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    1. Short lucids.

      by , Yesterday at 04:04 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I hate working hard to have lucids only to be lucid for 2 seconds long!


      Me and Raven remove a Dark energy Symbiont from Bjork. We heal her with music. She apologizes to me and promises to keep the dreams with me a little less. There is forgiveness on both sides. Yay!

      Dog walking

      I was walking my dog in a weird landscape. Some guy emerges from a cave/underpass and warns me not to walk ahead because it's too difficult to travel through. I walk down into where he said, It's a weird pit that looks scary but I find a neat set of stairs up. I go up them and find a bunch of underground walkways to explore. Me and my dog walk through it until the dream ends.

      After work

      I'm in the office at work but it's like 3 times as big. I'm leafing through files then R an J walk in. they don't seem to care that I'm in their office. I go outside and find a seat to sit down on. Xereniak is there and we talk, but I forget about what. R walks out she smiles at me and says, "Okay crew get to work on blah blah blah" Sounded like difficult work. Xereniak leaves and I wonder why I am sitting there and not working. I realize my shift must have ended.


      Asuka brings me upstairs and gives me martial arts gloves for some reason. They look very sporty. I put them on and she leaves. I begin practicing the opening moves to a kung fu form. It feels weird in the gloves. I practice for a while until the dream ends.

      She's Stalking me

      Data convinces me to hover outside my one window. He says He's going to tell Asuka I just had a false awakening in that room. When she comes in I'm supposed to jump in through the window and surprise/scare her. sounds like fun.

      I wait... someone is flying nearby. I look and see Bjork hovering a distance away. My dream awareness isn't that great and just thinks, "pretty lady I know and like... CHASE!" So I fly after her. she looks guilty and zips through a portal like she wasn't supposed to be spotted. I fly after her but she is gone. I'm by a house A man is outside who I recognize as her boyfriend. I ask where she went. He said she just left and he looked sad. While I ponder if he meant she just left his house, or she left him? I wake up.

      After WBTB.

      Forgotten lucid

      Became lucid somewhere but forgot what happened after.

      Black Jesus

      I'm in a house with a bunch of people. Jesus is there but he's black and has short black hair, he's also wearing a suit. I find it odd he would look like that. I become lucid and go over to touch him. I do and he looks surprised. I can feel insurmountable energy inside him that feels foreign. It intensifies and knocks me out of the dream.

      Fa, I'm in bed with that spider thing again minus Bjork and the dark energy. It doesn't seem to be doing much harm. I'm wondering why it's still around.

      Dark Tower

      Me and Asuka are watching an early version of The Dark Tower starring Idris elba. She says, "Look there he is," and The Gunslinger is crouching in the desert sneaking up on someone.

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    2. first lucid since back -2 May TOTM´s

      by , 05-26-2017 at 10:50 AM
      i finally managed to get lucid in a low effort way since i am back from india. the last days i even had problems remembering dreams at all...
      even tho the lucid was nothing too special it felt like coming back. "wow i can do everything again, what to pick...?!"

      after several awakings this morning where i was struggling with recall i finally had a short clear dreamlet after waking with which i could work. i evaluated the dream and what was odd and where i should have become lucid and felt asleep again:

      i find myself in a car ride. the driver uses a headset that is connected to something similar like a walkman but more futuristic and fancy. i assume he is learning a new language and listening to lectures. but he doesnt repeat or say anything. we park in a garage and i ask him what language he is learning. he tells me the name and i dont know the language at all. i talk to someone else? who tells me it is exactly the same language like English? or something. i move away and find myself in a building.
      i pass a Pinboard and notice our workplan. i pin it off the wall and wonder why it is here because i am in a unknown place in a different city or something? i approach a guy and talk shortly about the piece of paper i hold in my hands. he says something odd and goes away. this triggers my lucidity and i do a nosepinch. i turn around and have the TOTMS immediately in my head.
      first i want to find my smartphone. i move around a corner and expect the phone to be there. just 2 feet away from the first place i look i notice my phone on the floor. i pick it up and do the standard waking move: turn on the display to see the time. the display turns on and it looks like my typical background but where normally the clock would be there is just empty space. it doesnt bother me. now i need someone to call me. i shortly hold it in my hands and see if someone calls but i dont try hard enough because three girls approach me. for some reason i just ask one of the girls if they could call me. she nods. but then the thought strikes me... "you need my number right?" i take her phone and dial my number. at the end there is no button call but continue. i hit that button and give her phone back. at that point i already think that this might not be the right approach to get the task done but i go with the flow now.
      i feel like it would be stupid to stand next to her so i walk away around a corner into a room. on the way i notice some other rooms. they look like offices but for some reason there is a lot of women cloths like bras and underwear and stuff. so i move into a normal looking room and then hold the phone to my ear. i hear no ringing. for some reason i feel like jumping of the balcony head first straight down to the ground. i enjoy the feeling of acceleration. i still hold the phone to my ear and suddenly hear a voice. we talk shortly some nonsense like: "hey whats up" and "i come back to you". i start flying and fly up back to the balcony. i enter the building again and now one girl is standing around. i cant tell if she is one of the three from before. we walk back and i ask or tell her that i found it weird that there is so much cloths stuff in those offices? we approach one and there is a hot babydoll. i ask her if she could wear it and she agrees in general. i think that it might need to long to change her cloth that i would loose precious dreamtime but on the other hand there probably would be a shortcut for this. for some reason we agree on not changing cloths and i remind the other task i want to get done.
      i tell her i look for my glasses and start looking around on the ground. i also put one hand in her pocket to see if it is maybe there. i see something similar like my glasses on the ground but its just a pattern of the floor what i find interesting because it looks like a optical illusion. i continue looking around and shortly after i find my waking life glasses on the ground. i notice that i already wear a pair of glasses (i can see a light frame around my visual field) i put on the glasses and i have slightly the feeling of seeing a litte sharper than before but the effect is maginal. [sadly i expected this effect already because i wear glasses in waking life so for me glasses make me see better. i might test this with a different pair of glasses like sunglasses or a "special" pair of glasses] . i see a guy standing on a closet. he says something. i approach him and intend to push him thru the wall behind him. i push him and he phases thru the wall the feet still on our side. i explain to the girl that it was nothing bad and that it didnt hurt him. that is cool i can not only phase myself thru stuff but also others, good to know.
      now there are no goals left. so what to do? i find myself on a street. i think about to visit a desert and some pyramids. i had some medium success with flying and phasing thru several buildings and with this "teleport" or change the dreamscenery completely. i think about if i really need to want to visit a special place or if i just can make one up and fly there. i look around and see a plane. i remember some old TOTMS and decide to fly in direction of the plane. i pass thru some trees with not too much space in between them and i worry what might be behind them. and fair enough behind the trees there is only dense fog and nothing to see. i decide to fly straight to the ground and fly through the earth and come out on the opposite side. i cant see anything so i concentrate on the sound of acceleration and the feeling. everything gets darker and at some point i feel like i should be through and flying "up" again and suddenly i see some buildings around me. i walk shortly and decide to fly on a balcony. while i start flying and feel slightly problems with flying i feel like waking up but i dont fight it
      and just awake happy with my latest lucid dream that hooked me again to invest a little more effort in getting lucid and doing cool goals.
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    3. Dawn

