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    1. Doing the Spiderman – Jan 18, 2015

      by , 01-21-2015 at 02:17 AM
      In this dream I was standing in a 2nd storey bedroom watching teenagers mingling outside. It was nighttime, but the area was lit up by exterior lighting from the building. My vision was crystal clear, and it seemed too surreal not to be a dream, so I became lucid. No reality check needed. I slid open the window and shouted out to the kids, “Hey, can I join you guys?” One of the teenagers said, “Sure.” I popped out the window screen, and then asked the kids if it was safe for me to jump (of course it was). Another kid replied, “I don’t know?” They were all looking up at me with interest. In an effort to try something new while lucid, I decided to crawl down the side of the building like Spiderman. Instead of going straight down, I went at about a 45 degree angle; head first, down the brick wall towards the ground, crawling like a spider. To my surprise, when I reached the ground, all the teenagers were gone. A woman dressed in blue then looked out the second storey window at me, and when I looked back at her, she quickly moved away. I then woke up.
    2. The Grim Reaper LD – Y2007

      by , 01-20-2015 at 09:12 PM
      I guess most people have had a Grim Reaper dream at some point in their life, here’s mine (my scariest LD ever):

      In this dream I was at my log cabin doing chores (as usual). I walked into the living room, which has a high vaulted ceiling, and I could see somebody in a dark hood robe, up-side-down, with their face against the wall, and about half way up. I found this very alarming, and I instantly became lucid. The clarity was perfect and everything was vivid. The dream figure then crawled head first quickly down the wall, across the floor, and then it stood up one foot in front of my face. He was slightly taller than I, and it was the Grim Reaper! I was totally freaked out! He had icy, bluish gray eyes, which seemed to be glowing, and a lizard face. His scales and coloring were actually quite brilliant and beautiful as far as a lizard goes (I thought). The first thing that came to mind was, “Kill him!” This wasn’t a normal response for me in any form, especially while lucid.

      I reached forward and tore his black, hooded robe off and threw it to the floor. This genderless, lizard biped was standing there completely naked with a shocked look of fear on his face! His mouth dropped open and his eyes bulged wide. He looked totally weak and anorexic. I thought to myself, I’m going to destroy you. In complete rage, I reached forward to crush him, but he shot off in faint wisp of smoke right through the log wall and was gone. He was unbelievably fast. I immediately woke up, and I was shaken by the dream. This was no doubt the scariest lucid dream I’ve ever had. I saw this dream figure once again in an LD last year, but I left him alone and ignored him, and he kept his distance.
    3. Playing the Dream Game and not Letting DF’s Know I’m Lucid – Jan 18, 2015

      by , 01-19-2015 at 11:50 PM
      In this lucid dream, I was playing right along with the Dream Figures, creating some drama, fun and an interesting story line, until they realized I was stringing them a line. I’m always way too serious in my lucids and I usually have an agenda, but not this time!

      In this dream I was in the back of my pickup, trying to rollout the black nylon cover, but it wasn’t working, and I was blaming my wife for messing it up (I know, typical husband). The black vinyl cover was supposed to be black, but it was now brown and all torn up. Hey, wait a second, this is a dream, I’m lucid! This lucid happened around 1:30 Am, which is a good thing, because LD’s early in the night are typically very vivid and clear for me (almost magical). I stepped off the truck box and looked around, realizing I was inside a large industrial looking garage. My wife was now gone and I was alone. I decided to head out and explore this amazing place.

      There was a hallway leading out of the garage, and it came to a glass door exit. I decided to try walking right through the glass door, without opening it, and it worked perfectly. I felt the glass passing through my body (there’s no waking world sensation to describe it). Once I was outside, I could see two people walking, in what looked like space suits, way off to the left, through a garage door opening. It was night time, and I was surrounded by dark colored buildings. I flew up about 50 feet into the air and then slowly flew between the buildings, then 3 men stepped out of a doorway, and I hovered above them. They didn’t notice me above them, and I watched as they walked away and chatted.

