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    Hello and welcome to my dream journal dedicated to my persistent realm, Ereos!

    Non-dreaming and normal dreams are marked in plain black, lucid dreams are marked in blue


    Link to current updated timeline

    World Map


    Map Info

    Various landmarks

    Biggest but not the most modern city, contains "Oxiclean" pizzeria, a huge hotel and my college.

    Huge City
    City full of skyscrapers only, seems pretty abandonned though.
    UPDATE: Meteor of 14th of february landed near it, very likely vaporized or in ruins.

    Modern City
    Very modern city with plenty of commercial zones and all.

    My hometown, quite small.

    Small town
    Contains a few commercial zones and my old high school.

    Recently discovered, hybrid city between hong kong and new york.

    Alternate reality part of the US, abandonned farms, old train tracks & various big structures, infested with monsters, mostly zombies.

    Las Vegas
    Nuked city very early on, but it has been rebuilt fairly recently, there's also some sort of army training facility underground near said city.

    Aquatic park island
    Big island dedicated with one single big aquatic park, commercial zone avaliable there too.

    Magic lake
    Beautiful lake where there are magical creatures and the sky is purple-ish pink.

    Nuclear reactor
    Very big powerful nuclear reactor, along with a small town next to it.

    Huge castle that is part of a medieval kingdom, kinda looks like an hybrid between stormwind's castle (WoW) and an average medieval castle.

    Hogwarts is well...Hogwarts from Harry Potter.

    London is pretty much London.

    Governement facility
    Very recent governement research facility of sorts kinda like area 51 right in the middle of the meteor crash site, not sure what
    they're after, but I got there once and I got shot.

    Desolate Town
    Recently discovered in "Near Big City" DJ entry, very desolate town kinda in ruins, there's zombies and a few mentally insane people in there, town is covered in ash and is pretty foggy.


    Misc Pictures

    Ereos National Guard

    Link to Image


    For notable events please read on the DJ or refer to the timeline.

    1. Pearls deal & Being watched

      by , Yesterday at 07:39 PM (Ereos)
      (I was semi-lucid the whole time, dream lasted about a day total)

      I was with someone trying to gather around all the pearls that we have found for some kind of deal.
      Pretty much every pearl had this grey/beige color and they were opaque but not quite, more like very very troubled glass looking.


      I was at Gemili again, the big infinite mall. It was day-time but it was about to be night-time in an hour or so.
      I look around for something to buy in pretty much as much of the mall as I can, I take about a good hour looking through pretty much everything but I don't really find anything of interest.

      I make my way to leave Gemili, I am in this big hallway, plenty of stores/snack shops at the sides of the hallway along with ads, I notice to my right a person that is looking at some ad, I realize that it's my history teacher from high school!

      Anyways I keep going towards the exit of the mall, I arrive in this central little park area thingy with plenty of benches and all, I notice some of my friends are there and I go ahead and chat up with 'em.
      We're talking about how Baptiste got his driver's license finally but he had to do something called a "driver's workshop" before, I told him that it was pretty odd as I never had to do that.

      After 10-15 minutes or so I say goodbye to 'em and I make my way back to the exit of the mall. I had some trouble with my jacket as it turns out for some reason I had 3 bonnets with me in my pockets, a white, gray and black one.
      I try to put 'em in my pocket, I notice a security guard of the mall and he's watching me in a kinda funny way.
      Anyways I finally manage to put my 3 bonnets somewhere and I finally reach the exit of the mall. Right in the middle of the doorway, there seems to be this big guy that honestly looks like a stereotypical bully, he eyeballs me as if I looked funny trying to put my bonnets in my jacket but I ignore him.

      I am finally outside but then this big bully just yells at me: "Hey you!".
      I hear him but I still ignore him, thinking that I have far more urgent matters to attend to, like defeating the Hooded Man.
      But then as I look behind me I notice that he's coming after me on his weird hoverboard/bike mix thing that doesn't look like much, but it is indeed hovering above the ground.

      He's coming at me with this hoverbike thingy, and right at me too! I gracefully dodge him as he was going to run me over with it.
      "What's wrong with you?" I asked him.
      He didn't answer at all for about 10 seconds, just being pretentious with his hoverbike, hovering around me a little bit. I just thought that it was pretty stupid.
      "What's up with your bonnets there sir?" He asked.
      "I asked you first." I said. But then he just grabs a bonnet out of my jacket and throws it pretty far from here.
      I just rolled my eyes, I didn't have time to deal with this bullshit, so I just turned back and left.
      But then he's approaching me with his hoverbike again, almost running me over once more.
      "Just fuck off." I tell him while pushing him off his hoverbike.

      I make my leave again but he becomes just a tad pissed, he catches up to me by running towards me and grabs the neck of my shirt stereotypical of a bully once again, trying to look real threatening and telling me bad stuff.

      I grabbed him by the neck and pushed him a little bit. "Look, just stay away from me, I am an Ereos official on duty."

      I turned back and left again for good this time, I could notice the security guard from earlier and he asked me if everything was okay.


      I was on my way to Los Angeles but I stopped a bit on the way to appreciate the scenery, I could see the eastern mountains of Ereos in the distance.


      I was in my governement-issued car and I arrive at some small city near Los Angeles and it seems that something's wrong in there, I see plenty of military personel all around, and at some point I see what looks like a very high grade person of the military, but he had a rather strange flag on his jacket, it wasn't the Ereos flag at all. It was one:

      I'm not sure what that flag is but it sorta reminds me of the United States flag.
      Anyways right before leaving the car, I leave my military gear in there, don't want to attract attention and I want to find out what's going on.

      I explore a little bit and go down this rather weird road, there are plenty of parked vehicles right in the middle of it.
      This big swole dude approaches me, he's in a black suit and has dark sunglasses along with a bluetooth speaker/phone on his right ear. I figure he's in the Secret Service or something, I actually haven't really seen much of my secret service buddies but he approached me in this very creepy way and he starts asking:
      "Hey, give me a list of names of your fellow buddies.".

      I felt pretty creeped out by this, I just knew I had to lie as this whole thing was mischievious. I try to think up of something...
      "Come on, names! Now!".
      "Uhm...right, first names only though okay? I don't have a good memory. So uhm...Michael and uh Speedo." I said.
      Those were completly random names I made up and he seemed satisfied by my answer, I just walk away from him.
      I notice one of my friends walking around this area, I approach him and tell him: "Hey, we have to talk." in a rather quiet tone. We go into another smaller street connected to this one.
      "What's up?" he said.
      "Yeah right so...I think we're being watched or something. They're onto me." I said.
      A garbage truck passes right by us, making a lot of dust in the street in general. I look a tiny bit right behind me and there is this big swole dude from earlier following us.

      "Run!" I yell to my friend, while we start running pretty fast.
      My friend manages to get away pretty quick, I seem to be rather tired and have a rather slow running pace than usual.
      This dude catches up to me in the matter of about 10-15 seconds. And grabs me entirely with his two strong arms in a very tight manner, to the point that my feet don't even touch the ground.

