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    1. March 29, 2011: "Through The Solid Countertop", "The Chinese Exam", "The Assassins"

      by , 03-30-2011 at 07:58 PM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)

      Dream 1: Through The Solid Countertop

      There were flashes of my dad in the earliest part...

      I was in front of a black counter. It was more like a wooden shelf rather than a kitchen counter. Below the counter were shelves for storage. This place contained a lot of foods. Some of the foods were stuff I was cooking. Other stuff was packaged in cans and boxes. Some of the food was on top of the counter and other foods were on the shelves below it. Other people were here with me. Somehow and for some reason, I pushed a can through the top of the counter. It went through the counter itself and landed on the shelf below.

      I considered this somewhat strange, but really didn't pay much attention to it. I did this several times with different foods. Then I looked at the shelf below it and wondered if it would start getting messier and disorganized.

      Something about playing a card game with others...

      Dream 2: The Chinese Exam

      Two or three rows of desks surrounded the teacher.

      I was seated in the middle of the first row. A was sitting to my left. I think I saw O to my right behind me. We were going to take an exam and it was going to be Chinese. However, instead of writing characters, sentences and paragraphs, it was going to be a multiple choice test taken on a scantron sheet.

      I talked to A for a bit. She told me her actual name was Louise. Originally, when she told me her name was A (in waking life), she was just tricking me and not giving me the real information. We continued to speak for a little while.

      "Cuz you told me A was your name, that's what I think of when I see you. No matter what, you're always gonna be A to me."

      It didn't feel like Louise was her name. It felt like it was a name, but not hers. There was no attachment in my eyes from the name Louise and her real name. I just could not and did not accept it.

      She bought a scantron sheet on the spot for 10 dollars. It was like buying something when hitting pause on a video game. As if you could access a market from wherever you were. I decided to buy a scantron as well, as I figured that we had to buy them for the exam. Our teacher passed out the exams. This included the question packet and a scantron sheet. The scantron sheet she gave us looked much more professional. The ones A and I bought looked sort of cartoonish. Disappointed that we bought them for nothing, I wondered if I could return the sheet and get a refund on it.

      We took the exam and A finished her exam first. She turned it in to the teacher. During the exam, I felt compelled to talk to her, but I didn't want to be accused of cheating, so I didn't. As she got up to the leave her seat after turning the exam in, I started to talk to her. We talked about different things for a little while.

      I finished my exam and turned it in. I turned to face the exit behind the rows of desks. I saw her sitting with O. O was talking to her. Was he hitting on her? I considered doing a little bit of interference...

      Dream 3: The Assassins

      Stuff happened...Fuzziness...

      My home's living room. I was in my home in Philly. My dad was there. We were talking about something related to revenue and finances.

      "Don't worry," he told me. "I have a couple billion coming in soon..."

      I heard this, but it took me several seconds to grasp what he was saying.

      "Wait. What!? Billions!?" I asked and man was I shocked.

      He didn't respond. He was trying to avoid my question.

      My dad had just told me he was going to make several billion dollars in a couple of days. How in the hell could someone just make billions of dollars like that? It was too strange. It came out of nowhere and my dad wasn't in the midst of a business venture or anything. He was still going to his full time job. What had changed?

      His avoidance of the question. He didn't want me to know how he was going to make that much money.

      I figured it out. My dad was going to make billions of dollars - illegally. He must have made some arrangements and was going to receive the money soon. I was afraid one of two things would happen. He would either be scammed and betrayed by his co-criminals, or he would actually make the billions and become a leader of criminals. Kind of like a kingpin.

      "Illegally!?" I exclaimed. "Are you going to make billions of dollars illegally!?"

      I tried to make him regret what he did, whatever it was. Like a father scolding a child, I wanted him to understand that what he must have done was wrong. I felt as if he hid these shady business type things from us for years. I was really upset and sad. We argued and argued.


      I was in my bed upstairs in the same house. I was on my twin bed and my brother was on his twin bed in the same room. The bedroom was totally dark. It was nighttime. The door was open, and light pierced in from the hallway. It was bright and fluorescent.

      Two strangers were outside in the hallway. They were speaking either to each other or my dad.

      Assassins. They had to be assassins.

      I think one looked like the actor Gary Cole.

      The other one gave off a vibe that was geekier. They both felt dangerous. As if their intentions were to get what they needed and kill us if they had to. They were trying to get information from us about somebody or something. Death felt like a constant threat. I was terrified, but I wasn't gonna let these fuckers get what they wanted and I wasn't gonna let them kill anyone in our family...


      Slight hints towards interrogation?

      More interacting with these assassins.


      It was the next day. My parents, my brother and I were headed to a family dinner at my aunt's house. It sort of reminded me of a Thanksgiving dinner. However, I was not at all happy. More than anything, I was truly sad. I had trouble holding back the tears. I felt completely and utterly betrayed by my father for what he was involved with.

      I led our family to our aunt's house. I realized that my eyes looked red and teary because of the crying. I considered hiding the fact that I was crying by trying to wipe my eyes. However, I remembered that in Pineapple Express, it was pointed out that you can sometimes tell when a person is crying. So instead of trying to hide it, I decided to pretend to act like a selfish angry rebellious teenager. I didn't want to bring our true issues to the dinner. I wanted it to stay between my father and I.

      I rung the doorbell. My oldest cousin opened the door to let us in. I made an angered face as I walked in and pretended to be arguing with my dad about something. I said hi to my cousin and my grandpa as well as others there. My cousin pointed my facial expressions out and asked if I was furious. I sort of acknowledged him and nodded. Then I walked to the kitchen...

      ...I went upstairs to the bathroom. The door was closed and the toilet was flushing by itself. I could hear it from the outside. Somehow, I knew no one was in there. I walked in and hit the flush lever to see if it would stop acting weird. It started flushing extremely and overflowing the room. I thought it was really strange, so I stopped trying to flush. I didn't want to overflow the house with water.

      Downstairs everybody was getting ready to eat...

      ...I was watching a video on the computer. The main layout of the webpage was a light turquoise. The embedded video itself looked like it was 14 minutes or seconds long. The number 14 was there in the seeker bar. I played the video and saw Danny McBride's head on top of a white background. It was somewhat pixelated like a character in an old video game. The video simply consisted of him talking, but the mouth was like a cut out mouth. His bottom jaw would move up and down like a cheap animation. He was facing slightly towards the right of the screen.

