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    1. First DILD With Control

      by , 10-05-2015 at 04:04 PM (Dimension X)
      HOLY SHIT, what a weird night. I must have had about 6-8 dreams, and I do remember most of them, but not enough for each to have its own entry.

      Instead, allow me to talk about the first DILD I had with control.

      It was pretty great.

      It basically just involved me standing in the middle of a road, with oncoming cars, and each time a car got to me, I would just smash it in some way, or just straight up throw it off the road. It was honestly so much fun.

      I'm not sure when I realized I was in a dream but I knew I wasn't in a lucid one before the car smashing started to happen.

      There was one car that I think was a drunk driver, and he sped straight into me, but I stopped the car in its tracks, and then smashed and threw it.

      Each car felt like I was smashing air at first, so I remember thinking "This doesn't feel realistic enough" so I was somehow able to add that I could feel the impact of each hit eventually.

      I think this is the most control I've ever had in a dream now. I didn't do anything else because smashing cars was too much fun, I suppose, eheheheheh... I knew I was in a dream for sure though. I could feel myself about to wake up, but I ignored it and stayed in the dream.

      I hope I have another one of these again.

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    2. In the Zone, short DILD

      by , 10-02-2015 at 02:55 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was wandering aimlessly in the swamps of the Zone, avoiding anomalies and mutants. I checked my inventory and saw that I'm low on ammo. I entered a building in an abandoned village. It was dark everywhere, I could only see the entrance. The building had wooden floor. Suddenly I became lucid. I told myself "This is dream." and proceeded with a nose-plug RC. It was cold, there was something wrong with that place. I wanted to leave it quickly, so I phased through the wall, but instead of coming out from the other side, everything went black. Shortly after I have awakened.
    3. First Proper DILD

      by , 09-22-2015 at 09:54 PM (Dimension X)
      YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS FINALLY. I had a DILD for the first time ever, really.

      I remember there was even one time a while ago where I was talking about lucid dreaming with my dad in a dream once and I still didn't become lucid, so I'm starting to feel a bit more confident now.

      This one ended up being a bit sexual, so I'm going to spare most of the unnecessary details. Now, it also didn't feel as real as I'd have liked it to feel, I still had that sort of disconnected feeling, which is why I've been trying the WILD method, but this was still an LD so I'm happy about it.

      At first, I was in some basement with maybe 1 or 2 other people and I don't remember exactly what was happening, but out of nowhere, some visual trigger popped up which caused me to go lucid. Go ahead and guess what it was. You won't guess it correctly. Go on, guess.


      I'l tell you what it was.

      It was as if it was on my laptop screen, brightly illuminated. It seemed like a hologram at the same time though. It was a snippet of information from THIS website. It looked like it was a thread/post with some information. I immediately recognized the dark blue style, and realized it was from here. Then it clicked. I was in a dream.

      I almost woke up, but I managed to stay asleep.

      Next thing I know, I'm outside of this building on the street following two... very attractive (Japanese?) women somewhere. No they weren't wearing anything.

      Yeah. I said it got sexual. But at the same time, I'm unsure about my level of lucidity from here on out. But I'm pretty sure I was at least somewhat aware.

      One of the women became separated from the other and I stayed with one and did some... questionable things. IT WAS GREAT. Nothing really too good though. All that I can really say is that her skin was really unusually soft and smooth. Pretty strange really.

      I remember her saying something like "I like shorter guys." for some reason.

      I was shorter than her though, so...?

      Either way, this was my first real DILD ever.


      Lucid dreaming is becoming a staple thought in my mind again, so this could help me have more LDs in the future.

      But I'm going to mainly focus on the WILD method.
    4. Vampire, short DILD

      by , 09-05-2015 at 08:39 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      My house have turned into a huge castle. I was inside it with my siblings. The living room has changed into throne room, and my brother was a king. He told me that I must leave, being banned by him from his kingdom. When going out of the house, the trapdoor to the attic opened, and someone jumped down, landing in front of me. It was a young female. She had red hair and she was wearing a blue dress. Looking at her face I saw that she is a vampire. I immediately ran back into throne room, and told everyone about the vampire. The king immediately ran after the vampire. I followed him outside. Everything got a film grain and browny shades. I saw my brother running after sister, and thought "Back in time?". I opened the doors to castle and went inside.

