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    1. Keeping Lucidity Under Wraps and Observing Dream Characters

      by , 10-26-2014 at 10:22 PM
      I was at a community club event. I knew I was dreaming (not sure why). Usually I take off and fly and try to take full advantage of the situation, but this time I decided to keep quiet, observe, interact, and use no super powers. As a note, this lucid dream lasted about 15 minutes, and was very stable and clear. No stabilization was needed. It’s definitely one of my longest lucid dreams.

      The community club was full of people, at least 100. I moved through the crowd of people, saying, “Hi!”, and “Excuse me.” People really didn’t notice me. I was scanning the crowd seeing dream characters interact, hearing conversations, and there was chatter everywhere. I could see people appearing instantly out of nowhere. I noticed characters here and there yawning and getting tired. The sleepy characters would stop interacting, would lie down, or vanish, or sink through the floor. Aside from dream characters appearing and disappearing, it was unbelievable just how real the experience seemed!

      I came upon this young girl in her early twenties, very pretty, and she reminded me of my daughter. I decided to talk to her. I asked her name, and she replied (I forget her name). I introduced myself. She smiled, and we started talking casually, as we strolled around the crowd. She seemed to like hanging out with me. She then yawned, and she started to disappear. I asked her to stay, and to keep talking to me. I coaxed her along, and she was back again interacting. We headed over to the corner of the community club, by the tables. I asked her if she would like to sit down. She nodded and sat at the end of the table, and I sat opposite to her. There were several gray haired older women sitting at the table. One of the ladies said hi to me, and used my name! I thought how does she know my name?

      After about 10 minutes I thought it was about time to blow my lucidity cover up, so I told the young girl I was dreaming. She looked at me and seemed very confused by what I was saying. I asked her where she lived, and she said from Queens, New York, off Hwy??, near the exit ramp. I asked her for her phone number, and she gave me a mixture of letters and numbers. I told her to try again, and she said the same numbers and letters again. The older ladies around the table suddenly started looking bit up tight, and I could see a glowing orange light behind me.

      I looked around, and there was this man in a black suit jacket trying to tie me up to a metal post with a glowing strap. I stood and backed away from him, and I said, “It’s all okay, everything is okay, and I’m leaving.” He seemed to be fine with this and he walked away. I decided to follow him and ask him why he was trying to tie me up. He stopped, looked at me, and then I asked him. He told me, “You’re not following the rules.” Suddenly a porcelain black cat appeared on the ground beside me. I could see the cat’s eyes moving. Btw, black cats are my dream sign, and often tell me when I’m dreaming. The man in the black suit, pointed at the black cat and said in a harsh voice, “And why does that thing keep appearing?” I felt like telling him, “Because that’s my dream sign stupid!” I bent down and picked up the cat carefully into my arms, and petted it. The porcelain cat became this perfect golden eyed, black cat. We walked away from the man in the black suit. I always give this black cat a lot of affection in my dreams. The cat started to lick my face and lean into my chest. I then woke up and immediately recorded my Lucid dream.
    2. Afternoon Intergalactic Space Flight

      by , 10-24-2014 at 07:48 PM
      I went for an afternoon nap to attempt the WILD technique, but I fell asleep in the hypnogogic phase. Next thing I knew, I was floating in space, and quickly realized I must be dreaming. The view was amazing, better than what you see on the clearest nights.

      I decided to head off into space to see how far I could go. At first the stars were passing by me quickly (like the Starship Enterprise), and I soon found myself leaving the Milky Way. Continuing to accelerate I could see complete galaxies starting to slowly pass me by, then I went faster and faster, until the galaxies were streaming past me like streaks of light. There were millions of them. It is hard to describe. Next stop was the edge of the universe. I wanted to keep going until there was nothing but blackness, but the galaxies just kept coming.

      Then I heard a voice, “Supper Time!” Oh crap, it’s my wife! No!!! I came to a complete stop, and I could see a spiral galaxy right in front of me. I heard my wife call my name. Oh no, the view is fading. I decided to head off back to earth, because what would happen if I woke up way out here, would I be okay? I spun around and took off in the direction I came from. Clarity improved. I flew for about a 30 seconds and stopped. I looked around. I could see galaxies, but which one was mine? I was totally lost. I panicked, woke up, and then had supper. I tried to describe what I was just dreaming about, but my family just gave me a blank look(There goes dad again talking about his lucid dreams).
    3. Matrix Style Fighting with the Beige Suits

      by , 10-20-2014 at 07:24 PM
      In this dream, I was at my parent’s house, at the top of the stairs, talking to another dream character who was threatening me with his supernatural powers. He was a little bit scary and seemed quite convincing. I told him I could be a vampire while lucid and easily be more powerful than he was. I then chose to be Lucid and turned myself into a vampire. He instantly left.

      Now that I was lucid, I needed to do something like fly, so I wouldn’t wake up. I ran down the stairs past my dad to go outside and do some flying. My dad said, “You should stay here.” I just ignored him because I was focussed on staying lucid. I looked outside, and it was the middle of winter, and I wasn’t properly dressed to go out there. I knew if I tried to find proper clothes I would wake up, so I just ran out the door and flew up over the trees. The trees were covered in hoarfrost and were absolutely beautiful. The sun was reflecting off of each snow crystal and it was brilliant white. By the time I reached the end of the street, at about 100 feet altitude, the snow had vanished, and it was now fall. I looked off in the distance, and I had 100% clarity. I decided to find my daughter.

      As I flew down the alongside the road that paralleled a river, I called out loud for my daughter to join me, and then suddenly this girl appeared riding a bike. I flew down and landed beside her. She didn’t look like my daughter, but she had the biggest smile ever, and she reminded me of her. I asked her if she was my daughter, and she said no. I then told her to tell my daughter I am looking for her. A fellow in a Beige Suit appeared on a bike and began to follow this girl as I flew away.

