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    Hello and welcome to my dream journal dedicated to my persistent realm, Ereos!

    Non-dreaming and normal dreams are marked in plain black, lucid dreams are marked in blue


    Link to current updated timeline

    World Map

    Image link to world map


    Map Info

    Various landmarks

    Biggest but not the most modern city, contains "Oxiclean" pizzeria, a huge hotel and my college.

    Huge City
    City full of skyscrapers only, seems pretty abandonned though.
    UPDATE: Meteor of 14th of february landed near it, very likely vaporized or in ruins.

    Modern City
    Very modern city with plenty of commercial zones and all.

    My hometown, quite small.

    Small town
    Contains a few commercial zones and my old high school.

    Recently discovered, hybrid city between hong kong and new york.

    Alternate reality part of the US, abandonned farms, old train tracks & various big structures, infested with monsters, mostly zombies.

    Las Vegas
    Nuked city very early on, but it has been rebuilt fairly recently, there's also some sort of army training facility underground near said city.

    Aquatic park island
    Big island dedicated with one single big aquatic park, commercial zone avaliable there too.

    Magic lake
    Beautiful lake where there are magical creatures and the sky is purple-ish pink.

    Nuclear reactor
    Very big powerful nuclear reactor, along with a small town next to it.

    Huge castle that is part of a medieval kingdom, kinda looks like an hybrid between stormwind's castle (WoW) and an average medieval castle.

    Hogwarts is well...Hogwarts from Harry Potter.

    London is pretty much London.

    Governement facility
    Very recent governement research facility of sorts kinda like area 51 right in the middle of the meteor crash site, not sure what
    they're after, but I got there once and I got shot.

    Desolate Town
    Recently discovered in "Near Big City" DJ entry, very desolate town kinda in ruins, there's zombies and a few mentally insane people in there, town is covered in ash and is pretty foggy.


    Misc Pictures

    Ereos National Guard


    For notable events please read on the DJ or refer to the timeline.

    1. Sino-Soviet Union dissolves & More SPs

      by , 07-18-2017 at 06:27 PM (Ereos)
      I had again this thought about rolling slowly and getting SP in the way, and as I did it again it indeed happened, I should use that do my advantage.
      I tried to get out of the paralysis and I managed to get out of bed a little bit but I was unable to control my head properly and couldn't see anything.


      I was in some building and we learned that in the outer world, the Sino-Soviet Union dissolved into two countries, a really big China, and a smaller Russia.

      Here are the flags.



    2. Assassinating the Hooded Man's people

      by , 07-16-2017 at 07:54 PM (Ereos)
      I was out in some parking lot, it was night-time, when suddenly a girl approaches me, I recognized her, she was in the same high school as me. It's been a while since I've seen her, and we talk for a bit and how we should maybe see each other some time in the near future.
      But I tell her that I'm pretty busy right now and that I have to go somewhere.

      *slight fuzziness*

      It seems that I am now part of the Ereos Secret Service Agency or something, I was told to go to some random suspicious looking concrete building, it seemed abandonned but I ventured further inside the building and there was actually a briefing room of sorts.
      I enter this room and find some people, along with some secret service men, some chairs and a TV. I sat on one of the chairs and watched the briefing for a little bit without paying much attention to it, the briefing in itself lasted probably 15 minutes total.

      *slight fuzziness*

      I am now headed out of that building and I am now training once more a little bit, especially with pistols and stuff.
      I train for possibly what seems like 20 more minutes in the range, just gunning down every target with an M9 Beretta pistol, or at least it's what the pistol itself looks like. I also noticed that I am able to reload a pistol extremely fast, I've got quite the sleight of hand due to all this training and the trainings I've recieved before hand. I also train to unjam pistols in this process.

      *slight fuzziness*

      I am now headed right to the south of the Farlands, going through this snowy clunky land bridge once again, alone, in a government issued black car this time. Fully geared up with just my glock as a weapon.
      I finally get through the land bridge, it starts to get night-time again, and really REALLY freezing cold. It was even starting to snow and the wind was picking up. I only had a vague idea where I was headed.
      But then I felt as if I was getting close as I went deeper into this very mountainous and snowy land.

