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    False Awakening

    1. The Hallway with a CPU DILD

      by , Yesterday at 08:57 AM (The I No Longer Have Hands Theory)
      I'm walking down a hallway which appears to be in a school. As I'm doing so I am listening to music with red ear buds. On the left side of the hallway I can see a door open and figure I'd check it out. I enter inside for a brief moment and could see a few students sitting at their desk. There were 3 teachers, one scribbiling something on the board and the other observing the outside. While the last teacher is instructing the students on what's their next assignment. Seem mundane enough so I walk out and decided to explore the hallway one more time.

      As I am back outside the hallway I feel this strange sensation. Things seem to be getting alot more vivid. Not long after this I became lucid with the understanding that the hallway mimic my middle school design. I could see a computer and a chair at the end of the hallway. I took a seat and began surfing to see what a dream world computer may consist of. However my focus was shattered when I heard one of the students yelling. It made me think I woken myself up as I knew blinking a lot could cause my actual eyes to open.

      I still was inside the dream but I no longer was lucid due to this.
    2. Ocean! Tornado! Dragon! My Bow n Arrow - DControl

      by , 01-18-2017 at 07:31 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      Jan 18, 2017

      Notes: Fell asleep late, after 3am. Most of the night was heavy abstract dreaming. Fell back asleep around 8am! Finally had a good dream, with an ocean, friends, a storm, flooding, false awakening, a tornado, a dragon, and serious dream skills with a magical bow n arrow.

      In a grassy backyard with friends and family. While climbing on top of a kids playset im also thinking about who I'm going to hire to help me publish my comic. A man magically appears. I don't remember the convo, I just wrote down that he was "sassy"

      Fragment 2
      Me and sis are in an apt parking lot and I need to drive us somewhere and pick things up from another vehicle. My car was a huge SUV even though I can't drive large cars to save my life. I'm anxious in the drivers seat but I logically conclude this must be my car

      Ocean! Tornado! Dragon! My Bow n Arrow
      Im visiting my friend Dyson, but at his childhood home. His hometown magically has an ocean. Were swimming in the water with dozens of other tourists. It seemed like I was swimming in that water for a really long time. Suddenly, the waves get stronger and the wind picks up. A storm is coming in.

      I tell Dyson we should leave, and also, I needed to get ready soon to go back home. Were instantly back at Dyson's place. Except it feels more like a three story apartment building (where he lives now?). And the city around us definately feels more like a New England place than Bedford. I go to the guest room and change, because its almost time for me to go home.

      I get sleepy and take a quick nap. The sounds of a storm wakes me up. Its a very strange feeling to wake up inside a dream. In waking reality, there were storms but they were much earlier in the night and not right now. I sat up on the guest bed trying to make sense of my surroundings. It seemed real and not all at the same time. I go to the window and stare out the storm.

      Its flooding fast outside! The streets are like a river now! I can't go home now. I watch huge logs get carried by the flood water. A huge red wood log was also carried by the storm waters. Its massive size being carried by the force of water was terrifying to watch!

      I look up at the clouds. Orange, green and pink? These alien colors make me think of one thing - tornado.

      I run back to my friends, everyone was watching in the porch. Dyson was his usual casual self and didn't seem scared at all. Me? I was panicking. A huge tornado forms from those swirling colorful clouds. Before I have time to panic the tornado bursts into a dragon!

      It was massive! The most massive dragon I've seen in a dream! Maybe something like Shenron, or larger. You could tell the massive dragon was roaring, but it was indistinguishable from the rest of the storms sounds.

      "Dragon!?!" I point bewildered at the dragon. Dyson just stands up, still with his laptop in hand. He magically pulls out some video game weapon. "You know what to do" At first I wanted to run away like a sensible person would.

      But then my dream ego starts to wake up. I magically manifest a golden bow and arrow. My outfit changed too. I aim my golden bow at the raging storm dragon! I fire and my arrow aims true. The dragon explodes into smaller units of fire, that scattered across the city. I figured it wasn't the end of the dragon.

      The storm finally quieted down. Some random boys who were also with us go down to where the flooding was, to make sure no one was caught in it. Dyson goes back online and collects some points. Some real-life quest game. How could this game have known about this dragon? I ask if I could collect points too and Dyson sets up an account for me.

      We head out, the dragons not completely gone yet. We still need to deal with its smaller units. Which had manifested as monsters all throughout the city. With my bow and arrow I was unstoppable. My aim never missed my target, I could precisely decide the right or left eye. It felt awesome!

