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    1. Alien Abduction Warning & Lucid Fragment

      by , Today at 06:18 PM
      I am investigating an area on earth where there has been recent alien activity reported. There is a huge Chinese or Korean space satellite floating above me in the sky. I am in a quiet village that has become a ghost town, going from home to home and looking in the windows. It is night and the homes are all dark and empty. There are stickers on the outside window panes of the houses that warn of recent alien abductions in the area. I come across one sticker that has a photo of a famous actor who has recently disappeared. It is assumed this actor was abducted by aliens. As I go from home to home reading the stickers, I look out over a field (the village park) and see a luminescent, glowing butterfly which flutters to the ground and slowly transforms into a human figure. The human figure stands up in the distance, glowing with neon radiance. As it walks through the dark park, I can see through its body transparently: the creature's muscular and skeletal systems are fully visible with incandescent lime-green bones and electric orange-neon muscle. It is a beautiful, surreal sight to withhold. I transfix on it as it strides through the park. I am not afraid. While watching it, I suddenly become lucid, check my hands, and discover I am dreaming. But the intensity of the dream is such, that I am totally paralyzed by the awesomeness of the sight and cannot move. My recall fades shortly thereafter. Dreamt 1/27/2017
      dream fragment , lucid , non-lucid
    2. Was lucid

      by , Today at 05:09 PM
      I'm working on remembering my dreams in the morning but I was lucid last night. I'm running somewhere and I make items appear in my hands. It's like the items have to load or take a little bit of time when they appear. I should have written down my lucid dream when I woke up last night but didn't. It's dark too in my dream.
    3. The Babysitter

      by , Today at 04:22 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was watching Danny Phantom. I noticed that Danny looked somewhat more muscular than the usual art style.


      I was building sand castles and explaining a battle strategy to someone while talking about the 'Art of War'. Manei's father came over and he was telling me how he built their whole home island in Minecraft and wanted to use it to plan a defensive wall around the bay that if ships came into the bay they would run aground on sharp rocks and wreck.


      I was on my college campus, only, as usual, it was truncated in some strange way where. There was a section of campus that was a former radioactive wasteland, with skyscrapers overgrown with vines and trees and the likes. Though it wasn't radioactive anymore because the radiation was from a very long time ago. There was also a tram system running around the college that had a stop in the abandoned city because my college planned to reclaim the land eventually and build dorms and classrooms there.

      But until then my professor had to teach there. He was talking about how he wanted us to do a photography project of the abandoned section of campus. I then got back on the tram but it overlapped with being on more of a school bus. I had a discussion with some dream characters and one of them said that there was a rumor going around that this girl that I barley had said she was both my girlfriend and my sister, and it all started because my math professor shipped us. I didn't want the rumor to spread so I lied and said that I was homosexual.

      Then the tram stopped and I had trouble getting all of my stuff back into my backpack. I wondered why the tram hadn't closed and gone to the next stop. I then saw that it was my professor that was driving the tram for me. I thanked him for holding the tram at the stop and told him I was sorry for being clumsy and disorganized with my possessions. He smiled and said to be more organized next time.

      I got into my car and drove home. Just about as soon as I get home there is a knock on the door. I then 'remember' that I agreed to babysit some woman's child for the evening and that she would pay me (either $20 or $50, I cannot remember). I wanted to ask her some basic questions like allergies or her phone number but she was in a real hurry and just left. Her child was a chubby boy of maybe about five or six, with short blonde hair.

      I will save the details but the boy's behavior turned out to be very inappropriate for someone of his age. I wanted to call his mother but didn't have her number. I told him to go sit in the corner for a time-out but he made a face at me. I then saw him in the kitchen, in nothing but his underwear pulling all of the knives out of the block and laying them out on the floor while eating cookies. I drew the line and said that he was coming with me. I picked him up and he started crying, then bit me on the arm and I let him go.

      He ran to the counter and pulled my laptop computer off the counter by the headphone jack. I went over and looked at my now nonfunctional laptop and recognized it as a dream sign, and became
      lucid. I looked back up to the kid.

