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    1. Smallpox??

      by , 11-14-2017 at 04:08 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I dreamt that I had a sickness similar to smallpox ,first it popped up on my hand then on my whole body.
      There were black\dark brownish blisters on my limbs , and little tiny reddish- brownish pimples around them , my skin was burning . It was really freaky . I went to the doctor, and I waited. But then I woke up.
    2. A Pretty Eventful LD

      by , 11-09-2017 at 06:12 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 10:43 PM

      Woke up at: 6:00 AM


      Looking up random crap on my laptop, I begin to have thoughts of deja vu, "What if this is a dream?" I thought to myself. "That's ridiculous." I also pondered. But, I had to confirm my suspicions somehow. The internet is already a weird and, frankly, terrifying place, anything that seemed odd could be interpreted as 'expected'. So I just told myself I was dreaming, and I was.

      Nothing specifically tipped me off to the nature of the dream itself. I just went with my 'gut instincts', luckily those gut instincts were correct. People didn't act like they should in the dream, places that I had never even seen before were just outside my neighborhood, but I digress.

      I got up from my bed, when I realized that my vision was utter garbage. I told the dream to improve my vision, but to no avail. I try again, no dice. I went towards my desk and grabbed a comically oversized and uncomfortable pair of glasses, which helped a little bit. Then I try to fly. I begin to vibrate aggressively for a couple seconds before blasting through the roof. Somehow, I end up back in my room, unscathed and just as anxious.

      My sister and her boyfriend open the door. I tell my sister ecstatically, "(No I'm not giving her name away), you're in a DREAM!!" She rolls her eyes (Of course), and her boyfriend just sorta shrugged it off. My other sister is also there, but for some odd reason, she's pregnant (This isn't the case in waking life). We walk out on the town upon my request.

      There's this security guard lady who's checking people into a large building. She lets everyone else go and I go last. I try to phase through the gate, ubt she checks me in just as the gate opens for me. So, that didn't go so well.

      We wind up in this train station/mall type area with a boatload of people all around. I try to follow my sister and her boyfriend through the crowded building, but increasingly lose distance. Then, out of the blue, a lady carrying a bazillion shopping bags and an overloaded shopping cart, all of which say "That's The Joke", comes barreling by.

      I wake up right after that.


      1. This is actually the first extended lucid ream I had. Ever. It lasted about 20 or so minutes long and I didn't need to perform even one reality check along the way.

      2. I kept the same level of lucidity throughout, and just sorta went along with the dream. I think it might've been a layer 2 or 3 lucid dream, which is astounding for me.
    3. The Dreamer Returns

      by , 11-09-2017 at 05:10 AM
      Inspired by my desire to somehow rid myself of my sleep-mumbling habit, in light of having to share a room with someone for the next year, I return! I hope to use lucid dreaming to find my dream guide and try to find someway to solve this, among with all the other wonderful things that come with lucid dreaming. Also, my newfound interest in horror films and books, being able to lucid dream may come in handy should I find myself at the grips of one of the serial killers I read about each day.

      I am not yet in the habit to doing reality checks yet. I usually do reality checks by pinching my nose and breathing through it, or trying to push my hand through my other hand and looking at my fingers and such.


      I was going to see a show that Ethan and Hila was holding at a very large amphitheatre. The theatre had many red seats ascending. I met them, also.


      After watching a YouTube video about 'gang stalking', I dreamt of gang stalking on another level. These huge government co-operations had set up huge Hollywood-like sets to completely control and manipulate their victims. The victims because they were aware that they were being stalked were drove to insanity because they were unable to escape it. It was as though they were in the Truman Show. The victim was forced to suicide, sadly. The entity that gang stalked the person then moved on to get ready to control their next victim.

