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    1. OMG, WTF Nice Long Series of Mostly Lucid Dreaming in Brief, TOTY Success? - Car Without Engine

      by , 02-14-2017 at 02:30 AM
      These are some rough notes I threw together. I may try to clean it up later and add some pictures.

      Finish 30 minute WBTB and BTB around 430am *Several times I think I woke but didn't look at phone/time in order to give me best chance to keep going back in. Finally do look at phone at 637am and am dumbfounded at amount of lucidity and scenes and time lucid! Some waning of lucidity but often quickly recovered and seems like at least 90% of the time and experiences that I remember were lucid.

      Letter tags: HMS HM_? House mall stars hands 2nd m? 6th letter tag? May be one of the scenes below.

      Seems not more than 10 minutes of SSILD and I start with, what I told myself during one of the FA's, must have been an NREM lucid. It was short maybe 1 minute and very basic mostly dark but interacting with a woman. It leads to multiple FA's each one different. Several were in a busy house with lots of kids and a few adults. Hands clasp from IWL in bed become hands in bind by girl trying to free my hands. House party like. Outdoor patio girl, wife voice, both can have me! Later indoor house gathering (one of several house scenes) with an older lady still beautiful and I tell her I'll make her young again and morph massage her face and it works in the end with odd results along the way. When I finish I see a female, her niece it seems, with her back to us. She has long curly black hair and I gently take her and lead them both to a bedroom. Mall ladies sex and after a while of that I say I need to do the TOTY, car one sounds good. I try to form a car inside the mall main way but it never becomes solid enough so I look toward an exit and see a whole street of cars parked parallel, not the typical big parking lot you'd see outside of a surburban mall. I see a maybe late 80's Honda that has seen better days but it was the first car I really focused on. I open hood just from front of car but do reach my finger in for the typical final release lever under hood and open hood, it stays open and I reach in and grab the whole engine block and all and rip it out easily like picking up an empty cardboard box. I think about breaking the window with my elbow but I am able to just open the door. I decide keys will be under the visor and yes one key on small key chain tab. I stick the key into the on position and start driving like a maniac. Very quickly transitions from asphalt to dirt trail on a hillside area that brings back memories of bmx trails. I get to a top look out point and see 8-10 guys in bathing trunks just below me maybe 20 feet. Maybe they're heading to a hidden beach below. At first I guess a couple of them near the back of group look gay but as they gather it doesn't seem like anything sexual, just a bunch of guys who may even want a lone guy to beat up on. No worries though, this is my dream. I call down to them to look up at me and shoot off into the sky quickly. It becomes night and I float in the sky and marvelling at the stars. They look fairly normal but a beautiful experience none the less. Visuals fade after a minute or so and I spin in the air, still a black void, so spin few more and a FA. / some busy outdoor area at night sexual with several girls. Also at Mall and at house scenes. Unbelievable! I just keep going from scene fade to scene fade after early part where it was from FA to FA. Also Vegas casino hotel with wife she found which hotel, nice but great deal, lucidity fading, maybe gone for this final scene before waking. I am forgetting so many details. I was setting reminders in the new scenes and I have whispy memories of what those reminders were but still trying to grab them fully - I'm sure I haven't caught them all. Lots of solid, vivid dreamlets including snow falling on a couple in dark brown or black winter long coats.
    2. Introduction

      by , 02-12-2017 at 11:09 AM
      Hi, call me Kairos (means "Time" basically) I have what some would call "sleep disturbances". To list a few, Sleep Paralysis, Consistent Nightmares, Sleepwalking, and sometimes Night Terrors to the point where I had to go to the doctor. Now my nightmares actually have been proven to be useful in my profession, I am a writer, mostly horror hence why it's useful. Now don't get me wrong I HATE them but they're a condition I've come to live with.
      I've been the last human being trapped on a dying earth, sucked into space, been attacked by animals/creatures, and seen horrific things happen to people to list a few. I don't think I can get into too much vivid detail on some parts to avoid breaking any TOS rules, but my doctor suggested I get a dream journal. I googled something actually (Why is it nighttime in my dreams) and it brought me here so I thought it would be perfect.
      I am not going to list any past nightmares because there are only fragments that I can remember like most dreams, but I bookmarked this page so when I wake up from a terrible/pleasant or just plain old strange experience I can write it down here.
      Get feedback that sort of thing. So anyone who happens to stumble along stay, go, it does not matter. Just know what you're getting into, I don't want any suggestions from my dreams leaking into yours.

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    3. February TOTM and TOTY

      , 02-10-2017 at 04:39 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9:46pm
      GPC - 3:30 am - went back to sleep, didnt fall asleep till after 4am
      GM - 5:06 am
      sofa - 5:23 am - fell asleep shortly after 6am
      woke up 7:45 after last part of a dream was non-lucid

      Estimate - about 45 min long lucid
      No transitions at all. No realizing that I'm still dreaming and standing up. Just one long event.

      After GPC

      DREAM 1
      I'm falling asleep in a dream, telling someone "shhh" when I start to transition. Then I have to "shhh" my mom. I'm mad, how come they don't understand not to talk to me when I'm WILDing, since I told them about it so many times.

      But I pull off the transition, tilting my head and body back to invoke the falling down sensation that helps my transition. I feel my body being lifted out and moved around and I falsely remember "just like that member described on DV".

      DREAM 2
      A perv walks into my house and grabs me from behind. I squirm but he is not letting go. I'm starting to be scared that he is up to more.

      Interesting thing is, that I can clearly feel his touch. Very realistic.

      DREAM 3
      A group of female activists from some organization are at my house about to call Hillary on the phone. I'm looking at one woman's name badge and I note how fast they were able to make badges with all the hashtag names since I just saw them on twitter that day.

      LUCIDS after GM

      I'm on a busy road, at night. I remember the car TOTY so I raise my hand in effort to stop a huge truck that's approaching me. It's black and silver and I realize he is too close to stop on time. I duck and decide to let him pass over me and to experience how that feels. I didn't regret it, but I got kinda scared with that big, loud and longer than should be truck rolling over my head.

      After that, I picked out another car. I opened the hood and ripped the engine right out. I didn't expect any trouble doing it and so it was very easy to just do it. I lifted the car up and ripped the tire off, one by one. I remember thinking if I got it right, if the wheels should stay and only tires should be removed.

      I sat the car back down and I see to my left that a beautiful, shiny blue Formula 1 car just stopped next to us. I was kinda blocking couple lanes of the freeway, haha. I considered ditching the task and do it some other time and take the Formula instead for a joy ride.

      I decide to get into my car and just as I imagined, there were no keys. Looked in my right pants pocket, but no keys. I tried to make engine sounds in hope that it will make the car go, but no.

      TOTM - Book of Secrets

      Later on while running around doing all kinds of stuff, I remembered the book TOTM. I start looking through drawers and cabinets. They are all full of cool stuff. Collections of rocks, all kinds of hardly identifiable things. I'm looking on the streets in campers, in houses, in many rooms. I finally start finding books. Looking at many covers, none come even close to saying "Secrets". For a while I amuse myself by reading, looking away and seeing how it changed. I'm even trying to will the title to change to secret. I try to write it on it with my finger too, but nothing works.

      I'm exploring this house. Opening the doors and checking out the rooms. Nothing interesting. Everything is white and chrome colored. I find one room that looks like a bathroom. For some reason I like dream bathrooms, or rather, showers. I step inside while still holding the door. I don't want the door to shut and me getting stuck in there.

      The more I look the bigger the bathtub - swimming pool in the bottom of the room gets. When I look third time, it's a size of a small lake, but it's empty. Looks like it's smooth, concrete sides have a bottom that's filled with desert rocks and sand and some small, dry bushes.

      I see a light from a camp fire in the distance. I'm hoping there is someone who who would wanna get it on with me so I hover glide there. Not sure if we do it, I think we do.

      After that, or before, not sure, I'm in a large, modern sex shop. All the tools are behind glass with lots of attendants ready to help you. There are some almost nude guys ready to help you pick your size, haha.

      Ended up having tons of sex, good 20 min of it. I suspect the end was already not lucid, or just barely.
    4. Plane TOTY - Future Flying Fish

      by , 02-08-2017 at 01:55 PM
      Back in school. Drama class. Ring of chairs around the outside, with a female student in the centre doing a performance art dance type thing? The performance finishes and my friend JR, in the chair to my right, gets up and enters the ring. Crap. That means I'm next. Is there a specific set of actions we are supposed to do? I get nervous at the thought of having to stand up in front of the class with no clue what is going on.

      Thankfully, it occurs to me that this is a dream and I RC by looking at my hand. It's weird and twisted. I do a pinch-nose RC too, to confirm. Phew. Then I stand up and exit the classroom.

