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    1. Spring Competition Day 6-7

      by , Yesterday at 08:43 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Failed wbtb both nights.

      School (full nld)

      Fairly long dream that i can't recall much details. I kept wandering into a school, exploring weird passages in the school. and then I was talking to some asian guy, may have been the same guy from my lucid. We kept going in and out of his place for some reason. I also remember driving around with him and he was asking me to take a class at his school. But I was really unsure if I wanted to.

      Dog (frag)

      A fragment of playing with my waking life dog in my living room. He was rolling on the ground a lot.

      Asuka (frag)

      Don't remember much or many details at all. Just that Asuka was being really sweet. That's all.
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      lucid , dream fragment
    2. Spring Competition day 4

      by , 04-21-2017 at 03:05 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Nerimeno again (frag)

      Think I was watching another dream battle scene with Nerimeno in it.

      Getting back from work (full nld)

      Started I was leaving work and found a truck waiting for me with two people in it which may have been Data and Asuka. Asuka looked like T for a bit. I may remember some other woman in the car.. because I remember having some conversation about how guys dick size doesn't matter? Not sure. After a while asuka looked like R a manage i use to know from Walmart.

      Data pulls the truck to my house apparently but he drives through the back yard. It looks like a total mess, and to be honest the whole place looked like choppy graphics from GTA San Andreas. In fact my house could have been CJ's house on grove street.. It looked really rundown and ghetto. Half the yard was dug up as if Ryder had been there looking for his secret stash. I thought it was all weird when I woke up.

      Co worker prank (frag)

      Brief frag of being at that house. The next part is gross so will put it in a spoiler
      Spoiler for gross:
      I was spiking a nasty co workers water bottle at Burger Shot with semen or something.

      WBTB at 3:45 am. Probably slept around 4:50

      Back to school (full nld)

      Dream of Asuka, data, finding my dad in the school from the night before. We were walking my waking life dog Buddy around.

      My dad mentioned how he was inheriting money from his friend R. I thought that was wierd. My dad went through a door to a class but instead it was a house and street... maybe his inner world? We walked on a bit and turned to a stairwell that also had an elevator. We went in there and I was just with my dog and some other dog. My dog fell asleep in the dream and I did the same.

      FA, somewhere in the school, started walking around again but woke up.

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      non-lucid , false awakening , dream fragment , side notes
    3. 19/04/0217 - 20/04/2017 (2 fragments)

      by , 04-20-2017 at 06:03 PM
      Was inside a space capsule which didn't stop moving trying to WILD.

      Had to steal a bunch of weapons from a group of Vikings and ended up hurting myself in a sword.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. short recall

      by , 04-20-2017 at 02:14 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Did a failed wbtb at around 4:30 am

      cleaning (frag)

      Some dreaming about sleeping in some man's room, and when I got up he started making me clean the place.

      School (full nld)

      I was at some sort of school where the classrooms were also places that people slept. I got up and then left the classroom. I wandered into a foyer and got something to eat from some vending machines.

      I realized I forgot something, but can't remember what. I start walking down a hallway by the main entrance and Scott, a guy i know in waking life walks beside me and says, "What's up?" I say hi and all that. He mentions that he has seen my dad walking in this school every morning. I mention that I haven't run into him yet.

      I go back to the class room but the door is locked... I knock and a woman with brown hair comes out and asks me for the password. I say i can't remember any password but I left my bag or something inside. She agrees and lets me in. I notice lots of people in class eating at tables while I look around for my things.
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    5. Spring Competition Day 2

      by , 04-18-2017 at 02:02 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      My dream self is a violent prick lately.

      At Work (frag)

      I'm standing by the grill where I work. It looks exactly like the place where I work. Only there is lots of cleaning going on. The toaster is taken off the table and lots of people are wiping things down to make it shiny.

      Nomad (frag)

      Frag where I am talking to Nomad. He invites me to come visit him in Hawaii.

      Dog (frag)

      A brief flash of playing with my dog at home.

      Note: I wbtb here at 4:30 am. No lucids but some vivid dreams.

