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    False Awakening

    1. 10/14/17 False Awakening

      by , 10-15-2017 at 05:34 AM (The I No Longer Have Hands Theory)
      I unintentionally did a wbtb. As my eyes were close the darkness began to have color and I found it that my eyes had open on their own without my permission. I was staring at the window and for some reason it was dark outside. This isn't right I thought to myself, I'm very late for work now and I swear it feels like it has only been 10 mins since I lay down to sleep.

      I started speculating that this is a dream so I look out the window and found it hard to focus on pretty much anything. Everything look blurry. My television at the back of my eyes look like it disappear but appeared suddenly when I expected to see it. This is when I did an RC of the nose to test if it is a dream or not. I could breathe through it so I realize I am dreaming. I then woke up.

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    2. WILD Flying

      by , 10-11-2017 at 03:47 AM
      I WILD and am in my bedroom, and I go through the garage to get outside. The blackness makes the dream less stable, but when I get out of the garage I fly in the streets, and I jump over the houses to a new town. I jump again, and figure out that I can imagine a pressure in my feet pushing me up, and I fly high up near a building wall with graffiti. I fly over the night time city.

      But the dream begins again in my bed, and I go up the stairs this time and out the door. I fly over the buildings again, but this time I fly so high that I rise above the clouds and fly faster than the rotation of the earth to get to a daytime timezone. I fly into the mountains, and I try to find hikers. However, the dream ends because noise from real life wakes me up.
    3. Watching a Star Wars movie before work (false awakening)

      by , 10-07-2017 at 04:35 PM
      This morning i woke up much earlier before the work and I wasn't able to fall back asleep. I saw the clock and realized that I have enough time to watch the newest Start Wars movie that just got launched online.

      The movie start with Anakin Skywalker in a mission to track down and destroy two very advanced assassin droids on a desert planet. Instead of his usual robes Anaking is wearing a special armor meant to protect him from the deadly weapons that droids have. His body is entirely covered by the dark brown armor. The mask he has is very similar with that of Darth Vader, but looking less threatening.

      in his search, Anakin is ambushed by the droids he was looking for that were hiding under the sand waiting for him. Anaking is knocked down and one droids starts to use its incorporated flamethrower to burn the Jedi lying on the ground. The armor leave Anaking untouched by the immense heat. In the next moment Anaking jumps back on his feet and cut in two the droid. A fight starts with the remaining droid.

      The alarm ring and a new day in the waking world is starting. (boohoo!)
      false awakening
    4. Boring dreams but vivid.

      by , 10-07-2017 at 03:36 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Getting my recall up a little bit.

      Abandoned house

      I was in my old house from 1998 in chilliwack. All the flooring had been pulled up and I was in the living room sitting on plywood with Val from work. She had an oddly shaped tupperware container - It had a big shelf or ledge around the perimeter which contained bags of tex mex and various chocolate snacks. In the middle was just a drop with nothing in it. She told me I could have a box of something and that there was chocolate fudge in there somewhere.

      I fished around the bowl for a while making a note of everything. I couldn't find anything with chocolate fudge... I asked her where the fudge was? She pointed too a white box with brown lettering on the side. I opened the box and there was a smaller pop tart like package I culled the box out and somehow spilled the tex mex stuff down the middle. "NOOO!" I said trying to stuff the contents back in the bag, "I spilled it all." Val didn't even seem concerned about that. I pulled the pop tart like thing out of the other box and she took the box and placed it back in the container with all the other stuff. I was about to eat my snack when...

      FA, In the bedroom of that house? I look and see there's a window with tree branches swaying in the wind but something doesn't seem right (It's also night time or dawn in the dream.) A ghostly hand is swaying amongst the branches. At first I think it's a trick of the shadows but then it begins to wave at me... I suddenly feel terror and close my eyes like Danny in the shining. I count a few seconds and open them but I'm really awake now in a completely different room than the dream one, (Not facing any window.)

      Random stuff

      First I remember being in a house with my cousin K, and various other people. She was mad at me for something. which brought on a false memory of my aunt accusing me of the same thing. I got really angry and defensive.

