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    1. Interstellar: The Moon Cult

      by , 03-20-2017 at 10:56 PM
      16 March 2017

      The overseers had made a mistake. Leaving a bunch of inexperienced and overzealous 20 somethings alone in a room full of expensive space equipment was quite possibly the most dangerous thing that they could have done. Even more so since one of them had left one of the starships up and running. I don't remember what we were doing there nor do I have a clear idea as to whom exactly I was with I just remember that we were all young, we were all foolish, and that starship was calling out to us; daring us to try and resist temptation. Of course, we didn't resist. How could we? We entered into the ship, took our seats and, in no time at all, we were airborne. What happens next is rather fuzzy. I remember us being in space and flying past planets but I do not remember which ones nor do I remember who was flying. We eventually made it to a planet that was orbiting a star other than our own. I remember the planet was gray and covered in ridges. In spite of its appearance, we found that not only was it capable of sustaining life but it was inhabited but sapient beings. This was according to our readings. Obviously, we were curious and so, like the eager fools we were, we set a course to land on the planet without calling down to ask permission to land, without letting the locals know we were there, and without considering the consequences.

      We crash landed on the surface and realized something strange about the planet. The entire surface appeared to be made of metal. All of those ridges that we saw from above were deeper and more numerous than we realized. Also, they weren't just ridges, they were valleys and crevasses that were lined with houses, pipes, and wires. As a matter of fact, no one seemed to reside outside of these valleys. While there was air on the planet, there was no blue sky. There was no sky at all! As we explored, we began to realize that this was not a real planet. It was an artificial planet that had been built to sustain life. We eventually came to a radial valley in the center of which was a huge cylindrical tower that seemed to be home to several apartment residents. One of them met us and warned us to hide lest they find us. We didn't know what he was talking about but we went ahead and heeded his warning. I do not remember exactly what happened thereafter but I do have vague recollections of hiding from the guards, whom I noticed were dressed like skull kids from The Legend of Zelda**. I remember seeing our ship hidden within the cylindrical tower. Apparently, the residents had somehow managed to hide it in there. I remember it looking really beaten up from the crash and wondering how we were going to got off this planet.

      In time we learned about the planet's origin. The residents were human and were the descendants of pilgrims who had left earth to build this planet. We also learned that this planet was essentially home to one huge cult that worshiped the moon (I'm not sure which moon). At first, everyone there believed in the teachings of the cult but now the current leader was corrupted and the whole place was under the control of an oppressive regime. If they were to find us, we would be forced to join their cult and live here until the day we died. Obviously, we did not want this. The residents agreed to help us escape and go home.

      Over time we came to make friends with a young resident named 'Morty.' I don't remember much about him, I just remember that I really liked him, everyone did. One day, Morty mouthed off to one of the guards and he was killed. I remember how angry and sad everyone felt. Morty's death was a tragedy that stuck with us throughout the duration of our time on that planet. It was also enough to strike fear back into the hearts of the citizens as it reminded everyone what the regime was capable of.

      Finally, the time came for us to make our escape, the ship was fixed and we were ready to go back home. We were only hundreds of feet off the surface when we began to think about the people down below. We began to think about the friends we had made and about how they were trapped. But, most importantly, we began to think about Morty and what he had died for. He died doing what everyone wished they could do. He died standing up to the regime. We realized that it would be wrong to leave these people behind. We knew that the leader of the planetary cult would be at the tower that day. We turned around went back down and started shooting! We exited the ship, guns blazing, shouting, "Revenge for Morty! Revenge for Morty!" Everyone was emboldened by our display of rebellion and pretty soon, all of the residents began chanting along with us "Revenge for Morty! Revenge for Morty!" It was an all-out battle between us and the cult guards. Unfortunately, it was a battle that we lost. We were all captured and brought before the cult leader. He promised to allow us to live and "let" us join his "glorious movement." They were about to begin a ceremony that would welcome us into their cult and assure that we stay there forever. I couldn't take it anymore. I was absolutely fuming. Morty was dead, these people would remain under the thumb of the regime and now we were trapped there with them. Without thinking, I went and attacked the cult leader only to be inevitably stopped by the guards. The leader seemed amused by my feeble attempt and went on to boast about how glorious his planet was and about how it would prosper under the movement.

      I awoke in my bed, the cult leader's voice still echoing in the background. I could still hear him as though he were right there with me in my bedroom. Boasting about the glory of his broken cause.

      **The previous weekend I had been at an anime convention where I came across several skull kid cosplayers.
    2. School Days

      by , 02-09-2017 at 01:07 AM
      8 February 2017

      It seems to have begun with a chase. We were on our way to school, my friend and I, and out of nowhere this gang of bullies started chasing us. We were all on bicycles and my friend (whom I will name Melvin) and I were trying to outrace the bullies. Somehow, Melvin made to the front gates of the school before I did. This was an interesting setup. The school was surrounded by a fence and the gate was closed. There was suddenly a line of cars behind Melvin attempting to enter the gate and they were all honking at him. He was motionless and unsure of what to do. As the bullies and I got closer I saw a perfect opportunity to create a diversion for us to escape. I yelled at Melvin, telling him to create a diversion. What he does next is really weird. He stood tall and declared that he was really great or something along those lines, much to the astonishment and confusion of the drivers and the bullies alike. Regardless of how weird this diversion was, it worked and we were both able to get into the gate and escape the bullies somehow. We then hid under the front steps of the school and waited for the bullies to leave.

      It was at this point that Trixie Tang (from Fairly Odd Parents) and Candace Flynn (from Phineas and Ferb) showed up. Now, these two were our rivals apparently and we did not care for one another. That being said, Trixie did have noble intentions for coming to this particular school. She wanted to better herself. She wanted to become a better person and leave her old selfish ways behind. I did commend her for that but this did nothing to alleviate the animosity between the two of us.

