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    1. 2017-10-26 fluffy cotton clouds

      by , 10-26-2017 at 09:35 AM
      I've been having fairly vivid dreams recently, with quite good recall initially. I haven't been DJing regularly, though. Lucidity pretty far away, it's not #1 on my priorities recently.

      Among others, last night I had this memorable moment.

      + I'm getting in to my car, and I notice very thick, low cloud cover overhead. In fact, the clouds are hovering directly above my head. I reach up and touch them and tear off a piece. It feels like very thick, heavy, fluffy white cotton. I'm amazed at the consistency. I get in my car and start driving and the clouds are blocking my vision, I turn on my windshield wipers to clear them away and the wipers work at a furious pace (far faster than waking wipers) to clear away the clouds.
    2. 2017-09-25 few short moments

      by , 09-25-2017 at 06:39 AM
      + football play, I'm playing! [a lot of the time normally I'm just observing the play]. I line up on the right side at the line of scrimmage, looking down the line towards the center and the ball, seeing the heads/hands of the players on both sides. I'm keeping my eyes only on the ball and ignoring the snap count, because I know there are deceptive snap words. In fact I do see false starts/offside movements by both sides a little and wonder if there will be a flag, but no the ball is snapped and I start running. I make my way down the field to the defensive secondary line and there I'm blocked by a big defender and I just can't make my way around him. The ball does not come to me but to a teammate, but he reaches me and I wriggle free to receive a lateral handoff from him. Then I start running [I now realize] the other way back down the field.

      + in the car, a guy is in the back, and my dad, I'm in the front seat (standing), I notice LB is there too, in a revealing peach colored outfit showing a lot of skin including a thong showing off a great asset, and I catch the guy in the back staring at her behind.

      + parking a car in a spot that may be a bit hard to get out of (hard to turn around), there is a parking attendant there. Talking with a woman about how I'm going to get to a certain spot, she's indicating I need to take one mode of transport that I think goes too far in the wrong direction, I explain that I've parked my car in [city Cu].

      + in a bathroom, walking back and forth, I see the toilet seat I want is covered with a seat guard ring made from a washcloth, I think this is a great idea rather than using a disposable toilet seat guard, someone in there asks me why I'm going back and forth all the time

      + [DO] I'm floating along the path of some vehicle with an unobstructed view out the front, it's driving over grass and curbs made from packed gravel, there is a conversation (me talking?) about how there are too many enumerated values for a certain variable in a program, I'm realizing that the uninitialized value can fully take the place of one of the enumerants, and I'm pondering this trying to think if it's really true or not while the vehicle continues on, making left and right turns
    3. 2017-09-20 vivid dreams

      by , 09-20-2017 at 08:11 AM
      + [very vivid] "star wars in the sun" -- dodging tanks, several "burning man C3PO", the playground area dug into the sidewalk with crumbling concrete, the museum entry with kids playing a computer game (python!) and the old man showing how to change games by winding differently colored strands of paint around two terminals (I thought this controlled a virtual machine apparatus behind the scenes!)

      + rocking the boat-house with TZ. TZ is hiding gameplay in his home office with a slide-to-the-side computer screen but he's too slow and my wife catches him and while he scrambles to ctrl-alt-del kill the partially hidden game task my wife sees him and gives him an earful about that. I think "poor fool, running windows 95, of course he can't kill the task fast enough"

      + cleaning up used condoms over at a kids' friend's house and throwing them in the sink but the sink is too small and they might clog the works. they are wet and nasty, one of them is mine I know, and the rest are theirs. I say "you throw them away, because I picked them up". I think I'm going to see some of the "good bits" on a girl but she gets shy and covers up.

      + flying with some amount of control over direction and in what I'm seeing. I think I'm doing a WILD and these are visualizations

      + (f) over at kids' friend's house (earlier in the night, not same dream) I'm in MZ's room and the boys are talking about something
    4. 2017-09-12 coupla fragments

      by , 09-12-2017 at 12:33 PM
      super late bedtime. Dang Netflix to heck!

