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    1. Successful Sled Ride! (FA-WILD + FA)

      by , 05-22-2017 at 04:43 PM
      Ritual: The new Twin Peaks started last night, so I watched the usual Sunday shows in their second round and didn't get to bed until after 2am. I woke around 7 or 8 and looked at my iPad a bit, enough to wake up my mind, with the usual vague intention to make this into a WBTB, but the only other mental preparation I did was to remind myself that dreaming involves proprioreception, so I should pay attention to my whole body as I fell back asleep. It was 9am when I woke after the dream, which I felt had lasted only a few minutes.

      FA-WILD: During my WBTB, my husband mentioned that he was going to the grocery store this morning, so when I was half-woken by the sound of the garage door, I knew he must have left. This much was evidently a real perception, but right after that, still believing I was half awake, I heard voices. I knew my brother was in his room on the other side of the house, but I couldn't account for the other voices. [DL: My brother lives on the other side of the country, and the room I thought he was in does not exist.] Was he on the phone? But there were several voices, and the sounds of people moving around. Had he invited friends over? Then I recognized one of the voices as that of my maternal grandmother. [DL: She died over twenty years ago.]

      Despite the dreamlogic, these observations did actually make me wonder if I was dreaming the voices, not because of the incongruities that would have been obvious to a waking mind, but only because of my conviction that if my husband just left for the store, then no one else (besides my brother) should be in the house so early in the morning. I tested to see if I was getting any dream imagery, and sure enough, when I partially closed my eyes, the four flaps of a manually closed cardboard box appeared superimposed over the rumpled covers of the bed that I had thought I was seeing with my waking eyes. [DL: In retrospect, is it apparent that everything I observed after hearing the garage door was already in dream, so I was mistaken in believing that I had woken up. My mind was half awake, despite the dream logic, which is what led to the confusion about which perceptions were dreamed and which were real.]

      I realized that if I was already seeing dream imagery, then if I was careful I could probably "get up" out of bed and into the dream just like I do in WILDs. This was easily done. I crossed the room, an accurate likeness of my bedroom, and opened the window to look outside toward what I understood to be my brother's room, on the second floor above the attached shed. [DL: The shed has no second storey.] The ground was covered with snow, and I did recognize that this was incongruous with the current season. It gave me the idea to do the TOTY that I had attempted a couple times earlier, the sled ride.

      The last shot of the final show I watched last night was a woman diving backwards over the edge of a boat to go scuba diving. It made an impression on me because I had only ever dived into water face first, and at the time I had tried to imagine what it would feel like to enter the water that way. Now, as I was about to jump out the window, I decided to do it backwards like a scuba diver. For a moment I felt like I was falling and wondered if I would actually hit the ground, but then the nongravity of dream caught me pleasantly in an inverted arc, and I settled gently to my feet.

      I remembered the last few times I had attempted the sled task, and how I had overcomplicated it to the point where I kept waking up before I could finish. This time I decided I'd better just get it done, even if my solutions weren't elegant. So instead of going to the trouble of finding or manifesting the necessary sled and mountaintop, I just asserted these conditions into existence. I'm on a sled, riding down a mountain. As is typical when I "brute force" things in dream, initially it felt like a fiction, but soon I began to feel plausible sensations of sitting on a sled and sliding down the snowy slope. It was far from my best work, but it sufficed.

      I was sufficiently familiar with the task that before I had even intended it, my sled slipped through an irregular opening like the mouth of a cave, into a wide dark space. But then I wondered if this was good enough—I hadn't read the terms of the task in ages. Would a cave suffice, or did it have to be a proper hole through the surface of the earth? I couldn't remember, so I decided to play it safe and conjured a perfectly round hole, like the sort of thing you might see in a cartoon, just in front of me on the lower floor of the cave. My sled and I slipped right through, and at this point my interest perked up, because I didn't know what to expect, and had not planned or intended anything past this point.

      It was dark down here, and I had no sense of the borders of the space, yet I could see the details nearest me perfectly well in the nonlight of dream. The place felt public and even familiar—familiar as a type rather than a specific location—but I can't think of how to relate it to anything in WL. A "town square" might be the closest analogue, but of course in WL town squares don't tend to be in enormous caverns underground.

      I felt my mind shift over into observation mode and began to take deliberate note of the things I saw, but at the same time I felt really hungry and couldn't resist impulsively tasting everything. [WL: I hadn't eaten much for dinner and had even felt hungry again by the time I went to bed, so this was a genuine bleedthrough sensation.]

      My sled had disappeared in the transition through the hole, so now I was on foot. The first object that I passed, on my left, was a piece of fabric that had been fashioned into the form of an elephant, about about eighteen inches wide. It was attached to the top of a pole stuck in the ground, elevating it to just above waist height. I pulled the fabric elephant off the pole to give it a closer look as I continued to walk. White was the dominant color, but the details were stitched in brightly-hued threads, red and blue and green. The base fabric had a thick pile, almost fur-like, akin to what you might see on a stuffed animal, but the object overall was flat, lightly padded like a thin quilt. My hunger impelled me to take a big bite, and in my mouth it had the taste and texture of a sort of bland taffy. (Tastes are rarely very distinctive in my dreams.) I dropped it and moved on.

      The next object I encountered was also on a waist-high pole, and about the same size as the elephant. This one was made of paper and a bit more three-dimensional—it resembled a large origami fish folded from patterned paper. The taste and texture were even less remarkable, but I was so hungry it felt good to be chewing something.

      As I observed with mild amusement the way my hunger was driving me to try to eat things that didn't even resemble food, the rational part of my mind responded that this being a dream, there was no reason I shouldn't try to eat literally anything I could see. I put this to the test, breaking off random bits of any surface I came across and nibbling on them. One thing I remember distinctly was a table. It was a round table covered by a long, dark-hued tablecloth. I think there was a vase of flowers in the center but otherwise it was bare, so I grabbed a hank of the tablecloth and started noshing on that. I was cramming far more in my mouth than I ever would in WL, but I didn't worry since I knew that this stuff had no real substance.

