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    1. Driving DILD, Space Flight, Freeze a Lake, TOTM Attempt

      by , 01-05-2014 at 05:52 PM
      *Anyone reading this, to encourage me to keep up my DJ online I am going to start to paraphrase many of my entries...too much work for me at the moment*

      1230? ~545-620? ~7am=wake from DILD, vibration mantra, SSILD, sleepy mantra. #95

      Awareness DILD after ~5hour, wbtb. Once again I have a driving DILD. I am looking at my dashboard wondering why it is one solid dashboard without any of the normal items, not any of the plethora of items on my dashboard...nothing! Confusion for a second, then, I am dreaming! I very quickly decide to fly up out of the car (my mindset is...the car is immaterial, kind of like "there is no spoon" from The Matrix). I fly around but it is dark and I decide to fly up into space again stopping to look back down at Earth. The view is a little fuzzy. I decide to try out the Bonus TOTM. I fly back down look for a body of water, hold out my hands superhero style and freeze it. I spawn a pointed saw and start to cut a hole before I end up fading back to bed. Lasted maybe several minutes.

      Edit: to add record of short dild during morning nap. I don't plan to count this one. After a few hours I went back to bed and had an awareness dild just before waking. I had just ran into the house taking cover from geese flying overhead shut the door and shortly after heard a wood chipper going at what felt like the early morning and I realized I must be dreaming before waking up.

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    2. Dild11

      by , 01-05-2014 at 08:45 AM
      I woke up in my bed and tried a RC it worked so I got up and went to the kitchen. I leaned against the counter and my dad leaned against the one opposite me I looked around and analyzed the entire living room. The dream was pretty hazy but when I really focused it would be more clear. Then I went out the tool room door into the empty parking places and heard my dad who was now outside say something about scout being anorexic. I felt the dream fading and spun around. Then I looked at my hands and they were deformed. Then it was like my vision paused and I kept seeing my hands until the dream faded.
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    3. Dild7

      by , 01-05-2014 at 08:35 AM
      Mom signed me up for music lessons with some friends from SJE like Lawson and Graham. The group had a catchy name I can't remember. For some reason I had to find the group at my house but it really looked more like Tyler's old house and I didn't know my way around. I went down some stairs to get outside. I realized I was in a dream while looking for them and decided I wanted to try and fly again. I walked to the middle of the porch and looked through the branches of a tall oak tree at the stars. I jumped up and down through branches to fly but just jump really high. The last jump I went up so high I was in the clouds and I kind of hung there for a while until my dream faded.
    4. Dild4

      by , 01-05-2014 at 08:29 AM
      I got out of bed and realized it was a dream. I went into the kitchen and rubbed my hands together because the dream was already fading. I went our the front door and decided I wanted to fly. In the front yard I jumped and bounced like I was on the moon. Eventually I got all the way on to the roof and did flips and stuff but didn't fly. Suddenly I looked up and saw the northern lights. I thought it must have been the most beautiful thing ever. I went next door to get a better look. The Hershock's house was replaced with some other building or something and a few people came out to talk to me. The dream faded into a new one and I lost lucidity.
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      lucid , false awakening
    5. Dild2

      by , 01-05-2014 at 08:24 AM
      I woke up in my parents bedroom, walked out to the living room and looked out in the back yard. Will and Colton were driving their boat in circles in the pool and I yelled to my mom. She told me to go out and play. I got outside and I stood on the edge of the pool. The boat was now a large inner tube and they were just kicking it around the pool. We talked a little and they invited me in and told me to jump on. Instead I jumped in the water and then climbed on the tube. We spun around for a while and got out and suddenly I realized I was in a dream. I tell will to check it out cause I was about to go lucid. I did a few reality checks and spun around and then told the kid who I sit next to in us gov I was lucid we talked then I went to let scout in the front door. I walked out and scout ran to the Werdine's house but I went down the street. Nothing really happened. Now I was at a marina and my dad kept asking for help with the boat and I almost fell in the water and I lost lucidity. He kept asking until I woke up.
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    6. Dild1

