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    1. Ambush at the Ford

      by , Today at 03:58 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 03-27

      Ambush at the Ford

      I am outside on a road that runs through a thick forest. It is a very beautiful forest, and the day is a pleasant one. I donít really think much about how I came to be here, I just walk down the road at a leisurely pace. As I am walking down the road I notice that it is starting to get darker. At first I am thinking it has merely reached the end of the day, and the sun is setting. I walk for a while before I reach an area clear enough that I can see the sun in the sky, and I see it is still high up and shining brightly. But for some reason the light of the sun doesnít seem to be reaching the ground. Itís as if there is some large invisible barrier keeping much of the light away, as well as much of the warmth. The air around me is growing colder as I proceed. I think this is really strange, but I donít let it stop me. I am now being pulled forward by a feeling I need to get somewhere quickly, before it is too late.

      After walking for a short while I hear the flow of water up ahead. I hurry along and reach an area that is more open as it approaches a river. The river flows over the road, but it looks like this is a river ford, a place where the water is shallow and I could wade across if I need to. I notice that in spite of the road coming into the open air, the darkness is deepening rather than dissipating. I look up and I see the sun, but much of the light is not making it to the ground. I hear the sound of someone approaching and I look. I see a man approaching me, watching me suspiciously. He asks who I am and where am I going. I donít exactly know the answer to where am I going, so I decide to give my name, Raven Knight, and I say Iím going wherever this road may lead me. I think he is about to ask another question when he looks alarmed and turns to look back down the road. He then says if I am not in league with the enemy then I had better get out of sight.

      I am still wondering what enemy he is referring to when I hear a couple cries of alarm. A couple of small people, I immediately think they are hobbits, come from a spot by the side of the road that they had apparently thought to be hidden. I hear another voice back there warning someone to stay away from his master orÖ orÖ he trails of, apparently not sure how to finish that threat. Aragorn starts in that direction, one of the hobbits says the dark riders have come upon them from behind! I immediately know that is where I need to be. I run as fast as I can, right past Aragorn and to the place the two hobbits came out of. Sure enough, there is a dark cloaked figure on a black horse towering over a hobbit who is lying on the ground looking injured. A second hobbit is standing between the fallen hobbit and the towering dark rider, holding a sword, and shaking with fear, but unwilling to abandon his friend. I hurry forward, calling out to get the monsterís attention. I donít think itís working, but then I am finally able to get between the dark rider and the fallen hobbot, who I am now assuming is Frodo. The protective one muct be Sam. I tell Sam he had better get Frodo out of here, Aragorn is out on the road and will help. Sam looks like he wants to ask questions but instead he helps Frodo up and they make very slow progress out towards Aragorn. Aragorn is out there saying we have to get to the ford, the dark riders wonít cross. I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade, and I charge it with light energy. When he sees this, the dark rider backs off a bit then turns and leaves. I have a feeling he is not retreating.

      I head back out onto the road thinking I can help the hobbits and Aragorn. They are making their way towards the river ford, Aragorn is calling out, asking where the pony went off toÖ then says itís no matter, the pony could never outrun the dark riders. The dark riders are approaching the ford, I see five of them coming from down the road. Aragorn says there is no choice, he will have to fight them to delay them while the hobbits escape. The hobbits clearly think this idea is insane, thereís no way Aragorn can face the riders alone. I come out and say he will not be facing them alone. In fact, he should help the hobbits get away, in case the rest of the riders ambush them as they try to escape. Aragorn says he doesnít know who I am, butÖ he trails off as he sees my right arm transformed into a glowing white blade, then seems unsure of what to say except something about me being a witch. I tell him no, Iím no witch, but the dark riders cannot face this light energy.

      But before anyone can consider escape it is too late, there are now five of the dark riders on one side of us and another four dark riders between us and the river ford. There is no choice but to fight. Aragorn pulls out a sword to fight, so I use Battery by Metallica to call a bolt of lightning and charge his sword with light energy. I still have my Alex Mercer blade arm charged with light energy. Now I focus on the song Old Friend by Disturbed as I attack the dark riders with my glowing blade. ďHear me now, feel my blade! There is no more time for apologies! Malevolent emotions take hold of me! Are you ready to begin your trip to the other side? Death is an old friend of mine! Aragorn and I attack the dark riders, and the fact we are attacking them with light energy has clearly taken them by surprise. Their demonic horses rear up in fear of the light. But Iím not interested in the horses, Iím after the wraith riding on the horseís back! I jump up and swipe with my blade, splitting the black robes in half and eliciting a horrible shriek. I hear another shriek from the one Aragorn attacks. Then I hear one of them laughing.

      I turn and Aragorn turns at the same time and one of the ring wraiths has snuck up from behind on foot and is holding Frodo by a foot. He is laughing manically, and says we have lost. I tell him not to count his rings before theyíre won. He seems in a mood to gloat rather than take his prize and run, and he says if we even try to approach him we will get Frodo back piece by piece. I feign that I am striking the ground in frustrationÖ and I unleash Alex Mercer tendrils into the ground. The tendrils, also charged with light energy like my blade, erupt right underneath the ring wraith holding Frodo. They blast right through the ring wraith, eliciting another horrible shriek. The ring wraith disappears into nothing more than a black robe, dropping Frodo. One of the tendrils gently wraps around Frodo and lowers him safely to the ground before I withdraw them. Upon seeing that, the other ring wraiths flee.

