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    1. FA's Brief Lucids and one Hellacious DEILD chain

      by , 01-27-2013 at 04:51 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      pre-bed 9:00PM
      2000MG Fish oil - (some posts suggest better dreaming)
      100MG 5-HTP
      Bed 10:00PM
      WBTB alarm 2:30AM but I woke naturally at 2:19AM
      2ish MG Galantamine (poured half capsule out on a dish and just licked it off. )
      250MG Choline
      600MG GPC
      0.5MG Melatonin


      +1MG Melatonin at 3:00AM
      +2MG Melatonin at 3:30AM

      Dosed off a bit brief DILD that I can't now remember. It was a crap dream anyway.
      Short WILD with vivid Rainbow colored static and geometric shapes. I haven't tripped that hard since High School!

      Finally fell asleep
      I woke up about 5:30AM from a NON-lucid. Something about me and another man playing with our sons. We have Lord of the Rings action figures and bicycles. Aragorn against a goblin, orcs, some shrimp like creature, and Uruk-hai. The funny thing is the action figures were actually talking to each other.

      #125 FA's Brief Lucids and one Hellacious DEILD chain

      I don't know how long this entire dream segment was. I feel it was probably around 30min. Maybe longer. I am not sure. There are a few memory gaps in the beginning but this is the best I remember.

      Ex in-laws
      I am staying at my ex in-law's house. My ex wife does not exist. My current wife and my ex's brother brother is there. There was some long dialog. Something about his birthday party. I sit and listen to the convo. I go into deep thought like I usually do. I feel dislike for this guy (I never liked him IRL). I think about why I am even here. I remember that I dream this a lot.

      I remember some SP but my focus was low

      Downtown event
      I have a FA. My wife and I are leaving the ex in-law's house. First we were driving now we are walking. My wife tells me that her "brother" R is going to give an anniversary surprise during his birthday party. I feel disgusted and want no part of it but say nothing.

      It is really early in the morning and still dark. It looks like we are downtown Webb City. There are a few curbside bistros open and large groups of people are flocking to them. Most of them are nicely dressed in evening dresses and suits. As we are walking through I comment on this to my wife but decide there must be some event going on and these are famous places to eat. Anthony Bourdain comes to mind.

      I sit in a folding chair next to some woman in a black evening dress. I look around and notice my wife went into a building. I just *know* that she had to use the restroom. This woman looks familiar to me but I don't know her. I felt an indescribably strong connection to her. Like a close friend or a family member. She is older with shoulder length gray hair. She is well kept and beautiful for her age. I get the feeling that she is ultra rich and well known. In spite of that, she is super friendly and down to earth. We have a really long conversation. I forgot almost all of it. I can only remember telling her that I was really confused. I told her that I had a brief lucid dream and I just woke up. I told her I wasn't sure what was going on. I felt really sleepy still. I don't remember her reply if any.

      I start missing my wife and look behind me. I see a bunch of folding chairs set out full of people and a woman at a podium. My wife is taking a seat in the middle. The woman at the podium says something about a church service. I feel annoyed. I just woke up. I am tired and I am in no mood to sit through some church service in the middle of the street. I march over to my wife. I sit beside my wife, put a hard hand on her shoulder and ruffly whisper in her ear, "What is this bullshit!?" The woman turns to look at me. It is some blond woman. She looks shocked an a little scared. I feel extremely embarrassed. "OH! Um sorry. I thought you were..."

      I run off to find my wife. The shock of this triggers lucidity. I remember that I took G and was trying to get lucid.

      I am in bed with vibrations.

      Memory gap

      I have another brief FA to lucid here but I can't remember enough to record anything.

      Blanket Attack

      I am back in bed with vibrations. This time I feel like a retard. I very quickly remember the dreams and how I was so close. Now I am more focused and determined.

      I transition out of bed but I am unstable. The blanket suck to my head and I can't see any more. I try to fight it but my hands can't feel anything. I give up and turn to leave blind. I am thrown back into SP.


      The Colosseum - Another failed attempt at TOTY

      I transition out again. This time it is better. But I am blind. I feel my way out of the bedroom. I try opening my eyes for a bit but I realize that I keep opening my real eyes. I see the dream and see the waking world. Finally I stop and focus seeing through my eye lids. Now I can dimly see. This time instead of heading to the front door I wonder what the back door will be like. My vision improves once I reach the back door and have a hand on the door knob. I try to visualize a Colosseum. I think of the line I used last time. I open the door but I see a moon lit back yard. I close the door and try again. Still the same. Not wanting to push my luck and wake up I walk out side. At this point part of me wonders If I am sleep walking. As a RC I try to float. I see me feet lift off the upper level of the back deck. Yep it's a dream. Now, I uncontrollably float over the rest of the deck and do a nose dive into the ground. I flip and roll end over end. Undaunted, I get up and brush myself off. (Brush myself off? lol) It is still really dark so I look up and ask the dream, "I need some light here" Oops I forgot to be polite. "Please." Nothing happens. "Can I please have some light?" I look around sort of wildly. I see a full moon and some stars. I try to focus on the moon but it is like looking through unfocused binoculars. It is really unstable and blurry. I look to the east and see the sun is just beginning to light up the sky.

      Encouraged, I decide to fly to Rome. I "feel" like Rome is to the east. My flying stinks but I remember a trick I learned from Robert W.'s book. I see the closest tall tree and focus on the tip. I go into warp speed. I see the small focused point of the tree but my peripheral vision is a blurry mess. I sort of lose vision for a sec but feel the tree branches smack into me. I blindly grasp and feel something small thorny branches. There is a dull pain but I don't dare let go. I see another tree in the distance. I repeat the exact same thing.

      Will.i.am is now 18!-tree.jpgWill.i.am is now 18!-mountain-warp.jpg

      I look farther out. I see a tree covered mountain range. The sun is rising behind it. The mountains look really far away. They are small and on the horizon. I pick a spot with trees and focus. I fly/teleport. Again, I grasp branches and hold on. I lose vision briefly again. I think that this has to be far enough.I let go and drop to the ground. I land hard.

      I pick myself up off the ground and notice the sky is dark again. I try to imagine the Colosseum again. A huge spot light comes on be. I begin to hear a roaring crowd chanting something. I think, This is it! I pretend I have a sword sheathed on my left side. With my right arm I make a drawing motion. I can hear it come out but I feel nothing. All I can see is my shadow on the ground in front of me. I am a bulky muscular man with a Gladius in my right hand. I am in a fighting stance and ready for battle. At that moment the dream collapses.


      DEILD back into bed. This time I give the SP a little more time. I focus on the feeling and relax. I just wait and watch like I do when I have HI.

      I begin to see a bright blue blob of color. I focus on it. It looks like some sort of animation on a computer screne. I sit up and reach for it. It becomes a tablet in my left hand. I continue to watch the strange blob. I ask the the dream, "What is this?"
      I hear a reply in my mind, "EVIL..... THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED."
      I become afraid. I shout. "YOU FAGGOT! SHUT-UP! NO IT'S NOT!" (faggot? really? Sorry folks, I never use that word IRL) Then I realize that I pretty much just called myself a faggot. I think about stupid it was. The dream collapses.

