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    1. Asking a ‘7 Foot’ Why Their Eyes Sometimes Glow Red

      by , 12-13-2014 at 06:23 PM
      This was a very long lucid dream (felt about 15 minutes). In this dream I met these two suave fellows about 7 feet tall, with long, blonde, wavy hair, named Sam Don Juan Jr. and Sr., and I asked them why their eyes sometimes glow red. I’ll just over the highlights of the dream.

      There was an RV driving down the road towards me. It had an entire assortment of antennae and satellites covering most to the roof. This looked so odd, that I didn’t even have to do a reality check; I knew this was a dream. The RV stopped and backed into the garage. During the dream I knew it was past 9:00 Am in the waking world, because I just awake not too long ago. My LD’s this late in the morning usually not that vivid and are short lived, so I decided to just clown around. People stepped out of the RV and walked out of the garage. I just ignored them and then I ran towards them and jumped up onto the garage roof. I decide to practice a forward summersault off the garage and land on the driveway, and this time, I landed it perfectly in a single kneeling position! I’ve been practicing this in LD’s.

      Next I headed off towards a large gathering of people at a small, square field, bordered by residential streets and homes, with very large yards. People were everywhere! On my way there I felt the clarity fading, so I deciding to do ‘swirling’. Except this time I swirled much different than what I’ve ever done before, and it worked really well. I spun like a top, at a very high speed. My feet stayed at one location, and my body slowly rotated clockwise about my feet, and my body was at about 30 degrees angle to the ground. Basically like a wobbling spinning top (tilted at 30 degrees to the ground and rotating clockwise). I did this several times during the dream to stabilize. This seemed to attract attention from the dream figures.

      I walked up the crowd and started to mingle, asking people’s names and having small chat. Everybody I asked knew their name, except one lady who was really struggling to remember her name. She finally said a name, but she obviously faked it. I felt sorry for her. There was this young, dark haired boy I was chatting with, and I asked him what city this was. He replied, “This is prison camp.” One of the ‘Dream Patrol’, suit guys started to walk up to me with a disapproving look. I looked at the ‘suit man’ and said, “It’s all okay! We’re at prison camp!” He gave me a ‘watch yourself’ look and stood back. These suit guys often show up in my dreams after I’ve let on that I’m lucid. This happens especially when I start asking for history, location, and phone #’s. No problem with asking names though. They sneak up behind me and end my LD’s, so I’m careful to keep an eye on them. I often instantly turn 180 degree to face them (I really mean instantly), when I know they’re there, and this freaks them out, and they back up. This helps me to stay lucid longer. I fought these guys once before in a dream called, ‘Matrix Style Fighting with Beige Suits’, but I’ve decided not to do this again. I just want enjoyable dreams. Fighting is not my thing.

      I backed away from the crowd by about 20 yards to ‘swirl’ again, because my lucidity was starting to fade, and so as not to hit anybody while I do this. The swirl lasted about 10 to 15 seconds. Everything became perfectly clear again. That’s when I saw these two suave fellows, 7 feet tall, with long, blonde, wavy hair, and walking right towards me, so I walked right towards them. I smiled at them, and asked them their names. They looked at each other with surprise and smiled back at me. One fellow was much older than the other. I stood right close to them looking waaaay up at their faces. They older fellow looked down at me, and said, “I’m Sam Don Juan.” I looked at the other giant and asked his name, and he said, “I’m Sam Don Juan Jr.” We then had some small chat, and then headed toward the crowd. As we turned, I saw Sam Don Juan Sr.’s eyes glow red. I’ve seen this happen many times before in my dreams with these seven foot guys, so I decided to ask. I put my right hand on Sam Don Juan’s forearm and asked him if we could talk in private. Lots of people were gathering around at this point. I looked at Sam Don Juan Jr. and said he can come and listen too. We walked away from the crowd, but some people followed. I asked them to leave so we could be alone, and they did. The giant Sam Don Juan Sr. bent over and I put my hands on either side of his huge chest, and we were eye to eye. I then said, “Why do your eyes sometimes glow red. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is very cool, and I just want to understand what’s going on.” He stood back up and looked at his son. He didn’t seem very impressed with the question. He leaned over and looked at me again, and it looked like he was going to tell me, then I said, “Please tell me, lots of people would like to know.” Well, I screwed up there, because he stood back up straight and turned to walk away. I shouldn’t have said that! Somebody from the crowd snuck in behind me during the conversation and also said, “Yeah, why do your eyes sometimes glow red?” I immediately went from being perfectly lucid to being awake. That made no sense to me why that happened.
    2. Telling my Father In-Law We’re Dreaming (Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014)

      by , 12-13-2014 at 02:35 AM
      In this dream I was at my cabin with my father in-law. We were working on installing a chimney for the new fireplace on the 2nd storey. We were both kneeling, and doing something with the pipes. I noticed that all the walls on the 2nd storey had insulation and vapor barrier; however in the waking world, this is not the case. My cabin’s not insulated yet! Yaaay, I’m dreaming! I said to my ‘father in-law’, “We’ve got to be dreaming!” He stood up and looked around the cabin and said, “I think you’re right?” He looked at me with a shocked look of disbelief, and then he rubbed his eyes.

