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    1. Yawn

      by , Today at 12:53 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I REALLY wish I could dream about something else at this point... Dreams 2 nights ago.

      The Fury of Asuka

      Asuka was showing me a video of something that she did to Bjork. Asuka was explaining that Bjork needs to respect our space and stop trolling me with drama in the dream state. Couldn't remember any lately... but. Asuka is doing some sort of parody of Isobel, and Bjork is inside the dream music video. The backing track is all metal, Asuka changes the lyrics to troll and scare her. One version of Asuka is singing while another is just staring and they zoom in and out of focus of eachother. Bjork looks pissed that someone is doing a parody of her music. She eventually starts trying to escape the dream but fails when multiple Asukas surround her. I was only shown a snippet of what really went on, which was apparently a long series of nightmares according to what she was telling me. If anyone has read my early dreams of Asuka, you know she can be quite a dream troll.


      Last night: no recall... I went and got drunk at karaoke.

      I was exploring some caverns with waterfalls in them with a group of people

      Me and some kids are exploring them. I find a hidden path which leads to a waterfall similar to the one in the entrance. I go back to the kids and they can't find the secret passage I found and are not convinced when I tell them that there's another way through. They end up convincing me to leave.


      The girl from my previous dream brings me to a house that belongs to my childhood friend Gary. We go into his kitchen and he sits down. He seems not to be acknowledging my presence there at all. I remember my brother telling me that he was being snooty towards him lately because he thought we would be a bad influence on his life. He then surprises me by offering me pizza. I'm not hungry so I decline, and I notices stacks and stacks of empty pizza boxes all over the kitchen.

      Then I realize I have no pants on and I'm in my underwear.


      A limo pulls up outside Gary's house and offers me a ride. I get in and Bjork is inside (I also am vaguely aware that I have no pants on for this entire dream which makes it funny). She looks like 70 years old, Emaciated, and shrivelled like a prune. She can barely speak when I ask her what happened to her. She mouths: Asuka. and gives me a look like she expects me to do something about it. I try to explain that Asuka was just defending me, she is my wife after all, and if she thinks something has to be done about something that she's probably right. I remind Bjork that she had promised to keep her distance which she never did. and go on like that a while.

      At some point I go to look out the window to RC. But I get distracted when my arm brushes up against bjork when I go to put my hand on the window. We pull up to my house and I tell her she better leave before Asuka spots her.

      I go inside and go to my room and put on some pants. I think of something else to tell Bjork so I run outside and her limo is gone.
      Tags: asuka, björk, gary
    2. Dream from a church retreat: turning point

      by , Yesterday at 11:25 PM
      I fell asleep in the woman's cabin. Then I was on a windy path with tall grass around it.
      I was walking up it, holding a paper bag with books and clothes in it. (Primarily clothes). I noticed a little girl behind me aways away and I thought she was a demon. I knew at the top of the hill my friends were there. I didn't want to let go of the paper bag, but I decided I had to. I put it down and raced towards the people at the top/the end of the path. End of dream. That day, my pastor and I walked up a hill on the retreat, and I told him about the dream. He suggested that the little girl was the girl I used to be, and later in my life I realized that the people at the top were the future me and other friends I would have. The dream taught me that sometimes we have to let go of material things and let spiritual things and friendships matter more.

      Another dream I had earlier was I was at Julliard and I asked if I was a student there. Then suddenly I was in a grassy field and at heaven school, and they told me their music and dance school was better than Julliard, and I felt peaceful.

      A recurring dream I always have is being at university of Pittsburgh (which I attended in real life), not having my schedule, trying to get to the computer lab to print it out. The last time I had this dream I actually was able to print out my schedule, and then I was in a big classroom and they were teaching Islam on the screen, and I realized that maybe it was a dream. Later I decided it was definitely a dream (first lucid dream in at least two years), and I left the classroom and made the building disappear, through Jesus. Then I was walking in a grassy field knowing I was dreaming starting to explore. Someone started to chase me, I think he or she was muslim. Then I woke up or had a false wake up.

      A psychic dream I had was I was with my family in the middle of the ocean and Simon-Peter, my brother, was there and he was in a box that went down to the bottom of the Sea to explore it. Then I woke up.

