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    1. Conditions for a LD

      by , 01-18-2018 at 01:05 AM
      It seems like the conditions for me to bring on a lucid dream are pretty standard. I began seriously trying to accomplish them last year at the new year. I would have about one per month and it was after I had gone back to bed from being awake but not quite ready to get up for the morning.

      The reality checks during the day didn't seem to make much difference because this didn't happen every time I went back to bed, only some times. So what accounts for those time? Who knows.

      When spring/summer came, and things were lighter outside, I could not maintain interest in writing down my dreams and so all things dreaming really fell away. It has only been in the fall and winter that I felt the desire to write down dreams again and from no preparation at all I did have a lucid dream this morning.
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    2. Known Key Symbolism 2018: Hypnagogia and Sleep Paralysis

      by , 01-14-2018 at 11:19 AM
      Morning of January 9, 2018. Tuesday.

      This is part five of my prefatory series. It will only be viable (within a main index) on my main dream journal. So far, I have explained, as concisely as I could, four common dream components.

      I have included hypnagogia and sleep paralysis in the same entry despite, in my own (apparently unique) experience; the two events are completely unrelated despite numerous articles I have read that link them together. For me, reading articles about hypnagogia or sleep paralysis is pointless and here is why:

      People talk about “suffering” from sleep paralysis or hypnagogia, or that it “scares” them, which has never made any sense to me. They describe “dark figures”, “evil”, a malevolent presence, and so on as if they had some sort of tangibility or potential influence. Sorry people, this is something I have very limited experience with, even in tens of thousands of dreams in my over fifty years of study. There are exceptions, though these have been validated to mostly relate to biologically premonitory events or sometimes rare apnea caused by a combination of eating too close to the sleeping period and while sleeping on my back.

      For me, if I find myself in sleep paralysis, I seek to embrace and enhance the experience. I do this by deliberately rolling my eyes up towards my forehead, which typically intensifies the perception of a loving entity being present and sometimes I am annoyed when I feel “she” is gone (though I never see her in this state). I sometimes hear a very pleasing humming sound (which I sometimes perceive as moving in a figure eight above me). I usually feel waves of pleasure moving through my body, from head to toe and back. Eventually, I usually, if I hold the state long enough, feel a rising sensation. I do not see any imagery while in sleep paralysis, I only have enhanced touch and sound, sometimes buzzing (even tangible lovemaking - female on top, especially one event with Zsuzsanna before I came to Australia to be with her). I also perceive in a completely different way than during hypnagogic sequences.

      Now, I will go on to describe hypnagogia, which I also find very enjoyable. Since childhood, I like to remain in hypnagogia for at least an hour or more. During this time, which is always wholly lucid (and always had been, even as a toddler), I like to step into and out of dreams by way of conscious will, though I have to wait for the sequence to slow down. This is because when it first starts, it is very rapid, dream settings changing from more than one per second, though gradually becoming slower over time until it is a rate of about one setting every five seconds. Eventually, when it slows down to about ten seconds per change of setting, I step into a setting of my choice. I have done this since earliest memory and it is a very vivid and intriguing experience, but I never mistake it for being real in any way, though I do often slip into non-lucidity. (I did not realize that other people were not like this until I was about eighteen years old. I had read a little about it, mostly in dictionaries, but did not really read that many articles relating to this state. Imagine my surprise, especially when some people call it a “medical problem”. Much of the world is, sadly, very stupid.)

      Most feasible settings in hypnagogia are vivid and colorful outdoor settings. This includes beautiful forests with rivers, lakes, and waterfalls (which I have viewed on a day-to-day basis all my life), neighborhoods with interesting houses, farmyards, train stations, and so on. Sometimes it is a beautiful underwater scene (such as coral or sea fans and various species of fish), which I most often just watch without entering (even though I can breathe underwater in the dream state). Sometimes the settings will seem to rapidly shake from side to side, slowly dissolve, to be replaced by some sort of grid or abstract pattern (typically like leaves floating in water and quivering) before becoming a different setting. Such an event usually only occurs once or twice in a sleeping period. For example, in one instance when I was a young boy, I was watching chickens walk around in a farmyard, some of them pecking at the ground (this was before my father decided to change our rabbit farm into a chicken farm). As I continued to view the scene, there was a very subtle roaring sensation and a sort of fizzing effect, and leaf-like patterns that replaced the setting after it quivered side to side (with no actual movement on my part, that is, no movement of my physical body or perceived movement of my dream self).

      This is only one form of hypnagogia. Other types are too surreal to view as a legitimate place to “enter”. Curiously, zooming in or out, and longer panning sequences, as seen in movies, had never occurred in my dreams until I had watched television for the first time. To me, this is a very important realization. It tells me that watching television or movies creates a very profound change in the nature of perception. I have never read of anyone else facing up to this fact. This is ironic, in that hypnagogia itself rarely presented anything I had ever seen in waking life, which ultimately convinced me that something else was going on, though I am still not sure what.

