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    1. Finding the Answers Within

      by , 12-30-2012 at 05:08 AM
      This entry would probably fall in to the category of my most favorite lucid dreams. I've never had a lucid dream that went on for a long time! It was also one where summoning Quynh felt like a bad idea at the time, though, I did meet some beautiful girls on the way.

      I first started inside a hotel room, one that views long strips of the city streets. The first person I noticed here was a girl who posted a dream entry on Youtube. She was seated right next to the window. There were also a few other people here, but I could not remember their faces. They all appeared calm.

      My job at the time was to punish these people for something I may have forgotten about. From there I noticed some lettering on my left wrist. The lettering I have in reality read "Dream" on my left wrist. There was obviously something wrong with the lettering in the dream. I stared at it closely, very closely and noticed strange triangular symbols written on it. I looked up to a girl's face to my left and felt the feeling of really being in a dream. I was now dreaming.

      I began my first move by promisingly yelling at them and commanding them to break the hotel windows. They never said a word. I felt in control but I also felt bad as I stood there staring at their terrified faces. I walked outside the door in the room and closed the door.

      I walked in to a chef's kitchen room. It looked more like the inside of a mall when I saw the chef's cooking tools in there. There was a chef I talked to. He was a very tall, dark man who looked busy at the time. I followed him as he was cooking up some food and eventually asked him my favorite question. "We're in a dream." He didn't say anything for a moment but then replied, "I don't know." I was hoping to receive a more sensible answer. So, I turned back and saw a teenage girl. I walked up to her and told her, "We're in a dream." She didn't say anything either! I was out of ideas.

      My first idea was to summon Quynh and hope I could get her face right this time. But then again, I found it more exciting to see what I can find in the dream world if I lasted a little longer. I went ahead and followed that idea. It wasn't a hard choice at the time, probably because I tried summoning her in a dream before this one, but failed.

      My lucid journey began with a bad thought. There was nothing else I found exciting on the moment, so I tried something I could not do in waking life. I wanted to kill someone with a knife, just to see how it feels to stick a blade down someones back. I walked towards the chef's table of tools and opened individual cabinets, looking for a knife. At my worst luck, I could not find any. All I found was spoons and I'm pretty sure they won't do much to someone who is willing to fight back. I gave up on that idea.

      After checking all these cabinets, I saw a group of teenage boys walking up to the table in front of me. One of them was carrying a long pick fork. I hoped they weren't there to kill me. They stood in front of the table in front of me and starting and just stood there. I was relived he didn't try to kill me. I then left this area and continued on to a scenario in the dream.

      This next scene, I was back at Pacific High School. It was already dark. I was on the parking lot riding a powered scooter all over it. It was had for me to control the vehicle but most of the times I rode it without a problem! A few seconds after riding the scooter, I saw a huge crowd of students walking out of the school. Me and my scooter were heading right towards the fence in front of the school. Sooner or later, I realized I was going to crash in to the fence and did. I felt embarrassed but no biggie, I laughed after it. I also noticed a girl laughing somewhere in the crowds of people. At first I thought she was laughing at me but then I noticed she was laughing at someone else in the parking lot.

      The dream changed faces again. This time I appeared in a mall, where my lucid world felt more beautiful to explore. The mall was pretty full. It reminds me back when I had the dream about a woman giving me a piece of candy with a letter in it. I didn't do anything that would cause the dream to fade away, so I kept calm and carefully explore the world.

      I walked through crowds of people finding things of my own interest. I found a few girls and decided to accompany them for the rest of the dream. I saw an Asian girl standing in front of small store. I walked up to her and held her right hand. Now that I think of it, this was really awesome! Usually, only the Asian girls want to be just friends with me but this was where my dream came true! Well, in a dream it did. We didn't even walk too much though. There was this other girl walking to our left but this time she was holding another guy's hand. I ditched the other girl and walked in front of the couple. I extended my left hand towards the girl as she grabbed mine. The dude even encouraged me to take her by pushing her towards me! I felt like a pimp.

      This other girl I stole from the guy was even more beautiful, well from the back she was. I stared at the back of her head and noticed how vivid it looked! I was so glad I stole her from him. But anyways, I continued the dream by searching the mall for something interesting, even though I already found someone. I did find an old friend on the way. I found Valerie, one of the girls who went to piano class with me. She was in front of a store yelling out sales.

      I walked around the mall for a while not doing much but observing everything I saw. I do remember trying to use my imaginary powers to break down some walls in the mall. I pointed my fingers at these walls and was hoping for an explosion. Nothing happened.

      After long minutes of just walking through the crowds, I finally noticed the girl right next to me changed her appearance! It was strange at first because she looked a lot like my sister! I was no longer interested. So, me and my older sister decided to take a trip down the parking lot outside the mall, which appeared to be inside the mall. Me and my sister walked through it and made our way past a street just outside the mall.

      I paid close attention to the cars driving past me. Some of them were going in the wrong directions, I felt. I walked past the street and only a thought of one thing. This was my dream and even if I do embarrass myself, my brain would be the only one would know, unless Leonardo Di Caprio tries to steal an idea off me...

      I walked up towards a park and musical class I saw in front of me. I saw a piano inside the music class and a few students right next to it. I feel like I've been here before. To my right I saw a classroom full of elementary students listening to some of the adults reading to them. I stared at them. I noticed the restrooms were right next to the music class and far from the classroom of students.

      I wanted to see if I can use some kind of secret powers against a gate I saw in front of me but it still wouldn't work. So, I moved over to the classroom of students and told them and the adults out loud, "We're in a dream!" They all looked at me as if I was crazy. Then the dream ended.
    2. My personal DJ

      by , 12-17-2012 at 03:31 AM
      This is my dream journal. I will be recording my experiences i have in my wierd mind here. enjoy!
    3. Tibetan Nuclear Winter

      by , 12-10-2012 at 05:44 AM
      I tried to achieve the "Trinity" Task of the Year item, where you witness the world's first atomic detonation. I got nowhere near the Trinity site, but having the atomic age on my mind had lots of interesting side effects.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #40: Tibetan Nuclear Winter

      I'm on a Final Fantasy-style quest with Wife and my son E. I even have "4245/4245" hitpoints, so I'm feeling pretty impressed with myself as we knock on the door to ask some character in the game for help.

