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    1. The Great Sphinx (February 17, 2013)

      by , 02-18-2013 at 12:23 AM (Exploring the Dreamscape)

      The Great Sphinx

      The first half of this dream is fragmented and lacks clarity. My dream recall hasn't been as great as it should be lately. I was wandering around a forest, far away from civilization. It was around autumn and the trees were different colors of red, orange, and yellow. I remember that almost everything I saw was very beautiful. That irritates me a bit because I can't remember it clearly. The beauty of the world around me is what made me lucid.

      At some point I came to a ravine with a river flowing at the bottom. Nearby was some kind of log cabin built near the edge of the ravine. I don't really remember the details except that it was pretty big and fancy for a log cabin. I walked inside and looked around a bit. There were several people living there. They were apparently a group of survivors from a recent apocalyptic event. They seemed to be pretty well set up considering how most post-apocalypse camps look like.

      I think I talked with them for a short time, but I don't remember much. I think they said I was a part of their group. It wasn't long before I was bored with them and wanted to go exploring again. I left the cabin and walked to the ravine. There was a wooden suspension bridge nearby that I could use to get across the ravine. When I walked onto the bridge it rocked back and forth a bit. So then I started shifting my weight to the left and right to make the bridge sway as I walked across it. It's more fun that way.

      On the other side of the bridge was a prairie. Far off in the distance I could see a man wandering through the tall grass. I ran over to him to see if there was anything interesting about him. When I approached him, he pointed a shotgun at me and said, "Stay back or I'll shoot." I told him that I was friendly and didn't want to cause any trouble. He lowered his gun and said, "Do you have any food on you? I haven't eaten in days and I'm starving." "Sorry, I don't have any food on me, but I do know a group of people who do," I said.

      I guided the man back to to the log cabin where there should be food. After we crossed the bridge, we were stopped by a man who appeared to be the leader of the group. He pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the man I was helping. "Who is this?" the leader asked aggressively. "A man who's starving and needs some food," I said calmly. "We don't have enough food for another person!" He yelled. "Calm down, and lower the gun. If you need to get rid of someone, get rid of me. I'm the one who brought him here," I said.

      Apparently we were thinking of different things when I said "get rid of me." He immediately pointed the gun at me and shot me in the right side of my chest. My chest was in pain and fell to the ground on my back. At least it wasn't my heart that was shot, but I think a lung may have been damaged. I was bleeding profusely from my chest and I was coughing blood. The man that I was trying to help crouched down to me and started putting pressure on the wound. He was trying to save me, but I don't think it would have done much good.

      My vision was starting grow darker. I looked around at everything around me and concentrated on my vision to keep it from going dark. As I was looking around, I noticed that I was wearing River's necklace for some reason. I remembered that her necklace could be used to teleport to a place you're thinking of. I held onto the necklace and started thinking about the desert. At this point the leader of the group stuck his gun to my head and decided that he would finish me off. Before he could fire, there was a flash of light and I had teleported.

      When the light faded away, I was staring up at a bright clear blue sky and lying in the sand. I noticed that it was much hotter here. My vision started to get darker again. I assumed it was because of my wound. I placed both of my hands on the right side of my chest where I was bleeding the most. I concentrated my magic there to heal the wound. As I did this, my vision slowly started coming back. After about a minute, I was fully healed and my vision was fine for the most part.

      I got back onto my feet and looked around. I saw a few pyramids very far off in the distance, but they didn't interest me. "Why did I teleport to the desert? There's nothing to do here," I said to myself. I then turned around and noticed that the Great Sphinx was behind me. At that moment I remembered the final task of the year. "Fix the nose, bring it to life, and ride it to the top of the pyramid," I said to help myself remember.

      I stood in front of the Sphinx and decided to use earth bending to fix the nose. I'm pretty sure the Sphinx is made of earth. I turned, stomped on the ground, and made a downward diagonal motion with my fist. As I did that, stone extended out of the Sphinx's face in the shape of a nose. It looked pretty nice.

      Next, I had to find a way to bring the Sphinx to life. The first thing that came to mind was the book of 500 spells I had. I summoned the book and began skimming through the pages. I stopped when I saw a spell named "Anima". Among hundreds of other spells, this one stood out to me. I think anima is Latin for life or soul, so it made sense to use this spell. I held my hand out towards the Great Sphinx and concentrated on it. I then shouted, "Anima!" and it started to glow a bit. After a few seconds, the Sphinx became alive and started to move. The ground shook as the Great Sphinx stood onto its feet and stretched its body.

      "Wow, that was impressive," I said. All that was left was to ride the Sphinx. I grew wings, flew up to the Sphinx, and landed on its back. "Go Sphinx! Ride to the Great Pyramid!" I yelled. The Sphinx then started running at an incredibly fast speed. I started to fall backwards, but I used my earth magic to root my feet to the Sphinx. Seconds later, we were at the pyramids and the Sphinx began running up the largest one. I then leaned forward and rooted my hands to the Sphinx to get a better grip. When we reached the top, the Sphinx made a pose and roared loudly. I guess it thought it was the king of the pyramid or something.

      After posing, the Sphinx stopped moving. I detached myself from its back and climbed up to its face. I stood on its nose and waved my hand in front of its eyes and received no reaction. "The Anima spell must have worn off," I said. I decided to cast the spell on the on the Sphinx again to see what would happen. After shouting "Anima!" the Sphinx glowed again. Its eyes blinked and it looked at me with angry eyes. It apparently didn't like me standing on its nose. It shook its head back and forth and I fell off. I landed about half way down the pyramid and started tumbling down. I think I rolled past my sister on the way down. Kind of makes sense for her to be there since she likes ancient Egyptian stuff.

      I woke up before I even got to the bottom of the pyramid. I can only land on my head so many times before waking up.
      lucid , task of the year
    2. TofY Part 5 - Asia

      by , 02-17-2013 at 10:41 AM
      I lay down to WILD at about 9am, Sunday 17th Feb.

      It took a lot more effort for me to get into he WILD and to maintain the dream than usual. This makes me want to stick to my before bed method even more.

      When I 'opened my eyes' I was walking down the streets of China, through a giant market with so many people in it. Some of the colours were quite dull and dreary but the top of the stalls were a bright red and some had golden banners trailing down the sides. People were crowding round trying to buy items and food which smelt really peculiar.

      There was a tiny gap in the middle of the street as everyone was crowding the stalls and through it I could see this man getting stabbed, I sprinted down the gap, knocking people flying as I ran and skidded to a halt when I reached the stabbing. There were about 4 or 5 people committing the crime and the guy was still alive so I ran forwards a few more steps, spun around and kicked the knife out of one guy's hand before drawing my leg back in and kicking him in the face. The other people then dropped their knives and glared at me so I ran.

      I realized I was running alongside a massive wall and that I'd been stood in an archway before. I thought this had to be the great wall of China. I came to some stairs going the other way to the direction I was running and zipped up them, taking them two at a time and turning really sharply when I needed to.

      I eventually reached the top of the wall and began running back in my original direction. I kept running as fast as I can until I reached an 'invisible' barrier that just cut the wall in half. You couldn't see the barrier but you couldn't see past it either. I cursed and then panicked as I could hear the gang people coming up behind me. I walked to the edge and dropped down, clinging to a stone that was jutting out of the wall. I hid here until the gang had approached, looking for me and shouting as they couldn't find me.

      When I was sure they'd disappeared I climbed up and breathed a sigh of relief. I then remembered the task and reached into my pocket for a can of spray paint. One appeared, I pulled it out and started scrawling 'I survived' onto the pavement(?) of the wall and looked up when I saw some fierce looking Chinese people coming my way, about 9 or 10 of them in total.

      I stood up and waiting for them to approach, when they were about 3 steps away from me I spun and lashed out with my left foot, kicking people repeatedly as I spun closer and began whacking people with my hands, hoping I was doing the right thing as I kicked someone in the face. Eventually everyone was on the floor and I began to run off, tripping and apparating into my hotel room, sprawling onto the floor and laying there trying to catch my breath.