      Outside I recall the plane TOTY and look around. A few trees. An empty road. No planes. Well, fake it 'til you make it: I squat as if sitting in a seat, arms forward as if clutching an imaginary flight stick. Then I do a vertical take off, thinking about a eurofighter shape until the plane forms around me. Now inside a reasonably realistic looking plane, I push the flight stick forward and start flying over the forest. It's quite speedy.

      Now to find a time breach. A swirling pattern appears in the clouds and I fly towards it. The swirls lead into a wormhole of blackness filled with yellow 'dripping' dots falling in all directions. Gravity is screwed. Who knows which way is up anymore?

      I get through the time breach and emerge in the future flying over a city on a mountaintop. There are a cluster of spires covered in metal spikes and radio masts. A river runs through the city. It looks fast flowing and drops into several waterfalls heading down the mountain. In the middle of the river are several silver structures that must be futuristic hyrdoelectric generators.

      The sky is clear. I fly through the towers and look down at the streets below. They look mostly empty, no sign of cars. One building seems to be made entirely from black glass. There are no signs or screens or adverts. I spot something that looks like a motorbike and land. It has a very stylistic frame and is presumably an electric motorbike as there is no engine or exhaust pipes. Also it only has half a handlebar - the right side, with a throttle. So, no clutch or gears. Twist'n'go. I gotta try this thing out!

      After swinging a leg over the frame I grab a fistful of throttle and it immediately wheelies down the road. Woah! I'm not sure what to do with my left hand, without a handlebar to hold, so I just sort of rest it on my knee. Anyway, rolling down the street pulling dank whoolies has attracted attention - a couple of other riders on similar machines join the road and start chasing me. I head down a narrow alley and see a blue and white droid at the end, which barely gets out of the way... I smash through into someone's back yard with grass and a shed.

      The air is filled with flying fish! They are glowing blue. What the hell is this now? I stop the bike and wander over to a tree, where there are several fish hanging out in the branches. On closer inspection, one of the fish has a chameleon ability and changes it's colour to black. It's eyes look bloodshot. At this point I wake up.
      lucid , task of the year
    5. TOTY Success - Forming a Plane and Flying it Into a Time Breach - 5th Feb 2017

      by , 02-06-2017 at 12:12 AM
      Sun, 05 Feb 2017:

      I think I came into this scene with some awareness from a WILD style entry perhaps from DEILD but I don't exactly remember. I am in this rocky canyon area and feel boldness to fly and start to fly fully realizing I am dreaming. I then remember the plane TOTY I tried last night with some challenges. I land and start rubbing my hands together and saying how I will have a nice long lucid dream. There is no great spot to take off from traditionally with good size rocks everywhere on the reddish brown dirt but this is a dream anyway and it's a better spot than the empty sky off of the building I was hoping to materialize an airplane from the night before.

      So I imagine I am climbing a small ladder up making the movements and I get into what is a vaguely forming cockpit. I imagine the key is in front of me and go to turn it with my right hand and the cockpit is looking good now with some controls and instruments that look like they belong in a plane. The engine sputters and is very rough sounding and I say okay that vague shape there on my right is one of the wings and I see them form like a small Cessna plane in off white color. The nose then forms with the blurred image of a quickly spinning single propeller on it and I have blue horizontal stripes on the nose and feel the rest of the plane behind me.

      I take off using a gas pedal on my right foot to accelerate the engine and propeller, moving forward now and then pulling on the two-handed rectangular control (yoke?).

      I fly up over the rocky area and off of a cliff with no issues. I fly around the canyon area a bit and remember that I need to open up a time breach before getting to my destination so I decide that what looks like the end of the canyon area is my destination and I mentally will a time breach to open and it looks like a big light-blue tunnel. As I go through, the visuals fade but not to black, more of a blur of shapes. I continue to hold my hands on where the controls were and fly forward willing myself to slow down but keep going forward.

      Having exited the time breach perhaps, I eventually a small European village looking place forms with 2 story stone buildings and narrow cobblestoned streets forms.

      I fly around the corner of one of the buildings having gone from a sitting position to a standing flying position. I see what looks like an attractively shaped girl with long black hair in a red dress from behind and I float up a little, like like I am exiting the no longer there cockpit.

      I land behind her and tap her on her shoulder. She turns around and is indeed attractive and we start kissing passionately. I take her hand and we walk around another corner that becomes a room. She wants to
      Spoiler for Sexual Content:
      have sex
      in front of her girlfriends, at least 5 of them and there's one guy as well.

      Sounds good to me as I
      Spoiler for Sexual Content:
      lean her against a bed and whisk away her clothes with a swoop of my hand and take her from behind. It is very exciting having sex with her while other attractive girls look on eagerly. After a bit I feel like I could experience ejaculation
      in this dream, because it feels so real. Instead, I start
      Spoiler for Sexual Content:
      having issues with it slipping out and needing to stick it back in multiple times. While back in
      and losing sensation
      I start to wake, smiling ear to ear! My WBTB hour didn't seem right for choline or galantamine but I did take 5-htp before bed for the REM rebound effect, which may or may not have helped.

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    6. No Snow for Sledding (WILD)

      by , 02-05-2017 at 06:00 PM
      Ritual: WTB around 2am. Drank a lot of wine last night, so woke up many times to rehydrate. Just before dawn I felt the slightly anxious insomnia that often helps me get lucid, so I decided to confirm my intention with a little piracetam. For years I've been trying to come up with a good dream mantra/affirmation but never found one that stuck. Since I got lucid in a recent dream from seing the word "awaken" I decided to start with that. I wanted it to be longer and have good rhythm, so I tried "Awaken into (seeing) dream," where the word in parenthesis could be varied with any other two-syllable verb with the emphasis on the first syllable: seeing, hearing, feeling, being, dreaming, etc. I liked the versatility and hoped the variations would help keep my mind active. It seems this mantra was actually successful because it was still going through my mind well after the dream had started, although, curiously, the words had changed (see below).

      WILD, "No Snow for Sledding": The transition was very smooth, and I think the mantra actually served as a good anchor this time. At one point I was inspired to see if I could move my dream limbs, and felt that familiar ambiguity about whether it was dream movement or real movement. I was 65% sure it was dream, so I kept at it until I gently 'flumpfed' in a loose heap right off the bottom of the bed, and then I knew for certain. This dream version of my bedroom was remarkably accurate to WL.

      I was crawling at first, and from that low perspective had a good view of my two cats. They looked a little different—shorter hair I think—but I could still tell them apart. Dream logic made me wonder if I could somehow better communicate with my anxious cat in a dream. I crawled over to her and put my hands on her head, reaching toward her with gentle thoughts and telling her that she didn't need to be so anxious. It didn't work: she bit my hand! After that she went into the hallway where I was surprised to see our older cat chase her, an inversion of their usual relationship. I moved toward them and noticed a third animal, a remarkably lifelike grey squirrel—even more vividly rendered than the two cats. [Source: I had recently remarked to my husband how odd it was that I had never seen any squirrels near our house here, but he said that he had. Then just two days ago I glimpsed a grey squirrel outside.]

      I thought I had better remove the squirrel from the house, so I picked it up by the scruff of the neck—it was so realistic I thought I had better handle it carefully lest I get bitten again. I peered down to it, wondering if it might have anything to say (this being a dream and all), but no, it just twitched its nose like a regular squirrel. So I opened the window on my side of the bed, the place where in WL I toss out the miscellaneous bugs that stray into the house, and tossed it out.

      Around this point I noticed that my mantra was still going through my head, though slightly changed from what it had been as I fell asleep. It had taken the form: "Awaken, dreamer, I am dream." It occurred to me that once I was already lucid, the word "awaken" was no longer useful, and in fact might be detrimental. I thought about how the meaning of the word depended on its context: from non-lucid sleep one can "awaken" into lucidity, but from a state of lucidity, to "awaken" is to wake up. With the precarious thought of waking I felt the dream begin to destabilized, and hastily altered the mantra to: "Dream on, dreamer, I am dream." I managed to restabilize, and with the natural musicality of dream found myself adding a bit of melody to the words.

      After this my thoughts turned to more practical ends. Wasn't there a task I wanted to do? Right, the sled ride. I thought over the details. I would need to sled down from the top of a snowy mountain and then through a crack in the earth into... who knows? Finding out would be the fun part. It was snowy outside, like it is in WL, so I thought that would make a good start. I just needed to go outside and find a sled and a mountain.

