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    False Awakening

    1. Spellbee Competition Night 9

      by , 04-23-2017 at 04:36 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD #1-I was at my grandmas house and my Mom told me to check on my Grandma. I found her in the computer on the computer watching a pianist/performer play and sing "Noel". I went back into the living room and realized I was dreaming. I phased through the floor into a void to teleport, but ended up in the same room. I went outside in the backyard into the night to look for a way to teleport. There was a two-story bar built on a small cliff which dropped off from where I was. I went down to the lower level and rotated my forefinger clockwise to fast forward time in the dream. Everybody was moving much faster as the dream was fast-forwarding. I looked around and saw what looked like a tiny hill out in the middle of the lawn. I laid down on the lawn and tried to increase the water level to create an ocean. I couldn't do this and I woke up.

      DILD #2-I woke up and I could hear some children. I tried to sink into by bed to teleport but couldn't. I tried to get out of bed but I was tangled up in my sheets. While trying to untangle myself, I fell backwards which caused my to phase through the wall and fall into a void. I fell as I waited for a dream scene to form. A dream scene of another room formed. After I landed, I bounced, flew back up and partially phased through the ceiling. I woke up.
      false awakening , lucid
    2. Spellbee Spring Competition Night 8

      by , 04-22-2017 at 04:31 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      WILD #1-I was trying to fall asleep when my peripheral vision seem to expand outwards and I felt some light vibrations. A scene of a room formed. I saw a DC with a camera. I realized I was on tv! I said hi to the camera. I could see myself being filmed on a screen. I looked like an elderly person. I woke up.

      WILD #2-I was trying to fall asleep when my body lifted up off of my bed. I got back down and found an open area. I turned my hand back to summon an orca and felt a mouth. I turned around and a full size orca was floating there. I got on its back to ride it and told it to go outside. It was going slow for some reason so I told it to hurry up. It seemed frustrated. I woke up.

      DILD #1-I woke up in bed and noticed that the numbers on my alarm clock didn't look right. I got out of out bed and found an open area. I turn my hand back to summon an orca and felt a mouth. I turned around and there was a large reptile of some sort, about 12 feet long. It was like half turtle and half crocodile. A turtledile! I told it go away it walked away. It went around the corner to go down a hallway. Happy I finally banished something, I jumped through the floor into a void to teleport. I kept falling in the void as I waited for a dream scene to form. I saw I was going to fall into the ocean, right next to an orca. I figured it was the same orca from my last LD, so I stopped myself midair to float above it. I sensed that it was not happy with me because of how I demanded it to hurry up. I asked the orca if it was mad and it aggressively blew air through its blowhole. I figured it was no use running away from it so continued towards it to let it eat me. It opened its mouth and I went through it. I phased through the back of its mouth. I was now underwater as I swam through past some sort of organs which looked like white kelp. As I continued, I was no longer underwater and instead was in a cavern. I heard some sort of Latin dance music playing. I woke up.
    3. Spring Competition day 4

      by , 04-21-2017 at 03:05 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Nerimeno again (frag)

      Think I was watching another dream battle scene with Nerimeno in it.

      Getting back from work (full nld)

      Started I was leaving work and found a truck waiting for me with two people in it which may have been Data and Asuka. Asuka looked like T for a bit. I may remember some other woman in the car.. because I remember having some conversation about how guys dick size doesn't matter? Not sure. After a while asuka looked like R a manage i use to know from Walmart.

      Data pulls the truck to my house apparently but he drives through the back yard. It looks like a total mess, and to be honest the whole place looked like choppy graphics from GTA San Andreas. In fact my house could have been CJ's house on grove street.. It looked really rundown and ghetto. Half the yard was dug up as if Ryder had been there looking for his secret stash. I thought it was all weird when I woke up.

      Co worker prank (frag)

      Brief frag of being at that house. The next part is gross so will put it in a spoiler
      Spoiler for gross:
      I was spiking a nasty co workers water bottle at Burger Shot with semen or something.

      WBTB at 3:45 am. Probably slept around 4:50

      Back to school (full nld)

      Dream of Asuka, data, finding my dad in the school from the night before. We were walking my waking life dog Buddy around.