      As the video played, all of a sudden the image switched from Danny McBride to a compilation of random frames. I couldn't make out any of the images that flashed. They played by too fast. I tried to move the seeker to the part of the video that contained the flashes of random images. However the preview didn't load the images up. I had to let it play through that part of the video again. This meant I would have to be exact and keep clicking play and pause to stop on the quick frames. I paused right before the stream of random images and hit play. This time however, it played slowly, almost frame by frame. On the seeker, I saw numbers like 14, 14.773, 14.775, etc. The video was being played at a much slower rate.

      In each of these dreams, I realized something was off. Dream 1 - The way the cans went through the countertop. Dream 2 - A vs. Louise and what I thought was really her name. Dream 3 - When my dad said he was going to get several billion, I feel like I almost connected the dots, but I came to the wrong conclusion. Instead of dream, I thought illegal actions. I feel like I am starting to connect the dots in my dreams.

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    2. Update: March 23, 2011 - March 26, 2011

      by , 03-28-2011 at 03:59 AM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)
      The previous entries from March 23, 2011 - March 26, 2011 have been added as notes. As I find time, I will update them to match the format all my dream journal entries have, however, I've been incredibly busy. I usually prefer to write as much detail as possible every morning when I wake, however it should be noted that the details may not be as clear in these entries because I am writing them from what I remember (and based on the notes I wrote) days ahead of the night the dream occurred.

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    3. March 21, 2011: "The Dangerous Road To Campus"

      by , 03-23-2011 at 01:51 AM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)
      March 21, 2011
      The Dangerous Road To Campus


      My brother and I were in a grocery store. I think it was Walmart, except everything had a beige and brown color instead of a white and blue type atmosphere. We were buying items and different things. I went and picked up a nearby gallon of milk. Wondering if I was allowed to start drinking it and pay later, I decided to open it. I started to drink from the gallon and my brother got a little bit nervous. An employee was walking near us, so I hid the gallon of milk. That way, we wouldn't be spotted with an open unpaid for item. I finally decided to just drink the entire thing quickly.

      We paid for our stuff and left the store. Outside, it was already becoming night. There were few cars in the parking lot. It seemed pretty empty.

      Thinking back, the entire store was pretty much empty except for my brother and I as well as a few employees.


      Philadelphia. I found myself with my family inside of our house in Philly. Outside, it was cloudy and the atmosphere contained a bluish dark tinge to it. It must have been simply a cloudy morning. All of my brother and my belongings were packed in boxes and bags which were placed in the living room. I owned a ton of textbooks. Many of them were in boxes and bookbags.

      Earlier, I bought a Chinese 004 textbook. It resembled my waking life's Linear Algebra textbook, except the content was Chinese material. I was retaking Chinese 004 because the advanced classes (specifically 006 aka Chinese 402) was too advanced for me. But then I remembered that I chose not to sell the book I originally had when I first took 004 in the past because I wanted to study from it. Thus, I bought the new Chinese 004 textbook for nothing. I was really disappointed. I wasted some money. The back of the new Chinese book had a sticker price with a bar code on it which read something around 50 dollars. I wasted 50 dollars.

      A sadness existed in the atmosphere of the house. There was that vibe permeating the house and everyone of us there- my parents, brother and I. My brother and I were leaving. We started to put all of our belongings in the trunk of my mom's car. This is unusual because in waking life, we always use my dad's car to travel long distances.

      Something about a broken TV or appliance that my mom had set her eyes on in the house. We had to wait for her to be ready to leave with us. We started to drive around the local area to get the car gassed up and be sure everyone of us was ready to go. However, I realized I didn't have everything I wanted to bring with me. My Zune and my soldering iron were still at our house. I was sort of nervous from his potential response in going back to the house, but I tell him that we should go back anyway. He didn't seem very happy when I told him, but we go back home. Originally, I had only intended to get those few supplies that I left behind earlier. But when we walked back inside of the house, I realized that I had only placed one box of books in the trunk of the car. Everything else was still inside the living room!

      We packed everything in the living room and then got ready to leave. This is where the dream became REALLY strange.

      On the ride to campus, it was as if two realities were occurring at the same time. It was really weird, but I recall these happening parallel to each other. In the first, my mom was with us in the car on the drive to campus. In the second, we left her back at home, and it was just my dad, my brother and I in the car.

      The First Reality

      My mom was with us in the car. She sat in the passenger seat. My brother and I were in the backseats. We were all driving towards campus and trying to figure out the best quickest route to get their. It was a normal drive. My mom helped my dad in navigating. He drove and she gave the directions when they were needed. Before we knew it, we were on campus.

      The Second Reality

      We left my mom back in Philly at the house. She wasn't happy and she was trying to find a way to get to us. Maybe it wasn't her, however. It was pretty fuzzy.

      After some time driving, weird stuff started to happen. Someone wanted to catch up with us, but it was not my mom. It was something that gave off a negative dark vibe. A sort of dark energy that caused a fear and anxiety despite the long distance between us and it. We had to keep moving, otherwise it would catch up. Unfortunately, the car stopped working in the middle of the road. We found ourselves stuck in a road which was centered between a small mountain-like hill towards our left, and a HUGE dirt field undergoing some sort of construction to the right. The dirt field contained an impossibly tall excavator construction vehicle.

      I walked up to it, and looking up at it, I felt overwhelmed. There were buttons on the outside of the vehicle and I was curious as to what they did. I pressed one of the buttons and it brought that shovel part up and down. It the vertical movement button.

      The three of us leave the dirt field and start walking towards the mountain-like hill. It was pure rock, but there was a sort of path on the side of the hill. We decided to follow it and see where it led. As we head towards that hill path, a woman walked up to the excavator and powered it off. I figured she didn't want anyone else messing around with it. When I saw her, I noticed how cute she was. I was also genuinely curious as to what was going on there at the construction site. I considered asking her, but ultimately we had to keep moving. We had a goal, and we had to stick by it. So we walked towards that hill path.

      More fuzziness.

      We managed to get back to campus.

      As soon as we arrived on campus, the realities merged. There was just one reality again.