      Next I'm at some party with people from McDonald's in a big apartment complex. None of them are people I know in waking but I seem to know them somehow? It's all pretty boring so I go outside for a smoke. I run into someone that looks kind of like M from work She invites me to the party for the Mcd's that I used to work at. I follow her and we run into a bunch of people I don't know. mainly a bunch of uninteresting effete men with wavy died hair.

      Dream skips forward a bit and I'm in a big weird I'm following my brother around mall. There's like a half waterpark around. I follow him up some green part with a parkour for dreams like obstacle, but I can't jump it very well. My dad is off in the distance on a landing waiting for us. My brother sits on something like a sprinkler for laughs. He asks me to try it but I say no. we are about to leave when I wake up.
    5. October 5th, The longest night

      by , 10-05-2017 at 03:55 PM
      Old house bathroom, G in there and me sitting on counter. See but crawl out of toilet and he doesn't let me kill it, so it crawls into the wooden drawers under the counter. At night

      Outside with him chasing me, old home backyard, go to neighbors backyard behind us and fall down. Books and legos, J comes up and we talk and he fires a gun. He said it's a blank anyway but it's load and flashy.

      In grandma's house and want to leave so I go to the left and past two young girls, eventually running past stuff in old neighborhood, bend on our street going left. Down to the 5mph sign, I start rolling around, and see guy in a car who wolf whistles and cat calls me. Then gets out and starts taking pictures, another guy in car comes along and tells him to stop. He gets back in car and leaves, I miss the attention.

      In plane that has stopped and I go walking around to tell people, I become lucid here and walk around trying to summoning random person. I check every. Seat and he's not there so I go and wake up mom, walk into a room with a kitchen set up to the left and a small table to the right. I grab stuff from the refrigerator to eat and savor, I note that most everything tastes the same sugary cinnamon type. As mom walks in I grab all the candies or cookies and chocolate stuff and put it on the table. She makes a comment about my hunger and I shrug it off because I know I want to engage all my senses to get my full lucid dreaming experience. She sits down at the table as I try some weirdly named cookies, lemon elephants or some stuff. They do taste surprisingly good though, like a lemon gingersnap. I offer them to mom and the two other guys sitting near the window, they each take a handful and nod. The cookies look like fish pellets by the way, the next is a big cookie that looks to be made from a young child's creative playdoh session. Slightly bigger than my hand and almost all blue, except in the middle where it's a green strip going all down the middle and in the green strip are a mix of black seeds and orange to yellow colour around them slightly. It tastes like a fruit loops cinnamon bun combined and I figure I'd better work on my other senses, so I leave it for mom to finish. I look to the ground and smell the fresh air, a breeze is blowing and gives me a chill. I rub my arms and notice they are sleeveless, despite going to bed wearing sleeves, I ignore that and close my eyes for a moment to help. This has helped in past lucid dreams and as I opened them then, I see everything just a bit clearer.

      I nod and go to walk outside through another door, when I suddenly remember a dream challenge. I go back to mom and first ask if I may ask her something, she replies yes and I ask her what do I not know about myself? She responds that it's a good question and as she leans back in the chair to think, I wonder if she'll say anything at all. But she does and comes to the conclusion that I'm "flimsy." I did ponder that for a bit and finally thanked her, I tried to remember my second challenge but failed and assured myself I didn't have to rush things.

      So I finally left through the door and woke up.