      My dad mentioned how he was inheriting money from his friend R. I thought that was wierd. My dad went through a door to a class but instead it was a house and street... maybe his inner world? We walked on a bit and turned to a stairwell that also had an elevator. We went in there and I was just with my dog and some other dog. My dog fell asleep in the dream and I did the same.

      FA, somewhere in the school, started walking around again but woke up.

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    4. Spring Competition Day 1

      by , 04-17-2017 at 01:35 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      No lucids today. just non lucids and frags.

      Nerimeno (frag)

      I was watching a holographic representation of one of Hukif's dreams. He was fighting who he called Nerimeno, a huge guy with a big black sword. So much was going on in this dream i couldn't catch it all. It jumped around too much.

      I got up for wbtb at around 4 am.

      Kittens (full NLD)

      I was with someone running in a dark tunnel. I emerged in a big living room of a house. The person vanished and there was suddenly hundreds of tiny kittens. I thought they were cute at first but then they came up to me and started crawling up me and clawing me. I managed to shake some off.

      I ran into another room and shut the door. I was now in a bedroom with no way out. One of the tiny kittens that was white and a light blue stripe crawled from under the door. then another and another. "Now where do I go?" I thought.

      Going to a concert. (frag)

      Started off me and my cousins were driving to Edmonton. later we wound up running into a friend of mine who lives around there. He plays guitar and he mentioned we could spend the night.

      Buses (full NLD)

      This dream seemed like hours. Started at some big white castle. For get what happened there. Got on a bus for some reason. It rode out into some country side. The bus driver said we would reach the terminal and there would be four buses leaving every half hour or so. During the ride I remember listening to Chuck Missler which i had playing on my laptop during sleep, His voice seemed to speak through the dream.

      Came to a 4 way concrete tunnel that was the terminal. I got off and waited a half hour to see where the other route went. I walked down one of the tunnels and went through a glass door where other people were smoking. I had a smoke for a bit and then walked back in. By then more buses were coming, so i got on a different one and it drove off. I remember more scenery when I woke up.

      Guitar (frag)

      Had a dream I was at my old fourplex in didsbury. I was playing a fancy dark blue stratocaster with a scalloped fret board.

      Mario maker (frag)

      Frag of being on my laptop watching a mario maker livestream.

      Raven's Journal (frag)

      Fa, and I get on my computer and see an email message that Raven Knight posted two more dreams. I clicked the link but woke up.
    5. 17-04-16 Time-Travel Nightmare, VR Nightmare

      by , 04-16-2017 at 07:20 PM
      I was in a room, I think on the first floor. There was a puddle of water on the floor. Suddenly, something happens. The water starts moving... towards one of the walls. The puddle splits up into many smaller puddles, and they start crawling up the wall. Gravity starts shifting, and the air turns "electric". I could feel static electricity as I moved my hands through the air. Drops of water floated in the air. Suddenly, there was a "flash". I was still in the same house, but everything was different. All the furniture was in different places, and there were boxes everywhere. I recognized the mess from when I moved into this house, a year ago. It dawned on me that I had somehow ended up in the past, but I could not yet believe it. I was terrified, and wanted out of there ASAP. Outside, I found a person. I immediately asked him what year it was. It was 2016 according to him. That's when I moved in here. The whole dream, despite seeming like sci-fi when I read my notes now, was a complete nightmare when I was having it. I was terrified. I then had a false awakening. I saw a "picture" of a certain fictional character I fancy, and her eyes went black and started weeping black tears. Then I had another awakening, this time the real one... for several minutes, I was very paranoid about my surroundings, frightened I was still dreaming. I wasn't.

      I was having another frightening experience in a large, condemned building. After a while, I knew this was a "VR game". I navigated a few corridors in the the open air, on walkways above the ground. I caught a glimpse of a "thing" in the distance, and thought it was a monster that had now seen me. Another "thing" approached from the opposite direction, the direction I was headed. I was pretty scared, until I saw the thing was just an older woman. I think she was a teacher. She started talking to me, and I amazed at the graphical quality of her animations and the realism of the world around me. I could now "feel" the VR goggles on my head.

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    6. Some more recall

      by , 04-16-2017 at 02:19 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Before bed went to MM and read some of Naiya's Lucid entries.

      Scott hates me.

      Was semi lucid in Naiya's room. She was standing by a window talking with Scott. As soon as Scott noticed me he somehow forced me from the dream.