      Merged Realities

      Darkness was everywhere. I was in a theater and a show was being performed on stage. Looking around I saw my friends B, M, O and my brother sitting in the same row with me. We were seated somewhere around the 5th row. It was around 5pm and the show was going to end soon. The show appeared to give off an intense vibe of energy. As I watched, I realized that it was concluding. Soon, the show ended. Another performance was going to take place a few minutes afterwards. Anyone could stay if they wanted to. My group of friends were going to leave, but then the new show started. I sort of wanted to stay. The guy who came out to perform was the actor Ryan Phillipe. Except he was referred to by everyone as Daniel Tosh. He simply had the appearance of Phillipe. We watched him perform some music and comedy for a bit. It was fun to watch. Afterwards, we made our way out of the theater.

      Yet again, fuzziness.

      This Tosh/Phillipe guy ened up being one of my professors. My group of friends and I had a 6:30pm class with him. Somehow, we were in Philadelphia at the local PNC bank atm. The atm was located right outside the bank and my friends and I were waiting in line to use it. That was when I noticed that Tosh/Phillipe was in front of us actually using the atm withdrawing some cash.

      "What if people knew this famous guy was our professor AND a comedian who performed his comedy bits on campus regularly. That'd be awesome!" I thought to myself.

      We were up to something, and it was going to cause us to be late to our 6:30pm class with him. I figured that since he was there, I should ask him if we'd get penalizaed.

      "Hey, if we get to our class like 15 minutes after it starts, will we be penalized?" I asked.

      "Ummm. I won't mind, but the r-[something I forgot] woman might. In fact she will probably get upset, so you should ask her," he responded.

      I didn't know who this woman was.

      More and more fuzziness.

      I'm back on campus with my brother and we're running away from something. We are in some building which very slightly resembles my high school's main central hall but barely.

      "The person chasing us is possessed!" I considered.

      My brother and I came up with an awesome plan to avoid being caught by the evil woman who was chasing us. We had to make her thing that my brother was chasing me. For some reason, if this happened, she would stop chasing us herself. I'd rather not be in danger from being caught by an evil possessed woman so I decided to follow this plan. My brother gave me a head start and I started to run. A couple of seconds later, he started to run after me. He chased me all over the building. The woman sort of lagged behind and just started observing us. She didn't need to run after us anymore. Thus, the both of us were safe. We even managed to have her lose track of us.

      We were still running all over the building, up different floors and everything. At one point, I opened a door to a stairwell. I saw that it was a sort of square spiral staircase and almost decided to jump 3 floors down. I looked over the railing. As I did that, one random person ran up from behind my brother and I. This person just just jumps over the railing without looking. I watch the person as he falls and he manages to maneuver through the air and land at the set of stairs right below us- three floors down! I thought that what I had just seen was awesome, amazing and impossible!

      I almost follow him and jump myself. But after really observing how far down three floors was, I decided against it. We ran all the way downstairs. We nearly take a break and are literally next to each other sort of talking when the woman popped out of nowhere. I started running again, my brother chasing me about 1 foot behind me. We were hoping she wouldn't realize we were tricking her with our faux chase. I kept running and headed upstairs to the central hall. The central hall was a light blueish color with a set of stairs that led to the upper floor right in the middle.

      There were a lot of people hanging out in the central hall. There was some sort of fair or something going on. Everyone started staring and pointing towards something. It seemed to be introduced as the r-[something] genie. I looked at the direction everyone was focussing on and saw the huge genie from Aladdin.

      He was floating around in the air. The r word that I cannot recall seemed to imply that he was now a solid physical being as opposed to a wispy ghost type entity. It was similar to saying "The genie with borders." I ran up the stairs, jumped up and tried to touch him. He was like a balloon, but very stretchy. I couldn't figure out if he was real or not. Was he basically a balloon, or was he an actual living entity?

      The last of the fuzziness. Then I woke up.

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    4. March 21, 2011: No Dream Recall

      by , 03-22-2011 at 11:11 AM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)
      If stress can kill recall, then that explains why I have been having trouble remembering dreams lately. Last night (March 20th) I didn't sleep at all. I decided to stay up all night as I wanted to do my best on my exam the next morning. It was a midterm and I didn't do so hot on my first exam because I decided to wing it. Hahaha that was definitely a terrible decision, so that only added to the pressure this time around for me.

      I came back from classes around 3pm (after I took the exam) and fell asleep. At one point around 5pm, I woke up and quickly jumped out of bed. I saw my alarm clock which read something like 5:27pm. Immediately, I proceeded to panic. I had COMPLETELY forgotten that I went and took the midterm already and this memory sort of eluded me for half a minute. For those 30 seconds I completely and entirely believed that I fell asleep and had JUST woken up. I believed that I had missed my exam! I started freaking out about what the hell I should do now that I missed a midterm.

      "No! I couldn't have overslept. That's not like me (on days of severe and critical tests...)" I thought to myself.

      Then it hit me...slowly...

      "Wait!" I told myself. "I was awake earlier. I was awake around one...then I went to my class...AND I TOOK MY EXAM OH THANK GOD!"

      I was SOOO relieved when I remembered that I already took the midterm and I probably got an awesome grade because I understood most of the questions. After sharing this story with a couple of buddies who I live with, I went back to sleep.

      I slept and slept and slept and finally woke up at around 10:30pm. For some reason, I got the feeling that I had 3 long dreams. 3 dreams that I should have been capable of remembering as they were on the tip of my tongue. It felt like my mind was on the verge of just remembering everything. But I couldn't. Even lying there I let the stress flow because it was already there when I woke up. I was so lazy and it was the easiest thing to do because I didn't have to think about it.

      I want to read about more about dream recall now. I never really associated it with stress. I just figured some nights it would be off and others it would be incredibly vivid. Hahaha, that's it for now...

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    5. March 14, 2011: "Dreamviews User Defense", "The Creepy Goblin"

      by , 03-15-2011 at 06:55 PM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)

      Dream 1: Dreamviews User Defense

      Someone on Dreamviews posted a thread asking a question. Another person replied and said they didn't like him because of the way he sounded. I read through the OPs text and they said "ya" a lot. I then saw his country flag by his username. I became confused about whether the replier meant in real life or on the forum (vocal vs. text). I wanted to defend the OP and say "ya" a lot in my reply.

      Dream 2: The Creepy Goblin

      One of the semi popular fraternities had just had its charter revoked. The brotherhood was trying to rebuild itself by becoming a service fraternity of some sort. There were holding rush events in order to try and recruit new members and I decided I was interested. I decided to head to all of their rush events and meet the brothers.