      Then a black car drove out of the same building, and parked alongside. I decided to fly down and take a closer look. I hovered above the trunk and watched two men step out of the car. One fellow was holding a knife to the second guy’s throat, so I slowly floated down beside them to see what was going on. The guy holding the knife was startled when he saw me, and the 2nd fellow ran off. He then turned the knife towards me, and this is when I decided to play along with the dream game. I looked at him and said, “It’s okay, I’m a secret agent too, follow me into the building! I want to show you something.” He put his knife away and said, “Oh, okay.” I had no idea what was in the building, or what I was going to show him, but I walked into the same door the three guys had exited earlier, and he followed me.

      We walked straight down a hallway, made a left turn, then a right, and we ended up in a long concrete passage. I was struggling to come up with something to show him, so I decided to do some lucid dream skills, and I said, “I have secret agent superpowers!” I took my fist and slowly pushed it into the concrete wall and then I pulled it out. I left a hole in the wall, and there was concrete dust all over my hand. His eyes opened wide, and he said, “Holy, that’s unreal!”

      A woman appeared out of nowhere and walked up to us, and I told her, “I’m an agent with superpowers. I’m genetically engineered!” (I was really pouring it on, lol) I said, “Watch this!”, and I pushed my point finger into the concrete wall, up to my knuckles. She didn’t seem very impressed with my superpowers, and then she proceeded to lift my shirt and grab onto my stomach with pliers and twist. I was thinking this is some kind of psycho chick! I couldn’t help noticing my stomach was glowing with white light (not sure why). I said to her, “I didn’t feel a thing.” This wasn’t true, because it sort of tickled, and I couldn’t stand the feeling. She was going to do it again, and I shouted, “Don’t!” She asked me why, and I replied, “I just don’t like it.” She said, “Okay.” Then another guy with wires, plugs, and bandages on his head walked up to us.

      This guy looked really pale; he had black around his eyes, and was simply scary. There were copper wires coming out of his skull, connecting to a junction block with a multi-pin plug. I looked at him, pointed, and said, “Hey, you have wires connected to your brain and they go to a plug!” It was a very shocking site, like ‘The Borg’. He then pointed at my head and said, “You don’t have any wires coming out of your head. What’s going on?” I looked at the woman, who had been twisting my gut with pliers, and I said, “You know, there’s much more sophisticated ways of plugging into somebody’s brain using chips and Wi-Fi.” She then started to laugh at me (I wasn’t fooling her at all). I started laughing too, and then I woke up.
    4. Voice Recording Dreams and LD’s during the Night and Journaling in the Morning - Jan 17, 2015

      by , 01-18-2015 at 08:56 PM
      In this dream I was at my parent’s house having breakfast. A close friend from my school years was sitting to the right of me and playing with pill container. I asked Gerald what the pills are for? He said, “I have to pee into this bottle.” Well, that was certainly odd, I thought. I hardly ever see this friend, now he’s sitting at my parent’s dining room table planning to pee in a bottle! I began to question if I was dreaming. I looked at my sister sitting across the table and my bother in-law. They certainly looked real. I looked around the dining room to see if anything was different. Everything was the same except there was a clock on the wall that said it was 6:00 Am. Now that was very certain a good, dream clue, because I usually sleep-in on the weekends. I decided to do some reality checks.

      I looked at my hands and they were normal, but I still figured this was a dream, so I tried pushing my point finger through my left hand. My finger didn’t pass through. Hmmmm, this normally works as a reality check. I was determined to get some proof that this was dream, so I stood up and looked out the front window. There was a couple walking down the street with a husky on a leash. They looked almost normal, except the woman had a husky face! Yaaaaay, this is dream, I’m lucid!! When I turned around my ‘middle’ sister was suddenly sitting at the table. I smiled and said, “Hi!” I decided to do my lucid healing technique on her because she has lost partial vision in her left eye due to a neurological degenerative disease (in WL). The first step was to create healing light in my hands, and then concentrate it into an energy ball, and then push it into her eye, while saying a healing prayer. I cupped my hands, focussed on forming healing light, and then a white light started form, but then my vision started to go blurry. Darn, I’m losing lucidity. I then woke up and recorded the dream on my voice recorder.

