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    1. Non lucid and DILD

      by , 03-30-2015 at 04:00 PM
      First dream

      I was outside my home. I was near a road. Suddenly I took a sawed-off shotgun from my pocket. I was surrounded by cultists from Blood game. I shot them down, and run into my house. It was changed into some kind of house of horror. I took some dynamite, and went on a killing spree, shooting cultist after cultist. In the end, I was alone with Cheogh, a huge, grey gargoyle with powerful energy bursts. I threw some dynamite sticks at it, and shot it down with sawed-off.

      Then his body exploded, and I found myself in the land from Gothic game. I was running around with hammer and shotgun, killing beasts in the mountains.


      I was walking down the street in an old city. It was midnight, I was surrounded by darkness. Suddenly I became lucid. I thought that I can't waste my time walking on the ground, but I didn't wanted to fly either. I imagined that I'm walking on gigantic stilts. I was quickly lifted to the sky, and with a few steps found myself in my home. I entered my room, and thought that I want to see if there's any difference in food from waking life. I summoned a plate of fries with ketchup, and ate. It tasted great, even better than in reality. Then I thought that I should check if electronic stuff worked, so I summoned a laptop. It was new, though it had many files of it. Mostly video games. I thought to see if there's an internet in lucid dream, so I turned on some kind of download manager, and started downloading a game. It was downloading really quickly, and I downloaded a game in a few seconds. I thought that I should wake up, and so I did.
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    2. Flying Piggy Back and Surprise Visit with my Daughter - Mar 27, 2015

      by , 03-28-2015 at 06:39 PM
      Method: WBTB after 4 hours of sleep, Dream Journal prior night’s dreams from voice recordings, mantras (written and spoken), then back in bed and meditate with imagery until I’m consciously awake with my body asleep. Once in the void, I started to do internal and external body energy transfer exercises. By this point in time it’s been about 1 ½ hours since I first woke for the WBTB routine. I could feel ‘the vibrations’, so I attempted an OBE exit, which worked, but I paused for too long beside my bed, and I was sucked back into my body. I was a bit disappointed with this, but it was still early in the night, and I knew there were some lucid dreams ahead of me, so I fell asleep. Time for fun!

      In this first lucid dream I was holding my wife’s hand as she happily skipped along. We were in a long hallway inside somebody’s house. I couldn’t help but notice she was in her early 20’s looking very young and beautiful (she’s 48 in waking life and beautiful). This made me instantly lucid (DILD - Dream Induced Lucid Dream). I said to my wife, “Hop on my back and let’s go for a piggyback ride!”, and she happily did so. After a couple steps, I leapt into the air and we were now flying piggyback style! We flew through the living room, and then into another room where my wife said, “What’s going on here? We’re flying. How’s this possible?” I said, “We’re dreaming!”, and she replied, “Oh, okay!” I then flew back into the living room, and by this point I was flying horizontal, and she was holding on tight! The entire living room was full of my family members, and my nephew Kent said as he laughed, “That’s awesome!” Then unexpectedly, somebody grabbed my right pant leg, and I came to a complete stop and we stood up.

      I spun around to see who stopped me from flying, and an older woman (my age) was standing there looking a bit guilty. I said to her, “Why did you stop us from flying?” She fumbled with words, and then I said, “Was something wrong with what we were doing?” She then said, “You should be keeping a lower profile.”, and I replied, “But we were just having fun. There’s nothing wrong with that!” Her face was turning a bit red with embarrassment and she turned and walked away. I grabbed my wife by the hand and we followed her for a couple of feet to where she had nowhere further to walk in the living room. I then asked her, “Who are you?” She said, “I’m a relative!”, so I asked, “A relative of mine or my wife’s?” She said, “Of your wife’s. I go back a long ways. I’m German, and there were three of us.” I said, “Well then, what’s your name?” She still wouldn’t tell me. I then had a false awakening, and I sat up in bed to voice record this lucid dream, but I saw a very pretty blonde woman standing in the darkness of my room (it wasn’t my bedroom, I was someplace else). She looked like she was glowing with soft white light, and she looked very much like the woman I recently saw in another lucid dream (black eyes, no whites, very slender, with Barbie doll perfect skin, and long blonde hair).

      She didn’t seem to see me, so I stood up in the darkness, and said, “Hello?” She looked at me and said, ”Huh, who’s there?” and I said my name, “It’s me!”, and she said, “Oh, it’s you?” She seemed very shocked with this. She then morphed into woman with curly blonde hair with a more roundish face, and she now had glasses on. Her eyes also changed from being completely black to having irises with whites. I thought why did she morph, I liked her look? I realized I had my CPAP mask on, so I tore it off my face and threw it on the ground. I then floated towards her in standing position. She turned around and quickly ran out of the bedroom and down the hallway, and I followed closely behind. I just wanted to talk to her. She ran into a kitchen. All the lights were off in the house, but she was glowing white so there was some light around her. She stopped by the kitchen table and faced me. She distorted her mouth, and her teeth went all crooked and missing. I began to think that maybe she was scared of me. I floated up to her, and she grabbed a knife off the table and stuck it up to the handle into my stomach. I didn’t feel anything, except some slight pressure, but my feelings were hurt.  I guess I shouldn’t go floating behind somebody in a dark house (I must have been real freaky looking/acting). I then went into another false awakening except when I opened my eyes; I was in outer space travelling at high speed. I forced myself awake, and I voice recorded these Lucid dreams.

      In this third lucid dream I was standing outside my elementary school. There were a bunch of children and teenagers around me. I decided to head into the school and see what’s going on in the auditorium. As I was walking down the school hallway, a beautiful teenage girl with curly blonde hair, who I didn’t recognize, walked up beside me and put her arm around my waist. Boom, lucid! Another DILD! This kind of stuff just doesn’t happen when you’re old gnarly man like me (unless it’s your daughter). I put my arm around her should and drew her in close as we walked.
      Me: “Who are you?”
      Her: “I don’t know?”
      Me: “Well perhaps you are somebody I know?”
      Her: “Yes.”
      Me: “Are you my daughter?”
      Her: “Yes, yes I am!” She had a huge smile on her face! I still didn’t recognize her, but she had my daughter’s voice.
      Me: “Okay then, you must prove it. What does daddy like to nibble.”
      Here: Grinning and quietly she says, “Bellybuttons.”
      Laugh, laugh, giggle, giggle! When my daughter was a child I use to say to her, “Where’s the button? I want to nibble on that button!” then I would chase her, as she frantically ran away screaming, until I caught her and kissed her button, then she would always giggle.

      My daughter than said to me, “Dad, I want a glass of Coke.”, so we went to the Coke dispensing machine in the corner of the gym and I pushed the Coke button. Coke started pouring out of the nozzle, but there was no glass there, and it ran all over the floor. My daughter laughed, and said, “Dad, you have to put a glass in there first!” I could feel my lucidity failing, so I said, “Let’s walk around for a bit.”, but I then went into a false awakening, and I wanted to voice record my lucid dream with my daughter before I forgot the details, but then I realized I was dreaming because I was outside on the street with my coffee table in front of me. I forced myself awake, but I went into another false awakening, and then another one, and then finally I woke up for real and I voice recorded the lucid dream. I should have engaged the false awakenings and had more lucid fun with my daughter rather than trying to wake, but there’s always that risk of forgetting if you continue on for too long.
    3. Non-lucid and [DILD] ToTM attempt

      by , 03-28-2015 at 10:08 AM
      Pact of the witches

      I was with my class in forest. We were felling trees and processing them for timber production. I took a chainsaw, but there was a problem with starting it. I checked the level of oil and fuel, and had enough for two hours of work. There were still problems with it, so I decided to take them to classmates, so they can look what's wrong with it.