      I felt like I was remembering something about my dream self I had forgotten. In fact, this dream in the span of minutes smushed so many strong dream elements for me. An ocean. A storm. A dragon. A false awakening. A window. Trees. Friendship. And magic!
      false awakening , memorable
    3. 18/01/17 | LD - Wings and realistic vision

      by , 01-18-2017 at 03:19 PM
      Non-lucid parts
      Lucid parts
      My comments

      #10 LD - Wings and realistic vision
      During a NLD I was high on a tree or something like that (maybe it was a bed?). I was thinking that I should be brave enough to jump down because I was sure it's safe. Then I started to be lucid. As usual I was trying to fly. This time I imagined that I have real wings instead of arms. It worked somehow because I felt them. Didn't see them tho. I'm not sure if I was able to fly with them. It started to be dark and I 'woke up' in another scenario. I was in the car, looking through the window. I was pretty sure I woke up so I tried to not moving much and I did RC with my nose. Everything was clear and realistic. Even sunlight was reflecting on cars naturally so I was surprised that it's indeed a dream. Then scenario changed again. It was night and I saw some (3?) boys on the street. For some reason I was trying to hit them with a bucket. 2 of them ran away but 1 of them was throwing something back. Like something small and sharp, maybe screws? Because of this bizarre action I'm not sure if I was lucid enough. I felt pain when he hit me. Pretty realistic. I stopped this 'fight' and went in another direction, trying to fly again and ran away (I wasn't scare much tho). I was moving my arms again like with wings but there were still my arms (I wasn't trying to make real wings). Then darkness. I don't remember if I woke up or maybe I was still dreaming. It wasn't long dream, I would say 1-2 min. Anyway that's nice because I wasn't even trying to have one!
    4. Iced Coffee and 3 FA's - 4 lucids Spellbee's Splendid Comp Night #5, 2017 DJ #14 LD #7,8,9,10

      by , 01-17-2017 at 09:28 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I am in a beautiful field. I spontaneously become lucid. Unable to remember any goals, and not wanting to, I see an outside cafe. I buy an iced coffee via summoning money out of my pocket, and drink it for a while. I fly around, find a cliff and stare in awe. It is so beautiful. Eventually I do some 18+ stuff, but sometimes I need to let my hair down.

      Afterwards, I FA soon after. I instantly RC, and I'm dreaming. I now teleport to Aldeterune and I
      FA again. This time it takes some time before I realise I'm dreaming because a painting keeps changing. I teleport again, and just after I teleport collapses AGAIN. I FA and Don tells me to RC, and I become lucid. I wander around my house using the computer a few times, and teleport to Aldeterune, but it collapses just after.

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      lucid , false awakening
    5. January 15th 2017: 2 TOTMs Completed, Alien Craft, Canyons, Sense of Adventure,WILD Style Transition

      by , 01-15-2017 at 11:45 PM
      I haven't put any focus on WILDs in quite some time but was motivated to mix attempts back in the last 2 nights, but only after doing my MILD to increase chances of my fairly trusty DILDs if the WILD fails. At BTB I do location-aha-MILD first, followed by face to face, clear view release and some REM eye movement simulation (4 eye sweeps behind closed eyelids). The face to face and REM simulation are found to be the most efficient method of losing the feel of my waking body. I get a good number of color and pattern HH's, followed by some that resemble objects and people, followed by dreamlets. At those first two stages I was able to use a technique of "reaching" for additional senses related to the items more than just the visual: primarily tactile and temperature, but sometimes sounds and smells that match with the visual. I didn't remember to try taste. For the third stage where I was getting dreamlets I found that I had to become more passive it seemed because I was finding my senses return to my waking body or perhaps within an FA. I didn't test it, assuming FA's and decided I did need to be more passive during these dreamlets, perhaps wrongly. I know passive is generally recommended but since I have a fair bit of experience with WILDs I feel more inclined toward the active side of the scale. Anyway, I end up in an FA and then an actual waking or FA where I go for a WILD.