      I fell into a weird crack in the ground outside. I had never been teleported so violently anywhere. I was literally squished. If I had dream flesh and bones they were surely squished like a pancake. I made myself into some air bubble and elongated myself out of the crack. As I did i heard some guy commenting on it with astonishment. I was by some other DC or dreamer with blond hair. He asked how I did that. I said I dunno but it's a dream so that's how I did it. He didn't believe me for a second and then the dream faded.

      Everything goes wrong at work

      Add on: I now remember being driven to work by someone. Can't remember who.

      I was in a weird underground complex that was apparently a McDonald's. Saw Manager R there and she asked me to help assemble orders. I remember seeing rows of all the Sandwich boxes stacked upright. People kept ordering McChicken and after a while and soon the stack that was at the height of the ceiling is now gone. R leaves and says she's going to get more boxes. I am by myself and people order nothing but McChicken, so I use other boxes and put stickers on them.

      After a long period of time I realize R hasn't come back. I leave the room to look for the stockroom. I wind up In a dark basement. I come to an open room and see dark versions of various co workers there. K-A The Jamaican girl is crawling on all fours and it reminds me of the creepy girl from the grudge. There's a long leather strap coming from her? It whips at me and then I realize it's a weird long tongue she has. I look up and the other people have glowing cat like eyes. One looks like Manager P from another store. I turn to run back the way I came but the exit is now a solid wall. I look around and the rooms are in different places. I realize the place re arranges itself. I try to get away from the creepy group.

      FA, before I can RC my brother distracts me. I start telling him about the crazy dream I just had. He doesn't believe me.

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      lucid , false awakening , memorable
    7. Spellbee Spring Competition night #1 and April Advanced ii TOTM

      by , 04-15-2017 at 05:16 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD #1-I felt my body being moved by a force in a dark room. It came to me that I was dreaming. I waited to see where the force would take me. I approached a door with a lighted sign that said "The End". The door opened to a sunny outdoor square in a town, where I was no longer being forced around. I looked for a large object to phase into an saw a large wooden black desk in the square with some papers and a laptop on it. I phased through to the middle of the desk to see if the papers had anything interesting on them, but there wasn't. I finished phasing through the desk. I faced my hand behind me to summon a dolphin and felt a beak. I looked to see if the spinner dolphin floating there was big enough for an advanced summon, but I estimated it wasn't because it was only about 6 feet long. I faced my hand behind me again to summon a T-Rex and I felt a mouth. The T-rex was definitely big enough at about 20 feet tall. I got on the T-Rex's back and chased some DCs who ran away screaming. I woke up in my bed. I noticed that there were several spiders above me. They started to drop towards me and which scared me. I woke up.

      DILD #2-I woke up and noticed a middle aged lady who I could not recognize. I was pretty sure I was dreaming, but got out of bed and attempted to jump into the void to make sure. I jumped into the void. I fell and waited for a new dream scene to be formed. I landed in a dark building of a transit center. I saw that there was a street light outside so I went there so I could see. I put my hand behind me and called for a large fantasy creature. I heard heavy breathing and a sucking sound became surrounded by a large cloth. I could still hear the heavy breathing so I assumed the creature consumed me. I demanded that the creature go in front of me so I can see it. The clothed was removed as the creature did this. I got a good look at the creature. It was like a snow man, only it was made of dirty cotton. It had sticks for arms. I asked it what it was called but it did not answer. I woke up.
    8. DILD + DEILD 4 way lucid dream

      by , 04-09-2017 at 11:02 PM (The I No Longer Have Hands Theory)
      It started with me waking up from my bed. The blue sky is dim as if it will turn night soon. I look around and see a phone, however I assume it is my brother instead of mine. I hear words and people as I put my head back down to the pillows below. I think of my mother and father and offcially get out of bed to greet them. As I am out and about, I see my mother reorganizing the refrigerator. Talking with my father about outside stuff, things I didn't care to pay much attention to. I walk over to get something to drink, to where my father addressed to how I've messed up on something. I can no longer remember what it was about.

