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    1. The Weird One Returns

      by , 10-08-2012 at 11:35 PM (The Weird One Returns)
      October 8th 2012

      3:00 AM to 9:00 PM; 9:10ish AM to 10:00 ish = ~6 hours and 50

      I found my old DJ format... Took me forever to work how to salvage it. Let's get the dreams rolling!

      The moment I really opened my eyes and took a look around... a man in an old samurai kimono stood before me. The sky was a blazing azure... and the ground before me nothing more than sparse clouds groomed into notable pathways.

      From the moment he spoke, the
      timbre of his voice sent me lucid.

      "Do you know how to fly?" He smiled at me.

      It was getting chilly, windy... Before I could answer I gave it thought. In theory I knew how to do everything. Noticing this he sighed, "then let's give you wings."

      With that the segment I stood upon vanished and I plummeted. I was ecstatic. I remembered briefly someone who used to say that dream entities could teach us things.

      I took control of the wind before, falling too far down into the endless blue, only to wake up as I hit the level of flight he wanted me to.

      Alarm went off...

      Adventure Time
      The world had taken a very strange turn. Essentially the world had taken a Steampunk-Adventure Time-Revolution feel to it. I was apart of the rebel group alongside my best friends, Jake, Fin, and a few other people.

      The government patriarch was against me. The others fled ahead to a safe house that had a very Eastern-Western fusion to it.

      Night had fallen and I had finally gotten a pack of men off my tail. I had a sword on me as I slid into the trap door of the house.

      Nothing had been very interesting, but for some reason my Wfiey had been edging me to talk to Jake... because he was supposedly very handsome and interested in me. Rule one about me--don't try to force me into things. I retaliate.

      Rather than approach him and at least be a good comrade--since we were on the same side afterall--I blatantly ignore him as I catch up with Fin and everyone else on what we should do next since I had unfortunately not left unnoticed. The government wanted me caught and brought to their leader.

      There then cuts to a random part where I'm tackling my old roommate to the ground and we're friends again. Rolling around, laughing and playing. All was well until we were sitting there calming down from laughing and I knew that this wasn't real... that there would never be a day where she would stop hating my guts and we'd be civil, maybe even friendly again...could we? I get up and walk away... a bit confounded by things.

      Eventually I was forced to interact with Jake, he knew a thing or two about guns and propulsion designs. We actually got along really well, and up until the soldiers came in and made the night a blood bath, all was at ease.

      Heavily influenced by my day... Lots of details unfortunately forgotten though. Didn't have my notebook on me. And my writing is stiff... ick

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    2. Protecting Kaomea from creepers

      by , 10-06-2012 at 03:17 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I had a series of weird dreams last night...mostly frags and images. Woke up...WBTB'd....had one more....forgot what it was, but shortly after, I was in SP. I couldn't move an inch...it was the real deal. Well time to stay relaxed and ride it out. I felt the usual sinking feeling I get during the transition after a few minutes, and nothing happened.

      WTF...I opened my eyes....I was in my room. My eyes were barely cracked open and I could see the window with light poking in. I'm pretty sure this is just a FA. I did a quick nose pinch RC....no pressure. I did one several more times just to make sure....Okay we're good, it's go time.

      I headed outside and was immediately met by distractions. The first one was the fact that I was naked. I shouted three commands: residual shirt, residual shoes, residual pants. Each one, worked perfectly. I checked the souls of my shoes because they were almost feeling like feet....and then the feeling subsided. And now the kid next door is following me, and I come up to something that looks like a dog house is being built in my back yard. He wont shut up, and I hear all kinds of music, and I don't know if it's coming from WL or what, but I gotta get the eff out of here. I tried creating a portal several times and failed.

      something strange happens at this point...because there's a total lapse in recall....either due to the length of the dream, changing of rem phases, or something else.

      I'm in an office/library there's tables and people everywhere, and the walls are lined up with books. I have probably a shred of lucidity, but I'm still calling out for Kaomea. She answers on the second shout "I'm over here Auron". I looked to my right and there she was...wearing a white sheer dress. It looked like something out of a movie. We were both going in for a hug, and just then, D and this random DC...tall, skinny asian guy came up to her. She said something like "don't call me by my real name".....and I found that odd...I don't know it, and I didn't use it. I asked her "where the hell have you been"?