      Other forms of this state vary. For example, there is a state where I coalesce with other figures, typically only experiencing bliss or an amazing sensation. Glowing human forms (of different implied ages) jump into my chest, making me feel healthier or more vibrant.

      There is a state where dream characters also rapidly change, yet while the setting is fully stable, sometimes faster than once per second (which has served as a reinduction trigger in stabilizing lucidity if it has faded, when I begin to become aware of this after about ten minutes).

      In still another state, dream characters seem very odd. They may be only half-formed, or they walk around and phase through bushes or walls and sometimes get stuck.

      In other states, I am able to summon (solely through automatic expectation) whatever vivid experience I choose. This is typically coalescence with other entities and is always a satisfying energizing experience, and is always near a body of water (such as a river, lake, waterfall, water park, campground, or swimming pool) usually in daylight. I sometimes marvel at the beauty of the water as the surface reflects certain patterns yet simultaneously reveals what is under the surface. As such, I may jump in and out of numerous dreams (at the rate of about one per minute or more) of this nature in about an hour.

      Due to how I am apparently different from most people in this way, this particular entry is probably of no use to people who “suffer” from their dreams or dream states. Why am I different? On the one hand, I was a ten-month baby instead of a nine-month baby. While my mother “almost bled to death” giving birth (according to reports), she very quickly recovered. On the other hand, some people have claimed it is related to healing myself after my accident as a toddler when I nearly lost my left hand (when a large shard from a broken mug sliced through my wrist and out the side of my forearm). The nerves and tendons were supposedly too damaged (and reconnected incorrectly in surgery) to ever work again. Somehow though, after I willed myself to gain use of my hand (while both awake and sleeping), the nerves and tendons, even though they had been connected wrongly, began to work to where my hand had full use (with no difference in how I perceived which fingers I was moving as might be expected). Whether or not my deliberate healing of myself through different levels of consciousness changed how I became more aware of other levels of consciousness and their symbolic dynamics, remains unsolved, but it does make sense, as I am typically aware of what dream symbolism is representing as it is occurring, something that most people do not seem able to understand.

    3. Known Key Symbolism 2018: Vestibular System Symbolism

      by , 01-13-2018 at 07:58 PM
      Morning of January 9, 2018. Tuesday.

      This is part four of my prefatory series (which will serve as such on the dream journal website only, as other websites lack feasible indexing or a viable calendar system). A main index will, in the future, remain at the top of my journal on that site linking to the entries in this set, with a summary of the links in the singular post to remain at the top (by postdating on that site). That may be viable to an extent, if only to index my major beliefs (based on experience) since day one.

      In this entry (without repeating the content of my last three this time, but I will likely still summarize it all by the last entry in this set), I will explain something that should be obvious to everyone in the world, but for some reason, seems like some sort of pretend mystery of which involves biological dream state symbolism regarding vestibular system dynamics while unconscious or in waking transition.

      Some people like to pretend that generic falling dreams (especially of the type with involuntary muscle movement such as a hypnopompic kick) have “interpretations”. How silly can people get? They especially like to give advice based on how they negatively over-dramatize what is often just a biological artifact of waking up. Believe me; I know what I am talking about. I do not plan on maintaining any information in this prefatory series unless I am absolutely certain about what I am saying. Sure, there will be exceptions now and then (typically related to literal prescience or deliberate dream scripting if one chooses - or mere emotional anticipation, and remember, in real time), but not much.

      So, I have a dream I am walking on a public sidewalk, at night. There is someone with me to my left, but I am not fully certain who it is. After walking for a while, I trip on something (or just step off the curb near an intersection) and fall and wake. The falling sensation is very intense, but not that alarming, just a bit odd. It is almost as if my legs are going elsewhere than where the rest of my body is or as if my body is falling into two sections, but this is very brief.

      I have had a version of this dream virtually every day for over fifty years. I think the odds of me listening to religious babble, “interpretation”, or thinking there is something “wrong” is zilch.

      The key is this. I may have this dream nearly every day (usually at the beginning of the sleeping period), but it is more intense when I have done a lot more walking that day. In fact, it is even more intense when I have climbed more stairs that day (or for that matter, even been in an elevator - and in fact, even when I step out from an elevator in real life, I feel a very slight falling sensation, or sometimes a rising sensation, otherwise with no ill or problematic effects). It would not seem like rocket science to understand what is going on, but I guess it is for some people. Residual muscular memory, or whatever you want to call it, is also a part of dreams, but not just in this way. There is no reason to feel bad about dreaming about tripping or falling unless one wants to join a cult or listen to random lunatics on the Internet trying to make them feel bad or bend down to their level of confusion. The most intense falling dream I have ever had was on the night I rode the Busch Gardens log flume ride earlier that day. How about not pretending it is something other than it is. (One would think there are plenty of other dreams to find meaning in without going to ridiculous extremes.)