      I picked up a mini voice recorder on Ebay, and it’s amazing! I can now voice record my dreams during the night without having to turn lights on, write in my dream journal, and then totally wake up. In the morning I simply play the recordings and journal them. This has given me 9 dreams, plus 6 lucids, in two nights. I often forget many dreams and lucids because I don’t feel like waking up to journal them, and I usually wait until the morning to do this, at which point I can’t recall what happened. I just need a couple of words from the dream in order to remember them. I highly recommend giving this a try!
    5. Happy Birthday to You! - Jan 16, 2015

      by , 01-18-2015 at 01:22 AM
      I became lucid in this dream because there was an alien looking little feller sitting on the floor beside a human being (dream figure). That’s more than enough to make me lucid! He was really cute, about 18” tall, dark hair, and was half body, half head, and he was kind of roundish looking. I really wasn’t too sure what he was, but he definitely had my interest. I laid down on my side right beside him, and looked him right in the eyes. His eyes were huge, and looked like he was wearing dark sun glasses, but he wasn’t. There were no pupils, just large, darkish eyes. He looked at me momentarily, said nothing, and then continued on talking to the other guy beside him.

      These two guys were practicing a movie script, and were critiquing each other on their performance. My dear wife was standing behind me watching with interest. I asked her to join in with these two guys, and contribute to the script, since my wife is such a great talker. Lots of people started to gather in the room, and they were socializing. Then somebody unexpectedly started to sing ‘Happy Birthday’!

      I quickly jumped to my feet, and joined in singing. People were all around me, and I was thinking, “Whose birthday is it?” Well, most of the crowd said my wife’s name (my wife’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago), and a couple of people, off to the left, said my daughter’s name (in the song). My dear wife was smiling ear to ear! I’m not sure if my daughter was there or not, because there had to have been at least 15 dream figures in this kitchen size room, but surely she was.

      After the song had finished, I went exploring to left to see who had sung my daughter’s name. Surely enough it was my two older sisters. I went to my oldest sister and gave her a hug, and told her I loved her. There was a 6 ½ foot tall ‘dream authority’ towering over my dear sister, looking real nasty at her. My sister was looking real nervous. I momentarily thought about given this guy a major butt kickin’, but I remembered my conviction for no violence while dreaming, especially while lucid, so instead I went to my other sister and hugged her too. I was upset about my older sister’s predicament, so I fell off the lucidity tight rope and woke up.
    6. Seductress – Dec 19, 2014

      by , 01-15-2015 at 10:48 PM
      In this dream there was a beautiful woman standing on the street corner. I couldn’t help notice her as I walked across the street’s intersection. She was leaning against a traffic light standard, with one leg crossed over the other, and was wearing blue jeans and tight, black, leather jacket. We came face to face as I stepped onto the curb I stopped and looked and looked at her. She unzipped her leather jacket down to her button, showing off her tight shirt, and fine form. Hey wait a second; I’m an old, fat man, what’s wrong with this scene (I thought to myself)? I looked around and I instantly realized, hey, I’m dreaming! Yay, I’m lucid, but wait, I can’t show interest in this woman, since I’m married, and my purpose behind lucid dreaming is to connect with my daughter.

      I didn’t want to be seduced, so I turned around and walked over to a large construction, garbage container on the side of the road. It was half full of dirty water, and I just stood there staring at the reflections. There were some plastic balls and pieces of garbage floating around, and I was studying them to help improve my clarity prior to inviting my daughter into my dream. I could feel somebody standing behind me, so I turned to see who it was. Darn, it was the seductress again! I figured I might as well be witty with her, and see if I can learn more about dream figures, so I stated, “We are human beings.” She smiled and said, “I’m not.” I then asked, “What are you?” Again she smiled and replied, “Something else.” She then turned and walked away from me. My lucid dream faded and I woke up.
    7. Wine Into Water (DILD)

      by , 01-14-2015 at 08:27 PM
      Slept from around midnight to 2:45am then got up for several hours. Returned to bed at 6:15am, after meditating a few minutes and taking some supplements (choline, Alpha-GPC, L-theanine, vitamin B complex, piracetam). Did some casual SSILD while falling asleep. Woke at 6:45am with dream.

