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    1. The Lotus Pond DILDx2

      by , 05-17-2013 at 06:02 PM
      Date: 15 May

      Pre bed: 400 mg valerian, 100b B6

      Total sleep time: 7hrs

      Impressions and Recall: There was my usual for B6 sense of aggression seeping through parts of the dream. After waking up from the lucid (after 5 hrs of sleep), I decided to take key notes and review as not to wake myself up. I got pretty excited and the internal dialogue turned on full power, resulting in about an hour of insomnia. After that I fell into deeper more unconscious type of sleep with a decreased recall capability. I had another lucid from which I remember only a part, I continued sleeping after it was over and had an non-ld.

      Fragment1: Some kind of posts on DV that had to do with PennyRoyal.

      Fragment2: At home, my parents have gone somewhere and I am in my room cooking some strange pancake/calzone thing that looks and tastes delicious. I have to leave some for my grandma.

      Dream3 DILD TOTY attempt: I am in a room which feels familiar, three women are sitting around the table, and I am cleaning up as if after a meal. One of the women has some tempting white green chocolate cookies, I am secretly planning on having a few after the women are gone. Another female DC comes in and starts behaving really aggressively. She demands all the attention, looks me in the eye with hatred and begins complaining to one of the women in the room. I have the feeling that they will start a fight with each other, so get out of there fast. Her hostility feels kind of fake, and at this point the memory of the B6 effect for me reaches my subcon on a subtle level.

      I find myself on the stairs of a building and lots of aggressive gangster type boys are all around me. One of them is particularly evil, feels dangerous. I become lucid on a distracted level, realizing this is a dream, but unable to do anything about the guy. I am trying to move away but it is really crowded on the stairs, I think somebody pushed me, and I end up in a niche on the wall. The wall is not really wall but something liquid that sucks me in. As I move forward in this thing, I achieve a better clarity of mind and am fully lucid and in control. There is a single task that I feel the urge to do now, go to Angel Falls. I remember CLís advice to try to feel the floor, so I move my fingers, touching the empty space and feeling small grains of sand and pebbles. The dream idea was to be on top of Angel Falls, but in the water, so in addition to my feeling the floor, I begin to make swimming movements with my hands. The wall is already liquid and it is like a white pinkish sinking sand made of rubber-like substance. The whole world has disappeared and it is just me and the wall and I feel a closer to the void, afraid that the dream would destabilize and disconnect. I am swimming forward and nothing happens for a while, but I decide to keep on swimming. At some point the whole environment changes and I find myself looking at a flower, submerged in water.

      I look at the dark purple flower and marvel its beauty, noticing every petal in detail. I look around, and see that I am in the middle of a pond/lake that stretches as far as my eyes can see. At the same time, mixed with this image I find myself in my old room, where all this is taking place. I focus on the surface of the pond which looks like a silver mirror reflecting the clouds. I then notice that this pond is covered or rather slowly begins to cover itself with lotus flowers. Bright yellow and magenta lotus flowers are everywhere I move my eyes to look. I feel happiness upon witnessing this beautiful sight. The dream is extremely vivid and stable. Needless to say, I am somewhat distracted by this, but keep gliding on the surface of the pond in the direction of Angel Falls. This doesnít work too well, I am still within the confines of my room, looking through some glass that distorts the view from outside, which is the view from my room with strange rainbow-like effects. A bit like looking out during a bus ride. It looks like my room wins the battle between the two layers of images, gaining more detail.

      Soon the water level in the room goes down and with it my lucidity. I struggle to restore the water level with intent, but non-lucid already. I manage to briefly do so, but then I see the floor and the water is retreating. There is also mud everywhere, the furniture is falling apart. I become concerned about the state of my old room and wonder how to clean everything. [end of memory]

      After the dream ended, I had a brief awakening, noting to myself about the lucid, but then fell asleep again. I heard some kind of bell-like sound, I guess a type of HI, that actually woke me up. After reviewing the dream I had 1 hour of insomnia. Then - deeper sleep and less memorable sleep.

      Fragment4: Having to share the bed with relatives, I preferred sleeping on the ground.

      Fragment5: Some more beds, family friends.

      Dream6 DILD: I am in my hometown, in a familiar park and am lucid. I see a few dogs around, mostly small ones and larger one (no idea what breed) captures my attention. I keep looking at it and feel my emotions reflected in the dog. I observe it a for a while, the dream is stable, I am happy. By simply looking around, I unconsciously summon more dogs of different smaller breeds. I find this cool. [end of memory]

      Fragment7: I see and talk to a politician I donít like.

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    2. The Maniacal Vampire and the Teleporting Driver

      by , 05-08-2013 at 12:12 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #177 - 5AM - DILD - 2 of 2

      I don't quite remember the dream before but it was a sex dream with my wife that turned into a FA where I realize that I am just humping the bed. I don't care it feels good but my face is buried deep in the pillows and I wonder why I can breath. I think that I should be having trouble. I roll over. Check for signs of a wet dream. Clear. I do a nose plug but it fails or I think it fails. I become lucid anyway because I recognize how dream like this all is. I get up and walk into the kitchen. The light is on.

      I see someone that looks like my mom in the sun room. She spots me and hides in a dark corner. I think of the task again. I say "Hey. Hey you." She wont come out. I spot a pitcher of water by the sink and I take it up and slash her. Her only reaction is now she has the mop bucket and shes coming around into the kitchen to splash me back.
      I laugh at her and say, "You're not real."
      She comes into the light and looks like a very creepy version of my mom. She forgets the bucket and answers, "That's insubstantial and inconsequential." She rattles off a bunch of other big words that my dreaming mind didn't catch (I have trouble just trying to remember the first part of that) then says, "My Aunt warned me about you. You're a maniacal energy draining vampire." The dream starts to fade and I need to stabilize. So I follow her suggestions and throw myself on her to suck, not her blood, but her energy. As I do so the dream fades. For a Breif moment is see blue energy entering my mouth as I suck in. Then I bite but not hard enough to draw blood. Then nothing.

      I have another false awakening but this time I put more thought into the nose plug. I cleanly blow out and laugh a little to myself. I'm very pleased that I didn't fall for the FA.

      This time I walk into the bathroom and through to the other bedroom. I am still having doubts that this is a dream and I pause at the mirror. My face looks blurred and distorted. Ya ok I really am dreaming. I laugh and continue. The door makes a realistic sound and I slowly tiptoe past my sons crib into the living room. That that point I hear him cry out both next to me and in the other room. I for a moment the dream fades and I can feel myself in bed. I focus and wait a second. I feel my feet plant back on the floor and I continue out the front door.