      And then fairly far away I remembered and saw my target, up-top one of the mountains, there was a huge wood cabin, and in there was one of the Hooded Man's people: Some sort of contemporary wizard that was working for him, and I had to take him down.

      Eventually I got close enough to the mountain with my car, besides there was barely any road anyways, it was pretty broken and most of it was covered with snow by now. The wind was blowing even faster now, it was almost a blizzard, and at night. As I got out of the car I was feeling pretty cold, perhaps even more cold than that time I was in the nuclear reactor when the emergency cooldown system engaged years ago.

      Anyways I progressed towards the mountain, it was getting pretty dark but oddly enough I could still see rather well. I went up this only and very wonky snowy/rocky path up the mountain and leading to the cabin. This is where I thought to myself that I might be dreaming, I didn't quite catch up to that fact, but that made me think that maybe I should just transform into a dragon and fly up there instead of walking up there.
      But then I thought that this wouldn't be a very sneaky way of doing things, this man was a wizard after all, and he would surely sense my presence if I don't keep a sneaky way of doing things, and doing the opposite would just stir unneccesary trouble.

      So I continued walking up here, when right before arriving close to the mountain top and the cabin, I get this really really bad feeling and then I can feel this energy going through me, I'm not really sure what it is all about, but I don't really fight it, curious to see what it might be, and then this "energy" just carries over to my head and I enter this "vision"...


      I am finishing up going towards this wooden cabin and I just enter it, I notice all the way to the end directly in front of me is a man sitting in a chair, typing away on his typewriter, it looked like my target and I just grabbed my glock slowly but as I aim my glock at him I notice that the glock is entirely frozen, I still attempt to fire but it clicks and it is completly jammed, however no way to unjam it right there, unlike an ejection failure or similar.

      The wizard stopped tapping away on his typewriter and looked at me. He 100% looked like that hobo-preacher from the Metro 2033 Live Action trailers, however with quite a creepier look on him.
      He stares me down with this creepy/smug face, and suddenly I notice some sort of dark smoke/mist behind me. And right as turn my head, the wizard is right behind me and grabs me.
      As he grabs me it seems that I am very much weakened for some reason, I almost can't move my limbs anymore and I almost can't talk anymore or exerce any power at all, as I am taken downwards into the cabin, into a basement/torture chamber kinda deal.
      And right before it got ugly and gory, the vision ends.

      *back into the dream*

      Right...I am back right outside the wooden cabin, still out of sight, I guess this wizard is quite powerful. I grab my glock, take a look at it and indeed notice that it is pretty frozen. I attempt to heat it up with my hands and going a rather weak flame, but no dice, it was still pretty frozen, unable to pull the slide.

      I approach the wood cabin in a more stealthy manner this time, and I enter through the window to the left. It seems that I have basically done no noise at all. I could hear the typewriter clicking again, and I knew where he was, so now I just need to be careful.
      I notice a big shelf in front of me, right below the shelf there seems to be a bunch of random supplies, notably medical ones, I take 'em just in case.
      I fiddle and search around a bit more, and I find out all kinds of stuff, magic stuff notably, but no idea how to use it.

      And then upon going deeper into the cabin and approaching the wizard silently by sneaking shelf through shelf, I notice two guns in mint condition but there was a lamp right behind me, thus creating quite an obvious shadow. I still attempt to sneak as best I can to avoid showing my shadow.
      But then right as I am within arms reach of the two guns, my shadow leaks a little bit right into the room where the wizard is. And I notice him gazing in my direction, this is where I act.
      I grab one of the two guns, one was long-barreled glock, the other one was an USP, I grab the USP and pull back the slide.

      As I do that the wizard quickly stands up and go grabs his staff, but right as he grabs it I just shoot at him. First right at his hands. Then a few more bullets into his body. He falls down pretty brutally, kinda like as if he got hit by a boulder right in his chest.
      I calm down for a little bit and then approach him, I notice that he's still alive, in pain, not so sure what kind of weird trick he could pull off, my mission is to kill him, so I just shot a bullet right between his eyes, he was done for, finally.