      I was in a room with dark walls, a sort of "black box" theatre, and about two-thirds of the room was full of tangled billows of blue cloth up to knee-level. Around eight people were positioned at various points in the cloth, flailing against it as though they were swimming (or drowning) in water. I knew it was a rehearsal for a play, and I felt a strong desire to join them but was restrained by a sense of propriety since I was not related to the production. I sat in a chair and reflected on how much I've always been attracted to the idea of acting even though I apparently have no talent for it.

      Slowly and naturally it dawned on me that I was dreaming. The awareness brought with it a change of scene, perhaps a half-waking: I was back in my bed, but still in dream. I began to focus on animating my dream body as though it were a WILD, thrashing around in the tangled covers (not unlike how the actors had been flailing in the water-like whorls of cloth). I noted how my visual field was very chaotic, almost back to the fluctuating hypnagogic state, but the tactile field felt more stable, so I ignored the visual clutter and got out of bed. I don't need to see well to navigate my own house, whether in WL or a dream.

      I wondered what to do and quickly decided to try to knock off the wine TOTM, which seemed like an easy one. So I walked swiftly to the kitchen pantry where I keep a lot of wine and reached for one at random. It was a rosé in a clear glass bottle. The level was very low, well down the shoulder, but since the cork was intact I figured it should count as a "full bottle" as specified in the TOTM. At first the bottle was the shape and size of a typical wine bottle, the more streamlined profile you usually see with burgundies, but as I set it down on the kitchen counter to get a better look, it transformed in front of my eyes to the larger, plumper form of a two-liter plastic soda bottle.

      I was still determined to open it, so I picked it up and carried it over to where the corkscrew should be. It occurred to me that I should make a more detailed observation of the bottle first, since it was covered in writing printed directly on the glass. The writing was in white script of various fonts and sizes, but the white lettering against the clear glass was hard to read, especially with the level of the wine so low. The fonts were also elaborate and hard to make out. I held it up at an angle to get the best view and looked carefully. I could make out that the biggest word was "Mersault," which would make sense since (as I suspected and google confirms) this is an actual appellation in Burgundy. The next largest set of letters spelled "Farb," which reminded me of the German word for "color." I wondered if this had to do with the color of the wine, and was startled to observe that the wine was now colorless and looked exactly like water. Moreover, the bottle was starting to remind me of a water bottle. Oh dear, had I accidentally turned my wine into water? I'd better grab a different bottle! I was walking back to the pantry when I woke up.

      There was actually a lot of day residue in this LD. Last night I ate out and had an elaborate meal with wine pairings: they included a rosé and a wine from a bottle that was partly empty but whose cork remained intact because the wine had been extracted with a needle and replaced with argon. Both of these details manifested directly in the dream, although I didn't recognize them as day residue until after I woke up. I just double-checked the menu and there was no Mersault, however, nor can I recall when I last had it, so I'm not sure where that came from.

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    8. Robin Williams - Dec 30, 2014

      by , 01-14-2015 at 02:25 AM
      In this dream I was walking down a carpeted stairwell, that made a 90 degree turn to the left, and I was following a brown haired man. I was making silly nonsense words, and acting totally stupid. As we made our way down the stairs, this man laughed and looked back at me smiling. Holy crap, it’s Robin Williams! Seeing him made me instantly lucid.

      We ended up in a family room, where I told him how much all his fans love and miss him. I then asked him how he’s doing in the afterlife, but he looked horrified at what I said, and he quickly turned away. I’m slowly learning what to say, and what not to say while lucid, and this clearly what not to say to somebody who has passed. I casually changed the topic by asking him to show me his acting awards. This got his attention, and he opened up a hidden, trap door in a shelving unit, and we walked into an open area that looked like a cluttered basement. He suddenly started to look frightened by something, and he reached behind some junk, and then pulled out an old, single shot, 410 shotgun!