      I struggle to get off of his grip, even my arms and trapped, I get pretty damn angry at this point and partially transform my face into one of a dragon, to the point that I get super sharp teeth.
      I bite his left arm pretty strongly to the point that I just tear off a 15cm wide, 7cm deep chunk of flesh off his arm. I spit it off immediately, eww I don't want to taste human flesh at all.

      That dude just falls down in pain and I just run away from him, after 30 seconds or so of running, I take a time out, spit all the blood out of my mouth, trying to not look like a freak.
      I arrive at some kind of lottery/bar thingy and I notice another friend in there, I just go right into the bar.
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    2. Legendary sword & Outerworld

      by , 09-14-2017 at 09:30 PM (Ereos)
      I was right outside of my house just entering my garden through the car gate, it was day-time about to be night in a few hours.

      Then it turns out that the sage is right behind me, helping me close the gate when he suddenly tells me: "You are dreaming."
      I said: "Nah that's not possible."
      He replied: "Yes it is, you are dreaming."
      I said: "Nonsense..."
      He replied in a more convincing and excited tone: "Yes yes yes! You are dreaming I swear!"

      At this point I became pretty aware and it indeed looked like I was dreaming...I did the mouth breathing reality check, my cheeks puffed up but I was still able to breathe out through my mouth, I was dreaming indeed.

      I look around a little bit and remember that I had to acquire the legendary magic sword in order to defeat the Hooded Man properly.
      I hop right above the gate and into the wide open street on the left, turns out that the sage is on this street now, like waiting for me but as I approach him he just morphs into some kind of tree.
      I still approach him anyways and ask him: "Heyyyy, could I please have that legendary sword?"
      The tree branches moves and points at me, as if he was looking at me, and a sword materializes from one of the tree branches, falling right into my right hand.

      The sword looked like this:

      I swing it around a little bit, it's a pretty good sword.


      I am now doing some kind of rugby match sport or something, I was in the red team and I just joined in the middle of the match, match is quickly over however and we go back into this train that is actually an extremely large subway transportation system.
      I take a seat next to one of my friends and at some point I sorta become lucid because of the very monotonous tone of the ride so far.
      I notice that we arrive at some station but we kinda skip past it and then we just go straight down and we pretty much do a 180, and from there on we go upwards and very quickly we get into this very open world, it was the outerworld but this time much further away from the pole holes.

      The train itself was traveling extremely fast and we had a little digital live map showing where we were, and it seems like we were going right between the Antartic and the bottom tip of South America from right to left at quite the speed.
      We were just enjoying the ride, riding on the ocean basically there were a few islands there and there and we passed over some.
      Then right as we go past the bottom tip of South America, we stop at some station and I take time to appreciate the outerworld for a bit. In the far far distance I could see the start of the Antartic along with it's big hole leading to the innerworld, my home.
      The water was spiraling towards it the closer it was to the hole, it was pretty neat, I explain my friend how all of this works mostly.


      I woke up but it turns out that for some reason I was in full military gear, it was still a bit night-time and I could hear my brother and my parents going up the stairs, I pretended to be asleep.
      But then they come right into my room and I try to quickly undo my balaclava and all but my parents and brother sees it and asks me what's going on.
      I guess my parents and brothers still don't know about my double life of being in the Secret Service huh?
      Well in the end I explained it to them and they took it rather okay it seems, they go out of my bedroom and let me sleep.
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    3. Hodded Man's terror attacks

      by , 09-10-2017 at 08:15 PM (Ereos)
      I was home and I was prepping up for a mission or something as I was reloading my guns and gearing up in my military gear.


      I was in the forest along with my friend from the last few dreams, and it turns out that we found a small abandoned city.
      However pretty quickly it seems that my friend got into a trap and goons of the Hooded Man were coming, I got my friend out of the trap and then a bunch of armed guys show up so I just shoot at them all with my M249, it's pretty effective.


      I woke up somewhere...very dark place, I was pretty dizzy and banged up. It was also raining outside as far as I could tell.
      I looked around a little bit to find out that I was either in a bus or in a train, and after looking around some more it turns out I am probably on a bridge, as I look down and find only water. It's also pretty foggy, I can't see beyond the structure that holds us or the water.

      I still can't see a thing inside that train or bus, I try to search for my weapons and stuff but so far I only find my bag that seems to be empty for now.
      I attempt to transform into a dragon to get out of this mess and also be able to see in the dark, but as I attempt that I suddenly get pretty dizzy and my head hurts, I guess I'm too weak to do that now?

      I kinda panic as I look around pretty much everywhere rather quickly, but I discover that on the right side of me I can get out of I just get this stupid metal bar out of there.
      I muster all of my strength and I manage to break it off, it falls right in the very stormy water.

      I take a last look around but it seems that I am alone, however very quickly there are many small boats with huge spotlights that gather around me and points the spotlight right where I am. Hooded Man goons again? It just never stops does it?
      I just jump off right into the water, hoping for the best. I then quickly swim out of there, it seems they have seen me, but they didn't shoot at me yet.
      I take a look back to find out that it was indeed a bridge and a train we were on, and the bridge was completly destroyed in the middle, planned C4 explosion? I don't know, it's all gone or very fuzzy in my memory.

      Anyways I also see someone else jumping from the bridge, it was my friend that was with me this whole time!
      The goons start shooting at him, thankfully he isn't hit yet, I go ahead and go back to help him a little. I still have no weapons and it turns out he has my UMP-45 that he gathered from the train.
      He also has my black bulletproof helmet and he tosses it to me, I catch it and put it on.

      We quickly make foot on land, turns out we are in the north-west of Monroe. We run towards the center of Monroe, going through a rather big street, but the goons catch up to us, I hear shots and I look back and it turns out my friend has been shot...dead...

      Situation got pretty scary, I was furious and sad, I quickly take cover however and I find right beside me a very conviniently placed FAMAS rifle.
      I take it and decide to take a few peeks right at the street, plenty of goons are coming and I just start peeking and shooting back and forth, that took care of a good chunk of 'em, but there was still dozens left.

      I quickly run to the street on my right, and then in this street I take a right, turns out they saw me though as I hear one of 'em yelling: "He took a right!".
      I quickly hide behind some more cover in a corner along with a bush and wait for a goon to show up.
      I see one right in front of me but he didn't see me yet, I just shoot him right in the face.
      I then burst out of my cover, retreating even more while going some supressive fire there and there.

      However it turns out that I head right into a small wizardry school, plenty of wizard students and teachers and everything.
      There is this very tall blonde rather old wizard who sees me and then sees the goons, he just casts a spell right at the goons, shattering them out of existence entirely.
      "Whew, that was close." I said outloud.


      I was flying in the skies as I was already a dragon and I was following this train, I was in the middle of the Farlands but not too far off the Ereos border.
      I flew quickly and swiftly into the train...to find out that there was a rather big troll/ogre creature right in the train, along with plenty of radioactive stuff as geiger counters were going bananas inside the train.

