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    1. Lucidity and The Nightmare escape button.

      by , Today at 05:16 PM
      A lot of what I see people complaining about on this forum is the fact that their lucid dreams don't last longer than 6-8 seconds, or that they find that they instantly wake up after becoming lucid. This is the brain's natural reaction to the dreamer waking up- as lucid dreaming is the product of your conscious mind is waking up.

      As a child, I had no idea what lucid dreaming was, but I found that in moments of extreme discomfort or panic within a dream- such as when I was having a nightmare or such- I was able to wake myself up by turning to face the monster and shouting "I don't want to have this dream anymore!" This was the "Nightmare escape button, if you will.

      The act of realising that you are within a dream is often what causes you to wake up- as the main function of a dream is to keep the brain and body in a hibernated state so that it can heal itself etc. In other words, The sole purpose of a dream is to keep the dreamer from waking up.

      Even when, within the dream, I make some idle comment such as "I'm dreaming, aren't I?" or "Is this a dream?", I will often shake it off. Another time, I realised that

      As an adult, I find that my nightmares rarely revolve around anything as obvious as monsters- so it is, in general, much harder to work out that I am dreaming. However, things that have been known to trigger this realisation are:

      - The inability to read. While I have succeeded in reading towards the beginning and end of dreams- i.e., when I was about to wake up, or I was only just falling asleep- the rest of the time, the part of the brain that processes writing is fast asleep. In many cases, the inability to read has been what caused me to realise that I was dreaming.

      - Strange clock faces Once in a dream, I looked at my clock and was shocked to realise that it was all blurry. i couldn't tell the time at all. This was what lead me to realise I was dreaming.

      - The ability to fly This is a tricky one. While there are plenty of times in which I have happily accepted my new superpower as fact within the dream, there have been a few times in which I looked down at my crossed legs and realised it was an "unnatural" flying position, or looked down at my bent and misshapen legs and realised that I was dreaming. Other times, I have experienced the whooping sensation of falling in the pit of my stomach- a sensation I thoroughly hate- and have found that I ended up closing my eyes and willing myself to slow the fall. It is there, suspended in midair, that I realise I am dreaming. Then, suddenly, lucid dreaming allows me to fly as fast as I like, but without any of the unpleasant side effects that come from speeding.
    2. "Welcome to Hell"

      by , Today at 03:48 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      "Welcome to Hell"
      I was at school on the sidewalk, there was a bus in front of us.
      I believe I went on it for a short while but got off. It looks like a death trap, Lexi got on, I could've warned her.
      A guy gets on and he has a stereotypical surfer voice and says "Wow! Cool!"
      The Bus Driver then closes the door, the bus starts to float in midair and he says "Welcome to hell." (?)
      The Bus starts to squish itself and it's inhabitants. There's nothing left, it went into nothingness.
      I think 'Father...' (I guess in my dream the bus driver was my father.)
      Later in the dream, i'm standing at the end of the side walk. I can catch my bus, it is okay.
      'Not my bus, Not my bus' I think. I wave to a bus.
      All of the buses passed, a blonde haired lady appears (looks like Mrs.R) tells me "Your bus was in the back with
      the handicapped buses."
      She helps me find my bus, we end up by stairs by a place that looks like the Lower Gymnasium at my school.
      There is this Black Kid who is exactly my height, he's naked.
      I ask "How old are you?"
      He tells me he is 9 and a half.


      The Fire Nation is in the dream and there was a Giant Dude. (?)
      Those were the only dreams I could remember from last night, it's crazy how 90% of my dreams are about School yet I can't recognize that as a dream sign. I think I had a False Awakening last night so i'll put that down in the Global Category.
      July 24th, 2017
    3. Murder mystery

      by , 07-23-2017 at 03:03 PM
      I've been very inactive here in the forums, but I still had some LDs (not in my DJ here) a few weeks ago. I lost my motivation after those LDs and haven't been recalling that many dreams lately. Like, still atleast one per day, but not as clearly as usually. But I'm getting my motivation back. But I'm getting my motivation back slowly. Here's my dream from last night anyway:

      I'm not any character in the dream. I'm just watching it like it's a movie. There are two young boys (like 10 years old or younger). The other has blond hair and is very kind but seemed to be a little weird and weak and easy to bully on. He had a white shirt. The other has brown hair and seems more of an extrovert and stuff unlike the other, but is still propably not the most popular boy in the school. He has a white T-shirt. The boys are friends. They are somewhere near my IRL house. There are lots of detached houses there. Outside one house there's a girl and her mother. The girl is the boys's classmate and has a braided blond hair and a simple white dress. The mother is really obese and seems evil. She also has a purple T-shirt. Then there's some part of the dream where the boys deal with some code name or something. It was "LunNiMax". Really weird, but turns out it's related to the girl's name. Her first names where Ninni and Max apparently, but her surname is unknown. Then the boys find out Ninni has been murdered. The boys want to find out who did it. The dream ended very soon after that, but I felt like the blond boy might become the next victim.

