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    1. Hippie Rock and The Nightmare Before Christmas

      by , Today at 02:38 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      Lately, my dreams have been less and less vivid and I don't know why.

      Fragment 1: I was watching a TV documentary where there was a rock band that consisted only of hippies. The drummer/leader of the band said that "We are willing to indulge ourselves in this absent minded spanish music"

      Fragment 2: I was in my art classroom watching the nightmare before christmas with V. When the opening was about to happen, V said "this is the best part" and then the narrator who would normally be telling us about halloween land or whatever was instead singing something to the tune of hotel california but one octve down. I then woke up.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Snow idea what's going on

      by , Today at 11:49 AM
      D1 - In a school building, planning a lesson, I am suited and there is a headteacher observing me and we have some discussion.

      D2 - I am trudging through snow. I feel the wetness and cold, and see the lumpy footprints i am leaving behind as I make my way uphill.

      Notes :
      My dream usually have about five common people in them. So I decided I would use them, obviously as dream signs. But when I set that as my intention last night, it meant they did not appear in any dreams whatsoever.
      This happens regularly, I choose a dream sign, so my subconscious filters it out of my dreams. How I can use this to my advantage?
      Tags: school, snow
    3. End of the World and Discovering the Sleeper (yet again)

      by , Today at 06:17 AM
      Morning of September 26, 2017. Tuesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children, mostly as we appear now, are living in a house that is similar to our present home (and in fact implied to be our present home), though has a fictional second storey.

      Eventually, I am aware that the sun is too hot. I mostly become aware of this upon going to the second floor (with Zsuzsanna), which is mainly featureless and resembles the second floor of the Loomis Street house when the apartment was empty, as there is a singular window on one side of the large room and a ceiling sloped on both sides. (I have not been in this house in real life since 1994.) I feel intense heat and realize we need to go back downstairs. I guess the world is ending, but I am not very emotional. I tell our youngest son that we will be burned up, but it does not seem like a bad situation. Still, I want all of our family together for “the end”.

      We go into our oldest son’s room. Our other children are present in the room. Our oldest son does not seem present. Eventually, Zsuzsanna and our youngest son slide out a cardboard storage box from under the bed. Our oldest son is sleeping in it.

      This dream is easily recognized as a mix of factors, dynamics, and inherent dream state symbolism (unrelated to waking life other than as real-time environmental alert dynamics via RAS) that have occurred regularly since early childhood. As a result of having studied and validated up to nine dreams a day, every day, all my life (not even including apex lucidity and long sequences of hypnagogia) there is rarely anything “new” I dream in terms of core symbolism, and yet the individual uniqueness of each still amazes me.

      “Discovering the sleeper” dreams are common (but are not always so literal as here, as even a dream of yesterday, “Hierarchy Artifacts” was basically of this type). This is somewhat related to a type of subliminal lucidity (but not of the type where conscious self identity subliminally creates and controls the dream). In this case, The Sleeper was our oldest son but of course still is a dream state indicator that I am asleep. “Discovering the sleeper” dreams (mainly when as literal as here) are quite different from dreams where the preconscious is more active and dominant and are hardly ever the last dream of a sleeping period. Obviously, this type of dream is not inherently waking symbolism (unless the preconscious becomes active via RAS activity either by environmental noise or internal circadian rhythms), but somewhat the opposite.

      “End of the world” dreams typically have no waking life relevance (and if they did, no one would still be here to know anyway) other than at some levels (including reading too much negative news in the media). In this case however, the sun being too hot and coming to an end was based on environmental factors where it was uncomfortably hot in real life. When I went downstairs from the second floor, after becoming more aware of the ambiance and dynamics of my real environment, this was a form of dream state reinduction.

      Common dreams where there is “something wrong with the sun” usually also more accurately feature current associations with present conscious self identity (and do not typically incur extensive loss of memory of the present conscious self as many other types of dreams). This is evidence for the sun symbolizing the waking self (and current conscious self identity). There is “something wrong with the sun” when the conscious self identity subliminally realizes that it is sleeping, which of course is validated here by actually discovering The Sleeper. My favorite dream of this type was from childhood, “The Day There Was No Sun”. In that dream, I used bottle rockets tied over Highway Seventeen (a highway of which typically symbolizes the cerebral cortex in real time) to bring Earth back into orbit (to deliberately initiate waking). The preconscious in that case was passive and friendly, due to me initiating waking on my own.

    4. Pearls deal & Being watched

      by , Yesterday at 07:39 PM (Ereos)
      (I was semi-lucid the whole time, dream lasted about a day total)

      I was with someone trying to gather around all the pearls that we have found for some kind of deal.
      Pretty much every pearl had this grey/beige color and they were opaque but not quite, more like very very troubled glass looking.


      I was at Gemili again, the big infinite mall. It was day-time but it was about to be night-time in an hour or so.
      I look around for something to buy in pretty much as much of the mall as I can, I take about a good hour looking through pretty much everything but I don't really find anything of interest.

      I make my way to leave Gemili, I am in this big hallway, plenty of stores/snack shops at the sides of the hallway along with ads, I notice to my right a person that is looking at some ad, I realize that it's my history teacher from high school!