      The dream ended and lasted around 10-12 minutes.
    3. Gorilla's Curse (February 16, 2013)

      by , 02-17-2013 at 03:32 AM (Exploring the Dreamscape)

      Gorilla's Curse

      Most of my dreams last night were vivid, but unfortunately this one wasn't. There weren't a lot of details and I hardly remember anything. Me, Chris, and Lucia were sitting in a New York City park. They were trying to help me with the New York task of the year. They were reading a book that I found in a dream about a month ago. The book was said to contain over 500 spells I think.

      Chris and Lucia were fighting over the book and arguing about which spell to use. "We should use the gorilla's curse spell," Chris said. "Curses aren't good things! It could be permanent!" Lucia yelled. "Personally I think we should make a potion," I said. "Why?" Chris asked. "Well maybe it will only last a few minutes if it's a potion," I said. Doesn't sound logical now, but it somehow made sense at the time.

      I pulled a small vile of water out of my pocket. Chris then read something out of the spell book, but I'm not sure what he said. He cast the gorilla's curse on the water and it turned yellow. I then drank the potion. It tasted like lemon juice. After a few seconds, I instantly transformed into a giant gorilla in a puff of white smoke. I'm going to make a random guess that I was about 100 feet tall.

      I looked down and saw Chris and Lucia between my feet. I picked them up and dropped them on my right shoulder. "Now go climb to the top of the Empire State Building!" Lucia said. I walked through the city and made my way towards the tallest building. I was pretty much tip-toeing through the city, trying to avoid stepping on people and buildings. I'm pretty sure I didn't hurt anyone, but I stilled damaged a lot of cars and small buildings.

      When I came to the Empire State Building, I jumped onto it and used my gorilla skills to climb to the top. When I reached the top, there was a helicopter there. Inside the helicopter was Rick with an assault rifle. He pointed it at my face and started shooting at me. Luckily shooting a giant gorilla in the face will only cause minor bleeding, but it still hurts to be shot. I tried to yell at Rick to stop shooting at me, but a roar came out instead. Apparently my roar was powerful enough to blow the helicopter away into another building. The good news is Rick jumped out of the helicopter in time and grew wings to fly away. The bad news is he still wanted to get rid of the giant gorilla and called for back up.

      It wasn't long before military jets started flying by and shooting at me. Again, I will point out, it hurts to be shot. I managed knock down a couple jets before they fired missiles at me. The explosions from the missiles caused Chris to fall off of my shoulder. I tried to reach out to grab him, but I wasn't fast enough and missed. Lucia jumped off of my shoulder and dived towards the ground. She grabbed onto Chris and grew dragon wings. She then flew somewhere safe with him.

      While I was distracted by that, another barrage of missiles came flying at me. They knocked me off of the Empire State Building and I fell to the ground. I hit the ground pretty hard. My vision was blurry and I looked at my hand. I was in human form again. I'm not sure if I went back to normal before or after hitting the ground. I woke up shortly after I hit the ground.
      lucid , task of the year
    4. failed TOTY Asia

      , 02-16-2013 at 07:08 PM
      It was a dream, where i worked in china embassy and went to the russian embussy on the elevator. And elevator of course was without doors, and then it became shaking i thought about RC, made it and thought, that if i went to china - i could do The Asia TOTY. So i went out in some china town and flew away to mountains looking for the Great Wall. It was evening or night, so soon i saw a chain of lights and landed. The great wall was about 2-3 meters high and as thin as a fence. I forgot that i should destroy it, but rememberd that i should fight using Kung Fu. I drew DC attention and began to fight with legs, it was very difficult, DC began to win and i woke up thinking that i did TOTY, but in real, of course, i remembered that i didn't destroy the wall
      lucid , task of the year
    5. South Pole to North Pole (February 15, 2013)

      by , 02-16-2013 at 08:31 AM (Exploring the Dreamscape)

      South Pole to North Pole

      I was on a ship heading to Antarctica. There was a lot of ice in the water, but our ship was capable of breaking it apart. We were only about a minute away from the mainland. It was summer and the sun was shining. I don't always notice the temperature in my dreams, but it was pretty damn cold. Luckily I like cold temperatures.

      The ship docked at a harbor that had been built on the beach. There were a few other boats at the harbor and many penguins. The penguins were working at the harbor doing things like loading and unloading cargo. It became obvious to me that the harbor was built and operated by penguins.

      The only human I saw was a woman on the beach. See was wearing a bikini and appeared to be sunbathing. I had to reality check at this because sunbathing in a bikini at subzero temperatures is pretty ridiculous.
      The reality check was successful and I became lucid. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the person might have been River. She tends to do weird stupid things like that.

      I decided to go explore the area and talk to some penguins. I jumped off the ship and landed on the docks. I was going to talk to the penguins in the harbor, but they looked pretty busy. So I left the harbor and went deeper inland. For the most part, everything was just snow, ice, and an occasional rock. Not too far away was a glacier that no doubt had something interesting at the top.

      I walked over to the glacier and inspected it. I felt the need to inspect a giant wall of ice for some reason. What I learned after inspecting it was that it was nothing but solid ice. "I bet I can use my claws to climb to the top of this," I said to myself. I transformed my hands and feet into those of a dragon. Being the idiot that I am, I chose to grow claws and climb the wall rather than growing wings and flying to the top. Well I guess it was more fun to climb it than it was to simply fly to the top.

      I pierced the ice with my claws and started climbing. It was fun, but there actually isn't a lot to say about it. After a few minutes I reached the edge and pulled myself to the top. At the top of the glacier I found a penguin base and a giant drill surrounded by several penguin soldiers. The drill was turned on and making a lot of noise. There was a penguin inside the drill who called out to me and said, "Greetings Dragonborn!" I recognized the voice and knew it was Sgt. Byrd.

      I walked up to the drill and yelled to him, "What the hell are you guys doing?" "We're about to dig our way into the north pole and establish a base in enemy territory!" he shouted. It was at this point that I remembered digging from the south pole to the north pole was a task of the year. "The north pole is enemy territory?" I asked. "Yes, it's the homeland of the polar bears," He said. Apparently penguins and polar bears don't get along. Or maybe these penguins are just delusional. Either way I decided to ask if I could help because I wanted to complete the task of the year. "Need any help?" I asked. "Yes, I'll dig and you can push," He said.

      I fully transformed into a dragon and powered up. Byrd started drilling through the ice and I hovered above the drill and began pushing it. Pushing the drill actually made a significant improvement in the speed and efficiency of the digging. I used my fire magic to heat the drill up so that it could melt the ice as it dug. We got through the ice pretty quickly and started digging through dirt. I then started to focus my earth magic in front of the drill to soften and push away the dirt and rocks.

      It wasn't long before we reached magma or some sort of hot liquid. I assumed that this was the outer core. "We have a bit of a problem!" Sgt. Byrd shouted to me. Apparently he didn't think he plan through enough and forgot that it gets pretty hot near the center of the Earth. The ship was starting to overheat, so I brought out my fury energy and created an energy shield around me and the ship. The shield would protect us from the magma and the heat. We moved pretty fast through this layer considering we didn't actually have to dig through anything.

      Things got a bit weird at the end of the outer core. The inner core was creating some sort of energy shield like mine that was keeping the hot liquid outer core at a distance. We were able to pass through this shield however, which was probably because of the energy from my shield. When we went through the energy shield, we fell a fair distance and landed on the inner core. I looked at it and it was made out of crystal. "It'll be impossible to drill through that!" Byrd said. "Wow, the Earth's core is made out of crystal!" I said.

      I noticed that the crystal glowed wherever I touched. I then remembered that usually happens when I come into contact with crystals. Dragonborns apparently have some weird magical connection to them. At that moment I realized that even though the drill can't dig through, I might be able to. "Follow me," I said. I put both of my hands on the crystal and started pushing forward. As I pushed forward, the crystal in front of me disappeared and I was able to create a tunnel. We made it through the inner core pretty quickly with the crystal disappearing on touch. It was pretty cool, but I wish I would have realized we could have walked around the inner core.

