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    1. Murder mystery

      by , Yesterday at 03:03 PM
      I've been very inactive here in the forums, but I still had some LDs (not in my DJ here) a few weeks ago. I lost my motivation after those LDs and haven't been recalling that many dreams lately. Like, still atleast one per day, but not as clearly as usually. But I'm getting my motivation back. But I'm getting my motivation back slowly. Here's my dream from last night anyway:

      I'm not any character in the dream. I'm just watching it like it's a movie. There are two young boys (like 10 years old or younger). The other has blond hair and is very kind but seemed to be a little weird and weak and easy to bully on. He had a white shirt. The other has brown hair and seems more of an extrovert and stuff unlike the other, but is still propably not the most popular boy in the school. He has a white T-shirt. The boys are friends. They are somewhere near my IRL house. There are lots of detached houses there. Outside one house there's a girl and her mother. The girl is the boys's classmate and has a braided blond hair and a simple white dress. The mother is really obese and seems evil. She also has a purple T-shirt. Then there's some part of the dream where the boys deal with some code name or something. It was "LunNiMax". Really weird, but turns out it's related to the girl's name. Her first names where Ninni and Max apparently, but her surname is unknown. Then the boys find out Ninni has been murdered. The boys want to find out who did it. The dream ended very soon after that, but I felt like the blond boy might become the next victim.

      I tried to put more detailing to this than usually, so that's why the text seemed quite long for a short dream that wasn't even remembered properly. I found the dream interesting and after woking up I kept thinking about it and what could have happened next, what where the murderer's motives, how did the girl and the blond haired boy die, did the boy even die afterall, etc.

      Updated Yesterday at 03:06 PM by 93459 (Added a dot. Not even OCD)

      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment , side notes
    2. Battle on the Roof

      by , Yesterday at 03:37 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      Battle on the Roof
      I was at some party, Negan was there. We were on a roof.
      I made an idea, I grabbed the glass that was protecting everyone from falling down to the hard ground.
      Someone else did the same, I said whoever is knocked off loses (and dies). I held the glass as a shield and a stick
      as a weapon. Negan is amused.
      Later, a girl is pushed off by someone, the someone has her back exposed so I hit her with my stick, the stick breaks.
      I sense someone behind me, I duck. The girl with a fire weapon (?) tripped over me and knocked the someone off.
      She was holding on the edge, I say "Sorry" and knock her off.

      Hey guys it's been awhile, alot of my dreams have been...weird lately and I didn't want to share them. I'm happy that I got a dream that had Negan, he's my favorite character on the Walking Dead. I had another dream today but I'm not sharing it.
      July 22nd, 2017
    3. 2nd Unintentional DILD!

      by , 07-19-2017 at 09:34 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      The dream leading up to this was about how one of the science teachers would stick their students or even their assistants inside of a glass box I would like to dub a the "Death Chamber" to, obviously, suffocate to death. BTW if anybody gets that reference you deserve a cyber cookie. I was thrown into the Death Chamber when suddenly it malfunctioned. I open the door they threw my in from and exit into this totally unassuming room.

      I think it was an orange room with an elevator, mini sofas, and long windows. It was also on the second floor (Even though my school only has one floor). Then I start to get a strange feeling in my stomach, when I try to shrug it off, the DCs in the room say something akin to "You know nothing." I say "Don't play coy." in response and they respond like "Aw man, I thought we had em'."

      I didn't know it was a dream until I jump out from the window (Attempting to jump onto a tree). But instead of falling, I float. Upwards. Then and there do I realize I'm dreaming. And I try to fly intentionally.

      I flew by swimming in the air, even though I never swam in real life. So I was just flailing my arms and legs below me and hoping for the best. I also tried to fly by pointing at a specific destination and letting my body just float over there. No I cold see why everybody enjoys flying so much. I flew above a crowd of kids just to show off.

      I was floating on my way to this park area with a big towering...thing in the middle of it. I try to weird out this one guy on the way over there by grabbing his attention and flying about. He was an overweight policeman/mail carrier with a blue uniform and khakis.

