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    1. Afternoon Intergalactic Space Flight

      by , 10-24-2014 at 07:48 PM
      I went for an afternoon nap to attempt the WILD technique, but I fell asleep in the hypnogogic phase. Next thing I knew, I was floating in space, and quickly realized I must be dreaming. The view was amazing, better than what you see on the clearest nights.

      I decided to head off into space to see how far I could go. At first the stars were passing by me quickly (like the Starship Enterprise), and I soon found myself leaving the Milky Way. Continuing to accelerate I could see complete galaxies starting to slowly pass me by, then I went faster and faster, until the galaxies were streaming past me like streaks of light. There were millions of them. It is hard to describe. Next stop was the edge of the universe. I wanted to keep going until there was nothing but blackness, but the galaxies just kept coming.

      Then I heard a voice, “Supper Time!” Oh crap, it’s my wife! No!!! I came to a complete stop, and I could see a spiral galaxy right in front of me. I heard my wife call my name. Oh no, the view is fading. I decided to head off back to earth, because what would happen if I woke up way out here, would I be okay? I spun around and took off in the direction I came from. Clarity improved. I flew for about a 30 seconds and stopped. I looked around. I could see galaxies, but which one was mine? I was totally lost. I panicked, woke up, and then had supper. I tried to describe what I was just dreaming about, but my family just gave me a blank look(There goes dad again talking about his lucid dreams).
    2. Matrix Style Fighting with the Beige Suits

      by , 10-20-2014 at 07:24 PM
      In this dream, I was at my parent’s house, at the top of the stairs, talking to another dream character who was threatening me with his supernatural powers. He was a little bit scary and seemed quite convincing. I told him I could be a vampire while lucid and easily be more powerful than he was. I then chose to be Lucid and turned myself into a vampire. He instantly left.

      Now that I was lucid, I needed to do something like fly, so I wouldn’t wake up. I ran down the stairs past my dad to go outside and do some flying. My dad said, “You should stay here.” I just ignored him because I was focussed on staying lucid. I looked outside, and it was the middle of winter, and I wasn’t properly dressed to go out there. I knew if I tried to find proper clothes I would wake up, so I just ran out the door and flew up over the trees. The trees were covered in hoarfrost and were absolutely beautiful. The sun was reflecting off of each snow crystal and it was brilliant white. By the time I reached the end of the street, at about 100 feet altitude, the snow had vanished, and it was now fall. I looked off in the distance, and I had 100% clarity. I decided to find my daughter.

      As I flew down the alongside the road that paralleled a river, I called out loud for my daughter to join me, and then suddenly this girl appeared riding a bike. I flew down and landed beside her. She didn’t look like my daughter, but she had the biggest smile ever, and she reminded me of her. I asked her if she was my daughter, and she said no. I then told her to tell my daughter I am looking for her. A fellow in a Beige Suit appeared on a bike and began to follow this girl as I flew away.

      I flew down, and landed at a market square, near the town’s Marina, and then walked into a market building hoping to find my daughter. Several people stopped what they were doing and stared at me. This dark haired fellow behind the counter was threatening me, and I told him everything was fine, and that I was just looking for my daughter. He calmed down and carried on with his business. I floated up slowly through the ceiling to see if my daughter was on the roof. She wasn't, so floated back down into the building. A man in a Beige Suit, like the one I saw on the bike earlier, then asked me a question, but before I could answer, he slapped a handcuff on my left hand. He yelled out, “I’ve got him!” I yanked the other end of the handcuff out of his hand and backed up. The handcuff he put on me was made from a black composite material, and the chain appeared to be some sort of polymer cord. I tore the handcuff off my left hand and proceed to rip the handcuffs into a bunch of pieces. Another Beige Suit appeared and he said, “That isn’t going to work on him.” I turned around and flew full speed at the exit door, and I passed right through it, like it wasn’t there. When I got to the other side I was in a concrete parkade. I then woke from the excitement, and stayed perfectly still in bed, then ended up back at the exact same spot in the dream. Both Beige Suits were there waiting.