      The dream self does not have a real physical body. It only thinks it does. Herein lies the problem. From losing teeth to falling, such factors are often solely biological (though again, there are exceptions, but common sense, though not so common, might sort that out). The ambiguity of vestibular system dynamics is enough to trigger dreams of falling, flying under one’s own will (both lucidly and non-lucidly), rising (that is, with the feeling of being pulled upwards by an invisible force), or, as I have experienced in a few dreams, happily flying sideways in a fetal position. It is also often responsible for projected renderings of flight symbols, including airplanes, birds, and even flying saucers. Tornado dreams are sometimes the result of vestibular system dynamics, though not always. One does not have to have problems with their ears to experience vestibular system symbolism in dreams, as that is based on the ambiguity of being unconscious and in the dream state.

      So, in this entry, I have tried to at least introduce the nature of vestibular system dynamics and its symbolism, which by the way can be either integrated or set apart from the factors that I had written about in my last three prefatory “Known Key Symbolism 2018” entries. As I typically fly in my dreams to get somewhere (even in non-lucidity), it is difficult to relate to people who find flying “difficult” in dreams. Still, I would not hold it against them.

      Sometimes I fall out of the dream state with a vague sense of nausea, but this is only with scripted dreams, and because it is impossible (well, at least improbable) to match circadian rhythms and RAS mediation with the scripting patterns.

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    4. Known Key Symbolism 2018: RAS Mediation (1)

      by , 01-13-2018 at 11:28 AM
      Morning of January 9, 2018. Tuesday.

      So far, in my prefatory series, I have provided “Known Key Symbolism 2018: Common Liminal Space Settings (1)” and “Known Key Symbolism 2018: Dream State Indicators”.

      I hope I have made it clear so far, of what I understand (and have often validated) from over fifty years of dream study. Due to the fact that many people only remember a few of their dreams (or none at all), they like to infuse “meaning” (that is, meaning not related to either the biological or the spiritual nature of unconsciousness or the dream state and waking transition itself, as well as no acknowledgement of literal dream threads including prescience) into what few dreams are recalled. Many people do not actually understand what lucidity is (or how it works) and consequently use the term loosely and incorrectly. They also (almost relentlessly) fail to see how someone like me typically recalls five to nine non-lucid dreams a day (minimum of three), not including the virtually limitless hypnagogic sequences (of which are wholly lucid) at the beginning of every normal sleeping period. As a cop-out, some people will say, “oh, but a few dreams have meaning and importance, but most others do not”, which is kind of like saying, “oh, sometimes the stomach’s digestion of food is important, other times, when the stomach digests food, nothing is happening and the stomach is not even there”. Many people fail to understand that dreams can be fully controlled (either with lucid or non-lucid dream self perception) and even purposely formed from one idea (including for healing purposes and unfathomable levels of bliss and joy), and the more one studies and understands what dreams mean, the more natural clarity of mind automatically develops, resulting in virtually no nightmares (unless biologically premonitory) or even disturbing dreams. Still, RAS (the Reticular Activating System) and I have had a love-hate relationship since early childhood, based on whether or not I wanted to sleep and dream longer or typically whether there was environmental noise or not, these factors completely irrelevant to “interpretation” or waking life.

      People like to over-dramatize and systematically “answer questions” even where none exist in the way they are implying. They like to infuse another person’s dream with negative context even when there is none. They like to pretend there is conflict or major issues to “solve”. They like to pretend that the dynamically fictional dream self (personified subconscious) is the same as the current conscious self identity, even when there is no evidence of viable memory or even common sense on the part of the very limited temporary dream self.

      Everyone else I have ever known of (writings of the public that is), in virtually everything I have ever read about dreams since childhood, confuses RAS mediation with the so-called subconscious. This is probably why the bizarre belief that “my subconscious is trying to tell me something” came about. The inability to discern RAS mediation from the generic subconscious is unusual, but to be expected in the public’s limited understanding.

      It goes without saying that the dream self in non-lucid dreams can only be the personified subconscious (or the “subconscious itself”). Being that the subconscious band has no concept of time or space (or any viable intelligence or consistent memory) unless conscious self identity threads (certain active neural patterns) are extant, how can the subconscious “solve an issue”? (Many people tend to confuse “subconscious” with “unconscious”.) Since this is the case, where does the dominant preconscious come from? (Confusion also results from many systems using “preconscious” and “subconscious” as synonyms when they are very different bands, at least in my extensive work.) RAS comes in to mediate sleep-wake transitions, and such symbolism inherently reflects the nature of waking from the dream state. This is biological fact, not some sort of half-baked theory or popular superstition. More so, understanding RAS is what eventually creates the potential for consciously controlling the dream state (though not one hundred percent as waking is a biological necessity - though there are people who have an eerie degree of control over their heart rate), something many people cannot seem to grasp at all, because many people see dreams as some sort of inexplicable mental event that they need to “interpret”, yet with zero interest in actually understanding anything.