      The Creep In The Mirror

      I DEILD again and remain calm. I sit in SP again. I am beginning to realize that if I give SP some time and not rush things I will be able to see better. After some time I can see the room. I get out of bed. This time I try to focus on using the bathroom door to teleport to the Colosseum. It is the closest door. I remember the non-lucid awhile back that when I opened the door it led to a park outside. I try to visualize the outline of wall again. I open the door. Nope. Normal bathroom. I try again and the room is a black void. I feel encouraged and walk in. I imagine a Gladius in my hand and try my WILD tech in dream. I make a repetitive chopping action with the sword and wait for the Colosseum to form.

      Suddenly the lights come on. I am just in my bathroom. I can see the sun coming from the window. The light is bright and warm like noon in the summer. I decide to just play around now.

      I go to the sink and look in the mirror. I notice the medicine cabinet is all wrong. It has a sliding glass door rather than a hinged one. I look really creepy and distorted. My body is all jittery and wavy like I an underwater. I focus on my face. My eyes look bloodshot. My goatee is gone and I look like I am 16 again. I gasp and let out a laugh. When I do that there is this strange zooming focus effect in the mirror with the background behind me. I am taken aback. I focus again on my face. I am making crazy faces at myself. I am still wavy and jittery. My reflection give me a half smirk. It looks like someone is photo editing my mouth in real time with a smudge tool. I realize I am not smiling. Then I notice that I have a black, smoky aura around me. I gasp and again the strange zooming effect. It was almost like reality bent and flexed around me. I focus on my face once more and it looks sort of normal. I feel really creeped out and decide to move on.

      I think about going outside so I look out the window. I pull back the blinds but find that I can't see past the screen. Its just really bright light coming in. I decide to head to the front door.

      I walk through into my son's room. And become distracted. I see him asleep in the crib. I lean over him and say "BOOOO!" He makes a face and puts his hands to his mouth. He looks like he is about to cry. I feel really bad that I scared him. I try to comfort him and kiss is forehead. Then I wonder if I am really astral projecting and worry that I am waking him up. Then I get an idea.

      I rush back into my bed room to try and see myself. I go back through the bathroom. There is breif darkness. Then I an standing next to my bed in the dark. My wife wakes up and half-way sits up. I see my body lying in bed in my right side with my legs slightly bent. I notice that MY HEAD IS MISSING. I jump in the bed next to me. It feels like a plastic dummy. It has a shirt and shorts on. I reach into the neck of the shirt but it feels like smooth skin. I remember the headless boy dream the scene destabilizes.

      Concentration is Lost

      I begin to DEILD again. I feel the vibrations buzzing my body. This time I become distracted. I realize that have had a long dream. I feel like I am going to forget is all. I try to think back while keeping the SP going but this much thinking fully wakes me up.

      The time is exactly 7:00AM. I feel a little confused because the room is so dark still. I swear to myself that I am still dreaming but after several clock RCs and awareness checks I quickly realize I am not. It is just cloudy outside.

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    2. Gladius and Darkness

      by , 01-19-2013 at 04:40 PM
      This lucid was long enough that I became legitimately concerned about remembering it. This worry wound up being a bit of a downfall, but it still took me in interesting directions.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #57: Gladius and Darkness

      I'm experiencing deja vu as I walk through an airport terminal, sure that I've dreamed of this place before. I note all of these little details that I believe my mind left out of the dream version of this place -- the color of the carpeting, the man arguing at the ticket counter, the way that the ceiling curves into a dome in this room. Then I hear the sound of hurried little footsteps. Someone tells me "E is looking for you!" (E is my oldest son.) Now I'm lucid.

      I hear E shout playfully from somewhere further down the terminal: "Looking for Daaaaddy!" I know that we're playing hide and seek. I eagerly set off, loving the idea of playing like this in an LD. I move through the terminal and wind up in a series of twisting, narrow office hallways. Other children run by me, possibly engaged in their own games of hide and seek.

      As I'm moving through these hallways, a little hand swipes the back of my leg and E declares, "I got Daaaaddy!" I move toward E to scoop him up but he laughs and runs in the opposite direction. I follow but almost immediately I've lost him in the hallways.

      I wind up back in the airport terminal and wander through there a while longer before coming to a craft table. Wife is standing at this table wearing a smock and molding some sort of clay. I walk up to the table but she doesn't acknowledge me. I grab a piece of clay and tell her, "I'm having a lucid dream." She responds in essence that I should "show her" what that means. (I don't remember her exact words.)

      As I begin molding the clay, it starts foaming and fizzing until the entire surface is covered in a layer of foam. I wipe the foam away bit by bit and underneath is a carved image of a human face. Wife looks astonished. I tell her, "I'm telling you, being lucid is the way to go."

      She hands me a round piece of glass. "Make me a picture of a Christmas tree." I nod, take the glass from her, and rub my hand across it once. Instead of a Christmas tree, I produce a little stained glass picture of an eye.

      Wife looks at it. "Nice. But that's not a Christmas tree. I thought you said you were having a lucid dream."

      A bit baffled, I shrug and say, "I don't know what to tell you." She goes back to her crafts and I walk further along in the airport terminal. I'm loving the experience of being lucid again and I suddenly fret that I'll forget everything that's happened. I try to recall everything that's happened up to this point, but this destabilizes the scene. Everything collapses into darkness.

      I remember that Xanous had talked about handling "dark scenes" by acting out some action like riding a bike or running. I want to perform a Task of the Year, so I will myself to have a gladius in my hand. (The gladius is a sword of ancient Rome.) I swing the sword back and forth in the darkness, imagining that I'm locked in a dark tunnel underneath the Colosseum. I can hear the crowd now, and I know that the gates will open any moment to let me out for my match. I'm nervous with anticipation. I try to remember whether I have to kill for this task, and think that I do.

      I see a blob of light forming in the corner of my vision. I'm filled with fear and nervous tension. But just as I'm bursting with anticipation, the crowd noise dies down and the blob of light forms into a high window in the hallway of a university. My vision is badly distorted around the edges, almost as if I'm wearing a shredded contact lens.

      The window is about 15 feet above me, and I float up to it to start phasing through the glass. The phasing is difficult and awkward. It feels like I'm dragging my body through thick plastic wrap. I finally make it through and then I'm flying over a park in the mid-afternoon. The dream feels thin now, and I fly only a short distance before
      waking up.
    3. The Bike Ride, Rainbow Demon, Horrible Contractors

      by , 01-18-2013 at 01:28 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Pre-bed 5HTP 100MG
      Bedtime 10:00PM
      Trouble sleeping - 5MG Melatonin
      WBTB 2:30AM
      4MG Galantamine, 250MG Choline, 300MG GPC, 1.25MG Melatonin
      3:00AM Took additional 5MG Melatonin, 300 GPC
      Finally asleep around 4:00AM

      119 The Bike Ride DILD

      I am walking down a street downtown behind some people. I see a woman in a blue dress walking quickly past me. She is on her cell phone and looks like a business woman. I think, "Gee working at the office on the weekend?" Then I remember its Friday morning and become lucid.