      + In a building, people about, sort of a hospital? I and my team are setting up in a hallway and when some people try to enter I shoo them away

      Outdoors with people in a parking-lot-like place, there (shopping carts?) full of objects (flowers?) that we're checking out.

      +(f) outdoors talking with someone about university level math, something starting with "D" is not as hard as it looks, I say
    5. 2017-09-11 skiing, motorcycle @ concert

      by , 09-11-2017 at 07:17 AM
      + scenes from a ski hill at a downhill skiing resort. Skiiers are swooshing down the hill, some going dangerously fast.

      + I'm getting off public transport (metro?) with my motorcycle. A bunch of people are mulling about the bottom of a deep large rectangular stairwell. I look up and can see the buildings outside in the light. I don't see how I'm going to get my bike up there. In the end I start just pushing it up the stairs, and I seem to be able to manage it. A friend of mind starts telling me how my other friends (who are the Srs twins, who are performing?) don't like it when there are disturbances in the middle of the show, and goes into a long offer about storing my bike and getting it back to me the next day. I don't want to do this so I keep it with my.

      Walking through the open ampitheater seating full of people, there is a free area that I know has been reserved for us by the friend-performers. It's near the top. I look for a place to store my bike. Just beyond the top of the rim of the seating area is a place where others have stored their bicycles. I see several bicycles lying on their sides taking up the space, I don't see an open space for my motorcycle.

      As I head back to our seating, I overhear a snippet of conversation between two women [forgot].
    6. 2017-09-07 house, dessert, $50,000, FA, owl eats a pigeon, job

      by , 09-07-2017 at 11:14 AM
      (middle of the night)

      + I'm looking at the side of a house, and I'm talking to someone (not visible) about the dryer vent that I see there. I decide to climb up on top of the house (for privacy?) and I scramble up there. Off in the distance I see through the window of a neighbor's house that people are scrambling to get out of my view. I think they were probably naked and don't want me to see them.

      + (FA) I wake up and L lying next to me says "Let's read a little bit"

      + I'm outside, it's twilight, and there are tall trees around, it's a city scene. Then I see a large bird (I think it's an owl) swooping down slowly in front of me it's wings spread wide, it is gliding very slowly and leaisurely, the owl picks up a pigeon from a group of pigeons standing on a rail below in its talons, and flies off. I lose sight of it. I think "what a lazy owl, it just lives on the roof of that building and swoops down to eats pigeons whenever it wants". I notice all of a sudden a great flock of vultures is roosting in the trees all around and they're all staring at a spot on the ground down and to the right. I follow their gaze, expecting that I'll see the owl eating the pigeon. And I do see a bird (like a seagull) lying on the ground, it's body cavity completely open, showing it's still pulsating guts, while the owl picks away at it. I think "the poor bird, being eaten while still alive."


      + I'm walking through in a large crowd in a restaurant. It is some sort of organized event. I'm getting handed a piece of "carrot cake" that is really heavy and about 1/2 a meter long. Then as I turn and take a bite of it, I realize it's really light and fluffy like a churro, and the icing is thin and insubstantial like whipped cream. It's also about a meter long now. Instead of tables the place is made up of high counters to sit at. I'm walking amongst the counters and looking for a tasty desert. I see bowl of ice cream, and desserts that are like ice cream that have large chunks of caramel in them. I see a brown ice cream that I think if coffee flavor. The waiters start taking away all the desserts before I can eat any. I'm upset and ask them to give me some but they say they have to clean it up. All that's left are the piles of "dessert garbage" which is unappetizing.

      [Yes, I started a new diet last week in WL!]

      + In a building, like an office, and I'm naked and want to take a shower, but the cleaning staff has arrived, I'm leaning around a corner talking to them?