      I notice the porch light is on and its dark outside. I run into the street and see a car parked with tail lights lit up. (I forget the other task of finding Falkor and am still hung up on DC's) I shout, "Hey wait!" and run up to the driver side of the car. The dream starts to fade again but I focus on feeling the car and it slowly comes back as I continue with the dream. The window is down and it looks like someone is in the passenger seat but looks really comatose. I feel the driver seat and realize it is empty. Now the dream comes fully back. I can hear music on the radio. The seat is gray fabric and the engine is running. I decide this car is waiting for me and suddenly want to "drive" to China for the TOTY. I excitedly jump in the driver seat and floor it.

      I drive around some slightly familiar roads and then the dream starts getting too dark. I try flipping on the brights but it didn't help. I say to the dream. "Clarity please." Nothing. I say with more certainty, "It's daytime."

      Suddenly the scene switches to a view of some kids in a back seat riding along in the daytime. I focus and the view come around back to my POV and the road vividly visible in daylight. I don't worry about who's in the back seat. I figure its just more extras. Looking around I notice the terrain had changes significantly. I ask, "Is this China?" At that moment I see some palm trees. Then, I come over a hill and see a surreal scene with mountains coming right up to a beach and a blue ocean. I looks crazy but beautiful. I think, It's the beach maybe I'll do the Australia task. The road ends now and I drive over small hills and through ditches. When I some to sand and water I flip a toggle switch in the car and say, "Boat mode." Now the dream fades buy I can still hear the music on the radio. It's like some electric guitar instrumental but it sounds familiar like a theme song to some old sitcom. I hold on a bit longer and visualize being out on the open sea. It comes into vivid view just for a second and then I am hopelessly wide awake.

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    3. A main dream in my dreamwork, i need help interpreting it. i am posting the notes

      by , 04-26-2013 at 02:37 AM
      i am going to post the notes i took apon waking for this because the full thing i wrote was lost and havent had the time to rewrite it all.

      Cult leader in room. Vince Vaughn and another an Irish man. Leader was like I know two of you have killed to be here and one of you has faked it. Then he make the Irish man open up his pillow case. No knife = no kill so the cult leader killed him. And a family of four pulled up to the abandonded underground fortress. He would probably kill them too. Mom and dad sent us to this camp but it was in Europe it was hardcore. We had nothing. They too us to get naked in a room with another two brothers. They have us bed ad we did it. We slept. The next day they allowed us to go into the city. We did. We found so much money over four hundred. When we got home I had to take shirt off money in all my waist. I tried hiding but main guy took it. Took four hundred. Went to bed next night he had people over. Went on like this for a while. Mom and dad finally came but they were the people. Then told us we went there a lot as kids. We were outside on the farm land scooting out on these cliffs with dirt riffs we got down to the bottom and went to this very modern art museum. Uncle ray was looking to buy a tv there. In uncle rays house. Actually while we at art thing auntie Cathy left a video cry for help on the security system. So I went over to Florida house. She took me and we hid fast bc they all came in but it was partiers. Then this witch came through the door and auntie Cathy was the only one who could defeat her. The witch made the group of partiers chant some thing that would make the house start on fire.

      if you would help me in decoding this it would be of great help. it is a very important dream. thank you, -reed
    4. TofY Part 7! The Final Task! - New York

      by , 04-09-2013 at 04:32 PM
      I started out my WILD on the balcony of a hotel room. I wasn't wearing very much, just a chiffon dress, and both my hands were on the railing of the balcony. My boyfriend walked out of the room behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, making me smile quite a lot. We stood there for a while until I turned round and kissed the tip of his nose, telling him I'd be back in a minute.

      Eventually I exited the hotel and walked out onto the street below. It was a short walk to the empire state building (My dream self must be rich to afford a trip like that ) and I began the walk, realizing along the way I had no shoes on. I reached the bottom of the esb and looked up at it. This is my least favourite task so I was pretty reluctant to do this. I shut my eyes and concentrated on the fact that I wanted to transform my self into a giant primate (for... some... reason... :L) and stood there for a while, pretty soon feeling my limbs extending and growing.

      When I reopened my eyes I discovered I was now a giant primate and even though I didn't particually want to be, I needed this task finishing. People around me had already started to scream and run away so I thought I might as well start scaling the building.

      It took me a while but eventually I reached the top of the building, swinging round from the top of the spire whilst I waited for the task force to respond. They eventually did and some fighter jets came soaring through the sky and started firing some tranquilliser bullets at myself. It was quite a scary experience and I really didn't like it. A bunch of army people were surrounding the bottom of the building and trying to set up nets and stuffs. As the jets flew past I tried to grab out at them to complete the second part of the task. When I realiised this wasn't working I started to climb down, being hit by a few tranquillisers on the way down and making me a bit drowsy. There were tanks and other things on the ground so I picked one of these up and threw it upwards at one of the planes, causing a collision and a pretty explosion in the sky.

      At this point people started to try and actually kill me so I decided now was a good time to run. I ran as quickly as I could to the Brooklyn river and jumped in it, transforming back to my normal size and climbing out, running past the army guys and into my hotel before climbing in the shower to wash the rubbish off of my skin.
    5. TofY Part 6 - Colosseum - Doctor Who Style

      by , 04-05-2013 at 02:45 PM
      I was waling along the street of Cardiff Bay thinking about my boyfriend. His hand appeared in mine and we walked together for a while. Then I had an idea and pulled him into 'my' T.A.R.D.I.S and we time travelled back to ancient Rome. When we arrived I grabbed a sonic screwdriver from the control and we exited the blue box, walking the few feet into the Colosseum. I sent my boyfriend up into the stands, thinking of the task of the month and made my way towards the arena. A fight was just finishing so I slipped my way to the front of the little waiting area thing that was basically a cave underneath the stands seperated from the arena by a metal cross-hatched gate.

      The fight finished, massive cheering occured and these gates lifted, signalling that one of us was required to enter the arena. I took my chance and grabbed a sword on my way in, placing the sonic into my pocket for later use. Our fight started and I remember sighing deeply, the guy I was against was massive and had it been a normal fight I would have been dead within 10 seconds. I raised my sword to meet his attacks, our constant to and fro-ing going on for about 5 minutes, one of us always countering the other's attacks until I got bored and pulled my sonic out of my pocket. recieving a blow to the arm in the process, and pointed it at the guy, freezing him in place.

      Putting the sonic back into my pocket I jabbed him with my sword before slicing his head off, causing a massive uproar to be heard from the crowd as I hadn't waited for the emperor's blessing. Dropping my sword I sprinted over to where I'd left my boyfriend and dragged him towards the exit, both of us running like mad to avoid being caught by everyone chasing us. We quickly got back to the T.A.R.D.I.S and shut the doors. Setting her into flight mode and returning to modern day.

