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    1. iPhone Induced Lucid Dream! IILD

      by , 11-12-2014 at 03:06 AM
      Last night I had an IILD! Btw, don’t Google that one, I'm playing off DILD! I had another fishing dream where I caught a 4 foot long Mahi Mahi. I wanted to take a picture of it, so I pulled out my handy dandy iPhone. Instead of taking a picture, the iPhone acted like a projector. It projected a picture onto the wall beside me. When I turned the iPhone off, the picture was still on the wall! Very cool! The picture was printed onto the wall by the iPhone. There was one problem, the picture wasn’t straight, and so I raised my hand and straightened it out by simply waving my hand at it. I knew there was no way my iPhone could do this, and I certainly couldn’t straighten a picture out by waving my hand at it. Lucid again! I pulled my iPhone out and showed my cousin how it could print pictures onto a wall with it. My cousin was very impressed with this. I then decided to go for a flight and see if I could find my daughter, but instead I found my mom.

      I flew up into the sky to go search for my daughter. It was beautiful, sunny, summer day. The sun was reflecting off the lake, causing it to dance with light. I came in low over the trees, and discovered I was in my home town, and then I flew down my parent’s street. A dream character stopped on the street and stared up at me. Her face seemed to come straight at me momentarily through a cloudy gray fog. She was an old woman and she gave me a look like, what the heck are you doing now? I flew past her and landed on my parent’s front yard. I walked into the back yard where I found my sister and mom. I first went to my sister and patted her on the shoulder and told her I loved her. She told me she loved me too. The dreaming was starting to fade, and I should have done something about that, but I just wanted to hug my mom, so I quickly headed over to her. She smiled brightly, and before I could hug her, I woke up. Next time I’ll stabilize and not be so rushed.

      Oh, I had another lucid dream last night, just before this one, where everything was dark and gray. There was no color. I don’t remember why I was lucid, it just seemed to happen. I was going around turning gray leaves green by pouring water on them. I was explaining to a dream character how the leaves are green in the waking world. He said it never rains here, and then he started to cry. I started to cry too because I could feel his deep sadness. There were tears pouring down my cheeks as I walked away from him, and then I lost lucidity, and I continued dreaming.
    2. Digital Water

      by , 11-11-2014 at 04:01 AM
      Dream Induced Lucid Dream - DILD. I was in my parent’s bathroom. The water was overflowing the sink and running down a board that was placed at angle to the counter. For some strange reason, and I don’t know why, but the water appeared to be digital in pattern. It looked like thousands of rectangular patterns, of different shades, travelling down the board. Kind of like a low resolution, tube monitor from the 80’s (what’s that!) playing an ancient video game. Hmmmmmmm, am I dreaming? I then did a reality check where I pushed my index finger through my other hand. Holy smokes! I’m dreaming! What should I do now? The first thing I thought of was to ask for my daughter to join me. I planned to open the bathroom door, and she will be on the other side. Just then, I heard a load door slam, BANG, and I woke up. Darn! I went to investigate why I heard a door slammed in the middle of the night. It turned out to be dream sound that woke me up, and not the waking world. I guess I was thinking too hard about my daughter being on the other side of the door.

      Remembrance Day tomorrow- I remember and appreciate the sacrifices given.

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    3. Car Flight GTA Style

      by , 11-09-2014 at 09:49 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #379 - DILD - 5:37AM (2 of 2)

      I am looking in the back seat of the car for something and can't find it. I look up and see the car is rolling forward. I remember that I was in bed just a moment ago and know it's a dream. I recall my conversation with Wurlman during the podcast about having fun with cars so I go for it. I have other goals but I decide to go ahead and hop in the driver seat. The car has rolled off the street it was parked on and heading toward a wooden fence. I gun it and ram through. The feeling of invincibly surges through me. I am surprised by a second chain-link fence and crash through that one as well. It has a nice sound effect.

