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    1. LUCID: Partying, Stealing a Bus, and Convincing a Cop

      by , 07-24-2014 at 04:57 PM
      I went to bed at 2ish, and then WBTB at like 7.

      I am at some party with my friends. I'm really uncomfortable, since I'm kind of a wallflower. Someone brings out the beer and drugs. I really shouldn't be here. What if my parents find out? I leave with my friends M and B. We walk out, but M says that we should steal a car. I immediately protest, but somehow, we find a bus, we break into it, and with B in the driver's seat, we drive off. I'm kind of freaking out, but I go along with it anyway.

      We pull up next to a party bus at a red light. We exchange glances, and somehow mutually decide to drag race. The light turns green, and B floors it. We're losing the race, but then a cop pulls out and pulls over the other bus. That was close. We speed off, but then another cop comes to pull us over. I try to play it cool, hoping they don't know the bus is stolen. B gets out of the car to talk to the cops. Without saying a word, M jumps into the driver's seat and floors it.

      "M, what the heck are you doing? You're going to get us killed!"
      "I don't know man."
      "Dude, I can't go to jail, pull over!

      The bus continues to gain speed. I better turn myself in, maybe they'll be merciful. I open the side door and look out. From the side, it doesn't look like we're going very fast. I look behind us to see a single red car with police lights on top. I motion for them to move out of the way, but they don't. I just decide to make a move. I kind of step down from the car onto the pavement. I stay on my feet, which is good, but then the red cop car is heading straight for me. In some kind of slow-motion sequence, I determine which way is the best to jump, and barely dive out of the way before the car hits me. I roll into the grass on the side of the road.

      I stand up, take a minute to collect myself, and walk over to where the cops and B are. One cop that looks like Carl Winslow from Family Matters sees me.

      "Did you just jump out of a bus going 35 mph?"
      "No, I think it was more like 15."

      I kind of rest with my hands on my knees for a while, trying to catch my breath and soak in what just happened. The scene kind of shifts, and I'm under this patio at some kind of park. I see a clock that says it's 2:09 am. I see the cops taking M away in handcuffs. A female cop walks over to me. She says she'll let me go if I can tell her what time it is and what all happened that night. I tell her it's about 2:15 in the morning, and then try to remember what happened. I try to think back, but I have two overlapping memories - one of the car chase, and one of me going to bed.Wait a minute, I went to bed a while ago. I must be dreaming. I turn back to the cop.

      "Do you want me to tell you what actually happened, or what happened in this dream?"
      "Excuse me?"
      "That's right, this is a dream. None of this is real."
      She shines a light in my face. "Sir, have you been drinking this evening?"
      "No, really, I'll prove it to you!"

      I try to float up above her, but I can't get off the ground."Wait, hold on, I got this." She begins to look a little perturbed, and I see her reach for her handcuffs. Maybe this isn't a dream after all. But I can't go to jail. I gotta come up with something fast. I plug my nose and breathe loudly through it. It really isn't all that impressive, but she seems to be amazed. "You think that's cool, check this out." I squat down, and jump with all my might. I leap above the buildings about 50 feet in the air. I then slowly float down in front of her. She has a puzzled look on her face, like she is questioning everything that's happening. I'll show her one more thing. I pick up this heavy table next to me and try to balance it on my finger. I hold it for a while, but then it falls. "Meh, that one's still a work in progress."

      We walk around to the side of the building.
      "I can still answer your question if you want."
      "No, I don't think that's necessary anymore. I think I just need some time to think stuff out."
      I turn around to see a large group of my friends. I hear some rock song playing, kind of like a song at the end of a movie right before the credits. Well, let's put on a show. I take off with a running start and fly off. I fly over to a nearby billboard, do kind of a wall run on it, and keep flying. I get a ways off the ground, and I decide to just float off, like a balloon released in the wind. I rise up to the clouds. To make sure the dream doesn't destabilize, I rub my hands together. Unfortunately, doing that makes the dream instantly destabilize, and I wake up.
    2. (July 23, 2014) First Lucid Dream! DILD

      by , 07-23-2014 at 03:06 PM
      July 23, 2014

      No supplements or sleep aids used.

