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    1. New weapons, Sage Attempt & Farlands Bunker

      by , Yesterday at 06:25 PM (Ereos)
      I was on some sort of train going towards Harbor City, I was with a few friends and we were about to go shopping but in my mind I needed to shop new weapons and stuff like that.

      We arrive at our destination and get out of the train, and initially we go to some shop that sells pretty much anything. We look around for a little bit but my attention is caught by the few guns they are selling.
      I go look around over there for a little bit, and I notice in a neat package a brand new Glock gun, it's one of the new generations and all. But then one of my friends come to me and tells me that if I need guns we can go to the shop next to this one which just sells guns and military gear.

      Anyways we all go to the checkout, I pretty much bought nothing but the other guys did, and the total price came to a whopping thousand euros! A little of an awkward talk ensued when I told the other guys that we needed to stop to the gun shop after this.

      We get out of the store and we go to the gun shop now, as we enter it, I notice that it's pretty big and that they're well equipped. I quickly go to grab one of those Glocks I saw earlier and finally find 'em, however I also need a rifle or a shotgun.
      We look around a bit more and I find an AUG rifle, which is the standard issued rifle for the Ereos Army and National Guard.
      I take it in my hands to see how well it handles but I don't really like it, and in the end I go for a neat shotgun instead.


      I am now in my bedroom when I suddenly notice that I am dreaming without any reality checks whatsoever.
      However it is pretty dark and I can barely see, I look out the window and it's pretty dark aswell, so that means that I'll have to go down the stairs and go through some rooms (Effective technique to slowly get light)
      So I open the door of my bedroom and go right out of my bedroom and right down the stairs and into my living room.

      It's still a bit dark but by now I see that outside there's some more light at least so I go right outside and stabilize for a little bit by yelling: "More clarity!" and the dream got much more stable and clearer.
      I see that my 2 dogs have been following me because I probably looked kinda excited, I was finally about to attempt properly to see the sage. So I tell myself: "I am going to see the sage now", and I proceed to spin very fast but a few turns and when I stop it turns out that I am still right outside my house.
      But then I forgot that I have to close my eyes for the process aswell. So I started spinning, this time while closing my eyes and I spinning for a few turns and then I opened my eyes...

      I was now lying on some kind of weird bed, unable to move, I tried to move but without success. And then I was transported to some kind of other space-time dimension where there was this gnome dude telling me that I've accidentally got stuck in time or something. And now we're in his time machine and we're about to meet his people in this really weird place with a bunch of gnome people who speak a completly new language I've never heard before. And the gnomes were talking about me, I just had this feeling they were and I was just standing there kinda "ashamed" in a way.

      But then this gnome guy I first met accepted to help me out and bring me back to Ereos, because I was definetly not in my world anymore.
      So we both go into his time-machine thingy, while explaining to me with some sort of graph where the "time-loops" have occured and he's gonna undo them, however he tells me that there might be a few side effects.
      But just before I could ask "Like what?", he just started up his time-machine and I got transported back into Ereos, right in my home, as if nothing happened.

      However it seems that I have aged a little bit, I now have this big beard so in the end I just go ahead and shave it.


      I was in a group of people, it seems that we were in the northern Farlands judging by the landscape, pine trees pretty much everywhere. We were near a big entrance of a nuclear/fallout bunker/shelter it seems like, but it was closed.
      I noticed that there was a dog following me and it looked like the dog from the sage guy that I was trying to see since a little while now.
      After a while an argument broke out in the group, with guns drawn and everything, but then the bunker doors started opening, and we ventured inside of it, it looked pretty desolate and dirty.
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    2. Nap Lucid Dream

      by , Yesterday at 04:27 AM
      I had a headache so I decided to take a nap and ended up with a lucid dream.

      I was waiting to enter the dream when I feel myself transition to the inside of a invisible car. The setting is kind of faded as well but I can tell its the path to the beach. As im thinking of what might happen next I hear a call for help and I am pulled to the the edge of the beach water.Someone not visible pulls a pair of keys that appeared in my hand to try and get me inside but I pulled away. I called for Dawn next and appeared inside a white setting with nothing but us present. Except Dawn wasn't visible. I asked Dawn if I could relax in the dream next to him but I end up being pulled into another setting where I can see small houses below the passing clouds. "Ok...I dont want to go any higher"I said. The dream shifted again after that but I had a false awakening.
      I got up to see my family and brother's friend in the living room table. He had brought a huge chocolate cake to share with everyone. I felt excited to have a piece after my mom asked me if I wanted some but I was too shy to thank him and looked to his unsure face, not knowing what to say. "....Is it someones birthday?" Is what came out of my mouth instead as I moved a cardboard happy birthday banner for what seemed like a little girl's party. Woke up after that.

