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    An Insomniac's Dream Journal

    I have a pretty terrible habit of not recording my dreams. I started this as an attempt to finally get back on track with my dream recall and general interest in LDing. Let's hope it works.

    1. Elevators. And lots of them. And mirrors. Can't forget about that.

      by , 09-14-2017 at 12:27 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 5:00 AM

      Dreamtime: 30 minutes of supposed dream time


      I'm in a fancy hotel somewhere with two to three friends. We were exploring the hotel, going inside elevators, checking the rooms out, and generally doing a whole lotta nothing. I'm in a room with a big mirror to the right. I instantly recoil at the sight of it, not wanting to look at any mirrors in a dream due to all the unpleasant experiences people have with them in dreams.

      I instead head to an elevator. I walk inside and suddenly, Slenderman. Now, I don't believe in the suited faceless freak, but that didn't stop my subconscious from shoehorning it in anyway. I keep my eye on him, fearing he might do something if I'm not looking.

      The elevator opens up to a narrow pathway outside of the hotel. There was no guard railing, and it seemed to be nighttime (There was also an aurora borealis forming in the distance).

      I head into another elevator and there is both a mirror AND the Slendydude inside of it. I look away from the mirror and focus squarely on the white faced man. The dream ended right after which.


      1. The dream was impressively vivid. Too bad this ended up being even more vivid than my own LD but whatever.

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    2. What A WILD Ride

      by , 09-14-2017 at 11:57 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 5:00 AM

      DREAMTIME: 20 minutes of perceived dream time.

      Pre-Dream State:

      Yup, this is a WILD. Okay, so I went to bed at 12:00 AM, but I had also fallen asleep for 4-5 hours beforehand, so I think I was in a state where I could easily initiate REM even if I didn't want to, and I did.

      Out of nowhere, my body began to shift into REM Atonia (Or as I and many others like to call it, Sleep Paralysis) and I began to hear slight snippets of audio as I'm making the transition. I also began to see small flashes of light, and my body also felt like it was convulsing WILDly. I was almost scared shitless, the only saving grace being I knew I was going to transition into a dream at the end of it. I was scared that hallucinations of demons would pop up out of nowhere, but I had to keep my eyes shut and suppress those thoughts as hard as I could.

      For what seemed like an eternity of blaring lights, body shifting, and small noises, I had finally, finally transitioned into an LD. I think it only lasted for 30 seconds, but shit like that makes you REMEMBER stuff goddammit.


      Anyway, I transition into a sort of dungeon lit by torchlights. For some reason there are girls in front of me that are inside giant Tabasco sauce bottles (Don't ask). I walk up to one of the girls (I think she was brunette, about my age) and tilt the bottle forward, and somehow end up covering her with chili powder. I don't know if my subconscious was being clever or not but here you go.

      The other girls next to her laughed and proceed to egg her on about the whole thing, but my eyes were fixated on another row of girls to the right, this time not inside of oversized spice bottles. I think of striking up a conversation with them, but I dismiss the thought entirely, and end up walking up to some kind of large metal door with orange trim.

      I walk through the door to find myself in a wide open tundra. It is the most beautiful, yet the most frightening thing I have yet encountered. My mind begins to race with thoughts of freezing up and dying in my own dream, but I suddenly begin to realize how null my body is to the cold, and my worries melt away. I keep traversing this surreal white acropolis (Thumbs up if you get the reference) when I come across a nice, temperate looking area with orange grass and where you can see the sunset.

      It is almost alien in appearance. The saturated orange color of the grass itself accompanied by the fact it was right next to a frozen landscape. It was also a mountain high up in the sky, to add to the craziness.

      I wind up finding a couple of my real life friends (Though I can only remember one clearly(Let's call him E)). I talk to 'E' for a bit, Lord knows what the hell I was talking about, but the tone of the conversation seemed to be pretty lax all in all. And no, I didn't try to convince him it was a dream.

      I try to fly in this dream, but end up stumbling in the air (If you can picture that) and falling right back down.

      I go back to the frozen landscape I was in, and get lost in thought as I lose lucidity and thus lose the dream.


      1. My memory of the LD seems to be highly muddled by my other dream that I had right after this one, so details are a bit sparse.

      2. This was most definitely a WILD.

      3. The LD seemed pretty long (About 20 minutes or so). I didn't need to do any reality checks along the way either as I seemed to have a consistent level of lucidity throughout.

