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    1. Barbie Doll Woman, False Daughter Visit, and Karaoke Fail - Feb 14, 2015

      by , 02-17-2015 at 01:00 AM
      I did the Wake Induced Lucid Dream technique using visualization followed by hypnagogic imagery until I slipped into a lucid dream without losing consciousness. I was sitting at my weight bench in the basement, and then this girl walked up beside me in a grey hoodie, with the hoodie over her head, but I could see her face, and she was very pretty. She sat on a bench in front of me and faced me with a smile. I thought, “Hmmm, who’s this cutie?” I felt the dream start to fade so I leapt to my feet and started to swirl, but the dream ended and I was back in the void with my body asleep, but my mind was aware. I focussed on trying to get back into that dream, but I lost consciousness and fell asleep.

      The next dream was a bit odd, because I became lucid for no reason at all. I was walking towards an old fashion wooden staircase, and then suddenly I was lucid. I thought where the heck am I? The stair case went half way up to an intermediate landing, and then the stairs went in the opposite direction, off this landing, to the 2nd storey. I continued up the second set of stairs to the 2nd storey, but just before I reached the 2nd storey, I saw a woman walking towards the staircase on the 1st storey, so I peeked my head over the staircase handrail, right near the 1st storey’s ceiling, and I saw this amazing looking woman. She didn’t see me because my body was hidden by the staircase, and my head was right up near the ceiling.

      This woman looked like a Barbie doll. She was tall and thin, had long blonde hair in a ponytail, and was wearing a knee length, light green skirt and matching jacket. Now what was odd about this woman was her perfect complexion, and her face had no wrinkles whatsoever. It was so perfectly smooth it didn’t seem to be real (like a Barbie doll). Also, her entire eyes were jet black with no whites. She was really quite the stunning site to see. Just before the steps she bent over and picked up a small golden colored object, about the size of beetle. She rose back up to almost standing and then she tilted her head slightly as if she could hear something (she still didn’t know I was there). Then I said, “Hey, hello!” She jumped back about 2 feet, and I totally startled her. I mean she looked like she just saw the devil himself. Again, I said, “Hi!” Her mouth dropped open and she backed up about another 5 feet right to the edge of another room. Then she grew old and wrinkly right before my eyes, and shrunk about 1 foot in height. Then she turned into an old wrinkly, gray haired man, and then she turned into a grayish and green cloud. By this point I was so shocked by her transformations that I woke and voice recorded my lucid dreams. I guess she didn’t feel very safe being around me. I just wanted to talk to her, holy smokes, chill!

      I was lying in bed, consciously awake with my body asleep, and then I got some very faint vibrations. I could feel one of my legs floating around. I thought great, OBE time! Yeah! I tried to leap out of bed, but my physical body moved, and it was over, and then I fell asleep.

      The next dream was a Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD). The dream leading up to this DILD was very interesting and fun, but I’ll jump forward to the DILD. I walked into a utility room, and at the far end of the room was a pretty Asian woman cleaning something in a sink. When I saw her I became instantly lucid! I remembered my dream intent to visit with my daughter. The room had a landing at the door, and then it dropped down a couple of steps into the room. I was standing on the landing, and I couldn’t see the entire room. I bluntly said, without introductions, “Where’s my daughter?” She looked at me slightly confused, shrugged her shoulders, and said, “I don’t know?” I called, “Daughter please come, I’m lucid!” The woman suddenly looked with interest to the corner of the room, which was hidden from my field of view.

      To my surprise, a beautiful, dirty blonde haired woman came running around the corner and into my arms. I said, “Daughter, is that you?” She happily replied, “Yes, it’s me dad!”, and then she planted a big kiss right on my lips. I was thinking to myself, she doesn’t sound like my daughter, and my daughter certainly isn’t so quick to give me a big kiss on the lips. An elderly woman then walked into the room beside us and she pointed her finger at the woman I was hugging, and she shook her head side to side to let me know that wasn’t daughter. I understandingly nodded at the older woman, and then she smiled back at me. I thought to myself, well since I’m here I might as well hug her a bit longer, since, well, she was quite beautiful, and she felt pretty real to me! After about 10 or 15 seconds, I let her go, and I went off to find my daughter.

      I walked out the building and onto an outdoor, karaoke stage. There was small crowd of people, and so I decided to give it a try. I forgot about my intent to visit with my daughter. Distractions, distractions….., so I picked up the microphone, and the DJ put on an old song from the 70’s. I recognized the song, but I couldn’t remember the words, so I tried to do the best I could, but I sounded like crap and out of tune. Then I notice a woman walking through the field in red skirt and jacket, and this clued me to remember my lucid dream intent. Instantly, I dropped the microphone, and tried to fly to her, but I couldn’t seem to get any altitude, and I landed in the crowd. My vision faded and I woke.
    2. Going For A Swim

      by , 02-16-2015 at 12:20 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #412 - DILD - 6:35AM

      I am walking up a hill with my younger daughter and son. For some reason I am going to some apartments to take a swim. I tell myself that if I am going to live here, I need to figure out how to park on the other side so I don't have to walk so far all the time. Some triggers semi-lucidity and the walk up the hill feels hard and slow. I realize that this is all a mental thing and tell myself to just pretend that it's all super easy and it will be. It works for a second and gets difficult again at the last few steps.