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    6. Waterfall (Attempted Shared Dream with Windhover and Lmrhone)

      by , 04-02-2013 at 04:14 PM (Another Night: Best of Jabre's Dream Journal)
      Quote Originally Posted by Windhover@ View Post
      That's why hypnosis is powerful for this

      Well guys I didn't have pleasant night/morning today. I remember going to a waterfall but it's foggy now. I wanted to try WILD during the night but the freaking noise distracted me a lot...I hate myself so much right now..
      This is what I have for the SD attempt:


      1. I am in a forest. There are large mountains flowing through the dreamscape with various buildings of solitude laced appropriately in the woods. Many cliffs are hanging below the beauty. I see in the distance the same exact spacious field that I was going to bury the body in from Katsuno's synch murder dream. There is another person with me, but I do not understand who. I cannot see their face. We find another person sitting on a cliff in thought. He resembled my dad at first, but then he changed into someone else I did not recognize. I go back to my house, but my family is fighting. I go back to the forest and intend to see the Asian Art Museum that was the center of the landscape. I must pay admission, so I just walk home. Before I leave the forest, I see a waterfall flowing over the cliffs.

      2. I am in a circular building with a group of people. Every room looks the same. We are running from something. We hide in a room, but I cannot lock the intricate door. I call for help, but no one responds. I run to the other section with some people, but the thing breaks in because of the unlocked door. He slaughters many. We run, but we keep slipping through the blood. Only a small number of people are left. Everybody is panicking, but I become lucid for no reason. Everything is clear and vivid. I remember everything suddenly. I become overwhelmed; I need to get back to the waterfall in order to share the dream. I feel the reality slip away, and my senses fade. I panic and twirl around, rubbing my hands. The dream regresses into a mere visualization of hypnapompia as I awaken.

      3. I am altar serving at some important mass, but it is not revealed to me what the mass is for.

      4. I am in my backyard with two other people. Once again, I cannot specify who they are because the dream is hazy. They joke around too much, and I begin to get mad at them because they are playing with my bracelet that I need for some important Christian ceremony that occurs annually. (It doesn't actually exist.) One of them throws the bracelet, and I have to look for it. I use the same one this year because I did not buy another one as the ceremony intends. I wait in line to go into the bathroom where everybody writes down their intent for the year in secret. I could not think of something, so I wrote a series of gibberish letters. The recurring pair was the two letters 'S' and 'D' together. I was not lucid.

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    7. The Tiger And The Arena

      by , 03-31-2013 at 04:01 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #156 - DEILD Chain - 5:31AM

      I am living with my wife in one of the houses I lived in as a child in Smithville, TX. My Aunt Paula shows up at the door with my nephew Samuel. I am totally drunk and working on the furnace. I try to hide the fact that I feel dizzy and hope that I am not slurring my speech to much. I try to avoid eye contact with her and try to stay busy with the screwdriver in my hand.

      She walks out of the room I am in and for some reason I follow. I notice my parents old cabinet TV right were it always was in that house and a potted Christmas tree on top. The tree catches my eye and I pause finding it odd and out of place.

      I wake briefly and go for DEILD.

      I never really exit the void so I start rubbing my hands vigorously. For some reason I can feel my hand are really numb. I wonder if it is my sleeping position that is doing it or if it is a dream sensation. I remember that I felt this before. I decide to ignore it because moving might ruin the dream. The more I rub my hands the less numb they feel. After a few seconds the dream plops me in my dinning room. I am shocked that I didn't have to exit my body and I can see clearly. I stare at the hardwood floor not remember what to do. I float up to the ceiling. I feel that I could control it if I wanted to and I go down a little. I think no lets see where it takes me. I purposely phase through the ceiling backwards and I create an opening more than phase. I see the floor get smaller and smaller and soon I feel the bed on my back and darkness surrounds me again.

      I DEILD the same way. There is still some numbness and I shake my hands a little and that seems to help. I go back to hand rubbing.

      This time I am plopped at the back door. Again I am pleased that I don't have to OBE exit and open the back door. I pause when I feel some weirdness on my right side of my face. It's like something is pressing on my face and I am only able to see out of my left eye. For some reason I feel scared. I say out loud, "Oh no you don't goddammit". And the feeling goes away.

      I bound over the deck without a thought and am in my backyard. I look up and see a beautiful night sky. There are many stars, a few small clouds, I can even see a contrail. I look around some more and see a tiny full moon.

      I want to do the Rome task now but the only way I can think to teleport is to feel the sand like I talked about with CL. I realize that I didn't really think this part through before hand. I get down on my knees and feel the ground. It's just grass and leaves. I think no its sand. Still grass and leaves. I try to brush the grass and leaves aside but the grass is rooted. I feel stubborn on this though, I really should give up and try something else. So, I punch down into the earth several times pulling up fists full of sand. But now I become distracted how easy it was the conjure sand and how real it all feels. Even the ground beneath me is unbelievably realistic. I soon wake up.

      Again I DEILD. I roll to my back and it takes a little more time and effort this time.

      I find myself laying in bed again. This time I feel more in control. Imagine a sliders wormhole above me and it appears. I allow it to suck me up but don't get to see the colorful transition. I am just plopped back in bed. I feel confused but tell myself this has to be an alternate reality.

      I sit up and see my wife and some other person standing at the foot of my bed in togas. I am so totally surprised at this that I say, "Toga party!" and laugh. I get up and realize that my bed was in a large cubbyhole of sorts in a huge stone structure. I see a red velvet curtain with gold yellow trimming acting as a partition. It's tied back with a rope made of the same golden yellow material. I walk into the rest of the building and notice its dimly lit. I am excited and think how this has to be it. I realize the L-Dopa is making all of this so easy and I feel confident. I step to the right into the arena. I see the floor is white sand and the sun is so bright that the glare off the sand blinds me a little. I literally have to wait for my eyes to adjust.

      As I am standing there I remember the picture I was looking at during my WBTB.
      Movies and games-gladiator.jpgg]

      I pretend I have a gladius and shield and stand ready. I hear the crowd cheering and laugh a little because it sounds like the cheering crowd from Pro Wrestling on the NES.