      Suddenly I found myself in a city. It was a warm summer noon. I was in an alley surrounded by tall buildings. It was leading to train station. I recalled that I was in that city before. It was a city from dream "Siege", which I have visited at the date 2015-08-23. I have attained lucidity. I made a successful nose plug RC, and ran towards the train station. It was place near the sea. Having no idea what should I do, I decided to finally learn flying. As I started to fly, I had a weird feeling. It was like I felt gravity working upon my body. I thought about a good way to fly, and I've got an idea. Position of my legs was controlling the height of my fly. When I had the legs straight, I was flying forward, slowly loosing height. When I lowered my legs, I was flying up, and when I bended my knees I was flying down. I was also flopping my hands like a brid does with it's wings. I made a few barrel rolls, flips and other evolutions. The dream slowly started to fade away, and I have waked up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. Electric Shark

      by , 08-28-2015 at 03:33 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #465 - 4:12AM - DILD

      I have a long dream segment where I am at some version of my first job ever; Long John Silver's. I am revisiting as my current self and watching the manager cook. I join in and fry some fish.

      Now I am riding in a car. I see a Sonic restaurant that is totally black with huge billows of smoke coming from it. I watch as we get closer and I can hear some theatrical and dangerous-sounding-music. Suddenly, the scene dims for just a fraction of a second. Then, I hear a short fart (lol) and some happy sounding music as I find myself riding in the same car, but in a very normal looking neighborhood. I notice the Sonic building is completely gone, and because of this, I instantly become lucid. I look at the driver and see my wife. I tell her how weird that glitch was and how this is all a dream. She keeps her eyes on the road with both hands on the wheel and only smiles in reply.
      I continue, " So we can fly. Go. Fly us away."
      The car lifts up into the air, but I lose visuals at this point and find myself floating in a bardo. I recognize this for what it is and try to stimulate some feeling by making swimming motions. After a few seconds, I begin to feel like the air is thickening into water. I see something... some movement. An animated electric blue outline of a shark emerges from the darkness and opens its jaws. It all looks very psychedelic so there is no fear. Instead of moving away, I pretend to be the bigger fish and open wide ready to bite. I wake up before we collide.
      Tags: car, dild, fire, shark, sonic, wife
    6. N2: Omg! Omg!

      by , 08-10-2015 at 09:30 PM
      So first, I dreamed my cousin, her friends and I were at a toy store when we were younger. Apparently, in the dream, my aunt (who lives in Hawaii) was living in our neighborhood. I asked her if she wanted to come along to the store. She says "Sorry, I can't be in this dream, I'm busy." For some reason, I didn't realize I was in a dream, even after she said that! So we went to the toy store. Stuff happened, Blah blah, and I woke up to sleep paralysis. I think. Or a false awakening, in a drem... But everything was so in detail, but blurry. I saw one of those things that hangs up pictures. I thought it was a little hole. Anyway, I couldn't see my hands, because I couldn't move. But I felt like I could move my hands. So I did a couple of reality checks. I tried to push my finger through my other palm, and it felt like it worked, But I wasn't sure. So I closed my eyes, plugged my nose (or felt like my hands were plugging my nose) And closed my mouth. Apparently I could breathe, and I tried to move my head. I sorta figured out how, for some reason a voice in my head said to "Imagine my head is a disc, and a DJ is moving it". I tried it, and I guess it worked! I turned into a dog, and my sister into a cat, and I don't remember what happened. Then, I turned into a Zayn Malik- looking guy, and after that, I lost lucidity.-
    7. school dreams and lucidity

      by , 08-10-2015 at 04:09 PM
      it's been a while, goodness. i haven't even been all that busy. but onto some dream stuff!

      i'm going off to college for the first time this saturday so recently i've been having a lot of college dreams, as well as dreams about senior year events. as many as i've had it's been hard convincing my subconscious to take these situations as dream signs, so! lucidity hasn't happened in a school dream yet

      but i did become lucid last night in a dild fashion! it was a ridiculously simple dream. i was just sitting on my bed when i suddenly felt the need to look at my hands. without my glasses they looked normal, but with my glasses on they seemed to have only three fingers each (maybe because i wear my glasses nearly every moment of the day?). i wasn't able to change the dream scene, but i did change the time of day to night, which made it easier for me to think clearly! not very eventful, but definitely a valuable experience in trying to command my dreams.
    8. Wurlman And The Flood

      by , 08-04-2015 at 12:42 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #458 - DILD - 12:27AM