      by , 05-25-2017 at 05:37 PM
      I was playing melee with my brother and in it you would get points for jumping and landing on the small island playforms in the sky. I managed to do it many times with DK as we fought but than I became lucid and left the room. My brother than shouted "vampire!" and bit me in the neck. I pushed him away and as I hurried away told him never to do that again.

      Next I ended up non lucid and walked into the street. As I got in the car I told my mom to hurry up but than suddenly two guys jumped in the front seats and locked the door. "Good thing we got the keys" one of them said as they began to drive away with me. I kept trying to unlock it but couldn't. I contemplated calling my mom but than they would see me. I than felt like breaking the car window but it was impossible. They than drove me around the corner and into an alleyway, next to a red building. After worrying about them killing me there I became lucid. "I can go through the car!" I shouted than went through it than into the building.

      I ended up walking into a school lab where steven universe characters were secretly alive and Rebecca Sugar was the evil genius contemplating how to use them against society. I wasn't lucid as much there.

      Skipping that part I exited the place non lucid and bumped into a boy who wanted to give me a free yellow textbook from his bag. It was raining though and his books in his bag got wet. I tried to tell him to forget it but he brushed it off with a laugh. Next his friend who was also a guy ran him into the ground to hug him. He laughed, hugged him than pushed him off. Somehow another book ended up on the street. I gave it to him than went on my way.

      It stopped raining and I found a girl jogging home and singing. I saw her before so I ran behind her playfully as I was going to race her. She smiled, said hi, than kept running home. I stopped at a street light than waited to cross impatient since it was now dark. Right when I crossed a truck was turning. It tipped over than a man approached me to tell me it was my fault in Spanish. I said no than hurried away. It got to be afternoon again where I heard a guy mention he was going to get his neck shaved. He went into a woman's barber/hair salon and I kept going my way.

      I ended up on a narrow street that was interesting in layout. The color on the ground was like a golden rocky color. Next I touched the side of a platform to find sticky blood.Lucid now I kept walking noticing a fence than saw Dawn with another anime character. They were dressed in white robes and were searching the area to clear an entity. Seeing my panties on lines I felt uncomfortable though."Do you have to attract it with my panties?" I asked. I just got a serious stare so I said nvm. I managed to catch the entity with a small white staff than the other guy with Dawn grabbed onto it with his staff until we broke the blue entity and he snapped in pieces.
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    4. The Healing of Sméagol

      by , 05-24-2017 at 05:13 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-19

      The Healing of Sméagol

      I am on a rocky path at the top of a very steep stairway, almost like a ladder. I see Frodo and Sméagol off to the side whispering about something while Sam is trying to pull himself up the last few steps to flat ground. I reach down and give Sam a hand, helping him up the last couple steps. Frodo and Sam both want a break, Sméagol wants to keep going. I ask Sméagol if he wouldn’t like some food first. He says he is starving, but can’t eat nasty food from the elves. I tell him I can give him a nice, big, juicy fish… Sméagol drools a bit so I have my Penticon computer function as a Star Trek replicator and I replicate a large fresh trout. I hand Sméagol the fish and he seems as happy as a dog with a bone and tears into the fish raw, much to Sam’s disgust.

      I ask what Sam wants. He sarcastically answers, saying he wants a big bowl of beef stew with lots of fresh vegetables and potatoes and a big hunk of fresh bread with butter and an apple tart for dessert and a pint of good ale to wash it all down. I can tell he is not really expecting it, so I welcome him to the only five star inn of Mordor, The Flying Raven. I have my Penticon replicate exactly what he asked for on a small table for easier eating. I ask what Frodo wants, he just says he can’t remember the taste of good food any longer. I hesitate, then replicate the same thing for him as Sam asked for. Sam stares in shock for a bit and then starts eating. Frodo eats as well, and says he is grateful, but doesn’t seem to get any enjoyment out of the meal like Sam clearly does. After they’re done eating I ask how much water they have. Sam says not much, can I create that, too? Yes. I take their water skins and use the Harry Potter spell Aguamenti to fill them both with fresh cool water. Sam says he’s never even seen Gandalf create food and drink like that! We continue on our way and finally come to a tunnel. In there is where I will have to heal Sméagol, I’ll do it in there so it will be less likely to be seen by enemies.

