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    1. 11/25/15: Secret Societies Downtown and Magic (Epic)

      by , Today at 05:02 AM
      - Although it was a bit spotty, this dream felt very epic. If only I became lucid!!
      - My recall has been pretty great lately! I've been recalling a lot of old dreams as well as new, so that's probably helping.
      - This dream was packed with that epic, euphoric feeling of adventure and exploration; haven't had that in a long time.

      [Dream begins]:
      I'm talking to Mr. Benjamin. He's in a buckled top hat for some reason, and his room is very Christmas-ey with decorations all over the place. I don't know why I'm taking to him, but whatever. We get off the subject of academics and he tells me about something I might be interested in, that I should do. He hands me a bag of coal (a kind of payment I guess) and tells me about magic, and about these people in town that I could join up with and help out.

      I soon find myself wandering in the suburbs near the city center, and I'm with this group of people. Antonio is among them. He's wearing a scarf. So I'm with these people heading south (I think; you know how dreams are). There are quite a few dilapidated houses, and we decide to stop at one. The walls are practically falling apart, and there's an uneven dirt floor. A dividing wall blocks us from the kitchen to our right. t's full of these members of some other clan. We walk in and the tone changes immediately, like we're about to fight. We invite ourselves into their conversation (we might have been there to steal something) and blend in for a little while. Then things get heated and we're shooting magic at each other (i.e. blue bolts of light). I get out of the house from the kitchen pretty quickly and get to the corner on the opposite side of the street to regroup with my people. The other clan kinda shouts us out and we start walking northbound. Eventually, I find myself in some city center at a hot dog joint eating (I only remember this in first person at this point).

      [Dream ends.]
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    2. 11/24/15: Found a Girl on the Road...? (Random/Love-ish)

      by , Today at 12:15 AM
      - Sadly, I couldn't really remember much of this dream once I woke up.

      [Dream begins]:
      I'm on this highway northeast of my house in a trashy white sedan from the 70's. Every quarter mile or so, there's a woman walking on the shoulder of the road. My dad makes some comment about wanting to get a girl, and when we get to the next one, I look her in the face. She had an interesting face... in my dream I described it as the most basic face, devoid of features. She was Asian. I talk to her for a little bit, and obviously she doesn't talk much but it wasn't really awkward. I go to a party at her place where 12 pack boxes of soda are stacked to the ceiling everywhere. I weave between a wall of Coke and a wall of some other soda. We pose for a picture next to a bunch of "tropical" beer packs.

      [Dream ends...]
    3. #165 - Courtyard / Plane pilot / Pillow fight

      by , Yesterday at 11:48 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Day 1 of fixing my awful recall managed to get 3 dream snippets which I forced myself to try and remember (trying to get 3 per night). I slept in this morning to make sure I got another dream in the bag too. I couldn't help but go to sleep late last night (11:30ish) because my dad had been trying to set up his watch gadget thing with me.

      Dream 1 - Courtyard
      I remember vaguely walking around and talking to some people in the courtyard of a town (like something out of an RPG game) and it was a nice sunny day.

      Dream 2 - Plane pilot
      I was the pilot of a plane (a big plane) and I literally can't remember anything else

      Dream 3 - Pillow fight
      Me, a hot girl and another guy were in a house, I think we were in the lounge. I had a pillow and blanket, they had a pillow each and either a blanket or a small mattress. We were rolling around on the ground pillow fighting which was really fun. Me and the other guy both seemed to be flirting with the girl, I remember rolling and landing a good pillow strike at her and then whipping my blanket over her which was cool.
    4. 11/23/15: Missed Dream Sign and a Big Bottle (Random)

      by , 11-25-2015 at 04:59 AM
      - I was pretty exhausted the night before; I was surprised to have any dreams at all.
      - I stupidly missed a dream sign (thunderstorms), although it was subtle.

      [Dream begins]:
      So I'm in my basement with my parents. We're preparing for a coming storm. We open up the Wundermap on my mom's iPad and take a look. For some reason my house was in Michigan, but there was a humongous storm coming for us. There was a little issue with the map where the storm appeared spotty and scattered, but we realized it was because it was in the gap between our weather station and the one in the town a couple miles straight west of us. Here's a picture of almost exactly what I saw on the iPad:
      What does it need...-dream-journal-112315.jpg

      I noticed that there was this massive (~3 ft. tall) glass bottle (in the shape of a classic Coke bottle) full of "wine" (my brain told me it was Cognac), which really looked like tomato sauce with huge chunks of peppers and cabbage in it... It had this kind of film on top that acted as a cap, and when I just lightly touched it, it would make an incredibly loud banging noise, like a firecracker! I asked why it was there, and my parents told me that they got it as a wedding present and that they never opened it. I tapped the top a few more times, then opened it and went upstairs.