      In an effort to scare these guys off, I assumed the famous martial arts pose. The one Beige Suit fellow said, “Oh great, he knows this too?” The other Beige Suit fellow said, “Just block him.” I really don’t know any martial arts, so they called my bluff. I then used my instant transport technique, where I can travel between two places instantly (within my visual range), and I transported to a floating position above one of the Beige Suit fellows. He looked confused, as he searched frantically for me, and he couldn’t see me. I then shot full speed at another exit door from the parkade and ended up outside. Home free! Not…. One Beige Suit had me by the waist and dragged me back to the ground. Again I woke, and stayed perfectly still in bed, and then ended up back at the exact same spot in the dream.

      I don’t believe in violence when dreaming, but these guys pushed me too far. I instant transported to the back of one the Beige Suits, grabbed him from behind, and threw him 20 yards at an incredible speed into the recessed exit area of the concrete parkade. He bounced off the walls and ground, and then came to a complete stop, upside-down and unconscious, floating at a 45 degree angle to the ground. The other Beige Suit and I just stood there and watched him as he floated unconscious. Suddenly, he gained consciousness, and yelled, “I’ve never had that happen before!” He was pissed. This time he flew straight at me, and before impact, I woke myself up. My heart was pounding, and I felt hot. I lay in bed thinking how this perfectly good lucid dream went so wrong.
    3. Meeting an old Acquaintance

      by , 10-20-2014 at 02:55 AM
      I was sitting with a group of men having a discussion. One of the men looked like an old acquaintance of mine who had recently passed away. The only difference was he had a full head of red hair, whereas before he was bald, he was medium build (instead of overweight), and now he was young. Despite all this, I still recognized him. I realized instantly I was dreaming. How else could I be meeting with him? I was Lucid.

      FYI: We really did not get along well during our experiences together in life, but I believed he was a good man, and he was liked by many people. He had a large funeral, but I did not attend, because like I said earlier, we really didn’t get along.

      While lucid, I went right up to him, and asked if it was him? He said, “Yes”, and then I told him I was sorry he had passed. I went to give him a ‘man hug’, but he raised his arms up, blocking mine. He was very strong, and his arms wouldn’t budge. He put his face to the side, looking away from me, and said, “I’m still upset.” I didn’t know what to do next, and the situation was a little awkward. The dream was fading fast, and I woke up.
    4. My First Lucid Dreams

      by , 10-16-2014 at 06:40 PM
      I had these two reoccurring nightmares when I was child. The first one was being chased by a Sasquatch, as a result of watching The 6 Million Dollar Man, and the second was falling from a tall swaying skyscraper, thanks to the movie, The Towering Inferno!

      My mom told me to simply realize you are dreaming, and then make friends with your fear. Back then in the 70s there was no such phrase as Lucid Dreaming, and nobody really knew too much about it, except that it was possible to become consciously aware in your dreams. It took a few months, but I was able to become Lucid during my nightmares.

      The Sasquatch Attack!
      I was running through the forest, being chased by this Sasquatch, totally terrified, and then I remembered what my mom said, “Realize you’re dreaming and make friends with your fear.” I stopped in my tracks, and turned around to face the Sasquatch. It was 7 feet tall, hairy, and was real nasty looking. I stayed calm, knowing I couldn’t get hurt in my dreams. I raised my arm to shake its hand. The Sasquatch also raised its hand! I introduced myself. I've never had this nightmare again. Problem solved thanks to lucid dreaming.

      Falling from a Skyscraper!
      The nightmare would always start off with me holding onto the ledge of a tall skyscraper, which was swinging in the wind. My grip would loosen, and then I would fall, and wake up just before hitting the ground. This time, as I was falling, I realized I was dreaming, and I was going to face my fear. Absolutely terrified, I decided to hit the ground, because you can’t get hurt in your dreams. Right? Wrong! I hit the ground, and it knocked the wind out of me, and it did hurt. I rolled over and looked up at the swaying building, got to my feet, and checked for damage. No damage! I was okay. BTW, I still have this nightmare occasionally, but I’ve since figured out you can simply fly away, and not hit the ground.
    5. Writing While Lucid

      by , 10-10-2014 at 06:52 PM
      I’ve tried to write words, in the past, while lucid, and it’s never worked. The letters seem to fall, rotate, and float off the page as quickly as I could write them down, or they became so mixed up that they no longer made sense. Today I tried something new and it worked!

      In this dream I was attending the first day of Chemistry, Faculty of Science. The professor was describing to us how difficult the course was, and you’ll probably end up dropping out. Same old, same old. Hearing this, I stood up and said, “I found the course not too difficult, and most of the people passed. What are you talking about?” I began to think about 2nd year Chemistry, when I realized I must be dreaming, because why would I be attending first year chemistry, and for that matter, why am I still in university?

