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    1. A New Ability: Changing Sizes (Night of December 5-6)

      by , 12-11-2012 at 11:45 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      [This is a catch-up post. This dream took place on the night of December 5-6, 2012.]

      Non-lucid, Semi-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I'm at my university, and I have to fill out and turn in a form to get rid of a dorm room that I don't want or need, because I'm living in an apartment. I go into a computer lab to work on it, and the computers have floppy disk drives. When I remember a previous episode in this ongoing plot, I realize that I'm dreaming. [I don't remember that previous episode now, though. I think the lucid part of this dream continued on from this point, but I didn't write down what happened.]

      I wake up, walk into the room where I work, and go to my work computer. As I'm walking across the room, I think, Hmm, am I still dreaming? This sure looks and feels real, and gravity feels normal, but I have a sneaking suspicion... When I get to my work computer, I see an instant-message conversation on the screen, and it's between two fictional characters. Yep. Still dreaming, I think. I start trying to type up a dream journal entry on my work computer, but I find it's very difficult to type in a dream. It's really slow going; it feels like my fingers don't know what to do. [Makes sense - that part of my brain that knows learned skills like typing must not be active when I'm asleep.] After just a few sentences, I lose interest in finishing my dream journal entry.

      I start floating away from my desk. A friend gives me a push to help me along. I go into another area, where there are a bunch of people having some sort of gathering, possibly a picnic
      [I don't really remember now]. I decide I want to try making myself bigger. I crouch down on all fours, close my eyes, and concentrate on expanding the size of my body. At first, I don't think it's working because I don't feel any sensation, but when I open my eyes, I discover that it worked: I'm now huge compared to the DCs.

      I wake up at somebody's house, having spent the night there after a party. I drive myself home, but get lost along the way. While I'm driving, my alarm clock wakes me up for real.

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    2. 空に飛んでいる夢人隊 (Night of November 20-21)

      by , 12-11-2012 at 11:38 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      [This is a catch-up post. This dream took place on the night of November 20-21, 2012. The title of this dream is in Japanese, and is read "Sora ni Tondeiru Yumebito-Tai." It literally means "Flying in the Sky Dream Person Team (or Corps)." The dream felt a lot like being in an episode of an anime series, so I gave it a title that would be suitable for an anime series.]

      Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I'm outside somewhere, lying in the warm sun. The sun's rays are making me too hot in my flannel pajamas. I'm wearing dark-colored plaid pajama bottoms [the same ones I'm wearing in real life], and a white flannel pajama top with red roses on it [the same pattern as on a bedspread my mom has at her house].

      I'm in a large department store, filled with racks of cold-weather accessories and other clothes. I'm wandering through the racks by hopping up off the floor, hovering above it for a few seconds as I float forward, and then sinking back down. After several repetitions of this, I think, Hmm, this is longer than I should be able to float like this.
      Oh - that's because I'm dreaming.

      I fly out of the room with the clothes and winter accessories and into a larger room. It's still part of the same store, but it has a higher ceiling and has a skylight. I stop to ground myself in the dream by landing on the ground and touching things with my hands, including some packages of batteries that are hanging up on a rack. It works.

      I join up with a a group of kid DCs that includes Merida from Brave and a curly-haired blond boy. We all set off from the department store together to battle some evil force. We run out of the store and come to a hilltop that overlooks an ocean bay. Some of us, including Merida and myself, jump off the top of the hill and start flying over the bay. I shout “Woohoo!” as I jump off. I notice that some of the others in the group are simply running down the hill, rather than flying.
      [For the first time, it seems perfectly natural to me that some DCs can fly, too, and I don't feel any need to hide the fact that I can fly, as I usually do when I'm around DCs.]

      All of us, those who ran and those who flew, reassemble at our destination, which is a small house on the cliff overlooking the ocean. We realize we're being pursued by some kind of monster that will kill us and eat us. There is a newspaper article about the monster in the house. The kids all seem to be sure that the monsters have found us, that they're coming, and that we're all doomed. For a second, I'm genuinely afraid, but then I remember: Oh, yeah, this is a dream. I know what this most likely means. I roll my eyes and announce to the group: “They aren't really monsters, they're just tasks that I haven't done and that I feel bad about.” [Or words to that effect.] I think about it for a moment and come up with what that task must be - paying a bill [among other things that I don't remember now]. Everyone in the group seems to relax, and no monsters ever actually appear at the house.