      I left my dorm leaving my computer on like I always do in waking life. I started walking through campus. Clouds lined the entire sky. It was still day time, but it was some time in the late after noon. As I walked down the sidewalk I was on, I saw a huge group of people by several tables. I went to see what was going on. When I got there, I saw to of my friends J1 and J2. J2 was shorter than he is in waking life, but no doubt about it, it was J2. I tried to talk to J1, but he wasn't responding. I actually became frustrated at this. It was time to show them I could hold my own at such an event.

      I walked up to the tables and saw that there were 3 brothers from the revoked charter fraternity. They were sitting down and there were pamphlets and other things on the table. Most of the other students rushing were just getting the information and then left. I decided to ask each of the brothers questions and try to get to know them real quick. I'm not really very shy, only in some situations, so I figured this would go smoothly. I asked them when there next rush event would be or something like that. The most important question I asked was what type of fraternity they have now that it is no longer a social frat- is it service, business, etc? These were the classifiers used on campus.

      They started to argue with me about what I had just asked, saying how disrespectful not knowing that is. They then proceeded to flip tables and go nuts. Some of the brothers went under the table to hide and one of these brothers held onto my leg, trying to trick me or prevent me from leaving or something. I couldn't quite figure it out.

      A couple of us rushers started to flip the tables to reveal the hiding brothers. There was then a vibe that came from the brothers which said we did the right thing. Dramatically, they canceled the rush event right then and there, citing they were really upset or something. Deciding to leave, I walked out to go back to my room. I saw a brother walking in the same direction. I spoke with him despite his attempts to end conversation with me. Miscommunication? Was that what had happened earlier? This is something I considered as I remembered an important lesson that applied to my life several times- most arguments and hurt feelings are caused by miscommunication and misunderstandings. Simply sorting it out would solve most problems. I asked him what the hell it was that offended them. He told me that because I didn't know where the house was the brothers felt disrespected. I told him I didn't ask WHERE but WHEN!? I managed to get him to doubt himself and I just left it at that.

      As I walked back to my room, I saw my friend R walking in the same direction. I catch up to her because she was ahead of me and we discuss the rush event I just came back from. As we walked, the sky grew darker and it became night. We walked to my room. She sat down on my computer. We talked for a while, mostly about the rush event.

      Fuzziness. There was a creepy small monster goblin like humanoid. Blur. A much bigger monster like troll was with him. Transition. We were attempting something. Night. Inner city. Scenes were changing. Those are the words that describe what happened as best as I can remember.

      Green glass surrounded us. We were on a very steep hill. In fact, it was almost a cliff. I climbed up to see what was at the top. When I reached up and lifted my head above the edge, I saw a road that curved. We were at the center of the curve. A car then just whooshed right past me! I looked to my right and saw some sort of scarecrow. It was propped up to poke out so the drivers could see it, get distracted, and fly off the cliff. The road was not very big. There were two lanes, but the edge was completely exposed. Anyone could easily fall off it.

      There were four of us on that steep hill. My brother and I were there, my brother on my right side. Further beyond him was a very short creepy goblin type creature. And even further beyond him was a huge troll wearing some sort of defensive type clothing. The leader was definitely the goblin. I remembered that we saw these two in different places earlier. One of these earlier places looked like the outside alleyway of a nightclub.

      The goblin knew we were dreaming. He wanted to see what he was capable of in the dream. Hell, I knew we were dreaming. But I was not aware. It felt like another dream. My brother and I wanted to escape the goblin and every time we even tried, he found a way to stop us. The weird creepy guy grew tentacles right there at the cliff to keep anyone from escaping. They looked like plant vines which were very strong. He had the capability to control them as if they were limbs.

      The goblin wanted to try out some weird sexual stuff that wasn't really sexual. The fucker took my brother and put him in some sort of container away from us. Going into third person, I saw my brother in the container as a sort of silhouette. The monster got in and tried to pierce mental energy through him. Was this supposed to be sexual? Something about him becoming a woman was considered. We have had enough of this creepy goblin, so we actually managed to escape.

      Fuzziness again. We were in my room on campus. We were safe for now. However, we felt that they were looking for us, so we were pretty frightened. There was something different about my room. There was a presence here that wanted to aid us in something. I looked around my room and noticed something. Someone, I don't know who, who I felt give a vibe that she was my friend was on the floor. She had a gun pointing right at her head. It was strapped to some sort of head machinery. It was something right out of a Saw movie. There was some sort of wind up timer on it. I felt devastated. I had to figure out how to get it off of her before the gun went off.

      Unfortunately, I could see no way of getting the gun away from her. Something strange then happened. This presence that wanted to aid us did something. It provided help by moving several objects towards a specific area of the floor. It was like there was a magnet below the floor that pulled these items to it. That area of the floor seemed familiar as something else had pointed me there earlier. I pulled out the carpet and broke the floor below it. Inside was a small black box. I opened the box and saw that it held a ring. The ring had a huge light purple gem. I then closed the box again.

      We took the closed box with the ring to the girl. As we got near her, she tried to take the box from me. She managed to get a hold of it and tried to throw it out in order to lose it! It was as if she were possessed. Whoever or whatever had control of her was making her try to kill herself! I took the box back from her and pulled out the ring. I knew that as soon as the reflected light from the purple gem hit her eyes, something would happen. She was facing my brother who was now across from me. So I threw the ring to my brother so that he could make her look at the gem. Once he showed her the ring, her possession appeared to have stopped. Something happened to her eyes, as if something left her. The ring had some sort of power that appeared to have helped this girl.

      Fuzziness again...

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    6. March 11, 2011: "Escaping The Vampire Thugs", "An Old Friend"

      by , 03-12-2011 at 11:24 PM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)

      Dream 1: Escaping The Vampire Thugs

      I was in a yard somewhere. A structure was in front of me. I observed it and saw that it was a swing set without the actual swings. The top metal bar was painted red and the poles that went into the ground to lay the foundation were painted white.

      The inverse of this was in my dream. Top bar red, other poles white.

      I realized it was the very swing set I had in my backyard when I was growing up in waking life. I was facing the swing set. Beyond me were a group of people and a house even further beyond them. I saw that these people included my parents, my cousins, my aunt and uncle, as well as my brother. There were also some vampires with us. We were all standing in this backyard together which turned out to be my dream uncle's backyard. One tough looking vampire looked like the wrestler Triple H. He was wearing a black leather jacket and did not look very happy. He was the leader of the group of vampires or possibly some sort of interrogator. Either way, I'm not too sure if the other vampires stayed because ultimately, it was just him interacting with us.