      I was having a hard time remembering that I was lucid, and I felt like I was slipping back into dream mode. I decided to carve the word ‘DREAM’, in the top of a stump and focus on it. Don’t ask me how, but there was a 1 foot diameter stump in the class. Using my point finger, I carved out the word ‘DREAM’ in the top of the stump. My finger was able to carve the letters in the wood in the same manner as one would write in sand. I was very impressed, because the word stayed there. I called over a couple of the people from the class to take a look at the word I spelt. One girl had a pitcher of water in her hand, and she poured it out over the stump, drowning the word. I could still see the letters under the water. Taking my left hand, I swept the water off, leaving only a bit of water in the grooves of each letter. I then took dark ash from a saucer that appeared beside me, and I filled in the letters to make them black. The letters were now very pronounced against the lighter colored wood.


      I called more people over to see this magical thing called a word, which was actually legible, and a rarity. The dream was fading fast, and I had no time to stabilize. I woke up.

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    6. You Don’t Handle Humiliation Well Grasshopper

      by , 10-10-2014 at 03:08 AM
      Wife, Son, and I were cruising down a double lane highway on a quad. We came to a high, steep, sand dune, which spanned the entire road. The only way around it, was over it. The wheels dug in, and then we got stuck half way up the dune. Concerned about flipping the quad, I asked Wife and Son to get off. I tried to drive up the dune, but it wouldn’t move, so I decided to turn the quad around, and head back down the dune. Incredibly, the quad magically turned around 180 degrees, and was pointing down the hill in the correct direction. I thought for a second that maybe I was dreaming, but I brushed it off, because everything seemed so real. Another quad was coming up the hill beside me, and it also got stuck. This backwoods looking fellow, with a baseball cap, and a crappy looking quad, was staring at me. A strange, black tar substance was oozing from his skin (kind of like X-Files). As I drove down the hill past him, he reached out and then smeared his black tar ooze all over me. It was totally disgusting, and I was pissed. I instantly became lucid (not sure why), drove the quad down to the bottom of the hill, and then I leaped off. I was mad. As I mention before I have a personal conviction not to be violent in my dreams, but this time I didn’t care. I flew up the hill to grab him, then he repelled me away with some sort of invisible force. I pushed real hard back at this invisible force and managed to grab onto him. We both floated up into the air wrestling, and I was gaining an advantage on him. While wrestling, we floated back down to the ground near the bottom of the hill. Suddenly, out of nowhere, comes this German Sheppard, and it attacks me. I let go of the man and grab the dog around it's chest. The thought of hurting the dog made me feel real guilty inside, and reminded me of my personal conviction. I stopped fighting, and thought to myself, “What am I doing? This is so wrong.” To my surprise, the backwoods guy turned into an East Indian man, dressed in a white robe, and the dog turned into an Asian woman, in a white dress. I still had my arm around her. The East Indian man said to me in a heavy accent, “You don’t handle humiliation well.” Then I said, “What?” He then said back to me, “Humiliation, when somebody does something to you, you don’t respond well.” I looked at him and said ,”Humiliation?” When I spoke the sound was distorted, and was breaking up. I was starting to wake, and the clarity was dissolving. He said back in a distorted voice, “Yes, Humiliation.” I focussed and concentrated on increased lucidity, and the clarity improved. I looked at the Asian woman, who I still had my arm around, and said, “Were you the dog?” She said yes, and I apologized to her. I then hugged her, put my head on her shoulder, and started to cry. I felt guilty for being violent in my lucid dream. The emotions then woke me.
    7. Kamehameha – My first Energy Ball

      by , 10-08-2014 at 07:17 PM
      I was walking down a path, with two friends, in a heavily wooded forest. The leaves on the trees were all green, which I found to be very odd since it is fall here in Canada. In the waking world the leaves have all turned to colors, or have completely fallen off the trees. I knew instantly I was dreaming. I’m Lucid!

      I turned around and decided to take off. I find this helps to stabilize the lucid dream. Leaping into the air horizontally with the expectation to fly away, quite the opposite happened; I landed face first on my chest. I decided to flap my arms to see if this would help me lift off. Suddenly I had wings! As I was flapping my wings, I could feel them pushing against the air, giving me lift. It felt similar to swimming, except you’re moving very fast. I called for my daughter to come and join my lucid dream, as I always do, because I miss her dearly, and a lucid dream is a great place to visit.