      Aragorn looks at me strangely, but is more concerned about Frodo. We both go over to check on Frodo. He definitely is not looking well, it seems being in such close proximity to the ring wraith has only accelerated his sickness. He is phasing between solid and semi-transparant right now, and he looks to be in pain. I transform my blade back to normal and then focus on the song Voices from the Macross Plus soundtrack to use it as a healing song. Golden energy gathers around Frodo, and at the same time I notice that the sunshine is once again reaching the ground. The healing energy flows into Frodo, and he immediately looks better. He opens his eyes, and is no longer phasing in and out. He remains solid now. He is looking at me strangely as I finish the song. He says something about me being a fair elf maiden. I say no, I am no elf maiden, just a healer doing what I can to help. I tell Aragorn that I sense there is still a piece of the evil blade inside Frodo, but Elrond of Rivendell has the skill to heal that. I donít try to remove it myself, because even now I feel I am about to wake up. Aragorn still wants to know who I am. I tell him if there is need, I will be back, and maybe we can talk more then. Everything fades to black and I wake up.
    2. In the Deep.

      by , Today at 01:13 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Inside The Great Pyramid

      Remember walking through a long tunnel on an uphill slope. There are some people behind me but their voices and steps fade in the distance. I enter a large chamber where a sarcophagus lies. There are two streams of light coming from two opposing walls that shine their light on the sarcophagus. I figure I'm in a pyramid and I have a vague feeling I'm looking for a treasure of sorts. I begin to notice how really dark the place is. It's all a darkish blue with practice no light save for the moonlight coming from the shafts. I get a nit scared and call to the other people but the are nowhere to be seen.

      Like The Flash

      This could be a continuation of the same dream but it's so far away in time compared to the other one.I'm in some sort of dungeon and I exit another long tunnel or shaft and enter a walled in clearing with fire light. Down a set of steps are three ancient looking chinese gods or something. They have pale eyes and long beards. They are angry at me and accuse me of stealing something. One holds up something like a harpoon gun, and the other one points his fingernails at me. I laugh and say, " you going to claw me to death like a cat?" He grunts and then the dream slows down. But I can still move in "real time". The harpoon gun shoots but very slowly, I dodge the projectile as it slowly passes my shoulder. I turn around and the guy with long fingernails actually shot his suicidal sharp fingernails at me. They fly through the air slowly and they are attached to red strings from inside his hands. I look at them coming at me because it looks so cool and manage to get out of the way. I watch until his nails slowly hit the rock wall.

      Then I notice that their heads are slowly turning towards me. No time for that so I run past them into another open corridor.


      This entire dream was vague. I just remember being at school with some people.

      FA, Get out of bed. Some woman with long brown or black hair is with me and she is impatient about something so we go to the school again, we walk around but forget what happens.

      FA, I'm back at the house. I wander around it but it seems to be empty.


      I'm in a car with C, an old coworker... didn't know she drove. She drops me off in a downtown area. There's a mini mall with a few shots, I see her younger sister there but she doesn't say, "hi" or even look at me. I walk past and head to an intersection that goes to a Subway sandwich place. My memory fades after this.
    3. The Equestrian Census Bureau

      by , Yesterday at 11:52 PM
      Somewhere within the dream realm. High up above the clouds. There exists a floating island. One where rainbows flow down from high peaks like waterfalls into iridescent pools of color and magic. One where clouds can be walked on and embraced like puffs of cotton. The structures on this island were grand and beautiful. Sadly further details of this magnificent sight were lost in detail. All I can relay is a sense of awe and amazement at the sight. One would be surprised to know that this place was a place of business. Or perhaps, public service would be a better term. This was the Equestrian Census Bureau. A place where all of the citizens of Equestria are counted and logged. Information on every pony in the nation was contained within these walls and I had somehow found work there.

      I do not remember much else other than a party the took place in some kind of great hall. The princesses of Equestria were all there as well as several other government officials. This was clearly some sort of royal gathering and as a public servant, I was invited to attend. At some point during the party, I was notified that the Census Bureau had caught on fire. This was a problem, as the information was all written down on scrolls and could not be recovered if it were lost. Though they tried to maintain their composure, the princesses were frantic. Celestia, in particular, was very concerned.

      I cannot recall what happened thereafter, however, I do remember visions of the floating island on fire. The whole thing was engulfed in flames and the employees who were inside were working desperately to save as many scrolls as they possibly could. I began to worry about them and wonder what would happen if all that information were lost.
    4. 1st Shared Dream in years!

      by , Yesterday at 10:06 PM
      Raven's Dream:

      A Lesson in Dreaming
      by Raven Knight
      , 2017-03-25 at 12:12 (57 Views)

      2017, 03/24

      A Lesson in Dreaming

      I am in what looked like a school. I wondered why I might be there. I look around to see if I can figure out where I am and why I might be here. I am sitting at the instructorís desk of a classroom like I am there to teach the class rather than take a class. I look at the papers on my desk and see that they are all about dreaming, specifically about lucid dreaming. Apparently, Iím supposed to be teaching a class in lucid dreaming. Well that could be cool. I wait there for a few minutes and soon people start entering the room and sitting down at the desks. I look around to see if I recognize anyone, but no one is looking familiar. As the last people file into the room I pick up some papers on my desk and look at them. I find it is hard to focus on reading the papers, but I figure it is just nerves because I am not used to teaching a class. When everyone is seated and ready I figure thereís no better time than the present to get started.

