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    False Awakening

    1. Log 996 - Black Market Manor and Other Assorted Stories

      by , Today at 03:31 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 20 January 2018

      Got some things to note today, including two DILDs. There were a bunch of dreamlets too, but I've

      Dream 1 - The Marvel/Capcom Dream Alliance

      The visuals were quite dim. This took place within a poorly lit office building at night-time. A chaotic battle was occurring between a joint force of Marvel and Capcom heroes (Iron-Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, the Hulk, Ryu, Megaman X, and Chun-li confirmed) against the menacing Ultron. The villain was overpowering his opponents. In a bold maneuver, Iron-Man, Cap, Ryu, and X held off the rogue robot to stall him. In the meantime, Hulk stood back, covering while Chun-Li departed elsewhere. Eventually, Hawkeye fired off an EMP arrow at Ultron, who easily caught it within a forcefield. "Is that the best you can do?", gloats Ultron. Hawkeye smirks. That's when a barrage of missiles strikes Ultron at his flank. He turns, and sees the side of an attack chopper, Bat-Man logos painted all over, and Chun-Li within the passenger cabin. With Ultron's concentration lapsed, the forcefield went down, and, upon the arrow exploding, so too did he.

      I manifest, and followed the group down some hallways. We then stop at a darkened, empty garage or storage area. Inside, three people were seated on the floor. One was a figure I couldn't discern (or had forgotten). The other two were rather plain looking twin women, dark skinned, and both with ponytails. Without any prompt, the other heroes and I gather around with them. Then, the enigma started a conversation about meditation and dreaming, and asked for the girls on their progress. One of them claimed to have made great strides in her meditation practices. The other had reportedly mastered inducing lucid dreams. And yet, she seemed hesitant of such, and even expressed worry about her outlook in the future. "She fears it's the 'end of an era', so to speak.", I blurted out. The girl suddenly wept. This caused an outburst from others, a mix of consolatory remarks, and of arguing over how to take my own statement. Such commotion went on for a while, until the dream ended.

      Dream 2 - Black Market Manor

      Scene 1 - Phase Floor Hazard
      The visuals were dim. I was wandering around the unlit hallways of the building above. Seems it had been completely vacated. When I stepped into a large room, I suddenly phased through the floor. Transition.

      Scene 2 - Arms Deal
      The visuals were clearer. I was outside the lot of a mansion, a place located in the middle of a tropical wilderness, daylight peeking through the canopy of trees. The building showed obvious signs of decades-long wear. Previously abandoned, it served as the den for hooligans and other squatters.

      I wander away into the forest, only to turn back. I then approached the leader of the group, a mid-twenty-something year old guy with a shaved haircut and goatee, to make a deal., to make a deal. He lead me inside to the ruined, graffiti-laden manor's "lobby". From his backpack, he pulled out a bag of finely ground hash. Wasn't at all interested in that. What I wanted was weapons. I "knew" that this guy, though not an arms vendor himself, was connected enough with the black market to acquire such.

      He pulled out a notebook, and we began working out a contract. I used the pseudonym titled after a Goetic demon, cycling through a few names, as some were already taken. Anyway, I requested modded SMGs. He seemed confused, stating that machine guns would be a more optimal choice. Some chica from the streets, presumably the guy's girlfriend, then arrived. The two bicker over details of the current negotiations for a while before turning their attention back to me. In the end, I settled for 2 silenced SMGs, and one machine gun, all very reasonably priced at several thousand dollars. I also asked about combat armor, but they seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. I then gushed on for a while about my favorite firearms. This quickly bored the two, so I just took my leave.

      Back outside, I made my way down faded dirt path through the forest. I'd false memories of having an interesting conversation with a fellow there not too long ago. So, I hurried along, thinking I might be able to catch up with him. Along the way, I noticed something familiar about pathway, as if it were a crude facsimile of my neighborhood. Curious, I flew up, and headed the direction where my home would be. This soon granted lucidity. I continued towards my "home", getting my head brushed under huge tree leaves along the way. Things start destabilizing. I desperately rubbed my hands, but couldn't keep from getting sucked into the void. I continued falling for about a minute before the dream ended.

      Dream 3 - Trivial Near Nightmare

      Dreamlet transitioned to dream. The visuals were dim and a bit blurred. I was lounging around at home during night time. Soon, I noticed my brother, Jay, going around and asking the others various trivia questions. He approached me with such, something about biology, I think, which I got wrong. He annoyed me with further drivel, during which I got lucid. But, I caught myself having paranoid thoughts about my brother, a sign that a nightmare might occur. Just to be safe, I impaled him with my hand, causing him to fade into inky vapor, all while he eerily continued his quiz otherwise undisturbed.

      I started hand rubbing, only to warp in bed. Noticing that it was still dark outside kept me lucid. Unfortunately, I had trouble moving. Concerns with such caused me to lose the dream quickly.

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    2. Superfortress

      by , Yesterday at 09:57 PM
      What a good way to start the year: A lucid dream and a false awakening―all in one night!


      A very loud WWII bomber flies overhead, towing a smaller aircraft behind it. The bomber grows in size (or comes closer). I see that it is a B-29. Then it becomes a six-engine B-36 Peacemaker. One or two of the propellers are feathered. Suddenly I notice that the aircraft is flying backwards. Perhaps this confusion is due to the fact that the real B-36's engines were mounted on the back of the wing? (This one's were not.) At any rate, the idea of a plane flying backwards jars me into lucidity. But I am unable to do anything with my newfound conscious state because I wake up immediately. Or is it a false awakening? Because I sleep again and dream a false awakening in which I am writing my lucid dream in my bedside dream journal--with two very large L's in the margin, denoting lucidity.