      NES Pro Wrestling - YouTube

      I try to see the crowd but its like they are shadowed and in darkness. I can't see anything beyond the brightly lit arena. Now I just think of the tiger and sure enough it appears. I ready myself but as I do it does from being a normal tiger to a tiger with an impossible number of teeth to the point that its face is all teeth. While, I am shocked an distracted the tiger lunges and bites my head. All I can see is its tongue and uvula as it munches on my head. It doesn't hurt or seem to do any damage. I almost give up thinking I lost but no I've come this far. I force push him way. The tiger goes soaring straight in front of me and stirs up a dust cloud. I use my Darth Vader grip and pick him up about 30 feet. I think about just ripping him in half while he is in the air and sort of see it in my minds eye. Instead, I slam him down hard creating another dust cloud. I can't see him for the dust but I don't waist anytime.

      I hulk jump into the air with my gladius drawn and come down on him like Link does in the Legend of Zelda.

      I stab his midsection and quickly jump off and cleanly slice his head off. I raise it up it in air for the crown. I hear another Pro-Wrestling-cheer as I stand there. At this point I lose focus and wake up.

      I go ahead and try to DEILD one more time.

      I find myself standing in the arena again but there are no people this time. I notice my hands are on fire and I spend some time playing with it. Again I think it must be the L-Dopa. I create a jet of wizard fire like Rand from The Wheel of Time. I do various hand motions turning the fire off and on again. I focus on remembering the feeling and technique for next time when I am not so full of L-Dopa. I soon wake up.

      There was a lot of detail in these dreams but all of them moved quickly and seemed super short. Although I enjoyed the control, I think I prefer extended play. I had high insomnia and dreamed little until later in the morning. I felt there was a huge REM rebound but was too tired to recall much or get lucid again.
    8. The Sands of the Colosseum

      by , 03-27-2013 at 12:46 PM
      This Task of the Year attempt was a big step forward for my teleportation from the void. I combined my idea of relying on tactile sensations to teleport with Chimpertainment's approach where he focuses on a single point while allowing the rest of the scene to build. The results were excellent. Even though I didn't manage Task of the Year, this was a pretty big one for me.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #80: The Sands of the Colosseum

      I'm driving with Wife over a hilly, Dr. Seuss-like landscape in a car with giant tires. It occurs to me that this all might be a dream and I decide that it is. As I become lucid, Wife immediately stops talking.

      I drive for a bit, wondering where I should take my funky new car. But then I remember my goal of touching and engaging with the dream world as quickly as possible to really draw myself into it. I stop the car (seemingly through an act of will) and feel the seat with my left hand. I reach my right hand over to Wife and begin to feel and massage her left thigh. My initial intent was non-sexual but right away I feel a stir of excitement and distraction, so I stop. I try to touch the seat with my right hand instead, but I somehow miss and transition into...

      ...a false awakening where I'm standing by the bed in a dark hotel room. I remember everything, though, and I remain lucid. I see Wife's vague outline in the bed, but darkness is already pressing down. I know the void's coming so I start rubbing my hands together. Soon everything is totally dark and I keep probing my dream body. I probe each side of my chest and try flexing just a bit. Everything feels totally realistic. I check my junk to make sure all is as it should be (yep, we're good ), and poke the outside of my thighs with finger-spears.

      Comfortable with my dream body, I crouch down in the dark and move my right hand in a rubbing motion, imagining that I'm moving my palm over sand. Soon I feel something like a thin layer of sand. As I keep rubbing, the layer seems to grow thicker and thicker. Now I can actually see the motion of my hand and I can vaguely make out sand shifting around. I think specifically of the sand in the Colosseum, then dig my fingers deep into the sand. I feel them scrape what feels like a wooden board.

      The sand comes fully into view, sharp and detailed. I keep staring at it, imagining that I'm surrounded on all sides by the Colosseum. I hear the crowd now, and after a few more seconds, I have imagined right where I'm standing in the Coloseum (close to one wall), what kind of day it is (sunny), and what I'll be trying to do (kill orcs.)

      I stand up, raise my eyes, and I am there in the great arena. Every detail looks perfect. I sweep my gaze from side to side, grinning at the thought that I'm actually here. I think that it looks just like stepping into a scene from "Gladiator". I'm excited and happy to have finally made it!

      I want to see more and more of the scenery, and without meaning to, I allow my perspective to float high up above my dream body. I scan the crowd for a while, eventually viewing the scene from high enough that I see the surrounding Roman streets. I suddenly zoom in on a street scene packed with Roman citizens. Lucilla from "Gladiator" is laughing and playfully hopping down the street. It feels strange because the whole scene is playing too fast.

      Now I realize that I'm just watching all of this on my Kindle Fire and a little display tells me this is being played at "4x". I'm distressed that I'm now just watching all this on a screen and I try to "rewind" to the part where I was in the Colosseum. The controls don't seem to work properly, although I do manage to slow the scene down to normal speed.

      I've lost all connection to my dream body and soon
      I wake up.

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    9. The Mesa

      by , 03-14-2013 at 04:51 PM
      This was the second of two lucid dreams from last night, and a pretty close call for the South America Task of the Year. I'm getting closer! Just need to seal the deal! Very fun dream, success or no. Man, I want these bad.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #77: The Mesa

      I'm driving under an overpass, approaching a stoplight. Out of nowhere, the car in front of me stops and I slam on the brakes. The brakes are super sluggish to respond and the car drifts to a very leisurely stop, stopping just a couple of feet from an embarrassing fender-bender.

      The driver in front of me, a stout, balding man in his 40s with a shaved head, gets out of his car and circles around to the trunk. He shoots me a dirty look, pops the trunk open and pulls out a cooler. It takes a moment before it dawns on me, but I recognize him as a prominent DC from an earlier non-lucid dream and
      I become lucid.

      I step out of the car, and the DC walks confrontationally toward me, like he's eager to argue about something. "Not right now," I say, and walk past him, emerging from the overpass into a bright day in some city's downtown. Beautiful glass buildings line the right side of the street and there's some sort of park to my left. Further ahead, a silvered, decorative archway spans the street.

      Angel Falls is on my mind and I go for a quick Hulk-jump to try to get there. Instead of soaring into the clouds, though, I float gently up into the air, turning slowly around. It feels wonderfully relaxing and I lay back to stare up at the sunny sky, my arms flung out to the side. I float upward, a few feet away from one of those tall, windowed buildings. This feels fantastic to me and I start laughing, continuing to drift upward and slowly turn.

      I'm having a ball with this, but I don't want to forget what I came to do. I tilt myself vertically again and start to rise more quickly, expecting that Angel Falls will be there on the other side of the building. As I shoot past the roof of the building, I see a broad bay dotted with distant boats. And looking out further over the bay, I see a mesa covered with greenery... one that looks just like the mesa that Angel Falls originates from!
      (I looked it up and this mesa is called Auyan-tepui.)