      I went downstairs and searched the cupboard for food, trying to remember the other challenges, I found the exact same cookie in my cupboards. So I ate it and the taste was the same, I noticed I had control over my actions but didn't use this to tell myself I was dreaming..perhaps I already knew.. I did have to use the bathroom though so I did that, then I looked outside and saw three pathways carved into my woods, I went and walked towards them a bit and saw them getting a bit wider. I wondered if it lead somewhere and I chose to go to the middle one, as I approached I saw two guys and tried to wonder which they were. I kept thinking one was someone I knew but then I got them mixed up and one was walking toward my home anyway so I went with the other guy who was going towards my chosen entrance. We walked until we saw a defense system, a dragon's head as a current at the start of the road leading to the door. I waited until my new company had walked past it and then saw it shot a constant laser out of it's mouth and it's head rolled in almost every direction. I started running when it seemed to target me, once it hit it burned and I freaked out. Running to the door it just kept itself trained on my back, I saw a health bar below my feet and kept running once I noticed it moving down waaaay too fast. My friend didn't have one but kept running faster, I managed to catch up to him when we were almost at the door and I was almost dead. I lunged in front of him and said stay behind me, it worked and I managed to jump into the grid door which threw me out the other side onto the ground of some..mall? Someone near me smiled and started walking, so I followed them and noticed my health bar fill up and disappear. I don't regret using my friend as a body shield, and look around instead. The place does look like a mall and in front I saw people moving like the undead, I shake the feelings off and blink to make them disappear. It works and I continue up the stairs that the man next to me leads me to, I really wanted to head out the main doors but then I woke up for real.
    6. Only one fragment...

      by , 10-01-2017 at 02:17 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I only remember one little snippet of a dream from last night. I had a false awakening in which I woke up in the middle of the night, went to use the restroom, and then for some reason decided it would be a good idea to apply Rogaine even though it was the middle of the night, and you don't want to sleep with that stuff on because then it gets spread everywhere. xD Unfortunately, I didn't become lucid.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    7. 9/27/17 - Loving Silhouette

      by , 09-27-2017 at 06:54 PM
      I woke up and opened my eyes. I couldn't see because it's pitch black. but i felt that there was a person in bed next to me. They were in front of me, our faces inches apart. I have no idea who the person is but I feel comfortable. I don't feel like they are going to hurt me. And I feel like they love me. I close my eyes again and the person moves closer to me and puts their arms around me. I take a deep breath and go back to sleep.
    8. SO MANY missed opportunities for a DILD

      by , 09-22-2017 at 02:26 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      Fragment 1: In the beginning of the dream, I was having a dream where I woke up in a green room with a 3D grid of exotic guitar/shamisen/ukelele hybrids. I then woke up, went to the bathroom, and wrote about my dream.

      Fragment 2: After that, I had another dream inside the current one where I was walking home from school when some high pitched voiced stopped me and prevented me from moving. I had entered sleep paralysis. I then woke up. I could have used that as a great opportunity for a DILD, but I didn't.

      Fragment 3: I had found a new software used for lucid dreaming. Basically, what it did was play music from your favorite band, and that was supposed to set the mood of your dream. I went to this strange place with a lazer gun which was supposed to be a portable version of the device. My friend Who we'll call K, said that he doubted that it worked. I then downloaded the software and an archive of songs. I opened one of the songs, which was this crappy foreign hip hop song, and then my computer went crazy. Things like a random doom level generator having a seisure, random faces in circles popping up near the task bar, and text changing were the common results. I went to the start menu to restart my computer, and there was a search bar that was counting down the time before the ultimate payload attack on my PC. Every time I tried to restart, it closed the start menu. I then woke up.

      MAN, this dream had a lot of opportunities.

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    9. A Call

      by , 09-21-2017 at 02:57 PM (Devil's Trill)
      Before I woke up , I have woken up in a dream. It was quite vivid .
      I was lying in bed , the tv was on ,relaxing . Then suddenly my phone rings, its NK, I was surprised. "How would she know my number?" - I had some doubts ,but that was not enough for me to get lucid.
      I picked up the phone and said Hi how you doin in a relaxed manner, she answered with an I'm ok with an awkward, aloof, detached , apathetic voice. Her voice was so vivid, i actually heard it with my ears, it was not a typical voice from a phonecall ,it was like if she was next to me.
      Then she started to talk about a cat ,and something something justice. I dont remember the rest of it , I woke up shortly after that.
    10. Log 869 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 14

      by , 09-16-2017 at 03:51 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Just got a bunch of scraps to note. Quite a shame, as I was sure I got lucid at some points.

      Scrap Group 1

      WBTB initially unintended due to insomnia.