      The ogre isn't too happy that I'm there, he also had a big club but before he could do anything I just swiftly do a big tail slap at him, knocking him out instantly.

      Anyways the inside of the train itself was pretty radioactive to the point that I felt rather dizzy really quickly, there wasn't much I could do, I looked around but aside from plenty of radioactive material there wasn't much, I just fly out of there.

      I go straight up and gain some altitude, only to find out when I look back at the train that it's currently derailing straight into some military base.
      Very quickly a light emits from that military base, a rather big implosion happens as things nearby are being sucked in and then...
      A very bright flash engulfs everything, not really sure what happens but I feel a bit of heat. "Oh great, a nuke?" I think to myself.

      I crash into the ground but survive the nuke itself thankfully, I guess it's a good thing I'm still in dragon form.
      But as I look around again, big mushroom cloud right where it exploded, and now the entire environment around me, just scorched to hell, the sky adopts a slightly green tint now.

      I stand up again and fly straight up into the sky to see the true damage done by this rather odd nuke, I notice in the horizon a city, it was Los Angeles!
      I just rushed in the air towards Los Angeles as quickly as I could, it looks like the nuke didn't go that far, but the overall environment is still kinda scorched, windows shattered, thankfully it looks like everyone is alive, albeit a bit hurt.
      I do rounds and fly all around the buildings to see for any further damage, but the buildings are still very well intact.
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    4. Advanced Alien Civilization

      by , 09-07-2017 at 12:34 AM (Ereos)
      The following dream felt like it lasted 2 days total approx, I was also semi-lucid the whole way throught.

      It all started when I was in my home in front of my computer once again, and I was on Discord, more specifically on the Lucid Realm's Discord server.
      I was asking around for tips on how to lucid dream (missed dream sign) and I was generally talking about lucid dreaming in there, but then after possibly 10-15 minutes of conversation, I remember that I had to defeat the Hooded Man somehow.

      In order to not get distracted, I decide to leave the Discord server entirely, however I stay on the computer some more and I kinda regret what I did so in the end I join the server again and instead in the end just leave my computer.


      I am now back on this jungle island to the top left of the United States and I was just exploring around some more.
      At some point I discover a deeper area of the jungle, a much more darker and denser part of the jungle, at this point the grass and leaves of the vegetation turned a dark green-blue.
      After some exploring I discover in the distance two people that are glitching in and out the space in front of them with their hands, then they just glitch and merge together and dissapears.


      I am now back in Ereos, this time back in the very same school courtyard where the last Hooded Man encounter happened.
      At this point we're suspecting some people to be in on it, I'm just roaming around in the courtyard, keeping a close eye on pretty much everyone.
      I put my small black bag down and pull a Micro-Uzi out of it and load it, just in case.

      A bit later I discover that I brought my shotgun with me in my bag, so I take the time to reload it as well.


      I am now back in Gemeli, that huge infinite mall that sells pretty much everything you can think of.
      Once again I'm keeping a close eye on everyone for anything suspicious at all.
      I arrive along with a friend near some small gun shop in that big mall, I notice the first gun in front of me is a P228, I take it and try it out a little bit, see how it feels but then I remind myself that I already have a Glock-19, a shotgun, a Micro-UZI and an UMP45, along with more weapons at home. I just put the gun down back where it was.

      A bit later I notice that my UMP45 was unloaded so I reload it as well (Damn all my weapons are unloaded it seems)


      I am now in a big cargo plane, it seems that the invasion of the Farlands has started, and I was wayyy in the frontlines.
      I brought a friend with me, he felt like fighting alongside me, he was pretty geared up as well and ready.
      We talk for a bit about stuff, not sure what anymore.

      But then comes the time where we are well within the Farlands, right next to a very highly suspected location where the Hooded Man might reside.
      The cargo plane itself goes pretty fast, and it's cargo doors now open, revealing the outside.
      It's day-time and pretty bright actually, I see in the distance a big wasteland landmass, and we had to jump now because we were getting away from it.

      So off we jumped and right into the ocean, the impact was kinda harsh but it was okay. Turns out that the water wasn't that deep and that we could walk without swimming much.
      I hear my friend complaining as we were wading through this very turquoise colored water, and towards the big wasteland/desert landmass.

      We finally arrive on land and we walk together for possibly quite a few hours, talking about some stuff there and there.
      At some point my friend talks to me about Osama Ben Laden for some reason, how he should have been killed or something like that.
      I just say to him: "Would you prefer lucid dreaming or killing Osama? In my opinion I'd much rather lucid dream."

      After a big while we're getting kinda tired and we're looking for a place to rest up and possibly sleep a little bit.
      We eventually find some place under a big cliff and it's slowly getting night-time.
      I build a fireplace with the little we can gather, there were some tree branches scattered a bit everywhere near us.
      And then comes the part when we have to lit-up the fireplace.
      "Do you have a lighter or something?" I ask my friend.
      "Nope, don't have one" he says.

      I proceed to transform my left hand into a dragon's hand and with a little of willpower a flame comes out of my hand and I just light up the few branches and it catches on fire.

      Then we talk some more about stuff, mostly creepy stories and then we both drift off to sleep while I was sitting againist the cliff.


      I wake up, still sitting aganist the cliff, it's pretty bright outside, my friend also wakes up roughly at the same time as me.
      We get out of there and continue our journey in this desert wasteland, it seems that we are heading deeper into the Farlands, but to the west side of it, not to the eastern side with snow mountains.
      We walk for a bit more, possibly around 15 minutes, talking about some more stuff, and after a while it turns out we are arriving at one of the entrances/exits of the hollow earth, this big hole led right into the Antartic of the outerworld, back into Earth as we know it, well, what's left of it at least.

      I went into the hole, alone, venturing to see what the outerworld is like now, probably nothing good since the 90's War, the gravity changes quite drastically as I go down this curve of the hole, it's quite strange, I walk for possibly 5 or 10 minutes or so, with the occasional wind rushing through in an odd fashion.
      And then there I am, the outerworld, Earth as we once knew it, there is basically no ice left on the Antartic, everything seems flooded all around me. This sight kinda saddens me so I go back where I came from, back to the innerworld.

      When I am finally out of the hole, we continue to the east this time, where the Hooded Man was suspected to be, or at least a good chunk of his goons. Then suddenly someone just lands on me super hard, making me fall on the ground instantly.

      I stand up and notice it's the Hooded Man. I just get so furious that once again I just transform into a dragon and just charge into him, however it seems that he has created a portal.
      As I leap towards the Hooded Man and by extension, the portal, I hit him pretty hard but we both go into this portal.

      We're now in some building, the landing is pretty harsh but as I stand back up I see the Hooded Man getting away through the window.
      So I just chase him, go right through the window and into the adjacent building where he went, I kinda lost him but I took a moment to focus on my hearing and I could hear that he was already almost at the top of this building.
      So I just rushed at the top best I could despite my size in this rather narrow building.