      I introduce myself as Raven Knight and tell everyone that this is a class on lucid dreaming. Someone in the back laughs and says I wouldnít know a lucid dream if it fell out of the sky, landed on my face, and started to wiggle. I respond that if anything falls from the sky, lands on my face, and starts to wiggle, Iíll do a reality check. With that, I start to talk about different methods of checking reality to determine if you are awake or dreaming. After I go through several methods including pinching the nose and trying to breathe, electronics not functioning like they should, making print on a page change, and trying to float off the ground and fly, I ask if there are any questions.

      A woman in the front row stands up. She is a Japanese woman wearing a very pretty kimono, I think it is probably too nice for this class. She asks what if this is a dream right now. I laugh a bit and tell her that dreams are what happens when we are asleep, unless she has been daydreaming that is. She looks a bit annoyed and then says maybe I should do a reality check. I tell her I already know Iím awake, so thereís no point inÖ but then I think better of it. I add that it actually is a good idea to do random reality checks even when you know youíre awake, because getting into the habit while awake can lead to getting into the habit when dreaming. So I go ahead and do a reality check by pinching my nose and trying to breathe. To my surprise I find I can breathe just fine with my nose pinchedÖ so this is a dream!

      The woman seems pleased that I have come to the conclusion that Iím dreaming. She says that just in case I havenít remembered yet, she is Asuka. She points at a man sitting in the classroom at one of the desks. He is doodling and doesnít seem to be paying much attention. Asuka walks over to his desk and I go with her. Asuka addresses the man by his name and I realize it is MoSh. Asuka tells him to do a reality check, this is a dream. He doesnít seem to be listening to her. I tell him I just did a reality check, and this is definitely a dream. Asuka starts suggesting different methods of reality checks to MoSh, and he seems to be doing them but not coming to the conclusion that this is a dream. I wonder how that can be, are all of the reality checks failing to show this is a dream? I think I might be losing lucidity when Asuka takes an egg from somewhere and now seems to be set on showing MoSh the egg rather than on making him lucid. I wonder what an egg has to do with anything. I am telling MoSh he should just pinch his nose, and if he can still breathe through it, it must be a dream. He pinches his nose briefly and then shakes his head before going back to looking at Asukaís egg. The egg has gotten me thinking of breakfast, and now I am thinking that I can eat all the bacon I could ever want and not gain a single ounce because dream food has no calories or fat! I am now wishing for a plate full of bacon. MoSh disappears into thin air. I wonder what happened to him. Asuka looks frustrated. She says he woke up. I then start thinking that means there will be more bacon for me. I comment that we need plenty of bacon for everyone left in the class. She gives me a strange look as if I have gone quite insane. Everything around me fades to black and I wake up.

      My Dreams:

      Kill Everyone Class

      I'm in another classroom. Some weird spanish guy walk in and says. "I'm going to play a game with you all. you all have guns and bullets under your desks. You have 5 minutes to figure out how to load your guns and then you must kill each other until there is only one student left. If you don't comply I will be forced to kill all of you." He leaves through a door on the right. Everyone quietly pulls their guns out and starts fiddling with them. I open the chamber and see it's empty. I find a box in the desk with bullets inside. One of the bullets grows large and breaks in two as I try to put it in the revolver's chamber I try to fit the two pieces back together. I manage to load all 6 chambers in the gun with real looking bullets. I try look for a a device which will load more bullets into the revolver part as I shoot, I find an attachment for the gun designed to do just that. But I can't figure out how to load it. I reach in the box and some of the bullets are actually nails. The whole ordeal seems unfair.

      The Five minutes seem to be up. Can't remember if I take the gun with me or not but I run through a hallway left of the classroom. I hear other people start to get up. I pass another hallway adjacent to my hallway and see an exit with a window and a door. The door opens and a cartoon Asian girl runs through the door wearing a pink shirt and blue overcoat, and there's someone else behind her and I don't know who it is. I am too startled so I run into the other hallway which is just in front of the class room. as i run I hear someone calling my name. I hear, "Radma or Ranma." I think that's my old username who calls me that? I remember Walms or Hukif use to call me that, this gets me even more scared and run to another door which leads outside. When I go outside I get woken up by my alarm.


      A brief dream of being in a kitchen with a guy I work with who likes to be called xereniak online. We are talking about dreaming. I made some sort of joke like "In soviet Russia, Asuka's gardens destroys YOU!" He laughs as he grabs something from the fridge and places it on the island in the middle of the kitchen. We continue talking but the memory fades.