      But when I heard it I became agitated and eventually slam my fist on the counter. My mother said "looks like he is at it again" As my father simply sigh in a gesture to say this wasn't the first time I acted out. Looks like I'm a hot head in this one I thought to myself. That is when my brother came down stairs from the shadowy corners. He and I greeted each other but then walk off and for an unknown reason both I and my parents had a desire to follow him. We did which led us to a holographic image appearing infront us like some future tec stuff. It showed my brother bashing a flower set up in anger.

      We continue to watch and then I came in to the picture, I look a bit younger and so did my brother. My brother had stormed out somewhere and my younger self followed. I and my parents along with my brother both followed as well. I came close to the younger me and touch his clothes. That's when he became even younger and my holo brother was looking to fight. That's when my lucidity began, my parents did not know what was happening. I told them this is a vision my brother is having. I told my brother to hurry up and complete this so we can all wake up.

      My borther look at me and gave me the ok face. He and I both walk up to the card that we knew would be the exit. My brother read of the bar code which should release us. As he had done so I began to feel faint and very light. After that I had awoken to where my lucidity was no more. My family and I all appeared to be in the mouth of a serpant dragon. The monster then spit us all out except for this one guy with torn up clothes and long blonde hair. I could sense his intentions were to stay with it for I don't know. After this happened I had awaken again, but chose to not open my eyes. Instead I use my loud neighbors as an advantage.

      I knew I would wake up like this sooner or later. Instead of lying there thinking about how much I hate them. I'll use them for a skill I never was very good at. With not much effort, I lay there and ponder what trigger thought should be the one to shoot me in to a dream. That's when I could feel myself needing to use the restroom slightly. Ah, that's a good thought to use as it has a feeling as well. Before I knew it, I had enter a dream and was using the restroom. It work with my eyes shock, hoping that I wasn't actually wetting myself. But I doubt it as the liquid look to fake round like. Before I could look around a lot, I had woken up again due to another disturbance from the waking world.

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    9. Thursday Lucid Luck Returns.

      by , 04-08-2017 at 01:35 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Time dilation gone wrong.

      I become lucid as a snake man flying around some mountains. I was with a group of people earlier but I don't recall them much. I land on a rock trail and begin my Time Dilation method. I forgot to close one eye and started counting really fast. I felt the usual force knock me from the dream.


      We were wandering around some house in the sky. We passed J from work and she was making funny comments at us but I forget what, she then burped and flew through a random portal. Me and Xer continued flying up and jumping through the strange sky house which had strange obstacles that we overcame. Almost as if the place was designed for training in anti gravity skills for dreamers, each room a different puzzle to solve by jumping, floating, and swinging off beams. We rested on a landing. He seemed elated at what we were doing. I was joking that he should try and go out with J. and then I noticed he was smoking a cigarette. I said maybe I am a bad influence on him.

      Now Hiring

      Brief memory of walking down a street at night time in some out door minimall. I was with some people and we came by a Time Horton's Stand and some woman said "Hey don't you know that man?" I looked in the TH and saw Phawad standing their in a store manager uniform. He looked a little short staffed and walked up to me and asked me if I was looking for a job.

      Dog walking and lucid chain

      I was in a van with my aunt and her friend. we had our dogs and we were going to take our dogs for a run in some field with trees. They started complaining at me abot something i forget what. I told them I would walk my dog on my own and they let me out of the van.

      missing time

      I wind up in some house that is semi out doors. I tie my dog to some post and begin exploring the place. I remember a man had been there before and had invited me in at one time but he wasn't there now. I came across and area with four sets of steps on each side of a square that led down to a landing with nothing on it. I went down the steps and was teleported inside the man's house. I looked around for a bit but didn't find him. I found some other people wandering around but I lingered behind them not wanting any interaction with them. Eventually I got bored and came across a similar four sets of steps leading up to a landing. I went up the steps to the landing and was teleported to the landing outside. I saw the man arriving ome with some of his friends. He said hello and I began to wander off. I was forgetting something... MY DOG! so i went back to where he was chained and untied him and continued the walk. It was night time now.


      Get out of bed and RC. Lucid now. A woman with brown hair I seem to know walks in and says I better hurry because she's leaving without me. I notice I am not dressed and find some pants on the floor after getting my shirt on. I tell her to wait while I get my pants on. She complies and keeps talking but I don't really know what she's saying. I struggle to get my pants on and when I do I look at her and realize she looks like a young Regan. A door appears that leads into a bar or club. As I follow her through the door her appearance slowly changes into an asian woman, her eyes change color to grey and then green, her skin is also changing color now to look like a hispanic woman. I tell her to stoop changing so fast and go back to the regan look because I think it looks hot. She then transforms into a green elf. As we turn a corner into the bar club area she vanishes. I think nothing of it as it seems normal.