      I was still in snacking mode when I came across a white-bearded gentleman in a navy blue blazer. The bronze buttons caught my eye, and without so much as saying hello, much less asking permission, I reached out and twisted off the top button, bringing it to my eyes for a closer look. Tiny convex letters around the top spelled out "Bartholomew," and a small human figure occupied the center of the button. "Saint Bartholomew?" I asked the gentleman from whom I had taken the button, while to remember if there was really such a saint or if I was just free associating. [WL: I still wasn't sure so I googled it. Apparently Saint Bartholomew was an apostle, and although I was not consciously aware of that, I suspect the influence of day residue, because in The Leftovers last night several disciples were mentioned, and I've never been able to keep disciples and apostles straight.] The man shook his head, and when I looked again at the button I saw the letters rearrange themselves into the name "Balthus," which seemed to make a bit more sense... in a way that I can't entirely explain. Still hungry, I licked the button. I thought it tasted a bit sour and metallic, a bit like licking a D battery but without the tingle. The bronze button had been darkly tarnished but now gleamed where I had licked it, so I licked it a few more times to polish the highlights. I looked at the letters again and now they read "Ubewiz," a name meant nothing to me, though I thought it sounded vaguely Polish. [DL: I just noticed the symmetry between the verb "polish" and the adjective "Polish," so I suspect dreamlogic lay behind this observation.]

      FA: I woke up (so I thought) and immediately fished my dream journal out of the bottom drawer of my bedside table. [WL: This was a realistic detail, because although usually I keep it right on the table next to the bed, for the past few days it has been in the drawer.] I flipped through it and couldn't find a single blank page, but I didn't want to waste any time so I started writing my notes in the margins. I was jotting down keywords: "Bartholomew, Balthus, Ubewiz," read the first line. Then I included brief notes about the fabric elephant and origami fish. I hadn't gotten very far when I woke up again and realized that I had been taking my initial notes in a false awakening and would have to start over, so once again I pulled my journal out of the drawer and wrote—grateful for the blank page this time—"Bartholomew, Balthus, Ubewiz."
    2. Dream - Stack 'Em High & Demolished Grounds

      by , 05-21-2017 at 02:42 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 21 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 117 - Separated Sections

      Dream 117 A - Stack 'Em High (Lucid Dream 7)
      I forgot how I became lucid but I knew I was lucid because I was always consciously aware of things. I was in a small storeroom with this large filing cabinet of three levels. On the third level, there was some nest with one egg inside it. I was ambitious about getting the egg out of that nest for some reason. The first thing I did was call for Dreamy WB.

      She entered the storeroom very quickly after I called. First, she ended up giving me the biggest hug ever in dream history and I am not joking when I say this. In the dream, I said that hugging her was like hugging a really soft sponge... We hugged for quite a long time. Then she helped me by lifting me up to the nest. It's like she was partially lifting me and still hugging me at the same time. Still, I couldn't reach it. So then Mr. B came in and he lifted Dreamy WB up. So the chain was now Mr. B on the ground, then Dreamy WB, then me who this time, successfully got the egg. I don't remember what happened after that.

      Dream 117 B - Demolished Grounds
      I came to Killester for a visit and my main objective was to look for WB. As I made my way to the quadrangle area, most of the place looked destroyed like a mini world war 3 had broken out. Additionally, there were these metal wire construction fences blocking off some areas, including the walkway from the year 9 area to the oval. To get over the fence, I once again found myself using the Balloon Mario method based on Super Mario 64 DS. When I got over the two lots of fences, I made my way to the oval. When scanning the oval, there was no WB... Only junior PE classes in action.

      So turned back and went to the edge of the quadrangle. When there, I assessed my surroundings again and thought that maybe WB was having English in the library. Usually, there is an accessible staircase next to the art rooms but in the dream, there was not. The only available staircase was the main one where the lift was. So I went back over the fences and then scanned the area where the staircase was... Supposed to be! The main staircase was non existent, at least so I thought. There were remnants of the top half of the staircase in which the bottom half had been broken off like the school had demolition day. I looked to see where there were accessible stairs. I eventually caught sight of the newly placed staircase which does not exist in the waking life Killester.

      Leading up to the staircase was this long wooden walkway and in the middle of the walkway, I noticed Mr H conducting a choir. Still, I thought I'd stop by the choir in case WB was in that... But I soon noticed she wasn't. There were a lot of girls and so the space of the walkway was very crowded. Additionally, some strange gravity was always making me fall backwards and almost tip over off the walkway. Eventually, the weird gravity started to affect the girls in the choir as well.

      The dream scene then skipped to me talking to my mum in the car. I was saying to her that I was going to stay longer as I realised the year 12 graduation assembly was today. Either I don't remember what happened after that or I woke up.

      V Behind The Scenes V

      116 A: Why Lucid?
      Although Dream No. 116 A followed a non lucid plot, I felt like I was really aware of my surroundings and the things that were happening. When I am non-lucid, my goals appear to be blurred and I sometimes use crazy methods to get them... Like you know what you want but then at the same time, you're not sure how to reach that goal. In a lucid dream, I clearly know what I want my first resort is to call Dreamy WB. It's sad that I don't remember how I entered the lucid state as it would have been good to write the reality check here to prove it to anyone reading... As well as just to basically share insight on how I got lucid, not just that I was lucid. I think I might do a comparison chart below as to what non-lucid dreams feel like, compared to lucid dreams.