      Wurlman visits. This never happens, but I'm sure its not a dream. I nose plug out of good practice. I have a hard time believing.
      I am in hovering in the sky in some sort of Minecraft world. I see pixelated trees and cliff down to an ocean. Although I am high in the sky, I seem to be walking on a solid surface. I turn, look up, and see Wurlman next to me. I am now in a bedroom of my house though the floor still opens up to Minecraft. We start a conversation that I only recall bits of. I jokingly ask Wurlman, "What have you been doing? Jerking off in my parents bed?"
      We both laugh at this and he makes some reply. We then start talking about lucid dreaming for a while.

      I suddenly realize that we always talk of meeting and hanging out, but never have. I decide to make note of it.
      I say, "Hold on. Now that we are together we should make sure this isn't actually a dream." I feel certain this isn't a dream, but decide it's just good practice to follow through with it. I do a quick nose plug and to my amazement I blow through. Oh wait. What? I nose plug several more times becoming more and more stunned that I am actually blowing through. After a moment, I fully accept this is indeed a dream. I tell Wurlman about it, but at that moment the dream break up and fades to black. I forget to notice this is merely a bardo nor do I remember to try to DEILD.


      I am a baseball star. I am the teams all star hitter. We practice and I since no one wants to pitch to me I toss one up myself and smash it. A player throws back, but I can catch it. Now I completely have a hard time with any hand-eye coordination. The coach comes out to talk to us.

      #459 - DILD - 2:25AM

      I feel that I have been lucid a long time as I wonder around the dream environment. I lose some lucidity and play with a large bubble of water that causes a gigantic flood.
      I forget the begging of this dream, but I recall being lucid and yelling something rude at someone through a window. I feel bad for a second then think, It's ok. This is MY dream. I shout, "THIS! IS! MY! DREEEAAAAMMMMM!" I think that I have been lucid for a really long time and I am amazed by it. I have no real goal at the moment and just wander around the dream environment.

      My lucidity drops a lot, but I have some general sense that this is a dream. I find myself still outside next to some shed in a wooded area on a hill. There is a bush and a tree with a huge bubble of water attached to it. I poke at it and it flexes and bounces a bit like jello. I then smooth my hand over one side allowing the water to flow with it. This unleashes a torrent of water as if the hillside is at it's very peak of capacity and I put it all out of balance. I expect to feel wet for a second, then realize that I shouldn't. Although I have a feeling it doesn't matter, I still take my phone out of my pocket and hold it up out of the water to protect it from getting damaged. I ride waves down a massive hill into a small village. I feel butterflies in my stomach from the strong sense of falling. I shout, "Look out everyone water is coming! It's a tidal wave!" After I say this, I see another massive wave of water converging on my location. I am quickly washed farther down hill then land in a dry area near a metal shed with a garage door. I still have momentum and I slide through the doorway with some tall, bald, and muscular man. I immediately try to leave, but the man shuts the door. I am confused what has happened and have lost all lucidity now. I feel out of place here and try to push past the man, but a woman barges in the door. I try to slide past them, but they just block my way. The man and woman argue over something and the man says, "No. I have a visitor. See?"
      I make a hand gesture signalling that I just mean to leave, but the man is very insistent that I stay and not blow the lie.
      He goes on, "We are talking about weed and stuff." I ignore all of this and continue to search for a way out. I wake up.


      I am to be executed by electrocution. I tell another prisoner that I don't care. They can't kill me. In fact, it will only make me stronger. I know that if they kill me here, I will come back as a god. I will enter into the internet and control everything like some all powerful AI. I do note that this is hurt very bad and be very scary. I tell myself to think of it like I am having an OBE and to slip out of my body into the network.

      I am led away into the public execution area before a crowd. The man with a mic asks me if I am Jesus Christ. I tell him, "Some say this is true, but I do not." The crowd erupts into an uproar and the man belly laughs. I fell no shame only trepidation. However, I bodily step on the stage waiting for it to all go down. I actually laugh with the man and make some joke of my own. I wake up.