      I am naked in bed with my wife and for some reason my mother in law is there and I seem to be semi-lucid at this stage but as more people arrive I seem to drop below semi-lucid and get caught up in the dream. I see this commercial anti-bacterial spray I have looked for in the past and ask the guy where he got it without a good answer. I either wake or have another FA in my normal bed/scenario and go for a DEILD but feels more like a WILD with HH's and back to reaching for additional senses tied to the HH visuals. After some fading in and out of HHs I get a more steady one that looks most like a cave opening at first and imagine some cooler air emanating from it. It develops into a a vague looking canyon and then to a canyon formation like you might see in Arches National Park with a double arch entrance to a canyon opening where both "arches" were relatively flat on their top sides but the bottom "arch" had an arch shape to it whereas the top "arch" was also relatively flat across the bottom as well. This was all in a brightly lit daylight scene once the arches formed. This morphed from more of a natural formation to something purposely built like you might see in a sci-fi set on a canyon-like planet. I want to go there but it seems my dream body is still forming so I use intent with my eyes to start moving in that direction and I reach for the sensation of the wind on my face and body and it feels like a slightly cool breeze and I am now flying in my dream body. As I get to the canyon "entrance" I land due to the low clearance and find my self alternating between walking and crawling in a very cool scene that seems a lot like a dry cave but tons of light coming in on the far side that I want to get to and also light coming from the side I came in on. It was a very cool place to explore, but I love caves and canyons. It also reminded me of some of my favorite lucid dreams like the wall and childhood "treasures" found on the beach of the grassy sea (posted in my DJ on DV somewhere a good ways back). As I get to the end of the low clearance I fly up and out to the next bend in the canyon and think of one of the TOTM's and decide that an alien spaceship will be the right around the bend but nothing is there. I then decide it will be at the top of this canyon wall to my left and I fly up to the top of it and there it is a huge mega spaceship with an outer shell that is made up of many circular metal panels with lattice work in between, perhaps 100 circular panels on the side of the ship that I can see. I fly into the lattice work and I feel myself being pulled further into the craft with a fade to darkness at first but soon after a bright long and fairly wide hall appears that looks like a mall with humans walking around and a food place to my right. Perhaps the scenario is that the dream aliens created an environment where I would feel comfortable but I proceeded to treat it just like any dream scene. I tried to slow down one lady passing by, but she seemed in a hurry and I look ahead down the hallway/walkway of the "mall" and see a tall beautiful lady that looks slightly not of this world with her unusually big and stunningly attractive eyes.
      (eyes were wider and bigger but this is close)
      After the experience with the previous lady I made sure I would be able to stop her in her tracks by creating the back story of: "Finally we are reunited! It has been so long!" grasping both of her hands face to face and giving her a big wet kiss. I feel myself getting rather excited but I remember to calm down. I think of another TOTM, the pencil one and tell her I have something to show her and reach in my back pocket but coming up empty handed. I then ask her if she has a pencil and she pulls one out of her purse and I try to float it in the air in front of me and it disappears. I then walk over to the food place and ask the guy behind the counter for a pencil and he gives me one. I see an order stub on the counter and float the pencil with the tip touching the paper and tell it to draw something and it starts doodling. It looks like nothing more than a toddler's drawing but as I look closer, it looks like it morphs into words on the order stub.
      I wake and quickly use the bathroom in order to get back to dreaming, this time RCing to make sure I'm actually awake. I jot down a few keywords from the dream and a few quick drawings of the canyon arches and the alien craft lattice work and go back to bed, forgetting to write down the words that I remembered.

      After playing with HH's for a while and deciding to doze off, I get a dream where the wife asks me where one of the bills is and if it has been paid. I said that I think I filed it already but I can check on the computer if I paid it. At the computer, the keyboard is missing and I ask my wife if she's seen it but then I find the keyboard unplugged and sitting on top of the computer desktop tower. I feel someone tugging on me in darkness and I realize I must have fallen asleep, maybe in front of the computer. Either way I treat the tugging as HHs not waking life and a scene forms where I am at an office elevator and a woman is asking me for directions. Already aware that I am dreaming I decide to see where the elevator takes me just like in last night's lucid, with a little excited anticipation. I don't remember anything but going up in the elevator before waking up needing to pee again and I decide to get up for the day.
    6. splendid comp night 2

      by , 01-15-2017 at 08:36 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD#1--I was outside in the backyard of my grandma's house, when I noticed a short woman which [B]I thought I saw in a previous dream. I phased through the glass down to go inside the house. I put my hand to the side to summon a dolphin and felt a beak. I turned around and there was a nice full size bottlenose dolphin, about 10 feet long. I climbed on its back and thought I needed to find a time breach. I saw a dark crack and rode the dolphin into the crack. I was teleported to an open underwater area. I saw some bullets. I looked to see who was shooting them and saw some anthropomorphic beer bottles. I rode the dolphin away from them and woke up.

      DILD#2--I was in bed trying to recall I dream I just had when it occurred to me that I might be having a false awakening. I did a nose plug and could breathe. I jumped into the void and tried to teleport to the ocean, which I did. I put my hand to the side to summon a dolphin and felt a beak. I turned around and there was a nice full size bottlenose dolphin, about 10 feet long. I thought about how routine this all way as I tried to get on its back to ride it. After I grabbed its dorsal fin, it began to swim away. As I was dragged around by the dolphin I recalled that time control was the last of my 3 step tasks. I tried to stop time in the dream so I could get on the back of the dolphin. I tried various commands such as "Stop!" and "Pause dream!" but none of them were working. After a bit of trying this, I woke up.

      DILD#3--I woke up in my bed after a dream and something felt off. I did a nose plug and could breathe. I decided to try to jump both myself and my bed into the void to teleport. I was teleported into a sunny backyard and my bed had turned into a trampoline. I jumped off the edge of the trampoline and walked around while thinking about what my dream goal was. I recalled it was time control. I decided to rewind the dream. As the dream was being rewound, I thought about how amazing how accurately the dream was rewinding itself. I was back standing on the trampoline when I noticed a black and white cat that wasn't there before. Cats and dogs are sort of like dream enemies to me because they attack me so much. I made like a dog and yelled "BARK!" The cat yelled back "SHUT UP!" I laughed out loud, which apparently offended the cat because it went off to a fat yellow cat to tattle on me. I knew they were planning an attack on me so I wanted to get away to avoid their painful scratches and bites. As the cats approached me I was able to escape by jumping into the void. After this, I woke up.
    7. [SBSC] - Night One

      by , 01-14-2017 at 12:50 PM
      I did a WBTB, went to the toilet, drank water downstairs, contemplated if that was a dream or not for a long time, then went again to bed. (My WBTBs duration are generally aprox between 10 and 15 mins.)
      When I was falling asleep, a mosquito woke me up. I covered myself with the blanket and started performing an SSILD.