      Non-Lucid Dreams

      1. Summoning Dreamy WB

      There are multiple approaches in non-lucid dreams. First, I find myself looking for her
      rather than just calling for her. Also, I sometimes my get the real version instead of
      the intended dream guide. Although I'm in non-lucid dreams, I can still tell who is who,
      even in the slightest personality differences... It doesn't always have to be nice and
      nasty. Sometimes, they're both nice but the real one acts more informal and teen like
      whereas the dreamy figure acts more motherly like. Basically, she's unpredictable in
      non-lucid dreams and sometimes, I can't even get her at all.
      2. Interacting With The Environment
      Anything can happen in a non-lucid dream. Also, it's like the environment controls me.
      I can't really interact with the environment fully, I can only do what it tells me to do. For instance, I know I could have reached WB's place if I wanted to but because it was a
      non-lucid dream, I remained lost because I was unable to command an instant change,
      rather the plot just flowed as it was going to, all the way until the end of the current REM
      3. Ambitions
      My goals aren't so straight forward. Additionally, I find I may only set a certain task if a
      problem arises first. I guess dreams would be meaningless if there wasn't a storyline to
      follow along to.
      4. Dealing With Problems
      In non-lucid dreams, the solution doesn't come to me straight away. Additionally, I may appear scared of confused in front of the enemies I face. Even if I start out strong, I feel
      the enemy always finds a way to weaken me before my dream ends. Especially in nightmares, I am completely helpless and cannot even feel my dream guide's energy around anyway.
      5. In Summary
      The dream tells me what to do. The more violence, the less I can feel energy and instead, I feel rather deserted and lost.

      Lucid Dreams
      1. Summoning Dreamy WB
      This works pretty much all the time! The first thing I do when I realise a lucid state is call specifically for Dreamy WB. Additionally, if there is no response, the lucid state allows me to keep persevering whereas in a non-lucid, I could risk losing focus.
      In lucid dreams, she always arrives promptly and greatly assists with the task at hand.
      2. Interacting With The Environment
      I find that I interact better with the environment, having a connection to it rather than being the environment's puppet. I can actually also assess the sensations. For instance, I may not have described Dreamy WB's hug so vividly if I wasn't lucid. Additionally, in Dream No. 93, I knew it was fading, whereas if I was non-lucid, I wouldn't have realised that the dream was exiting.
      3. Ambitions

      In lucid dreams, I know what I want and am able to stay focused, even if non-lucid aspects of the lucid dream try to set me off course. Most importantly, I find myself having an ambition as soon as I enter lucidity, there is no hesitation.
      4. Dealing With Problems
      So far in lucid dreams, I haven't encountered any real evil yet. I predict that it would be the same as the above 3 points. I predict Dreamy WB going to the root of the problem rather than me having to go on a quest to get help. Also, I think I may be able to assess the dangers before making a move rather than suffering from a wrong choice, influenced by non-lucid plots.
      5. In Summary
      I have a higher awareness and I actually know what I want, rather than being lost and confused and just pushed around by a pre-written story plot. Additionally, since Dreamy WB can be summoned from the start, nightmares won't be a lonely, heart attack causing encounter

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    3. Behind The Scenes - Dream No. 113

      by , 05-14-2017 at 07:49 AM
      I was ecstatic once I woke up and realised I had this dream. This is actually the first time I have had a task to accomplish in a lucid dream rather than just aimlessly bumming around in them.

      Dream No. 113

      The Realization
      As soon as I became lucid, I was instantly aware that there was a task waiting for me. Just yesterday, I lifted my practice to extreme measures compared to usual. I wrote a pretend letter to my "Dreamy Guardian" and this morning, I also thought I'd try WBTB. I quietly said to my dreamy guardian before bed, "Can you wake me up at 5 in the morning?". I found out in the morning that I woke up at 5:42, so she was 42 minutes late but it was still in the 5:00 hour span. I then said to myself in the morning, "You're not falling asleep until 6", so I'd at least I'd have 15 minutes awake. I don't remember staying awake until 6, I think tiredness took over early, so I may have only spent 5 - 10 minutes awake. But the time I had the stick dream was after this 5:42 AM WBTB period.

      The Stick's Attitude
      When the stick appeared, it was just laying there, waiting for me to do something to it. I think this dream's approach was like "if you leave nature alone, it will leave you alone"... Also like "If you harm nature, you'll be sorry" OR "never underestimate the power of nature". The term I used to describe this stick to my family this morning was "this little passive-aggressive stick".

      Tournament Abilities
      I realised I had used both abilities in dream. Now that I'm awake I realize I could never damage the stick if dreamy WB didn't paralyse it... It just kept growing back on me. I imagine that the stick was undergoing rapid mitosis to replace damaged cells but Dreamy WB must have induced some form of apoptosis (controlled cell death). I also think that the head was the only part that could re-grow and no other parts of the stick had this ability, just like a plant can keep growing but if you pull it out of the ground, it eventually dies.

      I'm so surprised that the dream took into consideration the 30 second rule for Tier C (and Tier B) enemies... And it was exactly 30 seconds, no time manipulation like 29 or 31 seconds. Also, the dream didn't mess up my counting either, it perfectly went from 1 - 30. It's like the dream knew I was using myself as a timer and the rules of waking time were kept.

      The second ability "bandage" was used in the toothpick scene. I did specify that Dreamy WB would use the correct body part to cover the surface area of the injury... I described her hand or her whole body, but I never thought about just a finger, so the dream one-upped me there. Come to think of it, her hand would have been way too big to get into the eye area, so her finger was just the right healing instrument.

      Staying Focused
      It's like the dream was using my mum to distract me out of lucidity. What I find amazing is that I was able to stay so focused and not be forced out of the dream... This is the first time I was able to stay so focused. I remember in Dream No. 93, that dream spat me out when I wasn't finished.

      Physical Attack
      In the battle terms, I did state that my primary attack was "ice flail". Now I am not a master of lucidity yet and so I am still susceptible to some aspects of the dream manipulating me. What the dream did do was manipulate the purpose of my primary attack into breaths rather than a piece of equipment. And it went through the whole elemental cycle too. I think the dream knew I wanted ice and that's why it put that element last... The dream was testing me to see if I would be tempted by my other 3 potential elements. As I knew I'd be cheating, I did make it so that fire, earth and electricity would have no effect.

      Dream No. 113 - Concept Art by KarlaB14 on DeviantArt
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    4. Behind The Scenes - Dream No. 111

      by , 05-11-2017 at 11:19 AM
      So first I will start off with general notes and then I'll get into the details of Dream No. 111.

      So, you got the appearance of my dreamy guardian but most importantly out of all things dream-like, I forgot to give you the appearance of... ME! I drew a picture to show you. Since I have trouble uploading photos and other files onto DreamViews, any pics I want to show you, I'll give a link to my DeviantArt account (KarlaB14) and post them on there. Everything related will be in the "Karla's Dreams - Concept Art" folder.