      One of the DCs in the group says to another, “See about adopting her
      [meaning me] into the practice.” They are both young men, about 17-19 years old. The second one looks at me and says, “You're [Emiko].... Roboto.” [He used my real-life first name.] I reply, “Yes, that's a name I've used here before. I don't really like it, though.” [Huh? That's definitely not my real-life last name, and I certainly don't remember using it in a dream before. It was a big part of my childhood, though.] I say something about how grateful I am to have been accepted into this group of people, even with my mismatched pajamas. I'm still wearing the same dark pajama pants and light pajama top from the very beginning of the dream, while most of the other people in the group are wearing neat, matching, school-uniform-like outfits. [This isn't surprising; I was an anime fan for a long time, and a lot of the characters in the shows I liked were high school students who wore school uniforms.]

      The group of DCs and I all feel a general sense that that is the end of this adventure, but that there will be more in the future. We start flying off over the landscape, looking back at the buildings where we've just been: the big store with the skylight, and a motel [?]. There is an upbeat, exciting rock song playing in the background. It feels exactly like I'm experiencing the end credits of an anime show.

      I'm now traveling along in some kind of vehicle with the two young men, watching the scenery pass by from a tree-lined road that runs along the crest of a ridge opposite those buildings. I say to them, “Also, your ending theme song kicks ass.”
      [I think the context for this was that they thanked me for sticking with them so long at the end of the adventure, and I replied that of course, I wanted to prolong the experience as long as possible and have as much fun as I could. I don't remember the beginning of the conversation very well, though. The song I heard reminded me a little bit of this one, except it was at a faster tempo.]

      I have a false awakening in the bed I'm actually in [I was sleeping on a futon because I had family in town that week], where I can see my bare legs, before waking up for real.

      Side notes:
      THIS DREAM WAS SO COOL!!!! I hadn't had a really long, fun, clear lucid like this in a while before I had this dream. I was so happy to have it!
    3. All is not lost

      by , 12-03-2012 at 09:04 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      First dream...either I'm watching a movie, in it or just the perspective keeps changing. This takes place like 20 years after DC gets decimated by some alien attack. These aliens basically look like us if we didn't have skin. They possessed this power to transform us into them, and I guess we were some of the last few remaining people. Some sort of way, the humans and aliens came to a truce, but right when the humans were least expecting it, the aliens started invading the last human town.

      I get out of my bead and head to the living room. I plan on visiting Kaomea, so I decided to use my new teleport technique (taught by some crazy DC a while ago). I went up to a wall, and opened up a portal, and climbed through it. The weird part about it was I saw some guy on the other side, with like a dragon on his chest....and the guy looked like me.

      Anyways, I get through to the other side, and I'm totally not where I wanted to be. I'm in an underground cavern...walls are red, floors are red....molten lava is everywhere. This is either hell or something similar. All these monsters started coming at me, and then the cavalry arrived. Thor, a valkarie, Conan, and the Green Lantern showed up. We started handing out ass whoopings throughout the dream. I don't know exactly how the fighting was (because this happened hours ago) but I do remember Thor tried a synergy attack and it backfired. Giant golems appeared, and started fighting some of the monsters, before the part of the cliff they were standing on gave way. We had even less room to fight, and I guess all of the monsters could fly like nothing. Eventually Thor used his magic on Conan's sword and it grew ten times it's size and he ended up killing everything.
    4. Why do my lucids so often come in pairs? Not that I'm complaining....

      by , 11-29-2012 at 05:49 AM
      #1 - Just Trying To Be Spontaneous [DILD]