      (FA) I'm sitting on my bed, there's no desk in my room, that's weird. Right, this is a dream. I instantly wake up.

      I immediatly perform a DEILD.

      Now I'm laying on my bed, over the blanket. Got it, I'm in the dream again. I wake up.

      DEILD again...

      I'm sitting on my bed again. I try to stand up, I wake up.

      Try to chain again, but don't remember anything more.


      (Fragment 1)
      I'm stuck inside something like a tube with my GF and my two nieces.

      (Fragment 2)
      I'm in a room with an asian guy, he looks like my DG. On a crystal desk he has a Nintendo 3DS connected to a DJ mixer and a keyboard.
    8. Competition night One - Bird's eye view

      by , 01-14-2017 at 11:30 AM
      Comments blue
      Lucid purple

      D1 Having sex dream , was happy and playful then white bedroom door open a chink meaning other people were up in house, so went for breakfast.

      D2 - Talking to some dc who was suprised at my choice of choosing to go for a run along long walkway/ path up side of mountain.
      At top was a very large white staidum, where a music concert was taking place. I could hear the music drifting as I came up to the entrance way. (
      Music from an anime I listened to last night)
      There were large viewing halls with giant glass windows on one side looking into the centre of the stadium.
      Each one I entered was very crowded with dcs wearing white shirts and black tailcoats serving guests.
      One room had no one in so I entered, seeing a large white bird sitting on the top of a piano. Evidently people were scared of the bird so had not entered. When I went in it took of leaving its legs behind on the piano.
      A Very strange dc looking like Manuel from fawlty towers went and removed the legs
      (He went very close with his face next to mine as dcs often do in my dreams, peering into my face)

      Song from dream:

      WBTB - have drink of water and go bathroom

      D3 - In a dress shop with black marble walls and floor. I am talking to the owners as the shop is closed at the moment. it is very bare with just mirrors and racks plus a changing room to one side.
      I use my powers to make the room bigger but have to make the whole world bigger too to fit everything in.
      The doors to the store are shaped like glass flower petals and very large half dome like things.
      (I have seen shapes similar to these in a hotel dream I hadj
      There are two to the front of the store which I thought was a room I could stay in but turns out to be a connecting corridor at the front of all the stores, that curves round.
      I go out into this corridor which is curved glass on one side.
      Entering the next room/store I recognise items from anime I have watched a soldier figurine from ergo proxy and mechanoid from outlaw star. I decide it is some kind of playroom.

      I am lucid and use telekinesis to move the mechanoid from a hooped area. I find it very hard remembering that it is super heavy and could only be moved easily due to low gravity.
      An very old lady wanders into room, I try to change her into someone else but fail
      I immediately try mind control on her and tell her to do something she obeys. As she comes closer to me she freaks me out, with her white waxy skin and appearance.
      I look around room for something else to try, seeing a folded partition wall, I try to open it with my powers but it hardly budges so I give up.
      I go to fly out of the room but
      false awaken and drink sludge from a glass of water ick! then wake up for real.

      I realise red and white soldier from ergo proxy, was ignored completely by me in dream as it was in waking state. I was puzzled by its exact meaning in anime but did not enquirer further.
      This deliberate ignoring, I feel relates to also to other things relating to red and white (which has been very big dream sign for past year or so). It is my need for integration.

      <font color="#0000ff">

      ok checked it out, It relates to a lost child from the past, that would make sense

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      Tags: anime, bird, flower, white
      non-lucid , false awakening , side notes , lucid
    9. Ld 4#

      by , 01-14-2017 at 11:17 AM
      I had a lucid dream this night! I did the SSILD method, and after a while fell asleep with a couple of sycles again. Than when I fell asleep, I apleared in the same room again where I'm sleeping, but than with a different layout, and bigger than our house normally is.

      The dream wasn't super vivid at the beginning, and I could wake up pretty fast if am not careful in the dream. I did a nose RC to be sure it is a dream, and it was! I was really happy but tried to stabalize the dream to shout "stabalize!" but it didn't work very well... So I tried to spin, and that worked a little better. It was like I really was awake. Now, it was night, and I wanted to make it day. My mom woke up in my dream, and suddenly my father was there too. I said to them that I was dreaming, and I can control this if I believe in it. So I shouted, "light!!!!!" "make it day!!" at first it didn't work. So I tried the switches from my bedroom to turn the lights on, but that didn't work either. So I tried to believe more in my control, and shouted again to make it day, and that worked finally. It became a sunny day