      So we were at the football field later where Trixie's old boyfriend, whom I will now name 'Devon,' came to meet her. This was particularly hard for Trixie because she knew that in order to move on and leave her old life behind she would have to break it off with him. As much as I did not like her, I felt for Trixie. I knew that this was not easy and I actually respected her for making such a hard choice. I never saw the break-up itself but I did see Trixie approaching Devon and I could already tell that this was not going to be pretty.

      Melvin and I are alone with Candace after school. You see, there were apparently two teams at the school. Melvin and I were on one team while Trixie and Candace were on the other team. This would explain the rivalry. Each team had a flag and the flags were interesting, to say the least. The flags were laid out on their own tables and they were decorated with 3D pop-up imagery of old villages, goblins, and other weird things. Now Candace was having boy troubles of her own and I heard her say something along the lines of, "If only one of you goblins could come alive and tell me how to handle relationships." In that instance, a goblin came out of one of the houses on her flag and materialized right behind her. It looked really menacing but Candace smiled at it nonetheless. Then we cut to a scene where the goblin was happily explaining to Candace the complexities of relationships and how they work. The dream ended there.
    3. A Fist Full of Peridot

      by , 02-09-2017 at 12:04 AM
      All I remember is being escorted through an underground cavern. The cavern was brightly lit and the rocks were a bright red not unlike the stones at Garden of the Gods. I remember being led to a small radial dale wherein there were several peridots (from Steven Universe) dancing and having a good time. They were all in good spirits and had differing hair styles. I remember one in particular who was jumping up and down. She was wearing pig-tales. We moved past the dale into a closed off area and that is where the dream ended.
    4. Britannia Park: The Princess and the Bartender

      by , 10-06-2016 at 11:19 PM
      A trope as old as time itself. The story of boy meets girl. It began a park owned by the Britannia Family. For those unfamiliar, The Britannias are mostly antagonistic characters of the anime, Code Geass. I don't know what I was doing there but I do remember that I probably wasn't supposed to be there. I remember that it was a place for elites and I was anything but. I slipped through the gates undetected though I could feel the scrutinizing gaze of those around me. Some were questioning my presence there and it made me really uncomfortable. I never faced anyone but I could almost sense their stares. This, however did nothing to take away from the beauty of park. The tall sakura trees contrasted beautifully against the clear blue sky. The grass was lush and green and the lake was such a beautiful shade of blue it was almost unreal.

      Perhaps it was sheer happenstance or perhaps it was in my efforts to distance myself from the dubious elites. Either way, I somehow ended up crossing paths with Princess Euphemia V. Britannia (one of the few Britannia characters who isn't kind of a dick). I saw her with her assistant whom I will name "Stacy." Stacy was not a character in the show. I vaguely remember what she looked like. She had a green skin tight shirt and brunette hair. Euphemia was just as stunning as ever as her natural pink hair complimented her ensemble. I didn't approach as I did not want to intrude. Euphemia was having a picnic with her date Sam Malone from the TV show, "Cheers." Just as in the show Sam was kind of an ass. However, he was different in the dream than he was in the show. In the show he is just a funny, pleasant and although he can be an ass he knows when to dial it back. But in this dream he was just a straight up asshole.

      I began to observe Euphemia's and Sam's life together over the years. I saw them together in Sam's bar at one point and the whole time Sam was just plain mean. I could not believe that she would be with a person like that. Stacy seemed to share my sentiment as she disapproved of Euphemia's decision to be with him and had no problems in expressing this. I don't know what happened between them as a result of this. As time went by I began to recall an opportunity I had to ask Euphemia out myself and I began to regret my decision not to. Then, for no particular reason, time reset itself.

      I was back at the entrance of the park and just as before I slipped through ignoring to judging stares of the elites who were there. There was a small dirt path that curved around the lake which I somehow knew would lead me to Euphemia I followed it but was put off by the elites around me and so I decided to stray from the path and find another way. I eventually found Sam, Stacy, and Euphemia having a picnic as before. I took note of the mistakes that Sam made and made sure to never make them. I wanted to talk to her and tell her how I felt but I was nervous. Now Stacey seemed to know how I felt as she addressed and encouraged me to speak with Euphemia. She must have thought that I would be the better option than him. Somehow Euphemia ended up breaking up with Sam right then and there and I was able to befriend and talk with her. In spite of the growing friendship I still felt that the time was not right to make my move. Stacy took note of my trepidation and encouraged me to tell Euphemia how I felt.

      Stacy was right. I turned to the princess, once again taken by her pulchritude and gentleness. Would she really go for a guy like me? There was only one way to find out. I pushed my fears aside, threw caution to the wind and made my move. A bold decision that I would not come to regret.
    5. Dancing and Superbowl Commercials

      by , 10-04-2016 at 09:09 PM
      3 October 2016

      I will never be able to recollect how I came to be part of a dance troupe let alone how a felt about it. But here I was, getting ready to go on stage and perform with these guys in a dance competition. The Prize? Well I have no fucking idea. The whole thing was rather hazy. I have vague memories of a fictional character that I came up with a while ago. I don't want to share too much about her so for now, we'll just call her Courtney. Courtney was financially backing our dance troupe but I don't remember interacting with her or even talking with her.

      Later on in the dream I was observing a Superbowl commercial wherein a phone was being advertised. The phone could be used by leaders to keep a close eye on the working class and keep them in line. In the commercial I saw a coach using the phone to oversee his football team. The team's color was orange and the coach was dressed in nearly all orange. He was a huge asshole and he also owned a store. He was at this store instructing an employee in how to do something. The instruction he was giving was convoluted and overly complex. I do not remember the exact task but it was very simple and did not require such a deep briefing. As he was talking a display of CGI imagery starts to appear typical of that of a Superbowl commercial. Then the coach nonchalantly said "Got it?" before walking away. I do not remember anymore details other than the fact that the commercial took place at night.

