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    1. 2nd Stories DILD and WILD - Sensei's Competition Night 14

      by , 02-08-2015 at 04:29 AM
      DILD between mini-awakening and WBTB: may have started as FA...I am at the overlook upstairs in my home IWL. I realize I am dreaming and do a float RC. It works a little but I decide on sliding down the stair rail. My wife is asking where I'm going. I tell her never mind. She comes down after me and I may have had another FA but unsure.

      Got up a little, had a portion of oatmeal. Went to bed visualizing taking dream actions with each HH and dreamlet but staying "dreamy" WILD: scene forms I'm on an outdoor 2nd floor patio looking down and a college age girl who is looking right up at me. I already know this is a dream. I pull it out. I hear some other DC's and look their way and back to the college age girl is gone. A guy comes looking for something. I direct him to check out the abandoned looking house next door and as I look I become intrigued to check it out as well. There are shoes outside and a suitcase on the patio. I fly over and he follows. Luggage tag is from 1981! Supposed to signify a past trip? No, not my first big overseas trip...too early. Maybe cross country road trip? About right year I think (still not sure). We are under a big wooden outdoor roof like a big open storage area. Other guy is pointing out something like mold in roof that tells him how long the occupants have been gone. I wake while staring up at the minute details of the roof.

      NLD highlights: putting out a fire in the palm trees at a college pool party.

      Touring a girls alumni. She looks like Katherine Heigl...blonde at first and later brunette. We hit it off, make plans and cap it off with a romantic kiss. Felt like young love.
    2. Little Visits with Loved Ones - Feb 6, 2015

      by , 02-08-2015 at 02:07 AM
      Wake Back to Bed after about 5 ˝ hours’ sleep. Read some Stephen LaBerge for 45 mins. Incubated my dream and said mantras for 15 mins, and then back to sleep at 5:00 Am. Yes, lucid dreaming was embedded deep in my thoughts, and I was heavily focussed on meeting up with my daughter.

      In this dream I had a pencil in my hand and I was drawing the horizon line through the sky as I ran towards a building. I went through front door and walked into an elevator, and then the doors closed. When the doors reopened I continued to draw the horizon line out of the elevator, through the air, and then onto a piece of paper. I was in a dimly lit room, but my piece of paper was brightly lit. I drew an arching line across the paper, and I was quite impressed with my horizon line! I flipped the piece of paper over to draw another horizon line, but on the opposite side of the paper was beautiful painting of a rock band performing. The paper was black velvet and the scene was drawn in florescent colors. In the corner of the painting was a small piece of loose leaf with blue printing (I should have read the note). I excitedly said, “Who painted this!” My daughter then answered from behind me, “I did!” I instantly replied, “It’s soooo good!” I then got excited and the dream ended before I became lucid.

      This was followed by a false awakening. It was dark in my bedroom, and I was lying on my right side staring at the open bedroom door. I started to think about the dream I just had, and I wished I could have stayed there longer, became lucid, and hugged my daughter. Suddenly my daughter poked her face around the corner, and she was brightly lit, like somebody was shining a flashlight in her face. I jumped out of bed realizing this must be a false awakening! I took my right point finger and pushed it through my left hand (as a reality check). I’m Lucid. I ran towards the door to hug my daughter, but unfortunately I woke from the excitement.

      As I’ve mentioned in my other dream journals I recently bought a mini voice recorder where I simply push a button and voice record my dreams so I can journal in the morning. After voice recording this dream, I fell asleep physically, but my mind was conscious, and I entered a dream in the lucid state. Unfortunately, I forgot to voice record it during the night, and I forgot what happened by morning (it was a great LD). But, I do remember swirling at the end when I started to lose lucidity, and then I entered into another LD, which I remember very well. Here’s what happened:

      I was walking through some cattails towards a sandy beach, and I was calling, “Daughter, Daughter, please come, I’m lucid.” I stepped onto the soft sand beach, and my daughter walked up beside me on my right and said, “Hi dad!” I put my arm over her shoulder, and I said, “Let’s go for a walk.” And my daughter replied, “Sure!” It was an amazing beach boarding a freshwater lake. There were small waves rolling in, and my daughter was walking bare feet with the waves gently washing past. She then said, “Dad, I have to tell you something”, and I replied, “Yeah sure.” She then started to tell my something really interesting, but the lucid dream ended, before I could understand what she was telling me. Darn! I woke and voice recorded the dream. I then fell back to sleep and had several more interesting and fun dreams. Then I woke and voice recorded them again. It was now 8:30 Am, and I thought I would try and have one more LD (After all its Saturday!). So I fell asleep, but my mind was still conscious, and I enjoyed much hypnagogic imagery, sounds, and voices, and then I got ‘the vibrations’ at about 9:30 Am. OBE time!