      I don't actually remember the part of this dream before I got lucid, I just know that as soon as I did I started stabilizing by rubbing my hands together and I didn't stop for basically the entire dream. The first thing I remember is being, I believe, in front of my house with J and N and trying to stop trucks and buses in the road by pointing at them and yelling "Stop!" as I have in a previous lucid, but it wasn't working at first. Once I adjusted my technique a little (hard to describe how exactly) it worked though, and I was satisfied. I can't remember if we did anything more with it, but the next thing I recall is deciding that the three of us should walk into this random nearby house and see what's going on. The house and the people inside seemed totally real and random, I can't recall where my mind might have created that house from. All of the DCs, of which I think there were three, were older Asian people, one man and two women if I'm not mistaken (though the memory is a little bit hazy). I can't remember if there was more in between that and this next part, but I'm pretty sure that when we walked back out of the house the door lead to a totally different environment. We were in some kind of fancy hallway and in part of it there were these two gigantic doors that I was sure would lead to somewhere amazing. I told them to believe that the doors were going to take us somewhere cool, but when I opened them it was just like a tiny empty closet space. ._. We walked in and shut the doors and decided the room was still pointless, so then we headed back out. Suddenly there was a view to the outside and as I stared into the sun I vaguely recall hearing Penny from The Big Bang Theory saying something about having a Jewish boyfriend in the sky, or something confusing like that.... When we turned around we were suddenly on the rooftop parking lot somewhere in the middle of the downtown area and there was someone standing near a black sports car with all of its doors open like they were waiting for people to get in. Around this time N became O and I turned to him and J and said "Come on guys, we're going for a drive." Or something like that lol. We get in with me in the driver's seat and I hit the gas. We end up driving forward over the side of the building and they're both freaking out, but I'm just trying to pull the steering wheel back until finally the car tilts up and I have control of it like a plane. It was a little rough, I had to focus a lot on stabilizing and controlling the car at the same time but I managed to pull it off. The guys were now thrilled but still shocked and I found it quite amusing. At some point I had the feeling that we were being chased by cops or something for presenting a hazard to the city, and somehow they knocked us out of the sky. We were at the edge of the city and facing a long stretch of road, and the car turned sideways and started bouncing off of it repeatedly, twirling for long distances with each time. During one of the bounces I stood up (technically sideways) out of one of the car windows and flipped off the city and whoever was chasing us with a big grin on my face. The last thing I remember about the dream was that O had turned back into N by this point, but then it ended.

      Not bad if I do say so myself.

      #2 - Definitely A New Look For Him.... [MILD]

      I was back at my middle school as my current age and all I wanted was a day off (of what I don't know) and to talk to my... well, to keep it simple, let's just say my theater teacher. I had sneaked back into the school and was off to the side of the stage by the bathrooms while there was a play going on waiting to talk to her, when I was spotted by what I took to be Sylar from Heroes pretending to be reformed as a good guy and wearing a dress, and scaled up to be proportionally taller and bigger than normal. He was looking at me weirdly and I just pointed to my teacher and he told her that I was acting strangely but needed to talk. I said "Yeah, like you're any less suspicious." and glared at him while following her into the music hall, but as I walked past him through the door he gave me a sneaky signal like "see me later" or something. >.> I was becoming lucid and turned around to watch him peer around a corner just to have him turn into some creepy smiling old fat guy. I felt really weirded out and just turned around to talk to see my teacher, but she was gone. I went around the corner looking for her but the music hall had become the main hallway in my house I just saw someone who I forget now in my parents' bedroom. I was feeling freaked out and every direction I looked in felt surreal and distant or dissociated and like there were strange people there. And that's about the last thing that happened before I woke up.
    5. Why Won't They Leave Me Alone!?

      by , 11-29-2012 at 05:05 AM
      This is from November 21st, I just didn't get around to typing it all up before.

      Early in the night I originally fell asleep on the couch in the living room in front of my laptop, then I woke up a couple to a few hours later and shut down everything in the house and moved to bed. So that technically makes these with a WBTB.

      #1 - Creeper Nightmare [Non-Lucid]

      Throughout this dream, for some reason all of the windows in my house had open blinds and were larger than normal, making it very easy to see into the house from the outside at any point. It was really creeping me out because in the house next to mine which was visible through the windows there were these four guys that kept peering around corners or over fences to just stare at me in a really freaky way, and then they would start laughing when I got anxious. Even when I tried to go out front or out back I would see them watching me from somewhere. At one point I was even crawling around on the floor in the house and reaching strategically over and around objects to avoid being seen by them, knowing that they were just out of eyesight staring into the window. Eventually I just got pissed, and I went out front, walked over to their fence, and jumped up on it in one swift movement. This is not uncommon for me; my dream self seems to think that walking on fences is fairly normal, though still something to be considered significant. I ran along the top until the second floor balcony of the next door house (which doesn't actually exist, it's a one-story house) and leapt over to it. I went in through the door and walked up to one of the guys who said "Oh shit!" and looked shocked. I was ready to smack a ho, but then my memory of the dream gets really blurry and I just remember there being something about my old friend T, I saw him for a second... but then, I woke up. Ah, well.

