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    1. Travels by Bicycle in Search of Underwear

      by , 06-06-2016 at 05:26 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary written while awake]

      I'm in the office building complex north of Disneyland. I'm there to be cast in a show or parade there. [I don't specifically remember becoming lucid, but I do remember being lucid.] I'm floating around up by the ceiling, which is a high ceiling, when the casting director walks into the room below me. When I see her enter, I float down so I can talk to her. "Hi," I say while descending. She says I've been cast in [whatever show or parade it was], and to go and change into my costume for the show. I head out of the building to do so.

      Outside the building, I stand on a stretch of grass that ends at the top of a concrete block wall, about twelve feet high, at the bottom of which is a sidewalk. I need to get down onto the sidewalk to get back to my car. I know I can do a controlled fall, so I do. I jump off the top of the wall, control my descent speed, and land easily on the sidewalk.

      When I get back to my car, I realize I don't have any underclothes with me, and I can't be in the performance without any. I realize I'll have to go to a Walmart or Target and buy new ones, but I don't even know where there is one around here. I decide to set off and go looking for one.

      I'm at a freeway onramp, on my bicycle, still on my way to find the nearest Target or Walmart.
      [Why am I on my bicycle and not in my car? I dunno.] The onramp runs next to a high, tan-colored wall. On this wall, about a quarter to a third of the way down the ramp, there is a traffic sign that reads "NO BICYCLES ON FREEWAY." I start bicycling down the ramp, but when I get to the sign, I read it, sigh, and say, "All right, fine. This is me, not riding my bicycle on the freeway." I get off my bike, turn around, walk it back up the onramp, and start looking for another route that doesn't involve taking the freeway.
    2. DILD - talking to a DC

      , 05-20-2016 at 02:28 AM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Bed at 11pm. Alarm at 6:15 to go to a 8am gig at my second job, but woke up from a DILD at 5am.

      I'm in a room and everything has green tint to it. I wonder out loud "why is everything green"? And I answer to myself with big grin "Because it's a dream".

      Scene changes and now I'm walking down a busy street. I quickly decide I finally want to talk to a DC and I turn to a guy walking next to me with a question "Whats your name?". He gets confused and he clearly has no idea, all he manages is "uhmmm and errrr". I think to myself I should find a DC who is not just in my mind but who can think for himself.
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    3. The thief

      by , 04-27-2016 at 09:46 PM
      I was a thief... I lived in city that looked like ancient Bratislava... there were rails for wagons pulled by horses... Streets were made of coble stones... I had stolen things for living... small things. It wasn't comfortable life.
      I seemed to like to provoke policemen to try to catch me. I liked those runs... feelings of danger... policemen didn't like me and they shout at me that they will catch me very soon. Yet, I was very fast. I was running and all but one young policeman were left far behind. I was running, my long hair was flowing behind me, fluttering because I ran so fast... then I started to wonder... how it is possible that I dont feel tired?
      This is a dream! I enjoyed the run even more after that realization. That young raven haired policeman was very sympatic to me, I felt to be attracted to him (not sexually, I'm not bend that way, yet there was something on him...) I told him that there is a slope downwards, that we should accelerate our run... We laughed as we ran. But there was no slope downward. It was something like very deep water well... circular, with walls made from coble stones like the street. And we fell into it. A few tens of meters. As I was falling my legs were runing in the air, till I submerged into dirty water on the bottom of well. I surfaced right beside policeman. There was ladder close to me. I helped him to that ladder and we climb up. I waked up after that.

      It was very nice run. I felt so light...
      I obtained lucidity in the middle of dream, yet I decided to run, since I liked it so much.
      Dream looked like it was set into at least 100 years into past, maybe 150... but policemen had present time uniforms... but no weapons.
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    4. My first AP followed by LD's