      Once again I don't feel so good again, but I guess it's just probably the adrenaline of all of this. I am now alone in this big wooden cabin, and just in case this wizard could pull another magic spell or curse on me again, I just go deeper into the wooden cabin to find a back door. And then I just run right outside into the painfully freezing cold and in the direction of my car.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    3. New gloves, Meditation & Warning

      by , 07-09-2017 at 09:35 PM (Ereos)
      Date - 08/07/2017

      It was night-time and I entered this big clothing store, I believe I was in the city to the right of Monroe, in the small commercial zone.
      Anyways as I enter this big clothing store I take a turn right immediately, I seem to be in the boots & shoes section, after a bit of exploring in there I find some military gloves and I try them 'on, I think I take 'em in the end.


      I was in some rather simple gym room along with a few classmates that I don't really recognize, however it seems that our teacher is the Civil Education teacher I had in college.
      For some reason we had to meditate and she asked: "Anyone who does buddhism go into a neat group".
      And I kinda identified myself that way, but in the sense that I know how to meditate, have lucid dreams, OOBEs and all this stuff.
      I regrouped with a black man, he seemed to know what he was doing aswell.
      Just in case I asked the teacher: "You don't mean the proper religion right?", she said: "Nah don't worry".
      And so then I started meditating for a little bit, and it was a little bit trippy to be honest, in the end it was a contest to eat food while meditating and I won by a pretty large margin.


      I was on a balcony/patio type thing with a Japanese guy, and he told me something in Japanese, he told me this: "とえたえ い まいした てあた きます : Toeta e imai shitate ata kimasu" which means: "I will come and go". Very worrying.
      After a bit of Google Translate fixin': "とえたえいあいしたてあたきます : Toeta Ei Ai-shitate a takimasu" which means: "I will welcome you at ease".
      A Japanese person had a go at fixin' it and translating it: "例え愛していたとしても、頭にきます。" which means "I'm upset even though I still love you."

      Pretty curious at the actual meaning of all this...

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    4. Meteor crash site raid

      by , 07-06-2017 at 11:05 PM (Ereos)

      I visualized for a little bit doing a raid to the meteor crash site base. Along with doing a bit of WILD in the process, not much happened for that tho.

      *later into a dream*

      I was pretty much inside my old elementary school, it seems to be the early morning and I had in my hands some sort of paper about some kind of warning or notice, there was an Ereos flag/emblem at the top right of this paper, so it looks like official government documents or something you'd recieve in the mail about Ereos.

      Anyways I was heading down this hallway inside said school, I cross in my way a few old friends from said school. I just remembered that this notice/warning I have in my hands, I have to give it to the director of the school for some reason. So I head right into the computer's room, there was the IT guy but the director was also there aswell.

      I talk with the director for a bit about this notice, but I suddenly notice I'm dreaming, I do the noseplug RC and it works!
      I quickly yell "More lucidity!" for a little bit, seems to be better now.
      I remember my dream goal to just go ahead and raid the meteor crash site base.
      I still asked the director just in case if he knew anything about the meteor crash site base, and he said: "No I don't know about that, you'll have to find this one for yourself."

      At this point I just head out the computer room with determination, into the other end of hallway and then going right outside.
      I think to myself that I must gather quite a neat chunk of Ereos's National Guard. There is a women in the courtyard of the school going for the exit gate, just as I am.
      I ask her: "Excuse me miss, do you know where the nearest military casern is?"; she says: "Oh it's at the other side of town to the west." while she points west right through this street.

      It's a little far away and I need to prepare myself for what's to come, I check and I indeed have my gun, but this alone won't cut it.
      I just kinda started running down the street and while I was doing that I pretty much transformed into a dragon and when that was done (Which was pretty fast, like a few seconds) I just took off into the air and continued west.
      I was flying pretty low, I had to dodge a few buildings, but in about 20 seconds I finally arrived near the military casern. There were a few hangars and a few other buildings on this casern and I just land right in the middle of this big road field thingy.