      Some woman comes up to me and hands me a massive pile of dollars cash and says "here is your $50,000 investment." I rifle through it a bit and stuff it into my backpack. She's investing in my company. Only, I've not yet formally joined that start-up, which my friends are running. I'm trying to think what to do with the $50,000.

      Walking around, thinking about this money and the job, there is a very successful entrepreneur (like a Tony Robbins type guy) who is spouting business advice, and I'm listening to him and walking around.
    7. 2017-09-06 coupla short scenes

      by , 09-06-2017 at 08:03 AM
      + observing a football play [DREAMSIGN]: in the endzone, a player receives the kickoff and only is able to run it back to the goal line, and dives forwards at the corner and places the football juuuuuuuuuust past the goal line corner marker right in front of the referee.

      + loading into a van (getting off?) at some destination/party location? The driver of the van is asking for $30 from everybody. I'm looking through my wallet and he reminds me that I already paid him so I just hand him $4.
    8. 2017-08-06 lots of dreams!

      by , 08-06-2017 at 04:04 PM
      + concert, see/hear my instruments, they're not right
      parade outside, foreigners, guy singing in English accent with a big hook nose

      + talking to girls on boat before the (bad guy?) come and takes them away

      + flying inside a large building at high levels, thinking how to get out, I could fly through the walls like Harry Potter ghosts, it would suck to be stuck as a ghost forever, immaterial like that

      + swimming contest in the pool: 1) girl gives into pool at start of race and gets caught on the ropes in between the lanes. Her head is under the water. We're getting concerned as she does not move. I pick her head up and she is alive because she has some sort of small breathing apparatus on over her nose/mouth. 2) I'm racing in a very small motor boat back and forth in the lanes I think I'll win, my partner isn't in the boat?

      + I don't see well and I find out it's because I have cataracts

      + 2 spies are harassing me in the locker room. One of the guys takes my underwear as I'm getting dressed and I grab it back, annoyed. I move my pile of clothes to another bench to get away from him. His partner stuffs a huge pile of things into the pockets of my jeans, I know there could be recording devices in there so I pull all of them out and throw them away. I turn away for a second and when I get back they've taken my jeans entirely. I run after them and hold on to the guy with force hold (TK) and with another TK tendril I pull my jeans out, and I will the TK bubble holding the guy to get hot to burn him.


      + room in building, multi-level sink, small sink, go outside in only towel it's a public area man sees me try to go back in cant find way, see S2 outside trying to sneak inside neighbor's apartment.

      People working at table in public area, family, I go by and push/reach over table to get back my papers

      +(f) bicycle with no wheels/portions of wheels

      outside building trying to get back inside a man is behind me walking up the steps

      + (semi lucid?) dive into the pavement to get into the dream

      + waiting in line at an outdoor cookie stand, when it's my turn the woman tells me about the wonderful properties of her cookies, I think they're oatmeal raisin cookies but I get a close look and they're cookies with brown M&Ms. The guy next to me in line grabs the cookie and gives it to me and says I do not need to pay for it, then he grabs me a full chocolate cookie (black/brown) and gives it to me and says it's free. I'm quite happy. Then he grabs some more smaller cookies and says I can take these, too. But now I'm feeling bad for the cookie woman and say I don't want to put her out of business.
    9. 2017-08-03 very vivid scenes!

      by , 08-03-2017 at 02:22 PM
      [2 hr waking]
      +(f) there is recall, I'm amazed I have any, but forget it

      [7-8 hr waking]
      + I'm getting in to a dentist chair. I look down at the chair and I see blood dripping and moving around beneath thick, clear plastic covers.

      + a bunch (pile?) of people are huddling on a stretcher underneath a blanket, they are very cold and shivering. I try to get in from the side pull up the blanket and get in. There is now a lot of room, I see the dark material of the stretcher beneath me.