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    6. Hitler is Here. Now We're F--ked.

      by , 09-27-2016 at 11:34 PM
      I was at a retail store. I do not remember my purpose there but shit got real real fast. I was told of a plan orchestrated by an underground organization to resurrect Adolf Hitler and unleash his reign of terror over America. The goal was to incite fear among the American people so that they would be vulnerable to propaganda and fear mongering. They had already succeeded in raising Hitler from the dead now they were ready to send him to America. The plan was to have him swim across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to The United States. Once here he would be free to terrorize the American people. We had to stop him but it was too late. There was a stream the flowed through the store and connected to major rivers that flowed directly into the sea. As we moved to try and stop Hitler from getting here I saw him swimming up the stream singing what sounded like and old German tune.

      Now what were we to do? Hitler was here and now he was free to unleash his reign of terror. I watched as he swam up the stream and attacked a woman like a shark. It was brutal. This was without a shadow of a doubt the greatest threat to national security. We had to do something. I would never get a chance though. I woke up before I could stop him.
    7. Abuse at the Theater

      by , 09-26-2016 at 11:14 PM
      I was somewhere in the middle east staying in a shoddy hotel. The upstairs neighbors were total douche bags. They had no sense of common decency as they blared their music loud enough to shake my room. Apparently the noise complaints were so plentiful that the police had considered launching an investigation against them for violating public decency laws. I began to relish they idea of those assholes finally getting what they deserved.

      The following night they did it again. I made sure to call the police this time. I don't remember them arriving but I do remember being out in the hallway on a bright sunny day. Then I was out at a concert with some friends I came with. A guy whom I will name Lance and a girl I will name Laura. I don't quite remember entering the theater with them but I do remember having to leave and return. When I came back I saw that Laura had a bruise on the right side of her face. I cannot quite recall her facial expression but I suspect that it was one of fear. Or perhaps she was feebly attempting to put on a smile and pretend that nothing was wrong. As I type this now I remember that this was the first time that I got a very clear look at Laura's face. She was white with short blond curly hair and blue eyes. That reddish brown bruise on her face told a story. One of fear and abuse at the hands of of her boyfriend Lance. I didn't say anything. I didn't know what to say. I just went into the concert with them and somehow ended up sitting between them. It just sort of happened that way. I didn't even realize what I had done until after I woke up and I still find it quite odd that Lance didn't say anything. I remember sitting there nervous. I couldn't help but wonder if he'd suddenly snap and start swinging in my direction. I don't quite remember why I had this fear.

      The theater was an upscale one. Naturally the place was very dimly lit and all lights were pointed at the stage. The curtains were a dark yellow and there were all kinds of fancy designs along the walls. The kind you would see in a Victorian Era theater. There was a magician on stage. He was about to perform the greatest of tricks. This trick was so risky that all the members of the audience were required to sign liability wavers. I don't remember what the assistants looked like as they went around passing the wavers due in part to the fact that I was still focused on Lance. I just could not shake the feeling that this guy was super volatile. The feeling that he was always less than a bee's dick away from beating she shit out of me for no apparent reason. I was relieved when the ushers got to us with the wavers. I thought that that along with the show would be a good distraction for him. When the usher handed me the waver I noticed that it was enclosed in an envelope. The "waver" appeared to be a letter from my medical insurance provider. I did not question this until after I woke up literally one second later. My alarm went off.
    8. The Edge

      by , 02-09-2016 at 01:56 AM
      7 February 2016

      A little backstory here. I had just learned of The Flat Earth Society and was checking out there subreddit to try and...understand their reasoning. This was on my mind as I fell asleep.

      This is the story of a young girl's journey to fame and stardom. A girl who would be thrown into an impossible situation but let's not get ahead of ourselves here. I cannot tell you how this began as details are lost in memory. All that I can tell you is a young girl did something in TV. Something amazing and spectacular. Something so mystifying that she was praised all over the world. She had earned the reputation of a dynamo, an explorer, an adventurer. I never caught her name so I will name her 'Beatrice.' What could be more fitting for such a denizen than a name that means 'Voyager?'

      Everything seemed to be going well for the young superstar until the day finally came for her medal to be tested. I do not know how it came to this but Beatrice ended up making a promise to do what no one was able to do. To travel to the edge of the world. You see, in this dream the world was flat and everything was surrounded by an ice wall. Once one climbed this wall he would have to travel several miles across frozen tundra to reach the edge of the world. No one had succeeded in doing this but everyone was confident that Beatrice would be the first. The events leading up to this are hazy but I do remember that Beatrice was freaking out. She knew that she would not be able to keep this promise. She didn't know how it came to this or what she was going to do, there was no way that she was going to make it all the way to the edge!

      The day finally came and the world was watching. They had made it onto the ice wall that we call Antarctica and a camera crew was there to watch her progress. She was going to make it over the ice wall...She made it less than a mile. I don't know what happened or what she saw but she came running back in tears. Words could not describe how much she hated herself. She was supposed to be the best, she was supposed to be the first but she had failed. She let everyone down. I don't remember how the world reacted to this but I do not imagine that they were kind to her.
    9. Lucid Highway

      by , 02-03-2016 at 07:38 PM
      3 February 2016

      It began at the McDonald’s by I-435. I was with woman who resembled Robin from “How I met your Mother.” I don’t remember the events preceding this; I just remember realizing that I was dreaming at some point during this dream. It was cloudy, foggy almost. Now usually when I realize that I was dreaming I almost immediately end up waking myself up and that almost happened but I did not want that. So I decided to say a prayer (I’m a Christian) asking God to help me in preserving this experience and then everything began to snap into focus. I could not get over how real this felt. How real everything felt. I took into account all of the mistakes I had made when attempting to remain lucid before and I made sure not to make those mistakes again. Robin and I then made our way to the 435 Highway and I decided to jump. The jump was higher than expected, like way higher, and when I came back down I hit the ground with a thud. The shock almost woke me up and I could feel myself slipping back out of the dream. At this point it began to feel like sort of a daydream as I was beginning to wake up and I could feel myself lying on my couch IRL. I knew that opening my eyes would finalize the end of this experience so I squeezed them shut attempting to bring this sort of daydream back into a lucid dream. It a few seconds but I was able to do it. My body fell back asleep and the dream was back in full focus. I was back in The Dream Realm.