      For review, to integrate what I have written in this prefatory set thus far:

      Again, I have confidently stated, with certainty developed for over fifty years, that liminal space symbols are directly related to the waking transition and have no need for “interpretation” due to their inherent nature of representing and symbolizing, in real time, the space between dreaming and waking. (Again, I will also remind people that this association is literal when linked to real life perception. That is, a porch, a parking lot, and a store’s checkout are also liminal spaces in real life. I only chose those three for now, as they are the most common liminal space symbols in my own dreams, sometimes occurring several times a week and for over fifty years.)

      Again, I emphasize that dream state indicators are based on residual subliminal memory of having fallen asleep and consequently usually have no need for “interpretation”. Dream state indicators naturally occur in my dreams more often than not, though I typically do not go into detail about them in singular dream posts.

      Again, I emphasize that, on a basic level, liminal space symbols and dream state indicators are unrelated within the dream state and are two completely different processes (just as in waking life, as an example, thoughts about finishing an essay and recent memories about your girlfriend are inherently unrelated, a result of two completely different mental processes occurring at the same time), yet can be a part of the same dream sequence. They may also be integrated within dreams with additional meaning (of which is closer to waking life patterns or personal meaning), even prescient threads, yet in a way that may not be cohesive, which is why many people might be inclined to completely ignore such events or features or mistakenly “interpret” everything as a whole.

      At this point, I will address the failure of people to understand that conflict in the dream state may be based solely on RAS mediation and have no viable connection to waking life conflict or internal conflict assuming any even exists in the first place. It is ironic how people refuse to understand RAS mediation (misunderstanding it as the subconscious this or subconscious that) and try to infuse negative context where there is more opportunity for positive affirmation and assertiveness or true understanding of one’s own mind (the most important factor that could exist in life).

      RAS mediation in its raw mode likes to generate snakes as the waking alert, probably because this is a key factor of primate fear (and I am willing to bet that snakes are a common factor in the dreams of all primates). Ten different people have ten different dreams about snakes around the same time, and all one needs to do is sit back and watch the nonsense concerning “interpretation” or “meaning” and have no choice but to roll their eyes.

      The thread of RAS mediation is likely to be that which chases (or intrudes upon) the dreamer, whether or not someone is trying to “escape” from something in reality or has any issues of conflict when awake. “Wake up and get out of bed before you wet yourself” may be the sole “interpretation” of RAS intrusion into the dream (or it may be an unknown or unexpected environmental noise that threads of the emergent consciousness become vaguely concerned about - for example, arguments between people we do not know, but who had been walking down the street early in the morning near our house, have intruded into my dreams and changed the symbolism, which of course has nothing to do with my conscious self identity or even unconscious essence). Whether or not I have conflict in waking life is unrelated to how RAS mediates my dream other than incidentally. I could use my dream to punch someone I do not like, and at least provide some “relief”, but does that really address any hope for an “answer”? I think not. Some people, for example bullies, religious zealots, or people who believe the world is flat, simply cannot be “solved”. The longer someone keeps a dream journal (though one must actually pay attention), the more obvious it becomes. There is a very clear difference between the nature of different dream state components, which I have vividly noticed since early childhood, all of that and inexplicable prescience as well.

    5. Known Key Symbolism 2018: Common Liminal Space Settings (1)

      by , 01-09-2018 at 04:41 PM
      Afternoon of January 9, 2018. Tuesday.

      Three common waking space settings (in my fifty years of dreaming history since earliest memory) are as follows:


      Parking Lot

      Store checkout

      (There are many more, which I will provide information on in future entries.)

      The fallacy of “interpretation” (often incorrectly referred to as “meaning”) works like this: A random member of society (even an “expert” or “professional”), who almost always lacks the understanding of what a dream actually is (or what is occurring unconsciously), will see one of these three settings and pretend it has a concurrent meaning related to real life, in the pretense of nebulously “indicating” something about real life. That would be a good trick since the above settings have occurred on a regular basis in my dreams for over fifty years, typically in the last segment of a dream sequence.

      When rendered as settings in a dream, these elements are typically symbolic of the dream state itself and the waking transition, and as such, often have nothing to do with “interpretation” or waking life. I know this from having continuously studied my dreams for over fifty years. There is no doubt in my mind, especially as I am aware of my own dream self and its viewpoints as I move through such waking transitions, with the actual understanding (though subtle) at one level, of what I am experiencing. That is, I am otherwise (though vaguely) lucid enough in waking space to understand the symbolism. (For some reason, just as with other common factors of my dreams, the majority of other people do not seem to experience this. Consequently, from a very young age, I have believed that much of society is either missing a major part of the thinking process, or, using the example of mathematics; people simply are not interested or consider it too difficult or unfamiliar.)

      To quote (verbatim), the first text that comes up on Google with a search relating to liminal space: “Liminal spaces, such as waiting rooms, parking lots, stairwells and rest stops, make you feel weird if you spend too much time in them because these spaces exist for the things that come before or after them. Their ‘existence’ is not about themselves.” However, this is not entirely true. In contrast, “The Beach as a Liminal Space” (chapter 28 of “A Companion to Tourism”) and “Porches and the vocabulary of liminal spaces” (Ruth Walker) relate the positive factors.