      #2 - Modeling Assignment [Non-Lucid]

      I was at some big school function where they paired us up with different students and had us take tests and do modeling jobs and stuff. There was some girl there that I was just trying to be nice to for some reason, and I remember lending her a pencil, but then she still got totally pissed at me for something. However, AB, this girl I used to know since elementary school but barely ever talked to since then, got up and started defending my honor with some long speech. Oh, also, I think for most of this dream, or at least this part onward, I was JY, this guy I also knew since elementary school. No idea why, I haven't thought about him in ages.... Anyway, like I said, we were paired off and we were supposed to be doing a modeling gig. For ours they were expecting us to submit some comic we'd made, but my partner was the one who had it on him and he didn't show up. I tried doing the gig myself and they told me my image was nice but it needed more, it had to be both of us or neither. I decided to go walking around the mall/school looking for my partner and somehow ended up back at my house. (My real house, not JY's house.) I was in my parents' bedroom and I decided to just jump back on the bed and give the guy a phone call. I told him the situation and he said that he had to ditch to go to a dentist appointment. I just said that that was fine because the school was just pushing us into it anyway so I didn't really care that much.

      #3 - Nothing Wrong With A Little Bondage [Non-Lucid]

      I was at some kind of station waiting for transportation with my parents, and there were these two random girls standing not far from us. I turned to my parents and asked them if the train that just left was the one that we were supposed to be taking, and the girls startled giggling and said that it was actually a bus. I just responded that we call it a train where I come from. It was clearly based on a train from around here, so I wasn't wrong lol. Eventually a couple more arrive and we got on a different one from them and I get a third-person view (from outside and behind the train, though it may have become a bus considering what we did next) of the train swerving through traffic and over all these crazy highways that bend at impossible angles. It basically looked like a huge video game obstacle course set up all around some big city full of skyscrapers. The dream then transitions to when I'm already off the train and I'm at a mall restaurant of some kind meeting up with M, some random DC, O, ET (heh, not the extra terrestrial), S (5 hits, for self-reference), and maybe C and a few others. We were going to do something though I can't remember exactly what now, and this random guy walked up to me and kissed my hand. I just patted him on the back and said "Sorry, I'm taken." and moved on, and I saw a friend comforting him as he walked away. Then, ET just up and decides to grab me by the arms from behind, pick me up, and hold me locked in some bondage position to parade me around the mall for everyone to see. At this point many of the people in the crowd were suddenly in fetishy outfits, and everyone was just staring at me amused as we went by. And yes, it was awesome. >.> I could hear the whole gang talking about movies or something behind me, but I never got back into the conversation before the dream ended. I had a brief false awakening where I typed up most of the previous dream on my phone, almost letting it fade from memory. Luckily, I still remembered it well upon waking for real.

      #4 - And Now The Creepers Can Fly ;-; [MILD]

      In this dream I felt that I was visiting home for the holidays, though I'm not entirely sure where exactly I would've been visiting from. I was wandering around outside on the side of my house by the next door neighbors' fence and I saw some random girl followed by SC, this girl I knew in middle school, breaking into their yard through the fence. The girl was saying that it's just something she likes to do to mess with people so they have to take the time to clean their yards up. Now this next part I really have no memory of at all, though I really wish I did. Instead, I'll just have to quote it. "Then some old guy comes running by and uses me as an external pacemaker for a second." I go back inside my house through the garage and see the girls sitting out back and think that something must be up because they should still have been in the neighbors' yard. I approach our back door and think to myself "Alright, if I can fly right through it then this is a dream." I leapt off the ground and went right through the door and wall and flew into the sky. I was excited, but immediately after the happiness set in and I turned around slightly and saw some creepy guy flying right behind me. I had an adrenaline rush and the scene transitioned into my bedroom, and I was convinced that I'd ruined my shot. I almost lost this dream to a false awakening as well, but thankfully I woke up shortly afterward.

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    6. Past couple of days

      by , 11-21-2012 at 10:12 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Things seem to merge together. I know I've been sleeping a lot....like around 10 hours a day lot. I'm pretty sure most of it has been due to a combination of REM rebound, and blood loss. Anyways, here's what I remember.

      Everything I fuzzy....super fuzzy. I'm not sure if I'm still just hallucinating or actually in the dream. I try to get up, but my body is so heavy. Everything resets, and I'm back in my bed. NREM? maybe.....I look down over my bed, and I see a black pair of shorts on the ground. I use TK to move them, but it's so fucked up looking. As my shorts slide across the floor, they skip frames of animation. There a monitor sitting on my chair....I decided to look at it.....nothing but porn.

