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    1. Dog fence / Camping / Warehouse / Reindeer-men / Corruption / Shower / Running / Garlic

      by , 01-18-2017 at 10:11 PM
      House hunting
      I'm house-hunting with my family. We're walking around a nice single-story house, and I like it a lot. I'm looking around the property trying to figure out how our dog would do here. The back yard is completely fenced in, but the front yard isn't. I think that it may be possible to link the fencing with the house to create a fenced-in back yard; I really like the idea, since I can't trust him without a fence or a leash, and I'd love to be able to throw things for him to fetch (it's a large back yard). Now I notice that the front yard is actually fenced in all the way except for the driveway, and I think that maybe adding a gate to complete it wouldn't be a bad idea. Looking around more, I notice that every house in the neighborhood seems to be completely fenced in except for the driveways; unusual, but whatever. Now he walks up to me carrying something in his mouth; looking more closely, I see that it's a dirty bowl with some bits of sewing in it; I recognize it as my wife's stuff, so I call to her.

      Group camping
      It's night, and I'm walking around our group camp site. I see our group's leader by the fire circle working on getting a fire started. As soon as he gets it started, he stands up and declares that it's time for bed. I'm surprised - why build the fire if it's bed time? I walk up to him to ask him. Now I notice the restrooms are just behind him and I excuse myself. Now I'm in the bathroom and find a wet towel - weird. Now I'm back outside talking to him again. We talk some more about other things, including music. We look at something on our phones. Now I ask him about breakfast, saying that I really need it by 7AM. He laughs, saying that he's not even going to be awake by then, let alone have breakfast ready.

      The warehouse
      I'm in an empty warehouse - all I can see is bare concrete floor and walls. Looking up, I see that it's actually got a few stories above me, and I can see firemen spread out doing something (there's no fire that I can see). Their leader is near me, and he looks like Ghostbuster's Peter Venkman. Looking around more, I see items that weren't there before, and any time I focus on one I get a kind of floating pictorial bubble giving me more information about it. I discuss population with someone (I jotted that down in my overnight notes, but I have no idea what it means.)

      I'm walking around in what I know to be a game. I'm in a residential neighborhood. All of the houses have large yellow and black signs outside. Each sign has the same list of possible content that can be found in a house, and lines which are applicable to a house are checked. The houses differ significantly in what they list, but they all seem to have "Reindeer" checked. Now I'm inside one of the houses. The light is very dim, and it's creepy. I walk around looking for reindeer. I don't see any, but I hear an occasional clip-clop from elsewhere in the house. As I'm walking through something like a living room, a reindeer-man comes around the corner. He's tall, wide, and very muscular, and he seems enraged. His eyes are wide and red, and he snarls as he walks towards me. I take a moment to gape at it, then turn to flee, only to find another one right behind me. I'm trapped! I punch the one blocking my escape, even as I know it's completely futile. He punches me and I go down.

      Now I'm back outside walking through the neighborhood with my parents. My father asks if I can scroll the console back to the top - he says there was a message that looked interesting but it disappeared before he could properly read it. I try the traditional shift+page up, and it works. I can see the console text hovering in front of us, though part of it is hidden by the branches of a tree. He somehow zooms in on the text he's interested in, pulling it towards us and making it much easier to read. It says something about using "svn group" to preserve local changes. He has no idea what that means, so I explain that - if my guess is correct - the game automatically checks out the latest versions of files, so any local modifications will normally be overwritten, so if you want to modify anything and have it "stick" you have to block the auto-checkout with this command.

      Post-apocalyptic corruption
      I'm watching a group wandering through a post-apocalyptic city. Most of the buildings are burnt out, and there's large rubble everywhere. The leader of the group is telling the others how his own wife was corrupted: growing larger, skin turning gray, losing control of herself. It turns out that he's been infected as well and has been suppressing it, but he finally loses the battle and begins transforming, groaning that he can't hold it back any more. He gains size and muscle, but he gains an almost golden color. Now he's wearing loose white robes, and his muscular arms and 6-pack are clearly visible. He tells the group that they must declare allegiance: either to him, to his wife, or to "the twins." Now I see that there are four groups, and he's displeased, saying that there can only be three and that the groups must battle until one of them is destroyed. The smallest group turns to flee.

      Strange shower
      I'm taking a shower in a small bathroom. There's no shower stall - the water just pools on the floor. I start to splash around, enjoying myself, then stop because I don't want to disturb my wife. I also realize that there's only a very small lip under the door and I don't want to flood the hallway.

      Running with John
      I'm with John O and my second daughter in the lobby of a movie theater. Everything is very blue, and there are tables scattered around - it seems it doubles as a diner. My daughter hasn't seen a movie in a theater before and asks how it works. I explain that we have to wait around while the current movie plays, then go in and wait for the next one to start. Now we're sitting at one of the tables, eating while we wait.

      Now John and I are crossing the parking lot. We're talking about "that weird taxi guy" who always hangs around the Atlanta airport. He does a great job and is worth seeking out, but sometimes you have to walk a long way to find where he's parked. Now we're walking along a sidewalk, and I realize that my daughter is missing. I turn to run back towards the theater, but John runs much faster than I. I yell after him to pace himself. He slows down, gets behind me, and starts pushing me. I end up running much more slowly than before since my balance is being thrown off. I ask him to stop pushing, so he passes me again. I'm able to regain my balance and speed back up. We're running downhill now, and I end up going really fast (though still slower than John).

      Eating garlic
      I'm driving home with my son. I realize I'm hungry and look around to see if there's anything to eat in the car. I see that the dashboard's cell phone holder has a garlic bulb sitting in it. As much as I'm not in the mood for raw garlic, I am really hungry, so I manage to peel off a few cloves and start trying to peel them one-handed (I'm still driving, after all). I hope I have a while before my wife gets home since I'm sure my breath will stink for a long time.