      Field and Complex (full NLD)

      I am outside walking in a familiar field. I go up a small foothill and find a large white building.

      I enter the building and wander many hallways. Inside I find Kaomea at a big computer console with someone else. She's wearing a nice tank top with a pink overcoat. I forget what we say. She calls me a "fucking Loser" at some point for no reason. I get mad at her and grab her by the coat and start pounding her face in. She sort of cries but does nothing else.

      I leave the complex with the other guy. At some point its confusing to get out. We both have to climb a large fence outside to get back to the field. I remember falling off the fence at one point and kind of rolling on the ground.

      Underground Waterpark (full NLD)

      I'm with some kid going through and underground tunnel system. We keep going through winding passages and then up some step. At the top of the steps are the openings to water slides. I immediately Jump in after the boy. The whole experience is fun and then I land in a large pool.

      I realize I still have pants on so I look for a change room. I think I go into one but enter tunnels again and now I am lost.

      Fight over TV (full NLD)

      Starts off... I'm in my house watching T.V. with some kids.

      Asuka walks by and I follow her downstairs. She enters another living room and sits in front of the T.V. there and she tells me she's going to watch her show.

      I go back upstairs and tell my kid that I'm going to watch my show now. The dream then diverges... the latter fragment I'll show later. My kids kicks and screams that he wants to watch his show... it makes me mad so I yell and yank his arm a little but not too rough. His friend intervenes and pushes me away and then morphs into a golden retriever guard dog. I morph into a dog as well and tower over him still and step up to him and over him to show dominance (I think i got this from watching Cesar millan but can't be sure). Someone else is in the room. I turn around and see a semi cartoonish version of Louie from Life with Louie... umm ok. I guess it's the kids dad. I turn back and the kid now looks like a miniature version of Louie. I step back and let the kid go with his father.

      TV (frag)

      When I go back up the stairs and enter the living room I ask to use the TV and the kids say it's okay. I sit down and ask my son how to use the remote system because it's confusing.

      False Flag Terrorism (full NLD)

      Starts off Me and Asuka are flying to a version of Toronto at Night time. We land by a large building. It has an open foyer with no doors so I go inside.

      I see a man going up some steps with a group of teens following him. It looks suspicious so I cloak myself and follow them up many flights of stairs. The kids are placing what looks to be miniature nuclear bombs on walls and pipes. I head downstairs.

      I pull out a cell phone to dial 911. but the phone redirects me to 415 which is apparently the 911 of the city? Some man answers the phone and I tell him what i saw but he doesn't seems to believe me. I get downstairs and ask some guy what address we are at. he gives me a clear name of that street but the other street sounds garbled. I ask him to repeat but that street comes out of his mouth garbled again. I give the garbled version to the operator and he thanks me and says someone will be on their way.

      I tell Asuka about it she opens a portal and we wind up back home. She pulls up the internet on her phone and says that the incident is from a fake terrorist organization. They go around making fake bombs and making fake threats to make whatever group they want look bad,then the government responds to these false flag operations and start wars. I find her explanation rather perplexing when I wake up.

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    6. Spring Competition Day 1

      by , 04-17-2017 at 01:35 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      No lucids today. just non lucids and frags.

      Nerimeno (frag)

      I was watching a holographic representation of one of Hukif's dreams. He was fighting who he called Nerimeno, a huge guy with a big black sword. So much was going on in this dream i couldn't catch it all. It jumped around too much.

      I got up for wbtb at around 4 am.

      Kittens (full NLD)

      I was with someone running in a dark tunnel. I emerged in a big living room of a house. The person vanished and there was suddenly hundreds of tiny kittens. I thought they were cute at first but then they came up to me and started crawling up me and clawing me. I managed to shake some off.

      I ran into another room and shut the door. I was now in a bedroom with no way out. One of the tiny kittens that was white and a light blue stripe crawled from under the door. then another and another. "Now where do I go?" I thought.

      Going to a concert. (frag)

      Started off me and my cousins were driving to Edmonton. later we wound up running into a friend of mine who lives around there. He plays guitar and he mentioned we could spend the night.