      I joined to the group. We were waiting for something near a forest inspectorate. Some of classmates disappeared, and the rest went away to continue work. With a few guys we decided to check what really is inside the building of inspectorate.

      We opened the door and saw a temple for a dark god. There were witches inside. One of them came closer to us. She was wearing light brown dress, had a red hair and dark grey eyes. She told us about a pact with forest inspectors. They could kidnap people in forest for magical help with tree felling.

      We went outside, but two guys decided to stay inside. One guy that went with us was friends with one of the guys that stayed with witches. I said Pact of the witches?! And why did that guy stayed with them? The man told me Don't worry about him, he was an idiot.

      We went to our work. There was a huge valley full of cut down trees. I saw other classmates working. Suddenly I heard that they lost some plans, and it was late to look for them. I decided to go and find them. I took a weak flashlight that gave faint light.

      I was moing through the darkness. I looked around to see if I can find those plans. My flashlight was running out, but I found another one, lying near a tree. I searched that area, as they could leave the plans close to the flashlight. I couldn't find them there, so I searched the next area.

      I went straight a road. Suddenly I saw a creepy face, staring at me from behind the bushes. I wasn't scared, even though I was surrounded by darkness, my biggest fear. I just went back, trying to join with the group.

      ToTM attempt

      I was walking in the docks. I saw my father walking there, and two attractive girls from my class. Suddenly I realised that this is a dream. I did a nose plug RC, to check it, and I was sure that I was dreaming. The girls wanted to open a hut standing there. I shouted Stop! Two times and time stopped, right after one of them opened the door. I looked inside the hut, and there was a witch from the previous dream. I closed the door, and fought that I'll do the Basic task 1 after Advancd task 2. I moved the girls to weird position. One was trying to jump onto the roof, and the other was kneeling. I forgot about unfreezing time, so I decided to have some fun with the freezed girls. I stripped them from clothes and did my thing. I woke up rather quickly.
    4. Repugnance

      by , 03-22-2015 at 03:39 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #426 - DILD - 8:08AM

      WBTB coffee induced several vivid dreams most of which I forgot. I had very little wakefulness and ended the morning with a DILD.

      I am at my son's birthday party, but as I enter the room, I see I am at my ex-in-law's house. Ex-wife's brother nods and says, "What's up." I reply politely then step outside. I can't be here. I am pissed of that we are doing this here, but rather than make a scene I decide to leave. I decide to make up for my absence by getting my son an extra gift.

      I drive someplace in bad winter wx— which is dumb because his birthday is in the summer. I walk into a store feeling sleet hit my face. I walk around looking at various things. I see a guy that I work with IWL that I really try to avoid at all costs. I skirt around to avoid him and make my way to the front door. One of his twin sons tackle the back of my legs, making me fall. I'm pissed and want to teach the kid a lesson so I pinch his arm. He's cries and runs off to his dad and I make a bee-line to the door. I half expect a confrontation and I keep thinking what I will say. "You wanna throw down? Knuckle up bitch!" I'd never say that IWL.

      No one comes after me and when I step outside, I remember that I am sleeping in bed and become lucid. I immediately think that I should really start having clear goals lined up because I have no idea what to do now. I see my car parked in front of me with small amounts of ice and sleet accumulated on it. The Dodge Journey looks more like a Charger now, but I ignore this as dream inconsistencies. I recall the mirror TOTM and try to make one of the windows a mirror. I say some nonsense incantation and wave my arms, but nothing happens. I see some sort of white sheet in the back seat and think it would be fun to use that as a focal point as I phase through the glass feet first. I jump in smoothly, but when I look up from the sheets, I feel vertigo and the dream blacks out. I stabilize by feeling the sides of the fronts seats with both hands. It's a sensation like wet hands on leather. There's a low squeaking sound to accommodate. I almost catch a vision of the seats, but it quickly morphs into my laptop keyboard. I go with the flow and start typing. I look up at the screen and see "www.microsoft.com.comcomcomcom" in the browser's nav bar. I hit enter and a cheesy fireplace screensaver pops up. Then the flame engulfs the entire screen and I laugh at the irony, "Hahahaha! That's really funny." I have a tendency to really dislike Microsoft products though I am usually forced to use them. This totally goes with the theme of this dream. The dream quickly fades and I wake up.

      Blimp NLD - Time?

      I am riding in the car with my mother down a highway that cuts thought a dense forested area. A large whale shaped blimp lands in the road ahead of us. I take a snapchat and fire shoots out the back of it and it flies away. I want to redo the snapchat because I didn't get a good shot. We pass under and I take a video out the back window. I am laughing at the crazy blimp, but my laughter turns to cries of dismay as the blimp explodes. I am sad at the lives lost. I am amazed that I got that on video, but my snapchat only plays back a selfie video of my reaction and not of the blimp.
    5. Pep Rally

      by , 03-21-2015 at 04:48 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #425 - DILD - 7:14AM

      After the last LD I try meditating again, but fall asleep.

      I am in some restaurant and there is food and trash all over the carpet. Someone tells me to get in uniform and help clean. I take a snapchat of the mess. I am in uniform and I walk into another part to see how I can help, but I see things are mostly managed now. I pass what I think is a manager. I try covering the company emblem on my shirt as I pass. I feel stupid for putting the uniform on and wish I could change.

      I realize that I am on a cruise ship and I look for my sister Angie who is always going on cruises. I step outside on to the deck and look around. The ship is massive and looks like a small town. I see the water beyond and get vertigo as I realize were actually moving. I say to my wife, "You really do forget that you're on a boat." We all move toward the very tip of the bow and watch the water. We are coming into a bay area with high cliffs. There is what looks like a hill in the water and is mostly wet sand. We somehow power up it and I see water trying to flood the stern. As we level out, I see everyone has come outside. They all start cheering and clapping. The ship starts to dock, but bumps into something. I think of the Titanic and worry. A jet of water pushes the ship sideways and a voice says something about trying again. Then, I see a large rusted steel bar in front of the ship. Something like a dinosaur neck and head extends from someplace behind me. It latches on the bar and chews on it. It acts to stabilize and dock the ship. A voice says something about the dinosaur sharpening it's teeth this way, but it leaves a black residue. The dino turns and shows us its grayish, nubby teeth.

