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    1. Lucid Flying Around in an Empty Room

      by , Yesterday at 07:22 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: November 17, 2017 – 4:00AM (USA Eastern)

      (Note: First lucid moment in a long time. Also, first recall for a few months.)

      I am standing in an empty cement block building and for no apparent/recalled reason, I suddenly realize I am dreaming. I think for a second, "What are you supposed to do in a lucid? Oh yeah, fly." ...So I fly around the room for a little while before waking up. When I wake up, I'm kinda mad that I wasted a perfectly lucid moment just flying around inside an empty room.
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    2. Relax

      by , Yesterday at 04:23 AM
      In this dream I was non lucid on a train. When I heard the next stop would be an amusement park and saw the last people exit before the door shut I panicked. Shouting for help as everything went dark. Once it was fully dark I became aware it was a dream and thought of Kiro.

      However, I ended up on a bed in my old house where a figure surrounded with water flew towards me and attempted to kiss me. I felt like I couldn't breathe though so I tried pushing it away till I realized I didn't need to panic. Since it wasn't real water i was breathing just fine. It worked but i still didn't want it kissing me though. After getting it to move away I woke up.

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    3. Chile Vacation

      by , 11-16-2017 at 08:01 PM (Ereos)
      I was in the living room when suddenly it turns out we have to go somewhere, but like, on vacation, it was dawn or thereabouts and my mom told me to get prepared and pack up some stuff.
      At some point I asked where we were going and she told me that we were going somewhere in Chile at Mount Polo so that we can get some "spiritual enlightement" or something like that.

      We pack up our stuff and we head right outside, it's a little cloudy and the journey was going to be quite long since Chile is at the outerworld and we're in the innerworld right now.
      Turns out that Chile are one of the select very few countries that has been mostly untouched by the effects of the 90's war and the alien strikes.

      We go outside down the street to go somewhere in Monroe where we'll be picked up by a cab.

      *slight fuzziness*

      We're waiting somewhere in Monroe on the street for that cab to take us to Chile, and then that cab finally comes but it looks quite...exotic.
      The car itself looked like a rich man's Cuban car from the 60's.
      We go inside and turns out that the seats have plenty of pillows on them so it's very comfortable to say the least.
      We then drive right out of Monroe.


      We've now arrived in Chile, it's a pretty beautiful place and we're near Mount Polo near a lake as well.
      However I noticed that the colors were shifting and stuff was morphing around, I kinda doubt I am dreaming and do the mouth breathe reality check...it fails. Then I do the noseplug reality check...fails as well.
      Then I do the finger count reality check and my fingers are morphing around and they look like frog fingers, I was probably on some psychedelic or something but despite having an unusual amount of fingers, I wasn't quite sure whetever I was dreaming due to the fact that the "two best reality checks" failed on me.


      I was now back in Ereos near the Capital and my parents and I were about to take a tram to go back where we parked the car in the Capital before going to Chile.
      We buckle up and the tram takes us deeper into the Capital, however the tram rail is right in the middle of the road and even goes right in the middle of a roundabout, cutting any traffic at all.


      I attempted a WILD and eventually I got into sleep paralysis, I tried to crawl out of bed and I could feel something or someone pushing me out of bed, but it wasn't really getting anywhere. I tried to roll out of bed but I wasn't in a good position to perform it.
      Then suddenly I wake up in my bed however my bedroom is pretty dark, I start having doubts whetever it's a false awakening and I do a noseplug reality check and this time around it works!

      I get out of my bed but I feel extremely heavy and sloppy, the effects of the SP are still affecting me a little, but by the time I hop out the window it's fine.
      It's night and raining outside and thought that it sucked. However as a means to stabilize me further into the dream I just lie down on the floor just touching it and paying attention to what I see, feel, hear and smell.

      It anchors me really well into the dream I stand up and try smelling and I can smell the rain, I also go ahead and touch a nearby wall of my house.
      Anyways I wanted to get rid of this rain and I wanted it to be day time instead, so I just said outloud: "No more rain and day time now!" and I snapped my fingers.
      The rain immediately stops and in the matter of 10-20 seconds the sun lights up in the sky and it's no longer night anymore.

