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    1. Recording autosuggestion results for one month

      by , Today at 06:24 PM (Dolphin's Dreams)
      I've been having success with autosuggestion again as I'm trying to come out of an extended period with less LDs than usual.

      The technique I'm trying is simply making my dream goal my last thought before I fall into unconscious sleep.

      I'll keep track of my progress here for one month.

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    2. [30-06-2016]

      by , Yesterday at 06:22 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a hard night, nothing recalled.
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    3. Woke up sick, bad dream recall

      by , 06-27-2016 at 08:36 PM
      I woke up with a sore throat & runny nose. I only had non-lucids & lost my recall cuz I had to get up & blow my nose & all that junk so my dreams had to take a backseat. But I did spend a lot of time researching stuff online last night which was fun.
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    4. Oh Meesha Cat what will I do with you, lol!

      by , 06-26-2016 at 10:14 PM
      Non-lucids only but so erratic that I couldn't write even 1 down. Meesha Cat just keeps waking me up over & over all night. Sigh. I'm exhausted so maybe tonight will be better. I think I have to get up early though cuz I'm supposed to watch the grand kids while my daughter goes to an appointment.
      Tags: non - lucid
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    5. Beatles fragment/High School Reunion

      by , 06-25-2016 at 09:41 PM (Book of Dreams)

      Didn't end up falling asleep until after 11:30, so didn't get a full 8 hours last night.

      Dream 1 (fragment):
      I was in a mini van listening to a CD I got from the library, it was all Beatles music. This is the 2nd time I've listened to the Beatles in my dreams lately, I think it's because I watched the Anthology documentary recently. Anyways, my old dog Stormy was there again (2nd time this week!) she left a big muddy pawprint on the seat when she jumped out of the van, but I didn't mind because I was so excited to see her!

      Dream 2:
      I had to go back to my high school (dreamsign!) for some sort of meeting, though I was vague on the details. All I knew was that if we didn't go, our diplomas would not actually be valid. It ended up being a movie night, we were watching "Space Jam 3" which I don't think exists in WL, but anyways, I was there with my friend Laura and I realized my hair was really long on the top and really curly. I remember looking in the mirror very excitedly because I've always wanted curly hair. By the end of this movie, I remember saying "is this really all the wanted us here for? This is a requirement for us to get our diplomas, but really it's just to get us to buy stuff" I don't actually remember buying anything, but that's how I was feeling, apparently. Once we were released, I ran through the hallway to get back to my apartment, but i had a textbook in a backpack I was wearing and it was really slowing me down. Running took a lot of effort, the bag was SO heavy, even though there was only one book. I remember thinking "wow, I've really gotten out of shape since I graduated high school," but really it's because I was DREAMING, should have done an RC... anyways, I was running so hard and getting so sweaty, that by the time I got back to my room, my hair was all wet and it was straight again. It also looked like my hair was thinning a lot on the top, I barely had any left.
      I got back to my room to find my three roommates (none of them are my WL roommate) who were all in my graduating class, and they were working out. Our apartment was a gym, and my bed was just a couch on the side. Then i had this fake dream memory where I remembered my WL roommate was just letting me crash with her because I hated my real living situation. I decided I would go back and stay with her, because I had a real bed and room to myself.
      The dream ended where I was driving to get something from walgreens. I almost walked, but the sun was starting to set and I didn't want to walk in the dark. Before I even arrived at walgreens, I noticed it was pitch black outisde. "wow," I thought, "It really did get dark quickly, good thing I drove,"

      I feel like this whole dream I was noticing the strange inconsistencies, but didn't once think to try and RC! Before I went to bed, I was really focusing on doing a RC when I saw a dreamsign, but it looks like it didn't work, though the fact that I was noticing anything at all is a step in the right direction, I think!!

      I'm about to take an afternoon nap... I'm hoping for a LD
    6. Dreaming in detail!

      by , 06-25-2016 at 05:31 PM
      Dream #1: non-lucid- All the details were very vivid in this dream. All the way down to cups & silverware & blankets & furniture etc. Jason & I were at college & were dating but then he turned in Bobby. We were hanging out on campus & doing normal college like stuff like eating together & romantic stuff. But then last nights dream guy became my new guy somehow & we were beginning a new romance & kissing & taking walks. I was staying in a rental w/ some other people now off campus & we were getting tired so I told him he could crash there with me. There was some weird reunion of people at my house & then the lights went dark & I sat on him.

      Jason & Bobby were childhood friends of mine. The dream guy from the night before was weird.