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    3. 18-01-17 False Bus Awakening, Wolfenstein Punch-Out

      by , 01-18-2018 at 02:16 AM
      I was having a vivid dream, which I have forgotten now. When I woke up from this dream, I found myself on a bus. I was standing, and when I woke I mumbled something as I was still finishing a sentence in the dream I was having. A man gave me a weird look, and I felt embarrassed. I told him I could sleep while standing, as this is apparently what had happened. I looked out the window, and saw it was the street leading to my old high school (Prins Kavellei, heading north). I felt very confused. I didn't know how I got there. I didn't remember getting on that bus. I knew there weren't supposed to be any buses on that particular road. In fact, I had no idea what day it was, what time it was, or what I'd done earlier that day. Then, I woke up again. This time, I found myself back in 'reality'.

      I was having a "Wolfenstein: The New Colossus" themed dream. I was in a small town vaguely reminiscent of the Roswell level. I was supposed to go on a solo mission to do something important. I'd have to enter a manhole in the street. Someone wished me luck. An old colleague, Patrick Sevenans, approached me and reluctantly (he hated me) wished me luck. He handed me a handful of small change, for some reason. Just a euro or two in small coins. At some point, I saw an übersoldier attacking a civilian, or friend. I rushed in, trying to protect this person. But I was too late and (s)he was dead. I had no time to pull out my guns, so I just punched the armored übersoldier with my bare hands. This was 'realistic', not game mechanics. I had a kind of super-strength, apparently. I knocked off his helmet, revealing its horrific face. I hit his face a few times until it died. Before long, there was gunfire everywhere and the 'stealthy' mission became a massive shootout.

      When I woke up, I had Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" in my head.
    4. Log 988 - January 2018 TOTM Advanced Task II

      by , 01-13-2018 at 03:27 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 12 January 2018

      It was a rough night. Even so, I'm glad I got a WILD/DEILD cycle out of this, no matter the fatigue and visual impairment I often experienced for most of it.

      Scrap Group 1
      Something of my cousin Sam visiting.

      Dream 1 - January 2018 Advanced Task II

      Scene 1 - Brief and Fluid Entrances
      Various WILD/DEILD transitions in bed. It didn't take as long as it usually would for me to move around fluidly, though only for short bursts. I later floated around on my back, then rubbed my hands for a moment, only to move my physical self. I then awakened briefly, yet still lost consciousness. Transition.

      Scene 2 - Guilty Gear Isuka Xrd
      The visuals were dim and blurred. No lucidity. I was playing a Guilty Gear game with Pier. This one was a four-player fighting game like Isuka, only with the cel-shaded graphics of Xrd. We used a Slayer and Potemkin team against the AI, but it seemed our characters' inputs were randomly swapped with each other mid-match, and sometimes, the characters themselves outright transformed into the other. DEILD transition.

      Scene 3 - Tender, Sudden Embrace
      The visuals were very dim. I was in the void. After rubbing my hands, I took a casual stroll into the tepid darkness. Once acclimated, I began visualising my guide, E, laying supine on my arms. I soon felt her weight, then her warm, smooth skin. And finally, my guide's form manifested completely in my arms, fast asleep.

      "Hey", I whispered, "you think you could help me out?"

      E stirred awake, and seemed very excited to see me. Perhaps too excited, as her sudden embrace caused me to fall over backwards, toppling me deeper into the nothingness. As we descended, she gave me a tender kiss on the cheek.

      I hit ground soon enough. Unfortunately, the impact, and my guide's form bearing down on me, was too much to handle. I awakened briefly. DEILD transition.

      Scene 4 - Not the Kind of Anchor I Expected...
      The visuals were quite blurred. I was in bed. After concentrating a bit, I fly/phase through door. There was some resistance, but I managed. I noticed someone scrounging about in the lounge, probably Ivan. This made me wonder if he was actually there at the moment IRL, and what may occur if we interacted. But, I thought to leave that for another time.

      As I continued flying around, the environment warped into an irregularly angled and steep hallway built of wood. Like before, I tried forming E again, this time with the intent of anchoring the dream through her. I got as far as feeling her weight, only to drop mid-flight through the floor. Brief awakening and DEILD transition.

      Scene 5 - The Sphere Makes a Triangle
      The visuals were very dim. I was in the void again. I could sense the dream cycle ending. Thinking quick, I decided on the energy ball TOTM. This was a painful process of focusing heat between my unseen hands. Blue sparks formed, which orbited around an unseen point. Such energy howled as I condensed it further, and soon illuminated the void and my form. Suddenly, the ball had somehow changed into a green triangle, spinning hypnotically. I'd lost myself momentarily.

      I then tried making the triangle again, and succeeded. This time, I hurled the energy onto an invisible floor. Then, on the resulting rune, I tried conjuring my guide. Not sure why, but I sensed there was a great significance to this. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to happen.

      As I feared, I did indeed wake up promptly.

      Scrap Group 2
      Dreamlets. Several were of luxury vehicles going down the road. Don't remember much of the rest, save for hearing this song repeat in the background... for fifteen minutes.

      Watching a supposed trailer for the Matrix. This had Cypher talking with Neo in an alleyway. "What would ya do if you were The One?", he asked. "You really think you're The One?" I hijack Neo's role, and respond "Yes. I do." Cypher's taken aback.

