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    Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...


    by , 12-17-2010 at 03:13 PM (269 Views)

    Good morning! And all that. I'm exhausted... going for a nap soon, and I will try to WILD. Last night, I had two dreams, both of which were nightmares. Pretty cool still, but I'd rather be happy in my dreams. Stress is the villain!

    23.00: Bedtime

    04.50: Björn is dead
    I'm outside at some kind of pool, with my brother Morgan, my co-worker Björn and his two daughters. The smallest one has no clothes on, and can barely stand up. She pee's all over the place, and the older one who is around four, steps in it. She's wearing a pink princess dress, and sits down to read a book. Morgan and I float around in the pool on a piece of styrofoam. I move to the deeper parts and go under water for a second. Morgan gets water in his mouth, and splutters. We go under water again, and once again he swallows some water.

    The dream skips. I am at work the day after. A co-worker tells me that Björn died yesterday. I think he's kidding, but he tells me he's serious. "He died of a blood clot" he tells me. I get really upset, and remember him telling me about his high cholesterol level. I keep on working. No one seems to be upset, but I am reminded all the time about how horrible it all is. I feel dizzy, and I can swear my cholesterol levels are way too high aswell. I think about his two little girls and his girlfriend. I cry some more.

    04.50: The asshole
    I'm talking to a young, skinny guy with dark hair. We're discussing different kinds of playing cards. Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc. I tell him I wish I had bought alot of cards back in the days, they would be worth alot today. He tells me he's got a card worth around 80€. I bring out my MTG deck, and show him the most expensive card I have got, it's a green creature card. He grabs it and inspect it for a while. A second later, I'm handed back the card, but it's not even the same card. "Hey! Give me back my card, this isn't mine!" I say. He gives me another card, and once again it's not my card. I grab him by the neck with my hand.

    He takes my deck and throws it on the floor, scattering cards everywhere. I know he's trying to distract me so he can run. "Hey G! Can you pick my cards up?" I ask my friend G. He starts collecting cards, and I smile at the asshole. I try to hit him, but suddenly he becomes a girl, and she hits me instead. "I am in pain everyday little girl, you can't hurt me" I say as the blows hit my chest. .Suddenly I'm standing in a hallway, thirty meters down from where we just were. The girl is Monica, and I push her up against the wall. I get a strong urge to have sex and my hand quickly finds its way down south. She enjoys it.

    My co-worker Valdis comes running down the hall. "He's coming!" he tells me in a frightened voice. I look down the hall and I can see a man going into a classroom really fast. I remember that we're on the run. "Oh shit, he can hear our cellphones!" I say. The man just entered the locker room with our cellphones in lockers. He must have heard the ringtones. "Leave them!" Valdis yells at me and starts to run towards the exit. I am about to follow him, but I spot something on the floor before the glass door separating the corridor. A white and a black cellphone.

    I run and grab them, and put a chair under the door handles on the door. I exit the same door as Valdis, and put another chair there. I'm pretty certain they won't hold against the scary janitor or whatever he is. We're outside of the building, but not out of danger. I follow Valdis and Monica up on a small roof. It's like we're walking on little cabins. I crawl on the sheet metal, trying not to attract attention. The roof is covered in small, thorny bushes with tiny orange grains of rice instead of leaves. I see several yellow ones. "I guess they've got a different colour because of the chimneys" I think for myself.

    04.50: Wake up

    Amount of sleep: 5 hours

    Supplements before bed: 150 ml applejuice, 2 x Omega-3

    That's it! I'm taking a nap now, sweet.

    Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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