      Things suddenly turn nightmarish as we walk inside the house. The house's owner steps out of the shadows and his face is gaunt and drawn, the skin tight and shriveled like a corpse. His eyes are pure white. As he advances toward us, he tells us in this droning zombie voice that "I'm not an American. I've never been a human." His gaunt, zombified wife steps out of the shadows and starts droning the same thing. This is absolutely terrifying to me and
      now I'm lucid.

      I hustle Wife and E out of there back into the daylight and fortunately the corpse-things don't follow. The three of us follow a stone path past a well-kept grassy lawn until the path turns into a smoothly ascending slope. Soon Wife and E have disappeared, and I'm climbing higher up this slope by myself. I continue, badly wanting to know where it leads.

      After climbing for a while, the wind picks up and a light snowfall starts all around me. I see that the stone path (barely six feet wide), stretches hundreds of feet over a vast, snow-filled valley. When I look at the surrounding mountains, I see a number of Tibetan monasteries and beautiful pagodas nestled among the peaks.

      I think about the task of witnessing the Trinity explosion and almost immediately a mushroom cloud erupts over the distant mountains. The sky goes dark and the wind increases to a howl, the snowfall growing heavier at the same time. Strangely, I don't feel any colder.

      More mushroom clouds spring up silently over the horizon. There are maybe half a dozen or more blasts. Suddenly, one of the pagodas explodes like it was packed with TNT. The path that I'm standing on starts to crumble away in front of me and I can't walk any further.

      I take to the air and try to fly toward where the nuclear explosions are thickest, hoping that I'll still come up with some way to pull off my goal. I imagine a wind swelling up behind me to carry me over the mountains but in an instant all of the remaining monasteries explode and the stone path crumbles into the valley. This time I feel the blast and I wobble in flight. The last thing that I see is a swirl of snow before
      I'm awake.

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    4. A stressful night...

      by , 11-26-2012 at 12:56 PM
      Non-lucid | Lucid | Extra notes

      That wasn't quite a good night. My dad was snoring and I couldn't manage to focus on repeating my mantras while falling asleep, but I do remember a few dream fragments. All of them are non-lucid, and might not necessarily be in the order in which they happened.

      Dream Fragment #1: I'm sitting at the dining table in my living room with two friends, A and P, and the first also brought his sister. For some reason, I thought we stood as the only guitarists in my school and that we were the "guitarists' club"; I remember turning myself towards a table (that does actually exist) to grasp onto something but the dream either faded away or I can't remember more than that.

      Dream/Dream Fragment #2: This one is longer than the first one. I basically dreamed of having a work experience in some kind of Paris' suburbs, working if I can recall well enough in a laboratory or a research center. First of all, I was in a dark, hotel-looking room, and I could see a road through the window. Moments later, I found myself in a bus, making my way back towards Paris, then some three or four friends of mine (including C), whom sat almost next to me, started talking to me and said we'd be late by more than one hour for our next class, considering the school was far away from the laboratory. However, we arrived in a courtyard shortly after she'd said that and I saw two, if not more, other friends (A, and P from dream #1). A was walking on a fence, laughing and shouting while P might have stood below A on the ground. Here's the end of the dream or it is at least all I can remember.

      I know for a fact that those two dreams were the last ones I had this night, as I struggled to fall asleep and kept moving in my bed due to being uncomfy. I might seriously use earplugs at night, considering that'd help to avoid hearing my dad's snoring.
    5. Entry #1: An Introduction/Update

      by , 11-22-2012 at 09:57 AM
      Dear diary,

      mood: apatheti-

      Had to. Anyvay.

      I believe I have had two sort of Lucid Dream experiences, if not please correct me on these. They could just be reality effected dreams or something of the sort. I may have had more before, but I cannot recall them. On that note, I may have had more than the ones I am about to mention. Anyways.

      The first too realistic dream was when I was in the 5th grade. So about 10 or 11 years old, about a decade ago. I was very into Godzilla. Our class pet was an Iguana, named Flick. I wanted to take him home for the summer so bad, but alas. I did not win the drawing, nor would my parents allow it. I honestly don't know why I would want it, other than to observe it. The freewill of animals has always sort of scared me, like when a big toad hops towards me it creeps me out a little still. I would catch frogs as a kid, but the second they move in my hand, I would open my hand. I actually killed a friends frog on accident because of this later on in life.

      The dream was quite odd. I was at a fairground, there were many circus type tents around, layed out like buildings, sort of gridded by streets. I was having a great time doing whatever it was I was doing there. Suddenly, a giant Iguana emerged from the horizon. I did as anyone would do, freak out. I took cover into one of the many tents, and waited for what felt like a very long time. Still, the monster found me and pulled me out by my leg. He then proceeded to shake me, breaking my leg, simultaneously waking me up. When I awoke my leg was between the bed and the wall, and I woke up probably by twisting my leg.

      The second vivid dream I will share was very brief. It was in the 7th or 8th grade, the night after Halo 2 came out. I had a toy that was an illuminating ball wrapped in a stretchy rubber spikey shell. When you squeeze it, it lit up. I had removed the casing, so it was just a light up ball. For some reason it was underneath my pillow that night.

      In the dream, I was myself, or Master Chief, or some sort of super soldier fighting off aliens. In the dream I pulled out a plasma grenade(a glowing blue grenade that sticks to opponents) and pushed the button to activate it before throwing it. I then woke up with the light up sphere toy flashing in my hand as I lobbed it into my wall out of fear of it being a live grenade. Great. So onto now.

      Tonight will be the 5th night I have attempted to LD. The first night, I was way too tired and just rolled onto my side and went to sleep. The second night was a different story however.

      I first initiated by trying to have controlled breathing, sleep breathing, whatever. Next, I began the "shut down" of my body, while keeping my body awake by performing multiplication problems 1322𠂺2 so on and so forth. When I realized I could control my blinking I started to feel like I was going to fall asleep.

      In order to prevent this, I kept doing what I was doing (multiplying odd numbers by two) in order to keep my mind "running hot" so to speak. After this, I began to feel a spinning sensation and was beginning the entry phase I believe. Then, out of nowhere a wild sno-

      Lightning struck outside, illuminating my eyelids scaring the living crap out of me. This increased my heart rate, and caused me to beginning breathing heavily. Being semi-conscious, this creeped me out. I do not like my heart rate getting like that.