      I flew down, and landed at a market square, near the town’s Marina, and then walked into a market building hoping to find my daughter. Several people stopped what they were doing and stared at me. This dark haired fellow behind the counter was threatening me, and I told him everything was fine, and that I was just looking for my daughter. He calmed down and carried on with his business. I floated up slowly through the ceiling to see if my daughter was on the roof. She wasn't, so floated back down into the building. A man in a Beige Suit, like the one I saw on the bike earlier, then asked me a question, but before I could answer, he slapped a handcuff on my left hand. He yelled out, “I’ve got him!” I yanked the other end of the handcuff out of his hand and backed up. The handcuff he put on me was made from a black composite material, and the chain appeared to be some sort of polymer cord. I tore the handcuff off my left hand and proceed to rip the handcuffs into a bunch of pieces. Another Beige Suit appeared and he said, “That isn’t going to work on him.” I turned around and flew full speed at the exit door, and I passed right through it, like it wasn’t there. When I got to the other side I was in a concrete parkade. I then woke from the excitement, and stayed perfectly still in bed, then ended up back at the exact same spot in the dream. Both Beige Suits were there waiting.

      In an effort to scare these guys off, I assumed the famous martial arts pose. The one Beige Suit fellow said, “Oh great, he knows this too?” The other Beige Suit fellow said, “Just block him.” I really don’t know any martial arts, so they called my bluff. I then used my instant transport technique, where I can travel between two places instantly (within my visual range), and I transported to a floating position above one of the Beige Suit fellows. He looked confused, as he searched frantically for me, and he couldn’t see me. I then shot full speed at another exit door from the parkade and ended up outside. Home free! Not…. One Beige Suit had me by the waist and dragged me back to the ground. Again I woke, and stayed perfectly still in bed, and then ended up back at the exact same spot in the dream.

      I don’t believe in violence when dreaming, but these guys pushed me too far. I instant transported to the back of one the Beige Suits, grabbed him from behind, and threw him 20 yards at an incredible speed into the recessed exit area of the concrete parkade. He bounced off the walls and ground, and then came to a complete stop, upside-down and unconscious, floating at a 45 degree angle to the ground. The other Beige Suit and I just stood there and watched him as he floated unconscious. Suddenly, he gained consciousness, and yelled, “I’ve never had that happen before!” He was pissed. This time he flew straight at me, and before impact, I woke myself up. My heart was pounding, and I felt hot. I lay in bed thinking how this perfectly good lucid dream went so wrong.
    4. Meeting an old Acquaintance

      by , 10-20-2014 at 02:55 AM
      I was sitting with a group of men having a discussion. One of the men looked like an old acquaintance of mine who had recently passed away. The only difference was he had a full head of red hair, whereas before he was bald, he was medium build (instead of overweight), and now he was young. Despite all this, I still recognized him. I realized instantly I was dreaming. How else could I be meeting with him? I was Lucid.

      FYI: We really did not get along well during our experiences together in life, but I believed he was a good man, and he was liked by many people. He had a large funeral, but I did not attend, because like I said earlier, we really didn’t get along.

      While lucid, I went right up to him, and asked if it was him? He said, “Yes”, and then I told him I was sorry he had passed. I went to give him a ‘man hug’, but he raised his arms up, blocking mine. He was very strong, and his arms wouldn’t budge. He put his face to the side, looking away from me, and said, “I’m still upset.” I didn’t know what to do next, and the situation was a little awkward. The dream was fading fast, and I woke up.
    5. My First Lucid Dreams

      by , 10-16-2014 at 06:40 PM
      I had these two reoccurring nightmares when I was child. The first one was being chased by a Sasquatch, as a result of watching The 6 Million Dollar Man, and the second was falling from a tall swaying skyscraper, thanks to the movie, The Towering Inferno!

      My mom told me to simply realize you are dreaming, and then make friends with your fear. Back then in the 70s there was no such phrase as Lucid Dreaming, and nobody really knew too much about it, except that it was possible to become consciously aware in your dreams. It took a few months, but I was able to become Lucid during my nightmares.

      The Sasquatch Attack!
      I was running through the forest, being chased by this Sasquatch, totally terrified, and then I remembered what my mom said, “Realize you’re dreaming and make friends with your fear.” I stopped in my tracks, and turned around to face the Sasquatch. It was 7 feet tall, hairy, and was real nasty looking. I stayed calm, knowing I couldn’t get hurt in my dreams. I raised my arm to shake its hand. The Sasquatch also raised its hand! I introduced myself. I've never had this nightmare again. Problem solved thanks to lucid dreaming.

      Falling from a Skyscraper!
      The nightmare would always start off with me holding onto the ledge of a tall skyscraper, which was swinging in the wind. My grip would loosen, and then I would fall, and wake up just before hitting the ground. This time, as I was falling, I realized I was dreaming, and I was going to face my fear. Absolutely terrified, I decided to hit the ground, because you can’t get hurt in your dreams. Right? Wrong! I hit the ground, and it knocked the wind out of me, and it did hurt. I rolled over and looked up at the swaying building, got to my feet, and checked for damage. No damage! I was okay. BTW, I still have this nightmare occasionally, but I’ve since figured out you can simply fly away, and not hit the ground.
    6. Writing While Lucid

      by , 10-10-2014 at 06:52 PM
      I’ve tried to write words, in the past, while lucid, and it’s never worked. The letters seem to fall, rotate, and float off the page as quickly as I could write them down, or they became so mixed up that they no longer made sense. Today I tried something new and it worked!

      In this dream I was attending the first day of Chemistry, Faculty of Science. The professor was describing to us how difficult the course was, and you’ll probably end up dropping out. Same old, same old. Hearing this, I stood up and said, “I found the course not too difficult, and most of the people passed. What are you talking about?” I began to think about 2nd year Chemistry, when I realized I must be dreaming, because why would I be attending first year chemistry, and for that matter, why am I still in university?

      I was having a hard time remembering that I was lucid, and I felt like I was slipping back into dream mode. I decided to carve the word ‘DREAM’, in the top of a stump and focus on it. Don’t ask me how, but there was a 1 foot diameter stump in the class. Using my point finger, I carved out the word ‘DREAM’ in the top of the stump. My finger was able to carve the letters in the wood in the same manner as one would write in sand. I was very impressed, because the word stayed there. I called over a couple of the people from the class to take a look at the word I spelt. One girl had a pitcher of water in her hand, and she poured it out over the stump, drowning the word. I could still see the letters under the water. Taking my left hand, I swept the water off, leaving only a bit of water in the grooves of each letter. I then took dark ash from a saucer that appeared beside me, and I filled in the letters to make them black. The letters were now very pronounced against the lighter colored wood.