      "This is an anxiety dream, and you are just a part of myself. You will now stop. I will now stop."

      "You're not the boss of me."

      The child began to transform. His head grew about ten times in size and his body expanded and stretched with a large round belly that reminded me of that of a pregnant woman forming. This new form of his a strange cross of absolutely hilarious and utterly terrifying.

      "You are becoming a nightmare. What do you represent?"

      I get no reply. I thought of the usual self-imposed rules I put upon myself for dealing with nightmares. If they represent something then I have to accept that thing and befriend them. If they do not represent something, or refuse to tell me their origin, then they exist without meaning in the dreamworld and can be defeated. This nightmare's presence doesn't make sense. I've long since gotten over my anxieties about working with children. His persistent presence is simply frustrating to me.

      He starts walking towards me with a toddler-like wobble and a grin of excitement on his distorted face. I just start to think about how everything about this character is unlikeable. He's a brat from the moment he walks in and he's chosen such an awkward and disturbing form once he realizes there might be combat.

      I strike him with my hands in a pushing motion. As I swing my hands foreward I notice sparks of electricity linking my hands in a small arc. At this point I'm still reluctant to seriously injure him at the thought of what his mother might think of me when she returns. But the monster barely registers the strike. He bends over and attempts to bite me again, where he now has teeth like the titans from Attack on Titan, way too many giant teeth in a wide grin. I figure thats what the dream was probably inspired by. I rocket backwards, clumsily colliding with and destroying the front door of my house, and sliding across a cold, muddy front yard.

      Outside I see that I am in a twisted, nightmarish version of my town. Fires, lava, screaming victims, corpses and giant ash-black figures resembling the child but with more proportionate heads wobbling around, being the harbingers of the torment brought upon this world. One detail I remember in particular was the sky was stormy, but the clouds parted in the eye of the storm and the face of a colossal snow-white being with six eyes stared down on me. Even lucid, I could feel the fear emanating from that face and didn't want to continue looking at it.

      I turned my attention back to the child monster, whos neck stretched and he made another attempt to bite at me. I wasn't holding back anymore. I kicked him in the jaw with enough force to create a shockwave and saw in slow motion from third person as the kick caused the monster to bite off its own tongue. The monster went flying upwards, and I rocketed into the air after it, unleashing a hail of fire missiles straight up, each blast propelling it higher into the air. I saw the monster clear the explosion, we were nearly at cloud level, closer to the fear-emanating six eyed face, who was now watching the battle through its window in the clouds. I saw the child monster and that my attack had no effect. The monster's stomach opened top-to-bottom and its intestines shot out like tentacles and wrapped around me. The entrails had a disturbing amount of detail, being covered in slime and blue veins.

      I created a transparent bubble shield that repulsed my trappings. I then targeted his open stomach, interpreting it as a weakness. I created a spinning fireball with a point and shot it into the open stomach. It caused the monster to rocket back down towards my high school. It was screaming in pain but quickly recovered. I flew down after it and we were now low above the main street of my town. There were cars but they looked very punk, decorated with skulls and spikes. I flew very low over the pavement, that resembled molten magma, at one point flying underneath the car and re-emerging to see the monster hovering above center of town.

      I at this point recognized that because this monsters 'home turf' was a firey hellscape, perhaps fire wasn't hurting it.

      "Mea Impedius" was the voice command I had prepared to summon my weapon schema, should I ever need it. I heard a humming sound as a a long bronze staff manifested. I looked at it and saw small mechanisms of gears and levers moving. The dream changed completely the moment that I did and I saw Marcus, and we were sitting in his living room. He explained that my weapon schema could become multiple weapons and I simply had to command it to do what I wanted. I looked at the staff and thought that I wanted a ranged weapon and it bent. Two halves of a string connected from either end and it became a bow.

      I was back in the original dream. I pulled back the bow and an arrow appeared. I fired at the monster and the arrow, in flight became a huge spear and impaled it through the body. The monster shrieked in pain and I knew I was hurting it now, but it pulled the arrow out and recovered from the wound. I flew backwards down the road as the monster charged at me. It was now wearing a crown made of holly, like a christmas wreath. (At first I thought it was a crown of thorns.) I kept firing arrows into it but they seemed to just be absorbed into its flesh. But then I got an X-ray visual of all the arrows inside of it were still there and they were weakening the monster because they had amethyst tips that emitted an energy that.