      A series of forgotten dreams, part of which I'm quite sure I was lucid. There was something about a fire, or a similar disaster.

      At home. One of my uncles and his wife make a surprise visit, much to my annoyance.

      At a pool party. Magical events occurred.

      Wandering in a mansion?

      At home watching TV with my sister and mom. I tune in on a science show about plausible alien lifeforms. On screen were CGI of disgusting phallic creatures. In fact, said alien figures were noted to be from Rick and Morty.

      Unwitting dream transition. I travel around in a grey realm for a while, then warp to some temple ruins. There, I spoke with an ancient-world priest. He claimed mastery over demonurgy, and spent his life translating the words of six spirits with which he'd formed pacts. This reminds me of the Demon roguelike, and also gives me false memories of possessing such creatures of my own. I'm fairly certain I was lucid at one point.

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    11. Log 861 - Thief-Seeking Missiles

      by , 09-08-2017 at 01:09 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Got that DILD and a fragment to note.

      Dream 1 - Thief-Seeking Missiles

      The visuals were clear. I was wandering around the streets at daytime. Eventually, I stop by at a gas station, specifically the same one I used to work in. There were some major renovations since I've been there, including the registers being in the opposite side of the store. Maurice, one of my old managers, was busy with some customers. I considered talking to him, though I backed off. It's been so long, I doubt he even recognized me anymore. Later, at an unknown site, I build up enough nerve to call there for a chat.

      Time skip at night. I'm back at the gas station, this time as a worker. Three other employees were there as well. Of them, I recognized Maria. Another was an older, large African descended woman, while the last a skinny, aging, clean shaven Hispanic man. I take a look around, and find things were now arranged much more similarly to how I last remembered. There were, however, more selection of hot foods. I thought to sample some, but reconsidered when I found the pastries had long been shriveled into an overbaked husk.

      I worked the register for some time without incident, besides some guy having concerns of having been overcharged out at the pumps.Then, later on, a big, loud black woman shows up to bicker with my like-skinned fellow employee. Tension builds up to the point of violence. I overheard their being "friends", though how one could tolerate such vitriol under any circumstances is beyond me. Anyway, this scene distracted me from looking around the store. Before I could react, I found that some jerk had gone on and stole something in plain sight. The bickering had finally resolved by that point.

      After that, a mess of customers began piling up. In fact, this left me so preoccupied, that shoplifters came out of the woodworks to snatch something or two. I later had to deal with a drugged out woman, another of my coworker's supposed "friends". There was some confusion over the money she gave and what she actually owed. As I counted the funds, the woman ran off with whatever she had in hand, and I just knew I got the short end of things. Concurrently, some teen girl rushed in, swiped some DVDs and snacks, and ran off in one fell swoop. And if that wasn't enough, both previous madwomen returned to cause another commotion. What a night...

      While that happened, I caught sight of underaged punks going straight for the alcohol coolers. And sure enough, I overheard one or two muttering about a beer run. I was, by then, infuriated enough to look for trouble myself, so I went to the front door and waited. Still, I was of mind to reflect on that unreasonable theft rate. I made a reactionary hand test, but no matter the result, I gained awareness.

      Vengeance still filled my thoughts. I immediately blasted the punks with an energy blast, then followed up with an explosive beam split and directed to those two rambunctious women (of course, all with precautions to not accidentally hit anyone else). I then stepped outside the lot, hoping I'd find any other previously encountered thieves and scoundrels, though they were long gone by then. After thinking it over, I figured a homing attack would let me get even. I fired a golden ray into the sky, which I divided into a dozen or so other beams. These arced and spread out all over town, until they eventually exploded one by one at isolated, distant locations. Couldn't help but guffaw in triumph.

      With that done, I tried conjuring my guide, E, imagining she'd appear standing around the sidewalk. Unfortunately, I lost focus, and collapsed the dream entirely.

      Scrap Group 1

      WBTB for 15 minutes to write some notes and stretch for a bit.

      False awakening. Mom comes barging in the room, demanding I get those hurricane shutters installed despite not having a ladder.