      by , 04-25-2016 at 08:58 PM
      AP Experience: During the day I decided to try & visualize an AP by starting in my bed & going street by street & house by house to arrive inside my husbands work area so that if I ever was to achieve AP I'd know where I was going in a real time way. I kept telling myself all evening that I would have an AP & LD tonight & I would remember my dreams. I laid down at 2:00 am & kept my eyes closed. I did my meditation by relaxing my body & when I did my breathing exercise I did something different. As I breathed in I said to myself that when I breathe in I'm breathing in AP & LD's & when I breathe out I'm breathing out fear. I'd hold my breath in between. No-one told me to do it this way, I just decided to try it. I kept my eyes closed the whole time & visualized the trip again in my head from my bed all the way to my husbands job & into his work area. My husbands alarm went off at 3:15 & I got up to pee & tried to keep my eyes mostly closed & didn't talk & went straight back to bed. My bathroom is about 10 feet from my side of the bed so it didn't take long. I laid back down & started the exercises over & over & ignoring my husband. Meesha cat has been in our bed all night, even when I was reading before I went to sleep. She was in the middle of the bed. At 4:10 or 4:15 I heard my husbands keys & so did Meesha cuz she went to follow him & then she came back to bed & laid down. (I didn't look at the clock, I asked my husband today what time he left) I just kept on with what I was doing & decided that my husband was no longer a distraction & Meesha seemed all settled so I attempted to bump up my vibrations. And they went from zero to 1000! My whole body vibrated like I had some high tech vibration machine going through my body. It feel like every cell & atom in my body was moving & the sound was a really loud humming & air kind of sound, a whirring sound. Other people describe it as the sound a plane makes. Well, I've only heard that sound on tv but I'd say it was very accurate. It's like my body was going to take off, literally! It was maybe 30 seconds of this & I knew what what was happening. I wasn't afraid & I did not see any entities or anything. I tried to move & couldn't but it was only on my first try. After that I was able to lift my left arm & feel it come up & I could see I had 2 kinds of arms & I could feel the difference so I just went for it & tried to roll off the side of my bed. I immediately remembered I didn't want to go through the floor but briefly it felt like I went down but willed myself back up. It was like the bottom part of me started to go down through the floor but not all of me. I was next to my bed but I didn't feel the floor & I could tell that I couldn't feel things but I'm a well trained monkey & I was afraid of bumping into my bed & in a split second I consciously wanted to float around my bed to get out of my room. But before I did this I looked on my bed to see if Meesha was freaking out or anything but she was just laying there right where she was sound asleep. So I floated around my bed & through my dining room & over my couch & love seat a few times just trying to see the room & feel what was happening. I wanted to go through the door so I could make the journey to my husbands job. But when I got in front of the door I wan't sure if I should try & walk through it or run through it. So I tried to run but I panicked & everything went black for what seemed to be quite a while. I felt disoriented & couldn't figure out where I was. I was so tired but so excited at the same time. I guess I popped back in & then I started a Lucid dream..

      LD: 1 I was asking these women in a college for help. I was explaining all of what just happened to me & asked them if they were lucid dreamers & they said they were & I asked them if they new anything about AP but they didn't answer. I walked around & looked for things that could help me understand where I was. They told me I was in some college in Illinois. I told them I didn't think that this place really exists. I found some brochures that said it was in Illinois & it was a college but the name still made no sense to me. I wish I could remember. The stairways there were really wide & the hallways really tall & long & detailed & everyone was friendly & then one woman was trying to get a little too friendly when we turned a corner & there was a hot tub. I got in it with her but when she leaned in to kiss me I went under the water which woke me right up.... I sat up in bed & remembered everything so I tried to text my husband at work. It was 5:04 am. I ended up talking to my husband & telling him all about the AP & this LD.

      LD 2: I was in an art college of some kind. I was talking to various people. We were sitting in this neat little place where you step down a couple of steps to get to individual tables & from multiple sides you had to step up each way to get out of it. We were discussing art & since I was enjoying this I didn't try to change the scene, I just tried to take in all the things they were talking about & looking at their art and ideas.

      LD 3: I was outside in this vast area where there was just grass seeming to go on forever & there was this thing that I really can't describe accurately but I'll try. It looked like a small hill where a tight low gully was. It was about the size and shape of a small train trestle & you are looking at it from the side & where the track would be there was a space filled with a multidimensional space where artists were creating computer art that went from one side to the other. The goal was to make something unique fill that space. Each piece started from the left & pix elated across to the other side. Like I said it's hard to describe because it was very complicated. I didn't want to try to change the scene yet again because this just seemed more cool than something I could create. It was so colorful. It was like a big computer program that displayed art.