      I hop right above the fence and right into the street on the left and ask Vex is he's ready to be summoned and he answers: "I'm as ready as ever".
      I clap two times and fist bump two times and I look around in the skies but no sign of him, the dream fades away and I touch the ground some more, it stabilizes a bit for a few seconds and the dream ends.
      Later on Vex told me that he was right behind me.
    4. Focus, This Is Not ET

      by , 11-16-2017 at 04:09 AM
      Venting helped somewhat I think.

      First Dream

      I was in a room removing eye contacts from my eye, that turned out to be plastic and messed up along the edges.I remember thinking how weird it was and was concerned if it hurt my eye.(I don't wear contacts in WL)

      Second Dream

      I was focusing on becoming lucid while my other attention was on the presence of my dream guide. As I focused I became lucid than took note of what was in front of me. A neon pink/purple rectangular screen with the outline of a ship on it. I noticed that it wasn't aligned in front of me perfectly so I moved my view till it was right in the middle. A white room than began to form until the dream shifted and I was in my room.

      There was a round silver machine that reminds me of R2d2 next to me that I saw in the corner of my view. I didn't want it present though so I ignored it and focused on the door. I made a round disk appear and kept the door shut with it because I tend to get distracted by disturbing thoughts sometimes. Afterwards I thought of Eye until the dream shifted again.

      I was now in a room similar to my room but there was a cream colored/orange wall that had the shadow of a moving tree on it. Mostly its leaves. I thought it symbolized the November time of year than looked away to focus on summoning Eye. I heard his voice but than felt myself teleport and appeared in space where a alien was trying to get me to start its tubular ship like in a past dream. I decided to ignore it though and suddenly Eye appeared flying a purple motorcycle through the sky.

      When he reached me, he grabbed me than brought us back to the previous room.Paying close attention to his outer appearance I began to feel warmth. Than I pay more attention to his Eyes and noticed that his Eyes were a very dark blue. I was going to ask him something than and there but than I changed my mind and just hugged him while he snickered. When I stopped I pondered if I should have summoned Dawn instead.Woke up after that.

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    5. Giant Cave Monster Face

      by , 11-15-2017 at 06:00 AM (Lucid Time!)
      The dream was set like some type of video game. It combined elements of survival and building games, things that wouldn't look out of place in games like Minecraft of Space Engineers. I was building an underground city focused around mining and doing an incredibly good job. The planet I was mining seemed to offer a near endless wealth of mineral resources and my city was expanding at a rapid pace.

      At some point we dug into something and I became scared. I ordered an evacuation of the city, and ordered the last of my engineers to build a wall that sealed the city off from the outside world.


      I at some point in the future returned. I was no longer in a commanding position, but rather just myself, leading a small party of characters to investigate my lost city and see if anything was salvageable. We came across the wall, but I had intentionally incorporated a weak point that you only needed to remove a few components in order to get back inside. I opened the wall and we entered into an overlook space that I had built very early in the city's construction. A small portion of the roof had collapsed and sunlight and water poured into the cavernous city below. Vines and plantlife grew freely over the huge industrial processing center, and numerous buildings jutted from the side of the cavern which had began to crumble.

      We explored for some time when we came across workers being held hostage by some creatures. I felt bad that they had been left behind in my hasty retreat from the city and they said that there were others; and that we needed to fight back and get everyone out of here. It was their belief that my choice to abandon the city was a cowardly one; we could have won. But now that the mining city had decayed and the workers had been trapped for so long, they were ready to abandon it, but getting out meant we had to fight the thing that I was afraid of.

      The workers found spaceships which we could use to fly through the mining tunnels to escape; the mining tunnels were really that large. The front of the ships was a long vertical rectangular prism with a rounded front, and the back was an array of four large engines on pods. Everyone began boarding the ships and found weapons with which to fight the creatures. Because of the distinctive shape of the front of these ships, I began internally calling them 'thumb drive ships', cause they reminded me in shape of a flash drive.

      Something moaned deep within the cave and I remembered why I had been scared of it. A huge pale white human face started advancing down the mining tunnel. It opened its mouth and teeth came out which detached and became attack craft. The ships we were flying launched our own fighters, which I remember being distinctly plus-shaped with four wings going off in all directions around a central cupola module.