      Rating: 5/5 For first LD

      Break through! First Lucid!!!!

      It was short lived but great! It was also on one of the first REM cycle, if not the first. It felt so far back after I woke, and it was the first dream that happened out of a series of many. I did it without needing a reality check. I was outside my friend Jacob's house at night standing next to his dads truck when I saw a flying picture and thought to myself thats not right, I must be dreaming! I got so excited, almost woke my self up instantly but calmed down. It felt as though I was losing my grip on control as well the more the dream almost stopped. I tried to spin but couldn't so i mentally calmed it down. I walked out into the street under the street lights beam if light. Once it got a little better I immediately started flying over all the houses. I still did not have a good grip on the dream as it was my first time. I saw a lot of other houses, different than what would normally be there. The street was not there like normally, just back to back houses with yards separated by fencing, some white picket sone black steel bar. I decided to land in the back yard of one and go inside. I went in trying to summon a DC. I tried the light switch and it came on, so i didn't try to mess around with it anymore. The house was dimly lit with yellow light bulb light. It had dark brown trim and beige walls. I walked through trying to summon a specific DC but a different one ended up coming. but unfortunately, I woke up then due to excitement of finally having a lucid dream. I put all my thought into this, so I only remember small fragments of a few later dreams.

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    3. Strange Lucidity

      by , 07-17-2014 at 10:58 AM (MasterMind's Dream Journal)
      I went to bed 22:31 , early because I was going to have my drivers test the next morning (today).
      And I passed it woop woop! I now got a drivers license.

      I meditated myself to sleep and then I had this dream:

      I was walking inside my house but got the feeling that something was not right.
      I realized that it was a dream, but my mind kept trying to convince me that it was my real house. So I screamed out "F*ck you (myself) this is my dream!" I started to run around and jump and fly in the air and I was laughing to the fact nothing was real. Then I thought of sex and had some strange sex vizualisations appeared.
      Then the dream slowly faded and I was back in my bed. I checked the time and it was 00:49.

      When I fell back to sleep I had these dreams:

      I was attempting to WILD in a sofa, and since I expected a dream, when the environment changed I realized it was a dream. But that did not last for long. I did have some strange but really vivid normal dreams after this though. I saw a girl that was half human, half bird. It was a big yellow bird and I thought about riding on it, taming it and flying around on it. I tried to talk to her, but she was a little afraid. I gave her some bread and we became friends.
      This developed into a strange relationship and I made out with the bird (it had a human head). And then we talked and she said she was going to the bathroom. Then my old crush suddenly appeared and was really interested in me. I thought "Oh really now when I got a girl you are interested... But maybe we could be together anyway" and I started to kiss her, she resisted it but then she started to kiss me back. Suddenly the birdchick was back and when I turned around and met her angry gaze..

      I woke up. xD
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    4. Lucid #1: Air Force Thrill Ride

      by , 07-15-2014 at 11:36 AM
      From Wednesday, 7/9/14.

      I'm in the air force and our CO takes us to another base. The CO there is insane. He orders ours to leave and forces us onto some kind of thrill-ride-like trainer, where he says we'll "do backspins until we pass out."

      While on the ride, I'm reading notes on some folded paper. I finish just before the ride ends and note that it's actually pretty fun. I regret not being more aware for it. As we walk off, I'm headed towards the attendant and wonder if she'll let me ride again. "Of course she will," I think.
      "I'm dreaming."

      I run up to her and announce "I'm having a lucid dream."

      "I know," she says, sounding gleeful to be in on the secret.

      I start rubbing my hands to stabilize, saying, "I'm rubbing my hands to stabilize the dream."