      The third and fourth nights follow a similar story to the first, basically just falling asleep or losing the will to stay awake so on and so forth. Last night, the fourth night, I did have a vivid dream which I failed to record, which I will do so in a separate entry.

      Maybe there I will begin to get creative with my entries fonts and stuffs.

      I will try again tonight to LD. I will keep trying until I do so!!
    6. Iboga: My First Lucid Experience From Materiality to Spirituality & a New Committment to Lucidity

      by , 11-16-2012 at 07:51 PM
      I ingested a traditional tribal "flood" dose of Iboga, a oneirogen that induces a waking dream state for 12 - 48 hours & has been used for centuries by the people of Gabon as a coming of age shamanic plant. Basically you're Lucid Dreaming while awake. I decided to take the root when I found out about it & how unlike hallucinogens the visions you receive from Iboga are not vague or open to much interpretation. Many people see parts of their life replayed, they feel the pain or joy their actions caused. Some see deities or significant people in their life including people who've passed away. Some people claim it's the tree of knowledge of good & evil from the bible.

      It was risky for me to begin with because I have a heart condition & Iboga is very intense on the heart. The idea is to experience complete ego death which is followed by all the visions. Going through hell to get to heaven. Knowing this I decided to take the root right before going into the emergency room so in case if anything happened I would be in good hands.

      I was really yearning for a spiritual aspect to my life which had been lost. All my life I was told what to believe mixed with my own beliefs & thoughts about all these different possibilities. I felt as if it would be best for me to experience what is true for me spiritually myself. So I decided ego death & true transcendence along with visions of my life would give me some answers. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

      Introducing your new resident metal-head..... ME!-226022_173492909452774_1369104690_n.jpg

      It started to come on subtlety at first, in the emergency room waiting area things became very dim & dead looking like all the warmth to colors was slowly being sucked out. I started to feel as if I was riding some giant wave of reality in isolation of everything around me. Like the world could swallow me whole at any moment. I started to get worried because the waiting room was full & only 30 minutes into a 2 day experience I could already feel some effects. I kept trying to stress the fact I had ingested something that could send me into a psychotic break, get sick, or kill me. That I needed to be in a bed with a heart monitor & people who could check on me & bring me water while I began to purge.

      I eventually get to a room & there's a bed, I'm questioned by doctors nurses & staff constantly as I'm starting to trip. I tell them I ingested it for spiritual purposes & that I should avoid being overstimulated. I purposefully brought a long a sleeping mask & my phone to play music to help move things along. As soon as we made it to the room all this was taken as a precautionary measure to ensure I wouldn't try to hurt myself or someone with it. They kept questioning me for what seemed like an hour. The first part of the trip felt like my body was trying to escape reality, the conscious voice in my head got increasingly paranoid about death, going crazy, saying something wrong to the doctors or nurses. I increasingly was drawing a complete blank as I was being questioned, I kept saying umm more & more as thoughts escaped my mind. My consciousness was becoming consumed with fear as I lost the ability to think & create a coherent sentence. One doctor made me feel guilty saying I ingested a hallucinogen & I was wasting taxpayer money in my "recreational pursuit". This was a search for truth, for meaning. Eventually I asked to be left alone trying to avoid over-stimulation after I answered the same questions about 5 times to 5 different people.

      I drank some water which was brought to me & my heart starts pounding like crazy, I hear this intense buzzing in my ears that sounds like I'm near a high voltage transformer or surrounded by beehives. My heart is spiking off the charts on the monitor & I'm told I went into VTAC Ventricular Tachycardia (where your heart beats so fast it could stop). I'm so nauseated & worried at this point I purge into a bucket this green liquid, it looks like I puked up part of the hulk or Nickelodeon slime. I start to feel this energy building at the base of my spine, like hot magma or electricity charging up. At this point my heart is going so fast I'm convinced I won't make it through this & that before I knew it I would be moving onto whatever's next. At this point my ego is just screaming in my head like it wants to murder me, "You're going to wake up insane, you're heart is exploding get ready for the pain, you're dead.. nice job".

      Introducing your new resident metal-head..... ME!-579181_199565330178865_107535776_n.jpg

      Eventually after what seemed like hours of fighting between death & my mind I accept death. With acceptance I slowly start seeing with my eyes closed - red very strongly, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, then violet. As this is happening I feel that magma, that energy, that electricity building at the base of my spine slowly move up as I accept my fate. I kept thinking of mercury moving up a thermometer. With complete acceptance I jolted out into the universe a soul past the purple into an infinite white light. Being a part of it but there was no sense of "I" no me, no body, pure spirit & an overwhelming sense of connectedness & unconditional love overwhelming every ounce of being. Being one with the big bang, forget infinite energy, light, the realest thing you could sense in there was pure joy, bliss, unconditional love, complete peace. No thought, stillness, nothingness, the void.

      I wake up sometime later after being moved to what I learn later is the ICU. I'm incredibly lucid & the personal visions are starting to come, I'm so lucid it's like the power of lucidity carried over into waking life. I imagine this medical light on the ceiling that looks like a mushroom cap stretching & changing shape. As I believe it stretches it does so & it really seems to work when I send it unconditional love from my chest. I imagine stretching it so far with love I eventually break through the ceiling into another room.

      Introducing your new resident metal-head..... ME!-534578_194096464059085_2061048134_n.jpg

      The first room I broke through into was like a dusty old worn down house with cobwebs all over, wooden floors, a broken window, & it looked like something no one would really appreciate. I notice in the dream I'm wearing clothes that appear to be like Link from Zelda. I'm greeted by two groups of people to my right. One of which is very happy, joyful, they have an inner-childlike sense to them. Curious, compassionate, encouraging, happy to be alive. They're cheering me on & saying great things about the room appreciating everything. I get the sense this is what I must do to move on. Love the room impartially, seeing the good in it. The other group of people seems miserable, they're void of color full of grays & find fault with the room saying things like "Ewww". I decide this is not the direction I want to take & I break down the wall by loving the place I'm at.