      Now I'm pulling into the driveway and am surprised to see that stuff is scattered everywhere inside the garage and on the driveway. I park near the top and we head inside. She's not here, so I start hunting down some real food.

      Fragment: A brilliantly white monument is standing in a grassy patch in the middle of the road.
    2. VPN Presentation

      by , 01-17-2017 at 08:43 PM
      VPN Presentation
      I'm standing in front of a group of my coworkers preparing to give a presentation. My first Powerpoint slide is already on the screen. Before starting the presentation, I open with a brief prayer. My first slide covers why we should be using Linux. I describe how much Linux support has improved over the last few years, highlighting how easy it is now to use a presentation remote to switch slides. Now I've moved onto my main topic, how to use a dual VPN. I briefly discuss the benefits of a dual VPN solution then spend a few more minutes talking about security implications. On a new slide I show the results of running a few varieties of Rainbow Crack against both singe- and dual-VPN solutions. The dual solution is actually slightly weaker (averaging about 30%, with some algorithms as bad as 50% and others with almost no difference). Even so, the weaker security shouldn't actually make a difference in normal day-to-day workloads.

      Now I'm answering questions from my coworkers. One of them starts rolling around on the ground in a strange attempt to demonstrate how a particular crypto algorithm works; when everyone stares at him dumbfounded, he just returns to his seat, but a few minutes later he jumps up saying that he's solved the problem.
    3. Camp fire / Pizza delivery

      by , 01-16-2017 at 08:32 PM
      Camp fire
      I'm camping with my family, and we're working on building a fire. One of my kids has a long branch and breaks it up so it can go in my to-be-burned pile. My other kids like the idea and work on finding stuff they can break up to add in. The car is still half full of stuff (though I'm not sure if we're loading or unloading.)

      Pizza delivery
      I'm watching a video about pizza delivery guys and a strange sickness that they've started suffering from. It seems that, in order to give customers a reassuring sense of "sameness," all pizza delivery guys wear the same exact human-looking mask. Now the video is showing clips of some of the delivery guys pulling their masks off and looking pretty bad: they're panting, wiping sweat off of their pale faces, and just generally looking sick. Now it's showing two of them standing next to each other. They've got the same face and are wearing the same clothes, but their heights are very different. One of the guys tells the cameraman that his friend has to do this delivery because he customers will see though the "you always get the same guy" ploy if anyone else goes. Now I'm watching one of them driving to a delivery, snacking on the pizza he's supposed to be delivering.

      Fragment: I'm with my family among some bare trees.
    4. A bunch of short dreams

      by , 01-15-2017 at 09:12 PM
      A bunch of short dreams
      My son wants me to read him the next chapter in a book. He says that my wife told him that he could only read the first twelve pages. I realize I must have heard him wrong and that my wife (who's currently downstairs) wants to hear me read too. Now I'm downstairs, and I see her taking out her knitting needles.

      I'm walking around in an airport. Off to my right, I see a guard in the process of closing a HUGE door. It's about five feet wide, but it's probably fifty feet tall. He gets it closed and I see that it looks like a bank vault door, with lots of stainless steel pistons and wheels. I don't understand why such a door would be in an airport, but whatever. As I think more about it, I realize that the airport must be on lockdown and I won't be able to leave. I hope it doesn't last long; I just want to get home. Now I'm walking around in the parking deck.

      I'm in a room with my son. Both of us are getting dressed to go to the beach. Now we're ready and with some other people, and I see that we have a bag of stuff that needs to go with us. Someone suggests putting the straps of the bag through my swim shorts' belt loops, but that sounds like a really bad idea: I'm not wearing a belt, and I don't want the weight of the bag pulling my shorts down.

      I'm at my computer looking at the current Steam sale. I'm amused that there's another one, since the Christmas sale only just ended. I'd been hoping that some of my friends would pick up a copy of Portal for their family, but they missed out. I search for Portal, to see if it's back down to Christmas-sale levels, and am surprised that the search comes back with no hits. That's really weird. I try searching for Trine, and this time I get only a single hit on some Trine-related DLC but not on any of the Trines themselves. Weird ... Anyway, the DLC is cheap, so I decide to get it. Looking over its reviews, people are doing the usual rant about how much they hate paid DLC. I hesitate, hoping that I'm not wasting my money getting DLC for a game I don't actually own.

      I recommend that someone use the IBM Single-Sign-On ID everywhere he can so that it's easier for him to download things and to "muddle his profile"?

      My wife asks me for advice for something about which I know nothing.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Redwall / Myth Busters / Puzzle museum / Old radio show / Meeting Markiplier

      by , 01-14-2017 at 08:07 PM
      I'm camping IRL.
      Bed @ 2125

      An otter babe (Redwall) meets his father for the first time and decides that he's not worth knowing. Other creatures also council his mother that she should stay away from the father. Later, I'm watching vermin trying to prepare what looks like a fancy meal as part of some scam to trick honest creatures. One of them is listing off various things they'll need, including a wine with a good mouth-feel. One of them gets roped into pretending to be the somolier - it seems he accidentally had some good wine in the past, so now he's considered to be the wine expert.

      I'm watching Mythbusters. They're having some kind of competition against some special forces people. The competitions are one-on-one, one Mythbuster against one special forces guy. They have to compete in three areas, and the winner forfeits his win if he gloats. Grant actually manages to beat his opponent, but he's disqualified because his shout of "NOW!" had too much triumph in it.

      Now they're talking to someone who was injured when he couldn't get away from a propeller.

      Now Jamie is talking with a "rural" guy about the results of the competition. Now they're racing some very strange contraptions. Jamie's is somehow built around an upright piano, and as he tries to go faster he ends up knocking the piano over.