      Dream Characters - Karla by KarlaB14 on DeviantArt

      Dream No. 111

      From now on, I think I might also suggest why I gave the dream it's respective title. Since these "Behind The Scenes" entries are fairly new, I'm always trying to find ways to improve them and make them exciting to read rather than just recounting the dream all over again.

      So I called it "Conscious Confusion" because of 2 aspects in the dream.

      1. The maths book was a different layout and here's me thinking, "Where did those coloured strips come from?"
      2. I wasn't shaking when I was close to the lift, I was thinking I should have been terrified (because of my phobia in real life).

      The Maths Book Scene
      Last year, for high school, I made a bound reference of approx. 130 pages, I think it's 132 to be exact. I had the copy for myself to use in my exams and then I also gave a copy to a friend to use in her class (and maybe exams) this year. The colours I chose for my book design were yellow, green, red and blue. The colours I put on my friend's book were salmon, rose, teal and lime. My friend's colour palette was the one that appeared in the dream. The only thing that were different about our books was the colour palette... The rest was the same, such as the front cover, the module dividers and the page numbers.

      Now in the dream, it changed the design features of the book... The dream showed that the page layout was altered. As it is kind of difficult to explain, I did do a sketch for this dream aspect as well (click on the link below)... I even kindly put some glitter glue on there where it was in the dream! Just for kicks really.

      Dream No. 111 - Maths Bound Book Comparsion by KarlaB14 on DeviantArt

      The Lift Scene
      The door was completely open and so there was no sign of it. I was only looking into this large box-like room that as I said, looked like inside some house. As I'm getting closet to the lift, here's me thinking I should be shaking like anything, my heart rate should be going up, my palms should be sweating.... But that wasn't happening. Maybe I was more focusing on what was in there rather than the lift itself. It's interesting because I do have a lucid dreaming bucket-list of things to do with my dreamy guardian and one of the things I put on there was for her to help me with my fear, if there is any sort of therapy she could provide.

      So that's it for this "Behind The Scenes" entry, catch you at the next dream. I have to work my butt off to get to that tournament, I registered but I haven't faced anyone yet! Come-on subconscious, get me lucid! I'm waiting for the day (night) where Dreamy WB pulls up in the driveway and tells me we're going to the arena.
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    5. Behind The Scenes - Dream No. 110 AND Side Note 1

      by , 05-09-2017 at 09:49 AM
      Dream No. 110

      The Forum Surf
      It was interesting how last night, I registered for this lucid tournament thing... It's like my REM brain has already registered it. I dreamt that I was looking at the exact same page, but instead of it being posted by ExothermReaction, it was posted by someone with a username of franj251 who is someone I actually know in real life and she does have social accounts but does not have a DreamViews account, so that was interesting.

      The Wand Thief
      The blonde haired guy claimed to be a member of this forum! So who are the blonde guys on here? Which one of you made my little cousin cry in exchange for your wings?

      Summary Note
      Both of the scenes recorded in this dream have some association to DreamViews, this means I'm making good progress, doesn't it? My subconscious mind is aware I am looking for this tournament. I now just have to become lucid, knock on Dreamy WB's door and both make a sprint for the arena.

      Note 1

      I was just thinking about how I let co-fighters get the assistance of my dreamy guardian as well as myself, so you get the full package. It'd be unfair to not give you at least her appearance or you might have an imposter in the arena who is only claiming to be Dreamy WB. So, she's only slightly shorter than me. Brown skin. Black hair in style of boofy afro OR frizzy and tied back with a messy short pig tail OR frizzy with two braids. She wears typically casual clothing but you can dress her up in anything you like. If you do ever get her, I'd love to hear what your spitting image of her was like.

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    6. Behind The Scenes - Dream No. 108

      by , 05-06-2017 at 04:40 AM
      It's sad I was only able to remember that small dream fragment as I do remember having heaps of dreams overnight, just not what they were about... So I could have potentially gone up to something like 108 E! I don't know, maybe my cold actually helped by waking me up numerous times through the night... A forced WBTB? But struggling memory due to my stuffy head?

      Dream No. 108

      The Reality Check
      So I looked down and noticed 5 fingers on each hand, isn't that the normal amount of fingers on each hand? I wonder why the dream didn't do something extremely bizarre this time. If my fingers weren't constantly "floating" around like the tentacles of a jellyfish, I probably would have been tricked into thinking it was real life and maybe would not have been able to progress in the dream. I did stop myself, basically saying I could only progress to call out for WB if the reality check proved to be a dream. So yeah, what would have happened?

      I'm also surprised that the reality check didn't bring about any signs of extreme lucidity like in Lucid Dreams 3 (93) and 4 (104). Would the fact that I gave myself permission to continue the dream be a sign of lucidity that I am not considering? Maybe the degree of lucidity was only like a grain of salt, so tiny.

      So yeah, my fingers (or whole hand) always appear to be somewhat spongy in dreams but this time, my hands also had a very slight glow to them. My fingers were lengthening and shortening, going in and out, as well as side to side, hence I described it was like a warping effect in dream. I also remember that the thumb was extremely stubby and was sticking outwards to the side rather than going upwards with the rest of the fingers. So although the reality check was so subtle, the features above would have contributed to me seeing that it was a dream.

      Well, that's all the insight about that reality check. It's interesting how usually they're used for "I want to make sure I'm in a dream" but this time it was switched to "I want to make sure I'm not in waking life". It's the same concept but just from a different point of view. Maybe just as well I was able to remember this particular dream fragment to serve for an interesting, almost lucid experience... Like I said, I don't know if giving myself permission to continue was a sign of lucidity or not, because it wasn't a conscious action... So if anyone has any input or insight, feel free to comment below.
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    7. Bizarre Coincidence, Vision Matches Alarm Clock

      by , 05-05-2017 at 02:42 AM
      Shortly before I woke up, I saw a number. 12:14. My vision was black (dreams had ended, I was in the process of waking up), and this was the last image I saw before I opened my eyes.