      I opened the window again to fly out, but now there was a pane of what felt like transparent plastic covering the opening. I was annoyed because even in WL this is one of the few windows in the house that has no screen, so there should not be anything barring my passing. I decided to shatter the barrier with my mind, concentrated, and... nothing happened. Disappointed that I could not resolve this more stylishly, I manually peeled aside the flexible plastic panel and slipped out onto the lower roof. (This part was not quite accurate to WL: although there is a sloping side of another roof to the left, there is no level area just below the window where one could stand.)

      I willed myself to fly, but nothing happened initially. I kept focusing until I began to float up and across the yard. There were a lot of random pavilions scattered below, and I reminded myself to be observant so I would remember the details later. I flew over to the roof of a small outbuilding—the environment no longer bore any resemblance to WL—where I found two sleds. One was child-sized, the other larger, and I noticed approvingly that they were the old fashioned kind on runners, much easier to control than round saucer sleds.

      I picked up the larger sled and looked it over. The details were wonderfully vivid: it had a painted metal superstructure consisting of thin round bars painted white, and flat wide bars painted green. These encircled a small rectangular seat of heavily aged and distressed wood. I noticed an odd detail in the very center of the sled, a transparent glass sphere about four inches in diameter, half full of water. I peered closer, wondering if it was some sort of gyroscope, and saw words printed on the sphere: "FAST WATER." I decided that this was a device for boosting speed, and that I would name my new sled "Fastwater." I felt very pleased with it.

      Sled in hand, next I needed a mountain. I resumed floating through the air and scanning for suitable topography. I soon found myself approaching a steep hillock, but since it was at most a couple dozen feet high, I didn't think it qualified as a "mountain." After that was a second, taller hillock, but I rejected that one too on the same grounds. Then in the distance I saw a much taller hill with a massive castle on top of it. I had the impression that it was a German castle called "Schwanzstein," though even in the dream I recalled the meaning of schwanz (which, in common with many Americans, I learned long ago from the Mel Brooks film Space Balls). That seemed like a peculiar yet somehow familiar name for a castle, and I wondered why it came to mind. [Source: German castles have come up in conversation twice in the last few days, both the one at Wernigerode and another whose name I couldn't remember. I just asked my husband and he reminded me it was "Neuschwanstein." So there you have it. Sorry Freudians, you can go back home now.]

      I figured that the type of hill on which one was likely to find a German castle could qualify as a small mountain, and decided that this would be a good spot to sled down from. I floated closer, noting a number of stiff and oddly sepia-hued guards standing around the courtyards, as though peopling an old postcard. I noticed a perfect straight chute for sledding that ran down from the top of the mountain, so that's where I landed. Everything was in place... except... there was no snow anymore. Could I just sled down anyway, I wondered? No, I distinctly recalled that the task specified a snowy mountain. I peered around, hoping I could at least spot a few patches of snow and call it even. But the grass was as brown as the guards—there was a hint of sepia about the whole place, like a movie scene shot through a filter—and no snow was visible anywhere.

      I sat down with my sled, willing it to snow. I concentrated my expectations, imagining how the first tiny flakes would move erratically through the air. Once again the distinction between imagination and experience—which seems so improbable in the dream state—was reconfirmed, because even though I could clearly see the type of snow I envisioned in my mind's eye, the dream air remained stubbornly free of flakes. This TOTM has a lot of moving parts, I thought. It's as hard as a TOTY! A moment later I woke up and was amused to recognize my error; in waking life I would not have misremembered the category of the task, since the TOTYs are linked by a common theme.

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    7. Elephant TOTY

      by , 01-28-2017 at 01:32 PM
      A bunch of people are sitting on a wooden floor watching a small screen. It shows some weird film, and this makes me lucid again. I remember the elephant TOTY and walk straight out the closest door into a jungle. There are vines hanging down and the noise of hundreds of birds and animals nearby. An elephant walks out of the trees towards me.

      I climb onto the elephant and start to ride down the narrow trail, reminding it that this is a dangerous war-zone. Angry natives jump out of the trees and try to attack me with spears. I swing my arms and kick them away. One of them angers the elephant which then starts charging through the jungle and trampling everything in it's path. I concentrate on holding on.

      The charge becomes so fast that the scenery blurs and I wake up.
      lucid , task of the year
    8. 26-Jan-2017 - ND: Training room + 27-Jan-2017 - WILD: Boat, dolphin ride, underwater city +2ND fragm

      by , 01-27-2017 at 08:52 PM
      26-Jan-2017 - ND: Training room

      5AM WBTB, attempt WILD, fall asleep

      ND#1: I am in a meeting room, together with many collague, some I know
      R asks me to take this chance to give these people some short training on a subject I know well
      I tell yes, get up, introduce myself, start talking, stop due to noise in the room
      I continue, move to drawing board, sponge some writings away, use chalk
      Missed dreamsigns here (!!) : chalkboard isn't really used anymore, sponge doesn't perfectly clear some parts, chalk is quite clunky
      I write very small and not readable stuff
      After some talk, more noise, people open an internal window to an adjacent room with a tattoo shop (!!)
      Someone asks me a question on our products, I get angry at him (!!) because I cannot answer it properly, I even tell some bad words
      Later, it's dark, we decide it's time to break and perhaps continue another time


      27-Jan-2017 - WILD: Boat, dolphin ride, underwater city + 2ND Fragments

      ND#1: Playing Skyrim (fragm)
      I erupt flames from my hands
      I decapitate someone, I turn my monitor so my son cannot see, his bed is close to my PC (!!)
      A long scripted ending move, with my character moving through a long corridor before delivering a final hit

      I am dressing up, someone opens a window in front of me,I think I may be visible from outside but not care much

      WILD#1: (5:45 AM)
      After much HI and some stabilization, I want to attempt dolphin TotY
      I am on a beach. I get on a small wooden boat (Minecraft-style)
      I use a paddle and sail to get in open sea
      I look at my body, I am wearing pull and jeans, think it's not appropriate for swimming, take some swimming boxers, remove my clothes, find I've the swimming boxers on
      I drop in the water and descend until I touch ground
      I find a giant stone statue's face, partially sunk in the sand, then another one, even bigger, with its mouth open
      I enter it, it's black inside, then it opens to a nice city with spires and towers
      At some point I think I am doing well for the task
      I shortly explore the city, walking on paved roads

      6:30 work alarm rings, I think about the LD and notice I was wrong, I missed the dolphin ride part. I stay in bed, fall asleep again, WILDing

      WILD#2: (6:30 AM)
      I start in the boat again
      A dolphin approaches the boat, I observe its nose
      I mount on its back, in front of the dorsal fin. It swims above the water for a bit, then descends
      It finds the same underwater city. I get off its back, and after a short walk I meet a couple of mer-folks
      Their skin is green and they have fish-like bottom half, green-ish as well
      The guy has is chest naked, the girl has two shells covering her breast
      First thing I do is removing the shells, so I can look at her mermaid breast, which is green but nicely shaped
      Then I ask the guy how they have fun down here. He answers their sport is catching dolphins with a net

      View shifts a bit, the scenery behind him reminds me somehow of roman circus, although it's fading in the deep blue water
      The merman is in front of me, he gives a signal and from my left, a dolphin sprints towards my right
      I launch the fishnet I have in my hands, but it moves slower than I expect, and I miss the dolphin
      Another dolphin sprints, he launches his net and catches it at first try
      When it's my turn again, I time my launch better and this time catch the dolphin

      Wife calls, it's 6:45, I get up
    9. Dragon TOTY (from 21/1/2017)

      by , 01-27-2017 at 04:28 PM
      Having fallen asleep on my front I suddenly hear nosies from the corner of the room. Then a great weight crushes me into the bed. My head is on one side and all I can see is blackness behind me but the rest of the room is visible. The weight eases off and I do a pinch nose RC. Things are still blurry. The darkness behind me has turned into AB, who is lying on my back, but not that heavy. I stand up and she clings on around my shoulders.

      Staggering around the room I find a half-filled bathtub of water with severed hands and feet floating in it. Urgh. The bathtub is in front of the window, so I have to climb over it to phase outside. Once outside I start flying. With AB on my back this is slower than normal, so I land and drop her off before starting to run through the street.

      I start thinking about LC tasks while running through alleyways of a city. Recalling the dragon TOTY I start to search for a castle and around the next corner is a great castle reaching up into the sky. I fly up over the castle for a better view, and summon a dragon, imagining it breaking free from the dungeons below the castle.

      Instead, an enormous winged shadow passes over the ground. People inside the castle look up in fear. The dragon circles around, unleashing flamethrower like breath to incinerate the castle's defenders. I fly down and sit on the dragon's back. It's head is covered in golden scales and the rest of it's body is read. Two large backwards facing horns are on it's head. We circle and unleash more fire before flying across the city.