      I decide to sing to keep myself focused on the task, and I come up with the following: "I'm going to Aaaaaaangel Falls!! Hell yeah Aaaaangel Falls!" I'm oblivious to how horrible my lyrics are (and my voice sounds totally rockstar) so this all seems awesome to me. After a while I think about the "Halls" brand cough drops I'd had during WBTB and come up with some second "verse" that rhymes "Falls" with "Halls". I'm sure it sucked as bad as the others but I wish I could remember it.

      I'm making good progress in my flight over the bay, and I cut past a boat that looks like it's loaded with tourists (most of whom are in bucket hats for some reason.) I'm excited, happy, and confident, but for some reason
      I lose the dream and wake up. Really thought I had that one!!

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    10. TK, Flinstones, this close to Rome

      by , 03-12-2013 at 02:59 AM
      This entry has several stages and from now on each will be coded as follows:




      So I woke up about 2 15 in the morning. Was a bit cold and i realized i woke up because i was wheezing. I took out my inhaler and took two puffs. After that my nose became completely stuffed up and it was highly uncomfortable and difficult for me to fall asleep. After about an hour i decided to try an idea to un-stuff my nose. All i did was stick my thumb in one of my nostrils and after a few seconds i released and i could breathe comfortably for a while. Did this about 3 times before it was finally completely unblocked. I then fell asleep.

      I was in my room and my step dad was their and it seems we were arguing about something. He said something about me not doing well in school so i shouldn't want anything. Anyway i left him to his banter and as i approached the door i realized i was floating. I noticed and became lucid. So i floated to the top left corner of my room and decided to stay there and let him talk. After a few minutes I came down and floated through the doorway. I then went to my sis room and i saw my bigger sister who doesn't live here anymore. Anyway everything in this room was floating and my bearings got wild and it to a while to regain control. it was like i was Astral Projecting. All my dream re-entries and FA used to start this way.I've never APed before though. I decided to leave as there was not much to be done. Suddenly as I was going through the doorway i had an epiphany about TK that involved some kind of mental click. As i floated through the door I decided to close it behind me with TK. I thought of it, willed it, felt it and that's when the click came. The door closed as i left. This got me really exited. Sill APing I decided to go outside by phasing through the roof. At first I convinced myself but then at the last minute there was doubt. So instead of going through I ended up stretching the roof from the inside out as i tried to pass through. After a while I noticed it wasn't working and decided to go through the barred gate. With ease I phased through. *FACEPALM* It was that easy, DON'T THINK and you'll pass through.
      On the other side I went up to the roof I saw three girls explaining to me something about dealing with your feelings and the moon. One of them flew up to it and attached a piece as she demonstrated how it work. I then made the moon turn and could it's backside. it was three dimensionally flat if you now what i mean. After that Night turned to Day as i jumped down from the roof. and landed somewhere near a beach. before i jumped down though i thought of going to Rome and saw A giant cruise ship and then a guy pulling up in a boat on the sand.Hmm which should I choose?? Damn that boats so cool It can sail on sand!!!So i headed for the boat but as i advanced i saw a guy from school called Brian. He was chubby and I really didn't want to interact with him now. Click! He was up in the air then smashed in the sand. Went for a second round and I ended up breaking his spine and he died. Some how a few seconds later he came back to life. I got fed up. Click! He was tossed somewhere to my left where i couldn't see.Poor him, caught me in my TK mode I proceeded to the boat and as i did Day turned to Night and made a comment about not sailing at night. Something dangerous. So I decided to explore the realm and made off on a sand road behind me.

      After this there was a fragment involving a lot of TK usage and me trying out my new energy disc technique but it failed. So instead of reaching behind my back and throwing 6 inch diameter energy discs i threw two inch energy beans. After that frag, i was caught in another which was more sexual. i rarely have dreams without sex.

      Now I was walking down a road with light blue walls on either side. I stopped and started thinking about what tasks to pursue now. Two came to mind: 1) The advanced TOTM about the notes which I already set in place and, 2) Part 1/7 TOTY fight to the death in a Colosseum. I looked back at the town, home was too far away. I turned back and continued walking.
      "What's the fastest way to Rome" I asked my friend Romario who was walking beside me.Kinda odd he was there i rarely dream about him
      However i got my answer as I took a left and saw a collection of real sized model planes.For some reason they plagued my dreams.
      Some were in boxes others out in the open. had bad experiences with these before so i was cautious(aka DOUBTFUL) I jumped on top of a box with a huge pile and saw one to my liking. I knew i had to touch it a certain way to activate it, meaning to make it operational. I grabbed its tail, held it firm and as made a quick shake a ripple of energy was sent through the plane and the planes for followed the ripple. With the help of R i got it to the ground and got in. Jonny was i the front seat and took main controls. Wile i was in the back. it was a BI-Plane, green I think. we were speeding down the runway and we needed lift but the control i was using for that was working so we never got off the ground. Just as I thought, failed me again you piece of junk!!

      After that I jumped out really pissed and resorted to pure instinct. I stood, thinking about leaving this place and clapped my hands together like in FMA. Immediately I was in a different town with grey buildings. Then again, I was now in another part of the town. I saw a huge clock tower and aimed for it. Clap! I was there in front of it. Then i thought of going to Rome. Clap! I was transported to prehistoric times with some dinosaurs, huge endless forests and.. what the hell is that?? The Flinstones!! They were off at a distance with Fred at the top of a tree holding up Wilma with his left hand and Wilma holding up somebody else. They were dangling from the tree but before i could save them another emergency laid to my right. A huge white van with some symbol on it was racing towards one of the flin babies. Click! The van stopped unnaturally. Child saved, let's move on. Clap! I was in some kind dessert with a great arena in the distance.Almost there, finally!! One more try. Clap! I was in front of the arena, the details were coming into view, spectators were trickling in, then...
      Bam!!! I snapped back to somewhere else. I was outside a library, my friend was causing trouble with a teacher and i was telling her it was not me as she thought it was me. She waved me off and left. I muttered something and entered the library. When i entered i saw a huge book probably 20 inches in length and 15 in breadth while closed. Click! it floated behind me like i wanted and went to the back where i saw the librarian using TK to arrange some books. I then stopped at my old female english teacher wearing leopard tights. She looked sexy so i decided to sit down on here chair and hoist her on top of me while i guided my hand between her legs. Another teacher, probably mine for this session, was eyeing as to say "you should be studying." So ordered my book to wait at the table where my seat was, which was near the door, as i played with miss some more. I then got up and left and went to my chair. A few minutes after I sat some scholars came in and stand at the door.
      " Couldn't believe what we found. First we thought we would only see skulls and bones but we found real Templars" One said.
      I eyed them. Then it hit me, that flin kid.
      Could it be that i changed history?? Were the flinstones the first true Templars???