      I walk fast around the people in front of me for some reason. I look around at the scene. The details are blurry. I think about the basic TOTM and want to ask them to guess my number. I slowly turn around and wonder if the scene would change on its own but when I do the dream destabilizes.

      I keep from waking up by visualizing a motion. I quickly decide cycling. In a few seconds I am back in the dream on my bike. I can feel the breeze and smell the fresh air of outside. I never have smells in dreams and am surprised at this. I don't see any DCs now. The bike ride feels really good. I can feel my leg muscles stretching and working. I think how its been too long since it got cold. "Oh yeah, It's still a dream." I come into some traffic. I feel exhilarated and triumphant. I run into the traffic to let the cars try to hit me. I see a white SUV come my way and then swerve. I yell, "What's up bitches?" The dream fades.

      Again I DEILD by visualizing peddling. I find that I am just lying in my bed peddling in the air. I think I am probably still dreaming but I wonder if I will wake my wife. Then I hear some very original music. It sort of sounds like a pop song but the words are garbled. I am intrigued by it. The music is very moving and extremely enjoyable. I feel joy and exhilaration. I begin to sing to it. I realize my words are garbled and change to humming. I wonder if my wife can hear it in real life. ( I cannot even begin to remember the song now... sad)

      I feel SP now and I get out of bed with very little trouble. The room is dark and I walk to the bedroom door. I pause and try to think of ancient Rome. I know its Greek but the first image I get is the Parthenon.

      I think that maybe it's close enough for a gladiator fight to get TOTY. I expect to see it when I open the door but its just my house. I walk to the dining room and bump into the table. It's totally dark in here but somehow I made the light in the bed room come on by thinking how I need to see. I can see the light coming from behind me but it's not enough to see in the room.

      I can't see my cat but I hear it hiss at me. I reach for it and feel fur and then pain. I squeeze it and move my hand. I feel a giant lump of fur attached to my hand for just a few seconds then it vanishes. I become scared and whimper a bit. I quickly compose myself and yell at the cat. "STOP IT, STUPID! ... I am going outside."

      I walk to the front door. I try to picture a new scene but come up blank. I wake up.

      I have some wakefulness still so I move the to living room recliner.

      I have several DILDs but wake almost instantly. Some I forgot.

      120 Rainbow Demon WILD

      I am in my recliner I have SP. I hear my wife walk into the living room. She says something sexy and then climbs on top of me and straddles me. She pins my hands above my head by the wrists. When I look at her she turns into the rainbow fractal demon. I freak out and push it away. This time I notice there aren't really any fractals incorporated. It's just humanoid shaped and dark. The rainbow colors remind me of how a soap bubble shows color in the sunlight. It's just on the surface and enough to give it definition and detail.

      We are now just sort of floating in the void together. I think, "Hey its a DC I'll do basic." I see it sort of far away and ignoring me. It is turned to its left and appears to be playing Opossum. I know this and go ahead and ask, "Guess a number between 1 and 100."
      It replies with my wifes voice, "Um 69." (Whore)
      I almost laugh at this. "Nah, it was 50."
      I wake up

      Try to DEILD but have DILD.

      121 Horrible Contractors DILD/DEILD

      I hear a noise like a large diesel engine outside and get out of my recliner. I open the door and stand in the doorway. I see some Mexican men working in my yard. They are doing construction. I wonder why they would wake me at 5 in the morning with there construction work. One is pushing a wheelbarrow and the other is on my porch with some strange looking red thing with wheels. It almost looks like a barbecue pit with wheelbarrow handles.

      I am pissed but I realize I am staring at them with a hammer in my hand and wearing only boxer briefs. I don't look at it but I vividly feel there is a hammer in my right hand. Embarrassed, I walk back inside. Then, I think, "Wait. I might be intimidating right now.Maybe I can chase them off." I go back outside and see two cars are somehow parked on my porch. I don't see the men so I walk into the yard. "They better not be working on MY house." I look and see some roofing material on my roof. "Well I guess if they want to. I need a roof." I walk around to find the men and say, "Oh yeah. This is a dream." Everything fades to black.

      I DEILD perfectly and get up out of the recliner. I am much closer to the door now so I easily step outside. Again I am shocked to smell the air. It's like rain. I wonder if am just sleep walking. I realize my eyes are closed. I cautiously open them. I see some distortion then it clears up. I am on the front poach. Again I feel like I am in my underwear. I really hope this is a dream because this might get embarrassing. I step off the porch but notice I am hovering. I laugh. I slowly float to the ground. Then, I jump up high. Then, I float back down. I feel bored now but I remember the advanced TOTM. Fireworks. Its hard to explain but I sort of clap/rub my hands like I am starting a fire with flint and steel. I see a bottle rocket shoot forward and make a little pop and some yellow color. I do it several times again. Then, I decide that I really want a big show. I look up and do one big clap. I see a giant red explosion. Then a green. All typical fire works. Then I get a nice surprise. The color of the next few explosions turn into rainbow streaks. But the odd thing about it was that is looked really 8-bit and in straight lines.

      Similar to this. I think of it as 8-bit because the lines looked dotted.

      I laugh and dance around in the glow of the fireworks. I feel like a child. I begin to sing some children's song (I can't for the life of me remember what it was). I realize my voice sounds like it did when I was a young boy. I wake up.

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    4. TofY Part 1 - Africa

      by , 01-14-2013 at 10:55 PM
      This part of the task of the month involved bringing the Great Sphinx to life and fixing her nose then riding her to the top of The Great Pyramid. This is how it went.

      Sunday January 13th

      I started my WILD thinking about teleportation, particually apparation. I attempted to apparate and found it to be a success. Then I remembered the TofY and apparated to Egypt, just in front on the great pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. I brought my wand out of my pocket and pointed it at the Sphinx, realizing as I stood there that I had no idea at all what the spell to bring things to life was. As I stood there dumbfounded I just decided to wing it, pointed my wand at her and I thought 'This will work. Please work. Come to life!" and low and behold, she came to life. I began to climb up the side of the sphinx and then on her shoulder looked down and remembered I hated climbing. I squeaked "Please may you climb down so I can fix your nose!" And she started to climb. The Sphinx had been stood on a stone rectangle cuboid thing and so I dropped off off her shoulder and landed on this. When she stood on the floor her nose reached about my height so I set about fixing her nose, holding my wand up and crying "accio concrete!" NOt sure why I chose concrete to fix a statues nose but I did and the next thing I knew I was using a little trowel to sculpt a triangular nose onto the Sphinx's face. As I looked up I realized it was late afternoon when the sun is heading towards setting and everything's really really pretty and sun glown and yeah. At this point I looked up and realized I was next to THE GREAT PYRAMIDS OF GIZA!!! I was amazed. After this I turned to the Sphinx and said "Is there any respectful way that I could climb up to the top of the pyramid with you, could I cling to one of your legs as you climbed?" and she looked at me and in a silky sort of purr she said "Certainly young one, but most people want to ride on my back" and I looked at her blankly and replied "But that's not very dignified for you. That's not your purpose. YOu were supposed to eat travellers who didn't pass your riddle!" She purred a little giggle at this and started to climb to the top of the pyramid so I clung to her leg until we reached the top. As we looked out over the top I looked up at her and asked if that was Cairo over in the distance and she turned her head and said "It certaintly is my dear child." As we watched the sun set a little more she kept talking. "You spoke before of my riddle young one. Do you know the riddle?"
      I then recited the riddle to her (What walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs at midday and 3 legs in the evening) and she proceded to ask me if I knew the answer. When I answered with man and explained why it was correct (you crawl as a baby, walk as a child/adult and use a walking stick as an elderly person) she sort of smiled. "good my dear child. The youngest generation is not as hopeless as the myths are saying. Go on your way. As you said before, I have to spare those who answer my riddle correctly. Journey safely young one, the path ahead is a dangerous path indeed." She climbed back down and sat herself on her perch again as I skipped off into the distance.