      Then I decide to go exploring. I walk down a hallway with a black and white checked tile floor when my vision starts blurring, like my contacts are falling out. I stop and try to rub my hands again, but the blurring continues. I consider spinning, but decide against it, and soon
      the dream ends.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

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    5. Becoming a mech; left the TV on to get lucid :D

      by , 07-14-2014 at 10:02 PM
      I accidentaly left George Lopez on TV. The episode was a rerun from the previous night. I woke up, remembering that the TV was on, but then instead of getting out of bed, I thought "I'll know I'm dreaming know" so I went back to sleep. I forgot for a moment, then I realized it again. I went beast mode. I was walking through the town, then I thought to myself "These are NPCs, right? Therefore, it won't matter if they die." So I saw my perspective slowly lift into the air as mechanical sounds were made. All of a sudden, my body was enveloped into a metal chassis. Flamethrowers were hitched to my arms, and my tongue turned into a machine gun. I started torching the town, the pathetic NPCs cried for help and safety. I thought that it would be cool to take on extra terrestrial beings, so I summoned aliens. Ate the flashy ships. Then I thought after the town was crushed "let's take on a deity" So I cycled through a list of deities, Aries, mars, venus, Aphrodite, Cupid, Zeus, then it hit me. God. He caused the death of my trusted guinea pig, Max. I summoned him into the world in his true form; a spectral representation of a human being much bigger. I shot rockets at him, and he threw bolts of lightning at me. I dodged it in a bullet-time like matrix. I punched him as I valiantly cried out "This is for max!" Then proceeded to wake up. I had some "lumber" I had to "cut down" when I woke up in the morning, and here I am. Like a boss. yay

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    6. 7/14/14 Spotlight Burlesque DILD

      by , 07-14-2014 at 09:53 PM
      7/14/14* My previous DJ entry was up there with my all time favorites. I just loved the setting and vividness. Tonight near lucid then lucid later. I'm in a parking garage. Guy pulls up in a car with a tarp over a big part of it. What do you have under there? He says he doesn't need to tell me. We need to know (am I police or security or something?). First thought=could be bomb! Then, it could be kidnapped kids...Sure enough dream comes up with 2 kids under the tarp. Some other guy struggles with guy that came in the car and also with the kids who are being brats. A relatively big tough guy nearby wants to stop me from intervening. "The three of us can take you," I start to say. He says some threats related to him not being afraid to go back to jail. I back off...wake=FA. I think to myself if I was lucid I could have knocked him around with TK! Tough guy and I are sharing a sleeping space now? I'm on couch and he crawls over me slowly...to go to the bathroom? I can feel him stepping on the couch in several places trying to make his way over me. I pretend to be asleep. When he gets back he seems to be cuddling me... Hell no, I think...uh...I need to go pee. I get up and say something like "gotta stop drinking so much water...gotta pee all the time (excuse)." I look back at him. He has this weird peeking eye?..One eye is slightly open but he is also snoring so I assume he is asleep. His feet are up on the couch and his upper half on the floor, face up. I head to the bathroom and I have to pull 2 doors together to lock it in a very loose fashion and I can still see out. While I am urinating I see a lady with a spotlight on her doing burlesque! I'm dreaming! I approach her. She changes to a different woman and then back. She is not really slender, dark hair and is in black lingerie. I think let's look around while doing a little dancing with her but I can't focus on the surroundings much. I start to have intercourse with the dancer lady standing up. Someone says "here's Mom" and a older motherly figure and an older fatherly figure show up. I take this as a test to my lucidity and think: no worries! I say "Hey mom, check her out" as I continue intercourse. "Hey check out these breasts" and I remove her bra..."nice breasts, right?!" Ok...let me get down to goals...I want to find Dreamer for the Bonus TOTM, but not here, not like this. I will teleport...closed eye
      teleport. I say I want to arrive in a beautiful and vivid world...but perhaps I did not give it enough focus. I open my eyes and I am in a hazy storage room? There are stacked metal folding chairs in a few different spots. I look around a little while, but I am not seeing anything interesting and unfortunately lose patience. I try another teleport and instead of closing my eyes I clench my eyes like when I am trying to DEILD and I
      wake up or have a convincing FA of right where I'm at IWL...possibly FA because when I decide to roll over and check the time it feels like I am shaking off SP. Either way, awake. 174
    7. Bad Grades