      Classic SP....complete blackness...can't move and that's it....I break out of it, and notice my heart rate speeds up. I go to sleep again, knowing it's going to hit me. Same thing....but I see a television turn on. Strange, because I don't watch TV that much. I feel something holding me back....I shake it.

      (total unrelated)
      I'm in bed with a woman, but my eyes are closed. I'm still feeling the effects of SP...I don't know if this is the dream or something else. She's laying right next to me...long flowing hair....like down to her feet. Fuck it....I grabbed her hand, and out fingers interlaced, and she grabbed my throat, and I woke up.
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    7. lucid frag and other jazz

      by , 11-16-2012 at 01:37 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Don't even remember how I got lucid, but it's night time outside, and I'm flying looking for Kaomea. The area seems endless, so i decided to land and teleport. I started sinking into the ground, and these dogs came up and tried to bite me.

      Either I'm playing a game, or just in some super weird world. Everyone is dying...people are getting killed left and right, and it's actually supposed to happen. I remember growing in size to fight some humanoid type monster, but lucidity didn't last long at all. I think the objective was to find all things...like rings or something, and the world would get restored. It happened before, but we never knew it.

      Now I'm playing some game...it's pretty crazy. It's an over head beat-em-up, and it has like at least 100 characters to choose from. I'm playing it with my niece, brother, nephew, and some other people were watching. There was a weird sex scene in it....so I told the kids they'd have to get out. Then my sister tells me I have to go fill up the van for her (she doesn't own one) and pick someone up. On top of that, the van takes 110 octane. I'm really mad at her, and I'm trying to reason with her.
    8. catching up.

      by , 11-11-2012 at 07:30 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm at my house and I'm and I feel something wiggling around in my ear. I reach in a pull out a worm that's about five inches long. It's dead when it comes out, and I drop it on the ground. I feel another one coming out out the other side. This one is still alive and I bit it half to kill it. Oh that taste was the worst thing I've ever experienced. It was like a combination of dish washing liquid spoiled milk and death. I started heading to the internet to out more on the worm.

      I was lucid last night, but the only thing I can remember is...oh wait....

      I was in some weird city, and it was ran by this gang I was apart of. We all wore suits except for the women. They dressed like total sluts with different coloured hair. I think the gang was lead by a female which I hit on...but it was more over the top than what I would normally do. She was wearing short white shorts a bikini top and she had bright raid hair. I was really turned on by her, and I directed her attention to my penis. She looks at it makes a comment about the pre cum that was building up around the tip. She said I wouldn't be able to last a minute with her. I told her it's on, and she can bet whatever. She told me that if I didn't, she would have me killed. I agreed, and the rest of the gang escorted me to a limo. We were driving around to another spot to have sex at. We got to this one place, and it was just crazy. There was some class going on, but it was separated. On my left were all European girls, and to the left American girls. The class was about seduction...what to do to turn guys on, so they were just going through the motions of what movements to do. They were all either wearing either bra/panty/stockings combos or slutty school girl out fits......my mind was blown. The gang was telling me "it was nice knowing you". And I told them that they're not going to kill me, because I'm going to have to wake up soon.
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    9. Domestic Violence

      by , 11-10-2012 at 04:15 PM
      Domestic Violence [DILD]

      I remember becoming lucid in my house with my cousins P and G, although I don't actually remember ever seeing G (at least not clearly). He disappeared at one point while he and P were playing hide and seek. I was gaining clarity as I pulled P out from under the couch, having fallen asleep. He got up and sat on the couch and I decided to walk around smashing things. This lucid was very stable so I was pretty excited that I could get really worked up without waking up. I just knocked over and smashed stuff around the house for a while, like our HD TV, and then I went over to the living room dining table (which I didn't realize until after waking up was actually our old table). It was set up to be a perfect circle (it can be changed) and I picked it up with two hands on the rim and threw it into the air. I did that a few times, then thought to myself "Hold on a sec, what am I doing?" I put it down, then picked it up effortlessly with a single hand, took it into the den, and threw it like a frisbee back into the living room. I ran up to it and caught it on my finger before it hit anything, and I'm pretty sure it actually did turn into a frisbee during that. After that I turned around and saw our DVD bookcases which were kind of treated like one huge bookcase. I picked it up and tried to smash it into the wall but it didn't make a dent. Then I just decided to pick it up like a broadsword and take it back to my room and start smashing my computer and my desk. After everything there was adequately destroyed the dream started becoming blurry, and I woke up.
      lucid , memorable
    10. Never be Auron