      I was still on 435 with Robin but something was different. In reality 435 is a beltway but in this dream it was a long highway that stretched for miles, maybe hundreds of miles, in just one direction. Robin and I began to fall for each other as we walked down the highway. There were no cars and I do not remember there being a median. The clouds had cleared and now it was a bright and sunny day. There was something tranquil about the whole thing. Vast rolling hills, cool air on your skin, and just the calm silence. It was really cool. Robin and I were coming up on some kind of structure. It appeared to be a series of upright tubes that protruded out of the ground like towers. I could see them past an overpass.
      Now one of the tools I use to tell if I am dreaming or not is my magic watch. Every once in a while I will do a reality check IRL by checking my watch. I will press two ‘buttons’ (they’re not buttons IRL) at the top and the bottom of the face of my watch. If nothing happens (or if I’m just not wearing a watch) then I know I am not dreaming. However if the face of my watch unlatches and opens up then I know that I am dreaming. This has never failed me. Now in The Dream Realm I will use this magic watch as a bottomless storage device. When the face opens up I can reach in and pull out anything that I want. I pulled a rose out of my magic watch and offered it to Robin. Then I pulled out a chocolate, Robin was very moved by the gesture. She and I kissed and we’ll just say that things happened from there.

      I ‘awoke’ on top of Dennis from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” The whole gang from the show was there laughing at us. Now I thought that I had woken up for real so I resigned into a non lucidity. At least for a short while. I don’t really remember what happened, I just remember that I was in a highway rest stop and the Dennis and I were embarrassed but we were able to laugh it off. The diner was run by a woman. I remember it was snowing outside, this only served to further solidify the idea that this was not a dream as I had gone to bed expecting a snow storm the next morning. Then I realized that things were not quite right so I checked my watch and sure enough, I was still in The Dream Realm. I was lucid again.

      This was a shock to me as I had never been lucid for this long before. I turned away from the window to see that the place had gone dark. The counter was closed off and all of the blinds were shut. I was freaked out by this so I pulled a six shooter out of my magic watch. I thought about exploring the diner more but decided against it as the place kind of made me uneasy. I went outside. I was in the mountains and it was a wooded area. The snow was thick and the wind was strong. I did not know where to go from here so I asked God where I should go next. Before I knew it the wind blew me towards a pair of motorcycles. The moment I mounted one of them it was as if winter itself disappeared in the blink of an eye. All the snow just sort of evaporated and it was a clear sunny day. Again I could feel myself waking up and I fought it off. Someone had joined me on the motorcycle next to mine and we both rode off on the highway. Then the police chased after us for reasons unknown and we attempted to out run them. Now the guy who had joined me, we’ll call him Jeff, I guess was streaming this online because he kept talking to a camera. We went off road with the police hard on our tails and took dive off of a ledge. It must have been 20 foot drop. We hit the ground with a splat and I remember us both laughing as our mangled selves were lying in pools of blood. My femur was completely broken and sticking out and it hurt like hell but I was having such a good time that I was able to laugh it off. Then Jeff said to the camera, “I hope you enjoyed this segment but we gotta go now. Till next time, keep it real!” Then he said to me, “Whelp time for us to wake up. Till next time.” And he disappeared, I assumed he was another dreamer who had woken himself up (I may have been lucid but my mind wasn’t completely rational).

      Then I decided it was time to wake myself up. Not because of the injury but because I just felt that it was time. I had a blast and now my time was done. As Jeff said, “Until next time.”
      I woke up on the couch and checked my wrist: No watch, this was real. I quickly jotted down this experience and proceeded to caress my femur for the next minute as phantom pains persisted thereafter.
    10. Genesis

      by , 12-11-2015 at 11:15 PM
      It was the dawn of time. I was an observer to what scholars call "The World's First Marriage." Adam and Eve were upon their fourth year on earth and humanity had existed along with them. Their marriage, however, was less than ideal. Most know the story of what happened at The Garden of Eden. What people today don't know is that the marriage never really recovered from that moment. Eve was deeply hurt by Adams thoughtless finger pointing when he was faced by his creator. She still remembered his words when God asked if he had disobeyed and I imagined that even after four years the words still stung: You gave me this woman and she gave me the fruit so I ate it! When push came to shove Adam threw his wife under the bus and, while I can not be sure, I don't think he ever apologized for what he had done. So here they were now a marriage strained by an act of unbelievable cowardice. It was obvious to me and everyone else that Eve was not happy. Many have even stated that Adam may not have been the best thing to happen to Eve which I found odd since Adam had (supposedly) come first.

      It was night time and although man had only existed for four years he had already made leaps and bounds in progress. I was in the middle east and I saw that mankind had already begun erecting modern civilizations. I later found myself walking along a path towards a town. I am not sure as to weather or not I was part of a pedestrian convoy but I do remember that it was pitch black out and the path was thoroughly shaded by trees. There were guards standing along both sides of the path. They wore turbans and they were armed with AK-47s (to reiterate this is just four years after mankind was first created) I didn't like them. I think I may have had to sidestep some land mines that were planted along the path (four years).

      I eventually came upon a town. The town appeared to be a middle eastern slum that was dimly lit by blue florescent lights and I really wanted to get inside (I think that the guards were eyeing me something fierce). I don't remember the details but I was able to find a nice woman who was more than willing to let me stay. The home's exterior had the appearance of a mortar concrete home but the interior was very modern with wooden flooring, concrete walls and ceiling and all the amenities of a typical first world home. The family was very nice but didn't get along terribly well. I remember that there was a fight among the family and then the city guards came in and told the family that they were being evicted.