      I tried to put more detailing to this than usually, so that's why the text seemed quite long for a short dream that wasn't even remembered properly. I found the dream interesting and after woking up I kept thinking about it and what could have happened next, what where the murderer's motives, how did the girl and the blond haired boy die, did the boy even die afterall, etc.

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    4. Not much.

      by , 07-22-2017 at 08:25 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I've had some decent dream recall these past few days; I just haven't had time to log on here. There was one dream where I got close to being lucid, but wasn't quite there.

      Despite this, I've still been really off my groove lately. As in, since high school, which was a long time ago. -_- I used to LD a lot more often. I need to be restored to my full lucid dreaming glory, and get even better than I was back then.

      I only have one dream recalled from last night, and I can't read my writing from my paper journal very well. I need to invest in a better flashlight, I think, and actually sit up to write. I was in a "horror hotel" of some sort. My brother was there, and he was doing something that starts with an R. I can't read my half-asleep handwriting. T_T
      Tags: hotel
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    5. Yes!!! First dream in a very long time. :)

      by , 07-22-2017 at 04:39 PM
      Success!! I was able to recall not one, but two dreams, although the first one's a fragment.

      Dream 1 (fragment)
      I am walking down a hallway. and I see someone. But before I can tell who they are, my alarm goes off.

      Dream 2:
      I'm in a.... Duel? It's a YuGiOh duel. I ply my cards for a while, but as soon as i try to go lucid, the dream ends and I wake up, and my heart's pounding, from excitement or other emotions I can't tell.

      Both of the dreams were surprisingly vivid. Also, I think these were triggered by video games, because the last game I was playing before I went to bed was YuGiOh GX tag force, and both of these dreams matched it. So could this be a dream trigger for me?

      At least my recall's improving.
    6. 2017-07-19 Cafeteria cheating, weird chemical extraction

      by , 07-19-2017 at 01:58 PM
      Cafeteria Cheating:

      I was in a situation where I was being helped by my boss to either get free food that I wasn't entitled to, or more than I was supposed to be getting. He was kinda on board at the beginning, but then he said something about not really wanting to be getting caught doing it. I started feeling bad about it, and then work up.

      Chemical Extraction:

      In some food product or other mundane item, someone discovered that you could extract some potentially dangerous chemical could be extracted from it. This dream carried on for a while, but all I remember is seeing some guy at a table who was apparently carrying out the extraction.

      Shiba Inu:
      Someone had a dog that I wanted to play with. I was a bit worried that it would not like me, but it didn't get mad at me for petting it, so that was pretty cool.

      It's been a long time since I made any entries, and I didn't do an immediate journal, this is just what I am remembering in the morning.

      Updated 07-19-2017 at 02:25 PM by 91957

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    7. LD Fragments

      by , 07-18-2017 at 12:48 AM
      I had my first semi memorable lucid dream. I remember some of the things I did not but much else.

      These things were:
      Break glass and watch it float through the air. I eventually tried phasing through it. Pretty sure I was able too

      Fly - I was able to get myself off the ground but unfortunately I couldn't fly.
      lucid , dream fragment
    8. Driving with my girlfriend

      by , 07-13-2017 at 05:39 PM
      I'm out driving a car with my girlfriend on the passenger seat.
      She tells me that she would like to go back home, so I turn right in a T-cross.
      I'm in her room watching Pokémon on my laptop. There's a battle going on between a Meowth and a Butterfree. The Butterfree wins.
    9. To Catch a Frieza