      by , 06-22-2014 at 08:10 PM
      Bad Grades
      Lucid #14


      Im in my teachers room, together with my friend. For some reason he has artificial limbs. I listen to them talk and he finds out hes getting bad grades. They both start a fight and my teachers takes his legs and throws him out of the window. I take something formed like a clubb and hit him with it. He drops to the ground and i run to my friend to see if hes ok. I throw his legs and his phone through the open window. I try to jump out to but i dont seem to fit. I go into the hallway and as i walk towards the main entrance everybody looks like me as im a celebrity. I get nervous and walk faster. I meet him outside and help him up. We start running but suddenly i stop and realize that i just messed up my life by hitting a teacher. I freak out but then i do a nose RC due to a suspicion and voil im lucid.
      I take time to stabilize by using all 5 senses. I look up into the sky and it looks beautiful. I try to walk but i only manage to float and dont realla get far. I try taking off and flying i feel the air in my face, everything gets really bright and i wake up.

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    8. 21st of June.

      by , 06-21-2014 at 11:37 AM
      Date:2st of June.
      Total sleep: Unknown.
      Daytime Techniques: Awareness, mantras, rc's, WBTN/DEILD.
      Lucid Techniques: Memory, stabilizisation, sight, attempts.
      Recall Techniques: DJ, tags.
      Fell Asleep: Unknown.
      Dream Title: The prophet.
      Dream: This dream was strange, but great at the same time. I wont even try to explain the dream in chronoligical occurence. I will list the things i can remember, here we go: I start out at road, and i find a girl. I dont really think, i just act on instinct. I have however had this dream before, or atleast a similiar one. I put her on my back, and start walking. Now onto the events that happened after: -Me and the girl arrive at a restaurant, i put her in a seat and start talking to some of my friends. We eventually leave, but i notice something strange. Whenever i am not holding the girl, my gravity is messed up! -At this point i am lucid, and i try my best to ''fix'' the gravity, i eventually get it down and now i have normal gravity! I was super stoked over this, since gravity was one of my short-term dream goals! -I am in a car graveyard, i spot fredriksten festning. I look at the ground and at fredriksten. It feels strange having a dream this vivid and clear, and being lucid. -Me and the girl try our best to swin through some kind of water challange. -Me and the girl mow down some guy fighting a few kids. -Me and the girl arrive at stonehenge-like place with a mean looking guy in the middle, i realize the girl is some kind of prophet needed to beat this man. We scare him off and move on. Eventually we meet the same guy again, we defeat him using the girls powers. At this point the dream messes itself up, and it becomes some kind of pixelated jump game. Throughout this entire dream i woke up, and fell asleep MANY times.
      Awake: Unknown.
      Vividness: 10
      Awareness: 10
      Length: 10
      Emotions/feelings: Happiness, temptation, success,
      Dream Signs: Games, my city, friends, roads.
    9. 6/12/14 Teammates DILD, In and Out of Lucidity

      by , 06-12-2014 at 07:38 PM
      (This may be a more boring entry, but maybe it gives some newbies an idea of some of the things you can run into)