      The shotgun had a silver receiver, wood stock, and blued barrel. He pulled the hammer back, swung the shotgun in my general direction, and then he started pulling on the trigger. I wasn’t at all scared by this, because I’ve lost track at how many times I’ve been shot at while dreaming, but I really wasn’t up to be shot by Robin Williams. Robin then frantically said, “What’s up with this thing?”, as he pulled on the trigger. I reached forward and quickly grabbed the gun from him, and ripped the barrel off the receiver. Then he started to point at something with his finger, so I looked around to see what it was, and then I realized what he was so scared of. It wasn’t me he was trying to shoot!

      I was shocked to see, a huge, black spider, the size of a rat, creeping along the concrete floor. He wanted to shoot the spider (not me)! I still had the shotgun, less the barrel, in my hand. Instinctively I checked the shotgun’s chamber to make sure a shell was in there, and that all was clear where the barrel use to be. It basically looked like sawed off shotgun, so I pointed it at the spider, and pulled the trigger. Boom! A spray of lead went flying everywhere, and the spider blew to pieces. I looked back at Robin, and he asked me, “Did you get the bacteria?” I looked at him and nodded, while I thought to myself, that was spider, not ‘bacteria’. I immediately woke up, and thought about what happened. Normally I would have hugged the spider and turned it into something beautiful, but I panicked and used the shotgun. Oh well, next time I’ll get it right.

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    9. Flat Tires

      by , 01-11-2015 at 11:24 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #397 - DEILD - 7:08AM

      My WBTB was around 2:30AM and I kept it super brief. I was up only long enough to take some galantamine and wash it down with cold peppermint tea. This G night was a little disappointing since I didn't start becoming aware until much later in the morning. I suppose it was because I have been having back issues and I over did it with muscle relaxers pre-bed making me extra tired. Sometimes its hard to find that balance between dream and wakefulness that's required for LD and a lot of thinks factor into it.

      I partially wake from a dream and enter DEILD. I have vibrations and slowly float out of body. I see something odd made of red laser light but I ignore it since I feel really unstable. I exit the room and find myself in what looks like D's house (my mom's friend). I haven't been here since I was little and I am surprised it's showed up in this dream. I just want to get outside so I exit the front door. There is a lot of stuff out there and I spot a cat curled up sleeping in a cushioned chair. I reach down and pet the cat on the head. The cat responds with a low purring meow sound and I walk away. I step into the yard only to find the edge of dream world disappearing into the void. I don't want to deal with that so I try entering another part of the house. I open a door but there is void in there too. Instead of stepping in, I reach an arm in and feel around for a light switch. The dream seams to be breaking up so I look back at the well lit porch for stability. After flipping the switch, I look back to see nothing has happened. I enter the room anyway and find myself lost in the void. I try going back but the door I came in is no longer there. I need stimuli and go with the first thing I think of. Sex. I blind summon a naked female body and couple with her. Her face look sort of familiar but no one I really recognized. We make out and things start to become more sexual but I stop as I begin to feel a bit of guilt. The dream crashes here and I wake up.

      #398 - DILD - 8:53AM

      I am at the park up the road from my house looking at my old Ford Ranger that I used to own in waking life. There is a wheel missing and the other tires are flat. For some reason I have a push lawn mower and my mountain bike. I really want to ride the bike but I don't want to leave the mower here. I try putting the mower in the truck cab but it wont fit. I realize I drove my SUV and fit the mower in the back of that. I spot some tough looking men with colorful glasses strutting by. I worry that they are up to no good but they don't bother me or my stuff. I feel the need for some shades and spot some white ones in the front seat and put them on. I realize that I don't usually wear white but I figure I may as well try something different. There was a lot of time spent here messing around with things but I finally feel content and decide to hop on my bike.