      I am inside the apartment but it all looks really odd. I feel this is normal for a dream so I let it go and try to ignore it. I have my son in my arms and for some reason think I need to put him down for a nap. There is a door way that I think leads to his bedroom, but when I open it, it is just a broom closet. I know this is all pointless so I unceremoniously toss my son into the darkest part of the closet and walk way. I feel a mental tug to do it right, but I don't want to get caught up in mundane tasks in a dream. I am still really caught up in going swimming so I try to find the back door. As I make my way outside, I pass though some tiny kitchen that I recognize to look like a small version of the duplex I used to live in.

      Outside, my lucidity raises as I look around for a pool. I see an above ground pool to the right, but quickly reject that. I look to the left and see my younger daughter jumping into a large in-ground pool. Excited, I run and jump and yell, "JEEEERRRONIMOOOOO!", as I belly flop into the pool. As I make impact I worry that my vision will get distorted and I end up in the void. Of course, this thought manifests as I see a blur of blue and air bubbles and the dream fades.

      The lights come on and I wake up with my son in the bed with me and my wife. He's crying and some liquid has pooled up all over the sheets. Not sure if he peed out of his diaper, I ask, "Why is everything so wet?"
      My wife just says, "He's been crying." I realize that there is no way a kid can tear up that much and remember that I was just now dreaming that I was swimming. The lights do out and I roll over and make swimming motions in the dark until I reach my wife. I start kissing her and decide maybe some sexy-time would be nice. The light returns and my wife stops me. She asks, "Right now? [in front of R?]
      I tell her that it doesn't matter [in a dream]. We continue to enjoy each other, but I wake up before we get very far.

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    3. Meeting with Loved Ones and Not so Loved Ones - February 11, 2015

      by , 02-15-2015 at 04:49 AM
      Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD). This was a very vivid string of lucid dreams, more vivid and clear than waking life itself. After a 1 hour Wake Back to Bed (WBTB) routine I closed my eyes and meditated. I focussed on visualize on having a stack of 10 or so coins in my hand, then opening my hand and allowing the coins to fall. It started off as flashes of light and over about 15 or 20 minutes I had reasonably clear imagery of this happening, then my body was asleep, but my mind was conscious, and I simply let all thoughts go, and I let the imagery present itself however it may happen. I simply went with the hypnogogic imagery, and I did not influence it. The imagery transitioned into a lucid dream after about a half hour, and I found myself standing there in my parent’s house. I could hear my poodle barking outside.

      She always barks when she’s ready to come in, so I ran for the back door to let her in. It was nighttime, and there was nobody else around. When I opened the backdoor I saw my dog standing at the bottom of the concrete steps, and she illuminated by what looked like a fog light from above. There isn’t a fog light there in the waking world, so I looked up to see where the light was coming from. To my surprise I saw a glowing sphere above the house and it was projecting a beam light down on my dog. It was directly above us, so I floated my feet upwards, and I rotated my body so I was in lying in a horizontal position looking up at the light. The light then began to move upwards and it drew me along. I slowly rose, mesmerized by light, and soon I could see the outline of the clouds against the starlit sky. Seeing the stars and the clouds so vividly made me excited and I returned the void, where I was once again consciously aware with my body was asleep.

      I found myself in a false awaking, and I lost lucidity, because I really thought it was real. I could hear my wife in the kitchen talking to a friend. The house was a place where we use live back in the late 80’s. That should have been enough to tip me off that I was dreaming, but it didn’t ‘click in’. My wife came into the room and snuggled in with me for ‘sexy time’, but our bedroom door was open, and my wife’s friend peaked around the corner. At this point I became lucid, but I felt totally uncomfortable with the situation, so I didn’t engage the moment. Actually I haven’t done ‘sexy time’ while lucid since my mid-teens due to a bad lucid experience, but I definitely would like to try this with my wife when I don’t have an audience! Thank you very much! I slipped back into ‘the void’ (Nrem).

      I entered another dream lucidly, and I found myself in some sort of empty warehouse. My mother in-law was standing there amongst many other dream figures (My dear mother in-law passed in 2001). Remembering my mantras to connect with my daughter (My daughter passed in 2013), I looked at mom and asked where my daughter was. As soon as I said it, she walked up beside me, to the right, and I said, “Daughter is that you?” because she looked different, and she said in her exact voice, “Yeah, it’s me!”, so I scooped her up into my arms. As I held her close she morphed into her true physical appearance. I told her I loved her, and I started to slowly bounce around the perimeter of the room, facing inward. While lucid, you can jump up and slowly float down, like you’re in low gravity, kind of like bouncing on the moon. Her feet were dangling in the air, and I asked her, “Hey daughter, how’s the food is in Heaven?” She replied, “Huh?”, so I repeated the question, “How’s the food in Heaven?” She happily said, “That’s the first thing people always ask me about heaven! Oh, dad.” We bounced past one of the windows, and I saw people standing on the sidewalk. My vision started to fade, so I focussed on my hand, but unfortunately everything went black. Darn…..

