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    1. No money, no food

      by , Yesterday at 05:46 AM
      July 22nd 1:00am-8:00am
      Set at my current home, I believe..honestly I can't quite remember the first half. But for some reason we were low on money and weren't allowed to buy food from other places. I think it was also something to do with we couldn't drive the car out anymore, the person that told us this said to just buy from locals. But we don't have local stores or they carry bad food. So as mom and I are sitting in the diesel in a parking lot, a lady comes up and says she will help with money and food problems. She takes us to a store and we buy stuff, I forgot the terms of her agreement but afterwards we went to a room. In this room some people came through a portal and we started talking about stuff, I think it was about the new rules of people not being able to get food from other places. We also had these weird lights that were dim because the bulb didn't work. But when you take the bulb out, the light was much brighter. Anyway that was pretty much what I remembered, the room had tan walls and a portal in the left corner near the door entrance.
    2. Little chicks and big chicks

      by , 07-22-2017 at 12:41 AM
      Woke at 3:13pm...wish I knew the starting time, but sense it was an afternoon nap, I can assume it was two hours long. This means the start time might have been around 1:00pm.

      It's winter here but I don't know where here is but I do know that mom and I are trying to get the little chicks, who are in an encaged little wheelbarrow, up a hill to a home. I'm not sure how but we managed to do it, then we went inside the little place after placing them in an open garage to the side of the house and turning on their heat lights which we strung around the encaged area. They kinda looked like a teal LED bright lite set. Once inside, the area changed to the inside of my current home, I was hungry so I searched the cupboard near the door for some food, at first there was only what I had in real life. But then I saw cheetos, flaming hot cheetos, cheeto puffs, and way in the back I saw slim jims. I took those and went outside to eat them, I ate two but they tasted kinda funny like it wasn't meat. Then before I knew it, I was waking up in a room of sleeping bodies. Naked and under sheets in a living room, it was a bit nauseating but I just grabbed a shirts and rushed to the bathroom. The bathroom happened to be my grandmother's bathroom, but the living room was definitely from my old home. Behind me I heard footsteps and someone rushing to get to me, I tried to shut the door on them but a lady just shoved it open. I was on my knees on the floor, still a bit tired, she pulled me up and away from the bathroom. I forgot what she said but it was I think a sexual question and I answered positively. She wrapped her arms around my waist behind me and we sort of swayed into another room, then collapsed on a couch or chair. I sat on her lap and she held me, blah..sexual stuff so I guess her dialogue before was asking for consent. Anyway, the sexual stuff was different this time because before it always stopped when the pressure of stuff trying to get inside was too much and woke me up. This time though, I wasn't scared and didn't shy away, I guess that's why it finally happened. The pressure built up until I was about to cry out and was trembling was it was over, but I woke up. In my head, rose said she'd be gentler next time. But then I woke up for real and realized the last time I woke up was a false awakening, I felt the effects of the dream for a couple seconds after waking, but then it went away.

      I realize that it may seem strange to some readers but I never actually got to the stage of penetration or release in a dream ever, it was always blocked and I think this moment was an amazing one for me because I gave my consent this time. It was like I was ready, so maybe I'm learning more or something? Another thing I've noticed, I had control over my actions through the second half of the dream and this has happened last dream too. The new control and experience is actually really nice and makes me feel like I'm making progress.
    3. New World Rules

      by , 07-21-2017 at 01:20 AM
      July 18---11:30-1:25pm
      In a store, buying clothes. Mom drags me outside the back, grabs a fish tail cutout of foam and goes back inside. Someone stops us at the door, I get kicked down. Big guy picks me up in a hug and give comforting words. In the store I look through racks of clothes, laugh for reasons forgotten and C says it's time to go. Go through door, get stopped by arabic guard who wants our IDs. I give mom her purse, he says I should have a tie for my shirt. I nod, but he says I'm not a boy am I? I panic, he reaches down to check and then gets shoved off. Pan out to him falling off a cliff, I say we shouldn't have done that but hippie type guy says it's fine. Pan down mountain to an asian looking through a telescope, he sees falling body and mistakes it for the sign they've been waiting for. End.
    4. Portal of Drugged Relics

      by , 07-21-2017 at 01:18 AM
      July 18---5:12pm-7:17pm
      In old home at night, C is washing dishes he got from portal outside our house in the back. They are relics, I see one looking like a bowl pitcher. I put water in it, wash with soap and put water in it to drink. D enters room and sees me drinking, asks what is that and I tell him I think it's a drinking bowl. He seems skeptical, the water tastes bad like the soap I used and I see some of the pink soap residue on the bottom. I rinse it and put it in rack to dry, feel weird. Dizzy and nauseous, I stumble outside and see the world in a blurry. Look into portal and see outlined light blue squares on a white back ground. I scream as it freaks me out and wake up into a false awakening, C says shut up and I do. Talk in my mind to rose, mention dracula but I say it reminded me of a lucid dreaming vibe. End.
    5. Return to...?

