I have any ammunition. Roland says he hopes I’m not hungry because he doesn’t have any food left. I am thinking to create some food for him but I don’t get a chance to do that before I wake.
    8. A Call

      by , 09-21-2017 at 02:57 PM (Devil's Trill)
      Before I woke up , I have woken up in a dream. It was quite vivid .
      I was lying in bed , the tv was on ,relaxing . Then suddenly my phone rings, its NK, I was surprised. "How would she know my number?" - I had some doubts ,but that was not enough for me to get lucid.
      I picked up the phone and said Hi how you doin in a relaxed manner, she answered with an I'm ok with an awkward, aloof, detached , apathetic voice. Her voice was so vivid, i actually heard it with my ears, it was not a typical voice from a phonecall ,it was like if she was next to me.
      Then she started to talk about a cat ,and something something justice. I dont remember the rest of it , I woke up shortly after that.
    9. PE and Free Hugs

      by , 09-21-2017 at 02:25 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      Fragment 1: I was in PE with my class. We did something that I forgot what it was and then walked the blacktop. All of a sudden, we were in a conga line. As soon as C stopped and realized this he said "WHAT?" and then joined them. I, of course, did nothing because I hate dancing. My 7th grade PE teacher noticed this and made me run it all over again, this time including the boy's locker room. (a random detail: In the dream, the locker room lockers stacked up to be stories high) I did that, but took the wrong turn and went into the girl's locker room. I didn't notice until one of them said "Dude, wrong locker room." I think one of them might have screamed, but I didn't care because I rushed out as fast as

      I actually know why I had this fragment. In real life, me and C were talking about the dance unit in PE and how much he hated it. C said the only dance he would do was the conga and he said it would be fun to start one that ran through the entire school.

      Fragment 2: I remember seeing N giving out free hugs. EVERYONE was swarming around her. I then went over there and asked her for her number. She is usually taller than me by an inch in real life, but in this dream, she was like three inches taller than me. I then gave her a hug, and as soon as I did that, I thought "too much, too much!" because I gave her a bear hug so strong that I managed to PICK HER UP A FEW INCHES AND MOVE HER directly across from where she was before. I then left. Sometime after that, I got carpooled by her family, and made it to my house safely. Why do I still have dreams like this?
    10. 2-3 dreams, transition between homes, beautiful train station girl and attending church

      by , 09-21-2017 at 01:40 PM (Exterminate)
      Attempting WILD again. This time my alarm is set for 6 hours.

      Our family is moving the end of this month. This dream was set at various points during the transition from here to there. I remember being at a train station (went to a train museum yesterday) and looking for someone missing. I mentioned we could ask someone who works there, because they probably know the place really well. This girl who was about 19 shows up and starts talking about how she knows every railway in this city (Turns out there's a lot) and that it is a small town and she has been here all her life. Kinda sad, but I started picturing myself in a relationship with her. I thought she was very beautiful in appearance. She was brown skinned, couldn't tell if Mexican or Native American, so she also had brown hair and brown eye color. We talked for a bit and she mentions she is a Christian and whatnot. She then asks a trivia question of which church she used to attend (Which doesn't make sense if she has always lived in the same location). I respond that it would be an almost impossible task to answer that, and she brings out a bulletin from the same church I currently attend before moving. I shrug it off as a coincidence and move on with the dream.

      Our family is sitting at a table playing family games when there is a phone call coming in. Parents answer it, I get up from table and start watching Jerma985 videos. He is actually playing overwatch in these two videos I am watching, a game which he normally does not play. Not only that, but he was top500, playing against several other top500s and grandmasters. I don't remember the first video, but the second video involved him doing high stakes with whiskey in his mouth. He started laughing at the end, and roadhog in the game started spewing out railroad spikes at an enemy at a really fast speed, kinda like his scrap gun ult. Jerma started laughing and the outro played. He was also trying to hook a mccree and doomfist at certain points but he could never land his shots because of ana or other heroes in the game. He kept making frustration sounds like his friend ster.