      Dream #2: non-lucid & lucid- I was at Richie's farm. But it only had very few details of the original. We were having a family reunion where I had become a permanent part of the family. There were a good 80 people or so there in the big farm house & outside. Lots of cars & trucks & other things that are normally on the farm. (Became Lucid) The details were intensely realistic & normal. Real things such as knickknacks everywhere. Everyone knew who I was & they were telling me who had had kids & married such & such & pulling out photo albums left & right. Lots of memories were going along with all of these things. This was extremely elaborate & there was a futuristic field they were showing me across the street where life had changed for all of us. It was elaborate with technologies that we don't have now for everyday life. A whole new system of farming & hovering crafts for water system & flying machines running the farm.... At this point I felt I was supposed to go back to my original families house but I was torn & really didn't want to go because of how all that turned out for me before.

      Richie & her husband were one of my foster families. I was actually lived there twice. The first time I was going to go home to try & reintegrate me w/ my real family but it didn't work. I won't elaborate on that right now. I then came back after a few months but eventually I broke the rules of prom by leaving w/ my prom date from the after party. We still left amicably. I really loved them. They were good people. I even got a tattoo from one of my foster sisters (actually I put them on myself with her stuff & she gave me a dot on my shoulder to always remember here) & we went to high school for a while together in a whole other town.

      Dream #3: Non-Lucid-Nightmare- I was in this house behind mine which is now a bunch of apartments. People busted in while my daughters house & these people were stealing all her shit. More very detailed stuff in it. I pulled out my phone to call the police & at some point I had to put it back cuz they almost caught me trying to call on them & they were an unsavory bunch. At the end I pulled it out & this woman just laughed at me & said "Good luck with that". Somehow she had magically took my phone which was now in her hands & fake phone was in mine. They tore out of there at that point & I woke up.

      Recently I've tried not to interfere when I become lucid to work on noticing details. Apparently it's working. I've always noticed that when you try to change your dreams when you become lucid you take a big risk of losing a lot of details so I'm working on mastering details more lately.

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      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
    7. Another School Dream & A House Within a House!

      by , 06-24-2016 at 05:24 PM
      Dream 1-Non-lucid: I was in this great big school & it was very detailed & we went to another school even. My mindset was trying to give helpful advice & interact a lot & I was really popular. Finally I told everyone to guess how old I was & people were guessing 10-15 yrs older than I really am. I was saying "really, I look that old?" Then I told them that I just wanted to go back to school for a different experience & that I have done this before.

      That was a reoccurring dream but the details are always different. I have these because I was torn from my home when I was 13 & went to a bunch of different foster homes & 2 yrs in a group home. I also didn't have a regular graduation but did get my GED on my own over a 2 week period when I was 17 so I always was proud of how I actually graduated before everyone else did. I didn't want to stay in the state system any longer than necessary. I would have had to repeat my junior year to missing too much school because I had was out of school due to my appendix & wisdom teeth so making up a month of work wasn't possible. Hence the reoccurring dream.

      Dream 2-Non-lucid: I was living in this house which was dilapidated & found another house under my house which was pristine & was completed furnished with kids rooms & another door that led outside complete with a porch. I asked someone if I would now have more equity to get a loan to fix up the part of the house I had previously lived in & they said yes so I started doing this. Some guy came to my front door which I now have 2 of but almost like it was a duplex kind of set up with 2 porches but now 1 complete house. The guy had a little girl & little boy & he was asking about my mysterious house. I explained to him that this has happened to me before. My porch was covered with all of these beautiful plants!

      This dream also was a reoccurring dream with differences. Sometimes I find a crazy big labyrinth of another house that goes on & on & sometimes it has other things such as portholes or floors that you could fall through. But to have 2 reoccurring dreams in one night, let alone back to back is a first. The house dream is also about me moving a million times & living in places that are not ideal. My current house has been through sooooo much shit that I will have to pay off before I can move. No more insurance coverage for anything at this point. It's been through the big Joplin tornado, had a house fire, had massive storms that have had my neighbors trees fall through my roof twice. The limbs also came through when we had the tornado. Another time one came through my front porch & through the floor of it. Hole is still there. Frozen water pipes. Destroyed carpets & tiles. Bathroom with a floor that was torn up when a guy put in our toilet. Omg, the list just goes on & on.... Don't feel sorry for me. I don't. I just deal with it & pray for change in the future.

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      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
    8. 22 and 23 June 2016 - Grandparents, Cars, Truck Driver

      by , 06-24-2016 at 05:52 AM

      >Dreamed I was in a garage and (the height of myself when I was the age of four) was hugging my Grandma around her leg and she said "It's been a long time" or "It's been a while" (since I did so)

      >Dreamed I saw my Grandfather, who passed away 12 days prior - he was in his house sitting down and may have had his younger (dark) hair too.
      >Grandma was also there - twice? (?)