      I then think of some goals... Raven! I think and crouch on the ground for some reason and I am trying to contact her telepathically. I get up and start to count my fingers again. I see there are fingers under my fingers as i count. I'm pretty sure I forgot to close one eye because the dream starts to fade. I stop at 30 and everything goes black. The dream springs back somehow. Then I resume counting with one eye closed up to another 30. everything is stable now. I completely forget my previous goal after trying for so long to stabalize the dream.

      I find a large table where people are eating and drinking and sit at the end of it. I get bored so I start throwing plates and glasses at the DCs who are a blur. they don't do anything for a while, one guy swings a knife at me and I back up naturally dodging him. I pull out a blade myself and start slashing at people. My perception is going watery like the dream is about to end. I get frustrated at the time dilation not working.

      Fa, get out of bed and RC. I pinch my nose but not enough air comes through. I fly out of the bed as if normal and keep trying the nose RC. It's too dark in the room and everything seems too real.

      I begin to wake up for real and try to DEILD. but the compulsion to turn over gets the better of me.
    10. More recall

      by , 04-07-2017 at 03:22 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      School and FA

      Vague memory of Asuka bringing me into a school again. We are going in and out of rooms looking for Something... Not sure what.

      FA, I'm in a bed in the school on a landing by some stairs? My cousin hops on to the bed in PJs and he is complaining about his feet. He pulls out a pitcher of water and pours water all over his feet, and the bed. I morph in a Jamaican woman and say in a bitchy voice, "Did you just pour water on your feet?" My memory fades here.

      Lost Puppy

      I'm walking down a street in a suburban area and notice a seemingly empty shopping bag moving around. Ok, just the wind... but then it crawls. I reach down and open it and see there's a small black puppy who looks lost and hungry. I pick up the bag and it pops it's head out a hole in the bag. I turn around and head back towards my house. After a few minutes of walking I reach my house. Some people approach me and ask me what I'm doing with an empty bag? I said found a sick puppy in there. Someone inspects it and it is empty and they look at me like I'm crazy. I turn around to look for the puppy again. I find some very large cats circling the scared puppy. I shoo them off and pick him up and head back home.

      Same room

      I am in a strange house with some stoner type guys. A blond woman is also there. for some reason I go to use their washroom and find a room with a couch and then a toilet beside it. I go back to the group and they say we are going to some other guys room to smoke up. We go in a different door and enter the same room with a couch and a toilet... okay. I get confused and leave the room and go back to the bathroom. I find the same room with a couch and a toilet but no one is in there. I go in the hall way and open another door and find the same room with a couch and a toilet. Everyone walks out of their room and back into the main living room. "Why do you guys have 3 identical rooms?" The guys shrug and the blonde woman laughs and says, "I know right this house is so confusing!"

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    11. 3 dreams, one lucid

      by , 04-05-2017 at 11:06 AM (Devil's Trill)
      Early morning , around 4pm

      At a point in my dream , I smoked weed, and it felt soooo goood , I didnt felt anything bad and when I smoked into this bong like thing, i felt the taste of the fragrant plant it was like some herbal thing, and it was not bitter or bad, it was kinda like inhaling fresh air and some fresh plants air , I started to see in green and exhale green smoke sometimes . I strolled around in my city for a while in that state then I woke up.

      I never used the said plant, so its really interesting how my brain imagined it would be like to smoke it...

      Late morning 7-8 am ,
      Another lucid, low lucidty.

      I didn't plan to do a wild now, or well, I have completely lost lucidity before transition, I became lucid after a hand RC and saw that i have more fingers than I should.
      I screwed around with telekinesis ,then I wanted to go outside , but I couldnt ,the doors were closed, then I asked who the heck closed the door .
      A girl answered , I hear her voice outside, just infront of the window, so I peeked out, with my neck elongated I could see her.
      She was almost olive skinned, skinny girl, brown hair that was a little bit curly , black eyes, cant tell if her complex was asian or latina , beautiful lips and a qt turn up nose. She wore an orange shirt, and jeans I think or a short.
      She said " I'm your guard. You can't get out of this house."
      Then I asked why and she said something like I broke rules and if I try to get out I will be kicked from "the server" that is I presume the dream. I was really aloof and didnt give a damn, so I said " go on ,try to kick me out" . She tried to say something but she suddenly disappeared.
      I checked the doors then , they were still closed "damn it " I omitted, then tried to float through the wall, and then suddenly I had an FA.