      I am now laying on the floor next to some other guys in football uniforms paired with cheerleaders in wedding dresses in a pattern. The rest of the team comes in and wonders what's going on. This is a pep rally and we got roped into being apart of the performance. Music starts and we all get up and start some synchronized dancing. Of course, me and half the others have no idea what we are doing and do our best to keep up. The lyrics say, "Dance with me. Dance with me." So me and another cheerleader who looks a lot like Anna Kendrick start slow dancing. I am overly aware of the feel of her close to me, one arm around her waist, and her hand in my other. We are both feeling awkward and stop dancing. We laugh and both admit that we had no idea what we were doing. The song stops and we turn and sit close to each other on the floor. I am glad she stayed next to me. My old high school buddy Jason his on stage with a band. He's saying stuff to get the crowd excited and is generally acting way out of character. I start thinking about how dumb I felt during the dancing and wonder how I even got myself in this situation. I think something about the next time I am in a dream... Wait this IS a dream! I am a little unsure about this thought at first, but it only takes a millisecond to realize it's true. The dream starts crashing so I do the only thing I could think of to stabilize. I turn to the very hot Anna Kendrick look-a-like and resume dancing with her. Of course, this time I am much more confident and our dancing becomes dirty and we grind while I feel her up. This soon turns into sex and the hottie turns into my ex-wife. I lose my arousal and wonder, WHY? OH GOD WHY? I then realize it's a part of my past and just a memory. I appreciate it for what it is and the good times we once had. I let the scene play it self out without taking control or making decisions. I wake up.
    6. War Games

      by , 03-21-2015 at 04:12 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #424 - DILD - 5:33AM

      My sister in law M has a runners backpack on. It looks a lot like the picture below but it all white with red trim and is made of soft, dry-wick, polyester. I really want one of my own for when I start cycling back up as well as trail running. I tell my wife I really want one as I look it up on my phone. The brand is called 'Calender 3' and the model is 'Delilah'. Hmmm sounds girly, but I still like it. I see it costs $30 and I tell my wife that it's not a bad price. I wake up really hoping this backpack is real.

      Another Newbi-ueewndt.jpg

      it's almost 4am so I get up, use the bathroom, and get a drink — generally milling about for a few minutes. I decide to lay back down and spend some time meditating but pass out quickly.

      I am playing some sort of war game on an arcade machine, but I realize that everything I am doing is actually a real battle. I see several other arcade machines lined up next to me and I decide to call in the others to help. Everything is set up outside in near a war torn, dilapidated building. I round a corner and shout, "Hey." someone fires a shot but misses. I use my cell phone to signal so they know it's me. I call out for 5 troops and the come. I realize only 2 or 3 are left so I tell them all to come. One looks like an Imperial Officer from Star Wars.

      Another Newbi-review_scpiett_still.jpg

      My daughters come to join the war game and I set my older up on a fighter jet game. My younger is going to be my co-op player 2 on my game. I have some issue with the buttons and the front has extended like a long table. I have to climb to reach the player 2 button. My son gets in my seat and falls and hits his head. I yell harshly at my younger daughter because she didn't stop him. Then I feel bad for yelling and apologize to her as I hold my crying son on the couch. My older daughter is player her game but she is attacking the wrong country, Japan. I know they will for sure break from the alliance now. Think she may as well do as much damage as possible. I watch as she is flying close to skyscrapers and shooting out windows. The fires off a few rockets but doesn't do much damage. She finally crashes into a building and laughs.

      I stand up and now I am in the living room at home. My daughter and I have some conversation about what just happened and somehow I decide this is all a dream. I say, "I've decide this is a dream." The world almost crashes here, but I stabilize by jumping up and down around the house.. The sensation brings everything back to vividness. I randomly decide to do pull-ups on the chandelier over the dining table. I feel my muscles tense and I wonder if I am some how benefiting from this exercise. I decide to make it 'harder' so I extend my legs forward to the ceiling as I continue pull-ups. I feel physical muscle strain now. This almost wakes me up so I stop and swing off the chandelier into the living room area (it's actually all one big room).

      My son is trying to get outside and I stop him at first, but remembering its a dream, I take him outside with me as we adventure. I decide to have fun in the car and I take time to put him in the car seat. I know it doesn't matter, but it makes me feel better to do this. I wonder if I will have difficulty and waste time fumbling with things, but everything goes smoothly. I hop in the driver seat and turn the key. The car is positioned wrong and I have to back up and turn around. I reverse it and then slam it hard into 'drive' and peel out as I leave the drive way. I drive fast without stopping at intersection and make several random turns. I come to a traffic light and weave around the stopped cars, cutting the others off. I quickly lose interest in driving and my visual weaken. I have to focus the dream back and decide I need to bring the joy ride to an end. I see the road ends at the doors of a department store so I floor it. The effort of the gas pedal make my foot extra tired.

      We crash through the glass and now I am standing in the mall holding my son. There is an extra large RC car about the size of a shopping cart in front of me. It's plowing through kiosks and stands. A young woman in a grey dress screams and runs away. Jerry from work says something about my driving a car into the mall again. Again? I've never done this. A security guard runs up to stop the car shouting the same thing as Jerry. I wake up.
    7. the hand that feeds.

      by , 03-20-2015 at 01:17 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm lucid, and there are dogs...like brown...tall...skinny...mean. I've just gained lucidity and I have no idea what I was doing, but I'm not all the way ready to destroy the world...but I know this dog is going to get me. This is weird, because I've had several wolf dreams where they're pretty friendly.

      But anyways, the dog chases me, and I fly backwards into a tree. He's still down there barking, and so I slowly turn around expecting to see a vehicle that I can slide inside and leave. Great, there's a jeep down there and the rear hatch is open. I flew inside, and the dog came in a bit the crap out of my hand, locked on....

      and everything faded to black.

      I'm back in the dream again.....lucid....the damn dog is there again...he bites the shit out of my hand again, and I woke up.
      Tags: deild, dild, wild, wtf
    8. plan b......but not really

      by , 03-20-2015 at 01:10 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I really want to rewrite this, but I'm not sure if I'll have any time.

      I'm lucid...looking for some action, and I talk to this one black chick....she's not really into it....and low and behold.....a blonde girl. Small frame...small everything, long hair, and beautiful eyes. She was totally into it. Actually wanted to do it in some place public. We drove a bit, and arrived at some sort of mall. I checked her out...she was wearing a small skirt. While looking for the perfect spot, we just talked. and talked...about everything and nothing. We ended up at a bathroom, and I thought it was going to go down there, but she refused once some people came in and started peeing.

      We walked out, and talked more. I picked up, and carried her in my arms, and we continued to talk. I think I may have lost lucidity, or didn't really care about having sex. I was just enjoying her company.
      Tags: dild, maybe her
    9. Lucid 4 and 5!DILD 3 and 4 (March 19, 2015) How I expected my early Lucids would be like

      by , 03-19-2015 at 07:02 PM
      Disclaimer: Spoiler tags are covering up the details of scenes of sexual nature and may not be suitable for all audiences, read at your own discretion.

      My 4th and 5th Lucid! in the same night/morning. also my 3rd and 4th DILD. I tried to fill this in with details to one, make the reader visualize the layout, and two practice my DJ entry skills. like i said above, this dream has some sexual parts to it and i tried to be vivid in details. they are under spoilers so when they take off, you don't have to read if you do not want to. I am pretty happy with the results, though I hope in the future I don't spend all my time just doing that one thing.