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    5. Very Calm DILD + DIELD

      by , 01-10-2018 at 08:56 PM (The I No Longer Have Hands Theory)
      I have just experience a false awakening, I get up from my bed and the first thing I notice that is odd is that I have over slept. The window lit's my room and at the moment everything is dark. But that can't be right? I had fallen asleep and it was morning, I am suppose to go to work in the afternoon.

      I quickly get ready to get dressed and realize that I felt a bit strange and that this didn't make complete sense to me. The idea of dreaming suddenly came to mind. I perform the finger RC to which it went through my palm. I knew I was now dreaming. I drop my work clothes and decided that I was going to have some fun instead. I open the door in my room and walk all the way to the front door of my apartment.

      I step outside and continue walking down the many stairs in till I reach the bottom. I could soon see that it was snowy and as always, I was bare feet and quite cold. I laugh at this as it amazes me how the sensation feels so real. I continue walking outside while noticing the structure of this environment was not the same in my waking life. I could see a man throwing bags in to a dumpster but besides that the entire area was isolated with no people. It was like a ghost town.

      I go to the direction to confront the man but once I got to his position he was gone. I could see stairs which led to a facility. I enter in it and that's when I saw people. It look to be a school, many people walk in and out. I decided to cause some trouble by snatching papers out of someone hand and cutting the entire line to get through the exit. But that should be understandable lol.

      People started yelling at me and getting mad and some even started to follow me. So I began to ran and got out of the building and on to a parking lot. At these moments my dream began to get hazy as if it were going to end. So I rubbed my hands constantly and control my breathing to maintain the dream.

      Once out there I took the chance to marvel how mystical and forest like the entire environment was. The sky was grey and cloudy with long vines of grass shooting all the way up to the clouds in a particular fashion. Combine with the modern city look made it look really interesting. There was also little puff of white falling from the sky, but not quite like snow. More like dandy lion flowers (Lol I am certain I type that wrong)

      Not too long after, I thought I had lost them but as I am waiting to cross the street I see these two guys coming after me. I begin to run some more but they eventually catch me, which is very surprising cause I am unusually very quick in waking life. Not too far from me, I could see kids playing soccer, wish I could have joined them but the guys started punching me. It was like their goal was to make sure I wake up. Eventually as I got knock to the ground I started saying my prays to knowing that I will be awake soon.

      As the last guy finish me off with a wooden branch, I could see them walking away as my awareness began to fade. Then everything went black. I could feel my physical legs move and yet my eyes were not open. I stayed like that for either 1 second or half a second and suddenly my physical body was gone from my senses. After two seconds in a Neo style from the matrix. I begin to get up, my dream body felt heavy as I regain my lucidity and I was still in the same spot where the two guys knock me out. They turn around and look at me as one of them said "What??"

      All of sudden all the kids including the soccer team charge at me. The entire sky was dark and the city and buildings were becoming entirely black as well. All I could see was the street light and the field we were standing on. I raise my hand in order to protect my self. But all of them were already falling down as if they were shut down or going unconscious. It was really strange.

      I didn't understood why I return to the dream or why I was lucid dreaming for a long while(although afterwards when I am in waking life after thinking about it I realize I had done a DIELD by accident) I got worried that something may have been happening to my physical body, so I made myself wake up.
    6. Virtual demise

      by , 01-05-2018 at 08:55 AM
      some I'm in a lucid dream trying to get control of my gestures so I can attain a higher form of intellect and knowledge knowing my power is immense I start crucifying my movements with wake jolts that can imprison my body in still infamy then start dreaming about more connecting to the world that becomes a fantasy of virtual demise I start dying the vanish in a vortex of destroyed pixel where my body reform as liquid hydration as I keep dying I notice I have more and more chances to come back to life and try this gestures over and over until it seems fit that what I'm doing is correct

      as I wake back up in lucidity I start transforming in melting glass then turn on fire in inhaling grasp my body becomes shrouded with flames haunting and tormenting my body to the exact pleasure of intense heat as a burning desire I try to gesture some more for more intent to wake up from my lucidity as the controlled virtual form of myself start replica forming where when I fall asleep my replica body become more passionate thru the darkness in a onslaught of gestures waking up after taking a power nap I'm in the virtual world again ready to die and keep trying it over and over
    7. Self Destruction Expolsion

      by , 01-01-2018 at 10:40 PM
      this dream I'm side scrolling then I get suck into a vortex where cosmic darkness engulf my whole body the dark then envelops into imploding star light the light and the darkness tug and pull out each other as I'm trying to become lucid as my lucidity start I get suspended in the air then I see a circle of green light the green light then becomes

      neurons as atom particles that get minded away when I'm trying to jolt awake I'm in animation then I start jerking my physical body from my dream body trying to wake up cause the light fixtures were becoming to condescending so I'm trying to pull my my psychical body from my dream persona as I become lucid my dream become an developing white light and I can still feel my body with air pressure floating in the air as the light shimmers into a dark fade I awake where the light start spurting on its own and when I wake up my pants are wet from peeing on my self
    8. Lucid and Regular Dreams - Morning of Dec 27

      by , 12-29-2017 at 11:26 PM
      The following lucid dreams were not extremely vivid, but were numerous (for me) and groundbreaking nonetheless. Although I forgot to do any stabilization techniques or RCs, I remembered to yell "More Lucidity Now!" and ask several DCs if they were my dream guide! All in all, it was an eventful night.