      They had no other choice but to leave immediately so they packed up and were ready to go. I was gone from the house and some time had passed, then I came across a tower in the middle of a meadow. I don't remember what had happened but I do remember that the guards there did not want me at that tower.
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. One Year

      by , 12-08-2015 at 01:44 AM
      This is without a doubt the oddest dream I've had yet as it seems to take place over the course of one year. Like as you know when you are dreaming time seems to laps in a way that makes it feel like the dream is lasting longer than it really is. I recently had a dream that seemed to take place over the course of a year. I awoke with a strong feeling of uncertainty as to what time of day it was and how long I had been asleep (It was the middle of the day and I was initially resting my eyes. I never intended to actually fall asleep and that didn't help with the uncertainty). What was worse is that it took me a minute to convince myself that the events that happened at the dream's beginning didn't actually happen; like they felt like distant memories of something that really happened as opposed to recent memories of a dream. It was very surreal 0_0

      I don't remember where I stood in conjunction with those around me. All I remember is that I was witnessing a blond haired girl who seemed to delight in playing pranks on certain women in my knitting club (Note: I really am in a knitting club). I do not remember what the pranks were but I do remember that they really got on the nerves of these women. This went on for what seemed to be one or two months until finally the women in my club got fed up so they decided to take matters into their own hands.

      Now after a couple of months of this prank pulling the women were able to sit this girl (lets call Trixie) down at what appeared to be a roadside diner. I was sitting in between Trixie and one other woman who was there. The other two were sitting across from us. I am still unsure as to weather or not these people could perceive me but I do know that
      Trixie did not want to be there and that any attempt to leave on her part would be severely frowned upon. She knew this too. So she sat there as the founder of the knitting club (We'll call her Angie) verbally chastised her.

      "I'm so very sorry," Trixie said, "I promise I will never do this again." Trixie apology seemed to stem from a place of sincerity but it was place rooted in fear rather than contrition and I as I would soon find out, she was right to be afraid.

      "'Sorry' is not good enough," said Angie, "You are going to have to pay for this somehow." So the women discussed how they were going to make her pay until one member (Lisa) came up with an idea.

      "I know," Lisa said, "Why don't we take her organs?" I was obviously horrified by this prospect and I was not the only one. Trixie was clearly terrified as the women casually talked about harvesting this girls organs as payment for all the pranks she had pulled on them over the past months. I could not believe that my friends could even think about doing such a horrible thing but they clearly saw no other alternative. She had to pay somehow is was, as far as they saw, the most sensible solution.

      I remember hearing Lisa describe what they were going to do, "We won't be able to anesthetize her so we'll have to tie her down as we do this. Once we cut her open each of us will take out an organ and [insert weird personal use for freshly harvested organs here]."

      At this point Trixie was hysterical. She screamed and cried and begged, "Please! Please! Don't do this to me! I don't want to die! I'm sorry for what I did and I know it was a rotten thing to do but don't to this to me! Please don't do this to me!!!"

      "I am very sorry," Lisa said flatly, "I'm afraid we don't have any other alternative. You chose to do these rotten things and now you have to face the consequences." It was amazing to me. Lisa was talking to her as though she were wagging her finger at a child after grounding him. She really saw this as a fair and reasonable punishment. They all did!

      "No! No no no no no! You really don't have to do this!" Trixie cried.

      "Sorry but we have no other choice. Like I said you did this to yourself." All the other women nodded in agreement.

      Fast forward about four months. We are now half way through the year. I was walking through my neighborhood with Trixie. I don't remember much of the dialogue but I do remember giving her my condolences for my friends were going to do to her. I remember her being resigned to her unbelievably harsh punishment. I am not sure if she felt that she deserved it but she was oddly at peace with being cut open alive and watching as her organs are pulled from her torso one by one. She did not seem to blame these women for wanting to do this to her. Maybe she did feel that she deserved this. I don't remember what I said.

      Fast forward six more months. It truly felt like it had been about a year. I don't remember the time laps but I do remember talking with another friend of mine who was in the knitting club (we'll call her Tabitha) and she and I were discussing the events of the past several months. So much time had passed that I had completely forgotten about Trixie and the organ debacle. Now we just so happened to be in the very diner where this all began and I remembered. At this point I was really worried for Trixie and I asked Tabitha "Did they do it?"

      "Do what?" Tabitha replied.

      "You know, take out Trixie's organs."

      Tabitha paused for a moment and then said, "Oh that's right. We were supposed to do that. Damn it, we completely forgot."

      I do not remember what happened after that; I just remember freaking out wondering that what would become of Trixie. It seemed that she had gotten off and now, thanks to me and my big mouth, her more than unreasonable punishment would commence as planned. It was very heartbreaking seeing my friends be so cruel and unjust, I didn't know what to think about the whole thing. I was sick to my stomach.

      Me After Awakening
      I awoke with a deep sigh of relief.

      It was just a dream. At least that last part was. But that first part really fucking happened! It happened like a year ago but it really happened...right? Or wait, no, that was a dream too. A dream I had several months ago. Or was that like...the same dream? Jesus Christ how long was asleep? Now that I think of it, it feels like I've been asleep for ages. When did I even fall asleep? I fell asleep at 2 right? Two hours...I was asleep for two hours. How the Hell?

      I didn't want to but I had to table these thoughts. I was late for work.
    12. Reocurring Dream Figures

      by , 10-08-2015 at 05:05 AM
      I decided to make a list of all of the dream figures that I have encountered more than once. These guys have always recognized me when I saw them again and vice versa. I intend to update this periodically.

      Name: Lavernia Peterson
      Species: Human
      First Encounter: Two Towers
      Last Encounter: pariah
      Figure Type: Familiar

      I encountered Lavernia in a dream that I had back in 2001 when I was in 2nd grade. She is the operator of some kind of attraction somewhere in the dream realm. The attraction consists of two fairytale towers that are connected by a bridge. I do not remember what the towers were for but I do remember that it was an attraction off of which she made a living. She has four kids so far and no husband that I know of. When I first met her in 2001 she only had three kids at least one daughter (I do not remember the genders of the other kids). I met her again 11 years later in a dream titled Pariah. She was still running her business and we recognized each other immediately. She told me about how she had been. Her children had long since grown up and moved out and she has had one other son who was still living with her, he was around my age (19). She had notably aged and had even seemed to have lost some weight.