      NON-LUCID- I started this dream waking(false awakening) in the dream. i was not in my normal room, i was in a small room with dark colored walls, stained wood floors with a bed in the middle of the room i slept in, that had tan sheets. I got out of bed and looked at my watch which read something like 6:33 or close to that. I thought to myself i had woken up way to earl and my chance to lucid dream was gone. I went out into the hallway and walked along it past a few rooms here and there until the scene became very creepy. I could hear something coming, so i ducked into a dark room quick, and noticed nothing came. the room and hallway were very dark, and dull gray-green colored. I left the room and continued on till i was in a subway station. there were a lot of people here including friends and family. as i waled down, i picked up a multicolored belt and put it on, and noticed my clothes all had the same pattern on them. I got into the train, which had no top on it and we began to ride. The dream changed quickly here. All of a sudden i was at my fraternity house in my room, except instead of where my room usually is, i had everything set up on floor above where it normally is. i was just casually hanging out when this girl in a red shirt came up to me, and started flirting. we talked for a bit and we were going to hang out more but she left the room to go take a shower real quick. time went by, i talked to some DC tho i cant remember what about and later a guy came in wearing the same read shirt. He was impersonating the girl or something so I told him sorry man i am waiting for the girl to come back, not you, i'm not into guys. But more time passed so i finally decided to go to the shower and see what was going on. The Shower was a little different than normal, but too far off. the floor was made of 1ftx1ft brown tiles, the room itself was about 15ftx15ft over all, and the shower part was a little bigger too.

      LUICD 4- I went into the shower on the second floor of out fraternity house and the bathroom was full of people, at least 15 in the main area of it, they appeared to be all woman, and they all were wearing black clothing or dresses, and there were 3 girls, in the shower, fully clothed still and I went in and started talking to one of them who went by the name Carly.The other two girls I did not know the name of were wearing black. Carly was wearing a gray spandex running shirt that had neon green lines on the sleeves and blue yoga pants, It was apparent she was not wearing a bra and I turned the shower on, and her shirt got wet, I "jokingly" suggested she take off her shirt, "jokingly" incase she got offended, but she laughed a bit, smiled and took it off. I paused for a moment, thinking this doesn't happen where I am at in reality, and all of a sudden came to the realization i was Lucid! i stopped for a moment and told myself right away "I am lucid dreaming" out loud, to test my memory of what this situation really meant and began my adventure. This time though the dream stayed very stable unlike all previous attempts, and i think the melatonin i had before is partly responsible. The bathroom still had the crowd of people and the girls were still there. My mind went into "Caveman" mode at this point right away, even though it is fun, i still had planned to do other things in my lucids
      (warning: Spoiler contains sexual themes)
      Spoiler for Spoiler:
      The shower we are in is a small, 2 person shower (2 shower heads) with brown tiles on the floor,walls, and ceiling. it is about 4 feet lengthwise, about 8-10 feet widthwise, and 7-8 feet tall with a small light above each section. There is a shower curtain that only covers half of the entrance, but no door, so people could see in. I looked over to Carly. she was about 5'9(about my height), breasts were not really big, flat stomach, brown hair tied into a pony tail, had a perfect "hourglass" figure, wide hips, and thick thighs. I asked Carly to come over to me and asked her to sit on my face. She walked over to me with a grin on her face and agreed. I started to crouch down a bit, I grabbed her by the thighs and butt, and turned her around so her butt was inches from my face. Carly had a nice thick butt that extended out, stretching her leggings, and it was wide too. Her deep blue leggings had a seam that ran down the center of them. I gently lower her over me as I begin to lay down on the shower floor until I am completely lying down on the floor and her butt is pressed against my face. Her butt is soft and plush, and conforms to my face. For about 5 minutes we just stayed like that, satisfied. I felt what I perceived as, a very real and vivid situation with attention to a lot of sensory input, especially "touch" and "visual" sensory details. The sensation of my face being completely covered by Carly's large butt and thick thighs, feeling the fabric (under armor spandex material) of her leggings stretched around her soft plush butt pressed against me, the weight of her body over mine weighing down on me, and her leggings wet and warm from when I turned the water on her earlier. Sometimes she would sit with her legs together across my body, other times she would adjust her legs to be on both sides of my head to where she could sit back on me. When she was leaning back or sitting straight up on me it was dark, her thick thighs and large butt would cover my whole face and I could see nothing. I could only see when she leaned forward over me, sliding her butt across my face, even then I could only really see the blue of her spandex stretched tightly over her butt, and the light on the ceiling. After that five minute period of fooling around, she got up without a word and walked out of the shower. I hadn't wanted her to leave just yet and I did not understand why she decided to do so. I asked both of her friends who had been there watching us if either one would sit on my face and one agreed. She was wearing black yoga pants, at first i got on my knees, turned her around so her butt was level with my face, and pressed my face into her butt while she stood. I quickly switched to laying down and helping her sit down on me. But when she spread her butt over me it wasn't as soft and plush as Carly's, her butt was not as big as nor thighs as thick as Carly's, and it did not cover my whole face and head like Carly's. Relatively dissatisfied I had her get up and I decided to try something new, so I thought back to the TOTM