      When we got to the other side of the inner core, it was much like before, except gravity was working against us. The ship was built with a flight mode, so I didn't have to lift the ship, but I still had to push. Digging through the rest of the Earth was much like before, except we went through the layers backwards and flying up. I created a shield around us to protect us from the outer core, used earth magic to get through the dirt and rocks, and used fire magic to melt the ice of the north pole.

      When we reached the top, I felt pretty exhausted. I did a lot of work. I lied on the snowy ground and rested a bit. I looked around and I didn't see any polar bears. We appeared to be in Santa's village. "Looks like you'll have to build your base somewhere else," I told Sgt. Byrd. "This isn't a problem," Byrd said, "we'll just build our base a few miles out from here." I got up and said, "I'll help you set up your base if you want." "Soldier, enemy at 6 o'clock!" He shouted while pointing his flipper in my direction. "Wait, what?" I said while turning around.

      As I turned around, one of Santa's elves hit me in the face with a giant candy cane. I fell back onto the ground and he started beating me with the candy cane. Once Sgt. Byrd got out of the drill, the elf turned around and started running. I'm guessing the reason he ran away was because Sgt. Byrd had a rocket launcher. I saw a rocket fly over top of me and hit the elf. Luckily the explosion didn't kill him, but it knocked him out. It was pretty cartoony.

      I'm guessing the reason an elf attacked me is because me and Santa don't get along very well. More elves soon came and Sgt. Byrd started fighting with them. For some reason I was starting to pass out. I think it was due to the dream becoming unstable. When I passed out, I woke up.
      lucid , task of the year
    6. Vandalizing the Great Wall of China; Penguin Alliance (February 13, 2013)

      by , 02-14-2013 at 01:01 AM (Exploring the Dreamscape)

      Vandalizing the Great Wall of China

      My vision was blurry and the dream was pretty unstable. I could tell that I was in a mountainous area and that there was a large structure nearby. I could hardly see anything though. I did notice that there was a stone brick lying on the ground in front of me. For some reason I had the urge to attempt to lift it up with telekinesis. The stone started to wobble a bit and when I raised my hand, the brick floated up into the air.I became lucid around this point because I realized that telekinesis would only be possible if I was dreaming. It was also around this point that the dream became more vivid and stable.

      I tossed the brick around with telekinesis and played with it for a bit. When I got bored with that, I looked at the structure next to me. It was the Great Wall of China. As I looked at it, I remembered the China task of the year. I remembered that I was supposed to vandalize the wall. I began charging a ball of earth energy between my two hands. As I was building up energy, I sensed someone coming up to me from behind. I turned around to see who it was. It was Lola.

      Lola is apparently the captain of the police force in the Dragonborn City. That made me worry that my vandalism might not go so well. "What are you doing," she asked. "Nothing," I said. "It doesn't look like nothing," she said looking at my ball of earth energy. "Well what does it look like?" I asked. "It looks like you're about to blast a hole through the Great Wall of China," she said.

      I finally charged enough energy and I decided that it would be better to ignore her and complete the task of the year. I turned around and threw the ball of earth magic at the wall. It caused a large portion of the wall to shatter apart and turn to dust, leaving a wide gap in the wall. "Why did you do that?!" she yelled. "Oops, my hand slipped," I said. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't arrest you," she said. "Well I was going to fix it," I said. "Maybe I should just call the local authorities and let them take care of it," she said to herself. At that moment I remembered that I was also supposed to fight authorities with Kung Fu, so it would actually be a good thing if she called them. "That's a great idea Lola!" I said.

      She shook her head at me and pulled out her cell phone. As she was calling the local authorities, I started to use my earth magic to attempt to repair the wall. It wasn't perfect, but I think I did a pretty good job. By the time I was finished, 3 soldiers with spears had arrived on top of the wall. I grew dragon wings and flew up to the top of the wall. "Hello there," I said to the soldiers. They didn't seem very friendly however.

      One of the soldiers thrust their spear at me. I ducked out of the way and knocked the soldier to the ground with a leg sweep. Another one attacked me with a spear, but I blocked it with my arm. I then kicked him the side and tossed him off the wall. When the last soldier charged at me, I broke his spear in half with my arm and then punched him a few times. After that, they were all knocked out. "That was easy," I said.

      Lola flew to the top of the wall and landed in front of me. I knew she was going to arrest me and I didn't want to fight her. I already completed my goal, so I finally decided to cooperate with her. I raised my hands in the air to show that I surrendered. "Turn around and put your hands behind your back," she said. She pulled out a pair of handcuffs and put them around my wrists. "Your punishment will be to walk all the way around the wall," she said. "Wait, I'm not going to jail?" I asked. "No, I think this punishment is more fitting," she said. I looked in the distance and tried to estimate how long of a walk it would be. I came to the conclusion that it would be exhausting to walk that far. "Can I choose prison instead?" I asked. "No, start walking," she said.

      So I started walking along the Great Wall of China. I spent most of my time viewing the scenery. As I walked, the dream started to destabilize, and I woke up after about 5 minutes or so of walking. I call it a good thing.

      Penguin Alliance

      I was lucid right from the beginning of this dream. I was in Australia walking down the street of some neighborhood with my daughter Lucia. I was apparently there to meet up with a group of penguins. I was going to make an alliance between penguins and Dragonborns. Lucia was with me because she thought Australia would be fun.

      "Why do you want to make an alliance with penguins?" she asked. "Experience has taught me that it's better to make friends with a penguin and not enemies. They can also be very dependable," I said. I have no idea what experience I was talking about, but I'll take my word for it. Maybe I was thinking about the Penguins of Madagascar or Sgt. Byrd from Spyro.

      We walked up to a house that I somehow recognized as the penguin's base. I walked onto the porch and knocked on the door. I heard a male voice from the other side say, "Who is it?" I stated my full name and said why I was there. "Okay, you're safe. Come on in," he said. I tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. "The door won't open," I said. "Oh I forgot, that door is broken. You'll have to use the penguin entrance," he said. I looked down and next to the regular door was a small door built for penguins.

      I opened the tiny door and crawled through the hole into the house. Lucia then tried to crawl through, but she got stuck. I grabbed both of her hands and pulled her in. Once we were inside, we were greeted by a penguin who actually did seem a lot like Sgt. Byrd. "Welcome to our base," he said saluting us. When Lucia saw the penguin, she immediately picked it up and hugged it tight. "It's so cute!" she shouted. "Unhand me soldier!" He yelled. "She's not a soldier, she's my daughter," I said laughing. "I don't care what she is, I want to be put down!" he said. So Lucia put him back on the ground.

      Sgt. Byrd showed us around the base. On the outside it looked like an ordinary house. On the inside however, it was like a military or spy base for penguins. "Wow, penguins are pretty cool," Lucia said. Byrd then led us to room where penguins were monitoring their spy cameras. One screen that stood out to me, was a camera monitoring a great white shark. "We'll gladly agree to your alliance," Sgt. Byrd said, "but only if you help us out with a small problem." "What do you need?" I asked. "A great white shark has gone mad and is constantly terrorizing the Great Barrier Reef. It's throwing the ecosystem far off balance. We need you to get rid of it using any means necessary," He said. "Sure, no problem. I've fought with sharks before," I said.

      Me and Lucia crawled back out the penguin door and walked outside. "The first thing we need to do is get to the beach," I said. We got into a car that I had apparently left on the side of the street. I stepped on the gas and started driving in the direction that I thought the beach was. We were driving down a hill with a stop sign at the bottom, so I stepped on the brakes. The brakes weren't working however and I tell that we were going to crash. I held onto Lucia and the car crashed into a tree. Luckily we weren't going too fast and neither of us got hurt.