      Then when I was finally on top of that building, I could notice I was in the city that looks like that New York/Shanghai hybrid, the city to the east of the capital. The city where the Hooded Man killed me before.
      It's night-time, but I notice that the Hooded Man just stops there and I notice in the sky a big disk shaped object.
      A beam projects down from this object, right into the Hooded Man, and as that happens he's quickly desintegrated from existence, the beam then stops projecting, and that object goes away in a rather fast fashion.

      It seems that a small black cube-ish object has dropped from that, now it all make senses, this is where the aliens enter the equation in all of this. The Hooded Man was just a middle man in all of this, he's part of something much...much bigger...and an advanced alien civilization at that. We have much bigger problems to deal with now...

      Of course after all of this, I see that many people have noticed this little chase that has happened, I revert back to my human form and decide to investigate a bit.
      I pick up that black cube-shaped object, upon picking up, it doesn't seem to do anything, I just take it with me.

      *slight fuzziness*

      I am in a fairly big interrogation room, some people were arguing at me about what happened and the whole alien stuff but I just told them this in a very firm manner: "Listen, I don't want the press nor anybody else to hear about this, and don't you all go on a conspiracy trip and theorizing about how all of this works, that is my job to do. Now get out of here." They leave.
      I decide to investigate that black cube object one more, and upon fiddling with it a little more I discover a tiny button on it, I hesitate a little bit but I press it.

      I am then transported into this virtual reality, everything vanishes into a purple-ish dark background and in the distance I see some writings on a pink/white font, definitely alien writing, they were made of bars and squares, I couldn't understand what it was saying, but eventually the writings vanished and I am greeted by this OS-like welcome screen of sorts.

      All of the writings are suddenly translated into English, it is indeed some sort of virtual-reality computer device and I could interact with it as if I was the computer itself, just by thought, it was quite amazing.
      I decided to explore what was in the files but the dream ends there.

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    5. Nukes launched

      by , 09-04-2017 at 07:27 PM (Ereos)
      I was near my bed, to the right side of it, it was day-time and I was trying to choose the best sleeping mask to sleep with.


      I was in the courtyard of my house and there was basically a good chunk of my family there, just enjoying what's left of the summer.
      I notice my dad's friend trying to train with weapons for self-defense just in case, it was a rather old hunting rifle.

      *slight fuzziness*

      I am now some place else, we were about to order food and in there I order a simple ham sandwich and some cola to go with it.


      I am now in my home in my living room, kinda peeking at the TV from time to time while I was busy doing something with my computer.
      Then at some point when I peek again at my TV I discover that New Russia has been attacked, thousands are dead, the Hooded Man is suspected to be responsible, welp, there it is, this is it.
      I just rush right out of my house, full military gear and at the ready and I take the car and drive to the capital.

      On the way there on the highway, there are plenty of stopped cars and even some police cars doing rounds all around the highway.

      Then when I finally arrive at the capital, I enter this rather big modern building with quite an odd architecture, there are plenty of men in black suits in there, and they just let me pass right through.
      I enter this big control room of sorts, with a few live screens of the current map of the innerworld, strategic command and all that fancy stuff.
      Plenty of world leaders are already in there, the president of the United States, Ereos, and the prime minister of the UK.
      No sign of the president of New Russia, he's probably still over there pretty busy trying to sort this mess out, instead there is a representative of New Russia.

      There are a few others world leaders in there, didn't get a good look at 'em, but now the situation was rather urgent, we can't let the Hooded Man get stronger.
      I now notice that I am dreaming but I keep going for that anyways since that is my plan.
      The nukes are ready since a week or two now, and the representative of New Russia looks definitely pissed off. The nukes were to be launched on my exclusive order since I am from the Secret Service and I know most about the Hooded Man.

      I stood there for a few seconds, just thinking about it, and then... "Fire." I said.
      Everyone proceeds to launch their nukes, and we can see them being launched on this big strategic map screen.
      Some silence ensues at what we've done, but then I had an idea and said: "Don't forget to split your nukes, there will be as much destructive power, but smaller nukes so less fallout. Don't want to irradiate the entirety of the innerworld now."

      Surely enough after some time has passed, just before the warheads hit, they split into 4 pieces each.
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    6. Mental Hospital, Negociations & Hooded Man encounter

      by , 08-26-2017 at 06:19 PM (Ereos)
      I was in some sort of abandonned neighborhood in a big city, likely the one east to the Capital. I was in an abandonned building that looked like a mental hospital and as I was going through it at some point I heard some woman screaming, it was pretty creepy.


      I was at a negociation table with some woman and the president of New Russia of the innerworld, it was indeed Vladimir Putin as well.
      We were talking about the course of action to take, shall there ever be any more problems with the Hooded Man.
      His opinion was pretty clear, he said: "Should there ever be any problems with this fellow, we WILL launch nukes towards the Farlands."

      Then I got out of there and reviewed the transcript, and then did some paperwork.
      Much later I got home, it was night-time and no lights on but I just wanted to rest so I sat on the sofa and closed my eyes.


      I was on my PC and it was acting pretty weird, in the sense that often my mouse's sensitivity would just slow down.
      I thought it was my mouse pad that was dirty or something and I kept cleaning the optical sensor of my mouse of dust by giving it a little finger twist, but nope, still glitching a bit.
      Eventually the computer gets more and more glitchy, and my mouse moves by itself...yep I am being hacked for sure.
      I go to the task manager and disable every startup item that looks suspicious and then I restart my PC.


      In was in the primary school of Monroe and I was in some room alone with some kid, she wanted to watch some cartoons so I grab a random casette and put it into the casette player.
      By the looks of it, it looks like a translated version of an old soviet cartoon from the outerworld.

      But then...I get a vision, I look right at the doorway and for a split second I see the Hooded Man. I was quite shocked and confused by this, I paused for maybe 10-20 seconds to think up about it, but then I realized what this might mean, I had to act, something was about to happen.

      I rushed out of my seat and right out the room, I also told the kid to stay in this room.
      I go through the hallways, looking for him, I know he was near, I was sure of it.
      Right as I went outside, I notice that there are a bunch of kids outside, I think I notice Hermoine in there too but she wasn't a kid she was pretty much my age.
      Suddenly it was getting pretty dark, and with my very rushed attitude at finding the Hooded Man, I spread quite a bit of confusion and fear actually.

      Then everyone starts to panic a little bit, everyone starts to seek shelter, it gets even darker and in the distance I can hear tons of police sirens going our way. Yep, something is definitely wrong.
      I escort a bunch of kids behind one of the buildings, as I am done doing that, I just grab my pistol and walk back towards I sense the Hooded Man the most.

      And then there he is, just appearing in a mist of dark clouds in the center of the school's yard.
      Only I, along with Hermoine and a few other people with magic abilities dare to approach him, I was so furious and angry at him.
      Before he could even say anything, I just aimed my pistol right at his head and shot several bullets, just to get it out of my system.
      It didn't seem to do much aside from him recoiling his head a tiny bit, a bit of dark smoke emitted from the bullet holes but it "regenerated" kinda.