      by , 07-09-2017 at 02:48 PM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      To Catch a Frieza
      My friend was driving a car, we were playing a 'Telltale' game in real life.
      At first as we are driving the game said to find these certain trucks and cars, buildings, etc. with certain names
      and logos on them. It will lead us to Frieza and we can fight him.
      We continued driving but...There were cones blocking the straight path, a LED screen pointed Left or Right.
      My friend turned left, there was another LED screen ahead he was going to turn Left but I said "Right!"
      It's fair to take turns. So we turned right, I realized we were going on the Highway.
      I said "Can't we just turn back?"
      We got out of the car, we were now either Racoons or Foxes.
      We waited for cars to pass and we ran across the street, there was a garbage bag.
      We tore the bag open, I was disgusted but there could be some here we could use.
      I found 'The Rock' toy, I clicked the button on his stomach and a girly voice came out of the microphone.
      I looked a little down the small hill and saw a person, didn't bother even calling for help from him/her.
      I threw the Rock toy at him and I looked in the bag again. I found this Red flaming toy with yellow hair,
      I remember
      that I had this toy as a kid-

      BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. My alarm went off, bummer. I just got lucid, I even thought I had the toy in real life, in the dream and knew I was dreaming at that second.
      Zombies and School
      I watched some Shaun of the Dead before bed also this dream was before the Frieza one.
      I was at school in a room with my Sister Cassie and a few other people.
      The school was full of Zombies, (lots of conversations I cannot remember).
      "Damage/Shoot them in the head." I said, my Sister nodded in confirmation.


      I was in my Old room at my Old house, it was dark out the Television was on.
      I remembered being startled by something.

      Just typing earlier today because I have to do stuff later and won't be able to upload this today. I'm getting really close to Lucid Dreaming, I can feel it.
      July 9th, 2017
    10. Hacker

      by , 07-09-2017 at 03:49 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      I was in the car with my Father, I was in the seat behind him. There was this spooky school bus that we heard about.
      We passed by it, I took a picture of it and my Dad drove off.
      I accidentally took a picture of the building: "_ Police Department"
      I try to turn off my tablet but a black screen pops up and says "Hello_"
      Another screen popped up and said:
      "I am a shotgun master" with a lot of other words I forgot. I exited the screen quickly as I was scared.
      The screen popped back up with words I couldn't read, there was selected responses I can pick for questions he asked.
      I responded with "Don't Know"
      The 'hacker' asks more questions which I responded to.

      Another School Dream

      I am at school in a classroom, people are mad at me because I made this schedule that they do not like.
      This girl with her hijab was the most mad at me.
      Teacher comes in and I think 'The class can always work together to make their own schedule...'
      -Time Skip-
      We just came back from another room, I look at my desk and see my water bottle isn't there!
      I head back towards the door and see, Stephen with my water bottle in hand.
      I thank him and I noticed there was another Stephen sitting down already and the one who handed me the water bottle was still standing.
      I didn't think it was a big deal.
      -Time Skip-
      In some big room that looks kinda like a boiler room, there was a girl in a wheelchair that had to use the bathroom. (I know the girl in real life but I know two girl's in a wheelchair and don't know which one it was.)
      She gets put into a bathroom by getting picked up by a teacher. I talk to two other kids one dude and a girl with black hair (?). We all have to pee so we use the urinals.

      Another Zombie Dream

      It was the zombie apocalypse, I was walking and there was two paths I could choose.
      I picked the left one. I was by a highway.
      I believe I met some girl who asked me questions and there was a few-not many zombies in the dream.

      More school dreams and zombie dreams...great. I am going to set my alarm clock at 8 AM because I always wake up at 10 AM. Also having Acid Reflux right now, so I am trying to write this fast as possible.
      July 8th, 2017
    11. Short Dream

      by , 07-08-2017 at 03:01 AM (Dream)
      not formatting today b/c lazy

      Short Dream:

      I had a dream where people were trapped in SMG's and Assault Rifiles

      (I couldn't sleep last night, only got an hour of sleep. I had this dream right before I woke up.)
      dream fragment , side notes
    12. mhmmm.

      by , 07-07-2017 at 03:47 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Had a dream about walking my dog in Chilliwack. My vision zooms out and I see that I have dyed light green hair. For some reason I am excited about it.


      FA, I'm in a bedroom that I feel is in Bjork's house. I'm watching a TV where there is a show about a half retarded black woman with a microphone in front of her and she can't even say words just makes goofy sounds and faces.

      In front of me on the bed are strewn notebooks of Bjork's her dream journals. I leaf through one and find she dreams abut pokemon a lot. At least there are lots of drawings of pokeballs.