      I remained perfectly still and I visualized myself back in the dream, and then I was, except I was now across the street in another warehouse! I lost lucidity again, and I was looking for a place to sleep, so I could get back to be with my daughter. A short and very wide woman walked up beside me wearing a hooded parka, and asked what I was doing, so I replied, “I need to find a place to sleep so I can lucid dream.” She pointed at a carpet on the floor and said, “How about there?”, and then she pointed at an old recliner on a pile of junk and said, “How about there?” Then she pointed at an old wooden chair and said, “How about there?” I became semi-lucid because I realized this is probably a dream, so I didn’t care about sleeping in a filthy place, so I opted to sleeping on the carpet. I laid down on the carpet and looked up at the obese hooded woman and said, “I’ll sleep here.” Just as I said that the woman morphed into my mother in-law. She was in her late 50’s.

      I said to my mother in-law, “I love you!”, and she replied, “Oh, so now we know!”, as I watched her grow younger to be in her late 20’s, she was very beautiful! Then I said, “I really miss you.”, and she distractedly replied, “Oh, okay.”, as sunglasses materialized in her right hand and she tried to quickly put them on, but she accidently dropped them. Quickly, another set of sunglasses appeared in her hand and she fumbled to put them on. Two men appeared in the direction she was looking. One fellow was “clean cut’ and casually dressed, and the other fellow had long hair, a leather vest, and was covered in tattoos.

      The ‘clean cut’ guy was holding a scalpel in his hands, and the tattooed man was holding a stainless jug containing some sort of chemical. Suddenly the ‘Clean cut’ guy raised the scalpel up and said, “We’re going to cut you eyelid open and pour kerosene in there.” Instantly and firmly I replied, “No, you’re not going to do that!” I quickly took the scalpel from him and I broke the blade off, and rubbed the broken shard against my eyelid and said, “Let’s get this straight, you want to cut my eyelid open, and pour kerosene under my skin. What possible benefit would that have for me? Is there any reason at all? What could that possibly do?” I was firm and direct and right in his face. My mother in-law said, “Yeah, what good could that possibly do?” I then noticed the ‘clean cut’ guy had scars in his eyelids. The tattooed guy then dropped the stainless, kerosene jug on the ground. It appears they both got fed-up with my defiance and walked away, so I quickly picked the jug up and chased after the tattooed guy.

      I grabbed the tattooed guy by his shoulder and spun him around, and I said, “You forgot your kerosene. Why don’t you take this somewhere and start a fire!” He then looked very sad and insulted, and then feeling some remorse for what I said, I placed my hand on his shoulder and said, “It’s okay, I’m just joking, I appreciate you stopping by.” He turned and walked away without the kerosene, and then I slipped back into ‘the void’.

      I was consciously awake, but with my body asleep, and I was reviewing the LD’s I just had. Should I wake myself up and voice record these lucid dreams, or risk having another lucid dream and forgetting what just happened? I decided to continue on. Then, very unexpectedly, I felt somebody hugging me during Nrem. This dream figure was very big and broad, and worse yet, it was a man! Yuck! So pushed him away and told him to leave. That freaked me out, but I kept my cool, and then I was false awakened by the ‘clean cut’ guy from the warehouse.

      I jumped out of bed and stood face to face with the same guy from the warehouse. He was standing in my room and glowing slightly white. He held the scalpel up to my face and asked, “Why won’t you do this? Let me cut your eyelid and pour kerosene in there!” I was angrily replied, “Why would I do this? It makes no sense. Why don’t you come back to me after I’m dead, when I have more time to think about this? I’ll probably be dead in 20 years, and you can ask me then. No wait, I’ll find you, and then we can talk about this. ” He looked totally freaked out by what I said and he slowly backed up wide eyed. He then shot forward at me and made a real distorted face, and this caused me to go back into ‘the void’.

      I remained perfectly still and I tried to return to the warehouse to find my daughter. Next thing I knew I was standing between the two warehouses and I was perfectly lucid. Then the ‘clean cut’ guy ran out of the warehouse were my mother in-law and I were chatting earlier, and disappeared around the corner of the other warehouse where I was hugging with my daughter. I floated up in the air vertically a couple of feet of the ground, and I took off after him. I had thoughts of doing a high speed tackle! When I rounded the corner, there were now men five men walking together. One of them was the ‘clean cut’ guy; one was the tattooed man, and the other three I didn’t recognize. I floated up behind them quietly, as they walked; and then one fellow turned around and faced me in total shock. I then went into praying lotus position, floated around them, and then faced them as I was travelling backwards, floating. My movements were surprisingly smooth and precise. One of the men, who I didn’t recognize, started smiling at me. I guess it must have looked pretty funny seeing somebody in praying lotus position hovering in front of them as they walked. Uncontrollably I started to smile back, and I really didn’t feel any anger towards the ‘clean cut’ or the tattooed man. Then my waking world alarm went off, and I woke. Darn, I wonder what would have happened next.
    4. My Mom’s Friend - Jan 16, 2015

      by , 02-11-2015 at 01:52 AM
      In this dream I was standing in a hotel lobby. A beautiful curly, red haired woman walked through the doorway wearing a one piece bathing suit. Bah boom, I’m lucid! I immediately said, “Woo Hoo!” The blonde woman beside looked less than impressed with what I said, but the red haired woman smiled. They were both in their 20’s. She walked past me and said, “Thank you.” Probably my great aunt. Then to my surprise, my mom walked in and I said, “Hi mom, thanks for stopping by! Ah, sorry for saying ‘woo hoo’.” My mom looked at me and said, “What?” The blonde woman spoke up and said, “She didn’t hear what you said.” I really wasn’t at all concerned, because my mom has seen me do much worse, and I was just being polite. Behind my mom was one of her best friends, Doris.