      Remembering that I did a hand rc and realized that I'm still dreaming. My lucidity started to decrease at this point
      , near to semi lucid.
      I suddenly found myself in a supermarket, in a sport shop, I spent the rest of the dream with throwing things around with telekinesis.

      Last dream , ended at 10 am, not lucid.

      I was in a bus, with a group of people we were going somewhere, the landscape was somewhere sandy, somewhere green, there were mountains similar to german ones.
      Then at a point the bus driver got nuts ,and wanted to push out a cat or some animal from a hole with the bus and said that if we dont liek animals we can just simply get off the bus and walk away, everyone was pissed at the woman because that was stupid and it was just a waste of our time. I got off the bus and then I faced some army men getting big dogs ( they looked like a mix of collie and german sheperd, and all of them looked the same) and torturing them killing them, on this way up to a hill, there were a lot of bees and hornets too, the dogs got tied up together and dragged around , some were shot, there were a pile of them, and some dog tried to attack the men, they kicked the dogs, sometimes shot them, and the bees also attack them. It was a horrible sight, at a point , i ran away fastly ,cuz I started to step in bees and I did not have shoes.
      At a point I got to a city that looked israeli. And I met a woman who agreed to house me, I saw she has a guitar , a weird one, and wanted to play with it. She gave it to me ,then I started to play the israeli anthem ,hatikvah , with profficiency I never did. No matter what frets I hit, it just sounded right, and it was awesome.
      While playing the woman went into her room and I just continued to play on the street until the end , when I woke up finally.
    12. Almost Lucid!

      by , 04-05-2017 at 01:49 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Elevator Trouble

      I was moving some very large boxes onto an elevator with some people. The one box was so big that the doors wouldn't close but it went up anyway. We dropped a box off at one floor and then another on another floor. I read the instructions and it said we had to unload all the boxes on the third floor. When I announced this my coworkers just laughed about it.

      Room and Concert

      FA, in a room like mine but different with my youtube playing what it usually plays but i couldn't see the screen exactly on my laptop. It felt too real but i did a nose pinch RC and a little air came out, but not enough to convince me I was dreaming. I checked all my sense and thy seemed relatively normal. My brother burst into the room. Even though my brother lives in a different city i didn't question it.

      my vision zooms out and we all get into a minecart like on Donkey Kong Country. I see it go a ways and now we are in some mall. We walk way to the end and i see it's night out. I get mad at my brother because i know i have to be home in time for work. He enters a door into some ballroom and I walk down the mall. Up ahead is a 3 way intersection in the walk way and behind some door is flashing lights and rock music. There's a concert in the middle of the mall. This all seems to odd so I nose pinch RC several times without it working. I then think back. I remember waking up and then travelling to this place. It all added up so it must have been real. I kept walking past the concert part and there were electronic keyboards on display. One guy was playing along with the music and paused to watch me walk by. I tried more RCs I can't remember and didn't become lucid. I was really disapointed when I woke up.
    13. Goddamn Lightning

      by , 04-04-2017 at 11:45 AM (Devil's Trill)
      I got into a dream, I was not lucid this time cuz lewd thoughts distracted me.

      I was at home, just finished having a bath, I also see that my parents washed their hair. I was talking on discord to some buddy of mine, sitting on my bed.
      I looked out the window, and saw that the weather is rainy ,and I actually heard thunder. I wondered " how could this happen? thunder at this time of the year?"
      Then it started to get louder, and I told my buddy on discord that i gotta go. turned off the phone , and then suddenly saw my parents outside in the rain with wet hair .
      I thinked to myself " they will get struck by lightning if they keep doing this" , tried to tell them to get in. But it was too late, for a lightning near them stroke , and it was so strong , I felt the electricity going through my body. My senses dimmed , and I got paralysed, couldnt hear well ,I couldnt even scream, only moan a bit. I suddenly found my parents inside the house, they were fine, they sat down, but they couldnt hear me ask for help.
      I just moaned here and hugged my legs and slowly collapsed on the floor in terror. It felt so real ,and I legit thought that I may die now.
      Then I woke up.