      The 2nd storey floor then lowered to the first floor and we stepped off. I have no idea why the floor lowered. Strangely, I didn’t feel the floor lowering; maybe the 1st floor rose up to the 2nd. I said to my father in-law, “Watch me float!” I jumped up in the air a couple of feet and then slowly floated back down, and repeated this one more time. He stood perfectly still, with a broad stance, and stared me straight into my eyes. He opened his eyes so wide that his irises had white all the way around. He then said, “I’m having a real hard time with this.” My stressed father in-law then rubbed his eyes continuously and started to stumble around. All of a sudden, my son walked around the corner, and I started to describe to him what was happening. Fyi, my son has become sort of a dream guide to me over the last 6 months. Without warning, I woke up.
    3. Blast Wave - Hugging a Robot Arm

      by , 12-08-2014 at 07:57 PM
      I became lucid in this dream because I noticed something wasn’t quite right with my pocket knife. The pivot point for the blade is supposed to be at the end of the knife, not in the middle. I focussed on the pocket knife and moved the pivot point to where it should be, then placed it in my pocket. I’m not much for changing the dream environment, but this wasn’t acceptable. I’ve had that knife for over 30 years! Don’t mess with my pocket knife, dream!

      I decided to leave the room I was in, and head outside to see if I could find my daughter. When I opened the door, I was shocked, and a bit upset, to see that I had entered into an empty room with two garage doors. This was not what I wanted, or was expecting. I wanted to go outside and possibly meet with my daughter in a nice scenic area, and have a little visit. Don’t ask me why, but my emotions got the better part of me, and then there were blast waves, which radiated outwards from me, and shock the entire building. It sounded like an explosion. This is what you call losing your temper ‘dream style’. I've never created a blast wave - first time. Everything looked momentarily distorted and the air became dusty. This description doesn’t even come close to describing the intensity of the blast wave. The shock wave caused the two garage doors to fly up into their open position. One garage door opened into another empty room with an exterior door that led outside. The sunlight was shining in through the open door. The other room was full of menacing looking robotic equipment which was violently rotating and pivoting in all directions. I chose to go into the robotic room because it scared me, and if I didn’t, this might turn into some kind of nightmare!

      I walked up to the first robotic machine arm and stopped the equipment ‘dead in its tracks’ by simply touching it with my point finger. I then walked over to machine’s central structure and hugged it. The machine was somehow alive with warmth, breath, and it even had a heartbeat! It seemed like it was scared because its heart was pounding. I apologized to the machine dream figure for scaring it, and then I proceeded to next robotic arm. I woke just before I was about to touch the 2nd machine with my point finger.

      I have to admit hugging machinery is a little bit odd (machine dream figure), but it certainly worked out well, because I exited this lucid dream, and proceeded into events that led to an awesome OBE.
    4. ISIS Hates Megan Strait

      by , 12-07-2014 at 09:51 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #387 - DILD - 5:32AM

      I went to be late at midnight and had planned to take Galantamine at WBTB around 4AM, but at 2AM I had a horrible nightmare that made me think about the waking life implications. I have been taking 5-HTP pre-bed for depression and it's really been giving me powerful vivid dreams, though non-lucid. I was actually excited to see how Galantamine would work for me now but my thoughts kept me wake for over an hour so I decided it wasn't the night. I felt restless legs starting and I got up to take 1mg Melatonin and 400mg Ibuprofen. I considered trying an induction technique, but I really just wanted to fall back to sleep and stop thinking about stuff. I used randomness to quickly pass out, hoping at least, desire would catch the dream.

      Much later, I am on a road trip with some 'friends' (their faces aren't anyone I know IWL) and we come to some city. Springfield? Someone mentions that it should be close to time for them to start filming SNL and they all really want to go. I look at the clock and see it's 4:30. I figure we have an hour before it starts but I realize we aren't that close to New York and something about the time feels wrong. Still, I have a strong urge to go alone so I ignore this.

      Somehow I end up in a room with a stage. There are very few folding chairs scattered about in clusters and even less people sitting in them. I think this is very odd, but I continue to take a seat. Amy Peohler is on stage talking with another unknown person. It is some sort of pre-show and they point to a guy in our group. They set up some agreement that he would somehow be apart of some skit. This guy looks vaguely familiar and is wearing a yellow shirt with camouflage pants and combat boots. He has thick curly black hair and looks like a person with a sense of humor. He stands up, salutes, and says, "Yes commander."

      I have a memory gap, but find myself lucid from doing some form of awareness/mindfulness. I think I forgot most of this, but I recall that I have been watching the show for what feels like a long time. Amy is gone and there is some other celebrity on stage talking. She looks a lot like Megan Trainor with brown hair wearing some light blue prom dress. As I watch her drone on, I feel like the dream is becoming unstable because I feel like can't hold all of this in my head for much longer. The concentration of sitting here idly while trying to remember all that has been said is way too much for me. I have the idea that I really need to be doing something active to keep the dream stable. I try to think what to do knowing that I should have a goal, but I can't be bothered with it right now. Suddenly feeling outrageously rebellious, I have an idea. I leap up from my seat, run to the stage, plant a hand on the edge, and vault myself in front of the woman. Without hesitation, I grab a hold of the front of her silky blue dress, and pull down. This surprising reveals her naked breast to everyone. I am not sure what I thought would happen but this really does surprise me. She stands there for a moment in shock while I admire her cleavage. I have a mild temptation to have some fun, but I quickly resist and turn away.

      I return to my seat and make a grand gesture to the now growing audience. The woman is still standing there unashamed and laughing as everyone else erupts with excitement. As I watch, I purposefully look only at her face and not her bare breasts. Suddenly, blue text appears as an overlay to the stage. It appears social media is blowing up because of what is happening on live television. I can see the comments on Twitter and all of the tagging of other people, @soandso @thisguy @somebody (I can't remember the names). Then hashtags appear #something #lookatthis. Again, I don't recall the actual words and I think was mostly gibberish anyway. I laugh at bit, but but start to really really bad for the woman. It feels like shame and embarrassment and something inappropriate. I don't like the feeling so I decide that I want something really hilarious to show up. As I gently will the dream to respond, I think these words and they appear clearly in front of the stage alongside the rest. I am not sure how this showed up, but its more like my subC put it out there for me: "@ISIS hates Megan Strait. #ISIS" I get the feeling that these people would really hate knowing this woman bared her breast on live television. It's not really funny to me, but I decide this will be DJ entry title. The dream quickly fades.