      Explanation of Details- I had some other dream fragments but I let them go because I seem to be so overwhelmed w/ the AP experience.... Quite a while back I used to be terrified by SP & I saw entities. I used to pray every night because I was being attacked in my sleep but I didn't know anything about LD's or AP back then. I wish I had so I wouldn't have been afraid. Eventually they stopped & I stumbled upon LD'ing later. Therefore I wasn't afraid when I had this experience today. It was definitely not something that a person could experience in any kind of a dream. No way. Not possible. This was a real time event.

      Explanation of details-Blue
      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown

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    5. DILD, MILD, DS - Royal Gold Submarine

      by , 04-16-2016 at 06:43 PM
      I was running & was guided into something. At first I thought it was a RV but then realized it resembled instead a gold submarine on wheels. My family was outside trying to find out what was going on & I was on the inside w/ my prince & his parents, the king & queen & others that were trying to help us keep others out. I was told that because I was his new princess there was some kind of power grab that others were trying to make by capturing me & that they would be in charge somehow if this happened. I looked down & realized my ring was gone & I started to panic & started looking around for it. I accidentally opened a door a fraction of an inch & for a moment the outsiders were able to see inside so the king & queen acted as though they were having sex as a diversion. While I was looking around for the ring & this weird sex act was taking place, I became Lucid. (I'll explain things later what triggered this). So now that I was lucid I knew I could not attempt a WBTB or a WILD today so I took advantage of just having fun w/ my dream. I started changing things as they all became more & more vivid. There were luxurious pillows everywhere. I was expanding the confined place to make it bigger & safer. I also kept looking for my ring which was found among some nuts & bolts. My prince was my husband & the king & queen were plump & w/ royal frumpy garbs. This was fun. I was looking at all the rivets made of gold & small windows to peek out of. I was really happy w/ my creativity. I was able to hear my family outside more clearly & they wanted frantically to know what was happening & where I was, which was not helping me hide. The floors were made of that bumpy metal associated w/ tools but I don't know what that is called. The whole thing had a futuristic feel to it.... Unfortunately my husband was rousing awake next to me & I knew I had to wake up because, although lucid dreaming is really fun I also knew very clearly that my real life must come first & this cannot interfere w/ that. This is a line I do not want to cross. Therefore I knew my time was up & I opened my eyes & I was fully awake but because my dream was lucid I could remember it very clearly.

      Now to explain. Before I went to sleep I was practicing my MILD mantra's of "Tonight I'm going to lucid dream & I'm going to remember them" & "I will use my wedding ring as my dream sign" because it is not only significant to me it because it has a flaw. It really does come apart. The weld came loose a while back & 1 of the 3 sections is not connected right now. Therefore, I only usually wear it when I leave the house except when I swim, so that I don't lose it at the pool. It's unique & it was custom made. A one of a kind, w/ a one a kind flaw right now. It's been this way for about 4 yrs or so but I kind of like it like that. I know that sounds weird..... Then there was the King & Queen suddenly having sex which simultaneously reminded me of the fact that I couldn't keep sleeping for long... I had a hysterectomy in December & have a set time to try & have intercourse to strengthen the area where my cervix was taken out of.... So all in all I had a successful DILD & MILD w/ my dream sign being my wedding ring.

      Green: Non-Lucid
      Red: Lucid
      Blue: Details
    6. [14-04-2016]

      by , 04-14-2016 at 09:58 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      From all the fragments that I received during the night, I remember only one (probably an effect of tiredness).

      I was in my house, going out of a room. I had female legs and I was wearing a pantyhose and a black skirt on my legs. I wanted to see myself in a mirror. Instead I went to my room and thought "Wait, it's a dream!" I thought what I should do, and went to toy a bit with a mirror. I shapeshifted. First I looked like my brothers pal, then I changed into a man with unusual forehead, tiny eyes set on sides and baldness in YHA middle of the head. Then I thought about turning into a woman. I used the mirror to change, from ugly or plain females into some beautiful ones. Lucid dream wasn't really stable, so everything went black after a while and I woke up.