      by , 07-21-2017 at 01:16 AM
      He gave us these little plastic? dolls to swallow and that would take us there, I had a hard time getting it to go down. I do remember thinking that this seemed kinda stupid, but then I did manage to swallow it and could feel it get caught slightly in my throat. After swallowing or going through the motions of swallowing a couple more times, I finally got it down and pretty much instantly saw the change after I blinked. We were in a room, appeared to be a dining room and I didn't seem to be familiar to the place. But then a voice spoke out behind me and caused me to turn about quickly to meet the face of the speaker who spoke from the shadows of the doorway, "Well if it isn't you", I of course was shocked a bit to see him there but for some reason also frightened a bit. I got the feeling that I shouldn't have come uninvited, but I also got the feeling that I owed him something. Anyway, he took me aside to another room to chat, I remember nothing of the dialogue except that I shouldn't be there. But sense I was here, I was obviously there for him. The rest of the dream is a bit hazy but their were other guests there and they'd been eating so I was to dress appropriately. After that I think I woke up.
    6. Overrun by The Police

      by , 07-21-2017 at 01:08 AM
      1:10-7:54 July, 20th:
      Old home, Walking through halls with C, checking rooms at night and playing a game. See D in bed and mom in bed. At beach in the morning, playing with people. Then the place turns dark and police come in, running people down and stuff. I hide in a necromancers tower, then rush back to home which is now current home. It is on fire, and the police have gone through the area and are still there. Mom is outside with a sword, I grab a sword and we both cut off one head out of the five guys outside. Then we leave markings on the other three, an open gash in one's chest, a slight scar on one's face and a cut off arm on another one; something I noticed is they bleed black blood or really dark red blood. We hide until morning or so they dream says, then we go access the situation and the house is now the old home again. The dream says we kill the remaining few. Then we grab food and stuff in boxes and put it into a helicopter, we even manage to put a box of chicks into it and the were specifically saved so the police weren't heartless after all. I keep telling mom to hurry up, we manage to fit everything and I shut off my phone so they can't track us through that. Then before we are going to leave, I say we could pick up D and C because they are alive. When I went to get the food, it was from grandma's kitchen fridge.
      Things we gathered:
       clothes, small amount, mom was especially excited about a nightgown for her and lots of socks for some reason.
       frozen candy bars, nougats or something and also dry foods like crackers.
       box of chicks about five or seven.
    7. Meeting Rose

      by , 07-16-2017 at 10:16 PM
      1:30Pm-3:09pm. Slept for 2 hrs, 9min. LUCID DREAM}