      I did a RC again, to prove that it really is a dream...becaus it's so hard to get a ld, and now I am here, just standing in a dream! I tried to keep myself aware that am dreaming, so that I don't forget it. My dream was not stable at some time, so thought of some stabalize methods I read at dreamviews. Someone said to crawl. So I tried that, but it became even more blurry. Almost waking up like. I didn't want that. So shouted, "stabalize!" again, and spinned. It was luckily more vivid. I opened my bedroom door, and saw that the wooden floor whom is normally darkbrown, turned in lightbrown. The corridor became much bigger... Our house has became bigger. It was really cool I tried to change my appearance, but that didn't work lol. So I decided to try it again later. I suddenly walked into a hairdresser, and decided to cute my hair a little there. After that, there were some weird men. Me and my sister read some weird documents, and it was probably forbidden to read them, because it where secrets. My sister continued to read them, while I already saw some shady people walking towards us. I tried to get my sister to flee with me, but she continued to read them, and it was already too late to run. They already stood before us. They took the documents from my sister's hands, and took them with them. They looked at me a bit scaryxD but I decided to leave that, and walked away with my sister.
      At the end of the dream, I wanted to try flying, because I am really difficult with it. I never manage to fly. Even though other people could. So in the living room, I practiced flying. My sister sat, and watched me. I jumped and it didn't work so well. (is it really, because I find it hard to believe? But if I can turn night into day, tan I can also fly. So I believed in it as much as I could, like I did with my other things, and jumped in the air. I could fly a little, but floated pretty fast to the ground. Maybe I have to think of happiness, and a lot of believe, and than I can fly? Peter Pan said so in the movie... So I thought of a lot of things that makes me happy, and believed in it. It worked! I could fly, but....I soon woke up after I managed to fly, and it was already morning at that.

      It was a fun experience, and I hope to do more in my dreams!!!❤❤❤❤❤
      I defenitely try SSILD again.
    10. Meeting Dexter -Lucid Dream

      by , 01-09-2017 at 06:12 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      Notes: dream starts off non lucid with parasitic monsters, afterwards I meet Dexter. Later, school nightmare

      Dexter: young skinny black male, with a giant fro, dressed like a nerd

      Parasitic Monsters
      Im inside a large building with multiple floors. On the first floor, there was a slaughter taking place. There were these parasitic alien monster creatures. I don't remember what they look like, only that once they take a host body the host only has moments before they horrifically die. Soldiers were trying to contain the situation, but all I remember were panicked shouts and gunfire.

      Me and a few others try to escape the battlefield by going to one of the upper floors. We were in the upper floors for awhile when we noticed it was quiet again outside. Is the battle over? We go back to the first floor. There was only one parasite left. Right before our eyes, it takes the form of a young blonde woman.

      She acts like she has no idea that she's actually a parasite alien in human form. She tries to talk friendly with us and just wants to know where she is. We sorta run from her! Not understanding, she runs with us. We try to act coy around her, see if we can get away without her realizing what were doing.

      We all sneak into an elevator and watch the doors close with her on the otherside. She quickly wedges her hands between the door and enters the elevator. Her expression is cross! Some of us step outside the elevator, still trying to act coy. But then they decide thats too obvious and step back in. The scene was dumb and just seems to go back and forth.

      First we go up to the top most floor, but realizing we can't do anything up here we quickly change plans and go back down to the first floor. The parasite girl is still with us and I feel she's starting to figure it out.

      As soon as the elevator doors open on the first floor I bolt! Im racing towards the windows. The building was wierd here! The wall was glass, so I can see the happy green courtyard on the other side. Beneath the glass was a strip of stone wall, it had cut out shapes that acted like windows. I jump through the cut out shape into the courtyard. I drop my heavy backpack on the ground and run past some soldiers standing guard. I decide I'm thirsty, so I go back to my backpack for a quick sip of water.

      The parasite girl is exiting the building with everyone else! I run past the guards and start to fly away, flying over the stone walls and a canopy.

      Once I flew above the canopy, the dream scene changed. As I was flying low to the ground, I noticed a young man also flying. He turns to face me and I somehow recognize him. He's a young black man, skinny with a huge fro. He seems to recognize me too. Seeing him makes me lucid.

      I have a false memory of meeting him with a group of other dreamers, he introduced himself as "Dexter!"

      "That's right, I told everyone my name but no one told me theirs"

      "I'm Cindy"

      I'm convinced Dexter is another dreamer, so I follow him around and harass him. "What's your last name?"

      But he says something paranoid about giving out personal information. So instead of his last name, he gives me a bunch of numbers. We walk into a closet? He gets out a piece of paper and writes out the numbers. His facebook account number? And a password? I was able to remember the numbers.......for a moment.

      When we walk out the closet were in some place that looks like an antique shop, but then I realize its all nerd merchandise. Dexter himself looks like the biggest nerd of all. He asks me if I like one of my pokemons. I tell him I barely play the game!

      I think about inviting him to my local anime chapter, but then I get the impression that he lives in some other state.

      Dexter seemed busy, that or he was trying to ignore me by looking at all the items. He walks out into a garden and pays attention to all of its details. But I'm still harassing him. "I can't remember those numbers. It doesn't even make sense to give me numbers, you should know most people can't remember numbers like that."

      He turns around and smiles and says "Water boy. Dexter Water Boy" I assumed that was a nick name having something to do with avatar. He laughs and begins to tell me a story "About numbers, there was this one time I was trying to acquire information in a dream, like espionage........"