      Buses (full NLD)

      This dream seemed like hours. Started at some big white castle. For get what happened there. Got on a bus for some reason. It rode out into some country side. The bus driver said we would reach the terminal and there would be four buses leaving every half hour or so. During the ride I remember listening to Chuck Missler which i had playing on my laptop during sleep, His voice seemed to speak through the dream.

      Came to a 4 way concrete tunnel that was the terminal. I got off and waited a half hour to see where the other route went. I walked down one of the tunnels and went through a glass door where other people were smoking. I had a smoke for a bit and then walked back in. By then more buses were coming, so i got on a different one and it drove off. I remember more scenery when I woke up.

      Guitar (frag)

      Had a dream I was at my old fourplex in didsbury. I was playing a fancy dark blue stratocaster with a scalloped fret board.

      Mario maker (frag)

      Frag of being on my laptop watching a mario maker livestream.

      Raven's Journal (frag)

      Fa, and I get on my computer and see an email message that Raven Knight posted two more dreams. I clicked the link but woke up.
    7. Short Lucid

      by , 04-15-2017 at 02:07 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I was in my backyard with some people. I saw a lawn mower running by itself. Became lucid and saw that it was actually digging up the earth. Jumped in it's wake and fell about six feet and started walking along the dug out path that was now like a foxhole. I walked to the end and found out that I was in a hallway now with some doors on the side. I went to go through a door when I woke up.
      lucid , dream fragment
    8. A lucid yay!

      by , 04-14-2017 at 02:19 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      A strange dream where I was on a small flat island covered in grass with a couple people. I have to make salads for them. I prep the ingredients and have to put them into boxes. One guy says he wants a double salad. I remember ripping open a bag of cous cous and pouring it onto the salad.


      Dream that I had to work in a different store for the day. K from my store was there and he didn't seem to happy i was working at the other place.


      I remember becoming lucid in some scenario that I can remember. I Did my time dilation, and almost felt the dream fall apart but it snapped back with a clarity I've never had before after I jumped. again I couldn't remember the exact place or scenario, apparently there was some fighting training going on as referenced in later conversation.

      What I do remember is emerging from a grove of trees at night time into an area reminiscent of a small trailer park, but instead of trailers were a small number of lit up houses. Most of them were small but there was also a big one that had very bright Christmas lights.

      "I wonder who lives in that one?" I asked a quiet man who I was walking with. He just sort of grunted. "I've always wanted to go in there!" I seemed to be excited and talking his ear off but he wasn't saying much.

      We went into one of the small houses. Inside there was a small kitchen where A woman i also seemed to know was preparing for a meal. He said some words to her but I wasn't paying attention. She said, "It should be done by the time you guys finish practicing shape shifting."

      I thought, "Oh boy! Shapeshifting." The man sat down in a living room and pointed to a TV and a PS2 console and handed me a disc as if indicating the lesson was on the disc. I opened the PS2 tray and placed the disc in, but I wasn't sure if the disc went down all the way, the tray went in by itself and I pushed the eject button right away. "Ah why'd you do that?" said the man sounding a bit angry. I told him I just wanted to make sure the disc was going in properly.

      I sat down in a chair beside his couch where he was seated. I said, "I can't wait to learn more about shapeshifting! I'm really eager to learn."

      As if I had ADD i thought I should try Time dilation again. I remember placing my hand on the ground and counting the spaces between my fingers. The spaces between my fingers began to look like other fingers... that was trippy. Then I saw something like cardboard lines around the shapes of my fingers. I kept counting a number of different spaces each time. i made it to 60. I lifted my head up and the room was spinning. then I woke.
    9. A short Lucid.

      by , 04-13-2017 at 02:43 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Invading the country side

      I was flying out in some country side farm land. I spotted a house and landed there. I walked into the house like I owned the place. There were some kids in a living room watching TV. They didn't know who I was and I summoned a guitar and started playing. The kids didn't seem to care. They're parents walked out and didn't know who I was. Apparently I had to leave so I asked them for a ride into town.