      In the beginning of the night I had a few nonlucids, which I have little memory of. The first I can remember was in a humongous supermarket -- I'm starting to add skewed, elongated, or infinite spaces as one of my dream signs -- I was with a girl and possibly others down a long aisle that reminded me of the pet food/accessories aisle in Walmart irl. I wrote down in my DJ that I asked the girl something about dream characters, but I can't remember anything more specific.

      Note: That night I went to sleep on my parent's couch, tired after a long day, tried a glass of apple juice as an oneirogen for the first time, and took .75mg of melatonin.

      The first lucid dream I had started in a dark room. I could see two silhouettes in the lighted doorway -- a woman and a man. At first they were completely dim, but soon their silhouettes had horizontal rainbow stripes projected on them. I asked them repeatedly if they were my dream guide, and after that they left. I freed myself from standing still and walked through the doorway. It was an office-like room with a circular table in the middle. The lighting wasn't bright, but wasn't all the way dim -- the best way I can describe it was a blue overcast. On the central table and possibly throughout the office were full-sized Christmas trees (not the ones you put on tables as decorations). There were 20-30 people (workers?) sitting around the central table and at other desks along the walls which had large '50s era computers and control desks from a disaster movie lining them. There was an older lady who either had white hair or was bald. I got the feeling she was mean. I asked her if she was my dream guide and she responded with a scowl (I don't remember her saying anything -- possibly she mouthed something and didn't verbalize it?). I screamed "More Lucidity Now!". I don't remember the dream getting noticebly more vivid, but the old woman looked physically hurt after I said it. I screamed it again, and each time I screamed it, she got angrier and her face started running with blood from her scalp. Despite this, she seemed alright and she wasn't directly confrontational with me (she either walked off or faded out -- I can't remember). I believe this dream came from watching The Santa Clause (1 & 2) with my family.

      The next dream, I was in a large, dimly lit brick room (not red brick, this was more like the beige brick of an old Italian house) with an open window. I maneuvered out of it and sat on the ledge, then reached above where I knew there would be a broom (I hadn't planned this or thought it out -- this sort of makes me think that the beginning of this could have been a dream *about* having a lucid dream rather than a lucid dream, but when I awoke I was convinced it was lucid the whole time!). Looking out, I could see many of these blocky buildings expanding out horizontally. In front of me it seemed like these buildings were actually raised high up because there was a sort of drop off point with a ~100ft radius. I grabbed the broom and flew down off the windowsill. It felt amazing! I remember trying to figure out the rules for flying as I was flying, and the actual mechanics changing dynamically -- I could feel my conscious mind working it out -- does the right hand stabilize while the left pulls up? Which hand goes over the other? As I continued to fly I saw below me several stormtroopers infighting and the red lasers of blasters.

      Next I had several chained False Awakenings. During each of these, I would wake up and reach out for the chair that was pulled up to the couch irl, and grab the number 2 pencil and 8.5x11 sheet of paper (not there irl). Each time I did this I would write down my previous dreams. The first time, my grandpa stopped by and complained about something (it was still dark out). In the next FA, I wrote down this dream below the spot where (in the last FA) I had written down my previous dreams. But there was nothing written there! This triggered lucidity immediatelyI got up and walked into my parents' bedroom and put my hand over my mom's face (who looked somewhat like the old woman from my Christmas dream). After this, I talked to her about something (perhaps asked if she was my dream guide -- unsure).

      In another FA, I got up, walked over to a picture frame that used to be near the kitchen in my childhood, and pressed my face against it. It was a reflective black and I could see other people's faces in it (in white). I tried with some success to summon specific faces, but the final one I was trying trying kept eluding me.

      On the whole, these FA-sparked dreams in my house gave me quite a spooky vibe.

      After this, there was a semi-lucid fragment where I was walking up a small, cramped staircase, but either my focus was waning and the visuals were dying, or, as part of the dream, there was a large black/white spot covering a portion of my vision like an eclipse.

      I wrote in my DJ that I had several other fragments, some of which I felt were lucid, but I can't remember them now. I feel as though I might have returned to the supermarket from the beginning of the night and been lucid then, but I can't remember.

      Note: there were points where, during the dreams, I wouldn't necessarily RC or spot a dream sign and then realize I was dreaming -- rather it was like I was lucid the whole time and I simply willed myself into a participatory role. This was an interesting feeling.

      Because I'm unsure about the validity of some of these dreams, I'm going to mark the lucid count for this night as 4, which is amazing for me! I'm still excited about this two days later. Happy dreaming!
    9. Dream - Dandy Danger & Dream Guide Troubleshooting & The Appointments Manager

      by , 12-29-2017 at 12:58 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 29 DEC - 2017

      Dream No. 251 - Separated Sections

      Dream 251 A - Dandy Danger
      I don't remember much of this dream. I was heading along the Princes Highway towards Dandenong. I was walking towards the lonesome Coles store when there were also heaps of high school students, mostly boys, walking that way as well. One boy randomly approached me and bashed me really hard. After that, I was running out of that Coles car park. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 251 B - Dream Guide Troubleshooting (Lucid Dream 10)
      I can only remember this dream from the point where I became lucid. I was in my parents' bedroom, looking in the mirror, when I noticed my appearance was slightly messed up. I then looked at my fingers and said to myself, “I seem to have 6, or 7, or more!”. Then I tried moving my body around a bit. My hips ended up hurting when I was swinging them around and I could hear the bones cracking. I confirmed I was lucid and changed the scene so my body wouldn't hurt anymore.