      I can't remember what she said, but all of a sudden D and the random dude started moving in closer. Kissing her...lowering her down to the ground. One of the guy's starts trying to lower the top of her dress, and I see that she has a tatoo on the upper part of her left breast. It's a triangle with the eye of horus on it.......WTF!?

      Something doesn't seem right, and lucidity starting to kick back in. I get a good look at her, and she seems...kinda out of it.

      Me: Do you want this to happen?
      Her: No
      Me: well then what the fuck!?

      I grabbed both of them and threw them into book cases several feet away. They moved back in. The Asian guy swung at me, and I ducked it while preforming a sweep kick on D at the same time. He went down quickly, and while I was standing back up, I hit the Asian guy with with a series of punches and elbows....I'm not sure what happened to him....but that was the last I saw of him. I turned my attention to D, and he's furious.

      Him: You just want her for yourself.
      Me: No, but I did want to see her...what the hell are you trying to do anyway?
      Him: What's it look like?
      Me: *pointing at his wife* Well your wife is over there...why don't you use that pent up anger on her.

      She calls out his name, and he completely ignores her while rushing at me. He took a swing at me, and I grabbed his fist when it was a few inches away from my face and said to her "this may get messy". She ran off, and I threw over several bookcases. I could hear him landing through a couple of tables by the time I got there. He gets up...breathing hard....and I'm thinking damnit, I hope this isn't a strong DC.

      I got on the defensive block, parry and dodge all of his attacks, and finally threw a punch. He got laid out by that one....good. He got up and picked up a surfboard and tried to hit me with it...he was better off hitting me with wet newspaper. The board folded when it touched me, and I didn't feel anything except the breeze that came off of it. I grabbed the board away from him, folded it in half horizontally and then in thirds vertically.
      It looked like a big gray 8-bit bat. He rushed me one last time, and I hit him so hard with it, it turned into a little star...that turned into a paperclip. It spun several times around before hitting someones desk. And people started saying "new bank", "new bank", "new bank", as a couple of people left. I asked one of the DC's what it meant, and she said that's what happens when someone leaves the company and we might need to reference that person......um, okay, the dream ended.

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    3. My Sandbox

      by , 10-05-2012 at 02:34 AM
      Side Notes - This lucid is actually from September 27th, I just never took the time to type it up until now.

      My Sandbox [MILD]

      The main thing I remember about the first part of this dream was that I was at home and we were throwing a party with lots of my family members and old teachers attending. After everyone had pretty much left I was just hanging out in my room and I saw my 11th grade physics teacher coming up to the door through the window so I went to go meet him. I think he also morphed into some random guy at one point.... I went and opened the front door and he wasn't there, and upon seeing that I immediately became lucid. I randomly decided to climb the tree in our front yard, so I sprinted towards it and just ran up it. I'm pretty sure the geometry of this experience was beyond alien, my memory is quite confusing, but eventually I was just standing up on a high point of the tree. I looked up into the sky and saw a car slowly floating through the air way off in the distance and was confused for a second, but I decided I probably shouldn't let myself get distracted with that or the dream will fade. (I've gotten this feeling while staring into the sky while lucid before.) I took one last look at the car and then back down to the ground. Extending out in front of me was a long and incredibly thick tree branch that seemed to be made to resemble the shape of a slide. There was even a little cupped part at the bottom. I slid down and the branch moved to help get me gently on to the ground. I turned around and noticed that the branch was actually in the shape of an arm, and the cupped part was the tree holding its hand like that to assist me. I reached out and shook this massive hand and smiled, the tree seemed nice. I had landed in the road and there was a car coming right for where I was standing, so I crouched down and spread my arms out to try and hold it off. When it collided with me I was pushed back slightly, but mostly I was able to push the force of the impact to the side and the car ended up smashing through the front yard of the house across the street from mine. I turned around and saw their fence running along the side of the street, so I jumped up to it and started running along the top. I was headed toward the nearby alleyway but as I looked at the houses over there my vision started to get really white and blurry and I was afraid that the dream might be ending. I turned around and saw a truck with a pretty empty back turning the corner on to a nearby street (the one that extends directly out from our house, we live at a three-way intersection). I held out my hand and yelled "Stop!" and the driver immediately slammed on the breaks. Then I clenched my fingers almost into a fist as a way of doing a sort of telekinetic or magnetic pull and it totally worked. I was pulled by an invisible force on to the back of the truck and I reached over to pat its side and said "Alright, let's go." We started moving, and I vaguely remember leaning over and starting to say something to the driver and/or passenger, but then I woke up.