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    3. SA2 And Roaming In The Sewers

      by , 09-06-2017 at 03:33 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      For some reason I'm playing Pyramid Cave with Knuckles on my Wii (With a GameCube controller). The stage is essentially a large halo around two bottomless pits. One in the center and one surrounding the outer perimeter of the ring.

      I'm gliding around the stage, and this one gust of wind keeps knocking me into the bottomless pit as I attempt to speedrun the stage. I eventually get fed up and hop into a yellow toilet with Knuckles still being in control.

      The perspective then changes to first person as I (In my dumb, dreamy state) am holding a GameCube controller in my hand; now controlling Gamma from Sonic Adventure. I'm in a yellow, empty sewage pipe and I'm walking from one side to the other.

      After reaching a dead end, I then decide to turn back where I came from. An air of uneasyness bestows upon me as I look around every corner, as if I was imagining something was gonna jump out and scare me. Gamma disappeared at that point and I was there, alone, in the sewer pipe.

      I make it to the end of the pipe (Where for some reason there is a broken down toilet inside a stall and an unused sink next to it.

      My mom and her 'friend' (Who didn't exist in real life but was just a DC) then open a door. I then breathe a sigh of relief. They start talking to me about something, but I go back out through the door, where the dream then ended.


      1. I seemed to have a dreamlike acknowledgement of the dreamscape. As I feared something would pop out at me because it was a dream and all part of my imagination.

      2. The color yellow was very much prevalent in the dream. Everything in the sewer was yellow, except for the one puddle of water I stepped in.
    4. Third dild

      by , 08-16-2017 at 07:02 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 11:00 PM

      Woke up at: 7:00 AM


      I read about lucid dreaming right before I went to sleep, which may have influenced the dream itself.


      The dream starts with me typing something down on Google Docs. The thought of lucid dreaming crosses my mind, and I remember the fact that using technology in my dreams are a common dream sign. I'm not entirely lucid yet, but I pull my head back and look at the wall.

      There is a wire frame face on the wall (Which strangely enough looked like the Alpharad PFP), and suddenly it dawns on me.

      I close the laptop and try to adjust my vision. It clears up (kinda) and I walk over to my curtains. It is still nighttime in the dream.

      The night sky is a dark purple gradient with orange lights all around the 'bottom' of it. I try to change the setting by making it daytime, but I only make it go up a few hours (5:47 if you wanna know). I then try to stabilize myself using reality checks, but then I lose focus and lose lucidity. Funny thing is I was scared my finger would get stuck in the palm of my hand so I skipped that one. The nose RC worked as expected.


      1. Long term memory tends to carry over a lot in my LDs. I remembered to do reality checks, my dream signs, and to focus. I'm not sure if short term would work the same however..

      2. For the most time I was pretty well composed. I didn't try to talk to any DCs, I didn't freak out and wake myself up, so overall it was a good LD, if short.

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    5. Sonic Boom but It Has 2D Animation

      by , 08-06-2017 at 02:51 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      I think I can officially call myself a fanboy.

      Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

      Woke up at: 8:00 AM


      Alright so last night I had a dream that I was just on Youtube and I came across a video that went over the subject of "What if Sonic Boom was a 2D animated show?". I watched it and MAN did it look good.

      The animation was smooth, the characters looked top notch, and body movements were a sight to behold. But due to the negative association that goes towards the Boom cartoon, there were (Of course) some hate comments.

      +1 for realism I guess.


      1. This isn't the first time I've had a dream where I was using the internet (And especially Youtube).

      2. The video in question was not even close to finished. The animation was there but it looked like they still needed to clean it up a bit and add some color to it.
    6. 2nd Unintentional DILD!

      by , 07-19-2017 at 09:34 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      The dream leading up to this was about how one of the science teachers would stick their students or even their assistants inside of a glass box I would like to dub a the "Death Chamber" to, obviously, suffocate to death. BTW if anybody gets that reference you deserve a cyber cookie. I was thrown into the Death Chamber when suddenly it malfunctioned. I open the door they threw my in from and exit into this totally unassuming room.

      I think it was an orange room with an elevator, mini sofas, and long windows. It was also on the second floor (Even though my school only has one floor). Then I start to get a strange feeling in my stomach, when I try to shrug it off, the DCs in the room say something akin to "You know nothing." I say "Don't play coy." in response and they respond like "Aw man, I thought we had em'."

      I didn't know it was a dream until I jump out from the window (Attempting to jump onto a tree). But instead of falling, I float. Upwards. Then and there do I realize I'm dreaming. And I try to fly intentionally.