      Things quickly devolved into an absolutely vicious battle.
      I became lucid and realized that the face was nothing to be afraid of. I ran out onto the top of one of the thumb drive ships and took off on fire jets, weaving my way about the dogfights and flinging fireballs at the enemy 'tooth' spaceships. I then turned to the huge face which was now advancing on the city and it smiled creepily. I decided I would attack it in the eye and flew straight towards it getting ready to punch. I flew right into the pupil, never hitting anything and everything went black. I became aware that I was now in a black void and I was losing the dream. I woke up.
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    6. Log 929 - Two Twilights

      by , 11-15-2017 at 03:39 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Got a (surprise and surprisingly long) DILD to and dreamlets to note. Besides these, there was also one dream earlier in the morning, though I can't recall much at the moment.

      Scrap Group 1
      Vague memories of being in a torch-lit temple.

      Dream 1 - Two Twilights

      The visuals were pretty clear. I was walking around a shoddy urban area during twilight.

      At one point, I stop by near the remnants of an abandoned apartment building, almost entirely stripped down to its support frames. A massive renovation was underway, of which the main stairway and a canopy were being worked on at the time. I'd entertained the thought of buying the place for whatever reason, if only briefly. My daydreaming of that almost caused me to stumble into the others' work, so I left.

      Later, I cut through a gas station's lot. It seemed there was an abundance of armed security. Of them, some looked and sounded like what I perceived as West African military men. One of said men with a clipboard and glasses walked around asking passerby's questions, including whether one has participated in armed service. Not seeing any point to that, I hurried away, and almost got run over by a truck for my trouble.

      I eventually end up in a less shabby urban area, a neighborhood to which I supposedly resided. A group of Japanese middle school kids walked by and towards a nearby white apartment building. One girl seemed very familiar. In dream, she was just a friendly neighbor's kid that I'd routinely walk upstairs. When in the building, I spontaneously began meditating while floating around crosslegged. The girl and her friends asked many questions on such. As I reflected, I finally realized the dream state.

      While remaining seated, I flew out the nearest window and to the roof. The sun had arisen over a clear sky. I continued meditating, focusing on the blue horizon. I then launched myself to the distance, though with constant intermissions of reclarifying/restabilizing the environment.

      Soon, I arrived in the middle of the ocean, hovering several feet above the water. Had thoughts on the TOTM, though these were muddled by false memories. Cue a fruitless search for an island. Eventually, I do find a tiny empty landmass. It's there that I try the telekinesis/shape changing task. Try as I may, I couldn't even move a single grain of sand. Got bored, so I took off.

      Not long after, I landed on the streets of a beachside plaza, where I took a stroll by the shores. I was debating on which task to do next, when big waves toppled me backwards. The tides grew fiercer with time. Before long, a massive tidal wave was forming, large enough to destroy the area. I, through desperation, magically held the torrent in its place. After that, controlling that water was surprisingly easy. I had it wobble around for a moment, and, on a whim, froze it instantly. I then smoothed the ice wall into a flat surface, save for its crest, which I transformed into a pile of snow.

      Next TOTM in mind was the flag task. I walked to the highest point in the sand. Had to hand rub momentarily to restabilize things. Anyway, I picked up stick, and had it slowly morph into a white metal pole. I then tried creating a flag on it. Took having the pole unwittingly change into various street signs, but eventually, I managed to have a plain white banner attached. Next, I announced, "I hereby claim this place in my name", and firmly planted the flag in the sand. Concurrently, Mario's victory theme from Super Smash Bros. triumphantly sounded in the background. I soon noticed the Eye of Horus (or a similar symbol) appeared on the flag's face. Mysterious indeed, but it didn't feel appropriate to explore that at the moment.

      The sun was setting. Sensing destabilization, I hurried to complete that telekinesis task (again). There was someone else following me, unknown to me even then, yet I still felt acquainted enough to relay my thoughts to them. Anyway, I fly around, until I stumble upon a small island of short mangroves and underwater brambles. I telekinetically lift a vine, and try forming it into a stone tower. Instead, it assumes the shape of a muddy dirt mound just barely tall enough to reach out the water's surface. Eh, good enough, I thought.

      Things collapsed shortly afterwards.

      Scrap Group 2
      Many dreamlets, now mostly a hazy memory. Most of these occurred in a forest region. Others were brief glimpses of traffic near shopping plazas.

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    7. Shebra

      by , 11-15-2017 at 02:40 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #517 - DILD - 2:30AM

      I have an anxiety nightmare early in the night about rats. I do a mini WBTB and fall asleep with my intention set. My last thought was about my LD goal.