      Fun night.
    4. Her

      by , 09-24-2012 at 03:34 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      This dream lasted forever.....I'm assuming it was a FA that lead to another dream with the same "dc", and into even more FA...or something, but I'll try my best to explain it.

      I'm talking to this girl, about like....everything, and she's amazing. Like when you have those "this person gets me" moments. Our conversation is like that, and it's obvious that no one isn't trying to agree on things...it's just happening.

      At this point I think I'm finally piecing things together.....I was talking to this girl in a previous dream (in which i thought was waking life) and that's where I think I know her from.

      We talked more, and some way she brings up that we may be cousins. We were walking towards a bus at the time, and I said "look, you're blonde haired blue eyed". "There's no way we're related, and even if we are...it probably like fifth or something way down the line".

      I knew that she liked me, and I felt the same way...but I sill felt some hesitation...so I assured her a little more.

      We got on the bus from the back, and that reassured me that I was dreaming. And I told her. I said "we must have fallen asleep at the same time". "Right now we're dreaming". I sat down, and magically there was a girl right between us. I got up and sat so I could be right beside her. We're riding and the scenery is epic. We travel down a bridge that has water as far as the eye can see on both sides, before we reach land again....and something happens.

      Now this part gets weird, because I don't know if the dream just broke up, rem period changed, or what, but I think I returned back to that original FA with her. She was asleep and her head was leaning against mine, and mine was against her. Her blonde hair, all wrapped up in a pony tail....I quickly closed my eyes because I wanted to "get back in the dream".

      We're walking to get on the bus, again, and she turns around and waits to catch up with me. This bus is different. It's smaller on the inside, and I'm getting a bit claustrophobic for some reason. I wanted to get the window seat from her, but she refused. (pretty sure lucidity was fading at this point) We get on and take that familiar path, but this time I'm rapping about the scenery and holding her hand. Everyone's laughing at how quickly I pick up on the objects that I see and use them in a song, and eventually I lose it. We started talking some more, and I told her that one day she would have to stop by a restaurant I pointed out and eat breakfast their. It had a black sign with over sized light bulbs boarding it....something about it reminded me of Vegas, but like an older version of it.

      We started talking about the dream we were in, and I told her that I'd probably forget how it even started....just then I felt myself fading. I told her "it's about to end". Tears filled both of our eyes, and we reached for each other, and started kissing. (normally I don't close my eyes when I kiss in dreams, but I had nothing to lose). It was so passionate, that I can still remember exactly how her tongue felt. My right hand was on the back of her head pulling her in, and my left was wrapped around her waist. Her arms were around my shoulder and my waist as well, and we were just taking in everything of that person we could before it ended.

      I kept thinking "where the hell am I going to wake up at"? For some reason I thought I was going to wake up in my barracks.

      Tears rushed down each others faces as we continued, and when it ended, I returned to that FA.....We were kissing their, but I didn't want to open my eyes, because I knew that too was going to end. I knew it was over, but I never wanted it to be. We both held on, and I still felt her during hypnopompic state. I could feel and taste everything even then, but visually there was nothing.

      I woke up feeling so sad about this girl...and happy at the same time....even when writing this, I got a little teary eyed....it's just unreal. I think I may have met her in a previous dream...or who knows....I think I may have actually fallen in love or something.
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    5. A Visit to Phoenix (Night of August 22-23, 2012)

      by , 09-15-2012 at 07:08 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      (This is a catch-up post. This dream took place on the night of August 22-23, 2012.)

      Awake, Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      My mom and I are watching a play together. The play features a girl and a creepy, life-sized puppet that is designed to be a body double of her. I see that $OfficeBoss is there, watching the play with his family. Then, my mom and I go out to the parking lot and drive away in the same car together, even though we both have cars there. We can only start one of our cars, not the other one, because neither of us has the right key for that one.