      But I drifted awake right then. I woke up just a few minutes before my intended alarm for WBTB. I was awake for a good while after, probably too long. Id given up on doing a WILD and just passed out instead.

      School Nightmare X1000
      I wake up into a false awakening, where I get up and get ready. I'm late for my college classes! Except, I can't remember what classes I'm taking, what's the class room, or what time! How many weeks has school been in session? How many weeks have I missed? Am I failing? I don't remember doing my homework or projects.

      Mom asks me if I'm almost ready to go, "another minute!" I'm trying to figure out how the hell I can log into the school website and figure out what I'm supposed to do. But I dont remember my password!

      Should I just go to school and see if I can just figure it out?

      Then a thought forms in my head and slowly surfaces "The reason I can't remember my classes is.......I'm not enrolled this semester. I don't have classes. Of course I don't have classes, I'm a graduate!"

      then I wake up for real this time
    11. 1/09/17

      by , 01-09-2017 at 04:59 PM
      Multiple false awakenings and paralysis made for one hell of a night. Enjoy the terror I just went through to make it easier, since everything runs together, I bold the spots where I have a false awakening and my commentary when I'm awake will be in italics

      I don't really remember the dream leading up to this point, but I remember getting ready for bed. My boyfriend's already asleep on his side, and I've got an unknown person (I knew him in the dream, but I dont know who it was now) sitting on my side, leaving just enough room for me to lay between them and my boyfriend.

      Instead of getting in on the side, I decide that it makes sense to crawl into bed from the bottom. I'm halfway up the bed, and I see a small shadowed figure flicker in front of me. I remember saying, "Oh hell no, that's it for me. I'm done," and I wake myself up. I reflect on what a weird dream that was, sitting up in the dark in bed to gather my thoughts. The end unsettled me, so I was trying to calm down.

      I'm just beginning to lay down when I feel the bed shift from behind me (my back is to the side of the bed, I'm facing my boyfriend). I immediately think cat just as a hand grabs my upper shoulder. I let out a squeak of alarm and jolt awake. And of course, I've got some sleep paralysis going. I rarely ever experience this, so it's making me panic. I'm trying not to. I'm struggling to keep my eyes open, and I want to move to keep myself awake, but I can't. I try to call out to my boyfriend but I can't talk.

      I get this slow, cold dread that trickles through me because I'm realizing there's a good chance I'm not actually awake again. I have no way to confirm if I am or not. I want to force myself to stay away but I just can't. I feel the bed moving again, like someone crawling from the end of the bed up to me, and I throw myself into panic overdrive.

      I jerk awake and though this time I'm sure I'm awake, I still can't move. I can barely keep myself awake but at this pint I know if I fall asleep I'm right back where I left off and I don't want that. I slowly, slowly come out of the paralysis and I roll over. I get up and check the light in the bathroom (my reality check is to make sure lights stay on when I turn them on. It's always my tip off, more to let me know if I'm in a false awakening over lucidity). It works, thank god. I'm exhausted but terrified to sleep.

      I finally make my way back to the room. I lay down, and toss and turn for a good ten or fifteen minutes. I shut my eyes and try to drift off a few times but keep rolling over. I lay on my stomach and hide my face in my pillow and really do my best to sleep.

      Again, I roll over. Damnit, I thought I was asleep, and I'm still just lying here. I've had it. I don't feel very good, and I'm going crazy just laying here. I untangle myself from my blankets, and pet my cat for a few moments, since he's lying on the end of my bed. As I put my feet over the edge to stand up I turn on my bedside light. It flickers and turns off and I have half a second to panic and think "oh no, oh my god I'm asleep" when hands grab my ankle and I scream, jolting myself awake and also waking my boyfriend.

      He's not mad, he understands I'm terrified at this point. He motions me to come over, and I do. I scramble back and lay down, my back to him. He wraps his arms over me and hugs me tight, reassuringly. The man from my first dream is back, but again I know him, and to me it makes sense that he's there (still no idea who he was). He sees I'm terrified and he lays down, facing me, and hugs me too.

      I shut my eyes and try to fall back asleep. The bed trembles like someone's running over the mattress. My eyes snap open and with no warning about 3 or four hands and arms wrap around me. One around my neck, one around my waist, one around my lower legs, and one like, goes up the leg of my shorts and comes out the waistband, and at once they all haul me back to my side of the bed, telling me something along the lines of "you aren't waking up again".

      I wake up into paralysis again but the terror is so great I manage to whimper out half my boyfriend's name before it completely takes over. He doesn't wake up (jerk) and I'm stuck laying right where I was when the demons were dragging me. I am terrified, I have no idea if I'm awake or not and no way to tell. I'm trying desperately to keep myself awake and I can't. I want to keep myself awake until the paralysis wears off so I can check the lights, but I keep dozing. At this point I'm not sure if I've already fallen back asleep or if this was just me being paranoid and scared, but I remember dozing and then jerking my eyes open again when I felt my bed begin to shift, like someone was crawling on it. I thought I was awake, because my mind was like, "no this isn't happening. Things like this only happen in your dreams", but now I don't know if I was actually awake or not.