      I come onto a four-lane highway going through a residential area. I follow the road going faster and faster. The car becomes slightly hard to handle during turns and I clip the side of a house. I don't care; this is all really fun. After a bit, I notice my view pulls back into a 3rd person perspective. I see a downtown area like on GTA5 and the dream looks very much like a video game. I notice I am not in my car anymore but some light blue SUV. I make the car go as faster (as I can imagine in this scenario) as I hit a sharp hill. It was only natural to take to the air at this point. I make the car fly up around the sky scrapers and I do a sharp turn to look around. I enjoy the view of the city, but then, I lose control and the car takes a fast dive into a busy street. There is some fiery explosions but it is mostly obscured by a large, thick cloud of opaque, black smoke.

      Suddenly, my younger daughter opens the bedroom door whining about something. I assume she's had a bad dream. My wife asks her whats wrong and my daughter replies, "The ants are living with the five."
      I lift my head up and say, "What?" I assume she's either had a bizarre dream and is still out of it or this is typical DC nonsense.
      I become semi-lucid but I feel very confused about where I am and who's bed I am in. For some reason I think I am a child again sleeping next to my mom as my dad works the night-shift. Slowly, I make sense of everything and try to make a DJ entry. However, as I fumble around the feeling of heavy SP, I remember this isn't going to work in a dream. I notice now that my arms and head are vibrating, though I feel like I am awake and moving around. I am not really sure if this is even possible, so I relax and lay still, preparing for an OBE type exit. I spend a few seconds here and I begin to go deeper, but it's at this point that my wife sighs loudly, rolls over, and shakes me awake.
    4. The Flying Submarine And Other Random Events

      by , 11-08-2014 at 07:51 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      OK so I'm not counting this but at least I'll celebrate this little lucid moment and enter all my dreams straight from my DJ notes for the night. I'm actually impressed with myself for recalling so many. 10


      Ith (Wow that was such a good dream it left me unable to type.)

      5:40AM (I recall several dreams)

      I am at work and talking to Brandon. For some reason I put hot solder on the wire coming out of the tip of my dick. Brandon puts hot solder on his beard and it wicks up all over so that he has a solid metal beard.

      My wife is in some open office that looks like a mesh of ancient Greece and something more modern. I think shes looking super sexy in her outfit. He has a gray business dress on but with colorful thigh high socks. I admire her as she is debating with some scum bag politicians. One of them looks a lot like Bruce Greenwood. I don't understand the issue but they are trying to bully her with some issue and she stands her ground without losing her cool. I admire her even more for that. After the men leave she tells me that she'll have to talk to my bitch sister about this and the conversation will be hard. I say well at least your not having to deal with my bitch ex-wife.

      Brandon asks me to join his band and play guitar tonight. I am not sure I remember how but I say I will. Then someone starts playing the keyboard and everyone sings a version of "Oklahoma". I don't know the words so I just stand there silent.

      I really have to pee but the bathroom looks very strange. There is a deformed toilet that might cause me to piss everywhere and next to is is a nearly full bucket. I choose the bucket. The sensation is accurate but I am not feeling any relief. A duplicate version of me shows up to my left and tells me not to pee in the bucket. We debate weather or not this is a dream. I finally figure it out but have to jolt myself away to rush to the bathroom.


      We are camping. Some super nerdy guy shows up and screams, "PART ANIMAL!" We make fun of him. I say something about him partying alone. A second nerd shows up. I say, "Ok party of two." A third shows up and I start to say something else up something in the sky catches my eye. I look up and see something like a large submarine bobbing around and floating in the sky. Is this a dream? No that seems legit... No wait that can't happen. I better check. I do a nose plug and it feels obstructed but not quite normal. I do another but more deliberately and I blow clean. I am happy and start thinking about goals but I wake up almost immediately. I don't think to try DEILD.