      [The dream fragments...]
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    5. A

      by , 11-25-2015 at 12:28 AM (Kali)
      I'm with N and we're arguing. I begin to feel afraid and can't find a way out; situation escalates. I leave the room, a nearby van draws my attention so I head that way. He follows me into the van. The van has a weird familiarity to it, I recognize to whom it belongs to but there's an issue now. The person it belongs to doesn't actually own a van. This discrepancy distracts me from the situation and I'm now trying to find A (owner/nonowner of the van). All of this: the van, the belongings, just... this is HIM but I don't see him. The man who had followed me continues arguing but I'm having trouble listening to him. Before I go back to whatever he's raging about, I need to sort out the van concern.

      N stops my searching and we argue further, but I finally figure out where A is. He was sleeping beneath some blankets on the floor; kinda being a hobo actually. Neat. He hasn't made himself known, the awkwardness of the situation is obvious. There's an odd shift where everything blurs momentarily and when I exit the van I'm now walking with A and N is nowhere in sight.

      A and I walk silently for a moment. He understands the situation and I'm not really sure what I should say about it. Explaining it seems stupid. We both agree and understand what needs to change--and we both understand why change won't happen yet. What surprises me is how safe I feel from the moment I had seen the van. His presence altered me, somehow making the drama seem insignificant. I try to thank him for that effect, but I again feel stupid. He knows--I shouldn't have to thank him. I finally manage at attempt at gratitude. I find his nerdy bashfulness charming as he tries to shrug it off.

      I FA and begin writing A. I've written an entire paragraph detailing the dream I had of him and as I'm reviewing it, I notice I sound crazy. I'm thinking how annoying it is trying to coherently explain a dream to someone who doesn't. I edit the paragraph down to just a couple sentences. Something to the extent of: hey, had a cool dream of you. You were amazing, kudos to you!

      Something shitty like that. I'm reviewing those sentences and am thinking of how nice it would be to explain freely so that it's received without judgement or a label.

      When I actually wake up I'm deeply appreciative of him and while I've learned to diminish negative feelings from dreams--I haven't yet felt it worthwhile to shrug off positive feelings. I enjoy feeling happy :/ which is unwanted because I'd rather remain detached.

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    6. 11/21/15: Hot Sauce Insanity (Random)

      by , 11-23-2015 at 03:46 AM
      - Yeah, I dunno. I have nothing to say but the following:

      [Dream begins]:
      Driving with Ricky Remedy somewhere.

      Hot sauce on the rear windshield going on the roundabout.

      Something about loving someone more (fat version of LE; was in college) because their hot sauce was better.

      Two girls gave me their hot sauce, and one of them was sriracha so I knew I would love the other one.

      The frozen-air can that had a carbon chunk touching a metal plate on the bottom.

      Shoot it into a pool of hot sauce and you get serpents.

      Laughing at people swimming in the hot sauce and getting beat up by frozen-air-hot-sauce-serpents.

      [The dream fragments...]

      Dream interpreters... got any idea what this is about?
    7. What do we say to the god of dreams? Not Tonight (damnit)

      by , 11-22-2015 at 11:13 PM (Here be dragons)
      Recall still spotty, back still hurts. Even Eli couldn't digs up anything this time
      Tags: no recall
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    8. 11/20/15: 24 Hours to Death (Sad)

      by , 11-21-2015 at 03:30 PM
      - Although the dream itself was stressful and sad, when I woke up I was immensely relieved after a few moments.
      - First cohesive dream I've had in several days. All thanks to a good day and dream binging!