      Anyway, I make it to this park-type area. Everybody's wearing white, the tables are white, I'm not sure but I think I even saw white flowers, and all my teachers where there. I also try fly-swimming my way around them. A few of them pay attention, a few of them don't, and some even try to talk to me. I didn't care what any of them had to say so I didn't remember much.

      Here's where it gets fuzzy.

      I go into my parents house randomly (My lucidity well intact) and try to convince them it's a dream. Yep. I try flying around them and my dad is like "Welp. Looks like we're dreaming.", but he isn't fully convinced. I remember to do an RC (Because I remembered if I interacted with DCs too long I'd eventually lose my lucidity) and plug my nose to breathe through it. A gust of wind blows through them and I feel extra giddy. I tell my dad to do the same, then the dream ended.


      1. I remembered all the things to do to not lose lucidity. It actually surprised me how much information I remembered, maybe since I spent several years in and out on the whole thing.

      2. I seemed to have a poor sense of vision or spatial awareness in the dream. Everything looked so "dreamlike" with colors swirling about, things that shouldn't even be there, and bloom effects. I didn't even try to explore any of the senses like touch, taste, or smell.

      3. I also remembered that I had a sort of tine limit in the dream, so I was trying to make everything as snappy as possible.
    4. Can't remember cuz I didn't sleep much/ Update on my personal status

      by , 07-18-2017 at 05:31 PM
      Lately I've had some pretty good lucids but I didn't get much sleep last night. I'm taking a break from here for a while. My family has undergone some major life altering events that need my attention. I'm hoping by writing this that it'll have some subliminal affect on me & I will want to write again here in my journal. I'm not leaving for good for sure. I do have to suspend my paying executive membership for now after I write this. My husband just lost his job of 35 yrs because a company bought them out & are making radical changes without thought to the fallout. I obviously have to cut my spending due to this change for the time being. I really miss you all & hope to be back soon.
      Tags: side notes
      side notes
    5. [SLIGHTLY NSFW] Apartment of Women

      by , 07-17-2017 at 11:51 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      The title says it all.

      Fell asleep at: ???

      Woke up at: ???

      I was in an apartment in some big city. It was nighttime, the stars were out (Which shouldn't happen, light pollution and all), and the room I was in seemed to resemble an apartment my sister had in Houston, TX. And I was in the room with a bunch of alluring scantily-clad women. They all looked like they were going to sleep, and were all lying down on tiny mattresses, and I plopped down right next to one of them.

      She wore a red bikini, was slightly tanned, about as tall as me, and had blonde hair. To be honest she looked an awful lot like my 8th grade Reading teacher (Though she was considerably thinner in the dream. Kind of like a perfect balance). Basically, imagine the swimmer girl from Pokemon XY.

      And I (For some reason) just knew I wouldn't get into trouble if I just got on the mattress with her. I had a similar dream beforehand where I sat myself right next to another alluring woman, so I guess I remembered that dream in my current dream (If that makes sense).

      Anyway, she had nice thighs, I had dream recklessness, and I held onto her, putting my moves on her... so to speak. She found me charming and even giggled a little bit, and she let me keep my hands on her as we went to sleep. It was a mix of romance and pure sexual instinct, and I even woke up feeling a little lightheaded. It was...well it was something.


      1. I also remember another woman (Brunette) on a sky blue mattress. Wearing a sky blue bikini.

      2. I think there were like four more women in the same room.
    6. Foggy Memory

      by , 07-12-2017 at 11:08 PM
      I can't recall my dreams well. I haven't been a very active lucid dreamer either but I've still had them from time to time. I'm going to try writing in my dream journal again though.
      side notes
    7. To Catch a Frieza