      I was in a town hall or something with a bunch of people for some lame arts and crafts event. Asuka is a blond girl who walks by t random times and gives me a hug. The third time she gives me a cupcake and I tell her I love her. She walks away again to make her rounds of... not sure what. For some reason I have to leave.

      Did he wake up?

      I was in the back of Jame's truck from work. I guess he is driving me home. He says he knows a quick detour. He then drives up to a KFC or something and the lobby doors open and he literally drives through the restaurant. I look at the other customers dining but they take no notice of the strangeness of a pickup truck driving through the restaurant.

      As the truck is about to exit the place it halts and stops. I get out and there is no one in the driver's seat and later the truck vanishes.

      I become lucid while walking home after a missing segment. I realize I'm in chilliwack walking near my old house. I try and ignore the hand counting thing and summon a cup to hold in my hands. I keep walking but the dream goes blurry about a block away from home and I wake up.
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      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Tough recall

      by , 04-12-2017 at 03:02 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      A very hard dream to recall where I had to travel to a parallel universe. I remember seeing some hotel.. or something. I just don't know.


      A dream of running along a trail that was at the base of a mountain at night time. I was with who i think is Data and Asuka. we were running from a pretend monster or something. we stop at the end of the path and are near some houses after that. I can't remember much after.

      Shouldn't drive.

      I was walking with my brother and someone else. We were going to visit a friend or something. We wind up outside an apartment complex. The said man comes out limping in a body cast. He gets into a vehicle and drives off... meanwhile I am thinking just how impossible and dangerous that somebody in a body cast can do that.
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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Still low recall.

      by , 04-11-2017 at 01:02 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Dream Journals

      Had an almost insta WILD when I closed my eyes. I felt myself lucid holding a mouse and could see that the webpage was on DV. To test wether i was in the dream i moved my mouse and clicked the dream journals button. I saw Twoshadows had a DJ entry and went to click it when I woke up


      Dreamed I was at an ATM machine withdrawing $60. A lot more bills came out and a lot of them were $50s I then realized I must have accidentally withdrawn $600 instead...
      non-lucid , dream fragment , lucid
    12. 2017.04.08 - Ragnarok & Friends/Empty Memories

      by , 04-10-2017 at 11:27 PM (Discovery of the Mind: Xereniak's DJ)
      Recall Begins:

      In the online MMORPG Ragnarok Online, I am leveling a Magic build Doram Summoner in what appears to be low-TI (level 71-100). I'm not level 100 yet, as I don't have any charms to reduce my cast times for CNM, and so I am having trouble solo leveling without a Morpheus Set or Doram Set. I travel some distance away to escape the mobs and find a location with a small building and seating. The camera angle shifts down, and now I am no longer a Doram, but me. Managers R and A are there, but largely ignore me after a hurried greeting. Two of my buddies from high school, D & J are distinctly present, and I feel that there were others present from my school as well. I spoke with them for some time before the recall ends.

      Dream Fragments

      There were two dream fragments that were definitely together as one dream at one point, but I simply cannot recall enough details. One was on a serene mountainscape, with high rising cliff faces enclosing me in, except on the back face from which I hiked up. In fact, the entire dream itself for awhile may have just been a nature hike.

      The second portion's recall begins with me getting into a fight with a Korean boy about ~17 years in age. I hop into a truck and try to drive him down. I chase him all the way from the calm mountain side into a populated city core, before plowing into an empty department store, picking him up by the throat (while driving) and then losing recall.