      I called more people over to see this magical thing called a word, which was actually legible, and a rarity. The dream was fading fast, and I had no time to stabilize. I woke up.

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    7. You Don’t Handle Humiliation Well Grasshopper

      by , 10-10-2014 at 03:08 AM
      Wife, Son, and I were cruising down a double lane highway on a quad. We came to a high, steep, sand dune, which spanned the entire road. The only way around it, was over it. The wheels dug in, and then we got stuck half way up the dune. Concerned about flipping the quad, I asked Wife and Son to get off. I tried to drive up the dune, but it wouldn’t move, so I decided to turn the quad around, and head back down the dune. Incredibly, the quad magically turned around 180 degrees, and was pointing down the hill in the correct direction. I thought for a second that maybe I was dreaming, but I brushed it off, because everything seemed so real. Another quad was coming up the hill beside me, and it also got stuck. This backwoods looking fellow, with a baseball cap, and a crappy looking quad, was staring at me. A strange, black tar substance was oozing from his skin (kind of like X-Files). As I drove down the hill past him, he reached out and then smeared his black tar ooze all over me. It was totally disgusting, and I was pissed. I instantly became lucid (not sure why), drove the quad down to the bottom of the hill, and then I leaped off. I was mad. As I mention before I have a personal conviction not to be violent in my dreams, but this time I didn’t care. I flew up the hill to grab him, then he repelled me away with some sort of invisible force. I pushed real hard back at this invisible force and managed to grab onto him. We both floated up into the air wrestling, and I was gaining an advantage on him. While wrestling, we floated back down to the ground near the bottom of the hill. Suddenly, out of nowhere, comes this German Sheppard, and it attacks me. I let go of the man and grab the dog around it's chest. The thought of hurting the dog made me feel real guilty inside, and reminded me of my personal conviction. I stopped fighting, and thought to myself, “What am I doing? This is so wrong.” To my surprise, the backwoods guy turned into an East Indian man, dressed in a white robe, and the dog turned into an Asian woman, in a white dress. I still had my arm around her. The East Indian man said to me in a heavy accent, “You don’t handle humiliation well.” Then I said, “What?” He then said back to me, “Humiliation, when somebody does something to you, you don’t respond well.” I looked at him and said ,”Humiliation?” When I spoke the sound was distorted, and was breaking up. I was starting to wake, and the clarity was dissolving. He said back in a distorted voice, “Yes, Humiliation.” I focussed and concentrated on increased lucidity, and the clarity improved. I looked at the Asian woman, who I still had my arm around, and said, “Were you the dog?” She said yes, and I apologized to her. I then hugged her, put my head on her shoulder, and started to cry. I felt guilty for being violent in my lucid dream. The emotions then woke me.
    8. Kamehameha – My first Energy Ball

      by , 10-08-2014 at 07:17 PM
      I was walking down a path, with two friends, in a heavily wooded forest. The leaves on the trees were all green, which I found to be very odd since it is fall here in Canada. In the waking world the leaves have all turned to colors, or have completely fallen off the trees. I knew instantly I was dreaming. I’m Lucid!

      I turned around and decided to take off. I find this helps to stabilize the lucid dream. Leaping into the air horizontally with the expectation to fly away, quite the opposite happened; I landed face first on my chest. I decided to flap my arms to see if this would help me lift off. Suddenly I had wings! As I was flapping my wings, I could feel them pushing against the air, giving me lift. It felt similar to swimming, except you’re moving very fast. I called for my daughter to come and join my lucid dream, as I always do, because I miss her dearly, and a lucid dream is a great place to visit.

      I was flying high above a field, and I could see a bunch of people below me, running after me (on the ground). I immediately flew down and landed. All the adults in the group kept on running into the forest, and I yelled at them to comeback. They momentarily paused and looked at me, but kept on going. All the youths stayed there, about 10 of them, and they wanted to know how I was flying. One of them looked at me and said you’ve been hexed. I told him, “No I’m not, I’m lucid dreaming!” I proceeded to explain how this possible. After I was done, the kids left because somebody was calling for them.

      I proceeded into a house in attempt to find my daughter. In the house, I found my wife, and an elderly woman. My wife seemed like a dream character, but the elderly woman was full of life and expression. I then showed them some of aerobatic moves in the confines of the kitchen, and the elderly woman seemed to appreciate this. We then walked into the living room, where my wife suddenly cranked up the stereo. It was so loud, I couldn’t even think, and it was messing with my lucidity, and certainly wasn’t helpful for trying to meet up with my daughter. I tried to turn the stereo down, but the control knob didn’t work. I then tried to split the stereo in half by thought. It stretched a bit, but no luck. I then remembered what PercyLucid told me about using an energy beam to blow stuff up. I’ve watch the complete Dragon Ball Z series with my son, so I have a pretty good idea what this was about. I put out my left hand and concentrated. A very small sphere of white light started to form. I then took both my hands and cupped them like the Dragon Ball Z characters doing a Kamehameha. It worked! A perfect ball of energy, about the size of a grapefruit, formed in my hands. It was glowing orange, was transparent, and had 100’s of stings of electricity zapping around inside it. It was so cool. I prepared to Kamehameha the stereo, and then my wife moved in front of it. I didn’t want blast my wife! I looked at the elderly woman and asked her what should I do with this ball of energy? She pointed at a wooden trunk and said, “Shoot the trunk!” I release my Kamehameha at the trunk in an energy beam form, then to my surprise it bounced off, hitting the ground. It then turned into a ball of yarn. I laughed, and said, “That’s not much of a Kamehameha!” The elderly woman didn’t find any humor in this.