      8:15AM ( I recall two more)

      We are back at the beach. The city has put a playground right in the sand and I let my son play. I walk up to the water but it looks like some sort of pink scum is growing on top. I notice there are no waves and there are small hills with clumps of grass poking out of the water. I put a foot into the pink stuff and it has a feeling like cooked oatmeal. Gross. I look farther down the coastline and see a more normal beach with some nice waves rolling in. I shout back to my wife, "We need to move farther down to swim."

      I have a kilt with a dress shirt on. As part of some protest, I am supposed to go to Wal-Mart like this and ask for a copy of the US Constitution. I start having second thoughts and realize this is a totally stupid thing to do. I am not going to be seen in a kilt! How does this even make sense? Why am I protesting? I'm not even trying to be political these day! I go to the bed to room to take these clothes off but I have several layers on. I notice my Fudpucker's shirt is the last but it seems wet and suction to my skin. I panic as I struggle to get it off me.

      9:15AM (a few more as I woke for the day)

      I discover and go to the upper management breakroom at work. It has all sorts of baked goods in a glass cabinet. I take a biscuit but also really want one of those super tall cupcakes. As I take the cupcake I notice they actually cost. Oh man!
      Everything is 85 cents so I dig in my pocket for change. I can't seem to add up the cost but I'm sure I have enough to cover it and then some. There is a slot in the side of the cabinet and I hear the coins slide down and hit in a pile. I dropped a nickle and a few pennies. As I pick them up a man asks to borrow 4 cents. I just give him what I have and tell him I was over paying anyway and I just want to get rid of all this change. He takes it and I go to a table in the hallway to be alone. I have a hard time carrying my food and coffee but I manage. Then I get it all like a fat kid enjoying every second. As I start to sip my coffee a man comes into the hallway and start speaking to a group that has now appeared behind me. He says something about out military customers all having one type of mental disorder or another so we need to be really careful how we handle them. Theres something about a schizophrenic that turns into a long conversation.

      This morphs into a new dream. I am doing a podcast with some woman named Deanna over skype. We are talking about some guy that has been in the news for some crime but it wasn't clear if he was guilty. We called him live on the podcast and asked if we could interview him. I noticed he sounds like an old smoker and was very friendly and open. We told him our names and that we were from the Lucid For Life podcast.

      There was something about being on the moon. I recall the gray landscape but the sky was dark and starless. I had to walk from on building to another on the moonbase. There was something about how the dark side has no gravity. I wondered what it would be like to float off into space.
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. False Awakening - Levitating a Curtain as a Reality Check

      by , 11-07-2014 at 12:25 AM
      I woke up in my room (false awakening), but there were two things wrong; it was way too bright, and the window was on the wrong wall. As a reality check, I focused on the curtain and levitated it to the middle of room, and then it vanished. I figured great! Now I can go and explore my dream house! Btw, I’ve never managed to explore my house in a false awakening. I leaped from my bed in excitement, and then I woke up. Dang!
    6. An OBE, Yah you know me!

      by , 11-03-2014 at 07:32 PM
      In this dream (DILD to OBE), my wife and I were walking through this old store that looked like something out of the 1800’s. At the back of the store was our bedroom. My plan, in this dream, was to go bed and try and to do a Wake Induced Lucid dream. Yes, I was dreaming about wanting to lucid dream. I opened the bedroom door and saw two beds. As I walked into my room, my wife suddenly turned into a child who hopped into one of the beds. I thought that’s a little odd. Next, I went to my bed to crawl in, and there was a baby girl in there, maybe 1 or 2 years old. This is also strange. I picked up the baby in the blanket and tried to look closely at who this was, but it was too dark in the room. I realized this was all too weird and I must be dreaming. I was lucid.