      I end up in another room & another they're all very similar except each consecutive room is characterized by things of the chakra system. It seemed as though I was breaking down walls to move energy from the 1st chakra (the root) to the 7th chakra (the crown). The root is at the base of the spine & the crown is at the top of the head. A hierarchy of energy from the base of the spine to the top of the head; from the physical aspects of existence to the spiritual. Overall all the same lessons were to be learned. If I hesitated in loving a room, in breaking down a wall I was sent back to the beginning. It seemed like my visions were very influenced by the video games I played growing up. After a lot of tries I made it to the heart chakra (the central 4th & central chakra, the point where the physical aspects of our world become intertwined with the spiritual). Tibetan Buddhists believe the heart is responsible for the white light I saw, the white light people describe seeing before death right before moving onto the next life. Once I got to the heart alot of the questions I wanted answers to started getting answered.

      Introducing your new resident metal-head..... ME!-577036_133455673456498_106690346_n.jpg

      I wanted to know who my soul mate was, what the meaning of life is, why we're here, what is truth for me. The first answer I got was about my soul mate. Right before the trip I was torn between this girl Windy & a girl Samantha I had just met who reminded me of Windy. Then it seems as though Windy had forgotten all about me but she holds such a big place in my heart I wasn't ready to move on. A free spirit, a soul that burns in the night with a deep passion for life, a fire within that you only read about. Her way of living inspired me to begin my spiritual journey which led me to this point. Little did I know there's a reason I dream of her almost every night, why I get Deja Vu around her so much, why when we first met I felt us both gaze into each others souls & I had this incredible sensation like we had met before. Iboga showed me we're soul mates & now I'm left waiting for the right time, for a chance to be her friend. If I ever get that chance I'll make it last until the end. In the vision when I reached the heart chakra I heard my voice boom out loud like I was asking who my soul mate was, it happened automatically like I didn't even have to think of it. It was like because I wrote down all my questions before taking the root the questions were already programmed into my subconscious to be asked later. As soon as that happened Windy appeared on a green lotus flower platform suspended in space & from there she yelled "Kenny! I love you! with such enthusiasm it warmed my soul. I heard her say "We're meant for eternity, our love will stand the test of time". The platform symbolized her heart chakra as I was on mine we communicated our love & our platforms moved together suspended in space until we were together & hugged & kissed with such passion I could feel a beam of love going from my heart to hers with such pure joy & ecstasy it was as if we became one in that moment & our souls were in complete bliss just combining with the others counter part.

      Every part of this experience seemed more real than waking life & everyone I saw that I knew personally seemed to be their true self, like the inner child in them was fully out to be them-self, they were so creative & enthusiastic & passionate about everything they did or said. That alone was inspiring to me, passion is a big part of a joyful existence. Enthusiasm, joy, an inner curiosity & appreciation for everything. Every moment. Being true to yourself & not letting your mind convince you to hide or discard aspects of yourself. We have to laugh at the mind, our fears, doubts, insecurities, repression, limiting beliefs. They're all the enemies of progress & reaching our true potential I feel like I got the answers to my other questions through breaking through the walls & becoming one with the clear white light, pure consciousness, connectedness, bliss, joy, I'm a part of everything & everyone as they're a part of me. Unconditional love is the most powerful force in the universe & we have to learn to appreciate everything we do have. I live in America & have a car, a guitar. Do you know how amazing that is? We should all be happy when our basic needs are met because some people don't even have that luxury! Don't wait until you're nearly dead to start being grateful!

      This by far was the most beneficial experience I've ever had even though it almost killed me it's like every day is a gift now. When the experience was over I was exhausted & slept for quite a while, when I woke up i saw the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen from my hospital bed & I was so grateful to be alive, I made sure all the doctors & nurses knew how much I appreciated them taking care of me. I still laugh because when I woke up the kept asking me all these funny questions in case if I had gone crazy.. You did this for spiritual reasons? You said you were selfish before? Do you think eating is selfish?

      Introducing your new resident metal-head..... ME!-76233_194096590725739_584512785_n.jpg

      Beliefs shape our reality, lucidity will show you that so take what you learn with lucidity back to waking life & meet your true potential, that is my foremost goal. Don't be afraid to explore, reintegrate lost parts of yourself, face nightmares with love & see what happens. Lucidity is an invaluable tool. In my second lucid dream ever through belief I was able to experience that ego-less state once again & I woke up feeling great! I highly recommend reading "Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self" by Robert Waggoner if you get the chance. I'm now completely committed to Lucidity for life. I ordered the Remee lucid dreaming mask & I'm so happy, this marks the beginning of my dream journal here & the beginning of my journey to the inner self. To reintegrating every last lost part of me. Healing what I rejected in the past & facing any & all fears. Going on adventures to space, Europe, Australia, Africa, Egypt, the Amazon all with my soul mate Windy who is still in my dreams almost every night (I bought an engagement ring by the way) & I'm saving it until the right time. Thanks for reading! I hope maybe I can inspire someone to strive for lucidity or to just go after their dreams I know my beliefs aren't for everyone. Happy dreaming
    7. I Found a Plausible Method

      by , 09-28-2012 at 07:14 PM
      After a lot of misses and less hits with DILDs, WILDS, EILD, Subliminal methods and everything that I could possibly throw at this every night, I finally found a method that seems to be working for me. I found out about this due to curiosity. At first I thought the first try was just luck but it seemed peculiar to me. But when I did this successfully 2 more times I found out that this simple method actually works! And it gave me more consistent hits then the DILD method alone.

      Basically what I did yesterday was I just went about my day and wasn't even thinking about Lucid Dreaming because I was in the stage where I nearly gave up because I was going at it so long. But during a visit from a friend I suddenly had a random thought about how my friend keeps being portrayed in my dreams. Then I thought to myself.... "I will have a LD tonight." and I did it while knowing that I would, with no doubt in my mind. Then I would push that aside and forget about it while going about the rest of my day.