      I flew out of the house to continue my search for my daughter. I landed on top of a building. Off in the distance I could see my daughter through a window, standing in a building! I was just about to fly over there, and then I woke up, because I got excited about seeing my daughter. I remained perfectly still in my bed trying to go back into the dream. Within seconds I was back in the dream, but my daughter was gone. Where did she go? I flew back down into the same house where my wife and the elderly woman were earlier. The house was different inside; it was now an old fashion store, full of goods and ware. There were at least fifty people in there. They all seemed to be staring at me. Suddenly this guy appeared out of nowhere and grabbed me, and said, “Tone it down, people are starting to notice!” His face, eyes, and expression was so real, I found it shocking. I could then see white light irradiating from me, and the man then had a shocked look on his face as he quickly arched his back away from me. I then woke up.

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    9. Not from Earth Man

      by , 10-06-2014 at 02:20 AM
      This is a dream induced lucid dream - DILD. I was at an indoor swimming pool. There were about 30 people standing around the pool watching this man throwing rocks and boulders into the pool. It looked like he was building a stone bridge across the pool. I was really impressed that this guy could pick up fridge size boulders and throw them. I then realized this must be a dream. Bingo – Lucid! I walked over to the man and asked him how he could lift such big boulders. He said, “I’m not from Earth”. I wasn’t expecting that to come out of his mouth, then I stood back with the rest of the group, and continued to watch him build his bridge. After he finished with the bridge, he then hung a bunch of bungee cords from the indoor pool ceiling. Bungee cords were hanging everywhere, on about a 10 foot grid pattern. Next thing I knew, I was hanging from a bungee cord, sitting in some sort of saddle. How the heck did I get there! Everyone in the room was hanging from a bungee cord, and the ‘Not from Earth Man’ was standing on the bridge. Suddenly we all started to travel at high speeds around the room, being flung from bungee cord to bungee cord, like some sort of carnival ride. Round and round we went. Everything was a blur. I was really enjoying this ride! Then I woke up from all the excitement.

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    10. Pumpkin Innards and Monster Blood (DILD + DEILD)

      by , 10-03-2014 at 05:38 AM
      Ritual: WTB 1am, woke 4:45am. Read, drank spice lassi, 7 minutes SSILD meditation, WBTB 6am. Relaxation, counting, mantra, took probably 30–45 minutes to fall fully asleep. Woke 7:30am with dreams.

      Alchemy: 400mg L-Theanine, 400mg Alpha-GPC 50%, 750mg Aniracetam, taken at end of WBTB.

      Notes: Two days ago I was buying ice cream in RL, and it occurred to me that I should use this as a motivator. "You can't eat any of this ice cream until you have a lucid dream!" I told myself sternly. Then last night I was thinking of eating something else for dessert, and I decided to be even more strict: "In fact, no dessert for you at all until you get lucid!" Given everything else that went into my attempt, including excitement about the brand new TOTMs, I can't estimate to what extent this reward-based strategy was a factor in the successful outcome, but it's worth experimenting with some more. Either I'll have more LDs or I'll eat fewer sweets, so it's a win-win either way!

      I've been working on my mantra, and I'm currently going with variants of "Do we perceive the dream?" When going to sleep while counting I was thinking this on the off-counts, and as the hypnagogic state started to set in, at one point I noticed myself thinking: "Do we believe the skies?" ("Skies" as in the sporting equipment, so the rhyme was preserved.) This was so absurd I had to rouse myself and write it on my notepad!

      By the time I started dreaming, it seemed as though there was a degree of dream-awareness from the start of the sequence, but I don't think it blossomed into full lucidity (with agency) until I remembered my tasks. There was no specific "moment of realization," and yet overall the dream felt much more like a DILD than a WILD, so I'm calling it a DILD.

      DILD: I was standing in a narrow lane, enclosed on both sides by walls and buildings, in a residential area. A woman came out from a nearby house and walked past me, carrying a cat. Two other cats were running after her anxiously, so although their size suggested that they were almost fully grown, I intuited that the they must be the kittens of the cat she was carrying. The cat in her arms had wonderful markings, almost like tiger stripes. One of the ones that followed had a similar coat, a cross between tiger stripes and a Bengal's spots. A few minutes later a third cat came along, also striped.

      I was so taken with looking at the cats that I didn't want to get too far behind, so I followed them and called the young boys that were with me to keep up. One of them was pushing an empty wheelbarrow but soon left off and went to chase after his friend, who had now gone ahead of me. I picked up the wheelbarrow and pushed it along for awhile, but it was of very primitive construction, all wood, even the wheel was just a disk of solid wood, so it was cumbersome. I wondered why I even needed it. I had noticed that one of the other boys who had gone ahead was giving his friend a ride in another wheelbarrow, and figured if I kept pushing mine, one of the boys would likewise ask me if they could ride in it, which would make it even more cumbersome. So I put it down and continued along the path.

      There was a barn to the left, with an open door, and I decided to turn aside and explore it. This meant there would be no way of catching up with the others, but I didn't feel much urgency to do that anymore. The barn was full of old objects, and seemed to be used as storage of some kind. I remembered the TOTM and reasoned that in a rustic place like this it should be easy to find a pumpkin, so I started looking around for one. I climbed a ladder to a ledge which was serving as a shelf for additional objects, and was pleased to find that one of them was a large pumpkin. Everything else was covered with dust, which made me wonder how long the pumpkin had been sitting here. It was probably this concern that made me notice that the pumpkin was looking a bit sagging and rotten, but I recalled that the TOTM instructions didn't specify anything about the condition of the pumpkin, so I figured that it would still work!

      Before I could reach for it, I noticed that it wasn't the only pumpkin: now I saw that there were three more on the shelf within arm's reach, all of them of slightly different hues and shapes. I was glad there was an alternative to reaching into the rotten pumpkin, so I grabbed the one whose appearance I found the most interesting: it was small, squat, and had a faintly bluish tinge. I figured I would start with this one, and if I didn't like the results, I had three more to work with.

      Part of me wanted to just punch my fist into the pumpkin, which would have been faster but less elegant, so I forced myself to take my time and cut it open properly. I produced a knife from somewhere, without really thinking about it, and began sawing a circle around the stem, just as if I were going to begin carving a jack-o-lantern. When I completed the circle I lifted up the top section, revealing the interior of the pumpkin, and reached inside. The pumpkin was small enough that my hand barely fit, and I was groping around in the stringy goop and slimy seeds trying to find something else in there, hoping to encounter something interesting and unanticipated. All I felt were the pumpkin's ordinary innards, though.