      Was first in my old home and after a little bit of wandering about, I noticed I had control over my actions. Went inside to have someone mention that the home looks pretty much the same, I did an RC and realized I was dreaming when I saw my fingers smashed weirdly together. After this I went to see what mom was up to, she was baking a cake except she was in the current kitchen. I said I wanted to help, because I knew the taste would help me stay longer in the lucid dream and I didn't want to run about this time. So she started measuring stuff out, then I walked around to my old room and did some sexyish dancing and pretended it was totally kinky. But D came in and shoved me onto the bed, I guess my thoughts had pushed the dream a bit because he had a carrot wrapped in rope and something else that he tried to stick in me. I just closed my legs and mentioned how I was kidding, then went to check up on mom. She was mixing stuff, I thought about how I loved to mix stuff and decided to go outside but when I got to the door she said I could come mix. So I said I'd be right there, rushed back after closing the door and saw that she wasn't even on a mixing stage. She was forming the cake, I guess she was just going to freeze it. I went outside and saw the trampoline we have at the current home infront of the old home and on it was a little deflated kids pool. It had started raining but I still wanted to swim, I made mention in my head of the small size and when I opened it out it was a big as the trampoline. Then I jumped in it and it filled with water, but it was like I was in a balloon because it ripped and I sat up laughing with the water pouring on me and the deflated pool on my back. Someone said the food was done so I went back inside and looked about, mom's desk was in the middle of the living room with four plates on it. I grabbed one and started eating, I'm not sure it had much taste but that was just something I'd have to improve on. After this I decided I should go see Rose to keep me in check, I didn't know how to go about it but I knew I wanted her to teach me. So I imagined the room around me changing, I stared at a fabric till it changed to lavender with patterns and then I backed up and saw a lady sitting behind a mirrored desk. Two phones were attached to the wall to talk through, so I found myself asking for her name. The lady at the desk looked elderly but young, she told me to spell the name and for some reason I couldn't get it right. I said it was Rosetta with two S's, thinking it was spelled with S's before the A instead of T's and then couldn't remember if her last name had an E in the end or not even though I know full well it doesn't. So I resorted to her appearance, Long black curls or sausage curls, wearing black, green eyes...or black or white. I was about to add, black wings and then mention how she changes her appearance but someone walked around behind us and when I saw I knew it was her. Her skin had that faded pale grey look like she just came out of a tomb, I think for a moment she had glasses but I can't really remember, she might have been changing. Her hair was very short, to her neck or just above the shoulders. It was black though, her eyes were black, and her outfit was black and dark grey for pants. She looked a bit like a trendy goth mom, a black long shawl type drooping over her shoulders and looking like big sleeves, low collar black shirt, tight fitting, dark grey yogo pants? Platformed big black shoes. Her makeup also sported black, but her hair was straight and pulled back on one side by a clip. It had more of a V cut to it starting from the back and making it longer toward her face. I pretty much swooned at her feet but she grabbed my arm lightly and tugged me along as though I obviously couldn't walk by myself. Brought me to a white walled room, all the walls were plain white a bit like a school or asylum. Inside a group of maybe ten people, young adults to teens it seemed were sitting crosslegged on the carpet and staring and a whiteboard with a table infront of it. To the left of the whiteboard was a clock, it was ordinary except it was missing it's hands and a red 5 was sort of painted on in the middle. I looked at the board and tried to imagine it saying are you lucid dreaming, but I couldn't. She posed it as a question to me I guess to help but I could only barely see the letters in pink forming, I said no before thinking and quickly said yes afterwards. Then she grabbed me and pulled me toward another area, I guess her office but we never got there because I woke up after she said come with me.
    8. The Mother Vanishes

      by , 07-05-2017 at 04:53 AM
      We were all outside at my current home, mom, me, D and C. Near the storage shed and to the right of that was a tunnel, which lead to three other tunnel entrances. Mom wanted us to go inside, something about finding something in there. The task had been passed off to me by my brothers, so I was decided which entrance to go through. C was going on about how he thought I already knew which entrance to take, so he was ready to go inside himself. D was just hanging back watching, when I looked back to see mom she vanished. Just kinda disappeared in a fast disintegration, this caught everyone's attention for the moment until I spotted a small sturdy card paper floating down to the ground. Upon inspection of the card paper it had information about mythology, greek I believe. After passing that on to my brothers, we all decided we'd all go in together. The guys went in first while I searched for a flashlight, a lighting strike and drops of rain fell, I picked a heavy flashlight to follow them in with. C went first, D went second and I shined the flashlight over their heads and went last. C said I'd be their eyes and as we went further into the light dirt tunnel, we came across a light up ahead. I shined the flashlight toward the entrance to the new room where the light was and saw our cat Jeester, except he was bigger like a bobcat, I mentioned that mom must of been here(he's her favourite cat and she's his favourite human). When we got close we saw he was near a recently doused fire, some smoke was still coming out from it. Jeester growled and hissed weirdly at us, like he was possessed. C went forward and tried to catch him but Jeester bounded away and lept over a fence, C of course followed and D and I were left alone. I went over to where the light was, a desk infront the fabric covered tall fence had a chicken heat lamp with yellow light streaming out from it. It didn't look like it was plugged in anywhere, atleast not anywhere that I could see in the dim light of the room, I was also more interested in the two little flashlights on the desk. Mine had been flickering so I commented outloud that we needed a new one, the first one I tried was black but didn't work. The second one was green, I was going to try it but got distracted by the notes on the desk written on the same card paper and near a book. Then I went to the fireplace and held my hand over the remaining smoke, it felt like someone blowing on my palm. D and I went past the giant roots acting as a partition between the desk and the entrance, here we saw a lower fence and leaned on it as we looked into the new setting. The setting past the fences was my old home's backyard, the fences were the same ones we put up when we lived there and even the house was still there. We saw C still trying to find Jeester and then I for some reason had a random thought of someone hugging me from behind, I stuck my butt out and tried to imagine what that would be like. I tried to stay in the dream as long as possible but sadly I woke up.
    9. Pleasure or Personal?