      I was now in my own bedroom, calling for Dreamy WB. It was only becoming annoyingly harder and harder to get her. I walked out to the kitchen, which looks completely different in comparison to real life. A dream guide appeared eventually, but it wasn't Dreamy WB. On multiple examinations, I found that it was Dreamy SW, whom I was not intending. She obtained her traditional hairstyle with the fringe from 2014 and she was also wearing a sand-yellow coloured jumper.

      At first, I tried to show that I wasn't happy with the situation but I noticed the dream trying to fade out on me. I eventually sighed and said to myself “you'd better stop complaining or you're going to wake up”. Dreamy SW realised what was happening and said to me that I shouldn't just accept what the “Awareness Behind The Dream” says and that I should be allowed to get the dream guide I want. She then encouraged me to keep trying and said that she would help me in any way she could. The scene ended with me calling for Dreamy WB a few more times.

      The scene changed to this dark room with a round wooden table in the middle of it, laid out like an old fashioned office... It must have been the Dream Guide HQ! There was some random burly guy in a corporate outfit with dark hair, wearing sunglasses. He had a mean look about him; I'm thinking he must have been the boss and he was the one with the title of “Awareness Behind The Dream”. Dreamy WB was sitting across from him and the boss goes to her in a frustrated tone, “your bracelet's flashing”. Dreamy WB was wearing a black wristband and there was a light underneath it that was flashing a bright yellow/amber.

      Now I must say, the dream made her look horrendous... You could say that she was naked with minimal coverage. All she was wearing was a purple and orange g-string bikini with a bra top you'd expect to see at a stripper club. Additionally, her skin was all folded over and was very speckled with the wrong colour... She was an utter mess. The only thing half appropriate about her was the fact that she had hair on her head in the correct colour and a pigtail style.

      The dream camera showed her walking towards my location, which was a low balcony in the distorted, front area of my house. She was literally an unidentifiable, walking pile of jelly approaching the stairs. Wherever she walked, the path widened for her and then went back to normal after she left that area. The dream even made the stairs fly up and down when she walked on them. She did nothing except stand in front of me in the front yard and I didn't look pleased at what I was witnessing.

      I looked up aimlessly into the sky but soon, my face gained an expression of purpose. I yelled my head off at the “Awareness Behind The Dream”, throwing every curse at it I could think of. I said stuff like “You stupid! I called for a dream guide and I've got a slob! Give me someone I can bloomin' identify with at least!”. A few seconds later, I was still in frustration while I followed Dreamy WB to the lower part of the front yard.

      She eventually stood still and a pink holographic barrier came up around her, lifting her existence out of the dream world. While the pink barrier was still active, a pair of dress pants ascended from the ground. The second stage was when the top half of a man's tuxedo appeared on top of the pants. The blazer was a matching black and then there was a white shirt underneath with a hot pink tie to match the colour of the energy barrier. The last stage of development was where the head and all other body parts started to fade into vision and place itself onto the figure.

      There was now the resemblance of a full, decent human being who was fit to be classified as a dream guide. Something was still odd about Dreamy WB though; she wasn't human flesh, rather, her skin and hair were some sort of silver, stone-like metal. I stated to the environment that Dreamy WB's hair still wasn't right. The dream then zoomed in onto her undistinguishable hair and showed it being slowly morphed into an afro. The dream went into really slow motion, to make sure that Dreamy WB parted her hair really well.

      When the transformation was finished. Dreamy WB gave me a wide, pleasant smile and just stood there, waiting for me to make my next move. I came closer to her and gave her a hug. Although she appeared as metal, she still felt human like. The dream then showed the area where the stairs previously were and the pathway had morphed itself into a love heart, with the limestone pavement on the outside as a border to the shape and the grass on the inside.

      The dream then moved back to my parents' bedroom where I was under the belief that I had woken up. Since it was a double bed, my brother was lying next to me. I looked over at the clock on my dad's side of the bed (which was my side in the dream) and it said 7:42 with no distortions. After reflecting with my brother about the lucid aspects of the dream, the dream truly ended and it went into a straight transition to Dream C.

      Dream 251 C - The Appointments Manager
      My brother was due for a check up at the dentist. The differences are that the exterior of the building looked different in comparison to real life and it was also night time. I forgot what I was doing exactly but I was walking around in the dark, in the middle of the night with my dad. We eventually found our way back to the clinic and I found out that I had to cancel some people's appointments on the dentist's behalf.

      There was a electronic list of people outside, the door and then a bigger list inside the clinic. I went to the area in the waiting room and started swiping random people off the appointments register. There were originally 7 appointments and now there were only 3 left. A random lady came and told me to also swipe another one so now they only had two remaining.

      After that, AD came into the clinic and surprisingly, she came up behind me and briefly patted me on the back... She'd typically be angry at me. In this dream I could tell what she was wearing; a plan navy top and black leggings, her hair was in the default style with a slight gingerish tinge to it. Although AD was nice to me, I still couldn't find myself to trust her incentives, so I squeezed my water bottle really hard to try getting all the nerves out of me. After my dad questioning me on why I was squeezing my bottle so hard, the dream ended and I woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Free Roaming (Have 3 lucid dreams)