      A long time ago, I dreamt I met a girl and we watched an art movie together and then painted together. Was a beautiful but not lucid dream.

      There are so many more that I forgot. I will try to remember them to post them here from now on.

    3. May 21st 2017 to May 27th 2017

      by , Yesterday at 04:33 PM
      I went lucid twice last week! I've realized once I do go lucid that my dreams are very foggy, almost like I'm looking at them through a bubble. Also the control of them isn't 100% there yet.

      Most of my dreams involved being back in PA, and also mixed with my work. Also some taboo items came into play.


      Did lucid dream, but did have a false wake up. Was really concentrated on being lucid the day before. I was driving near the woods of the area where I grew up. Did go lucid at this point. Realize that I was dreaming. When I do realize that I’m dreaming my dream world is kind of fuzzy and blurred. Saw a friend from high school in the woods and asked her for oral sex. We did do it. Then had a false wake up in a cabin. There was a video on of the sexual part of my last dream. I was sleeping on a bunk bed and my dad was there.

      Another dream I had took place at night. Waiting in the parking lot of a doctor’s office. The ops support manager of my work was there smoking (she doesn’t smoke) and went into the doctor’s office when it opened. Then I was at work and I was saying hi to some of the guys I work with on the way to the staff cafe. I saw a temp on the way. We said hi and he hugged me and lift me up. I joked with him, asking if he would take me all the way to the cafeteria. Then my boss came out, and said that it could be a worker’s comp issue because he could hurt himself picking me up. I felt offended, although she didn’t say that to offend me.


      Dreams were all over the place, although I did lucid dream. Did my reality check just like I would in real life. I was in a hotel (maybe for work) and I was in an elevator. The elevator did not stop at my floor and kept going up. At that point I realized I was dreaming and actually floated for a little. Characters from the show Archer were in my dream. Archer was actually married to Cheryl.


      Dreams were very foggy. One I do remember is that was back in college. It was graduation day. There were some older people there (kind of like The Golden Girls). Me and an older lady were kind of connected. Remember dragging along a really big suitcase, then going to a reception area with food. Then the next dream was almost like a nightmare. I was in my old house and it could have been haunted.


      Was back in PA and it was night (close to CHristmas time). I was crawling on the roofs of house for some unknown reason. I decided I wanted to crawl onto my grandma’s roof, but it was too steep and had too many high steps to get up to it. My cousin Kaitlyn showed up, and she offered to climb up it. Kaitlyn said she was afraid she might fall, and I said I would break her fall/catch her since I am bigger than her. She did fall, and I did not break her fall. She landed on her back with her right arm behind her. I asked how she felt. She said she felt alright, but felt like her thumb tore off. She brought her right hand forward, and her thumb was almost completely tore off, only being held by a sliver of skin. There was a lot of blood and she looked like she would pass out. I called 911, and we waited. After a while she said she was feeling better. She got up and started walking around.She tries to gross me out, wagging her hand in front of me. At one point I did look and was able to see a small part of her bone. Ended up on the porch of my grandma’s house. The medic arrived, and it was Iwan Rheon. Took care of her thumb and did not go to the hospital.

      The second part of the dream took place at my grandma’s house. It was my place of work, and there was a mentally challenged middle aged black woman there with crazy hair. She was messing around on my colleague’s desk, and my colleague said “Why don’t you go and mess around Amanda’s desk for a while?” The lady started messing up my desk, and I got really angry at her. Then the setting changed to my actual work place, and it was raining and we were all talking about going somewhere to eat. For some reason we were going to drive a school bus there. My mom was also there as well.
    4. Lizard Girl Skin Grafts

      by , Yesterday at 09:34 AM
      Morning of May 28, 2017. Sunday.

      Curiously, the setting seems to be in one of the portables (classrooms set up in large trailers) at my high school (though I also attended one in fourth grade). However, there are no associations with school.

      An unknown (at first) girl is present. She has reptilian skin, though it is of a colorful floral pattern (of the type on curtains and bedsheets and such, thus this may be a dream sign, that is, an association with Zsuzsanna being in bed next to me).