      Finally the paralysis wears off, and I'm scrambling up. It's morning and light's coming in from the window. My boyfriend is gone, in his place are my mom and my uncle, and WWE diva Alicia Fox (who is apparently my best friend, even though she's not even one of the diva's I actually like...). I tell my mom, "It's happening again. The false awakenings are getting worse" and she and my uncle share a look.

      "The demon's are trying to take you," my mom explains. "If you hadn't woken up when you did, they would have dragged your soul from your body and you wouldn't have been able to wake up."

      "What do they want from me?" I ask, following the three of them to the living room. My uncle turns to look at me.

      "We don't know. But you'e not falling back asleep. We're sending Andrew (my older cousin) instead. He'll ask them what they want."

      This strikes me as really stupid and dangerous, and I shake my head.

      "No. I need to be the one to go." Mom and my uncle try to argue with me and I don't let them. "They obviously want me, and they want me alive. If they wanted me dead they would have killed me. And if we send Andrew instead of me, they'll kill him. Let me go."

      As we're having an argument over who's going, Alicia goes and hooks herself up to this machine that induces dreaming. Straps with little sensors on them go around her waist, wrists, and ankles, and a cap goes on her head. She's standing in my room (now with no beds, just this contraption) hooked to this thing, and her dream is broadcast on TV monitors.

      She confronts the demons. They need me for something (no idea what) and Alicia wants to go in my place. They tell her she isn't good enough and she gives this huge, long speech about how she can handle whatever they throw at her, etc. At one point she rips off the sensor around her waist (that was apparently holding her in place) and throws it down in defiance. This turns into a promo for her for wrestling. There's a crowd of fans watching her, and as she stands up to them the crowd starts chanting "Lisa! Lisa! Lisa!"

      Apparently that's for her, and her parents (standing with me watching her) cry with happiness that the crowd loves her. The wrestling show ends and the crowd leaves. I'm walking to my car (because now it's at an arena, not my apartment) and I see two divas I actually do care about. They're playing basketball and their ball gets away from them. I get excited because now I get to hand it to them and meet them, but when I turn, they're already walking away and someone else takes the ball.

      The divas meet my eye, and I give them a sad smile. This morphs into me going on a picnic with a whole car full of WWE Divas and the last memory I have is taking off my watch and laughing with two of them as I slowly wake up.

      As I said sleep paralysis is really uncommon for me. I can count on one hand the number of times I've experienced it. I dont know if it counts having that paralysis in a false awakening but it was really weird now that I think back on it.

      EDIT: As I've been thinking over the dream throughout the day, I remember a few pieces I've left out. We're having really bad wind here right now (category 2 hurricane force winds) and I remember I was really worried about my bird feeder. One of my false awakenings had me waking up and going out to the balcony to check on it. It was broken, and I remember trying to get the broken piece from under our patio furniture when someone/something made me rush back inside and leave it for morning.

      I remember at one point as well explaining to my mom, uncle, and Alicia that I knew this was a dream that we were in right now because the lights wouldn't stay on. Alicia asked why that mattered and I gave a lengthy explanation about reality checks and how this was mine, how it worked, and then said, "it isn't gonna work this time though because one, I need some more sleep, and two, we're in the middle of something."

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    12. 5th January 2017 Long Vivid Dream Turns Into a Memorable Lucid (with pics)

      by , 01-06-2017 at 04:13 AM

      I woke very exhilarated from this dream and had motivation to do an online DJ entry with pictures once again.

      Thu, 05 Jan 2017:

      Start in packed restaurant or similar, commotion outside, peek out blinds, 2 cars stopped yelling at each other, one with several Latinos and one several African Americans. They speed off down the street dangerously.

      I pull out my phone and have the description of one car: a turquoise Subaru hatch/wagon. Friend tells me I should text the info to (telephone #) instead of 911. I start to punch in the telephone number but then I realize I may be forgetting part of the description for the vehicles. Seems to be a campus security text #. Makes sense since 911 will be not go to local police directly. Shortly after we walk to a campus eating place with windows and all eating outside, safe? One of the guys says it is safe and that he actually works here sometimes , a campus job I guess. Girl Friday arrives.

      Transition to us walking in a dream neighborhood that definitely feels familiar from dreams, with neighbor house to the right. Also becomes (Current neighborhood)-like then dorm-like. Inside big house at some point.

      Girl Friday flirting, sweet, takes me in another room to show me some lime green clothing-something. She removes her outer shirt, should I turn around. I feel a little boldness to keep looking on and do so. Did she want to show me those socks that seem to be lime green? "A" arrives and shows me his T-shirt with a print on it and I notice my
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      penis peeking out of my pants from prior erection with Girl Friday situation and I get a little cum on his T-shirt or sweatshirt while I was looking at it and I try to wipe it off on my shirt before he notices.
      Mr CL comes in and seems to greet us with a hug as we're in kind of a lounging position perhaps in bed or on a couch. Up and moving around the house, I can see clearly through neighbor's windows, a sexy neighbor lady. Maybe I can see something sexy as I see her across the way, walking around several different times during the dream, through their windows. We also have many windows looking out.