      [dream signs]: Celebrities
    4. Bus trip Lucid - more of an analysis

      by , 11-07-2017 at 07:51 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      With using the WILD guide of kingoyshi I had...a DEILD.
      Low lucidity still ,my recall improved a bit .
      I was in a suburban area then I got on a bus and talked with my friends ,I wasn't really lucid , but I knew that I'm in a dream and that lingered in my mind through the dream. I didn't know what do I want to do or why. I will make a list of goals.

      Upon becoming lucid I started to observe the details ; apparently the dream wasn't greatly vivid, but it was still fascinating how complex a dream is . I also observed that I have a mildly bad vision which I tried to fix by focusing and twisting that "key" in my head that I imagined there, that seemed to improve my vision for a moment but it was useless.

      At the majority of my dream I was sitting on a bus , observing , there was me ,my friends and a few guys with weird faces, one of them had dead yellow eyes and wasnt really moving, or doing anything at all. Then I mentioned to my friends that this is a dream and that I have powers here. They were denying it naturally, to which I said I can levitate objects with the force.
      Then we got out of the bus. We were in a random street I dont clearly remember.
      They gave me something , a box I think, placed it on the floor , and so I did my thing: Levitated that thing, then one of my friends telepone, spun it in the air then threw it somewhere ; they were suprised and started hollering .

      And that was it

      So , now I'm off to write my list of goals .
    5. A short lucid, someone was having a crush on me

      by , 11-05-2017 at 04:42 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      At a point I had a DEILD ,I became lucid ,but lucidity was too low as usual, my visual aquity was unstable, all I remember that I was marvelled at how detailed a dream can be ,I was on a hillside, in a forest, then the dream changed and I lost lucidity.
      Edit: I remember looking out the window, seeing a way , left the house, and looked around , the dream started to collapse ,I ran back but now there was only a white car, not my house.

      In the next dream I was in a class, and I was talking to some people . A girl made some remarks about how that girl( she said the name of an old schoolmate I had , but she was another girl from another place) secretly likes me and have a crush on me , I thought is just a joke, why would she like me at all .... Then she said it herself ,calmly, wasnt surprised at all that her secret is out, then we made out for a while then I continued doing whatever I did...

      Idk how I did not get lucid by this surreal scenario... a girl liking me, me being in school again..eh

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    6. Dreams of N

      by , 11-03-2017 at 03:12 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I keep dreaming that I text with her again... I guess I think of her too much ..sometimes i even saw her face
      A few days ago I dreamt that I had sex with two diff gals ...and thats it
      My recall is terrible and I cant seeem to find a way to relax when doing WBTB WILD ,really hard to fall asleep at all.
      Idk how could I eliminate that overly warmness in my body at the morning , in fact , if I dont use the blanket then I feel too cold , if I use the blanket I get too hot to relax...(no sexual innueendo intended)

      I got lucid one morning but my lucidity was so low, i woke up
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    7. Some Notes on Flight

      by , 10-24-2017 at 01:24 PM

      I'm listing some techniques I've tried throughout the years, what has worked and what hasn't.

      Thruster hands

      Basically, you imagine you're Iron Man, and your hands are jet or rocket engines. This involves holding your hands down by your sides, like Iron Man, or it won't work. That's an unfortunate limitation. It's worked for me once or twice, but it's not instinctive as I like having my arms in front of me in the Superman-pose.

      Verbal commands

      Much like how some LD'ers shout "increase clarity" to improve the stability of their dreams, I've found other dream abilities are equally susceptible to verbal commands. While flying, I shout "faster!", and I actually feel a burst of acceleration propelling me faster. And it works almost every time, up to ludicrous speeds.

      'Reaching' forward

      Pretty such the Superman pose. I find that by "reaching out" in front of you, it's kind of like a mental cue that you want to head towards this thing you're reaching out to, helping "mental propulsion".


      Gaining altitude/transitioning

      After all this time, I still have trouble gaining altitude vertically, maintaining altitude when flying horizontally, and especially transitioning from vertical flight (straight up) to horizontal flight forwards.

      Perhaps I could try verbal commands to make it easier? Like "higher!" to climb, "forwards!" to go from vertical to horizontal.