      "I am never driving another car again. Something always goes wrong," I said. "So how are we going to get to the beach?" she asked me. We both got out of the car and the first thing that came to my mind was an ATV. I summoned an ATV in front of me and mounted it. "This is much better," I said. "How is that better?" she asked. "So far I haven't had any bad luck with these things," I said. She sat behind me and held on. I began driving in the direction of the beach again and the dream skipped ahead.

      I drove the ATV onto the beach and we got off. I looked off into the distance and saw River in the ocean riding a sea turtle. When she saw me she smiled and waved at me and I waved back. Nothing she does really surprises me anymore. Next thing I know, Lucia is wearing a bikini and running towards the ocean. She picked up a a sea turtle that was swimming in the water and started riding it like River. It was at this point that I remembered that one of the tasks of the year was to ride a sea turtle at the Great Barrier Reef and bite a shark. It's great when the dream finds a way to put you in a scenario that encourages it.

      I ran into the water and searched for a sea turtle. I saw a large one swimming out into the deeper waters. I swam over to it and grabbed on to it's back. "Can you take me to the great barrier Reef?" I asked the turtle, "I need to save it from a shark." The turtle made some sort of grunt sounds, which I assumed meant "yes". The turtle dove under the water and took me with it. At first I was worried about drowning, but then I remembered that I can breathe underwater.

      Before I knew it, we were at the Great Barrier Reef. I could see great walls of coral with tons of different kinds of fish swimming around them. It was like a city for fish and marine life. As we swam around the reef, I asked the turtle, "Do you know where the shark is?" The turtle then turned and started swimming in another direction. Off in the distance, I could see the great white shark swimming towards us. I got off the turtle and told it to get somewhere safe. I then transformed into a dragon, hoping that it would help me swim better.

      When the shark got closer, I remembered that the task was to bite it. I thought that was crazy at first, but considering I have dragon teeth, I figured I might be able to bite the shark just as hard as it could bite me. The shark came charging at me with it's mouth wide open. I dove out of the way and it missed me. It then circled back and charged at me again. I took a swipe at its snout with my claws and it stopped attacking me for a moment. I then charged some poison magic into my teeth and bite shark's back. After being poisoned, the shark had no fight left in it and fell to the ocean floor. I think it was safe to say that it was dead now.

      With the shark problem solved, I decided to swim back up to the surface to check on Lucia. Lucia had apparently managed to catch a sea turtle that was like twice my size. She was using the turtle to surf along the waves. I don't really enjoy things like swimming or surfing much, so I decided to swim back to the beach. The turtle that helped me out earlier came back to the surface and let me ride him back to shore.

      As we got closer to the beach, my vision started to become blurry. When I stepped onto the beach, I could tell that I was starting to lose touch with my senses and that my dream was becoming unstable. I tried to fight it, but it wasn't long before I fell to the ground and woke up.

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    7. Crystal Crossbow (February 12, 2013)

      by , 02-13-2013 at 09:05 AM (Exploring the Dreamscape)

      Crystal Crossbow

      I don't remember much of the beginning of this dream. The earliest thing I remember was sitting at a workbench in a smithy/workshop. The smithy was located within the Dragonborn city. I seem to be having more dreams there, which is a good thing. I was planning to build a crossbow out of crystal. Chris was also there to help me out.

      There was a crossbow blueprint spread out across the table. I looked at the blueprint and analyzed it, but I don't think I actually understood much of it. I started the process by placing a bucket full of crystals inside the forge. Chris shoveled some coal into the flames while I worked the bellows to pump air into the forge. As I was pumping, Rick walked into the workshop with a few guns.

      "Hey Rick, what are doing here?" I asked. "I come here every so often to repair broken weapons," he said. Rick laid an assault rifle on a workbench and began searching for tools and parts. "So what about you guys? What are you up to?" he asked. "We're smelting crystal in the forge. I'm attempting to craft a crystal crossbow," I said.

      After about a minute, I figured the crystal was melted. I grabbed the bucket with tongs and laid some kind of crossbow shaped mold on the table. I poured the molten liquid into the mold until it was filled. There was still some liquid left in the container, so I placed it back in the forge to use later. When the liquid in the mold cooled a bit, I picked it up with the tongs. I thought about hitting it with a hammer on the anvil, but I figured that would do more harm than good. So I submerged the crossbow in a tank of water so it would completely cool and harden.

      I laid the crossbow on the table and opened a box next to it that contained crossbow parts. Most of the parts in the box were small random metal pieces that were obviously important. I had no idea how they worked or what to do with them though. I had a feeling it would take me a while to figure it out. "Chris, go ahead an use the remaining crystal to make some bolts," I said. "No problem," he said. Chris then pulled out another mold for bolts and began pouring the liquid into it.

      I started looking through the parts and figure out how each one functioned. After studying them for a while, I finally yelled, "What the hell am I supposed to do with these?!" Rick then got up and looked at my problem. "Don't worry, this is simple stuff. Let me show you where everything goes," he said. Rick apparently knew a lot about weapon mechanics and was very skilled at putting them together. Rick showed me how to attach the trigger, the bowstring, the other parts of the firing mechanism, the shoulder strap, and the reflex sight.

      "Yay," I said once we were finished. I picked it up and looked at Chris through the reflex sight. He was apparently making the final touches to the bolts at the anvil. "Hey Chris, check it out," I said. He jumped when he saw the crossbow pointed at him and said, "Don't point that thing at me!" "Sorry," I said and swung the crossbow over my shoulder. "I'm done with the crystal bolts," he said and handed me a quiver of about 20 bolts. "Thanks Chris," I said. "So what are you going to do now?" Rick said. "I think I'm going to go complete the Roman task of the year now," I said.

      I ran outside and grew dragon wings. I started flying in the direction that I assumed was towards Rome. After a few minutes of flight, the dream skipped. I think I forced the dream skip so I could get to Rome sooner. It was now night time and I landed in front of the Colosseum. Before I walked in, Krystal teleported in front of me. "What are you doing here?" She asked. "I was just about to ask you that. I'm here to fight to the death with gladiators," I told her. She stared at me for a moment before I said, "Don't worry, I'll be fine." "I'm coming with you to be sure," she said. I didn't see a point in arguing it, so we entered the Colosseum together.

      The Colosseum was a bit different from what I expected. There were thousands of fans seated around the Colosseum. There were very bright lights above to keep the area illuminated. Rather than an open arena, there were stone walls in the center that created a maze-like area to fight in. The thing that stood out to me the most though, was the jumbotron floating above the arena. "Wow, things have changed a lot in the last couple thousand years. Check out the giant TV," I said.

      A man started talking over a mic, but I can't remember what he was talking about. He was trying to get the spectators excited for the most part. When the competition began, I entered the maze through the entrance on the left and Krystal entered the one on the right. So much for staying together. I readied my crossbow and walked through the maze cautiously. Despite the lights around the Colosseum, it was fairly dark within the maze. I activated my dragon sight to help me see better.

      I wandered through the maze for a while without encountering anyone. As I came to a corner, I heard someone coming around from the other side. I stopped and tried to remain silent so that they wouldn't sense me. A wolf then came around the corner and jumped at me. I was going to shoot it, but I realized it was Krystal in wolf form and stopped. She knocked me to the ground and she was probably about to rip out my throat. She realized it was me though and got off of me.

      "Let's try not to split up again," I said getting up. I took point and we kept on moving through the maze until we reached the center. In the center was an open grassy area. There was also a pond, a tree, and a small building of some sort. Four warriors had been battling there, but two of them had been slain by the time we got there. All that was left was a man and a woman who were apparently a team like us.

      We had the element of surprise, so I aimed at the woman and fired my crossbow. She sensed the bolt coming though and blocked it with her sword. After that, I had a feeling my crossbow wouldn't be of much help, so I summoned my crystal sword. Krystal fought with the woman and I fought with the man.