      From all the shape changes I gave most attention to that strange man and to a redhead female that I turned into.
    7. DILD

      by , 03-23-2016 at 05:22 AM
      So I was dreaming and for whatever reason I was in this big dining hall because I got accepted into Hogwarts (which I was suspicious about because I'm too old for them to send a letter) and apparently some of my friends had gotten accepted too. So I'm sitting near my friends Giana and Kelly from my Art class and then I figure out I'm dreaming. So naturally I build myself a skate park and a rad board and I start to skate. Then I see this door and I kind of go out of lucidity. I see these weird land-shrimp things and they're all different colors behind different doors controlling different dreams. Then I find this green one and he's chilling on top of a floating island and I go to chill with him, but he gets angry and throws mounds of dirt at me and I dodge them but fall into water. After that I woke up.
    8. Lencois Sand dune lakes in Brasil

      , 02-01-2016 at 07:13 PM (Turquoise Dreams)

      Last night shift from 5-10pm

      Slept from 2am-9am

      [Yesterday I read a book about Just Paying attention. So I was doing it most of the day, trying to keep my attention on what I was doing. For ex. I was carrying a box, so I would say: I'm looking at my hands, I have black gloves on, I have a box, I'm walking, looking around, there are people, are these DCs, HI DC!, ... and just basically noticing things around me and acknowledging them.]

      Woke up with memory of a DILD.

      I am with some people when I realize I should be dreaming and lucid. I count my fingers but I decide I'm not dreaming. Immediately after that I KNOW I am ALWAYS dreaming and lucid so I recount.

      I count one by one, all the way to 12 on my left hand, to make a show for those people. I'm amazed, because every one of my fingers is dressed in pyjamas. Light blue with some toys and teddies like a baby's soft flanel pyjama. When I come to 12, people are also amazed.

      I walk to the window and tell them "Now I'm gonna do what I always do when lucid. I'm going for a flight". And I jump out the window.

      I'm flying superman style (I normally fly in standing up position, kinda like a hummingbird) over some sand. I realize I wanted to see the Lencois Sand Dunes in Brazil.

      So I bank left and there they are.

      One lake is more beautiful than the other. All different colors and shapes.

      Turqoise, green, blue. I can hear myself go "uuuuuu" and "aaaah" and I'm surprised and amazed at such beauty.

      Little further down, also in sand dunes are some low, elongated openings to the underground. It seem to me that those are the ends of lava tubes where lava was coming out from. Not sure why, because they don't look like it. (I have been to a real one on the Big Island of Hawaii).

      After all this I write down the 12 fingers, the lakes and I feel especially important part is how I realized that I am ALWAYS DREAMING. I knew I'm writing this down in a dream but I was hoping it will help me remember after I wake up. (This is second time I done this)
    9. Look at the sky Totm 🕸🕸🕸

      by , 01-31-2016 at 12:35 PM
      Woke a few times then listened to George singing - he left at 7.02 and it's then I had my Lucid dream🌷🌷🌷
      I as chanting

      " I lucid dream tonight " ( I remembered this has worked for me many times now and I felt exited that a lucid dream is on its way)

      As I drifted off to sleep I recapped the totm's - actually I had been in a kind of Wbtb since about 5 ish just laying in bed and watching my mind thoughts floating around..

      Not sure what triggered me in this one - I think it was in having a conversation with Lisa telling her about a dream and getting lucid and her saying oh " was it the man on the bus that made you lucid ? I often get that it's great!"
      No I said it was when I went to sit down on the bus and I had to sit in a baby's pram - I looked up to the mother and asked if she could remove the over hanging piece of the hood as I couldn't get comfy! I knew something was up and realised
      " I am dreaming "
      I got off the bus and walked towards the nearest house - I was about to walk inside when I remembered its better to phase through the walls in Lucid dreams as it trains my mind - so I did - at first walking through with ease and then feeling a little stuck ha ha then the wall got all stretchy/morphy but I came out the other side in the end. had the feeling of wanting to accomplish something and could feel semi lucid state close by. At that moment I remembered the task to look at the sky. I walked back outside and looked straight up at the sky - it was a beautiful vast light blue - but then I noticed hanging over us ...within the sky, was a huge figure ... Like, made of black woven netting - just floating/hanging in the vast sky - a being of sort, as if looking down on us ...I dint like it but knowing it's a dream thought this could be a good adventure and am exited to conquer this dark force. I called up the the gigantic figure that I was coming up to sort it out Xwoman patience on her way I jump up into the sky and sharply catch my hair in a hook hanging on the open door behind me