      Dreamed I saw a bunch of my own cars in a garage, some were Wagons and one was a 1991 Ford Sedan in a creamy color. One was a nicely brown-ish Ford with what would have been a hood emblem in the front as a badging like a 1985 Caprice would have.

      While still in the garage, talked with a man in a Semi truck while I was probably sitting in the passenger seat (the perspective was in the cab) The truck driver had dark hair and glasses and wasn't overly fat but was more on the heavy set side (225 pounds maybe?) and he may have been wearing a green T shirt with some lettering on it. I think the subject was about how he died by the right side of his face being ground while his head was outside the Semi window (But how would that happen unless his head was sideways since I'm in America and the driver's side is on the left?) but he didn't notice it at first, then he parked the truck in a Walmart parking lot and fell over.

      The last one may have something to do with my Grandfather as he was a truck driver for many years.

      Updated 06-24-2016 at 05:56 AM by 61868

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    9. Meesha Cat strikes again

      by , 06-24-2016 at 02:42 AM
      I know I had 3 dreams for sure but Meesha Cat just kept sitting on my head & all that kind of stuff. My son is home from college & I think she feels her rhythm is kind of off. My son stays up all night gaming & she likes to hunt bunnies at night. She's okay with him being here this time but it's just thrown her off. The last time he was here for spring break we had just gotten her & she was marking her territory & even him while he was sleeping which of course was sooooo funny! But anyway, none of my dreams were lucid but I did have 3 for sure... Hubby started his 3 day vacation today at 4 so maybe I'll just chill & take whatever comes my way this weekend.
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      non-lucid , side notes
    10. Futuristic Aldi's- Gone Sailing- Main Street Carnival

      by , 06-22-2016 at 08:37 PM
      Dream 1: Non-lucid, then Lucid- I was in an Aldis store but instead of it being just isles like the grocery store only it had storage spaces, elevators & escalators. The parking lot was really vast & had valet's & a parking garage. My oldest friend Christian was there & I was so surprised that he was there.. I became lucid because there was no way any of this was possible. I knew he lives so far away & that this Aldis was some kind of futuristic thing. It all screamed technology that just isn't there yet. I didn't have enough money for the valet & he saved me from the embarrassment & paid the valet. Then the dream turned into a birthday party for Christian (not the one I really attended as a child but very very close) & then I woke up. Then the chaining began.

      Dream 2: non-lucid, then lucid- I went to the bathroom & came back & laid back down & started with Christian being there & then he was gone & I was on this sailboat. It was so detailed! It was glamorous & the guy on the boat was not someone from my real life. I was trying to take a bath but he kept wanting to know what was taking so long. I was trying to masturbate, lol. In real life I would never try to do this in the bathtub cuz it just isn't comfortable, lol. But in dreams I frequently have pent up sexual energy. Then I was lucid cuz I new the scenario was crazy. Finally I came out & we were just living a life on the boat. We were sailing along like this was just an every day thing in this glamorous lifestyle. I awoke again & went straight into the next dream.

      Dream 3: Non-lucid, then lucid- I was on our main street drag here in my town but it had different things from different places I've lived in. I had 3 kids & we were enjoying the day because there were vendors & a couple of rides like a small carnival was going on. It was extremely vivid. Then I realized the guy I was with took my kids & I was frantically asking people from the booths to help me. First they finally gave me an old rotary dial phone but it wouldn't call anyone. Then some of the people thought I was crazy. I realized that about half a mile away up a hill that actually looked like our main street here that there was a bigger carnival going on. I became lucid (DILD) & wasn't upset about the kids like before. Instead I started walking towards the carnival with curiosity because it looked so pretty. I went & walked around the fair grounds & just enjoyed the place with all of it's rides. I was noticing that some of it reminded me of a lucid dream I had had a crazy long time ago when I was in middle school. It reminded me yet again that I had spent so many hours as a kid sleeping. I used to sleep to escape my real world where so many things had gone wrong. My happy family wasn't happy anymore & I was acting out. I loved to be up at night & sleep after school & have these amazing lucid dreams. Everyone said I was sleeping because I was depressed & it used to drive my mom crazy. I was depressed but the dreams were a really great escape & now I understand them better.

      Yesterday was a long hard day which left me worried for my mother n law. We had to go one town over because she is just so confused about her thermostat & had it on 45 & is froze up. It could actually catch on fire. I know this cuz my own house caught on fire a few years ago because of my Central Air Unit & I just recently got the air back. Was only able to afford the heat at first. Anyway I'm worried she's gonna burn down her house in an array of possible ways. Dreading going back today because I'm going to need to break down & call my sister n law & initiate a conversation about what the next step is with her. I have a heavy heart right now. It's my husband's mom but since his dad died around 10 or 11 yrs ago he's rather indifferent to the whole thing.