      Four children

      Physical Description
      She is a middle aged woman who normally dresses in a tank top and kakis. She has light blond hair and has it up in a short pony tale. She is Caucasian and was just a tad on the heavy side but over the course of eleven years she seems to have trimmed down. She was more of a stronger female.

      Name: Marquise Spinnerete Mindfang (aka Arenea Serket)
      Species: Alternian Troll
      First Encounter: Shanghaied
      Last Encounter: Night about Town
      Figure Type: Familiar (or Boss?)

      Mindfang is a Homestuck troll who appeared in the dream Shanghaied. She was a pirate sailor who kidnapped slaves. I was one of the slaves she kidnapped along with the twelve other trolls and several other denizens of unknown species. At one point I believed her to be there under cover. I believed her to be there in an attempt to free the slaves. But I cannot be sure. At this point I am not sure weather she is friendly or boss. I encountered her again in Night About Town she invited me to a house party although I never had a chance to make it. I was hesitant to attend her being a pirate and all.

      Pysical Appearance
      Really, she appears just as she does in the comic except for he skin color which is grey instead of black.

      Name: Stocking Anarchy
      Species: Angel
      First Encounter: Filial Devotion
      Last Encounter: Demons Within
      Figure Type: Familiar

      Stocking is a fallen angel who first appeared in the Dream Filial Devotion. She mostly made appearences in flashbacks in that dream as her sister Panty Anarchy lamented about how she and her sister were estranged. In these flashbacks it was mostly the sisters in persuite of another angel named vergent a sower of discored who was directly responsible for their situation. I encountered her and her sister on other slightly less memorable dreams. Each time they recognized me. She appearse months later in another dream called Demons Within. In this dream she and Panty had made up. I was helping them hunt down a demon spirit who had been going around and possessing people. Stocking became possessed and was left for dead on the floor an attic. I haven't seen her sense

      Physical Appearance
      Just like in the Cannon she dresses in heavy Gothic attire. She is Caucasian.

      Relations: Panty Anarchy (Sister)
      Enemies: Vergent

      Name: Merna
      Species: Demoness
      First Encounter: Darkness
      Last Encounter: Cinema Witch
      Figure Type: Boss

      Merna is a Demon Witch who had managed to take over a portion of the dream realm in a dream titled Darkness. I had the dream when I was in elementary school. Merna had managed to set up her headquarters at the top of the new equipment just a few miles away from what is now Tebequidor Point. When I encountered her I saw her torturing one of her subordinates. A short old man who had failed her in some way. She had the power she shoot rays of darkness at people which appearently caused pain. This is what she was doing to her subordinate. Me and my friends were able to drive her away. I did this by using my watch to activate some lights in the area that Merna had managed to snuff out. I was only able to activate some lights that were a few miles away. They appeared to be coming from the direction of Tebequidor Point. The lights were able to drive her away but I do not think that it was enough to kill her as I saw her again in a later dream years down the road. She remembered me and I was unable to escape her grasp. I do not remember much about that last dream.

      Physical Appearance
      She has very dark grey skin and wears a black wavey strapless dress. Black steam constantly permeates around her. She has short black hair and wears it in a style reminiscent of the 1920s flapper style. She also wears black armlength gloves.

      Name: Backhand Jack
      Species: Human/Asshole
      First Encounter: Untitled Dream
      Last Encounter: Day At The Mall
      Figure Type: Hostile

      I do not remember the dream when I first encountered Backhand Jack but I do remember this particular dream figure. Jack was a man who would grab me by the shirt and slap me over and over again across the face. I first encountered him when I was nine and again ten years later in a dream called Day At The Mall. He did the same thing, he grabbed me and began to slap me back and forth across the face. The thing is he remembered me and shouted at me for screwing up something. He is my least favorite.

      Physical Appearance
      He is portly and dresses in a dress shirt and black pants with a black vest. He has a handlebar stash and has hair on the sides with a slight comb over to hide his balled spot. He is older with silver hair.

      Relations: None

      Name Chauncy
      Species: Dog
      First Encounter: Street Light
      Last Encounter: Car Ride
      Figure Type: Siren

      Chauncy is a Siren who assumes the form of a dog. Like all other siren's I encounter he starts off docile but shows his true colors after a while and attacks. I first encountered him in Street Light When he came at me all of a sudden on a dark starless night. I encountered him again last year in Car Ride When he had me stuck in my car.

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      side notes
    13. Devil Twins

      by , 10-07-2015 at 06:32 PM
      Date Not Specified

      I was the assistant of a silver haired Samurai man that I will name Jefferson Ryuzaki. Ryuzaki resided in the backrooms of the housekeeping laundry room at Snow Mountain. Now Ryuzaki was an esteemed business man and a single father of twins (one boy and one girl). Unfortunately for Ryuzaki (and everyone else who had the displeasure of knowing them) the twins were less than obedient. In fact, they were complete sociopaths! The girl’s name was Kanne Ryuzaki (a name I give here due to her resemblance to the anime character Kanne from “Inu Yasha”). Kanne had her father’s silver hair and I think she had his eyes. Her hair was down to her ankles, she was quiet and very intelligent. She spend her day inventing torture devices and Rube Goldberg machines that she would use to harm others. I don’t remember much about meeting Kanne but I do remember that she creeped me out. She always wore this pensive look and she spent her day plotting. Her brother, Ronmaru, was not there with her at this time.