      +[long, vivid] I'm standing on a street corner where there is a vacant lot. I realize all of a sudden that all my things are gone!. I'm a college student and live (rent) that spot and all my things are now gone! I believe at first that the cleaning people have made a mistake and thrown everything out. Even my desk! I'm walking by the area again and realize that no, all my things instead have been impounded by the landlord because of past due rent payments. I see along the side of the lot a long narrow locked cage with all my things inside. I see bookshelves full of textbooks. I wonder how my things didn't get stolen before since they're just right there out in the open.

      I wander up to a nearby building looking for the landlord to try to settle the payment and get my things back. I look back at the building behind me and see a white house from the outside, with a rotating display of street address numbers where the numbers are vertically displayed from top to bottom. I sort of recognize the top number as mine, and watch as it rotates out of view. There are about 5-6 addresses on this rotating display. There are so many addresses there because this is a house of student rental apartments. I keep looking but the number I recognize is not visible ever again.

      I walk further and come across a cage, there are two girls there whom I feel like I recognize. Inside this square tall cage are more of my things. I see one of my big blue fabric suitcases that is very full and I think the zipper has busted, which will allow my things to poor out onto the ground. (Some brief dialogue with them?)

      Heading farther down the street I encounter a small, low, two-leve coffee table. "Ah, this is my table!" I think. I look at it and realize there is writing on the top of the table, and I think I read the word "dream" or imagine that I read it. The more I look at the words the more they appear to be nonsense words written using latin letters.

      I am talking with an old man. He indicates that I will need to pay to him, and we walk along the street back towards my lot. I'm wondering how much I will need to pay to get my things back. I don't know how long I have not paid rent. I imagine I will have to pay $3000 or more.

      Walking along, I see on a (stool/stump) off to the right a walking-stick insect. It is slowly moving and showing off the parts of its body, I'm amazed at how much like a stick it looks. I'm pretty sure I've seen it before.
    10. 2017-07-17 racquetball, cat/tree, house tour, kitchen pests

      by , 07-18-2017 at 05:11 AM
      + racquetball, watching people play through the glass, watching a point being played, they're good, hitting low along the right-hand side of the court. The service looks long but they start to play, they're using all the walls including the back wall. I look at my shoes before entering the court? I'm thinking I need to warm up a bit before playing, maybe practice some serves

      +(f?) There is a (cat?) way up in a tree and I need to get it down, it's a friend's? It's stuck up there. I'm thinking of using TK to start with, but I decide instead to have a person up in the tree drop it to me and I'll catch it. I miss it and it splats on the pavement and I'm sad about this and start cooing over it hoping it's not hurt

      + in a kitchen (I think it's mine) with a close up view of one wall above the counter. I'm looking at the grouted tiles and fine a lose bit of grout and pull it out, and something long small and fast is underneath and starts running quickly along the top of the first level of tiles to the right. At first I think it's a mouse but it looks more like a slug. It's moving fast. I think "a ha, so this is how they get in, behind the grout/tiles!" It's still running along the tile/grout line turns a corner and runs along the wall to the right. There's a 2nd one running there now, too. I take a stick and flick the first one out to the ground where it keeps running. It's like a small bulbous bug now. I decide to step on it lightly and I feel it "pop" sickeningly under my foot. It's not dead just disabled there wiggling its legs. I flick the 2nd one to the floor and step on it, too.

      + [very vivid[ taking a tour of rooms in a house? sort of a ranch house. The house is now mine? Look into a bedroom, and there is a small bed along the left wall in the entry area, and there is a very disturbing stain, looks like blood or other dark bodily fluids, coming from under the pillow. I (or narrator?) says something about "well what do you expect with old people?". The stain reaches the edge of the bed and starts leaking and pooling on to the floor. As I enter the room I expect to smell something horrible from that but don't smell anything.

