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    Ride the train!

    by , 03-25-2012 at 01:10 AM (296 Views)

    I am traveling to my high school…by train. For some reasontrain seemed like the best way to get there. It’s not complicated, and I’veapparently done it before. The problem is switching the train from the secondaryline to the track that actually leads to the school. It means making a sharpright turn, and though I have done it before, I need to figure out if I shouldstop and then switch it or if I can do it while moving, as I have done before.I resolve this problem by doing nothing and merely coming to the end of theline. I look over at another track and there is a rusted out heap of scrapmetal and a train bumper and I think, “Barbecue.”

    I get off the train with my cans of paint and come to thefront of the school where the principal is waiting for me. He takes me insideand I seem preoccupied with my light green paint. I decide it would be a goodcolor for the office walls.

    Dream fades out of memory.

    Dream continues.

    I am in my house, though it is not my current house. Therehas been a storm, and the wind has been strong. I have guests over, a gaycouple, and we have been enjoying breakfast items like coffee and bagels. I goupstairs, which go left and right from the first landing, and I head to theright. Both stairs end up in the same place, but for some reason the view outthe top windows is different. When I come around to the other side and look outthe window I can see that a tree has fallen in the front yard, and it haslanded right on top of the car belonging to the couple, which was unfortunatelyparked at the end of the driveway. Their black Volkswagen is half-crushed, asis another car on the street. My SUV, which I pulled all the way in the drivewayclose to the house, is untouched, and I am thankful. I inform the couple abouttheir car and they seem hurt but take it a lot better than I expected.

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