      I then willed the bow into a spear (with a very large amethyst tip) and threw it at the monsters head. It too got absorbed.

      The monster became desperate and in too much pain, and vomited the grim reaper for lack of a better term. A skeletal body connected to the back of the monsters throat by a hundred spinal vertebrae shot fourth weilding a scythe. I couldn't remember the command I had planned for a dreamcatcher shield. Instead I just yelled "Shield, NOW!" and small metal leaflets arranged themselves into a silver Shield." However when the reaper came down onto me the shield broke and I got knocked backwards.

      "NO! Dreamcatcher Shield!"

      This time I was successful, a blue web of light appeared in front of me. The reaper's scythe came down on the glowing ward, getting caught right in the central eye. The scythe and grim reaper exploded off the shield that created a gonglike sound that shook the entire dreamworld. When it had stopped I heard a low, deep moan that I could feel through my old body. I looked up to see the six eyed face (that now only had four eyes, and looked more human) retreat up the hole in the storm. Rain began to fall and extinguish the fires and turn the magma into obsidian.

      I woke up, but did a DEILD almost immediately. I think I saw my alarm clock for a few seconds and it was 4:43am.

      The dream went back to the front room of my house where the whole thing had began. I was somehow still fighting the child monster but it was greatly weakened and had a smaller sized head (still disproportionate, though). It had its arm around my neck and I was struggling to get away. Apparently it had some kind of regenerative that allowed it to partially regenerate after all nightmares had already been banished.

      I manifested a crossbow on my left wrist and said that the crossbow bolt would negate its regeneration. I saw two tiny green ghosts go around the bolt and the shaft glowed green. I fired it and the monster melted into a puddle of black and red goo and a 'baby alive' doll.

      Marcus came in through the front door of my house. I asked him why the nightmare was so hard to kill and he said that it was a homunculus baby that somebody had released from a medieval painting that was haunted. He created an android that tricked the monster into coming over to my house and figured I could do all the 'dirty work' for him. I felt a little used not being informed ahead of time but I've been doing Marcus' dirty work since we met. He promised that next time he had a job for me like this he would keep me better informed, but that this had been on short notice because it was such a big threat.

      I asked him why Manei had left my dreams and he showed me a comic panel that looked like my drawing style of her sitting on the couch eating ice cream out of the container and watching tv.

      The dream faded into a nonlucid that I don't recall.
      lucid , non-lucid , nightmare
    4. Lucidity in a dream within a dream . but it was different this time .

      by , Today at 08:28 AM
      I've mostly had self awakenings more than lucidity in a dream .they always seem like series of dreams .like its as if It was one dream AFTER another and not me waking up multiple times in a dream like people usual feel about false awakening and I also realized that they were in series
      But yesterday night wasn't one of them . see false awakening take two to three into the required dreams hours .but this dream . it took me exactly one dream.hour .
      And I was lucid . in the false awakening
      Let's say the first and the second level.
      In false awakenings the second level come before the first . as like you have to wake up from one dream level to go to the another .and they seem seem like dream levels but they're not . they're series . I actually remember waking up for a second or to unconsciously .maybe just eyes open ajar but it definitely feels like series well not this dream .
      I was in the first level . arguing . to tell everyone to get out of my room . I'm really possessive about my things especially my art stuff ( they cost so much man) and found Lil cousin sis ( okay I don't hate kids but they are monsters and look cute only from the distance) and she was using my costly ass paints on the wall I painted . so I started screaming and told everyone to get out . I knew that now my parents would come in, scolding because screamed at my sis . but they didn't . weird ..
      I went back and I slept .
      I woke up in the showers , because I love water and that's what I was thinking of in the first level of dream .
      I was having fun and singing ..it was night and I was singing aloud . weird .no sound here . only me and the water pouring from the showers . I went to see my reflection and I was like wait this is a dream .and I then I said a lucid dream . started floating in the air and went through the mirror to a.parallel world , didn't go all the way . I also made it dawn instead if night . but for some reasome reason I was only limited to the room . and then I woke up back to the first layer of dreaming and it continued to where It had left off .no time had passed there ..and I WAS NOT lucid in that level . and then I woke up after sometime.