      I then looked for a phone to find my friend, appeared in his room and then shook him awake. I told him about the TofY. Then I looked at him and said "I don't know why I woke you up. You're dreaming." He looked at me in confusion and said "No I'm not." I grinned at him and said "Yes you are! How else would I be at your house in the middle of the night? I can't drive, and my mum can't bring me here." He smirked at me, moved over so I could lie down next to him and said "Well you're so stalkerish I wouldn't put it past you to walk!" Then we had a conversation, I kissed him goodnight and left.

      Dream over.
    5. The Kangarant

      by , 01-13-2013 at 04:29 AM
      I'm glad to be in a patch of more peaceful, relaxed lucids that are geared toward exploration. These are usually among my favorites and tend to provide more opportunity for completing tasks. (Not that I was successful completing anything in this dream, of course, but theoretically...)

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #56: The Kangarant

      I'm in a small prop plane flying over a high, snowy mountain range. There are two other guys in the plane with me, both in their 20s. There are no seats -- everyone is standing. Nobody appears to be piloting the aircraft.

      The plane barrels toward a mountain peak, and I shout, "Agggh, watch out!!" But the plane clears the peak (though just barely) and the two guys high five. They look at me like they don't get why I'm being such a baby.

      "Where are we?" I ask. One of the guys ponders this for a moment and says, "California."
      California? "No way," I think, and become lucid.

      The plane goes into a hard, sickening turn to the right and starts losing altitude. My two companions think this is great, but I want off. I phase my left hand through one of the plane's windows. After a brief pause, the rest of my body follows and I'm flying outside in the clouds, the plane buzzing off into the distance.

      I'm descending pretty rapidly but I feel like I'm in control. Unexpectedly, I pass by a gray-haired man who's dressed in an Army Service Uniform. He looks extremely high-ranking, almost certainly a general. He's staying still while I'm moving so I whoosh right by him. He's muttering something as I fly by, but I can't make it out.

      My descent slows and I land in an airfield. Some planes are taxiing on runways while others are refueling. There's even a rocket set up nearby! It looks vaguely like a Saturn V but it's way too small.

      Stranger still are the animals roaming everywhere across this airfield. Each has at least one human handler. I spot camels for sure, and several other types that I can't remember. But the animal that really grabs my attention is something that I can only describe as the cross between a kangaroo and an elephant. (Kangarant? Eleroo?)

      This animal is about 30-feet tall, gray-skinned like an elephant, but with the powerful hind legs and dainty forelimbs of a kangaroo. It has a marsupial pouch but its head has tusks and a modest trunk. The head is elephant-like, but sleeker and longer than an elephant's. I watch this beast in fascination for a while. A handler on a raised platform is passing it some kind of hay to eat. The kangarant munches away, passive and content.

      I start thinking about tasks and I fly past the airfield to see what's out there. I come to a beach where several vendors have stalls set up. I decide that this is Australia and that I should do the Australia Task of the Year. I remember something about Mel Gibson.
      Actual task: ("Hitch a ride on a sea turtle, dolphin, or humpback whale and explore the Great Barrier Reef. Bite a great white shark and don't die. ") I decide that since I don't know what I'm doing I had better try something else. I decide to figure out some kind of way to travel to the Colosseum and have my gladiator battle.

      I convince myself that a time machine will appear behind me. I turn around, shouting, "Time machine!" This fails to do anything but make me feel stupid.

      A girl who looks like she's about nine walks up to me. I think she's perhaps Philippina. I ask, "Can you show me the way to the time machine?"

      She nods, looking a little cross with me. "But I'm not a girl! I'm a boy!" She glares at me, waiting for me to make this right. I don't really know how to respond, since she can apparently read my mind (and I still think she's a girl.)

      "Sorry...?" I offer, and this seems to satisfy her. She starts running inland across a nearby road and I follow. We've only gone a short distance when
      I wake up.
    6. try TOTY with the Sphinx

      , 01-13-2013 at 03:31 AM
      1 LD
      my bed moved and i understood that its a dream,i was in parent's house, some light was in the bathroom - i opened the door - darkness and i made a step in the darkness thinking about desert, piramids and sphinx. I land somewhere, sank under my hands and the picture became clear, but it there was so bright sun light that i could see only people legs and foots. soon i got accustomed and saw, that i was on some upland and under this upland was a valley with some piramids and sphinx. I flew but it was difficult to land , i just couldn't land for a while. When i land i stood just opposit the sphinx and trying to make him allive and it became detting smaller till the size of a big dog. I still tried to allive him. One eye became sparkling and then other eye. but i lost awareness and awoke in false awaking.
      2 LD
      in false awaking i wrote down my lucid and lied down, felt strong vibration, stood, made RC, i was in the street, and some man pursue me. I kiled him with my finger like my finger was a gun. Other solder twisted my arm- i said - look, and put my free arm in the wall, took of fingers and move a little. But it didn't impressed the solder and i went into real, and again awoke in falce awaking.
      3 LD after i wrote down my second ld in false awaking copy-book, i lied down and tried to enter the dream once more. I understood that its a dream, made RC, saw my son in the room. I went to other room and shut the door, then i jump in the floor and wanted to be near sphinx. I found myself in right place, but there were 2 sphinxes.. and one was alive and jumped with enormous crash around me and i woke up in real
    7. Pyramid Parkour and the Task of the Year

      by , 01-10-2013 at 06:42 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was driving in a car, I'm not sure what kind, down a large hill on a long, winding road. There were a few cars coming from the other direction and for some reason I thought there wasn't many for this time of day, it must've been rush hour or something. As I came to a bend in the road I looked over the guard rail overlooking a large cliff with a huge city in the valley below. I turned to my sister who was in the passenger seat and said, "We're almost there." We must've been going to whatever city that was. As we turned the corner I noticed temporary dividers in the middle of the road, like they would put down for construction, but nobody was working on the road. There weren't even any vehicles. As we continued down the road I noticed that there seemed to be an awful lot of police cars, the majority of whom were pulling people over. I wasn't speeding so I thought I was fine.