      [Plot 1 begins]:
      So I'm taking the SAT with a chemistry teacher. It's really informal, and we're talking about the questions when we got confused with them. I'm with a few other friends in the room (which seemed like a strange protrusion from H/A building). So we get to one of those questions and I decide I'll take a bathroom break. I get up and move into the empty hallways and I look over. There are these bunches of fire alarms grouped on the walls weirdly, and I notice that several of them have their plungers pulled (there were these strange toilet-plunger-like buttons that indicated if we were in a fire drill or not). Immediately I wondered if our sound wasn't working in this building.
      So I take the chance (better safe than sorry, right?) and go and pull one all the way out and follow my SAT group to the outdoors. We end up in a place that's a strange mix of the school and my house's lower area. There, the teacher tells us that our SAT is cancelled now, and he shows us the scores we would have gotten through this cool UI. I learn that mine was better than my old one, but it wouldn't be counted because it was cancelled.
      So we chill out outside and realize that they're going to do a witch hunt to try and find out who pulled the alarm, because there wasn't actually a fire.

      [Plot 2 begins]:
      I'm somewhere, and I've learned from my doctor that I only have less than 24 hours to live. There was something about driving through the forest... It's two thirty in the morning and I'm in my house. I'm wandering around trying to figure out what I should do. Should I send an email to all my contacts? Call J? Talk with my parents about my legacy? I scrambled around for a while trying to think.

      [There's more to it, but it all fragmented...]
    9. #158 - Murloc hunting / Supermarket / Raining

      by , 11-15-2015 at 10:19 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Murloc hunting
      I remember hunting murlocs (from WoW) with a dwarf who had a gun. He would shoot them and the whole dream kind of felt like a video game. I remember trying to kill a murloc before it reached me, it was running down these stairs and I was firing at it through these iron bars. It then rounded the corner and leaped at me and killed me (though it was like a video game death and I wasn't really connected to the feeling of dying).

      Dream experience: 2 (video game)
      Dream awareness: 1 (disconnected)

      Dream 2 - Supermarket
      I remember standing outside a supermarket which didn't resemble any I think I've seen in RL. There was a pedestrian crossing nearby and lots of cars going past. I was waiting for my friend Olly who had taken my backpack to the bag drop zone where you apparently leave your bags while you shop... Now that I think about it, this place kind of resembles the airport O_O. While waiting I looked around as I had heard the sound of a Morepork Owl hooting somewhere. I saw behind the window of the 4th floor in a nearby building an owl. It was just sitting there and I thought it may be stuck inside. I pointed it out to a couple people. My friend arrives back and I think we cross the crossing but I don't recall what happened after that.
      Next thing I know is that I'm heading to the bag drop area and I need to go take a leak. I head to the men's room and I have bare feet, I have to avoid puddles of 'water' ... I was pretty aware at this point as I ended up focusing in on the details of the floor to avoid the watery areas reflecting light. I saw some stairs heading up and figured that there would be less water on the ground.

      Dream experience: 4 (vivid, good hearing)
      Dream awareness: 3 (average recall, body awareness, some detail)

      Dream fragment
      I remember reaching into a cookie jar that resembled the one my parents had when I was a little kid. The cookies in it were the same as the ones I had found in the kitchen cupboard yesterday except there were 2 types. 1 was exactly the same as the one in real life, the other was the same type but much larger and flatter. I vaguely remember eating a big cookie and it tasted nice .

      Dream 3 - Raining
      I was talking to someone else who had started no PMO, I think it was my friend Daniel. He had told me about how it had affected him and all that. I then confessed to him that I, too, had started no PMO. I said that I had been on it for 32 days, and showed him the Brainbuddy app I was using. I felt like his entire reaction to this was kind of off. Like he wasn't reacting the way he should have been. The scene seems to change.
      I remember being in my bed in my parents house which exactly resembled the room I'm actually staying in. I was rolling around and fantasizing and trying to resist the urges of NoFap, until I realized that I was in this state. I immediately stopped myself and knew that I would need to bring myself to my senses and get out of my bed. I willed myself to sit up... I opened the curtains to my right and peered outside. The deck was right there (in reality the deck is a few metres to the left and doesn't reach my window), it was raining outside and my dad was sitting at a wooden table eating breakfast. It didn't occur to me that this was particularly weird. I opened a window and got his attention, we said good morning to each other. He said "it must be beautiful in there", referring to how warm and cosy my room was and how cold and wet it was outside. Even my windows had fogged up a bit from the heat and my room just felt warm.