      We attended a church in the new location and I got a major deja vu feeling because the church was sort of similar to the one I attend now, and the pastor was really awesome, but the music was..bad. They didn't really let you sing along to it, and the lead pastor was also the worship pastor. He sat down with guitar and about 3 other people near him kind of quietly singing older worship songs. I felt like it could have been so much better if everyone was standing and shouting these sons out with more passion.
    11. Some dreams

      by , 09-21-2017 at 04:16 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I had a dream of visiting my friend J from work. We were on our way to picking up his daughter or something but we all decided to stop and play video games first.


      I dreamed about being in a japanese house that looks like it was in the movie the Grudge. A creepy woman that looked like she was from the movie. Pale skinned and all was crawling down the steps.

      Flash way forward. I'm on a mountain with the woman and several other pale skinned onryo, maybe a whole family of them. they aren't trying to kill anyone and seemed to be cured of whatever curse makes them want to kill. Kayako's sister seems to be having a hard time accepting that she was murdering people and tries to end her life by jumping off a cliff. the other's fly down to where she lands but she is not even injured.


      I'm with a group of people in some strange tunnels. My perception jumps over a wall and I see 2 people hanging onto a ledge or something. There are bad guys, maybe an opposing team coming toward us. I have no weapon so I jump over another ledge where I can stand with a guy who has a crappy bow and arrow. He is shooting at the guys and misses a few times. He starts picking them off very cleanly and fast. Some man in black knight armour is advancing towards us. I tell the guy with the bow to shoot him. The arrows bounce of the dark knight guy. The evil guy laughs and runs through another tunnel. I climb back over the ledge to follow him. The ledge seems larger than I remember so I struggle to climb back over it. He gets in a black SUV and takes off through the tunnels trying to flank us from another direction maybe.

      Now I'm entering the tunnels again but with a family of people. They say these are time paradox tunnels. We run into a boy around 13-16 with black hair and they say that's their son and they haven't seen him since he was born. They've been trapped in the tunnels the whole time. The boy says he remembers being raised by them. their explenation seems to be Time paradox. A replica of the family emerges from another tunnel but they are green snake people. The father expands his hood and strikes the boy. The rest of the family goes to fight off the green cobra family. My attention is focused on the boy who's face is swelling huge. His sister or something demerges from him not poisoned she seems to be coming out of his back and says she will avenge him. she joins the rest of the family fighting with the cobras. the boy just dies.


      A dream of me wandering through a house. Asuka kept sliding her face from the corner tops of open doorways and flying away. she was pretending to be a ghost that was haunting me but I didn't find it scary at all.
    12. The Dark Tower – Slow Mutants

      by , 09-21-2017 at 03:48 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 09-20

      The Dark Tower – Slow Mutants

      I am in a dark place walking down a long passage. There are other people there with me, but I can’t see them because it’s dark. I only know they are here because I hear them speak sometimes and I hear their footsteps on either side of me. I wonder where I am and who they are. We continue at a slow pace, feeling our way along with our feet on what seems to be an old train track rail. After we go for a while I hear the man on my right bump into something. Before I can react, I also run into something and get a bonk on my head, bringing an involuntary “Ow!” My voice sounds weird, not like my own. The other man, on my left, apparently stops in time and says we need to watch where we’re going. The man on my right says not everyone is gifted with an uncanny ability to see in darkness. He strikes a light so we can all see. We have blundered into a hand car!

      We all get on the hand car, but it seems so big! And either I have shrunk or these men are awfully tall… I recognize the men. One of them is Roland from the Dark Tower series, and the other is MoSh. I tell MoSh that he is dreaming. He asks if I have seen Raven. Roland asks if that is the woman who was with MoSh back in Tull, and MoSh says yes. I don’t say anything because apparently I am playing a different role again. The light goes out, but MoSh and Roland operate the hand car by touch. The hand car rolls along at a good pace, faster than we had been able to move in the dark. As we move on the passage seems to open up on both sides. I can’t really see this, but I can feel it in the air and tell the difference in how our voices sound. Before long Roland strikes another light and I get an idea of what the area around us looks like. There are several other sets of tracks that run parallel to ours and more that merge with ours or split off to the side. The light doesn’t last long and then we continue. We pass by what looks like an abandoned subway station where all there is to find is a few mummified bodies and a cheap looking bow with some arrows. Roland picks up the bow and arrows before we move back to the hand car to continue.