      Puzzle museum
      I see a museum that's full of stuff which the residents of the town have been collecting for many years. Unfortunately, some people have become fed up with it and have started vandalizing it. Now I'm looking at some beautiful framed puzzles. Some of them are photographic, while others are more abstract, but I really like all of them. Unfortunately, none of them are finished, and many have large areas which are missing pieces. Somehow I find the bags of pieces and start trying to finish the puzzles. I'm quickly able to fit in large sections which had been separately put together but never added to the final puzzle. Now I'm looking at a puzzle showing all of the Disney princesses. I notice that there should be a recurring villain, but all her pieces are missing. I hunt through my bag of pieces, find her, and put her in place. Now I'm looking at a number of puzzles side-by-side and marvel at how well their color schemes match.

      Old radio show
      I'm watching events playing out as narrated by an old radio show. There's some kind of slapstick chase going on, but it's dragging out much longer than a modern show would, and they have to break it in the middle to go to commercials. Now they're recording a new show. I see a German boxing instructor, and I hear him speaking German, but quietly; the English narrator is telling us what the instructor is saying. Now there's a German in the streets waving his arms and generally making a scene, forcing cars to slow and go around him, as he loudly declares that Brits are weak and can't sing. Now he's singing, and he sounds horrible.

      Meeting Markiplier
      I'm eating somewhere at Georgia Tech. Looking up, I realize I'm sitting directly across from Markiplier. I work up my courage enough to tell him how much I'm enjoying his Subnautica videos, tell him never to apologize for "geeking out" about how amazing exploration in a game is. I ask how many more videos in the series he's planning to make, and he says that he's done for now. There are too many things he needs to get that haven't been implemented (particularly screws), so he's going to wait a few months before getting back to it. He also makes mention of that "crazy Nazrax guy" who keeps asking for "that ice thing." I laugh and give him a playful shoulder punch, saying that I'm Nazrax, I have no idea what ice he's talking about, but he really really needs to build himself some beacons. He says something noncommital. I ask if he really reads all the comments on his videos, and he says he reads most of them.

      Now I'm somewhere else and I run into him again. He's printing out some kind of daily itinerary / status report, and I see that it says he's 79% done with his daily tasks. Now I'm making a bunch of comments on a video. I realize that I really should have threaded them and manage to drag and drop them into a proper order.
    6. Electric guitar

      by , 01-11-2017 at 03:12 PM
      Bed @ 2245
      Woke @ 0530 /w alarm

      Electric guitar
      I'm watching a group of musicians. One of them has just switched over to an electric guitar and is trying to figure out how to make it work. He's strumming the strings, but they're very rubbery and hardly make any sound at all. Someone points out that his guitar isn't actually plugged into a speaker, and they start looking around for the right cable. Now it's plugged in, and he's trying again, but it's still not making the right sound. He tries strumming, he tries plucking, he tries picking, but nothing is working right.

      Fragment: Something outside a house.
    7. Math / Caravanning home

      by , 01-10-2017 at 09:56 PM

      Bed @ 2225
      Woke @ 0140

      I'm helping both my son and daughter with some math. It was supposed to be simple, but I've now covered the whiteboard in long multiplication and/or division. My flow has split into two, some going right, another going up and to the right - just for my daughter. I haven't even started on my son's problem. I'm trying to demonstrate something about something they're doing, showing them that life isn't as simple as they'd like it to be. I ask for a prediction about the next step, and only my son gets it right. My daughter does something wrong and comes out with an answer that's double what it should be.

      WBTB. BTB @ 0155
      Woke @ 0330; lost recall
      BTB @ 0350
      Woke @ 0600

      Caravanning home
      I'm driving on 120 behind a some other cars; we're all headed for my house. Just as the car in front of me goes through a light, it turns yellow. Normally I'd stop, but since I'm trying to stay with them I gun the engine and make it through before it turns red. Now I "don't trust one car" (I wrote it in my DJ, but I have no idea what that means ...). It tries to run, and a couple of the cars in my caravan try to chase it down to cut it off. It turns down a driveway. One of the cars in my group follows while the other pulls in sideways to block off the driveway and stop it from coming back out. I realize they've turned into the Brothers' driveway and know that there's nowhere to go. Now we're all parked in the driveway. The driver is somehow injured and is complaining loudly, but he's being held by a couple of large Brothers; I know they're more than capable to see to his injuries while keeping hold of him.

      Now we're all in our cars, turning left out of the driveway. I realize that I should have been in the lead, but it's too late now. I manage to pull into the middle of the line so at least I'm not at the back. I see my 6yo daughter driving the car next to me, but I don't think anything of it. Looking left and right, I'm having trouble seeing around her car, so I can't see if it's safe to go. I'm pretty sure nothing's coming, so I make the turn as quickly as I can. Now I'm driving along, and a HUGE oncoming truck (with two trailers) swerves into my lane, hits the guard rail, and comes to a stop. There's a strange "sidecar" hanging out of the side of the cab, and the guy in it starts shouting up to the driver. I slow down and somehow slolom between the trailers.

      Now I'm home. I talk to Mom, then someone comes in with a large bag with coins spilling out of it. Now I'm serving up some soup. We didn't have many cans left, so everyone only gets a half bowl, but they all ate earlier so I hope it'll be enough. Now I'm talking to someone about the symbolism of the characters in Firefly - especially in the episode where everyone's inside Odo's mind. River represents compassion; <someone> is reasoning; Jayne is strength. An enemy is killing them one-by-one. I think that the episode took a turn for the worse once other members of the DS9 crew showed up - mixing shows like that is just weird.

      Now we're playing a board game which has "students" and "trainers." Students become trainers by rolling dice until they get a certain value; trainers can be downgraded to students if they get hit with "sprainers." I really don't like games which don't let you move at all until you hit a certain magical value. I've never played this game before, and I don't know if I will again.
    8. Factory puzzler / Sneaking snack / Vacation packing

      by , 01-09-2017 at 10:18 PM
      Bed @ 2310
      Woke @ 0630

      Factory puzzler
      I'm playing a first-person game set inside a factory with a very industrial feeling to it. Lots of panels, catwalks, etc. I'm in a long corridor which has two channels, one on each side. My goal is to use portals (e.g. from Portal) to get large (boulder-sized), rolling spheres from one end to the other. Right now, I'm concentrating on the one on the right, completely ignoring the one on the left. I open a portal in a wall it's about to hit along with another portal on the floor past the wall, and I see the sphere roll through the portal and fly a few feet into the air on the other side. I have the feeling that was the wrong move; I'm probably going to have to start this level over.