      I was trying to remember what i had to do for TOTM and I knew it was something to do with mirrors, and going through a doorway for some assignments. So i imagined a mirror in the shower and looked at it, It was made up of multiple panes of glass all closely spaced together. I was still on the ground in the shower, I couldn't remember what to do with the mirror so decided i would break it without touching it and i pointed at it and tried to break it but could not yet, at least not while watching it. I looked away, closed my eyes and thought "break" and i looked back at it and sure enough it had fractures all over the glass! Multiple circular radiating fractures covered the glass, I was happy with that because I have not been able to change the environment in any previous lucid. Shortly after, I felt the urge to find Carly again and i went back into caveman mode shortly after. I looked out into the crowd and i didn't see Carly but I did see her friends walking out the door into the hallway and i walked over to the hallway too. So i called "Carly!" aloud by name and had the expectation that she would walk through the door or respond. I heard her and she came back into the room, I asked her to come back into the shower and she agreed to do it.
      (warning: Spoiler contains sexual themes)
      Spoiler for Spoiler:
      I turned her around once more holding her hips and slowly started to lay down while holding my hands out holding her butt as I lowered her gently so she would not fall. Once again Carly sat on my face like before, still in her tight blue yoga pants, the same vivid sensations from earlier were still present, but this time she would make things a little more fun and change her leg position every once in a while to give a better "coverage" over me. This time we were in this position for at least 10 minutes. I also changed it up a bit too. I would hold her against me, then push her up a little bit or have her lean forward so i could see, stare and lower her back down. After doing this a few times, the environment changed. One time I pushed her up a bit I noticed the scene had changed, I was no longer in the shower, I was in a gym now, I noted the change then went back to what we were doing. After the 10 minute time period she got up and I got up, and we walked outside together. There were two people outside but we didn't pay them mind, nor could i recognize the due to not really trying to see who it was. I grabbed a gray metal chair, sat down, and leaned back into the chair. Carly then proceeded to climb up over me, atop the chair. Standing over me, she crouched down until her butt was on my face. This time she could hang her legs off the sides of me without touching the ground, basically like a riding a saddle or motorcycle except nothing for her to stand on so the full weight of her body weighed down on me. She now covered my face from side to side completely with my face wedged in her butt and the inside of her thighs around the sides of my head and using my shoulders to balance on. This time her leggings were dry, but the sensation of everything else was the same, except a bit heavier due to all the weight bearing down on me, rather than being partly on the ground. It was fun but I thought to myself I wanted her butt bigger and thicker, and it being a dream, I could do so, so I closed my eyes and started to imagine it happening. I couldn't see anyway, she already covered me before the change, but I could feel it happening. I had my hands against the sides of her thighs/butt already, and I could feel her thighs getting wider and wider and her butt getting thicker and thicker by the second, pushing my hands and arms wider apart. Carly's butt got too big for her leggings to stretch around, they got stretched too far and too tight. As her butt got larger she became heavier, weighing down on me more and more. Her leggings finally gave way to the pressure and ripped down the middle along the seam while she was still sitting on me, revealing both of her more private areas and instead of the leggings pressing against me, now both of Carly's "areas" were firmly on my face. She leaned forward so I could look. I stared into the new opening of her leggings, looking at Carly's "areas" only about 2 inches away. I liked what I saw but I wanted her leggings back together. This time while looking the rip in the yoga pants I could fix it unlike before where I had to look away for a change to occur, I re-seamed the yoga pants back together by thinking about it and continued on. usually I couldn't change things just yet while still looking at them, like in the case with the mirror.She stayed on me for not too much longer and eventually got off.
      When me and Carly appeared in the gym like i said earlier, it was brief but noticeable. we were on a blue floor mat, i could see the white concrete brick wall that had wooden bleachers or something on it, a mascot of some sort on the high wall, and the steel beams high up in the ceiling.
      Me and Carly walked out of the door to the outside as mentioned above. we were kind of in a ally way, except the building across from us stopped and our building kept going on. both were made of darker red bricks, there were old fire escapes on them, metal over hangs, loading docks, and staircases. we walked away from the building and we were in a big parking lot. we could see a fence around the property, and cars in the distance, and people were there but i didn't look long enough to see who they were. we walked back near the building after the "caveman" mode of mine, but she eventually disappeared. So I went looking for her, and at this point my lucidity began to decline, I noticed the environment changed and got to thinking too much about it and about finding her. TOTM I went to the next nearest building. I walked through a room full of spooky halloween props that were moving, had flashing lights, and made sounds. there were a lot of skeletons and just skulls and i thought one would jump out to scare me, but it didn't. I recognized some parts from a dream before. there were rooms that were blocked off by plexiglass and had small cave entrances to them from the other side. At the end of the main room was the showers again, except the room was way bigger, and duller in lighting. The room i was walking through to get to the shower was the basement of my fraternity's Annex property, a barren room here with concrete floor, ceiling, and walls with low lighting. That doorway down where the shower was was usually a file room, but in the dream a shower. I tried to bring Carly back but i couldn't and lost my lucidity when one of my friends said he needed help with a document thing.

      NON-LUCID- I thought i re awoke at my fraternity house, though i think i just had a transition less environment change. i thought to myself "damn that was a good lucid, wish i was back" or something like that, thinking i was awake. so i started to fill out the papers i was asked about and noticed something that made me stop and think. the paper read the editor for it was my best friends girlfriend. i thought it was weird considering they are half a country away. but i awoke at about 6:45AM before i could regain lucidity. I fell back asleep at about 7:10 again and had another dream of my fraternity house. this one was a bit more nightmarish. I was trying to get to the attic 3rd floor, and i had started out the 1st floor. I went up some wooden stairs to level 2, and this was not like the house i know. It was very dark, with only moonlight lighting the room. in the center of all these rooms was a living room area with a table. Some of the animatronics from the Five Nights At Freddy's series were there at the table. I snuck around room to room to pass them and eventually made it to the attic without getting caught.

      LUCID 5- Up in the attic I saw a friend there on a gray couch watching tv. He said something and I suddenly hit the ceiling and my view turned to a white blankness. I realized i was dreaming when this happened and calmed the situation and brought back the scene. Another find came up the stairs and I asked him where i could find a mirror for the TOTM. One appeared but I could not use it to change my location though I tried. I stared into it closely but nothing happened. So i decided to go back down the stairs. When i did, I went from the attic to the 1st floor, completely skipping the second floor. I looked into our living room. The same white textured walls, waxed light wood floor, and windows matched but now it was full of trash, the big sub-speaker was there with trash on it too. I tried to focus on a piece to see how detail was in this lucid, but it ended up being pixelated in some areas. I decided I would do as before, and walk to the showers hoping to meet up with Carly again, but to my surprise and confusion, the shower room door that i normally go through led to another regular housing room this time, rather than the showers. the rooms back walls were lined with 2 beds that reached across both sides of the room. the walls were a dark red and textured, and on bed was bunked. I knew that was not right so I looked out of the room, then back but the scene did not change. I said where is the showers? and the people replied we are in the annex. I told them no we are not, this is a dream. they still wouldn't believe me. I woke shortly after

      I made my 5 LD goal, my recall for this dream was pretty well. the lucids being easier to remember than the non lucids. i have more fragments hanging around, but hardly enough detail. i know i have bits from all night. Using more than just sight was fun too.

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    10. Cuban Vacation - Mar 5 to Mar 12, 2015

      by , 03-19-2015 at 03:13 AM
      I had several lucid dreams while on vacation in Cuba. Here’s what happened:

      Mar 5, In this dream I was at my parent’s house moving some chairs from the dining room to the kitchen in preparation for supper. When I picked up a chair I noticed that the left and right sides of the seat back did not match. The right side was squared off at the top, whereas the left side was rounded. I said to my wife, “Honey, I know that I’m dreaming because the seat backs are not symmetrical!” The dream started to fade, so in an effort to stabilize, I began to swirl, but no luck.

      Mar 5, In this dream I was in a dimly lit large machine shop. I became lucid for no reason whatsoever, just as a man ran past me. His skin was glowing white with a slight iridescence. He ran up to a locker and opened it, and a flood of light poured out illuminated him brightly. I ran around the lockers to the other side and I tried to levitate him, but he didn’t budge. Then I walked up to him and pushed on his shoulders with both my hands. I wanted to see how strong he was. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed back, but I easily slid him across the floor. I said, “I’m stronger than you.”, and he replied, “Don’t push me.” He was less than impressed (I was misbehaving again).

      Mar 6, In this dream I was walking down the street in my home town. Suddenly, packages of butt wipes started to appear in people’s hands, and a package also appeared in my hand. I instantly became lucid - Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD). All of us walked into a community center with a stage at the back. I decided to have some fun with this lucid dream, so I walked up on stage and raised my package of butt wipes up into the air! Everybody stopped what they were doing and watched. I said, “Butt wipes! These things are amazing! When your butt needs a wipe, what do you reach for? Butt wipes! When you’re out on a date, and things are getting awkward, what do you use? Butt wipes!” People started to laugh, and then I stepped off the stage. My dream guide walked up to me and said, “Ohhh, that was good! Everything turned out okay.” I replied, “Yeah, you have to have fun sometimes when lucid.” We walked out the building together, and then I woke.

      Mar 7, In this dream I became lucid because the man beside me had glowing red eyes (DILD). I asked to him to help me find my daughter, and in return I would give him my truck. I reached into my pocket, pulled out the keys and gave them to him, and I said, “The truck’s outside, it’s yours!” He graciously took the keys and left. I then woke into a false awakening (still lucid). I was holding my daughter in my arms, as my wife was talking to her. I told my daughter I loved her, and then I woke.