      I felt 3 sets of minor vibrations lasting about 1 second each, spaced apart by about 10 seconds, and then there was a continuous vibration, where I felt like a shaken can of soda exploding, so then I leaped from my body, but I only made it half way out. I used all my strength to slowly rise out of bed and I was left standing in complete darkness. At this point I was questioning if I was actually standing, or if I was back in bed. I gradually opened my eyes and realized I was standing. Great! I headed for the bedroom door to get away from my body before I got sucked back in. Wait, what’s that? There’s a dark shadow standing between me and the door. I went to hug it, but my arms went right through it, like it wasn’t there. I thought maybe I was seeing things, so I turned and went to open the door, but I wouldn’t open. Then I realized why, there was a hand to the right of me holding it closed. The hand was lightly glowing, and I turned around to see who it was. Holy smokes, it was my dear mother in-law, who passed in 2001! She was standing there in a beautiful white robe.

      She said, “Hi, please turn on the lights.”, as she pointed up at the light fixture. So, I went and flicked the bedroom light switch on, but not surprisingly, they didn’t work. Light switches often don’t work for me in lucid dreams so why would they work now? I then decided to say, “Lights on! Lights on!”, but they still didn’t turn on. My dear mother in-law then took a small transparent patch of material and waved it back and forth across the light switch, and then a mysterious light, under my bed, turned on. This light was orange, yellow, and white, and seemed to be slowly churning and mixing, not like anything I’ve seen. I then went and sat on my butt beside the bed to be in the light, and my mother in-law kneeled down beside me. She started to cry, and I could see the tears coming down her cheeks. I could feel her sadness and it was because of our family being separated in the afterlife, and also because of our great effort to stay connected. She looked right into my eyes, and she said my daughter has a message for me, “She said…..” Then I got sucked right back up into bed again, and I was awake. I got too emotional and woke up. This entire string of dreams was absolutely amazing, and I’m very fortunate to be able to experience this.
    3. been lucid for a while now

      by , 02-08-2015 at 12:48 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I was riding in a train and there was this absolutely gorgeous, futuristic city. All the buildings were lined up in perfect rows, and huge cumulonimbus were laying between the buildings. I took a few pictures with my camera as we entered another city. It was another sprawling futuristic city, but this one seemed more random, and it reminded me of something from a video game. The train I was riding on went into a perfect inverted loop, and we (my brother and sister) got out. I did the nose pinch RC as an affirmation, and said "you know we're in a dream right?". I didn't have time to do much because things went to black.
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    4. Psychic Medium Says Don’t Go in There - Jan 21, 2015

      by , 02-07-2015 at 01:00 AM
      This is short lucid dream I had a few weeks ago, and I’m trying to catch up. My 2015 goal is to journal every single lucid dream I have this year at Dreamviews. Fyi, I hand journal all my dreams because this helps immensely with improving my dream recall.

      In this dream I was standing outside at 70’s style, business building. It was a cloudy afternoon. There was water behind the glass doors, at least 6 feet high, and water was spraying out around the cracks. I became lucid, because there’s no way this could happen. Suddenly, one of the doors flew open, and my Psychic Medium was washed out by the flood! She stumbled to her feet, soaking wet and dishevelled, and I said, “Hi!” She looked at me and said, “Hi!” The door closed shut, and the water was once again 6 feet high. I thought, it would be neat to go in there and swim around, because you can breathe underwater when you’re lucid. So I asked the Psychic Medium, “Can I go in there!” And she said, “No, don’t go in there!” and then I woke up. I should have stabilized!