      After that i woke up. First i sensed something being scratched by something. Then i realized the thing being scratched was my ear and the thing scratching it was my finger. After that the rest of my body slowly came to me. Quite Odd!!!
    11. The Celebrity

      by , 02-28-2013 at 04:01 PM
      I wish that I'd asked this character what he represented rather than falling back so readily to fight or flight! My emotional control wasn't great in this LD but at least I guided myself toward a Task of the Year goal.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #70: The Celebrity

      I WILD into a wooded campground. There's a crowd of excited DCs nearby, all waiting to meet this one guy who seems to be some kind of celebrity. The "celebrity" is an uncharismatic, mid-40s, somewhat ugly guy with a dark mustache. In spite of this, all of the women in the crowd are swooning and the men are excitedly pushing past one another for a chance to shake his hand.

      In between handshakes, the celebrity keeps doing these loud, visibly moist sneezes directly into his hand... just before using it to shake the hand of the next starstruck DC. I find the whole scene repulsive, so I decide to hurry past.

      As I pass by the crowd, the celebrity turns to me and offers me a handshake. I think that I'm supposed to be honored, but I have no interest in touching his sneeze-hand. I politely pat his shoulder and turn to leave, refusing the handshake.

      There's a murmur of surprise from the crowd, but I try to ignore them, thinking instead of the tasks that I have in mind. The celebrity charges toward me and thrusts his hand in my face, insistent that I pay my respects. No, thanks. I turn away again, but when I do, the celebrity disrespectfully slaps me on the butt! I'm unbelievably offended at being treated this way in my own dream. My first thought is to turn around and just wreck this dude.

      I decide that escape's the better move, though, so I Hulk-jump away. Somehow the celebrity grabs onto my leg as I go, though, and ends up flying with me. We land in another part of the campground and again he wordlessly extends his sneeze-hand toward me for a handshake. I try another jump, but he keeps hanging on.

      I'm really angry that he's interfering with my LD and I think of the Colosseum Task of the Year ('Have a "fight to the death" with a DC in the Colosseum.') Yes, I think that I've found just the DC for killing. "I'm taking you to the Colosseum," I tell him, and grab him by the throat. His expression never changes, but his neck, arms and torso start rapidly expanding as if he were packing on slabs of muscle right before my eyes. Within a few seconds, he's transformed into a hulking, dangerous-looking gladiator.

      Still holding him by the throat, I jump again. The celebrity looks like he weighs about 260 now, but fortunately I can move him easily when I jump. I have a gladius in my hand, but I hold back on using it until the time is right. My enemy is wearing some kind of armor now, and he's no longer looking for a handshake. I give my gladius some practice swings and mutter some threats that I can no longer remember. The celebrity doesn't respond.

      Now we crash down on a floor of sand. I think that this is it! I can see a low stone wall all around us but above that it's just darkness where the crowd should be. I will the scene to come into focus, but the darkness just descends heavier and heavier until
      the dream ends...

      Lost Lucid Dreams and Fragments
      I also had a number of longer lucid dreams last night that were mostly wiped from my memory! My guess is that these were very low-level lucids where I lost lucidity. I'm a bit distressed to know that I am capable of losing LDs like that. I'm pondering what I should do to address this.

      Lost Lucid #1 - I'm flying high over a huge canyon near sundown, aware that I'm dreaming and holding a pile of dog poo in my bare hands. I am in a hurry to get somewhere.
      Lost Lucid #2 - An old man is in my kitchen showing me how to make gold out of simple household ingredients (including mud.) I know that I'm dreaming, but I watch in fascination.

      Also, one lucid fragment:

      Lucid Fragment #1 - I'm looking at a DJ entry on DreamViews. It has a single comment with a very long first paragraph. I become lucid when I see that the comment is from "BadArtemis" rather than "NewArtemis". Quickly wake up.

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    12. Angel Falls TOTY

      by , 02-24-2013 at 02:23 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      WBTB @ 3:30AM 30min looking at Angel Falls picture.
      MILD - Imagained a OBE like dream since I was well aware of myself in bed
      Son yelled out and disturbed me briefly but he went back to sleep.
      I rolled from back to right side and switched to WILD
      WILD - Visualized a simple repetitive hand motion. This time it was arm flapping.

      Angel Falls TOTY 4:56AM

      I can't remember the first part of this but I don't think I missed much. Or maybe this is simply how the dream started.I am standing in my front yard just off the poarch. The dream feels dark and unstable. I have a hard time seeing. I get the weird eye opening thing again and I think I see the bedroom. I calmly close them and focus on seeing on the back of my eyelids. This seems to help. I can see the yard but it is really dark and unstable still. I hear a noise and I begin to listen. It is the fan in my room. This is no good. I remember a funny post of DarkMatters where he is basically telling someone to make out with the dream to stabilize. I laugh a little and throw myself face first on the ground.

      I start licking the sidewalk that leads from the street. I can feel the rough texture on my tongue. I am a little grossed out at how real it feels but I take this as a good thing. I go for more and I reach both hands out to feel the grass on both sides of the concrete. I grope and rub and feel and really make love to the dream. All of this helps a lot and I didn't even have to buy diner first.

      I get on my hands and knees and crawl around some. I see a small tree that is about 4 to 5 inches thick. For some reason I think "beaver" and I bite into the tree. It is soft but crisp like a peach. I note the taste but it is bland. I break the tree off and carry a chunk with me while I walk around the neighborhood. I continue to bite and chew as I do so. The sensation really helps stabilize the dream. I notice how I never seem to have to swallow. The tree just melts away in my mouth to nothing.

      I walk north a ways but feel bored. I think trying to travel at this point would really risk destabilizing the dream. Angle Falls will have to wait. I head back toward my house. I think maybe I will break into my neighbors house and see what I find. I begin to look for it but all the houses start morphing and changing into larger newer homes until I am not in my neighborhood anymore. I stop and stop a house that looks interesting to burglarize. I stare at the rooftop and I am about to make a leap but the dream gets wavy so I wait for it. Then, for some reason, I feel compelled to turn around. It was like could sense someone was starting at me.

      I see an old 70's model Ford truck parked in the street and a familiar looking young man in the driver seat. He is just looking at me expectantly. When I approach the vehicle he wordless moves over to the passenger side. I am surprised, "Oh you're going to let me drive?" I hop in.

      like this but tan color

      I tightly grip the steering wheel with both hands and floor it. I hear the tires break loose. I smile with excitement. The man next to me protests and says something about slowing down but I ignore him. I punch the gas harder. We make several turns and end up on a highway. I begin talking to him. I say, "You know what man? This is a dream. Do you know that? You're not even real to me right now."