      I distinctly remember passing a small, deep purple sedan with a cop standing next to the door. He was leaning into the car trying to reach something in the passenger seat. I didn't know what it was or why he was doing it but I continued on driving glad it wasn't me pulled over. Right as I thought this I saw blinking lights in my rear-view mirror; Damn, why me!? I continued around the next curve and pulled over to the side of the road. The officer got out of his car and had a very large hat on, much like troopers often wear but much bigger. He started walking towards our car and I began to get nervous. When he got to our car he didn't stop, he just kept on walking past us. He went around the next bend and when I looked behind me the cop car was gone. I looked over the edge of the cliff that the road weaved down and could see the officer standing at the bottom looking up at me. He winked.

      For some reason this bumped me into lucidity. I'm not quite sure why but I didn't really question it; I was glad to have ended my dry spell and did a quick clock check for a RC. At first it said 3:17, pretty normal. I looked away and turned back to it. This time it said 9:62. Perfect, this was definitely a dream. I got out of the car and rubbed my hands together, not wanting to waste my first LD in a couple weeks. I asked my sister who was still sitting in the passenger seat and had been silent the whole time what I should do. She looked at me and said, "Weren't you asked to do some tasks or something?" Ah-ha! The TotY! The first one that came to mind was the Colosseum one but for whatever reason I decided against it. The next one that popped into my head was Africa, riding the great sphinx and fixing its nose.

      I got back into the car and decided I would try a different way of getting there instead of just teleporting. I pushed a button that just appeared on the console and the car began to hover above the ground. I pulled back on the steering wheel which could now move like the controls of a plane and pushed the gas pedal. Away we went. I flew over the city, going quite fast since I figured we were in America and had to fly over the Atlantic. I looked down and couldn't quite tell what city it was but it was surrounded by desert and mountains beyond that. I figured either Las Vegas or Phoenix Arizona. It only took a few seconds to reach the mountain range and when we crossed it I could see the great pyramids over the other side. I opened the console of the car and found a staples button. Cheesy, I know, but I pressed it and a loud and, for some reason, female voice said, "that was easy."

      I pushed down on the steering wheel and eased on the breaks. We landed about 200 yards from the sphinx and I knew I had to ride it up the pyramids but felt like something else was missing. Of course, the nose! As I looked it over I realized that its nose was completely intact; the whole thing looked like it had been completed just days earlier! What the heck, I was supposed to fix it . I figured since I had to fix it I might as well break it first. I flew up to its face and pulled my arm back, taking a good, solid swing at the nose. The tip fell off but I needed more, granted the whole thing was twice the size of me. I ran my hand along the bridge of the nose and then hovered over it and kicked down. The whole thing slowly slid down the face of the sphinx and it looked just like it did in the history books.

      Now I had to undo what I just did. I was a little annoyed at it but hey, I want to get this done! I floated back to the ground and picked up the nose. Even though my arms couldn't reach all the way around it I was still able to somehow lift it. I flew back up to its face and set the nose in place. I then pushed it into the face and the whole thing fit like a key. Apparently this was indeed some sort of key, for the sphinx immediately began to move. Slowly but surely the whole thing stood up, looked around, and gave a long stretch and yawn. It then proceeded to lick itself, damn cat.

      I hopped on its back and tried to get it to move, granted the thing's back was 25 feet wide, it wasn't a horse. I squeezed my legs like one would to get a horse to move but the sphinx just looked around and then laid back down. What the hell, this was supposed to be fairly straightforward! I thought for a moment while it started to drift off to sleep and then remember seeing cats chasing the little red dots that laser pointers create. I reached into my pocket and, sure enough, there was a laser pointer! I pointed it at the pyramid and could faintly see a little red dot, not nearly enough to get this thing's attention. I figured that, if it were a little bit darker out the light would be easier to see. I looked down at my wrist and found a watch. It said 4:00 P.M. so I pulled out the little time-set thing and changed it to 8:00. As the hands moved forward the sun went down and the moon came up. This was pretty cool, given that I had never really changed the time of day before.

      As the sun went down I could feel the dream begin to fade. Damn, I haven't done this in a while! I quickly rubbed my hands together which stopped the fading and brought back some clarity but I knew that I didn't have much time left. I patted the sphinx on its back, which was still quietly laying there. It began to stir and I pointed the laser pointer at the ground in front of it; it was easy to see now! The sphinx's ears twitched and its head perked up, clearly noticing the little dot. I pointed at the pyramids which were about 400 yards away. The sphinx jumped up and immediately began to bound towards that light. I squeezed my legs as tight as I could just to stay on.

      When it got close to the pyramid, the sphinx jumped, trying to pounce on the light. I quickly moved it up about halfway to the top of the pyramid, but it still ended up hitting the base and knocking some blocks off. C'mon, kitty, don't knock the thing down! It regained its awareness and found the dot again and immediately jumped up, running up the pyramid. This thing was steeper than I thought, it had to be at least a 40 degree angle
      (after googling it, the actual angle is almost 52 degrees). The sphinx stuttered on a few steps as blocks fell out from under it but it continued to climb up the top.

      I pointed the light right at the very peak and, right as we got close to the top, the sphinx jumped again, this time overestimating the height and clearing the entire pyramid. We both fell down for a few hundred feet and when the sphinx finally landed it began to slide down the side of the pyramid. The ride was quite bumpy and I could feel the dream beginning to fade. We reached the bottom just a couple seconds afterwards and I immediately jumped off, rubbing my hands to try and stabilize but to no avail. I decided that, since the dream was pretty much over and I had accomplished what I wanted to do, I would give the sphinx a treat. I waved towards the distance, motioning for something to come towards me. While doing this I envisioned a giant fish coming out of the horizon towards the sphinx. I tried to reward it for its hard work but just as I though I saw the fish come over the horizon
      I woke up in my bed, my arm over my head in the same position I was waving in. The entertainment isn't confined to just the dreams

      One down, six to go. Hopefully the next one won't take three weeks just to get lucid
    8. The Cestus

      by , 01-06-2013 at 12:47 PM
      Nowhere near a success, but at least the Task of the Year is on my mind!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #53: The Cestus

      I知 in a bathroom, looking for a stall to use. I don't feel desperate, but I'm not being very careful as I swing one open. Inside I find a guy standing there peeing right into the drain on the floor. I bleat, "Sorry! Sorry!" as I try to hurriedly close the door. But unfortunately, the stall door has completely disappeared, leaving me no escape from this excruciating situation.

      I知 embarrassed for him peeing into the drain like a barbarian and I知 embarrassed for me throwing open the door like an idiot. I stand there marinating in the awkwardness for a moment before it becomes so painful that I have a false awakening into...

      ...the same bathroom.
      I don't buy that I woke up in a bathroom, and I become lucid. The bathroom is empty now and I知 standing by a sink looking into a mirror. I note that the stall doors are all closed again and that I badly need a shave. I cannot handle the idea of leaving a bathroom without washing my hands, so I'm glad that the faucet works. I don't see soap anywhere but fortunately I manage to get over this.