      Haven't done a "Behind The Scenes" entry in ages. I think Dream 251 B has a lot to get to the bottom of.
    10. Dawn of Eternity

      by , 12-29-2017 at 11:06 AM
      a close my eyes and let the abyss engulf me I darkness I will become one with the universe I utter under my breath as the darkness looms over a fantasy of star lights I grasp the darkness with pinch nerves wondering how I wake if I only see nothingness I wonder for a minute as the darkness becomes fading smoke gestures as the light starts taking control I see the darkness expand turn into foolish gestures as they light start glimmering the wakefulness of being up prompts me into waking up some more like I'm transforming dark into light as the light become more temper my mind becomes consciousness as I start dreaming I notice that the light can do whatever it pleases without darkness getting in the way as the gestures become more intent my dream form fades into a light phase of smoke gestures surrounding me in a prison of dreams as I wake I become lucid as I'm becoming lucidity itself the dawn of eternity becomes light and darkness as I try to wake from this sleep I become more powerful until the next time the light and darkness fades
    11. Heart of War

      by , 12-27-2017 at 07:16 PM (The I No Longer Have Hands Theory)
      I really don't remember much on how this started but somehow from the sky we were transported to a place of red armor roof tops and grey slated buildings. Upon arriving, we ( a group of people who I do not know) could hear explosions and shooting from pretty much all directions. Then the people that I was around all ran away. I didn't knew where to go or what to do. That's when I heard someone yell something in what I suspect to be in chinese.

      That's when you could see a huge bomb land and shook the entire area for a good minute. People kept running and almost bumping in to me. That's when I saw a man in grey trying to shoot people. After killing a few people, he see's me and attempts to take a couple rounds at me. I somehow manage to not get hit but very quickly it partial became clear to me that I wouldn't get hurt. I said it to myself in my head that I am dreaming. Upon realizing this I made an attempt to get shot so that the shock of it will wake me up. I also was curious to know what the dream would make me feel once I did take a bullet.

      Before I knew it, I had a false awakening and was lying in my bed with my lucidity gone. When my eyes open this weird looking sharingan was present for about 5 seconds with in my eye sight. I got up from the bed and could see a few people and what look to be my father running. I could tell by the design that we were at the entrance of an airplane. People were rushing through the hall way to get on to it as everyone had this feeling the entire area was going to blow up.

      The door's open and was quickly closing itself, leaving anyone who did not get on to it fast enough screwed. I had miss the first one but fortunately got the chance to get on the second one.
    12. My Long Lucid Dream Story (FIRST POST)

      by , 12-22-2017 at 11:30 PM
      Hi there! CrushTower, here!

      This is a long lucid dream story, just for a heads up. It's actually one of the longest lucid dreams I've had and consider it one of my favorites! Please enjoy!

      I was in some unknown neighborhood when I decided to enter someone's house. The owner greeted me and allowed me to enter, weirdly enough. He never said anything, but he walked somewhere else, leaving me to myself. I remember his attire being a white dress shirt, which was neatly tucked into his khaki pants. He also wore a pair of glasses with a neatly combed hairdo. I entered into his very messy kitchen with dirty dishes and utensils stacked on top of the counter. It was everywhere, but in the midst of it all, I spotted a microwave sitting on the counter. I walked towards it and opened it finding a stack of pancakes with butter resting on the top of it. There was no plate underneath them, but it smelled so good. I even had the urge to take some, but I thought it would be wrong since they weren't mine. Te next thing I know, I find myself at some random park with three friends (whom aren't real, but keep reappearing in a lot of my dreams). It was a bright, sunny day and we were all having fun hanging out with each other. Something triggered my lucidity, and I decided to ask one of them a question. I quickly tried to think of something before I woke up. Without really thinking, I asked, "Since you're my subconscious, what is one of my greatest fears?" The girl with golden hair jokingly responded by saying, "A water bottle in water", before she and the two other dream friends of mine walked away from me. I remember not knowing what to say next because I wasn't expecting a joke answer like that. As I watched as my friends walk farther away from me, I began to feel a slight regret from asking that question.
      I instantly find myself waking up from where I was sleeping. It seems to be daytime outside, and I get up to start walking towards the hallway. That was when, from the corner of my eye, I spotted something dark and black...and it was whispering something. I didn't bother looking at it, but instead decided to run as fast as I could towards an area near the kitchen in my house. I turned and tried to look at it from where I was, but I couldn't make it out since it was standing around a corner. For some crazy reason, I decided to go see what it was. I got closer and closer, until it suddenly emerged from behind the corner and screamed at me. The voice was so high pitch, that I remember it echoing throughout the house. It was a witch, but in the form of a little girl. She had black hair and pale white skin. Without a second to waste, I turned and started running as fast as I could, but when I looked behind me, I could see how fast she was running after me, and it scared the crap out of me! I ran through the kitchen, and that's when I heard a loud bump coming from the second floor, but I was too busy focusing on the witch that I didn't really think about it at the time. The witch was closing in on me, and as she did, I quickly jumped and kicked her back. She stumbled back, but she kept trying to run towards me, and each time she did, I would keep kicking her back.
      At the same time, I heard something coming through the kitchen, and I saw that it was the thing that created the bump from earlier--a vampire with no face. I immediately dodged past it to get away from the two of them, but for some reason, the witch ran in the opposite direction from me, as if trying to get me from the other side of the house. As I stood in the hallway outside the kitchen, the vampire continued to approach me, and I tried to do my jump-kick tactic from earlier...but my foot phased straight through him, and I collapsed onto the ground. The vampire immediately grabbed a hold of me and started violently shaking me. It wasn't until I suddenly realized that I was still dreaming, that I tried to force myself to wake up.
      I think I did wake up, but I fell asleep back into the same dream...and it was from the very beginning of the same dream. This time, my grandmother was present and she was walking towards the kitchen. I began to worry the same thing would happen again, but I think at the time, I was unsure whether I was still dreaming or not. I suddenly received a phone call from my cell phone, which was vibrating in my pocket. After picking it up immediately, I found out it was one of my friends from earlier in the dream.
      "You do know you're dreaming, right?" she suddenly asked. Upon hearing that, I instantly snapped into lucidity, and reassured myself that I was dreaming. I remember being nervous of what was about to happen, but that's when she started talking to me about the little witch and vampire with no face, and I felt glad that she understood my circumstances. After hanging up, I began hearing some strange noises, and I immediately told my grandmother about the situation. (I knew I was dreaming, so I don't understand why I did this.) As per usual, she didn't believe me no matter how many times I warned her. The strange noises sounded like they were getting closer to us, and I decided to just grab her car keys, take her by the hand, and jet out the back door.
      We ended up in our driveway, and for some reason, I couldn't find my grandmother's van, but upon turning around from where I came from, I saw the van was sitting right there, and my grandmother was opening the driver's door. I immediately ran towards it to get into the driver's seat, but I must've been so scared that I actually pushed my grandmother out of the way. I didn't realize how hard I pushed her until I saw her laying on the ground, and that's when I froze. Realizing what I just did, I got back out of the car to help her up, but I could see the monsters coming from the front of the house. I just decided to accept my fate at that point, and stood there watch as the two closed in on us. The vampire quickly grabbed a hold of my collar and pulled me up into the air. I thought I was done for, when suddenly, a gunfire was heard, and the sound of a speeding bullet grew until I saw it hit the side of the vampire's head.
      The vampire let me go, and that's when I turned around to see a few police cars as well as one civilian car holding three of my friends from earlier in the dream. As the police ran past me to handle the monsters, my three friends ran to me and hugged me. I could really see the details of their faces, which was incredibly realistic! I saw my sister at one point come around, but I didn't talk to her for some reason. Suddenly, my friends vanished, but I then saw them in the distance walking and talking down the road in the cul-de-sac of my neighborhood. That was when my dream quickly faded to white, and my dream was over...
    13. Lucid Dream: Enter the Book Portal