      I walked with my mom and Doris into a room off the lobby. It was cluttered with junk, and looked more like a storage area full of very old furniture and belongings. The blonde haired woman and the redhead followed behind us, and then they gradually aged to be in their late 50’s (probably so I wouldn’t be distracted). Doris was looking carefully at the stuff in the room. I put my arm around my mom’s waist and walked around the room checking out the ‘old stuff’. I asked Doris how her son Dave was doing, and she looked momentarily confused, then replied, “Fine.” I felt my lucidity failing, so immediately started to swirl, but I woke up.
    5. Troubles Doing Reality Checks - Feb 7, 2015

      by , 02-08-2015 at 10:17 PM
      In this dream I was in my home, which I didn’t recognize, and my wife was jumping up and down trying to look through cracks in the window blinds. Hmm, I must be dreaming. Let’s check! I looked at my hands, they looked perfectly normal. I took my right point finger and tried to push it through my left hand, nope, it doesn’t pass through. Then I pinched my nose and tried to breathe out, nope, I couldn’t breathe out. I was positive this was dream, so I decided to try and stick my hand through the window. Nope, it wouldn’t pass through. Then I tried to walk through a wall, nope, I couldn’t walk through it. What the heck is going on here? I walked outside, through the front door, and I saw my friend’s RV.

      Something looked wrong with its exhaust pipe, so I laid on the ground to take a look. It was totally plugged up with carbon and soot, so I stuck my finger in there to try and clean it out. This didn’t make sense to me because the catalytic converter should of plugged long before this happened. I began to think again that this was dream, so I tried to fly. I flew face down along the asphalt road, grinding my nose in the process, and then I lifted upwards about 1 foot, but I was only travelling at about walking speed. The asphalt road then turned to gravel, and I could hear the wind howling past my ears and I could feel it against my skin, but I was still only going walking speed.

      My body was vibrating violently while I flew (new experience). Next I decided to fly upwards, and finally, something worked! I shot up into the sky, and realized my dream environment was only about one city block square. Usually my lucid dreams are as big as the universe. Beyond the city block was an empty grid pattern extending as far as I could see. It seems I had my own personal and private dreamscape and I didn’t know it. This would have been a perfect place to have a peaceful visit. I need to note this experience for the future. I then woke up.

      Soon I was back to sleep and in the same house. I didn’t realize I was dreaming. The house seemed familiar to me for reason (duh). I began to wonder where my truck was parked, because I didn’t remember parking it at this house, so I went out the back door to take a look. I couldn’t find my truck anywhere, and I once again began to question if I was dreaming. I did the hand, finger through hand, nose blow, and attempted flight, reality checks but nothing indicated I was dreaming. Hmmm, maybe I’m not dreaming, so I walked back into the house and then I woke up again.

      I have a new rule: If I’m questioning if I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming! No more than one reality check needed.
    6. 2nd Stories DILD and WILD - Sensei's Competition Night 14

      by , 02-08-2015 at 04:29 AM
      DILD between mini-awakening and WBTB: may have started as FA...I am at the overlook upstairs in my home IWL. I realize I am dreaming and do a float RC. It works a little but I decide on sliding down the stair rail. My wife is asking where I'm going. I tell her never mind. She comes down after me and I may have had another FA but unsure.

      Got up a little, had a portion of oatmeal. Went to bed visualizing taking dream actions with each HH and dreamlet but staying "dreamy" WILD: scene forms I'm on an outdoor 2nd floor patio looking down and a college age girl who is looking right up at me. I already know this is a dream. I pull it out. I hear some other DC's and look their way and back to the college age girl is gone. A guy comes looking for something. I direct him to check out the abandoned looking house next door and as I look I become intrigued to check it out as well. There are shoes outside and a suitcase on the patio. I fly over and he follows. Luggage tag is from 1981! Supposed to signify a past trip? No, not my first big overseas trip...too early. Maybe cross country road trip? About right year I think (still not sure). We are under a big wooden outdoor roof like a big open storage area. Other guy is pointing out something like mold in roof that tells him how long the occupants have been gone. I wake while staring up at the minute details of the roof.

      NLD highlights: putting out a fire in the palm trees at a college pool party.

      Touring a girls alumni. She looks like Katherine Heigl...blonde at first and later brunette. We hit it off, make plans and cap it off with a romantic kiss. Felt like young love.
    7. Little Visits with Loved Ones - Feb 6, 2015

      by , 02-08-2015 at 02:07 AM
      Wake Back to Bed after about 5 ˝ hours’ sleep. Read some Stephen LaBerge for 45 mins. Incubated my dream and said mantras for 15 mins, and then back to sleep at 5:00 Am. Yes, lucid dreaming was embedded deep in my thoughts, and I was heavily focussed on meeting up with my daughter.