      by , 01-05-2014 at 08:22 AM
      It was late at night and I was about to go to bed in my house, except I was sleeping on a mattress in the doorway between my parents room and the living room. I said goodnight to my parents and was about to try and get some sleep when I heard something over by my old room. I look in that direction and see through my open door the figure of a man, all black, more like a ghost or a shadow than an actual person. I decided to go over there and as I got closer I noticed the light in my sisters old room was on and I went in there instead and it was just like my sisters room before we changed everything around. Me and Christina sat on the bed and were served food and drinks by waiters in our house. I drank a few cups of pomegranate juice. They asked us how we liked everything. My sister said something like "this is to fattening" or something and I apologized for her and said it was very good. I then got up and went to look for that ghost thing in my room and went in there. I didn't find the thing but I suddenly realized "I'm dreaming, this is all a dream!" I look at my hands and they were so blurry I couldn't tell how many fingers I had. Yup, I was in a dream. I was walking through my kitchen from my old room to go to the bathroom so I could look in the mirror but then thought "what am I doing, I should be flying and going to the beach not looking in mirrors." But the dream was still pretty blurry so I stopped and rubbed my hands together and demanded "clarity now" and "make this dream vivid" and boy did it work. All of the sudden it felt just like real life, I felt the AC on my shoulders and the floor under my feet, and it kind of scared me how real a dream could seem. I opened my eyes and hoped to see how cool it would all be but it was blurry and getting worse so I tried spinning around to get some stability. It failed miserably and I woke up in my bed.
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    7. I make My Car Fly!!! 2nd Morning Nap DILD Success In a Row

      by , 01-04-2014 at 02:37 AM
      1/3 snip...For the second day in a row I get up after maybe 6 hours of
      sleep, eat some oatmeal, watch a little TV and then go back to bed and for the second day in a row I have a lucid dream. I think both were either due to the nap schedule or my tweak to my self awareness check-ins but I also performed SSILD cycles each time. This felt more like a morning nap than a wake back to bed because I normally don't stay up for a long time for my wake back to beds staying up 1 hour yesterday and about 1.5 hours today (got into a movie). I'm driving down a busy road with three lanes going the same direction as I am. The right lane slows down to almost zero and I get over into one of the faster lanes and I see there's a car that is slowing down just barely going . As I continue along I see more and more cars driving strangely in curve patterns on a straight road some of them also curving into the side of the road and stopping. As I get more and more suspicious the question pops up that must be dreaming. The finger through my palm tries to tell me that I am awake but
      I just know that I'm dreaming and I told myself if I'm dreaming I can pull back on the steering wheel and the car will start flying like an airplane. I lift off just above the ground at first and wonder if I've actually lifted it off at all and I pull back a little more and sure enough I'm flying up in the air higher and higher flying around a beautiful green hilled landscape in a daylight scene. It is so much fun it reminds me of the dream where I took off from the roller coaster flying over a similar landscape. I am checking out different views and after a while my vision starts to get fuzzy and I felt like I cracked open my eyes in waking life and maybe saw a little light and my room
      but I later realized that was a false awakening since when I actually woke up my sleep mask was firmly in place and my first do was dark by the sleep mask. At the time I thought I'd barely woke up so I decided to try to go back into the dream but later ended up in
      another false awakening where my wife was coming back to bed for a little sexy time. I pull up her sweatshirt and she has an undershirt on and by the time my son starts calling out from downstairs (in the dream only because he's not at the house at the moment) we are completely naked and I am worried that he is going to walk up the stairs into our room just like the episode of Modern Family rerun that we watched last night. He is calling her asking her for something and I try to call out to him what is he looking for but he keeps calling to her (I also hear is cousin downstairs) and I tell my wife hey why don't you respond (at least 3 times) before he comes upstairs and I look at her and her eyes are closed and it looks kind of like she's having a light seizure or something with her lips puckered kind of like a fish and I start to get ready to call my son to ask him to call 911 when I realize again I'm dreaming...I must be but there's just enough doubt that I make myself
      wake up just in case she is having some kind of medical emergency in waking life. Did not count this as a lucid dream...not this false awakening.
    8. Possible WILD, Definite DILD - 1st of 2 Morning Nap Successes In a Row

      by , 01-04-2014 at 02:13 AM
      1/1/14 snip...Sometime during the night I wake and I have trouble going back to sleep I think only after 3 hours around 5 a.m. I went to bed just after 2 a.m. New Years Eve. Since I'm unable to sleep I decide to do my SSILD cycles and after some time I have three waves of vibrations I think that I probably went lucid but I was too lazy when I woke up after several subsequent non lucid dreams to write anything down so I don't recall anything specific after 5 a.m...except for the three waves of vibrations. Not counting it since I can't remember for sure.