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    3. On His Spirit Blog

      by , 07-23-2017 at 05:55 PM
      I was younger and at a big park chatting with my mom and brother.As we chatted a average man wearing a white t shirt and short pants approached us and asked us what we thought about life. We chuckled and I responded with that it was good but brought his attention more to my younger brother. As we talked he took his white phone and began filming us than said his goodbye and left. The scene than changed to a house where I was looking at my phone. "Imagine he uploaded the video with us at the park?"I said to my mom. After curiously looking around I found his video and was like "oh shoot. I found it". When I played it I saw the part where he talked to us and i noticed I mentioned something dum about a pollo. I felt embarrassed so I skipped to where he was walking up to a man at the park and sat down to play the guitar with him. He than got up and began talking about how the world around us is filled with life, spirit. I than paused the video to see 3 likes and 8 dislikes. "Why so many dislikes? Hes so nice and peaceful". I than looked to the comments and saw negative things about him being dum and that the people in the video were retarded.Turning it off my other brother asked to see the video but I said no cause I said some embarrassing things

      The Lucid Test
      Inside an unfamiliar house I was told by mom to go out and buy milk. I was going to but it was night and storming. Not to mention there was a large tree branch on the living room table. "Where did that branch even come from?"I asked. "Where all branches come from. Outside" My mom responded. I than shrugged it off and decided to avoid my doom by not going outside.

      I become lucid at a point in the dream where i see my cousin who I haven't seen in a long time. As she stares at a screen with her sister the dream setting changes and I come across my dream guide who appears out of no where. He tells me something than unleashes a dc for me to find. I feel something behind me than run fast to test my dream control. I entered a city as I ran than met up with my dream guide again who unleashed a group of angry boys at me. Using ninja moves with shurikens and exploding kunai I manage to make them run away but end up with a bloody dream guide. I hug him and apologize but he says its okay and than I become distracted.

      My grandma, older brother and mom are next to me looking at a machine that is a cooking timer and another smaller device that looks like a can opener. They don't believe I know how to make it work and my brother is struggling so I turn the switch and the machine begins ticking. They thank me and than the dream ends

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    4. Avalanche

      by , 07-22-2017 at 05:20 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #513 - IDWILD (In-Dream-WILD)

      I am in some strange SciFi dream and sleep lab with a huge viewing screen of some mountainous scenery with some woman. The Doc/scientist gives me a list of items. I read through not sure why I he gave me this. Someone states that its to see if these things will pop up in my dream. We lay down and start to WILD.

      I immediately and lucidly transition into another dream which feels just like a real WILD. I am in some version of my house but its way too dark so I phase out a window. My vision is nothing but bright white light for a moment, but I concentrate to see. Quickly, I notice that I am surrounded by deep thick snow. I laugh and play in the snow a bit. I notice my house is almost covered completely in snow but there is also a huge mountain or hill right behind it covered as well. I shout and a small chunk of snow falls. Now I want to see it I can be loud enough to start an avalanche. I shout again. More falls but then it changes course and hits my face. I laugh and shout even louder giving it all I've got. The whole thing comes down on me. I try to move out of the way but I am quickly buried. I struggle a bit but quickly relax because I know this is a dream and I can just make it all disappear if I want. I try to think of something, but suddenly I "wake up" in the dream lab.

      I lose lucidity and go back to believing the whole initial scenario (did I ever question it?). I recall the dream in the dream and tell the man that none of those things in the list appeared in my dream.

      It's worth noting that I have had two other LDs that I didn't record but have added to my count. They were just my typical OBEs with my normal G-forces and trippy things happening to me. It's still amazing when it happens but I didn't feel the need to DJ; maybe I was too lazy.
      Tags: idwild
    5. Monkey Resurrection Near a Miniature Tiki Totem Pole

      by , 07-21-2017 at 07:33 AM
      Morning of July 21, 2017. Friday.

      In my last dream of this date, I enter a vivid scene, looking down at two features. There is a small monkey on the left and a miniature wooden Tiki totem pole on the right, both implied to be about the same height but in horizontal positions on an unknown surface.