      by , 07-09-2017 at 02:48 PM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      To Catch a Frieza
      My friend was driving a car, we were playing a 'Telltale' game in real life.
      At first as we are driving the game said to find these certain trucks and cars, buildings, etc. with certain names
      and logos on them. It will lead us to Frieza and we can fight him.
      We continued driving but...There were cones blocking the straight path, a LED screen pointed Left or Right.
      My friend turned left, there was another LED screen ahead he was going to turn Left but I said "Right!"
      It's fair to take turns. So we turned right, I realized we were going on the Highway.
      I said "Can't we just turn back?"
      We got out of the car, we were now either Racoons or Foxes.
      We waited for cars to pass and we ran across the street, there was a garbage bag.
      We tore the bag open, I was disgusted but there could be some here we could use.
      I found 'The Rock' toy, I clicked the button on his stomach and a girly voice came out of the microphone.
      I looked a little down the small hill and saw a person, didn't bother even calling for help from him/her.
      I threw the Rock toy at him and I looked in the bag again. I found this Red flaming toy with yellow hair,
      I remember
      that I had this toy as a kid-

      BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. My alarm went off, bummer. I just got lucid, I even thought I had the toy in real life, in the dream and knew I was dreaming at that second.
      Zombies and School
      I watched some Shaun of the Dead before bed also this dream was before the Frieza one.
      I was at school in a room with my Sister Cassie and a few other people.
      The school was full of Zombies, (lots of conversations I cannot remember).
      "Damage/Shoot them in the head." I said, my Sister nodded in confirmation.


      I was in my Old room at my Old house, it was dark out the Television was on.
      I remembered being startled by something.

      Just typing earlier today because I have to do stuff later and won't be able to upload this today. I'm getting really close to Lucid Dreaming, I can feel it.
      July 9th, 2017
    8. Hacker

      by , 07-09-2017 at 03:49 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      I was in the car with my Father, I was in the seat behind him. There was this spooky school bus that we heard about.
      We passed by it, I took a picture of it and my Dad drove off.
      I accidentally took a picture of the building: "_ Police Department"
      I try to turn off my tablet but a black screen pops up and says "Hello_"
      Another screen popped up and said:
      "I am a shotgun master" with a lot of other words I forgot. I exited the screen quickly as I was scared.
      The screen popped back up with words I couldn't read, there was selected responses I can pick for questions he asked.
      I responded with "Don't Know"
      The 'hacker' asks more questions which I responded to.

      Another School Dream

      I am at school in a classroom, people are mad at me because I made this schedule that they do not like.
      This girl with her hijab was the most mad at me.
      Teacher comes in and I think 'The class can always work together to make their own schedule...'
      -Time Skip-
      We just came back from another room, I look at my desk and see my water bottle isn't there!
      I head back towards the door and see, Stephen with my water bottle in hand.
      I thank him and I noticed there was another Stephen sitting down already and the one who handed me the water bottle was still standing.
      I didn't think it was a big deal.
      -Time Skip-
      In some big room that looks kinda like a boiler room, there was a girl in a wheelchair that had to use the bathroom. (I know the girl in real life but I know two girl's in a wheelchair and don't know which one it was.)
      She gets put into a bathroom by getting picked up by a teacher. I talk to two other kids one dude and a girl with black hair (?). We all have to pee so we use the urinals.

      Another Zombie Dream

      It was the zombie apocalypse, I was walking and there was two paths I could choose.
      I picked the left one. I was by a highway.
      I believe I met some girl who asked me questions and there was a few-not many zombies in the dream.

      More school dreams and zombie dreams...great. I am going to set my alarm clock at 8 AM because I always wake up at 10 AM. Also having Acid Reflux right now, so I am trying to write this fast as possible.
      July 8th, 2017
    9. Short Dream

      by , 07-08-2017 at 03:01 AM (Dream)
      not formatting today b/c lazy

      Short Dream:

      I had a dream where people were trapped in SMG's and Assault Rifiles

      (I couldn't sleep last night, only got an hour of sleep. I had this dream right before I woke up.)
      side notes , dream fragment
    10. Update - The plot thickens

      by , 07-06-2017 at 03:54 AM (Ereos)
      Not really a dream entry per-se, but I have recently discovered and put together a bunch of new information about my persistent realm.