      Dream experience: 5 (vivid, interesting, odd behaviours of characters)
      Dream awareness: 4 (vivid, good recall, good detail, attention to character behaviours)

      Notes: I need to reflect on how I rate dream awareness and I think I may do it to the 5 'layer's of lucidity. Whereas with dream experience I think I'll just go by how much I enjoyed the dream on a personal scale. I managed to get my recall back a little bit, I think tomorrow night I'll be able to get the standard clarity back and from there I'll work on getting lucid again.
    10. fake cedar tree, Photography

      by , 11-15-2015 at 04:14 PM
      I was in the living room with the fam and I was facing the fam except my dad was also on my side of the room. they were all watching the TV so it was kind of weird that I was facing the same way as the TV was. Anyway as I was sitting there rosemary and rachel and someone else were laying down facing away from the tv but kept looking back at it by leaning their heads back and rolling the eyes, I thought about how it would make a good picture if I could set them up for one and then out in the park I saw a little girl in childs pose and I thought she was meditating before she popped up suddenly and had been taking a photograph of the cotton wood, I then saw that some of our cedar trees in the back yard had died and been given the same color and coating as the ones at Wilderness Ridge only they had spikes that made them look like cedars. at this point I was no longer asleep but in the realm between, I thought of how in my backyard I was going to grow cedar tree's like a forest and then have a huge group of cottons woods in the middle of the clearing with aspens in the first rind and then husker oaks in the second ring and then the coolest tree (prolly a weeping williow in the middle with a clear pond and cool rock formations and the encouraged growth of vines and moss.
      non-lucid , memorable , side notes
    11. #157 - Genghis Khan

      by , 11-15-2015 at 07:59 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream - Genghis Khan
      I remember being on a grass hill with a large mountain outcropping in a steep cliff shooting upwards to my left. To my right there was another obstacle, likely another mountain. There was intense fighting going on with swords and stuff. I was far more powerful than the other warriors which were just grunts. I quickly disposed of a large handful of them, but one of them remained. He was Genghis Khan, a strong warrior who refused to give up and leave. He moves back down a slight slope towards a small wooden building about 20 meters away. Inside are two weapons, one is a kukri and I can't recall what the other one looked like. They were displayed as if they were treasures. He grabs the kukri and we fight I think.. He's still no match for me even though he was considered to have 'powered up'. I then said "Laters Genghis Khan, I'm going forever", but in the funniest voice. It sounded like something from a Disney cartoon which I intentionally put on for some reason, but it really made no sense.

      I've had to put on hold the DEILD attempts until I can get my recall back up. Dealing with those alarms with the addition of having to move back to the North Island.. Seems like it has impacted my recall ^_^
    12. The Horse & The Rider Analogy

      by , 11-13-2015 at 09:29 AM (MasterMind's EGO)
      Today while meditating I realized something about myself and my own practise that I need to type out for myself.

      Our mind, to put it simply, have two ways that it operates. One conscious and one unconscious system.

      This distinction has been brought up before by many great men and one of them was Plato's chariot analogy.

      And was first introduced to me in Jonathan Haidt's book "The Happiness Hypothesis".

      The concept is also analysed in the book "Thiking Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman.

      In other words we are both the rider (the conscious self) and the horse (the unconscious self).

      This is key knowledge to understand how to direct your life.

      Because if the horse is crazy it doesn't matter how skilled you are as a rider, you are still going to have a tough time being in control. Although if you are a rider who have no clue how to utilise the horse power then it will just be chaotic.

      However! If your horse is tamed and sane and the rider is smart and educated then it will be an amazing harmony.

      In our modern society we have forgotten this symbiotic relationship and we believe that we are just our conscious-self.
      For example we have a car and we control it or we have a body and we control it! WRONG!

      In my practise I have been very focused on the riding part, I have been trying to find the best method of inducing a lucid dream but wasn't very focused on how my state of mind and lifestyle affected me.

      Then I went the other extreme and was only focusing on the horse and only put attention on my mind and completely discarded the practise part.

      Now I have come to the conclusion that both is needed!

      Also to enjoy the process of both focusing on the unconscious and conscious part of myself is to unite the idea of both being and doing.

      So the practical summary of how to do this is: Focus on optimizing your unconscious behavior to your favor as much as possible, but even if it isn't perfect. For example you feel tired or unmotivated, take action anyway! In other words, you learn how to function automatically the best, but you also learn the process of priming yourself when you don't.