      1/2/14 1am 430 620 Dream that turned lucid. I get up after 5 1/2 hours of
      sleep eat some oatmeal watch a little TV and then go back to bed. This was a morning nap false awakening where I pull off my sleep mask in the dream sitting up a little in bed. It feels so weird so I think that I am halfway in dreamland so I lay back down to DEILD but I am already dreaming...but it is confusing for a little while, a dreamlike confusion. New FA (I assume since my first memory of it is a bedroom scene) with E & his wife B. E asks if classic channel changes back to regular later I say no it stays the same but they play new shows not only reruns and classics. Something about Sony classic perhaps sony movie classics channel? My pajama pants are part way down and I try to pull them up a little I see B notices this and she appears interested to look down there but then I tried getting them up again when E starts talking again but he never looks down to see the condition of my pants I half realize it's a dream and have decided to go back down and visualize messing around with her but as I do it becomes so very realistic that I fully realize I am dreaming. I played with her breasts through her bra and I also feel her down there and it was warm and moist through her underwear. At one point she embraces me and as I wake up I notice my wife is not embracing me as I thought was happening. I assumed that waking life was melding with the dream but no, all made up in my mind. It was a very sensual weird experience. Just before I woke up I did start thinking about goals and if waking life was entering the dream.
    9. Night 19 - Final Night, Competition #16, Short Lived WILD and DILD

      by , 01-02-2014 at 05:28 AM
      (Just copy and pasted my competition post to add to my DJ.)

      Night 19 / Last entry

      4 fragments, 3 dreams, wbtb success - 8pts

      Wild/become lucid, dc interact - 10pts
      My first of two painfully short lucids. I finally made sure I woke up enough to maintain awareness all the way to sleep and used a motion based entry when I felt I was close...was bounding higher and higher which brought on vibrations and I found myself in a car at a gas station with my wife looking at me strange asking me what am I doing. I thought about giving her a more specific answer but I said I'm just lucid dreaming. She starts arguing in the dream and it wakes me up into what I later realized was a false awakening but nonetheless out of lucidity.

      Dild become lucid, dc interact - 7pts
      I was close to wilding again but lost consciousness and found myself in a big Department Store with just me and my wife and as I ask where is everyone because no one else is around I realize that I'm dreaming. After a short interaction I hear my wife IWL moving around the room and wake up. I was able to get close to conscious REM a few more times with some advanced HH's but lost awareness before entering the dreams.

      Competition total - 265pts
    10. false awakening

      by , 12-31-2013 at 01:35 PM
      I woke up and I could hear my dad's radio but I was scratching my leg and it didn't feel right so I tried lifting my arms which is a reality check type thing I do when I have sleep paralysis but I could move them like normal. But then my cover moved off me like something was pulling it. I knew it was a dream and concentrated on the radio and it was actually just mumbling. I woke up.
      I need to stop waking up when I realise I am lucid. I don't get excited or anything because being lucid isn't new but idk when I DILD or WILD and I am 100% lucid I end up just waking up.
    11. Night 13, Competition #16, Christmas Morning Gift, Smashing Skyscrapers with Telekinesis!

      by , 12-30-2013 at 05:31 AM
      I thought I posted this already in my DJ but I don't see it... From Christmas Morning!