      6/12/14* wake up after about 5.5 hours of sleep needing to go to the bathroom and afterwards I do my SSILD cycles and I start to get HI's but fall asleep. Later I am having a dream where I am on the field after one of my games and the game after ours looks like a forfeit, perhaps not enough players. It seems like I'm very tired and I believe what happened is that I lay down on the field and went into an in-dream WILDing-like session where I immediately start getting strong HI's and vibrations which I start to play with including a woman on the field whose clothes I pull off with telekinesis and some motion based dream entry. I find myself in my bed (possible false awakening) but I can feel that I'm still fully in the dream world. I decide I should take off all my clothes and get into some mischievous activity. It feels like I am struggling with taking off my clothes and I start to worry a little bit about using my real waking life hands and possibly waking up or exposing myself
      while sleeping. But I do get it together and take off my clothes and I'm hanging around the bed when I hear my wife coming up the stairs again and it reminds me of the false awakening last time and I remind myself "okay FA FA FA" (in other words don't get fooled by the false awakening-like scenario).
      My wife comes into the room and she's holding my laptop and it's on my email account and I get sidetracked from my lucidity for a moment concerned of what she might have read...perhaps some of my updates from dreamviews related to some of the crazy dream adventures I have which she may not like...But then I hear a song playing very clearly (later when I actually woke up I could hear music coming from my son's room but it wasn't where I could hear lyrics or anything whereas in the dream I was definitely hearing lyrics and a song that I seemed to recognize, all much more clearly than what I heard when I woke up). Anyway, I closed my laptop and looked out my window for the source of the sound and I could see some of my teammates outside getting ready for a game and my first thought was why am I not there, why are they playing without me but then I realize the scenario is highly unlikely, especially a game right outside my house...oh yeah this is still a dream this was a false awakening like scenario. I specifically remember "J" & "K" being out there and a little scene played where someone was asking J if he had ever been an ex-WAIF (unsure what this means) and a scene of J sitting at his current job with a desk full of papers. I think that I'm forgetting some details throughout this lengthy dream because I specifically remember thinking that this lucid dream is going fairly long. I find myself back in bed and I wonder if this is another false awakening but then I can feel my wife being amorous and I start to wake up for real. My lucidity level was obviously low throughout or I wouldn't have had such a hard time retaining it or remembering so much of it. Because of this I put the dream through Sageous' FLD test of proving lucidity to yourself and came up with the verdict that I was definitely lucid in spots. I tried to go back to sleep and got some HI's or dreamlets of Cameron Diaz leaning over showing off her cleavage (saw her in a movie last night). 160
    10. 6/7 & 6/10 TOTM Kardashian Impregnation KILD-DILD + FA

      by , 06-11-2014 at 12:11 AM
      6/10/14* (short version, though not a super long LD; KILD=Kiss Induced Lucid Dream) I am getting on a commuter train and feel very tired. I think to myself what if I can lucid dream on the train but it doesn't occur to me that I'm dreaming yet. Seem to doze off quickly and I'm standing in a hall and three ladies that I think are supposed to be the Kardashian sisters are standing on the other side of the hall across from me. The shortest one (seems to be Kourtney) is in between the other two and is changing her top and I could briefly see her breasts and the other two sisters are trying to cover her up while she changes. I move my head to the left and get another view of her right breast facing me. I believe that I am semi-lucid here. Khloe walks over to me like she is going to set me straight and I grasp her and kiss her and she is into it and I fully realize that this is a dream and I think of the TOTM bonus impregnation task. My original plan was to do it with Girl Friday (and I still can) and then to summon a meteor to mark the occasion (perform the meteor task) and visit the meteor landing site. We take it to the ground after some standing foreplay which includes my common reach down for moisture. Anyway, the main thing is we get down to intercourse. I start imagining exploding inside her and can kind of feel it (I think about how it has felt way more realistic on at least one occasion) and I pull up a little and say "look...your stomach is growing" and it does grow taking her up to what must be like 6 months pregnant or less with multiple babies or something...who knows. Anyway this blends into a very convincing false awakening where I think I hear my wife calling for me from downstairs as if I am making her late and I notice I am having trouble rolling out of bed and getting up and think that I hear her coming up the stairs. I try to reach over and bang the wall to let her know that I'm awake and getting up and I am finally able to fully wake myself and I wake up only to find that the last part was all just a false awakening. 159

      Craziness has been keeping me from doing much with my day practices and no night time practices this night due to needing a good night's sleep but going back over exercise 4a from the Open Beta exercises yesterday may have helped. The exercise gave me the sense that everything is a dream (at least for a more extended period than normal) and I found more exciting about my waking world.