      by , 12-19-2017 at 11:51 PM
      This was my second time testing out the Galantamine/Choline combo. The first time, a week ago, I took 500 mg Choline and 4 mg Galantamine. I definitely noticed a difference in the vividness and memory retention of my dreams, and I had a short DILD after being inside a dream for some time. I woke almost as soon as I got lucid, though.

      This morning, when I did my WBTB at 6 a.m., I decided to try 8 mg. of Galantamine, keeping the Choline dose the same.

      I had a pretty long and vivid non-lucid dream, which I won't go into because it's superfluous.

      I woke in bed and immediately tried a nose pinch reality check. Nope, couldn't breathe through my nose. But somehow I was sure that this was a false awakening, so I got up and tried a finger-stretching reality check. It didn't stretch. This was rather odd, because I was certain I was dreaming, but my reality checks kept trying to tell me I was awake. So I tried my third usual reality check, which never fails if I'm really paying attention-- a gravity check. I jumped up and down a few times, feeling the buoyancy of a dream, and finally confirmed that I was definitely not awake.

      I had been wanting to do some sensory observation exercises when I became lucid, but I really, really wanted to leave the house first, so I went downstairs and out the front door. It was quiet in the house, nobody up yet.

      Once outside, I decided to try to find an object that I could use as a sensory focus. "I will find a beautiful rock over there," I said, and pointed to the far corner of my front yard, near the street. On my hands and knees, I felt around in the grass where I had intended the rock, and found it quickly. It was a chunk of rock threaded with red quartz-- not very pretty, but visually and texturally interesting enough that I decided to use it. Standing up, I held it in my hand and studied it, touching it. It was smooth in places and had a rough, coarse, almost spiky texture in others. After I finished looking at it, I put it in my pocket.

      I began to levitate in preparation to fly, and decided to continue my sensory exercises by engaging my sense of taste. I searched my pockets for a piece of candy, and felt around a bunch of different objects until I found a mint. I unwrapped it and put it in my mouth, but then decided that something fruity might be a better choice, so I decided that I would find a Jolly Rancher in my pocket. I did so, unwrapped it, and popped it in my mouth along with the mint. Then I realized that the two of them didn't really work together, so I spit out the mint. The Jolly Rancher was slightly fruity, but was kind of small and thin, as if it had already been shrunk down. I began to fly.

      I began to wake up, my vision going dark. I could still vaguely feel myself flying through the air, rather like a vivid daydream, and I wanted to stay in the dream so I focused on the sensation of soaring through the air. I gained altitude as I flew down my street, and my vision slowly faded back in.

      Ahead of me, hovering in the sky, I saw something remarkable: an enormous, antique book, its pages yellowing vellum, filled with elegant lettering and gold leaf illumination. The book gave off a sense that reminded me of the Arabian Nights, though I wasn't sure what the actual book was. It was as big as a small house.

      I decided to try flying into its pages as a way to enter its world.

      I flew forward, reached the book, and there was a sort of soft, golden sensation as I passed into the page. I found myself in a labyrinthine, walled garden, flying low over a cobbled walkway, peering through tiny, open-air windows set in ancient stone walls. Around me grew an Eden of green, luscious plants. By this time, I forgot to really engage my senses, and was caught up in the idea that if I got out of this enclosure, I'd be in the book's world. But I couldn't find a window large enough to pass through.