      Sure enough, during a dream about Candy and awesome tasting cookies that were put left out on a living room table. And my NJROTC class (which seemed to much more like the military then a high school program.) I got mad at them because I wound up being the odd man out somehow. And I got in a verbal and almost physical argument with one of the higher ups. It seemed to me that a lot was at steak because we were in a parking garage complex and some kind of enemy was out there. After the argument I realized that I wasn't just the odd man out anymore, I now had to get out of there because I apparently did something worse. So I dashed out and I looked around my surroundings which were beautiful. It seemed to me that this was an entire base out in the middle of an awesome grassy field. The grass wasn't ridiculously long it was about as normal as my grass in the back yard. but the color green was more faded with the evening sky. The sun wasn't fully down yet. Suddenly the feeling of being in between awake and asleep came to me, it didn't hit me, it kind of faded in while I was running. Then I said to myself subconsciously, "there it is again! That feeling!" I stopped for a moment and thought, "Alright now I'm going to try running at sound speed!" I closed my eyes and I could feel myself running, (which was awesome!) but I couldn't feel that push or any speeding up. I opened my eyes again and sure enough I was going at normal pace. I thought that if I focused that I'd be able to. Then I consciously, and on purpose, tried to really do a Kamehameha wave, but all I got was a near black out because I really focused the crap out of it and pushed it. Then I thought to myself that I need to ground this dream more. So I ran over to the metal roof that was buried in the ground and that led to the other distant part of the base. It was an outside spot with all of this stuff. Basically I got the impression that this was a small refugee camp or something. I started to feel the metal and focus on it, but it was too much in a hurry because the sub thought conveniently came at the back of my mind that I'm going to lose control again. I could feel the metal on my hands which was a first because I never felt anything in my dreams like that before. I could feel the bumpy surface and everything, but I lost the control. Then some other random dreams followed.

      Despite the fact that I messed up. I didn't fail, this was a learning experience that helps me so much now. Now I know it was that feeling that I got when I would wind up in limbo after being knocked silly out of a dream. It was the same feeling from the first Lucid I ever had. I remember it, and I felt it, and now I know this method works! It simply uses the weapon that I'm using already during my waking life, I believe that there isn't anything that I can't do as long as I put my mind to it, failure only happens if I let it. It's because of this state of mind that I'm excelling in my college classes and my art work is looking the way it should, and the way I want it. This technique supports DILD and I think it may support others as well I don't know but I'll check as I continue fooling around with this one. BOO YEAH!!!
    8. Finally!!! First Lucid 20 15 minutes long!! :D

      by , 08-31-2012 at 05:06 PM
      I finally did it. I unitentionaly did a WBTB and a DIELD that resulted in a long ass vived as hell lucid (: I forgot how I got to where it started but my friends grandma was giving me some clothes that she bought me when out of nowhere I realized that I was dreaming. I remember doing a RC but I'm not sure when. I mighthave had a false awakening, did the RC then and forgot i was lucid until later. I'm not sure, but then I spinted off down the hallway jumped off the staircase and did a flip down to the bottom (this is my own ohuse btw). I'm shooting across rooms and I make it to my backdoor. By this time the dream is just becoming more lucid. I open the back door and say to myself," Here I go, time to fly." I'm a little tempted because it's dark outside but I go out anyway. I start to sprint as fast as a can and jump right over the back gate. At first i start to fall but i remind myself i'm dreaming and start to lift off again. Insted of the golf course being in my backyard it's a medivel warfield going on. I swoop down and grap on of the troops with one of my hands and smack everyone else around me with it. I have no idea why xD then I drop him and somehow end up back at my house. At this point the lucid wen't away for a second because I was taking out the trash (which I would never make myself do lol) but a saw my family out by the car except my mom and sister were these weird alien things that kinda looked like that Jar Jar guy from Star Wars? and my dad was a giant. This just futher made me believe that I was dreaming(: so I what should I do now? First thing that comes to my mind was to head over to the hot neighbor's house and maybe get lucky so for some reason I try and give my mom and excuse to go over there and she says' she'll come with. and so will the rest of the family -___- So i'm walking over there with them and it's very bright out now. In fact it's more vived then ever. I say the word "contrast" and things become more detailed in color. Then I say "brightness" and everything got even more vived xD the rest of the dream wasn't very exciting. It was me sitting at the house while everyone else was in the pool. It took me about a minute or so before the lucid fadded away and someone tried to poke. at the exact moment i woke up aha. It was a really cool expeirnece. definitely look forward to more lucids!
    9. Multi-Tasking

      by , 08-19-2012 at 11:49 PM
      I've done alot of reading up on it and I've been telling myself to master DILDs first. But after this month I've had a change of heart. I'm going to master both WILDs and DILDs I need more control over my sleeping pattern and I'm truthfully (and regrettably) becoming impatient with the results that DILD is producing alone. I would either have an LD and then lose all of the minimal control that I already have by doing something stupid and extravagant (Like a Kamehameha wave). I'd rush the LD, or I'd become too exited and go into a free falling tailspin and get knocked so hard that i'm in twilight. And I have no say about what happens because of my excitement. So I'm going to preform and try WILDs every night before sleep (which I know is a no no; it should be 4 to 5 hours into sleep) until I get it. I already have some knowledge of what a partial WILD is because I've been up to the hallucination level more than once. But I used to get freaked out and wonder if I was going crazy because I'd hear voices so many times. So if anyone has any comments, criticisms, questions, concerns, let me know because I'm going into this head first, and I'm not stopping. Until I can do both or at least one of them.
    10. oh my god. just met my dream guide ROFL!!

      by , 08-07-2012 at 01:55 PM
      PMG MU GOD<---------( first thing i typed hahahahahah! i was so excited i couldnt even spell)

      okay so this lucid dream was induced by having a WILD and it was amazing!!!

      so as usual when i go form awake to lucid dreaming, im awake but i feel this sensation of my body being pulled out of bed its so bizzare, i feel my skin brushing up against the blankets, and an immense buzzing through me, and as soon as its over, i wake up in my dream.

      i was 100% lucid, so much so that i was worried about talking or moving in my way,
      shape or form, thus waking up my boyfriend sleeping right next to me.
      i tried to fly out from my windows but sometimes the laws of physics are
      ...still binding in my dreams so i kinda smacked into the glass and decided id rather run because i felt too amazing.