      I have seen occasionally in my persistent realm stuff that seems to come from the real world, like the actual IRL world map as we know it.
      Well, I have assembled everything from my Ereos DJ and even the rest of my DJ that isn't too relevant to Ereos itself. But I have concluded after all of this that Ereos is not "on" Earth, it's actually inside the Earth, kinda like the hollow Earth theory.

      So the idea is that Ereos and the rest of this world is inside the Earth. Outside the Earth is actually pretty much the exact same landmasses as the real world as we know it.

      I think it will be a good idea to call whatever refers to Ereos and the rest to the "inside world", and outside of here the "outside world".

      Here are a few of the clues that leads me to believe this theory:

      • When the "outside world" is mentionned I am still well within my persistent realm, but it doesn't feel disconnected either.
      • The sky is acting weird, day-time is fine, just plain blue, but night-time or dusk-sunrise-time acts pretty weird, like one side is plain blue sky and the other is night. Also the night sky is pretty bland, no stars, just a simple gradient.
      • I once flew straight up, took off like a rocket, I passed the cloud layer very fast, but after a good while I eventually landed on water...while going up in a straight line.

      I still know very little about the outside world, aside from this fact: The entirety of Asia is a super Sino-Soviet Union country.
      side notes
    11. The Shadow Man

      by , 07-06-2017 at 03:46 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      The Shadow Man
      Me and some girl was running from the shadows. The Shadow Man can come up from any shadow and hurt you.
      We ended up at a house. The people were kind.
      A group of teens and kids went into a garage, I thought 'Oh no'
      There's shadows all around in the garage, the Shadow Man came out and sliced someone in the throat.
      We escaped and either me or the one girl 'killed' the Shadow Man, but it doesn't matter...he can come back via other
      I was told to get sent back to where ever I was staying, one of the kids that was in the garage comes with and is in
      the car. I thought this was like a Telltale game decision, your choices don't matter in the end.

      I don't know what to title This
      I was at home, it was the morning, I was talking to my Dad. He asked what I wanted for breakfast.
      Later I told him the bald guy next door took all of our medicine, saying We don't need it.

      I think I had other dreams but there was a three loud bangs, it was from a really close Thunderstorm. I forgot if I had
      any dreams but I had those two so at least I got something written down.

      July 5th, 2017
    12. Truth or Die

      by , 07-05-2017 at 03:31 AM (Dream)
      Side Note (Side Notes)
      I was at school by the attendance office it looked a bit different, there was this black stand with a bag on top of it.
      My teacher Ms.K grabbed the bag and it had the year books, I thought I should get one but I'd have to pay off my fines
      first that I have, a 30 dollar fine and a 10 dollar fine. I could try and manage it.

      Truth or Die

      I was in a Bathtub or something similar to it.
      There was an AI similar to the one from Portal, there were other people in other bathtubs.
      It was a 'Game Show' you tell the truth and you don't die or suffer other consequences.
      The AI asked one chick if this Orange Push-Pop was what she used to 'Clean' her teeth?
      The chick had a minute to answer, there was silence. The last couple seconds she admitted "Yes."

      I didn't have that much dreams today, also they weren't that memorable. Happy 4th of July
      July 4th, 2017
    13. Crime and Punishment

      by , 07-04-2017 at 03:36 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Can be in Parenthesis)
      I was in a mental hospital, my Mother was there. I walked away from her and the lady who was typing what meds I take.
      I was walking back thinking what that other med was...A lady walked by me and says "Ranitidine"
      I get by the computer and I am about to say it but the computer person did it already.
      I don't trust this place, I feel like they kill the patients.
      They take all the patients somewhere and one woman told me "You can go on the computer."


      It was raining, a girl with black hair was walking on the Firelane at school, no one in sight.
      Crime and Punishment

      There was a road block, passed by the school football field it had it's big lights on covering the field.
      It was around 10:30 PM. I was now at the school in the lobby (the lobby looks like the middle school's lobby).
      I told the cop two people here are criminals, I point at Kasie but can't find the other one.
      Everyone gets mad and the cops says "You're in big trouble, that's a felon."