      I'm in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area on vacation, visiting my good friend, JM. I have my own car
      [which I never do when I go to visit him, because I always fly there and get rides around town with him and his friends - this should have been my first clue that I was dreaming, but it wasn't], and I'm driving east along the freeway, heading in the direction of JM's house. The scenery around me is incredibly beautiful and lush, with lots of desert plants.

      JM and I are hanging out in a bar together, totally chilling out on a sofa. I'm drinking a beer that someone else abandoned on a table. We walk out of the bar, which is located in a shopping mall. As we're on our way out of the mall, we find another friend of ours, ET
      [a human - yes, those are his initials], in another of the mall's shops. I realize it's him when I hear his voice. A bunch of our friends are with us now. ET hugs everyone in the group (myself, JM, CF, and a couple of others), except for RD. RD doesn't want to be hugged, and uses her fingers to climb up the side of a door to get away from ET. ET tickles her on the small of her back instead.

      I'm walking through a beautiful Arizona landscape of desert farms,
      and at this point, I finally realize that I'm dreaming. I focus on the fact that the guard dogs that many of the farms have cannot really hurt me when I'm in a dream. I run away from one of them by flying straight up, and then start flying over the lovely scenery, admiring it. Looking southwest, I can see downtown Phoenix, which has skyscrapers and a giant stone head with a big, wide-open mouth. Just after I've started flying, my alarm goes off and wakes me up.

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    6. Flashback: Flight-time Performance Anxiety

      by , 08-16-2012 at 10:59 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #4: Flight-time Performance Anxiety (July 16, 2012)

      I'm chatting with an old friend at a party who's into lucid dreaming (IWL as well as in this dream.) I tell him how things are starting to come together for me and I thank him for his help and advice. Another DC engages my friend in conversation and I wander a few feet away, for some reason deciding that I should listen to my iPod.

      I try to plug the headphones into my iPod but discover that there is no headphone jack. At first, I'm suspicious that my friend has switched iPods with me but I stop when I realize how ridiculous this accusation is. I perform the nose pinch RC and
      become lucid. I excitedly tell my friend that apropos of our previous conversation, I'm having a lucid dream right now. He's pleased and doesn't mind when I wander away to start experimenting.

      My first goal in this dream was to compare the quality of dream imagery to that of modern video games. The moment I remember this goal, a tapestry or painting on the wall suddenly changes to a gameplay movie of the early 90s shooter "DOOM". (Okay, subconscious, I'll admit that was a cute trick.) I note that the floor and ceiling are very bland with almost no texturing. The walls, furniture, and dream characters, however, are photo-realistic, well beyond what I see in video games.

      I announce to the dream characters in the room that this is my lucid dream and they are about to see some flight. I attempt to jump up for flight but simply bounce off of the ceiling. Some of the dream characters cut their eyes at one another in an "is this guy for real?" way. I attempt a second jump, bounce off of the ceiling and go careening into a visibly annoyed girl with short hair and glasses. She shoves me away and I go for a third attempt, yielding one more embarrassing failure.

      I rub my hands and arms to restabilize then consider having a huge storm rip the ceiling off the house so that I can salvage my reputation. Before things can get really fun,
      I wake up.
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    7. Flashback: Lucid Kitchen Aggression

      by , 08-16-2012 at 05:08 PM
      I've decided to journal up all of my past lucid dreams before moving into the "present day". I definitely want to record all lucid dreams here. I hope that I stick with recording non-lucids as well but my primary DJ is pen-and-paper. We'll see how it goes.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid Kitchen Aggression (April 24th, 2012)

      I'm in a false awakening, walking downstairs in my own home. I'm nearing the bottom of the stairs when I suddenly realize that the alarm is on and that I'm going to set off the motion detector if I don't stop. The worry seems to focus my mind. I look into the kitchen and see that the breakfast table has been moved several feet to the right. It suddenly occurs to me that I am dreaming.

      Giddy at my own clarity of mind, I run into the kitchen, looking around for something "cool" to do. Even though I'm ostensibly a fully grown man, the only thing I want to do is wreck my kitchen with magical powers. I raise my hands from my sides, willing the kitchen island to pull out of the floor. It groans for a moment then gives a loud crack as it wrenches out of the floor. I float it around the room for a couple of seconds before excitement overtakes me. The dream scene goes to milky gray
      and I'm awake almost immediately.