      “In anthropology, liminality is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of rituals.” (Wikipedia.) Certainly, a dream could be viewed as a type of ritual in its waking process and the symbolism that represents the waking process, as a person is between dreaming and waking. This is what such symbolism actually means in contrast to the belief it has an “interpretation”.

      Are there specific differences in meaning regarding whether my dream ends on a porch, in a parking lot, or at a store’s checkout? Is it just incidental to the nature of being unconscious and the mind trying to make sense of the shifts in unconsciousness during the sleep cycle? The only time I have validated any sort of connection is when my dream has a prescient thread as such. (Still, prescient threads are most commonly linked to the known symbolism of the dream state itself, something I have found peculiar since childhood.)

      I could note that, while a parking lot is often considered an open space (excluding enclosed or multi-storey car parks), a porch and a store’s checkout are usually enclosed spaces. (A carport, originating in my dreams from the years I lived in Cubitis, also represents typical waking process symbolism, especially when that house’s door was used as my dream’s liminal space divider or purposeful exit point, though a carport is more open than a typical porch.) However, the dream state perception (irresolvable by my conscious self) sometimes presents the essence of being indoors and outdoors at the same time, which is different than when I feel the essence of bilocation based on setting dynamics. Even so, this ambiguity so present (and dominating) in some dreams does not occur at all in other dreams. It depends on which neural patterns are active in the waking process.

      A store’s checkout as a preparatory symbol in leaving the dream state has an additional factor in some cases. Such a waking process is sometimes more focused (depending on my dream) than other waking transitions. For example, it sometimes has the additional feature of a wallet, which symbolizes the transition of the temporary fictional dream self coalescing back into the conscious self during the RAS mediation (as the cashier can be understood to represent the preconscious in such a scenario), because a wallet “holds identification”. However, porch scenarios also often include RAS mediation or a dominant preconscious “intrusion” (though not in every case, as it depends on the stage of the sleep cycle and whether it is the first or last dream). A parking lot, other than in certain childhood dreams, is less likely to have RAS mediation, resulting in a less dynamic waking process. All three settings occur in different stages of sleep, which validates their connection to the dream state itself in most cases (again, other than when there is a prescient thread).

      There are also forms of liminal space of which are perceived as mobile, in which case vestibular system symbolism links to the RAS mediation, which may depend on sleeping position, though is typically more about temporarily ambiguous perception of the physical body while unconscious (especially as the dream self does not have a real physical body). For example, an elevator would be a waking process symbol, though as with other types of liminal space settings, it can also serve as induction (as it is deliberately used in some forms of meditation and hypnosis as such), that is, deeper into the dream state and sustaining it while also vivifying it.

      In other entries (at least on my main site), I will go into more detail about known symbolism (of which I am absolutely certain about). I will relate more about how I have been able to understand most aspects of my dreams and sleeping anomalies since childhood, though still present alternate possibilities when they might feasibly (that is, intelligently) exist.

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    6. Successfull WILD

      by , 01-08-2018 at 10:49 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I lied down around 8 am , and started to drift off, but after like 10 minutes I heard some noise I suspected to come from nearby the house , so I went and checked. Nothing. That happened like 2-3 times.
      I went back and lied down , placed myself in a comfy position and started to drift off though I was still minimally lucid. And then I started to hear the noises and started to feel the pressure on me . I didnt mind it , just repeated to myself to give in to the comfort and just go with it. As I got more comfortable a full blown sleep paralysis kicked in , heard weird screeching noises that you can hear when a pc glitches. It was a bit scary but as I repeated the mantra to myself, I kept going with it .
      This time it was unusually long, it may have been 10-20 seconds long , in the middle of it I tried to get out of my body using rope technique. Nothing happened. Then I tried to float out of my bed , and it happened, or so I felt, but in the moment I opened my eyes, I was back in my bed . I was still in paralysis so I quickly closed my eyes and concentrated on staying comfortable, and so It continued. Then it ended slowly, and suddenly my eyes were open.

      I was in the dream. It was spring , the wind was blowing in from outside the curtains were flying with the breeze. It was comfortable and nice. I quickly got up , it was a surprise to me that it was suddenly night in the dream but I knew that this is a dream. I tried to open a portal by saying "to the central park!" because my house was empty and it creepy so I wanted to teleport to central park in New York but it didn't work . Then I walked outside the house where I found a guy ,who I started to speak with. Unfortunately at this point the dream fell apart , and I woke up. The dream was vivid and it felt amazing despite the shortness of it.

      It's interesting how the dream does not summon demons and all sorts of crazy things when I'm scared ,even if I expect one to pop up any time.

      Another thing I observed is that most of my lucids ended when I got distracted and started to talk to a DC . I wonder why is that.
      Next time I will surely use my phone to teleport, and take time to stabilize and think what to do .