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    5. A couple of Ditties - Feb 3, 2015

      by , 02-05-2015 at 01:12 AM
      Well, in this dream I was at the best store in the both the WW and LDW. You guessed it, Walmart! Not! My dream guide came up behind me and made me lucid (no idea how that works). I’ve seen this guy many times before, but I’ve never had a chance to ask his name. He always runs away immediately after I’m lucid, but this time I was fast on the draw, and held out my hand to introduce myself. He stopped and shook my hand with a surprised look on his face! I then asked him his name, finally, and he said, “I’m Jason.” I said, “I like visiting Walmart when I’m dreaming.” He gave me dumbfounded look and said, “Huh?” So I said, “Yeah, I like Walmart!” He said, “Okay, you are dreaming. Follow me.” By this point I totally forgot about my intent to have a little visit with my daughter, and so I followed him. The store slowly transformed into a bright white hallway, and I followed closely him. I could feel my lucidity failing, and I should have swirled, but I didn’t want to lose him. Unfortunately I woke up. I’m sure he was going to take me some place amazing.

      In this second lucid dream, I was back in University retaking 4th year Sciences. I couldn’t figure out why I was retaking my 4th year since I graduated back in the 80’s. Maybe I needed some refresher courses, so I just went with it. Then I realized it was final exam time, and I had missed all my classes and assignments. Hey wait a second; this is one of my dream signs. Boom, lucid again! I walked into a campus convenience store and grabbed a bag of chips (I never use to eat in LD’s - thanks Dawneye11!) Three of my best buds from high school showed up. I couldn’t believe how amazingly the same, in all ways, they were to the waking world! It was truly startling. We sat down on the floor, in a ramp exit area, and started chatting. “Hey guys, we’re dreaming!” Bruce looked at me with some scepticism and said, “No we’re not!” I convincingly said, “Yes we are!” I offered the guys some chips, and told them they tasted good, and then Glen said with his usual big smile, “You can’t eat while you’re dreaming. Food doesn’t taste good.” I pushed the bag of chips toward him, “Try them, they’re delicious!” They all reached in and chowed down, and they all agreed they tasted really good. We walked off and I lost lucidity.

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    6. Castle and Gold Dust - Jan 31, 2015

      by , 02-03-2015 at 01:53 AM
      I was standing inside a castle (lucidly inspired by Dawneye11’s castle quest). There was a huge gothic room, displaying many ornate objects, and it spanned for at least 40 yards. There were a few dream figures standing around me, and I decided to take a flight to the other side of the room to help stabilize. I picked a spot on the far wall, and focussed on being there, and I quickly flew across the room, and then I returned back to be with the dream figures. One of the dream figures asked how I flew across the room, and I replied, “I can fly simply by focussing on where I want to go, and zoom, off I go!” I didn’t mention anything about the lucidity being a contributing factor. The other dream figures watch and listened with interest. Then a man dug a big hole in the floor and started to pull out piles of gold dust! I lost lucidity because I was totally enthralled with all that gold. The rest dream was spent trying to get the gold out of the castle.

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    7. Sometimes a Hug can be Scary - Friday Jan 30, 2015

      by , 02-03-2015 at 01:28 AM
      In this dream I was standing at the top of the stairs at my old home, and then my daughter came running up the stairs with a dark haired friend, whom I didn’t recognize. Can you say instantly lucid? We hugged for long time, and at one point we both cried, but I composed myself and asked her, “Who’s your friend?” She quickly said, “That’s D______ (I didn’t catch the name), my friend from Heaven!” I gently placed my daughter down and turned around and gave her friend a big hug too (I think I teleported a few feet towards her), but this poor little girl totally freaked out, and her eyes turned reddish with fear. Usually my hugs do wonders while lucid, but this little girl didn’t like that at all. My daughter firmly said, “Dad, don’t hug her, because you’re scaring her!” I felt upset because I scared her, and I woke up.
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    8. Funny Things Happen When You Lucid Dream - Jan 24, 2015

      by , 01-27-2015 at 04:29 AM
      In this dream I was putting a garbage bag in a trash compactor. I neatly pulled the edges of the bag around the metal frame, and then slid it shut, but then I realized something was wrong. My kitchen doesn’t have a trash compacter! Bingo, I’m lucid! I look around the kitchen trying to remember my mantra. Then I remembered, “Give my daughter a hug!” I felt a rush of adrenaline go to my stomach (an uplifting feeling), but then everything went black, and I was now in ‘the void’ (NRem), consciously aware, but my body was asleep.