      I was flying high above a field, and I could see a bunch of people below me, running after me (on the ground). I immediately flew down and landed. All the adults in the group kept on running into the forest, and I yelled at them to comeback. They momentarily paused and looked at me, but kept on going. All the youths stayed there, about 10 of them, and they wanted to know how I was flying. One of them looked at me and said you’ve been hexed. I told him, “No I’m not, I’m lucid dreaming!” I proceeded to explain how this possible. After I was done, the kids left because somebody was calling for them.

      I proceeded into a house in attempt to find my daughter. In the house, I found my wife, and an elderly woman. My wife seemed like a dream character, but the elderly woman was full of life and expression. I then showed them some of aerobatic moves in the confines of the kitchen, and the elderly woman seemed to appreciate this. We then walked into the living room, where my wife suddenly cranked up the stereo. It was so loud, I couldn’t even think, and it was messing with my lucidity, and certainly wasn’t helpful for trying to meet up with my daughter. I tried to turn the stereo down, but the control knob didn’t work. I then tried to split the stereo in half by thought. It stretched a bit, but no luck. I then remembered what PercyLucid told me about using an energy beam to blow stuff up. I’ve watch the complete Dragon Ball Z series with my son, so I have a pretty good idea what this was about. I put out my left hand and concentrated. A very small sphere of white light started to form. I then took both my hands and cupped them like the Dragon Ball Z characters doing a Kamehameha. It worked! A perfect ball of energy, about the size of a grapefruit, formed in my hands. It was glowing orange, was transparent, and had 100’s of stings of electricity zapping around inside it. It was so cool. I prepared to Kamehameha the stereo, and then my wife moved in front of it. I didn’t want blast my wife! I looked at the elderly woman and asked her what should I do with this ball of energy? She pointed at a wooden trunk and said, “Shoot the trunk!” I release my Kamehameha at the trunk in an energy beam form, then to my surprise it bounced off, hitting the ground. It then turned into a ball of yarn. I laughed, and said, “That’s not much of a Kamehameha!” The elderly woman didn’t find any humor in this.

      I flew out of the house to continue my search for my daughter. I landed on top of a building. Off in the distance I could see my daughter through a window, standing in a building! I was just about to fly over there, and then I woke up, because I got excited about seeing my daughter. I remained perfectly still in my bed trying to go back into the dream. Within seconds I was back in the dream, but my daughter was gone. Where did she go? I flew back down into the same house where my wife and the elderly woman were earlier. The house was different inside; it was now an old fashion store, full of goods and ware. There were at least fifty people in there. They all seemed to be staring at me. Suddenly this guy appeared out of nowhere and grabbed me, and said, “Tone it down, people are starting to notice!” His face, eyes, and expression was so real, I found it shocking. I could then see white light irradiating from me, and the man then had a shocked look on his face as he quickly arched his back away from me. I then woke up.

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    8. Not from Earth Man

      by , 10-06-2014 at 02:20 AM
      This is a dream induced lucid dream - DILD. I was at an indoor swimming pool. There were about 30 people standing around the pool watching this man throwing rocks and boulders into the pool. It looked like he was building a stone bridge across the pool. I was really impressed that this guy could pick up fridge size boulders and throw them. I then realized this must be a dream. Bingo – Lucid! I walked over to the man and asked him how he could lift such big boulders. He said, “I’m not from Earth”. I wasn’t expecting that to come out of his mouth, then I stood back with the rest of the group, and continued to watch him build his bridge. After he finished with the bridge, he then hung a bunch of bungee cords from the indoor pool ceiling. Bungee cords were hanging everywhere, on about a 10 foot grid pattern. Next thing I knew, I was hanging from a bungee cord, sitting in some sort of saddle. How the heck did I get there! Everyone in the room was hanging from a bungee cord, and the ‘Not from Earth Man’ was standing on the bridge. Suddenly we all started to travel at high speeds around the room, being flung from bungee cord to bungee cord, like some sort of carnival ride. Round and round we went. Everything was a blur. I was really enjoying this ride! Then I woke up from all the excitement.