      My heart is pounding with excitement and I have trouble getting back to sleep. I know I'm hooked... and so it begins.

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    8. Night 1- My dreams have lag

      by , 08-04-2012 at 02:41 PM (The Nightflare Chronicles..)
      Right, so, my first entry- something wierd happened towards the end, but I'll come to that in a minute.

      *****DREAM STARTS*****
      I've walking across a flat desert with some old classmates from highschool, who I haven't seen for about 4 years. On the horizon we can see buildings- They're clearly very far away, but they still appear towering and huge, and look faintly futuristic. As we draw closer, I see that there is a power plant, and what appears to be a launch tower for some kind of space shuttle.
      When we arrive, we're greeted by a very tall man, who takes us on a guided tour of the power plant. At one point, he picks the 3 of us up and sprints down a spiral staircase very fast, making us dizzy, and then puts us down and disappears. We're in a sealed room, and the staircase is gone. As far as I can remember, the walls were made of metal. I phone the tour guide, and explain that we're trapped, and he says that my friends and i will have to find some way of passing the time.
      A door then opens up in the wall, and I walk out of it. I'm taken to the edge of a forest, and told that I have to do a 25 mile run through it. I protest that I wouldn't be able to manage even 1 mile, and they just tell me to follow the path.

      When the race begins, I start running, but about 5 minutes in I get to a long stretch of path, with leaves littering the floor. It looks similar to THIS photograph. As I'm running along it, my vision seems to stretch, as if my FOV suddenly increased dramatically, everything seemed to stutter for a bit, and I was snapped back to the start again. Put simply, I'm having major connection issues (maybe I should turn my firewall off? )
      This happens every time I reach that point.


      Ok, this is the weird bit- I'm not entirely sure what happened here- was I in a partial DILD or what? Basically, after this point, I was aware that I was dreaming and started thinking of nothing but dream control. It still felt fragmented and dreamlike- it didn't match any of the descriptions of lucid dreams I've read, but at the same time, I WAS briefly aware that I was in a dream....

      the third time this happened, I realised that I was dreaming- I tried to grab on to the landscape, and kept telling myself that I'm dreaming. Everything then went completely dark- I had no body- and a sort of control panel appeared on my vision- like some kind of GUI. Bear in mind, at the time, as soon as I'd realized I'm in a dream, I had an urge to control EVERYTHING. It had a load of sliders for things like characters, landscapes, etc, and when I moved them things appeared in my dream. I used my usual approach of pressing things randomly until something works, and I managed to get two people running around in a room, but the 'graphics' were blocky and I was viewing everything from above. I then woke up, and tried to perform a reality check, but it was either a false awakening or I fell asleep again immediately, because I then woke up again. That time I was definitely fully awake and conscious, unfortunately

      Another thing to note, is that just as I was waking up the first time, I could hear someone talking about driving trains, and how he has to wear a different jacket to drive different trains (I don't even know anymore.. my mind is clearly a very strange place)

      *****DREAM ENDS*****

      Right, so a few thoughts on this- firstly, I had the feeling that I was almost in a lucid dream at one stage, but it didn't actually feel lucid- Any thoughts or comments on that? Is that something anybody's experienced? Does it mean I'm on the right track or not?

      And the other thing is that I've clearly been spending too much time on the computer recently- lagging dreams, FOV and a GUI? Yeah, not normal

      I've tagged this as non-lucid, since I'm fairly sure I wasn't actually in a lucid dream, but I'm still confused about that.
    9. Canadian Lucid, CARNAGE

      by , 08-03-2012 at 07:08 PM (The Infinite Domain)
      Possible Lucid Aids: I smoked a small cigar about an hour before I fell asleep

      Canadian Lucid
      I am walking through the green plains of an area I subconsciously know is Toronto, Canada. Although I have never visited this province in waking life, an accurate depiction of the area is presented in front of me.

      In the distance I see the CN Tower on a grassy plateau, it manifests itself as a radio structure similar to this one.

      The dream skips ahead, and I'm exiting a movie theater with my friend, Z. We are casually discussing Lucid Dreaming as we walk towards an auto parts store in the middle of a grassy plain.

      As we approach the building, Z finds something shiny on the ground.