      The motion of flying with wings is jerky and uneven. We head across the city, searching for another castle to destroy. Among the skyscrapers is a small keep with a large stone outer wall - in the middle of the tall modern buildings it looks out of place. The dragon is so large that it simply lands on the castle and the weight smashes it. We fly up and the castle has been reduced to rubble.

      I try to fly the dragon over a river that winds through the centre of the city, but the dream loses momentum and stalls.
      lucid , task of the year
    10. 19/1/2017 Spelunking - Sled TOTY

      by , 01-20-2017 at 05:25 PM
      The car park is full. Rows and rows of cars in all directions. I drive around trying to find a space. Finally there is a gap... but a large tour bus starts reversing into it. Then there seems to be a space on the right. I drive into the gap and park.

      After getting out of the vehicle and checking it is within the white lines, I notice something odd. Next to one edge of the space is what looks like a headstone. It is old and worn, the name carved on it is illegible. Nearby is a stack of rocks - a cairn perhaps, and now, in all directions, more graves. This is probably not a good place to park. I feel that parking here is disrespectful somehow.

      While trying to move the vehicle I end up flying in a huge hall, or maybe I have shrunk. The floor of this place has a large stone slab with the name Bathory on it. Immediately this conjures up thoughts of Elizabeth Bathory - the 16th century serial killer with vampiric-tendancies. Things go a bit abstract here - there is an unseen voice speaking to me, something about the Bathory family or a present day descendant. I recall saying "What's he done this time?" - as if it's someone I know, and they are always getting in trouble? Also, I am roleplaying as my character from a tabletop game.

      Eventually all this adds up and makes me become lucid. I float down next to a wall and my fingers slide against it to help ground me. Recalling the sled TOTY I phase through the wall and focus on there being a snowy mountain top outside. A snowstorm is in progress and it is bitterly cold. I summon a sled and jump onto it, standing like it is a skateboard. The sled starts to move down the mountain, quickly gathering tremendous speed. I estimate it is travelling around 80-90mph.

      It takes around 20 seconds to reach the bottom of the mountain. I make a powerful gesture with my left hand to shatter the earth and make a crack leading down below the surface. The sled continues sliding into the Earth through black rock cave tunnels. This continues for another 20 seconds or so, still at breakneck speed.

      Suddenly the floor disappears sending me tumbling through the air. I land in fast flowing water, dragged along by the strong current towards a narrow crack in the rock. There is not much light, just a gentle luminesence from mould growing on the roof of the underground river.

      I take a deep breath in to shrink myself enough to pass through the narrow gap without hitting the rocks. The tunnel abruptly stops and the water level drops, leaving me standing in a dark tunnel. At this point my vision spins around to show a massive boulder rolling down the tunnel, Indiana Jones style. Oh shit. I start running, my perspective external to my body, so that it shows me from the front and the boulder rolling behind, like that Crash Bandicoot level.

      The camera pans back to normal perspective and I continue sprinting with the rumbling sound of the boulder and the ground shaking violently. Ahead is a wall with two doors, one smaller and then a double width door. I punch the door handle of the smaller exit down while throwing my shoulder against it, stumbling through into an underground station tunnel. There are enemies here, squatting on the ground. They look like morlocks, from the X-Men comics.

      Rather than fight them I continue running and dodge past them - the boulder will crush them, and me if I stop. The tunnel becomes so packed with morlocks that it is difficult to find a path through. No... must... run....

      I tumble into a false awakening in which my sister is poking me in the ear. "Stop it, no, don't wake me...."
      lucid , task of the year
    11. 19-Jan-2017 - ND Office "Self-Mngment"+NDfragm+WILD Office magic, Elephant war,...+ LD Flying car

      by , 01-19-2017 at 10:56 AM
      19-Jan-2017 - ND Office "Self-Management", ND fragm, + WILD Office magic, Elephant war,... + LD Flying car

      2AM Wake-up, no recall, "technical" WBTB ;P

      ND: Office, I am in a meeting room together with many colleagues. We are commenting about an earlier happening involving D in cubicle next to mine, to which I took part by talking from over the wall (FM). Discussion is quite long and uninteresting, recall is good, but I provide no details. Wake up 4AM

      ND: Fragment about me eating lard with other colleagues at canteen (est.~5AM)

      Wake up 5:20 AM, attempt WILD, success
      WILD: (~30-40 min)
      Some visualization, stabilization at my tower interior/exterior.
      Proper LD starts at company canteen, I just exited, together with the colleagues I had lunch with yesterday.
      At the gate, instead of going through I jump over, walk on the rain cover, jump down. Colleagues reach me.
      I decide I will play some more dream magic for them. I take scarf off my neck (strange I have one), launch it in the air, wish it to become a bird, the scarf properly transforms and the bird flies away. I see dream is perfectly stable, environment looks crystal clear, so now it's time for something more impressive.

      We move to the main gate, I check my company, everyone is still there. There is also a new, very tall guy wearing a sort of space uniform with a red kinda-NASA-logo and a name "Him", so he's a LC team-mate.
      The reception building is ~6m wide low-roof structure. The two reception girls are inside it, normally at their desk. I wish for the entire building to lift up, which happens leaving a nice hole in the ground. The two girls inside it look down from the glass, kinda scared from this.
      We pass below the building suspended in the air, then I release it to its normal place.

      Next trick, change appearance of the main building (5 stories, ~50m wide, U-shaped). I observe the building, noticing how some details are very life-like. Then I look at the first corner and it gets covered in gray stone bricks, with two short cone-roofed corner towers. It's goo,d so moving my gaze over the main facade, I change appearance of the entire building in a similar fashion. The second corner comes out similar to the first one. Now our modern-looking building looks like a medieval castle. I like it alot.

      Then, I wish for the building to disappear. At first attempt it doesn't work: it just slightly fades, then returns fully solid. It takes me a lot of focus, three attempts and imagining the background behind it, to make it fade in front of my eyes - most likely because the building it's such an long-time landmark for me.
      After that, I walk with colleagues in the place where the building was standing before. It's paved in gray, and some external staircases remain standing on the ground, hanging from nowhere. Very cool.
      Then, we move back to the courtyard between the reception and the building, and I make the building appear again. It returns with its normal appearance.
      After this, I feel it's time for something different.

      I want to go in space. In a space close to office, I see the same rocket I used last time, but it looks dull to me this time. Nevertheless, I board it, it takes off, reaches space, but dream reverts soon after.
      I find myself at home, with entry door half open, my door on handle. It's looking really vivid. I play opening and closing the door couple of times, and feel "strange" about being here.

      I teleport back to the beginning of previous dream. This time another team-mate is with me, same space suit, he's not as tall as Him. It's tblanco. Oh well, I say him this was my previous part of the dream, wondering if this is worth any point (good question actually)
      Together with tblanco, I fly upwards, over the road, trees, car retailers; the environment looks very life-like, I notice how cohere it is in terms of placement.

      After some flying, we reach a dense tree area. Good for TotY, I think.
      I look for an elephant nearby, I find it, it's gray/violet, very long curved tusks, really fat, its body almost a ball.
      I climb on its back and ride it in the forest.
      I find a dirt clearing with low thick bushes on both sides, and people hiding behind them, shooting each other. The list of projectile they use it's quite extensive: arrows, stones, guns and lances. I learn their names (LOL don't ask me where did I take those from, I am clueless), the italian equivalent of "Liquid Assault", wearing blue uniform and "Screaming Magaglis" (not-existing word), with red uniform. I decide I am going to help in battle the guys in blue.

      On the elephant I circle the bush and charge the red guys from their backs.
      The elephant skews some people with its long trunks, I see one getting stomped by its leg.
      I see one arrow coming out of its big arse. I tell the elephant I am sorry about that, I should have protected it.
      I remove the arrow, then I summon a metal plate armor covering most of its body, it's dark brown / bronze. I am now sitting on a cloth saddle. We charge again, hitting some more people, no red guy is left standing now.
      I get off my mount and move on.

      A short walk and I reach a grassy area. I want to go to space again. I find a small space fighter, I enter it and reach space again. I find an area with many small planets close together, having different colors, I pass above them with my fighter spaceship.
      One planet is brown, small (10m perhaps?), it looks like a krapfen (a fried sweet). I stop by, get off the ship and eat some of it; it's pleasant.

      However, I find myself grounded on Earth again. This time I do not bother looking for a spaceship, put my arm out and fly Superman-style, very quick out of Earth. I turn back for a second to see the ground going away at great speed. I reach space again. Flying in space with the freedom of having no ship around me is nice.
      I find some more planets. For few of them I see the white orbit.
      I see a gray planet/asteroid, smallish, too; I land on it on my feet. It reminds me of the "Little Prince"
      I summon a sort of large wooden stick, and push it on the ground below me, in front of my feet; the surface cracks; the stick remains in the ground.
      A sort of menu bar with different objects drawn in it appears before me, I select a pruning knife and find it in my hand.
      I thrust in in the ground in another point of the planet, cracking the surface.
      This time the crack extends, connects with the previous one, and half of the planet detachs and floats in space. I wonder how my half is staying up ?