      That same dream repeats itself, but this time there is no anxiety because I recognize it almost immediately and become lucid.
      I turn away from the rats scene and turn down a hallway in some way better version of my house. Everything is brightly light.
      Because I am always amused how realistic my shouting is, I yell out, "Hey! Hey! HEEEEYYYY!"
      I suspect all this shouting will conjure up a DC. I turn into a door way into a bedroom. I see my wife is scantily clad. I notice no bra under her thin shirt. I say something to her, I don't recall. All I remember is that she has a really strange reply. She gives me a high-five and attempts some strange secret handshake I lose track of it.
      Instead of getting caught up in it I remind myself by telling her that this is a dream, "I am dreaming. This is a lucid dream."
      She smiles.
      I then tap her once on each boob and say, "I'll be right back."
      I turn to a window in the room and phase outside. I recall my goal, inspired by TWD, to ride a tiger.

      I wonder around my neighborhood. Again, enjoying the sound and feel of dream shouting, I call out for a tiger. After a moment a large, dog-sized version of my childhood pet cat appears. The orange tabby reminds me of the cat I once named Tigger. I take a brief second to appreciate this memory, but this isn't quite what I want. I turn away down the street and try to remember the name of the tiger from TWD. The closest I get is Shebra, but I now know that what I meant was Shiva. It's OK my dream tiger can be Shebra if I want.

      After some walking and shouting for Shebra, I find her sitting and waiting. She's about the size of my Great Pyrenees but that doesn't stop me from trying to ride her. I get on her back and wrap my hands around her neck. She stands and carries down the street. Though see feels like she has gotten quite a bit bigger is really just feels like I am hugging my own dog. I am a little disappointed. I see some kids playing with an young woman, maybe still in her teens. I notice her shirt has an 80's design and reads, 'LOVECRAFT'. I ride away as I gradually wake up.

      It's probably meaningless coincidence, but I found this after googling 'lovecraft tiger'

      Little Tiger

      Little Tiger, burning bright
      With a subtle Blakeish light,
      Tell what visions have their home
      In those eyes of flame and chrome!
      Children vex thee - thoughtless, gay -
      Holding when thou wouldst away:
      What dark lore is that which thou,
      Spitting, mixest with thy meow?
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    8. The Olsen Twins showed up in my dream and this happened...

      by , 11-15-2017 at 01:46 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I was in a building at night time with Asuka. She handed me this really hard to chew candy. I kept biting bits of my tongue off. We entered a room when a song that sounded like metallica was playing. In the room were the olsen twins in their tweenie years when they were making all those horrible movies. One was on drums and the other was on guitar. They were trying to play, "Enter Sandman,". The guitar was way off.. out of tune and playing a couple wrong chords where there were supposed to be single notes. This whole thing shocked me and I bit another piece of my tongue off.


      I was in a dream where apparently my dad died of cancer. I was in a school field with Asuka and my brother. By the side of the school field was a grassy incline, really steep. we followed everyone going to the field down it. Asuka kept giving me all these candies. I just kept eating them until I woke up.


      I was exploring an abandoned house with someone from youtube Omar. Forgot how I got lucid. We went into a basement and I kept trying to convince Omar it was a dream. He must have realized eventually because he vanished right in front of me probably waking up from the dream. I woke up as well shortly after.

      Work related

      Had a dream that I quit my job. Can't remember why only that I was kind of upset about it. Later outside I kept using a plastic bag to propel me into the air flying. I kept circling above the mcdonald's. There were a couple of onlookers who seemed amazed.
      Tags: asuka, omar
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    9. The Dark Tower – Missed Contact

      by , 11-14-2017 at 09:19 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 11-14

      The Dark Tower – Missed Contact

      I am with Roland, Eddie, and Susanna. I look around to see where we are. Roland, Eddie, and Susanna have been making a journey. I am not sure where they are going, but they’re following a path of distraction. I start remembering. This path of distruction was left by Bearzilla, the giant cyborg bear. They seem to be having difficulty with pushing Susanna in her wheelchair. I think maybe I have an idea. They stop, and I hear Roland talking about Susanna getting a piggyback ride. She really seems to hate that idea. I see Roland has a harness on his back that it looks like someone could ride in. I catch up to them and say I have a possible alternative. A sentient Witchblade can form into weapons and armor, why not legs? I reach into the pockets inside my robes and pull out a Witchblade. It looks like a simple bracelet right now. Everyone is wondering how I managed to get there without any of them knowing. Especially Roland. I hold out the Witchblade to Susanna. I tell her that can help. She says she doesn’t see how a bracelet can help her walk. I tell her to put it on, and it will show her.