      In this dream I had a pencil in my hand and I was drawing the horizon line through the sky as I ran towards a building. I went through front door and walked into an elevator, and then the doors closed. When the doors reopened I continued to draw the horizon line out of the elevator, through the air, and then onto a piece of paper. I was in a dimly lit room, but my piece of paper was brightly lit. I drew an arching line across the paper, and I was quite impressed with my horizon line! I flipped the piece of paper over to draw another horizon line, but on the opposite side of the paper was beautiful painting of a rock band performing. The paper was black velvet and the scene was drawn in florescent colors. In the corner of the painting was a small piece of loose leaf with blue printing (I should have read the note). I excitedly said, “Who painted this!” My daughter then answered from behind me, “I did!” I instantly replied, “It’s soooo good!” I then got excited and the dream ended before I became lucid.

      This was followed by a false awakening. It was dark in my bedroom, and I was lying on my right side staring at the open bedroom door. I started to think about the dream I just had, and I wished I could have stayed there longer, became lucid, and hugged my daughter. Suddenly my daughter poked her face around the corner, and she was brightly lit, like somebody was shining a flashlight in her face. I jumped out of bed realizing this must be a false awakening! I took my right point finger and pushed it through my left hand (as a reality check). I’m Lucid. I ran towards the door to hug my daughter, but unfortunately I woke from the excitement.

      As I’ve mentioned in my other dream journals I recently bought a mini voice recorder where I simply push a button and voice record my dreams so I can journal in the morning. After voice recording this dream, I fell asleep physically, but my mind was conscious, and I entered a dream in the lucid state. Unfortunately, I forgot to voice record it during the night, and I forgot what happened by morning (it was a great LD). But, I do remember swirling at the end when I started to lose lucidity, and then I entered into another LD, which I remember very well. Here’s what happened:

      I was walking through some cattails towards a sandy beach, and I was calling, “Daughter, Daughter, please come, I’m lucid.” I stepped onto the soft sand beach, and my daughter walked up beside me on my right and said, “Hi dad!” I put my arm over her shoulder, and I said, “Let’s go for a walk.” And my daughter replied, “Sure!” It was an amazing beach boarding a freshwater lake. There were small waves rolling in, and my daughter was walking bare feet with the waves gently washing past. She then said, “Dad, I have to tell you something”, and I replied, “Yeah sure.” She then started to tell my something really interesting, but the lucid dream ended, before I could understand what she was telling me. Darn! I woke and voice recorded the dream. I then fell back to sleep and had several more interesting and fun dreams. Then I woke and voice recorded them again. It was now 8:30 Am, and I thought I would try and have one more LD (After all its Saturday!). So I fell asleep, but my mind was still conscious, and I enjoyed much hypnagogic imagery, sounds, and voices, and then I got ‘the vibrations’ at about 9:30 Am. OBE time!

      I felt 3 sets of minor vibrations lasting about 1 second each, spaced apart by about 10 seconds, and then there was a continuous vibration, where I felt like a shaken can of soda exploding, so then I leaped from my body, but I only made it half way out. I used all my strength to slowly rise out of bed and I was left standing in complete darkness. At this point I was questioning if I was actually standing, or if I was back in bed. I gradually opened my eyes and realized I was standing. Great! I headed for the bedroom door to get away from my body before I got sucked back in. Wait, what’s that? There’s a dark shadow standing between me and the door. I went to hug it, but my arms went right through it, like it wasn’t there. I thought maybe I was seeing things, so I turned and went to open the door, but I wouldn’t open. Then I realized why, there was a hand to the right of me holding it closed. The hand was lightly glowing, and I turned around to see who it was. Holy smokes, it was my dear mother in-law, who passed in 2001! She was standing there in a beautiful white robe.

      She said, “Hi, please turn on the lights.”, as she pointed up at the light fixture. So, I went and flicked the bedroom light switch on, but not surprisingly, they didn’t work. Light switches often don’t work for me in lucid dreams so why would they work now? I then decided to say, “Lights on! Lights on!”, but they still didn’t turn on. My dear mother in-law then took a small transparent patch of material and waved it back and forth across the light switch, and then a mysterious light, under my bed, turned on. This light was orange, yellow, and white, and seemed to be slowly churning and mixing, not like anything I’ve seen. I then went and sat on my butt beside the bed to be in the light, and my mother in-law kneeled down beside me. She started to cry, and I could see the tears coming down her cheeks. I could feel her sadness and it was because of our family being separated in the afterlife, and also because of our great effort to stay connected. She looked right into my eyes, and she said my daughter has a message for me, “She said…..” Then I got sucked right back up into bed again, and I was awake. I got too emotional and woke up. This entire string of dreams was absolutely amazing, and I’m very fortunate to be able to experience this.
    8. been lucid for a while now

      by , 02-08-2015 at 12:48 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I was riding in a train and there was this absolutely gorgeous, futuristic city. All the buildings were lined up in perfect rows, and huge cumulonimbus were laying between the buildings. I took a few pictures with my camera as we entered another city. It was another sprawling futuristic city, but this one seemed more random, and it reminded me of something from a video game. The train I was riding on went into a perfect inverted loop, and we (my brother and sister) got out. I did the nose pinch RC as an affirmation, and said "you know we're in a dream right?". I didn't have time to do much because things went to black.
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    9. Psychic Medium Says Don’t Go in There - Jan 21, 2015

      by , 02-07-2015 at 01:00 AM
      This is short lucid dream I had a few weeks ago, and I’m trying to catch up. My 2015 goal is to journal every single lucid dream I have this year at Dreamviews. Fyi, I hand journal all my dreams because this helps immensely with improving my dream recall.