      Sneaking snack
      I'm sneaking through what feels like an office building. I'm in a fairly large room. A door is to my right, a conveyor belt is moving right-to-left in front of me, and there's a door at the far end of the conveyor belt. I take out a small glass object and throw it at the door at the far end of the belt, and the object shatters. At least the conveyor belt seems to collect the shards. I hope no one heard the crash.

      Now I'm in a wide hallway. I realize a janitor is headed my way, so I turn and look at the choices in a large vending machine in the middle of the hallway. I'm amazed at the prices: anywhere from $8-$9, depending on whether the snack has chocolate in it or not.

      Now I'm entering a slightly darkened room. At first, I think it's empty. I see a strange grid on the floor in the middle of the room and try to figure out what I'm seeing. As I look at it, I realize that the grid is actually surrounded by rows of people - students, I believe. Someone is talking about a weapon that Adam built when the world was created. It's hidden under Atlanta, and they need to find and deactivate it before it "wakes" and destroys the city.

      Vacation packing
      I'm in a bedroom along with my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. They're packing, but I'm really tired and lay down. Now I'm loading the car. Now I'm dividing snacks between the two cars. A "plastic shoebox" is full of pre-wrapped brownies. I'm counting them to make sure there are enough for my wife and our kids in the van plus myself and my father-in-law in the other car. Thankfully, we just have enough for everyone.

      Now we're in a little repair shop, parked on some kind of maintenance pad. I walk around the car to the driver's side, take a cable from a female employee, and plug it into my hubcap. Another employee tells me that the diagnostics all pass, so we don't need anything done, and I'm embarrassed to have taken up their time for nothing. He reassures me that they'd rather have me bring it in when I don't need to than to have something break on the road.
    9. [LUCID] Feeling gravity

      by , 12-31-2016 at 05:12 PM
      Bed @ 2235
      Woke @ 0600; WBTB /w mantras, BTB @ 0620 (took a bit to get back to sleep)
      Woke @ 0700

      Feeling gravity
      I'm in the bathroom at work. I've finished washing my hands and am about to leave when I decide to check my phone to see if someone's sent me the information I need. I don't have any new messages, so I'm about to head out, but something reminds me that I should do an RC. I do a nose-pinch, fully expecting it'll show reality, but I find that I can breathe. I'm completely convinced that this is reality, so I must have done it wrong. I do it again, breathing in, then out, and I can still breathe. I'm having a really hard time believing I'm dreaming, but I clearly am. I rub my hands, then reach out and feel a screw in the side of a stall. I'm amazed at how accurate everything looks and feels. I realize I'm doing the "move really slowly so I don't pop the dream" thing and make an effort to move normally from this point on. I grab a paper towel and wad it up, again amazed at how real it all feels.

      I remember my goal of increased awareness and run my senses over my body, immediately noticing that the gravity is wrong: I feel much too light, and there's hardly any pressure on my feet. For a moment my balance goes funny, but I get it back quickly. I jump into the air, then slowly float down, enjoying the feeling. I leave the bathroom and walk down a hallway trying to decide what to do. I'm going to try to get outside to fly again. I see a T intersection coming up and stop, trying to think what to imagine that would get me outside most easily;
      but I wake up.
    10. [LUCID] Going to a wedding / Tasks of the Month / Foiled flying

      by , 12-29-2016 at 07:31 PM
      Bed @ 2145
      Woke @ 0215; BTB @ 0230, couldn't sleep; BTB @ 0520
      Woke @ 0640

      Going to a wedding
      I'm at Bob W's house. I pull up YNAB on my phone to check something, and he sees it and asks me about it, appreciating that I'm taking good steps to take care of my finances. Now we're getting ready to leave to go to a wedding, and I'm still in my grubby clothes. I'm not sure where my good clothes are, but I think they're waiting for me where the wedding is being held. Now I'm in the house by myself; I know that everyone else has already loaded up in Bob's van and they're waiting for me. I have a moment of doubt about whether we'll all fit, but I assume he knows what he's doing and that we'll be fine.

      Now I'm sitting by myself in a vehicle. I look around and realize I'm not in a minivan. I get out and see that I was in a large station wagon. I walk out of their garage onto their driveway, and I see a huge double-decker tour bus, and I know they're waiting for me. I get on board. To my left, a narrow stairway goes up to the upper deck. Another passage leads off to my right to the driver, and I can only see one chair - a nice big padded one - in front of me. Now we're driving down his driveway, and the driver makes some comment about having shifted too many gears too soon, and that he can't shift back, so it'll be a tough merge into traffic on the main road.

      Now we've arrived and are in the room where the wedding will be held. It's a small room with lots of dark wood; very attractive, but I'm concerned that there are only three chairs plus a lectern. I look around the room again and realize that it's actually a hallway; there are many closed doors going this way and that. A woman - the wedding organizer - says that a couple more chairs are on their way, but I know that's just not enough - it won't even be enough for our small party, let alone for all the other guests. Looking through a window, I notice that one of the doors leads out onto a balcony.

      Now I'm standing on the balcony with Blake, looking down at a steep beach. A huge wave crashes over the beach, going way up the sand, eventually cresting the top and going down the far side. I can see a large bag get washed over, and I know that there's a path down there - though I can't see it - that's about to get washed over.

