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    Sunday 27/02/11 - Two

    by , 02-27-2011 at 10:05 AM (303 Views)

    Good morning! Intended to do an early WBTB after six hours of sleep, but lazy as I am, I failed. I swallowed a G+C pill around eight, which was a bad move since I couldn't fall back asleep after my first dream. Don't use Galantamine after 6 hours of sleep!

    23.45: Sleep

    08.00: Groping woman
    I'm sitting by a bench in some kind of theatre. Monica's there with me and an older woman approaches me. I just recently had to push away some other girl who tried to grab my junk. I'm half-hard for some reason, and the woman leans over me, distracts me by talking and grabs my junk through my jacket. When she notices it's already half-ready she smiles at me and gives it a few tugs. The betraying bastard likes it and we both get up and I start picking up my stuff. I stuff away my mathbook in my bag all the while talking to Monica, hinting of what just happened. She is clueless though and I decide to tell her later.

    We exit the building and my family shows up. Walking down the street, I realise we must be in another country. Not too different from Sweden though, but it's hot and sunny out and the buildings looks different. My mom spots a famous TV actor and nudges me in the side. I don't care for famous people. Our king and queen shows up a few seconds later. He looks at me for a second or two, now that's something cooler. Their daughter Victoria, and heir of the throne, is having her poodle trimmed by the sidewalk. Its fur is amazingly soft and perfect. It's grey and silver and I can't resist touching it. As soon as I do I realise I can't do that and walk away.

    We head out in traffic and Morgan almost gets hit by a car. We start yelling at him and he tells me that no one in the family likes him. "Ofcourse we do" I tell him and comfort him for a while. He's quite sad, so I bring up a few cashew nuts. I break them apart and make him some "vampire" teeth. "Grrrrrr!" I say to cheer him up and hand them to him. He puts them in his mouth and growls at me.

    09.00: Survival in the bathroom
    I'm in a bathroom with Monica and my brother Martin. There's an open hatch in the corner of the room, and I expect an alien to come up from there any minute. I've got a strange gun that looks just like the gun in the movie "Existenz" only it's black. I aim it at the dark corner. Suddenly I see movement and I fire off a few shots; teeth in some creamy sauce (?). I miss whatever's coming up though, and soon I realise why. A scarab crawls up through the hole. I try to kill it by stomping on it. "Don't worry about that one" Monica tells me. "How the hell can you not worry about a bug like that?" I wonder. All of a sudden a black shadow emerges from the hole, and pounces at us with a screech. I fire away with my gun and must have hit the creature. It falls to the ground and goes unconscious. It's an alien from the movie "Alien" only alot smaller.

    I jump on its back and grab its arms. "Wake him up" I tell Monica. She wakes the creature up and it starts to struggle. "Either you relax and join us, or I'll never let you go" I tell it. "Okay, I'll join you" it tells us in a very human voice. "Fine, no tricks now or I'll kill you" I tell it and release it gently. I expect it to bound up and rip us apart, but it doesn't. It's on our side now, and will help us survive this place. The bathroom door starts to move and I run over there and hold the handle up with all my might. Something on the other side wants to get in. I have given the gun to Monica, but I still open the door. I spot a small naked child outside. I drag him into safety.

    The alien morphs all of a sudden, and becomes a human boy with red cheeks. "Hand me the gun" I tell Monica. She hands it to me, but it's a normal gun now. "You know, some people bring other weapons into this, but not us, we use whatever we find" I say and look at my brother who smiles at me. The gun is kinda useless as it is, and I intend to make it into the "Existenz gun" again, I know what I have to do. I start licking the thing, my saliva going everywhere. I have to get the gun as moist as possible for it to morph. It starts to do just that in seconds, and I continue drooling all over the thing. The door starts to shake once again and I'm out of time. My uncle opens it. "What are you doing?" he asks us. His eyes are all red, like he's been drinking too much. I know he's one of the bad guys, but I have to pretend for now.

    "Nothing" I tell him and we exit the bathroom atlast. I'm in G's mom's house, and there's christmas decorations all over the place. "Wow this is neat and tidy" I think. I didn't expect it to be this clean after what we've gone through in the bathroom. All my relatives are there and they're all celebrating christmas or something. The game is still on though, but if I start claiming my uncle is evil and wants to kill us, we will be rediculed. One person knows what's going on though, my brother. I grab him and start walking out the door, "we have to talk" I tell him. My cousin's dad suspects something and follows us.

    We start playing football and he joins us. At the same time we throw something to eachother. He runs around and tries to catch it and steal the ball. I fall in some bushes and get stuck. A huge chocolate, ice cream birthday cake, the size of a small pool is up on the porch. My mom falls in it and all the kids starts taking pieces of the cake. Morgan grabs a piece the size of a football. "Morgan! Who told you you could take cake?" I ask him. He puts the piece back. My other cousin's dad shows up, the one throwing the party. "Where's Michael and Marcus?" I ask him. "Michael's watching boxing, and Marcus just put in a sausage in the oven, he's upstairs" he tells me. Ah, makes sense.

    09.00: Wake up

    Amount of sleep: 8 hours

    Supplements: 2 x Omega-3, 200 ml applejuice, 1 x Lucid Dreamer at 08.00

    That's it! Sadly I didn't get lucid, but I'm fine aslong as I get lucid once a week. This is the last time I take a G+C pill just like that. Henceforth I'm going to plan it ahead, and really know I will get lucid. Also NEVER take it after 6 hours of sleep. I might get one long dream but if I even move when I wake up after it, I won't be able to go back to sleep. Oh, G+C nightmares are kickass!

    Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    1. The Sandman's Avatar
      Very strange!...though not really for a dream. Great reading.

      So tell me; do you think you can get lucid once a week due to your supplements, or do you go lucid pretty naturally?
    2. Matte87's Avatar
      I'm 100% confident that I can get lucid just as often without supplements as with them. They do increase vividness and recall. Actually you gave me a great idea, I'm going to go all natural, not even applejuice or omega-3 for a month and see if my recall goes down.
    3. The Sandman's Avatar
      That sounds like a good scientific (type) study, but I don't know if I would call apple juice a supplement any more than I do dinner (nom, nom, nom!).