      Naturally pretty much every soldier and person around me seems pretty shocked, a freaking dragon just landed in the middle of a military casern, I think I see some soldiers that are in fact already pointing their rifles at me. I haven't talked at all yet as a dragon, and I fear that I might have some trouble talking like the last time I attempted that. But I try to make a conscious effort to get past that and say: "Okay everybody calm down, it's just me, the new recruit, remember guys?"
      Surprisingly I almost didn't have that thick stereotypical reptilian accent, and I didn't have a stroke while saying that thankfully, however my voice got pretty deep and threatening.

      The soldiers seemed to lower their rifles...slowly...still pretty confused about what just happened.
      It seems that a trio of soldiers approaches me slowly, pretty curious but still cautious. One of the soldiers of the trio got pretty close to me and said in a scared and quiet tone: "Is this really you?..."
      I said: "Yep, that's me. Probably not what you expected though."; "But...but how??" said the soldier, I answered: "Well let's say I have a few powers. Anyways I didn't come here to show off, we have a real problem here."
      As soon as I said that, pretty much all the soldiers caught interest, I told them that there is something pretty bad going on at the meteor crash site, and that before I joined the Ereos Army, I went there once and almost died.

      A bit of talk later, I tell 'em that we should get going and raid this suspicious base on the meteor crash site. They eventually all gather up, infantry vehicles coming up and even a few tanks.
      By now I'll tell them that they should gather as much personel as they can for this raid, we want to leave them no chance.
      I lift off into the air, flying to the north-west, towards the meteor crash site.

      *slight fuzziness*

      I am still flying in the air, it's pretty awesome, I can see the meteor crash site, the crater itself is still pretty huge, things have settled down since then, but I can see in great detail from above this base now.
      The base is pretty much fully made of heavy-duty concrete, at least for the exterior part of the base, I can also see the mining rigs that I saw in one of my previous visualizations. And I believe I see some military vehicles there aswell.
      I look behind me for a bit, my wings get a bit in the way but I can see on the road leading to Huge City, at least what's left of it a bunch of military vehicles and infantry pushing towards the base. This road along with the highway from Monroe leading to here has been closed down on short notice.

      I land near the base, I look around me and a good chunk of Ereos's army is gathering up here, even surrounding the place. I look back at the base and there are some soldier-like guys gathering up on this sur-elevated area of the base and at the towers, their uniform seems to be a mix of black and white, fully white uniform along with black kevlar and black helmet.
      By then the Ereos army was basically ready, locked and loaded, thousands of infantry-men, plenty of military-transport vehicles and a dozen tanks, all surrounding up the place in this huge stand-off near the huge meteor crater, what a scene.

      I look back up at the sur-elevated area of the base, there seems to be a rather old man with a mustache with a fully white military officer-like uniform. He seems pretty pissed off and just yells: "What is the meaning of this?!"
      I just plainly yell at him: "I'm the one who asks the questions here! What are you doing in this base?"
      He says: "You think I'm just going to tell you this?"
      I say: "Well considering that you are doing quite suspicious activities here, built a military base and hired mercenary personel and that you almost killed me a few months ago, yeah Ereos needs a bit of explaining here."
      He says: "What are you talking about? I've got authorization from the president of Ereos himself!"
      I say: "Impossible. Nobody was aware of this. You must've fooled him in order to conduct your sickening experiments here."; "Here's how it's gonna go, either all of you surrender, stop your sick experiments and give ownership of this land back to the government of Ereos. Or we're gonna do the same thing but with violence as the icing on the cake."

      At this point he just couldn't say a word but did a little sign with his hands, and they started shooting at us, especially me.
      Thankfully I was still a dragon and I took the bullets pretty well for now. I took off and flew right at the sur-elevated area and with my momentum just knocked right down the general mustache man.
      The one of the two mercenaries near me started shooting at me. Once again I took it like a champ and just knocked him down aswell and clawed him right in the eyes.
      I go right back down and I notice that the main bulky metal door needs to be opened. I just take a big gulp of air, concentrate all of my willpower and just breathe the hottest of fires at it.
      It didn't quite make a hole in there, but the door was definetly weaker. A tank just comes smashing it and Ereos's infantry enters and raids the base, I join them aswell.
      Some more fighting ensues and at some point the fights ends for good, for the dream kinda gets fuzzy and eventually ends.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    5. Update - The plot thickens

      by , 07-06-2017 at 03:54 AM (Ereos)
      Not really a dream entry per-se, but I have recently discovered and put together a bunch of new information about my persistent realm.