      3 neighbor ladies wearing outfits that are a cross between lingerie and maid costumes.

      I have an FA: I think to myself, I'll go back to sleep and be bold and lucid. Yep! Several different Asian college couples are having sex in different rooms. I warn my son who is walking in the direction of the couples having sex and say something like "they're doing what I guess you college kids do" and he laughed it off and keeps walking. Those 3 ladies from earlier are having some kind of sexy costume time interacting in flirty poses. I see a door between the two houses and
      I feel strong boldness and realize I'm dreaming and go through the door and when I get to the room the three ladies are lounging in bed, two of them sitting up near the front of the bed

      and before I go any further I do look at my hand for a little bit to make sure I am actually dreaming and not breaking into my neighbor's house. My hand looks normal at first so I look again and sure enough 6 fingers. I have the first lady on the left
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      give me a bj
      (schema edit; nice mental control achieved) and then
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      intercourse. She is not excited enough so I switch to sex with the one to her right and straight to intercourse.
      Part way through I realize her
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      panties are still partially in the way, then I take off her panties
      after considering just magically swiping them away and then continue
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      sex some more. Walking around house with my penis in hand and in a rectangular device. The 2nd lady I was having sex with
      transitioned to this rectangular device. Many people and family are around and I think that this is a good chance to show how lucid I am but then I have second thoughts and want to be sure and do my hand RC again before doing anything cray in front of everyone. I don't recall much more after the RC before waking.
    13. Demonic possesion

      , 01-04-2017 at 11:39 AM
      So it all starded with a hole in the wall in a never seen before room, not really a hole but a large piece of top layer wall missing. Anyway someone was with me, almost seemed like a father, and me and him started digging through the wall tearing out pieces for some reason. on the other side there was a huge space inbetween the two walls, it was lit by sunlight and was filled with concrete rubble like 30 feet below the wall hole (which wasn't that big), I didn't go in but the guy did by climbing down a chain on the wall. After that my inexistent little brother came behind me and said something horribly strange, he seemed to be like 5. I ran out of the room into another never seen before room. I told my never seen before mom and she took him to the middle of the never seen before living room and did somekind of excersism with milk, but before she could say anything I threw myself down and let satan use my mouth, words came out I don't understand. My sister in real life after the dream said i was yelling strange things. next thing I know i wake up from that dream super frightened but oddly at peace in another dream, but I could see through the walls and I saw my real big brother close the door to his old room which is mine now. the door was only hanging by the bottom hinge and this was very evident. He then walked into the never seen before bedroom I was in (where the bathroom should be) and said mom wanted me. He then left and I was in the dark again, I called my dog Ruger (who is extremely important to me and ALWAYS at my side) and didn't come, I got up and felt around with my feet, I found him but there was two of him! I went downstairs and asked my mom about it and she said it was a gift. I woke up to that dream calling Ruger's name. I got up and found my sister who doesn't live here sleeping on the couch. I went to the car for soda but couldn't find one, so i got a glass of water instead. shortly after the door I came out of slammed OPEN and the dogs went crazy, right after that I sat down and began writing this article on an unfamiliar site. Please, please explain this, my dogs are still growling and barking. Also may I add i've been getting extra freaked out of the thought of demons in my house, just typing that word makes me scared. I live in an old house built in the 1800s that was owned by the church for a long time. I'm really, truly freaked the fuck out. It also felt like it was a lucid dream but wasn't, like I was making concious decisions unwillingly...

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    14. ~Dreamer~ - lucid

      by , 12-29-2016 at 12:47 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I become lucid. I decide to attempt to create a persistent world. I shut my eyes and attempt to 'move out' of my dreamworld. I fail. Thunder crackles. I open my eyes and I see an ancient woman with a wrinkled face yell at me. I am terrified. She has dull purple eyes. I recognize her as an ancient ~Dreamer~ My fear disappears. I attempt to wake and go through a near infinite sequence of lucid FAs.
    15. False Awakening: Dream Journal Search

      by , 12-24-2016 at 04:56 PM
      My bedroom is filled with bright light. I am looking for my dream journal and pen. I am rummaging through the nightstand drawer beside my bed but can't locate them. My wife is asleep beside me and I'm trying not wake her. A clock on the nightstand says "32" in red digits. A classic dream sign, but I don't catch it. I get out of bed and flip a switch on the wall. It turns on the TV. I thought this was odd, but it still wasn't enough to register lucidity. The large window by the French doors leading to the bathroom is wide open, with bright light radiating into the bedroom. White curtains hang tied up and motionless on the inside. I notice the light on the outside goes off when I turn the lights off in the room. I'm still looking for my DJ; I need to jot down a dream within a dream.

      At this point I sense Marissa stirring in bed. I am laying beside her again. All the commotion with me getting up and turning on the TV and rummaging through the drawer has disturbed her. She is waking up now. As she sits up bed, I too awaken. I am in my bed, the room is dark and familiar, and my wife is sleeping soundly beside me. I do several reality checks to confirm I am no longer dreaming. Dreamt 12/7/2016

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