      I head outside into the hall and it looks like the hallway of a dark hotel, deep blue carpeting and flickering fluorescent lights. I can go left or right and I choose left. When I head to the left, though, I see a writhing black cloud of smoke at the end of the hall. It looks like the smoke monster from Lost. I mutter, 的値l pass... and head back the other way down the hall.

      The electric lights flicker for a moment and then the whole scene starts to darken and press down on me. I rub my hands together and the details feel real, down to the deadlift calluses at the pinky, ring, and middle finger joints. When I do this, there痴 an electric crackle and the lights come back on. I walk for a long way down the hall but somehow it just seems to get longer and longer. I want to either find a DC for basic Task of the Month or get to Rome for the Colosseum battle Task of the Year. I start to feel fretful that I'm going nowhere and the scene
      fades to black.

      I feel it coming, though, and I relax and prep for DEILD. Another scene begins to form. I知 walking through a concrete structure that looks like a parking garage or the innards of a stadium. I知 wearing something like a cestus, a nasty-looking, studded leather wrapping around my hand. This isn稚 the Colosseum, but I feel like I can turn this into the 摘urope Task of the Year. I知 armed and the location seems like something I could massage into the Colosseum with a little effort.

      But I notice that I feel like I知 no longer able to breathe. The breath simply doesn't feel like it's coming anymore. I know it has to be an illusion but the sensation is terrifying. I try to relax and wait for this to play itself out but some part of me panics and
      I wake up.

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    9. Angel Falls TOTY (January 5, 2013)

      by , 01-05-2013 at 09:31 PM (Exploring the Dreamscape)

      Angel Falls TOTY

      I lost stability in the last dream and woke up. I used it as an opportunity to perform a DEILD. I wanted to go back into the dream I was just in because I realized the place would be very good for the Angel Falls task of the year. I rolled over and tried to think of the scene of the last dream I was in. For some reason a scene from a dream I had the night before came to mind though. When I went into the dream, I ended up in that scene instead. The scene was a house next to a river that had been wrecked by a dragon. It was a cool dream so I might write it tomorrow.

      I was in the dream, in the wrecked house, and I was lucid. I looked around and realized that this place wasn't where I wanted to be. I was tempted to stay in this scene and continue from where I left off the night before. I thought about it for a moment, but decided that I should do a task of the year. I gathered some energy in my hand and made a swiped at the space in front of me. This swipe ripped open a hole in space-time and jumped in. The portal took me to the void. While thinking of the scene from the previous dream, I opened up another portal while focusing my memory on it. I jumped through the new portal and fell into the new scene.

      I was on top of a mountain now. It was very flat and open there. I could hear the rumbling of the waterfall, so I walked towards it. I looked over the edge of the cliff and saw a rain forest below and a river running through it. Next to me was the waterfall which I assumed was Angel Falls. At the bottom of it was a large pool of water that emptied into the river.

      My task was to jump off of Angel Falls. So I simply did that. I jumped off the cliff and into the waterfall. I slid along the outside of the waterfall as I fell. I landed in the pool of water at the bottom, which was very deep. I went down pretty far below the surface. Luckily I can breathe underwater in dreams. The pool of water was surprisingly calm.

      I swam back up towards the surface as quickly as I could. As I got closer, I noticed there were a few people swimming in the water. When I came to the surface, I looked at them. I recognized one of them as River, my dream guide. River was excited to see me and impressed by my jump. I can't really remember the actual conversation though.

      On land, I saw a couple men loading some crates onto a truck. They seemed suspicious to me I guess. I used the dragon morph on my eyes to give myself dragon vision. Dragon sight gave me the ability to see auras/energies. When I looked at the crates, I noticed that there were a few shadow men stuffed inside. It seemed like they were trapped inside, which I thought was hilarious, but it was also very strange. Something just as strange in of the crates was a large bell. The reason I thought it was strange was because only magical or living things should have an aura.

      I started swimming over towards the shore so I could question those guys about it. As I was swimming over, I heard a roar and looked up at the sky. I saw a large group of dragons flying over us. It was just like the group of dragons in the dream I had the night before. A dragon then came down from over the mountain and landed on a nearby rock. I could tell it was about to breathe fire at us. I immediately grabbed River and dove under the water. The fire hit the water, but we were safe. A few seconds later the dragon just flew off and forgot about us.

      I rose back up to the surface with River and swam to the shore. The men with the crates were now gone. I chose to chase after the dragons. I called to River for her to follow me and ran into the rain forest. I just kept on running in the general direction that the dragons were flying. I wasn't running through the forest for long before the dream destabilized and I woke up.
      lucid , task of the year
    10. TOTY Fail - Roman Colosseum

      by , 01-05-2013 at 05:08 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      WBTB 3:30-4:30
      Little over 100MG Caffeine
      Trouble getting back to sleep
      5MG Melatonin
      WILD fail - SSILD

      115 TOTY Fail - Roman Colosseum - DILD

      I am in the living room watching TV and playing on a tablet. I couldn't go back to sleep after my WBTB to I just got up and went to the living room. I notice it is light outside and the girls wake up and come into the living room. I wonder how long I have been up since 3:30AM. I look at a clock. Even though it is day light outside it's only 3:35am.

      I tell the girls it's too early and they should go back to bed. I walk into the bathroom and go pee. Am I am peeing I think how my WBTB was 3:30AM so it should be much later. I shrug it off and think maybe I was wrong. For some reason I start thinking about how I need to fish that tablet out of the tank of the toilet. Then, I forget about it and flush the toilet.

      I notice I have 4 arms. Two are free but the others are trapped under my shirt and shorts. I can see my hands coming out of the bottom. I can feel my free arms like normal but the two that are trapped feel dead and not apart of me. For a brief moment I think maybe its my wife hugging me from behind and I get a little "happy". I quickly realize it is not her. I struggle a bit and then I realize that this is just too weird and I become lucid. I laugh at the arm situation but the fact that this is a dream seems impossible at first. All I can think is that I just peed and it all felt so real. I decide not to worry about what that might mean in the waking world. I forget about my arms.

      I want out of the house. I turn around and see a full window. I notice this window should be in the girls room not the bathroom. I shrug it off and dive through the glass. The top half of me pushes through fine but I get stuck at the waist. I tell myself the glass is not there and push down from the outside with my hands. I grunt as my waist and legs slowly come free. I come outside and land on my hands. I quickly get up and notice how It seems like dawn or dust but is the light well enough to see fine. (Small victory for an easy exit and light!)

      Now I am standing outside. This part of my yard and driveway look normal. I don't focus on it too much but the neighborhood looks about right too. I think how I want to do the Rome TOTY. I need to teleport so first, I try to rip a whole in the fabric of this reality. I reach up in front of myself and make a tearing motion with my hands. I try to imagine the scene ripping like paper and opening into a dark void. I thought I saw something for a second but it was like trying to imagine something while awake. Nothing would happen. I felt really stupid making hand motions in the air so I thought to try something else.

      I tried to spin to see if the scene would change. Every thing blurred in motion and then went dark. I fell to my hands and knees. I was not happy but told myself not to worry. Just wait and try to imagine a Roman Colosseum. I waited sightless feeling the ground with my hands, straining to see something.