      Suddenly, I’m back in my bed, lying face down. This made no sense to me either, because I went to bed lying on left side, I don’t change positions while I sleep, without waking up. I then felt a light vibration in my body, which started in my chest area, then spread out to my limbs. It lasted a few seconds and stopped. Then it came back full strength. I was vibrating violently in bed, and my ears were buzzing. I then remembered what I had read in the Forums about OBE’s, and I opened my dream eyes. Yes, I can see! I was lying on my stomach with my head turned to the right. I could see my right hand, raised up by my shoulder. My hand was vibrating violently! There was bright light shining everywhere. My blanket was hovering above me by a couple of inches, except it wasn’t my blanket. It was white, and had white tassel edging, whereas my blanket is blue/purple without tassels. The blanket was also vibrating violently, and the tassels were shaking so fast I could hardly make them out. There was wind blowing everywhere. I then remembered about trying to move my dream body, without moving my physical body. I couldn’t move, except I managed to move my right hand slightly. I then tried to roll out of my body, but woke up. I found myself lying on left side, with my blue/purple blanket, and everything was normal (besides my heart pounding from all the excitement).

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    7. A Noisy Oven

      by , 11-02-2014 at 09:21 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #376 - DILD - 5:02AM (2 of 3)

      I am at Wal-Mart looking for some vitamins. I wander around and realize its all a dream but for some reason I continue walking around looking for the vitamins.

      I have and FA and try to record my dream but I can't see clearly and my hands feel numb and clumsy. I put my journal way thinking something is off. My wife gets up and goes to the bathroom. I try again to record the dream fumbling clumsily. As my wife comes back into the room I decide to nose plug just in case. AH! It's a dream.

      I get up and enter the living room. It's really dark in there so I try the light closest light switch by the kitchen entrance. It doesn't work and I begin to hear this odd metallic groaning sound. I am intrigued at first but then I think maybe i should be scared. Fear gets the best of me for just a second but I allow anger to override that emotion. I continue to hear that creepy sound and it seems to be coming from the oven.

      The room seems to have lit up some so investigate. The oven looks like some bulky white antique looking thing. I note the oddity but I am not concerned with that right now. I yell things at the oven thinking something evil must be inside. The sound continues. "Shut-up! Shut-up and come out of that oven! I dare you!" After a moment I decide to open the oven. I am really worried that I'll have to confront some twisted hell spawn but to my relief there is nothing inside. I decide to just ignore this whole thing and go do other things, but at that moment I wake up.

      Lucid Fragment

      I also recall a lucid fragment where I was caught up in some Dr Who. trivia on the TV. I was using at a large touch screen but the trivia turned into some 60's and 70's sitcom trivia with video snippets. There was some show called "The Strangers" about a cab driver.

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    8. Dream Character Asks How I Knew I was Dreaming

      by , 10-31-2014 at 12:26 AM
      I went to bed last night planning not to lucid dream because I was sick with the flu, and I wanted to sleep through the night to get some rest. This wasn't the case. I first had a lucid dream about fishing, followed by a real interesting second Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD), where the dream character said something totally unexpected. I will describe the second dream.

      I had a false awakening, where I woke up in bed, but I was actually dreaming. My room was full of people from work. There was an overhead projector with a Power Point presentation being given on crucial accountability. A course I've never taken, but plan too. I sat up in bed, in total confusion, wondering why all these people were in my room. I watch the presentation for a while, and then one of my co-workers started to comment on how nice my home was. Suddenly, my bedroom grew twice the size, and it truly was amazing. I knew instantly this was a dream (I should have figured it out earlier, lol). I find flying helps boost my lucidity, so I ran out my bedroom and jumped like Super Man over the 2nd storey foyer railing and flew around the living room and foyer area. As I was flying I looked at the co-worker, who had commented early about how nice my home was, and I said, “My house also has an anti-gravity device installed!” Below me, near the basement stairs, I could see this wrinkled old man standing there. I remembered my conviction to interact with dream characters, so I landed beside him.