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    9. Welcome back to the Lucid World

      by , 10-02-2014 at 06:25 PM
      I was sitting at my kitchen table with a young woman and man, not sure who. We were just chatting about the day's activities. The young woman said to me, "I have to leave now to go buy some Lipidil (for cholesterol)." I said, "Hey wait, I think I have some in my cupboard. I use to be on that too." I walked over to the cupboard and opened it. I see the Lipidil box sitting there amongst the other medications and I grab it. When I looked closer at the label it said ASA. What the heck, did I grab the wrong box? I put the pill box back and tried again. The same thing happened! Wrong pill box. I knew instantly I was dreaming. I'm Lucid! Now what should I do.? I thought it would be great to ask for my daughter to come and visit with me, but first I'll need to stabilize the dream, because things were fading fast. I began to swirl, and swirl, and swirl. Usually I don't have to swirl this long for the clarity to come back. Finally the dream was coming back and there was a glowing person standing in my kitchen. I was still swirling. The person said in a pleasant man's voice, "Welcome back!" Just then, there was a loud noise in my house (physical home), and I woke up. Darn, this would have been a lot of fun!
    10. sex sex sex sex

      by , 09-09-2014 at 02:15 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm at some sort of house party with D, and J, and it appears that J got strippers for D. These girls are just straight up naked, and there's more than just stripping going on. I'm interested in this girl with a long tattoo going down the side of her torso. D is taking pictures with them, and I'm trying to ninja a few pics.

      Things got weird (maybe recall wise) and I found myself in a mall. There weren't a lot of people there, but it looked so familiar like something from my past. I walked into a video game store, and there were all kinds of systems there. PS1's, turbo graphix 16, and I think I saw an Atari Jaguar. There were also videogame related toys there. At this point I knew I was dreaming. There was a lady who was leaving the store and she decided to just phase through the window. I did the same thing, and met up with a bunch of DC's. They knew who I was, and they knew they were pretty much apart of me. They seemed pretty intelligent at the time so I decided to ask them a question that I should have asked years ago. "Why is it that sometime you guys seem to know all the answers, and sometimes you barley can complete a sentence when I'm lucid? Someone asked me to repeat the question, and the damn dream ended.

      I had another lucid that just involved sexual attempts. Not much new, but it did get scary because I was trying to summon a girl (HER to be exact) some faceless dude with a hood came up behind me. I punched him, and he disappeared. The only thing that was left were his clothes.
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    11. Fishing

      by , 09-05-2014 at 01:05 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #361 - DILD - 4:21AM

      Fell asleep listening in SINE Isochronic Entrainer, Marijuana preset. I am not sure how much time passed, but I wake up with no recall and decide to turn the sound off. I go back to sleep with a mantra. Dream for get rest of the morning where extremely vivid.

      I am fishing some pond with Tonya and her girlfriend. They are sitting on the solid rock bank, complaining about no catching any fish. I see small perch in the clear water and say something about being able to catch only perch. I throw an empty hook in the water and on of the larger perch latch on. I pull it out and comment on how I can only catch perch. There is laughter. I notice the hook went a little far and has almost caught the fishes eye. I have a hard time taking the hook out without doing too much damage to the fish. I briefly consider making bait from the perch, but decide against it. When I finally get the fish off the hook I throw it back in.

      There is some dream glitch and now the perch is swimming up out of the water about eye level. I smack the fish with my rod but there is little effect. Then, I notice this is most likely a dream and do a quick nose plug. There is some stuffiness but I do blow through. I know I have goals but can't recall. As I think, I move on impulse by jumping on Tonya's back and acting like I am riding a bull. Then I recall thinking about the black stereotype of liking catfish. I decide that must be my goal. I shout at Tonya's girlfriend, "Hey black girl (I can't remember her name). Get me some fish." I think this idea was all wrong as I wake up.

      I'm sorry that sounds horribly racist but It really wasn't.

      I have some dream about having kittens and rats in the house. The older cats started eating the kittens but I find more and more kittens.
    12. Fight at disney world (unknown date)

      by , 08-13-2014 at 02:04 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      so here's what I remember.