      The swing set had two hooks embedded on the top bar. The vampire leader was right in front of this swing set facing the other people. I was behind the swing set watching him talking to everyone, his back to me. He was looking for something, maybe information. I can't recall what very well. All of a sudden, he wanted to hang someone on the hooks using the skin on that person's back. For some strange reason, he expected me to happily volunteer, and funnily enough, that is exactly what I did. He helped prop me up and the hooks pierced the skin on my back. I was hanging on those hooks with nothing holding me up except my back skin! Everyone was looking at me as this vampire leader said something to them. I felt no pain. During this entire time, I felt like I could not actually process what was going on. I was simply a zombie doing what he wanted me to do in order for him to find whatever he needed to find. As I looked down at him and the my family, it appeared he was not getting what he wanted.

      I was taken down from the hooks and I walked over towards the crowd of my family to watch the vampire leader speak again. Shortly after, I saw a strange metallic box above the hooks. It resembled something between a microphone and a shredder. It was silver and had curved edges- a "round" square. The vampire leader was hoping I'd willingly put myself through whatever this thing was. I started to follow his expectations, however I did so thinking I was going to be put up on the hooks again. When I saw this metallic box, I felt fear and sensed danger. This was enough to snap me out of what was happening, and I refused.

      My cousin, M, ran up towards my dad and my uncle (her dad). She had a look of mild accusation on her face and she said that they were either drug dealers or gangsters. Everyone took a couple of seconds to process what she had just said. When everyone appeared to have understood, including me, we all felt terror- as if something dangerous were about to happen. All of us immediately ran inside the house. When we went in, I saw that the house's first floor resembled my waking life fraternity house's first floor.

      The vampire leader did not follow us in. When we were inside, several of us laughed at M's "stupidity." We walked further in to the adjacent living room, and my parents followed me. There were couches spread along the walls, and I sat down on one. I considered going to the bathroom while waiting for the others to enter the living room. Looking around, I saw that the walls were a glossy wooden design. The bathroom was upstairs towards my left from where I was sitting. I "remembered" having gone to the bathroom earlier.

      All of a sudden, the house changed. It became my uncle's "real" house (it actually resembled his waking life house a lot more, but there were still a lot of things different about the dream's house). I found myself in a small single person couch in the a corner. To my left was the entrance to a cozy, ivory color-carpeted, fluorescent lit basement. This basement strongly resembled my very good friend, P's house's basement. My baby cousin, N, was in there playing with toys. I was in a glossy hardwood floored living room which was dimly lit. I noticed that it was night outside. My parents were sitting on the couches to my right.

      Thinking about it, this house was a mixture of my uncle's real waking life house and P's waking life house.

      A maid came out from somewhere and I "remembered" that my aunt and uncle had recently hired her. The single couch I was sitting on was blocking the entrance to the basement and she needed to get through, so I let her pass. She was hispanic. I wondered about what her lifestyle must be like. It seemed as if she had to be here whenever she was needed. It didn't seem very positive.

      I walked downstairs and saw my aunt cooking food or something in a little area right next to the stairwell. There was a sink there. I remembered I receive a bowl of some sort of strange food. There were like spaghettis or noodles or something similar in the bowl. However, on each strand of spaghetti, there was one or more little paper stickers. They were oval shaped. I ate without paying attention to them and as I chewed I noticed all these little paper oval stickers in my mouth along with the noodles. I spit it out and looked at it. That's when I realized that the stickers were a part of the actual food. It didn't exactly make perfect sense to me, but then I just accepted it.

      I noticed my parents to my left somewhere in the basement with N.

      I found an exit in the basement somewhere and walked outside. The outside sort of resembled a cul-de-sac.

      When I got outside, I saw that I was on a corner curve. I must have went to a party or I must have drank some alcoholic beverages with the family. I am not very sure because my memory got fuzzy here. I just remember being outside again and was mildly intoxicated. To my left is a sort of canopy tent. There are two or so people under it sitting down relaxing. Towards my right was the front of my uncle's house.

      I walked up to the house, and right before I reached the front, I noticed a purple car which resembled a hummer. There were four people inside of it causing a ruckus. I managed to avoid being spotted by them. They looked like they were planning to cause some sort of trouble with my family- they were looking straight at the house and they had appeared angry. I remembered about the basement exit, so that was how I got back inside.

      These thugs walked up to the front entrance and started banging on the door loudly. They wanted someone to come outside. My aunt, M, told me to ignore and avoid it. I did exactly that. I walked upstairs to the living room in order to check on their disturbance myself. Eventually, we the entire family and I went to the basement. There was one man with us who I did not recognize. I thought it was somewhat strange but figured someone else must have known him, so I let it go.

      The basement now had glossy wood walls and was smaller. The carpet was still the same bright ivory color. The basement had a bathroom of its own. There were 5 or so stairs that led up to a door which was the bathroom's entrance. My grandpa was inside. I think my aunt or my mom was waiting for him to come outside, I can't really remember.

      One of the guys, either my uncle or the random dude that appeared out of nowhere "unlocked" one of the wood walls and revealed an inner wall with a small arsenal of weapons. Mostly I noticed guns, but the guns did not look exactly right. They were different than waking life guns. Still, the essential function was the same. Seeing these, I started to suspect my dad and my uncle were in on some dealings with some shady people, just like my cousin, M, accused them of earlier.

      I noticed that there was an open entrance to a brightly lit area to the right of the arsenal of weapons. I walked in and noticed a HUGE room. It was something like a boiler room, except it didn't look creepy. It was very well lit with bright white lights and it was rather clean. In front of me was a narrow long dark gray path. There were other paths that allowed you to turn. Bordering the paths were very tall fence like structures. At the base of each fence were blue type walls that laid the foundations for the fences/gates. They were impenetrable. Each of these gate-like structures surrounded what looked like sand. There was machinery inside above the sand as well.

      Blueprint of the boiler room. Also shows the paths my dad and my brother and I took when we were finding a way out.

      There were some huge pipes lining the blue base walls of the fences. Occasionally, steam would escape the pipes. My brother and I walked around exploring the place. We followed the first straight path ahead, and noticed there were two ways to go from there. We could make a turn to the right, or go straight ahead. If we made a turn to the right, there would be another turn to the left available up ahead. Following that path, you could make another right up ahead. This turn, however was being blocked by something and we considered it a dead end. If it hadn't been blocked, you could enter some sort of tunnel.