      He looked at me, and his eyes were full of life. I asked him, “How are you doing!” He didn't answer my question, but said, “What were you writing on your hand in that dream?” In a recent lucid dream I had marked down a dream character’s cell phone number, but I was unsure how to reply to his question so I said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He then said something totally unexpected, “How did you know you were dreaming?” I remembered from my previous dreams that dream characters generally get upset when you tell them I'm dreaming, so I said, “Hold on, I didn't say I was dreaming.” He then said to me, “Why were you flying?” I then told him, “Like I said when I was flying, I have an anti-gravity device installed in my house.” He then smiled and grew much younger, turned, and walked down into the basement. I floated along behind him. He turned his head, smiled, and said, “There’s no such thing as anti-gravity.” I replied by saying, “Yes there is, and a person like you (dream character) described to me how it works, and it made sense.” He then stop, and turned to face me with a questioned look. I figured, great, we can engage in some real interesting conversation! I got so excited, I woke up. I felt like I made some positive progress on how to interact with dream characters.
    9. Telling a Dream Character I’m Dreaming

      by , 10-28-2014 at 06:47 PM
      In this dream, I was getting ready to go and have a shower. I put my towel around my waist and walked out my bedroom door, with no clothes on, and I found myself in the middle of a public park! I looked down to make sure my towel was covering everything up. I realized instantly this is a dream, no reality check needed, I am lucid. The clarity was absolutely perfect, more so than the waking world.

      There was a concrete path with a manicured lawn, huge trees, and people here and there. It was fall time, the leaves were gone. I then remembered my quest to understand dream characters. The first person I came upon, who was sitting on a concrete/wooden bench, was a young woman in her thirties. She had long brown hair, and greenish yellow rimmed eyes. She smiled at me, and I apologized for only wearing a towel. She said that was okay. I asked if I could sit beside her, she laughed, and said yes. We had some small chat, and I was observing her very closely, trying to find any clue at all that she was a dream character. There was nothing to suggest this, she was absolutely perfect. I then commented on how beautiful her eyes were. I tried to make eye contact, but she looked away. I leaned forward and stared straight into her eyes. I invaded her comfort zone, and I she had the appropriate look suggesting I certainly did. I commented on the green and yellow colors in her eyes, and then she said, “Sometimes they sparkle gray.” As she said this her eyes grew twice as big, and colors became more pronounced. Goggles then appeared on her face. She reached up and rubbed her eyes, and they returned to normal, and the goggles were gone. She looked uncomfortable. I then said to her, “You’re your eyes sparkle especially when you’re dreaming.” She gulped, and looked at me and said, “What?” I then told her I’m dreaming. She said, “What are you doing?” She was upset, and starting to look around frantically. She then pushed her forearm against my chest, and then I woke. I didn’t try to go back into the dream.

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    10. Keeping Lucidity Under Wraps and Observing Dream Characters

      by , 10-26-2014 at 10:22 PM
      I was at a community club event. I knew I was dreaming (not sure why). Usually I take off and fly and try to take full advantage of the situation, but this time I decided to keep quiet, observe, interact, and use no super powers. As a note, this lucid dream lasted about 15 minutes, and was very stable and clear. No stabilization was needed. It’s definitely one of my longest lucid dreams.

      The community club was full of people, at least 100. I moved through the crowd of people, saying, “Hi!”, and “Excuse me.” People really didn’t notice me. I was scanning the crowd seeing dream characters interact, hearing conversations, and there was chatter everywhere. I could see people appearing instantly out of nowhere. I noticed characters here and there yawning and getting tired. The sleepy characters would stop interacting, would lie down, or vanish, or sink through the floor. Aside from dream characters appearing and disappearing, it was unbelievable just how real the experience seemed!