      I will be back

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    10. Just another LD

      by , 01-27-2016 at 09:21 PM
      I had an LD this morning. I thought it was becoming a weekly thing but it turned to a monthly thing . This time and the previous time were on work mornings which is good. I used to think I could have them only on weekends since I can sleep more on mornings.

      It was the usual "that can't be real" that got me lucid. I like that I don't force LDs. I like when I realize I'm dreaming because things don't seem to be real. It feels like my awareness has grown. That's one of the reasons I prefer DILD.

      I recall driving a car, and I became lucid there because something silly happened or so but I can't recall the details now. Then I tried to drive a motorcycle (I never did in waking life). I don't recall summoning the motorcycle. It sort of just was there. I just got my driving license, that's most likely the reason for all the driving in the dream.

      Then I was in my house , and I don't remember how I got there. I decided to summon a door to a secret underground room or so. I found a crack on the wall which doesn't exist in reality of course. I tried to get this crack to open, and it did, and I went to some place that had bright nice looking rooms. The odd thing is that in the dream I thought these rooms looked like the real ones in my house with slight changes, but now I can tell they were much more different than i thought, so probably my memory wasn't perfect this time although I was lucid.

      I recall being afraid to jump a long distance. I have this silly thing, I fear doing risky things in dreams although I know there can be no real harm. I'm afraid that my fear will make it hurt, because my fear means I believe it could hurt.
      Anyway it was like in silly old computer games where you had to jump from some objects to others, and I managed to overcome my fear for a while and do some of them.

      I have many memory gaps, but I recall telling some dream characters that this was just a dream and they were not real. Their reaction was exactly like the last time, they were shocked and frustrated that they were just in my mind. Poor DCs .

      When I woke up I realized I didn't do any stabilization techniques like spinning which I use usually, or shouting at the dream which I only used last time. It is not that I didn't want to use them, they didn't cross my mind at all which sounds off to me now, I always did them before.
    11. Psychedelic Sand

      by , 01-17-2016 at 08:11 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #483 - DILD - 8:43AM

      I had an idea during a jog yesterday to play with psychedelic sand in my next LD so that's what I aimed for. I was having a hard time getting lucid even with a dose of galantamine (too tired) so I feel lucky to have pulled this off so late this morning. I dreamed tons. Most of them were pretty boring, but I enjoyed a strong feeling of bliss that carried through each one.

      [QUOTE = "summary"]I noticed I was living in a strange town and became lucid. I started jumping really high until the dream destabilized then I remembered my goal. I found some sand and played with it with expectations of something trippy to happen. I saw patterns and colors and deep space while my hands morphed. I woke up shortly after.[/QUOTE]

      I am standing on the back steps of a house that I think of as my home. Something feels off, but familiar at the same time. It's lightly raining and my see Alysha and Riley playing in water puddles. Suddenly, Riley does a belly slide through a deep puddle. I smile and glance at my wife who is intent on watching him. Riley then takes a deep gulp of water and spits it out my direction. I move over to him, "Eww! No, don't do that. It's dirty."
      In response, he starts to cough and spit like he has dirt in his mouth. My wife moves in to help, but he recovers quickly and goes on playing.

      I become introspective again while worrying about the rain. I remember that I had decided to go for another run today, but this rain is making me renege on that idea. I look around an wonder what town this is. I recall going for a jog in town yesterday, but I can't make it fit in this setting. I ask Alysha, "Hey, where did I run yesterday? I don't know this town anymore."
      My wife ignores me and watches an older girl wonder up and play with my son in the rain. I think I should be feeling wet by now but my body feels nothing. I wonder who this girl is, then notice we are basically in a church parking lot. I see other people come wondering out of the building. Then it hits me. I remember that I was trying to DEILD just a moment ago and almost succeeded. I do a nose plug and blow through. I become excited and start jumping up and down. My jump turns into giant leaps and gliding downward. I try to look down and see if anyone is noticing me but the dream is breaking up now. I recall my sand goal and stop jumping to stabilize.