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    5. failed atom bomb - lucid 2017 DJ 33 LD #42

      by , Yesterday at 11:19 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)

      I become lucid, but decide to go along with the plot. We are running from an enemy who we have threatened with an atom bomb, but I am having difficulties summoning one. Soon they will realise our lie, and take us hostage. I try, but I CAN'T! The enemy knocks on the door... I take emergency action holding a female DC, and teleport to a beach...
    6. unimpressive floating

      by , Yesterday at 10:33 PM
      i was in my cousin steven's room with 3 other relatives at a square fold-up table. we were packing stuff? i realized i was lucid and said something like "hey look what i can do" with the intention of doing some cool floating. instead i kind of went lop-sided and clumsily upward haha!

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    7. weak lucidity, i need to try other methods

      by , Yesterday at 10:31 PM
      non-lucid: i did my reality check (nose pinch) and it worked, but i didn't really understand what it meant. so i tried again, worked again. i didn't believe it.

      semi-lucid: this went on for a few more tries until i understood i was lucid. i think it was sitting in my car in a left turn lane. i looked at my hands and they looked so real. i felt cars zooming past me on both sides and didn't want to manipulate too much because i was worried i would lose the dream. then i thought, "okay if this is really a dream, just float a little bit to prove it." i couldn't do it.

      i've been able to in previous dreams. this dream faded very quickly. i need to start trying spinning methods or something else besides the hand method because i lose lucidity quickly often and i always have weak lucid dreams.

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    8. funny street sweeping sign

      by , Yesterday at 10:25 PM
      lucid: in what felt like a costco-ish parking lot, very bright outside. as me and my partner walked toward the building, away from our car, i looked up at what i knew to be a street sweeping sign (though this wasn't a residential area so it doesn't make sense after being awake) and it read:


      made no sense but it looked right!

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      Tags: letters, sign, words
    9. first longer-lasting lucid-grappling hook, 'gilliam cyrus'

      by , Yesterday at 10:23 PM
      this was a few months ago but i forgot to post about it:

      non-lucid: traversing through snowy, wooded area. houses were modern, cubical, and small but made of sticks and twigs only.

      lucid: i realized i was dreaming and wanted to stop heading deeper into the woods because i was scared. i conjured a grappling hook to swing out of there. i remember the sensation of coming back down from a swing, i felt it in my stomach. as i left the area i exited into a.. suburban neighborhood park's parking lot (<best way to describe it). i read the sign to see if it made sense. it did. it said the name of the park.
      it cut to me being in my "family's house" (doesn't exist in real life). it was a 3 story, compact townhouse with a modern feel (what's up with the modern homes? i don't like modern houses in waking life!). i was in an upper story and wanted to leave the house so i went down a flight of stairs into the kitchen where my second oldest sister. she asked me a question and i answered in passing. on my way out of the front door, there was a family collage of photographs. i concentrated on the faces to see if they were recognizable. at first, they were familiar but defintely off. the longer i looked, the more correct they got my family's features. strange! outside, i walked up a curving sidewalk. i wanted to live out my complicated gender fantasies so i tried to will myself to just turn into a good looking dude. my first efforts didn't work, so i tried a new strategy of concentrating on my physical dream body and trying to just feel myself changing. didn't work. so i thought maybe if i envisioned who i wanted to be, that would work. i picture anything, so i thought to look up a good looking celeb for inspiration. i took out my phone and typed in "gilliam cyrus" who, in my dream i knew to be miley cyrus's younger brother.. as i looked at my phone, a one direction fan-type person started following me

      after waking:
      i looked up gilliam cyrus.. he doesn't exist!
      and creepy and weird- i don't want teenaged girls to follow me but i suppose my subconscious knows the association of good-looking dude and the subsequent attention that comes with it.