      In this dream I was standing outside at 70’s style, business building. It was a cloudy afternoon. There was water behind the glass doors, at least 6 feet high, and water was spraying out around the cracks. I became lucid, because there’s no way this could happen. Suddenly, one of the doors flew open, and my Psychic Medium was washed out by the flood! She stumbled to her feet, soaking wet and dishevelled, and I said, “Hi!” She looked at me and said, “Hi!” The door closed shut, and the water was once again 6 feet high. I thought, it would be neat to go in there and swim around, because you can breathe underwater when you’re lucid. So I asked the Psychic Medium, “Can I go in there!” And she said, “No, don’t go in there!” and then I woke up. I should have stabilized!

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    10. A couple of Ditties - Feb 3, 2015

      by , 02-05-2015 at 01:12 AM
      Well, in this dream I was at the best store in the both the WW and LDW. You guessed it, Walmart! Not! My dream guide came up behind me and made me lucid (no idea how that works). I’ve seen this guy many times before, but I’ve never had a chance to ask his name. He always runs away immediately after I’m lucid, but this time I was fast on the draw, and held out my hand to introduce myself. He stopped and shook my hand with a surprised look on his face! I then asked him his name, finally, and he said, “I’m Jason.” I said, “I like visiting Walmart when I’m dreaming.” He gave me dumbfounded look and said, “Huh?” So I said, “Yeah, I like Walmart!” He said, “Okay, you are dreaming. Follow me.” By this point I totally forgot about my intent to have a little visit with my daughter, and so I followed him. The store slowly transformed into a bright white hallway, and I followed closely him. I could feel my lucidity failing, and I should have swirled, but I didn’t want to lose him. Unfortunately I woke up. I’m sure he was going to take me some place amazing.

      In this second lucid dream, I was back in University retaking 4th year Sciences. I couldn’t figure out why I was retaking my 4th year since I graduated back in the 80’s. Maybe I needed some refresher courses, so I just went with it. Then I realized it was final exam time, and I had missed all my classes and assignments. Hey wait a second; this is one of my dream signs. Boom, lucid again! I walked into a campus convenience store and grabbed a bag of chips (I never use to eat in LD’s - thanks Dawneye11!) Three of my best buds from high school showed up. I couldn’t believe how amazingly the same, in all ways, they were to the waking world! It was truly startling. We sat down on the floor, in a ramp exit area, and started chatting. “Hey guys, we’re dreaming!” Bruce looked at me with some scepticism and said, “No we’re not!” I convincingly said, “Yes we are!” I offered the guys some chips, and told them they tasted good, and then Glen said with his usual big smile, “You can’t eat while you’re dreaming. Food doesn’t taste good.” I pushed the bag of chips toward him, “Try them, they’re delicious!” They all reached in and chowed down, and they all agreed they tasted really good. We walked off and I lost lucidity.

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    11. Castle and Gold Dust - Jan 31, 2015

      by , 02-03-2015 at 01:53 AM
      I was standing inside a castle (lucidly inspired by Dawneye11’s castle quest). There was a huge gothic room, displaying many ornate objects, and it spanned for at least 40 yards. There were a few dream figures standing around me, and I decided to take a flight to the other side of the room to help stabilize. I picked a spot on the far wall, and focussed on being there, and I quickly flew across the room, and then I returned back to be with the dream figures. One of the dream figures asked how I flew across the room, and I replied, “I can fly simply by focussing on where I want to go, and zoom, off I go!” I didn’t mention anything about the lucidity being a contributing factor. The other dream figures watch and listened with interest. Then a man dug a big hole in the floor and started to pull out piles of gold dust! I lost lucidity because I was totally enthralled with all that gold. The rest dream was spent trying to get the gold out of the castle.

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    12. Sometimes a Hug can be Scary - Friday Jan 30, 2015

      by , 02-03-2015 at 01:28 AM
      In this dream I was standing at the top of the stairs at my old home, and then my daughter came running up the stairs with a dark haired friend, whom I didn’t recognize. Can you say instantly lucid? We hugged for long time, and at one point we both cried, but I composed myself and asked her, “Who’s your friend?” She quickly said, “That’s D______ (I didn’t catch the name), my friend from Heaven!” I gently placed my daughter down and turned around and gave her friend a big hug too (I think I teleported a few feet towards her), but this poor little girl totally freaked out, and her eyes turned reddish with fear. Usually my hugs do wonders while lucid, but this little girl didn’t like that at all. My daughter firmly said, “Dad, don’t hug her, because you’re scaring her!” I felt upset because I scared her, and I woke up.
      lucid , memorable
    13. Funny Things Happen When You Lucid Dream - Jan 24, 2015

      by , 01-27-2015 at 04:29 AM
      In this dream I was putting a garbage bag in a trash compactor. I neatly pulled the edges of the bag around the metal frame, and then slid it shut, but then I realized something was wrong. My kitchen doesn’t have a trash compacter! Bingo, I’m lucid! I look around the kitchen trying to remember my mantra. Then I remembered, “Give my daughter a hug!” I felt a rush of adrenaline go to my stomach (an uplifting feeling), but then everything went black, and I was now in ‘the void’ (NRem), consciously aware, but my body was asleep.