      I have an FA where I am trying to recall the dream and how I even got lucid. I remember as I see the funny camo guy holding a milk carton with the word 'Ninja' on it. He tells me that this was 'Ninja Juice' and as soon as I saw the word 'Ninja', BAM I was lucid. Then, I actually wake wondering if this is true.

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    5. Meditating While Lucid – I became Invisible!

      by , 12-05-2014 at 07:55 PM
      This is my second time meditating while in a lucid dream. Something much unexpected happened! I became invisible! When I felt ‘the vibrations’ happening (while meditating in the lucid dream), I projected myself out of my lucid dream body then I was invisible. I then interacted with dream figures, while invisible, and they were totally confused, yet interested in what was going on. I’ll describe what happened.

      I was attempting to do a WILD (Wake Induced Lucid dream). I got up in the middle of the night for about 45 minutes, studied lucid dreaming theory (30 minutes), and then looked at pictures of my daughter (15 minutes to incubate the dream). I then went to sleep. I was consciously awake, but my body was asleep. After about 1 hour I started to feel repeating, mild vibrations. I let my consciousness slip right to the edge of being unconscious, and then I leaped out of body and stood beside my bed. I was standing there all tangled in my blanket, and my CPAP mask was still on my face. It was all so real; I figured this must have been a failed attempt at an OBE, so I sat down on my bed. Then, without warning, I was sucked back into my body. Oh no, I blew it again, I was in an OBE and didn’t know it! I fell completely asleep at that point and then ended up in a DILD (Dream Induced Lucid Dream) a short time later. I’ll now describe the DILD.

      In this lucid dream I appeared in my kitchen. My kitchen and dining area were exactly the same as in real life, except one problem, how did I suddenly appear here? I knew something was up, because I couldn't remember how I got there, so this is how I became lucid. I immediately called for my daughter, thanks to the dream incubation I did earlier, and a few seconds later she came running around the corner followed by my son. There were both about 3 years in age. I scooped up my daughter and gave her a huge hug and told her that I loved her. She smiled ear to ear, and then vanished. My dream started to fade, so I decide to side down in the dining area and meditate to see if this would help maintain lucidity. Here’s what happened next.

      While lucid, I sat in the ‘classic lotus’ position on the floor, with my hands on top of my knees, and thumbs touching my middle fingers. Eyes closed. Within seconds I could feel my body slightly floating, and then this was followed by repeating, mild vibrations throughout my body. Please note, this happens all extremely fast while lucid. I then leaped up out of my lucid dream body and stood there looking down at me sitting in the ‘lotus position’. I looked like me, but just much younger. Hey, looking good! My sister then walked into the kitchen and saw me on the floor in ‘lotus position’, and then she continued into the kitchen and stood beside the island counter. I walked up to her, and asked how she was doing? She looked totally confused, and then she walked right into me, and stopped. I gave her a hug and told her I loved her. When I hugged her I realized I had no arms! They were invisible! I looked down at my body and realized that I was totally invisible! My sister started to freak out! I calmed her down by explaining how I became invisible. She seemed to understand, but had a look of disbelief. I picked up an empty milk jug off the counter and passed it to her while I was laughing. It looked like the milk jug was floating magically in the air. My sister then called for our mom, and my two other sisters to come and see what was going on. They were all confused by this, but seemed very interested in what was going on. I kept passing them stuff off the counter to hold. My oldest sister didn’t want to grab onto the measuring cup I was trying to give her, and she retracted her arms, shrugged her shoulders, and then moved back. My mom went and took a closer look at me sitting in ‘lotus position’ on the floor. The dream came to an abrupt end, without any warning, and I woke up.

      I wonder what would have happened if I sat down and meditated in my invisible form, and then projected myself once again (double projection)? What’s beyond being invisible? Hmmmm, gotta try that next time!

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    6. Levitating my Wife

      by , 12-03-2014 at 04:39 AM
      I’m on a bit of dry spell right now, so I’ll describe this lucid dream from July 27, 2014. In this dream, seeing my ‘Dream Guide’ actually made me lucid. Btw, this dream figure hasn’t been around much lately. My dream guides now seem to be mostly family and close friends.

      After I became lucid, I decided to show my wife how I could levitate a pencil while lucid. I think this was the first time I actually levitated something in my 40 plus years of LD’s. I had recently read about this LD skill, and decided to give it a go. You know, up until recently, I had little knowledge about what was actually possible during a LD (thanks mostly to Dreamviews). Any who, my wife wasn’t very impressed with my new LD skill. My Dream Guide stood there intently watching. I then asked my wife to lie down on the coffee table, and she did. I levitated her 1 foot off the table, and then she wouldn’t go any higher. She still wasn’t impressed, and then I tried even harder. She floated almost to the ceiling! A vertical glass tube, about 2 ½ feet in diameter, and 7 foot tall, appeared to the left of me. How or why, I had no idea. I then instant transported my wife from levitating to standing upright inside the glass tube. Yup, you guessed it; she still wasn’t impressed (even though I was). I was aware of the ‘instant transport’ technique, because I can do that to myself while lucid, but I’ve never tried it, up until this point, to somebody else. I just think, “I’m there!”, and then I instantly transport from point A to point B. Next, I decided to levitate my wife out of the glass tube, but there wasn’t enough clearance between the ceiling and the top of the glass tube, so I asked my Dream Guide to tilt the glass tube over, and he did. I then floated my wife out of the tube and placed her gently, feet down, on the floor. At this point I forgot I was dreaming, and continued on with the adventure in a non-lucid state.