      As I ride my bike toward the street I notice something feels odd. I look down and see the tires are flat on the bicycle. I decide to keep pedaling as I head in the direction of the gas station to get air. I tell myself that if I pretend the tires are normal then they will be. This thought reminds me of dream control and brings me to full lucidity.I am nearly into the street now and I decide that I will be able to ride super fast with the cars. Unfortunately, it's kind of slow and difficult like riding up hill. Although I can't pull of the speed thing, I know I can't be hurt so, I decide to mess with the oncoming traffic. I spy and orange car and pedal hard toward it expecting some sort of impact. Just before the collusion, my front tire jams up sending me over the handle bars and the car vanishes just before it hits me. This is disorienting but thrilling at the same time. I get back on my bike to experiment with this again but before I get going, someone makes a noise in the other room and wakes me up.

      I have two other instances during the morning trying to DEILD. I recall hitting vibrations and trying to move my dream body but not getting very far. I recall very little else and assume I must have lost concentration.
    10. Walking on Water - Jan 10, 2015

      by , 01-11-2015 at 07:24 PM
      In this Lucid Dream I walked on water for the first time! Later on in the dream I questioned a dream figure on her true identity, and she reversed the question and described me instead. Here’s what happened:

      I was out deer hunting on an island, and the background scenery appeared to flat, so I walked up to it and discovered it was actually a large camouflage blind extending as far as I could see. There was a vertical, slit opening in the camouflage fabric which I was able to pass through to the other side. To my surprise I found a man sitting against the blind, but it was very dark and I couldn’t see who it was. I sat down beside him and began to think about the situation. Suddenly, my cell phone rang, it’s my dad. He said I should come home and get my rifle since I’m out hunting. I said, “Okay dad, I’ll come home and get it.” Why would I go deer hunting without a gun, seriously, this is definitely a dream! I’m lucid! I stood up and ran towards the lake a leaped off a 50 foot cliff ‘superman style’.

      Instead of flying like I expected, instead I fell towards the water, and stopped just inches from the surface. Clarity was extremely poor, and I wasn’t going anywhere. There was a small piece of seaweed floating on the surface so focussed on it until it became clear and focussed, then I could see my reflection and ripples in the water. I slowly began to move forward, just inches above the water’s surface. Shortly thereafter, I approached the shore near my parent’s house, but I stopped about 10 yards from shore, and I wasn’t moving, so I decided to stand up in the waist deep water. I thought about a forum topic regarding ‘walking on water’ so I gave it try. I stepped up onto the water’s surface and was reasonably solid. The surface resembled that of a firm gymnastic matt. This is when I noticed I was being followed by the man from the island! He was about 20 feet behind me, waist deep in water, and struggling his way towards me. I said, “Hey! You can walk on the water too! Try it!” Sure enough, he could walk on the water too, and then walked to shore.

      The man was over 6 feet tall, middle aged, and had short brown hair. I asked him his name, and he happily replied, “Robin!” I looked at him, and I said, “That’s not what I mean, who are you really? Are you female or a male, and what is your real name?” He was surprised by this comment and he turned into a six foot tall, blonde woman in a pretty white dress with band shoulder straps. She had a faint white glowing aura around her, and I didn’t recognize her. I see this quite often in LD’s, glowing dream figures, so I didn’t take much notice of that, but what she said next left me thinking. She said, “Instead of talking about me, let’s talk about you. You always walk around with your hands like this (she showed me in a joking manner), and you’re always so laid back. She imitated me again smiling. You’re also so much better at creating money than I am.” At this point I woke up, and thought carefully about what happened so I could journal this in the morning.

      I lay in bed pondering this experience. She was absolutely correct about the way I carry my hands when I walk, and my laid back attitude, but ‘creating money’ made no sense to me. You don’t create money; you make money, and I’m not that good at making money. What did she mean by creating money? I didn’t figure out what she meant until the morning. She was referring to a memorable OBE I had with her (my daughter), which I journaled under the title, ‘A Little Noodles Please’. Here’s an excerpt from the dream where I created money:

      “I fumbled through my pockets to try and find some money, but there was none. As I reached to grab the bag of chocolates a toonie fell from my wrist, hit the floor, and then rolled against the counter. The restaurant went silent.”