      We haven’t gone much farther when I see something out in the darkness. Something is moving, and it seems to be glowing in the dark. As they get closer I see they look like zombies… glowing zombies? Maybe they’re radioactive… whatever they are, they’re attacking us! Zombies are closing in around the hand car as it comes to a stop. Roland shoots the first one with his gun, but the sound is deafening in the enclosed cave and dust falls from the ceiling from the vibrations. This place could collapse at any minute! Roland exchanges the weapon for the bow and arrows he picked up earlier. After two missed shots where he was probably getting the feel of the weapon, Roland starts knocking zombies down with arrows targeted right at their heads. Zombies hate fire, so I focus on the song Damage, Inc. by Metallica to throw a fireball… but all I get is a small candle sized flame that quickly goes out. MoSh says some of the zombies aren’t glowing, but he can still see them. He tells Roland where to find them and Roland brings them down. I am thinking if I can’t kill zombies I can get us out of here while the others are fighting. I grab the handle of the hand car and start pumping. It’s hard work to do that in such a small body. Slowly the hand car picks up speed and we leave what’s left of the zombies behind.

      Roland is peering ahead into the darkness when I see MoSh disappear. I know he has just awakened, but when Roland sees MoSh is missing he stops the hand car. He asks where MoSh has gone? I say he woke up, this was just a dream to him. And in fact, I will wake up, too. I say I know Roland is thinking he will leave these tunnels to find the Man in Black alone, but that’s ok. I won’t be with him just because I have other places to be. He is clearly puzzled by what I have said, but we have no choice but to continue. I see the exit far ahead, a spot of light in the endless darkness. When we get closer there is a rotted trestle bridge spanning a wide crevice. I can hear water flowing down below. We get about half way across when I tell Roland this is where I get off. I say I’ll stay long enough to make sure he makes it across, but then I have to go. He is confused and asks where I will go? There is nowhere to go! I tell him of course there is. There are other worlds than this, and I have to go to one of them to wait until we meet again. And we will meet again, of that I am certain. He seems reluctant to walk away, so I figure I just have to go. I know Jake has to fall here and “die” so he will be in the right place for Roland to “draw” him later. So I step off of the bridge out into nothingness, calling back to remind Roland that there are other worlds than this and I wake up as I hit the rocks below.
    13. School Drama

      by , 09-21-2017 at 02:56 AM
      This was a vivid dream I had from the other night.


      I was inside my house and noticed a cream colored horse near the couch. Excited to have the animal in my house I turned it's hair and pet it a bit. I didn't know it than but it was a horse I drew yesterday. Unsure if the horse would be allowed to stay I tried convincing everyone who turned up of the benefits to having the horse over. Skipping to the next scene, I'm walking outside with family and on my way to class when I notice a guy behind me. He seems like he has a group and I come to the conclusion by the way they talk, that they think they are a tuff popular group.

      I decide to not let it bother me and sit down in my desk when I arrive inside the classroom. While paying attention to what seems like my art history teacher, I begin to hear whispering and turn to see a guy, who looks like a familiar dc, filming me with a really small camera at a angle.They began to snicker so I get mad and get up, snatching the camera away from the guy. "What are you doing!? Give it back!" I hear him shout. The teacher shouts at me too but than his friend says "were gonna find you and beat you up after class. How does that sound?"I stay standing and tell them straight up that if he proves there is no photo or recording of me Ill give the camera back.

      The guy who looks like a familiar dc made the device show pictures as requested. First I saw palm trees/grass, than he swiped and I saw a woman, light, blue eyes, short brown/black hair, a bit above average, wearing casual clothing, sitting on what I think was a tree that was on the ground. I thought it was his mom even though she was lighter than him. He swiped again and I saw another pic of her but a face pic of her. He than swiped and showed me pics of orange/red leaves on the ground and a close up pic of the ocean water near the grass.