      I'm at the Lilo and Stitch ride in Disney. It's a simulator in which the seats are in circular rows. All the action takes place in the middle of the room, but before it starts, people are asking for volunteers. A group of us are taken to a side area, and two people (male and a female) ask for singers. Some guy really wants me to sing because he thinks "we could win" if I did. I told him I didn't know how to sing at all. We get taken to an outdoor area, and I'm lugging a lot of stuff. I'm pretty sure it's all in a duffel bag. We get to a brook, and it starts friggin' raining, and everyone get's into "I'm melting mode", and begin leaving the park. I forget my bag, and I'm near main street when I remember. I remember some girl who remembered my name telling me "bye". I had a momentary moment of possibly being in a relationship with her. With those thoughts, in my head, she gave me a package. I can't remember what it had in it. Either clothing or candy, and she didn't want it. I was going to take it back for money, and that quest took me to inner Disney.

      I found myself walking through a call center type office (the guy who wanted me to sing pointed me in the direction) and I made my way to the back of it. Two guy who were obviously tech support were there. Cords, and wires were strewn between their desks like Christmas decorations. This was the last object I thought I would have to transverse before I reached my destination. Little did I know, I was going to run into the floor manager. He came up to me and asked me a few questions, and I did my best "I'm new here" impersonation. He sat me down, and asked to look at my package.....while forcefully grabbing it. Inside the package, he found paper work that left him infuriated. He was asking about the girl who said goodbye to me, and the degree of information that I had on hand. I told him I didn't even know the thing had papers in it. The papers had some sort of dirt on the company written down on them, and it included schematics. The floor manager sat there with his evil eyes fixed on me as if he was trying to see right though me. He opened his mouth, and his tongue extended longer and longer until it was almost touching my face.

      I forced myself to wake up....and realized I need to hand this guy a beat down. I reentered the dream and grabbed his tongue with an iron grip. I tossed him out of the way in the air, and in mid flight, he transformed into a dragon. The the entire building shattered into ruins and he flew off. Everyone was cowering, and I was out for blood. He flew towards me and I hit him with a shout (aka skyrim) and he fell. The people were cheering for me, and directed me to his location. I jumped up in a tree and waited for him to fly and take out his co-workers. I sprang from the tree, landing on his neck, and I delivered some blows of justice.

      The details of how the fight went down exactly have been long forgotten.
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    13. Lucid #8: First Flight

      by , 08-09-2014 at 07:57 AM
      This dream was from yesterday morning, August 8th.

      I'm in a small apartment with the drummer from Rage Against the Machine. He's cooking omelets. I'm thinking about what the band's politics likely mean about his beliefs when I become lucid.

      I had a theory the previous night that talking to DCs would draw me into the dream and increase stability, and anyway I wanted to attempt the basic task of the month. So I turn to the drummer to ask him to tell me a word in a foreign language, and its meaning. Before I can ask, it becomes clear that he's morphing into my dad.

      I don't worry about this too much. "Can you tell me a word in a foreign language?" I ask.

      "Maybe," he says.


      "Spelled m-i-g-h-t."

      I either interpret this as a success or decide to give up. I must decide to try flying, because I hop and realize I float a bit on the way down. I start hopping higher and higher. My dad looks impressed. Finally I get airborne and am flying around the small apartment. I make a tight loop. It's pretty fun.

      I decide to go looking for other DCs and try to fly through the wall. My eyes are closed before I reach it and I feel this "bonk" feeling, like I slammed right into it. This drops me into something like the void. I try to use Xanous's gladis trick but I'm having trouble controlling my body.

      What comes next is either a real or a false awakening. Everything looks black, but I see a small triangle of light that looks like the aperture at the bottom of my sleep mask. I try to lift it with my hand, but I don't think it changes. This probably means I'm still dreaming, but at any rate I decide to settle in for a DEILD.

      The next I remember, I'm having a false awakening where I'm journalling the dream I described above. However, I get all the details wrong (i.e. it's not the drummer from Rage Against the Machine, but rather the guitarist) and I have to keep crossing them out. The dream evolves in typical non-lucid fashion from there.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid
    14. 8/4/14 - The Struggle (Longest lucid yet!)

      by , 08-04-2014 at 08:05 PM
      A lot of stuff happened, and I had more than one dream, but I think this is all from the same one.

      PART 1: I was living in a home similar to my apartment. My 9yo brother and mom were there, as well as another adult and another kid. I can't remember the whole story, but there was some kind of conflict within the family. The final part involved me putting my brother to bed and saying something comforting. I heard my mom go, "STOP," from her room.