      The man fought with a giant battle axe and the force like a Jedi. He liked to use those force powers to push me and throw me around a lot. After a minute into the battle, he pulled my sword away from me and then launched me through the wall of the building. As I got up, I saw him crawl through the wall with his axe. He kind of looked like he wanted to chop off my head. I quickly grabbed my crystal crossbow and pulled the string back. I loaded a bolt into the crossbow and charged it with fire energy. By the time I was ready to fire, he was only a few feet away from me and he began to swing his axe. I fired at him, and when the crystal fire bolt hit, it exploded. The explosion knocked me back across the room and destroyed the other warrior. "Holy shit, it's like firing a rocket launcher!" I said.

      I got up and walked back out of the building to help Krystal. She was still fighting with the other woman and didn't seem to be doing too well. I pulled the string back and loaded another crystal bolt. I imbued this bolt with wind energy to increase its speed, power, and accuracy. I looked through the reflex sight and aimed at the woman. I also slowed down time to improve my aim. When I fired, the bolt went straight through the woman like a bullet.

      After she was defeated, the guy with the mic said, "Now it's time for the zombie round!" Immediately after that, zombies started to gather around us. It was a bit unexpected. The dream started to destabilize as we fought the zombies. I managed to kill a good number of them with wind and fire bolts before I woke up.
      lucid , task of the year
    8. TotY Part 4 - Angel Falls

      by , 02-12-2013 at 01:18 AM
      I lay down to WILD at about 12:30am Monday 12th. When a picture formed in my mind I was looking at the moon. Then all of a sudden I was playing hockey on the moon and I hit the ball really far, went back to a memory of the hockey game I'd played that afternoon. I Recieved a compliment and a jet of water started to flow from somewhere and caused a river. I was swept away with this lushious blue water through a rainforest. I was sat in the river on a inflatable and came across some Rapids which quickly started to get out of control. I leapt out the boat at the top of Angel falls and grabbed onto a rock, clambouring onto the side of the drop. Then I saw a DC of my boyfriend so I Sat next to him on a rock but suddenly he fell off and into the water below. Even though I knew he was a DC I plunged down after him, falling through the air for what felt like a lifetime in a (hopefully) elegant swan dive. WHen I eventually hit the water I used a bubble charm to swim underwater to look for the DC but gave up the search after about 20 minutes of nothing. Then I climbed out and walked into the rainforest before apparating to a street in London, It had the typical 1950/60s look about it. I walked down street with my hockey stick (picked up from beside the pool) over my arm and when I reached a phone box I phoned my boyfriend. The dream ended soon after we met up, him in a waistcoat and top hat (self note, top hat acquired next day)
      lucid , task of the year
    9. TotY Part 3 - Antartica

      by , 02-04-2013 at 12:22 AM
      This WILD occured at about 8:50 on Saturday 2nd February 2013

      I started off in the FAYZ, a zone in the 'Gone' series of books that is cut off from the rest of civilisation and has no adults. The FAYZ is in the state it is described as at the start of 'Hunger'. I'm walking around with Astrid and Edilio and we're all looking for Sam. After this the storyline differs because I get a phone call from my boyfriend and then drift off to go meet him. After I've spent a while with him he mysteriously disappears. I don't get too worried because I know it's just a WILD. At this point I remembered I'd intended to do a part of the TotY and apparated to the south pole. As I watched some penguins walking about I smiled to myself, hugged a penguin and then pointed my wand at a spot of snow/ice. I had no idea what I was doing so I just waved my wand and 'reducio'ed the ground. About 20m cleared so I walked into that little tunnel and kept clearing. As I got closer to the centre of the Earth it got warmer, but not unbearably hot as Science dictates, and changed to more molten colours (yellows, oranges. ect.) When I reacched the core of the Earth I found myself on a rock ledge with like a pit of lava in the centre. I looked out from my little tunnel and saw all these really strange looking little people skulking round the edge. They were really freaky and creeped me out so I didn't get a good look at their appearance because I didn't want to look at them ( honestly Katie.) But I'm fairly sure they looked slightly like Gollum from LotR.

      WILD and MILD-436n_gollum-lotr-posters.jpg

      Something weird happened when one of these little people passed my tunnel, looked at me and snarled, snapping it's jaws shut at where my wrist was before I jerked it out of the way, making my weird little yelpy, Nyargh, noise. At this I started to carve another path, bringing me out at the same rock ledge before starting to skirt very quickly around to the other side of the ledge. In my haste I am fairly sure I managed to push a little creepy person into the pit of lava () but I eventually made it to the other side and started digging frantically with my wand, quickly making my way to the surface of the Earth. When I reached the surface I came face to face with a polar bear, stuck my tongue out at it and apparated away to safety before waking up.
    10. It Has to Be the Colosseum!

      by , 01-31-2013 at 05:30 PM
      Another fun effort at Task of the Year. I just need to wind up in the right stadium next time. Again, with the gladius-waving DEILD tech that Xanous and I worked out. What a breakthrough that's been!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #61: It Has to Be the Colosseum!

      I'm standing in front of a hotel, holding my 3-year-old son E. A van pulls up nearby and a gang of suspicious-looking men pours out. It looks to me like they're planning a robbery and I wonder what to do.

      E points at the men and bleats, "Want to know what they are doing!" The men turn toward us, eyes narrowed. I feel like they're thinking, "Witnesses." I'm scared. I feel like they'll see us as loose ends to tie off, and I hustle back into the hotel lobby with E in my arms.

      As I'm casting about for some place to hide,
      I realize that it's all a dream. I head toward a huge window at the back of the lobby, planning to phase out of the lobby and get into the air for a task. Everything has started to feel unstable and low-fidelity. The sunlight pouring in through the lobby window has started to look like one big blur. E no longer feels heavy and squirmy like a toddler. It feels more like I'm holding a backpack.

      I relax and prepare myself for DEILD, and the dream soon goes black. Like I've done so often recently, I imagine that I'm holding a gladius in my right hand and start madly swinging it around. It takes a few tries to convince myself, but the feeling soon takes hold.

      In a few more seconds, I hear a roaring crowd of spectators all around me. I know that I'm already out in the middle of the arena. Some people in the crowd seem to be counting -- don't know what to make of that.

      All at once, the whole scene falls into place visually. I'm in a completely cel-shaded, cartoony world, and standing in the middle of an enormous football stadium, right on the 50-yard line. An Asian lady in a business suit walks hurriedly toward me saying, "Great, you're here. Let's get going."

      My new handler looks in every way like a cartoon character, as does the crowd, the field, the stadium, and everyone in it. Some sort of production crew is wandering around on the field setting up camera and lighting equipment. This is so close to being what I need, but for Task of the Year, I need to be in the Colosseum.

      I plead with her that, "It has to be the Colosseum!" but she doesn't seem to hear me. I repeat myself, "I know you're trying, but this isn't quite right. It has to be the Colosseum! Nothing else will work!"

      Nobody hears me, though. Everyone seems to be too busy getting this cel-shaded sporting event ready and can't pay me any mind. I'm thinking about how I can change things in my favor, but I'm not far into this when
      I wake up.
    11. On the Back of the Sphinx

      by , 01-30-2013 at 04:22 PM
      After trying and failing so much in the last several weeks, I finally made it to the Great Pyramid! I didn't complete the Task of the Year, but I had one fantastic lucid dream.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #59: On the Back of the Sphinx

      I'm standing by a hedgerow on a suburban street, waiting for the hedges to part and let me in. Through these hedges is the party I'm supposed to attend. The hedges part for me, then close as I move toward them. "No problem," I say, covering up a sting of rejection. "I'll come back when you're ready for me."

      I wander across the street to wait. I wonder whether I'm dreaming. I decide that I'll reality check "in a few minutes".
      (You slacker!) No -- I don't need to reality check. This is a dream! I look at my hands. No distortion, waviness, extra fingers, or discoloration. Still, I'm sure that I'm dreaming.