      Initially I had left my anticipations open-ended, but now that the dream was coming up empty-handed I tried to seed them with some expectations. Although it was a small pumpkin, there would be plenty of room for a ring. Might there be a ring inside? I squished all the pumpkin innards around in my hand to make sure I wasn't missing anything, but there was nothing there, nothing that wouldn't ordinarily be found in a pumpkin. The only distinguishing feature was that the stringy goop and slimy seeds, despite their very naturalistic texture, had the same bluish tinge as the pumpkin's skin. (I think this might have been day-residue, as last night I had been reading an Amazon review of a set of mala beads beads made in China that complained how the wood had soon developed a weird bluish cast.)

      At that point I decided to give up on the little blue pumpkin and get started on the other three, but inconveniently I woke up. I considered getting up and writing my report, but felt that I was still in a state where it would be possible to DEILD, so I fixed the previous events in mind and let myself drift back into dream.

      DEILD: This time I found myself in a place I recognized: it was the house of my maternal grandmother that I often visited as a young kid. It is a place that often shows up in my dreams. On this occasion, the theme of "blue" seemed to carry over from the last dream, as I noticed that the house now had a beautiful deep blue carpet that looked brand new. "Nice new carpet!" I said loudly, in case anyone was home. My grandmother is long dead but in waking life my uncle lives there now. In the dream, however, the house seemed quiet and empty, and no one responded to my complement.

      I felt very lucid and clear, more so than in the beginning of the last dream, and remembered my standing intention to reflect on my bodily awareness. Sure enough, I could feel the characteristic tingles in my abdomen and especially in my legs that I associate with dreaming. (My hypothesis is that this "tingling" is a product of REM atonia.) I also associate this sensation with the ability to fly in dreams, so I experimentally levitated a bit, and then tried to implant the mental suggestion to be more aware of this body state while dreaming, with the aim of getting lucid more often.

      Returning my attention to the environment, I wondered what task I could try next. I had been interested in the other basic task, drinking blood, but I didn't want to have to go all vampire on anyone who I might happen to encounter in this house, given that this was a place where my own relatives lived. "Perhaps if I look in the refrigerator, there'll be a cup of blood in there," I figured. It seemed a reasonable speculation, but after opening the fridge (which at the time I didn't notice was on the opposite side of the room than it is in RL), I didn't see any likely candidates. What would a cup of blood even look like? And would it still count for the task if it came from the fridge? The instructions didn't specify a source. But the idea of drinking a cup of refrigerated blood was not appealing to me, so I thought I should save this task for a more suitable occasion. I much preferred the idea of drinking it vampire-style, especially if I could get the bonus by drinking it from a supernatural creature.

      Closing the fridge, I wondered what other tasks might be suitable for this environment. I remembered my lucid dare, and that struck me as a perfect idea: when I was little I always used to walk and play in the forest behind this house, so it was the perfect "enchanted" forest in which to go looking for elves. I continued walking through the house and went out the back door.

      The world that greeted me once I stepped outside was startling in its freshness. The colors were deep and rich and luminous, more so than I usually see in dreams, and I was struck by the beauty of my surroundings. There were some distinct differences from RL: in the far distance I could residential areas covered in mist, as though I were looking at a town from the summit of a tall hill. The forest I hoped to find was present, but quite a bit further away than I would have expected. And walking across the grass of the wide lawn that lay before the forest was... a minotaur? I looked again. No, not quite a minotaur... it had the same general lineaments, but the head was that of a horse rather than a bull. Nevertheless, the creature was clearly supernatural, and it reminded me of the blood task again. I didn't want to miss this opportunity, since it was walking right toward me, so I approached the creature.

      I didn't want to just grab the monster and start biting him, since he would surely conclude that I was attacking him and fight back, which could be counter-productive. So I went up to him and asked politely, "Sir, would you mind if I drank some of your blood? I only need a cup." He was at least seven feet tall and surely had plenty of blood to spare, so I didn't see any reason he should refuse. To my consternation, he seemed unsettled by my request and tried to demur. But I didn't want to pass up this opportunity, and figured that I had already met the demands of good sportsmanship by clarifying my intentions, so I grabbed his left arm (I was facing him, so it was the arm to my right), extended my fangs, bit him right in the crook of his elbow, and began to drink. Although he was tense and rigid, he didn't fight back, and I concluded that he must be experiencing that peculiar pleasure that the prey of vampires are often said to feel while being fed upon.

      I paused to look up, gauging the creature's reaction, and was surprised to see that his appearance had changed. His head was thrown back, his eyes closed, but it was the head of an ordinary man now, no longer that of a horse. The task was to drink from a supernatural creature and see how it changed me, but it turned out he was the one that was transforming! I returned to drinking his blood before he could recover his wits and fight me off. However, the blood wasn't coming very quickly. Either I had picked a bad spot where the blood couldn't flow freely or he was still resisting me in some way, perhaps stifling its flow through the tension in his arm, which was still very stiff. I woke up before I had finished drinking, and promptly concluded that I didn't think I hadn't drunk a whole cup's worth, if we're measuring technically by eight ounces. However, it turns out that it is hard to estimate the quantity of blood you're drinking when you're getting it right from someone's arm!

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    11. Welcome back to the Lucid World

      by , 10-02-2014 at 06:25 PM
      I was sitting at my kitchen table with a young woman and man, not sure who. We were just chatting about the day's activities. The young woman said to me, "I have to leave now to go buy some Lipidil (for cholesterol)." I said, "Hey wait, I think I have some in my cupboard. I use to be on that too." I walked over to the cupboard and opened it. I see the Lipidil box sitting there amongst the other medications and I grab it. When I looked closer at the label it said ASA. What the heck, did I grab the wrong box? I put the pill box back and tried again. The same thing happened! Wrong pill box. I knew instantly I was dreaming. I'm Lucid! Now what should I do.? I thought it would be great to ask for my daughter to come and visit with me, but first I'll need to stabilize the dream, because things were fading fast. I began to swirl, and swirl, and swirl. Usually I don't have to swirl this long for the clarity to come back. Finally the dream was coming back and there was a glowing person standing in my kitchen. I was still swirling. The person said in a pleasant man's voice, "Welcome back!" Just then, there was a loud noise in my house (physical home), and I woke up. Darn, this would have been a lot of fun!
    12. Nicotine Dreams (DILD + FA)

      by , 09-14-2014 at 08:34 PM
      Ritual: I got fed up with the dry spell I've been having for the past couple weeks and took drastic measures. Back in 2010 I experimented a couple times with nicotine (in patch form) as a lucidity trigger, but quickly gave it up because I found it impossible to fall asleep with even a very low dose (half a 7mg patch, so 3.5mg). These days my problem—and the main thing hampering my lucid attempts—is that I've been falling asleep way too easily, so I thought there would be a good chance I'd be able to fall sleep wearing the patch and see if it had any effects on dreaming after all.