      At first, I assume the monkey has died. However, in the last moments prior to waking, there is a loud “hoo hoo ha ha” sound as the monkey moves his head, firstly looking at the totem pole on his left, appearing to be slightly puzzled, and then rolling to his left side (towards the totem pole). The implied monkey sound echoes out of the residual essence of my dream as I then instinctively make the same movements as the monkey and roll to my left side to become more comfortable (as I was having lower back pain while sleeping on my back, which I do not do very often due to occasional situational apnea).

      Note that in this case, both the monkey and totem pole are lying down as “in bed” (a first-level dream sign, that is, a real-time indicator of being asleep and in the dream state). The orientation of the two features is the same as Zsuzsanna and I as we are sleeping, assuming the resurrected monkey represents my waking and turning over as I perceived it was. Note that the totem pole does not move or come to life, which indicates that my dream self was aware that Zsuzsanna was still asleep while I was waking.

      Why dream of a monkey? I associate a monkey with “climbing up” from the dream state as well as relating it to the evolutionary chart that supposedly shows the stages of primates evolving into modern man (analogous to the transient dream self "evolving” into whole conscious self identity). Additionally, I sometimes associate a small monkey with a bellhop, and as such, would be a redundant layer for the precursor to waking, as a bellhop often carries luggage upstairs in a hotel (“going upstairs” being waking symbolism). I also sometimes associate a small monkey as in service to an organ-grinder, which would be analogous to “getting attention” as a coalescence factor (another form of waking symbolism), particularly as it holds a cup for collecting coins (associated with the “change” of the dream self into the conscious self or “making sense/cents of” the otherwise puzzling dreaming or waking stages).

      Why dream of an animal coming back to life? An animal coming back to life in a dream is often obvious waking symbolism (depending on the sequencing dynamics). The conscious self identity is often inactive in non-lucid dreams and as such, is sometimes rendered as a dead or sleeping animal (though there does not seem to be any inherent reason for this other than perhaps still being tired in the last stage of sleep or with physical pain in some cases).

      Why dream of resurrection? Threads of the emergent consciousness become more active in the waking transition. Therefore, it is an indicator of increasing neural activity in REM sleep (ventral stream of the visual association cortex - the region of the brain involved in analysis of visual shapes).

      Why dream of a totem pole? A totem pole could be a real-time circadian rhythms indicator (that is, relative to the particular stage of sleeping and dreaming one is in, as some totem poles show different levels or “stages”, including more than one face or emotion). A totem pole or statue coming to life would be a real-time emergent consciousness indicator as waking symbolism (depending on the sequencing dynamics). In some cases, if not moving, it could be a real-time indicator of one’s partner (or possibly a relative) being asleep (in non-REM) within the range of potential contact; physical, mentally associative, or spiritual. A totem pole has also been validated to represent a desire for healing while sleeping. A totem pole that features wings would be additional waking symbolism relevant to the “return flight” (return to whole consciousness) metaphor.

    6. Back on it.

      by , 07-20-2017 at 04:25 PM
      Been a while since I had a lucid dream. I really need to get in touch with Daniel Love about my technique. All I did was lay down and go to sleep after a WBTB. But the trick is that I was [bold] STAIRING THROUGH MY EYELIDS]. I knew instantly I was about to WILD when I felt my body completely relaxing, going numb and falling asleep. My eyes begin pointing downward. It happened all at once. All I had to do was start moving my dream body and I was ready to go.

      For like 20th time, I got outside my house and walked around. It was sort of clear skies outside. But the dream was short. I remember also I tried my best to anchor myself in the dream world. I said things like, "I am the dream" and tried rubbing my hands together. But I can't seem to get a lucid dream longer than 45 seconds.

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    7. Came close to viewing my own birth, was very lucid.

      by , 07-19-2017 at 11:58 AM
      Dark room lucid dream where I had a false awakening and was able to do the nose pinch reality check. Most of the dream was me in my own house and trying to turn on a light switch. None seemed to work. Eventually I go outside and look up to see "Star man" who is a reoccurring character in my dreams who is the outline of a man in the sky formed from stars. I go back inside and decide I want to try the jump into a painting challenge, but when I jump into a painting in my living room, I wake up instead.

      I go back to sleep and manage to have another lucid dream. This is another false awakening and already know it's a dream. In my room I see a "Goosebumps" book that doesn't actually exist called Escape from Werewolf Camp" with a picture of a wolf standing in front of a cabin. The rest of my room is being packed up. I find my dad watching an episode of the simpsons where the kids are giving reports on various generals. I see a painting nearby and look at it, trying to imagine what jumping inside it will be like. It's a grassy hill with a few houses on it, and in the background are these skyscrapers. The dad dream character says it looks like a metropolis. I jump into the painting and find myself on the grassy hill for about a second before I wake up.