      I looked sideways at the clock, and it was 12:14.

      I still don't know if:

      1) I imagined it, 'fake memories'?
      2) A complete coincidence happened.
      3) I've seen traces of a poorly understood mechanism in the human psyche, perhaps this "human clock" thing that allows people to wake up a minute before their alarm clock goes off?
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    8. Behind The Scenes - Dream No. 106

      by , 05-04-2017 at 12:48 PM
      This is my first "Behind The Scenes" entry and what these are, are to talk about some aspects of my dreams in detail without cluttering the actual dream section. Here I have certain scenes I'd like to explore in depth or explain a concept. In "Dream" entries, side notes were marked a different colour but in "Behind The Scenes" entries, dream events are marked in a different colour:

      Dream No. 106

      The Sleep Scene
      So here is where I said to my parents "I'm going to sleep for a few minutes" but really, I wanted to see if Dreamy WB could help me get up that cliff. When sleeping, I didn't enter "the void". As I wasn't lucid, I didn't process that thought in the dream but when I woke up, I thought to myself, "why didn't I enter the void?" and then I thought I would only enter the void if I was in a lucid state. It was strange how I was in that light sleep and then when I opened my eyes again, I was in the same dream, continuing on from where I left off. I also thought that I would have woken up after opening my dream eyes. I find it quite strange (but good) that the dream just continued on instead of waking me up. Because the concept I heard was that if you close your eyes, you'd find yourself in "the void" and then during that time, if you open them, you'd wake up... So that was interesting.

      With that perception of being on an open beach and waves washing over me, I believe that's the time when Dreamy WB was somehow shifting the environment... But of course I don't know how she really did it. Or maybe those waves meant she (my subconscious) was sending a certain message that I could "fly" and that I had the potential, so maybe it was me that shifted the environment. When I woke up, the cliff appeared to be lower and more reachable and so I tried getting to it again. I think the reason I wanted to fly higher though is because I was trying to improve my skills, in dream I was literally having the thought that I wasn't expecting the cliff to go down, I was expecting me to go up. So the fact that I thought I could be "cheating" may mean that Dreamy WB did more than what I thought she would do. Basically, I wanted to enjoy the experience of being able to fly high and achieve something.
      side notes
    9. Spring Competition Day 12-13-14 Dreams of Bjork.

      by , 05-01-2017 at 01:30 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Day 1: wbtb 4:30 am

      Game (Full nld)

      Just me playing a game. Started I was watching TV of it and then I was inside. I was far in the game going through a big abandoned building killing zombies. I tried to escape through a route on a large beam but ended up dying.

      I went through the memory card on my console and knew I had a saved game from beyond what I was just playing. For a while i couldn't find it. But i did and remarked to Asuka that I finally found it. I loaded the game, and now I was in a large field. My avatar had a yellow hat that didn't fit with the rest of the outfit so I went to find a brown hat in the menu. No brown hat so I setled on a black one. Went on flaying in a field but then came to a house fighting Zombies.

      Day 2: wbtb 2:30 AM

      Bjork's Inner World.

      I remember being in a garage with Data and Asuka. Data was messing around with a weird mechanical box. He was explaining that dreams of famous people are protected by high security dream algorithms making it hard for any dreamer to just stumble into a Celeb's dreams. He said this would just be a test and we weren't going to go to my desired target's dreamscape but someone else's. I wasn't sure what he was talking about and I asked who. He said that it was a surprise and that Asuka had come up with the idea of whom. He turned a dial and...

      I was suddenly alone on a cold beach with no sand but small pebble rocks. I may have heard singing in the distance but wasn't sure exactly where it was coming from. A small piece of paper blew against me and I picked it up and unraveled it. I read some words that didn't make sense. The writing was grey and hard to read. Then a single word showed up in blue ink: Bjork.

      Suddenly I found myself in a nice house. Bjork was there and she was shivering. I talked with her a bit but can't recall what was said. She would go to a window and close it. And a few seconds later it or another window was open again. There was some guy running around opening the windows. Everytime he did that another more colorful version of Bjork would emerge from her body and yell at the man in a language I couldn't understand and then disappear back into her body.

      The conversation was warm and kind. We kept walking and eventually I went after the man opening the windows and told him to stop it because It was clearly making Bjork cold. He said he was trying to help her. I argued that it wasn't helping her and just pissing her off. The other version of Bjork ran out of her and chased the man away and she was screaming. Bjork just smiled at that and we kept walking towards a living room. I was staring at her because sometimes she seemed so young and other times looked a lot older. She was wrapped in a white shawl and i said, "Bjork, Bjork... " and she turned to me. "She's so loud," i said. Alluding the Bjork that had run out of her, "But YOU, You're so quiet." The last part I was whispering. I was referencing one of her songs of course. She smiled in a, "that was cheesy but I'm going to let him get away with it." manner.

      "I know," she said and smiled devilishly. I wondered if this was really her. Every second that ticked made the dream so much more vivid. We leaned against one another and found a couch. We embraced there and started kissing. It felt so real. I was too excited and woke up.

      Bjork again (Frag)

      Asuka was leading me down a hallway and saying that Bjork was in my inner world and waiting for me. I was groggy and confused. I saw Bjork sitting on a couch and she reached out to me but I woke again.

      Basement fight (full nld)

      I just remember I was in some sort of house with some bad people inside. I wandered into a basement and the bad people were on the steps. I Started punching one guy with glasses, but that didn't work. I had something like a flame thrower that wasn't lit. and I started spraying everybody with gas right in the face. The guys backed down the steps a bit in pain. I didn't know how to light the flame thrower. The guy with glasses pulled out a match and handed it to me. Um okay so he was okay with me lighting him and everyone else on fire? That didn't make sense, was he trying to light me on fire as well? I didn't trust it. I threw down the match book and ran back upstairs.
      Some other stuff happened but forget it now.

      Third night: wbtb 5:30 am

      Trump (frag)

      Just an image of Trump pushing a wheelbarrow uphill filled with large lime stone rocks. He got tired so he began trying to eat one of the large rocks...