      Shortly after, ‘the vibrations’ started, and I successful jumped out my body and landed on the floor beside my bed (OBE). Same old problem though, my blanket was over my face, including that dang CPAP mask and hose. I found the only way to remove it is to tear away at it piece by piece with my hands until all seems clear. This visibility was kind of dark and blurry at the start, but it improved as I left my bedroom (my parent’s house); however, I could only see out my left eye. Now what’s going on? I paused and focussed on increased clarity, but I still couldn’t see out my right eye. My dear dad then walked out of the bathroom and started to laugh at me, and he said, “You’re dreaming again, aren’t you?” Giggle, giggle, and then he told me to go look in the mirror, so I headed into my sister’s room to have a look.

      Well, to my surprise, that darn CPAP mask was pushed up over my right eye! That’s why I couldn’t see! I quickly tore it off. That’s it; I’m going to put a mirror on my bedroom door (at home). I was shocked that I looked ‘normal’ in the mirror, I wasn’t all freakish looking and distorted, like what happens most of the time in an LD. This was kind of odd (for me), so I went right up close and studied my face in the mirror for anything that wasn’t supposed to be there, but all looked normal, right down to the gray hairs in my beard. I paused for a moment and I found this very intriguing. My dad was still giggling away in the hallway, so I turned to him and said, “Dad, give me a break, it’s really hard to get all this CPAP crap off when I OBE exit!” He laughed even harder, then my vision went black, and I was back in bed again. I found this experience quite entertaining too dad!

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      lucid , memorable
    14. A Decent Chardonnay (DILD)

      by , 01-26-2015 at 04:09 PM
      Ritual: Lately I haven't been dreaming much because I've been staying up too late (after 3am usually) playing computer games late at night. I've noticed that the later I go to bed, the less awareness I have in my dreams. Tonight for RL reasons I went to bed two hours earlier than usual, at 1am, and wondered if it might cause me to LD naturally. Sure enough, without any special intention or practices, I woke at 6am with the following...

      DILD: I was moving through a grocery store, picking up some items and observing what else I might want to gather, until I reached a row of cash registers and knew I was in the last room. I had already picked up a bag of assorted stuffed animals from a whole bin of them. I recall making the same kind of obsessive comparisons I do in WL to decide which bag to pick. There were slight variations in all the stuffed animals so I was looking for the set I found the most appealing. I decided relatively quickly, the decisive factor being a stuffed bat I liked, and was carrying the bag with me.

      I turned around and walked back through the store to pick up some remaining things I hadn't fully decided on the first time through. I was considering getting some food, and glanced at what was on offer in the seafood section. I think I ended up going back out the front door at this point and found myself at a bus stop. The bus came and I didn't think I wanted to leave yet because I wasn't finished in the store. I was planning take the next bus if it were going to come in an hour, but I know sometimes the schedule is slower on Sundays. I asked the ticket seller when the next bus would be, and she said, "1:40." This startled me because it was already around 3:30pm in the afternoon. The next bus couldn't come earlier than this one... did she mean the next one wouldn't be here until the middle of the night? I asked about this and she nodded. I decided I'd better scrap my plans and leave on this bus, because I didn't have enough I wanted to do here to occupy a whole evening. I yelled at the driver not to leave yet and quickly slipped the ticket-seller a twenty dollar bill, which I figured should be enough, though I didn't know the exact price. I grabbed the change without counting it and jumped on the bus. But then I remembered I would also need a ticket for the guy I was with... there had actually been no guy with me earlier in the store scene but now the scene shifted.

      I was sitting next to a really hot guy and trying out a computer game he was showing me. This is how my mind accounted for the scene shift: I had been playing a game. Now I was distracted by our conversation. The guy was trying to figure out if he should go to—I think he was calling it "Burning Man," but I knew he meant a big festive parade through the city. After talking to him a few minutes I realized that I hadn't been paying attention to the game. I looked back at the screen and didn't recognize where my character was. Fortunately it was easy to restart from a save. But then my conversation with the guy took an even more distracting turn when I noticed how hot he was, felt an attraction that was apparently mutual, and started kissing him. After a few minutes of that I remembered the game I was playing and worried my character would have gotten killed, but I looked back at the screen and everything was fine... my character was actually going around doing things on his own.

      "This game plays itself!" I commented in surprise. But I didn't want to miss any part of the story, so I restarted again, only this time I was disappointed to see that the game had apparently been creating its own saves too, and now even the save point was well past the spot where I had gotten distracted. I wondered if I should just stop playing for now and start over from the beginning later.

      The scene shift at this point is vague, but the next thing I knew I was bodily in the game, back at the grocery store—though it looked different than the first one—this time with two companions, a guy and a girl. We were engaged in combat with the store employees, and everyone was throwing bottles. I didn't like this, so I called a halt to the bottle-throwing and my friends and I went outside. I was trying to explain to them what my objections were. "Too much broken glass," I complained. Even out here, the ground was littered with it, and on looking at it I felt a tiny sharp pang in the sole of my left foot. It seemed like I might really be feeling this with my physical body, so I continued my explanation: "The problem is, when there's too much broken glass, then you can feel it in the real world. Some kind of psycho-physical complex." The pang in my foot, which I could still feel, seemed like a great example: here I was in virtual reality, but stepping on broken glass made my real foot twinge. (Interestingly, I think a sensation in my physical foot was actually bleeding into, because I thought I could still feel it faintly when I woke up.)