      I then go back to sleep and have a gambling dream where I am playing a sort of memory game but the cards keep getting mixed around. I then realize that it's a dream because I'm not on the internet playing a game, that I'm playing this game on the street somehow. I decide to just start walking down the street while talking about how I knew I was lucid since I'm talking to people online but without a mic or even wifi.

      I go from running to me rolling down the street on a skateboard and I was still lucid and decided that instead of continuing the painting challenge for literally the fifth time I would instead watch my own birth, and that in the playground I was headed for would be a time machine. When I reach the playground I see this piece of a jungle gym that's shaped like a car rolling around and I declare that's my time machine and I need to catch it. I chase it around before finally catching it and find the environment around me slowly changing into the front of a hospital. I approach the hospital and see that it is called the "Ethnically Hopeful" hospital, meaning racial harmony. I don't know the name of the hospital I was born at so I figure this might as well be it. I go inside, down a hall to a waiting room and tell the woman at the front that I'm here to watch a birth and she asks "Oh you're (my full name) here for the birth of (my full name)? I realize that my future self must have done this for me, and that it will be fun to go full circle and do that in a dream. I take the ID she gives me and take an elevator up to the twelfth floor. Unfortunelty I woke up when I actually reached the floor, but not before sharing the elevator with a Dream character who I had to keep from messing with the stop button on the elevator. I asked her what her name was because I remembered that was a challenge but instead of replying she turned to me and I recognized her as a character from a short story I read about a large woman in an elevator who scared a boy who had a broken leg and had to use the elevator. That's how I knew she would press the stop button.

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    8. 2nd Unintentional DILD!

      by , 07-19-2017 at 09:34 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      The dream leading up to this was about how one of the science teachers would stick their students or even their assistants inside of a glass box I would like to dub a the "Death Chamber" to, obviously, suffocate to death. BTW if anybody gets that reference you deserve a cyber cookie. I was thrown into the Death Chamber when suddenly it malfunctioned. I open the door they threw my in from and exit into this totally unassuming room.

      I think it was an orange room with an elevator, mini sofas, and long windows. It was also on the second floor (Even though my school only has one floor). Then I start to get a strange feeling in my stomach, when I try to shrug it off, the DCs in the room say something akin to "You know nothing." I say "Don't play coy." in response and they respond like "Aw man, I thought we had em'."

      I didn't know it was a dream until I jump out from the window (Attempting to jump onto a tree). But instead of falling, I float. Upwards. Then and there do I realize I'm dreaming. And I try to fly intentionally.

      I flew by swimming in the air, even though I never swam in real life. So I was just flailing my arms and legs below me and hoping for the best. I also tried to fly by pointing at a specific destination and letting my body just float over there. No I cold see why everybody enjoys flying so much. I flew above a crowd of kids just to show off.

      I was floating on my way to this park area with a big towering...thing in the middle of it. I try to weird out this one guy on the way over there by grabbing his attention and flying about. He was an overweight policeman/mail carrier with a blue uniform and khakis.

      Anyway, I make it to this park-type area. Everybody's wearing white, the tables are white, I'm not sure but I think I even saw white flowers, and all my teachers where there. I also try fly-swimming my way around them. A few of them pay attention, a few of them don't, and some even try to talk to me. I didn't care what any of them had to say so I didn't remember much.

      Here's where it gets fuzzy.

      I go into my parents house randomly (My lucidity well intact) and try to convince them it's a dream. Yep. I try flying around them and my dad is like "Welp. Looks like we're dreaming.", but he isn't fully convinced. I remember to do an RC (Because I remembered if I interacted with DCs too long I'd eventually lose my lucidity) and plug my nose to breathe through it. A gust of wind blows through them and I feel extra giddy. I tell my dad to do the same, then the dream ended.


      1. I remembered all the things to do to not lose lucidity. It actually surprised me how much information I remembered, maybe since I spent several years in and out on the whole thing.

      2. I seemed to have a poor sense of vision or spatial awareness in the dream. Everything looked so "dreamlike" with colors swirling about, things that shouldn't even be there, and bloom effects. I didn't even try to explore any of the senses like touch, taste, or smell.