      I stepped out of the appartment trying not to wake my dream boyfriend, i was fully clothed now wearing a jean jacket and a pink shirt, my cats tried to follow me out but i shooed them back in and closed the door because hey, theyre still my cats

      as soon as I got out, this janator was coming in and i grabbed him by the shoulders
      like i was a crackhead who needed a fix...seriosuly i i shook him a little lol and asked him if he was my dream guide
      he said something obscure and random and i said "oookay, im thinking youre not"so i asked him agian and he said no

      still in the hallway something came upstairs from the basement....
      it was that baby head spider robot thing from toy story.....i grabbed its craneum and hesisted to even ask..."oh god, are you my dreamguide?" it shook its head "no" whith a sigh or relief i bolted out of the building,
      I was trying to fly aroundbut it wasnt working well. i bumped into cars and as high as i would get, my feet would still brush the grass underneath me and frankly i was just too hyper to concentrate.

      I walked over where i park my car which is underneath this giant concrete thing with a tennis court on it.
      but it was different, there were no cars and there was a giant hole in the concrete as if someone had bulldozed it open.
      the concrete pieces were scattered around and mixed in with rocks,
      it kinda made this hill leading down to a little river.
      i stood in the quiet space for a moment and then remembered the task at hand.
      "DREAM GUIDE i want to meet you!" I shouted into the sky, I stood there and listened/waited.
      then some pebbles began sliding down the hill on my right hand side,
      there had to have been movement causing those pebbles to fall
      i felt it in my gut...this is it.
      i walked over to where the rocks had fallen from
      "oh god, this is the moment ive been anticipating forever" i thought to myself
      i peeked up the hill around the concrete and there he was,
      sitting in the rubble............ FEZ from that 70's show HAHAHAH

      i knew deep down in me that he was my dream guide, i coud feel it.
      after i stopped laughing hysterically in happyness and about how my dream guide is freakin fez
      he was so good natured and just sat there smiling calmly while i laughed and tried to get over my hyperness,

      i stooped over the rubble and said "okay so you know what i have to ask right?"
      he nodded and continued smiling
      "are you my dream guide?" his smile turned into a grin "yes"
      i even asked him three more times to make sure and he answered yes each time
      but I could tell he was making a "you know i am" face.
      it was incredible i couldnt beleive it, i then made a joke saying
      "dont worry i wont ask about how to get with ladies"
      and he just kind of looked at me in confusion LOL woops...
      i dont think my dream guide watches that 70s show....
      anyways i felt like a bit of an idiot, i always make akward jokes, and if hes my dream guide he knows that already anyways so who cares lol
      I then asked "if i didnt ask for you, would you have show yourself to me on your own?"
      its weird how he doesnt even really need to talk much or say too many words for me
      to understand what hes saying.
      he sort of gave me this look which someone would percieve as confusion but i knew for some reason he was saying "i came when you asked for me and needed me, i would only show myself when you felt ready to see me."
      then i woke up from too much excitement -_-

      after i woke from immediate lucid state into reality I pretty much LEAPED out of my bed and whipped into the living room to write this down.
      i met my dream guide. and he is fez. oh my god.
      at first my thoughts are "can i change his appearance? would that be wrong? can i take him seriously as fez giving me life advice?" but in a weird way its like....i dont care, something opened up in me about my dream guide that is beyond appearances, he may have looked like a hilareous slightly racist tellevision character but he didnt act like it.
      the only thing i would change is maybe for him to have some pants and a shirt on next time lol he probably didnt wanna wear bellbottoms and a ruffle blouse.....understandable.

      I cannot beleive this just happened still.it was my most important goal and i got it on my first real successful WILD after like a year of no lucid dreaming, i think he knew how much it meant to me and that ive been struggling to find motivation to keep up with it and this would make a world of differece and fuel me.

      my hands are actually vibrating with how much adrenaline is running through me im so frakin happy right now and i cant seem to stop typing!!!BWAAA!!!
      i went to bed at 7:23 and woke up at 8:40
      and im still kinda tired so i think im going to go back to bed, maybe fez is waiting for me at a disco roller rink, who knows. HAHAHAHA XD my dream guide rocks.
      knows that i think about it. fez makes perfect sense! bahahaha
    11. Fly-by Lucidity gets Pretty Frustrating

      by , 08-06-2012 at 04:45 PM
      Every morning I've woken up and I have written down so...many....pages.... But no matter what I do, when I have lucidity, I lose it just as fast as I gained it, or I'm aware but I can't do anything significant. This doesn't discourage me from repeatedly trying again and again and again until I get it. But it's a little frustrating to know that I have only so much knowledge of what it feels like to be lucid. My basic idea (and when I mean basic, I mean that I really can't confirm it but it would seem about right) is that I suddenly feel like I just woke up, and I went back into the dream or I'm thinking about the dream as if I was awake. There has to be a way to get myself to mount firmly before I lose that control. Because I lose it as soon as I see it. How do I know that the feeling is lucidity? Well I checked back to my first experience (which was the most vivid of them all) and I realized that after seeing that I was in fact dreaming, and then getting my arse knocked around in that tail spin because I got too exited, that same feeling followed, and it was there with me while I was in my spinny, blurry, limbo. then I realized that I've had this same feeling many many many times before especially when I'm in a tail spin. So my question is, how the heck do I mount myself in the dream before I lose the control? I don't think the "I'm an anchor" thing works. Anyone have any suggestions?
    12. Toys?!/Self Reminder

      by , 07-31-2012 at 05:37 PM
      I've been keeping my guard up since I've started, it's no surprise to me really, I just find it kind of funny that I happen to have toys and action figures as one of my dream signs. It's either toys or cartoon characters that still hold a spot as my dream signs. As for Master Mind's technique, I'm getting better recall, and I'm still seeing the transition from one dream to the next. In fact, I had a bad night the previous night because of heat. But I see another trend starting to form. I always knew it was there but I could never put the two dreams together, the transition would sever them and keep me from ever putting the two dreams together in relation to plot, only bits and pieces would come up, if I was even lucky to have that. So now I got one month to go, and as a reminder to my future self, should I get discouraged if I'm not happy with where I'm at: Set another 2 months and try again! It's summer! You hate Summer! If you get discouraged then just know you'll do better toward the Fall and Winter seasons.
    13. Accidentally the phone

      by , 07-17-2012 at 12:27 AM
      I woke up on phone and I Wonder where I am. then I accidentally all over the phone and on my Dog. I Was very disappointed when I see that my Dog dead. And my Phone break. All over the kitchen floor my mess there. So I Had to pick it up and it very dirty in side. I Drank the soda and juice and reestablish connection to netwok and accidentally all over your face this time. Was not happy.