      Now I am kinda tired, return to my body, move to my side and keep sleeping

      DILD: (est.6:10 AM ~10min)
      I am in my car, alone, aware this is a dream. I'm driving on a large road, with walls on the sides.
      I look at the cockpit and it looks ok, only slight difference I detect is in the speedometer: different numbers and lower max speed shown.
      I break to limit the speed, but the car reaches a high speed again. I do it again, the car reaches high speed again.
      I think I should not worry about speed limits or danger in a dream, push the accelerator.
      The car reaches very high speed (~120 km/h), then flies up.
      I look at the scenery below me, trees, low houses and roads.

      I rotate the car in the air, however fly direction is maintained, so I fly laterally, then backward.
      My viewpoint shifts to the back seat for short time, I see the front seatbelt and the car interior, then I return to driving seat.
      I fly low, over a road with more vehicles, I look down and see a motorcycle, I let it pass then I descend and land my wheels on the road behind it.

      Fuzzy recall after that. I think I get out of the car...

      Anyway, I turn focus to my body, wondering if I can attempt an OBE exit.

      I only feel a light sizzling in my feet, judge it too weak to attempt exiting, I fall asleep lightly, work alarm rings after few minutes.
    12. 15-Jan-2017-2xND+2xWILDs-Fly rocket to Mars, saucer Pluto, fight aliens, blackhole, mess hotel lobby

      by , 01-15-2017 at 04:35 PM
      15-Jan-2017 - 2xND +2xWILDs - Fly rocket to Mars, build and animate red dust man, fly saucer to Pluto, fight aliens, sink into black hole, meet PvsZ plants, make hotel hall tables and guests fly and disappear

      ND#1: (3:10AM) I am playing with my son, I sit, he's laying on my legs, I spank him to make him laugh. Do WBTB

      ND#2: (est.5:30AM) Fragment; something to do with military aircrafts, and also money exchange between Russian and Hungarian currency (?).

      Wake up 6AM, attempt WILD, success

      WILD#1: (6 AM ~1hr)
      Poor recall of beginning. I meet a nice blonde girl who is very keen to have fun, who am I to refuse it ?
      After that, I am in my tower. On the right wall I notice two paintings I didn't remember. I focus mostly on the one on the left. I memorize its details, very white skin girl, red lips, brown hair, blue dress; looking left, surprised by something not visible in the picture; brown blurry background. Also the right picture is a girl, skinny, I did not capture much detail.

      I exit the room, which is now the girl's room at my uncle's house. I cross all the house, go outside, see the house, garden, tank, go out of the gate. I take a cableway up the mountain, then a lift down to the main crater. Lift has glass walls. When it reaches the magma lake, I open the door and walk on the lava, it's very liquid.
      After this, I decide it's time to focus on tasks.

      I am looking for a spaceship. I find a rocket like THIS , near a platform. I use the walkway to enter it. I take the seat; it's looking upwards, to a black sky spotted with stars. The rocket leaves, I see the movement of the stars around me. After some pretty dull space flight, we land on Mars.
      I descend the rocket, and see the red planet around me, lots of dust, rocky mountains few kms away; it's totally deserted.
      I take some red dust and create a red-dust-man, complete with red-rock eyes and nose.
      Then I use some white light power with both hands on it, it becomes alive.

      I ask the red-dust-man, since he knows the place, where can I find anything interesting. It points to a nearby area.
      I reach what seems a "cars cemetery", although cars are very new, I notice some big white SUVs, and more.
      All of them are parked nose-down in the very short slope of a large depression.

      Then I notice a partially buried white disc. I know it's a flying saucer, although it's very small, like 30 cms. The top is made of white metal, bottom is black plastic. The bottom has few mumbered buttons and the instructions to make it normal size. I press the buttons in sequence, the disc pops open, it's now a proper saucer, 15-20m diameter. I use the catwalk to get inside.
      The interior has many instruments, monitors, button panels, "flying" touch screens and more.
      I notice a twisted violet / black basin, from which I pick am object having same color patterns. It envelops my right arm. I understand it's a kind of armor. Since it looks cool, I put my other arm in it, and I get both my arms and my shoulders covered by it.

      A guy comes inside. He's wearing a sort of space uniform, light gray, I notice a small crescent moon drawing on his chest so I now he's a teammate.
      I ask him to take care of this room, while I look for the pilot deck. I notice two curved staircase going up, I use one and find it.
      The pilot panel has many cluster of buttons and instruments, I click random stuff and we take off.

      Another space travel, this time I am heading to Pluto. To quicken things up, I activate hyper-speed. The black starry space becomes blurry for some seconds, then it turns back normal, we arrived at destination. We descend on the planet, it's dark and grey and empty.
      Once I take few steps on the gray dust, from the ground emerge 4 or 5 grey Alien-like monsters.
      I use the purple alien bracer on the closest one, three tentacles fly straight into its body, which shrink, like sucked by the inside, evidently dead.
      I use my left arm on another alien, which dies in the same way, plus tentacles emerge from my shoulders, killing a third one.
      The remaining aliens disappear, most likely they dug back into the ground.

      I say to myself that this was too easy, and my dream immediately proves me wrong.
      An enormous crab-like monster comes out of the dust. I imagine it has been called by the survivors.
      The giant alien crab immediately attacks me with its legs, I evade its attacks and jump on one of its leg. I draw my sword and thrust it down deep into the leg, cutting part of it away.
      I avoid another attack, jump on another leg, this time I thrust my sword at the junction between the leg and the body, severing the entire leg.
      I jump on its body, it's very hard and bumpy. I use pirokinesis with both my hands on its body, which hurts it.
      Then I somehow get stuck by my back on the body. I free myself, get up and attack it again.
      I can't recall the end of the fight, but I survive, so I must have won

      I return inside the flying saucer.
      I want to get sucked into a black hole, so I fly in space looking for one. I find it, it's a dark mass of black. I observe it for a bit. I see things getting sucked in and disappear leaving no trace.
      Then I decide it's time to receive the same treatment. I lower engine power, and the black hole starts sucking us in.
      When I get on its border, everything becomes black (of course!)
      I also become bodyless.
      In the blackness in front of me, I notice some patterns. Small speckles of light start appearing. I recognize in one of the light patterns a couple of eyes. Then another set of eyes. I think I may be seeing phosphenes for the first time.

      Then another dream scene forms around me. I am in a PvsZ garden, with square grass tiles and plants, peashooters, sunflowers, coconuts and more.
      I am where the house is, so I see them from the back. I want to look the plants from the front, so I walk among the plants, then turn around.
      It's nice, the plants are staring at me. I plant some, like an exploding jalapeno, which leaves a trail of fire, I remove some others.
      I also plant a smiling green jalapeno which stays there.

      I decide I want to fly, I jump up in the sky, and fly above an autumn landscape, many yellow trees.
      Recall stops here, but dream may have continued a bit.
      Wake up 7AM

      WILD#2: (7 AM ~20 min)
      I decide to attempt WILD again, it goes through, I enter a dream almost immediately.
      I am in a hotel room, door is open and I see two happy girls with light colored dresses walking from right to left.
      I decide to just follow whatever the dream will present me.
      I get out of the door, look right, just a short empty corridor, so I follow the girls to my left.
      After awakening I notice this hotel looks like a Marriot I've been at in Nov

      The girls enter an elevator, doors close before me. I phase through the wall and door into the cabin. We go down.
      Elevator doors open into the lobby. There are many people sitting, drinking and talking. I decide to do the same and just have a seat.
      I look around me, everything looks very stable. I decide it's time to spice things up a bit, and I make some tables, chairs and people lift and float up in the air. I also decide to make few of them disappear, just for the fun of it.

      Poor recall after that.
      A fragment of a warmly lit dining room with a Christmas tree, and some big plastic (LEGO-like) french playing cards on the ground.
      A fragment of rubbing hands for stabilization in an industrial environment.

      Then me kicking something / someone, my WL right leg does the same and I wake up, 7:30AM

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    13. Dolphin TOTY

      by , 01-13-2017 at 01:13 PM
      Before 4.47am
      Plate of stir fry type food that seemed to be mostly peppers. I don't like peppers. Yes I went to bed on an empty stomach, which just makes me dream about food.