      I find this interesting because my daughter was able to identify in the dream who she was, not by directly telling me, but through some common experience we shared in another dream (OBE). This was something that was not apparent during the dream, but was something I had to think about very carefully after awakening in order to make sense of ‘creating money’.

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    11. Part 6: Lucid Dream Healing of my Son’s Plantar Wart – Jan 1, 2015

      by , 01-10-2015 at 11:20 PM
      This is part 6 of my quest to heal my son’s plantar wart, on his left heel, using lucid dreaming. This dream was very comical at the start because I carjacked Charlie Brown. Here’s what happened:

      I was standing in a store that looked very much like Walmart, when ‘all of a sudden’, a plastic ‘bubble’, cartoon car with Charlie Brown at the wheel, drove up beside me. I’m a real sucker for motor vehicles when I’m dreaming, and I’ll do anything to go for a ride. I tore the driver’s door open, and grabbed Charlie brown by his left shoulder, threw him flying across the store’s floor, jumped in, slammed the door closed, and jammed it in drive. My daughter and son came running, jumped on the roof of the cartoon car, and held on for dear life. I could hear my daughter laughing hysterically. With the pedal to metal I started to do doughnuts, and as I was doing this, Charlie Brown got up and ran at the car to try and get it back, but the side of the car sent him flying. I couldn’t help but notice that I wasn’t the only one in the car, it was full of cartoon characters, looking at me wide eyed and in shock. This cartoon car sounded just like the Dukes of Hazzard’s Charger with its roar of the exhaust.

      I got tired of doing doughnuts, so I raced the cartoon car down along the front of the cash registers, and then circled around the last one to head off into the store to ‘rip it up’. An elderly lady standing at the last register gave me a nasty look like, “You’ve totally lost it.” I almost seemed to recognize her; she kind of looked like my mother in-law (who has passed), and it made me think, “Perhaps I’m dreaming.” Yes, I’m dreaming, I’m lucid! The car vanished and I was left standing beside my daughter and son, who’d been hanging onto the car’s roof. I remembered my quest to heal my son’s plantar wart in a lucid dream, so I picked him up and laid him down on a table, and tore off his left sock. He’s 6 feet and 200 lbs, but it’s amazing how strong you become when lucid. I remembered the advice I received in ‘Part 4’ of my healing quest regarding God when healing, so I placed my right hand on his wart and said, “Dear Lord Jesus, Please heal my son’s wart.” I got too excited, and I woke. I almost got it right, but I forgot to make the energy ball. I’m supposed to focus and create an energy ball, and then push the energy ball into the wart, while I say the healing phrase. Oh well, no big deal, I’ll try again soon!
    12. Part 5: Lucid Dream Healing of my Son’s Plantar Wart – Dec 30, 2014

      by , 01-10-2015 at 10:24 PM
      This is part 5 of my quest to heal my son’s plantar wart, on his left heel, using lucid dreaming. In this dream, a dream figure named Shannon made me lucid so I could heal my son’s wart. Here’s what happened.

      I was sleeping at my father in-law’s house (in the waking world), and then I was falsely wakened by a young blonde man, who I didn’t recognize, and he said, “Gary J. from your work is at the front door, and there’s a crisis you have to attend too.” I immediately jumped out of bed and ran to the top of the stairs and looked down at the front door. Nobody was there. “Hmmmmm.” I thought, “What’s going on here?” My work would never interrupt me while I’m off in the middle of ‘nowhere’ visiting my father in-law, especially during Christmas Break. I turned around to face the young man, and I noticed there was an extra bedroom in the hallway, that isn’t there in waking life, and I instantly became lucid.

      My son walked up beside me, and the blonde man turned around and faced the wall, and tried to make himself less noticeable. I told my son to lay down on the bed and take his sock off so I could heal his plantar wart, and he did so. Next, I tried to thank the man who made me lucid but he wouldn’t turn around to face me, so I put my hand on his shoulder and said, “Thank you for making me lucid.” He slowly turned to face me, and he said, “You’re welcome.” I still didn’t recognize him, so I asked his name, and he said, “Shannon!” When I’m lucid, I often speak before I think, so I said, “Shannon? What kind of name is that? That’s a girl’s name, and you’re a guy!” Shannon, was bit embarrassed by my rude behavior, and he laughed it off, and then replied, “I know, my name is Shannon.” Then stupid I said, “But you’re a guy?” I totally forgot about healing my son’s wart by this point, and then I woke up.