      I follow everyone into the tunnel, which smells like all of the worst things I have ever smelled all rolled into one. The passages are dark, but I can see with my night vision. I follow until there is a fork in the tunnel and neither Frodo nor Sam know which way to go. Frodo calls out to Sméagol but there is no answer. Then the thing starts coming out of the dark passage. A huge spider, coming straight for the two hobbits. It’s Shelob. I go right up to the big ugly spider and, in a commanding tone, tell her that under no circumstances is she to lay fang or stinger or web on either of those two hobbits. No go back to your lair and you can feed later. Shelob stops, seems to consider briefly or maybe resist obeying, but then disappears quickly back down the passage. I tell the hobbits to go ahead, and when they reach the wall of web to cut it with Sting, I have to go find Sméagol. Sam says he wants to pay Gollum back for his treachery, I tell him that’s not the idea at all and head off down a different passage to find Sméagol.

      I leave the hobbits and go deeper into the caves, just trusting my instinct to lead me to Sméagol. The smell is getting so bad that I want to vomit, I wonder how Sméagol can stand it. I find him near an exit to the outside, looking out through a passage. I approach him, and he says I’m nasty and I’m ruining everything before retreating back into the caves. I follow him and catch up with him in a larger chamber. I focus on the song Touch My Heart from the Devil Hunter Yohko soundtrack. Light energy fills the chamber and flows through Sméagol. After it’s done he looks disoriented, but not harmed. I follow that up by using Of Wolf and Man by Metallica. “I feel a change, back to a better day. Shape shift, hair stands on the back of my neck! Shape shift, in wildness is the preservation of the world, so seek the wolf in thyself!” The energy again surrounds Sméagol, this time his physical form changes into a form that could only be a hobbit. He looks very surprised and confused. He asks what has happened. I feel like I am about to wake up. I tell Sméagol not to worry, I’m going to disappear but I will be back as fast as I can. Everything fades as I wake.
    5. A burst of lucidity

      by , 05-23-2017 at 09:41 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I can't remember much, but I had some false awakenings which made me become lucid, but it caused me to transition through layers of false awakenings and occasionally actually waking up and going back to sleep. In one FA, I knew I was dreaming and got up from my bed, but my dad was also theree and he asked why I'm moving around weirdly. I checked my hand and saw that I had five fingers. If only I remembered me and my dad are in different continents...
      lucid , false awakening
    6. Search for Asuka

      by , 05-22-2017 at 11:13 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-19

      Search for Asuka

      I am in an amusement park with my mom and my brother John. We are waiting in line for a ride, it seems we have been waiting forever. We finally get up to be next and one of the cars pulls up to the platform. There are three seats there, perfect for the three of us. John gets on, then my mom, but when I was going to get on a bear comes from behind me, walking upright like a human, and takes my seat on the ride. My mom says I’ll just have to catch the next one. I’m annoyed that there is a bear taking my seat. The ride leaves and I walk away from it, passing two more bears who are next in line. I wander through the amusement park for a bit to find a ride I will go on by myself. I find a hall of mirrors and I decide to go in there.

      As I am walking into the hall of mirrors I see a man waiting at the entrance for me. I immediately recognize the man as MoSh. He asks if I think she is somewhere inside this maze. I ask who. He says Asuka, of course. Isn’t that why we’re here? So we go into the hall of mirrors and start looking around. The first thing I notice is the mirrors don’t reflect either MoSh or me. But they reflect each other in an infinity of mirrors which is quite disoriented. It’s hard to see where the paths are, so we make our way through it like blind people, groping our way with our hands. After making our way through the hall of mirrors for a while we find an exit. The exit leads to a large garden, a beautiful garden. There are many colorful flowers and green bushes and I hear water flowing somewhere nearby. I look around and MoSh wanders off a bit, then he says he sees her. I look in the direction MoSh is looking and I see a Japanese woman in a kimono. It’s Asuka.

      MoSh and I head over to see Asuka, there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with her. But as we are passing a hedge the thing attacks us! I see MoSh has a sword and he cuts the vines reaching for us. I use an Alex Mercer blade arm to cut more vines reaching for me. After a bit of pruning we get to where Asuka is. MoSh asks her where she’s been, she says she’s been here in the garden. MoSh says this isn’t her garden, though. Asuka seems disoriented as if she was on drugs or something. I look at some flowers that Asuka had been tending and getting too close to them makes me feel a bit light headed. Those must be there to keep Asuka drugged so she doesn’t try to leave. I tell Asuka she’ll feel better once she’s back in her own garden. She looks puzzled, but says ok. I focus on Through the Never and on getting to MoSh’s inner world. The portal opens and all three of us go through. Asuka says she feels sleepy and would like to rest. I figure the drug needs to wear off. MoSh takes her to a bedroom to rest, everything around me fades and I wake up.
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    7. Distracting the Eye of Sauron

      by , 05-22-2017 at 11:07 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-18

      Distracting the Eye of Sauron

      I am in a place I don’t recognize, standing on the top of a hill with numerous warriors all decked out in battle armor with swords and spears ready for action. I look around and see a few familiar faces, I see Gandalf, Aragorn, and Boromir around me. Several people step forward and call out the Dark Lord for crimes against Gondor, I go with them. An ugly man comes out through the cracked gate on an even uglier horse. He calls himself the mouth of Sauron and basically starts talking shit about everyone there. I can’t help it… I say he sounds more like the ass of Sauron with all the shit he’s spewing. He looks at me but is silent for a bit as if not sure what to say. He then sees Gandalf and starts talking shit again, presenting Gandalf with Frodo’s gear taken when he was temporarily captured. Pippin jumps out and looks afraid, so I quickly whisper to him that no, the enemy doesn’t have Frodo or Sam, I can’t prove it now, but I know it to be true. He remains silent as Gandalf rejects some very unreasonable demands for the release of the alleged prisoner and takes Frodo’s things, supposedly to remember him by.