      When I first tried to go to sleep I tried to go to sleep listening to a new lucid dream binaural beats from YouTube. Waste of time & sleep. So when my husband woke up at 2:13 I just sat up & started surfing the net on my phone reading random article's that I hadn't come across before & when he went to work I went to sleep which attributed to today's list of dreams.

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    11. Sleep Paralysis bad experience

      by , 06-22-2016 at 01:29 AM
      I kept trying to wake up but felt like something was trying to have sex w/ me & was speaking. I couldn't yell or move. I also heard a door creaking & closing. I have had AP things happen to me & many bad experiences w/ sleep paralysis also. I finally woke up & got halfway through a cigarette when I thought I'd try to go back & deal w/ what ever this thing was but things happened in real life that prevented that from happening.
    12. Trailer's & Zombies

      by , 06-22-2016 at 01:22 AM
      2 non-lucid, still having vertigo issues.

      #1: Dreaming of watching tv with Mike in my chidhood home. He wanted to stay up. I was making up the futon we have in our real house in my childhood house. He was in the hall & he was asking about a show coming on. If it was on yet.

      #2: Trying not to get raped by zombies. I kept thinking one of the other guys fighting the zombies was attractive. People were randomly having sex in a building in a park but it was like a shell of a one story stone building.

      Listened to one Lilian Eden meditation but my son is here from college & I got really mad today over it so we had to call around 5;30 am about it dropping out on my wifi. I had a really bad morning. I will be listening tonight hopefully. Guess we'll find out if they fixed it. My son has 2 monitors & monster computers & high tech games which I'm always in competition with.

      Explanation of details-Blue
      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
    13. No dream recall. Only 3 hrs of sleep.

      by , 06-19-2016 at 12:54 AM
      No dream recall. I only got 3 hrs of sleep cuz I had to leave town to get my son at college. Exhausted!
      side notes
    14. #3 - The Thinker's Club

      by , 06-19-2016 at 12:47 AM
      The Thinker's Club

      I don't quite remember the first part of the dream, but it ended with me in a cinema theatre ready to watch something. There must have been some form of social event or social club involved. I do remember a flash image of the outside of a building in the cold. Before it had completely ended, another film was scheduled to start; to see it, we'd have to usher ourselves out and into another theatre apparently popular with weed smokers. We were going to watch a second, cult classic film there. I don't remember actually seeing it.

      Instead I ended up somewhere I thought I knew from a photograph posted on an online forum. Perhaps conforming a geeky origin, each seat had a sticker with the nickname of a previous class member or else a character quirk poking fun at them (e.g. I think a few seats were labelled 'anime nerd'); notably, I recognised one of them (in the dream) as someone's user handle. I remember, as people milled around, someone commented that a guy's 'discussion quality' was high enough that he should have been accepted into the club, but alas have not yet been. This was a workshop of some sort for teaching purposes. I'd thought it was the one I'd seen an image of earlier on the internet, even maintaining this when asked what I was thinking, but changed my mind upon seeing the wholly wooden floor, since I also remembered a grey part.

      It turned out I was let into some sort of society's meeting. Like a debate club, but it was for polite discussion about light intellectual topics. Unusually, I was talking to people through the medium of speech and could actually hear my own voice, as opposed to using 'dream telepathy'. The speakers were a very varied group, and included Stuart Hameroff, the 'quantum brain microtubules' proponent. Some of the topics included ecology, evolution, the fate of the universe, 'haemoglobin-induced light hallucinations', and the amazing light contrast of either someone's laptop screen or the room in general (a lovely starscape on their desktop background!). The spotlight passed to me shockingly often, even when I didn't have much to say. Those latter two topics caused me to see images radiating brilliant, crystal-clear white light (e.g. white text on starscapes and nebulas) - incredibly vivid. Then the dream ended with a short debriefing, an image of a website giving a glowing review of my character and saying I was 'gatekeeped at Schmooze Island'.

      Note: I am pretty sure these places are physical representations of the internet itself; the dream may be commenting on how both random geeks and famous people have blogs on the internet, allowing everyone to interact. The 'Schmooze Island' stuff is probably a reference to the Pencilsword comic about privilege, which I'd seen passingly the day before. I don't recall any emotional content during or after the dream, despite more social dreams seeming to have more of that.

      Updated 06-19-2016 at 12:51 AM by 90627

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      by , 06-18-2016 at 12:26 PM
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