      Tasks of the Month
      I'm in a house, and I realize that I'm dreaming. I start to move slowly and carefully, then I remember that I always do that in my lucids and force myself to walk normally while making it a priority to remember that I'm dreaming. I try to remember what my goals are and remember that the first TOTM is to find a missed present. I try to visualize what a Christmas tree with a single present under it would look like, then turn around, expecting to find it. Instead, I find a whole bunch of small, sparse, undecorated trees. I don't see any presents, but I walk over and look under them. I see something small near the wall, so I crawl under the trees to get it. It's a huge pouch of Fruit by the Foot. I tear it open, curious as to what I'll find inside, and I'm almost surprised that it actually has Fruit by the Foot in it. I pull the roll out and see that it's not well rolled, and it's somehow really gooey. I unroll a bit and try a bite. Because it's so gooey, I end up getting a bit of the paper in my mouth, but I decide that, since I'm dreaming, the paper won't be a problem, and I can't even feel it. It tastes just like the real thing. I get some on my fingers, and I have trouble getting it off.

      Now that I've completed the first task, I try to recall another one, and I remember the pencil task. I start to form an image of a table with a piece of paper and a pencil; then I notice that there's already a table in front of me, covered with arts supplies, with someone sitting at while drawing. I'm already fixated on the idea of summoning a table and completely ignore the one in front of me. Once I have the image in my mind, I turn around to find a table exactly as I'd pictured it. Walking up to it, I mentally command the pencil to draw something. It rises to a 45 degree angle and starts to scribble all over the paper. Some areas are densely colored in with jagged strokes, and other areas have wide, flowing curves. Oddly, the pencil is drawing in blue. The paper was already half-covered in some kind of picture, and the existing design is quickly hidden by the scribbles.

      Now that I've completed both tasks, I try to think of something else to do, and I decide to summon Jadzia Dax (I have absolutely no idea where this idea came from - I haven't watched DS9 in years). I think of what she looks like and turn around, but no one is there. I start wandering the house looking for her. I see a couple of people and ignore them, then finally find someone who kind of looks like her, even if she is wearing a dress. As soon as I start walking towards her, she changes into a grizzled man with a buzz cut. I try to change him back, but it doesn't work, and the dream fades.

      BTB @ 0650.
      Woke @ 0810

      Foiled flying
      I'm in a house looking at a post from Heather. A picture shows two of her boys playing with a strange toy: one of them is holding something in his mouth, and the other is pulling on a long elasticated cable attached to the mouthpiece. I can't imagine what this thing is supposed to do and how they can play with it without one of them getting hurt; either the one with the mouthpiece gets a face full of elastic or the other one ends up with a hard mouthpiece flying at him. The caption of the picture says something about home-made gifts often being the best ones.

      Now I'm working on Poppy's table with Bob H. The table has been pulled apart in the middle, and he's trying to put the leaves (3 of them, each 6 inches wide) back in. He's having trouble, trying to put them in the wrong way, and I really want to tell him that I'll take care of it, but I don't so I don't offend him. Eventually he puts an extension in the tip of the table (since when has this table had extensions?). I try to look at it without being obvious to see if the grain of the wood matches - I don't think he got it right. Thankfully, he announces that he needs to leave and asks me to finish up and then put the table away somewhere safe (it's currently off to the side of the living room just to get it out of the way).

      Now he's gone, and I realize I'm dreaming. Vividness is poor but not bad. I rub my hands, but it doesn't really do much. Nearby, I see my dog and cat lying down in front of the fireplace, and the dog is licking the cat. I praise him for being a good dog, walk over, and pet the cat. Her fur is warm and soft, and the dream grows more vivid. I try to focus on more of my senses to see what else I can pick up. I can't smell anything, and there's nothing to taste, but I can hear her purr. I stand up and decide that this time I'm going to practice flying.

      I walk down a hallway and turn left towards the front door. I open it and pass through and am disappointed to find myself in the garage. I decide there's no need to wait until I'm outside to fly and jump into the air then zoom towards the open garage door. Unfortunately, there's chain-link fence covering the doorway. I steel myself to pass through it, knowing that I've flown through things before; but as I'm about to hit, I have a moment of doubt, and I get caught my it. I manage to force myself through, but I'm disappointed to find myself in another indoor area. I scold myself for failing to properly imagine what I should find. Looking around, I see that there's a section of the ceiling that seems to be open, and I fly towards it. As I get closer, I see that it's also covered by chain-link, but at least I can see sky beyond it. Once again, I get caught by the fence, and I end up waking up.
    11. [LUCID] High-rise hotel

      by , 12-20-2016 at 08:07 PM
      Bed @ 2230
      Woke @ 0520

      High-rise hotel
      I'm in a high-rise hotel room, wearing my bath robe, moving around quietly so I don't wake my wife. Something strikes me as "off" and I realize I'm dreaming. I look around, marveling at how good everything looks. I remember I'd intended to rub my hands together to stabilize, but I decide to just run my hand along the wall instead. I remind myself that this is a dream and that everything I see and touch is a creation of my own mind (but it doesn't really affect me). My wife gets up, and I worry that means that my real-world wife is going to wake me up. I try to about how to use the dream, but my wife is telling me about some problems she's had with our email lists, and I don't want to ignore her in case I'm wrong about this being a dream. I half-heartedly answer her while trying to think how I can prove to myself whether this is a dream or not (doing a nose-pinch never even crosses my mind). Eventually, I decide that, yes, this really is a dream, and I need to get to it.

      As I'm trying to decide how to use the dream, I remember that the current task of the month is to find a buffet. I picture a table full of food in a hallway, open the door, and go out. I do end up in a hallway, but there's no food. The hallway dead-ends to my right at another picture window, so I follow it around a corner to my left. I see an open doorway to my left and a stairwell (going down) to my right. I marvel that this place looks exactly like it does in real life (which it doesn't - this place doesn't exist). I look through the doorway and find only a small room. Turning around, I see that there's now a plastic card table (white) set up between a new doorway and the stair railing. Some of my kids are arranging bags of candy on it. It's not quite the buffet I'd been planning on, but it's still a table full of food, so I think it's close enough. I remember I'd had an additional goal of eating something, so I walk over to see what's there. I see some large bags of peanut butter M&Ms, but they're not open yet, and I don't want to open them myself. To their left is a large bag of small assorted candies, and it's already open. I reach in and pull out what I believe to be a small Snickers. My eldest daughter laughs at me for my choice and makes a comment. I rip it open and am surprised that it has a small heart covered in red foil. I'm amused - even though it's Christmas time, the table is full of Halloween candy, and now I have a Valentines chocolate? Somehow I know it's dark chocolate, so I don't mind the weirdness. As I'm unwrapping it,
      I wake up (for real).