      Note: this is a shared dream. Xereniak told me about looking in a fridge and having a conversation with me about dreaming.
    5. 2017-03-27 LUCIDD 229 long night of vivid dreams, also earlier nights

      by , Yesterday at 07:52 PM
      Horrendous bed-time but I could sleep in. WBTB when son called from school in the morning and needed me to help him with something. That was about 6 hrs into the night. At 7 hrs I was really drowsy and decided to try for BTS and a WILD attempt. Early vivid dreams, too, around 4-5 hours probably.

      + playing concert, girls who are mocking me and following me, I take off my shirt and know that people have come to see me. I'm looking at my sheet music and I see the notes but it's not the piece I wanted to play. Back in "our house" with family I get a paper that my contributions have raised $12,000 for the organization, people really love to come and see me play.

      + I'm walking up to "my house" (PTL), there is a small trickle of water running down the street that is a "T" meeting the one I'm walking along. Two guys in boats, one in a canoe, and another in a boat, are some how travelling in their boats in this small trickle. I "know" them. I tell them "oh man, if I knew that I could ride a canoe here, I would have".
      Inside the garage in the home we're preparing for some work by a contractor/construction guy. The guy is middle-aged and is not wearing a shirt. He's talking about how hard his job is and he's carrying a heavy (door?) on his back. I'm on the landing/steps down from the kitchen into the garage and I move something out of the way (a rug?) and lift up one of the top steps, it's made of wood and seems worn away (rotted?) I'm looking at it and thinking it needs to be replaced, I'm wondering if the contractor can do it.

      WBTB - about 1 hour

      WILD attempt on my back. For a while I play with visualizing the letters of the alphabet: I find that I can see them when I focus on them!

      +(f) I get a short dreamlet/dream that I'm in deep ocean water near a whale (no visuals really), and I'm wondering if I should touch the whale's tail fin, or if that would shock it and would cause it to turn to me and attack/grown me.

      +(f) short scene: young Squidward (?) meets old Squidward. Old Squidward is lying in a bed under blankets. He takes off the blankets and it's seen he's wrapped in a bandage in his whole body and he has age-related sores all over the place.

      Wake briefly and turn to my right side and fall asleep.

      + (vivid, long) I am visiting HF (local friend) in his house (which is G's house next door neighbors to CH). I'm sitting on the ground, talking with H and a girl is there, I reach out to her playfully but H says that she had an "accident" (day residue) and needs to clean her. I move on to the living room. I look back and notice that H (father) is bottomless and I see his (ahem) briefly, I do a double take on this but think no more about it. An older girl is there in the living room and I'm thinking about (how I can get her to her room?). I say something and we move down the hallway. In this hallway I recognize the architectural layout of the house and realize it is the "G"'s house next to my CH. There is a room there and we go in, now it's a group of young people. I see many objects inside, there are food dishes stored on lit shelves. I remember a glass/dish of small bell peppers (red/yellow/orange). I comment that "this display looks like the dairy section of a grocery store!" and it does.

      + LUCIDD 229 LD#229. I'm (riding in a bus?) with young people, I'm quite happy to find myself surrounded by beautiful girls. (A brief thought of dreaming?). We arrive at our destination. I'm trying to get the attention of/ go with one girl in particular? We're walking up steps cut into the side of a steep hill (earthen). Approaching a right-angle turn in the path leading to the right I notice what appear to be large spider webs on the side (and straight ahead) of the path. I feel that I've walked into a strong strand of spider web I feel it on my forehead, I reach up to break through it but it's pretty strong, this happens a few times. Then I remember that spiders are a dream sign and I reach up for a nose pinch. Result ambiguous, I'm not giving it my full attention. I do it again and there is some leakage of air but I'm not yet convinced. I turn around and face the steep hill going down and decide to test my state by launching myself forwards down the hill and trying to fly. I do this and I'm a bit afraid that I may just be falling. But then I'm sure I'm flying and I'm lucid. I fly down the hill and there's the road at the bottom and I turn to the right and follow the road, flying about 15 feet above it. I'm looking for a girl. I see an unattractive woman below and ignore her. Then I see a young hot jogger heading in the same direction as I'm flying. I try to speed up to reach her, but she's pretty fast. I will myself to fly faster and thrust my fist forwards for speed and I reach her. I land [but don't remember our interaction].

      Then I'm in conflict (fight?) with some guy. I don't want to deal with him. I make a gesture to force throw/TK him away. He is unaffected. I turn to him and do it again, again it fails. I think "Oh, great, what is this guy, is he going to hijack my dream?" I turn my back on him and ignore him and move forwards.

      On my right side is a tall stone/brick wall. I'm approaching a corner and I form expectation that I'll find a hot girl around the corner. I turn the corner holding this expectation and see one. I see a tall, short-haired, blonde woman (taller than my preference) who is talking on a phone. I move to her immediately and she looks a bit taken aback and I take her in my arms. I notice that her body feels completely solid. She is wearing some white suit. I start kissing her. She has really excellent soft ample lips. I pull back and say "I love you." Some more kissing. I ask her "I want to hear you say it !". She doesn't say anything. I notice her fair is very high def and clear. Move on to sexy time.