      3. I also remembered that I had a sort of tine limit in the dream, so I was trying to make everything as snappy as possible.
    9. Nonlucid Drop (+Short Lucid)

      by , 07-19-2017 at 01:35 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Some girl from a college class that I had met had brought me to her house in a very wealthy looking subdivision. She wanted to show me her new kittens. I think there were three of them. Something strange about her kittens though; they have the intelligence of small children and can say some basic phrases.

      I continually revisit her house once or twice per week. One of the kittens, a boy who is a brown and black tabby with white paws and a white chin likes to play rough with me whenever I come over. We are pretending to be secret agents on opposite sides during the cold war and at one point in where I capture him, hiding behind a black SUV in the driveway. I pick him up by the neck scruff then he spins around and bats me with his paws (claws in) and I pretend to fall over and he drops onto my chest as though he has just beaten me at fighting.

      The neighbor of the girl, a very tall balding middle aged man with a combover and cigar says that I am committing animal abuse and that he is calling the police. The police officer comes and tries to arrest me but I explain the situation saying that it's just play and when the kitten starts talking and explaining that he was the one who made up the game and he doesn't care if it gets rough, since he knows I wouldn't really try to hurt him. The police officer leaves and the dream ends.


      I am visiting my aunt's new apartment. It is somehow merged higher dimensionally into our house, and by traveling through a specific part of the house in a certain way, you can access the apartment. The apartment actually has the same layout as my house but is much cleaner and has different decorations. I see my aunt's new husband on the computer eating and notice that he has a cartoony big belly from eating too much and ask my aunt about it, but she is busy talking to my mom's friend.


      I am in a rock band with my friends; and we are preforming at my grandparent's house, or at least a location that feels similar to it. The rock band is kind of strange because of the instruments we have all chosen to play. I am playing a Hangdrum, S is playing a three-necked guitar and his brother is playing a keytar that is really small, like a children's toy. (I think I remember seeing the brand' Fisher Price' on the side).

      All's I remember is we are preforming a song for an audience of 6 or 8 people in my grandparent's garage and people are booing us, until A runs into the garage dressed only in short-shorts and an unzipped leather vest and screams 'Penis' repeatedly. The crowd goes wild.


      I get taken with my grandparents and parents to eat at the grocery store deli counter where there is a small sitting area (not present IWL). I cannot help but think what an unglamorous affair this seems like, as the four of them get involved in a heated discussion about complicated yet nonsensical political matters, and I continually try to indicate that I want to go home, and will walk home by myself.

      My father complains of a flapping sound. There is a soft plastic sign above us that is flapping around and he can't figure out why. I look up and see the sign and there is a big green metal casing with an electric motor in it that is supposedly there to pull up the sign but the mechanism is broken.

      My father complains for several minutes about why the store needs such a mechanism. I tell him if it bothers him so much he should tell the manager, but he says he won't do that because the manager would kick him out of his favorite store and it's better just to complain about it. My grandparents join in in finding things to complain about the store. I decide I've had enough and leave. (For some reason deciding to leave by walking behind the deli counter, into a storeroom and out the back door of the sore.)

      I head outside. It is nighttime and I am now on a beach. I see two Jacks out there who continually flex their muscles and strike symmetrical poses attempting to impress some girls. I say 'hi' to them and high five both of them simultaneously before walking past. I look at the moon and see that it is irregularly shaped and smaller than it should be. It looks like a large asteroid. I become lucid.

      I use some stabilization commands, and then start moving my feet in a skating motion to get across the water, the water turning to ice beneath my feet. I get to a small island where there is a swimming pool and a small building, presumably a locker room. I decide to practice water manipulation and with relative ease am able to force all the water to one end of the swimming pool.

      I then realize that I have to go poo and decide I should wake myself up to do so, hoping I can do a WBTB and follow up. But upon waking up I realized the feeling was some kind of illusion created by the dream.


      In one of my least-favorite brands of dreams, I was playing Minecraft. I was killed by some kind of enemy monster that was like an animated pool table that shot pool balls at me. I became disproportionately emotional, like a small child would, and started crying with outrage at my character's death.


      I was at some kind of animation showcase. Rebecca Sugar (the woman who created Steven Universe) is there. She shows me a new Steven universe episode. I don't recall much of the episode, other than there was a part in where Steven was a young toddler, maybe about 2 or 3. This was when he said his first words while Pearl was feeding him ice cream and he licked it off her fingers. It seemed like the typical cute SU moment but there was some off-putting music playing and I thought something scary was going to happen.