      Points: 27

      Updated 12-20-2016 at 08:36 PM by 28190

      lucid , task of the month
    12. Cooler cleanup / Unknown test

      by , 12-16-2016 at 10:14 PM
      Bed @ 2300
      Woke @ 0440

      Cooler cleanup
      I'm at home, looking at the street, watching as strange garbage trucks drive along my road. They've got some kind of water cannon on top near the back of the truck, and they're spraying out the trash cans they pass. Now I'm out at the street, having just brought out our large styrofoam cooler, hoping they can clean it out. Sure enough, they turn down the water cannon's pressure and spray it out well, getting into all the places I have trouble with.

      Unknown test
      I'm walking through a town, looking at the buildings around me. Most are fairly normal houses, but there are a couple of odd ones. Just after passing through a gate, I see a small, bright red, corregated metal dome which is maybe 5 feet across and 3 high. A couple of houses later I see another odd metal building, this one house-sized. I'm confident that "The Tower" is responsible for building them. I don't see any way in or out of either one, but I do find a switch which causes them both to rotate. I suspect there's a puzzle to be solved here, but I don't know if it's actually solvable yet, so I leave it and keep walking. Now I'm looking at three small tunnels - they're large enough for a couple of people to walk next to each other. Two of them are somehow "collapsed" and only one is open. People on strange little carts are zipping out of it. I suspect that only one tunnel can be open at any time, and that when another one is opened the current one will collapse. I don't know what would happen to the people inside, but I guess they're zipping through quickly to reduce the chances of it happening to them.

      Now I'm sitting with my wife in a cafeteria, with the tunnels behind me. Sitting across from us is a man who's arranging some testing for us. He can't give us any information at all about the tests, but we have to make some choices anyway. The first choice is which of two of the tunnels to go down. My wife and I have to choose different tunnels. I ask my wife if she wants to choose, and she doesn't, so I choose the one on the right. Now, he asks me to choose either "3" or "8," and I choose 8. He tells me that, because of my choices, I'm going to be getting the paper towel test. As it happens, I've heard some rumors about this one. Someone said that it's really important not to get your paper towel wet, since you do poorly if it tears.

      I kiss my wife, stand up, and head off towards a much larger central room. The testing guy is standing by the door and comments appreciatively that I must really love my wife. I tell him that Mom is British, then head into the main room. Before finding the testing area, I decide to relieve myself and head for the bathrooms. Now I'm in the bathroom, which is long and skinny, and I realize that I'm the only man in here. None of the women seem to notice me, so I don't think I could have stumbled into the wrong bathroom by mistake, but I head outside to check. Sure enough, I was in the women's bathroom, and I see there's a closed gate in front of the men's, saying that because men taking such-and-such a test are required to have full bladders, no men are currently allowed in the bathroom. I'm not pleased, but there's not much I can do about it. I realize I don't have my paper towel and head off to find the testing guy. After wandering through a couple of packed rooms (one of which is full of only young adults) and despairing about ever finding him, I finally track him down. He apologizes for forgetting to give it to me (though I wonder if even this is part of the test) and gives me a stack of supplies. It ranges from sheets of cardboard (which are each a few square feet) down to tiny somethings, along with some tools. I can't hold it as presented, so I try to put it down to reorganize it; but people keep coming up trying to help me. I finally shoo them away, get it organized, and pick it up.

      Now I overhear people talking about my test. One says that it's dangerous, that some people have died, and the speaker took the 'easy' way out - something involving a knife covered in spikes - the moment it became an option. I have no idea what any of that means. Now I'm in a girls' bedroom somewhere along with a handful of kids. There's an attached bathroom, and I excuse myself to it. I hope this isn't considered cheating - but it was closed for a different test, and it's been a long time, and I still haven't started my test, and I really need to go. I try to close the door but it's not wide enough for the doorway and is inches away from latching. I look around to see if I'm missing anything, but I'm not. The kids seem to be distracted, so I decide to go ahead and relieve myself. Suddenly I get a chill/goosebumps down my left arm. I start, trying to figure out what caused it, but I can't figure anything out. My arm actually feels kind of numb - what's going on? I wake up.

      BTB @ 0500
      Woke @ 0715

      A girl who wants to do something and is complaining about gender inequality.

      A quick view of a place where police lineups are held: they're making stripes on the back wall using masking tape.

      We're meeting Megan in a parking lot. We've pulled in, and I'm waving at her, getting her attention. Now we're in a store, and her son is causing problems (as usual).

      Points: 5.5
    13. [LUCID] Fixing an old injury / Lucid introspection / Steam controller fiddling

      by , 12-15-2016 at 10:15 PM
      Bed @ 2310
      Woke @ 0520

      Fixing an old injury
      I'm in a long, narrow room in an old house. A doctor is preparing to do surgery on a man's arm, trying to fix an old wound that was never properly dealt with. He takes a pair of X-rays of the man's arm: one from the top and one from the bottom. The X-ray from the top looks normal, but the one from the bottom shows a long, slightly wavy, finger-width groove running the length of the bone. He explains to the family that he's going to have to fill this groove.