      Spoiler for sexy time:
      I lift her up and put her on a counter and enter her. I want to take a look at the action, my shirt is in the way so I lift it up and get a good view for a second or two, then weird things start happening like her body fades in and out and disappears all the while I'm continuing. I will her to return and she flickers in for a second then disappears, and I look down and I'm going at it with a disembodied vag.
      I wake after that and fall back asleep.

      + (fairly long, vivid) I'm in a dorm room of some sort very very wide with a lot of beds in it but not very deep. I'm on my bed which is against one of the side walls of the room. Agirl comes in with a boy and I know she's there to buy drug from him. I wonder at this and think "they're hooking them earlier and earlier." The girl is quite pretty with dark hair. The drug is a sort of lip gloss. I look at her lips and there is a bright, colorful pattern there perhaps like a checkerboard. I want to kiss her to taste the gloss but think I may get in trouble. There is another boy/girl pair like them nearby? Another guy comes in and his hands are covered with the gloss/drug material.

      I realize I'm sitting on my bed with lots of young friends, guys and gals, leaning against me and we're all lying in a pile. It's very comfy . I see through the open door some people in the hallway are looking in and I think disapproving. I call out "Hey, this is *my* room and I'm on *my* bed, so I will do a I like!"

      A stern matronly woman enters the room. She's not happy that I'm there I believe. The furniture starts getting rearranged (by itself), a bed is removed and a large grey/black couch shift into position next to me. Another piece of furniture arrives. I think she's trying to get rid of me. Then she declared "WHO'S IN CHARGE OF THIS GROUP!?" I know she's talking about me because I'm the oldest here but I do not answer. "GROUP #6 [another group] <is so great, they're doing wonderful..., etc.>".

      + a scene materializes before me, I realize I'm looking at a night time cityscape looking off into the distance. There is a lit, beautiful church in the distance and I see some other shape on the hills in the distance. These are places we're going. I call out to my two male companions that I see the first structure in the shape of a church cross.
      lucid , memorable
    6. Snake

      by , Yesterday at 04:02 PM
      I remember why people hate snakes so much now. king cobra was loose in my house, terrorising my people. Screw that.
    7. Marcus' Homeworld, Fat 3-armed Darth Maul, Bikini Taco Delivery, Centipede Poodle, Italian Vampires

      by , Yesterday at 04:00 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I know this is a really long entry. Truth be told I've been coming on here for like a week and a half and writing down whatever I remember into this giant draft entry; and I wanted to post it before writing all my dreams down in a single giant draft entry became a habit. Enjoy.

      I am taking a journey to Marcus' home star system. We are supposed to be on board some kind of spacecraft but when the visualization of the journey is given, I am simply flying through galaxies like I would when I was flying via my powers, though I can still sense Marcus' presence. We fly into a small star cluster outside of the milky way and head towards a star system.

      The peripheral of the spacecraft becomes present and Marcus explains to me that this was the star system in where he was created. He goes on to explain that his is a race of cyborg beings, and tells me their history. In his history, humanity fell into an atomic war and nearly destroyed itself, and the only ones that were left were those who did not think humanity should develop as a warlike culture, but rather a culture of science and art.

      As such his forefathers set out and colonized the solar system, made alien contact. The aliens they met were very different from humans in that they were very powerful, intelligent beings that lived for billions of years, but only a few dozen of them could exist in the universe at any one time. (When they were visualized, the aliens were a massive black being with six or eight eyes, as large as the earth, sitting on a decorative throne that acted as a spaceship.) The aliens recognized that the savagery in humanity was beginning to fade and that they may be ready for the gift of interstellar travel.

      As such humanity colonized the galaxy and made contact with other alien races. But the mentality of the survivors of the nuclear war on earth was inbred into their culture, the desire to self-preserve and to have a safehouse, but on a galactic scale. Hence the colonization of the Bastion-Remedy system.

      Spoiler for crappy sketch:

      The system was chosen because there were a lot of resources and the system contained smaller, longer lived stars than the sun. I sketched a crappy map to help expedite the details of the system but its not super important to the overall plot of the dream, just interesting that I was able to remember such a detailed system. I don't recall any of the names of the planets but I do know that every planet marked in green was terraformed. The only location of importance was the space station Gigatet.

      Marcus described it as a fortress system because of its extreme defenses, and remarked that a dyson sphere was too expensive and too vulnerable, but the entire system was protected from cosmic rays and unwelcome by the Gigatet projecting a shield. That was our destination. There was supposedly another larger structure nearby called the "Archive" that was the true archive of all the science and art that this civilization had gathered through the eons but the Archive's true location was known only to their most trusted members. However the Gigatet served as a sort of halfway point for information to be screened and collected before being prepared to be taken to the archive.

      He shows me a room in where his body can be upgraded and repaired. His civilization has eliminated death of the body. He begins to remove his skin, first on his right hand to insert a circular mechanical access key to the room. Then lays down on a medical table and loses conciseness. Robotic arms spring to live and begin disassembling his body very carefully. Past the skin layer, Marcus had a shiny metal skeleton. His muscles and organs were blue and they didn't look fully organic or fully synthetic either. His muscles looked sort of like fiber optic cables, and the internal organs were more like squishy plastic. In places there were little valves and clips that linked blood vessels and nerves allowing for modularity. Close a valve, remove that part, and put a new one in.