      12/25/13 quick excerpt: I was driving down the street and I saw my friend M from A outside his garage. I stop to say hi and he is telling me about something he invited me to recently. I look around I notice there are a lot of people there and it is a party. I don't think much of this at first but then I see my aunt L and D and at first I think he must've met them before but wait a minute what are they doing here they are hundreds of miles away I am dreaming! Almost immediately I think of my goal, the next task for the competition, mass telekinesis and I teleport out of there thinking about a cityscape. I am fairly sure I closed my eyes Boss style. Either way I went from a day time scene in a town a good ways away from the city over to a moonlight scene and some version of a city. There were only two large skyscrapers at first and a green patch of grass in between & in front of them. It all seems a little fuzzy or cloudy so I get down on my hands and knees and feel the grass to stabilize it feels so nice and cool that I almost was tempted to lay n roll around in it but no I got back up and proceeded with my task I used to telekinesis to pick up one skyscraper and throw it into the other. Awesome!!! I fly over to another group of buildings and I see quite a few more I threw a couple of them together with telekinesis. I stop and think about my next goal, Scionox would like it and it was starting to work but then I started fading back to bed. Felt I could definitely re-enter a dream but I feel my wife next to me and switch priorities which turned out nice. Also had to get going with Christmas activities.

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    12. Party till Vegas

      by , 12-15-2013 at 07:20 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      NOTE: not my proudest moments in LDing.

      I was in a hotel room with both if my parents in Las Vegas. We had some sort of deluxe suite that was decorated in memorabilia. I headed to lobby and saw a guy I skate with. There was crowd gathered around and a raffle was going on to see who would win an Xbox One. I had several entries but I still had a feeling I was going to lose.

      We're laying down on the ground...it was sort of a sleep over type event. Two girls came up behind us and one of them was messing with me. I felt her tip toe her fingers up and down my leg and giggle. I wasn't actually sure it happened, so I stayed there without looking back.

      They called the winner of the xbox and it was some Asian girl. I was hating on her so bad because she didn't look like a gamer. Meanwhile, the girl is still moving her fingers up and down my leg. When she stopped, I decided to do some recon.

      Hmpf, both of them are actually pretty cute I decided. I told my friend he may need to back me up or at least keep one of them distracted. I turned around and told her "maybe it's my turn to return the favor". When I headed towards her, they both retreated in their covers, and ran off.


      "Let's just get a drink, maybe there are some girls at the bar bro." I decided that was a better idea than trying to figure out what was wrong with them. No one was at the bar, and my friend started polishing off left over mugs. I was thinking about just stealing a bottle from behind the shelf when I saw the bartender.

      Then I remembered my parents room. I'm not sure if I found anything but I do remember running out on the street and jumping on a fence. I jumped off backwards while pretending to do a reverse dunk while my friend looked at me from the opposite side of the street.

      Something was strange.
      "Hey did you see that"?
      "See what?"
      "When I jumped, I floated to the ground...I think gravity is messed up here".
      "In what way?"

      There was a group of skaters having a session around these sets of stairs. I noticed how they too were almost floating. I jumped several times and the same thing happened. Unless we've discovered some sort if anomaly on earth, there could only be one other explication.

      "What is it?"
      "We're dreaming".

      He burst into laughter along with everyone else. I did a nose pinch and noticed the absence of back pressure in my ears. "We are". They kept laughing. I started putting my middle finger through my palm. I could feel the skin, the tendons and muscle. My finger had just enough room between my carpels. The bloody tip of my finger emerged through the back of my and I said "there's no way I could do this if we weren't." All the DCs stopped laughing and headed to do lord knows what, and I did the same.

      Long story short I ended up robbing a bank but I had to beat up this woman several times in order to get the money. It was horrible and I feel bad about that.

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    13. Night 1, Competition#16: DILD, WILD, Sexual, Re-attemp Moon Flight but Fades Before Arrival

      by , 12-13-2013 at 07:53 PM
      Night 1 of Scionox's Competition#16. I actually planned ahead since my dream recall was fading earlier in the week and came up with a little game plan to re-focus on myself and LDing a little more. The night started off poorly with 2 short fragments and some insomnia around 4am.
      Fragment 1: Me and someone helping others recall dreams.
      Fragment 2: Company approves cat naps for corporate wellness program.
      Fragment 3: Getting mad at my son for seemingly losing his keys and telling me that he knows where they are at like he left them somewhere while out but won't tell me where.