      I flew around the labyrinth for several minutes until I woke up, discovering my right arm was hurting from lying on it. I rolled over and tried to re-enter the dream again, but by then I was too far awake, so I got up.
    14. Dream laws and Restrictions

      by , 12-19-2017 at 05:58 AM
      so I made a law of what happens when you close your here number

      1.you will be tormented rape and murder on every occasion
      2.you will be but a mere blind being before lucidity
      3.every nightmare you have is your last awakening
      4.every dream is to escape your nightmares
      5.last but not least when dreaming and closing your eyes you will only live upon nightmare and murders as I shall commit sins as murder for the time being as the restriction of law as not seeing nor knowing what happens when my eyes close
    15. Regular Dreams -- Morning of Dec 12

      by , 12-18-2017 at 04:37 PM
      This was the first night that I tried the method I discussed in my Method of Loci post to help with dream recall. The first dream felt relatively long and vivid, and when I woke up (around 1:15am), I packed it away in a plain red shoebox. Only now I can't remember what I packed or any details about the dream, except for that I put something in there that resembled the bow of a miniature shipping vessel. Just the bow, as if it was cut off. It was silver or dull light gray.
      After this dream I felt pretty good about myself, so I tried SSILD and overdid it a little, to the point that I couldn't get back to sleep for quite some time. I didn't get back to sleep until 3am, and I think this contributed to me forgetting any details about the first dream except the one item I packed in the box (a standard red shoebox, with a separate lid [not a folding one-piece box]). I think at one point I tried to write on the lid with a brighter red magic marker, but I can't remember what I wrote either.

      I remember that the next dream was an FA, but when I awoke I didn't have any details to pack into the orange shoebox.

      The next dream was the first of the night that I could remember. I was with friends/classmates in an auditorium (it felt like a college, but the auditorium was bigger than my college). I think this was linked to one of my old classmates asking me in WL to come to a graduation party. The non-WL DCs and I stayed there for a while, listening to the lecture and discussing something. At the end I walked out but had to come back for my backpack, which was a dull greyish-brown and black, and was slouched on the ground against the seats in front.
      The next scene was a relatively smooth transition, and it felt like the same auditorium, but it was merged with the fellowship hall from my old church, except there were black double doors for the exit and they were mostly glass. A kid from my middle/high school who was intensely socially awkward was kind of harassing an older female teacher. Their dynamic reminded me of the receptionist at my current job and one of my more annoying coworkers. I try to help, and he leaves, but he's at the glass doors again in a second, although they won't open.
      Somehow, I exit through the front doors of my old church.
      I put a scrap of cloth from the schoolbag and a pencil (reference to socially awkward kid) in the yellow shoebox.

      The next thing I remember, I'm in an office with white walls and wooden features, standing with one of my coworkers. The office seems more like an office on campus than from work. He's asking for a raise, at least once every month, as well as "some kind of advancement". The office has white walls, wood floors, and large picture windows showing some greenery.
      The scene then cuts to a long hallway with tall ceilings, cream walls, wood beams, and warm recessed lighting. This may be the outside of the office. There are no windows and although it feels very closed off, it's not uncomfortable.
      I didn't pack anything in the shoebox for this.

      Next I'm in a yard (the music bldg from campus?) walking by huge oaks with sprawling branches and roots. I'm stepping over the roots with some DCs. The branches and roots and even patches of grass are all covered with these bright green caterpillars that seem like a mix between leaves and larvae. They have curling antenae and they're flailing and oscillating. This scene feels like it lasted a while, I talk with the DCs.
      Next I'm approaching the courtyard for a dormitory or hotel. The walkway is made of the same red stone as my current apartment's courtyard. All over the walkway, there's a thin coating of crushed green caterpillars. It looks like pollen on the sidewalk on a spring day. There are caterpillars here and there and I'm forced to step on them. The feeling is repulsive. By the entrance to the dormitory, I see a young Romanian boy (adolescent) with missing teeth and a hat, evocative of Titanic.
      I put a chunk of the red stone and a few caterpillars into the green shoebox (this really helped with recall later on).

      In a school room with my girlfriend, the lighting is blue with some dull warm yellows. There's a mentally handicapped student (older than us - looks late twenties to thirty). Although all of the students are in their early twenties, it feels like a middle or high school class. There are traditional seats as well as what looks like a shop in the back.
      The mentally handicapped guy has now morphed into two people - a younger, thinner man in a red shirt (the victim) and a darker, more sinister figure with an automatic gun. The man in red is forced to kneel behind the shop table. I have a handgun in my hand, but classmates grab my shoulder and don't let me use it. The man with the gun approaches the shop table. I now have a butcher knife from my own kitchen, but still they grab my shoulder and don't let me stop the man. The man says "Final countdown. Aye aye," and then starts shooting. Up to the point right before shooting, the victim has been kneeling with his back straight, proud. But at the last moment, he ducks and tries to escape. The man keeps shooting him and the gunshots don't sound right. The man keeps saying "Aye aye. Aye aye. Aye aye," over and over as he mows this guy down. The bullets make thunking sounds as they lodge themselves into him. I don't know how to describe it -- it was like shooting cheese? The whole time this happening I'm drifting towards wakefulness and I think about how much that must hurt, and start imagining the sensation; it's quite vivid.

      I put two eyeballs with the trails (think Neversoft) in the shoebox ("Aye aye"), and this was enough for me to remember the rest -- it was quite jarring.

      Side note -- I've been keeping a pretty good DJ and actually had two more LDs this weekend, but it takes me some time to revise it for posting on DV. I'll try to be better about this in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading!
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