      He then proceeds to 'recompile extraneous data for download', essentially empty his brain's memory banks of information that he did not need. This data would be reviewed and either dumped or stored in the archive. I saw his brain inside of his skull and it looked like a blue glowing orb, like a blue sun with little solar flares on it.

      Marcus then talked with me about how people in this society have a choice to be human, machine, or something in-between, but each choice has its own pros and cons. One can make a fully robotic body that is more or less immortal, indestructible, and makes you highly productive to the society. Or one can be a completely normal human with only one implant; a device to move your soul/consciousness in and out of your body. Marcus lays somewhere in the middle of that his body is between mechanical and biological, and his body can still die, though that is very unlikely and he can go for many human lifespans without returning here to be repaired, but that he likes to play it safe and routinely have his systems checked up on just to ensure nothing sneaks up on him.

      He explains to me that his body still acquires energy from food rather than the power sources used by other more mechanical variants.

      But because they have the technology to transfer your conciseness, everyone in this society is basically immortal unless they are killed by violence or a sudden and swift failure of their body, with inadequate time to transfer their soul into a new body.


      At some point we are on the exterior of the Gigatet. This area of the station is like a city and has an atmosphere held in place by gravity projectors and magnetic fields. We encounter this group of two or three boba-fett looking characters. (in that their armor was similar.) They hit Marcus with some kind of paralyzer device that seizes up his more mechanical body, but when they try to use the same device on me I feel nothing more than a buzz like a mild electric shock.

      I became lucid and started fighting them. At some point I tried to fly into the air but my flying was not working because I was wearing a heavy cloak or cape and could not seem to take it off, and the cape was stifling my flying jets and weighing me down. I tried to think of another way to solve the conflict and thought that the dream was taking on a star wars theme so maybe if I played along my dream control would work. I reached into hyperspace and got a pair of lightsabers.

      This was really thrilling to me. I blocked some laser fire and some of the assalants retreated until one was left. She and I jumped into the air (her using a jet pack on her armor and we fought.) But at some point, with a fair amount of effort I was able to get my leg above her head and kick her down into the ground. I then released Marcus by removing the paralyzing device. Some police drones came and Marcus explained the situation and they arrested the one I had fought last.

      For some reason the dream got really dark and I spent a lot of time carrying her over my shoulder. Eventually the police came to us and there was closure to the plot line. The plot line somehow carried on to a point where I was having my birthday in an old warehouse. My birthday party was pretty big, all of my friends were there. There were aged up versions of friends that I had not seen in years, and some people that I only vaguely recognized.

      Amit from Infected Mushroom and Samurai Jack came out onto a platform and started playing rave music, Everyone started dancing. I saw my old high school crush standing on a table topless chugging a keg of beer. This guy with a handlebar mustache and a white suit coat came up to me and said that I had won a motorboat and a trailer came in with a big red and brown motorboat on it. He gave me some paperwork and told me that I had to sign it to get the boat. He then said I could also win fifty bucks if I could manage to roll two dice and get snake eyes.

      I somehow found myself at the base of the basement stairs in my house attempting to roll the dice, but it was too dark to see what my results were. I was worried I was going to lose my first prize.


      I had a dream I was at the beach resort in Puerto Rico. My mom told me I was in an alternate universe created by my imagination. I recalled something I told her a few weeks ago IWL as a joke. I said that if I had been born as triplets, one triplet would be an artist, another would be obsessed with Taekwondo, and the third would be an expert programmer. I then saw the three younger triplets of myself walking around in these yellow and black scuba suits.

      I remember seeing a big row of palm trees on a sandbar out at sea and thinking that that was not there last time I went to the resort.


      I was teaching my taekwondo class and the class was abnormally crowded. There were lots of kids. Most of them were kids that are in my class now or have graduated. The class was taking place in this warehouse with brown brick walls and high windows and it was kind of dark in the room.

      I became lucid and decided I wanted to summon Manei. I forgot to try the voice command and just tried to summon through intention, by focusing on the door and imagining her coming through. I was thinking about how it was a dream and it was just my imagination so I should be able to make anything happen. Instead, my characters Raiah and Alduir walked in.

      The kids got older and the room was even more cramped. They said they wanted to play dodgeball and everyone started pulling out red rubber balls and throwing them at one another. Raiah said she didn't like dodgeball unless she got to play her way and started throwing with her robotic arm but she threw the ball so hard she knocked a kids tooth out and we had to stop.


      The dream carried on at some point. I was at like a carnival peir with the two of them. I was getting a strange enjoyment out of conversing with two of my original characters. I remember asking them for advice on how to make them better characters that more people would like. Alduir replied

      "The pretentious pillbug's snakeskin handbag --FUCK! I FORGOT THE REST!! Thats a poem I wrote for you? Do you like it?"


      Coming off another dream that I don't remember, the dream was playing out the scene from the ending of Star Wars Episode I; The Phantom Menace, where Obi Wan and his master fight Darth Maul, and I was Obi Wan. I got kicked down the reactor shaft and grabbed onto the ledge. I remember thinking that I knew what happened in this scene, that I jumped back up and grabbed my lightsaber.