      The ugly mouth / ass of Sauron turns and rides quickly back to the large black gates as they swing open wide, and hordes of enemies start flooding through the gate and from the surrounding mountains both from in front of and behind us. Our forces are completely surrounded. I quick tell Gandalf that I’m going to drop an Immortal Fire right in the middle of our warriors to force the enemies back, but our people needn’t worry, the fire won’t burn any but those with black hearts. I then make my way to the center of the group, figuring to give our people some breathing room. “And suddenly the unreal silence is broken by a lament... a lament coming up from the deepest, darkest abyss. And from the seven gates of the dark fortress the dead come back to life to face them! This is hell...” Light energy erupts all around me now, getting the attention of those nearest me. Aragorn is telling them my fire won’t burn them, only those with dark hearts. “Immortal fire now rise, light my heart, light my way through the darkness, a guardian of space and time!” The energy explodes out from my position, not touching any of the warriors of Gondor and Rohan, but blasting away at the enemies with the force of an atomic bomb. I put all the energy into it that I can, take out all the enemies I can and definitely attract the attention of the giant red eye of Sauron.

      After the Immortal Fire finishes I see there are no longer any enemies very close to our people. There are still plenty of enemies out there, but at least for the moment they seem to be keeping their distance. I am wondering what may be next when I see large shapes flying in the sky, coming our way. Everyone seems to be a bit freaked out as they see there are three dragons heading our way. But our people have nothing to worry about, two of the dragons, a blue one and a red one, attack the enemy armies, and the third dragon, a Blue Eyes White Dragon, swoops down and plucks me up and pikas at me as he sets me on his back. I see the other dragons from up here, and I see one of them has a man on its back, that’s MoSh! I wonder how he came to be here. As if I’d asked the question aloud, Q speaks in my mind and says he went and brought MoSh back since I wasn’t lucid enough to pick him up on the way. By now the enemies are attacking again, and MoSh and I are diving in on dragons to attack them. Then I see the Nazgul on their winged monsters and engage one of them in a dogfight type maneuver in the sky, me on my Blue Eyes White Dragon against him on his ugly demon steed. We dodge past the dark energy attacks he uses and nail him with light energy lightning. I turn in time to see MoSh is facing off against two Nazgul, the dragon he is on blasts one of them to dust and the other dragon, who is riderless, blasts the other one. I am about to engage another Nazgul, but I don’t get a chance before I wake up.
    8. Successful Sled Ride! (FA-WILD + FA)

      by , 05-22-2017 at 04:43 PM
      Ritual: The new Twin Peaks started last night, so I watched the usual Sunday shows in their second round and didn't get to bed until after 2am. I woke around 7 or 8 and looked at my iPad a bit, enough to wake up my mind, with the usual vague intention to make this into a WBTB, but the only other mental preparation I did was to remind myself that dreaming involves proprioreception, so I should pay attention to my whole body as I fell back asleep. It was 9am when I woke after the dream, which I felt had lasted only a few minutes.

      FA-WILD: During my WBTB, my husband mentioned that he was going to the grocery store this morning, so when I was half-woken by the sound of the garage door, I knew he must have left. This much was evidently a real perception, but right after that, still believing I was half awake, I heard voices. I knew my brother was in his room on the other side of the house, but I couldn't account for the other voices. [DL: My brother lives on the other side of the country, and the room I thought he was in does not exist.] Was he on the phone? But there were several voices, and the sounds of people moving around. Had he invited friends over? Then I recognized one of the voices as that of my maternal grandmother. [DL: She died over twenty years ago.]

      Despite the dreamlogic, these observations did actually make me wonder if I was dreaming the voices, not because of the incongruities that would have been obvious to a waking mind, but only because of my conviction that if my husband just left for the store, then no one else (besides my brother) should be in the house so early in the morning. I tested to see if I was getting any dream imagery, and sure enough, when I partially closed my eyes, the four flaps of a manually closed cardboard box appeared superimposed over the rumpled covers of the bed that I had thought I was seeing with my waking eyes. [DL: In retrospect, is it apparent that everything I observed after hearing the garage door was already in dream, so I was mistaken in believing that I had woken up. My mind was half awake, despite the dream logic, which is what led to the confusion about which perceptions were dreamed and which were real.]

      I realized that if I was already seeing dream imagery, then if I was careful I could probably "get up" out of bed and into the dream just like I do in WILDs. This was easily done. I crossed the room, an accurate likeness of my bedroom, and opened the window to look outside toward what I understood to be my brother's room, on the second floor above the attached shed. [DL: The shed has no second storey.] The ground was covered with snow, and I did recognize that this was incongruous with the current season. It gave me the idea to do the TOTY that I had attempted a couple times earlier, the sled ride.

      The last shot of the final show I watched last night was a woman diving backwards over the edge of a boat to go scuba diving. It made an impression on me because I had only ever dived into water face first, and at the time I had tried to imagine what it would feel like to enter the water that way. Now, as I was about to jump out the window, I decided to do it backwards like a scuba diver. For a moment I felt like I was falling and wondered if I would actually hit the ground, but then the nongravity of dream caught me pleasantly in an inverted arc, and I settled gently to my feet.