      Full dream 1: I should note for anyone new reading this/via the competition that I don't feel that dream world adventures are unfaithful to WL partners. It's all a dream and you can do many things that you can't or wouldn't do in WL. Anyway, a normal dream becomes a DILD: I eventually got to sleep and I am playing a sport "one on one" (sport withheld for privacy)with K from WL and during one of my moves that was very exaggerated and with a surprising outcome I realize that I am dreaming. I decide to approach K all smooth-like and we begin to make out quite heavily. I have always thought she was cute but never thought of making a move on her for many reasons. After making out for a minute or so the dream unfortunately fades and I find myself back in bed and get up to go to the bathroom and return to bed and have a little more trouble getting back to sleep (not trying to WBTB-so not counting WBTB points, just trying to get to sleep). After tossing and turning for a while and some RCs to double check that I am indeed awake and not in a very realistic FA, I decide I might as well do a few of my shortened/combined SSILD cycles as that sometimes relaxes me and can create that small thread of awareness needed to WILD. This did not seem to take very long and something worked to drift me towards sleep. I got HHs of my wife cuddling up to my back like she often does in the morning before she gets up to get ready. She was also whining while kissing my upper-mid back and I decided, even if she really was I should treat it as HHs of a dream girl to keep my consciousness from returning to my sleeping body too strongly...nudging myself further into my dream body. It does get a little ticklish so I kind of push my back towards her a little and I think this was already my dream body moving because I started to get the vibrations Full Dream 2: (maybe ~6:45am) and then started to be able to see through my sleeping mask which moments before I sensed was firmly in place over my eyes. I could see my wife getting ready all nude but she looked a little different from behind and besides I do that all the time in WL so I decided to try change her into N's friend M. Her hair changed color and became wavy as well and her butt which I have never seen but it definitely changed to what I guess I imagine it would look like. I told myself she would turn around and complete the transformation. The rest I will put in spoiler wrap as it is more explicit:
      Spoiler for explicit:
      Her butt was not quite my ideal but very nice and womanly and smooth with a nice soft color to it. I imagine that when she turns around she will have largish areola on nicely formed breasts. She turns around and she does and her face looks quite a bit like I remember M looking (never seen her nude IWL). I then have her sit on the floor and spread her legs with her feet on the ground and her knees up laying back on her elbows and forearms.
      I admire my mind's creation for a moment and then decide that I want to go on to some goals and go down the stairs and out the front door. I look up into the sky to pick out the moon and find it a little to the right of where I last saw it IWL and start flying very fast but my dream starts fading possibly half way there
      and I find myself back in bed. I RC and attempt to go back to sleep but I am too awake and I see I need to get up soon anyway and I can ask my wife about the whining and kissing my back. She said she might have been whining a little the night before attempting to get me to roll over but not that night, so definitely HH a little before dream entry (unless she forgot she did this IWL).
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    14. Other Dreamers, WakingNomad, Raven. Crazy Friday Night - Around 20 LD's.

      by , 12-13-2013 at 11:49 AM
      So here is the list, except for main LD's and morning DEILD's. Total sleep time 9 hours.

      1- nREM WILD OBE’s, walking around my bedroom, no body, just floating. Things seem to look very similar to how it is in real life. Trying to wake up my wife, waking up myself and she is not awake.
      2- ps4 question answering, playing different games, was stuck here for a while. This repeated for around 5 times. (bought it yesterday in real life and had no time to play with it ) This was still nREM WILD and I tried to go to another place but was getting back to my room to my PS4.
      3- trying to color my room again in OBE. (I guess because of conversation with OmkaR)
      4- googling some info
      5- reading books, text becomes clear and decided to focus on one letter, short wake up.
      6- reading a letter (8.12.13 Konstantin)
      7- going back to 8.12.13 and trying to see the situation in Ukraine revolution, replaying this dream and looking at different outcomes.
      8- woke up and went back to sleep, tried to recall full name of Konstantin, failed.
      9- Walking around several towns, found an ability to get inside people(taking control of them), whenever I get inside I am acting from their side, having their body, having their memories, can find their families and friends, they seem to understand that something is wrong with current character, they seem to know that it is not original person. For a while I am sitting and thinking whom can I become to have the most fun.
      10- some other ld’s that I do not recall much, just fragments.