      Or avoid this problem entirely by not going straight up, but by taking a running start and climbing gradually. It's a lot easier.

      Maneuvering in the air

      I find it hard to make maneuvers, for example to dodge a building or other obstacle, while flying horizontally at speed. It's almost like real-life laws like inertia and aerodynamics apply to me. Turning feels hard, and I have to really physically turn my body and then apply intense concentration to make my body actually fly in that new direction (or inertia would just make me continue drifting in the previous direction).


      Speed. My flight speed feels very variable, and changes from dream to dream. Sometimes I reach speeds that feel like barely 200 mp/h. Sometimes closer a 800 mp/h, or even speeds that are completely impossible to real-world standards, like Europe-USA in 10 seconds. Not sure what causes these variations. Sometimes I just can't go beyond a certain speed, no matter how hard I try.
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    8. 21 October 2017: Happy Children in Church

      by , 10-21-2017 at 03:56 PM
      Before I fell asleep, I read most of Chapter 8 of "Faith is the Answer" by Norman Vincent Peale & Smiley Blanton and I prayed.

      I dreamed of many little children singing happily in a church building on a mountain top surrounded by snow.

      I laid on my back for most of the time I slept on this night and when I woke I felt very refreshed. I don't think this is only because of my sleeping position although that has something to do with it, I feel as though reading the "Faith is the Answer" book and praying also are reasons why I felt so refreshed.

      Updated 10-21-2017 at 04:03 PM by 61868

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    9. 2016/2017 Dream: Black Wolflike Monster

      by , 10-21-2017 at 06:58 AM
      I dreamed that I saw a dark wolflike monster in the distance from me that started charging me; I was frightened and then decided to not part out cars (I had been thinking of doing this) and it passed me by without any harm.
    10. Mzzkc's Mind Games - Some News

      by , 10-18-2017 at 05:09 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Hi everyone!

      It's been....awhile. x.x;

      Sadly, I think this particular journal is retired for good--it just doesn't fit my lifestyle anymore.


      For those of you still keen on following my dreaming exploits (and keeping in touch), I've started up a discord-based dream journal (https://discord.gg/4xuKtZj) which has greatly streamlined my journaling process.

      Feel free to swing by, say hello, start a discussion, ask me any questions, etc.

      I may not be super active here anymore, but I'm pretty much always accessible there if you need me for anything. <3

      Love y'all,
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    11. She called again + weird dream memory + burglars

      by , 10-17-2017 at 10:16 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I was sitting outside infront of my house and talked with my parents, then my phone rang. It was N , she called me on my phone even though she doesnt know my number. I didn't get lucid. I couldnt pick it up becuase I was talking to my parents and I didnt want them to hear me speaking english, I'm kinda shy.
      Then she called me again but I couldnt pick up the phone for the same reason.

      After that another girl called, and then it popped in my mind, I remember her. She's that black haired girl I used to hang out often , sometimes flirt, she is aloof, kinda cold ,detached , but still a funny girl and we often would hang out and talk about stuff.
      Now heres the rub; she doesnt exist. Actually I never met her or anyone like her. Shes just a dreamcharacter , but somehow I still remembered her, through my "dream memory".

      I dont know why but its often that when I am in a dream , I can access memories of previous dreams , what happened before and stuff like that. Like if I live a second life when I go to sleep all night. Pretty weird.

      So I picked up the phone and spoke with her, asked whatsup , its been a long time ,etc.
      And the dream ends here.

      In another dream I dreamt of burglars breaking into my house after the lights go out in the middle of hte night. We were kinda freaked out, but I grabbed a bat and beat the burglars out of the house with all my might . I think I killed one.
    12. Dreams that Appear to Coincide with Reality

      by , 10-16-2017 at 09:25 PM
      I've been noticing dreams in which I "think" I am sleepwalking, but am not. It's hard to explain (as usual), but I think I am walking around in reality, but I know my eyes are closed but I can still see. But I think what I'm seeing is reality (as if I can see through my closed eyelids), not just a dream.