      Shortly after, ‘the vibrations’ started, and I successful jumped out my body and landed on the floor beside my bed (OBE). Same old problem though, my blanket was over my face, including that dang CPAP mask and hose. I found the only way to remove it is to tear away at it piece by piece with my hands until all seems clear. This visibility was kind of dark and blurry at the start, but it improved as I left my bedroom (my parent’s house); however, I could only see out my left eye. Now what’s going on? I paused and focussed on increased clarity, but I still couldn’t see out my right eye. My dear dad then walked out of the bathroom and started to laugh at me, and he said, “You’re dreaming again, aren’t you?” Giggle, giggle, and then he told me to go look in the mirror, so I headed into my sister’s room to have a look.

      Well, to my surprise, that darn CPAP mask was pushed up over my right eye! That’s why I couldn’t see! I quickly tore it off. That’s it; I’m going to put a mirror on my bedroom door (at home). I was shocked that I looked ‘normal’ in the mirror, I wasn’t all freakish looking and distorted, like what happens most of the time in an LD. This was kind of odd (for me), so I went right up close and studied my face in the mirror for anything that wasn’t supposed to be there, but all looked normal, right down to the gray hairs in my beard. I paused for a moment and I found this very intriguing. My dad was still giggling away in the hallway, so I turned to him and said, “Dad, give me a break, it’s really hard to get all this CPAP crap off when I OBE exit!” He laughed even harder, then my vision went black, and I was back in bed again. I found this experience quite entertaining too dad!

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    9. A Decent Chardonnay (DILD)

      by , 01-26-2015 at 04:09 PM
      Ritual: Lately I haven't been dreaming much because I've been staying up too late (after 3am usually) playing computer games late at night. I've noticed that the later I go to bed, the less awareness I have in my dreams. Tonight for RL reasons I went to bed two hours earlier than usual, at 1am, and wondered if it might cause me to LD naturally. Sure enough, without any special intention or practices, I woke at 6am with the following...

      DILD: I was moving through a grocery store, picking up some items and observing what else I might want to gather, until I reached a row of cash registers and knew I was in the last room. I had already picked up a bag of assorted stuffed animals from a whole bin of them. I recall making the same kind of obsessive comparisons I do in WL to decide which bag to pick. There were slight variations in all the stuffed animals so I was looking for the set I found the most appealing. I decided relatively quickly, the decisive factor being a stuffed bat I liked, and was carrying the bag with me.

      I turned around and walked back through the store to pick up some remaining things I hadn't fully decided on the first time through. I was considering getting some food, and glanced at what was on offer in the seafood section. I think I ended up going back out the front door at this point and found myself at a bus stop. The bus came and I didn't think I wanted to leave yet because I wasn't finished in the store. I was planning take the next bus if it were going to come in an hour, but I know sometimes the schedule is slower on Sundays. I asked the ticket seller when the next bus would be, and she said, "1:40." This startled me because it was already around 3:30pm in the afternoon. The next bus couldn't come earlier than this one... did she mean the next one wouldn't be here until the middle of the night? I asked about this and she nodded. I decided I'd better scrap my plans and leave on this bus, because I didn't have enough I wanted to do here to occupy a whole evening. I yelled at the driver not to leave yet and quickly slipped the ticket-seller a twenty dollar bill, which I figured should be enough, though I didn't know the exact price. I grabbed the change without counting it and jumped on the bus. But then I remembered I would also need a ticket for the guy I was with... there had actually been no guy with me earlier in the store scene but now the scene shifted.

      I was sitting next to a really hot guy and trying out a computer game he was showing me. This is how my mind accounted for the scene shift: I had been playing a game. Now I was distracted by our conversation. The guy was trying to figure out if he should go to—I think he was calling it "Burning Man," but I knew he meant a big festive parade through the city. After talking to him a few minutes I realized that I hadn't been paying attention to the game. I looked back at the screen and didn't recognize where my character was. Fortunately it was easy to restart from a save. But then my conversation with the guy took an even more distracting turn when I noticed how hot he was, felt an attraction that was apparently mutual, and started kissing him. After a few minutes of that I remembered the game I was playing and worried my character would have gotten killed, but I looked back at the screen and everything was fine... my character was actually going around doing things on his own.