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    7. Dream Figure Summarizes my Lucidity as, “Interesting, an Epiphany!”

      by , 12-01-2014 at 03:12 AM
      First off, before I describe the lucid dream, I had no idea what ‘epiphany’ meant (though I did remember hearing it before). This word is not in my vocabulary. I immediately Google ‘epiphany’ upon waking and this was what I found:

      Epiphany: Ancient Greek word. Enlightening realization allows a situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective.

      As part of my lucid dreaming regime I always drink one or two glasses of water before I go to bed, so that I have to wake during the night (yes the P word). I use the ‘Wake Back to Bed’ method so I can be consciously aware during my REM cycle as my body sleeps. This need to pee entered into a dream prior to my waking. I was at a ‘fancy pants’ hotel standing the conference room lobby area with a bunch of people. I had to go real bad, so I found the closest washroom. This was a private washroom, with a lock mechanism ¾’s of the way up the door. I locked the door. The bathroom had a large window facing the sidewalk, and a skylight facing the multi-storey brown brick hotel. It was very high-end, and very clean. There was a toilet and sink. I found it really weird that there were large windows in a washroom. My first thought was that the windows were mirrored, so people couldn’t see in. Any which way, I wasn’t taking a chance, so I decided to sit on the toilet instead of standing. Have you ever tried to pee during a dream? Well, you can’t (most of the time).

      All of a sudden, I hear a man asking me a question. Holy crap, there’s a man sitting to the right of me, on another toilet! He had brown hair, brown eyes, and was wearing what looked like a Star Trek uniform. I said to him in a stern voice, “How did you get in here, I locked the door!” He jumped to his feet (I’m glad his pants weren’t down), he apologized, and then he walked towards the door to leave. I looked at the door, and realized the lock mechanism was gone for some reason. Well, this kind of stuff only happens in dreams. I instantly became lucid, and the clarity was perfect. DILD (Dream Induced Lucid Dream). Actually the dream clarity was perfect, even before I became lucid. I then said to dream figure, “Wait, stay! I’m aware!” He stopped and looked at me slightly surprised. He turned again to leave, and in a pleading voice I said, “No, wait, please stay, I’m aware! I want to talk to you!” He turned around and faced me, and his eyes momentarily went dark, and then they returned to brown. I was careful not to say I’m dreaming, or lucid, because that seems to mess with dream figures. He then sat on the toilet with his right leg over his left. His right elbow was on his right knee, and his right hand was up by his chin. He had this perplexed look, and then he said, “Interesting, an epiphany!” Then he asked me if I knew what epiphany meant, and I replied, "No, but I can look that up." I instantly woke, Googled ‘Epiphany’, and then recorded the experience in my dream journal. I didn’t want to wait until the morning to do this, because I would have forgotten 'epiphany' by then, since I never use it.

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      lucid , memorable
    8. Starship

      by , 11-29-2014 at 07:59 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #384 - DILD 6:37AM

      This dream was probably inspired by watching "Gravity" and "Guardians Of The Galaxy" yesterday.

      I am the captain of a starship. I have somehow acquired several other ships either by space battles or other means. I look at a computer readout showing several ship ordered by value. The one at the top is worth 8 something billion dollars, almost 9. There is some older woman who I think of as important. She is in need of a ship of her own and I am feeling generous. I decide to let her have her pick, but not the most valuable one. That one is mine. Shes comes back not liking any of the starships I offered her so I reluctantly offer the more valuable one. I haven't really got to check out this ship yet so I decide to go with her. I see that I have a spacesuit on with a helmet already. I notice that there is no face shield and I am able to put my hand inside the helmet. I decide there must be some sort of force field that will activate when I go out. I open the air lock and make a quick space walk to the other ship that is docked to my main ship. I use something like a large air tank to propel me forward but when I look down it is just a can of air duster. I feel embarrassed and quickly drop it. Unfortunately, I don't think to take in the view of space during this all of this.

      I climb up a ladder and come to the main bridge. It looks very much like something from Star Trek but there are skeletal corpses standing around. I feel fear and disgust but I remember this is the effect of the weaponry I used against them. I haven't had a change to clean this up. I think I see one of the corpses moving but when I look I see that it was just my imagination. I make my way through some darkened corridors and feel I am being followed. I turn around and see that one of the corpses really is moving and right behind me. I say, "You're dead. You're not supposed to be following me." Then I quickly dismiss the whole thing as I turn a corner and open a door. There is a room full of people that are still alive and healthy. I am not sure how to handle this so I hit my communicator badge, "Dad.... I mean... err... Co.. Commander." It's really weird having my dad as my "Number One" officer. I tap again, "Commander, we still have people in here. I need assistance immediately." There is no reply but I feel like he got the message. I find a darkened room that I really need access to but I can't find any light switch. I tap my badge again, "I need power diverted to Engineering." This doesn't do anything for me. I feel a little panicky now, "Commander, come here please. I need help."