      6/7/14* DILD involved me driving on what at first seemed like a familiar road and then realizing that I did not know this road at all - I am dreaming. I fly up out of the car and end up in the void where I patiently summon Girl Friday and have her strip which was very hot, turned into a false awakening of wife coming into the room and her being pleasantly surprised by my condition down there. 158
    11. 6/2 TOTM Basics I&II ~KILD

      by , 06-02-2014 at 05:45 PM
      6/2/14* TOTM basic Iⅈ good waking memory. We are stranded in a small town at night but there are lots of people around like a party or event. My wife's friend "J" is on the way to pick us up. I have a nickname for her: "JTB" and I remembered it and addressed her with the nickname as she arrived quite quickly in a truck with advertising decals on it. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and I gave her a kiss on the cheek and it immediately made me think of the task of the month and fully realize that this is a dream. I looked over to her left and there was a young guy maybe 16-18 baby faced blonde hair and I went over to him and kissed him on the cheek. And then I turn around and look for someone else to do the next task and I found a big tall imposing guy, he would make a good target for the repeat task. I ask him to say something. He simply says "take" so I repeat back to him take about 20 times and towards the end I said "and take" which felt like I messed up being able to take it longer because I added an "and" in there (he just stood there looking at me and nodding his head). I stop there and was considering the next task when I found myself fading back to bed. I didn't incubate the tasks I just thought about them more like a list but I think I will incubate/day rehearse the advanced ones, the bonus and the June special. 157

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    12. 6/1 Dream Locale Dream Scenario Dream Sign DILD

      by , 06-02-2014 at 01:57 AM
      6/1/14 Super quick entry: familiar dream location, think this is where I usually get lost in dreams...wait...I'm dreaming. Fly up over building and check out miscellaneous ladies.
    13. A Date With The Romanian Cute (Tumblr Would Be Jealous)

      by , 05-29-2014 at 05:22 PM
      Look at me, haven't successfully had a lucid dream in a week and I started to worry about my ability. Today's dream showed me that I have nothing to worry about, and what the heck I was doing wrong all week: attempting WILDs when I wasn't fully relaxed. It also must have been the accidental WBTB, as I had been awake for 2 hours but dozed off.

      There's a building where lots of stolen merchandise has been found on the roof with no explanation. Even more unusual is that the building is on a university campus. Dad and I go there for a political meeting. He keeps talking about corrupt politicians and holding them accountable. I'm just tagging along because he can't drive. In the elevator, we're given a brief glimpse of the stolen goods through the ceiling of the elevator(?). Then we go to the meeting, which is being held in a classroom. They're doing standardized testing in the same room. People mistake me for a student and hand me test papers and a pencil. I'm a bit surprised to see them opening a hidden panel in the wall to get to the pencil boxes. I start assembling a plastic storage container to hold more pencils, but then I realize it will be too bulky to take it with me, so I disassemble it. Now I notice that the pencils are being kept in pink kid's shoe boxes. Someone hands me a school newsletter. It's got to me one of the strangest ones I've ever seen because it has packages of candy and food attached to it. I unwrap one of the slices of cheese that comes with with newsletter and munch on it as I try to read it. I'm actually kind of pissed that the university hasn't spoken publicly to students about the stuff on the roof or how they should deal with the media attention. I go to say this to Dad, but when I look out the window, I see a plane flying upside down.

      I watch with terror as the plane keeps climbing and falling, all while flying upside down. It's going to crash, right? Why am I the only one who has noticed, and why doesn't anyone else care! It's because I'm dreaming. I take a moment to revel in how realistic the dream is. Then I consider what I should do. I briefly remember the Jack and the Beanstalk task, but then I remember that I've been doing task after task for a while and I want something more personal, something romantic. The scene changes to a ballroom, with me wearing a fancy one-shouldered formal dress. I touch the edge of the shoulder strap and I'm surprised that it's metal, not fabric. It's more like some kind of necklace holding the dress up. Then Sebastian Stan showed up (and I realized I've been spending too much time on Tumblr). I think he's going to dance with me, but instead, we head outside and have an intimate little chat. He asks me what I want, and I ask him to take me to Romania, which makes him laugh. But we somehow end up in a Romanian castle. He takes me to this bedroom with a four-poster bed and whispers to me, "This is where we're going to conceive our first child."