      Mar 8, In this dream I was holding a wood carved jewellery box (Cuban made). We had actually been looking at these the day before in Havana. My dear mother in-law (passed Y2001) came up to me and said, “Ooh, what do you have there?” Boom, lucid again! She was very interested in the jewellery box, and she had a huge grin on her face. My wife was standing beside me, and I asked her, “Can you see your mom standing there?” My mother in-law instantly replied, “Of course she can see me!” I then woke.

      Mar 9, In this dream I was coaching soccer. The field was covered in water, so I told the boys to swim to the far end of the field and touch the white line. The assistant coach became upset with my drill because the boys were supposed to be playing soccer, not swimming. I thought about what he said, and then I became lucid (DILD). I remembered my dream intent to meet up with my daughter, so I started to call her name. The water vanished from the field, and then I slipped into another dream where I was driving a Suburban down the main street of my home town. I lost lucidity. I saw my daughter walking down the road towards me holding a fishing rod. There was at least 10 fish dangling from the pickerel rig. I pulled over and asked my daughter where she caught them, and she replied, “Down the street at her friend’s house. We should go there!” I then woke.

      Mar 10, Wake Back to Bed (WBTB) lucid dream. I entered this dream in a fully lucid state using tactile visualization during meditation. I was standing in a bungalow, and my son was sitting at the dining room table. He said, “Dad, have you seen the backyard yet?”, and I replied, “Not yet, but I’ll take a look!” I walked out backdoor and onto a concrete deck. The entire backyard was a gigantic fish pound, and it was surrounded by forest! Fish were jumping and sending small ripples across the mirrored, pond surface. I called for my daughter to come, and I instantly heard her giggling and talking to my son inside the bungalow. She then came out the backdoor and faced me with a huge smile and I said, “I’m lucid!”, and she replied, “Great dad, you finally got it!” My son then came outside and joined us. I gave my daughter a huge hug and told her I loved her. I then asked the kids how they were enjoying the Cuban vacation. My son looked totally confused and didn’t know what I was talking about, but my daughter knew. She said, “I’ve enjoyed it, but I’m getting really frustrated because nobody has given me a sip of their drink. I keep tapping people on the shoulder when they’re ordering drinks, but nobody feels it.” The dream quickly faded and I woke. The following day we ordered my daughter a Pina Colada for lunch (her favorite drink)! How could we forget?

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    11. Several Mini Lucids - Feb 13, 2015

      by , 03-17-2015 at 02:54 AM
      This was a very fun, lucid night, full of dream signs, but I kept on waking way to soon due to the excitement of it all.

      I was sitting at a dining room beside my mother in-law (who passed in Y2001), and she was holding a baby. Instantly, I became lucid, and asked, “Mom, is that you?” She nodded and held up the baby, so I gave both the baby, and my mother in-law, a kiss on the cheek. I asked whose baby this is, and she replied, “It’s Cathy and William’s!” (I’m not sure if I remembered William’s name correctly). Dear mom smiled at me, and then the dream started to fade, so I swirled to no avail.

      In this next lucid dream, I was sitting on a concrete deck at the back of someone’s home, with a bunch of friends, and a jet flew by with the left engine on fire. This was certainly very odd, so I questioned myself if I was dreaming or not? I tried to fly, and I could! Lucid again! Yay! The jet plane was coming down for a crash landing behind some tall buildings, way off in the distance, and I wanted to see what happened next. My instinct was to quickly fly straight up so I could see over the tall buildings, but I entered the clouds and I lost site of the jet. Suddenly, 3 or 4 dream figures flew up beside me (not sure who). I still wanted to see the jet plane crash, so I flew straight down at high speed to exit the clouds, but I went way too fast and crashed head first into the ground beside an apartment block! Then I slowly rose to my knees, but my vision was gone from my right eye (I probably flattened my head). A tall dream figure landed beside me and helped me stand up. He looked totally shocked when he looked me in the eye. My vision faded and then I woke.

      In this 3rd lucid dream I was sitting at the dinner table with my son and daughter. When I saw my daughter I instantly became lucid (she passed in 2013). I said, “Daughter, it’s great to be with you!”, and then I turned to my son, and said, “You too!” I got so excited about seeing my daughter that I woke.

      I entered this 4th dream perfectly lucid, and I was kayaking down a river with my dream guide. The river was about 100 yards wide, small waves, a thick green, forest to the right, and a grassy park area to the left. I simply appeared there out of nowhere. My dream guide looked at me and said, “Isn’t it amazing how real dreams are?” I looked at him and happily replied, “Exactly!” It certainly was very real looking, and I was really taken back by the moment and then I woke.
    12. Ivory

      by , 03-15-2015 at 11:53 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #423 - DILD - 6:08AM

      I'm at Subway. Some man is being a jerk to a woman and she leaves him and comes to sit at my table. She becomes very flirty and ends up asking me to join her for diner later. She's older, but extremely attractive (she looks a lot like Zooey Deschanel) so I say 'yes'. I tell her that she is very beautiful and she responds with a flirty smile.

      Later, I am walking up a sandy hill with sparse vegetation and I get the idea that I am very near the ocean. I'm preoccupied with the conversation with the woman and I keep replaying certain parts in my mind. I keep thinking that I sounded like an idiot the way I told her she was beautiful, but I think I am just being paranoid because she still wants to see me again. I suddenly become semi-lucid as I walk up this hill realizing that I no of this would ever happen. I anticipate seeing the ocean as I reach the top but the hill seems to morph in an odd way so that I never quite reach the top.

      I am non-lucid in some industrial building. I see the woman again and we have some pleasant conversation that I can't recall. I then leave and somehow become lucid as I step outside. I look around and see that I am at some shipyard with storage containers all over the place. I get the feeling that I am in 'the bay area' and still near the ocean. I feel a love for this area and feel like I remember it from somewhere I lived long ago. I am overwhelmed with a feeling of nostalgia and I shout, "I LOVE THIS TOWN!" I walk along a type of boardwalk among the multi-colored storage containers. I see some containers are floating in the water and decide to play around by jumping from one to the other. I notice that though I can see water I can't see out into the bay because there seems to be a high wall of storage containers surrounding the area. I end up having some trouble jumping far enough and I barely grab on to the edge. I have to pull myself up on top and I find the effort is exhausting. This happens several times and I wonder why I am not able to just fly around. When I stand up, I am now on a concrete area inside a warehouse. There is an metal can like paint thinner would come in and has some logo on it. There is a green label with black letters that read "Ivory". My brother walks up looking overly disgusted and annoyed to the point that it seems cartoonish. He says, "Oh you've been talking to Ivory [the woman]. Good! Take her out of here. See that can? It's says 'Ivory'. Take anything that says 'Ivory' and get it out of here. He turns, storms off, and I wake up.
    13. Squatters

      by , 03-14-2015 at 12:53 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #421 - DILD - 5:20AM

      I wake at some point to use the toilet then fall back to sleep with mantra.

      Something about being at a church. Someone gets shitty with my and pisses me off so I leave.