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    10. Short lucid

      by , Yesterday at 09:51 PM
      I'm walking with some other DC. I see a temple and decide to go there because I somehow know that something bad happened in that place. The DC follow me. When we arrive I find out that one of the DC has lived her at some time. He poisoned all of his friend in that temple. I find his old room and that of his parents. I try to open the door of his parents room but something is blocking it. I try again and see some human silhouette. Than I become lucid. I walk outside and lay down at a hay field. It,s worm and sun is shining. I can smell the flowers and herbs. I pick a flower, looks like yarrow.
      Suddenly I here voices. There is a family having a picnic. I join them and lose lucidity.
    11. Ld#5 (vbim)

      by , Yesterday at 04:02 PM
      This lucid dream came about after reciting the mantra, "When I am dreaming, I am aware I that I am dreaming" and visualizing the image on my vision board, which is a picture of two hands during a reality check. I practiced this technique for several days. The resulting dream came about from these efforts:

      As I fall asleep, I notice brief HH before sinking down into unconscious sleep. As dream imagery emerges, I notice I am driving my truck. I am travelling down a street near a home I used to live in in the late 70's near Lindenhurst, New York. I notice familiar homes and street signs. I make a turn and my point of perception is at tire-level on the driver's side of the truck. I see the road whizzing by as the wheel hugs the curve and the truck turns down a street. My perception changes and now I am sitting in the driver's seat, looking out the windshield. I pull up behind a large moving van parked in front of a house. I notice my breaks are bad; I really have to press hard to make them work. I begin to realize that this shouldn't be so. IRL my truck's brakes work fine. A beam of awareness enters me and I think, "Could this be a dream?" At once I look at my hands. They do not look like the normal pair of hands on my vision board. They are fat, distorted, grotesquely misshapen. I am dreaming! I begin thinking of all my goals and planned adventures. But almost as soon as my lucidity is registered, I feel myself losing control of the environment. My truck begins to roll backwards. I step on the brakes but it does absolutely nothing. Before I can even begin to stabilize, the scene begins to fade and I return to full wakefulness in my bed. Dreamt 1/25/2017

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    12. TOTM advanced winter to spring - 4 lucids 2017 DJ 32, LD #38,#39,#40, #41

      by , Yesterday at 01:33 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      2 lucid sex dreams....

      Private lucid....

      I become lucid! I am in a park, except it is cold and wintry. I remember the TOTM, and suddenly the grass is green, and oaks are littered everywhere beautifully... I explore peacefully.
    13. War Veterans and Christmas

      by , 02-24-2017 at 06:06 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Another kind of interesting lucid last night. Not as good as last. But I know a lot of people like my persistent DCs.

      Marcus was giving a conference on the Vietnam war. I was standing next to him on stage, but he was doing nearly all of the talking. He said that the war was very expensive, not just in terms of money, but in terms of human life, and showed a graveyard for people who had died in the war.

      He then said that war could be harmful even to those that survived it, and showed me that most of the people attending his conference were veterans. Most all of them had some kind of lasting injury, like missing limbs or eyes. I recall one man, who was short and skinny and looked rather young to be a solider was missing his right hand and had replaced it with a magnet. Apparently he put little magnets onto items he frequently needed around the home and could turn the magnet on and off with his nerves.

      A second guy had a rather strange configuration in where he had a couple of wires running from the stump of where his arm had been to a cart that had the base of a green robotic arm (like an industrial factory robot) on it.

      A third guy in the back who was bedridden and only had one eye left, and no limbs. He was interfacing with a computer through his brain that he could use to preform simple tasks and ask the doctors to bring him things. Marcus went on to talk about how the technology to create artificial limbs that interfaced with the nervous system already existed but was too expensive for most people. Even so, he wanted to give all of the war veterans in the room his model on a reduced payment plan, with the vets paying very little, if at all, even when other companies refused to do so.

      He then said that he was still working on it but could not yet create artificial eyes or repair the spine.