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    12. Log 860 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 5

      by , 09-07-2017 at 01:06 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 06 September 2017

      Many items to note, including a series of DILDs during early REM. Unfortunately, they're mostly just fragments at this point.

      Scrap Group 1
      A series of early-REM dreams that I vaguely remembered being repeated instances of each other. I'd awareness at various points. In one such case, I discovered that a spy, some red-haired woman in an office dress, was leaking false, scandalous information on my character. I caught her in the act, and coerced her into both cancelling the operation and fleeing.

      False awakening in bed. I was drenched in sweat. Woke up minutes later dry as a bone.

      At home. My niece, Valentina, shows me a baby doll with an eerily lifelike face
      and movable joints.

      In the backyard of an unknown home. I was cleaning things up along with mom and my younger brother, Trent. At one point, my brother, goes off to feed the cat. I turned away for seconds, only to find the animal had not only died, but was well into the process of decomposing. Didn't concern me one bit. However, seeing Trent and mom so non-chalant of their pet's demise was so.

      At an arcade at night.

      Something of digging a rock tunnel into a brightly lit tower.

      Vague memories of being in a video game world.

      At home. I walk downstairs, only to find a large gathering of unexpected guests, each Flora's (my sister's) friends. Very embarrassing, as I was still in my underwear.

      At a beach at night. Rough waves kept me from getting too far into the water.

      At a hotel room with many family and extended family members. There was a small party ongoing, though I was too tired to participate. Indeed, I was so exhausted, I just slept on floor of the nearest open space. My uncle Sylvester didn't appreciate that, and so he tells Valentina to wake me up. My niece kisses me on the forehead, to which I instantly woke up IRL.

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    13. Spellbee Competition night 3

      by , 09-04-2017 at 03:01 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD-I woke up and found that my room seemed to have more light than usual and had a different floor. I RCed by trying to phase through the floor. I phased through the floor and dropped a bit, hit the ground and woke up.

      DILD-I was in my room and caught a FA somehow. I walked outside where there was a city. I jumped up to fly to try to get a better view. I tried to fly higher and faster by imagining a genie push me up. I felt something push me up, but I didn't see what it was. I was not able to fly as high and fast as I would like and spent the rest of the dream working on my flying before I woke up.

      DILD- I was in the living room of a house and realized it was a lot like another house I used to live at. I put my hand behind me to try to summon a young lady, but summoned a clone of myself instead. My clone said I needed to hurry up to do something. I looked phased through a counter into the kitchen where I say a young lady with a little boy near her. She also told me I need to hurry up and I hugged and kissed her. I woke up.

      DILD-I woke up and heard somebody say "you're welcome" outside my bedroom window. I looked around my bedroom and saw that it was different. I went outside to see it was morning. I found an open area and tried to summon an orca. I got a bottlenose, but only half of one. As a crowd of DCs were approaching, I tried to summon a dinosaur. I felt something and all of the DCs looked up in fear. Before I could look around to see it, the dream went black. I got the dream to reappear and saw lots of small dinosaurs walking around the neighborhood. I woke up.
      lucid , false awakening
    14. Various Little Dreams and Fragments

      by , 09-01-2017 at 08:00 PM
      August 25th or 26th: 3pm-5pm
      Old home at night in the living room, except it was smaller and my brothers and myself were roaming around as miniature versions of ourselves with the intent to kill. It was a game, D said he was getting lag on his end so he wanted to change the maps. We did so to a frozen one, or rather the living room changed to represent a frozen wasteland with tons of caves and fallen trees to hide under or around. I was going around shooting some guys when D wanted to quit, so the map changed back to the living room with a huge fallen tree leading away to a cat on a stool. The cat wasn't one we owned, it was black and brown but mixed together in a stripe pattern. I got up behind a guy in white and stabbed him i the neck, then as he turned I did it many more times in his chest. Crawled over the tree to the cat and brought the knife up, I was going to slit it's throat but decided not to and instead hopped off the stool. Once I'd hopped off, my size was back to normal and I went to the kitchen to ask mom what she was cooking.