      Lucid introspection
      I'm with my wife. We're in a wide stairway / hallway area in some kind of weird multi-tenant house (maybe a bed and breakfast). I know this is a dream (though my awareness is extremely low). I want to get into a bathroom (I have a reason in the dream, but I don't remember it). In front of us, on the wall to my left, is a large plate-glass window. Looking through it, I can see a bathroom. A young woman is in there, doing something, but I'm not concerned since this is just a dream. Now my wife and I are in the bathroom, and the young woman* leaves without a word. * The bathroom is fairly wide and very long. The long wall across from the window is completely covered by a mirror. Running the length of the mirror is a shallow counter, maybe a foot deep, which is covered in a variety of small things (toiletries?) from one end to the other. I take a closer look at some of the stuff in front of me, then turn right and walk through a doorway into a very large bedroom. Carpet is on the floor, a king size bed is off to our left, and there's a small dresser and a door on the right-hand wall, but otherwise the room is empty. * I mentally run down my lucid 'progress', thinking that my daytime practice is doing pretty well, and my dream recall is generally OK, but that the only thing left is the frequency of my lucids, which is much better than it's ever been but still has a great deal of room for improvement. Of course, since lucid frequency is the only thing that really matters, it's not saying a lot to say that it's "the only thing left."

      BTB @ 0530 (took a while to get to sleep)
      Woke around 0700

      Steam controller fiddling
      I'm sitting at a dining room table, working at a computer, fiddling with my Steam controller. Some of my kids are standing around behind me, watching me. Ever since I got the controller they've been fascinated by it. Now I'm going down the steps in the house (dream-me thinks I'd been upstairs in my office and I'm coming back down), and I'm thinking about Steam's streaming. Would it be better to have the controller's receiver plugged into the computer receiving the stream, or would it be better to have the controller plugged into the computer sending the stream? After all, if the receiver is being controlled, then there might be input lag; but if the signal is strong enough to make it all the way upstairs, then even if I get video lag I won't have to fight with input lag as well.

      Fragment: I'm outside, somewhere grassy, with a group of young adults from church.

      Points: 15.5
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. [LUCID] Remote pairing / Delta lucid? / Searching for sky; flight!

      by , 12-13-2016 at 08:22 PM
      Bed @ 2225*
      Woke @ 2330 /w nothing.*
      Woke @ 0200 /w nothing.*
      Woke @ 0345 - unknown reason

      Remote pairing
      I'm in "my room" talking with my team lead on the phone, using my Bluetooth headset. My phone shows me a notification that something's crashed, but I assume it's some background process since everything seems to be working OK. My lead is doing most of the talking, and I'm generally making "Uh-huh" noises. It's only when I actually try to add something that I realize he can't hear me. I start fiddling with the phone, trying to get 'unmuted.' Eventually, he asks me a direct question, and after trying again with the headset I disconnect it and hold up the phone to my ear. This time he can hear me and I explain what happened with the headset before getting back to the conversation at hand. He wants to spend most of tomorrow pairing with me on our project, some kind of radio hardware, and we're planning out what we want to accomplish.

      Now I'm walking away from my building, crossing shopping center parking lots. I need to get some distance from my office to test something out. I'm concerned that radio signals are just too finicky, and that all the stuff around here will create all sorts of 'hot spots' and 'cold spots' and we just won't be able to make sense of our results unless we get much better testing hardware. At a minimum, we're going to need a proper signal strength meter, but we're also going to need ... something else (I forget in-dream). Now I'm still moving away from my building, but I'm somehow in a sitting position, sliding backwards over the ground, frictionless, though it's a very bumpy ride and I have to watch out for hedges lining the driveways.

      Now I'm walking again, approaching the intersection of a couple of busy roads. A utility truck is pulled up onto the grass, and the utility guy is walking around. I can hear rock music blaring even though I'm still a ways away from him. This is my general destination - my lead wants me to test from here, though I don't think it'll work, since I no longer have line-of-sight to my building.

      Now I'm standing on the steps of what seems to be a condemned tenement building. The whole thing is painted brick red, though the paint is peeling. There's another similar structure across the street, though it's actually made of brick. My lead is with me, and I point over, saying that we may be able to 'spike' the building across the street near its top with a radio repeater if we can figure out who to ask for permission. As I descend the steps, I look around, wondering if anyone still lives here despite the terrible condition of the building. The board I try to use as a railing turns out not to be connected to anything and I jump, not expecting it to pull away in my hand. I put it back down, then descend the steps even more carefully.I walk along a grassy area until I can finally look back to see the College of Computing, which is at the end of a shopping center strip. It's got a drive-around that I didn't remember being there.

      Now I've walked back and gone inside, and I'm in the waiting room of a doctor's office, standing in line to pay. To my left, a frosted glass window opens and the receptionist spays me with water as if from a shower head. I yelp, dashing around, trying to get out of the stream, and she laughs uproariously. I'm not pleased, but I like the people here and I can't feel too annoyed at them. Back in line, I look around carefully, and no more ambushes seem to be forthcoming. The guy in front of me turns and hands me a wallet he thinks I dropped - it certainly looks like mine. I open it and find it's full of British pounds, not dollars, and I tell him it's not mine. Hearing "pounds," another man turns, sees the wallet, and exclaims that it's his. He gives me a hand-written note and some American bills he's been carrying, explaining that he wanted to give a reward to whoever gave found and returned his wallet. His English is good if rather accented - German, maybe. I'm not sure what to do - I wouldn't mind a few extra spending dollars, but I don't want to take advantage of him either. I make a very small effort to return the money, but he rebuffs me, and I don't press it. I'm having trouble counting the bills - at first, I think it's a five and a one, but each time I look at it it's different. At one point, I think it's a twenty, a ten, and a five. Eventually, I remember the note and look at it. It's scrawled in nearly unintelligible handwriting, a thank you for finding his wallet. Along the left side is his own recipe for something. I don't try to interpret the note or the recipe since the handwriting is so bad, but I do keep it for later study.

      Now I'm talking to one of the doctors. He's amused, smirking, reminding me of the reason I trust him, that he doesn't take any of my personal information; but then he runs through all the various agencies, groups, and regulations they have to deal with which completely destroy any semblance of privacy I may have had.