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    9. Intense DC and little girl

      by , 08-02-2015 at 09:09 PM
      Was in my work place with a college he was asking about my brothers (who are married now) as if they were still boys - I looked at him pondering and then said" this is strange, I must be dreaming" - I became Lucid
      As I stared at him aware he was a DC he changed from being a college into a strange man and his face kept changing..." What do you represent to me?" I asked
      He didn't answer but his face started to melt. I repeated the question loosing lucidity for a bit as I did so - but then then I noticed small spontaneous fires starting up in quite a few spots across and around the room ( a sewing room so there is lots to burn!) This made me realise I was dreaming again although I tried to put the fire out at first ha ha. I turned back to the DC and he was laughing at me wildly " Tell me what you represent!" I shouted - I can see I got a bit too involved here and ended up back in my physical - I am not Usually so interested in DC's but this one really hooked me in- lol

      A few false awakenings this mornings also but only realising after - one where I had a good bit of awareness tho ; a little girl playing nearby to where I lay " can you see me?" I asked
      " Yes - I can see you " She answered
      I had asked because the boarder wasn't clear as to whether I was awake or asleep...could still feel my physical world but also knew other world was close by by hearing it - not seeing.
      After she had answered I tried gently to turn my head to see her in an effort to join the dream world but my physical body was woken then too much!
      lucid , false awakening
    10. My First Lucid Dream

      by , 07-25-2015 at 07:34 PM
      After trying to lucid dream for the past two weeks, I finally had a lucid dream where I was able to maintain lucidity. I woke up at sunrise this morning (as I normally do), checked the clock, and went back to sleep because it was Saturday and I could sleep in .

      I went back to sleep with the intention of lucid dreaming. I lied down, completely relaxed, imagining myself literally "falling" into my dream world. Gradually, I noticed that my body could no longer feel itself. And then I lost consciousness; this was the beginning of my first lucid dream.

      The Dream

      I found myself walking with my classmates outside on a warm rainy day. A friend of mine (a dream character who exists only in that dream) was shielding me from the downpours with his large umbrella as we walked outside on a school field trip. We walked leisurely in the rainy park for a bit before it stopped raining. As my friend closed his umbrella, I looked at his wristwatch and saw that it said 4:00 PM. It was then that I realized that I was dreaming. No. This can't be real. I went to sleep at 12:00 AM this morning and there was no way that I could have slept this many hours.

      Normally, when I find myself to be dreaming, I would instantly wake up, but this time was different. I noticed that my consciousness and awareness increased but I did not let myself become fully conscious. I find myself in a state of consciousness between wakefulness and REM sleep. It was then when I felt the sensation of lucid dreaming for the first time.

      In the dream, this sensation translated to a drunken dizziness that I had to struggle against. The colors and the sensations of the dreamscape were slowly dissolving into an unconscious sleep as I fought to keep my eyelids open. I mentally held on to the colors, sounds, and the sensations of the dreamscape around me. And, in a "Eureka" moment, it just clicked: I was completely lucid! I was able to see the colorful dreamscape clearly with perfect vision. I was able see my reflection and the reflections of the surrounding Romanesque architecture, the clouds, and the blue sky in the puddles on brick roadway. I was even able to smell my synthetic jacket against the backdrop of the petrichor of the summer rain. I was finally able to hold on to and experience lucidity in a dream.

      The dream continued for another hour or so. It was a fairly mundane dream in very peaceful settings but it was exciting nonetheless. I drifted in and out of lucidity throughout the rest of the dream. I focused on my body and my environment whenever I started to drift out of lucidity. I recall walking around a lake in a beautiful park where humans and animals were enjoying the scenery together. I walked around the town in my dreamscape and visited a bakery. I took out my phone and decided to prank-call the cops but decided against it (because it was starting to feel almost too real to be a dream at this point). Instead, I prank-called my brother and left a silly message. Then I found myself at home, sitting at a desk next to my brother. Just to be ridiculous, I asked him, "Am I dreaming?" He rolled his eyes and sarcastically replied, "What have you been smoking?" At this point, not only did I completely lose lucidity, but I lost awareness of the dream.