      I become aware that she has some sort of inherent biological function in her body where skin automatically grows over certain parts (in a similar manner as a lizard tail growing back after being cut off). There is one part where I watch the process. The tip of her tail had been apparently injured (and even partly cut off) by someone slamming the door before she was through the doorway. The new tail section has a slightly different floral design and colors. At another point though, there is a rectangular band-aid shape protruding from her forearm (somewhat like oversized loose skin). It is more like unneeded skin growing out due to a biological glitch. She shows mild concern.

      Later, she becomes a young version of Zsuzsanna. I stand facing her and she now seems mostly human though has a vivid dominating presence (typical of the personified preconscious during the waking stage). We hug and I kiss her neck. This eventually brings about the coalescence waking symbolism that has been quite common in my dreams since early childhood (where a main dream character unites or “melts” back into me with a very pleasant feeling).

      Oddly enough, based on the setting, there seems to be some sort of insignificant recall of an event from fourth grade where I had my fingers slammed in the door of the portable (though they were not injured). For some reason, this seemed transmuted into the lizard girl having her tail clipped. I even recognized her state as “mine” for a very short time.

    5. Water From the Wall (into Mixer or Humidifier)?

      by , Yesterday at 06:54 AM
      Morning of May 28, 2017. Sunday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children and I are living where we are now in reality. It seems to be late at night. I eventually hear unusual gurgling sounds, like water being pumped through a pipe or sprinkler system. I am puzzled by the nature of the sound and what it could mean. I listen to the sounds for several minutes. At one point, it sounds somewhat like a coffeemaker (though we do not have one or ever drink coffee).

      On the far end of the counter, where the small oven is in reality, is some sort of machine that resembles a squarish mixer, though no bowl is present. I have a false memory that it is some sort of humidifier that keeps our house cool in summer. There is also the clear but false memory of having taped over the plug on the end of the electrical cord to keep it more secure in the outlet.

      I tell Zsuzsanna about the sound. Eventually, water sprays out of the “mixer” from the area where the wire whisk would be. It sprays down in a circular pattern (somewhat like a shower head). I am aware that there is a system of pipes behind the wall but that something has malfunctioned. I worry about water getting into the outlet. Even though I had taped over the plug to keep it secure, I decide to unplug it for now, which will supposedly stop the water spraying out.

      The water and water sounds within the wall (liminal space) are common dream state induction factors. The mix of water (sleep) and electricity (increased neural activity within the dream state) is a bit unusual, though still directly symbolizing the dreaming and waking process in real time. There have been a number of similar dreams throughout my life featuring these dynamics but in different ways.

    6. Dream - Never Enough Time For A WILD & Keep Her Safe

      by , Yesterday at 05:46 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 28 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 121 - Separated Sections

      Dream 121 A - Never Enough Time For A WILD
      The dream took place on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School but it was all Killester students. I was walking around with JS and at the same time, looking for WB whom I thought would most likely be in the library right next to the office area. I then had an idea that I was going to go to sleep and attempt WILD. So JS walked off while I found somewhere to lie down.

      I eventually found a wooden bench in the main area of the school and lay on it. I started to fall asleep and try not to move at all so I could be aware if I was to enter a dream within this dream. At one point, I did feel like I was about to slip into another dreaming state but then for some reason, I automatically woke up. Apparently there was only two minutes left before classes would start again. When I got off the bench, I saw WB standing beside the unit of the multipurpose room and her appearance seemed smaller and cuter compared to real life. I don't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream No. 121 B - Keep Her Safe
      At the start of the dream, I find I was doing something strange and unusual with chocolate chip cookies. That soon passed and the dream scene went to something else. There was this gravel landing/taking-off strip in a desert and there was a smallish looking metal aeroplane on it. Apparently, mum, NB and myself were returning from our Croatia holiday.

      When on the plane, I figured that I wanted to sit about two seats away from them as I did have Dreamy WB with me. She was in the form of a small plush toy with her hair in the style of two braids. Still, my mum sat next to me and my brother sat behind me, so I quickly had to whisk Dreamy WB away from my lap and have her under my left arm, against my body, on the side next to the windows. I was pressing her really hard to make sure no one could see her until our destination was reached.

      The dream scene then skipped to me showing random people holiday destinations like I was on some Getaway show. One place was this deserted lighthouse-like winery that was all dark inside. I don't remember anything else about this dream.