      The dream takes place in a mansion sized building filled with hidden passages. It has the look of an old stately home. We are running away from enemies who are trying to take over the building. The group of us consists of me and co-worker TR, who is dragging along his red haired girlfriend.

      Using the secret passages we manage to evade the enemy soldiers for a while, but then run straight into a room where the commander is standing with four of his pals. So much for escaping. I charge at the commander, leaping and punching the side of his head. He is taller than me, but not by much. Must have had knuckle dusters on, because after the punch the side of his face is all cut and bleeding in multiple places.

      He roars in rage and I punch him several more times and kick at his legs trying to make him fall down. At this point the dream is feeling like a game rather than reality. I am on the verge of lucidity and wake up.

      6.20ish- 7am
      Trapped Dolphin
      Think this was chained after a normal dream, but can't remember it. Starts with familiar shaking sensations that signal the onset of a dream. I pinch my nose to confirm the dream and stand up out of bed. Everything is very dark. Going to the window I phase outside.

      The front gardens are full of bushes and flowers. It is still dark, pre-dawn. Children are hiding in the gardens amongst the greenery. Maybe they are playing a game. I look up to the sky and the sun rises rapidy. A man dressed as Batman exits the neighbours' house and heads off down the road. I wave to him.

      My goal tonight was to go to the ocean and find an 18th century frigate (Master and Commander or Hornblower for reference. Yeah I know that's more 1800 ~ Napoleonics, the ships wouldn't have changed that much.)

      I fly up into the air and head for the coast, flying at super speed. In RL my house is around 30-40 mins drive from the coast, but my flight is direct and much faster. Ahead is a beech in a cove with black rocks juting out of the sea. It reminds me more of Devon than the local pebble beaches.

      The cove is filled with people playing in the surf. As I swoop down, a killer whale leaps out of the surf and then dives back underwater. Deeper than it looks! Then I see a dolphin trapped in a gully between two of the black rocks, it is trying to get back into the water but is stuck. Planting one foot on each of the rocks I lift the dolphin free. It's skin is smooth and wet. Even after being freed it lies on the surface making pained noises. I stroke the dolphin's side and try to reassure it.

      The dolphin has reminded me of the DV task of the year, but it seems rude to ask this injured animal to give me a lift to Atlantis. The dream scene fades.

      A false awakening has me trying to remove items from my black rucksack. Mum has filled it with fish! Also there is a pack of what looks like salmon bacon! After emptying it out I point out that this is my rucksack for college, not a bag for food shopping. (Slight confusion as to my age at this point.) Then even more items come out of the bag including cufflinks and small items of jewellery. Necklaces, ear rings. We put them into clear jelly moulds to be taken to the charity shop.

      Sex with a Mermaid
      There are children outside the window making noise. The bedroom seems to be on the ground floor at the front of the house. I open the curtains and find they have left toys on the window sill. There is a crowd outside the front door. A couple of the parents seem to be discussing childcare arrangements with Mum. I go through to a living room where there are stacks of old videos, including one which is the 24 series feature length special.

      These old videos are junk. Get rid of them, I suggest. Dad complains that they haven't watched it, and I tell them not to bother. My sister is also in the room. She backs me up and agrees that this old crap is not worth keeping. Then she tries to retrieve something from a shelf behind the sofa, and ends up straddling an unknown male DC sitting on the sofa.

      There is a disconnect, probably a missing scene or two. I am walking through a town. On a brick wall there is a moving advert. It doesn't seem to be a screen, more like an animated painting. It contains a drawing of a car and unreadable text slogans. 'Great, even my dreams have adverts,' I think. Then I realise what that means, and become lucid.

      The town is surrounded by mountains and forests. No ocean in sight. However, the sky could be an ocean. I fly straight up at full speed until there are clouds around me. Then I flip the world upside down, so the sky is beneath me and the distant trees and mountains above. Looking down and slowly falling into the sky, the blue expanse now becomes an ocean.

      I tread water for a bit, noticing the tug of my wet clothing weighing me down. The sky has turned back from green and grey into a proper blue. It is very peaceful out here, no big waves, but also no land in sight. Recalling the last part of the earlier lucid I call out to summon a dolphin. One swims over to me. It seems cheerful. I ask it to take me to Atlantis then climb onto the dolphin's back. It leaps then dives down into the ocean.

      Forgetting myself I take a deep breath and am holding it as we swim down, before realising this is not required. The dolphin swims down to a circle of metal on the sea floor. Then it starts poking at small screws that seem to be in the ocean floor. I help to remove some of the screws.

      The room transforms around us. We are no longer underwater and the dolphin has grown legs and arms. There are coins on the floor. The dolphin says something about 'taking what is right.' I pick up a copper penny-like coin. It grabs a fistfull of golden coins and laughs. "The one with the most gold wins!" The dolphin-man declares triumphantly.

      Ah whatever. I turn and exit the circular room and enter a domed one. It's old fashioned - like a National Trust property. Elegant wooden furniture, shelves lining the walls filled with large hardback books. There are those chaise-longues type chairs with red velvet. The room is populated with people dressed in 18th century clothing - long coats with embroidered collars and dressed with similar intricant designs sewed on them.

      They remind me that to complete the DV Task of the Year I must find the mermaid, also, that the mermaid will want an offering from me. The room has several tables covered in trinkets.

      My next course of action is to try flirting with one of the 18th century women, very badly, to find out what to pick as a gift for the mermaid. The flirting is just cringe-worthy terrible. Realising this, I end up shouting "fuck it", vaulting over one of the chairs, standing on a table and grabbing a small blue ivory comb thing before running out of the room.

      There are several similar looking rooms. Now where is the mermaid? A young boy walks past. "Hey, kid, where's the mermaid?" He points down a corridor. I run down and go past an open door. Inside are tanks the size of double beds, filled with water. Curled up in the corner of a tank is a mermaid. She has long dark hair and a shimmering blue-green fish tail. I climb into the tank and touch her tail. It feels just like a fish, which is both cool and weird at the same time.

      She wakes up and turns to me looking alarmed. I drop the comb and it falls into the tank next to her. She grabs it as it falls, seems happy, and then snuggles up against my chest. Well, hello. Somehow she ends up on top of me, lying on my chest, with my legs wrapped around her tail.

      "So, uh, how do you make more mermaids?" The question I'd been dying to ask...
      "We have a sort of opening." She says.
      "Oh really. Well, uh, so can I put my erm, you know, in your... 'opening.'" (Well I'm on top form tonight... just so damn smooth, eh? Ha.)
      "You already did."
      "Wait, I thought I had trousers on!"
      ...Well, not anymore, apparently. She starts grinding up against me and I can feel the usual sensations down there now, although my legs are either side of her body/tail. Not gonna lie, it feels a bit weird, but we have sex until the dream fades.
      lucid , task of the year
    14. "Fading Gift" (WILD) and "Elephant Ride" (DILD)

      by , 01-12-2017 at 06:55 PM
      Ritual: After a year or so of initial successes with galantamine, back in 2010–11, it had stopped working very well for me to the point where I hardly ever use it anymore. But last night after going to bed late (around 3am) and waking up just before dawn, I still felt heavy enough with sleep that I thought I might give it a shot. (Galantamine is a stimulant, so the main risk is not being able to get back to sleep.) I took one of the red pills from a bottle of "Dream Leaf," which I had nearly given up on since it had never worked for me before, possibly because I only tried it long after I had gotten "over" galantamine. I know the red pills contain galantamine from the distinctive effects, but I must say that it greatly bothers me that this supplement neglects to identify the presence of galantamine on the label, or even on their website, much less clarify the actual dosage. In fact, I would go so far as to call this obfuscation shamefully irresponsible and borderline criminal. Galantamine is a powerful substance that should never be given to people without their knowledge. So for ethical reasons I dislike this particular supplement and definitely would not recommend it, but galantamine is galantamine, and on this occasion it actually worked. Woke and wrote at 9, so I'm a bit underslept with a slight galantamine hangover, but it's been so long since I've had this sensation that I'm almost enjoying it.

      I've always found galantamine dreams a bit superficial, but that's not always a bad thing. My recent attempts to force dream events to unfold in a detailed and realistic way, in the name of quality, often prove counter-productive. Sometimes a little "cowboying" is necessary to get the job done, especially in the inherent instability of the dream environment. So tonight's dreams were ultimately successful, but not exactly Masterpiece Theatre.

      WILD, "Fading Gift": I was lying on my back in bed, and recognized I was in dream even as I started making elaborate sweeping gestures with my hands, but continued gesturing for a while to increase my sense of motor control. At one point I closed my eyes and scratched my scalp, and I was amazed that the sensations felt exactly like like waking life. "I am the dreamer," I murmured a few times, as if to fix the idea in mind.