      Went to bed at midnight, woke naturally at 3:30am and stayed awake until 5am, mostly reading, but finishing the WBTB with a brief seated meditation. I googled to make sure using nicotine patches well past their expiration date was advisable, but was reassured by what I found. So I took 200mg L-Theanine to make it easier to fall asleep, and applied a 7mg patch with half its surface covered, so 3.5mg total (though the dose might have weakened with age). I also worked on my mental motivation, not just intending but vowing to get lucid tonight.

      When I returned to bed I felt my heart beating faster than normal, though I wasn't sure if it was the nicotine (if so the patches must be exceptionally fast acting, because this was only minutes later) or just a consequence of the excitement and anxiety of trying something new. The feeling reminded me trying to fall asleep on galantamine, which also has a very powerful stimulant effect. However, I started counting and was reassured (and somewhat surprised) when I began to lose my place already by the time I hit "ten." I reset and kept counting, rarely making it as far as "ten," and often not past "one," until I felt my mind had reached a place where I could easily fall asleep, then turned on my side to do so.

      I fell asleep very quickly, although my intention to remain aware of the transition went nowhere—I just zonked out. I woke up almost two hours later with the memory of a DILD and least one FA. The dreams were definitely atypical in tone: the plot was epic and confrontational, which I attribute to the nicotine. The dream awareness was spontaneous rather than triggered, but the lucidity was at very low level. Worse, my dream recall was unusually vague and fragmentary.

      DILD: The dream had a complex narrative that I can't satisfactorily recall. The most notable aspect was that my husband was in it and my dream logic concluded that it was a shared dream and that he was actually there and trying to learn the ropes of lucidity from me. We were trying to summon spirit allies, and he wanted a gryphon. The first version looked cartoonish, reminiscent of the monsters from Where the Wild Things Are, but it wasn't a proper gryphon. Neither were the next two, though they were massive, monstrous creatures that reminded me of the kinds of avatars you would summon in the later Final Fantasy games. When I summoned my own spirit ally, I was surprised to find that it was just a somewhat transparent virtual version of me.

      (Source: I think this was day residue, as last night in ME3 my Shepard came across the holograph AI of herself on the Citadel. The notion of iconographically incorrect gryphons might have been inspired by the poor versions I saw in the astonishingly bad—so bad it was almost good, I couldn't stop laughing—film version of Hercules I caught the last fifteen minutes of on cable yesterday evening.)

      I wish I remembered the plot of the dream more clearly. There was a group of entities that we were in conflict with, and they were insisting that I was breaking the rules of dream in some way. I disagreed, as I felt justified to do as I liked in my own dream, so I countered by exerting a massive field of control over the environment that made the ground shudder and shattered buildings. It wasn't quite an earthquake, more a gravity-reversing vibration: I have a mental image of dust and dirt rising and hovering in the air accompanied by an almost subsonic drone. It felt good to do this, powerful, though something of a guilty pleasure.

      (Source: I was sure there was a waking life source for this image of dust rising from the earth in the wrong direction but couldn't remember; now it occurs to me that it might have been from the movie Transcendence, which I saw last month.)

      At one point I had the presence of mind to wonder, or maybe someone asked me: was I actually hurting anyone by doing this? But I pointed out that you can't hurt DCs merely by disrupting their physical bodies, because the dream state does not have that kind of continuity. I demonstrated this by plucking my own spirit ally from deep in the rubble where she had been buried and reviving her.

      I might actually have remembered somewhere in all of this to try the Patronus TOTM, which had been my intention before falling asleep, but if so I don't recall the outcome, unless that was somehow connected with the idea of spirit allies. Too vague to be sure, unfortunately.

      FA: I woke up next to my husband and wondered if it had really been a shared dream, so I watched his reaction carefully. He gave me a look which led me to conclude that it had been. But before long it began to dawn on me that this might be a false awakening, and soon I was sure of it. I decided to review the events of the previous dream in my mind before I forgot, but as I was doing so, I became aware that my mind was interpolating new ideas, and whole new scenes were even taking place, spinning off from my memories of the previous plotline—this is the risk of reviewing dream memories while you're still dreaming!

      For instance, when I thought about our spirit allies, a girl showed up at the foot of the bed who I took to be a transformation of the gryphon in the previous dream, only now she looked human and very familiar. I tried to place her face and decided she resembled the character "Marnie" from Girls. Not sure where that came from, as I haven't watched an episode of that since the last season ended.

      Then when I was trying to remember the main plot, it became confused with a new plotline in which I was worried that war was imminent and that if it took place, the spirits of mythological creatures would fuse with nuclear bombs to create a weapon that was as devastating to dream as to the waking world.

      I was out trying to investigate and prevent this outcome, and found myself in the house of people who had melee weapons shaped like real or imaginary animals. One was a rod with a sculpted head shaped like the head of an animal that mingled the qualities of a lizard and a single-horned rhinocerous. Another was a club shaped like a narrow stylized boar, and while my husband was handling it, I noticed that it could also be fired like a crossbow. Again, very random imagery.