      My phone buzzed and I got a notification. My phone was holographic and I remembered Marcus gave it to me. The youtube user 'I Hate Everything' had posted a new video. 'I Hate the Nebulon B frigate from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.'
      I became semi lucid when I realized that Marcus had given me the phone and that I am not subscribed to that channel.

      After the conference Marcus took me into a back room where he was talking about how hard it is to eliminate war. He showed me a room where people were playing dungeons and dragons, then showed me a room full of video games and people playing, and then showed me a room full of toys and comic books and told me how violence was so engrained in our culture we tend to ignore it and never really think about the consequences.

      "Our culture devours violent media at such an alarming rate, faster than-" [he made a humorous some analogy to a fat guy in a place with a lot of fried food, but I forgot his exact wording.]

      Marcus took me back to his house. He said it was christmas time and that Manei's sister (who's name was like Kathalia or something) and her boyfriend were coming over and I had to help get ready. He told me to get a christmas tree and created a portal to my college. I did some rather sluggish flying around on my fire jets for a bit.

      I saw a guy selling christmas trees in the quad and just took one back through the portal without paying for it. I thought the guy would call me out as a theif at me but the guy turned out to be one of the people he had given prosthetics to, and he said that it was the least he could do to help him out.

      I took the tree back to Marcus' house and he set up a hologram projector that projected red and green snowflake ornaments onto the tree in very vivid light and color. I think he actually had two projectors, one that projected in a red light channel, and another green. I lost the dream staring at the decorations.

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    14. [February 23, 2017] One Step Closer (LD)

      by , 02-24-2017 at 05:48 AM
      I've had a long standing goal I have been trying to achieve since beginning LDing so long ago. Well I made it one step closer. Just wanted to put this journal up as a marker. It started out okay, but it kind of went down hill as the DC kept changing randomly, and try as I might, I could not bring it to who I wanted it to be. I only say that since I was trying to work with what I had. The "what" was out of place, should have been something different. I thought about the what but I didnt think I could bring it so I didnt try, maybe that was my mistake. The concept is quite physically impossible outside of the dream world. keyword "AV"!
      Tags: av ld
      memorable , side notes , lucid
    15. Backwards Meditation

      by , 02-24-2017 at 01:00 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I was on a heavily modified version of my college campus. I don't want to go into too much detail but in general, it was hillier, had more trees and the buildings were re-arranged in strange and illogical ways. In some places, buildings were stacked on top one another.

      I was walking through an underground portion of campus where there was a road when I saw a guy driving a triple decker van about to crash into another guy driving a smaller car. I shouted look out and the guy in the van swerved out of the way missing the other guy by inches but his triple decker van tipped over. The two got out of their cars and started trying to blame me for the accident and the guy having tipped over his van.

      I said to them that I was just thankful that it was not me who was in the accident and became
      lucid upon realizing it was a car crash dream. I must have not been fully lucid because I then thought to myself that they were both other dreamers and decided that the world could do with two less car crash anxiety dreamers and used my powers to get the triple decker van upright and repair any minor damage to their cars.

      I then went looking for Manei. I wanted to talk with her about why meditation was giving me such backwards results and what changes I should make to my routine to make it have a positive impact. I was also looking to apologize as in a previous dream, one not posted on dreamviews, I took my frustrations out on her. I tried my regular summoning command but it did not work. I then tried calling her on my cell phone but when the person on the other end answered it was my crush from high school instead. I thought to myself that I've honestly lost a lot of faith in her ability to act as a proper dream guide, as most all of what she has taught me has actually slowed me down and how I didn't plan on taking any more of her advice because none of it ever seemed to be useful. Regardless we still enjoy each other's company.

      It was then that I spotted her at a train station wearing a red hoodie and one of those novelty glasses+mustace+joke nose things. As soon as I spotted her she started booking it and the crowd blocked my path. I lifted off and flew above the crowd but by the time I did she was lost. I flew back and fourth in a lawnmower pattern looking for her. I eventually spotted a taller girl wearing a red hoodie from behind and thought I had succeeded. Flying was getting kind of sluggish and I landed thinking I had won, but I could tell the moment that I looked at her that it wasn't her.