      *Memory Gap*

      I am now somehow lucid and talking to a woman on an old Motorola RAZR flip as I walk around the living quarters of the ship. The exact conversation is a little hard to recall but she kept saying, "Tonight's the big night. Stick to the plan. Don't fuck it up." Her voice sounds like Scratch from "Were Alive". There is some other garbled word she says but I focus many on asking what the plan is. I can't get any answer from her other than her repeating the same things. After a long time I hear a click and the phone disconnects. I try pushing the send button as a redial function. There is one ring then silence. I do this several times then try *69. Someone picks up. I say, "Just tell me what the fuck you are talking about. What's the plan? What plan?" I have no idea why I am so hung up on this but I am completely obsessed with getting an answer. As I am on the phone I am paying close attention to the living quarters. Most of it looks like a large mobile home. I end up in some large complex bathroom. There is a section that has a toilet in the shower. I feel like something looks familiar but can't place it (my parents camper trailer). I leave this area and find my mom sitting at a dining table. I let the phone conversation go and decide to ask my mom, knowing that all DCs are connected as part of my subconscious. As I make my way to mom I feel a slight instability to the dream. I know this dream has gone on for quite some time and i wonder when I'll wake up.

      I sit down across from here and ask her about the phone call; I forget my exact wording. She responds, "Austin to Houston then to a computer." I was listening really closely and want to make sure I understood her so I repeat it back. She smiles and nods with raised eyebrows like she had really said something great.
      I chuckle and say, "That doesn't make any sense. You [My Subconscious] are all crazy assholes." After I say this I realize I am insulting the deepest parts of my psyche. My mom frown and almost looks evil. I lean forward and I large cardboard box appears between me and the edge of the table. It jams into my neck. There is a little pain but I feel like I am choking. I decide to give up on all of this now and try to think of actual goals as I stand up. I wake up.
    9. Has Anybody Heard of Saint Pass, South France?

      by , 11-27-2014 at 02:41 AM
      DILD – Dream Induced Lucid Dream. In this dream I saw my mom walking towards me in smoky colored hallway. She was twice my height! This was so odd that I instantly became lucid. She looked right at me and said the name of my childhood friend. I said, “Mom, it’s me (not my friend)!” She then apologized and said that’s how she perceived me, when she saw me, in the dream. My mom then shrunk to normal size and looked like somebody else! I then tried to explain to mom that she now looked like somebody else, and that I now perceived her as somebody different. This woman looked at me totally confused, and then walked away. Anyway, if that sounded confusing, it certainly was.

      A very pretty young woman, in her twenties, then walked past me. She had a ‘bob cut’, with bleach blonde hair, and dark eyebrows. I said, “How are you?” Then she turned left to face me, with her back to the smoke colored wall. She had the most brilliant yellow greenish eyes, full of life. I didn’t want to ‘let on’ that I was lucid, and I just wanted to interact with the dream figure. She smiled back at me and said, “Good, how are you?” I casually replied, “Good, what are you up to?” She said, “I’m going to have supper in the restaurant.” I had no idea where we were, so I asked, “Where are we?” She looked at me totally shocked and said, “What?” I asked her again, and she laughingly said, “Saint Pass!” I said “Saint Pass?” She said, “Yes, Saint Pass, South France.” I figured great, now that I have a location, I have to ask her what the restaurant is called. She replied, “I don’t know?” I said lets go outside and take a look. We headed for the door, and then I woke. As she walked in front of me, she was kind of dancing along. I couldn’t get back into the dream.

      So, is Saint Pass, South France, a real place? I looked on google maps and couldn’t find it. My French sucks, so maybe I heard, or interpreted the name slightly wrong. I did immediately journal the dream upon waking, so I’m sure it’s fairly accurate. Is there somebody who speaks Francois here?

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    10. I'm No Lucy

      by , 11-25-2014 at 02:54 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #383 - DILD - 12:45AM

      A large dose of Yohimbe Bark late in the morning, some melatonin to fight the lasting insomnia, and watching Lucy movie may have helped this LD along. It was a little after 11pm when I last looked at the clock and I had multiple awakenings all night. Most of my non lucids where boring and I found myself contemplating the movie in dream several times.

      I was previously lucid from something about the movie. I ended up losing lucidity for awhile and I forgot all of the first part. I have been chasing after someone or something and I eventually stop becoming introspective once again.

      I remember that I was lucid and come back to it once more. I look at my hands and the environment around me. My hands look pretty normal with a hint of dream quality. I realize I am on a hillside at night. I search my mind for a few of my goals. First I recall wanting to have an XCOM dream. I summon a rifle and hear distant marching as I move forward. I search for aliens to shoot but when I look down I see I have no rifle. Ugh. Try something else.

      I recall wanting to try some of the things Lucy did in the movie but I am distracted by a super huge moon at the top of the hill. I run forward but have difficulty finding my footing. I look down and back up and see the moon is gone but there is a large dark sphere at the top of the hill now. I see a silhouette of a man in a cockpit at one part of the sphere. I remember to try CL's pinch zoom to get a better look but it doesn't work. I feel silly making motions in the air and give that one up too.

      The I remember once again Lucy. I try to slap away the sphere and make time past to day time. Doesn't work. Then I try I teleport like she did an surge forward. The dream goes dark.

      I wake up and look at the clock. The time is clear and says 11:30pm. I am really surprised at this and guess I must have fallen straight into a dream. The room lights up and I see all the sheets are gone. I look over and see the woman version of The Master wearing her stupid hat and in some kinky red lingerie. She's droning on something but all I can say is, "Wow the sheets are gone!" I wake up.

      My she's ugly.
    11. Morning Snuggle

      by , 11-24-2014 at 07:30 PM
      Last night’s dreams were perfect! I was just hanging out with family and friends at some of my favorite spots, and having a good ole time. None of these dreams were lucid except the false awakening just before my alarm went off. I’ll describe this memorable LD (DILD – Dream Induced Lucid Dream).