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    7. May 2015 | Short Compilation

      by , 01-05-2018 at 09:28 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-Mom and I traveled to Canada City in NW Quebec. The city was free to use; not requiring a passport to enter from outside of Canada as long as you’re within the city limits. We went to a weird, packed restaurant with dumb music and unorganized dancing.
      [New Scene]
      I was playing a hide-and-seek game on a tiny map with 2 other DCs. There also were teleporters in 3 different places—1 at each base, and one in the middle. I was switching rapidly between locations via the teleporters to avoid getting caught. Then, I barely hid in the bushes at the sunny edge of the map(wearing a red shirt, mind you) and got saved by the game timer.

      -2-This guy called “Jackson” was really good at hiding in the woods. The woods were very spread out at one point, but extremely thick several feet above. Another area was just plain thick. The entire area was always well-lit except for the underground areas, which could be accessed via the trees. One tree underground only qualified as a ditch. The others had their own cave system. Or you could climb the trees and hide near the top. Jackson, someone else, and I were hiding in the woods from someone. This happened multiple times.

      -3-At one moment, I was in the US, the next I was somewhere else. There was heavy traffic outside as I climbed the stairs to a large room, where I asked a police woman to tell me where I was.
      She said, “Doom.”
      Me: “Can you show me on a map?”
      The woman pointed to a location on the northwest coast of Scotland. After that, I went back downstairs and woke up.

      -4-In Minecraft, there was a mod that restricted ender pearls so they only worked if they landed on grass. There was an underground section (more like a hollow mountain) where I put stained glass blocks around an entrance from the top via ladder. There was also an area with very high moving platforms supported by columns that extended deep into the bluish-gray fog below. I kept falling off by missing my ender pearl throws between them.
      [New Scene]
      I was using an impossible gun that had simple metal cylinders as bullets. It was a large revolver pistol with 10 bullet chambers. It was impossible because the bullets were of 3 separate pieces—the pointed tip and the two cylindrical pieces, and they fired one piece at a time, turning 10 bullets into 30. Suddenly, I was in a firefight with something. I fired a number of times more than what I thought should have fir in the gun. I shot at knighting in particular. When I reloaded, I did it quickly, and got most of the bullets in. Then, I loaded the last pieces in one by one.

      -5-There were these pig aliens that had guns with millions of bullets in one magazine. Then, the police arrived and fired back unsuccessfully. I was in practically no danger in the damaged parking lot at night that was surrounded by buildings. Eventually, all that was left was no cops, two aliens, and a bomb. Also, there were two mini-TARDISes. When one of the aliens set it off(timer), we all rushed into one of the TARDISes, closed the doors, and waited. Once the small explosion passed, nothing else happened.

      This is what happens to the months that have only sparse content.
    8. Virtual demise

      by , 01-05-2018 at 08:55 AM
      some I'm in a lucid dream trying to get control of my gestures so I can attain a higher form of intellect and knowledge knowing my power is immense I start crucifying my movements with wake jolts that can imprison my body in still infamy then start dreaming about more connecting to the world that becomes a fantasy of virtual demise I start dying the vanish in a vortex of destroyed pixel where my body reform as liquid hydration as I keep dying I notice I have more and more chances to come back to life and try this gestures over and over until it seems fit that what I'm doing is correct

      as I wake back up in lucidity I start transforming in melting glass then turn on fire in inhaling grasp my body becomes shrouded with flames haunting and tormenting my body to the exact pleasure of intense heat as a burning desire I try to gesture some more for more intent to wake up from my lucidity as the controlled virtual form of myself start replica forming where when I fall asleep my replica body become more passionate thru the darkness in a onslaught of gestures waking up after taking a power nap I'm in the virtual world again ready to die and keep trying it over and over
    9. Self Destruction Expolsion

      by , 01-01-2018 at 10:40 PM
      this dream I'm side scrolling then I get suck into a vortex where cosmic darkness engulf my whole body the dark then envelops into imploding star light the light and the darkness tug and pull out each other as I'm trying to become lucid as my lucidity start I get suspended in the air then I see a circle of green light the green light then becomes

      neurons as atom particles that get minded away when I'm trying to jolt awake I'm in animation then I start jerking my physical body from my dream body trying to wake up cause the light fixtures were becoming to condescending so I'm trying to pull my my psychical body from my dream persona as I become lucid my dream become an developing white light and I can still feel my body with air pressure floating in the air as the light shimmers into a dark fade I awake where the light start spurting on its own and when I wake up my pants are wet from peeing on my self
    10. Behind The Scenes - Dream No. 251

      by , 12-29-2017 at 02:01 PM
      This dream addressed a lot of the technique that I did right that night before going to bed. Although the dream was weird in some ways, the method of response was amazing and quite intriguing.

      Dream No. 251 (B)

      Before Going To Bed
      The quality of my dreams was frustrating me and what was getting to me the most was the fact that my dream guide is getting progressively harder and harder to summon. I took the situation literally and decided to troubleshoot it. For a focus technique, I used my journal to physically write a letter titled to "The Awareness Behind The Dream" (ABTD for short).