      I recalled how often I make unnecessary difficulties for myself at this transitional stage and told myself that if I was already dreaming, I didn't need a ton of preamble before getting out of bed—I should just get up. So I did, and it was fine. I've really been wanting to do the "finding a leftover present" TOTM, so I started looking around the room. (As has become typical lately, the room did not resemble my bedroom in WL.) I looked under the dresser, on the table... nothing so far. I felt a slight contradiction in my mental outlook: on the one hand, the best way to find the present would be to expect or even to will it to be there, but on the other hand, since it was a present I wanted to be surprised rather than force the issue. So I allowed myself only a vague expectation and kept looking. I found a wooden cabinet much like the one in my office and when I opened the door there were a few presents on the middle shelf. The first two I noticed, very small objects, I rejected as not quite right. Although they were loosely covered in wrapping, it wasn't taped down, so it looked like they had already been opened and then put back.

      I kept looking and on the left side of the shelf was the perfect gift: a wide cylinder about six inches high wrapped in red and white paper with a red ribbon rising vertically on four sides to form a neat bow at the top. The paper looked familiar at first so I studied it for a moment, but it was not any pattern I've seen before. It consisted of thin white lines on a red background, but they were awkwardly curving and abstract, like an elaborate doodle.

      Just as I started to open the present, I felt the dream begin to fade. I moved quickly, trying to open the box in the little time I had left. When the top came off, I plunged in my hand and felt... tissue paper. I was almost awake now, and as I reached past the tissue paper I felt like I crossed that indiscernable border between dreaming and waking consciousness. Or maybe it is not so indiscernible: what had just disappeared was my sense of touch, without which the dream had lost its tangibility. Vision lingered a little longer, and I saw my hand pull out a thick gold chain the length of a necklace, sparsely ornamented with tiny flowers that were each composed of four thin petals of white enamel. I was dissatisfied, however, not only with the gift itself (I don't care much for jewelry and this was definitely not my style), but with the fact that the dream was fading so fast that I couldn't determine to what extent dream imagination or waking imagination (not that I clearly understand the difference!) had determined the nature of the gift.

      I went back to sleep, resolving to try to get lucid again and complete the task in a more satisfactory way.

      DILD, "Elephant Ride": I was lying in bed but felt uncomfortable, realized I was still wearing day clothes, including a bra. Ugh, had I passed out last night? As I removed it, I noticed it was a lacy underwire thing that didn't even look familiar. I wanted to get back to sleep but the television was on loudly, so I tried to find the remote to turn it off. There were four or five remotes on top of the dresser, and I pressed the power button on all of them but nothing worked. On a couple, the image would cut out as though it were turning off but then come right back, and other remotes had no effect at all. Fine, I'll pull the damn plug, I thought grumpily, but the TV was mounted on the wall and on closer inspection it seems the wiring was concealed behind the wall. I settled for muting the volume (at least that worked) and turning the screen to the side, which accomplished little but expressed my annoyance with the device. [Possible source: I just got back from visiting my mom, where the TV was on loudly in the mornings, making it hard to read or work.]

      I headed back toward the bed, but suddenly realized I must be dreaming. That would explain the difficulty I just had with the televisions, at least! And with the realization came the memory of my earlier lucid episode and my dissatisfaction with the TOTM I had attempted. I was pleased with the chance to try again.

      Looking around, I soon spotted a wrapped gift on the bedside table. It was a small square box, around two inches wide and one inch high, made of that shiny gold cardboard that is common in gift boxes, and wrapped with a red ribbon. I started to untie the ribbon and realized that I was wearing gloves. At first I thought it an oddity, but quickly understood that it was just the dream's way of representing the slight awkwardness I felt in my fingers as I tried to complete this fine motor activity. I considered pulling off the gloves but recognized that it would just be a pointless waste of time, and decided instead to ignore them. At least they were thin gloves, and didn't impede me that much in my attempt to open the box. By the time it was open, they were gone.

      This time I was very pleased with what I found in the box. It looked like a single confection of some sort. "Perfect, I love food!" I thought to myself happily. I pulled it out and looked it over. It was not very distinguished in shape, light brown in color and vaguely round, but a bit lumpy. There was a darker spot in the center like a piece of chocolate. [Possible source: I've been eating my mother's Christmas cookies, which have a spot of apricot jam covered with chocolate in the center. They have a much firmer texture overall than this one did, though.] The surface was dry but felt a bit pliant between my fingers, a sort of rubbery texture.

      I bit into the confection and found the mouthfeel similar to what the outer texture had led me to anticipate. There was just the hint of a thin crust, and then the inside was soft but chewy. It reminded me of mochi but was firmer and easier to chew. At this point I was analyzing it with the idea of possibly attempting to recreate it in waking life. I knew that it would have to be based on glutinous rice flour. However, the overall taste was lightly chocolatey and fruity. I looked where I had bitten and distinctly saw raisins, both black and gold. There were also pieces of another fruit that was harder to identify. It had faint striations that reminded me of the fresh jackfruit I had eaten last night in WL (so that was probably the source), but this had the texture of a dried fruit. Can jackfruit be dried and baked into cookies? I couldn't say. If not, I thought that dried apricot might work just as well. The taste could have been either; it was hard to tell with all the other flavors going on. I finished the confection and found it very satisfying. If I ever do manage to recreate something like this, I'll have to post the recipe here!

      I felt that I had now completed the TOTM satisfactorily, so what next? I looked around the room, and wondered if I should just leave through the door and go exploring. But somehow that is never very satisfying; I usually get better results when I am pursuing a specific idea of some sort, even when the results are not what I expected. The dream felt reasonably stable, so I wondered if I might attempt one of the TOTYs. I recalled the "riding" theme, but unfortunately, I hadn't looked at the list lately and couldn't remember the specifics very well. There was a window here... maybe I could summon a bird and ride it through the night sky? That sounded fun, but I didn't think it was on the list. The only one I could clearly remember was the elephant ride, because my studies have given me such a distinct impression of how elephants were used in battle in pre-modern Siam. I had always planned to try that one, but how do I get from my dream bedroom to pre-modern Siam?

      I tried to remember the transportation spell from Harry Potter, but the command wasn't coming to me. All I could recall was "flue" something, and anyway there were no fireplaces in this bedroom (unlike my WL bedroom, which does have one!) I decided my best bet was probably the window. I knew you needed to mount an elephant from someplace high, so if I could summon one over, I could probably just descend from the window directly to its back. Then once I was on the elephant, it would be easier to get to Siam. On the way to the window, I felt impelled to opened the middle drawer of the dresser as I walked past. It was nearly empty, with just a few stray pieces of clothing... but in the far right corner was the gleam of gold. It was a pile of chocolate coins! You know the ones, disks of chocolate wrapped in gold foil stamped like currency. These were a few different sizes. I realized these might come in handy if I ended up having to buy the elephant, so I grabbed a handful and put them in my pocket.

      I opened the window and felt the cool night air. The window was on the second storey, as I had anticipated, but looking out, I actually recognized that this looked nothing like my house. To the left, I could see a garage door extending perpendicularly to the wall my window was in. The house appeared to be painted beige. Across the driveway, which ran next to this wall to meet the garage, there was a wide grassy yard bordered by trees. I looked up at the night sky above the trees to see if there were any familiar constellations, and immediate recognized Orion. Of course... it seems anywhere I go, I see Orion, even in a dream. He was at an angle, almost on his side, just over the treetops... but not exactly the same in WL. At first I counted four stars in his belt, instead of the usual three. The more I looked at it, the more stars accumulated, but only in certain areas, so pretty soon Orion appeared to be wearing not only a belt, but also a brassiere, which amused me, and a crown. The crown had spikes pointing upward, like the common representation of crowns in modern iconography, but matching spikes adorned the brassiere and belt. At this point the whole shape of the constellation was getting a bit thin and stretched, and while I'm sure these transformations could go on indefinitely, right now I needed an elephant.

      I knew my husband was in the next room, probably working, and even though I suspected this was dream logic, I hesitated to shout lest I annoy him. (Though I suppose it is still reasonable not to want to annoy the dream husband.) So I tried to summon the elephant quietly. Nothing happened. After trying for a bit without results, I decided to take a more dramatic approach. I stepped through the window and jumped, setting my intention for there to be an elephant down there, so I could land on its back.