      Conclusion: I would call this a partial success at best, as the low-level awareness and limited recall made the overall experience less than satisfactory, and I didn't actually succeed in doing the TOTM that was my original goal. Still, breaking my dry spell by any means is reassuring. It definitely felt like nicotine had an effect on dream content, and I attribute the unusually "epic and confrontational" quality to its influence. However, after waking up I felt almost as uncomfortable and unrested as I do after using galantamine, so while I might experiment a little more along these lines, I will not be making this a frequent induction method—which is probably for the best, nicotine bad and all that.
    13. sex sex sex sex

      by , 09-09-2014 at 02:15 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm at some sort of house party with D, and J, and it appears that J got strippers for D. These girls are just straight up naked, and there's more than just stripping going on. I'm interested in this girl with a long tattoo going down the side of her torso. D is taking pictures with them, and I'm trying to ninja a few pics.

      Things got weird (maybe recall wise) and I found myself in a mall. There weren't a lot of people there, but it looked so familiar like something from my past. I walked into a video game store, and there were all kinds of systems there. PS1's, turbo graphix 16, and I think I saw an Atari Jaguar. There were also videogame related toys there. At this point I knew I was dreaming. There was a lady who was leaving the store and she decided to just phase through the window. I did the same thing, and met up with a bunch of DC's. They knew who I was, and they knew they were pretty much apart of me. They seemed pretty intelligent at the time so I decided to ask them a question that I should have asked years ago. "Why is it that sometime you guys seem to know all the answers, and sometimes you barley can complete a sentence when I'm lucid? Someone asked me to repeat the question, and the damn dream ended.

      I had another lucid that just involved sexual attempts. Not much new, but it did get scary because I was trying to summon a girl (HER to be exact) some faceless dude with a hood came up behind me. I punched him, and he disappeared. The only thing that was left were his clothes.
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    14. Fishing

      by , 09-05-2014 at 01:05 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #361 - DILD - 4:21AM

      Fell asleep listening in SINE Isochronic Entrainer, Marijuana preset. I am not sure how much time passed, but I wake up with no recall and decide to turn the sound off. I go back to sleep with a mantra. Dream for get rest of the morning where extremely vivid.

      I am fishing some pond with Tonya and her girlfriend. They are sitting on the solid rock bank, complaining about no catching any fish. I see small perch in the clear water and say something about being able to catch only perch. I throw an empty hook in the water and on of the larger perch latch on. I pull it out and comment on how I can only catch perch. There is laughter. I notice the hook went a little far and has almost caught the fishes eye. I have a hard time taking the hook out without doing too much damage to the fish. I briefly consider making bait from the perch, but decide against it. When I finally get the fish off the hook I throw it back in.

      There is some dream glitch and now the perch is swimming up out of the water about eye level. I smack the fish with my rod but there is little effect. Then, I notice this is most likely a dream and do a quick nose plug. There is some stuffiness but I do blow through. I know I have goals but can't recall. As I think, I move on impulse by jumping on Tonya's back and acting like I am riding a bull. Then I recall thinking about the black stereotype of liking catfish. I decide that must be my goal. I shout at Tonya's girlfriend, "Hey black girl (I can't remember her name). Get me some fish." I think this idea was all wrong as I wake up.

      I'm sorry that sounds horribly racist but It really wasn't.

      I have some dream about having kittens and rats in the house. The older cats started eating the kittens but I find more and more kittens.
    15. Trails of Breadcrumbs (brief WILD + 2 DILDS)

      by , 09-02-2014 at 12:37 AM
      After several promising WILD attempts failed for no good reason over the last couple weeks, I was afraid I was headed into another dry spell. Then last night, when I wasn't planning to lucid dream at all—having only seven hours to sleep before getting up early for a busy day—I had spontaneous lucids all night during the few short periods I managed to sleep at all, and had to sacrifice even more sleep writing up my notes promptly (as a matter of principle). I should have known better to drink that big mug of coffee before bed on a night when I was likely to be prone to anxiety anyway, but now I can report that caffeine + anxiety make a great lucid trigger!

      I went to bed at 12:30am. Knew I needed to wake at 7:30 and intended to go to bed earlier, but I never find it easy to go to bed before midnight unless I'm sick or already exhausted. Woke at 2:30am and realized that the coffee was a mistake: I was now wide awake. To counter the insomnia I started doing counting and deep breathing, basically just like my WILD practice but without the intention to LD. I counted to fifty, one number for each full breath cycle, then left off counting and did the breathing only. I'm not sure how much I actually slept—it felt like I spent a long time in a transitional state—but it was 3:45am when I woke up fully again, this time after slipping spontaneously into the very briefest of WILDs.

      Brief WILD: The transition was really interesting, because there must have been a point when I was already asleep, but I still thought I was awake. I know I was confused about this because I was under the impression that while lying in bed I was selecting and leafing through fantasy-game themed magazines from a low shelf that was just to my right, apparently in the bed with me. Of course in waking life there is no such shelf set up in my bed nor any magazines of this kind within arm's reach, distinct evidence that I had dreamed the whole thing. But as I was flipping through through the magazines, I was also well aware that I was in the process of trying to fall asleep, and I even noticed a curious phenomenon: when I closed my eyes, I could still make out blurry forms and colored shapes corresponding to the content printed on the pages I was reading. This made me think that reading through closed eyelids might be a great technique for encouraging REM onset, because it was stimulating pictures to form in my mind. A great technique indeed if you can do it while you're already dreaming! But I didn't realize that at the time.

      Eventually I felt the onset of that bodily dislocation that suggested I was close to a WILD transition, and encouraged it. Sometimes I levitate, sometimes I rock or rotate, but this time sinking felt more natural, so I let the sinking sensation grow while thinking, "Down, down," until I felt that the transition was complete. Then I easily "got up" out of bed. However, I still didn't have much control of the dream body, so I discovered that I couldn't stand or walk yet. Instead I collapsed face down on the floor and had to crawl. This didn't alarm me, because I often lack full motor coordination right after the transition. The environment was recognizable as my bedroom but still very murky. My mind felt incredibly active and clear, by contrast—probably because I was barely asleep.

      I remember thinking distinctly, "Oh good, I haven't lost it"—meaning the ability to WILD, given that my last few attempts have gone nowhere. I crawled toward the bedroom door and remembered my task, "Fairy tales." Then I paused, realizing that I would need to improve my integration before trying to leave the room, as my WILDs tend to destabilize if I try to rush things. I thought, "Time for some clean-up"—but alas, there was no time, as I woke promptly at this.