      The dream feels sharp, vivid, and stable. I feel like I have tons of time and potential. I sprint across the street, leap over the hedgerow, and with a shout I soar into the sky. I'm flying over a rain forest now and my skyrocketing confidence level makes me shout, "L-dopa!!!"
      (Although I was displaying behavior in line with high dopamine levels, I've never taken L-dopa. Don't know what got into me.) After flying over the rain forest for a while, I wind up in a cloud bank and lose my bearings. Afraid of getting stuck here, I turn back toward the neighborhood, content to take a different direction.

      I fly back out of the cloud bank, but a fierce gust of wind kicks up from the other direction and pushes me back toward the clouds. "Okay," I say. "You're taking me to the Pyramid." I relax as I pass back through the cloud bank, emerging over an ocean. I let the wind push me further on and soon I'm flying thousands of feet over a desert dotted with stones. It's dark, and the sand looks as gray as a moonscape. I descend headfirst toward the sand, sure that I'm going to find what I'm looking for.

      It's nighttime when I land. I look to my right, and there's the Pyramid, illuminated by artificial light! I'm no more than twenty feet from it. The sphinx lies directly at the base of the Pyramid. I note that in the physical world she'd be further east toward Cairo, but the inconsistency doesn't bother me. Instead it reminds me even more strongly that this is my world.

      The sphinx's stony skin is white like alabaster and she has Asian characters tattooed along all four legs and in a single stripe along each side of her body. She's far smaller than I'd expected, no more than thirty feet long. Her entire face has crumbled away (not just her nose.) I'm overcome with this urge to help her. Even setting aside Task of the Year, this is now something I badly want to do.

      I press my palms against her face and say, "I'm going to fix you." I feel the stone first roiling then smoothing out against my hands. In a few seconds her face is repaired and her head starts to move. Her face looks mostly feline but there's still a vaguely humanoid quality to it. She licks my hand once and her tongue is the fleshy, rough tongue of a cat. Her head turns vaguely toward my face but her eyes are pupil-less, blank alabaster so I can't tell whether she's looking straight at me.

      I swing my leg across her back and ask her to "Take me to the top of the Pyramid." She gets to her feet and starts walking around to the other side of the Pyramid. Her route takes us through a restaurant and bar where a number of women are dancing to this really amazing piece of world music. The melody is from some sort of brass instrument and it's backed by the mouth harp.
      (I had to google to even figure out what this instrument is called -- here's a good example of the mouth harp in action. I think it was in my memory banks from a video game I played about 15 years ago.)

      As I ride through the dance floor, the music and dancing begin to draw me in. One particularly stunning dancer, an ebony-skinned young woman of about 25, is driving me to distraction. I feel the sphinx slowing down and things start to feel unstable. I try to refocus on the task at hand, but the dream falls apart.
    12. TotY Part 2 - Australia

      by , 01-30-2013 at 12:08 AM
      Completed at about 7:10am Monday January 28th 2013.

      I was stood in Sydney, Australia, thinking about the tasks as this was a WILD.

      I decided I was going to complete the Great Barrier Reef one so transported myself to the sea. As I floated there I whistled and called a turtle to the surface before clinging to it's shell as it dived down. At this point I momentarily panicked about how I would breathe until I remembered it was a dream and I could do whatever I wanted. So I started breathing and everything was fine. This turtle kept swimming and I saw the most beautiful sight in my life. There were so many greens and blues and reds in the corals and it was gorgeous. Then all these pretty fish swan out from the coral and swam by us, not caring that I was human. Whilst I appreciated all the wildlife and pretty colours I noticed all the fish were swimming away and I saw a shark swimming towards us. Aha! I thought, this is good timing. I let the shark come closer and before it could bite me I thrust my fist out and punched the shark in the nose. I swore I remembered something about biting a shark so whilst it was dazed I swam across and bit down on its fin, bringing the shark back to concious thoughts and leaving it to swim away.

      I can't remember what happened next but I left this scene and was standing with my boyfriend in a burnt out building with a big sword in my hand. As I walked through this building I can only remember looking for zombies. I was with this girl I really dislike and she started hitting on my boyfriend and winding me up, trying to irritate me into punching her so she'd look like the martyr and get sympathy. Unfortunately for her she annoyed me too much and when we found a zombie I spin-kicked her into the creature and left her to be eaten. The last thing I remember is feeding this girl to the brain-suckers and then running. My parents then called me to get up and I lost the dream.
      Tags: sharks, tofy, zombies
      lucid , task of the year
    13. FA's Brief Lucids and one Hellacious DEILD chain

      by , 01-27-2013 at 04:51 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      pre-bed 9:00PM
      2000MG Fish oil - (some posts suggest better dreaming)
      100MG 5-HTP
      Bed 10:00PM
      WBTB alarm 2:30AM but I woke naturally at 2:19AM
      2ish MG Galantamine (poured half capsule out on a dish and just licked it off. )
      250MG Choline
      600MG GPC
      0.5MG Melatonin


      +1MG Melatonin at 3:00AM
      +2MG Melatonin at 3:30AM

      Dosed off a bit brief DILD that I can't now remember. It was a crap dream anyway.
      Short WILD with vivid Rainbow colored static and geometric shapes. I haven't tripped that hard since High School!

      Finally fell asleep
      I woke up about 5:30AM from a NON-lucid. Something about me and another man playing with our sons. We have Lord of the Rings action figures and bicycles. Aragorn against a goblin, orcs, some shrimp like creature, and Uruk-hai. The funny thing is the action figures were actually talking to each other.

      #125 FA's Brief Lucids and one Hellacious DEILD chain

      I don't know how long this entire dream segment was. I feel it was probably around 30min. Maybe longer. I am not sure. There are a few memory gaps in the beginning but this is the best I remember.

      Ex in-laws
      I am staying at my ex in-law's house. My ex wife does not exist. My current wife and my ex's brother brother is there. There was some long dialog. Something about his birthday party. I sit and listen to the convo. I go into deep thought like I usually do. I feel dislike for this guy (I never liked him IRL). I think about why I am even here. I remember that I dream this a lot.

      I remember some SP but my focus was low

      Downtown event
      I have a FA. My wife and I are leaving the ex in-law's house. First we were driving now we are walking. My wife tells me that her "brother" R is going to give an anniversary surprise during his birthday party. I feel disgusted and want no part of it but say nothing.

      It is really early in the morning and still dark. It looks like we are downtown Webb City. There are a few curbside bistros open and large groups of people are flocking to them. Most of them are nicely dressed in evening dresses and suits. As we are walking through I comment on this to my wife but decide there must be some event going on and these are famous places to eat. Anthony Bourdain comes to mind.

      I sit in a folding chair next to some woman in a black evening dress. I look around and notice my wife went into a building. I just *know* that she had to use the restroom. This woman looks familiar to me but I don't know her. I felt an indescribably strong connection to her. Like a close friend or a family member. She is older with shoulder length gray hair. She is well kept and beautiful for her age. I get the feeling that she is ultra rich and well known. In spite of that, she is super friendly and down to earth. We have a really long conversation. I forgot almost all of it. I can only remember telling her that I was really confused. I told her that I had a brief lucid dream and I just woke up. I told her I wasn't sure what was going on. I felt really sleepy still. I don't remember her reply if any.

      I start missing my wife and look behind me. I see a bunch of folding chairs set out full of people and a woman at a podium. My wife is taking a seat in the middle. The woman at the podium says something about a church service. I feel annoyed. I just woke up. I am tired and I am in no mood to sit through some church service in the middle of the street. I march over to my wife. I sit beside my wife, put a hard hand on her shoulder and ruffly whisper in her ear, "What is this bullshit!?" The woman turns to look at me. It is some blond woman. She looks shocked an a little scared. I feel extremely embarrassed. "OH! Um sorry. I thought you were..."

      I run off to find my wife. The shock of this triggers lucidity. I remember that I took G and was trying to get lucid.

      I am in bed with vibrations.

      Memory gap

      I have another brief FA to lucid here but I can't remember enough to record anything.