      Also a little side note. In my meditation I have been focusing on enjoying my breathing, but that is equivalent to going to the gym and focusing on enjoying getting dressed. It's a start yes but the true enjoyment is in the core action itself.

      The mindset for meditation should be to observe and explore one's awareness.

      And I have previously meditated for the benefits, and focusing on the breath and feeling good was still a great way to focus on the action and not the result, but it was still goal-oriented. To focus on observing and exploring the mind TRULY IS enjoying the core of meditation in itself.

      Really excited to implement these ideas to my practise!


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    13. #156 - Lord of the Rings / Pope / I screwed up a lucid

      by , 11-11-2015 at 11:12 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Lord of the Rings
      I'm with a group of about 7 warriors on a grass plain with a hill that rises up behind us and a couple other hills in front that are lower down. We had been fighting Uruk Hai and had won so far. I then looked at a member in our group scanning the hill behind us with binoculars. I look up too sensing that he had seen something. I saw a single outline atop the hill with a sword in hand. I instantly knew we were about to be attacked again, as slowly more figures began to line the edge of the hill. There must be a hundred or so Uruk Hai about to attack! I run back a little panicked, they started charging down the slope to engage in combat. I turn to the face the other direction, only to see more Uruk Hai pouring over the hills in that direction. We're surrounded. The dream has a game-like feeling as I approach a horse, I try and mount it but I can't! I open up a skill screen and look at my riding skill, it's level 0! Damn, I need at least level 1 to mount a horse. I think to myself how you have to be selective in choosing your stats in Mount & Blade as investing a small amount in some skills early will help.

      Dream fragment - pope
      I remember something about a pope in a very grand looking white stone courtyard.

      Note: I read Oreo's DJ last night (The Great Sphinx) and was really blown away. Such a cool dream. It affected my next dream a little ^_^

      Dream 2 - I screwed up a lucid
      I remember the house I was in was wooden with a white ceiling.. I somehow just remembered that I was dreaming and was like 'oh I should RC too'. I pulled the skin on my hand and it stretched out too far, bingo! I then kind of ran around happily thinking about what to do. The dream felt so stable and clear, I knew this dream would just last for ages and I felt like I could prolong it. I shouted 'Stabilize!' and the dream shook a little, losing clarity (oops) and then coming back into focus. I wasn't too bothered as I felt like the dream reaction was a positive one. I then wanted to travel to the desert and see the Sphinx like Oreo had done, so I decided to teleport. Hmm... How to do this? I ran outside, there was a small stream flowing and light green grass, it was night time. I willed myself to be transported to the desert, leaped into the air and fell backwards so that I would land on my back, then as I fell I closed my eyes and willed my body to be teleported. *Thud*. I collide on the ground, but it's warm and gritty. Sand?? I think to myself that it worked I try to open my eyes, but I can't. Oh ****... No, not again . I try and force my eyes open, and end up accidentally open my eyes in real life. My vision is all screwed up though and I see a skeletal-like head sitting next to my bed. Ugh what the hell? I can tell that I'm awake and having hallucinations, I try and reach up for it, but my real arm doesn't move and instead there's a pseudo arm that I feel reach out. I close my eyes again and I don't remember anything past that.

      I completely forgot that lucid dream until during my meditation I managed to rebuild it really slowly and in poor detail. I honestly feel like that would have been my longest lucid ever had I not screwed up that teleportation
    14. #155 - Exploring a tomb / Talking to my dad

      by , 11-10-2015 at 11:04 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Intensive DEILD attempt 5:

      My alarms proved a hassle again, they didn't go off properly. So annoying >_<. I do remember vaguely waking up at one point and rolling around confused though.

      I woke up at 2:30 after a pretty sexual dream but I can't recall it, I do know that I was in my bed in the dream though fighting off the urges for PMO I think?