      We returned to the basement, and I saw that my dad had some of the weapons ready. C, a very old friend, was there as well. In waking life, I haven't talked to him in years. He held some sort of strange looking handgun. I told him not to play with that because it was not a toy. He casually pointed it at me playing around. I managed to take the gun from him, but something shot out of it. It was like a ball of fire or two. It was slowly making its way to the boiler room and I followed it. Somehow, I knew that the steam was flammable, so my brother I proceeded to stomp on the fireballs. They stopped moving. I noticed that the fire was burning paper balls. We made sure that nothing sparked up into the steam leaks.

      My dad and some other person, possibly my cousin M or L, walked into this boiler room. He decided to use it as a means to get outside with his weaponry. My brother and I decided we should follow to make sure everyone stays safe. We intended to not make that first right and instead head straight up. He walked straight, made the right and we followed realizing where he was going to walk towards- that tunnel.

      I decide to climb the obstacle and just cut through to our original intended destination and my brother followed. When we got to the corner of the path, we noticed a hole in the corner of the gate. I looked to see what was beyond the gate. The sand in this "box" formed a diagonal path which led to another hole in the other corner of the gate. Beyond that, we knew it led outside. If we could manage to get outside through THIS exist, we could see if the thugs were still there without being spotted by them.

      Note: The above blueprint shows the exact directions we walked, as well as the locations of the machinery, the fence borders, the gates with the holes and the sand path.

      None of us were actually frightened. We were just dealing with this annoying disturbance caused by the thugs. We run through this sand path, my brother in front of me. He throws some of the sand pebbles at me, and I throw some back. The point being that the sand pebbles were strange. The whole place was unusual. I remember wishing I had my digital camera with me so I could have taken photos of this entire place. Especially the weird sand pebbles. It just felt like an awesome adventure and I loved it. I wished I could have somehow been able to take photos of it with me. Hell, I loved it soooo much because I felt like I was finally doing what I have wanted to do my entire life (in waking life as well). I have always wanted to go and explore the world and have fun doing so. Essentially, having adventures! I was doing that and it felt great!

      We crossed the sand path, go through the gate, and managed to get outside. We were on the curved corner of the cul-de-sac again. I decided to cross the street to get a much better view of the front of the house which was located somewhere towards the left of us. I remember thinking how we could easily just get all of us to escape in case the worst should happen. I felt safe. We looked at the front of the house and it didn't look like the purple car was still there.

      Something strange happened right there. Everything went hazy and blurry and all I saw in my field of vision was a forum post. For some reason, I considered the forum post outdated. It was a response to the situation where the gun was used. All I can remember reading was "Jesus and Chloe." I knew that it was referencing the character "Chloe" from Smallville.

      Something critical that I have noticed about this dream while writing it down is that I did things I would usually never do in a dream. These things are incredibly rare for me. For example, I was able to "think" in a non-lucid. I usually just do things in dreams without having any actual thought. Secondly, I found some things strange. Sure, it was a non-lucid dream, but some of the stuff I saw did in fact strike me as odd. Wishing I had the digital camera surprised me the most, as I had left it in my room on campus instead of taking it with me back home in Philadelphia for break. I am surprised that I remembered a recent waking memory.

      Dream 2: An Old Friend

      I saw my old friend J, who I hadn't seen or spoken to in years. He had just come back from studying abroad somewhere in Europe. I think I gave him a fist bump. He remembered me as a different person. I had changed a lot since I last saw him, and to me, it looked like he had changed a lot as well.

      I recalled this dream fragment randomly while wondering what some of my old college friends were up to. It just came to me out of nowhere.

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    7. March 9, 2011: "The Red Cross Club", "Star", "Email Overload", "Dance Party"

      by , 03-10-2011 at 08:42 PM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)

      Dream 1: The Red Cross Club

      I was in what was supposed to be my room on campus, but it was much different than it actually is in waking life. It was bigger. While it still was only one room (not a 2-bedroom 1 bathroom type apartment), it was pretty big. The colors were bright and there was not much furniture in the room. The walls were painted white, and the carpet was probably white too. Only the couch had light colors.

      The entrance was towards the top right corner of the room. Next to that, lining the entire right wall was a long glass type table which held up a computer or two. Two others were inside the room with me. A friend I met while we both worked on a waking life campus charity event, M. The other was someone I cannot recall as well- let's call him R. I am not sure if I knew him in waking life, or if it was a fictitious product of my dream. He sort of resembled a waking life friend of mine, but it wasn't him entirely.

      Anyway, it was implied we were now all part of the same club- the student red cross club. We all had this knowledge without exchanging information. We also knew that we had a club meeting in half an hour on the other side of campus. One of my very good friends, O, was going to go with me. He appeared in the room. The other two were on the computers near the table. They were working on something. I was incredibly tired for some reason. At the same time, I felt shy in front of the other two. However, since it did not feel like me, I tried my best to hide this shyness and play it out as being tired.

      I had two songs that I love play on my computer. The first was Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven." The second was a song by Metallica, but I can't recall which. The girl made a suggestion which made me switch to a second song. I also got the feeling that playing this music out loud might be bothering them. However, I played it anyway.

      Towards the back wall was a small couch. Across from that, on the other wall in the front of the room was a huge white screen. I noticed that the room had an HD projector. It turned on and we could watch whatever was on TV on a huge HD projector screen. It was pretty exciting. O and I both did some channel surfing as we sat on the couch, killing time before we had to go to the meeting.

      I was receiving notifications for the club meeting on my cell phone. It is not my waking life cell phone anymore. It is a cell phone I had during my freshman and sophomore years of college. An old slider phone. Never really liked it as I texted a lot, and I was sort of shocked that I had this phone, but I didn't question it. I just sort of unhappily accepted it- like "Awwww...I have to have this phone again?" The meeting was now in 20 minutes.

      M and R left for the meeting. O and I were still channel surfing. I started to get worried that we'd be late for the meeting and we'd be in real trouble for some reason.

      I woke up at around 7:00am or 7:30am after this dream. I sort of remember the transition between the dream to real life. I even recall waking up and not moving. Then I heard it buzzing. The buzz was what woke me up in the first place. I had barely even realized what it was. I turned my head slowly and realized my cell phone alarm was vibrating. I set it the night before so I wouldn't wake up with the intention of shutting it off, but rather fall back asleep and do a DEILD. But the buzzing wouldn't stop and I had to move to turn it off. The alarm does not have an auto shut off feature.