      I remembered the last few times I had attempted the sled task, and how I had overcomplicated it to the point where I kept waking up before I could finish. This time I decided I'd better just get it done, even if my solutions weren't elegant. So instead of going to the trouble of finding or manifesting the necessary sled and mountaintop, I just asserted these conditions into existence. I'm on a sled, riding down a mountain. As is typical when I "brute force" things in dream, initially it felt like a fiction, but soon I began to feel plausible sensations of sitting on a sled and sliding down the snowy slope. It was far from my best work, but it sufficed.

      I was sufficiently familiar with the task that before I had even intended it, my sled slipped through an irregular opening like the mouth of a cave, into a wide dark space. But then I wondered if this was good enough—I hadn't read the terms of the task in ages. Would a cave suffice, or did it have to be a proper hole through the surface of the earth? I couldn't remember, so I decided to play it safe and conjured a perfectly round hole, like the sort of thing you might see in a cartoon, just in front of me on the lower floor of the cave. My sled and I slipped right through, and at this point my interest perked up, because I didn't know what to expect, and had not planned or intended anything past this point.

      It was dark down here, and I had no sense of the borders of the space, yet I could see the details nearest me perfectly well in the nonlight of dream. The place felt public and even familiar—familiar as a type rather than a specific location—but I can't think of how to relate it to anything in WL. A "town square" might be the closest analogue, but of course in WL town squares don't tend to be in enormous caverns underground.

      I felt my mind shift over into observation mode and began to take deliberate note of the things I saw, but at the same time I felt really hungry and couldn't resist impulsively tasting everything. [WL: I hadn't eaten much for dinner and had even felt hungry again by the time I went to bed, so this was a genuine bleedthrough sensation.]

      My sled had disappeared in the transition through the hole, so now I was on foot. The first object that I passed, on my left, was a piece of fabric that had been fashioned into the form of an elephant, about about eighteen inches wide. It was attached to the top of a pole stuck in the ground, elevating it to just above waist height. I pulled the fabric elephant off the pole to give it a closer look as I continued to walk. White was the dominant color, but the details were stitched in brightly-hued threads, red and blue and green. The base fabric had a thick pile, almost fur-like, akin to what you might see on a stuffed animal, but the object overall was flat, lightly padded like a thin quilt. My hunger impelled me to take a big bite, and in my mouth it had the taste and texture of a sort of bland taffy. (Tastes are rarely very distinctive in my dreams.) I dropped it and moved on.

      The next object I encountered was also on a waist-high pole, and about the same size as the elephant. This one was made of paper and a bit more three-dimensional—it resembled a large origami fish folded from patterned paper. The taste and texture were even less remarkable, but I was so hungry it felt good to be chewing something.

      As I observed with mild amusement the way my hunger was driving me to try to eat things that didn't even resemble food, the rational part of my mind responded that this being a dream, there was no reason I shouldn't try to eat literally anything I could see. I put this to the test, breaking off random bits of any surface I came across and nibbling on them. One thing I remember distinctly was a table. It was a round table covered by a long, dark-hued tablecloth. I think there was a vase of flowers in the center but otherwise it was bare, so I grabbed a hank of the tablecloth and started noshing on that. I was cramming far more in my mouth than I ever would in WL, but I didn't worry since I knew that this stuff had no real substance.

      I was still in snacking mode when I came across a white-bearded gentleman in a navy blue blazer. The bronze buttons caught my eye, and without so much as saying hello, much less asking permission, I reached out and twisted off the top button, bringing it to my eyes for a closer look. Tiny convex letters around the top spelled out "Bartholomew," and a small human figure occupied the center of the button. "Saint Bartholomew?" I asked the gentleman from whom I had taken the button, while to remember if there was really such a saint or if I was just free associating. [WL: I still wasn't sure so I googled it. Apparently Saint Bartholomew was an apostle, and although I was not consciously aware of that, I suspect the influence of day residue, because in The Leftovers last night several disciples were mentioned, and I've never been able to keep disciples and apostles straight.] The man shook his head, and when I looked again at the button I saw the letters rearrange themselves into the name "Balthus," which seemed to make a bit more sense... in a way that I can't entirely explain. Still hungry, I licked the button. I thought it tasted a bit sour and metallic, a bit like licking a D battery but without the tingle. The bronze button had been darkly tarnished but now gleamed where I had licked it, so I licked it a few more times to polish the highlights. I looked at the letters again and now they read "Ubewiz," a name meant nothing to me, though I thought it sounded vaguely Polish. [DL: I just noticed the symmetry between the verb "polish" and the adjective "Polish," so I suspect dreamlogic lay behind this observation.]

      FA: I woke up (so I thought) and immediately fished my dream journal out of the bottom drawer of my bedside table. [WL: This was a realistic detail, because although usually I keep it right on the table next to the bed, for the past few days it has been in the drawer.] I flipped through it and couldn't find a single blank page, but I didn't want to waste any time so I started writing my notes in the margins. I was jotting down keywords: "Bartholomew, Balthus, Ubewiz," read the first line. Then I included brief notes about the fabric elephant and origami fish. I hadn't gotten very far when I woke up again and realized that I had been taking my initial notes in a false awakening and would have to start over, so once again I pulled my journal out of the drawer and wrote—grateful for the blank page this time—"Bartholomew, Balthus, Ubewiz."
    9. The Battle for Minas Tirith

      by , 05-22-2017 at 04:55 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-18

      The Battle for Minas Tirith

      I am in a place I don’t recognize, on a ridge overlooking a wide open valley on the other side of which is the city of Minas Tirith. The open valley is crammed full of enemy troops including orcs, evil humans, trolls, Uruk Hai, Worgs, and every other manner of evil thing you can imagine. Several Ring Wraiths are soaring over the armies on their demonic steeds. The enemy army looks like it’s thousands or even tens of thousands strong. I’m not alone on the ridge, however. I am standing among another formidable army. King Theoden is off to my left on a beautiful white horse, Snowmane, so that must mean I am with the riders of Rohan, and I see they are preparing to charge down into the fray. Horns are blowing to signal their arrival, and on Theoden’s signal everyone charges down to battle.