      I am traveling with my kids and wife and we end up staying in an empty trailer house. I assume we have permission, but I worry about getting caught. I'm not really sure if we have permission afterall. I see headlights and watch a car drive up a hill to a huge mansion. I get a snapchat of my son with my younger sister and her family. I 'remember' she is babysitting him for a while. I decide to play Gameboy a little before bed. Someone yells at my older daughter. I think it was my mom. I look at my phone and see it's 11:45pm. She's crying so, I tell daughter that she has 15 minutes and then we have to get some sleep. I notice the sun coming up through a window and I say to daughter, "You know it gets light at midnight now?"
      She looks surprised, but says nothing
      "Yeah, that's right." I feel this is true statement, but I am not totally convinced so, just to be sure, I do a quick nose plug. I blow through, but I think I must have not plugged my nose enough. I squeeze harder, but still blow clean. I'm totally shocked so I do it a third and fourth time until I totally believe.

      I leave the bedroom at the end of the house and move back to the living room we were just in. It's dark outside again so I decide to play with punching at walls. When I connect, it feels like thick, soft rubber and makes no damage. I think it's kind of funny so I take several punches at the wall until I feel like my hand break through. However, when I remove my hand there is still no damage to the wall. I try the front door all to the same effect. I notice now that day light has return through the large bay window. I can see leaves on the brown grass outside and decide to use that as a visual focal point as I phase through the glass.

      I keep thinking that I had some goals I wanted to try, but I just can't recall. I decide to run up the hill to the huge mansion and it takes some time getting there. I feel strange in my eyes like I have them open too wide and I'm trying too hard to focus. I try to ignore this and purposefully don't think about waking up. As I am walking up the hill, I feel my eyes rolling up too far to see so I tilt my head back to adjust. At the top, The large mansion is now several super small houses. I wonder if anyone is around so I shout, "HEY!... HEEEEEYYYY!" No one shows. I start to enter one of the houses, but it's at this point that I suddenly wake up.
    14. Exploring an Abandoned House - Mar 1, 2015

      by , 03-13-2015 at 12:30 PM
      In this dream I realized I was dreaming by a Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD), but I decided to continue on with the dream pretending that I wasn’t lucid to see if the dream would last longer without stabilizing (was somewhat successful).

      It was mid-afternoon, and I was driving down a backwoods area along a dike. There was a huge lake on one side, and an abandoned, hydro dam community (circa 1960’s) on the other, which was heavily grown in with foliage. My wife was sitting beside me, and we were discussing reasons why such beautiful homes could have been abandoned. One house even appeared to even have all the furniture left inside, and it looked pretty much untouched, except for part of the roof had collapsed, so we decided to park the truck and take a closer look.

      I walked over the abandoned home and opened the front door. There were cobwebs everywhere (dream sign), so I turned around and asked my wife to pass me a stick so I could knock them down. Standing behind my wife was our beautiful daughter (another dream sign), and I instantly became lucid. I said to them, “I know this is a dream, and I could become lucid, but I don’t want to wake up. I want to explore this cool house!” Both my wife and daughter smiled and agreed with the plan. Neither had passed me a stick, so I made a fire poker appear in my left hand and we continued into the house. Not surprisingly the cobwebs were now gone, so I dropped the fire poker on the floor.

      There were old couches, lamps, end tables, and random belongings, and the house really looked like the inhabitants just walked away without packing anything. The floor in the kitchen had collapsed into the basement, and we carefully slid down the angled floor so we could see if anything was down there. Nope, the basement was empty. I started to have thoughts about the house collapsing on us, so I said, “Okay, let’s leave now, because this doesn’t look safe.” I was thinking in my mind to be careful with my thoughts, because this can affected how the dream plays out. I was actually still lucid, but I was trying to get back into regular dream mode, which I couldn’t seem to do.

      As we approached the front door, one of my dream guides walked in, and asked if we can still be friends? We had a nasty fight earlier that night in a non-lucid dream, and it really didn’t end well at all. It was my fault, because I’m still struggling with the occasional violence in non-lucid dreams. I looked apologetically at him and replied, “Of course we can.” Just then, a bunch of cars and trucks pulled up the house, and a pile of scruffy looking dream characters jumped out. My daughter immediately spun around, and flew at towards the back corner of the house, and she passed seamlessly right through the wall! She was getting the heck out of here! My wife and dream guide then walked out the front door to greet them, and I followed close behind. Once outside, my wife asked where our daughter was, and I told her she flew off somewhere. Then the lucid dream quickly faded and I woke.

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    15. Mirror Lake + Coitus Interruptus (DILDs + FAs)

      by , 03-12-2015 at 07:52 AM
      Ritual: Too tired to work late so WTB 12am, woke 4am to finish work. WBTB at 6:15, woke 7:15am with first DILD.

      DILD, "Mirror Lake": Woke up with fragile recall... as I was getting down notes from the end of the dream, ended up forgetting much of what came before. Thought about it and some scenes came back, but there might be gaps.

      I recall an NLD at my grandma's house involving lots of cats and kittens of all sizes and personalities. I was trying to negotiate conflicts between them and protect the kittens from dogs who seemed on the verge of trying to eat them. I woke at one point (though I now suspect this was an FA) and reflected, oh, those were such obvious dream signs (grandma's house & cats), I should be more attentive.

      Not sure exactly when I became lucid; it might have happened around this point. I recall lying in bed, thinking it was just like my real bed but instinctively aware that I was dreaming. (In retrospect, typically, room and bed were nothing like WL.) I lay on my back staring at the complex patterns that were playing across the ceiling in black and white, complex and shifting geometric abstractions.

      From there the scene changed. I recall the transition clearly, because I found it interesting how I went from lying flat on my back to sitting in a partially reclining chair in a movie theater without ever feeling as though my body had changed position. Corresponding with my new angle of vision, the patterns on the ceiling have now reoriented to become the images on the movie screen, and transformed from abstract to representational. When I was lying in bed I had the impression that my husband was sleeping to my right (odd because in WL he sleeps on my left); now he is sitting on my right in the movie theatre. The rest of the room was empty in the earlier scene, even lacking furniture apart from the bed: the movie theatre, by contrast, is packed with people.

      Having experienced all this so distinctively, especially the odd ambivalence of change/no change in my position, I become curious about my dream body and feel it with my hands. How lifelike is it? I'm impressed with its solidity and the distinct way I can feel the muscles moving under my skin as I twist in my seat. (In retrospect, the muscular movement may have been exaggerated.)

      Even though I'm only touching my side and hip, the attention to my body makes me feel slightly aroused, and I am reminded of the recent forum thread where the OP asked if it was possible to maintain lucidity through orgasm. Certainly, I had replied. Though I've done it before, some years ago, eventually I decided not to get distracted by dream sex so it's been a while. It now occurred to me to see if I could still do it, if only as an exercise in maintaining stability. I hesitated momentarily since I was in such a public place, but shrugged off those concerns—this is my dream, how much more private can you get?—and indeed no one around me notices or reacts as I move my hand discreetly downward.

      All it takes is a few minutes of pressure with my fingers to get myself off. I watch the images on the movie screen to make sure I don't lose focus on the dream. The intensity passes and the dream remains stable. I once again marvel at how easy it is to orgasm in dream compared to the cumbersome efforts required of the physical body. After the movie ends—I don't recall the story at all—I leave the theater. I remember being impressed at how long the dream lasts and how continuous the spaces feel, though in retrospect I don't clearly remember all the ground I covered.