      When Darth Maul looked over the edge I saw that he was now shirtless with a gigantic fat stomach. (Though his upper torso and arms still looked really muscular, and of course all of it was tattooed black and red.) He also had two arms on his left hand side and was holding three lightsabers. The first one was a standard lightsaber. The second one had an unusual handle and the blade went backwards down the arm like a tonfa. The third one was his double bladed lightsaber. He started slashing at the edge of the pit and taunting me. He said that if I didn't jump up, he'd use his triple bladed lightsaber. I wondered how such a thing would work. He then showed me that when he pulled apart his double bladed lightsaber there was a third blade in the middle between the two handles and he could now prod at me while I was holding on, but I avoided him.

      Darth Maul then grabbed a woman I had never seen before. She had long wavy blonde hair and was completely naked but had gag tied around her and told me to try and come up and save her. I wondered how the Star Wars movie would keep a PG rating with a fully naked woman in it and I realized that the situation was different from the movie and became
      lucid. I flew up and summoned a green lightsaber and beat Darth Maul, and the dream faded out.


      I had a really long dream that was stylized. It looked like the animation style of Samurai Jack. In the dream, Manei was a small child wandering around a meadow. In the meadow were the hulks of gigantic derelict space warships. One of them was overgrown with grape vines and Manei was trying to get the grapes down from the top but as long as she couldn't get them, she had to sleep in a cardboard box.

      My character entered along with two other characters and I showed her how she could get the grapes down by using a long stick with a hook on the end of it. I then got mad that someone had 'ripped off my dreams in an animation' and after some figuring became semi lucid. I made an effort to converse with her to no avail.


      At some point I recall a very funny exchange in where I was dreaming that I was taking a science exam in high school and became semi lucid. I looked over to my crush.

      "Will you have sex with me?"


      for some reason I completely lost my sh*t and began using telekinesis to crumble the building around me. My crush disappeared and the other dream characters in the class began running away in fear and panic.

      I woke up a short while later and pondered my behavior. It seems as though, even in dreams we are more in touch with a more primal, animalistic and emotional side of ourselves that awakens these desires.


      I was visiting Florida with my cousins and my old friends R and J. We were at a beach. I decided to go for a swim but when I got there I found my cousin had somehow beat me there and was crying because I wouldn't play a game with him. I tried to comfort him and told him that I would play with him. But my friend J also wanted to play with me and the two started fighting. I tried to get everyone to agree to just do one thing and all three of us could do it together but it didn't work. I saw J's dad coming over and wanting to work out the conflict but I didn't want to be involved so I dove underwater and swam away.

      When I came back up I was lost. At first I was worried about not being able to find my family members or my friends family members and became very worried of what they would think that I ran away and didn't come back.


      I remember having a very long, 'realistic' and detailed dream about a zombie apocalypse. My mother and I were staying on a farm with Jack (the dream character) and his two brothers and father. Jack was showing us how to use guns to kill the zombies and gave me a long rifle with a scope.

      The dream ended when I started waking up and WBTBed wanting to re-enter and continue the story but instead got a dream about my cousin having an allergy attack and needing to be administered an Epi-Pen.


      I had an absolutely absurd dream about being at some kind of hybrid of a water park and marina. The setting is that in where there are boats parked everywhere, attended almost exclusively by bikini-clad party girls. Large waterslides and roller coasters arc over small islands and rock formations that are above the water.

      In the dream, I have recently acquired my first job delivering tacos to the partiers via Jet Ski. I remember thinking that the job should net me decent pay and tips but didn't seem to be doing so, and I was still learning to properly control the Jet Ski. I also considered that I needed a better means to transport the tacos than holding them on a large tray in one hand while piloting the jetski with the other.

      At one point I was tasked with navigating the jetski between two tight rock formations, only to attract the attention of a very large centipede-like poodle. From far away it looked like the dog had been fake but getting closer made it look animated and lifelike. Though its body looked sort of like it were made of papier-m‚chť and cotton balls, like an arts and crafts project.

      It began chasing after me, barking and growling. The dog was able to navigate through the air with a swimming serpentine motion. I attempted to lose it but it was too fast, and I was still navigating that narrow pass. I attempted to splash water in its eyes and some of the women on the nearby boat scoffed at me for mistreating the animal. It was at this point that I also recognized that I had gotten the tacos wet and that they were no longer going to pay me for them. Though upon inspection, it seemed as thought he Jetski had made it through the narrow pass without sustaining any damage.

      I ran into my aunt, uncle and cousins and lost the dream.


      I was stranded in the ocean at night after a plane crash sequence that I only recall secondhand. With it came the old drowning feeling that usually accompanies any dream involving swimming, as big waves came crashing down on me.

      I then saw my character Raiah appear in the dream. She was struggling to stay afloat aswell. The sequence played out similarly to one from my comic with her character in where, since she has metal legs and a metal arm she cannot float or swim and had to detcach them to stay afloat.

      Then Manei came and reduced both of us and helped us both swim to the shore of an island. We woke up on the beach and the situation reminded me quite a bit of the movie Castaway, except there were three of us now. We started planning how we were going to survive until help came and the dream faded out.