      Later there was a portion of another animation that had two people climbing a huge stone face underground. They looked like some re-interpretation of Milo and Kida from the disney atlantis movie. Milo got a metal spike in his arm and started bleeding profusely but then discovered he had some type of healing ability and was able to heal the wound.
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    10. February 16, 2014 (L) Layer 2M | Beaten by a little girl

      by , 07-18-2017 at 02:20 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      People leaving, Repeat body slamming
      It started out in my room with ridiculous detail and feel. Before I did a RC, I told myself that I would go outside. So I did a RC and became lucid and slowly went out, minding how real the dream felt. When I opened the window, some cars drove by. [Timeskip] it suddenly became daytime and people were leaving for some reason. [Timeskip] I was inside a building shooting a DC. Then, another DC turned the lights off, and a female DC produced very uncomfortable sensations. (She repeatedly slammed my whole body on the ground.) I bore them long enough that the DC told me that she was “Something that affects you in a weird way.”
      Time: 3-4 minutes
      Tags: dialogue, home
    11. LD Fragments

      by , 07-18-2017 at 12:48 AM
      I had my first semi memorable lucid dream. I remember some of the things I did not but much else.

      These things were:
      Break glass and watch it float through the air. I eventually tried phasing through it. Pretty sure I was able too

      Fly - I was able to get myself off the ground but unfortunately I couldn't fly.
      lucid , dream fragment
    12. Star Trek Lucid

      by , 07-18-2017 at 12:42 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 07-17

      Star Trek Lucid

      I am at my friend’s house spending the night. I roll over on the air mattress I use when I stay over with my friend and think I have to pee. So I get up and go to the bathroom but forget completely about peeing and I go into the kitchen instead to look for a midnight snack. Something just feels strange. I pinch my nose to do a reality check and I find I can breathe a little, but not much. Am I really dreaming or not pinching hard enough? I go outside and look up at the night sky. I then attempt to fly and I find I can. I am definitely dreaming. So what should I do now? I fly over the neighborhood a bit because I love flying in dreams. I then think I shouldn’t let this dream go to waste, I should do something worthwhile. I focus on Through the Never by Metallica and open a portal, concentrating on going somewhere I am needed. To my surprise, a portal opens right away. I am pleased with that because often times it seems my full lucidity gets in the way of effective dream control.

      On the other side of the portal I land on what appears to be the landing platform of a space station. While the station doesn’t look exactly like the ones in Star Trek I see a lot of people in what look like Star Fleet uniforms. I look around and I can see out of the station to where there is a fight going on. I go to the edge of the landing platform and look out on the fighting. I could help if I had my Fire Valkyrie. I hear someone calling to me from behind to get back from the edge. Instead I jump off of the edge, right out into open space. I find I am falling strangely, I pass the force field that keeps the station pressurized, but breathing is no problem. My Fire Valkyrie forms around me and I join the fight. I don’t recognize the attacking ships, but I do recognize the Star Fleet ships. At least the big ones. There are also fighters that are styled like the Star Fleet ships.

      I fight to defend the Star Fleet space station for a while, then I hear people saying the Borg are coming, too. I am thinking I will have to change things so these Borg won’t assimilate by force unless they are being attacked. I keep fighting the enemies until the first Borg cube appears. I then fly over closer to the cube so I can get a connection to their main collective through my ship computer. I hack my way in and figure all I really need to change is their primary directive. I don’t want that to be “Assimilate everything.” anymore. I want it to be to survive instead. To exist peacefully in the galaxy, peaceful exploration is fine, and so is self-defense and the defense of others. The only case where assimilation is acceptable is if the subject for some reason agrees to be assimilated or if they are enemies attacking the Borg. No more trying to forcefully assimilate entire races for no reason other than expanding the collective. I go into the code and make these changes and then disconnect. The Borg cube pauses, perhaps to analyze the situation, then it attacks the enemies but not the Star Fleet ships. The Star Fleet people seem to notice this and they do not attack the Borg. I am about to go back to fighting the enemies but I wake up.
    13. Meeting Rose

      by , 07-16-2017 at 10:16 PM
      1:30Pm-3:09pm. Slept for 2 hrs, 9min. LUCID DREAM}