      "Urgh, you're all ungrateful, all rats fleeing from one sinking ship to the next." he said in his extremely dark and terrifying voice.
      At this point I was so in rage that I just unvoluntarily turned into a dragon and just charged and jumped straight at him.
      However I passed right through him and he created a big hole where he was standing. I lost balance a little bit and fell right into the hole, this hole was dark and pretty scary, I could see some sort of dark light at the end of it, and I could hear from the very bottom of it plenty of voices, all of which seems under intense torture.
      I grabbed on to a wall with my claws to not completly fall in there. I heard Hermoine yelling at me: "Don't fall in there! Those are the depths of hell!"
      And looking right at it, yeah...it does seem pretty hellish indeed, I kinda struggled to go back up but as I was climbing back up I barely dodge a very huge dark magic sword, "What the hell? His sword can be huge now?" I thought to myself.

      His sword was going all over the place and was about to hit me any moment, I quickly look down and see some kind of platform where I can avoid his sword, I quickly go down there and barely escape his huge sword once again.
      I start to see rising from the very depths of this hole plenty of shadow demons, and just when things were getting scary, I heard Hermoine yelling some kind of spell.
      Suddenly, a big flash...and it's all over, still in this hole, but no more shadow demons, no more fire all around, and no more Hooded Man.

      I finally climb back up, kinda shaken by all of this, still a dragon, I think I surprise some of the kids but they ain't really scared anymore.
      Hermoine tells me she just used a spell to make the Hooded Man temporarily dissapear, this does not kill him, nor neutralize him, but it can get rid of him.


      False awakening in my bed, I think I saw the barriers I created a little bit but did not lucid as I managed to get through by forcing it a little bit, I just thought: "Huh, odd."
      I got out of bed and noticed that plenty of lamps in my bedroom were on for some reason, so I turned 'em all off and went downstairs.
    7. The start of OFSU & WBTSPAV fails

      by , 08-21-2017 at 04:27 PM (Ereos)
      I was about to raid an abandoned school because it was a suspicious location, it was day-time, I go in along with some of the PSF soldiers and all.
      I pretty much rush through it, check corners quickly and I have my pistol out as I run.

      Then much later in this building I discover what I learned was a sleeping place, but it looks defiently like no other, the room in itself is pretty big, like interior gym big.
      There wasn't any real structure to the room at all, but there were two very strange things about it.
      The first is that the floor was made out of very sparsely spaced roof-tile shaped floor, I walked across it and I notice that there is something hovering along the path of this ground.
      It was a sleeping blanket, and I was just walking over it casually, then something hit me, I somehow remembered that the jacket I am wearing protects me from something. From what? I don't know yet.

      *slight fuzziness*

      I am now into some big intel government summit room of sorts, the nukes are ready to be launched towards strategic points of the Farlands and deep Farlands when recon is done.


      I managed to do some WBTSPAR as I woke up, however I am still quite stuck in this "limbo" state of being in my bed and in my dream.
      By visualizing I managed to create my bedroom and go outside. However this time around when I went outside, it wasn't day-light anymore, it was night-time, I try to go out quickly and I notice that the sun is blocked, the eclipse is happening.
      I hop right out of my window but the dream kinda collapses there, back to sleep paralysis.
      Further attempts are unsuccessful at creating a dream.


      I was now in my brother's house it seems like, it is still very much night-time, the eclipse is still acting, maybe it acts indefinetly, maybe until the Hooded Man is defeated...
      Anyways I was with my mom and we both had flashlight, the house itself was barely lit.
      lucid , non-lucid
    8. Sage Attempt #2

      by , 08-13-2017 at 06:30 PM (Ereos)
      I tried a few WBTSPAR attempts today, all of them pretty much failed in some way, either I would go back to sleep, or I would witness while lucid what it's like to go through deep/light sleep phases, quite odd.

      Anyways I was soon about to wake up for good. And I thought to myself: "Damn, I didn't even get a chance to get a lucid dream tonight".
      So I go back to sleep for the "extra 5 minutes" and close my eyes.
      But then after a moment or so, suddenly my "WBTSPAR sense" is tingling, something screams in my gut that I have to sleep on my side right now and roll over.

      So I rolled over to my left side, and suddenly I could hear the low rumbling sound of sleep paralysis, but only out of one ear, I thought I was voluntarily doing that sound (Because I can rumble my ears), but nope, it turns out I am really in sleep paralysis.
      So I just roll out of bed...kinda slowly, like breaking out of jello or something and I land right next to my bed.
      I still can't see anything, the dream is there and I can "sense" my room overall, but I just can't see, I have to go to the window like usual to start seeing.

      So I make my way to the window, I still kinda feel the effects of sleep paralysis as the dream wasn't properly formed yet, but I still go towards my window anyways, the hypnagogia gets a lot stronger, the noise gathers up and lightens up a little bit as I am close to my window, as just as I start to peek my head outside a little bit, the noise becomes very colored and it all materializes into the dream world! Finally I can see for good.

      I hop right out of the window, everything looks pretty real and vivid. It's day-time, the sun is slowly rising.
      I do my "RC trinity" to make sure and for good habit. First the noseplug...I can breathe through! Then the hands, both of 'em, one has 6 fingers, the other has 7. And then blowing with my mouth closed, and surely I can.

      Anyways, I remembered my primary goal of seeing the sage, but this time, I'm just gonna make it simple, no more calling out for his dog Hachi, or teleporting to him, this time I'm just gonna expect him right down in the street.

      I hop right over my car and right over the fence of my garden right into the street and continue to the left from there.
      I see in the middle of the street a man that was doing some yoga but just about finished doing it and was getting up. I approach him to notice that he's pretty young, in the range of 25-30 years old, he's asian, has glasses and has a black coat.
      I also notice that by his side was a small dog, it was Hachi!

      "Hello! I presume you're the sage." I said. "Yep, that's me!" he said.
      "You look different than I expected" I said. "Do you know Kento? I'm his son. I've been waiting for you for some time now, I decided to just come here." he said.
      "Ohhh okay, that explains it. Anyways, what can you teach me? I have to stop the Hooded Man" I said. "The Hooded Man huh? Wait a minute, what about this Didier guy?" he said.
      "Didier? I dunno who that is sorry." I said. "Alright that's okay, follow me, I'll teach you a few things" he said.

      So I followed him and we went through quite a few streets, in the way I yelled on a regular basis: "More lucidity!" and the like to keep lucid and all. The dream itself was still pretty damn real and vivid, even though I had hundreds of lucid dreams, this feeling still blows me away.

      "I know you're having a little trouble in improvising flying. Go ahead and try to fly, but try to muster your energy in your heart" he said.
      This sage is pretty much like a dream guide at that point, so I tried flying a little bit by doing what he said, and indeed I could actually fly a little better instead of the low gravity jumps.