      I flew by swimming in the air, even though I never swam in real life. So I was just flailing my arms and legs below me and hoping for the best. I also tried to fly by pointing at a specific destination and letting my body just float over there. No I cold see why everybody enjoys flying so much. I flew above a crowd of kids just to show off.

      I was floating on my way to this park area with a big towering...thing in the middle of it. I try to weird out this one guy on the way over there by grabbing his attention and flying about. He was an overweight policeman/mail carrier with a blue uniform and khakis.

      Anyway, I make it to this park-type area. Everybody's wearing white, the tables are white, I'm not sure but I think I even saw white flowers, and all my teachers where there. I also try fly-swimming my way around them. A few of them pay attention, a few of them don't, and some even try to talk to me. I didn't care what any of them had to say so I didn't remember much.

      Here's where it gets fuzzy.

      I go into my parents house randomly (My lucidity well intact) and try to convince them it's a dream. Yep. I try flying around them and my dad is like "Welp. Looks like we're dreaming.", but he isn't fully convinced. I remember to do an RC (Because I remembered if I interacted with DCs too long I'd eventually lose my lucidity) and plug my nose to breathe through it. A gust of wind blows through them and I feel extra giddy. I tell my dad to do the same, then the dream ended.


      1. I remembered all the things to do to not lose lucidity. It actually surprised me how much information I remembered, maybe since I spent several years in and out on the whole thing.

      2. I seemed to have a poor sense of vision or spatial awareness in the dream. Everything looked so "dreamlike" with colors swirling about, things that shouldn't even be there, and bloom effects. I didn't even try to explore any of the senses like touch, taste, or smell.

      3. I also remembered that I had a sort of tine limit in the dream, so I was trying to make everything as snappy as possible.
    7. [SLIGHTLY NSFW] Apartment of Women

      by , 07-17-2017 at 11:51 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      The title says it all.

      Fell asleep at: ???

      Woke up at: ???

      I was in an apartment in some big city. It was nighttime, the stars were out (Which shouldn't happen, light pollution and all), and the room I was in seemed to resemble an apartment my sister had in Houston, TX. And I was in the room with a bunch of alluring scantily-clad women. They all looked like they were going to sleep, and were all lying down on tiny mattresses, and I plopped down right next to one of them.

      She wore a red bikini, was slightly tanned, about as tall as me, and had blonde hair. To be honest she looked an awful lot like my 8th grade Reading teacher (Though she was considerably thinner in the dream. Kind of like a perfect balance). Basically, imagine the swimmer girl from Pokemon XY.

      And I (For some reason) just knew I wouldn't get into trouble if I just got on the mattress with her. I had a similar dream beforehand where I sat myself right next to another alluring woman, so I guess I remembered that dream in my current dream (If that makes sense).

      Anyway, she had nice thighs, I had dream recklessness, and I held onto her, putting my moves on her... so to speak. She found me charming and even giggled a little bit, and she let me keep my hands on her as we went to sleep. It was a mix of romance and pure sexual instinct, and I even woke up feeling a little lightheaded. It was...well it was something.


      1. I also remember another woman (Brunette) on a sky blue mattress. Wearing a sky blue bikini.

      2. I think there were like four more women in the same room.
    8. School Dreams Again

      by , 07-09-2017 at 01:37 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 8:00 AM

      Woke up at: 5:00 PM

      I was in a place that resembled the Early College I have in my town (I THOUGHT is was the early college but it looked completely different). The sky was overcast, and everything looked like it was tinted a very light shade of blue. There were outside hallways and hallways that connected to each other outside. There was a grassy area below those elevated pathways and I was there.

      There was an event going on and I was headed to the gymnasium. I ran through hallways both outside and inside heading towards the gym. Apparently the band was about to preform at the early college, so all the band members from both schools were brought to play at the event.

      I found one of my friends from the early college. But the thing is he looked like he was below the platform I was standing on. Like, imagine bleachers, but downwards. So (According to dream logic) I jumped down. The floor was littered with junk and papers, the band members sat on DESKS, and only a small portion of the band was there. I tried talking to my friend but the dream faded out before I could.
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    9. Music Making in a Dream

      by , 07-04-2017 at 07:43 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      I was in my 6th grade band hall and my biology teacher was there. Our assignment was to make music (Like, an actual full-fledged song) with a music app. I came up with a pretty awesome rhythm and I was astonished. I put the volume up higher but my biology teacher gave me a look and I put the volume back down.