      I came upon this young girl in her early twenties, very pretty, and she reminded me of my daughter. I decided to talk to her. I asked her name, and she replied (I forget her name). I introduced myself. She smiled, and we started talking casually, as we strolled around the crowd. She seemed to like hanging out with me. She then yawned, and she started to disappear. I asked her to stay, and to keep talking to me. I coaxed her along, and she was back again interacting. We headed over to the corner of the community club, by the tables. I asked her if she would like to sit down. She nodded and sat at the end of the table, and I sat opposite to her. There were several gray haired older women sitting at the table. One of the ladies said hi to me, and used my name! I thought how does she know my name?

      After about 10 minutes I thought it was about time to blow my lucidity cover up, so I told the young girl I was dreaming. She looked at me and seemed very confused by what I was saying. I asked her where she lived, and she said from Queens, New York, off Hwy??, near the exit ramp. I asked her for her phone number, and she gave me a mixture of letters and numbers. I told her to try again, and she said the same numbers and letters again. The older ladies around the table suddenly started looking bit up tight, and I could see a glowing orange light behind me.

      I looked around, and there was this man in a black suit jacket trying to tie me up to a metal post with a glowing strap. I stood and backed away from him, and I said, “It’s all okay, everything is okay, and I’m leaving.” He seemed to be fine with this and he walked away. I decided to follow him and ask him why he was trying to tie me up. He stopped, looked at me, and then I asked him. He told me, “You’re not following the rules.” Suddenly a porcelain black cat appeared on the ground beside me. I could see the cat’s eyes moving. Btw, black cats are my dream sign, and often tell me when I’m dreaming. The man in the black suit, pointed at the black cat and said in a harsh voice, “And why does that thing keep appearing?” I felt like telling him, “Because that’s my dream sign stupid!” I bent down and picked up the cat carefully into my arms, and petted it. The porcelain cat became this perfect golden eyed, black cat. We walked away from the man in the black suit. I always give this black cat a lot of affection in my dreams. The cat started to lick my face and lean into my chest. I then woke up and immediately recorded my Lucid dream.
    11. Afternoon Intergalactic Space Flight

      by , 10-24-2014 at 07:48 PM
      I went for an afternoon nap to attempt the WILD technique, but I fell asleep in the hypnogogic phase. Next thing I knew, I was floating in space, and quickly realized I must be dreaming. The view was amazing, better than what you see on the clearest nights.

      I decided to head off into space to see how far I could go. At first the stars were passing by me quickly (like the Starship Enterprise), and I soon found myself leaving the Milky Way. Continuing to accelerate I could see complete galaxies starting to slowly pass me by, then I went faster and faster, until the galaxies were streaming past me like streaks of light. There were millions of them. It is hard to describe. Next stop was the edge of the universe. I wanted to keep going until there was nothing but blackness, but the galaxies just kept coming.

      Then I heard a voice, “Supper Time!” Oh crap, it’s my wife! No!!! I came to a complete stop, and I could see a spiral galaxy right in front of me. I heard my wife call my name. Oh no, the view is fading. I decided to head off back to earth, because what would happen if I woke up way out here, would I be okay? I spun around and took off in the direction I came from. Clarity improved. I flew for about a 30 seconds and stopped. I looked around. I could see galaxies, but which one was mine? I was totally lost. I panicked, woke up, and then had supper. I tried to describe what I was just dreaming about, but my family just gave me a blank look(There goes dad again talking about his lucid dreams).
    12. Matrix Style Fighting with the Beige Suits

      by , 10-20-2014 at 07:24 PM
      In this dream, I was at my parent’s house, at the top of the stairs, talking to another dream character who was threatening me with his supernatural powers. He was a little bit scary and seemed quite convincing. I told him I could be a vampire while lucid and easily be more powerful than he was. I then chose to be Lucid and turned myself into a vampire. He instantly left.