      The things seen in the dream that I addressed in the letter were, in these exact words:
      - "Stop toying with my dream guide!"
      - "But no weirdly transformed dream guides or wacky school teachers!"
      - "A lot of my recent dreams have been weak and have had barely any meaning"
      - "I stress this, bring back Dreamy WB, bring back my dream guide now!"
      - "I do not have 5 fingers; I have 6 of them on each hand"
      - "The most accurate environment in my dream is my house; the rest may change as pleased"
      - "And in case you do listen and decide to bring back Dreamy WB... It's a she!"
      - "I will know when she is near, you cannot fool me. Although I may be dumb in a dream, I realise it when I wake up and I will track it back to you, the ABTD"
      - "You can change some of her facial features and I mean only SOME... I must be able to recognise her in order for that to qualify".

      My House
      The back of my house was resembled as in real life but as it got closer to the front of my house, the dream took this quote from my letter last night "The most accurate environment in my dream is my house; the rest may change as pleased" and bent that rule a bit. The first sign of an inaccurate appearance was in the kitchen. In fact, the only accurate rooms in the house were the bedrooms, the rest was all messed up.

      Dreamy SW
      She was a past dream guide but she only ever appeared in a dream once and her role was so insignificant and I ended up helping her instead. In hindsight, I'm actually grateful I got extra help in the dream and what's really amazing is that she fully supported me getting to Dreamy WB.

      What intrigues me is that Dreamy SW had such a strong foundation when I've had barely any connection with her in the recent past.

      The Office Scene
      In the dream, it was an ordinary scene but on further analysis, it's the most meaningful and powerful scene in the dream. I think that the circle table is supposed to represent equality and conferencing, that the dream guides are literally a committee and a team.

      In the letter before I slept, I addressed the ABTD as a mysterious, mischievous, trouble-making figure and I could see that in the boss... The boss was a literal representation of the ABTD and the chain of command. It really is the ABTD you're calling out to when you want to summon something, isn't it? What really created that sense of darkness and mystery for me was the all black attire, the dark hair and most importantly; the sunglasses covering the eyes. Is it true that the eyes are the window to the soul? This figure was using sunglasses as a blind to the true identity.

      Then there's Dreamy WB; I'm going to elaborate on her in a separate topic but what I want to elaborate on here is that wristband. The boss said to her "your wristband's flashing"... What does this mean? My question of curiousity would be that do all dream guides have a wristband equipped like this? It was so cool when I realised the fact that my dream guide actually has a wristband that activates when I call them, alerting them to the scenario. I wonder whether Dreamy SW had one as well but I couldn't see it as she was wearing a long-sleeved jumper. Another thing is, I wonder if that wristband was just for this dream or whether a similar principle would be followed in subsequent dreams.

      Dreamy WB
      This has got to be the most disturbing aspect of this dream, which was how she made her first appearance. The letter quotes I think the dream addressed were "But no weirdly transformed dream guides or wacky school teachers!", "And in case you do listen and decide to bring back Dreamy WB... It's a she!" and "You can change some of her facial features and I mean only SOME... I must be able to recognise her in order for that to qualify".

      With the quote of "You can change some of her facial features and I mean only SOME... I must be able to recognise her in order for that to qualify", I reckon the ABTD was trying to test me and see what I would accept and wouldn't accept. Was the ABTD trying to think of the worst possible version of her? In her first appearance, the dream had distorted everything... It made it so absolutely no feature was recognisable.

      The second appearance feels to me like a correction by the ABTD saying that my letter has been understood and interpreted. The second part felt like I was more in control overall. I did also state in my technique letter that the most flexible thing to manipulate if the ABTD wanted to would be her clothing. I reckon the men's tuxedo was the aspect of the ABTD where as the hot pink colour of the tie as well as the hot pink energy barrier around her was it affirming to me to I would only stand for her true identity as female.

      I think the reason why the dream played in extra slow motion when it was parting Dreamy WB's hair was to show me the last aspect to having full control; once her hair was in place, I was fully satisfied with her and the unique differences that the dream had given her.

      I had more intentions in this dream but my time was wasted as the whole dream was taken up with troubleshooting the identity of Dreamy WB that the ABTD had completely messed up. I wasn't expecting the identity correction to take as near as long as it did. I had a solid intention on completing a DV TOTM and I was going to progress to it once I had Dreamy WB helping me.

      What was problematic is that once the identity had been corrected, I was whisked away to another bedroom scene where the false awakening occurred. I think I know what my next correction technique will be; distinguishing the difference between a false awakening and a real awakening so the dream can't trick me anymore (or at least it will be harder for the dream to trick me).