      I wondered if I should try a WILD, but needed to use the bathroom. When I came back I was really tired and did not feel like trying. For some reason, I thought I lost my opportunity to WILD, even though I could have tried using the WBTB WILD techniques. I replayed the entire dream through my head and then quickly scribbled some keywords to help jog my memory later for my journal.

      Then, I fell back asleep...

      Dream 2: Star

      I found myself in a computer lab somewhere on campus. However, this computer lab was not in any lab at all. It was in a hallway next to an elevator. The elevator was to the left, and the wall to the right were lined with tables which held computers. Different people were using the computers.

      My friend (who I can't really remember), I'll call him K, was there. K was here to meet some girl or something, S. There were another one or two people with us and we were getting ready to leave the computer lab. I get the feeling K and S were about to have an argument. K wasn't walking into the elevator. All of a sudden I heard sounds of K and S making out- lips smacking and all that. One or two of the guys tried to take a peek at what was going on. I said something along the lines of "Really? You get off on watching people make out?"

      K entered the elevator, but for whatever reason, I decided to stay on the computer lab hall floor. S left somewhere and said bye to K. I walked out of the elevator and the other guys left on their own. I looked around and saw an empty computer, so I went to it. Not long after I started using the computer, S returned and sat next to me. I told her "I thought you left." She responded "No, I just wanted K to think I left."

      I understood. She did not want to be bothered by K for some reason. That's why she did not join them as they left. Then a name came to me. I don't know whether she told me or I just learned it, but I heard either Starma or Stardust. S became Starma/Stardust. Really looking at her this time, I saw a black woman on the desk next to me. She was really a kind and friendly person and I felt comfortable like I was just hanging out with a friend.

      I also get the feeling that there was another girl there, or maybe it was Starma/Stardust. This "other" girl was someone who was in the process of pledging a sorority.

      Without explanation, I found myself in my old high school. I remember walking through what we called the Grand Hall. It's was a part of the school that didn't look like a school before. It was like walking into the hall outside of a theater. Marble floors, high ceilings, no fluorescent lights. It was huge and very comfortable.

      Picture of the actual hall. This is from the top of a set of stairs looking down to the left normal hallway entrance.

      Each side of the hall had a doorway which led to the school's normal halls. I was going to walk to the left first, but realized that walking to the right would be quicker route to exit the building. I was trying to leave the school.

      This is the other side of the hall which shows the stairs and the right hallway entrance that I used.

      As I walked through the hall's right doorway and into the regular school hall, I see two or three girls I knew from back in high school. I got their attention and it was hugs all around! There was also something about having faith in something. Either way, I felt as if I hadn't seen them in a long time and that there was a lot we could talk about to discuss. Thus, in the dream, I wasn't back in high school, I was just visiting it.

      I remember something about gimp art. Gimp was what we did in middle school, where we take several flat strings and make them into different things, from wristbands to necklaces or even keychains. This was on my mind and I felt I needed to do something with it.

      Eventually, I left the school entirely. I remembered that I needed to take the subway home as it was the way I commuted. I met up with my brother and I think we did start taking the subway back. I got a feeling of dread as we went to the subway.

      I was on a bus somewhere on campus. I was standing in the middle of the bus and I saw different students walking outside through the windows. One of them said something from "There Will Be Blood." That line about the milkshake. He said it to another student.

      The bus made it's way and we got off somewhere along the route.

      After getting off the bus, we started walking in the adjacent direction to where we were going (the bus was going straight up a road and from there we started walking directly towards the left of that road). We saw many students and their parents visiting the campus. Some were outside in beach chairs soaking up the rays. Others were dining outside. I never thought for once that the outside dining rooms were strange.

      We continued to walk up and it was sort of an upwardly elevated hill. Very gradual, but it was something I noticed. I think I even saw young kids running around playing and having fun. I walked behind everyone kind of just looking around wondering what was going on. I saw another family dining outside and I'm pretty sure I interacted with them by walking around them, walking away from the sidewalk towards the lawn they were placed on.

      I span around, or fell or something. Some sharp movement was made and somehow, most of my clothes fell of when I did this. Like there was no friction and they just slipped off. I was slightly embarrassed, but it felt to me like this sort of thing was not unnatural, so I just went to pick them up off the floor in order to put them back on.

      As we continued walking ahead, the outside sort of became a huge dimly lit library of some kind. First we started seeing shelves outside. Huge, tall khaki/gray colored shelves with several books on them. I continued to look and observe and before we knew it, we were in a huge room filled with shelves. It was dark, but there was some light. There were a couple of others in this room, including a man resembling Jim Carey.

      Around this time, it felt like we had a goal and we were trying to accomplish something. As if we were trying to capture this JC man and ensure that he does not stir up some sort of trouble. It was like he was some sort of threat. However, he was elusive. In a huge dark room filled with tons of shelves and books, there were many places to hide. We searched around, watching each others' back ensuring that none of us would be in unnecessary danger.

      At some point we managed to get split up and there were two groups of us doing the search. I recall seeing this JC man through the bookshelves. Then I witnessed another man trying to apprehend him. They were talking about something, and JC was clearly trying to do something. I went to get my group and we started walking towards the location where the JC man was. But what we saw when we returned really disturbed me. The JC man was raping the other man who was trying to apprehend them. That was how it appeared to us. We were trying to figure out whether it truly was forced sex, but either way, we were all just shocked! Then the JC man managed to escape again, so we continued our search with a lot more precaution.

      I then saw someone I met from another fraternity walking around this library. The location he was in was more clearly lit with fluorescent lighting. In waking life, I met him when he was pledging this other fraternity. In my dream, he was pledging ours. Him and other dream pledges were busy working on something. I told them something along the lines of "You guys need to help us catch this guy."

      They went to do their own search. I walked into this fluorescent lit area and saw that it was the far top right corner of the room. I think there were exits here. Through one of these doors, a very cute, very surreal dog walked through. It was unlike any dog I have ever seen before. It was like an alien dog with almond tilted eyes, like the stereotypical Grey Alien. It was very furry and was brown and white. It had a big head, and a stout stubby little body. Kind of like a bull dog's body, except bigger and stronger.