      Recall Ends.
    13. Marrying the boy you

      by , 04-10-2017 at 05:14 PM
      So I had a really strange dream I married myself but I was a boy. I had a white dress and everything but the guy I was marrying was me but as a boy. And that dream was so strange I really want to know what my mind is trying to tell me. I mean I am a girl and I feel good in my own body as a girl so it can't be something like that I feel in the wrong body. Or maybe it is just me wanting to be loved. In the dream that I had I really loved the guy me and that is kinda strange cause I often judge myself and I never felt like I am normal or better then everyone else. And with not normal I mean the feeling that there is something different about me that isn't about everyone else. And I never knew what is different about me that's why I never tried to change cause I didn't knew what was so different and just accepted it. But I still judge every flaw that I have. And something important that I almost forgot about the dream was that is also kind of funny there was another me guy who after I got married he said congrats hugged me and was jealous and looked at my groom with a death stare.
      Then my mother complained why I didn't want to invite her best friend to my wedding and I think the only normal thing in that dream was how my mom was talking and explaining stuff just how she would do in real life the same reactions. But what didn't make sense was that she said we should have had the wedding on an island that was near us cause it is near from the country where a friend of mine is. The weird thing is the country where my friend lives and my country are next to each other but there is no island between or water. Could this dream mean something about me craving for love cause I never had a boyfriend but I did fall in love often like crushes but I never had like a relationship and mutual love or some nice guy that would have a crush on me I was always the girl in the friendzone. And I always thought well it s better that way I can focus on school and stuff but I also really want to experience mutual love. Or maybe this dream is like if someone knows the old Cartoon Teen Titans there was a episode with Raven's mind where there where different Raven's with different personalities but all this different personalities are Raven and together those personalities make her who she is. And yea I am 16 still loving the old Cartoon Network cartoons maybe because of my age people pressure me into being in a relationship or making me feel different cause I never been in a relationship teenagers react like what is wrong with you. But even doe I want to experience love I don't want to rush things the one I love should wait for me and have a romantic just holding hands and kiss relationship and romantic dates like eating ice cream together at a ice cream parlor. And I am sorry that I wrote so much and my own explanations are way too long but maybe if you know me a little bit better through this you also can explain better why I would have such a dream and what it means.
      Thank you for reading and helping me out may Karma help you back <3
      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    14. More recall

      by , 04-07-2017 at 03:22 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      School and FA

      Vague memory of Asuka bringing me into a school again. We are going in and out of rooms looking for Something... Not sure what.

      FA, I'm in a bed in the school on a landing by some stairs? My cousin hops on to the bed in PJs and he is complaining about his feet. He pulls out a pitcher of water and pours water all over his feet, and the bed. I morph in a Jamaican woman and say in a bitchy voice, "Did you just pour water on your feet?" My memory fades here.

      Lost Puppy

      I'm walking down a street in a suburban area and notice a seemingly empty shopping bag moving around. Ok, just the wind... but then it crawls. I reach down and open it and see there's a small black puppy who looks lost and hungry. I pick up the bag and it pops it's head out a hole in the bag. I turn around and head back towards my house. After a few minutes of walking I reach my house. Some people approach me and ask me what I'm doing with an empty bag? I said found a sick puppy in there. Someone inspects it and it is empty and they look at me like I'm crazy. I turn around to look for the puppy again. I find some very large cats circling the scared puppy. I shoo them off and pick him up and head back home.

      Same room

      I am in a strange house with some stoner type guys. A blond woman is also there. for some reason I go to use their washroom and find a room with a couch and then a toilet beside it. I go back to the group and they say we are going to some other guys room to smoke up. We go in a different door and enter the same room with a couch and a toilet... okay. I get confused and leave the room and go back to the bathroom. I find the same room with a couch and a toilet but no one is in there. I go in the hall way and open another door and find the same room with a couch and a toilet. Everyone walks out of their room and back into the main living room. "Why do you guys have 3 identical rooms?" The guys shrug and the blonde woman laughs and says, "I know right this house is so confusing!"

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    15. Daydreamed into WILD

      by , 04-06-2017 at 04:14 PM
      One of my major lucid goals down the line is to live out three books I have been working on. I guess that goal may come early. All I did was meditate during a WBTB period then try to fall asleep whilst attempting to stare through my eyelids. I had a hard time falling asleep and I needed to be again for work in an hour so I gave up the attempt and let myself fall asleep. The process of doing so let a flood of thoughts come on. Instead of fighting them or trying to control them I just began daydreaming about the first chapter of the first book of my series. Lo and behold a lucid dream of me ACTUALLY LIVING OUT the story occurred. It was really short but I was intensely happy with the results. Going to see if I can daydream my way into another dream tomorrow.

      My lucid dreaming ability - although not much - is getting me really excited.
      dream fragment , lucid
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