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    11. Dawn of Eternity

      by , 12-29-2017 at 11:06 AM
      a close my eyes and let the abyss engulf me I darkness I will become one with the universe I utter under my breath as the darkness looms over a fantasy of star lights I grasp the darkness with pinch nerves wondering how I wake if I only see nothingness I wonder for a minute as the darkness becomes fading smoke gestures as the light starts taking control I see the darkness expand turn into foolish gestures as they light start glimmering the wakefulness of being up prompts me into waking up some more like I'm transforming dark into light as the light become more temper my mind becomes consciousness as I start dreaming I notice that the light can do whatever it pleases without darkness getting in the way as the gestures become more intent my dream form fades into a light phase of smoke gestures surrounding me in a prison of dreams as I wake I become lucid as I'm becoming lucidity itself the dawn of eternity becomes light and darkness as I try to wake from this sleep I become more powerful until the next time the light and darkness fades
    12. Probably Not What Goat Meat Tastes Like But Whatever

      by , 12-28-2017 at 07:50 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

      Woke up at: 12:00 PM


      It seems to me I am in the desert, almost keeling over due to the lack of food in my system. The "narrator" of the dream (Who sounds a lot like Oxhorn who, in short, sounds like Tom Hanks) says I am on a quest to find a "warm animal".

      Apparently the temperature is so hot that animals in the desert literally cook from the inside out. I come across a dead goat, or some other creature like that, and pick apart nicely sliced pieces of meat from its body.

      It tastes savory, but also something that could be served at a barbecue due to its peppery sort of taste. It's also kind of spicy, and the meat itself was reddish orange with black spots, implying it was cooked recently. It was, as expected, pretty warm for being recently cut meat from a goat's body. I snuck along a bag full of the stuff along with me.

      I come across another traveller, but from this point on I don't really remember much. He talks to me about where he can find this meat, and I told him that those goats are all over the desert, not wanting to give up my share.

      And the rest is all fuzzy images from that point on.


      1. First time I ever engaged in taste in a dream, though non lucid. Sadly, I don't think goat meat counts as junk food so no TOTM for me.

      2. Now I suddenly don't feel hungry for some reason.
    13. Haven't Had This One Since I Was 12... & Don't Burn Your Bridges Behind You

      by , 12-27-2017 at 06:16 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

      Woke up at: 10:00 AM

      Dream 01:
      I remember being in a white and sterile environment, much like an empty doctor's office or some high-tech research facility. I think in the dream I was fighting some monster, a theme that hadn't been present since I was, well, 12 years old. I seemed to have god powers in the dream as well, and the fight is heavily one-sided. I feel a sense of deep empowerment and relief as I slice up the enemy Kingdom Hearts II style, and finishing it off by slicing it with light powers.

      And that is the end of it.

      Dream 02:
      I'm in high school again as I spot my old friend, Ace. It's an awkward introduction at first, since I kind of, let's say, burned a few bridges with her that I'm not proud of. A wave of embarrassment runs down my face, stress sweat, blushing, heating up, you get the idea.

      In the dream she has completely black hair for some reason, and she is wearing a faded dark-grey jacket. She always seems to dye her hair (Even when I knew her way back when) so I didn't really catch on and do a reality check. Anyway, I start talking to her. She's still her usual chipper and weird self, and she kind of doesn't really care that I had burned bridges with her. Though her proportions have changed (AKA her butt was bigger for some reason).

      I begin to wonder "Why am I still so worked up about it after all these years?" but brush that aside to continue having a conversation with her. We were at the cafeteria, but for some odd reason the lunch ladies and food aren't there. They always seemed to have a habit of setting up after the students got there anyhow.


      1. The whole theme of fighting god monsters and reuniting with old friends is quite weird all things considered. These are all things that have never happened to me in recent years, due in part to me having wanted to forget about them. Maybe my subconsciousness is trying to tell me something here.

      2. This is the 5th dream in a row where I was in some kind of foreign or fantastical environment. Being in my room used to be one of my biggest reality checks and now I'm barely even inside my house in dreams anymore. Perhaps I'm getting slightly more detached from reality? Could be.
    14. Update

      by , 12-22-2017 at 06:47 PM
      I have so many goals for next year, I hope lucid dreaming can still be a part of me. Still apart of me now but in a different way than before.
      kind of feels like I’m shutting lucid dreaming from my life but not completely.

      Last Night Dream

      ???? But it felt like it had a good message to it in the morning.

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    15. Houseboat

      by , 12-22-2017 at 01:59 PM
      I was on some kind of open top barge or house boat. It was choc full of junk, well some of it was antique stuff and old toys. Somebody there was trying to stop me from getting something so I flew up and out of the opening onto a building roof above. The roof overlooking the river and boat was choc full of junk as well.
      The building morphed a bit and became the roof of a school. I did some more flying around and at this point said to myself this dream is really going on for a long while "Are dream" maybe I should take advantage of this fact and do some stuff.
      So I did some mind control on the dcs who were there then everything went black and white and I woke up unable to maintain lucidity.

      note: I remember saying to myself maybe I should have a go at getting lucid as it's holiday time now. This kind of pondering intention with no expectation attached has proved to be 100% effective in the past also, lol.
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