      The moment I see it, I become lucid. I'm not sure what triggered this, and I even performed a hand reality check which failed. My Task of the Month comes into mind, and I push off of the lush green grass. I immediately feel the satisfying cool Ontario wind sting my eyes as I rip through the sound barrier in a vertical pursuit to exit the atmosphere without any technological aid.

      The indigo sky begins to darken and I feel my body become weightless, just as the stars come into view. I am breathing the plasma-rich energy of space, and when I look down at the blue oceans of our planet, I can only help but feel sad.

      As the dream slowly fades, I come to the realization that I may never experience this outside of the dream realm. Space is the final frontier, and even with the substantial technology humanity has acquired thus far, we are stuck in this galaxy, within a miniscule star system, on a rock. A beautiful, unique, magnificent rock.

      This is not quite what I expected after such an alleviating dream...

      I'm preparing for a fight. I am not sure who I will be competing against, but I know only one of us will be leaving this arena alive. As I gear up and enter the massive coliseum, I see one man standing at the distal arch of the death pit.
      I have never met this person in waking life, nor do I know the name of the DC, but my subconscious made the connection that this person is a very good friend of mine.
      I unsheathe my blade. It is an unusually designed copper scimitar which radiates heat.

      I charge at my companion only for him to match my strike. As our swords collide, I my arm goes numb from the disseminating electricity of his blade. The fight seems to continue for hours, as I perform superhuman leaps from one corner of the arena to the other, parrying his hits and returning strikes. Eventually we both collapse from the overexertion of the battle, only to hear the announcer's voice threatening to unleash the beasts. I feared these monsters, so much that I swiftly bury my blade into my former ally's neck. Unfortunately, he survived the initial blow and I mouth the words,
      "I'm sorry,"
      before I drive my sword into his heart. The announcer runs out onto the field of battle to announce my victory, but is cut short by the rapid swipe of my blade. His head drops to the bloody ground and his body short thereafter. I look up to the sky as thousands of arrows rain down upon my hopeless body, and my spirit fades with a sense of atonement.
    10. Cheshire cat

      by , 08-03-2012 at 04:12 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Recall is a bit bad because this is a few adage old, but I remember being around some old castle/fort type area with a lot of tourists and the Cheshire cat was there. He was more pink than purple and I was trying to follow him. He walked upside down on a ledge and I did the same thing for a while and when I jumped the gap, I started falling towards the water and i had to remind myself that gravity was in reverse at the moment. I was really close to hitting the water when I started falling up back on to the ledge I was trying to hop to. The cat told me that I could have done it he normal way. I wanted to do it his way though.

      We made it inside the castle, and there was G and some other people there. They were talking about how we all used to play pool in that room, but. Didn't know what they were talking about. I headed to the next room and there were three doors lending in different directions. I did the same thing again and another three doors. Wtf. I planted one foot down and kept moving. Every time there was another room with another set of doors. I decided to go back to where my foot was planted. I think I met up with th cat against but I'm not sure
    11. Flying Around School

      by , 08-01-2012 at 03:10 PM
      Flying Around School [DILD]

      This dream is pretty much a fragment. I was doing stuff at school for most of it, but I can't really remember what any of that stuff was now. O and D were there, however; that I know for sure. At one point I got tired of walking through the hallway so I just lied down and started gliding across the ground. This and the flying that followed soon afterward made me become lucid. Really all I did for the rest of the dream was phase through the walls to get outside and then fly around above the school. Right before I woke up I also got a strange out-of-body sense that I wasn't myself but rather was controlling some skinny guy white bleached blonde spikes in his hair, and I got a somewhat decent bird's-eye visual of him.
      Tags: dild, flying, phasing
      lucid , dream fragment
    12. Day 3: The Secret Compartment

      by , 07-26-2012 at 04:10 PM
      Supplement Dose: 10 mg Melatonin, 250 mg Choline, 50 mg Zinc, 400 mg Niacin, 100 mg Inositol, 100 mg Vitamin B6, 800 mcg Folic Acid, 500 mg Vitamin C

      Dream Fragment - "Walking around an apartment complex with R explaining to him why DMT is special?"