      While she is sitting in her wheelchair, Susanna slips the Witchblade onto her wrist. It tightens there so that it is firm but not uncomfortable. I tell it to give her legs. The Witchblade forms into armor. But the armor continues and forms complete legs where Susannah’s end in stumps. Everyone around is completely amazed. I tell her it might take some getting used to these new legs. She may need to learn to use them first. I’m not sure how it will feel. She sits there and looks at her legs for a minute, and then moves one of them. She lifts her right leg and stares at the Witchblade foot. She tries to get up from the wheelchair. It is clear that she’s not very stable on the Witchblade legs. Eddie comes over to steady her. With Eddie for support, Susanna takes the first few steps that she has taken for many years. I pull two more Witchblades from my pocket. I gave one to Eddie and one to Roland. I told them that they may not need assistance in walking, but it will still form armor or melee weapons if they need them. I think they’re about to ask some more questions, but the dream has been a pretty short one, and I wake up.


      It seems like it is later in the same dream, but I woke up a little bit in between. I am in a small area where Eddie and Susanna are huddled together on one side of a nearly extinguished campfire, and Roland is on the other. Roland seems very restless. Is tossing and turning, and talking in his sleep about Jake. He keeps calling to Jake as if he thinks the boy will answer somehow. He does not seem sane. I assume it is the paradox. Susanna asks if Eddie thinks they should wake him up to get him out of the nightmare? Eddie says he wouldn’t dare. He points over at gun that is lying on the ground not far from Roland’s hand. I told them that I will do it. They do a double take, looking up at me. I repeat I will help Roland, even if he shoots me it wouldn’t hurt me. So I quietly go over to Roland. I even levitate a little bit off of the ground so I won’t make even a sound. I get so close to him that I’m whispering in his ear. The song My Last Breath by Evanescence. “Hold on to me, love. You know I can’t stay long. All I wanted to say is I love you and I’m not afraid. Can you hear me? Can you feel me in your heart?” As the song continues, Roland seems to calm down. Finally as it is ending he relaxes completely. I believe his dreams are now gone. His sleep is dreamless. I tell Eddie and Susanna that he should be OK now for a while. And soon this paradox will be resolved. And then I wake up.


      I am with Roland and the others again. This time we‘re just sitting and talking. Some of the talk is about the Witchblades, where I try to explain some things about them. That they have minds of their own and will respond to unseen threats and they also respond to their wearer’s mental commands making them like an extension of the wearer’s body once they’re fully adapted to each other. Then Roland starts talking about MoSh. He asked if I know my friend was there earlier? He says that MoSh was there with them earlier, and he is certain that moSh has had formal training as a gunslinger. I tell him I did not realize that MoSh had been there. I ask him what happened? He said he and MoSh were talking, then they found a nest of weird mechanical things that attacked them. He says that even his old teacher Cort would have been impressed by MoSh’s shooting. I ask him for what details he can remember. I tell him that since this is a dream state for us, sometimes we have trouble remembering. Anything that I can tell MoSh might help him remember.

      Roland says they were traveling along the path that the bear had left when they heard strange mechanical noisees. He said he and Eddie went to check it out. He said they saw was six little robots moving around in a circle. There were a lot more around them, but they all appeared to be dormant. He said that Eddie started shooting the little robots. He says Eddie shot all but one of them. The last one was coming at them, right as Susanna came over to see what was going on. Eddie took that one out as it was attacking Susanna. Eddie was getting pissed off at Roland because he thought Roland had left Susanna in danger. And while Eddie was getting pissed off, a couple of flying things attacked them. Roland says he shot those easily. Roland says MoSh came up to them and asked if there was a problem? Before Roland could answer, a whole flock of flying things attacked. There were so many of them that it took all four of them shooting to get them all before someone got attacked. He says he did not see MoSh miss even once. I tell him that that’s good, and I hope that MoSh will remember this when I tell him. I also hope I will remember this so that I can tell him. Roland says he is very interested in this method of travel we seem to have. This dream travel. I tell him that’s hard to explain. And I don’t have a chance to try before I wake up.
    10. kagome, NightMare

      by , 11-10-2017 at 04:51 AM
      This was a part of before yesterdays dream.