      This was either a really, REALLY good trick or I'm just semi-lucid and dumb. The dream character said to me something that was really funny but at the same time incredibly racist and insensitive, then gave me a sheet of notebook paper. On it was a crude drawing of Manei that came to life on the page. The drawing said that Manei was going to leave and was uncertain if she would return anytime soon, if at all. This would have worried me had I not recalled her saying she was leaving me for good several times when I first started out only to return a few lucid dreams later like none of it ever happened.

      I began to meditate on why she was regressing to these old, and annoying habits, running away and saying she was leaving forever and decided to just ignore it.


      In the second dream I became lucid right away. I was at a castle built into the cliff by the side of the ocean. Huge waves were rolling in off the coast and breaking on the rocks, and the sky was gray and it was raining. The dream supposedly took place at Hogwarts, and that was what the castle was, but I think the dream had appropriated the scene from the half blood prince where Harry and Dumbledore travel to the cave to retrieve the horcrux.

      Regardless, there are several circular stone towers with crenelations along the edges that are connected to the main castle by arch bridges, and are built out amongst the rocky outcroppings. I am atop the largest of these towers, with a gear pattern constructed out of a lighter-colored stone than the rest of the castle built into the floor. I have been captured by a group of dark wizards and they are now setting me to duel for my life in an arena.

      The dark wizards teleport down in two lines, and one of them steps foreward. He is larger than the others and looks like Snape. The head dark wizard (who was not Voldemort) tells us to begin fighting. The opposing wizard immediately casts a disarming spell and my wand flies out of my hand. Snape looks victorious and savors the moment before preparing a killing curse.

      "Maybe I don't need a wand to cast magic because
      I'm dreaming!" I say to myself. At that moment he fires the killing curse and in my sudden lucidity I create a dreamcatcher shield on my left arm. (Probably no coincidence given the new signature I was making last night right and before I went to bed was inspired by the original ability.) Everyone is taken aback by my ability and are shouting at how I am able to conjure magical powers without the use of a wand.

      His curses continually rebound off the shield. I think of fullmetal alchemist and decide to try summoning a weapon by transmuting the ground. I get an almost textbook summon of a short spear, leaving behind a crater in the stone where I pulled material for the transmutation. I throw it at Snape but he dodges. He continues firing curses but is nervous and slowly backing up to the edge of the arena.

      I then created a flame cloak and began flying. (I don't remember the exact logic, but it was a re-interpretation of my fire jets somehow.) The other wizards realize that their champion is in danger and everyone begins casting curses at me. I convert the dreamcatcher shield to a bubble shield around myself.

      "Coherte Bombad Maxima"

      I sent fourth a pair of massive fireballs. Snape threw up a defensive spell but it was no match, the fireballs destroyed half of the arena in a very vivid and realistic explosion. The dark wizards were thrown into a frenzy. Some of them tried to attack me but I conjured arrays of bows and arrows out of thin air and had them fire to keep the wizards away. The leader of the dark wizards (Emperor Palpatene apparently.) attempted to confront me but Sabine from Star Wars Rebels appeared and started fighting him instead.

      I turned into a wyrvern without really willing it and began to fly away from the scene just not caring for more fighting. I lost the dream and woke up.


      Somewhere in there was a very dull dream about me and S showing up to a music concert on the wrong day.

      Well what I was bringing up in the first LD holds true. Manei has been suggesting meditation for a long time, and as part of a new year's resolution I decided to do it nightly. Though her past advice has been questionable at best and horrifically inaccurate at worst I felt pretty confident that meditation would be great for the ends I looked to accomplish. Turns out the results (That I kept in a chart) went retrograde pretty hard, with lucid dreams only happening on nights that I did not meditate. (It's even more strange when you consider that I was up past midnight last night when formerly I had been carefully controlling my sleep schedule.)

      The meditation went so far as to absolutely obliterate my dream recall and clarity giving me several recall-less nights. I don't post to my DJ everyday but I keep a private one and write in it everyday, and recall-less nights are actually something that is very rare for me to have, so for me to get so many in such a short timespan was obviously a side-effect of the meditation.

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