      Motel (full nld)

      I was in a weird small town out in the countryside. I went into a motel office and paid for a cheap room. The place was three floors and all the doors were from an inside hallway. I went and looked into each and every single room and found that they ALL were empty. Every room was the same. I did this for half an hour. then I left and started walking in a green field.

      Fight (Full nld)

      I was back at that town with my brother? and some other people. Some weird mech guy attacked me and I had two swords. I was using them for shields to bloc his attacks.

      Much of the fight was sped up until a part where I landed on my back. The had three arms with whirring blades at the ends of his hands or where his hands should be. I stabbed through the center of what looked like steel blades. Nothing happened at first but I penetrated the first blade then second and third. Each time blood would spatter from where I stabbed him. He eventually got impaled all the way through my swords. I remember thinking it was strange how metal could bleed... I got up and threw the swords aside and when I looked at them they were chinese double broad swords. I thought it should have been impossible to kill the guy with these swords...

      I got back to the group and we walked away talking about the fight.

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      nightmare , memorable , dream fragment , side notes , non-lucid
    10. Just Weird and scary

      by , 04-29-2017 at 05:14 AM
      Well the first thing i remember is that i was laying down on my bed on my left side facing away from the wall looking towards my window. I didn't know it was a dream at first, until i faced the other way. As i faced the other way i came in contact with another body, My hand was resting on a torso and a armed draped over my shoulders, i stiffened, scared to even look at who i was touching, and thinking why the hell are they on my bed? I looked up and saw my ex boyfriend's face, he was smiling down at me and said something around the lines of, "Hey, did you want to finish watching this show?" I pushed off of him and sat up, "What the hell?! What are you doing here in my bed? How- When- Oh my gosh!" i yelled quickly. He shrugged and leaned in closer to my face, "You were the one thinking of me." He said with a smirk. I pushed his face away but when i did that i made my self fall off the bed. I squeezed my eyes shut instinctively as i fell backwards.

      I felt my self falling but never felt any impact, even if a dream i still feel a numb thud when i fall down but this time i didn't, i just kept falling. I opened my eyes and i wasn't in my bedroom anymore, i was outside full of people, tents, animals and clowns. I looked down at my clothes hoping i had any, and i was wearing some sort of costume colored with bright pinks and blues. I got up quickly and looked around for something to give me clues. A guy noticed me and waved me to come over to him so i did. When i walked up to his table area he started to shove random items in my arms, "You're late, hurry up and get to your booth, the show must go on!!!" He yelled. I stared at him, i didnt know what i was suppose to do, i was lost, and afraid to do anything wrong.

      He must've notice how dumbfounded i looked cause he just did this dramatic sigh and shoved me to a booth, i stumbled but made it to the booth and the guy had left by the time i turned around to ask him what i should be doing. I sighed dramatically. I looked at the front of the booth to see a sigh to show me what i should be doing. all i could read was, "Lucid Magic." and thought, 'I really don't want to be here.' i tried to walk away but i took one step and my whole body shifted to another area.

      I was now standing in front of a glass room with a red button in the middle of the room and a large sign above that read, "Roast Yourself." and i laughed because i was thinking of random roasting sayings, my attention was brought back to the glass room when i saw a guy enter and he was smiling big. i went up to another guy who was the room keeper or something and curiously asked him, "Sir what is this booth suppose to be?" He smiled and said in a weird accent, "Well little lady this is the roast yourself room, when life isnt for you anymore, you come here." i was still confused. "Now see this young lad, his wife died in an accident and he wants to go with her." he finished. "Wait what do you mean??" i asked worried.

      The guy in the room spoke up, "Im coming Ellen!!!" He yelled as he pressed the button, then from all directions of the glass room, blasts of fire sprung up and he started to burn. I panicked, "Hey! wait no! Hes Burning!!!" i yelled as i started to run to the guy but he raised his hands and i stopped, he didnt say no words but he was just smiling at me creepily as his face started to burn into a black char, then he was gone, fire stopped and everything was normal, i kept staring at the glass room and the room keeper stepped in front of me, "Would you like to give up?" He asked in a scary deep voice. I just started to run the other direction and just kept running, i was afraid the room keeper would come after me but when i turned back he was just there waving at me then turned to other people to continue to do his booth's job.

      I grabbed my head and shut my eyes, i kept telling my self to wake up overs and overs but i couldnt wake up, i opened my eyes and the room keepers face was smiling at me ugly right in front of mine, i screamed loud and the dream ended.

      (it was 7:04am when i woke up from the dream, i didnt really jump up or scream in real life like you see in movies but i just opened my eyes to my normal room.)

      Well this was one of my crazy dreams when its hard to control because you barley feel like its a dream, so youre force to follow the plot no matter how scary. If you have any question or comments, you are able to leave them below.

      Until Next Dream~
    11. Speelbee2 Competition Night 8-14

      by , 04-28-2017 at 10:44 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I have succeeded at getting a consistent sleep schedule but my recall has gotten horrible. :/ I have had a lot of fragments though which is good but nothing to write home about. I did only one proper WBTB in the past week but I should be able to get more in before the competition is over.

      I am playing a cool isometric video game. It is like an RPG but you can't leave this really big dungeon but there is lots of treasure to find there.
    12. Spring Competition Day 10

      by , 04-27-2017 at 01:59 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      All this and not one lucid! WBTB 4:30 AM

      Guide (Frag)

      I just Remember my Guide Victor in a black space talking about recall. But he was saying things in such an abstract way I couldn't understand.

      River (Full nld)

      I was with a group of people somewhere. forget what we were doing.

      FA, Really vivid and I'm on some slope near a river with lots of trees. Some blond girl is nearby and I think she was with the previous group. I wander to the stream There's some dock with some stuff on it but don't remember what.

      I go back up the slope where the girl is by a tree we talk again. then I go to the stream again. The dock is now a few boards floating away in the stream. It floats away and then circles some shrubs sticking out of the water. then it comes near me and I grab the big board from the water. I should have been wet here but wasn't. But whatever I brought it by the tree with the girl and she made a comment about it. I laid it down by the tree and fell asleep on it.