      I am being passed by people on horses charging into battle so I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and charge down into the battle as well. There are plenty of enemies out there, and I don’t hesitate to cut into some orcs and a big troll, jumping up on a Uruk Hai’s back to gain enough altitude to cut the troll’s throat. I continue fighting and I lose count of how many enemies I take down when I see a dark shadow over the area. I turn to look and I see Theoden’s horse rear up as one of the Nazgul swoops down on him. It’s the Wraith King! I see the thing push Theoden’s horse over on top of him and then perch on top of it. As it is about to finish off Theoden, another warrior comes in when most everyone else, allies and enemies alike, have been retreating away from the monster. The Wraith King taunts the warrior, saying no one should dare come between a Nazgul and his prey, and no living man can kill him. The warrior announces she is not a man, she is a woman and removes the head of the Wraith King’s hideous steed. The Wraith King is enraged and advances on Eowyn, for surely that is Eowyn. Then a small warrior, no doubt Merry, strikes the Wraith King in the leg which distracts him enough for Eowyn to bury her blade in his head.

      The Wraith King falls, now just a pile of empty robes. I see Eowyn and Merry have also collapsed. I go over to Theoden and find he’s alive, Snowmane has rolled off of him. Snowmane is also alive, but barely… which is enough. I focus healing energy on Theoden and on Snowmane, and they are revived. Eomer has come over to see what has happened, he sees Eowyn on the ground. Once healed, Theoden wants to continue fighting. Healing the damage done by the Wraith King would take too long to do in battle, so some men carry Eowyn towards Minas Tirith. I point out Merry also needs help, and guard them as they are taken to the city. I barely get to the city and see them through the gates before everything fades and I wake up.
    10. Can't get up from bed

      by , 05-22-2017 at 01:19 AM
      I had another false awakening this morning that was frustrating. I am lying in bed and I have a sense of falling and know it's going to be a lucid dream. I give in to the feeling and wake up on my bed and make sure I am dreaming by driving my index finger through my palm. I want to get up from bed and explore but I seem to not be able to get up from bed. I try to float while reminding myself that this is my dream and I am in control. I touch the wall to try and make the dream more stable like real life. It doesn't work so I decide I want to enter a different dream. I try to pull the blanket over my face and wait for a different dream scene. Nothing works and I end up waking up after closing my eyes to wait for a different dream scene.
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    11. Dream - Stack 'Em High & Demolished Grounds

      by , 05-21-2017 at 02:42 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 21 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 117 - Separated Sections

      Dream 117 A - Stack 'Em High (Lucid Dream 7)
      I forgot how I became lucid but I knew I was lucid because I was always consciously aware of things. I was in a small storeroom with this large filing cabinet of three levels. On the third level, there was some nest with one egg inside it. I was ambitious about getting the egg out of that nest for some reason. The first thing I did was call for Dreamy WB.

      She entered the storeroom very quickly after I called. First, she ended up giving me the biggest hug ever in dream history and I am not joking when I say this. In the dream, I said that hugging her was like hugging a really soft sponge... We hugged for quite a long time. Then she helped me by lifting me up to the nest. It's like she was partially lifting me and still hugging me at the same time. Still, I couldn't reach it. So then Mr. B came in and he lifted Dreamy WB up. So the chain was now Mr. B on the ground, then Dreamy WB, then me who this time, successfully got the egg. I don't remember what happened after that.

      Dream 117 B - Demolished Grounds
      I came to Killester for a visit and my main objective was to look for WB. As I made my way to the quadrangle area, most of the place looked destroyed like a mini world war 3 had broken out. Additionally, there were these metal wire construction fences blocking off some areas, including the walkway from the year 9 area to the oval. To get over the fence, I once again found myself using the Balloon Mario method based on Super Mario 64 DS. When I got over the two lots of fences, I made my way to the oval. When scanning the oval, there was no WB... Only junior PE classes in action.

      So turned back and went to the edge of the quadrangle. When there, I assessed my surroundings again and thought that maybe WB was having English in the library. Usually, there is an accessible staircase next to the art rooms but in the dream, there was not. The only available staircase was the main one where the lift was. So I went back over the fences and then scanned the area where the staircase was... Supposed to be! The main staircase was non existent, at least so I thought. There were remnants of the top half of the staircase in which the bottom half had been broken off like the school had demolition day. I looked to see where there were accessible stairs. I eventually caught sight of the newly placed staircase which does not exist in the waking life Killester.

      Leading up to the staircase was this long wooden walkway and in the middle of the walkway, I noticed Mr H conducting a choir. Still, I thought I'd stop by the choir in case WB was in that... But I soon noticed she wasn't. There were a lot of girls and so the space of the walkway was very crowded. Additionally, some strange gravity was always making me fall backwards and almost tip over off the walkway. Eventually, the weird gravity started to affect the girls in the choir as well.

      The dream scene then skipped to me talking to my mum in the car. I was saying to her that I was going to stay longer as I realised the year 12 graduation assembly was today. Either I don't remember what happened after that or I woke up.