      Main LD's
      I found a person who knew about lucid dreaming, I cannot recall his name anymore but I knew it in my LD. He said that I definitely need to meet somebody who knows about shared dreaming. The person who we were going to meet, was not sure if he wants to meet. Finally we came to his house, layout of his home here:
      Dream Journal Stopped Helping!!-untitled.jpg
      The guy who we came to, just woke up, he felt asleep in his clothes, he was sleeping crouched at his bed when we came in, he woke up when we came in. He also knew about lucid dreaming and about shared dreaming, he was unsure if all this is real or if I am some DC. I looked at the guy who brought me there and he wanted me to tell the guy who lived in that apartment something. I said "hmm, WakingNomad and Raven was here in this apartment yesteday"(I just knew it, don't know where from). They looked at each other and were very surprised. We walked in that room and I went to his PC while he was waking up, he asked if we want to eat, we said yes. We went to the kitchen... He wanted to fry some ice-cream, it was frozen in the fridge and while frozen it looked like 'Chinese fried sticks', but white-blue color. I said "how the fuck are you going to fry an ice-cream". The guy who lived there seemed to know what he is doing, he took those fried sticks from the fridge and put them on a hot pan(that he preheated when we came in to the kitchen) The fried stick was 3 times longer then his pan, when he put it on the pan it broke apart in 3 pieces, 1 in the middle which felt inside the pan and 2 other pieces felt down on sides, he took those 2 other pieces of fried sticks and threw them into the pan too. I was still unsure how they are going to become ice-cream, fried on a pan. 3 of us came closer to the pan to look how it is going to happen, they started to melt and slowly started to form 3 small scoops of white-bluish ice-cream. He said that it is important to take them out of a pan before they start to melt. There was a moment when they became an ice-cream, one second late and they will melt. I wanted to talk about our shared dream and they said that there is nothing to talk about, we are already inside one. Woke up here. This LD was longer, but this is all what I recalled well.
      (To sum it up, the first guy knew little about lucid dreaming and shared dreaming. The 2nd guy who was living in the apartment knew more about lucid dreaming and shared dreaming. WakingNoman and Raven were in that apartment the day before that, did not see that, but I just knew it.)

      In next LD I was with a group of people on some big meeting, those guys seemed to be my friends in that LD, it was a big hall with lots of tables there and a drawing board on one end. It all started peacefully and then I found that group of people that I came with is planning something bad. They closed all doors and said they would not let anybody out, I did not know what they are trying to do. It was interesting for me to watch what happens next, because I was against their idea, I went out of that group and became their hostage too. When they started to hurt people, I waited for a good moment and attacked. I waited until one guy tried to escape, I walked along the room, there were scissors all around the room, some of them were whole scissors and some were half scissor only(1 blade). I took the half scissor and killed the guy who was the closest to me, at the same time I felt like somebody stabbed me in my right hand. I turned around, saw knife in my hand and stabbed him in the neck. Took out knife from my hand, next guy was running on me with another pair of scissors, he managed to stab me in my leg, I killed him before he did any more damage to me. I healed my wounds, I saw how they started killing people in that room instead of trying to kill me. I grabbed around 5 people and asked them to follow me, we went out and I left them somewhere safe. Then I came back to that hall and wanted to kill the rest, but they were not there. I flew around the city and found them, they were all trying to find the rest of the group, some of them were running, some going in a car. I managed to kill them all before they found any survivors from the hall. In the end I realized that everybody whom I saved were kids.

      Morning DEILD's
      1- Were trying to come back to that apartment with two different dreamers. No Success.
      2- Were trying to find who those people were who closed us in a hall. Had some success, found them alive and killed them again
      3- Played a bit more with ability to get inside other people and control them.

      As usual, I was having several dreams happening at the same time. Like layers, some of them on top and some of them below, could switch between them. Sometimes had hard times receiving so much information at the same time.

      Was waking up all night and had much more recall, but this is all what I remember in the morning
    15. Vegas baby

      by , 12-11-2013 at 04:34 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      Don't know how I got lucid, but I'm in a fancy casino in Vegas. They're playing some really good dance music from the early 2000's and people are singing along. I'm kind of caught up in the moment and I'm not really trying to use powers. AG is there, and she tells me something about how I had my chance. I walked off to the bar, and the bartender and I have a chat, and she brings up something about spending money. I pull out my wallet after some concentration, and I find several hundred dollars in it. I give her a 100 dollar bill and say "lets get a round of crown bombs". She smiles and starts pouring the shots. I woke up before I got to drink them.
      Tags: dild, vegas
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