      "This game plays itself!" I commented in surprise. But I didn't want to miss any part of the story, so I restarted again, only this time I was disappointed to see that the game had apparently been creating its own saves too, and now even the save point was well past the spot where I had gotten distracted. I wondered if I should just stop playing for now and start over from the beginning later.

      The scene shift at this point is vague, but the next thing I knew I was bodily in the game, back at the grocery store—though it looked different than the first one—this time with two companions, a guy and a girl. We were engaged in combat with the store employees, and everyone was throwing bottles. I didn't like this, so I called a halt to the bottle-throwing and my friends and I went outside. I was trying to explain to them what my objections were. "Too much broken glass," I complained. Even out here, the ground was littered with it, and on looking at it I felt a tiny sharp pang in the sole of my left foot. It seemed like I might really be feeling this with my physical body, so I continued my explanation: "The problem is, when there's too much broken glass, then you can feel it in the real world. Some kind of psycho-physical complex." The pang in my foot, which I could still feel, seemed like a great example: here I was in virtual reality, but stepping on broken glass made my real foot twinge. (Interestingly, I think a sensation in my physical foot was actually bleeding into, because I thought I could still feel it faintly when I woke up.)

      Up to this point I was not lucid, rather I was convinced that I was bodily immersed in a computer game (I think my brain often explains dreaming this way to itself), but as the pang in my foot made me contemplate the connection between my VR body and my physical body, I realized that I was actually dreaming. I was about to walk off with my friends, but it occurred to me, "If I'm lucid, I should do something useful." I remembered the wine TOTM. I'd just been in a store where we were smashing bottles of wine, what a waste! And we left on such bad terms, they might not like me going back in there... not to mention all that broken glass... but I guess I'd better hazard it. I turned around and half-opened the door, but then I realized there might be an easier way.

      I turned back to my friends. "Does anyone have any wine?" The girl immediately pulled a bottle from her backpack and gave it to me. Then I realized there might be another hitch. "Do you have an opener?" I asked her dubiously. She actually did! She pulled out a corkscrew and was waving it in the air at me, but I had already realized that I might be making things more complicated than necessary. I glanced at the bottle of wine and saw that although it was still sealed, the top covered in light blue foil, under the foil the cork seemed to be protruding three-quarters of the way out of the bottle. I tried to pull it out manually and was able to do so easily. There was still a small piece of cork in the neck of the bottle, but this shouldn't be a problem. My other friend was holding a butter knife, so I grabbed it from his hand without ceremony and used the handle (as the blade was smeared with butter) to push the cork inside. Lest it bob up and block the flow of the wine, I kept the knife handle in the neck to hold the cork to one side as I lifted the bottle toward my mouth to drink.

      "You guys don't mind if I drink the whole bottle, do you? I'm supposed to for my task." Without waiting for a reply, I tilted my head back and chugged. I was finished in seconds. Fortunately, even though the bottle had been full, it didn't feel like I drank any more than a glassful. My immediate reaction was surprise—that it tasted so convincingly like real wine. "It's actually a decent chardonnay," I commented to the girl who had given me the bottle. I focused my attention on the taste that lingered in my mouth: very buttery, rich, even ambrosial, with a hint of something sour around the edges but not strong enough to be off-putting. As I thought about what words I should use to describe it, I felt myself waking up.
    10. 4:00 Am Much Needed Hug – and my Dream Method - Jan 24, 2015

      by , 01-26-2015 at 04:37 AM
      I repeated this mantra continuously last night as I drove out to visit ‘the folks’. No worries, I was alone. Btw, my wife and son would kill me if they had to listen to this:

      “I WILL realize when I’m dreaming, and I WILL BE lucid. I WILL realize when I’m dreaming, and I WILL BE with my daughter.”

      I verbally repeated it for 40 minutes as I was driving, just before bedtime. I fasted from lunch until bedtime, and then I ate one can of tuna, 100 mg B6, and a B multivitamin (washed down with a beer). I wrote out the mantra 4 times in my Dream Journal, and I also wrote out in big bold letters, HUG TIME DAUGHTER! WBTB after 4 hours and then I took 4 mg red spider lily extract and 200 mg choline. I had the best dream experiences ever: 2 lucids, 4 successful OBE’s, 3 failed OBE attempts, and 3 pleasant fun dreams, plus one hour in Nrem (the void). I also voice recorded each dream occurrence, immediately after each dream, and repeated the mantra a couple of times. Yes, I briefly woke up about a dozen times last night, but it was well worth it. The voice recordings allowed me to record what’s happened, without completely waking me up, and then I did the written journaling in the morning using the recordings as ‘recall’. Here’s the best lucid dream (I’ll add the other ones later):