      I have seen occasionally in my persistent realm stuff that seems to come from the real world, like the actual IRL world map as we know it.
      Well, I have assembled everything from my Ereos DJ and even the rest of my DJ that isn't too relevant to Ereos itself. But I have concluded after all of this that Ereos is not "on" Earth, it's actually inside the Earth, kinda like the hollow Earth theory.

      So the idea is that Ereos and the rest of this world is inside the Earth. Outside the Earth is actually pretty much the exact same landmasses as the real world as we know it.

      I think it will be a good idea to call whatever refers to Ereos and the rest to the "inside world", and outside of here the "outside world".

      Here are a few of the clues that leads me to believe this theory:

      • When the "outside world" is mentionned I am still well within my persistent realm, but it doesn't feel disconnected either.
      • The sky is acting weird, day-time is fine, just plain blue, but night-time or dusk-sunrise-time acts pretty weird, like one side is plain blue sky and the other is night. Also the night sky is pretty bland, no stars, just a simple gradient.
      • I once flew straight up, took off like a rocket, I passed the cloud layer very fast, but after a good while I eventually landed on water...while going up in a straight line.

      I still know very little about the outside world, aside from this fact: The entirety of Asia is a super Sino-Soviet Union country.
      side notes
    6. Forest Visualization & Failed DILD

      by , 07-02-2017 at 07:50 PM (Ereos)

      I was pretty much walking around in a forest.

      *transition to dream*

      I am walking in the exact same forest, but this time around it's much more vivid and all, I don't realize I'm dreaming. It seems that it was the forest that is in western Ereos.
      I was approaching this neat little river stream and then I squat down near it, just appreciating it.
      Then I hear a rifle loading right to me and the words "Put your hands up, slowly..."
      I put my hands up slowly and slowly rise up and turn around to realize that this dude is basically some kind of soldier/terrorist mix, he equipped with a SCAR-H and he looks like he's about to take me somewhere and I don't like that.
      I just plainly said: "I'm not scared of you." At this point he looked kinda nervous and I just used my powers and did some telekenisis to take his rifle out of his hands and into mine.
      He looked pretty shocked and he just stood there, froze up for a few seconds, and then starting running away.
      I started running after him and told him to stop, but he didn't, so I just took a shot at his legs and he was finally down. However as I approached him he seemed to be dead, maybe he took some cyanide or something?


      I was in my bedroom sitting on the bed with someone, not sure who anymore, anyways we were watching this weird movie I think, but after it was over I just stood up out of bed to suddenly notice something odd, I couldn't tell what it is, but I knew something was off, so I do a nose-plug reality check...and it works! I did the RC again just to make extra sure but as I did that my alarm rang and woke me up...
      non-lucid , lucid
    7. Jungle War & Ereos Landmark

      by , 06-28-2017 at 09:21 PM (Ereos)
      *wake up by alarm*

      I am now attempting to do my WILD, but it seems that I can't get sleep paralysis very easily, I conclude that this is because I had quite this long dream before, that must've eaten a good chunk of my REM time, and now I have to wait for the next cycle.
      Eventually I actually catch sleep paralysis but it is 40 minutes in and I am not that aware anymore, far from it.
      I still try and roll out of bed but it's confusing and fuzzy.


      It seems that I am now in the jungle, where those damn pirates come from, I am deployed along with a few other soldiers out there, and we were going to raid some pirate outpost. In a nutshell it goes very well and we take over the pirate outpost.


      I am now back in Ereos, in the Capital near the river, and there is this huge monument of sorts, it looks pretty official, here's how it looked like.

      non-lucid , memorable
    8. Mall/School Mix & Military Training

      by , 06-27-2017 at 07:43 PM (Ereos)
      I was basically in some Mall/School mix, it looked like that mall I usually go to IRL, and I was near where the checkout would be, but instead I am doing some kind of weird office work with a blank sheet of paper and a calculator.
      After all of this, I get out of there but realize mid-way that I forgot my vest, so I go back to get it.