      Anyways I keep going towards the exit of the mall, I arrive in this central little park area thingy with plenty of benches and all, I notice some of my friends are there and I go ahead and chat up with 'em.
      We're talking about how Baptiste got his driver's license finally but he had to do something called a "driver's workshop" before, I told him that it was pretty odd as I never had to do that.

      After 10-15 minutes or so I say goodbye to 'em and I make my way back to the exit of the mall. I had some trouble with my jacket as it turns out for some reason I had 3 bonnets with me in my pockets, a white, gray and black one.
      I try to put 'em in my pocket, I notice a security guard of the mall and he's watching me in a kinda funny way.
      Anyways I finally manage to put my 3 bonnets somewhere and I finally reach the exit of the mall. Right in the middle of the doorway, there seems to be this big guy that honestly looks like a stereotypical bully, he eyeballs me as if I looked funny trying to put my bonnets in my jacket but I ignore him.

      I am finally outside but then this big bully just yells at me: "Hey you!".
      I hear him but I still ignore him, thinking that I have far more urgent matters to attend to, like defeating the Hooded Man.
      But then as I look behind me I notice that he's coming after me on his weird hoverboard/bike mix thing that doesn't look like much, but it is indeed hovering above the ground.

      He's coming at me with this hoverbike thingy, and right at me too! I gracefully dodge him as he was going to run me over with it.
      "What's wrong with you?" I asked him.
      He didn't answer at all for about 10 seconds, just being pretentious with his hoverbike, hovering around me a little bit. I just thought that it was pretty stupid.
      "What's up with your bonnets there sir?" He asked.
      "I asked you first." I said. But then he just grabs a bonnet out of my jacket and throws it pretty far from here.
      I just rolled my eyes, I didn't have time to deal with this bullshit, so I just turned back and left.
      But then he's approaching me with his hoverbike again, almost running me over once more.
      "Just fuck off." I tell him while pushing him off his hoverbike.

      I make my leave again but he becomes just a tad pissed, he catches up to me by running towards me and grabs the neck of my shirt stereotypical of a bully once again, trying to look real threatening and telling me bad stuff.

      I grabbed him by the neck and pushed him a little bit. "Look, just stay away from me, I am an Ereos official on duty."

      I turned back and left again for good this time, I could notice the security guard from earlier and he asked me if everything was okay.


      I was on my way to Los Angeles but I stopped a bit on the way to appreciate the scenery, I could see the eastern mountains of Ereos in the distance.


      I was in my governement-issued car and I arrive at some small city near Los Angeles and it seems that something's wrong in there, I see plenty of military personel all around, and at some point I see what looks like a very high grade person of the military, but he had a rather strange flag on his jacket, it wasn't the Ereos flag at all. It was one:

      I'm not sure what that flag is but it sorta reminds me of the United States flag.
      Anyways right before leaving the car, I leave my military gear in there, don't want to attract attention and I want to find out what's going on.

      I explore a little bit and go down this rather weird road, there are plenty of parked vehicles right in the middle of it.
      This big swole dude approaches me, he's in a black suit and has dark sunglasses along with a bluetooth speaker/phone on his right ear. I figure he's in the Secret Service or something, I actually haven't really seen much of my secret service buddies but he approached me in this very creepy way and he starts asking:
      "Hey, give me a list of names of your fellow buddies.".

      I felt pretty creeped out by this, I just knew I had to lie as this whole thing was mischievious. I try to think up of something...
      "Come on, names! Now!".
      "Uhm...right, first names only though okay? I don't have a good memory. So uhm...Michael and uh Speedo." I said.
      Those were completly random names I made up and he seemed satisfied by my answer, I just walk away from him.
      I notice one of my friends walking around this area, I approach him and tell him: "Hey, we have to talk." in a rather quiet tone. We go into another smaller street connected to this one.
      "What's up?" he said.
      "Yeah right so...I think we're being watched or something. They're onto me." I said.
      A garbage truck passes right by us, making a lot of dust in the street in general. I look a tiny bit right behind me and there is this big swole dude from earlier following us.

      "Run!" I yell to my friend, while we start running pretty fast.
      My friend manages to get away pretty quick, I seem to be rather tired and have a rather slow running pace than usual.
      This dude catches up to me in the matter of about 10-15 seconds. And grabs me entirely with his two strong arms in a very tight manner, to the point that my feet don't even touch the ground.

      I struggle to get off of his grip, even my arms and trapped, I get pretty damn angry at this point and partially transform my face into one of a dragon, to the point that I get super sharp teeth.
      I bite his left arm pretty strongly to the point that I just tear off a 15cm wide, 7cm deep chunk of flesh off his arm. I spit it off immediately, eww I don't want to taste human flesh at all.

      That dude just falls down in pain and I just run away from him, after 30 seconds or so of running, I take a time out, spit all the blood out of my mouth, trying to not look like a freak.
      I arrive at some kind of lottery/bar thingy and I notice another friend in there, I just go right into the bar.
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