      PART 2: I was in my grandma's backyard at night with some other guy. He pointed out a big and bright red star cluster thing and said it was Israel (which is a star cluster according to dream logic, I guess) and that it was normally not visible were we were (a city). I thought to myself, I wonder if I can see the Pleiades from here? Sure enough, there was a smaller blue cluster nearby.

      Suddenly, and I shit you not, the "Pleiades" start shifting around until they formed a large rectangular pattern in the sky, which proceeded to zoom away. "Holy shit, holy fuck, HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!" I said. I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens.

      But wait, I thought, I might be dreaming. I pinched my nose and sure enough, I could breathe. I was disappointed, but my attention quickly shifted to the fact that I was now lucid, and I remembered that I needed to keep the dream stable. My vision became narrow. There were two black bars above and below where my vision was, and I could see my glasses in front of my face. I felt like I couldn't fully open my eyes. I figured I may as well summon a girl while I was "there". It took a few attempts, but I finally summoned one.

      My vision returned and the dream felt stabilized. I ended up in a house where two people were going at it on the floor. The one on top (not sure if it was a guy) moved out of my way, giving me full access to the girl. However, I had quite a bit of trouble entering her. No matter how much I tried to manually "open" her, my dream logic porn dick would not go in. I did manage to get inside of her once, but it was uncomfortable.

      After that, I woke up, but I took me several seconds to fully realize it.

      TL;DR Domestic conflict, aliens, and I finally got lucid for more than fifteen fucking seconds.

      I just got an idea. If I were to see a UFO or some other paranormal thing in waking life like I did here, I would do a reality check just to make sure I wasn't dreaming (again, like I did here). What happens to you in waking life can affect dream events. So, if I watch a lot of YouTube videos about UFOs and whatnot, I might dream about them more, thus increasing the likelihood of me doing a reality check and becoming lucid.

      It seems like it might work. I'll try this tonight. What do you think?
    15. Competition Night #3: Math, Mars, and a short LD

      by , 07-31-2014 at 12:23 AM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      I'm on a train station platform. Am with a bunch of people like a girl like Regina and a girl who has an unzipped hoodie and who's not wearing anything underneath. We are trying to figure out something given t and m (3 and 2) and find something per sec by picking an arbitrary number and dividing (wanted it to be 2-3 but I kept getting 5 or so). I had a pencil (wooden) but dropped it on the tracks while trying to board the train. The people were going to leave but they're delayed because I need to get on with something (calculations or equipment?). There is also this black dude who also needs to get on (possibly Teal'c).

      Also, recursion—kept getting a method stuck in an infinite loop so inside this thing is infinite repetition. I fire up google to show someone what recursion is and the example is different—instead of did you mean: recursion? it's like "google x = recursion y" and it repeats on the platform somewhere. I point to both and explain how it "works".

      Woke up, back to sleep.

      First, an FA in which I think it's almost 6. Then a very brief LD? I am on DV and my username is antioa instead of antoia, but the thread name is correct.
      I realize it's wrong and RC. I grab my glasses from my desk and put them on and everything becomes clear. I go onto the balcony and look to the left. Everything fades into sepia there. I look back inside my bedroom. Everything is brightly lit and different and there may have been some random people in there. I remember the competition and try to fly which sort of works but not really. Dream fades.

      Woke up, back to sleep.

      Mars is taken over by people possessed by Goa'ulds and pokemon and stuff. Mr Z (CS teacher) is the leader of the anti-Goa'uld (?)movement (the opposition, anyway). I am possessed by a Tok'ra. The symbiote helps me become stronger and fight. Teal'c may be there. I jump around the place going to "the Court" where people are meeting because these worm things have grown really really big and are scattered all over the place and on the roof and stuff. I accidentally crash the enemy camp and they freak out. I get the hell out of there and head towards the soldiers who are on our side. Lots of arrows are flying around, and there is one part where we have to hide out in what looks like pillow forts against an attack, probably because I crashed the enemy camp...

      There is also a part with t-shirts and quotes from said Mars thing and pretty cool designs. The problem is that no one will get the reference because the thing is an obscure show.

      Fragments: I have a DJ app just for lucid dreaming and it's like Evernote with notebooks and stuff and it's really nice looking like an actual book and the sidebar is filled with categories like "LDs" and "For reading (secure)" and things like that.

      Sometime: there are 100+ year old people recorded and birth/death dates written on paper next to them. One of them is from 10XX to 11XX. Supposed to be Japan. I comment that the Franks took over England in 1066.
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