      The Secret Compartment [DILD]

      The first part of this dream is hazy, but I was doing something at school which then became a mall. I vaguely remember seeing people I've known since elementary school, and then I told this girl MH who has the same last name as me that she's have to put something up my butt. (A quarter, I believe? ) Shortly afterward I became lucid, however, and I was walking around in some big department store section of the mall. The dream was quite vivid at first but rather unstable, and to save it I walked around singing "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone....", which worked like a charm. I was fully lucid in the sense that I had full comprehension of the fact that I was in a dream and none of this was real, but I still don't think my rational mind fully turned on as I was making some strange decisions. I decided that I wanted to steal a TV which would surely serve me no purpose for some reason, so I grabbed it and started heading toward the exit (the one that actually leads outside, not back into the mall). However, as I was walking up to the censors a thought occurred to me: if I walk out of here knowing I'm stealing this, the dream will probably make the alarms go off and I'll have to get out of here quickly, and that might cause an adrenaline rush which could wake me up. I opted to find a better way to sneak it out to see if I could get past the censors without a fuss. Also, when I wasn't looking the TV turned into a toy gun. I never really focused on it intently so my memory of it is hazy, but I want to say it looked like this one more than anything.

      However, my mission didn't change, and for some reason I still wanted to steal this. I walked around until I found an attractive female DC. *cough* I then grabbed her, pushed her over, pulled down her pants, and shoved the gun into her ass. Hooray, it fits! My plan from this point on was to make her walk through the censor and look like they're just going off randomly because she's not stealing anything, then walk through and get it back out of her, but then
      I woke up. ._.

      There were a few more dreams, but I guess I was lazy and possibly having false awakenings because I vaguely remember intending to type them down, but there were no further notes than those. >w<

      Spoiler for Reflections:
      Well, this was actually the second night that I took that insane amount of supplements, but the first time I had smoked too much weed so I didn't really remember anything, though I did wake up feeling amazing. This time the dopamine boost seemed especially significant to me. A couple of the times when I woke up I felt that my heart rate was slightly increased and my hands felt "tight", like they can from good MDMA. I also felt a bit of euphoria. Even though I smoked some weed yesterday too and that may have distorted my recall a bit, I'm thinking about bringing it down a notch for tonight to see what the difference is. It almost feels like I might be pushing this aspect a little too far, and maybe I should swap out a little dopamine boosting for some acetylcholine action instead. I suppose we'll see.
    13. Lucid Wedding

      by , 07-26-2012 at 03:31 AM
      Non-dream Dream Lucid Dream

      I had a couple of very vivid dreams last night.

      Dream 1:

      I am about to have either tooth surgery or surgery on my testicles and I feel very frustrated. I am at my old Anaheim house. My parents are being a pain. They said they are "really busy" and wouldn't make it to the surgery until really late. My brother is helping me find a suit to wear to the surgery. I am having a child soon. I woke up with pain in my left testicle.

      Dream 2:

      I am playing baseball and TK is my coach. I'm not in the field because I need to sleep.

      Dream 3:

      Bowling is in the olympics and LA calls me so I can watch it.

      Dream 4:

      It is my wedding day and my brother is helping me out with the tux. Even though it is the day of the wedding we JUST got fitted for the tuxes and we (me, my brother, and bender from Futurama) go to get them just 5 minutes before the ceremony is about to start. I mingle with some guests - mostly my wife's co-workers. Some older lady asks me where ___ (cant remember his name) is and I reply "sorry I have no idea who he is." She gets really sad and asks if he is dead and I say "I don't know" and I rush down to get my tux.

      After getting the tux, the trip back to the mingling area is very difficult. There is an obstacle course very similar to the show Wipeout. Every time I try to pass one particular spot I say "Is this really what it's like getting out of a prostate?"
      Everyone laughs (?!?).

      On the way up to the ceremony I realize that my worst fear has come true. We are minutes from the ceremony and my tux isn't on, we didn't practice our first dance, I didn't prepare a speech for later that evening, I really didn't know what was going on at all. Then I realize that everything will be ok and I am at peace.

      I reach the holding room where my wife is waiting for me. She asks me a question and I snap into awareness.
      I say "But this is a dream!" The look on my wife's face at this moment after telling her this is a dream is one of the saddest things I have ever seen. She is crushed. She really wants the wedding to be perfect and I do too. She starts crying and I say "It's OK, it's OK," but she runs out of the room. I fly after her for a short while but she has disappeared. Everything goes black. I try to fight it but I eventually wake up.