      He looks really nervous and mutters, "Yeah, I guess so."

      I look him over again and realize that he looks just like LinkZelda. "Hey you're LinkZelda aren't you?" (I think, say yes)

      He's holding on to the o'shit handle. "Um I don't know."

      I am insistent that he remembers, "Yeah man. You get on dream views. We've talked a few times. Hey you know what? What if we are having a shared dream and you just aren't lucid yet? How cool would that be? Here's what I want you to do. When you wake up try to remember as much as you can about this ok? I mean you never know, right?" I start laughing like a lunatic and slap him on the knee. He seems totally put off. I just can't help myself I feel so energetic and happy.

      I look away at the road. I continue to stabilize visually. I don't look at him this time when I talk. I feel like I can't contain myself. I yell, "HOLY SHIT! I EFFING LOVE THIS. WE ARE TOTALLY DREAMING RIGHT NOW! WHOOOOOHOOOOOO! I am a little afraid that my loud yelling will somehow wake me up so I stop myself.

      I look back at him to see his reaction. The passenger side is totally empty. "Dammit he's gone!" I laugh and shrug it off. I begin to think about getting to Angel Falls now. I look around and it has turned bright outside. I am on some road and I see that I am at the base of what looks like Angel Falls. I look up to see the top but there is a thick mist hiding it from view. I feel like its time to get risky now. I know from past experience that I will have a hard time getting through that fog. I really don't want to end up someplace else; or worse, waking up. "Ah screw it." I phase out of the cab of the truck and fly up.

      When I reach the fog I stop. It looks like a thick and opaque object. I push my head in but I am engulfed in white with nothing to visually ground myself to. I fear the dream will dissolve so I back out. Instead I throw myself to the rock face and begin to climb up. I focus visually and tactilely on the rocks. The climb is easy. I imagine comfortable hand holds as I go along and the dream obliges. After a while I decide I am nearly there. Just then, I see the top. I climb over the edge but when I stand up. It is dark again.

      I look around and I see a small flat screen TV floating just above eye level and a soda machine to the right of it. I hear some random woman giving a newscast but pay no attention to the words. Its just muffled muttering. The soda machine is an Orange Sunkist machine. It is brightly lit in the darkness. I have a feeling of being in a building. I felt like I had gone to "The Bridge" (A place in my town with fake rock climbing). No this wont do. I push the enclosed feeling away from my mind.

      I realize I am on a small platform. I lay down and peek over the side. All I can see is darkness at first but I focus and everything clears up. It still looks like night time but I can see that I am indeed on top of Angel Falls. I see the small white line of the river far below reflecting moonlight and water is gushing out the side of the cliff.

      I push forward and fall head first. I flip around so that I am on my back. I feel weightless and light. I look around and see the water falling with me to my right. It looks like it is frozen in time but I assume we are just falling at the same rate. I reach out to feel it but I only get a mild sensation on my hand. The I hear the sound of diving into water and as I suddenly slash into it. I look around. There is light but all I see is just slightly brown river water with nothing around me. I reflexively close my eyes.

      When I open then I am laying on my stomach. I can see river rocks and realize I am lying in a shallow side stream. I feel completely wet. I stand up and walk forward. I am now in some small building. Again I see the TV and the Sunkist machine to the right of it. This time there is wall behind them. I hear the same woman say, "...Here in Venezuela..." I listen closer now. "T is for Turkey." I laugh and move on.

      I look around and notice the building is mostly huge glass windows, like some sort of zoo or nature center. I can see lush jungle outside. There is water from the water fall creating rain outside. I can even hear it hitting the roof of the building. I see an enclosed glass area with what looks like some sort of tiger/panther hybrid cubs. I open the glass door and reach in to pet one. They all look content and sleepy. Suddenly one of then grows large and snaps at my hand. It lets out a feline growl. I laugh and say, "Ok. I'll leave."

      I feel pretty content that I completed a TOTY and am not sure what to do now. I begin to think how long this dream has lasted and how much happened. I begin to worry that I will forget. I think I should make myself wake up soon but I really don't want it to end. I wait a little longer.

      I step outside and see that I am in some sort of gravel parking area. There are a few cars but no people. I can see a thick wall of jungle surrounding the area. I feel triumphant and powerful and I get the sudden urge to become a werewolf. I stretch my skin and feel myself change. I can see my shadow on the ground in front of me and watch as I transform. I look at my hands and notice that I have hairy werewolf claws and fur. I let out a howl. It sounds a little weak and unconvincing. I try again. This time it is a long and clear WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! A part of me thinks I am making a noise in my sleep. Then I remember. I really should wake up. And this seems like a good way go out of the dream.

      With some great effort I manage to open my physical eyes and fully wake from the dream.

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    13. failed TOTY Asia again

      , 02-20-2013 at 05:51 AM
      i walked down the stairs, it became more dangerous, i count fingers understood that it was a dream and flew away. I was in my town and i wanted to go to China through the portal. I tried several times but found myself in the same place till the dream ended.
      lucid , task of the year
    14. The Great Sphinx (February 17, 2013)

      by , 02-18-2013 at 12:23 AM (Exploring the Dreamscape)

      The Great Sphinx

      The first half of this dream is fragmented and lacks clarity. My dream recall hasn't been as great as it should be lately. I was wandering around a forest, far away from civilization. It was around autumn and the trees were different colors of red, orange, and yellow. I remember that almost everything I saw was very beautiful. That irritates me a bit because I can't remember it clearly. The beauty of the world around me is what made me lucid.

      At some point I came to a ravine with a river flowing at the bottom. Nearby was some kind of log cabin built near the edge of the ravine. I don't really remember the details except that it was pretty big and fancy for a log cabin. I walked inside and looked around a bit. There were several people living there. They were apparently a group of survivors from a recent apocalyptic event. They seemed to be pretty well set up considering how most post-apocalypse camps look like.

      I think I talked with them for a short time, but I don't remember much. I think they said I was a part of their group. It wasn't long before I was bored with them and wanted to go exploring again. I left the cabin and walked to the ravine. There was a wooden suspension bridge nearby that I could use to get across the ravine. When I walked onto the bridge it rocked back and forth a bit. So then I started shifting my weight to the left and right to make the bridge sway as I walked across it. It's more fun that way.

      On the other side of the bridge was a prairie. Far off in the distance I could see a man wandering through the tall grass. I ran over to him to see if there was anything interesting about him. When I approached him, he pointed a shotgun at me and said, "Stay back or I'll shoot." I told him that I was friendly and didn't want to cause any trouble. He lowered his gun and said, "Do you have any food on you? I haven't eaten in days and I'm starving." "Sorry, I don't have any food on me, but I do know a group of people who do," I said.