      BTB @ 0410; can't sleep until 0610
      Woke @ 0715

      Delta lucid?
      I'm looking at a gray-on-gray "field," and I know I'm asleep. I'm aware of the feeling of my right hand. I manage to form an image of a hand and open and close it without affecting my physical hand.

      Searching for sky; flight!
      I'm in a rather plain room with a family I feel I know, a man and couple of teenage kids. I'm working with some food laid out on the lid of a large Rubbermaid tub. I take a small piece of fish steak out of a square Glasslock container where it's been sitting on wax paper and marinating in something dark. Someone asks me if I know how to handle fish and I answer yes.

      I remember that I'm dreaming and reach out to feel the edge of the lid, its plasticy sharpness. The people are gone. I stay calm, moving slowly, breathing deeply, fixing the knowledge that this is a dream in my mind (I forget to rub my hands). I feel the top of the lid, then the wall near me, then start to head outside. I need to get outdoors so I can fly. I move very slowly, as if quick movement will shatter the dream or make me forget (I need to work on that ...)I walk through the doorway and find myself in something like a small enclosed garden - grass on the ground, other growing stuff around, 4 walls, and something overhead. I walk through another doorway and find myself in another small room, then in another enclosed outdoor space. I see a screen door (it's green all over) and launch myself through it, but I just find myself in another enclosed space. I start to get concerned - what if I can't find a way out? I calm myself and don't let myself get sucked into it. I reflect that I'm not yet very good at dream control, so I don't trust myself to bust through a wall, but I can still use simpler, more reliable methods. I stop, telling myself that there will be a doorway around the next corner, picturing it in my mind, picturing the sunlight shining through it. I turn the corner and find myself in a garden with a fence. There's still something overhead, but there's a gap between the covering and the fence, and sunlight is streaming through the gap. I'm so relieved, I feel a huge weight lifted from myself.

      I launch myself up through the gap, and I'm out, hovering in the air about ten feet up. I'm so happy, but I keep control of myself. Buildings are on either side of me, and a kind of wide alley stretches out before me; but I can still see the blue sky above. I pause for a moment - I've never gotten beyond this stage, so now what? I focus on feeling confident, go into what feels like a natural flying pose - right arm forward, left arm cocked backwards - and start moving upwards and forwards, out beyond the buildings. I remember that part of my goal is to really feel the sensation of flying, of wind in my face, of speed and height, but I get nothing. I'm out in the open now, with nothing around me. To my left, I see a woman flying in, holding an umbrella.
      I wake, feeling amazing and slightly emotional.

      Fragment: I'm holding my mini-massager, trying to use it; but the battery is so low that it can barely vibrate.

      Points: 36
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    15. Real FPS / Quitting smoking / Careful reading / Hunter and hunted / Bathroom drop

      by , 12-12-2016 at 06:19 PM
      Bed @ 2310
      Woke @ 0145

      Real FPS
      I'm inside an FPS (somehow I know it's System Shock). I'm near the elevator, and I've already cleared the whole level. Before taking the elevator, I decide to run around this area using a tool which makes the white walls darker whereever my aiming reticle is pointed. Once I've made most of the walls pretty dark, so that they match <something>, I head to the elevator and go to level 3, skipping over level 2.

      Now I'm wandering around on level 3. I'm holding down a different button that's somehow leaving a blue trail on the ground behind me so I can figure out where I've already been. I realize that I can't make any progress here - everywhere I try to go is somehow gated, and I know I'm being pushed back towards level 2 in order to get what I need to get past the gates.

      Now I'm in the elevator lobby fighting some humanoid enemies. I manage to shoot a couple and then start summoning some kind of power - fire, maybe? Two of the remaining enemies come at me together. I focus my attention on one, attempting to use my power on him, but nothing seems to be happening. The other one manages to grab me and starts to concentrate. Somehow I know he's summoning his own power to use Sickness on me. I panic, knowing that any moment now he'll finish and I'll feel sick, and I don't know how to cure magical sickness. I try to get him off, but I can't. The veins in his throat turn green, and I know he's finished; but I don't feel any different. I wonder what went wrong, but I'm thankful for it.

      WBTB, mantras, visualization. BTB shortly after 0200.
      Woke @ 640

      Quitting smoking
      I'm in a guest bedroom somewhere. I see that I have two different lighters and try them both out. One has a nice big flame, while the other has a tiny flame that just barely comes out. I hold the tiny one up to my lips and feel a slick hardness, almost as if it's chapstick. I have the sudden realization that I'm going to have to stop smoking those tiny cigarrette-shaped cigars someone recommended to me since my insurance forbids any tobacco use at all. (I don't and have never smoked, so I have absolutely no idea where this came from ...)

      Careful reading
      I'm looking at a small 2-row bookshelf. I turn to talk to someone about one of the books I saw and that I've read in the past, and he tells me that I can't really appreciate the book unless I read it much more carefully than I did. I consider telling him that I actually listened to it, but he'd probably be even less pleased, so I don't say anything.

      Hunter and hunted
      I'm watching a small group of people trying to escape from someone who's trying to hunt them. They're in an area with huge mounds of dirt, using them as cover. Eventually, they find themselves in a small dead-end canyon. They try to figure out what to do - maybe climb the walls? - before their hunter reaches them.

      Bathroom drop
      I'm in a white tile bathroom fiddling with a hatch on the floor. I'm wearing an experimental bathrobe/parachute combination, and I'm about to open the hatch and drop through, then use the suit to land safely. Part of the test will also be grabbing another guy mid-air and safely landing both of us. I'm a bit worried about the hatch - I don't want someone to come into the bathroom carelessly and fall to his death. I don't think there's any way I can jump while keeping it closed, but maybe I can lock the door, or maybe I can put up some kind of barrier around it ...

      Fragment: Something about a breaker box with only three breakers: two on the left, one on the right. The one on the right is currently off, and I turn it back on with a solid snap.

      Points: 7.5
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