      The other night I had such an experience, where I thought I'd woken up. My laptop was still turned on and next to me on the bed (sometimes I play ASMR videos as I fall asleep), and I reached over and clicked "x" to close the tab. Then, I thought I woked up again, for real this time, and I'd reached over and clicked for real, except I missed the "x" for closing the tab and clicked somewhere in the middle of the screen.

      Now I think I might be "misremembering" these events, and perhaps the dreams never matched reality at all, and it was a double false awakening.
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    13. Blue 'rock' with dome-shaped raised circles and white line

      by , 10-10-2017 at 02:59 PM
      Scenario driven scenes- rinse and repeat. I awoke and went back to sleep and dreamed of the same. Go through 3 doors. One is red and the other 2 are green. In the red scenarios the outcome might be unpleasant. We keep coming back and going through different scenarios.

      One scenario is on an island. The locals are selling various goods to the tourists, until autumn starts to winds down. All the tourists, save a few, go home. The locals are still peddling but to a far smaller audience. I decided to stay, in one scenario. 2 friends stay behind with me.

      I end up in a library, in a mansion- warm, inviting, well-lit by candle light or soft light...

      Next scenario is in a town where we are being sought, due to some infraction. It is close to some festival, so we all put on party-type masks and they let us go. But, we still had one more gate to get through and we hoped to make it before the last gate figured out who we were. We end up in a room- like a dorm room.

      At one point, I slowly open the door ajar- from the outside, as an observer. The character I was before looks through the gap, surprised at the change, and doesn't see me looking right at her. Then I am one of the characters again, letting everyone know that we have to get on the move- they are onto us. Sure enough, they are advancing upon us...

      Last scenario. I am in a river/lake/clear water. Rocks everywhere. In a prior dream, I found the same rocks and had given them to someone else- I don't remember that scenario too well. But, I remember the rocks. One of them were a pair. Green, yellow, and orange- looking like parrot eyes. Well, one had an eye look- the other just had the colors.

      Lastly, these next 'rocks' are odd- which prompted me to write this dream down (not voice recording anymore- like to write better- I can recall more dreams this way- my voice doesn't interrupt my thought process).

      Description: blue color, flat like a thick mat- but hard, each had some white line and/or white markings. There were definite indented partitions- making squares within the 'rock' and withing those squares were raised domed circles- blue color, as well. I dreamed of these twice- what are they.

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    14. Those Gleaming, Red Eyes...

      by , 10-06-2017 at 04:57 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 11:30 PM

      Woke up at: 7:00 AM

      Perceived dream time: A few minutes/A night


      I'm in my bedroom with about 3-4 other people at night. They're all huddled up against the window, talking frantically amongst themselves about an alligator in the backyard.

      I look out the window to find a slightly cartoonish looking alligator just...sitting there. It does not move one bit. To the left I spot a huge freaking Alligator Snapping Turtle. It is jagged and monstrous in appearance, and towers over the alligator in terms of pure height. To IT'S left I find a large Northern Spotted Owl with scarlet red eyes.

      telling dream peaple your dreaming-another-owl.jpgTurns out these guys exist! Now I am never going outside ever again.

      Immediately I hide under the covers of my own bed, hoping that by morning all three monsters would disappear at the turn of the morning. I hopped into my bed, closed my eyes for 3 seconds, and the morning came faster than the Roadrunner. The dream ended shortly after.


      1. This was the first dream I had that incorporated a "Time Skip" to some extent.

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    15. Apartment Complex Time Machine

      by , 09-16-2017 at 05:32 PM
      I was in my apartment in the dream. In the dream was woken up. I felt like something was going on to the apartment complex. Looked out the window and the scenery looked different than it normally does. It was like I time traveled.

      I really did get woken up by my cat in waking reality but was lucid for a short time.
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