      I'm moving about the room opening windows to check the view. One window is very narrow (about 3 inches) and taped shut. I pull it open and I see it looks out not to the outside but into another room, large, that looks like a barn, I say "hey this one looks out into the barn." I look out another window and see it looks into a stone/brick large open "family room" I'm then walking in a corridor towards this room and think hey this place is great they have an amazing large brick room complex, too. I find the entrance and it feels cold a little bit from the stone and enter it. There are large oil/gas tanks here, I think this is a house on the very edge of an oil processing plant. I have a view outside and I see a sweeping vista of green pine trees but in the foreground are large oil storage tanks. I wonder about the tanks getting refilled.
    11. 2017-04-23 yellow flowers & blind flying, fire, crowd, car/ramp/snow, girls, guy I "know"

      by , 04-23-2017 at 11:43 PM
      Some very nice vivid dreams. There were more earlier, but didn't record in the night so forgot them.

      + I'm standing on the curving edge of a steep drop-off with other people outside. To my left my attention is drawn to very bright yellow beautiful flowers. They are vertically stacked along the stem, and they're a crinkled shap like snap-dragons, which I think they are at first. I see that there are several sets of these flowers growing on plants along the edge. I go and look at them closely and determine they're not snapdragons. They're more frilly than solid and have taken on a slight orange-ish tinge.

      I lean forwards and take off flying over the open space? I feel the acceleration when I bank and "pull up" but I don't see anything. Later I'm talking to someone about my flying and I say this to them.

      + Outside, daylight? along dirt/wet pathways. Behind me is a large crowd of people at a distance, I move away from them. I look back and they're still coming at me so I start running. They seem to be closer. I run in to a house and hide inside. I peek out of some small openings at the road outside, it's quite bright outside but nobody can see me because I'm in a darker inside and the windows are small. I'm surprised to see nobody is outside looking for me.

      I'm outside starting a fire with some guy. He's gathering dry brown leaves right there on the ground and lighting them. We're putting very small twigs on the fire, I'm leaning over and blowing gently on it, it almost goes out bit catches. Then the fire is burning in a small pit/hole in the dirt, and the special feature of this pit is that there is a hole dug out of the "back" of the pit, which I think is giving excellent air flow to the fire, and allowing it to burn very well.

      + I'm a passenger in a car which is driving up a ramp (covered in snow?) that is leading to a level above ground level (but open to the sky). There are some people around. I think this is a sneaky back way to get to the place where we're going and I "remember" having been before. I'm not entirely sure this path will lead there, but apparently it does. Our car jumps over the side barrier and is heading for a tall structure a short distance away. We're not going to make it to the top of the structure: we smash through a little bit below the top and land on the ground. I tell the (driver?) that I should have pulled on the instant-stop brakes to avoid the collision.

      I'm walking and there are some people in the distance. Encounter a female DC and get bold and grab her and
      Spoiler for brief sexy encounter:
      spread her legs and give her some oral attention. [Lightly lucid?] I'm concerned about the dream ending, but I hold on

      I'm then sitting with another girl on my lap, our heads are nuzzling each other. There's another girl there standing nearby. I'm telling them they need to sign up for the next class. I say this several times. The standing girl says her parents want to talk to me. I tell her again that she still needs to sign up for the next session.

      +(f) I'm sitting in the driver seat of a car, I see a guy I "know' / "recognize" from before [FALSE] approach the car from the front, I'm looking at him through the windshield, we converse briefly about something?
    12. 2017-04-15 super vivid & present / alternate life, multiple semi-epics

      by , 04-15-2017 at 12:26 PM
      bedtime finally not atrocious: head hit the pillow at 00:40. Some intention setting and affirmations before bed.

      Lots of dreams. Probably more that noted here, no recording until final waking, and epics tend to obliterate earlier dreams. 18 minutes of voice notes!


      Quick notes:

      + rental car, mustang, white doors closing, keys (could steal), dealer, "not too overpowered", (shakes his head), I think I could gun it later.