      by , 11-06-2012 at 01:16 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm at some sort of huge comic/videogame convention, but it's different....like real. Scenery changes to a fantasy land, I see people sitting and drinking at a tavern, and it triggers lucidity. Duals are going on both in real life and on video games. I slowly transformed into Auron with my residual clothing technique. People who saw me were super intimidated. Not bad. I continued walking around looking for a challenge, and saw this room littered with street fighter joystick boxes. All of them had Dalhsim, and I couldn't help but laugh at everyone who had to buy one at the last minute. There was this guy there. Dressed in all black leather, black hair, skin was pale. He had a smug look on him, and he was waiting for me to attack. I lunged forward, and he blocked it with his hands, and threw me back. Then he pulled out a sword and gun and started shooting at me. I dodged the bullets, but was caught off guard that this guy was using real weapons. Maybe my weapons were real...I'm not sure...control is fading. This guy is just owning me with ease. He uses a spell that threw a swarm of killer clams at my ankle, and they munch away at my flesh while heading up it. I knock them off with my sword, but all they do is disappear and reappear back on my ankle. The DC is laughing at me saying I can't do anything..... Oh Hi Irken I'm in a random small class room, and I just rolled up a fat blunt. It's like the size of a hotdog, but it's falling a part. I take a hit, and realize I'm going to need to doctor it up. I head to the sink and put some water on my hands and try to reshape everything back in place (I really don't think I would have had enough spit to work it right) and Irken walks in. He wanted to smoke, and he bought his own. I told him I had to finish putting this crap together, and we'd hit it. Some other random DC comes in, so I put it out, and hid it. Meanwhile he was talking about some math class that he had, and I asked him "was it calculus?" He said yes, so I pulled out my book and asked him if that's the one needed....he did, so I decided to sell it to him for only 20 bucks. I knew it was at least resalable for 80 but it's all good. Then my bro comes in with a huge box that has all these games in it. I don't know if they're demo's or what but I ask him "why does gamestop always hook you up". He then tells me about how much he spends there on average. I don't know what to do with the stuff, because I only have old school systems.
    11. The Sacred Stream, Incredibly Fragmented Lucid, Pitted Against One Another

      by , 11-05-2012 at 11:50 PM
      Just to catch up on a few dreams I missed recording recently....

      October 31

      Fragment - "Weed smoking at some school with creepy guy who wants cheese pizza, blue teddy bears on the highway? The rest of us eat pepperoni." All I remember about this dream is seeing those blue teddy bears, they looked very trippy and weird. >.>

      The Sacred Stream [Non-Lucid]

      I was with M and at least one or two other people (who I think was/were imaginary) and after driving in my car a bit and then getting out to walk around we fell way down over the side of this huge cliff. We landed on a rock formation around half way down that had a stream flowing down it and started drinking it, and I believe M who noticed that it was, in fact, alcohol. o.o I took some large handfuls myself and it was freaking delicious! Unfortunately, when we climbed down from it to the ground there was some "tribe" of people there talking about how they were pissed at us from drinking from their sacred river, and then they started shooting at us. (I can't remember if it was just guns or poison darts or what, it's been too long now.) My first car just happened to be parked nearby so we all ran to it and hopped in and I started driving us away, though for a second I got really distracted by the fact that the headlights wouldn't work (), but then they finally did (). We pull off to the road and finally get away, but then I start feeling odd so I pull off to the side and look at my cellphone. Everything on the screen is fluctuating wildly, letters, shapes, and colors start switching around and pulsing and I realize that I'm hallucinating really hard. (In actually, technology usually malfunctions like this for me in dreams. ) I felt like I'd ingested something toxic and M was trying to look after me while I felt colder and weaker, but shortly thereafter I woke up.

      November 1

      Incredibly Fragmented Lucid [DILD]

      "Stabilizing in a house...."

      How disappointing is that. ._.

      November 3

      Pitted Against One Another [Non-Lucid]

      I was part of some futuristic battle where people all fighting for their own personal causes were pitted against each other even though they had no hard feelings against each other, and I ended up fighting this one guy in a mall who was trying to set himself free of the hurt that he had because, apparently, he had taught every single person who died on a plane on 9/11 to read and speak English and he hadn't gotten over their deaths. o.o When I had to unfortunately defeat him, he, like, dissolved into blue code while telling me this story....