      After a moment, I see I am back in my front yard. There is a large red truck with a camper shell parked on the street. I think of how I used a "vehicle" in the September TOTM to travel. I decide to make this work. I hurry around the side of the truck. I feel rushed as I have no idea how much time I have. I pull on the driver side handle. Unlocked, Yes!

      I don't even look at the ignition because I worry that I won't see a key. I reach and expect to feel it there. It is. I start the truck. I focus on the street outside so that I keep focused and don't loose my vision again. I feel around the steering wheel for buttons. I push random ones like in Sept TOTM and say, "Roman Colosseum." I see the buttons light up but nothing happens. I push the gas and expect to see light blur and streak like a Star Trek warp but, to my disappointment, the engine just revs.

      I say, "OK,We will do this Back-To-The-Future style." I throw the shifter into drive and punch the gas. I see the street in front of me begin to darken but I just focus on the speedometer. I don't see any numbers but I have and idea of where 88 MPH is. I repeat "Roman Colosseum" over and over as I accelerate. The engine is making a horrible noise like the truck has no muffler. I find it odd but ignore it. As I am waiting to reach speed as the dream fades to black and I wake up.
      lucid , task of the year
    11. Finding the Answers Within

      by , 12-30-2012 at 05:08 AM
      This entry would probably fall in to the category of my most favorite lucid dreams. I've never had a lucid dream that went on for a long time! It was also one where summoning Quynh felt like a bad idea at the time, though, I did meet some beautiful girls on the way.

      I first started inside a hotel room, one that views long strips of the city streets. The first person I noticed here was a girl who posted a dream entry on Youtube. She was seated right next to the window. There were also a few other people here, but I could not remember their faces. They all appeared calm.

      My job at the time was to punish these people for something I may have forgotten about. From there I noticed some lettering on my left wrist. The lettering I have in reality read "Dream" on my left wrist. There was obviously something wrong with the lettering in the dream. I stared at it closely, very closely and noticed strange triangular symbols written on it. I looked up to a girl's face to my left and felt the feeling of really being in a dream. I was now dreaming.

      I began my first move by promisingly yelling at them and commanding them to break the hotel windows. They never said a word. I felt in control but I also felt bad as I stood there staring at their terrified faces. I walked outside the door in the room and closed the door.

      I walked in to a chef's kitchen room. It looked more like the inside of a mall when I saw the chef's cooking tools in there. There was a chef I talked to. He was a very tall, dark man who looked busy at the time. I followed him as he was cooking up some food and eventually asked him my favorite question. "We're in a dream." He didn't say anything for a moment but then replied, "I don't know." I was hoping to receive a more sensible answer. So, I turned back and saw a teenage girl. I walked up to her and told her, "We're in a dream." She didn't say anything either! I was out of ideas.

      My first idea was to summon Quynh and hope I could get her face right this time. But then again, I found it more exciting to see what I can find in the dream world if I lasted a little longer. I went ahead and followed that idea. It wasn't a hard choice at the time, probably because I tried summoning her in a dream before this one, but failed.

      My lucid journey began with a bad thought. There was nothing else I found exciting on the moment, so I tried something I could not do in waking life. I wanted to kill someone with a knife, just to see how it feels to stick a blade down someones back. I walked towards the chef's table of tools and opened individual cabinets, looking for a knife. At my worst luck, I could not find any. All I found was spoons and I'm pretty sure they won't do much to someone who is willing to fight back. I gave up on that idea.

      After checking all these cabinets, I saw a group of teenage boys walking up to the table in front of me. One of them was carrying a long pick fork. I hoped they weren't there to kill me. They stood in front of the table in front of me and starting and just stood there. I was relived he didn't try to kill me. I then left this area and continued on to a scenario in the dream.

      This next scene, I was back at Pacific High School. It was already dark. I was on the parking lot riding a powered scooter all over it. It was had for me to control the vehicle but most of the times I rode it without a problem! A few seconds after riding the scooter, I saw a huge crowd of students walking out of the school. Me and my scooter were heading right towards the fence in front of the school. Sooner or later, I realized I was going to crash in to the fence and did. I felt embarrassed but no biggie, I laughed after it. I also noticed a girl laughing somewhere in the crowds of people. At first I thought she was laughing at me but then I noticed she was laughing at someone else in the parking lot.

      The dream changed faces again. This time I appeared in a mall, where my lucid world felt more beautiful to explore. The mall was pretty full. It reminds me back when I had the dream about a woman giving me a piece of candy with a letter in it. I didn't do anything that would cause the dream to fade away, so I kept calm and carefully explore the world.

      I walked through crowds of people finding things of my own interest. I found a few girls and decided to accompany them for the rest of the dream. I saw an Asian girl standing in front of small store. I walked up to her and held her right hand. Now that I think of it, this was really awesome! Usually, only the Asian girls want to be just friends with me but this was where my dream came true! Well, in a dream it did. We didn't even walk too much though. There was this other girl walking to our left but this time she was holding another guy's hand. I ditched the other girl and walked in front of the couple. I extended my left hand towards the girl as she grabbed mine. The dude even encouraged me to take her by pushing her towards me! I felt like a pimp.

      This other girl I stole from the guy was even more beautiful, well from the back she was. I stared at the back of her head and noticed how vivid it looked! I was so glad I stole her from him. But anyways, I continued the dream by searching the mall for something interesting, even though I already found someone. I did find an old friend on the way. I found Valerie, one of the girls who went to piano class with me. She was in front of a store yelling out sales.

      I walked around the mall for a while not doing much but observing everything I saw. I do remember trying to use my imaginary powers to break down some walls in the mall. I pointed my fingers at these walls and was hoping for an explosion. Nothing happened.

      After long minutes of just walking through the crowds, I finally noticed the girl right next to me changed her appearance! It was strange at first because she looked a lot like my sister! I was no longer interested. So, me and my older sister decided to take a trip down the parking lot outside the mall, which appeared to be inside the mall. Me and my sister walked through it and made our way past a street just outside the mall.

      I paid close attention to the cars driving past me. Some of them were going in the wrong directions, I felt. I walked past the street and only a thought of one thing. This was my dream and even if I do embarrass myself, my brain would be the only one would know, unless Leonardo Di Caprio tries to steal an idea off me...

      I walked up towards a park and musical class I saw in front of me. I saw a piano inside the music class and a few students right next to it. I feel like I've been here before. To my right I saw a classroom full of elementary students listening to some of the adults reading to them. I stared at them. I noticed the restrooms were right next to the music class and far from the classroom of students.

      I wanted to see if I can use some kind of secret powers against a gate I saw in front of me but it still wouldn't work. So, I moved over to the classroom of students and told them and the adults out loud, "We're in a dream!" They all looked at me as if I was crazy. Then the dream ended.
    12. My personal DJ

      by , 12-17-2012 at 03:31 AM
      This is my dream journal. I will be recording my experiences i have in my wierd mind here. enjoy!
    13. Tibetan Nuclear Winter

      by , 12-10-2012 at 05:44 AM
      I tried to achieve the "Trinity" Task of the Year item, where you witness the world's first atomic detonation. I got nowhere near the Trinity site, but having the atomic age on my mind had lots of interesting side effects.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #40: Tibetan Nuclear Winter

      I'm on a Final Fantasy-style quest with Wife and my son E. I even have "4245/4245" hitpoints, so I'm feeling pretty impressed with myself as we knock on the door to ask some character in the game for help.