      I ended up walking down a vast hallway alongside Ryuzaki. The hallway was extremely wide with rows of stone pillars on each side. It was like something of a palace. Ryuzaki was wearing a light blue samurai attire and I think his sheathed sword was visible. Despite his silver hair he was clearly a younger gentlemen (probably early to mid 30s). Ryuzaki and I came upon an open chamber that was probably at least 30 feet across with a very high ceiling. On either side of the chamber was a square hole that led to God knows where. I first examined the hole on the right side. There was a ladder that fed into it from a hole directly above. There was a waterfall that was flowing down the ladder from the hole above to the hole below. Next to the ladder was tour guide who told us that the waterfall was called “Kansas Falls” and that we could ride tubes down it into the hole below. Ryuzaki and I both noted this before continuing on because apparently it was the only way we would get to where we needed to go.

      At the other end of the chamber was a road. At this point we were driving though I do not remember getting into a car. In the car Ryuzaki’s stern demeanor began to deteriorate as he began to go on about his children. I believe that he did love them but he did not know what to do with them. He knew as well as I did that they were capable of causing great harm to people and he could do nothing to stop them it seemed. The twins were so disrespectful towards him that it made him very angry. He began to rant about them to the point of raising his voice going so far to admit that he came close to striking his son, Ronmaru. This was very out of character for him.

      At some point we turned around and were no longer in a car but back in the chamber. I took a glimpse inside the hole on the other side of the chamber which was filled with black liquid. Inside I saw the face of what appeared to be the adult version of Ronmaru Ryuzaki. He had a very insane looking grin and spoke to me. I do not remember what he said. He began to rise out of the hole revealing that the adult head was actually a growth protruding out of the right eye of thirteen year old Ronmaru. I do not remember what happened before a party suddenly happened at that spot. A formal get together to which the Ryuzakis were invited. Those who attended appeared to be anime characters (like the Ryuzaki family) and everyone was eating cake. The twins were just as pensive and creepy as they always were and here is where I got a good look at both of them. Kanne was definitely the quieter and more cunning of the two. Her MO was to plan in secret use whatever invention she had created to cause pain to people. Kanne wore a long grey sleeveless dress that matched her silver hair. She really did resemble her father unlike her brother. Ronmaru, who no longer had the growth, was dressed in all black wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts with spikey hair. He was the rowdier of the two. He clearly did not possess the same level of intelligence and tact that her sister possessed but he was still quite dangerous. Together those two were capable of hurting a lot of people. Those two were planning something for the people at that party but I never did have the chance to figure out what.
    14. Hell

      by , 10-07-2015 at 04:26 PM
      7 October 2015

      “Fuck me” I (probably) thought as I cleaned up the post-tempestuous mess that was once the school dance. Sam and Tucker (from Danny Phantom) were there with me helping me clean everything up. It really was a disaster. The banner that once hung high above the stage in the school gym now hung in tatters, All of the decoration were strewn about and somehow, I do not remember how, there was a big gaping hole in the ceiling and it was all my fault! I do not remember how it was my fault but it was. The principal had tasked me, Tucker, and Sam with cleaning up this whole thing as I guess they were involved too.

      There is not much that happened here aside from typical young adult banter. The events immediately thereafter are lost in memory. Next thing I remember I was on a field trip into the jungle with my friends. I remember specific people there such as Pteresa from My Life as a Teenage Robot, Sam and Tucker and then there were The Wild Thornberries who were leading this field trip. We stopped just outside of the jungle and again most of the events are lost. All I can tell you is that something went wrong, horribly wrong. We were no longer on a field trip we were now on a mission. We were tasked with journeying through the nine circles of Hell. I do not remember why but there was something that we needed to do. So there we were on the most memorable field trip of our lives.

      We started off in what must have been Limbo. We were traveling in a line on a narrow path. Some of us, myself included, were on bikes. I was in the back of the group with Debbie, Elisa, and one third woman whom I will name Carrie. Carrie was a heavy set woman with brown hair. We were sort of the screw up group as we kept stumbling on our bikes. I ended up losing mine when I rode into a swamp. I think the three girls I was with ditched their bikes so that they could hang with me. I knew that the rest of the group saw us as little more than a liability especially Pteresa. From what I can remember much of hell did not resemble what I’ve read in “Dante’s Inferno” at all. It was all mostly a cross between The River Styx and The Forest of Suicide. At some point we came across a temple that I had stumbled upon in a previous dream. Had I been through Hell before?

      After that we ended up at the ninth circle. The Circle of Treachery. It was not a big frozen lake like in the poem though. It was just like it was at the beginning. A big swamp forest type deal. Funny thing is, I don’t remember what it was that we did. I just remember being done and wondering how we were going to get out of there. I think someone was able to call in an airship to fly us out of Hell which led me to wonder why the fuck we didn’t use that ship to fly into Hell in the first place. Once we were out I had flashbacks of going through there. I specifically remembered going through the Malebolge Pits. Were in the second bolgia where the sinners guilty of flattery were being punished. I remember the look of horror on Pteresa’s face as she watched flatterers being forced to wallow in human shit. I could tell by the horrified expression on her face that it truly was a traumatic sight for her. It was traumatic for all of us.

      I knew that we would never be the same. This journey changed our lives forever. I wondered how this would affect us long term. I did not remember seeing any sinners being tortured but I knew that we had seen them and that none of us would ever be the same again. Although there was some good to come out of this journey. Elisa, Debbie, Carrie, and I grew closer on this trip and I knew that our friendship would not be ending anytime soon. It was not a good experience but it was a bonding experience nonetheless and I was grateful for that much.

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    15. Robots, Aliens, and Games

      by , 10-06-2015 at 11:45 PM
      6 October 2015

      Chapter 1: The Arcade

      I was at an arcade restaurant reminiscent of Dave and Busters. I really don’t remember much about the restaurant itself outside the fact that it was huge and had a lot to it. I vaguely remember speaking to a waitress there. She was older, tall, had a brown beehive hairdo and wore heavy makeup. She was also slightly overweight. By the way she was dressed she looked more suited for a truck stop restaurant than a fancy-ish arcade place but whatever. I don’t remember what we talked about but I don’t think that I placed any orders.