      Dream signs: clocks, watches, imaginary animals, anachronisms
      Do's: Focus on the body and sensations in the dream, colors, smells, tastes, food, surroundings
      Don'ts: Ask someone whether I'm in a dream; Try too hard to conjure up of places and things that don't exist

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    11. Faithful

      by , 07-25-2015 at 03:11 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #456- DILD - 4:49AM

      Hell. Why not? A lucid is a lucid. I have had vivid dreams all week and last night was no exception, but I'll be very brief.

      I had a very long dream segment were an alien shape-shifting life form wanted to have sex with me and promised to be any woman I so desired. I visualized several very sexy women and the alien obliged me, but I ended just wanting to just be with my wife. I then had two false awakenings were I was trying to "get it" with my wife, but all sorts of crazy things kept interrupting us. I eventually had to go to work and while I was staring at a blueprint, trying to solve a problem with a cable, I became very introspective and suddenly got lucid. The dream instantly began to fade and I spent a couple fuitless moments in the bardo trying to salvage the dream.
      Tags: alien, dild, sex, wife, work
    12. Hair Cut

      by , 07-22-2015 at 03:07 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #454 - DILD - 4:03AM

      I am out of town with my brother hanging out in a mechanicís shop. We are good friend's with the owner and I see some one has an open beer sitting out. The own comes into the room and seems very drunk so we all start drinking. Some kid's join in but they take it way too far. A teenage girl and boy take turn shot-gunning can's of beer and one spills a lot. The boy takes a swim in the puddle of beer.

      Our wife's stop in and want us all to go out. I tell them we already went bowling, but I'd be willing to go out again. I am surprised that no one seems to care about the teenagers staggering around drunk. I lay at them because they only drank three beers and they are totally wasted.

      I leave to meet everyone wherever we are going and stop at a fast food restaurant. My old friend Carrie is working there and she seems a little annoyed to see me. I feel awkward and dismiss myself to the restroom. I notice the restroom is very small and only has space for one urinal. I pee then take a look in the mirror. I am shocked that my hair is completely shave off. I look really good bald, but miss my hair. I wonder if someone shaved my hair when I was drunk, but I don't see how I wouldn't know. Suddenly, it dawns on me and I say to my mirror DC, "I am dreaming!" I watch my reflection spin around as my hair now looks longer in places and with bald patches. I stare amused at this until I wake up.
    13. Talking Glass

      by , 07-20-2015 at 11:17 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #453 - DILD - 5:16AM

      Last night, for whatever reason, I found it comforting to wear my sleep mask that I mainly use to block the early sun light on days I get to sleep in. Someone on place gave me the idea to use the sleep mask as a reality check. If I can see, I must be dreaming.

      I am in some version of my grandparent's old house. There is some conversation with Nanny that I don't recall. I walk into a room and realize that I can see and decide that I must be dreaming. Excited, I look around the room to see what I can find. I spot and orange tabby cat. It notices me, and scurries away.

      I become deeply introspective for awhile and lose my lucidity. I don't recall much of this, but my thoughts come back around to being at my grandparent's house. The last time I was here was right after they... OH! I remember that I have no surviving grandparents and being here brings me back to full lucidity. I think about searching them out, but really don't want to revisit the emotions, so I abandon the idea. I see the cat again, but like last time, it's runs off. I think to chase it, but remember I had a goal in mind. I want to get an inanimate object to talk to me. I happen to have an empty drinking glass in my right hand so I decide to talk to that, "Hello. How are you?" To my surprise, someone has drawn a face on the glass with a permanent marker. Ha! This is great!
      I listen, but can only hear a faint, "Hello."
      I talk to the glass again, but this time put it to my ear. There is no sound. I try a third time, but can't get anything else out of the glass. I become overly frustrated and and shout, "Talk to me you SOB!" I then squeeze the glass with both hands until it pops and shatters. Oops. I let it fall to the floor and search for something else, but I quickly wake up.
    14. A Shoot Out

      by , 07-20-2015 at 05:18 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #451 - DILD - 7:15AM

      Some goons are chasing because I have an item that is valuable to them. Two come at me and to shoot them both with pistol. I feel like this is a video game and I become lucid. I run through many doors and various rooms for quite a long time. I eventually come to a larger room and meet one of the bad guys head on. Knowing this is a dream an nothing can hurt me, I bum rush the man and put my gun to his temple. I am disappointed by the lack of sound and only see sparks spurting out the other side. Perhaps they are robots? I let this thought go as collect my thoughts as I dismiss whatever story line I was involved in. I realize that I had some goals in mind, but I can't seem to recall them. The effort of thinking on this causes the dream to collapse. I rub my hands to stabilize, but it is of no use.