      I was laying on a bed somewhat aware it was a dream but I felt kind of odd. It felt like there was a little girl and older women(30s?) Inside of me. "I feel like I'm three people"I said out loud. But just as I was about to get up the dream shifted.

      I was mindlessly watching a scene unfold in a Inyuasha setting. It was morning and there was people in indigenous garments with patterns sitting by a bar table and observing their clothes. The scene than went to Inyuasha who was sitting near the tree next to kagome who looked like a mesh of kikiyo and haru from Rurouni Kension. But when sango came back with Maroku, kagome got up and shot an arrow on a ivory treasure on the ground. She than began to cheer on a man who was trying to complete a challenge. "Kagome? She never cheers anyone on. She's not acting like herself today". The group than continued to watch her concerned.


      I was in a house with two guys who were running around and messing up the place for fun. Suddenly I ended up coming across a pill bottle that could talk and wanted me to overdose on it. I stopped it from flinging pills into my mouth, than it took its own pills and began to lose conscience. I told the guys that since I was lucid I would revive the thing and make a happy ending. One of them seemed excited about the outcome but than the other guy went to the kitchen and began chopping fish clumsily while laughing. After I revive the pill thing, the other guy joined him and while they started chopping nothing one lunged at his wrist and the other at his own stomach.The place than began to be slightly flooded by black liquid as the bigger one pressed his ripped wrist towards me to feel. Uncomfortable by their excitement I tried to change their personality but the dream shifted.

      I was now looking at a lamp thinking I had woken up. But in the lamp wire a blue ball of energy began to flow. Seeing this I became scared that a fire would ensue. I unplugged it unsure if I would get electrocuted than felt the room temperature get hotter from an angle. Hearing the ambulance scared me more.

      Another false awakening happened. But when I tried to turn on the lamp the light switch broke. I than looked to my side and saw a big wooden dresser and another bed to the side of it. Looking to the slightly open door I became frightened and asked to wake up. I woke up after that.

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    11. A Pretty Eventful LD

      by , 11-09-2017 at 06:12 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 10:43 PM

      Woke up at: 6:00 AM


      Looking up random crap on my laptop, I begin to have thoughts of deja vu, "What if this is a dream?" I thought to myself. "That's ridiculous." I also pondered. But, I had to confirm my suspicions somehow. The internet is already a weird and, frankly, terrifying place, anything that seemed odd could be interpreted as 'expected'. So I just told myself I was dreaming, and I was.

      Nothing specifically tipped me off to the nature of the dream itself. I just went with my 'gut instincts', luckily those gut instincts were correct. People didn't act like they should in the dream, places that I had never even seen before were just outside my neighborhood, but I digress.

      I got up from my bed, when I realized that my vision was utter garbage. I told the dream to improve my vision, but to no avail. I try again, no dice. I went towards my desk and grabbed a comically oversized and uncomfortable pair of glasses, which helped a little bit. Then I try to fly. I begin to vibrate aggressively for a couple seconds before blasting through the roof. Somehow, I end up back in my room, unscathed and just as anxious.

      My sister and her boyfriend open the door. I tell my sister ecstatically, "(No I'm not giving her name away), you're in a DREAM!!" She rolls her eyes (Of course), and her boyfriend just sorta shrugged it off. My other sister is also there, but for some odd reason, she's pregnant (This isn't the case in waking life). We walk out on the town upon my request.

      There's this security guard lady who's checking people into a large building. She lets everyone else go and I go last. I try to phase through the gate, ubt she checks me in just as the gate opens for me. So, that didn't go so well.

      We wind up in this train station/mall type area with a boatload of people all around. I try to follow my sister and her boyfriend through the crowded building, but increasingly lose distance. Then, out of the blue, a lady carrying a bazillion shopping bags and an overloaded shopping cart, all of which say "That's The Joke", comes barreling by.

      I wake up right after that.


      1. This is actually the first extended lucid ream I had. Ever. It lasted about 20 or so minutes long and I didn't need to perform even one reality check along the way.