    14. Almost There!

      by , 07-04-2012 at 05:31 AM
      I'm reaching about near the same amount of weeks that it took me to get lucid last time. Since then though, I've only realized that I must've been dreaming about 2 to 3 times up until now. If I could do it without trying then I can do it more often then I know, simple as that. As for my recent dreams, I've been keeping track, and writing them down on a note book. I'll update this Journal when I get the chance. This is just me checking in.
    15. Sputnik TOTY and Advanced TOTM; Helen's Eruption TOTY (July 3, 2012)

      by , 07-04-2012 at 01:03 AM (Exploring the Dreamscape)

      Sputnik TOTY and Advanced TOTM

      The earliest thing I can remember is falling out of a portal and flipping onto my back. I landed in the middle of a forest on the grassy floor. My dream guide Krystal then hopped out of the portal and landed next to me. Portals, Krystal, and a forest were enough to convince me I was dreaming. I got up off the ground and asked her, "Where are we?".

      "Russia," she said.

      "Soviet Russia?" I asked jokingly.

      "Yes, and you'll be going to space," she said seriously.

      "Wait, what?" I said confused.

      She guided me through the trees to an opening in the forest. There was a launch pad located there. On top of the launch pad I could see some sort of pod or satellite that looked like a lot like Sputnik. Off in the distance I could see a couple towers. I was assuming the people in the towers were the ones who would launch Sputnik and observe it. Krystal climbed up a ladder to the top of the launch pad and I followed her.

      We walked under Sputnik and she stopped to give me instructions. "There is a certain book I need you to find that can only be found on an alien planet. The book will be marked with the symbol of a circle and a plus sign on the left side of the circle. This satellite will take you to that planet," she said.

      "Isn't this a little much for for a book?" I asked.

      "It's a very valuable and ancient book, so please do this for me," she said.

      "Fine, help me get into this thing," I said.

      She pressed a red button on the bottom of the Sputnik. A hole in the pod above my head then opened up. She lifted me up into the hole and I climbed in. It was a tight space full of wires, buttons, and screens. Krystal then summoned my cat and tossed him up through the hole. I caught him and he started purring.

      "Your cat is too much trouble, so he's going with you," she said.

      My cat hissed at her and she growled back at him before closing the door. After 10 seconds or so the Sputnik started vibrating and I knew it was about to launch. I held on tightly to my cat as I felt the G forces on us increase. It stopped after a few seconds and I had a feeling I was in space. I looked at one of the screens and it was showing what was outside of the satellite.

      We appeared to be revolving around the Earth pretty fast although I couldn't feel it. The sputnik flew out of orbit and started moving towards another planet that looked kind of like Earth. After a couple minutes we entered this new planet's atmosphere and fell towards the ground. As I started to fear a crash landing, I looked around for a landing button. I took a guess and pressed a yellow a button. The speed of the Sputnik slowed down a lot until it landed lightly on the ground.

      Now that I had landed I wanted to get outside and look around. I couldn't figure out how to open the door again though. The door then opened seemingly on its own and I fell out of it with my cat. I looked up to see that a girl had pressed the button on the outside of the Sputnik. She looked similar to a human, but there were a few differences. Her skin was a kind of pinkish purplish color. Her hair was a dark blue color and she had pointed ears like an elf. The girl also had a tail.

      "Hello?" I said to her confused.

      "Hi! Are you an alien?" she asked curiously.

      "Yeah I guess I am," I said.

      "That's so cool! But why are you here?" she asked.

      "I'm looking for an ancient book with a circle plus pattern on it. Can you help me find it?" I asked her.

      "I'll help you if you take me to the festival this afternoon," she said winking at me.

      I had a feeling she was hinting a date to me. I then remembered that one of the tasks of the month was to go on a date with an alien. So of course I agreed to go on a date with her.

      "Sure, I'll go with you," I said to her.

      She smiled and helped me get up off the ground. I looked around and realized I was in a forest. These trees weren't like Earth's though. They were full of all kinds of different colors and held many strange fruits. I won't go into detail though because unfortunately I can't remember them in detail. It would probably take me a long time to finish talking about them if I could anyways.

      My cat soon jumped on top of me and rested on my head. The girl then guided me through the forest and the dream scene skipped after about 10 seconds. We were now inside a town walking down main street together. The town looked very similar to Loudonville during the time of the fair. There were many people walking around and enjoying themselves at the festival. The women on this planet all had characteristics like the girl I was on a date with. The men were also similar, but they had blue skin and red hair.

      There were different kinds of vendors set up on both sides of the street. Carnival rides and games were stationed around town. There was a lot of confetti and balloons floating around in the air.

      We visited a food vendor that was serving a weird pink goo in a cup. I have no idea what it was called because their written language was different. The sign had 2 small circles with a triangle above them. I bought each of us a cup, even the cat. I pulled a silver coin out my pocket and handed it to the man. I'm used to buying things with silver or gold coins in my dreams.

      "What's this?" the man asked.

      "That's a silver coin. Silver and gold are very valuable where I come from," I said.

      "I'll keep it as a souvenir to remember this year's festival!" He said.

      We started walking down the street again while eating the pink goo. It tasted like cherry and it was a bit sour. We talked about some things, but I forgot most of what was was said. I do remember that she told me her name was Stella though. She also said she would now show me where I could find the book I was looking for. She walked inside a building that I assumed was some sort of library. She quickly came back out with a large brown book that had the circle plus symbol on the front. She handed it to me and I slipped it into a backpack I just noticed I was carrying.

      To be fair with her, I continued the date we were having. It was pretty fun. We walked farther down the street, we came to an intersection. A parade was taking place there. A lot of exotic music was playing as they went by. After about a minute though, one of the marchers saw me. He realized I was an alien and apparently he doesn't like them.

      "Alien!" He shouted and pointed at me.

      Everyone in the parade then stopped and stared at me. They too started shouting "alien!" and gave me angry looks. I had a feeling I wasn't welcomed by them and that they might turn hostile.

      "It was nice meeting you. You might want to run now," she whispered to me.