      Blanket Attack

      I am back in bed with vibrations. This time I feel like a retard. I very quickly remember the dreams and how I was so close. Now I am more focused and determined.

      I transition out of bed but I am unstable. The blanket suck to my head and I can't see any more. I try to fight it but my hands can't feel anything. I give up and turn to leave blind. I am thrown back into SP.


      The Colosseum - Another failed attempt at TOTY

      I transition out again. This time it is better. But I am blind. I feel my way out of the bedroom. I try opening my eyes for a bit but I realize that I keep opening my real eyes. I see the dream and see the waking world. Finally I stop and focus seeing through my eye lids. Now I can dimly see. This time instead of heading to the front door I wonder what the back door will be like. My vision improves once I reach the back door and have a hand on the door knob. I try to visualize a Colosseum. I think of the line I used last time. I open the door but I see a moon lit back yard. I close the door and try again. Still the same. Not wanting to push my luck and wake up I walk out side. At this point part of me wonders If I am sleep walking. As a RC I try to float. I see me feet lift off the upper level of the back deck. Yep it's a dream. Now, I uncontrollably float over the rest of the deck and do a nose dive into the ground. I flip and roll end over end. Undaunted, I get up and brush myself off. (Brush myself off? lol) It is still really dark so I look up and ask the dream, "I need some light here" Oops I forgot to be polite. "Please." Nothing happens. "Can I please have some light?" I look around sort of wildly. I see a full moon and some stars. I try to focus on the moon but it is like looking through unfocused binoculars. It is really unstable and blurry. I look to the east and see the sun is just beginning to light up the sky.

      Encouraged, I decide to fly to Rome. I "feel" like Rome is to the east. My flying stinks but I remember a trick I learned from Robert W.'s book. I see the closest tall tree and focus on the tip. I go into warp speed. I see the small focused point of the tree but my peripheral vision is a blurry mess. I sort of lose vision for a sec but feel the tree branches smack into me. I blindly grasp and feel something small thorny branches. There is a dull pain but I don't dare let go. I see another tree in the distance. I repeat the exact same thing.

      Will.i.am is now 18!-tree.jpgWill.i.am is now 18!-mountain-warp.jpg

      I look farther out. I see a tree covered mountain range. The sun is rising behind it. The mountains look really far away. They are small and on the horizon. I pick a spot with trees and focus. I fly/teleport. Again, I grasp branches and hold on. I lose vision briefly again. I think that this has to be far enough.I let go and drop to the ground. I land hard.

      I pick myself up off the ground and notice the sky is dark again. I try to imagine the Colosseum again. A huge spot light comes on be. I begin to hear a roaring crowd chanting something. I think, This is it! I pretend I have a sword sheathed on my left side. With my right arm I make a drawing motion. I can hear it come out but I feel nothing. All I can see is my shadow on the ground in front of me. I am a bulky muscular man with a Gladius in my right hand. I am in a fighting stance and ready for battle. At that moment the dream collapses.


      DEILD back into bed. This time I give the SP a little more time. I focus on the feeling and relax. I just wait and watch like I do when I have HI.

      I begin to see a bright blue blob of color. I focus on it. It looks like some sort of animation on a computer screne. I sit up and reach for it. It becomes a tablet in my left hand. I continue to watch the strange blob. I ask the the dream, "What is this?"
      I hear a reply in my mind, "EVIL..... THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED."
      I become afraid. I shout. "YOU FAGGOT! SHUT-UP! NO IT'S NOT!" (faggot? really? Sorry folks, I never use that word IRL) Then I realize that I pretty much just called myself a faggot. I think about stupid it was. The dream collapses.

      The Creep In The Mirror

      I DEILD again and remain calm. I sit in SP again. I am beginning to realize that if I give SP some time and not rush things I will be able to see better. After some time I can see the room. I get out of bed. This time I try to focus on using the bathroom door to teleport to the Colosseum. It is the closest door. I remember the non-lucid awhile back that when I opened the door it led to a park outside. I try to visualize the outline of wall again. I open the door. Nope. Normal bathroom. I try again and the room is a black void. I feel encouraged and walk in. I imagine a Gladius in my hand and try my WILD tech in dream. I make a repetitive chopping action with the sword and wait for the Colosseum to form.

      Suddenly the lights come on. I am just in my bathroom. I can see the sun coming from the window. The light is bright and warm like noon in the summer. I decide to just play around now.

      I go to the sink and look in the mirror. I notice the medicine cabinet is all wrong. It has a sliding glass door rather than a hinged one. I look really creepy and distorted. My body is all jittery and wavy like I an underwater. I focus on my face. My eyes look bloodshot. My goatee is gone and I look like I am 16 again. I gasp and let out a laugh. When I do that there is this strange zooming focus effect in the mirror with the background behind me. I am taken aback. I focus again on my face. I am making crazy faces at myself. I am still wavy and jittery. My reflection give me a half smirk. It looks like someone is photo editing my mouth in real time with a smudge tool. I realize I am not smiling. Then I notice that I have a black, smoky aura around me. I gasp and again the strange zooming effect. It was almost like reality bent and flexed around me. I focus on my face once more and it looks sort of normal. I feel really creeped out and decide to move on.

      I think about going outside so I look out the window. I pull back the blinds but find that I can't see past the screen. Its just really bright light coming in. I decide to head to the front door.

      I walk through into my son's room. And become distracted. I see him asleep in the crib. I lean over him and say "BOOOO!" He makes a face and puts his hands to his mouth. He looks like he is about to cry. I feel really bad that I scared him. I try to comfort him and kiss is forehead. Then I wonder if I am really astral projecting and worry that I am waking him up. Then I get an idea.

      I rush back into my bed room to try and see myself. I go back through the bathroom. There is breif darkness. Then I an standing next to my bed in the dark. My wife wakes up and half-way sits up. I see my body lying in bed in my right side with my legs slightly bent. I notice that MY HEAD IS MISSING. I jump in the bed next to me. It feels like a plastic dummy. It has a shirt and shorts on. I reach into the neck of the shirt but it feels like smooth skin. I remember the headless boy dream the scene destabilizes.

      Concentration is Lost

      I begin to DEILD again. I feel the vibrations buzzing my body. This time I become distracted. I realize that have had a long dream. I feel like I am going to forget is all. I try to think back while keeping the SP going but this much thinking fully wakes me up.

      The time is exactly 7:00AM. I feel a little confused because the room is so dark still. I swear to myself that I am still dreaming but after several clock RCs and awareness checks I quickly realize I am not. It is just cloudy outside.

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    14. Gladius and Darkness

      by , 01-19-2013 at 04:40 PM
      This lucid was long enough that I became legitimately concerned about remembering it. This worry wound up being a bit of a downfall, but it still took me in interesting directions.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #57: Gladius and Darkness

      I'm experiencing deja vu as I walk through an airport terminal, sure that I've dreamed of this place before. I note all of these little details that I believe my mind left out of the dream version of this place -- the color of the carpeting, the man arguing at the ticket counter, the way that the ceiling curves into a dome in this room. Then I hear the sound of hurried little footsteps. Someone tells me "E is looking for you!" (E is my oldest son.) Now I'm lucid.

      I hear E shout playfully from somewhere further down the terminal: "Looking for Daaaaddy!" I know that we're playing hide and seek. I eagerly set off, loving the idea of playing like this in an LD. I move through the terminal and wind up in a series of twisting, narrow office hallways. Other children run by me, possibly engaged in their own games of hide and seek.

      As I'm moving through these hallways, a little hand swipes the back of my leg and E declares, "I got Daaaaddy!" I move toward E to scoop him up but he laughs and runs in the opposite direction. I follow but almost immediately I've lost him in the hallways.

      I wind up back in the airport terminal and wander through there a while longer before coming to a craft table. Wife is standing at this table wearing a smock and molding some sort of clay. I walk up to the table but she doesn't acknowledge me. I grab a piece of clay and tell her, "I'm having a lucid dream." She responds in essence that I should "show her" what that means. (I don't remember her exact words.)