      We still continued further down the streets, eventually getting deeper into Monroe, at some point I saw some advertisement on a wall for an insurance company: "Hlymove" it was called, white font on a blue background, rather simple logo.
      Then I asked out loud: "Hey subconscious, show me something awesome!", and I looked around but I didn't really pay attention, the dream was kinda fading in a way, and then I woke up.
      lucid , memorable
    9. LD in the streets & Plane crash

      by , 08-09-2017 at 06:38 PM (Ereos)
      I was just out in the streets of Monroe and I was looking to go back to my house, however the street to the left of my house is not cut off by a new house that has been built in there recently, so I decide to do the whole detour to the right to go back to my house.

      I am now on the street right north of mine going for that big detour, I notice that it's about to be night-time in an hour or two. And the sky is kinda cloudy.
      I suddenly have that suspicion that I may be dreaming. For some reason I just start by touching one of the stone-based street lamps, and it felt pretty real to me, but something still didn't quite click.
      I did the noseplug RC but it kinda failed as my nose was probably a bit clogged. Then I looked at my left hand and counted my fingers, I had 5...okay lemme try counting my fingers on my right hand then, and I had 6 of 'em!

      I appreciated for a little while how everything looked quite real, then I attempted to fly to my home but failed miserably, in the end I super-jumped to this roof and was about to attempt teleportation to the sage but the dream ends.


      It was night-time and raining pretty badly. My dad was telling me to hop into his car because something terrible has happened.
      We're on the road for quite some time and we finally arrive at our destination, we were in the west of Ereos, in some quite forested area, there was the National Guard all around.
      My dad just hops out of the car and gives me one of these medic fluorescent jackets, I put it in and get out of the car, my dad is going towards the incident location.

      It slowly gets day-time at this point, the sun is slowly rising but it's still raining pretty bad, although it has calmed down a bit.
      When I go towards the incident location, I could not believe my eyes, there was a crashed plane I think, lots of debris just about everywhere, I see first hand a young woman that is pretty hurt but is being taken care of.
      I go further into the incident and see plenty of dead children...
      I was just looking at them, wondering how such an horrible thing could have happened, this was the Hooded Man's doing for sure.
      lucid , non-lucid
    10. New York & Omnilucidity beginnings

      by , 08-05-2017 at 06:58 PM (Ereos)
      I was in my government-issued car and I was going to New York, I already made a good chunk of the way there so I am now out of the Farlands and in the US.
      This New York didn't look like anything the real life New York, this one was a very futuristic looking one, one building in particular that caught my attention is a building that spirals up in two branches and finishes with a tippy top.

      I arrive in said building, it's pretty huge inside, it turns out that I had to do some recon of the place to find a magic supplier of the Hooded Man, he was in this building, intel said so.
      After making sure of where he was more or less, I had this weird radio thingy where you could send a text message on it, there were about 10 lettered buttons, just enough to send basic messages, I managed to type in there "Go".

      Soon enough a PSF breaching team came in and busted whoever was the magic supplier of the Hooded Man in that building.

      (Pictured below, a PSF soldier)


      I was in my bathroom when I suddenly realized I was dreaming, I did the mouth-breathe reality check and yep, I was in a dream indeed.
      I remembered my goal to see the sage, so I go ahead and quit the bathroom and switch off the lights, but then I notice that in the whole house there is only that little lamp near my computer that is on.
      I could see that the dream was getting darker, and it was either going to end, or I was going to get stuck in the "void" or it was going to get spooky.
      So I calmly made my way to the sofa and sat in it, and just...went to sleep.

      Very quickly I feel the effects of sleep paralysis and I am back on my bed, but still technically dreaming and in sleep paralysis.
      I try to roll out of bed, one time, two times, three times, I manage to get close calls to being in a dream by getting out my window, but no such luck this time, perhaps I should try something else next time...


      I am now in my parent's bedroom just sitting there, however the bed has been removed for some reason.
      Anyways a friend of mine comes in and we talk for a bit, then I go on ahead and tell him about how I achieved omnilucidity, "I am going to be omnilucid, I am omnilucid" I said to him.
      I was pretty aware in the moment, still not realizing it's a dream though. My friend tells me to go downstairs there are some people waiting for me.

      So I get up and go downstairs...however the stairs are all kinds of broken, first off it was made of extremely loose wood, each step was very inconsistent and bizzarely-formed, at some points I had to make little jumps and all.
      When I finally got downstairs I see that there are my parents, but also the Dursley family. I go ahead and greet them all. They wanted to thank me for stopping those illegal magic supplies deal.

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    11. The Great War

      by , 08-04-2017 at 06:39 PM (Ereos)
      I was back in the 90's, back where we still didn't settle in the innerworld, Ereos, the new US and UK and the like doesn't exist yet.
      I was in the outerworld for the first time, and I was in France I believe in some rather small town.
      There is a big war going on right now, both a civil and military war on a global scale, and due to the current state of the war, it was only a matter of time til' the nukes dropped, and that we escape to the innerworld.

      I was with a friend and we were in some rather calm neighborhood, going from bush over bush, some neighbors hears us and soon the whole neighborhood starts to be quite scared.

      The sun slowly starts to rise and we arrive in this fenced-off backyard, and behind the face about 15 meters away from us is some teenager with a shotgun, and he's shooting at us.
      I take my Desert Eagle and start shooting at him without intent to harm him or anything, just scare him away, and it did.

      We progress further south in the town and we arrive in this pretty desolate wasteland place, I form up with my squad again and in the distance there are thousands of Sino-Soviet soldiers just charging at us, I noticed that along with my Desert Eagle I have a crossbow aswell.
      I run further south with my squad, killing any enemies that come our way, the fight overall is pretty hard but at some point we enter this fairly dark cave, thankfully I have a small flashlight on my Desert Eagle.
      We are still running, deeper into the cave, it gets even darker, but then suddenly silence... several big booms resonate in the cave, and then just complete darkness...
      non-lucid , memorable
    12. School stuff & Investigating...

      by , 08-02-2017 at 09:12 PM (Ereos)
      I was basically back at school again for some reason, however this time I wasn't really a student, I was just visiting around essentially, talking to students, even a few friends, talking to teachers and all that stuff.
      And it turned out that this school had also an hotel in the same building and that I had rented a room earlier when coming into the school.

      So my old bald PE teachers comes in and shows me where the room I rented is at. I look around in it for a little bit, it's a neat little room albeit a bit dirty, especially near the bathroom for some reason.

      As I explore into the hotel/school, I often cross paths with an old friend of mine: Guillaume. He's a bit chubby and everytime we cross paths I seem to give him a good scare, probably because I have a few guns equipped as always.

      The last time I cross paths with him he isn't scared anymore and I say to him jokingly: "We good now? I didn't scare you again?"