      I was lying in bed asleep when my wife came and woke me up (in the dream - false awakening). She sat on the bed beside me, to the right. It was morning, because I could see the sunlight around the curtains, and through the bedroom door. There was another woman standing at the foot of my bed doing something by the TV stand. I thought maybe she was one of my wife’s friends. I told her I must look like a weirdo with my CPAP on. She said, “Oh, I didn’t even notice, my husband wears one too.” It was little embarrassing. The woman then walked out of the room, and then my two kids appeared on the bed. My beautiful daughter was lying to the left of me, and my son was sitting beside my feet. I looked at my daughter and said, “Daughter is that you?” She replied, “Hi dad, yeah it’s me!” I became instantly Lucid. I told her I loved her, and she told me she loves me too. I then snuggle her right in close with my right arm (lying on left side). She then said, “You make me feel so loved and _?_?_?” I said, “Daughter you’re whispering, I can’t hear you. What do you say?” I continued to snuggle her, then she said the same thing, but I still couldn’t hear what she said at the end of her sentence because she was whispering. Her whisper became quieter as she got further down the sentence. Her voice was very sincere and loving. I then woke from the dream because my alarm went off. What a perfect way to start the day!
    12. Frank the Lizard King

      by , 11-22-2014 at 07:25 PM
      Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD). This dream had castles in it, and was influenced by Dawneye11’s castle dreams. Last night I was having troubles entering my dreams lucid, so I gave up after about 3 hours of effort, and I decided to just let my consciousness become unconscious and see what happens.

      In this dream, I was at a cremation standing outside watching the ashes come out of the smoke stack. The wind kept changing directions, so these gray fluffy ashes kept falling on us, and my family and I had to keep moving to avoid being covered in ash. We ran way out into a field, but the ash kept falling on us, and I knew then this must be dream. Like I mentioned in the intro, I was having an off night, and my lucid dreams kept fading on me as soon as I entered the dream. Must have been that shot of JD I had last night. My lucid dream quest has been to blend in, be inconspicuous, and interact with the dream figures. I had no choice here, but to fly, in order to maintain my lucidity. So I did the classic superman jump, and off I went.

      I jumped right off a cliff that dropped down several hundred feet, and began flying over an azure ocean. Off in the distance I saw a castle on an island, and as I drew near, there was with a woman in a red dress, standing outside the castle on a stone landing, watching me fly by. I thought about stopping to chat with her, but I was concerned about the dream fading, so I continued on. I came upon an ocean size waterfall, where the ocean dropped another 100 feet in elevation. When I crested the massive water fall, the lucid dream then became ultra-real and vivid. I started to think about Dawneye11's castle dreams, and thought it would be cool to have castles everywhere, and then suddenly castles of all sorts of architecture, color, and size started to appear along the shoreline and on islands, dozens of them! It was like something out of a story book! It was very beautiful. Next thing I knew I crashed into the ocean, because I was too busy looking at all these castles, so I continued flying underwater past all these see creatures, fish, and coral, until I was stopped by the shoreline. I stood up and walked out of the ocean, only to find lizards everywhere, lying on the rocky shoreline. I really don’t like lizards at all.

      In an effort to prevent this lucid dream from going nightmarish, I picked up a little lizard and started to rub its back. It felt just like the real thing, right down to its claws gripping into the skin of my hand and forearm. I was expecting this lizard to turn into a beautiful woman, but it didn’t. Whilst holding the lizard, I raised my head up to see the King Lizard sitting there watching us. Again, exactly what I didn’t want or expect. I put the little lizard down, and carefully walked around the scattered little lizards and came face to face the Lizard King, who was sitting upright, on his stone throne. He then rose, moved towards me, and we became nose to nose. I kept my cool. I asked him his name, and he said told me, but I couldn’t hear him very well because it sounded distorted. I asked him again, and he said, “Frank”. I told him my name, and I asked how he’s doing? He didn’t reply, so I asked him again, and he still didn’t reply.

      Suddenly my daughter appears to the right of me, and I put my arm around her waist. Then my son appears to the left of the Lizard King. Another large Servant lizard walks up and stands beside my son. The Lizard King then said to me, “These kids seem familiar to you?” I didn’t want to let on that these were my kids, so started up some light conversation, but accidently said my son’s name. The Servant lizard then shot its long lizard tongue right out and into my son’s mouth. Frank the Lizard King, did nothing to discipline the Servant. My first thought was, “It’s time for lizard soup!”, but I calmed myself down and simply grabbed the Servant, and held in my arms, belly up, and immobilized. I was racing to think, how the heck do I get out of this situation without using any sort of violence? I looked at my daughter, and then I woke up because of my emotions got the better part of me. I should have used the ‘Freeze Command’, to give me more time to reason this through. These dream figures are certainly teaching me how to deal with conflict. 99 % of my dream figures are marvellous, but there’s always thorn in the bush, just like the waking world.

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    13. The Farmer

      by , 11-22-2014 at 03:07 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #382 - DILD - 4:14AM

      Daytime awareness

      I am driving and thinking about a conversation I had with someone. MP's (from work) husband had a baby with another woman and I feel bad for her because her religion wont let her divorce. While I am driving and have some quiet time I quickly do some awareness. Suddenly, I realize that it is supposed to be late at night, but the sun is shinning brightly. I think this must be a dream and instead of doing my usual nose plug, I pull back on the steering wheel.