      I am now in some sort of ice cave, and I am training in combat it seems, fighting a little bit, but mostly training with guns, I grab this M16A4 that feels quite big, and I shoot it a couple of items, then my gun is switched for a SCAR-H and I shot it and reload it some more aswell.
      At some point the SCAR-H got jammed but I managed to unjam it.
      Some army dude that looked like Hoyt from Far Cry 3 was pretty impressed with my skills.

    9. Pirates Invading & Meeting my Subconscious (Attempt 1)

      by , 06-21-2017 at 05:42 PM (Ereos)
      I remember briefly that someone that pretty much looked like Vaas was about to invade Ereos along with his many pirates, thankfully the Ereos National Guard is on it.


      I was now right outside my house and it was night-time when I suddenly notice I'm dreaming, I don't even bother doing a reality check I just know.
      However I don't even bother to stabilize the dream a little bit aswell, despite being quite vivid initially...
      Anyways I go down my garden and out in the street, one of my dogs has been following me into the street.
      I go down the street calmly, take deep breaths and just as I was about to go out and find Alen again, I remembered I had to meet my subconscious first. Set some things straight about why my lucid dreams are just so short (Hint: This time it's simply because I didn't even bother stabilizing at all)
      So I arrive just below this lamppost that lights up the street, and just as I was about to say something along the lines of: "I want to meet you subconscious", the dream just ends.


      I remember watching some kind of weird television show with some dudes in this weird looking room, almost kinda like a mix between a bedroom and a bathroom.
    10. Stopping a terrorist, Ereos Military Parade & Going to Gemeli

      by , 06-18-2017 at 06:21 PM (Ereos)
      I was in some kind of warehouse with some friend, and it turns out that he's gathering all the bullets he can find in this warehouse for some reason, he tells me there is someone bad in there, and that we need to stop him.
      I grab myself what looks like an USP pistol along with a dual magazine system and a SPAS-12.
      Eventually this guy he was talking about, he gets into the warehouse and a shooting breaks out.
      I pretty much waste all of my USP pistol ammo and I only had a few shots of the SPAS-12 left, then this evil guy runs up to me with a knife but I manage to counter it and knock it away from his hands as I grab my SPAS-12 and aim it at him. Eventually that evil terrorist dude gets arrested.


      I was in the Capital and there was this big military parade going on. Soldiers, Generals, Tanks, Armored Vehicles and Planes, you name it it's there and in its full glory. I conclude too that Ereos's National Day is the 18th of June.
      While the parade was going on, I was also hearing Ereos's anthem, I don't remember it enough to remember the lyrics and all, but if I had to give a feel of what it sounded like, imagine USSR's anthem cousin but mighter and epic sounding.

      There were also new kind of special forces in Ereos's army, special forces trained to deal with whatever might come from the Farlands (Zombies, creatures & monsters), they look like this.


      I was now several kilometers south of the Capital to the west-bound road to Los Angeles, we weren't far from the Snowy Plains but it was kinda deserty-ish nonetheless.
      I am in this small neighborhood and I meet Hermoine and Hagrid and they were going to take off in his magic flying motorcycle.
      I then get out of this neighborhood and get on the road to go back to the Capital in a car with my family. Eventually we arrive at this really big mall called "Gemeli"

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      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Surviving the tsunami via...transformation

      by , 06-14-2017 at 07:09 PM (Ereos)
      I was in the toilet room when I suddenly noticed I was dreaming...kinda at first.
      My ears were completly blocked for some reason and I plugged my nose and breathed out to "unblock" them, but I noticed that I could actually breathe through my nose, so I plugged my nose again and breathed in this time, and I could!

      However something was very wrong, I noticed that I was kinda locked up in the toilet room but for a very simple reason, the tsunami is coming in hard, the house is already kinda flooded and there is already a bit of water in the toilet room.
      So in this instance I had to survive...somehow...quick I had to find an idea to breathe underwater (Completly forgetting that this was a dream anyways and that you can breathe underwater in theory)
      I say out loud: "Uhhh...Transform me into...an octopus. Now!"
      I pretty much immediately regret that idea, considering I could've chosen simply a fish or spawning an oxygen mask or something.