      I crawl around until my vision clears and notice that I am face to face with asphalt. It's a parking lot and there is a blue pickup truck nearby. I stand up and search out a sand pit. I worry about the rain making the sand wet, but quickly dismiss that idea. I see an grassy area next to the church. I rush over and next to an AC unit I see patch of deep sand just big enough to play in. I lay on my stomach and pick up handfuls, letting the sand pour out. It all looks normal except the color of the sand looks more like sponge cake being darker on top like its been baked. I then remember that I need to have more expectation of something psychedelic. I do so as I take a finger and swirl the sand round, stirring it up. I quickly see geometric circle patterns flow out with traces of red. I shout out in delight, "Whoa cool!" I pick up more sand. My hands look cartooned and as the sand flows, it looks like multicolored, jagged lines of ink. I shout, "Whoa, man! Psychedelic sand! Yes!" The dream goes dark now and I feel that I am waking up. I test it by shouting "Hey" a few times, risking my wife coming in the room. However, it sounds really dreamy still so I roll over to my back. I look up and say, "Let me see outer space." A star field forms then quickly zooms into deep space. It's so beautiful that I reach out for it. I am surprised when my hands and arms look distorted and flowing like tentacles. There must be five or six appendages rapidly flowing up and waving like they are caught in a strong current of cosmic energy. I smile, "Whoa cool. Outer space, man." I then spread all of my tentacle apart and the view of deep space splits and moves out of view, putting me back in darkness. I feel satisfied enough with this dream to go ahead and wake up. For some reason, I keep repeating, "Outer space, man." Over and over. I know I sound like a stoner hippy, but I don't care at the moment. There's a brief flash of a false awakening, then I wake for real.
    12. Mexican Classical

      by , 01-05-2016 at 01:35 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Wow I've been in a bit of a slump and haven't had very many lucids due to my hectic work/life schedule that's been causing me sleep deprivation. I think it's calming down now, so I need to catch up on the DJ especially after this morning. It's not that I've been totally dry, just really slow on the LD's. I've actually had several lucid moments the past month, but they are hardly worth mentioning now.

      #481 - DILD - 4:00am (December 14, 2015)

      There is something about a dude dying his hair then the scene morphs into me standing in a street in my underwear in some suburban area. There is a man talking on the phone with me as I watch a car park on the street with it's headlights lighting up the night. The man on the phone is saying something about a Japanese ghost. I feel some fear so I go into the house I am standing in front of. The phone conversations gets really weird and I hear a third voice talking. Something feels off and I tell them about it on the phone. No one answers and I begin to wonder if I am the ghost. No, that's not it. I now realize that I am actually dreaming.

      I look around the house. There is an open floor plan for the living room and kitchen divided by a bar/island and dining table behind that. I wonder into the kitchen and see the back wall is huge pane glass with a sliding glass patio door. It's too dark outside but I see the interior of the house reflecting back at me. I see a man pass by and disappear into the hallway on the opposite side. Also there is Tonya, a coworker from waking life, standing there looking at me. For some reason I turn around and randomly start doing dishes as I try to think what I want to do. I notice this but don't mind since it's preventing the dream from becoming stagnant and crashing. However, doing dishes in a lucid dream is really boring. Just do something cool.

      I look to the opposite wall and see a huge mirror. I immediately charge over there and effortlessly phase through it into a different house. It looks like a mostly white bedroom, including the walls, carpet and bedspread. There is an acoustic guitar on a stand in the corner of the room. I pick it up and start strumming and figuring the few chords I know. The song is a beautiful Mexican classical and I just play away until I wake up.
      lucid , memorable
    13. LD Study # 3

      by , 11-28-2015 at 12:30 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #480 - WILD/DILD - 4:38AM