      by , 07-04-2017 at 04:37 AM
      In the morning I'm in bed, I can't recall if this was lucid or not but I was in control, and I started thinking about physical contact. Much to my surprise, this thinking lead to the feeling of arms wrapped around my stomach and holding me tight. This freaked me out a bit because I don't like unwarranted touching, so after some struggle I kicked the invisible hands away and went down stairs as fast as possible. I didn't expect whatever it was to follow, but I also didn't want to chance more unwanted hugs. Downstairs my family was there and for whatever reason, my mother had a bunch of sexual toys in her arms. I tried to get outside but sadly she forced a pink, vibrator I think into my hands. I wasn't to keen on it and tried to get rid of it, that happened easily as someone tackled me and it fell out of my hands. It was a guy, tall and obviously not my age but young. As nice as it was to have men falling for me, it wasn't nice to have them falling into me and with obvious reason. After he started kissing my neck, images of a movie character I like smiling down at me showed in my head almost blocking my view of his face, I made every effort to shove him off and it worked. But then I had to run because he chased me, I went into the house thinking someone might help but he was in there as well. Leaning back in a chair we don't own in the living room, he pulled me over and I half sat in his lap and half spilled over his right shoulder trying to get away. I think I didn't try so hard because it was nice being held but also not in this way and at this moment. I also think when I got out of his arm.hold that he let me go, because I think he could have held on longer. I ran away from the house and in a more overhead camera view, I saw myself running and him in the front yard looking at me go. I could hear him say he was going to get me back, he said it to a friend and even though I wasn't there I heard it clearly but in a whisper.
    10. Screeching Leaf Bat

      by , 07-04-2017 at 04:26 AM
      The dream started out at nighttime in my old home's living room, the area seemed a bit different but I can't remember how. I was talking to my older brother, about nothing I can remember, when suddenly there was this rattle at the window and loud screeching. Kind of how I imagine a banshee's screech along with a bat squeak would sound like. The thing looked like the child of a bat/mantis/leaf hybrid with green and yellow colours to keep the leaf effect. It kept trying to fly through the widow screen and looking at me as it continued it's manic sounds. I of course backed away from the window (I do remember now why it seemed strange, the window was the door window to the other part of the house we had added on.) I was frightened and thought it was going to come through and harm me, my brother however rushed out of the room to the side door to go fetch it. (Meaning he assumed it was outside, however with the setup of the house it was just in the other room and he never entered the outside door to the room or we would have seen and heard that.) In a little while later he came back with the thing sandwiched between some bread? and held it closer to me, but I backed off and said I didn't want it's head that close because it's mouth was open and showed it's many teeth. It looked more like a bat-dragon in the head shape. My brother showed us how it wrapped itself up in a shiney silver looking cape, it must have been curled up inside because the shape was like a circle. The back of the cape also had a grey symbol on it, a V with a line going across from each side to make it look like an upside down A. Then from the bottom point of the V upward was a line. That's all I really remember, but everyone was fascinated with it. I remember thinking it must be a bat type, but also thinking why my brother captured it in his hands.
    11. The Struggle to Stay Awake

      by , 07-04-2017 at 12:36 AM
      I had been sleeping, on my bed in my current home. When I awoke, I knew instantly that something was off and as I struggled to open my eyes to see the sunlight room around me; I figured out what was wrong, the struggle. Having my doubts about the realism of the situation, I decided to do a reality check of counting my fingers. I could feel my hands and though my vision was slanted and blurry, I brought them close to my face to see. The original count I messed up but when I almost blinked and lost sight of my hands, I quickly forced my eyes to stay open as I tried to look at my hands. Sadly, although I could feel them and knew where they were, I could not see them; I was having a hard enough time seeing already but there was nothing there when there should have been two hands, this sparked my full lucidity and I tried to get up. This failed and although I was convinced I could escape this situation, my dream said otherwise and my eyes closed and ended the dream.

      This feeling and false awakening situation happened again and again a few more times until I hit another dream.
      lucid , false awakening