      Confusion (full nld)

      Was back at the place with all the people. But they were all asleep. I heard Chuck Missler talking in the dream and I was staring at a box. My vision zoomed into the box and I was in some biblical setting. People were smashing pots or something to make music. It was pretty modern sounding and I wondered how that could be.

      Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I was in the room again. one of the people woke up and told me to shut the music off. I was confused.

      River again(Frag)

      FA, on the board by the river. I got up and the girl was gone... forget what happened after.

      Bathroom (frag)

      I was with Asuka in our bathroom. She was over the toilet or something. I forget what we were talking about.

      Working. (full nld)

      I was at Mcdonald's working at a different store where I didn't know anybody. The dream was long and boring. The most emotive part was when I was on break. I was waiting in line by a kiosk to order food. Some guy behind me was called to take his order. I got mad because I was in line and didn't see the till person call him. Turned out the till person couldn't see me because he was so short. then he took my order.

      Hard Boss (Full NLD)

      I was floating or flying in something like a video game setting. There ws a path made of colorful swirly things. I had to eat magic carpets made of... Caramel popcorm in order to charge plasma balls which I shot from my mouth. Took me a looong time to eat one carpet, while avoiding a large Krusty The Klown head trying to eat me.. I finally ate enough to shoot some fireballs at him which hit him. The energy bar just barely went down.

      flew to the next carpet and noticed it had a tag on it. It read: estimated difficulty 9/10. and the fine print read: This boss may be more difficult than given rating. I went to eat more but it was too hard. I tried shooting some more balls but didn't have enough energy. Guess i had to eat a whole caramel carpet again...
    13. DILD due to seeing and talking to deceased friend

      by , 04-26-2017 at 02:27 PM
      I am at an old job as a waitress in a restaurant with windows that look out onto Lake Superior. My friend is my supervisor in the dream. We are trying to figure out how to accommodate a 6 top- rearranging tables and such. I don't realize that the supervisor is my friend, at first.

      Then, the restaurant came close to empty but I noticed there was dirt everywhere and on my clothes (after hearing a co-worker in the dream- who is a co-worker now- say negative things). So, I went to the back and tried to clean it off and he came beside me and was offering support (he was always this kind in life, too). He said that sometimes it gets pretty dirty in there and we both laughed a little.

      Then, I looked up at him and saw it was my old friend. I said his name and commented how it was really him, as I touched his cheek- I thought he might disappear, but he stayed. He smiled and said that it was really him and that he came back to help. I thanked him and kissed him on the cheek. He turned his head down and to the side, as tears formed in his eyes. He commented on how he loved us.

      I then worried about why he was helping- was he not able to move onward? I put my hand on his neck and asked if there was any way that I could help him. Then, I couldn't hear his words- so I tried to read his lips. I read the word pray (
      which I have done), but he was saying more- all hesitantly. As he was saying those words, someone else took over his visage. Someone with dark sunglasses, a huge mustache- almost like a disguise- and this person started saying nonsense words to cover up what was being said.

      I don'tknow if it was really him, I awoke and thought about it before recording my dream. Just before I reached for my recorder, there was an indentation made next to my leg- but my cat was laying on my back. And my husband had left for work. And the dog was laying on the floor. That leaves room for the possibility of a visit...

      NL dream from a couple nights ago:

      There are magic wands and trinkets at cafeteria tables (all belonging to various people). There was a large argument between two groups of people. I had to take a side, but in doing so hesitantly, I looked at my other group (a people I had been aligned with before the argument) with admonishment. Many of them looked at me apologetically, there was really only a couple that started the whole thing. Shortly afterward, it broke off. A lot of them left their trinkets behind- that I, of course, had to inspect (curiosity and all).

      I held onto these two trinkets and was going to bring them to my table, when someone behind me said my name. I turned and saw it was someone I knew (in dreams, not sure who though) and he looked like Jason Momoa. He gave me a teddy bear hug and said he was so happy to see me. I then asked if the trinkets were his and he said not to worry about it and I could have them. Then, realizing they were his, I gave them back but worried about offending him- my mind, lol. So he took them back, jovially, and explained who they were for and what the details meant (of which, I forgot upon waking) and then I woke up.

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    14. Welcome To My Dream Journal!

      by , 04-25-2017 at 04:21 AM
      So yes, I only joined DreamViews a couple of days ago but I haven't had many dreams in that space of time. However, I have had heaps of dreams before that and so that's what I'll be updating my dream journal with. I've been recording all these dreams and have been putting them on my own "Microsoft Word DataBase" since 2013... So dreams may be in between 2013 and today's date in 2017. It's good because I already have those dreams typed up, I just have to copy them over here, only making a few small edits. Characters without names will keep their normal descriptions; characters with names will be edited so that only their initals show just as a private point of view.

      This is only a maybe, I may create a journal with all the dream characters so you can see their supposed interests and other small facts... Because in my dreams, these characters do have such a vivid personality and they seem to maintain it across other dreams too.

      As you can probably see already, I'm so passionate about dreaming and with some of my unique personality quirks, I have been able to summon powerful things sometimes (mostly in non-lucid dreams) just by having all these thoughts during the day. For instance, I have a dream guide (I actually title them as "dreamy guardian", so you will be seeing that from now on) with me in waking life and dream life... I only visualise that she's invisible during the day and active in my dreams.

      Well, I'll tell you how I'm going to lay out my main dream journals... Always come back to this "welcome" journal if you need a recap on the way my entries work, I think I've explained most of the foundations here. So as the journals may say the current date and not the date of the dream; I will always put the date at the dream at the top of the entry. Well, that's all for now. Happy reading I now have to go and introduce my new face to all the DreamViews users out there.

      -- Update -- (25/4/17 - 2:31 PM)

      Instead of spamming the journal area. I thought I'd do dream character descriptions below. So... let's go!

      Name: KB or Karla (ME)
      Age as of 2017: 18
      Role: Me
      Interests In Dream: Exploring, Discovering "powers" such as elements and physical abilities
      Main Activity/ies: Seeking answers, summoning my dreamy guardian, using any powers I may have, teaching others how to do things

      In a lot of dreams, I feel really insightful and powerful.

