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    winter field

    , 12-19-2013 at 05:46 AM (69 Views)
    After second false awaking in dream i decided count fingers. I had about 7 fingers, and decided to go through a wall. Easy. I was in neighbour's flat. I decided to make snowstorm and a sculpture and wished some free space. I went throgh the wall again thinking about tleport to the nature. In the wall i saw windows with diferent locations and they were like layers. I didn't like some locations, because there were streets, flats, yards. And finally i saw a layer with a summer field. I wished to be there and found myself in the grass. Then i wished to change it in winter and i saw, that from the skyline it changed in white. In ten seconds the white colour came to my feet and i stood in the winter field. The grass was gray and with hoar - frost. I wished snow in the air - it became snowing and i saw that some snowflakes not natural, but like decoration. It was funny. I began to make a snow storm, and had no idea what sculpture to do. Then i was curious what was my snow like. (There was already some snow on the grass) I touched it and it was like cotton mixed with snow and wasn't cold. And i awoke.

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    1. WakingNomad's Avatar
      cool! good job on the dream control!
      she likes this.