      Up to this point I was not lucid, rather I was convinced that I was bodily immersed in a computer game (I think my brain often explains dreaming this way to itself), but as the pang in my foot made me contemplate the connection between my VR body and my physical body, I realized that I was actually dreaming. I was about to walk off with my friends, but it occurred to me, "If I'm lucid, I should do something useful." I remembered the wine TOTM. I'd just been in a store where we were smashing bottles of wine, what a waste! And we left on such bad terms, they might not like me going back in there... not to mention all that broken glass... but I guess I'd better hazard it. I turned around and half-opened the door, but then I realized there might be an easier way.

      I turned back to my friends. "Does anyone have any wine?" The girl immediately pulled a bottle from her backpack and gave it to me. Then I realized there might be another hitch. "Do you have an opener?" I asked her dubiously. She actually did! She pulled out a corkscrew and was waving it in the air at me, but I had already realized that I might be making things more complicated than necessary. I glanced at the bottle of wine and saw that although it was still sealed, the top covered in light blue foil, under the foil the cork seemed to be protruding three-quarters of the way out of the bottle. I tried to pull it out manually and was able to do so easily. There was still a small piece of cork in the neck of the bottle, but this shouldn't be a problem. My other friend was holding a butter knife, so I grabbed it from his hand without ceremony and used the handle (as the blade was smeared with butter) to push the cork inside. Lest it bob up and block the flow of the wine, I kept the knife handle in the neck to hold the cork to one side as I lifted the bottle toward my mouth to drink.

      "You guys don't mind if I drink the whole bottle, do you? I'm supposed to for my task." Without waiting for a reply, I tilted my head back and chugged. I was finished in seconds. Fortunately, even though the bottle had been full, it didn't feel like I drank any more than a glassful. My immediate reaction was surprise—that it tasted so convincingly like real wine. "It's actually a decent chardonnay," I commented to the girl who had given me the bottle. I focused my attention on the taste that lingered in my mouth: very buttery, rich, even ambrosial, with a hint of something sour around the edges but not strong enough to be off-putting. As I thought about what words I should use to describe it, I felt myself waking up.
    15. 4:00 Am Much Needed Hug – and my Dream Method - Jan 24, 2015

      by , 01-26-2015 at 04:37 AM
      I repeated this mantra continuously last night as I drove out to visit ‘the folks’. No worries, I was alone. Btw, my wife and son would kill me if they had to listen to this:

      “I WILL realize when I’m dreaming, and I WILL BE lucid. I WILL realize when I’m dreaming, and I WILL BE with my daughter.”

      I verbally repeated it for 40 minutes as I was driving, just before bedtime. I fasted from lunch until bedtime, and then I ate one can of tuna, 100 mg B6, and a B multivitamin (washed down with a beer). I wrote out the mantra 4 times in my Dream Journal, and I also wrote out in big bold letters, HUG TIME DAUGHTER! WBTB after 4 hours and then I took 4 mg red spider lily extract and 200 mg choline. I had the best dream experiences ever: 2 lucids, 4 successful OBE’s, 3 failed OBE attempts, and 3 pleasant fun dreams, plus one hour in Nrem (the void). I also voice recorded each dream occurrence, immediately after each dream, and repeated the mantra a couple of times. Yes, I briefly woke up about a dozen times last night, but it was well worth it. The voice recordings allowed me to record what’s happened, without completely waking me up, and then I did the written journaling in the morning using the recordings as ‘recall’. Here’s the best lucid dream (I’ll add the other ones later):

      I was false awakened because somebody was touching my back. I opened my eyes and I was lying on my left side in a huge bed which I didn’t recognize. About 5 feet away, in this huge bed, was a dark haired teenaged boy, who was quietly sleeping on his back. I stared at him, and thought now this is odd, there’s a teenage boy in my bed, and this isn’t my bed! I quickly closed my eyes, and I figured this must be some sort weird nightmare!

      I opened my eyes again, and now the boy was lying on his right side facing me with his hazel nut brown eyes, staring right into my eyes. He had a very slight grin. I instantly became lucid!!! So I said, “Hi!” He casually replied, “Hi.” I quickly asked, “Who are you?” He then said something, and I could hardly hear him because I had my earplugs in, so I sat up in bed and leaned towards him, and I said, “What did you say?” He sat up in bed too, and moved towards me, and repeated his mumbling. I said, “I still can’t hear you?” Then I felt somebody touching my back again! What’s going here?

      I said, “Who’s that (behind me)?” Then I felt somebody push against my back, and I could see blonde, curly hair drooping over my left shoulder. Then I heard my daughter say, “It’s me!” I quickly turned towards her and said, “Daughter!” She smiled ear to ear, and then I said, “Give me a hug!” She gave me the biggest hug ever! Then I asked her, “Who’s your friend?”, and she replied, “Huh, Oh, that’s Kenny!” Unfortunately I woke, because it was very emotional, but I stayed perfectly still in bed to try and get back into the LD. No luck, but suddenly ‘the vibrations’ started, and tried to OBE exit, but no luck again. This was a short, but a fantastic LD.
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