      Anyways the PE teacher comes rushing at me, he looks pretty panicked and he asks me if I have seen blue colored packages. Just as he says that I notice on the floor a blue package a few meters away from us.
      "You mean that thing on the floor there?" I said. He looks back and he sees the blue package; "Yes that one, try not to touch it, people have been getting stuck in there". And then he rushes to other people to basically tell them the same thing.

      I didn't quite understand what he meant when he said that people got stuck in there. So I picked it up and it seemed like your average cardboard package, however it had a blue color covering it for like 1/3 of the whole box, starting from the top. Nothing was written in it at all.
      Then I tried to stick my arm in there, it was pretty solid, more solid than what cardboard would be actually, but upon the third time of trying to stick my arm in there, my arm just traversed the box and gets trapped in it, kinda like a portal of sorts. The box in itself doesn't trap me though, if I want I can just get it out of my arm and everything's good, but now I understand what my PE teacher meant by that...

      "Okay that was weird...let's never do that again" I said while getting that blue magic package out of my arm, revealing my arm back.


      I was in the city south-east to the Capital and I was about to investigate thoroughly about the Hooded Man. It's daytime although it's starting to get pretty late, night is about to fall.
      I enter this fairly big building, it looks a bit abandonned but I remember that I had a meet-up there with a few friends that wanted to help me.
      On the way up the stairs, just in case I grab my shotgun and try to be as careful as possible, who knows, maybe this is a trap?

      I go all the way upstairs, there are quite a good amount of floors, possibly about 15 floors. As I approach the last few floors I hear voices. I approach these last floors even more carefully and when I arrive at the last floor, I notice a slightly open door.
      I peek very slowly with my shotgun at the ready just in case and I slowly open the door, the chatter suddenly stops...

      Upon opening the door I see three of my friends there, no sign of threat, good.
      The place looks like an uncomplete apartement, exposed concrete walls, barely any furniture at all and there was only this one big room so far albeit there were a few walls there and there as separators already.
      I lower my shotgun. The look on their faces when I walk in, I think I gave 'em a good scare. I recognize Alyssa, Stella and Baptiste. I close the door behind me and lock it.
      "What the hell was that about?" said Baptiste; "Sorry, can't be too careful these days" I said.
      Anyways we gather up and I pretty much tell 'em all about the current situation, what's going on and all, and that in the end I need to find the Hooded Man and stop him.

      We discuss about this whole thing for what seems like almost a full hour, going with pretty much every detail I know about. It's getting night-time by now.
      Now that I've catched up the whole situation to my friends, it's time to decide what our next move is.
      Right about now I could go ahead and see the sage... "What about that japanese guy who gave you that warning?" said Alyssa; "Well I dunno, maybe we could look for him? I don't even know what his name is though"
      "Where did you see him last time?" said Baptiste; "I think it was at some sort of hotel in the Capital" I said.
      "Alright, then I guess we're headed there then". I didn't really contest that choice, as I wanted to know as well what was the deal with that warning.

      We get out of the apartement, get downstairs and exit the building. I've left my government-issued car parked not too far. We all go inside the car and I drive it.
      The traffic is pretty intense, we're in the middle of the city and I needed to get to the Capital which was about ~15km away from there.
      People seemed to be a bit on edge so after a few tiny road-rages we finally get out of the city and cross the bridge, onwards to the Capital.

      I drive towards the center of the Capital, and upon being in the heart of it, I explore a little bit trying to find this hotel, I roughly remember what the exterior looked like so it shouldn't be a problem.
      After about 30 minutes of driving around the Capital, I finally found the hotel. I park somewhere close to it, my friends and I enter the hotel.

      We are greeted by the receptionist, it was a young Indian looking guy, even had the accent too.
      "Hello sir, how can I help you today?"; "Hi, I'd like to check to records please, they're with me. (Referring to my friends)" I said
      "I'm sorry sir, the hotel records are private information proper to the hotel management" the receptionist said.
      "Damn" I thought to myself, not really sure what I could do, but then I remembered, duh, I'm in the Secret Service of Ereos, surely enough I have a badge or ID somewhere.
      I reach into the first pocket of my vest and surely enough there it is, my ID along with the shiny Ereos Secret Service written on it.
      I show the badge to the receptionist along with saying: "Pretty please?"
      "Oh, I'm sorry sir. Please follow me." said the receptionist.

      He takes us through the hotel and into some kind of management office it seems, the hotel in itself is pretty big, modern and neat overall.
      He shows me the main database computer containing the archive of all hotel client records since the hotel exists.
      I filter the whole list by records as recent as one month ago maximum and look through the names. It's a lot of names to check but I notice one in particular that stands out, it looks like a pretty Japanese name...Kento Koyama.
      I check through the rest of the names but it seems that Kento Koyama is the only Japanese person that checked-in in the last month, we got our name then.

      My friends and I get out of the hotel, it's properly night-time now and as I look up in the sky I can see the few huge landmasses of the innerworld. Anyways no time to waste, we have a name now, and we need to find Kento.
      We asked around a little bit to random people if they knew him, but so far nobody that we asked knew him. The wind was starting to pick up a little bit so we thought it was best to go back to the apartement.
      We go in the car, once again I'm driving and we get out of the Capital heading south-east through the bridge and to the other city where we came from.
      The wind is blowing stronger and stronger as I drive, and it's getting pretty dark despite the street-lights and all. We arrive at the city and go back to the building..."No no no... something doesn't feel right" I said.
      I grab my shotgun once again and we go up the stairs carefully, me at the front and checking every corner once again. As we arrive near the top floor, no particular odd noise at all, aside from the background hum of the building ventilation.

      I arrive in front the apartement door, fuck it, I'll just breach in instead of peeking in slowly.
      I just give a good strong blow with my left shoulder, shotgun at the ready and the door blows wide open. Apartement is pretty much in the dark overall, the only light is the ambient light coming from the windows because of the light emitted by the neighboring buildings and signs.
      I turn the light on and everything seems fine.

      My friends and I settle down at the apartement, Stella's about to search some stuff on the internet about this Kento Koyama and we talk for a little bit, possibly about 5-10 minutes. I was also considering seeing the sage tomorrow when the sun rises.
      But then all of a sudden all the lights in the apartement dies out, leaving us in almost a pitch-black room, the computer also died out.
      A feeling of uncertainty and fear starts to haunt us a little bit. I look for a flashlight but I don't have one right now.
      So I just go ahead and try to create a flame in my hand, it works pretty well but doing so also transforms my hand into one of a dragon's.
      "Woaaahh you can do that??" said Baptiste; "Oh yeah, kinda forgot about that, try to keep it a secret alright? Don't want to attract attention."

      We look out the window to notice that not only us had this light/electricity problem, but the whole city...the whole city was just engulfed in darkness, and the wind was getting pretty damn strong at this point, it even started raining.
      Whatever is happening is pretty bad, so I just grab my glock and I'm on my guard, while my friends try to figure out how to get some light back on.