      I was false awakened because somebody was touching my back. I opened my eyes and I was lying on my left side in a huge bed which I didn’t recognize. About 5 feet away, in this huge bed, was a dark haired teenaged boy, who was quietly sleeping on his back. I stared at him, and thought now this is odd, there’s a teenage boy in my bed, and this isn’t my bed! I quickly closed my eyes, and I figured this must be some sort weird nightmare!

      I opened my eyes again, and now the boy was lying on his right side facing me with his hazel nut brown eyes, staring right into my eyes. He had a very slight grin. I instantly became lucid!!! So I said, “Hi!” He casually replied, “Hi.” I quickly asked, “Who are you?” He then said something, and I could hardly hear him because I had my earplugs in, so I sat up in bed and leaned towards him, and I said, “What did you say?” He sat up in bed too, and moved towards me, and repeated his mumbling. I said, “I still can’t hear you?” Then I felt somebody touching my back again! What’s going here?

      I said, “Who’s that (behind me)?” Then I felt somebody push against my back, and I could see blonde, curly hair drooping over my left shoulder. Then I heard my daughter say, “It’s me!” I quickly turned towards her and said, “Daughter!” She smiled ear to ear, and then I said, “Give me a hug!” She gave me the biggest hug ever! Then I asked her, “Who’s your friend?”, and she replied, “Huh, Oh, that’s Kenny!” Unfortunately I woke, because it was very emotional, but I stayed perfectly still in bed to try and get back into the LD. No luck, but suddenly ‘the vibrations’ started, and tried to OBE exit, but no luck again. This was a short, but a fantastic LD.
    11. Lost Package

      by , 01-25-2015 at 02:40 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #401 - DILD - 7:40AM

      I was really wanting to get lucid all night and had multiple awakenings. Later in the morning I wanted to try WILD, but felt super sleepy and a little distracted because my son ended up in bed with us all night and my wife had left for work. I was worried that my son way going to roll out of bed, but I finally decided he wasn't, I forget about WILD. Luckily, having LD on my mind gave me a DILD (however crappy)

      Lucidity scale - 4 then 8

      I am at work and someone plops a package in front of me. I pick it up and examine. The packaging is shifty and as first it looks like my Dollar Shave Club razors but then it transforms into some potted cactus seeding that I have ordered in waking life. I am excited at first but also confused why I am getting mail at work. When I take a closer look I see there is something like snow or ice on areas of the cacti. They begin to feel super cold and when I pick one it's as hard as a rock. I also notice that the soil has spilled all over inside of the plastic bag they are in and the soil looks like chunks of something brown. This is super annoying but I am mostly upset because they are frozen and likely ruined. The supplier said they only ship live plants on Monday to avoid this sort of thing. I falsely realize it's actually Monday and wonder if it was lost in the mail. I look at the shipping label and see an odd address. I laugh and take the package to another part of my work area. As I do, I notice the cacti now look like halved cucumbers set in soil. It's odd but I dismiss this and tell Crystal, a co-worker, how they totally messed everything up. I point out the address and it reads,
      [My full name]
      13[something with a lot of digits] Country RD
      Desa, ID [some zip code]

      I blurt out, "Idaho!?! Are you kidding me?" Crystal just looks at me and continues working. I sit the package down and turn around for a moment. When I go back for it, I see the package has disappeared. I look around for a moment and find a jar of brownish candies. I consider eating one, but I pause and ask Crystal if she minds. She tells me that its fine since she ate some of mine. I become filled with anxiety when I realize she must have eaten my cactus soil. I panic a bit not sure what to do when something finally dawns on me.

      I am at a low level of lucidity here and I randomly roam around my work place. I am going down a long hallway when my phone rings. I don't recall if I heard anything or felt the vibration or just randomly checked my phone, but I see a text and a Snapchat from my friend Vinny. I say, "Oh Vinny not now. I am trying to have a lucid dream here." I lock my phone and decide to reply after I wake up. Derrrr.

