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    7-Jan-2017-ND: Office+2xWILD: Ride dragon, destroy castle, assault the black fortress, save boy life

    by , 01-07-2017 at 12:12 PM (252 Views)
    7-Jan-2017 - ND#2: Office - WILD#1: Ride dragon, destroy castle - WILD#2: Assault the black fortress, life a boy's life

    ND#1: Forgotten
    ND#2: I am at the office (!!!), close to F office, which is crowded; M, D, more people. We've just finished discussing something, I ask if I can move on, they ask me to stay, I may help them with some Excel formula. Ok. I take this break to focus on my surrounding, the office is really too crowded. I wonder if this could be a dream, but I wake up.

    WBTB/WILD#1: (7:30AM, est. ~20min)
    I start from previous ND, pretend I fully realize it's a dream, walk down the corridor, out of the main door, then I open lift doors, it's dark, I look up and see someone looking down, then I jump down. A lift comes up from below, I flatten against the wall. I open the doors. Poor recall here.

    I reach a castle, I'm in a big room, there are people walking by. I conjure a dragon close to me, a small one appears, I model it to my liking with my hands, adding horns to its side and flattening its top, now its top looks like an Ankylosaurus. Then I jump on its back and ride it. I fly it out of the castle (out of the window ?) I fly above some green landscape; I notice the side horns are kinda hurting my legs.

    I reach another castle. It's big, rectangular-ish, built with dark stone, with massive walls, and a high crenellated tower. The dragon attacks it with fireballs, some sections of the castle crumble down. The castle's occupants fire back with shotguns, cannons, fire and frost. I assume it's going to take too much time to destroy it, I have an idea. We land in a flat stone bricks area, I increase the dragon size to make it more powerful; it becomes very big. I take a candy/gum out of my pocket, put it in my mouth, and I increase in size too, matching the dragon so I can still ride it.
    I also summon DHL Megawoman, thinking that she fits our size well and maybe later we can have some fun together However, this doesn't happen, as I lose track of her almost immediately

    Then, as a giant dragon and rider, we continue the assault; I also shoot fireballs against the castle. Now our fireballs are big, and each one destroys a big section of walls and towers. After some fireballs, the castle crubmles down. We descend on the smoking ruins, return to normal size; I am looking for something useful among the ruins, however I do not find anything. Dream ends.

    My body feels slightly uncomfortable, I feel a yawn coming in my body, I move to my left side and keep sleeping.

    WILD#2: (~7:50AM, est. 15min)
    I am standing looking diagonally on a road, to my left, beyond the road, just a dark sky and nothing. On my close right, on the border of the road, some plants from PvsZ: coconuts, peashooters. Further right, pointy black rocks. I turn right, and those rocks climb up on a sharp black mountain. On top of it, a black tower. I sense evil in it. I imagine it could be the HQ of some Dream Villain, and I want to clear it

    I climb among sharp rocks, it's kinda heavy and I think about a shortcut. I stop in a flat clearing and conjure a dragon. I ride on its back and we fly upwards. Looking down I see a sea of sharp black rocks, like lavic basalt (I live close to a volcano, so it's a pretty common sight here)
    We reach an entrance, I get in. I walk in corridors and halls, a couple of small monsters appear and I slice them with my sword

    After some more corridor turns, to my right there is an open door; inside, a black family, very sad mother and father, a boy unconscious laying in bed. I enter, ask them and learn the boy is very sick and could die soon. I have to help. I ask the boy where he's hurting, he whispers chest; I open his shirt, conjure some white light in both my hands and put my hands close to his chest. While I do this, more image cross my mind.

    I wonder if this could be a projection of some real boy really approaching his death, and I am really pushing him back to life. This though feels me with awe and I shiver a lot. Then I return to the dream room, the boy looks better. I ask the family where they live, they say Washington.
    Time to chase evil again; I know they are responsible also for this boy's sickness.

    I walk in the black fortress again. I find a long corridor; it's actually a roofed walkway suspended over a black rock chasm, with windows.
    At the end of the corridor the black tower where I know the enemy is. I walk in this corridor, however when I do that, the other end gets farther away from me. I think that this happens sometimes in dreams, even if not to me. I walk some more, almost a run, but the same happens again, the other end becomes more distant. I think about a solution. I again grow in size, and walk on top of the roof; after few steps, I reach the tower; I shrink to normal size.

    The enemy comes out. He's hooded, tall and slender, stays 50 meters away from me. I sense much power in him. He attacks me with some red rays, I avoid a few, but one hits me in the middle of my chest, and I fall to the ground. While getting up, I conjure some defense, in the form of PvsZ plants, like at the beginning of the LD: coconuts and peashooters.

    From behind this protection I draw my bow, aim, the sight gets zoomed, and I see his head: it's a skull. I shoot my arrow at his neck. Then I conjure the (now) usual dragon, and while the enemy is getting up, we both launch fireballs to him, he goes up in flames. I get near him, draw my sword and with both hands I impale him at his chest and raise him up in the air; I approach a window and launch him on the rocks below.
    No more recall for this part.
    I am in a wide road. A big white truck crosses it from my left to right. I look at the environment around me, and recognize it as the main customs between two EU countries, a place I know very well
    I fly up, above the road, find the town, the houses, the small main street, then turn right and find the are I lived in. I descend, there is snow. I approach the building I lived in, get in front of the entrance. Dream ends, I wake up.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      You sure are a dedicated and admirable dream hero ^w^
    2. GenghisKhan's Avatar
      You sure are a dedicated and admirable dream hero ^w^
      Eh eh thanks ^_^
    3. Azaleaj's Avatar
      Reading some of your dreams. I'm impressed! I notice you said you wait for the dream to stabilize. How do you do this? Do you ever have dreams fade in/out of clarity? I've had this s lot lately. How long have you been lucid dreaming?