      The next thing I remember is a scene inspired by day residue from work. I talk briefly with colleagues, mostly people that I observe have no correspondence to WL. When I get bored with this and turn to leave, a woman asks, "You're leaving already?" I go out the door carrying a large textbook in one hand. I briefly consider discarding it, but decide to keep it with me for now.

      Beyond the doorway I find myself in the hallway of a university building. It's hard to say if it is dorms or classrooms, but there are lots of flyers and decorations all over the walls. I note the peculiarities of my vision: the environment is really stable, with lots of detail, but everything is a bit dim and out of focus. I'm deciding what to do next and recall the mirror TOTM. There are always public restrooms in hallways like this, and there will undoubtedly be a mirror in the restroom, so I walk down the hallway and look for a likely door.

      I reach a corner where the corridor takes a right turn to the left, so I continue in that direction. After turning the corner, I encounter something unexpected: the hall is much darker here, as if the lights have gone out, and the way forward is block with big stacks of boxes. Interesting... why is the dream trying to stop me from going down this hall? Curious, I levitate and cross the barrier easily—the boxes were only stacked high enough to be an obstacle to someone on foot.

      A voice calls out from the darkness behind the boxes, apparently a guy stationed at a desk there to make sure no one gets past. "You can't go back there," he warns me.

      "Why?" I ask, genuinely wanting to know the answer. The barriers the dream is throwing in my way are becoming more and more intriguing!

      His excuse is really lame and boring: "There are books being deposited."

      "Okay," I respond indifferently. I ignore him and continue to levitate down the hallway. Halfway down I encounter a door on my right. Will the guard pursue me? I have the the impression that he starts to get up from his desk, but I've moved so quickly that I have a big lead already. To further distract and delay him, I throw the big textbook I've been carrying in his direction. Helpfully, this frees up my hands so that I can open the door.

      I have the impression that the door was supposed to be locked, but I bypass it effortlessly. As I twist the knob and push the door open, I can feel the distinct tickle of thick cobwebs brushing my right hand. This gives me a creepy thrill... is there actually some peril here? Why would the dream try to keep me out of this room? Just past the door is a pair of light switches on the wall to my right. I flip them but nothing happens. Typical.

      Although the room is darker than the hall outside, I can still vaguely see. It is unremarkable: just a storeroom with a few boxes stacked here and there. However, one detail draws my attention: it is very thing I was looking for, a mirror! The mirror is large, at least 3x8 feet, and lying flat on the floor in an arbitrary position as though it is merely being stored here. This is great, I can try the TOTM! I've used mirrors as portals before, but they were always vertically aligned. The fact that this mirror is flat on the floor suggests a new way of using it: instead of pushing or walking through, as is natural with vertical mirrors, I should just run over and jump in as though it were a pool of water. I figure it will work as long as I can avoid any doubts or second thoughts.

      I take a running jump and fall into the mirror's surface. My alignment isn't perfect—I end up on my back sinking half into the mirror, half into the floor, but I don't let this bother me. There is a momentary disorientation of unconstructed dream space, then I watch curiously as a new environment begins to coalesce, wondering where I'll find myself.

      It was predictable, really: after thinking about the mirror-portal as a pool of water, that is exactly where I end up. I am floating on my back on the surface of a very calm body of water, like a pond, and I can hear a stream bubbling somewhere nearby. This is actually quite peaceful and relaxing, and I think how nice it would be to float here for a while... but I'm already waking up.

      FA: There is a brief FA where I hear my husband's breathing on my right—still the inverse of our actual positions in WL—and then I wake up for real.

      Interlude: From 7:15 to 8am I wake and write the notes from the last dream, then return to bed. It is hard to fall asleep, taking about half an hour. Everytime I get close to sleep, some unexpected noise wakes me: my husband's alarm clock; a text message; and finally an unrelenting sequence of pounding and clattering at the house next door, as though someone is alternately assembling and destroying a pile of scrap metal.

      Spoiler for Sexual content:

      DILD, "Coitus Interruptus": I find myself at home with my husband, but fully aware that I'm dreaming. I decide to expand on my sexual experimentation in the last dream, and see if I can maintain the same stability with a partner. "Do you want to have sex?" I ask, and at his affirmation, I begin taking off my clothes. The disrobing becomes tedious and seems to be taking an excessive degree of time and effort—it's a dream, can't I just will them away? But I feel like it is important to take my time and do this properly (I was probably wrong about that). Moreover, the dream is not cooperating: after getting my shirt and socks off I start to struggle with my pants, but even as I do so, I can feel myself wearing a shirt and socks again! Nevermind, I tell myself, only the pants really need to come off. I lose patience with how much effort this is taking and try to will them off, but the frustration wakes me up—

      —or so I think. Getting out of bed, I have to ask... am I really awake? I can't be sure (only in retrospect does it become clear that the layout of the room was all wrong). Looking around for dream signs, I see a ceramic catfood bowl stacked within a metal one (catfood bowls shouldn't be in the bedroom at all but I fail to realize that!) What has caught my eye is the fact that the ceramic bowl is cracked. I don't remember the bowl being cracked... is this really happening? (Actually, I noticed yesterday an unexpected crack in a WL wooden bowl, so this must be DR.) I go over to the bowl and tug on the cracked area. Pieces fall to the floor, everything acting very natural and lifelike. If I'm going to figure out whether this is a dream, I have to try something more drastic. I point my finger at one of the shards and will it to levitate. Sure enough, it promptly rises into the air and floats wherever my finger directs it. Awesome! So I really am dreaming! Suspicions confirmed, I walk straight to my husband's office: "Want to try again?" Clothes are no obstacle this time since I am still nude from getting out of bed, but at the moment of penetration I wake up—

      —or so I think. I'm lying in bed, but I can tell I'm not completely awake, because I'm seeing some random page of text in front of my eyes. I must still be dreaming. I'm enjoying the facility with which I've been able to detect and maintain FAs in this dream. I return to my husband's office to continue the experiment. This time he isn't there. I try to imagine us having sex in the absence of his DC, but it is not the least bit convincing, no different from "imagining" in WL. I find this odd. DCs are mental projections, so shouldn't I be able to compensate with my mind alone? Apparently it is more complicated than that.

      I go back to the bedroom and find my husband there. I propose sex but he claims he is spent, apparently from our last encounters. I insist, and he goes along. This time we manage full penetration, and oddly, at the same moment I feel a corresponding sensation of fullness in my mouth. I figure the act must be triggering an association with oral sex. At the moment it feels distracting and uncomfortable, and since it doesn't go away on its own, I reach into my mouth to try to manually pluck out the sensation. This is even worse: it feels like I am tugging on my own esophagus, so I stop. I wake up—

      —but did I? After that chain of FAs I wait and try to be sure. This feels more like real wakefulness, and I can feel the weight and warmth of the cat lying on me, in the position he took as I was falling asleep. I decide I'm truly awake this time, review the memories briefly, and get up to write at 9:30am. This time I notice a physical sensation of sexual arousal, which was lacking after the earlier dream. I wonder if it is because I woke up in mid-experiment or because it was not successfully resolved this time.

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