      Another Part of the Dream:
      A football player told someone "Our games usually end at 10 PM"
      Accidental Murder

      I was at a Walking Dead BB Gun tourney. There was a woman sitting on a chair, sweating, she was Mexican.
      (The room I was in looked like something from Splash from Black Ops 3 Multiplayer)
      I shot her in the face with my BB, which you're supposed to do, but I noticed she was bleeding and blood was coming
      out of her mouth.
      Later at home, I realized I just killed someone for the first time.

      Season 7 and 8

      I watched the Walking Dead S7 E1-E4 to catch up for Season 8, One Episode 4 there was a big chocolate factory.
      I thought 'I gotta invest in a Chocolate Factory' it would be good for a Zombie Apocalypse. Someone also spoiled
      who dies in the season and I scrolled up fast, I don't like getting spoiled.
      I looked up Season 8 on Youtube and saw a Video Titled "The Walking Dead Season 8 Comic Con Trailer"
      The thumbnail showed Negan with lots of shaving cream or something on his face.

      I had a good amount of Dreams today, I'm on a Streak! I like writing/typing down my dreams, to be honest I don't like dreams like these but at least I got more content for the Story I'm making. People are already setting off their Fireworks, hopefully it won't be like that during the night when people are trying to sleep.
      July 3rd, 2017
    14. Time Travel School Dream

      by , 07-02-2017 at 09:25 PM (Dream)
      Side Notes
      Time Travel School Dream

      I got sent back in time in my 6/7 year old body, I was in 1st Grade again.
      My first thought was 'I have to do all 12 years of school again?'
      In the classroom we went over basic stuff like ABC's and Adding/Subtracting
      It was lunch time so we had to go to lunch, I remember talking to the teacher who said "Kiba (from Naruto
      somehow he's a classmate) has OCD, so we can't do Ice Cream today."
      I walked to lunch from the main office direction, I saw Cameron (who wasn't even at my elementry school) and
      I had to try and become friends with him again, if I'm not careful everything in my life can change for the better
      or worse.
      I sat on a table and I saw Kiba with his Spider: Akamaru and the Spider was eating his Orange. Akamaru ate the
      Orange from the inside out.
      We were in Music Class, I remember thinking I'm weak and Fragile, I also felt Nostalga for being back at the
      Elementry School.

      Other Part of the Dream(?) or maybe a Fragment
      I saw a school bus, it was way bigger than me, it was full of kids.
      Going back in time to fix your mistakes sounds good but, it could create more problems and could change other important things in your life. It would also be awkward to be a kid again, also I'm almost done with school and would not want to do those 11 Years again. I'm going to start and type my Dreams up earlier than before bed because: I heard while you sleep your brain thinks of what you did during the day and I could end up getting a Lucid Dream early during REM sleep.
      July 2nd, 2017
    15. Field Trip to Canada

      by , 07-02-2017 at 03:15 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes
      Field Trip to Canada

      Me and my Classmates went on a Field Trip to Canada.
      At this place we were staying I remember seeing this bed, that apparently stimulates Lucid Dreaming.
      I laid on it and I thought 'It's not comfy.' It felt like a waterbed like you were sinking into it.
      I went into the bathroom and I turned on the Television and there was a Canadian bootleg of Tom and Jerry on.
      We had to leave to go back to Minnesota. I saw the Television and it was Canada news and I was surprised that I was in
      Canada, I thought I went somewhere else.
      Students grabbed their backpacks and I couldn't find mine and I started to worry.

      Some other parts of the dream
      • There was this house in the middle of a forest, I remember being inside it.
      • I was at the house (again) in the middle of a forest, the house was finished. I showed an Adult my room "Little kids helped me finish this."
      • I was walking down the Canadian School, I talked to some guy.


      I had a Dream at my house but can't remember it fully.
      Couldn't remember dreams from yesterday. Today, I went to the Mall of America, it was pretty fun. Maybe, I'll get some interesting dreams tonight.
      July 1st, 2017
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