      I "wake up" in a sunny bedroom in a house that is unfamiliar. I'm absolutely buzzing over the fact that I not only had a lucid dream, but that I had a lucid dream about a date with Sebastian Stan. I look at the clock and it seems later than I realized, and I remember that I have a meeting to get to. I'll have to write this up later for my dream journal since I'm running late. I start to look around for something to wear, remembering that the pajama top I wore last night was a bit sheer. Then I remember that I'm alone in this house and no one's going to care if I run around naked. I step out of the bedroom and head down a large spiral staircase. Light pours in from the floor to ceiling windows along the front of the house. I live here? This is awesome! I head outdoors (wait, wasn't I wearing the sheer pajama top?) and find myself rushing across a college campus with friends. My goal is the campus bookstore to pick up a tote bag to take to my meeting. My friends are grumbling about security not removing people trying to sign students up for credit cards. Almost as if on cue, several of them appear in our path, trying to push "free" beach towels on us. "You've got to admire one thing, though," says the girl next to me. "Think of how good their willpower is. This guy goes to all the college parties and he's not allowed to pick up any girls!" And then I wake up for real.
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    14. 5/25 & 5/27 I'm Scared Placeholder DEILD, WILD, DILD, +DILDx2 During 2 Part Nap

      by , 05-27-2014 at 09:01 PM
      5/25/14 DEILD, WILD, DILD between clear awakenings ~4am 7am 8:30am

      5/27/14 2 Nap DILDs between awakenings and NLDs- day off wake from each around 10am & 11am; shutters in odd place, good waking awareness

      I think the return of multiple LDs in a night is due to the self-hypnosis script that StephL posted and so far I have used only once but I think it was more effective for me due to the over 1 year of background work on self-awareness and other lucid dreaming fundamentals...I guess we'll see.

      I hope to fill in the details later but Girl Friday was there a lot.

      I'm scared that I may start to nap too much. I never had much success with naps and to have 2 DILDs in one 2 hour nap session this morning could draw me in to more naps.
    15. 5/9, 5/10, 5/13 Another Awesome 2 Part LD: Beach in Another Time/Place.

      by , 05-13-2014 at 07:02 PM
      5/13/14*! ~1020 150-2:30 NLD recall+wakefulness 4:10wake from LD up til ~5am DJ+windows. ~6:15; More recall, 735 up

      Notes: Went to bed a little early and early wake back to bed after only sleeping 3.5 hours but did not do much except think about my recent dream scenario/taking control/being bold DILDs and visualizing it happening again and becoming lucid. Also right before bed I do my simulation of the levitation RC and visualizing moving straight to the task of the month.