      I took her advice, held onto my cat, and started running back up the street. The parade chased right after me when I ran of course. I ran away a pretty good distance from them before my cat jumped out of my arms. He ran over to some girl who seemed to be taking in the scenery. The odd thing was, this girl was a normal human girl. She crouched down to pet him and he was happy about it. I wasn't too happy about it though because we still had to run. After calling him a few times he came back to me. I remember I ran back towards the forest, but the dream faded away after that.

      Helen's Eruption TOTY

      I was walking down a dark tunnel with an orange glow at the end. I walked closer and closer to the light until I came into an opening. I was inside a cave where in front of me lied a lake of lava. Some distance into the lake I could see a large piece of land above the lava like an island. This certainly wasn't an everyday thing and it caused me to wonder if I could be dreaming. I used my personal reality check where I simply try to feel whether I'm in a dream or not.It was successful of course and I became lucid.

      I activated my dragon sight ability to zoom in and look at it in more detail. Over there I saw a pink dragon sleeping next to a large treasure chest. She was only about 2 times my dragon size, so I assumed she was still young. There were many large crystal formations growing out of the ground on the island. I saw a man who appeared to be some old sage or wizard resting against a large crystal too.

      Past experience has told me it's not a good idea to mess with a dragon who's guarding treasure, let alone a sleeping dragon. I still found that island to be the most interesting thing in my dream however. Despite the dangers of it, I decided I would attempt to go over there and have a look around. I leaped forward over the edge of the cliff and transformed into a purple dragon. I then flapped my wings and started flying over the lava. I was aiming to simply turn into a black dragon, but I turned into a purple one with little effort somehow. I'm more powerful as a purple dragon though, so that's good.

      I flew over to the island and quietly landed behind a crystal structure. I wanted to be very stealthy as long as I was hanging around a sleeping dragon. When I stepped back out into the open, the dragon quickly awakened even though I didn't make a sound. She opened her eyes and stood up, looking down on me. The sage also awoke and he approached me.

      "What are you doing in my volcano?" the dragon asked me.

      "Just looking around and exploring the world I guess," I said to her.

      She growled at me and apparently didn't trust me at all. Probably a wise choice since I have the habit of stealing treasure. The sage then placed his hand in front of her to make her back off.

      "Helen, where are your manners? Hello, I am the great sage of this volcano. This is Helen, my dragon friend who is the guardian of the mountain."

      "I'm just a wandering dragonborn. It's nice to meet you," I said to him.

      He then came closer and whispered to me, "She's not the type to let you out without a fight. Look for a powerful orange crystal hidden in caves. It will make you powerful enough to defend yourself."

      He said this with the intention of helping me of course and to keep Helen from killing me. Helen has very keen hearing however and seemed to have heard every word of it.

      "Like I would ever give you the chance of defeating me!" she yelled.

      The crystals around the island started to glow brightly. Helen was clearly absorbing their power and planning to attack. Helen charged up her attack and then released a beam of energy from her mouth towards me. I quickly dove to the right and rolled out of the way. The energy beam appeared to be made out of plasma or lava. Very fitting for a dragon who lives in a volcano I suppose.

      Helen flew up above the island and started shooting more lasers at me. I was just barely able to dodge them and I was having a hard time planning my next move. Then out from behind a crystal structure my dream guide Krystal ran out into the open. She had two clones that she had made with her on each side. The two clones jumped up into the air and kicked and punched the dragon. The real Krystal ran towards me while Helen was distracted.

      "You do not know anything about stealth!" she yelled at me.

      "Sorry, I'm clearly not as good as you." I said.

      Helen swiped the two clones with her claws and they disappeared in a cloud of black smoke. I grabbed onto Krystal and started flying away from the island with her. Meanwhile, Helen started controlling the lava around the island and sent a large wave of it towards us. When I landed back on the mainland of the volcano, I quickly turned left and ran into a tunnel with Krystal. The lava started flowing into the tunnel so we kept running. After exiting the tunnel I noticed another tunnel higher above the ground with an orange glow. I grabbed onto Krystal again and flew up there to get away from the lava.

      We took a moment to rest in that cave. As we were resting I remembered that there was an orange glow in there. I looked around and found the orange crystal that the sage was talking about. I grabbed the crystal and absorbed its power. I felt a lot of energy inside me and felt confident that I could defeat Helen.

      "I'm going back to fight Helen. You should be able to find a side tunnel out of the volcano while I'm distracting her," I said.

      "Alright, I can sense light up ahead, so I should be able to find a way out. Please try not to die when you fight her," she said.

      "I'll do my best," I said.

      I ran back the direction we came from and Krystal ran further down the tunnel. I came back to the lake and quickly flew over it back towards the island. Helen was already expecting me and started shooting lasers again. It was a bit easier to dodge her attacks now that I had the freedom of flight. When I came to the island, I landed on it to dodge one of her lasers. I ran across the island towards her. She aimed another laser at me, but I countered it with a powerful ice breath. The collision created an explosion. I jumped through it while focusing all of the crystal energy I gathered into my fist. I punched Helen with an explosive force and she was launched into the wall of the volcano.

      It definitely wasn't enough to kill her, but she was dazed by the attack. This bought me some time to escape. I realized that the main exit of the volcano (the top) was actually right above the island. I started flying straight up above the island as fast as I could before Helen could get another chance to attack. Suddenly the volcano started to erupt and I still had a great distance to fly before I would reach the top. I soon did reach the top though and I climbed up onto the snowy summit.

      Just as I was starting to slide down the mountain, I noticed a very large bulge in the side of it. The snow started melting away over it and I realized I wasn't in a good position. I quickly surrounded myself with a shield of fury energy as bulge exploded. The shield protected me from most of the explosion, but the blast sent me flying down towards the forest below. I braced myself for impact and put all of my energy into defense and shielding. I crashed through a tree and hit the ground hard before sliding through the forest and knocking down several more trees.

      When I finally stopped rolling and sliding across the ground, I took a moment to regather my thoughts on what just happened. I slowly got up off the ground in pain, wondering how the hell I survived that. I was bleeding in several places and aching all over. I didn't die though, so I was happy for that. I looked back up towards the volcano and realized that it was Mount St. Helen. Everything suddenly made sense after that. I even started laughing because I thought that was kind of funny.

      I leaned back up against the tree and started healing my wounds. My vision was already getting blurry by this point though. I knew I would wake up very soon.

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