      "Sorry, I thought you had something of me in there"I said to him. He said it was okay. Than we went to the window where his other friend showed me a pic of what was his girl friend. He kissed the phone than used the phone to show me something on a screen near the window. Words appeared than I saw a awkward scene of another familiar dc sitting on the grass camouflaging in brown leaves, feathers and mud. Almost all his face/body was covered. His eyes in this dream was blue mixed with brown though.I felt a bit awkward looking at him cause he looked a mess but i thought his character was the wise yet cute silly/clumsy type so I said what I thought but changed the subject cause the guy with the phone looked like he was disinterested by it. Next thing I asked was if he liked anime. He paused at first than said yes and put some anime music on his phone. Singing some lyrics which helped break the ice. After I woke up I was happy it was a dream though. I don't want school drama after all. I did like how vivid it was though.

      Ignore his/her nose. XD
    14. The land of the blue light

      by , 09-21-2017 at 12:20 AM
      I felt a need of meditation after I got home from my work. I got stuck without any will in that state for about 1 hour. Then my wife came to me with daughter, they needed quiet place for teaching a poem.
      I got disturbed by them, and aware, that my spiritual body is loosened. it took about minute to leave physical body because I felt to be disoriented by interference to the process they were creating by moving on the bed and speaking.
      Finally, I severed all the bindings I felt, and I stood up. I felt dizziness. My spiritual body was humming with energy... and everything was shining in strong pale blue light. The room was not out of ordinary, but it was empty even if I heard daughter repeating the poem. I tried to walk away from the room, but I was roughly send back into my body by my daughter... she pushed me roughly into my leg.
      But I was still feeling that my spiritual body is loosened so I separated fast this time. I levitated and flew out of house. I shouted very strongly: "Hello Sonia! Remember to tell me, that you heard my shout!" That's one of experiments I'm running for years without success.
      My surroundings and myself was shining in strong pale blue light, sky was dark. I felt the pull to the north, and I flew fast. at the start I flew high, but disorientation feeling grew with time, making me to fly lower and lower... The best height was about 1.5-3m above the ground. But at that height, there were obstacles... trees, houses, fences... in sake of fast reaching of the pull center I disregarded their existence and flew directly through them. A few times I crossed even terrain level. To the end of flight I found that I fly to my parents house which was shining in gold light. But then I was again disturbed by my daughter shove into my leg...

      It looked like higher level of astral dimension. It didn't look like mental dimension.
      I met no other being in my surroundings. I was alone there.
      My shout felt strong, resonating through everything, but since there was no call from receiver I take this experiment as failed.

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    15. Lost in the Green Building

      by , 09-20-2017 at 02:27 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      Fragment 1: I was testing out a new survival game with a friend where everything starts out black and white but then changes as you collect atoms. The more grayscale it is, the less basic actions you can do.
      Fragment 2:
      I remember going into this extremely maze like building with my family and losing them pretty quickly. I was going down stairs, up stairs, down halls, up halls, and the theme of the building never changed. It was always this green color, kind of like mint chip ice cream except darker.
      Fragment 3: This one ties in with fragment 2. After that, I found an outside area that resembles my school's blacktop where PE takes place in real life. There were about four or five different supply trucks kind of just sitting there. I apparently found my uncle, and I was also holding a glass of wine, but it resembled water in a fancy glass. I went to ask if the people in the trucks wanted some. One of them said no because they didn't want to lose their job. That made sense. After that, I saw my uncle swearing under his breath. I then lost him. I entered where the weight room usually is, and I found one of my friends in real life. We'll call him C. He was also lost. I also found this room to resemble my other friend's. We'll call him J. Anyways, I asked him if he was lost too, and he said yes. I then accidentally bumped into someone who looks a lot like my Substitute PE teacher in real life. We'll call her Mrs. T. Anyways, I asked her for directions and she said sure. She then put me in the bathroom right next to the room I was in. I saw her talking to C for a little bit, and then she decided to kidnap me and put me under the bed across from the room next to the bathroom for 2 years. She said something like "did you enjoy getting locked up for a few minutes? Well now you'll be here for two years! J can't help you cause he's too busy being on his computer!!!" She had a bit of generic Asian person in her voice for some reason. I then woke up at about 3:20 something.

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