      I really wish I remembered more of that dream, but I didn't even write anything down when I woke up so that's pretty much all I've got now.
    12. Dream School

      by , 11-02-2012 at 08:48 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I'm getting these texts from some girl who want's me to have sex with her. I want this to happen....in fact, I think I need this to happen. I consider it an act of God. Then I start questioning things. She says she's 17 and asks would I still be interested. I give in and say yes. She calls me, and I pick up right when she hung up. Fuck....I tried calling back. No answer. Now I'm wondering if this is some sort of set up. Then I'm thinking 'well i didn't go over there and initiate anything...so I'm good right?'. Anyways, class starts.

      We're a dimly lit room (I've seen it before in dreams...in fact I've WILDed into it once.) and some professor is talking about different concepts of dreams. He's talking about mapping out things in a lucid vs. reality. He brings up the possibility of when we travel backwards...and uses a theory. I told him of a dream where I was "skating backwards" (actual dream I was running, and then flying) and even though the scene kept creating things, I was never going to be interrupted by a wall, because the brain never generates one.

      He quickly interrupted me and said some mumbo jumbo and before I could get my two cents in, he turned on this music and everyone started dancing. WTF. Oh well. So I walked around the room a little bit....looking for someone to dance with. Noticed the Professor was totally gay....for Old guys.....WOW....time to move to a different area. I saw Mandy, and She looked totally different. From her hair, I was assuming this was the past, and I completely rationalized that I was in a different time in life.

      We started talking and she said she was planning on visiting some foreign country. I told her about how she was going to do different things in her life, and she was smiling. And then this girl tapped me on the shoulder. She had light brown hair, with a look of slight disappointment on her face. She wore a skin tight white blouse, with a brownish skirt. She said "hey....weren't we supposed to meet up". I said I know...but the dream is going to end.
    13. traitor

      by , 11-02-2012 at 01:22 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm walking down the street with a pistol and a shovel near D's house. D's sister comes out, and yells something, and throw's one at me. I blocked it...threw it back so it landed in a tree. She came up to the tree, and it dropped on her head right when she was under it. After she passed off, I left, but her brothers were chasing me. Once they realized who it was, they didn't do anything really.

      I was watching this power puff girl styled cartoon based in Neverland that had a clip of some girl breaking up with a guy. The guy said "if you're really happy about it, then you should be able to fly". She took off into the air like it wasn't nothing, and I laughed.

      LD that I'd rather forget.
      Tags: cartoon, dild, fight, gun
    14. Drawing As A Means Of Summoning?

      by , 10-29-2012 at 05:39 PM
      I had a good number of dreams last night but I only wrote this one down.... I need to stop being lazy. But, at least this one was sort of fun.

      Drawing As A Means Of Summoning? [DILD]

      I don't remember the dream up to the part where I became lucid or even a little bit after it, just that it was at a school. I walked down some hallway to a door that should've led to a classroom, but instead it opened up to the stage of some TV game show with a full audience and everything. I was kind of nervous that walking through this door alone would make the dream unstable, so I went to grab a DC to take with me. I walked back out of the hall and found M and grabbed her hand and got her to follow me back. As I was running down the hall with M behind me I thought to myself something along the lines of "She better still be M when I turn around and see her again." and when we got to the door I checked and she was, but upon going through the door I noticed that it just led to a regular classroom now. I guess she wasn't what I should have been worried about changing. I got kind of mad and decided to take my feelings out on the unsuspecting room full of DCs, so I walked up to the chalkboard and drew a cat, like a really basic cat like you would expect a child to draw. I then wrote next to it "ATTACK!" and underlined it twice, and stepped back from the board. The cat's eyes suddenly went from normal circles to an angry expression, and then it crouched back and leapt off of the board, in slow motion, over on to one of the desks a DC was sitting at. Unfortunately, it was still slow and weak-willed, and the DC just kind of brushed it off. ._. I guess I should probably plan that out a little better next time, maybe draw a tiger or something instead. At that point I noticed that the dream was starting to become unstable as the environment seemed to be breaking into strange red runes that would flash all over the place chaotically, so I just started moving around grabbing things and DCs trying to regain some sensory input and re-stabilize things. It did increase the vividness somewhat, it saved the dream temporarily, but this part also gets kind of fuzzy. I also remember (and I THINK this was after the cat stuff, but I'm not 100% sure...) getting really horny and feeling the urge to masturbate, and I almost started but then I realized that that would be a totally pointless use of a lucid dream and it would probably wake me up. I also groped some girl with gigantic breasts for the fun of it at one point, I think it was right after that lol. Shortly after that (or the other thing if that happened before it, but I'm pretty sure that was last), I woke up.