      + [semi-epic] at guy's house, dog holding ear, nanny & girl (?), in house alone, semis entering his garage, police come, "he was going to murder you in one hour"

      + police on streets on hill: look down, swanky party busted by cops; indoors, leading regent gives speech, appoints new chancellor of University: JH (boy scouts, frizzy hair): grizzled, old, red eyes, he can barely talk, he makes no sense, I feel sorry for him

      + DO: watching video of ME at (high school graduation?): who filmed me? View fully zoomed and centered on my face: tears are streaming down my eyes. I'm singing along with the other students: (national anthem?) no sound: my eyes are doing weird things, like rolling back in my head, I'm really embarrassed, I didn't know that I was being filmed.

      + football scrimmage, "C vs. C" overhead view: lots of laterals, tackling.


      + [semi-epic] in my "kitchen": burger meal on plate, big crowd of guests appear, can't eat now, make tea for everyone, boil water, girl talks about helping her learn how to catch balls, back in kitchen burger is still on plate, but fries/side dishes are gone burger is alone, I sneak a quick, big bite of it stuffing it into my mouth, guy friend walks up just then, great I think, just as I bite, I look for tea in the cabinets, open cabinet and many colorful packages, take out two fancy tea packs: one on right has white flakes in it, lots of dried fruit?, pack on left is dark red/brown pieces of tea like roiboos.

      + [semi-epic] at the theater: I'm in balcony, leaning over railing to the right and talking to a girl and a guy on ground floor, discussion of school, I start to say "enjoy your final years of school" but realize I don't know how many years she has left or is graduating, girl says something like "(help me?) and I'll give her to you (girl sitting behind me?) the play begins I decline I lift my left arm and put it around my (date? wife?) on my left she leans in puts her head against mine, attention moves to the stage:

      Guy from former work [N] has thinning hair is acting on stage, he's with another guy, there's a fight, one guy really slugs the other one on the back/shoulder and the hit guy's body tremors. One guy produces bills ($50 / $100 / $200) the $200 one (close up) I know is fake, it has some random guy's picture on it, it's pretty funny though. Then the guy and girl I was talking to earlier are on center stage and the guy produces some blue windex-looking stuff

      + On U lake in boat, wind, calm behind Rt island, I think I haven't been here a long time and want to next time take the boats to the island, study Rt island closely, it is not quite right, too many trees and there are other little rocks in the water
    13. 2017-04-14 couple short moments of recall

      by , 04-14-2017 at 02:40 PM

      +(vague, f) playing pool?

      +(vague, f) on a freeway in a car?

      + Getting into a large back seat of a SUV-like vehicle. There are about 4-5 seats in this row. The far seat on the side away from me is occupied by a girl. I want to go sit next to her but think it's wouldn't be prudent.

      + I'm inside a large room/building like a library with desks and bookcases all over, we are shepherding some "bad?" guy with us and tell him to get into a little cubby like under a desk, and to stay there.

      + I'm in a home, a living room, I'm sitting on a couch and one of my cousins comes up (don't see face) and sits beside me, close. She's wearing red dress. She pulls her legs up under her to the side on the couch. I know what somebody close to me had died recently but didn't think of whom it was. I know her family was also affected. I ask her "So....how are things?" (referring to the death). She answered "we had a simple dinner, just spaghetti." I put my right and on her leg.

      Some people come in to the party. One of them is JM [company 3] (sort of looks like him). I get up and shake his hand. He hands me a birthday present, it's a small rectangular long and narrow package like a pen would be wrapped in. I open it and I see some purple things inside. I then realize that the present was for the host and now I'm going to get it for opening his present and feel pretty stupid about that.
    14. 2017-04-13 basketball, berries, bees, bikes

      by , 04-13-2017 at 08:46 AM
      + I'm playing basketball in TVP with some guys, I'm making some awesome spin and dribble moves to drive to the basket [waking life ball handling is crap], I make some shots but keep missing. One goes over the top of the backboard, and one goes up and over the (20-25 foot) fence against the back hill of trees. The ball is stuck there on the edge of the hill (and has inflated to 3-4 times normal size?) So I throw another ball over the fence in order to dislodge the first ball. This works and the first ball starts rolling down the hill. Now we're trying to save this ball from falling down the hill (which now has no trees on it), so we run to the edge of the steep drop off and we all use TK to pull the ball back up. I make a dramatic pointing and pulling "force pull" gesture. Someone says something about a "particle accelerator!"