      There were other kids in the dream too. I was largely alone while other kids were in large groups even though it was a solo project. At least my brain got that right. Anyway, the dream transitioned to me sitting in the back of my parents' car trying to come up with a good beat. I found one but I woke up shortly afterward.
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    10. Music Making in a Dream

      by , 07-04-2017 at 07:43 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      I was in my 6th grade band hall and my biology teacher was there. Our assignment was to make music (Like, an actual full-fledged song) with a music app. I came up with a pretty awesome rhythm and I was astonished. I put the volume up higher but my biology teacher gave me a look and I put the volume back down.

      There were other kids in the dream too. I was largely alone while other kids were in large groups even though it was a solo project. At least my brain got that right. Anyway, the dream transitioned to me sitting in the back of my parents' car trying to come up with a good beat. I found one but I woke up shortly afterward.
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    11. First DILD!

      by , 07-03-2017 at 01:38 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      I was in the dream and I realized something was off. I immediately do the finger through the palm RC and find out that my finger goes DIRECTLY THROUGH IT (It had a little friction going in however), I also do another reality check, and plug my nose. I felt a gust of wind go inside my nose and I now know I'm dreaming.

      Feeling ecstatic, I quickly realize that if I get too excited I'll wake up, and internalize those feelings. Shortly thereafter, I wake up.

      I quickly forgot that dream however when I woke up. I still remember the feeling of excitement and elation when I successfully preformed those RCs and now I think I'm getting closer to intentional LDs in the future.
    12. TARDIS and Dimension Jumping

      by , 06-30-2017 at 09:23 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Okay, I am literally typing this out in the middle of the night because this might just be the coolest dream I've had yet. No, I wasn't lucid, but not all cool dreams need to be lucids as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, here's the boring stuff.

      Fell asleep at: 10-11:00ish

      Woke up at: 2:30 AM

      I was in my home when suddenly I find it: The TARDIS. I inspect the humble machine, and having not watched the show (I know what the TARDIS does but the dream worked with it differently), I'm curious. And I think, "inter dimensional travel? Okay, let's start small before we do anything drastic." And I use the TARDIS to send me to a parallel version of my house. Nothing was too drastically different, but then I notice something, a box with candies and junk food. I quickly take the foodstuffs (Without suspicion, since I was just in a parallel universe and I probably looked like that universe's version of me) and bolt it for the TARDIS.

      If I haven't told you already, the little telephone booth was in my washroom. Maybe another interdimensional traveler found his way to my dimension before being stuck there when I took it. Or my dream just sorta threw it in there.

      In one of the parallel universes I had to distract DCs by means of drawing attention away from the TARDIS and how out of place it was. They made it to the washroom to do some laundry where I maintained conversation with them until they left the room. I then hopped back thinking I didn't have much time left. The DCs represented my sisters.

      I then wind up at my school. I step out of the washroom containing my precious when I wind up getting myself lost. See, in the real world, I have a pretty shit sense of direction. Tell me to go somewhere and it'll take me forever and a minute to recognize what you're talking about. I'm not stupid -- even though I have the reflexes of a sloth.

      Anyways, it was getting dark out but there were still people running around. Apparently some kind of big event was going down. There were carts, unfinished rides, and crowds everywhere. Feeling like I needed the assistance I found my friends Shanna and Rudy as well as a parallel version of me. And I say something along the lines of, "I am an alternate version of you, me. I come from a dimension where everything is the same, but different, and I need your help. I don't know where to find the washroom that contains my TARDIS. You know what that is right Shanna?". They tried helping and were pretty cool with the fact that I was from a different world.I mean, you can't really argue with that when you see an exact clone of somebody in terms of personality and appearance now do you?

      It is also worth noting that parallel universe me had longer hair. That helped differentiate us.

      But after some time had passed and I felt like we were getting no closer to finding the TARDIS, I eventually split up with the crew. It was a mad dash to the TARDIS and I was running around all of the school's grounds to find it. Daylight had come, and I eventually found the "appreciation center". A place with high ceilings, a podium, tons of small sofas, and tall windows where the sunlight streamed in. It was apparently a lounge/book reading area.

      I go back outside and go through the bushes when I see an old man copying my movements. It wasn't anything too scary, as he was just mocking me for how stupid I looked. I did the same and made an old man voice that went along with his movements. He walked off, but after that the dream ended.


      1. This has been the longest regular dream I've had so far. Even though it probably happened on the first REM cycle of the night.