      I guided the man back to to the log cabin where there should be food. After we crossed the bridge, we were stopped by a man who appeared to be the leader of the group. He pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the man I was helping. "Who is this?" the leader asked aggressively. "A man who's starving and needs some food," I said calmly. "We don't have enough food for another person!" He yelled. "Calm down, and lower the gun. If you need to get rid of someone, get rid of me. I'm the one who brought him here," I said.

      Apparently we were thinking of different things when I said "get rid of me." He immediately pointed the gun at me and shot me in the right side of my chest. My chest was in pain and fell to the ground on my back. At least it wasn't my heart that was shot, but I think a lung may have been damaged. I was bleeding profusely from my chest and I was coughing blood. The man that I was trying to help crouched down to me and started putting pressure on the wound. He was trying to save me, but I don't think it would have done much good.

      My vision was starting grow darker. I looked around at everything around me and concentrated on my vision to keep it from going dark. As I was looking around, I noticed that I was wearing River's necklace for some reason. I remembered that her necklace could be used to teleport to a place you're thinking of. I held onto the necklace and started thinking about the desert. At this point the leader of the group stuck his gun to my head and decided that he would finish me off. Before he could fire, there was a flash of light and I had teleported.

      When the light faded away, I was staring up at a bright clear blue sky and lying in the sand. I noticed that it was much hotter here. My vision started to get darker again. I assumed it was because of my wound. I placed both of my hands on the right side of my chest where I was bleeding the most. I concentrated my magic there to heal the wound. As I did this, my vision slowly started coming back. After about a minute, I was fully healed and my vision was fine for the most part.

      I got back onto my feet and looked around. I saw a few pyramids very far off in the distance, but they didn't interest me. "Why did I teleport to the desert? There's nothing to do here," I said to myself. I then turned around and noticed that the Great Sphinx was behind me. At that moment I remembered the final task of the year. "Fix the nose, bring it to life, and ride it to the top of the pyramid," I said to help myself remember.

      I stood in front of the Sphinx and decided to use earth bending to fix the nose. I'm pretty sure the Sphinx is made of earth. I turned, stomped on the ground, and made a downward diagonal motion with my fist. As I did that, stone extended out of the Sphinx's face in the shape of a nose. It looked pretty nice.

      Next, I had to find a way to bring the Sphinx to life. The first thing that came to mind was the book of 500 spells I had. I summoned the book and began skimming through the pages. I stopped when I saw a spell named "Anima". Among hundreds of other spells, this one stood out to me. I think anima is Latin for life or soul, so it made sense to use this spell. I held my hand out towards the Great Sphinx and concentrated on it. I then shouted, "Anima!" and it started to glow a bit. After a few seconds, the Sphinx became alive and started to move. The ground shook as the Great Sphinx stood onto its feet and stretched its body.

      "Wow, that was impressive," I said. All that was left was to ride the Sphinx. I grew wings, flew up to the Sphinx, and landed on its back. "Go Sphinx! Ride to the Great Pyramid!" I yelled. The Sphinx then started running at an incredibly fast speed. I started to fall backwards, but I used my earth magic to root my feet to the Sphinx. Seconds later, we were at the pyramids and the Sphinx began running up the largest one. I then leaned forward and rooted my hands to the Sphinx to get a better grip. When we reached the top, the Sphinx made a pose and roared loudly. I guess it thought it was the king of the pyramid or something.

      After posing, the Sphinx stopped moving. I detached myself from its back and climbed up to its face. I stood on its nose and waved my hand in front of its eyes and received no reaction. "The Anima spell must have worn off," I said. I decided to cast the spell on the on the Sphinx again to see what would happen. After shouting "Anima!" the Sphinx glowed again. Its eyes blinked and it looked at me with angry eyes. It apparently didn't like me standing on its nose. It shook its head back and forth and I fell off. I landed about half way down the pyramid and started tumbling down. I think I rolled past my sister on the way down. Kind of makes sense for her to be there since she likes ancient Egyptian stuff.

      I woke up before I even got to the bottom of the pyramid. I can only land on my head so many times before waking up.
      lucid , task of the year
    15. TofY Part 5 - Asia

      by , 02-17-2013 at 10:41 AM
      I lay down to WILD at about 9am, Sunday 17th Feb.

      It took a lot more effort for me to get into he WILD and to maintain the dream than usual. This makes me want to stick to my before bed method even more.

      When I 'opened my eyes' I was walking down the streets of China, through a giant market with so many people in it. Some of the colours were quite dull and dreary but the top of the stalls were a bright red and some had golden banners trailing down the sides. People were crowding round trying to buy items and food which smelt really peculiar.

      There was a tiny gap in the middle of the street as everyone was crowding the stalls and through it I could see this man getting stabbed, I sprinted down the gap, knocking people flying as I ran and skidded to a halt when I reached the stabbing. There were about 4 or 5 people committing the crime and the guy was still alive so I ran forwards a few more steps, spun around and kicked the knife out of one guy's hand before drawing my leg back in and kicking him in the face. The other people then dropped their knives and glared at me so I ran.

      I realized I was running alongside a massive wall and that I'd been stood in an archway before. I thought this had to be the great wall of China. I came to some stairs going the other way to the direction I was running and zipped up them, taking them two at a time and turning really sharply when I needed to.

      I eventually reached the top of the wall and began running back in my original direction. I kept running as fast as I can until I reached an 'invisible' barrier that just cut the wall in half. You couldn't see the barrier but you couldn't see past it either. I cursed and then panicked as I could hear the gang people coming up behind me. I walked to the edge and dropped down, clinging to a stone that was jutting out of the wall. I hid here until the gang had approached, looking for me and shouting as they couldn't find me.

      When I was sure they'd disappeared I climbed up and breathed a sigh of relief. I then remembered the task and reached into my pocket for a can of spray paint. One appeared, I pulled it out and started scrawling 'I survived' onto the pavement(?) of the wall and looked up when I saw some fierce looking Chinese people coming my way, about 9 or 10 of them in total.

      I stood up and waiting for them to approach, when they were about 3 steps away from me I spun and lashed out with my left foot, kicking people repeatedly as I spun closer and began whacking people with my hands, hoping I was doing the right thing as I kicked someone in the face. Eventually everyone was on the floor and I began to run off, tripping and apparating into my hotel room, sprawling onto the floor and laying there trying to catch my breath.

      The dream ended and lasted around 10-12 minutes.
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