      I leave the house and wind up at Gary's house. In there is a woman like the one I seen on TV. and the people around her are wondering where she came from. I go to leave and outside the glass door I see bjork coming down the street, I open the door and say referring to the weird woman, "TV executives hired her for something." That's all I say I walk past bjork but she hardly acknowledges me.
    13. The Shadow Man

      by , 07-06-2017 at 03:46 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      The Shadow Man
      Me and some girl was running from the shadows. The Shadow Man can come up from any shadow and hurt you.
      We ended up at a house. The people were kind.
      A group of teens and kids went into a garage, I thought 'Oh no'
      There's shadows all around in the garage, the Shadow Man came out and sliced someone in the throat.
      We escaped and either me or the one girl 'killed' the Shadow Man, but it doesn't matter...he can come back via other
      I was told to get sent back to where ever I was staying, one of the kids that was in the garage comes with and is in
      the car. I thought this was like a Telltale game decision, your choices don't matter in the end.

      I don't know what to title This
      I was at home, it was the morning, I was talking to my Dad. He asked what I wanted for breakfast.
      Later I told him the bald guy next door took all of our medicine, saying We don't need it.

      I think I had other dreams but there was a three loud bangs, it was from a really close Thunderstorm. I forgot if I had
      any dreams but I had those two so at least I got something written down.

      July 5th, 2017
    14. Fragments: Locomotion Routes in Orlando, Ubering Main Street, Knott's Security, Weird Stuff

      by , 07-04-2017 at 04:48 PM
      06-30-2017 -- Three tonight, all rather fragmenty. (Well, some of them are longer fragments than usual, but I'm still lumping them together.) Third starts (as far as I can remember) at the BP Nazarene church. I'm poking about a little, but some people are giving me some hassles, so I just walk away, down Page, then the side street that takes me out near Orangethorpe. Somehow I walk down the block a bit further, until I turn the corner onto another street, heading back toward Page (Stanton, perhaps.) By this point it is getting a little strange, because I seem to be laying out route lines in Locomotion, putting in tram stops about every four spaces.

      Soon I am hitching a ride from Carl Baumer, Starting from next to where the first route ended, heading across and down another side street to Page, ending at a shopping center where I am asking Carl to drop me off. He thinks it is to go to a tire company, but I don't really know what business I am looking for here. I just know I am looking to start a third route where the first ended and the second started, this one going down to Page, then to the right, until it largely completes the pattern I've been setting up.

      I am also pausing, glancing around, at an auto repair place I've seen in many dreams that has gotten constantly worse at fixing problems or selling me good cars and cycles, and glancing at a spot in the middle where I am trying to place a station, but having problems of getting it to place, and then finding I'm placing the wrong thing, and its an ad or something, instead of a tram stop.

      Don't know how the change happens, but the next thing I know, I'm now driving Uber (no idea what vehicle) and have a little old lady in my car who is telling me to ignore the GPS and just follow her directions. She must know what she is doing, because following her instructions, I now find myself driving her through the Fantasyland paths at the Magic Kingdom, where you can't usually take cars.

      But about the time we reach the Hub, it has changed to where I am pushing the lady around in a Publix shopping cart, and I stop and remove her because I think Disney will object to people using Publix carts on their property. I am trying to explain this to the lady (hoping she won't object, because a young family has already taken the cart and loaded their two young girls in it), but she's like "Of course, now come on, we're going to miss the Wild West Show," leading me over into Frontierland.

      As we walk along, the speakers are making odd announcements about people dying, and lawyers, and other strange things that have no place in a Disney park. Continuing along (now back in the car) we are passing Margaret, who I am surprised is still alive (its been a long time), and I roll down a window to call out hello to her, but she turns her nose up and ignores me. I think about making a comment about ol' Laser Lips.


      06-30-2017 -- Somehow playing around with (and building) some sort of rolling marble game, where I am trying to tilt a board to make a marble reach different points. There is a tiny hint of stuff about the TARDIS, and patterns painted on the board in a strange red ink that appears and disappears, depending on where you are in the game, and hints of buses or trains as well.