      Was first in my old home and after a little bit of wandering about, I noticed I had control over my actions. Went inside to have someone mention that the home looks pretty much the same, I did an RC and realized I was dreaming when I saw my fingers smashed weirdly together. After this I went to see what mom was up to, she was baking a cake except she was in the current kitchen. I said I wanted to help, because I knew the taste would help me stay longer in the lucid dream and I didn't want to run about this time. So she started measuring stuff out, then I walked around to my old room and did some sexyish dancing and pretended it was totally kinky. But D came in and shoved me onto the bed, I guess my thoughts had pushed the dream a bit because he had a carrot wrapped in rope and something else that he tried to stick in me. I just closed my legs and mentioned how I was kidding, then went to check up on mom. She was mixing stuff, I thought about how I loved to mix stuff and decided to go outside but when I got to the door she said I could come mix. So I said I'd be right there, rushed back after closing the door and saw that she wasn't even on a mixing stage. She was forming the cake, I guess she was just going to freeze it. I went outside and saw the trampoline we have at the current home infront of the old home and on it was a little deflated kids pool. It had started raining but I still wanted to swim, I made mention in my head of the small size and when I opened it out it was a big as the trampoline. Then I jumped in it and it filled with water, but it was like I was in a balloon because it ripped and I sat up laughing with the water pouring on me and the deflated pool on my back. Someone said the food was done so I went back inside and looked about, mom's desk was in the middle of the living room with four plates on it. I grabbed one and started eating, I'm not sure it had much taste but that was just something I'd have to improve on. After this I decided I should go see Rose to keep me in check, I didn't know how to go about it but I knew I wanted her to teach me. So I imagined the room around me changing, I stared at a fabric till it changed to lavender with patterns and then I backed up and saw a lady sitting behind a mirrored desk. Two phones were attached to the wall to talk through, so I found myself asking for her name. The lady at the desk looked elderly but young, she told me to spell the name and for some reason I couldn't get it right. I said it was Rosetta with two S's, thinking it was spelled with S's before the A instead of T's and then couldn't remember if her last name had an E in the end or not even though I know full well it doesn't. So I resorted to her appearance, Long black curls or sausage curls, wearing black, green eyes...or black or white. I was about to add, black wings and then mention how she changes her appearance but someone walked around behind us and when I saw I knew it was her. Her skin had that faded pale grey look like she just came out of a tomb, I think for a moment she had glasses but I can't really remember, she might have been changing. Her hair was very short, to her neck or just above the shoulders. It was black though, her eyes were black, and her outfit was black and dark grey for pants. She looked a bit like a trendy goth mom, a black long shawl type drooping over her shoulders and looking like big sleeves, low collar black shirt, tight fitting, dark grey yogo pants? Platformed big black shoes. Her makeup also sported black, but her hair was straight and pulled back on one side by a clip. It had more of a V cut to it starting from the back and making it longer toward her face. I pretty much swooned at her feet but she grabbed my arm lightly and tugged me along as though I obviously couldn't walk by myself. Brought me to a white walled room, all the walls were plain white a bit like a school or asylum. Inside a group of maybe ten people, young adults to teens it seemed were sitting crosslegged on the carpet and staring and a whiteboard with a table infront of it. To the left of the whiteboard was a clock, it was ordinary except it was missing it's hands and a red 5 was sort of painted on in the middle. I looked at the board and tried to imagine it saying are you lucid dreaming, but I couldn't. She posed it as a question to me I guess to help but I could only barely see the letters in pink forming, I said no before thinking and quickly said yes afterwards. Then she grabbed me and pulled me toward another area, I guess her office but we never got there because I woke up after she said come with me.
    14. Lucid dream #5 the G dragon concert

      by , 07-16-2017 at 10:29 AM
      (This was on the day where the ticket would be available to purchase. I wanted to go so much, but it was too expensive, I ended up just dreaming about it)

      Anyway, it was on 30 June that the tickets would be available. I dreamed about going to the concert on that day.

      I was together with my friend, who had bought a VIP ticket, so she could see G dragon from really close. This ticket was super expensivexD I couldn't buy that, so I bought the cheapest one and sat far from the stage. I could barely see anything, since there were huge people sitting before me, (yeah, I am 160 cm, those people were 180 cm or something lol) but when G dragon walked on the stage, I truly fangirled like crazy lolxD
      Even though I couldn't see anything, I saw something I guessxD anyway, he began to sing his songs.