      As I begin molding the clay, it starts foaming and fizzing until the entire surface is covered in a layer of foam. I wipe the foam away bit by bit and underneath is a carved image of a human face. Wife looks astonished. I tell her, "I'm telling you, being lucid is the way to go."

      She hands me a round piece of glass. "Make me a picture of a Christmas tree." I nod, take the glass from her, and rub my hand across it once. Instead of a Christmas tree, I produce a little stained glass picture of an eye.

      Wife looks at it. "Nice. But that's not a Christmas tree. I thought you said you were having a lucid dream."

      A bit baffled, I shrug and say, "I don't know what to tell you." She goes back to her crafts and I walk further along in the airport terminal. I'm loving the experience of being lucid again and I suddenly fret that I'll forget everything that's happened. I try to recall everything that's happened up to this point, but this destabilizes the scene. Everything collapses into darkness.

      I remember that Xanous had talked about handling "dark scenes" by acting out some action like riding a bike or running. I want to perform a Task of the Year, so I will myself to have a gladius in my hand. (The gladius is a sword of ancient Rome.) I swing the sword back and forth in the darkness, imagining that I'm locked in a dark tunnel underneath the Colosseum. I can hear the crowd now, and I know that the gates will open any moment to let me out for my match. I'm nervous with anticipation. I try to remember whether I have to kill for this task, and think that I do.

      I see a blob of light forming in the corner of my vision. I'm filled with fear and nervous tension. But just as I'm bursting with anticipation, the crowd noise dies down and the blob of light forms into a high window in the hallway of a university. My vision is badly distorted around the edges, almost as if I'm wearing a shredded contact lens.

      The window is about 15 feet above me, and I float up to it to start phasing through the glass. The phasing is difficult and awkward. It feels like I'm dragging my body through thick plastic wrap. I finally make it through and then I'm flying over a park in the mid-afternoon. The dream feels thin now, and I fly only a short distance before
      waking up.
    15. The Bike Ride, Rainbow Demon, Horrible Contractors

      by , 01-18-2013 at 01:28 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Pre-bed 5HTP 100MG
      Bedtime 10:00PM
      Trouble sleeping - 5MG Melatonin
      WBTB 2:30AM
      4MG Galantamine, 250MG Choline, 300MG GPC, 1.25MG Melatonin
      3:00AM Took additional 5MG Melatonin, 300 GPC
      Finally asleep around 4:00AM

      119 The Bike Ride DILD

      I am walking down a street downtown behind some people. I see a woman in a blue dress walking quickly past me. She is on her cell phone and looks like a business woman. I think, "Gee working at the office on the weekend?" Then I remember its Friday morning and become lucid.

      I walk fast around the people in front of me for some reason. I look around at the scene. The details are blurry. I think about the basic TOTM and want to ask them to guess my number. I slowly turn around and wonder if the scene would change on its own but when I do the dream destabilizes.

      I keep from waking up by visualizing a motion. I quickly decide cycling. In a few seconds I am back in the dream on my bike. I can feel the breeze and smell the fresh air of outside. I never have smells in dreams and am surprised at this. I don't see any DCs now. The bike ride feels really good. I can feel my leg muscles stretching and working. I think how its been too long since it got cold. "Oh yeah, It's still a dream." I come into some traffic. I feel exhilarated and triumphant. I run into the traffic to let the cars try to hit me. I see a white SUV come my way and then swerve. I yell, "What's up bitches?" The dream fades.

      Again I DEILD by visualizing peddling. I find that I am just lying in my bed peddling in the air. I think I am probably still dreaming but I wonder if I will wake my wife. Then I hear some very original music. It sort of sounds like a pop song but the words are garbled. I am intrigued by it. The music is very moving and extremely enjoyable. I feel joy and exhilaration. I begin to sing to it. I realize my words are garbled and change to humming. I wonder if my wife can hear it in real life. ( I cannot even begin to remember the song now... sad)

      I feel SP now and I get out of bed with very little trouble. The room is dark and I walk to the bedroom door. I pause and try to think of ancient Rome. I know its Greek but the first image I get is the Parthenon.

      I think that maybe it's close enough for a gladiator fight to get TOTY. I expect to see it when I open the door but its just my house. I walk to the dining room and bump into the table. It's totally dark in here but somehow I made the light in the bed room come on by thinking how I need to see. I can see the light coming from behind me but it's not enough to see in the room.

      I can't see my cat but I hear it hiss at me. I reach for it and feel fur and then pain. I squeeze it and move my hand. I feel a giant lump of fur attached to my hand for just a few seconds then it vanishes. I become scared and whimper a bit. I quickly compose myself and yell at the cat. "STOP IT, STUPID! ... I am going outside."

      I walk to the front door. I try to picture a new scene but come up blank. I wake up.

      I have some wakefulness still so I move the to living room recliner.

      I have several DILDs but wake almost instantly. Some I forgot.

      120 Rainbow Demon WILD

      I am in my recliner I have SP. I hear my wife walk into the living room. She says something sexy and then climbs on top of me and straddles me. She pins my hands above my head by the wrists. When I look at her she turns into the rainbow fractal demon. I freak out and push it away. This time I notice there aren't really any fractals incorporated. It's just humanoid shaped and dark. The rainbow colors remind me of how a soap bubble shows color in the sunlight. It's just on the surface and enough to give it definition and detail.

      We are now just sort of floating in the void together. I think, "Hey its a DC I'll do basic." I see it sort of far away and ignoring me. It is turned to its left and appears to be playing Opossum. I know this and go ahead and ask, "Guess a number between 1 and 100."
      It replies with my wifes voice, "Um 69." (Whore)
      I almost laugh at this. "Nah, it was 50."
      I wake up

      Try to DEILD but have DILD.

      121 Horrible Contractors DILD/DEILD

      I hear a noise like a large diesel engine outside and get out of my recliner. I open the door and stand in the doorway. I see some Mexican men working in my yard. They are doing construction. I wonder why they would wake me at 5 in the morning with there construction work. One is pushing a wheelbarrow and the other is on my porch with some strange looking red thing with wheels. It almost looks like a barbecue pit with wheelbarrow handles.

      I am pissed but I realize I am staring at them with a hammer in my hand and wearing only boxer briefs. I don't look at it but I vividly feel there is a hammer in my right hand. Embarrassed, I walk back inside. Then, I think, "Wait. I might be intimidating right now.Maybe I can chase them off." I go back outside and see two cars are somehow parked on my porch. I don't see the men so I walk into the yard. "They better not be working on MY house." I look and see some roofing material on my roof. "Well I guess if they want to. I need a roof." I walk around to find the men and say, "Oh yeah. This is a dream." Everything fades to black.

      I DEILD perfectly and get up out of the recliner. I am much closer to the door now so I easily step outside. Again I am shocked to smell the air. It's like rain. I wonder if am just sleep walking. I realize my eyes are closed. I cautiously open them. I see some distortion then it clears up. I am on the front poach. Again I feel like I am in my underwear. I really hope this is a dream because this might get embarrassing. I step off the porch but notice I am hovering. I laugh. I slowly float to the ground. Then, I jump up high. Then, I float back down. I feel bored now but I remember the advanced TOTM. Fireworks. Its hard to explain but I sort of clap/rub my hands like I am starting a fire with flint and steel. I see a bottle rocket shoot forward and make a little pop and some yellow color. I do it several times again. Then, I decide that I really want a big show. I look up and do one big clap. I see a giant red explosion. Then a green. All typical fire works. Then I get a nice surprise. The color of the next few explosions turn into rainbow streaks. But the odd thing about it was that is looked really 8-bit and in straight lines.

      Similar to this. I think of it as 8-bit because the lines looked dotted.

      I laugh and dance around in the glow of the fireworks. I feel like a child. I begin to sing some children's song (I can't for the life of me remember what it was). I realize my voice sounds like it did when I was a young boy. I wake up.

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