      The car lifts into the air and I know for sure that I am in a dream. I see that I am on a country road and continue down in though I am hovering several feet above it. I start thinking about goals and for some reason I repeat from my last dream. I think I need to find a DC and at that moment I spot a farmer in overalls on the side of the road next to his pickup. He seems to be messing with a gate that leads into a pasture. I go too fast and pass him before I can stop so I try a hard U-turn. The laws of inertia seem to apply here and I hover sideways a bit before getting the car around. I quickly get to the farmer and, instead of my usual car phase I actually use the door. The act of physically getting out of the car seem really taxing.

      I ask the farmer, "What is the nature of reality?"
      He immediately starts saying random words that don't form any coherent sentence. It sort of reminds me how I sometimes do that to help me fall asleep.
      I ask again and this time he says, "Hyperdimensional continent."
      I am not sure this makes any sense so I ask, "Can you put reality into another word?" I really meant to ask a deeper question about reality and see if I can get and idea of what is behind it all. At the very least, I was going to ask him to tell me a story and see what happens.
      Anyway, he replies with more nonsensical reply than before, "Presidential candidate." Then he suddenly he lets out a moan of pain, "Oooooh!" I look down and notice that I am rubbing my thumb into the backside of his elbow. This spot is hurting me in the dream and I truly think that I have been massaging my own pain while we were talking. I apologize and explain all this to him. I start to turn away from, but the dream begins to crash. There is darkness, then a few random and fleeting images, some voices, then I wake up. I have a really tough time recalling the dream for several seconds.
    14. Bugs Bunny, Nazi's, and Mr. Miles

      by , 11-16-2014 at 11:17 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Joyce from work is holding me like I am a small child. I am trying to fall asleep but can't because she is talking about eating with another lady. I try to talk and move but I feel so sleepy and lethargic. This reminds me of a dream sign and I think I should nose plug but I don't have the energy to try. I really think this might be a dream but I tell myself to give is some more time.

      I have an FA were I am trying to DJ but nothing is working right and I can't move. I realize I am dreaming and decide to wait a little longer.

      I have another FA in a car. I am with my wife and her mom. I have false memories about camping and fishing. It's a shame we didn't get to fish much after driving all that way. I as my mother-in-law where we went camping. She says Michigan. Thinking of Wurlman I ask were in Michigan. She tells me it was near St. Florentine(not a real place) I an feeling really guilty about having camped in Michigan but totally not going to Wurlman's wedding. I tell her something about my friend living in near there and we should have drove a little farther.

      I watch a movie of WWII paratrooper Bugs Bunny diving out of an airplane. His chute doesn't open and he does an impossible belly flop in the water. The environment is realistic but Bug's is cartoon giving it a Roger Rabbit feel. Bugs then tries to deploy his inflatable raft but that's not working either. He swims off.

      I am standing in an old fashioned store in Nazi Germany. I am working as a spy with several others. Bugs Bunny is talking about calling customer service about his parachute and raft not working. There is a more modern corded phone on the wall but it is unplugged. I try to help him out but I am afraid of getting caught.

      For some reason I am staring off at a wall. A Nazi soldier walk's by and yells at me to get back to work. I drop the phone cord and leave Bugs Bunny to fend for himself. As I wonder around I see there are many unusual items on displays as well as people working on wire harnesses. I tell myself that I used to do that back home and could probably jump back into it to blend in. However, I am not sure why they are building something like this in this time period. Certain items start to look really steampunk and I dismiss it as secret advancement.

      I pay close attention to various tools for sale in hard plastic packages. They all look really alien but I can see how each one has a specific use. The detail is extremely vivid and interesting. Had I become lucid I doubt I would have done anything any different.

      After a minute or two I find a familiar face. Some guy that looks like celebrity that I don't know the name of. He's one of the other spies. He tells me that he's really working for the Nazi's now and is planning to stay. I notice he is wearing modern clothes but I just think he's not in uniform anymore. He's really quit. I look down and have a brown military uniform on but I am holding a t-shirt with a Captain America symbol on it in black and gray colors distressed colors. I am in some conversation with the man as he walks out of the store. Not wanting to look like I am stealing the shirt, I stop at the door and yell some final words at him. When I turn around, I hear a faint alarm.

      I look down at the shirt and see no sensor tag on it but I feel like the alarm is because of me. I look back and see the man come in. I feel like my cover is blown and I begin to hear theatrical pulsing danger music. I tell him that we are in trouble and need to run but he doesn't seem convinced. I say, "Don't you hear the music?" Then is dawns on me that this is related to a lucid dare I was going to try. I know I am dreaming and don't need to nose plug. Unfortunately, the dream crashes right at that moment.


      I am sitting on the couch next to my mom. She tells me my old elementary school teacher, Mr Miles, just passed away and flashes a vivid photo of him. I am said and tell my mom he was my favorite teacher of all time. I cry a little and my wife comforts me. I want to see that picture of him again but my mom can't find it. I take her camera and look through he pictures stored on memory. I ask mom how she knows he died and she tells me that she just talked to his wife. I am confused why she's been talking to her. My mom knows my old teacher's wife? Takes really weird. My vision is blurry and I can't really tell what I am looking for on the camera so I try to look him up online on my laptop. I try to type his name and the town and school he taught in but I can't get anything to work right. All of this reminds me of how when I have a FA and I try to type in my DJ. I think it can't hurt to do a nose plug and I am shocked by the result.

      Lucid now, I stand up and run forward into another room with some random DC's chilling in some chairs. I fly around the room with my arm out like an airplane. The DC's smile at me and seem to accept this as normal. There is a strong feeling of G-forces in my gut as I circle around back to the door.