      2. Dimension hopping and stealing from parallel universes with no consequences was both fun and exhilarating.

      3. I can always count on my friends (And myself) when times are tough. I know that probably wasn't a major theme throughout, but I thought it was too heartwarming to pass up. Thank you subcon for not trying to make me feel bad.
    13. Didn't even bother

      by , 06-29-2017 at 08:29 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      The night before I stayed up until the early hours of the morening (Again) and completely fucked up my chances with the CAT method. I know I had dreamt but I still didn't bother trying to write it down so I forgot about it.
    14. 3 Dream Bonanza

      by , 06-27-2017 at 03:48 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM (My brother woke me up)

      Woke up at: 9:00 AM

      Dream 01: The Gun Shop of Little Significance

      I was in a seedy looking gun shop/waiting area and my sister and my brother were there. My other sister and my parents weren't there for some reason. I also saw a flyer that said something along the lines of "Halloween costume/Real ninja shit" with a guy using a giant shuriken on 'real ninja shit' that almost looks like the one Yuffie uses in the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games. I was also spinning on a chair most of the time I was there.

      Dream 02: Odysseus' Nightmare

      I had a dream where footage of Mario Odyssey was playing. It was Mario doing his thing in New Donk City, platforming on green blocks that I thought looked incredibly out of place. Then Mario (While still being in third person video game mode) made it to Pauline's pool.

      But it switched to first person and I was on the deep end of the pool and when I realized that, I immediately started drifting away. I told Pauline (A character in that game who was in the pool) to grab onto my hand (This was similar to the time I also almost drifted into the ocean this past year, so I had to grab another girl's hand so she could drag me back to shore). But for some strange reason, both of us froze in place. Like, when your disc has a scratch froze. Then it started to show livestream footage and the chat was going crazy because we were in the water and I was about to drown.

      I have a history with drowning so this dream didn't really surprise me in foresight. Tbh it almost seems like tradition to almost drown in every single body of water I come across. That ain't stopping me from getting in the water though.

      Dream 03: The Boring Joyride

      There was also this dream where me and my family were driving around the area behind the corn fields behind our neighborhood. We stopped at this run down parking lot area(?) and my dad got off first. And I forgot what happened next. The area had half a roof, there was broken machinery, and since everything was made of metal, everything rusted over.


      1. Using technology or seeing video game elements in my dreams are rather prevalent. Maybe that could be a potential dream sign?

      2. I also seemed to be "thinking" in the dream. I had thoughts that I wouldn't say out loud but also had nothing to do with becoming lucid. Can somebody explain this for me??

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    15. Dreams About School

      by , 06-26-2017 at 04:00 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Prepare for a long journal entry buckos because I finally got over my insomnia! More about that at the end of the entry.

      Fell asleep at: 10:30

      Woke up at: 7:30


      I was in the restroom with an old acquaintance of mine next to me. Let's call him Andre. Andre (In the real world) wears the same jacket day to day and even has a facial scar too, and he was standing right next to me as we were washing our hands. Since I was never really friends with him in waking life I in turn didn't pay much attention to him in the dream, and went to English class(?).

      Once there, Andre (After a little while) wanted to copy off my work since he wasn't paying attention. I gave him my notebook but then briefly took it back when I saw a drawing of something a little 'promiscuous' on it. Oddly enough it looked like it had been drawn on a digital format and looked really out of place on my notebook. Oddly enough the page had a yellowish tinge to it. If you've ever read the journals from Gravity Falls you'd know what I'm talking about.

      Then it transitioned back to the restroom.

      I was (Again) washing my hands and Andre was doing the same thing. When I was about to leave, Andre said, "Hey man why you leaving without me?" and gave me a handshake that transitioned into a fist bump. Both of us walked into the hallway and there was this girl he was talking to right next to him. I had a strange urge to go to the cafeteria and went in. The whole place looked pretty empty as a majority of the tables near the entrance I walked in through were gone.

      I managed to walk my way through a majority of the area when my legs suddenly started giving out. My legs felt both a mixture of tiredness and weight as I struggled to lift them off the ground. I managed to get through somebody and saw another old classmate of mine talking about chickens and how people differentiated their age and sex through some biological method. I saw an old substitute teacher I had, then the dream ended shortly thereafter.


      That was the night I finally managed to get back on track with my sleep schedule. Now that I figured out what time I usually wake up (7:30) I should finally be able to preform the CAT technique. It was kind of hard going to sleep before the sun went up but at least now I can get back on track.
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