      What I experienced was in fact sleep paralysis, and soemhow I already felt it

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    14. No lucids. lots of mini dreams.

      by , 04-03-2017 at 05:37 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I remember being on the moon with someone who may have been Raven Knight, we were practicing some special moves on a horde of zombies. Not many details i can recall.

      Dog FA

      I was lying awake for real and nodded off with my dog at the end of the bed who was also asleep. I had a FA in a dream version of the bed and the dream dog lifted his head and smiled at me and I remember he had a funny face.


      I am at a greyhound bus terminal. I think I am going to Edmonton. I board it and sit down. It pulls onto a large highway. I just fall asleep on the bus feeling the motion of a bus. I feel it enter a large turnpike and can feel the force of the bus turning. For some reason it's very relaxing so I sleep.

      Wrong Convention

      I'm in some sort of large conference area. I take my seat beside a bunch of young people. In the middle of the room I see a display that says, "Dr. Who". I get excited. But instead of Capaldi, Matt smith, or any others that play The doctor. Some black guy in a suit comes out and starts talking in a microphone. He says this is not a Harry Potter convention so everyone has to give up their fake wands. People groan and pull out fake multi colored plastic wands while a security guard collects them in a bucket.

      Balcony problems

      Brief memory of stepping onto a balcony for a smoke. The gravity seemed heavy and I kept almost falling off the balcony.

      School and Starcraft

      I'm in a school playing a weird starcraft game with A and E. They don't seem to interested however and leave the game. I am surrounded by terran armies and siege tanks. I get up from the game and the mini armies follow me so I stomp on them with my foot.

      We go in for another game and this time E seems to be helping me. I remember looking at her blue eyes at some point and becoming transfixed.

      some time later I pick up a sketchbook that belongs to A and then E says I should really look at it because I will find it interesting. I flip through pages of lame stickfigures. Then on one drawing is a nicely realistic drawing of me. and below is a caption saying, "I love this guy." I flip through more and find more journal entries of her saying she has a big crush on me. E giggles at these entries and I say this is impossible. A says she hates me all the time and frankly I don't like her much, what kind of fake news is this?

      Killed by Hit Girl

      I'm wandering in some apartment building going up a flight of stairs. My vision zooms out and I'm watching a movie or something with Tommy lee Jones in it. He breaks into the apartment he's looking for and corners some guy. The guy speaks and I realize it's that DG from my lucid who I fired. Tommy pulls out a gun and moves towards him, "I wouldn't do that If I were you." Joe cool DG says. Tommy moves toward him again and I see a sharp sword come out of his chest. He slowly turns around and I see Hit Girl from Kick Ass is the one with the sword. He stares at her for a moment in dis belief when something like water starts pouring from his wound. He falls on the floor and begins shuddering and sobbing while the water turns blood colored and goes all over the floor. I wake up here.

      Dream Cookies

      Dream frag of standing in a kitchen while Asuka pulls out a pan of fresh cookies. I go to eat one but my vision goes all grey and pixelated and then I wake up.

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    15. One dream but Vivid.

      by , 03-31-2017 at 03:51 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      FA, In the middle of some desert. Everything is kind of blurry at first then becomes super clear. A really hot Tomboyish french woman is squatting on top of some lower building. She has long brown hair and is sporting a white tank top and blue jeans. There is a sentence painted along side the building reading something like, "Defending my home during the Apocalypse." As I stare at the words they begin to change and add on to the sentence, but i can't pay attention to it. I realize I am already passing the building. I say a meek , "hello" and she says, "Morning" I'm like, "Ah yes Good morning/" Suddenly around the corner I'm in my house. There is bags of raw McDonald's chicken bags every where. I am picking them up and putting them in the trash. At some point I pull two silver coins out of my pocket. They look super real one says "2 Silver Dollar coin worth $5." I can't comprehend how that is exactly correct since silver coins are worth way more. The other coin is bigger than my hand and has cool designs on it. I'm about to inspect it when I get woken by my alarm.
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