      I am in a movie theater / restaurant (it was one and then the other) and I head to the bathroom where (on the way) there is a sign that says something like "additional bathrooms to the left with additional amenities!" But I go to the closer one right in front of me am I standing at the urinal when over to the left I see there are a couple of women in another wing of the bathroom taking a peek at me and I let them have a little look but I still don't quite realize I am dreaming yet. I come out and C (wife of A) is in the hall and asked me to wait but I mostly ignore her and I look over into a room down the hall and I think "that looks like M" one of my wife's good friends. I also see M by the same name who is one of my son's friends and that's when I realize this must be a dream to see both of them together in the same odd place (as opposed to a party at my house or something). I say something to that effect and I try to levitate and at first it feels
      more like my simulation but then I try again with more intention and confidence and it works. I float up into the air and fly-float around the room. I continue into another room down the hall already thinking about the musical performance task of the month and there is a band already playing and an empty drum set but no drumsticks and there is a crowd gathered set up more like a cocktail lounge with tables throughout and for the most part 2 people at each table, small round tables throughout the room. I tap on the empty drum set with my finger and then turn around and face the audience and start air drumming while imagining the song and while feeling the strong emotion of it: "I can feel it coming in the air tonight" by Phil Collins as planned. The drums start to appear although a little fuzzy and I keep playing and having a blast. Recalling the additional specifics of the task, I look around at the room for the reaction and the crowd seems mostly disinterested, not paying attention. Each table seems to be talking amongst themselves. (Later after the transition in the dream I try to think of another task and I decide against trying the Limerick and I think was it something to do with getting or giving a flower, no there was Sivason's idea of creating a field of flowers but that didn't become one of the tasks, never mind just have some fun. Back to the transition.) I feel the scene fading but I still feel firmly in dreamland and I start spinning and it works again! I think the trick for me now and why I have time to do the spin is that I no longer believe that just because the scene is fading that I have to wake up)! This time I do not think of anything specific but after a short while I start to feel the sensation of floating in water (again) and the sound of the ocean, and again I tell myself I will end up in shallow water and sure enough after what feels like 10-15 seconds later I'm at the foot of the beach and look back at the water. In the
      water there are two yellow objects: a small one close by and a large one that looks like an empty raft further out. I decide to go check out the smaller one close by and go back into the water and grab it and it is one of those kid's arm-floaties perhaps another childhood memory. I love smelling those rubber items because they remind me of summer water toys that have that distinct strong chemical smell and remind me of wonderful summers past . I get caught in the tide a little bit but I'm slowly being pushed closer and closer to shore before I decide to just fly / zoom on out of the water and on to the shore. I look back out to the water again and there is a big group of what I assume are natives coming ashore. They seem like a lightly dressed but advanced civilization due to their hover-like boats that they come in to shore on (& later by the way that they talk), each with their own "boat" for the most part, a few with small kids along for the ride. They don't seem to see me at first and just come on to the shore in front of me and start walking over to my right. I call out to them and one man who seems to be the leader of the group comes over to me. I ask if they can bring me two of their most beautiful women. Just behind and next to him is a beautiful woman that looks quite a bit like Natalie Portman and I say she will be perfect. She walks over to me and seems fascinated by my mole as if it is some kind of sign and she kisses me on the lips. The leader guy may be with her and he looks a little jealous and he walks over to me also taking note of the mole and reaches around to the back of my neck and feels the bone protruding at the base of the back of my neck and seems to determine something from that and looks at me like I am strange and not like them. I tell him I come from a different time and place. It seems like a different time because it feels like if it were on earth it would be something similar to an Egyptian civilization but perhaps I'm not even on earth in this dream, thus a different place. This woman is so beautiful and I just hold her standing side by side admiring her body and touching her firm buttocks. She's wearing something like an intricate string bikini with lots of extra strings/straps wrapping around her waist area and connected to the bottom piece and something similar to her top covering but less strings/straps at top. It is beige in color as is the clothing of all of them. She is a great kisser! I start looking for the second woman and there is a younger one on the ground half-naked with no top on and while looking around and all the people I s
      tart to fade back to bed and can tell that I am clearly awake now. What an awesome dream! 146

      I later had a false awakening where I was writing down my sports dream where the other player cheated in order to score. While reviewing the notes I noticed that what I wrote didn't make sense and I woke up.

      I will be brief on these 2 sexual LDs:
      5/9: cute woman, see her naked backside at beach and feel bold and recognize that as a dream scenario=DILD, I went over to her and she gave me a very realistic bj, a very good bj that felt like it would be "professional." Another couple came in and the lady was very cute and was right next to me so I tried to reach back and open up her blouse while getting the bj from the original cute woman but the guy with her took her away. The bj portion lasted several minutes at least. 144

      5/10 ex's family (talked about her this day) cg peeking at me changing, feeling frisky but don't yet realize I'm dreaming and go to bed in the dream: in dream wild...wow I think, I started dreaming quick!...as soon as my head hit the pillow! I'm dreaming! Same room cg + other women. Put her hands down my pants and go for a while before seeing another beautiful woman and walking over to her putting her hands down my pants feeling her "ahem" moist through her underwear and then we both get naked and I put it in and out slowly and I talk dirty to her and she loves it. Nice lengthy LD. 145
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