      V Behind The Scenes V

      116 A: Why Lucid?
      Although Dream No. 116 A followed a non lucid plot, I felt like I was really aware of my surroundings and the things that were happening. When I am non-lucid, my goals appear to be blurred and I sometimes use crazy methods to get them... Like you know what you want but then at the same time, you're not sure how to reach that goal. In a lucid dream, I clearly know what I want my first resort is to call Dreamy WB. It's sad that I don't remember how I entered the lucid state as it would have been good to write the reality check here to prove it to anyone reading... As well as just to basically share insight on how I got lucid, not just that I was lucid. I think I might do a comparison chart below as to what non-lucid dreams feel like, compared to lucid dreams.

      Non-Lucid Dreams

      1. Summoning Dreamy WB

      There are multiple approaches in non-lucid dreams. First, I find myself looking for her
      rather than just calling for her. Also, I sometimes my get the real version instead of
      the intended dream guide. Although I'm in non-lucid dreams, I can still tell who is who,
      even in the slightest personality differences... It doesn't always have to be nice and
      nasty. Sometimes, they're both nice but the real one acts more informal and teen like
      whereas the dreamy figure acts more motherly like. Basically, she's unpredictable in
      non-lucid dreams and sometimes, I can't even get her at all.
      2. Interacting With The Environment
      Anything can happen in a non-lucid dream. Also, it's like the environment controls me.
      I can't really interact with the environment fully, I can only do what it tells me to do. For instance, I know I could have reached WB's place if I wanted to but because it was a
      non-lucid dream, I remained lost because I was unable to command an instant change,
      rather the plot just flowed as it was going to, all the way until the end of the current REM
      3. Ambitions
      My goals aren't so straight forward. Additionally, I find I may only set a certain task if a
      problem arises first. I guess dreams would be meaningless if there wasn't a storyline to
      follow along to.
      4. Dealing With Problems
      In non-lucid dreams, the solution doesn't come to me straight away. Additionally, I may appear scared of confused in front of the enemies I face. Even if I start out strong, I feel
      the enemy always finds a way to weaken me before my dream ends. Especially in nightmares, I am completely helpless and cannot even feel my dream guide's energy around anyway.
      5. In Summary
      The dream tells me what to do. The more violence, the less I can feel energy and instead, I feel rather deserted and lost.

      Lucid Dreams
      1. Summoning Dreamy WB
      This works pretty much all the time! The first thing I do when I realise a lucid state is call specifically for Dreamy WB. Additionally, if there is no response, the lucid state allows me to keep persevering whereas in a non-lucid, I could risk losing focus.
      In lucid dreams, she always arrives promptly and greatly assists with the task at hand.
      2. Interacting With The Environment
      I find that I interact better with the environment, having a connection to it rather than being the environment's puppet. I can actually also assess the sensations. For instance, I may not have described Dreamy WB's hug so vividly if I wasn't lucid. Additionally, in Dream No. 93, I knew it was fading, whereas if I was non-lucid, I wouldn't have realised that the dream was exiting.
      3. Ambitions

      In lucid dreams, I know what I want and am able to stay focused, even if non-lucid aspects of the lucid dream try to set me off course. Most importantly, I find myself having an ambition as soon as I enter lucidity, there is no hesitation.
      4. Dealing With Problems
      So far in lucid dreams, I haven't encountered any real evil yet. I predict that it would be the same as the above 3 points. I predict Dreamy WB going to the root of the problem rather than me having to go on a quest to get help. Also, I think I may be able to assess the dangers before making a move rather than suffering from a wrong choice, influenced by non-lucid plots.
      5. In Summary
      I have a higher awareness and I actually know what I want, rather than being lost and confused and just pushed around by a pre-written story plot. Additionally, since Dreamy WB can be summoned from the start, nightmares won't be a lonely, heart attack causing encounter

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    12. Still can't stabilise.

      by , 05-20-2017 at 02:57 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I was lucid somewhere but forget the dream.


      I remember being in the middle of a big fight. I was floating and shooting plasma balls at a sorcerer hooded figure.

      Weird work dream

      Went to go work at mcdonald's late at night. Had to work at a different store. I wound up at a back door where there was a fence close to a wall. for some reason I wanted to squeeze in between it, but couldn't go through.

      Went in and went to a downstairs area.Became lucid randomly. Wanted to stabilize, and found something on the floor and ate it. Tasted terrible but didn't care just trying to focus on senses in the dream. I tried the hand time dilation thing. Didn't get far but into the counting I saw a hand under my hand, then another and another. it fell apart.

      FA, in the downstairs area. I found a big room with people sitting on tables. They were in mcdonald's uniform I started telling one kid about the previous dream. He didn't seem to care and just stared at me. I forget what happened after.


      Was in the downstairs place again. There were a couple girls there I had been talking to earlier. They gave me dirty looks for some reason and one invited another guy to her table. Then she stared at me menacingly. I went upstairs and ate my lunch by a fridge and a door leading outside.


      Was in a long dream where I was with Data playing some video games. We were on a couch playing something. He said I should bring my xbox system. He seemed like the only sane person in the place I was in. So I went to grab my system and forget what happened after.
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    13. Lucid but no Cigar.

      by , 05-19-2017 at 02:21 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Lame work dream.

      Another work related dream. I had to work at a different store for the day. I remember the inside being really big.

      more HH of Bjork

      I'm half asleep an see a woman's face in hypnagogic imagery. It's like she's trying to conceal who she is but not doing a very good job. she has her hand over the bridge of her nose. But I see the eyes and hair that is kind of dyed red. It's obviously Bjork.