      This dream definitely made me consider some new aspects of summoning, like I put in the title. I wonder what else I could bring to life like that....
    15. Three lengthy and vivid lucid dreams in a row! I felt like an LD god!

      by , 10-28-2012 at 08:03 AM
      It started as a non-lucid dream which included my freaky dream sign, getting in trouble, but in an expanded edition including the fear of responsibility. Because they were dreams in a row, I can't properly recall all the really cool details or how all happened, but I have reconstructed a suffecient part of what happened.

      At first, I find myself being father of a child in this age (15) engaged to another 15 year old skunk which I have got pregnant, without remembering any details. My parents and family were there aswell, and everybody was cool, just accepting this, without any grin at all, but I was starting to get depressed thinking how could I ever do this thing, and even was planning to kill the little fuck, who was just born, just to get rid of the responsibillity and keep on with my life. I was thinking all of those things and was frustrated, shocked that this has happened, because I am not that kind of person, I was slowly getting lucid.

      Suddenly, I decide to perform a reality check, I do the noseplug and bam, I'm lucid. Thank god! It was all a dream! And now it's a lucid dream! So I roam around my house slapping my imaginary DC "wife" till she bleeds yelling "that's right bitch! It's aaaaall a dream! Where's the little bastard I wanna kill it!" And she didn't tell me because she was protecting it. It was my expectation. I didn't want to keep on wasting my dream, so I thought I'd stab her to the heart, but I couldn't do that to an innocent person, even a DC. So I jumped outside the window.

      I tried to fly on fall, but no luck, I just landed slowly on the ground like a chicken. I decided I'd fly, no matter how, I have to. So I raised my right hand like superman and tried to accelerate myself to the front while roaming in the street. It worked while I was in the ground, I was super speedy, so I decided to lift up like an aircraft and that's what I did. I flew effortlessly up on to buildings and jumped from one another for fun! I even kinda climbed a transmission tower and jumped! Then I return to a close-to-ground attitude and flew around the city on places my brain was creating at the moment, and not anything existent. Then I saw a guy with a bicycle on an empty road and I started picking on him because I was flying and he had a bicycle! So funny...

      After all these, I can't remember what really happened, I just remember that I woke up. I was on my bed thinking "wow, really cool DILD! I did some stuff on this one!" and I performed my regular noseplug reality check I do when I wake up. I was in a dream! It was a false awakening! I couldn't believe it! I was thinking "how can I be still sleeping?" It was crazy! Then I exited the house using my favourite route, the window! But I found myself in a totally different street, with many cars passing near me, so I went in front of them and started dancing! Some yelled at me and others slowed down, so I punched every car that passed near me. I broke some glasses with the punches, but they kept going.

      Then I found some cops on the way hanging around with some traffic control cops. I thought I would take the gun from one of them and start shooting, but I didn't. I didn't care that much, but I tried to project a gun through my pocket, but no luck. I was too excited to think about doing stuff! But I had a talk with them DC cops! After that I can't remember anything else than waking up and finding myself on the sofa watching TV. My father was there aswell. For no reason I can remember than just questioning reality, I reality checked with noseplug.

      I was still asleep! I cou
      ldn't believe it! Third dream in a row? Thats crazy! But I thought I wouldn't be able to remember all of the dreams I saw before, so I started dream recalling inside my dream. Meanwhile I was playing around and tried to switch on a light, It didn't work! But a totally different light switched on, so I went to switch that light's switch, hoping that the other light lights up! Nothing, but then I tried to switch it on with magic! Wooohooo! My hands started vomiting smoke and sparkles, like they were a tesla coil or something, and finally, it switched on. Then, I woke up.

      This time it was real, I tried to deild, but no luck. I reality checked many many times, but it's reality. I'm still unsure! These dreams were long, really long, 10-15 mins each and really vivid, I just miss too many details because I was jumping from one dream to another. I'm sure I did a lot of other things I can't remember, but those ring a bell. But I felt like a god! I finally figured out that my hypothesis is confirmed, It is INTERNAL FRUSTRATION that wastes dreams. Nothing else, it doesn't matter if you are excited or furious, just don't do any bad thoughts about the dream, like how it's gonna end, if it's gonna last long. Avoid these and you're half way to perfection!
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