      There wasn't. But the results were promising nonetheless... from unconstructed dream space, I managed to conjure something plausibly like the interior of a palace in Siam. It was a bit of a hack job, without much detail, and I confess the throne was far too low (must not have been the formal audience hall), but it was sufficient for my purposes. There were various ministers standing around (another embarrassingly inaccurate detail; no courtiers would stand in the presence of the king in early nineteenth-century Siam! Good gracious!) and the king was on the throne, but a bit vague. My initial impression was that he resembled the recently deceased Rama IX, but that troubled me because I was going for an earlier era. I tried to make him look more like Rama III, but it wasn't working very well, so in the end I just didn't look too closely. At any rate, the king was vague enough that he didn't quibble when I handed over my handful of chocolate coins and requested an elephant. I didn't feel like getting into complex negotiations; I just allowed myself assume the success of the transaction and walked away.

      As I exited the interior of the palace and momentarily noticed the bright sunlight reflecting off the whitewashed arch of the doorway, I felt a flash of familiarity. Of course, I thought to myself, This must be the Grand Palace, I've been here a few times. I let my memory conjure something akin to the elephant-mounting station I remembered observing there, and walked over to it. There was no elephant there presently, so I waited for someone to bring it around... and started getting impatient. No one seemed to be doing much, or paying attention to my repeated request. They must not understand English, I considered. I'll have to try it in Thai.

      "Chang!" I shouted, the Thai word for elephant. "Ma nee!" I realized how rude I must sound: while "ma nee" would probably be correctly understood as "come here," or, given the contextual clues, "bring it here" as I had intended, it was a terribly rough and simple way of speaking. It was the sort of thing you might say to call a dog. I hadn't even appended a perfunctory "kha" at the end. But then I started wondering what level of politeness would be proper in this situation. I was in the palace, which made things more difficult, because royal Thai is another ballgame altogether. But what was my own social standing here? In speaking roughly I was assuming a great deal of authority... maybe that was not so bad in this situation. Fortunately, I saw my elephant being brought around before I was able to go too deep down the rabbit hole of Thai honorifics.

      It was a disappointing elephant, by any standards... not only small but kind of flabby and soft, a cartoonish cross between a real baby elephant and Dumbo. Moreover it was completely unadorned, with no harness or howdah. I momentarily wondered if the lack was due to an inadequate mental impression of what a howdah should look like? But no, I could picture it clearly enough in my imagination... it just wasn't on the elephant. I guess that's what I get for being rude to the staff. To add insult to injury, they didn't even properly lead the elephant to the mounting station—though it was probably too small to get on from there anyway—they just dumped it on the stairs, where it crumpled over weakly. On the bright side, this made it easy to clamber up on its neck, so I did so and prepared to forge on.

      I knew I had to enter a battle, so we promptly exited the city. I had thought to do this properly on a magnificent war elephant with a howdah and a driver and four soldiers to guard the legs—I've seen plenty of paintings and movies of proper war elephants in action—but instead I was alone, bareback with no weapon, on the most pathetic elephant I've ever seen. But at least in dream there was no risk of actually falling in battle, so I figured I could make do.

      We had barely gone past the city walls when I saw the invaders approaching from the jungle. That wasn't much of a stretch; it seemed like Ayutthaya was always under attack. (I had originally envisioned myself in Bangkok, but had already slipped back to an earlier era more appropriate for elephant combat). The invaders were on horseback, I noticed, and I was relieved to see that they were only coming in ones and twos, given that I was going to have to take them on alone. They had long black hair and Asian features, and naturally I assumed that they were Burmese... until I got close enough to swing at one and saw the pointed ears. Elves?! Last night I was playing Witcher II and Pillars of Eternity, and the portrait of Aloth in the latter game closely resembled these invaders, but I wasn't sure why they were showing up here. Also, I'm fond of elves and felt loathe to fight them. Fortunately, our combat was more play-acting than anything. I had a good mental image of the kind of long-handled glaive I should be wielding, but though I swung it toward the elves and they gamely mimed being struck, the weapon did not visibly appear in my hands—and I was thankful that it drew no blood.

      So I marched forward on my pathetic elephant, going through the motions of bashing the elves (elves?!) with my invisible glaive, while they went through the motions of being knocked aside, until the jungle started to coalesce into a new kind of space, a kind of wide passage under an increasingly low ceiling. The texture of the ceiling interested me, and from my position atop the elephant I could reach up and just touch it. It was covered with a kind of thick cloth, like a yellowish patterned felt, and I reached into the seams between two pieces and felt something hard and smooth. I pulled it out and found an object streaked with yellow and brown that resembled a wild bird's egg, but it was too hard and irregular, so I thought it must be a stone. I slipped it into my pocket. The felt overhead was gaping at the seams so I grabbed it and tore it off, revealing a kind of wide hatch with a knob for a handle. I wondered what it might be concealing so I pulled it open... and found the dream space deconstructing, muffling me in a soft blankety texture. Instinctively I tried to protect myself by putting the stone I had just found in my mouth, but I was still being enveloped in the stuff. I tried to pull at it with my hands, and as my fingers sank into it I was struck by the familiarity of the texture, like coarse sheep's wool—not the clean feel of a fleece, but the dirty, oily texture it has when it is still on the sheep. That was the last thing I felt before waking.
    15. 11-Jan-2017 - ND#1: Hawks vs Antelopes, Worrisome hotel + WILD: Lilliput Theater, Plane flight +ND#2

      by , 01-11-2017 at 09:38 PM
      11-Jan-2017 - ND#1: Hawks vs Antelopes, The worrisome hotel + WILD: Lilliput Theater, Plane flight + ND#2: Car slides on ice

      ND#1: I am travelling with my colleague L, through an area with red/brownish dirt hills; he tells me some hawks and antelopes have been fighting here (!!!) Some hawks have taken antelopes away, some antelopes have ground hawks (!!!) At one time I get off the car and pick the body of a hawk; it breaks down in my hands (!!!)
      I wonder if this makes any sense or it could be a dream. I look at the digital clock in my car, and it consistently reads the same time 21:12, then 21:13 after many checks. The rest of the cockpit also looks good. I find it strange that it should be dark but it's fully day, but I attribute that to not adjusting the clock properly after last reset. Near miss, but I am more aware the rest of the dream, very good recall

      I reach an hotel; I look for restrooms, find them in a floor below ground level after many poorly lit corridors with several turns.
      First restrooms I find are not good enough, I find a second one. They look dark, but when I approach the orinal, I also notice two steel carts with corpses on them (!!!) I read these are the "Halls of the Dead". I do my business very quickly and go away, the place looks unsettling

      I find an elevator, I ask to a woman passing there if this will take me to the lobby, she says "Of course !", showing a convincing body language that says "Why do you even ask ? It's totally obvious"
      I reach a salon which looks like a lobby and bar, there are many round tables, many women sitting there, some wear old-fashioned clothes (19th century maybe)
      I notice a girl very shabby looking, brown skin, sitting in such a way that some parts that should be hidden are visible instead (!!!)
      None of them seem caring I am there or having an intention to interact.
      I make another tour of the salon then go away. I wake up, it's 4:30 AM

      WBTB/WILD#1: (4:30AM, est. ~30min over 1 hr of time)
      I start from previous dream. I find two more corpses in a dark corridor; For a moment I think about investigating, but immediately abandon the idea
      At the end of a corridor I reach a theater with many chairs. I proceed beyond the curtains
      I lay on the floor and imagine myself tied up by ropes, which happens. Around me appear many small men, mostly wearing gnome-like hats
      I have troubles reaching outside, I always find another wall or floor. When I succeed, I fly up on the landscape, until I find a small airport.
      I land, there is a small old plane, with only a central propeller. I sit inside, clicl buttons in the cockpit, then draw the cloche towards me and take off. I fly above the scenery, which unfortunately is not very interesting, trees and hills.

      When I try some tight air tricks I cannot pull them off. However, large maneuvers work fine
      After some time I see another small airport below me. I make an appropriate wide maneuver to line up with the runway.
      When I get very close I remember the final part of the task was not actually landing but opening a time breach
      I act very quickly. The time breach opens in front of me, consisting of a "hole" in the reality, covered by a cloth with many stamped analog clocks of varying size. Oh well !
      I fly inside the hole with the plane
      I immediately find myself grounded, in a field with many plants from PvsZ, mostly green peashooters, tall about same as me.

      From there I walk away and visit more places, houses and shops, trying to find a Christmas tree and some forgotten presents for TotM
      Last house I visit, owned by a bearded guy, has a Xmas tree, but no presents

      More short fragments, forgotten

      ND#2: Recalled while driving, by a strong sense of deja-vu

      I am driving my car, A and G are passengers. We've just got out of a place we've been for a whole day (FDM)
      The road is covered with ice, and when I carelessly drive at normal speed, the car slides forward
      My passengers don't seem too worried.
      I break and the car keeps sliding, then reducing gear and accelerating I recover the car
      I make a U-turn and drive in the opposite direction, finding the place where I had slid earlier
      I say after such long time inside I thought the ice had melted
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