      Lucid Party

      Asuka is leading me out of a bedroom while I'm lucid. she leads me into the dining room where data, and some of our children are in party hats and there's big cake on the table. I want to dilate time and think of a song. I start singing a parody of the ending lambchops song, "song that doesn't end" and try to make the lyrics about dreams, "This is the dream that doesn't end!" But everyone starts singing the lambchops version off time with mine. It throws me off. and for some reason it wakes me up.


      Can't remember much but a bunch of dimensional portals open in my house. They are energetic circles with red edges and people run through them. Pretty sure it's remote viewers. I am hiding behind a couch when Dr. Strange emerges from a portal and claims he's there to help. He's not really fighting, but he pulls out something like a bingo dabber then pulls out a vial with purplish liquid and pours it on the dabber. he hands me one and says that all we have to do is mark the invaders with these things and the invaders will be immediately transported outside.

      We go around the house marking everyone until they are gone. I go through the house and notice that Asuka, Data and the kids are missing. I have no idea what to do about it when my recall fades.

      Different house.

      I'm in a different house. I go into a party room where some people and my cousin are. I tell my cousin about the dream but he get's annoyed. I find a red chapstick cylinder and tell him we were using something like these to get rid of the bad guys. Him and the other people get annoyed at me. I also spot a guy that seems familiar. I think he's Nomad's friend. I leave the room and briefly become lucid. A part of the house has a bar with stools on it. people are sitting in them.

      Fa, get out of bed and RC, Still in the strange house. I walk through the hallway and enter the bar area. I spot L from work sporting a cowgirl outfit. I tell her it's a dream. She looks at her hand briefly and says, "So it is. Thanks for telling me." I keep walking. I walk through some more hallways not knowing what to do.

      I Try Walm's time dilation method. I jump at the count of 40 to keep the dream bubble from collapsing. The dream snapped back and stabilized. I walked into the other room with the people. I began to feel tired right away. I found a couch and fell asleep on it.

      Perceptual Barriers

      I'm walking outside my supposed house at night time. Don't remember leaving the house and become lucid. I'm on a residential street at night time. I flap my arms and fly up. I see the house I was supposed to have come from. It doesn't look like grove street. I see a big grassy field by it and some trees. I yell, "To my inner world house!" and then the house vanishes before my eyes. I just see a highway road between grassy fields. I start flying down the road. Everything seems normal. I don't know where to go next So I decide to troll and old flame Jamie. I think of her and where her dream might be. As I do this I notice a large overpass on the road. Okay maybe she dreams at a farm type home like she grew up in. So, I fly where the overpass road goes but instead encounter another overpass. I decide to fly under it, but when I do thousands of overpasses materialize everywhere. I fly under another one and find a concrete wall with lots of road lights. I turn around and find myself blocked by another wall. Now I am trapped. The dream ends.


      I am flying over a desert road during the daytime. I see Raven in a crowd of people and she doesn't have her hood on. "There he is!" She declares and points a bunch of people gasp. I look to where she's pointing and all I see is a sandy and rocky cliff with a cave in the middle. I look to the top of the cliff and see Jesus standing on it in a "see me in all my glory" pose. I go to fly up to him but I wake up.

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    14. Stuck in my False Awekenings

      by , 05-18-2017 at 11:56 PM
      Almost all my lucid dreams start as false awakenings. This morning I had another uneventful lucid dream. I false awake on my bed and I feel weird. The whole thing feels not real. So I try to put up my hands to do a reality check but I don't see my hands when I hold them up. That's when Inknoe that it's a dream. I find that I am naked and try to conjure a dream figure to have sex with, but it doesn't work. I can't even see my own hands, even though I feel them rubbing together to try and stabilize the dream and have more control. I can feel the dream disintegrating so I try to close my dream eyes and will a new dream outside my bedroom but I awake instead.
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    15. Invading the pumpkin king's home island (Semi Lucid)

      by , 05-17-2017 at 05:40 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This dream is from a little while ago. People tend to enjoy my really absurd dreams so...

      We are coordinating a D-Day style invasion to overthrow the pumpkin king's kingdom. He is fortified on a small island about 10 miles long by 100 miles wide somewhere in the Mediterranean sea. The plan is to sweep across the island from the far end of the capital city and overwhelm the enemy with brute force. I do believe I pointed out the questionable military strategy in saying that it would be better to land nearer the capital and go straight for what was obviously the heart of their command and where their leader was.

      Regardless I am overruled and we begin the landing on the beach. The main landing force consists of me, the Scotsman from Samurai Jack and several ships full of overly-muscular vikings. The beach is defended by battalions of Battle Droids from Star Wars and them being used had something to do with them camouflaging with the tan color of the sandy beach. I for whatever reason have gone into battle unarmed and pick up one of their guns.

      It seems as though our landing is proceeding well when the sun is eclipsed by a giant Jack-O-Lantern and it begins raining down pumpkins. The pumpkins land on the heads of the vikings and mind-control them turning them into slaves of the pumpkin king. This causes infighting amongst our forces but me and the Scotsman press on. We climb a cliff at and get into an area with some forest and farmland. I see a compound with a pagoda that has blue roofs and I falsely remember that there are blue ninjas stationed in there. Manei appears and I tell her about how I once trained with them but I left because I didn't agree with their moral code. She suggests that we charge in anyway and the Scotsman agrees with her, but then disappears from the scene avoiding the consequences of her suggestion.

      We get inside the compound and there are more battle droids along with Sugilite from Steven Universe. We start fighting and the blue ninjas come out and start throwing bombs at us.

      I think the Scotsman fled. The ninjas it turned out were mostly small children and a few female mentors who recognized me and were friendly to me because I had in the past left them. I noticed that their morals had changed.

      The dream shifted to something to do with training the blue ninjas to use a zipline and there was this park ranger woman involved.
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