      I lay awake for a while and think of some cool lucid dream goals. Staring at a ceiling fan and trying to walk up a rainbow. Perhaps one night I'll give it a go.

      #452 - DEILD - 7:46AM

      I fall into a non lucid dream of being a rapper on stage. I spout some freestyle nonsense and end up sounding a lot like Emenim. I wake up slightly and start to rub my hands with my dream body. I am surprised how vivid it feels so I get up out of bed. I am blind, but I remember that I put on my sleep mask to block out the day light. I try looking through the mask and find that I can partially see the room. This only works for awhile as I make my way outside. I very much feel the mask on my face, but never think to take it off in the dream. I am blind outside and the dream quickly collapses and I wake up.
      Or so I thought. It turns out to be a false awakening and I spend a lot of time trying to record my dream in my DJ without much success. I eventually wake up.
    15. The Psychedelic Sky

      by , 07-12-2015 at 10:12 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #449 - DILD - 2:48AM

      I hit this DILD just before my scheduled WBTB. I almost decided to skip it but I'm really wanting to get another lucid tonight.


      I wake up in jail wanting a way out. My phone doesn't act right so I do a nose plug. I morph through a screen door and play with a cat. I enjoy a psychedelic night sky with planets and nebulae. One planet was a giant baseball. I play with an inflatable octopus in a fountain and then wake up.
      I wake up in jail. I believe it to be jail although it doesn't really looking like it. I'm laying on something uncomfortable, but I ignore it. I am not sure why I am jail. I never think about that I just know that I hate it when I wake up in jail though this has never happened in waking life. Its late morning and I realize I am late for work. I don't rush around to get ready because I am bummed about jail. It's only 30 days and I've nearly done a week but this really sucks. They only let me out to go to work. Why do they do that? I think I should just pay a lawyer and get this thing taken care of. I really want to go home. I consider taking a vacation day so I can do that, but I don't want to get caught and make things worse. Surely, they track me somehow. I see an ad on the floor for a local lawyer. I decide to should call him before I go to work. I look at my cell phone. It's past 9AM. I unlock, but cant get my phone to respond properly. It's acting really random and I notice this as a dream sign. As a matter of fact off this seems really weird. I do a nose plug and I am relieved to blow through. Whoo-hoo! Problem solved!

      I hop up and notice I am some version of an old house of mine. I want out and the first thing I see is a window screen. I try phasing but the screen distorts my vision too much. I look left and see a screen door, but I don't think to open it. I try to phase, but the same thing happens. I suddenly recall to practice eye movement and I get a left-right, but quickly my eyes feel like they roll. I shake it off. I see a cat outside and play with it a little by tapping on the screen. It's scared at first, but I will it to respond and it latches on the screen for a second. I laugh and am finally able to relax enough to merge through the screen.

      Now that I am outside, I notice it has become dark. I play with the cat a little to stabilize before moving on. I realize I have no goal so I just decide to look at the sky. Dream skys are always super fun and psychedelic. I let out a "wow" when I see a large planet that looks like a baseball with a colorful nebula around it. I hold the cat up and say, "Look cat. That's what the title of this dream will be." The cat doesn't care about that and scrambles to be let down so, I drop the it and forget about it. The baseball planet has vanished now so, I look around the sky some more. Several nebulae appear with multiple planets of every color coming and going. I walk around enjoying this for a long while until I have a bad thought. I wonder if I am really supposed to get getting up for work. I wonder what time it really is. The dream is starting to get unstable again and I feel that I could wake myself up right now. I consider it, but decide to enjoy the dream a little longer.

      I look around me and see a strange fountain with something glowing yellow like holographic tentacles. A holographic octopus? When I come near, the hologram vanishes and a cartoonist, inflatable, pink octopus emerges out of the fountain. Amused I grab the octopus by the tentacles and spin around with it. I focus on the horrible humanoid face of the thing as the world spins around me. It's eye are bulging now and I hear a faint muffled scream coming from the thing. It's "alive"? The whole thing is slightly nightmarish, but I find it too funny to be afraid. The dream collapses here and I have a few random images before waking up.

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