      I was lucid for about 15 seconds. I have no idea what triggered the DILD but I think it had to do with the strange timing of the wedding (nothing being prepared, etc...).

      Dream 5:

      I am a left fielder playing in a baseball game and I can't catch a fly ball. I misjudge all of the balls hit to me or lost them in the lights.

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    14. First DILD!

      by , 07-23-2012 at 10:31 AM
      Red = Lucid Dream
      Blue = Dream

      23-July-2012 10:00

      I was participating in a martial arts class in a dojo I used to go to. A childhood friend I haven't seen in years appears and it becomes known that he is leading the class today (he has martial arts experience so that's not too strange). He starts guiding us through warming up and does to by throwing really sloppy, weak, punches. I copy but am not impressed. I start looking around and notice the room is a lot bigger than I remember. Some staff members are removing big plastic curtains to reveal the room to be huge! At this point I become lucid and decide to bail on the class and just jump up real high through the room. At some point I start flying to the ceiling and grab in between the ceiling plates. The plates are made of balsa wood and are colored dark brown or yellow. I notice the extreme detail in which I can see things. I try to climb into the room above the ceiling plates but struggle and fall down. During my fall I assure myself I can't be hurt, I calm down and start flying again. When I try get to the room above again I struggle again and decide to take a different approach. I tell myself the floor of the room below me is only feet away instead of dozens of feet. I let go and step onto the floor below me.

      Then I want to fight someone and know the person I want to fight is coming around the corner. A fat Chinese man with a stern look on his face appears and before I can punch him he walks into me knocking me to the floor. He ignores me and walks on, another fat Chinese person appears around the corner as I start to lose the dream. I wake up in my bed with sleep paralysis, the urge to move becomes so extreme I can't help but roll over and wake up.

      Why did the Chinese person knock me down without fighting me? Why couldn't I climb through the ceiling plates?

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    15. Delayed Reaction Due To Failure To Stabilize

      by , 07-22-2012 at 04:56 AM (Epic Dreamscape)
      This dream began non-lucid, and the starting point was on a small sand dune in the desert. Off to one side of the desert, I could see a thick jungle that began right where the desert ended--side by side, as if there had been a line drawn between the two biomes. I headed off towards the jungle (still not lucid yet), and as I began to explore the hanging vines, trees, and the like, DILD kicked in. However, my idiot self completely forgot to stabilize the dream, so I pretty much just continued right on after I gained lucidity, thinking, "Cool!" I continued walking through the jungle, now in control of my actions, but not exerting the amount of control that I could have if I had stabilized the dream. I came to an area that had no trees, but there were vines hanging down everywhere, so I decided to test my control on them. (I was completely unaware at the time that I had forgotten to stabilize.) I began to walk among the vines, attempting to instantly change them into another object, material, or substance, touching them as I tried to shift them. The first vine I touched I tried to turn into a chain, and nothing happened, so I walked on,a bit disappointed, and touched the next one, focusing on making it into an orange-colored vine. Nothing happened to this one either, so I turned around to try and change another vine just by looking at it, but as I turned to look behind me, I saw that the first vine had changed into a chain while my back was turned! I took a second to process that, then I turned around to look at the vine I had just touched, and I saw that it had changed to a bright-orange vine when I had looked away. At this point, I was getting a little annoyed, as if my control was mocking me, so I ran through the mass vines, brushing my hands over as many as I could, thinking of all the minecraft blocks I could as I touched the different vines. As I expected, (sadly) no vines changed instantly as I had intended, but they were all changed to exactly what i pictured when I touched them once I turned around to survey the [very annoying] delayed reaction. I was going to continue to try and instantly shape things, but the scene began to shift, and I couldn't do anything to stop it considering that I hadn't even stabilized it in the first place.

      The dream continued and got much more exciting from there, but this entry is already fairly long, and the laptop I'm using is about to die, so I will continue into the awesome part of this dream as soon as I can get a hold of a computer for a good half hour. Please leave your thoughts and comments on my retardation at not having stabilized and the strangeness of the delay that I experienced during this dream. Thanx!
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