      The dog spotted me and immediately started running towards me. I was not afraid, as I felt love from it and positive intentions. I opened my arms to hug this dog and he jumped up on his two hind legs, putting his two front legs on my chest. It was a somewhat bigger than normal usual dog. I crouched down a little so he could do this and then he just started licking my face. He had a really big tongue, as it managed to cover my entire right cheek. He was really happy and was running around and trying to lick my face a lot. I was laughing and trying to push him back as I felt overwhelmed. I looked him in the eyes at one point and noticed they were not normal. They made him look as if he were not from Earth. They looked really shiny and were sparkling. It also looked as if he was tearing with positive emotion.

      After this, something interrupted us. There's something about guns and stadiums. I scribbled this down, but it is not coming back to me. At least, not right now. There is also something more disturbing about heads being chewed. Again, I do not recall what happened. I just remember feeling utterly terrified when I wrote that down in the middle of the night.

      After waking up, I saw that it was around 9am. I was REALLY groggy and tired. I usually wake up at 10 so I questioned if I should even write this as I would probably remember it all (NOT TRUE, this barely works for me! Hahahaha). I finally decided to get that piece of paper and pen out and without looking, scribbled a ton of different words for each part of the dream. Some were barely legible. Again, I replayed it quickly through my mind, but less vividly as I was feeling SOOOO tired. But I made a quick note that when I woke up, I would replay whatever I could remember much more clearly.

      Dream 3: Email Overload

      Sitting at my computer back in my Philadelphia home, I was checking my email. I use Google Mail, so everything is setup in labels, as I love being as organized as possible while still maintaining a very nice level of laziness. In the dream I was using a cartoonish theme layout with trees and branches. The dominant colors were green, brown and white. Anyway, I was shocked at the amount of emails I had received. There were hundreds of emails in my inbox and plenty in each individual label. The inbox itself said 115 new emails or something like that. The emails in the inbox were those that did not go under a label, so I had a lot to sort through. I have a label for forum emails in waking life, so tons of emails were also from Dreamviews notifications- forum replies, private messages and all that.

      As I was sorting through the emails, my mom walked into my room. She asks me something about my clothes and I respond. Something about the size and the fit. I looked down at my clothes and see myself wearing dark blue swimming trunks. The color was almost navy but somewhat lighter than navy. My legs were on the chair itself somewhat crossed, not on the floor. I noticed all this, and then I don't recall anything else.

      I barely remembered this dream. There was only a fragment of my mom talking to me and that was it. I wrote "hundreds of emails" on a piece of paper that was illegible. I only was capable of making out the words "hundreds of." So I didn't remember this dream at all until I deciphered the other word "emails." One I read that, a google inbox sort of flashed in my head with the number 115.

      I tried to peace it together while remaining relaxed, and then all the pieces of this dream puzzle came together. This recall happened while writing this journal entry.

      Dream 4: Dance Party

      It was time to party. However, I was not in the mood to party. All my friends on campus wanted to have a fun night out. While they were all getting ready to party, I felt that I had something else I wanted to do. As if I had some sort of responsibility to do something. In waking life, when I get this sort of feeling that I should not party or just go out in general, it is usually due to me having to finish classwork or something like that. I felt something similar here, but the reason was not because of classwork. I don't know what it was though.

      I was in my fraternity house and saw that several different people were getting ready to go out. They had their rooms open. Two of my real good buddies R and C were already drunk. My other friend, D, was getting ready to go out and was getting dressed. Two others, P and E were in their rooms. I guessed they were smoking, but they also had intentions of going out.

      I was walking around the house talking to different people. I specifically remember talking to D for a little bit, but I forgot what the conversation was about. More than likely it was that night's plans. I also remember different people were taking shots. I think I may have done one, but didn't want to get drunk, so I didn't really try to get involved.

      I walked up the stairs to the third floor and tried to go into my room. The door opened and I walked in without thinking. Before I knew it, I was on the floor because I had been knocked over. I looked up and saw that the top half of the door was being blocked by something. Only the bottom half of the door had actually opened.

      I noticed that my current cell phone, a touch screen texting phone, was on the floor. I picked it up and saw that it was broken. The state of damage grew worse the longer I waited. I started to freak out and decided to call my parents to tell them that my phone was breaking. It looked different from my actual phone though, as it looked as though it had transparent casing which also broke.

      I got to my room, which didn't look like my waking life room at all. It was messy and a bit smaller than my waking life room.

      Out of nowhere, I found myself entering a dance club. But it wasn't intense, with flashing lights, black lights, incredibly loud music and a huge open dance floor. Instead it was a small room, with a grayish floor. Behind me were glass windows and a glass door, through which I could see it was night. The streets and sidewalk were visible from the entire room. It contained bright fluorescent lighting as if it were a classroom. There were about twenty or so people there- guys and girls alike. Everyone was pretty dressed up.

      The music playing was not party music, but instead latin music. I was told that everyone was dancing a certain latin style, but I don't remember what it was called. It started with a "b" but I'm pretty sure that the style doesn't exist in waking life. Anyway, I felt like meeting a ton of different people there, especially the girls as I actually felt like dancing and just having fun! A couple of the guys were shy so I was thinking about introducing people to get everyone into the groove of things and having fun. Most people go out to have fun and meet others, so I didn't understand why they were shy. Thus, I WANTED everyone to feel comfortable. Beyond introductions was out of my control though. People were going to be who they were, so I wasn't even going to try to change that.

      I think there was a girl who really stood out for me, but I didn't really see her face, only her back. I had the intention of meeting her. However, I suddenly found myself sitting down with a group of my friends at a table somewhere.

      Something about having me called over to go out was said by R. R wanted me to have fun that night, but he was pretty drunk. I think I saw my other really good friend M at some point in the dance club.

      More definitely took place, but I can't remember what. At this point, it's just a blurry haze.

      Recently, I've made it my goal to DEILD. Despite attempting WBTB and WILD for a long time and being successful several times, DEILD really fascinates me. I have not ever attempted it before, because I'll admit I can be incredibly lazy when told to read something. But I read through some of the tutorials and first actually learned of DEILD yesterday and decided it would work awesomely for me. I always love the idea of knowing when I wake up from a dream.

      That's why I set my cell phone vibrate alarm. And it worked. I woke up without moving and was aware when the dream ended. I could have certainly used that opportunity to DEILD but chose to move because I needed to use the bathroom and turn off my alarm. But it's getting there. My recall has rapidly improved in less than a week, and I have been waking up at the end of my dreams.

      Next week, I'll have more on my plate in waking life. I can enjoy these responsibilities and experiences for what they truly are, I could possibly not feel as much stress from them, therefore, being able to improve my recall further and possibly having lucid dreams frequently.

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