      Now that I was lucid, I needed to do something like fly, so I wouldn’t wake up. I ran down the stairs past my dad to go outside and do some flying. My dad said, “You should stay here.” I just ignored him because I was focussed on staying lucid. I looked outside, and it was the middle of winter, and I wasn’t properly dressed to go out there. I knew if I tried to find proper clothes I would wake up, so I just ran out the door and flew up over the trees. The trees were covered in hoarfrost and were absolutely beautiful. The sun was reflecting off of each snow crystal and it was brilliant white. By the time I reached the end of the street, at about 100 feet altitude, the snow had vanished, and it was now fall. I looked off in the distance, and I had 100% clarity. I decided to find my daughter.

      As I flew down the alongside the road that paralleled a river, I called out loud for my daughter to join me, and then suddenly this girl appeared riding a bike. I flew down and landed beside her. She didn’t look like my daughter, but she had the biggest smile ever, and she reminded me of her. I asked her if she was my daughter, and she said no. I then told her to tell my daughter I am looking for her. A fellow in a Beige Suit appeared on a bike and began to follow this girl as I flew away.

      I flew down, and landed at a market square, near the town’s Marina, and then walked into a market building hoping to find my daughter. Several people stopped what they were doing and stared at me. This dark haired fellow behind the counter was threatening me, and I told him everything was fine, and that I was just looking for my daughter. He calmed down and carried on with his business. I floated up slowly through the ceiling to see if my daughter was on the roof. She wasn't, so floated back down into the building. A man in a Beige Suit, like the one I saw on the bike earlier, then asked me a question, but before I could answer, he slapped a handcuff on my left hand. He yelled out, “I’ve got him!” I yanked the other end of the handcuff out of his hand and backed up. The handcuff he put on me was made from a black composite material, and the chain appeared to be some sort of polymer cord. I tore the handcuff off my left hand and proceed to rip the handcuffs into a bunch of pieces. Another Beige Suit appeared and he said, “That isn’t going to work on him.” I turned around and flew full speed at the exit door, and I passed right through it, like it wasn’t there. When I got to the other side I was in a concrete parkade. I then woke from the excitement, and stayed perfectly still in bed, then ended up back at the exact same spot in the dream. Both Beige Suits were there waiting.

      In an effort to scare these guys off, I assumed the famous martial arts pose. The one Beige Suit fellow said, “Oh great, he knows this too?” The other Beige Suit fellow said, “Just block him.” I really don’t know any martial arts, so they called my bluff. I then used my instant transport technique, where I can travel between two places instantly (within my visual range), and I transported to a floating position above one of the Beige Suit fellows. He looked confused, as he searched frantically for me, and he couldn’t see me. I then shot full speed at another exit door from the parkade and ended up outside. Home free! Not…. One Beige Suit had me by the waist and dragged me back to the ground. Again I woke, and stayed perfectly still in bed, and then ended up back at the exact same spot in the dream.

      I don’t believe in violence when dreaming, but these guys pushed me too far. I instant transported to the back of one the Beige Suits, grabbed him from behind, and threw him 20 yards at an incredible speed into the recessed exit area of the concrete parkade. He bounced off the walls and ground, and then came to a complete stop, upside-down and unconscious, floating at a 45 degree angle to the ground. The other Beige Suit and I just stood there and watched him as he floated unconscious. Suddenly, he gained consciousness, and yelled, “I’ve never had that happen before!” He was pissed. This time he flew straight at me, and before impact, I woke myself up. My heart was pounding, and I felt hot. I lay in bed thinking how this perfectly good lucid dream went so wrong.
    13. Meeting an old Acquaintance

      by , 10-20-2014 at 02:55 AM
      I was sitting with a group of men having a discussion. One of the men looked like an old acquaintance of mine who had recently passed away. The only difference was he had a full head of red hair, whereas before he was bald, he was medium build (instead of overweight), and now he was young. Despite all this, I still recognized him. I realized instantly I was dreaming. How else could I be meeting with him? I was Lucid.

      FYI: We really did not get along well during our experiences together in life, but I believed he was a good man, and he was liked by many people. He had a large funeral, but I did not attend, because like I said earlier, we really didn’t get along.