      I continue to wander around but my vision is deteriorating quickly. I feel myself hold my eyes wide open trying to visually stabilize.
      I suddenly now become highly lucid and begin to try to recall my goal. However, its all too late, the dream is crashing, and I quickly wake up. I consider trying to DEILD but I am way too awake and the sun is brightly shining in the window.

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    12. Church Flight – Jan 23, 2015

      by , 01-24-2015 at 08:04 PM
      In this dream I was with 4 or 5 spies, and we were deep in Russia. I won’t get into the details of what happened, and I’ll focus more on the lucid part, but we crossed through woodlands, small towns, country side, and then we finally ended up in a city. We were being pursued by a woman in white dress, so we decided to blend-in with the locals by sitting in the back of a church. There were lots of people sitting around chatting. Then, this old woman beside me leaned over and asked where I was from, so I told her, and she replied she lived there too until she was 23, and then she moved back to her small town where she spent the rest of her life.

      I jumped up and ran to one of the church’s windows and looked outside to see if all was clear for us to leave, but the woman in the white dress was standing alongside the church, and she saw me! I quickly turned around and ran out the back of the church and down a long flight of stairs. I was trying to go so quick that I flew down the stairs and around the corner. That’s when I realized I’m dreaming! Yeah, I’m lucid! I could feel my vision fading so I immediately took to flight. I flew across a small field; about 15 feet off the ground, and people were standing everywhere, staring at me. The tree line was coming up, but I wasn’t gaining altitude. I focussed on being at the tree tops, and this helped, because I flew immediately to the tree tops. My clarity was excellent at this point, so I decided to fly into a 3rd storey window of the church. I did so, and landed in an empty room. My clarity was fading so began to swirl. I swirled and swirled, but I felt like I was back in bed again, so I gave up and recorded the dream on my voice recorder. This voice recorder is cool! I woke up with 9 dreams on it.
    13. 1/23/15 Petite Jennifer Aniston "Encounter"

      by , 01-23-2015 at 09:05 PM
      Another quick recap...gotta keep up with my DJ with Sensei's competition starting tomorrow night (for my time zone). I can move whole cars to get around traffic jam (like imaginings IWL)! Aha. then fly around cityscape! Void or DEILD without sense of body IWL...felt different from normal void and a little uncomfortable making me wonder if slight sense of REM atonia but not return to bed feeling present normal dream exits. Scene reforms at a parking garage try to fly, odd back to ground to slither. Awnry old ladies...prank them a bit. Homeless guy-think of past LD punches on DC's but no interest. Float around fun. Find a petite 20's Jennifer Aniston longer hair in a nice silky short dress. Undress multiple sexy layers. Touch. Super petite...wow. Sex.

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      lucid , memorable , side notes
    14. Rotten Eggs

      by , 01-23-2015 at 04:24 AM
      Had my second lucid yesterday. I was not expecting it but it's definitely a welcome thing. I have also been trying WILD but can't seem to really get the technique down. I was having a nap and my body was feeling heavy, I felt like I was hit in the face by a by a ball and very clearly saw a room, it felt like for a second I was there but the feeling went a way and the picture disappeared.


      I was at school with my dad and sister. We were walking through the school grounds and I saw a couple of my friends there. I wanted to talk to them but my dad was getting really annoyed for some reason. He lead me to the home economics room where there were some staff cleaning. My dad walked over to a bucket and started to pick out and throw away huge amounts of rotten eggs. The staff began to notice and they all protested to what my dad was doing. I was sitting opposite to him and I picked out one of the eggs and looked at the yolk. It was a sickly grey/green colour and crumbled in my hand when I touched it. The staff told my dad they would get all of the good eggs and send it to him. My dad refused and began to cut up all of the egg whites into small squares and put them onto a plate. I decided to leave him and go explore the rest of of the school. On my way out I heard one of the staff call me moo, this puzzled me but I decided to ignore the feeling and leave the room. I made my way towards the basketball court and noticed that the school was completely deserted, I came to the conclusion that everyone had left. I passed some lockers on my way to the court and saw one of the people from my class there. He called out to me but I ignored him for some reason and kept on walking. He stopped me as I reached the basketball court and began to talk to me about his day. I wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying but I snapped back to attention when he asked me how my day went. "You wouldn't believe how insane my day was...how was my day?" As much as I tried to think I could not put my finger on what had happened before now. I decided to do a nose pinch check just to make sure I wasn't dreaming and sure enough I breathed through both nostrils and everything shot into focus. I said aloud that I was dreaming and the person from my class immediately morphed into a random DC that bolted away, shoving me in the process. I stumbled backwards but managed to regain my balance, noticing that the stability of the dream had been completely ruined. I thought about rubbing my hands together but hesitated and woke up.