      But no time to waste, the room was flooding pretty badly and the changes have very slowly started anyways.
      I look down and I see that I am slowly shrinking. My legs are getting pretty floppy to the point that I just fall.
      I feel as if I am getting very tired and I just kinda slowly melt on the floor, at least that what it feels like.
      My arms and legs were looking like tentacles at this point and I was slowly growing out 4 more tentacles from my body. My body was also getting pretty much inexistent at this point, same went for my neck. I looked at my reflection and I was looking pretty freaky, my mouth was slowly closing and welding itself up until I had no more mouth, my vision was changing as well as my eyes widened and went to the sides of my head. I had quite a good view of the room now and I was like 15cm high now. The transformation is complete and everything just feels very gross and weird.

      My body mapping is completly different from a human body mapping, and it's like the weirdest feeling ever. But anyways, the room starts to floods significantly and now I can breathe just fine underwater, if it looks stupid but it works, then it ain't stupid I guess, but it sure is weird and gross.
      I spent the last minute or so swimming a bit in the room, trying to get accustomed to my new body.
    12. Tsunami alert via Meteor & Big store

      by , 06-12-2017 at 10:27 PM (Ereos)
      I was on my PC when suddenly stuff goes haywire, my computer shuts down and the lights are flickering pretty badly.
      I get up thinking that this is likely a power failure, and in a way it was but it's actually a temporary EMP seemingly generated by yet another meteor crashing in the South Sea this time.
      I look at my internet router and the time is pretty messed up, the light is blue instead of yellow and it only shows the hour which says "04"

      We try to test the light switches for a little bit but they don't work too well (2 missed dream signs so far), at this point we hear plenty of sirens going off outside.
      Anyways I and my parents go outside and in prevention of the tsunami that will be incoming in a few days, we decide to go to the newly arranged roof of the house with terrace and all.

      I climb the ladder first and arrive at the top garden, it looks quite odd actually, I get a little tired but finally get up on my feet.
      It's a pretty neat little terrace uptop actually, and there's even a really big popcorn machine up there.


      I am in a very big store, at some point I meet Vernon Dursley, he looked kinda pissed, and then I go through these section via a jetpack, it was quite fun.

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    13. Small terrorist attack

      by , 06-12-2017 at 10:23 PM (Ereos)
      Date - 10/06/2017

      I was in the middle of a Café of sorts drinking my coca cola or something, when suddenly a man comes barging in and shoots another man not too far away from me about 5 times. He misses 4 out of the 5 shots.
      I stand up quickly and violently in anger and yell at him "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" while grabbing my gun and then shooting both his knee caps.
      The terrorist is finally neutralized, and then I ramble in anger wondering how could such a thing happen, things like: "Well what is this shit now? Terrorists again?"
      I start to introduce myself to others aswell while telling everyone to keep calm while we wait for the police to arrive.
      Eventually the police and even the national guard comes, and just grabs the terrorist.
    14. Snowy plains pursuit

      by , 06-12-2017 at 10:22 PM (Ereos)
      Date - 04/06/2017

      I was in some car in the snowy plains on the highway, it was night-time and it was snowing lightly but with quite some wind.
      However we were going pretty fast and dodging cars and all because someone was pursuiting us fairly closely.
      At some point cops, riot police & even the national guard joins the pursuit, in the end the dude pursuiting us is arrested, by the way we were going towards the South I believe.

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    15. School Terrorist Attack

      by , 06-12-2017 at 10:20 PM (Ereos)
      Date - 02/06/2017

      I am now in Monroe near the Elementary School (CP, CE1, CE2) and some guy who looked like Teddy was pointing a gun at me and told me to go somewhere, I was in front of him and I was following the road, then when we arrive near the entrance of said school he said "Come on, we're going to the library".
      And as we passed the gate, I noticed this big truck with the missiles on it like last time that almost killed me, and those guys started shooting at us, so we pretty much shot back and killed 'em all, epic fight ensued.
      After a little while, the Grim Reaper himself showed up and tried to stab me with his claymore in the neck, I barely dodged it and then just killed him by slicing him in half. His guts fell out so I just cut 'em, it wasn't a pretty sight.

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