      Such a disruption was not unusual, as my early WILDs are normally strung together by multiple DEILD chains (for some reason this seems to be almost the only time I can successfully and instinctively DEILD, so I've never even counted those DEILDS as distinct dreams; instead they end up seeming more like segments of the same chained WILD). Unfortunately, I could tell at once that this time I had woken up too fully to DEILD, and even though I held very still and sought a way back into the dream, I could feel that I had surfaced past the point of re-entry, so I got up to write this. A bit disappointing, but not overly so as I have to get up insanely early tomorrow for a full day of activity, so no time to write more without cutting into sleep.

      5:50am: up and writing again after two more DILDs. Both times I thought at first that I was awake in the house, but instinctively realized that I was dreaming.

      DILD#1: As soon as I realized I was dreaming, I remembered my task, still determined to carry out my "Hansel and Gretel" experiment. I was already deep enough in dream to feel well-coordinated, so after getting lucid I went immediately to the kitchen and grabbed some bread from the counter. It was the end of a baguette. Last time I tried this the dream destabilized shortly after I left the house and started dropping crumbs, so this time I decided to begin more cautiously by starting the trail of bread crumbs while I was still inside the house. I walked from the kitchen to the living room, tearing off pieces of bread and dropping them on the floor. Meanwhile I was thinking to myself with amusement, "Oh man, I'd better really be dreaming. If we wake up tomorrow and it turns out I've left bread all over the floor, my husband is going to say this lucid dreaming thing has to stop!"

      But I was sure I was dreaming, despite the stability and lifelikeness of the environment, so I asked myself how I could tell. I thought it would be a good moment to test the differences in self-perception between dream and the waking state. No sooner did I turn my attention to my body than I felt it—yes—that subtle tingling in the limbs that I have always associated with dream. The sensation used to be extremely prominent, especially earlier in life when lucid dreams occurred only rarely and spontaneously, but now I hardly ever notice it unless I pay deliberate attention. Unfortunately, this re-orientation of focus on my physical senses meant that I began to notice something I was hearing as well: the sound of my husband's breathing in the bed next to me. This reminded me of my body asleep in the bed, which promptly woke me up.

      Upon waking, I could still hear the breathing just as I had in the dream, but with one peculiar difference: in the dream, the sound was distinctly coming from my right, but when I woke up I remembered, of course, he is sleeping to my left. Perhaps the discrepancy can be explained if I was sleeping on my left side with my left ear against the pillow so only my right ear could hear clearly? I forgot to take note of my position when I awoke.

      DILD#2: After going back to sleep, once again I was doing stuff around the house under the impression that I was awake when I noticed once again: am I dreaming? Yep, pretty sure I am. Okay, well, back to work then. I remembered that I had taken the bread from the counter in the last dream, briefly worried that I might not find any more, but casually "expected" to find another loaf and sure enough it was there. I started dropping crumbs while I was still inside the house again, then went out the door to the back patio. I was still anxious about destabilization (I have tried this task several times before and haven't gotten very far, and tonight's previous episodes demonstrated that waking up abruptly was indeed a hazard) I so thought, okay, I'll just walk around the pool in circles and continue dropping crumbs until the dream shows some receptivity.

      So I began circling the pool counterclockwise, dropping crumbs as I walked. When I reached the area just behind the pool I noticed the place where I had encountered "Boneface" in a previous dream and wondered if anyone would be waiting there, but no DCs were visible. However, the dream was starting to respond: already I was no longer circling the pool but on a path, walking through an environment that no longer resembled any place I know in waking life. The path led me through a dense suburban neighborhood, but I saw trees in the distance and figured a forest must be out there somewhere. I needed to reach the forest to proceed with the "Hansel and Gretel" plot.

      I continued dropping breadcrumbs as I walked along the path, but then I remembered—hang on, if I'm doing "Hansel and Gretel," then obviously I can be Gretel, but I'll need a Hansel! I tried to summon him, calling out "Hans! Hans!" and "Little brother!" The dream responded promptly but unexpectedly: a little dog showed up, with long wavy fur in brown and white patches, and started trotting along with me. It looked just like a toy spaniel, but smaller, about the size of a chihuahua. I shrugged and figured, "Okay, good enough." Maybe he would turn into a boy later on, or if not, whatever. (I've always been able to summon animals easily, but have less success with human DCs, so the results weren't that surprising.)

      To get more into the spirit of things, as we continued to walk along the path I started singing a song about our journey—how we had left our parents' house because there wasn't enough food, and hoped to find some in the forest. (I just realized a discrepancy in the story: if food is so scarce that they have to leave home lest the family starve, why are they wasting bread by dropping it on the ground? Or is that why mom wants to kick them out, the flagrant bread wasters!)

      The dream felt very stable but I knew I couldn't be in very deep because I was having trouble with the song: rhymes weren't coming easily, like they do in deeper dream, and my melody was very simple (The Hobbit was on TV last night, and my song ended up with a similar tune and rhythm to the "goblin town" song from the movie, though naturally with very different words). When I got to the end of a line and couldn't find a rhyme, or even a suitable word, I just sort of hummed over the blank spot and kept going. Improvise! So I sang a number of stanzas in this haphazard way, dropping the bread in smaller and smaller crumbs since I was getting near the end of the loaf, while little Hans the dog trotted beside me on his tiny legs.

      Finally we made it to the edge of town, and there it was ahead of us! The forest! Would we go in and find a gingerbread house, a threatening witch? I was looking forward to what we might discover. But I felt sorry for Hans and wondered if he might prefer to be carried. I picked him up and put him on my right shoulder (he was so small). No sooner had I perched him there then at once I clearly and distinctly heard a voice saying my name in my right ear—it was my RL name, and it woke me up. This happened immediately after I put the dog on my shoulder so I had the impression that he had been the one speaking, but the voice was clearly a woman's and, as far as I could make out, it sounded like my own voice.

      Anyway, that woke me up past DEILD recovery so I got up and wrote again. It's now after 6am. Nothing like a short night before a busy day in which I have absolutely no time to spare for dreaming to really bring on the LDs, eh?

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