      The next thing I remember was all three of us were in a city somewhere in Italy. Raiah had her bionic limbs back and the three of us were sitting at a cafe. Raiah was complaining that Italian food in Italy doesn't taste like Italian food in America.

      People began approaching us. They had grayish green skin and vampire teeth. The dream had some confusion as to wether they were actually vampires or zombies. They moved slowly in a big group like zombies but had teeth like vampires and were out to drink blood. I became semi lucid and began helping to fight them. I summoned my weapon and turned it into a staff and knocked some of the closest ones away.

      I then converted it into a bow and stood on a table and started shooting arrows. I was able to create a wide variety of elemental trick arrows by simply calling them out as I drew the bow. When I called out "Fire arrow" a group of zombies got set on fire. I called out "Ice Arrow" and it froze one solid in a block of ice. I called out "Lightning arrow" and the bow shot a bolt of electricity that chained from several of the zombies taking them all out. I called out a "Plant Arrow" and when it hit the vamp/zombie vines sprung up from under the brick pavement and entangled around it preventing it from moving.

      I started running out of ideas for arrows after awhile. (I was operating on weird logic that I could only use each type of arrow once.) and in my semi lucidity got concerned about my mother. I false remembered that she was in a house on the other side of the town and took off running. I don't think I was able to fly because I wasn't fully lucid but I was able to run at a speed I would place around 30-50mph. I started running through the streets and saw more of the vamp zombies coming after me. I converted back to a staff and did a pole vault over them.

      I remember the sequence of me running through the city streets seemed to go on for hours. I recall thinking to myself that my dream body seems to have unlimited cardio endurance because it's not a real body and all I have to do is imagine running full sprint and preforming flips, and I can do that all night.

      At some point I go third person and I'm running along rooftops parqouring and doing gymnastic flips that no real human could do. I eventually climb in the second story window of the building that my mom is in only to find she is a vamp/zombie. I convert my staff back to a bow Agian and declare that I will fire a "Holy Arrow". It works and she converts back to a normal person. I tell her to barricade the door and windows and wait for me to come back.

      I then spot a structure in the distance. The structure is a massive mining rig built on top of a volcano. I get a sense that Manei and Raiah have made their way there but that they are in trouble. I then see a robotic policeman attempting to barricade the vamp zombies. I fly to the volcano rig that has a giant staircase running up the side. I decide that I will land there. But before I can blast off at full speed Manei yells my name. She is still running towards me and is all out of breath.

      "This is ridiculous- you start jogging a little waking life and now I cannot ever pace you."

      "You saved me from the first dream, call it even."

      I become almost fully lucid. I forget about my other objective. The city starts to look like the city from Attack on Titan. I then see a two-headed Naruto going to fight Titans, but we ignore it and just sit at a cafe again. We start having a conversation. I realize that I should include Marcus in the conversation and just by thinking of him he materializes out of a blue portal in the ground.

      [Removed The conversation was personal. It ended with Marcus saying this.]

      "The Progress of humanity is advancing at an unforeseen pace. From the wheel to the spinning wheel to the printing machine and the mushroom bomb, figure-8-DNA and the three-two-two hyperdrive, our species spreads with a like a tenacious disease traversing the cosmos. [The dream fades out as I see a visualization of the milky way galaxy.] One day all of this will be ours but we must ask ourselves if that is a good thing or not." [The dream then zooms in on a solar system at the tip of one of the spiral arms. It is a binary system and there is a dark black planet orbiting far from the two stars. Marcus somehow implies that we will find something really bad there and when people try to colonize that system we will awaken some ancient evil or something.]

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    8. LD #6 - (WBTB/DILD) Reptilian Eyeball in Palm of Hand During RC

      by , Yesterday at 03:02 PM
      I am in an old concrete stairwell, resembling a turret in a castle. I am going up and down within the turret, hovering above the stairs. I hear the sound of moaning as I ascend and descend in the stairwell. I am not sure if I am making the moaning sounds, or if they are coming from somewhere else. I float all the way down to the bottom level where the moaning grows louder and I see a small partition in the wall which opens up into another chamber. I try to enter the partition with my floating body, but it does not fit. It is at this point I realize this may be a dream. I look at the palms of my hands to do an RC: they are deformed and mutated. I see a reptilian-looking eyeball in one of them, in the center of my palm, blinking back at me. My hands are black, with an electric, neon-green outline. As I marvel at this, I feel the dream slipping away. I quickly attempt to stabilize, but I lose control and enter back through the hynogogic curtain and into wakefulness. Dreamt 2/20/17

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    9. an accident

      by , Yesterday at 02:57 PM
      So, I was driving through this tunnel (there are no tunnels where I live, its a small city) and just as I come to the end there is an accident that just happened. The vehicle closest to me was almost completely verticle with its rear caught up on a guard rail or wall. I could see someone's arms hanging there so I got out. The guy was dazed and coming around. Then I saw the german shepard buckled in the passengers seat. I think he was hurt, but not too badly. So I went and got him out, and I was carrying him in a blanket and trying to keep him calm. I think I forgot about the person. Then I woke up.