      I went to the Elevator and went up to the second floor. When I first stepped in I only had the option of moving to the second floor which is why I was surprised when I saw that there was a third and fourth floor. There was a balcony that gave me a view of all three floors. I can’t really describe all too well how they were laid out but I remember that it was really cool. I saw a young kid playing basket ball but the goal had no hoop, it was only a clear back board. I wondered how the third and fourth floors could be accessed when some kid dropped a pair of broken headphones by my feet. I saw the kid run away up a flight of stairs to the third floor.

      Now knowing how to access the two upper floors I ran up the steps with the broken headphones. I do not remember much about the third floor aside from the fact that the floor was carpeted. The kid was not there so I proceeded up a flight of stairs to the fourth floor where I saw the kid hiding behind a billiards table. I remember trying to offer the kid his headphones back but he seemed very afraid of me. He was afraid that I was mad at him because I thought that he threw the headphones at me but I assured him that I understood that it was only an accident. Funny thing is, the kid looked like a younger version of myself.

      I walked into an elevator that was on the third floor. There I saw five buttons which told me that there was a fifth floor that I have yet to see. At some point a man and his girlfriend came onto the elevator. He was tall, Caucasian, had curly hair and a light beard. He wore a green thick jacket and denim jeans. She was blond, curvy, I don’t remember much else about her appearance. Now the elevator was very old and run down. The inside was plastered with graffiti. It was nice graffiti, I could tell the graffiti artists put a lot of work into it, but it was graffiti nonetheless. The couple and I spoke and we kind of hit it off. Now unfortunately the elevator was rough going down and the man and I nervously joked about how sketchy the elevator was. The woman seemed to have no feelings about it.

      The elevator began to increase in speed as it went down and I seriously began to wonder it was eventually going to snap. I knew that this building was not that tall but it seemed to take forever going down. The man and I were relieved when the elevator finally reached the bottom, however, it went down so hard that the man and I were forced onto our backs. The woman was standing at the elevator entrance jokingly shaking her head.

      Chapter 2: Meet Jensen

      Next thing I knew I was creating some sort of sentient exo-skin that was desperate for an endoskeleton to wrap itself around. It found an endoskeleton and had the appearance of an android like sir unit from “Invader Zim.” I do not remember what exactly happened thereafter but sometime later I was in a room at the arcade making another one of those things. This one was to be a newer version. I made this one by mixing some stuff in a bowl. The exo-skin began to take form and move about the room lamenting about how it had no form and no purpose. It sounded like that giant robot from “Courage the Cowardly Dog.” Soon an Irkan soldier came in with an endoskeleton for the exo-skin to attach to. What I found odd was the fact that the endoskeleton was equipped with an artificial brain. Why would this thing need an artificial brain when it is clearly already sapient on its own? So the exo-skin wrapped itself around the endoskeleton and once again it assumed the form of some sort android sir unit. At some point before I learned that I was making this thing for the Irkan Armada so it was no surprise to me when the android thing was called into battle. The Irkans named the android “Jensen.”

      I was then view everything from Jensen’s point of view. I think I was consciously acting as Jensen. The Irkans had taken over the restaurant and were now under attack by their enemies and desperately needed help. It was weird. I was in complete control as Jensen and I knew that I was fighting for the wrong side. After all the Irkans were not a good people. They were out to take over the universe and somehow taking over this restaurant was a milestone for that goal. I knew all of this but I still fought as Jensen the android. Funny thing is, I had a feeling that the enemies were just as bad if not worse. That could be why I was fighting I think I felt that Irk was the lesser of two evils.

      As Jensen, I bolted down the dark hallway where I saw an Irkan soldier firing his gun around the corridor. I ran past the corridor where I saw Irks leader under attack with his pants down. And who was this leader? John F. Kennedy! He was on the ground wrestling with this guy trying to do him in. I was having so many conflicting thoughts it’s not even funny. I was disappointed to see that a man like Kennedy would be leading the Irkan regime and yet I was anxious to save his life from this man. I knew that the man trying to kill Kennedy was bad, I just knew he had evil intentions, and that if he died it would be a terrible thing. It may make no sense now but when I was Jensen it made perfect sense, I had to fight for the Irkan Armada in spite of their overall intentions, I had to save Kennedy, I knew that the enemies of Irk could not be allowed to win but most importantly, this assassin had to die.

      I rushed over to Kennedy with a stick in hand with every intention of beating his assassin to death. My first strike missed the assassin and hit Kennedy, I was warned by the Irkan Soldier behind me to be careful not to hit Kennedy. I ditched the stick and decided that it would just be easier to kick the assassin to death so that is just what I did. I kicked him and kicked him as hard as I could until he just sorta…disappeared into oblivion. I exhaled a sigh of relief; the assassin was dead and Kennedy was saved.

      He got up on his hands and knees; his pants still down and still weak from the struggle. His naked mistress Marilyn Monroe rushed out from somewhere and hovered over him. She was clearly concerned for his well being. As I looked at the nude Monroe and the slightly pantsless Kennedy it became clear that this assassin caught him in a moment of coitus with his mistress. I withheld any expression of disappointment that I had mustered up…it wasn’t my place. I looked out the huge window behind Kennedy and saw what may have been a city skyline during the hours of twilight. It had to be this way. The Irkans were not good people and, clearly, neither was Kennedy. But I knew that the people they were against were worse and in spite of my trepidations I knew that this was for the best. Dale Gribble from “King of the Hill” showed up. He had no armor but he too was holding an Irkan rifle. He began to chant “Jensen! Jensen! Jensen!” and everyone followed suit including Kennedy and Monroe. Every there was grateful for the work I’d done. I guess I would just have to trust that this would work out for the best.

      The day before, I had just read the Kennedy had Monroe as a mistress. I am unsure how true that is but it was on my mind as I fell asleep.
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