      + in some house/room, I'm looking out the window(?) and see a big pile of yellow berries: sea buckthorn. I run outside and there are huge piles of the (semi-frozen?) berries on trees and lying on the ground. I pick up a big pile between my two hands and take a few bites.

      Pulling off earth from a behive? The bees start chasing me, I'm running from them.

      + walking down some hill with a team. At the bottom along a road is a fence, tall here. As we walk along it it get lower. There are bicycles locked to this fence? I ask a friend for some bolt cutters to cut through the cable to get through the fence. I carry them in my hands and walk back a bit but don't cut anything. We reach a point where the fence is very low and I suggest just hopping over it. But there is a (fraternity?) house right across the street here and they could see us.
    15. 2017-04-12 LUCIDD 230 vivid dreams

      by , 04-12-2017 at 10:41 PM
      + a place is taking off on top of me, I get dragged by the plane, it takes off, I have to figure out when to let go and roll on the ground

      + baseball on radio

      + in work cubes talking to SC (not there) about how she was using my cube because I had been away for a long time

      + CH back yard back steps climbing up, dog (old and sick sounding), growls at me a bit at top, he's mangy looking but I'm feeling warm towards him still, food bowls inside the back porch, I see the front door is open, walk towards it, see a girl standing halfway up the stairs, I go up the stairs, there are groups of girls in my old room and sister's room. Talk to them a bit (forgot dialogue)


      + brief half-asleep sexy time under a blanket in a room

      + LUCIDD 230 LD#230 I am in my FAH (former adult home, CA) looking at the cat food on the ground, I fill the bowl with fresh food but it still looks soggy. I get up and walk by the dresser and see Christmas-related things there, I think that I at some point took the trouble to take them out of storage. I walk to the kitchen, and I look at the cooktop. The burners are still hot and somebody left some cloth materials on top of the burners, and I get really mad. I think it was son S2, and I start yelling "you can't put those kinds of things on top of hot burners! You can ONLY PUT METAL! ONLY METAL!" Then I see the material catching fire, son S2 is near and I keep yelling at him and slug his shoulder a few times, he gets mad and almost takes a swing at me, I feel a bit bad about hitting him.

      Older son S1 then says "hey look there!" and directs our attention to the light fixture in the dining room. I'm looking at it through the opening from the kitchen and see that the colorful light fixture is gone, the only thing that remains are a few fragments of clear glass/crystal. I think someone has stolen the colorful fixture. I see the dining room window and it looks ajar, and imagine a thief opened it. I look to the right through the family room and to the sliding glass door to the backyard, it also looks like it's been messed with. I go to it and the entire frame falls off of the house into the back yard. Clearly a thief has pried it away from the house to enter.

      I go out into the backyard, I feel a lot of fear that we've been burgled. I'm afraid for my dog now, I call for him, "L! L!" then I remember that he died a long time ago. I'm feeling really fearful of what we've lost and about burglary, and think that my only hope is if I'm dreaming. I do a nose pinch and I can breathe! I'm lucid! I feel a great surge of relief and re-enter the house. I imagine (don't see) that my sons are still standing there, and I say, "well, boys, this is a dream what shall we do?
      Spoiler for NSFW comment:
      Shall I call a dial-a-<sex worker>?

      Well that's silly, I can just summon them. No bother, they're already in the living room I decide. So I start walking there but at the dining room
      I wake up.
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