      Then suddenly everything gets dead silent, I feel the worst fear I have ever felt in my whole life, everything seemed to go in slow-mo for a bit, I feel this incredibly negative energy right behind my back.
      And just as I was about to turn back to see what was going on behind me, I feel the most excruciating and sharp pain in my chest...I look down to find that I have this fairly huge dark badass blade going through my body.
      I started coughing up blood in quite a big quantity, I almost couldn't breathe anymore, I drop down on the floor, still in a huge pain, I'm losing a huge amount of blood through my chest, I try to keep my arms & hands over my chest but I am incredibly weak by now.

      I look up and find out who stabbed me...it was the Hooded Man, he had his back turned on me as he proceeded to kill everyone else in the room... I see that he uses telekenisis and just slammed everyone aganist the walls, knocking them out...
      This stab pain gets even more intense, like a super strong acid that eats away at me and spreads through my entire body. I pretty much can't breathe anymore at this point.
      The Hooded Man comes back near me, I finally see him again since months, he looks even scarier than when I first met him.
      His dark mist/aura just invades the entire room, making everything pitch black, the only thing I can see is the floor close to me and the Hooded Man himself.
      He crouched right next to me and he was pretty much right in my face.
      "Oh, you still didn't see the sage yet?...Too bad." he said, he has a very demonic and extremely deep voice.
      As he said that I felt again that extreme fear, there it was, I was gonna die, I was in fear, I was sad, and I was extremely angry aswell.

      I also saw next to him some shadowy figures with very creepy bright eyes staring at me and mocking me.
      The pain just wasn't ending, I didn't breathe for a full minute by now, and I've lost probably more than half my blood by now. Everything was getting fuzzy and pretty scary, like I would only see the Hooded Man...forever, just staring at me, he had won.
      Everything was getting confusing at this point, I heard screams and creepy sounds, very alike to sleep paralyses gone wrong and scary, and the pain just kept getting stronger, I couldn't bear it anymore.
      And right as I thought: "Oh my god, make it stop", my consciousness suddenly propelled backwards, like going through a star field extremely fast and then...

      I am back in front of the abandonned building again, where the apartement resides, it was day-time again, just about to be night-time in an hour or so, I was back where it started...however I was pretty drained mentally, physically and emotionally, I just kinda collapsed and lost it for a bit.

      *wake up*

      I pretty much woke up, my heart was beating extremely fast, I was sweating a lot, I did a reality check just in case...all of this was in Ereos, it was a dream, I was alive and well. I gathered up my thoughts and calmed down, and I just realized that I essentially countered my death in these last moments by going back in time...
      non-lucid , memorable
    13. Metro Raid

      by , 08-01-2017 at 06:31 PM (Ereos)
      Short dream fragment of me being in the metro tunnels and it was being raided by the Ereos's National Guard and even the US's FBI and stuff.
      As we were doing deeper into the tunnel, it was getting darker and darker, not sure what/who was the target in all of this, but it probably isn't good.

      *wake up*

      I had 4 sleep paralyses, all of them without a successful WILD.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. New weapons, Sage Attempt & Farlands Bunker

      by , 07-24-2017 at 06:25 PM (Ereos)
      I was on some sort of train going towards Harbor City, I was with a few friends and we were about to go shopping but in my mind I needed to shop new weapons and stuff like that.

      We arrive at our destination and get out of the train, and initially we go to some shop that sells pretty much anything. We look around for a little bit but my attention is caught by the few guns they are selling.
      I go look around over there for a little bit, and I notice in a neat package a brand new Glock gun, it's one of the new generations and all. But then one of my friends come to me and tells me that if I need guns we can go to the shop next to this one which just sells guns and military gear.

      Anyways we all go to the checkout, I pretty much bought nothing but the other guys did, and the total price came to a whopping thousand euros! A little of an awkward talk ensued when I told the other guys that we needed to stop to the gun shop after this.

      We get out of the store and we go to the gun shop now, as we enter it, I notice that it's pretty big and that they're well equipped. I quickly go to grab one of those Glocks I saw earlier and finally find 'em, however I also need a rifle or a shotgun.
      We look around a bit more and I find an AUG rifle, which is the standard issued rifle for the Ereos Army and National Guard.
      I take it in my hands to see how well it handles but I don't really like it, and in the end I go for a neat shotgun instead.


      I am now in my bedroom when I suddenly notice that I am dreaming without any reality checks whatsoever.
      However it is pretty dark and I can barely see, I look out the window and it's pretty dark aswell, so that means that I'll have to go down the stairs and go through some rooms (Effective technique to slowly get light)
      So I open the door of my bedroom and go right out of my bedroom and right down the stairs and into my living room.

      It's still a bit dark but by now I see that outside there's some more light at least so I go right outside and stabilize for a little bit by yelling: "More clarity!" and the dream got much more stable and clearer.
      I see that my 2 dogs have been following me because I probably looked kinda excited, I was finally about to attempt properly to see the sage. So I tell myself: "I am going to see the sage now", and I proceed to spin very fast but a few turns and when I stop it turns out that I am still right outside my house.
      But then I forgot that I have to close my eyes for the process aswell. So I started spinning, this time while closing my eyes and I spinning for a few turns and then I opened my eyes...

      I was now lying on some kind of weird bed, unable to move, I tried to move but without success. And then I was transported to some kind of other space-time dimension where there was this gnome dude telling me that I've accidentally got stuck in time or something. And now we're in his time machine and we're about to meet his people in this really weird place with a bunch of gnome people who speak a completly new language I've never heard before. And the gnomes were talking about me, I just had this feeling they were and I was just standing there kinda "ashamed" in a way.

      But then this gnome guy I first met accepted to help me out and bring me back to Ereos, because I was definetly not in my world anymore.
      So we both go into his time-machine thingy, while explaining to me with some sort of graph where the "time-loops" have occured and he's gonna undo them, however he tells me that there might be a few side effects.
      But just before I could ask "Like what?", he just started up his time-machine and I got transported back into Ereos, right in my home, as if nothing happened.

      However it seems that I have aged a little bit, I now have this big beard so in the end I just go ahead and shave it.


      I was in a group of people, it seems that we were in the northern Farlands judging by the landscape, pine trees pretty much everywhere. We were near a big entrance of a nuclear/fallout bunker/shelter it seems like, but it was closed.
      I noticed that there was a dog following me and it looked like the dog from the sage guy that I was trying to see since a little while now. (The name of the dog is "Hachi" or "八")
      After a while an argument broke out in the group, with guns drawn and everything, but then the bunker doors started opening, and we ventured inside of it, it looked pretty desolate and dirty.

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    15. Sino-Soviet Union dissolves & More SPs

      by , 07-18-2017 at 06:27 PM (Ereos)
      I had again this thought about rolling slowly and getting SP in the way, and as I did it again it indeed happened, I should use that do my advantage.
      I tried to get out of the paralysis and I managed to get out of bed a little bit but I was unable to control my head properly and couldn't see anything.


      I was in some building and we learned that in the outer world, the Sino-Soviet Union dissolved into two countries, a really big China, and a smaller Russia.

      Here are the flags.



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