      After some time of trying to WILD (about and hour), I feel as if I am sitting more upright that I should be in the recliner. I feel as if my head is bobbing forward and to the side like I am consciously falling asleep. I worry about the headset falling off, but I try to relax and just go with it so I don't mess up the WILD. I quickly realize that I am probably not sitting this far forward and decide that I am already in the dream state. I wait a moment and begin to notice very mild vibrations in my body. I don't waste anytime here and think about getting up out of the recliner. When I do, my body effortlessly surges forward with a strange gasping/sucking sound; I wonder if that sound is just my breathing. I have the sensation of opening my physical eyes and worry about waking up, but my vision corresponds to my dream environment so I do my best to ignore the feeling. I walk to the kitchen. The room is dark and everything looks as it should. I decide I am in the dream far enough to give the left-right eye signals. I then turn and walk back across the room while doing the block-push-motion that I had practiced with the headset before bed. I am excited and curious if the computer picked up my dream actions, but I try to stay in the dream a little longer. I see Remy sleeping on the futon as he is in the waking world. The area around him seems extra dark and it's hard to tell what he looks like. Not having any other goal, I decide to wake dream Remy and see how he interacts with me. I as I move toward him my excitement of the experiment wakes me up.
    14. A Strange Disease to Escape of War

      by , 11-20-2015 at 05:06 PM (Visual Space)
      A lucid dream.

      It all began in this huge highschool trip to this escape. A large, wonderful and fun place with a cloudless sky and lit by a beautiful sun. From what I can gather, there was mini restaurants, water parks, and dance studios in this place. I was walking with my friends from high school, 2 to be exact, and soon I was taken away by a highschool girl named Jonet. A pretty girl who wore a lime green summer dress and was holding me by my waist; I did the Same.

      We walked upstairs into this complex, walked through the social rooms with many people in it, and into this small window lit room. I laid down and she got on top of me with a belt if some sorts and began to strangle my dick.....why? I struggled to get up due to the pain but successfully did. Soon afterwards, a man came who looked like a doctor said they were trying to do a procedure that will help fight against a horrible disease/infection that causes inflammatory responses all over your body and horrible things to happen to your package.

      I escaped the first time but was bought back by Jonet and they tried to do the same thing. I pushed her off and got up from the bed. While they were talking about me I looked out the window and did a reality check by plugging my nose; I became Lucid. I sat up and ran out in a rather quick manner and they were shocked by the speed. I was outside while they were chasing me and I began to jump fast and high to avoid them. I looked down while I was in th e air and soon half of the place became a map similar to a game called DUST 514. It was a Warzone

      One section of the escape had a large warehouse building similar to the game. I landed and picked up a weapon called a combat rifle. I began fighting green scouts with shotguns and SMGs and soon noticed people with my weapon were helping me It proved rather difficult but was exhilarating seeing lasers and projectiles flying through the air and sounds whizzing pass your ear. It was getting more vivid the longer it was happening. However, soon it became difficult to hold the dream and I woke up.

      Finally broke my dry spell! I've put off this wonderful activity for a while but recently started again. I finally have time to post entries so those who may read my dreams, expect a large influx.
      Tags: dild, lucid, memorable
    15. My First Lucid! 10/27/15

      by , 10-27-2015 at 08:32 PM
      I am having a dream and at one point I am sitting in a circle with some friends and family. There are a lot of people so I look up to see who all is here. Then right that instant I am on a beach at the ocean. The sun has probably set (not a lot of light left). My mom and dad are in front of me, and we are walking. I continue to look around to see who if the people are still around. No one is around except for maybe some people far off in the grassy sandy lot.

      The next instant I am at a walmart. I am walking behind three people I know from high school. I know I am dreaming. I'm not sure if I just felt it, or if I knew because of the sudden transition. I didn't have any conscious thought as to how I knew I was dreaming.

      I am walking behind these people and they are pushing a baby stroller. I do not notice a baby in the stroller. One boy is waving a baby bottle in the air and I make a half-hearted attempt to see if I can get the bottle to fly out of his hand. It doesn't. I notice that all of the visuals are realistic. Just like real life. However, I don't feel anything, including my body moving, and I don't remember hearing anything. All these thoughts are in my head and my dream begins to become shaky. It's about to collapse so I try to rub my hands together. The second I go to move my arm I wake up. I maybe even ended up moving my real waking life arm.
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