      2. I kept the same level of lucidity throughout, and just sorta went along with the dream. I think it might've been a layer 2 or 3 lucid dream, which is astounding for me.
    12. Rictus Theater (Music)

      by , 11-07-2017 at 08:57 PM
      I had this dream a while ago. I was walking through a mall with some friends when I happened across what appeared to be an upscale dinner theatre. The theatre walls were a golden color and the carpet had a very festive pattern to it. The big screen was framed to look like a fancy stage theatre. Instead if seat rows there were round dinner tables with white tablecloths, obviously there were chairs, plates, and, of course, the standard cutlery. I remember seeing a sign at the entrance. The sign read, "Todays screening: The Thoughts That Our Smiles Have." I walked in and saw what was on screen. It was literally just a bunch of close up shots of people's smiles. There was an editing filter to make it look like a super 8 film. The truly strange thing was that everyone was standing. No one was actually watching the film, they were all standing by their seats and staring right at us with these really wide grins on their faces. They were all dressed in formal attire, they didn't blink...their faces were perfectly static. It was so unsettling.

      We carefully made our way through the theatre. I remember that we were trying to move through it and get to the exit door on the other side. We stopped halfway and kept our backs against the wall. The lights got dimmer. Everyone was still staring at us with those wide grins. I remember the soundtrack that was playing during the screening. I heard it the moment I walked in. The lyrics made me very uneasy.

      "Smiling is fun. Smiling is fun. Not to smile is illegal. Smiling is fun."

      The singer was female and she had an alto pitch. That last line, "not to smile is illegal" is what got us. These people may have had smiles on their faces but we just knew that they were hostile. They were scrutinizing us...looking for a reason to take us down. I just knew they were. It is here that I became lucid. There was a tall white man standing next to me. Like all the other men, he was in a tux. His hair was brunette and his smile creeped me out the most (probably because he was closer to me than the others). In compliance with the song, we put on our biggest grins. I had a feeling that that's what these people wanted from us. They wanted us to smile like them. But we knew that it wasn't enough. They didn't just want us to look insanely happy, they wanted us to be insanely happy. I looked at the man next to me and showed him my smile, in the hopes that I could fool him into believing that I was like him. In spite of his rigid grin, I could tell that he wasn't fooled. I don't know how I could tell but I could. His grin was unwavering, while mine was painful and twitchy I think he could see that...they all could.

      We knew we had to get out of there fast! While doing our best to maintain our unnatural grins, we made our way to the exit on the other side of the theatre. I turned towards the screen and that's when I saw the most unsettling figure yet. He was the only one sitting. It was a big light orange monster with incredibly long and sharp teeth. He had jet black eyes and was looking right at us just like everyone else. He too was smiling. As we moved through the theatre I noticed that everyone was slowly walking towards is. They had us all but surrounded, still wearing those creepy-ass grins. This was it, we had been found out. "Fuck this," I thought, "I'm out."

      I woke up and was glad to be awake.

      I composed the song I heard in this dream. I didn't record the lyrics but I got the melody down. I think I'll create a playlist of all the songs I've heard in my dreams. https://soundcloud.com/ghostchild191/rictus

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    13. Bus trip Lucid - more of an analysis

      by , 11-07-2017 at 07:51 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      With using the WILD guide of kingoyshi I had...a DEILD.
      Low lucidity still ,my recall improved a bit .
      I was in a suburban area then I got on a bus and talked with my friends ,I wasn't really lucid , but I knew that I'm in a dream and that lingered in my mind through the dream. I didn't know what do I want to do or why. I will make a list of goals.

      Upon becoming lucid I started to observe the details ; apparently the dream wasn't greatly vivid, but it was still fascinating how complex a dream is . I also observed that I have a mildly bad vision which I tried to fix by focusing and twisting that "key" in my head that I imagined there, that seemed to improve my vision for a moment but it was useless.

      At the majority of my dream I was sitting on a bus , observing , there was me ,my friends and a few guys with weird faces, one of them had dead yellow eyes and wasnt really moving, or doing anything at all. Then I mentioned to my friends that this is a dream and that I have powers here. They were denying it naturally, to which I said I can levitate objects with the force.
      Then we got out of the bus. We were in a random street I dont clearly remember.
      They gave me something , a box I think, placed it on the floor , and so I did my thing: Levitated that thing, then one of my friends telepone, spun it in the air then threw it somewhere ; they were suprised and started hollering .