      Things suddenly turn nightmarish as we walk inside the house. The house's owner steps out of the shadows and his face is gaunt and drawn, the skin tight and shriveled like a corpse. His eyes are pure white. As he advances toward us, he tells us in this droning zombie voice that "I'm not an American. I've never been a human." His gaunt, zombified wife steps out of the shadows and starts droning the same thing. This is absolutely terrifying to me and
      now I'm lucid.

      I hustle Wife and E out of there back into the daylight and fortunately the corpse-things don't follow. The three of us follow a stone path past a well-kept grassy lawn until the path turns into a smoothly ascending slope. Soon Wife and E have disappeared, and I'm climbing higher up this slope by myself. I continue, badly wanting to know where it leads.

      After climbing for a while, the wind picks up and a light snowfall starts all around me. I see that the stone path (barely six feet wide), stretches hundreds of feet over a vast, snow-filled valley. When I look at the surrounding mountains, I see a number of Tibetan monasteries and beautiful pagodas nestled among the peaks.

      I think about the task of witnessing the Trinity explosion and almost immediately a mushroom cloud erupts over the distant mountains. The sky goes dark and the wind increases to a howl, the snowfall growing heavier at the same time. Strangely, I don't feel any colder.

      More mushroom clouds spring up silently over the horizon. There are maybe half a dozen or more blasts. Suddenly, one of the pagodas explodes like it was packed with TNT. The path that I'm standing on starts to crumble away in front of me and I can't walk any further.

      I take to the air and try to fly toward where the nuclear explosions are thickest, hoping that I'll still come up with some way to pull off my goal. I imagine a wind swelling up behind me to carry me over the mountains but in an instant all of the remaining monasteries explode and the stone path crumbles into the valley. This time I feel the blast and I wobble in flight. The last thing that I see is a swirl of snow before
      I'm awake.

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    14. A stressful night...

      by , 11-26-2012 at 12:56 PM
      Non-lucid | Lucid | Extra notes

      That wasn't quite a good night. My dad was snoring and I couldn't manage to focus on repeating my mantras while falling asleep, but I do remember a few dream fragments. All of them are non-lucid, and might not necessarily be in the order in which they happened.

      Dream Fragment #1: I'm sitting at the dining table in my living room with two friends, A and P, and the first also brought his sister. For some reason, I thought we stood as the only guitarists in my school and that we were the "guitarists' club"; I remember turning myself towards a table (that does actually exist) to grasp onto something but the dream either faded away or I can't remember more than that.

      Dream/Dream Fragment #2: This one is longer than the first one. I basically dreamed of having a work experience in some kind of Paris' suburbs, working if I can recall well enough in a laboratory or a research center. First of all, I was in a dark, hotel-looking room, and I could see a road through the window. Moments later, I found myself in a bus, making my way back towards Paris, then some three or four friends of mine (including C), whom sat almost next to me, started talking to me and said we'd be late by more than one hour for our next class, considering the school was far away from the laboratory. However, we arrived in a courtyard shortly after she'd said that and I saw two, if not more, other friends (A, and P from dream #1). A was walking on a fence, laughing and shouting while P might have stood below A on the ground. Here's the end of the dream or it is at least all I can remember.

      I know for a fact that those two dreams were the last ones I had this night, as I struggled to fall asleep and kept moving in my bed due to being uncomfy. I might seriously use earplugs at night, considering that'd help to avoid hearing my dad's snoring.
    15. Entry #1: An Introduction/Update

      by , 11-22-2012 at 09:57 AM
      Dear diary,

      mood: apatheti-

      Had to. Anyvay.

      I believe I have had two sort of Lucid Dream experiences, if not please correct me on these. They could just be reality effected dreams or something of the sort. I may have had more before, but I cannot recall them. On that note, I may have had more than the ones I am about to mention. Anyways.

      The first too realistic dream was when I was in the 5th grade. So about 10 or 11 years old, about a decade ago. I was very into Godzilla. Our class pet was an Iguana, named Flick. I wanted to take him home for the summer so bad, but alas. I did not win the drawing, nor would my parents allow it. I honestly don't know why I would want it, other than to observe it. The freewill of animals has always sort of scared me, like when a big toad hops towards me it creeps me out a little still. I would catch frogs as a kid, but the second they move in my hand, I would open my hand. I actually killed a friends frog on accident because of this later on in life.

      The dream was quite odd. I was at a fairground, there were many circus type tents around, layed out like buildings, sort of gridded by streets. I was having a great time doing whatever it was I was doing there. Suddenly, a giant Iguana emerged from the horizon. I did as anyone would do, freak out. I took cover into one of the many tents, and waited for what felt like a very long time. Still, the monster found me and pulled me out by my leg. He then proceeded to shake me, breaking my leg, simultaneously waking me up. When I awoke my leg was between the bed and the wall, and I woke up probably by twisting my leg.

      The second vivid dream I will share was very brief. It was in the 7th or 8th grade, the night after Halo 2 came out. I had a toy that was an illuminating ball wrapped in a stretchy rubber spikey shell. When you squeeze it, it lit up. I had removed the casing, so it was just a light up ball. For some reason it was underneath my pillow that night.

      In the dream, I was myself, or Master Chief, or some sort of super soldier fighting off aliens. In the dream I pulled out a plasma grenade(a glowing blue grenade that sticks to opponents) and pushed the button to activate it before throwing it. I then woke up with the light up sphere toy flashing in my hand as I lobbed it into my wall out of fear of it being a live grenade. Great. So onto now.

      Tonight will be the 5th night I have attempted to LD. The first night, I was way too tired and just rolled onto my side and went to sleep. The second night was a different story however.

      I first initiated by trying to have controlled breathing, sleep breathing, whatever. Next, I began the "shut down" of my body, while keeping my body awake by performing multiplication problems 1322222 so on and so forth. When I realized I could control my blinking I started to feel like I was going to fall asleep.

      In order to prevent this, I kept doing what I was doing (multiplying odd numbers by two) in order to keep my mind "running hot" so to speak. After this, I began to feel a spinning sensation and was beginning the entry phase I believe. Then, out of nowhere a wild sno-

      Lightning struck outside, illuminating my eyelids scaring the living crap out of me. This increased my heart rate, and caused me to beginning breathing heavily. Being semi-conscious, this creeped me out. I do not like my heart rate getting like that.

      The third and fourth nights follow a similar story to the first, basically just falling asleep or losing the will to stay awake so on and so forth. Last night, the fourth night, I did have a vivid dream which I failed to record, which I will do so in a separate entry.

      Maybe there I will begin to get creative with my entries fonts and stuffs.

      I will try again tonight to LD. I will keep trying until I do so!!
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