      Name: Mum
      Age as of 2017: 50
      Role in dream: Aggressive Female Parent, in life she's not bad.
      Interests In Dream: Supporting hubby, making my life a misery
      Main Activity/ies: Accusing me of crazy things, taking me out places (good dreams)

      Name: Dad
      Age as of 2017: 50
      Role in Dream: Aggressive Male Parent, he's not bad in real life, only gives me exaggerated lectures which is why I think the dream tends to make him so destructive.
      Interests In Dream: Making my life a misery, music making with me (good dreams)
      Main Activity/ies: Trying to beat me up really hard like some wrestling champion.

      In real life, my parents are almost like "helicopter parents", you know, over-controlling? I've never done anything bad in my life but they still hang around like a hound, so that's why the dream may change them to such dark characters... Maybe expressing a desire for freedom. I think the dreams have exaggerated them quite a lot as I have also had a lot of good experiences with my parents.

      Name: NB
      Age as of 2017: 21
      Role in Dream: My very quiet and reserved brother, he rarely appears in dreams and is only ever a good character if he does.
      Interests in Dream: Computers and other technology
      Main Activity/ies: Plays games with me, sometimes gets unfairly treated by parents (very rare).

      Name: Grandmother
      Age as of 2017: 72
      Role in Dream: A support character, does practical things (housework)
      Interests in Dream: -- Unknown --
      Main Activity/ies: Performs small tasks eg. putting things in the microwave, going to places with the family

      Name: Deceased Grandfather
      Age as of 2013: (I've forgotten)
      Role in Dream: Violent man, tries to kill me!
      Interests in Dream: Carpentry and tools
      Main Activity/ies: Only appears in nightmares, either gives me a really evil look or tries to kill me with a tool, mainly a saw.

      In real life, when he was alive, he was an addicted man to alcohol and smoking and sometimes, he wasn't very nice to the family. As I always avoided him, maybe that's why the dream has turned him nightmarish.

      Name: WB
      Age as of 2017: 17
      Role in Dream: Ordinary student
      Interests in Dream: -- Unknown --
      Main Activity/ies: Sitting and chatting with her friends, gets grumpy when she sees me (does not get grumpy in Dream No. 92 and Dream No. 93)

      Name: Dreamy WB
      Age as of 2017: -- Unknown --
      Role in Dream: My current Dreamy Guardian
      Interests in Dream: -- Unknown --
      Main Activity/ies: Provides random instances of affection, protecting me from evil or generally malicious DCs, teaching me about dream concepts or new potential powers... She is a powerful character in my dreams.

      There are two of WB listed here but they are actually different figures... They actually both appeared in a dream at once! A different times but in the same dream. WB is the authentic one, the one that carries her real life personality. Dreamy WB is the one that likes me and actually protects me from unforgiving DCs. Basically, WB doesn't have any personality alterations, whereas Dreamy WB is a heavily manipulated version of WB.

      Name: LB
      Age as of 2017: 14
      Role in Dream: WB's younger sister
      Interests in Dream: -- Unknown --
      Main Activity/ies: Very shy, backs away from a lot of things, was a cop in Dream No. 93 but a very quiet one. I trained her to use her assigned fire element in Dream No. 79

      Name: Mr H
      Age as of 2017: -- Unknown --
      Role in Dream: Main music teacher
      Interests in Dream: -- Unknown --
      Main activity/ies: Does what a real life teacher does.

      Mr H is probably the least manipulated character in dreams. He carries his real life assets with him.

      Name: Ms A
      Age as of 2017: -- Unknown --
      Role in Dream: Second music teacher
      Interests in Dream: -- Unknown --
      Main Activity/ies: Nearly conducted a choir (but didn't)

      Ms A is also rarely manipulated.

      Name: JO
      Age as of 2017: 20
      Role in Dream: Pesky friend
      Interests in Dream: -- Unknown --
      Main Activity/ies: Calling me at undesired times

      The dream has seemed to make JO worse than she is in real life... She is a good friend!

      Name: TH
      Age as of 2017: 24
      Role in Dream: Famous singer
      Interests in Dream: Singing, playing guitar
      Main Activity/ies: Appearing at events, going places with me

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    15. Spring Competition Day 8

      by , 04-25-2017 at 01:50 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Flying High Again (Full nld)

      Just remember that I'm flying high above the earth. I can see continents and I can also see names of countries like "Tibet". My mind tries to justify flying so high. I look below and see that I'm on a zipline??? Weird.

      I find a place to land. I somehow drop into some sort of garage or shed. My vision zooms 3rd person and I can see two people are about to come in the shed. First person now and I don't wanna get caught. I see some outside light on the bottom of a wall and somehow crawl under it making myself flat. I get outside just in time! I walk somewhere else but the dream fades.

      Note: WBTB at 5 am.

      No, Not the Bees (Frag)

      Fragment of a girl eating some cake. She starts choking and gives a garbled scream. I ask what's wrong? She keeps gargling and suddenly some bees start flying out of her mouth. I jump back freaking out.


      Slabs? (frag)

      Weird frag about Asuka showing me how dreams are represented in concrete slabs? I was in a black place and a concrete slab would zoom into view and Asuka would be there saying something about dreams. then I'd dream inside what the slab represented. Then Asuka would bring another and I'd be in a different dream. Then another and another. After a while it was no longer Asuka showing me but a man. This happened dozens of times as I tossed and turned in my bed.

      Why (full nld)

      I am walking around in a house that i think belongs to K my cousin. The place seems long abandoned. I'm having dream memories of the day before? That earlier I had my friend from 2011 Jamie over at this place and I was giving her a tour... (gosh I hope it wasn't her eating bee cake from my frag.) So I was walking around the now empty place feeling sad she was gone again, and thinking that her presence was so full when she was around that when she left it was like a deafening silence. I imagined she was still there. "Here's the living room." I said, "And here's the balconey where you can smoke." I walked to a door that led to a little office, "And here's a private office for all your work."

      Eventually I walked to the balconey and jumped off floating down to the ground. It was damp and wet out and I left on a path of dirt.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , dream fragment , side notes
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