      And that was it

      So , now I'm off to write my list of goals .
    14. Rain is all I get

      by , 11-07-2017 at 07:46 PM
      Had a lucid dream this morning. I don't know if it was via MILD or this meditation technique I'm playing with. The meditation technique is Sam Harris' "Imagine you have no head" meditation. Anyway, I find myself in a lucid dream in the usual spot, outside of my house. It was raining heavy. I turn my face up to the sky and attempt to part the clouds with my dream control. No budge. A small rift of blue appears. Why is it always cold, wet and raining my lucid dreams?
    15. Pull the Demon From Inside

      by , 11-03-2017 at 11:43 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 11-03

      Pull the Demon From Inside

      I remember dream. It started out that I was with Alicia at her house. We were looking through stuff they got at a yard sale. There are old purses, books, wallets, and other crap. I start looking through the wallets. Alicia and her mom want to know if any of them are in good enough shape to resell. I open one wallet and find lots of money was left in the wallet by accident. I figure it is not Alicia’s, not her mothers, so whoever finds it first gets to keep it. I take the money out of the wallet and slip it into my pocket. Alicia apparently she thinks I’m going to spend the night tonight. I am OK with that until she mentions that she has to get up at 4 o’clock the next morning. She and her mother are going on a trip, and they have to get a really early start. I tell her if she’s getting up at 4 o’clock in the morning I won’t be spending the night. She seems surprised and disappointed. She says I will have to take care of her pets. She hands me a little cage that has both a hamster and a gerbil in. They are both very cute. I go outside to find my car, but it is not there. I look around and find out someone has moved it and it is now parked on Alicia’s front lawn. I realize I forgot something, so I go back in the house to get it. When I go through the door the entire dream changes.

      I am now in a long narrow hallway. It is so dark, the shadows seem almost solid. This is not Alicia‘s house. I walk down the hall, not sure where to go. I pinch my nose and find I can still breathe. I am dreaming. The hall seems to go on forever. I finally reach a room at the end of it. There is a woman in the room. She turns and looks at me. It’s like there’s a shadow over her. She tells me welcome to the nightmare. I tell her it is a dream, but no nightmare. I tell her it is my waking existence that is the nightmare. She laughs, although there’s no mirth in it. It sounds weird. I remember what I am here to do. I have to use a song to get a demon out of this woman, it’s Asuka. I had been thinking about a song by Device called Penance, so I use it. “I can make the nightmare go away, I can pull the demon from inside. I can make the nightmare go away, and save you from this and endless night.” Asuka, stands there and listens. Her eyes turn weird. They turn a solid black as if they were empty holes that lead oblivion. When the song is over, she speaks again. She is not talking in her own voice. It is a weird gravely evil voice, and it says that if I think that is going to bring it out then I am a fool. But I don’t see any reason to sit here and argue with a demon. I have another song in mind.

      “I came here by day, I left here in darkness, and found you. Found you on the way. And now, it is silver and silent. It is silver and cold. You in somber resplendence I hold.” The song is called Silver and Cold, and it is by a band called AFI. That stands for A Fire Inside. The demon woman just looks mildly amused at this new song. I continue it. “Your sins into me, oh my beautiful one, your sins into me. As a rapturous voice escapes I will tremble a prayer, and I beg for forgiveness. Your sins into, your sins into me. Oh my beautiful one.” The demon just repeats that it’s not going to work, but it’s voice sound distant and Hollow. So I just continue the song. “Light, like a flood her with wings, I feel your hollow voice rushing into me as your longing to sing. So I, I will paint you in silver. I will wrap you in cold. I will lift up your voice as I fall. Your sins into me, oh my beautiful one.”

      It looks like there is a dark cloud trying to tear out of Asuka, it is holding on, but it it’s not going to hold on for long. “I’ll fall asleep for you, I only ask you turn away. I’ll fall asleep for you, I only ask you turn, as it leaves into me, my beautiful one. Your sins into me.” So now I absorb the whole dark cloud out of Asuka and into me. It feels bitterly cold, but beyond that I don’t notice any effect. Asuka seems worried that I pulled it into myself. I tell her that this will not be a problem, because my soul already belongs to Jesus. The light energy will purge it out. This song is What I’ve Done by Linkin Park. “Let mercy come, and wash away what I’ve done. I faced myself, to cross out what I’ve become. Erase myself, and let go of what I’ve done. I’m for given what I’ve done.”
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