      Somehow I then find myself standing around at Knott's Berry Farm, late at night. I don't seem to be really doing anything, so I may be security or something. Vince Williams is here, and is speaking to me about two things. The first is that his van is locked in the parking lot, and there is no way to get it out. (There is a pole system something like the one used at House of Imports), and it seems they lock the parking lot up at night, but don't warn the employees of that fact. The second is that he is muttering something about idiots who set up the bus systems where two buses run in opposite directions on the same street, but each has a different route number. I think about explaining I laid out the system, and it was just coincidence that the two routes are running on the same street, so they shouldn't have the same number, but I don't really feel like bothering.

      Meanwhile, I say I think we can get him out of the lot, and I grab a sort of crowbar that is sitting around in the warehouse I am guarding, and approach the pole gate. I remember from my time with House of Imports, a locking system where the crowbar releases a latch within the pole that allows you to open the gate (the real system was nothing like this), and I've soon popped the latch and let Vince out. He's rather happy. Myself, I am hoping I haven't triggered any alarms or gotten myself in trouble.

      Anyway, he's driven off, and nothing has happened to me, and I soon find myself in Rosemary's place, and Vince, who is another of the roommates shows up. It is now a day later, and I want to ask him about the situation, and if he got in any trouble the next day, but don't want to tell anyone of the situation, so I'm like "What about ... was there any ...?" "Nope. No mention of it." Meanwhile, I seem to be eating a piece of hard lasagna noodle with spaghetti sauce spread on it, and when Rosemary walks in and sees it, she is freaking out. As I said, only fragments tonight.


      06-30-2017 -- First one is even more fragmented. I am in a warehouse, working security, but it is late at night and dark, and most of the staff has already left, so I am trying to watch something a bit sexy on TV. Unfortunately, there seem to be a few people who are working all night long, and I feel like they are trying to spy on me, so I turn the TV off. A couple of the guys are being rude and obnoxious, saying odd things, making odd threats. It kind of reminds me of Ray Burke a bit, but seemed more wrong and threatening.

      Somehow I more or less think I am dreaming, but can't think of any way to test it, so I am kind of wandering around, feeling up the occasional attractive female if I can find her alone, but not daring to be too pushy about it, since I am not sure I am dreaming. One girl is pleasuring a guy, so I pull her skirt down, planning to do a bit of pleasuring, myself, only to find under her skirt is a bit of a metal chassis, rather than legs and human skin and stuff. Very strange.
    15. Crime and Punishment

      by , 07-04-2017 at 03:36 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Can be in Parenthesis)
      I was in a mental hospital, my Mother was there. I walked away from her and the lady who was typing what meds I take.
      I was walking back thinking what that other med was...A lady walked by me and says "Ranitidine"
      I get by the computer and I am about to say it but the computer person did it already.
      I don't trust this place, I feel like they kill the patients.
      They take all the patients somewhere and one woman told me "You can go on the computer."


      It was raining, a girl with black hair was walking on the Firelane at school, no one in sight.
      Crime and Punishment

      There was a road block, passed by the school football field it had it's big lights on covering the field.
      It was around 10:30 PM. I was now at the school in the lobby (the lobby looks like the middle school's lobby).
      I told the cop two people here are criminals, I point at Kasie but can't find the other one.
      Everyone gets mad and the cops says "You're in big trouble, that's a felon."

      Another Part of the Dream:
      A football player told someone "Our games usually end at 10 PM"
      Accidental Murder

      I was at a Walking Dead BB Gun tourney. There was a woman sitting on a chair, sweating, she was Mexican.
      (The room I was in looked like something from Splash from Black Ops 3 Multiplayer)
      I shot her in the face with my BB, which you're supposed to do, but I noticed she was bleeding and blood was coming
      out of her mouth.
      Later at home, I realized I just killed someone for the first time.

      Season 7 and 8

      I watched the Walking Dead S7 E1-E4 to catch up for Season 8, One Episode 4 there was a big chocolate factory.
      I thought 'I gotta invest in a Chocolate Factory' it would be good for a Zombie Apocalypse. Someone also spoiled
      who dies in the season and I scrolled up fast, I don't like getting spoiled.
      I looked up Season 8 on Youtube and saw a Video Titled "The Walking Dead Season 8 Comic Con Trailer"
      The thumbnail showed Negan with lots of shaving cream or something on his face.

      I had a good amount of Dreams today, I'm on a Streak! I like writing/typing down my dreams, to be honest I don't like dreams like these but at least I got more content for the Story I'm making. People are already setting off their Fireworks, hopefully it won't be like that during the night when people are trying to sleep.
      July 3rd, 2017
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