      Dream 1 - Exploring a Tomb
      I remember walking into a sandstone tomb (imagine a place Indiana Jones would go), though perhaps with some modern attachments such as lights (but really old and powered by old dodgy electrical wiring). I walked down some stairs into a large room the stretched on for a while with a low ceiling. There were lots of sarcophagus' (sarcophagi?) in rows across the rooms, and along the walls were indents with pedestals holding burial urns. In my mind the idea of 'looting' the place like an RPG game occurs to me. I know that sometimes enemies can hide in the sarcophagus' (like mummies) which come out and attack you when you open the lid (ever played Nox?). Other people who are with me seem to be opening the lids a little too hastily, this makes me a little anxious and I decide to head out of the room and get the feeling that some mummies may be about to appear. I heading up the next flight of stairs to where the an Asian guy is sitting on a fold-out chair by the power box for the lights. Suddenly the lights cut out, shit. This is really bad because the people opening the containers downstairs could be in trouble if a mummy appears. The Asian guy isn't aware of the urgency of the situation. I think there's also maybe 2 other companions with me around this point (similar to the 2 who were with me the previous night chasing the Asian woman). One of them had seen 2 of 3 witches standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up at us from behind a wooden pillar that held up the building we were in. They were responsible for the light disappearing. At this time I was next to the Asian guy and was fiddling in my pockets for a little hand held light. He also produced a lighter, igniting a cigarette, the glow illuminating his calm face. I have my hand held light out and turn it on and point it at the power box. I say something to subtly enlighten the Asian guy to the potential direness of the situation "we should quickly get the lights back on, the people downstairs may need it". I think he manages to gets the lights back on, I walk over to by the stairs and look down to see the 2 witches behind the narrow wooden pillar. They're just... Looking at me? Weird. Creepy. I leave back to the power box but as I reach the 3rd witch appears now. Wow, what a beauty! She's floating there with a fur-lined coat, two white streaks that flow back through her black hair. She has a Cruella de Vil 'look' but is stunningly gorgeous and graceful instead of being crazy and ugly. I think I tried to catch her but she teleport away, then I tried jumping over the edge of the railing to get her. I managed to grab her but she swung back and teleported away, disappearing from my grip. I fall to the ground on the floor below and roll. I'm sitting with my legs stretched out in front of me and my hands behind me on the floor holding me up. "Damn, and I didn't even get her number" I say out loud, I feel slick as I say this and let out a *sigh*. I felt like I would see her again. I also felt really slick and smooth like a player or something lol...

      Dream 2 - Talking to my Dad (fragment)
      It's night at my parents house and I ask my dad if he wants to go to the gym or a surf in the morning. He tells me 'oh yeah sure' and says something about how he usually gets up at 6am. I readily agree that this is fine with me as I'm used to getting up early now (I seem to say this proudly as he usually has the impression that I'm not an early riser ).

      Both dreams were pretty nice, the first was quite cool. The second was nice because I'll finally be able to see my family again and I'll probably have that same conversation but in waking life
    15. 11/8/15: Mirrors and DreamViews! (Lucid)

      by , 11-10-2015 at 04:50 AM
      - I felt a bit flustered throughout the whole dream.
      - I may or may not have woken up before this dream to mantra... it's hard to remember when this dream came in the night. I'm pretty sure I woke up around 5 or 6 and thought about getting lucid then.
      - I kinda felt like I had tunnel vision the whole time.

      [Enter dream]:
      So I'm in this apartment in LA or San Fran, I'm not sure. I just know I was in a dry area of California. I look out the window up the dusty street and look along the other apartments. It was a pleasant day. I look back into my room (devoid of furniture), and I saw this brown/black greyhound roaching (writhing around) on the beige carpet against the wall. I go and look at it, and think to myself "Wait, the only greyhound I ever saw was... I'M DREAMING!!" [ENTER LUCIDITY]
      I immediately start thinking of things to do. The first thing that comes to mind was to hop into Baron's Lucid Urth. I've never been able to force a change in setting before, so I considered jumping through a window or something to escape (I believe Baron recommended this?). I found this double-paned window above the door and figured I'd try jumping through it. I smacked it and fell over. I decided I wouldn't try that again tonight.
      I scrambled around a little bit more trying to figure out what I should do. I remembered that people had experienced interesting things when looking in a mirror in a dream. I ran to my room and looked into the mirror, knowing that what I see may make me want to wake up. Instead, I saw this ridiculous, practically comical distortion of myself. My neck was a foot long, and my face was smushed around in really strange ways. Totally worth it - 10/10 would look again.
      Then I grab my laptop IN THE DREAM and I open up DreamViews to look up what other people saw, and the consensus was that yes, distortions are normal, and there was a collage of pictures of people's distorted faces that didn't quite fit on the screen.

      [The dream fragments...]
      lucid , memorable , side notes
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