      I'm really happy about this one. I managed to do the RC because I found something to be strange inside the dream and I feel like that's a real accomplishment. I hope that the competition coming up this friday will motivate me some more to have another one, that would be awesome. It's kind of unfortunate that the stumble completely shattered stability. The dream was quite vivid and andfelt quite stable and I was going to try to do something before I was shoved. I don't know why the DC freaked out like that though.

      - Have my second lucid dream.
      - Have a conversation with a DC
      - Fly.
      - Find my Dream Guide.
    15. Jack Lee, the Dream Lounge Guard – Jan 3, 2015

      by , 01-22-2015 at 04:29 AM
      In this dream I became lucid (DILD) and then was taken to a lounge full of other lucid dreamers. The lounge was guarded by a giant of a man named Jack Lee. Here’s what happened:

      I was hiding behind a building, peaking around the corner, at a train that was coming. There was something bad about the train, but I can’t remember what. Several of us ran into the building to hide from the train, and then a man told me that I was dreaming. I became lucid, but my vision was fading fast, so I told him I need to swirl, and he must wait for me. As I swirled I could see him standing there watching me. After about 10 or 15 seconds of swirling my clarity was perfect.

      He said to me, “I’m lucid too, follow me downstairs.” When we got downstairs there was a mountain of man standing just inside a basement lounge area. He was a 7 foot tall, black, and he was built like Arnold S.! I reached up and grabbed onto his 3 foot wide shoulders and said, “You must be a football player!” He looked down at me and shook his head and said, “No!” I asked him if he was lucid, and he said, “No.” I then asked him his name, and he said, “Jack Lee”. He then quickly showed me a piece of paper with my daughter’s name on it, and then he tucked it away. I guess I should have asked for my daughter to join me in the LD, but I was a little bit unsure if this was a safe place or not. Jack Lee stood there carefully watching who was entering and leaving the lounge. I figured he must be a guard, or maybe a bouncer.

      There was another guy standing beside Jack Lee. I asked him if he was lucid. He replied, “Yes, I’m waiting for somebody.” I then walked into the lounge area and saw several pairs of people sitting at tables and talking quietly to each other. I approached one the tables and saw an alien looking guy and a human being with paper and pens working on complex differential equations. I said to them, “Ah, differential equations, are you guys studying for a University exam? I took that course!” They both quickly turned their calculations over and looked at me with shocked expressions. I asked the alien’s name, but I couldn’t pronounce it, and I’ve never heard anything quite like it. I asked him to write his name for me. He then wrote on the back of his paper a very long name. He held it up to my face and asked me if I could read this. It was a bunch of symbols, and I said to him, “What kind of name is that? It looks like Greek to me?” He gave me a disappointing look. I realized later after I woke up that he was actually showing me a differential equation that describes points forming some sort of plane, but instead of using coordinates X,Y,Z, he was using coordinates reassembling i,n,t,f, and something else (5 coordinates, not 3). The letter ‘i’ was very unique in that the dot of the ‘i’ was actually a large circle, and the letter ‘n’ looked more like an upside down ‘U’. Part of the equation started off with something like ‘iniinnnit’. He then sat down with his human friend and started to work on their math equations again.

      I looked around the room and observed several pairs of dream figures interacting with each other. They were all just sitting there intensely engaged in conversation. I felt like it was time to leave, so I told the alien guy I need to go now. He got up and shook my hand, and said it was nice to meet me. I then loudly announced to all the people in the lounge, “Thank you for having me here at this amazing, wondrous place!” A few people looked at me and smiled with gratitude, while some others looked like they were thinking, “Please be quiet!” Some were shaking their heads with disapproval. I then proceeded to walk past Jack Lee towards the exit. I couldn’t help but notice a window, which had a view of a barren waste land. This made no sense to me, since we were in the basement. Incongruities while lucid really distracts me, and it made me wake up (I should have swirled again). I really had a sense that this was a safe place, mostly because Jack Lee was there.
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