      August 30th: 1am-6am
      FA/LD: Woke up in current home bed in the morning, I got my notebook and went near the window to get as much light as possible for my writing. I'm not sure what I wrote but after a while of scribbling, I laid back on my bed and looked down at mom. I then look at my hands and notice I'm dreaming so I go and look out the window, there is a big pale red moon about to be covered by clouds and then a flash of red lightening streaks across the sky with a low rumble following it. I shout down to mom that I think it will rain and tell her what I saw.

      August 31st: 1am-7am
      On an island exploring ruins, I got diving underwater and find a black cube outline without a filled inside and I break off a piece of the middle, I hold it up to my face to examine and I notice it glowing orange so I throw it down and back away just in time for it to blow up. I comment on the nice addition to stop people from stealing technology with explosive pieces, then something behind me rumbles and I start to run.

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    15. January 4, 2015 (L)x6 L2[x4] L1[x2] | Punchy Kid, Bear People/Lion People, Gravel Cliffs

      by , 08-31-2017 at 12:51 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1(L)-First, I had a false awakening, where I still trying to get to sleep. I did a reality check, and was like, “oh.” Suddenly, the time turned from 2 something to 8:53 am, where the dream alarm was to go off at 8:55.
      -2-Tom Paris (ST: Voyager) created brown goo that he won an award for. I don’t remember what it was used for, but it had something to do with creating more ships.
      -3(L)-I spawned in my house (shocker!) and I wanted to ask my subconscious some questions. I hopped on the dream main computer and searched for a program. I was looking for a way to enter a question into a field, and perhaps receive the answer in text form. What I got was a program that wasn’t obvious about what I was looking for. It had tons of options and cool stuff, but I didn’t find the question field.
      -4-At least my cousin J came over while I was playing something similar to DKR. He was like, ‘DKR…’ and I was like, “F-Zero.” As I was suddenly playing DKR, I thought about how much better DKR was than Mario Kart 64. J stuck around for a while in the dream.
      [New Scene]
      There was this super angry kid. I’m not sure why he was so mad, but he tried punching me, so I ran into a room up some stairs, and got out my phone to film him. I was expecting some kind of shocked look from him(since he was from the 1980s), but he never showed up. To my right was either J or my other cousin K (can’t remember which). My younger sister and some other female of similar age walked up the stairs to about where I was. Then, they laughed about something for a second.
      [New Scene]
      For some reason, I was standing on some tiny buildings when I then fell halfway into the water. Just before impact, I threw my phone onto a small plastic balcony so it wouldn’t get waterlogged. Once I got out of the water, I retrieved my phone and moved on.
      -5(L)-So there was a conflict going on between a bunch of bear people, and one lion person. The lion guy had a small lion tail, so I could easily identify him. He was lost, likely homeless, and clearly did not like bears. The surroundings were mostly rolling hills of gravel. In the woods atop the cliff, the bears where prepared for battle with one guy. One of them had caught the scent of him in the dirt, so that bear chomped on what he had hoped to be the lion guy. He got angry when he found that it was just dirt. Btw, the bearhumans were easily identifiable by the specific and consistent shape of their facial hair pattern. Next, I spawned in the part where they were charging at me. I continued to run, until I came to the edge of the cliff, where I imagined a super long vine from the sky. I grabbed the vine, which took me to another part of the cliff that was far away. That was the last I saw of the bears.
      [New (L) Scene]
      I spawned in my house again. This time, I said, “Exit!” and the exit to the holodeck appeared. “Computer, end program.” The program ended for the most part except for the couch. Finally, I exited the holodeck, and walked down the hallway to the left.

      [New Scene]
      I spawned on the north hill of the block, near the bottom. I had some kind of seat and my older sister had a computer chair. It was noted that my seat could change direction while sliding downhill, but the chair could not. Then, a short school bus drove to the opening of the cul-de-sack and stopped, letting one kid out. As it was leaving, I noticed a piece of yellow orange metal on the ground, same color as the bus. I walked over and picked it up while under the dream impression that it did not originate from the bus.
      Time: 3m5s—5m30s
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