      I started to walk off the stairs to try to see him more clearly (I wasn't even aware that I did, I actually had to stay still in my seat, but I couldn't, those titan people were standing in my vision lol) I than stood next to my friend, she said there were two people that went away for something for some minutes, so she told me that I could stand in their places for the time being. That was super amazing! I could see him so close, and it was awesome lolxD
      Than the two girl people came back and so I had to go back to my own seat...far from the stage...that was sad:') but I had an amazing time back then^^

      Than it was breaktime,
      Everyone went outside to get some fresh air, and walked in the hallway, together with my friend.
      Suddenly, the staff door went open and some people walked inside and outside the door.
      My friend was a risky one, and so she secretly went the staff door in. I was too scared to follow her, and it was already too late to do that, the door was already closed.
      I stayed to wait for her comeback. People walked outside for their break, and I was almost alone in the hallway. The hallway was white and the floor was grey. It felt super empty.

      I pressed my hand on the wall next to the ''only staff members'' door, trying to, maybe, get to the other side, I didn't really know why I thought I could do that maybe (I wasn't lucid at this point yet)
      Than the two girls from back then walked by and asked me what I was doing and what happened. I explained and I told them, ''So, if I press my hand to this wall and really believe init, I could walk through it, and find my friend. Afterall, this is a dream, so I can do anything!''

      ''Hey..this is a dream..so I can do it! IT'S A DREAM!'' I was super happy that I realised it was a dream al this time, so I was fangirling in the hallway, with the confused two girls who were like, 'What are you talking about anyway? a dream? what?''xD

      But trying to go through the wall didn't work at all with me, I looked like an idiot lol. But than, the door went open and my friend walked out with G dragon by her side!!!
      Me and the two girls were fangirling super hard and we were like, ''How did this happen?! how did my friend get G dragon here? Wouldn't she have been kicked out?''
      Than I began to introduce myself. (somehow..I went to introduce myself in Japanese, even though he is Korean lololol)

      But he didn't mind and could understand, he began to introduce himself as well,
      in a REALLY WEIRD WAY. He turned his back and made a jump into a push up to the ground, and than said he told his name, etc etc. I was like, ''Is this kind of introduction normal in Korea?xD'' I laughed my ass off when I woke up from the dreamxD (after a while from the dream)

      Than I saw and realised that the G dragon from this dream looked familiar with the unknown guy from the previous dreamxD oh well~~he sure was so cute<3
      Suddenly my sister appeared and we walked outside from the concert stadium thingy. I held my sister's hand and helped me to float and fly like this. I than landed on the top of a wall thingy, not far from the ground. I was super happy that all these things happened this dream. I could fly, I met G dragon, and he was as cute and sweet as the Unknown guy (because probably, the G dragon in my dream played the Unknown guy lol)
      We talked all for a while and than we appeared to be in a forest, running with each other through it, even G dragon was with us. WE WERE LIKE NINJAS!!! HAHAHA hopping from tree to tree, etc etc.

      Anyway, that's where I woke up..I wished the dream went on a little longer, but that was it for my lucid one hahaha:')

      I hope you liked to read my experience once again and I see you all again with another DJ entry^^

    15. Atlantis

      by , 07-16-2017 at 12:58 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I descend to Atlantis with a dolphin' assistance.
      In the air bubble, I land in a strip shopping center next to a road. The shops are all a hospital or doctor center. Thousands of people dressed on blue are swarming in and out, and I feel terrified. I run to the left and right, only to be confronted by more. I did not feel like a medical check up, so I retreat to a Juice Bar.
      There is a large queue and I am unsure what to order.
      While I am waiting I have some fun...

      There are large posters hanging from the ceiling, but these are constantly changing. A few posters are chocolate flavored ice, and a sweet drink with pink icing in the shape of a classical rose.
      It is called the 'Pink Hispanian'
      However, the price tag on it is large. (why am I thinking about finances when I am lucid dreaming?!)
      I notice on the wall someone has taped some of their composed cello studies. One is labeled 'What I thought they looked like'
      Another was labeled 'What they do'
      The main difference is that the latter study had eight lines of music, not one!
      Eventually I must choose (I should have said Cappuccino but...) something to eat or drink. I cannot find the menu, but the lady at the counter hands me one. Included on the list is 'Watermelon Chips'. Everything is overpriced. She asks me who is going to the hospital. I lie and say my 'wife' is taking the dog in.(?!?)
      However this is where everything got more nightmarish. I couldn't find my credit card!
      I could only find several public transport cards and an Atlantis card, which I didn't know what to do with.
      It was blue with numbers in some sort of scale.
      Finally! I find several blue 50 cent coins. They have special patterns and I am reluctant to sell them.
      They each have written on them in capital letters:
      Butterfly Boutique

      There is 800+ words of other lucids in my private DJ.
      lucid , task of the year
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