      I go back into the living room but it is now a totally different house. It's way more spacious that anything I've even been in and every room and has really light brown thick fluffy carpet. The walls are nearly the same color but it has a serene and heavenly feel to it. I rush through at kitchen with a large island and come to some sort of den or family room. My father is relaxed on a cough giving me a knowing look. I fly around this room a few times but I become preoccupied thinking I had a goal in mind. I try for several seconds but it just wont come to me. Not wanting to ruin the dream, I decide to forget about it.

      I come back around to the dad DC and take his hand trying to pull him off the cough. I want him to go adventuring with me but he won't move. For some reason, I notice his hand feels funny. My sense of touch is numbed but his hand feels spongy. I try to ignore it, "Dad, I am having a dream. Get up lets go." He waves me away. "But Dad, it's a lucid dream."

      I fall to the floor now and the dream goes dark. I feel the carpet and try to stabilize myself. The plush is deep and I dig in holding on. My left leg twitches and it feel as if I am on my stomach. I wonder if it's my physical body but I know I am not sleeping on my stomach. Then, I feel as if my feet are being pulled up and I wonder if my Dad DC was an actual entity if he sees me being sucked into a vortex from the dream world into the waking world. I can almost see it in my mind. I hear strange noises and then I wake up.
    15. Practicing telekinesis in a dream while non-lucid leads to lucidity

      by , 11-13-2014 at 08:47 PM
      non-dream dream lucid

      Once again I had food and drink before bed. I wasn't expecting anything considering that I was supposed to stay up here.

      Practicing Telekinesis
      Lucid: yes!
      Recall level: 9
      TGMG: ...no

      So I'm in a forest, and everything's all dank. Some DC (my dad?) and I are walking down a dirt path. Lighting is very green, but it seems that it's autumn and there's lots of leaves, but oddly enough not too much. I look over to a table near the path, and there's a radio right out of half life 2!

      I run over to the table and start tuning it, and I get loads of things. On shortwave I start in the high band, and I hear a religious station.

      Father DC: "No, that's a religious station!"
      I eventually tune it to Global24 radio, where there's a very odd music program.

      I turn it off and continue walking down the path.
      All of a sudden I'm in my basement. I look around (very similar to my basement except it was bigger, or maybe I was smaller? ) and there's a TV (same one that I've had for 12 years) next to the middle wall. My mom tells me to watch Channel 4. Was there a Hrok there? I seem to remember something of the sort.

      All of a sudden, I see an EAS start up.
      And get this, it's for a "Thunder warning". I see a red bar come up in the bottom of the screen, and the text starts to scroll. It said something about a "Thunder warning". I'm thinking "what the hell is that? I've never heard of that!". I grab my camera next to my computer and open it up. It's taking a long time to boot up though! And when the screen comes up it looks all glitchy! I eventually manage to press record though, but just as it starts the EAS ends! Damn!

      I set down my camera but keep it close by. I keep watching the TV and eventually it comes back on! But this time it doesn't stay on channel 4, and switched by itself to some high up channel.
      This time I'm able to start up the camera much faster and keep it running through the duration. But this time the battery is low and the SD card is low! But I'm still able to record it all!

      Eventually I put it down and...
      Jump to me being with a bunch of other DCs in yet another variant of my basement. This time there was a bunch of laundry machines on the east wall, and there was entire rooms that aren't supposed to be here. They're mostly filled with junk and old clothes. So I walk into one of those and a DC comes in and asks me what to do. I tell them I'm gonna practice my telekinesis for when I'm in a dream!

      So I look at an old food box and I point my hand at it like in the movies, and I pull it towards me. It starts flying, slowly, and eventually starts hovering. I'm very capable of controlling its movement, and I'm in a good mood so I make it do dances in the air. The DC is quite mesmerized.
      I then put it down and go up stairs.

      The living room is quite ornate, with the china cabinet next to the big window, and it's a lot cleaner. It's day time, and there's a few people here. I go into the kitchen and it's huge as well. There's a desk in the corner with audio equipment and an imac g3 there as well! My mom is in there and I ask her where this came from. She says it was Ross's computer, but she gave it to us. I think, "weird, but okay".

      I look around and the kitchen looks more or less the same as it does IWL, except for the fact its bigger and there's a huge desk where the food cabinets are IWL.

      I then have a false awakening? Either way, I'm back in my basement and this is the third variant. This time it's looking a bit more run down than I'm used to. I'm in my chair, but almost immediately I stand up. There's a few washing machines where the stairs are IWL, along with a few racks of storage above. There's a peculiar tiny opened can of paint on one of the racks, and I pull it down.

      I start moving it around, and eventually I start wondering. I imagine it hovering and it starts hovering. I move it around with my mind for a bit before I start wondering how I'm able to do this. Am I still dreaming?
      *nose pinch* *hands slip* *nose pinch again*
      And I can still breath during the nose pinch. It was actually quite weird because I could feel the air rushing down my nose like I wasn't plugging my nose at all or even touching it, even though I'd clamped hard on it.

      I'm dreaming! Everything gets a lot more vivid now, even though it still had the characteristic blurriness in a few spots, especially when I was in the basement. I started walking towards the stairs, and I started walking up them. To be honest I don't know what I was thinking at this bit. My feet felt very light and almost as if they weren't there at all. I look up and it's like the back door is open and there was a bright light outside. I walk up the stairs and I look back down towards the basement, and then I wake up.

      I'm laying in my couch on my right side, face inwards. I'm very excited, and I do a RC. I then try and recall everything in the long process.

      Eventually I start writing this.

      Dream recall history:

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