      While lucid, I went right up to him, and asked if it was him? He said, “Yes”, and then I told him I was sorry he had passed. I went to give him a ‘man hug’, but he raised his arms up, blocking mine. He was very strong, and his arms wouldn’t budge. He put his face to the side, looking away from me, and said, “I’m still upset.” I didn’t know what to do next, and the situation was a little awkward. The dream was fading fast, and I woke up.
    14. My First Lucid Dreams

      by , 10-16-2014 at 06:40 PM
      I had these two reoccurring nightmares when I was child. The first one was being chased by a Sasquatch, as a result of watching The 6 Million Dollar Man, and the second was falling from a tall swaying skyscraper, thanks to the movie, The Towering Inferno!

      My mom told me to simply realize you are dreaming, and then make friends with your fear. Back then in the 70s there was no such phrase as Lucid Dreaming, and nobody really knew too much about it, except that it was possible to become consciously aware in your dreams. It took a few months, but I was able to become Lucid during my nightmares.

      The Sasquatch Attack!
      I was running through the forest, being chased by this Sasquatch, totally terrified, and then I remembered what my mom said, “Realize you’re dreaming and make friends with your fear.” I stopped in my tracks, and turned around to face the Sasquatch. It was 7 feet tall, hairy, and was real nasty looking. I stayed calm, knowing I couldn’t get hurt in my dreams. I raised my arm to shake its hand. The Sasquatch also raised its hand! I introduced myself. I've never had this nightmare again. Problem solved thanks to lucid dreaming.

      Falling from a Skyscraper!
      The nightmare would always start off with me holding onto the ledge of a tall skyscraper, which was swinging in the wind. My grip would loosen, and then I would fall, and wake up just before hitting the ground. This time, as I was falling, I realized I was dreaming, and I was going to face my fear. Absolutely terrified, I decided to hit the ground, because you can’t get hurt in your dreams. Right? Wrong! I hit the ground, and it knocked the wind out of me, and it did hurt. I rolled over and looked up at the swaying building, got to my feet, and checked for damage. No damage! I was okay. BTW, I still have this nightmare occasionally, but I’ve since figured out you can simply fly away, and not hit the ground.
    15. Writing While Lucid

      by , 10-10-2014 at 06:52 PM
      I’ve tried to write words, in the past, while lucid, and it’s never worked. The letters seem to fall, rotate, and float off the page as quickly as I could write them down, or they became so mixed up that they no longer made sense. Today I tried something new and it worked!

      In this dream I was attending the first day of Chemistry, Faculty of Science. The professor was describing to us how difficult the course was, and you’ll probably end up dropping out. Same old, same old. Hearing this, I stood up and said, “I found the course not too difficult, and most of the people passed. What are you talking about?” I began to think about 2nd year Chemistry, when I realized I must be dreaming, because why would I be attending first year chemistry, and for that matter, why am I still in university?

      I was having a hard time remembering that I was lucid, and I felt like I was slipping back into dream mode. I decided to carve the word ‘DREAM’, in the top of a stump and focus on it. Don’t ask me how, but there was a 1 foot diameter stump in the class. Using my point finger, I carved out the word ‘DREAM’ in the top of the stump. My finger was able to carve the letters in the wood in the same manner as one would write in sand. I was very impressed, because the word stayed there. I called over a couple of the people from the class to take a look at the word I spelt. One girl had a pitcher of water in her hand, and she poured it out over the stump, drowning the word. I could still see the letters under the water. Taking my left hand, I swept the water off, leaving only a bit of water in the grooves of each letter. I then took dark ash from a saucer that appeared beside me, and I filled in the letters to make them black. The letters were now very pronounced against the lighter colored wood.


      I called more people over to see this magical thing called a word, which was actually legible, and a rarity. The dream was fading fast, and I had no time to stabilize. I woke up.

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