      I looked up the name ‘Shannon’ on Google, and as it turns out Shannon is originally a guy’s name, not a girls’. It’s only in North America that people recently started naming girls Shannon. In Europe and Britain, Shannon is a common guy name. I didn’t get to heal my son’s wart using lucid dreaming, but I learnt something new.

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    13. The Best Way to be Awakened (Jan 7, 2015)

      by , 01-09-2015 at 02:16 AM
      In this dream I was at somebody’s house (not sure who or where). I was standing in a doorway to the living room, and to my surprise, my dear daughter went racing right by me, and then ran into the kitchen. I immediately became lucid (because my daughter’s in Heaven), and ran after her. When I reached the kitchen she was standing with her back to me, and then she turned around to face me. The clarity was perfect and vivid. She no longer looked like my daughter, but she was beautiful like my daughter, had short brown hair, and the biggest smile. I asked her, “Are you my daughter?”, and she excitedly answered, “You saw me!” Her voice was the same as my daughter’s, and I replied, “Yes, I saw you when you ran past me, now you look like somebody else?” I put my arms around her, hugged her, and then I said, “You look different.” My daughter softly replied, “Yes.” I woke, and then moments later my alarm went off.
      lucid , memorable
    14. Travelling Through a Nebula and the Valley of Golden Temples (Jan 6, 2015)

      by , 01-07-2015 at 11:53 PM
      In this dream I was at swimming pool play wrestling with an invisible dream figure. The objective was to throw the opponent into the pool, which didn’t have any water, just gymnastic crash matts. I had this dream figure in a headlock, but I was really struggling with the fact that this person was invisible. I put 2 and 2 together and realized, Bingo, I’m dreaming! I let go of the dream figure’s head and I stood up. The invisible dream figure never did appear. A couple of other dream figures, standing off to the side, asked me to follow them, so I did, and we went through a doorway into a hallway. The hallway went for about 20 feet then turned right. At the corner there was closet, and inside was 2 foot tall man standing on a bench talking to an East Indian man. I introduced myself to the small man first, and asked his name. He said, “___??___” (I can’t remember). I then asked the East Indian fellow his name, but I couldn’t understand what he said because of his accent and his name was totally foreign to me. I just nodded and pretended I understood his name. The East Indian guy then asked me to leave because “___??___” (the short guy) was helping him out with something. I apologized for interrupting, and I continued on down the hallway, but my vision started to fade to black. I started to swirl to bring back my vision, and I was saying, “Somebody, please help me!” Somebody answered, “I don’t know how to help you.” I asked them to grab my hand and swirl with me, but they didn’t answer. I swirled faster, and faster, and faster!

      Stars started to appear around me, faintly at first, and they then gradually increased in clarity until I found myself floating in a dramatic view of space. It feels so strange to be floating in space, kind of a mixture of excitement and loneliness. I could feel the sun beating on my back so I turned around to face it, and I momentarily saw its brightness, but then a black disc moved in front of it. I looked away and decided to repeat what I did, but really fast. Sure enough, it was the sun! And once more a black disc quickly moved in front of it so it was hidden. Interesting? That gives me a good explanation why I rarely see the sun in LD’s. I could see the Milky Way arching across space, and decide to fly at high speed right at it, and soon a pinkish nebula came into view, and then I came to complete stop to admire it. Wait, what’s that? I could see outlines of several human bodies against the pink nebula, distorting the nebula just enough, that I could see them. It appears some dream figures decided to accompany me on my journey. I’ve never been in a Nebula before, so I decided to fly right through it at high speed. The nebula never really became clearer as I flew through it (not what I expected), if anything it lost its vibrancy, but I could feel the particles hitting my body, like standing in a sand storm, and the impacts were luminescing reddish blue. This gave a cool visual effect on my arms!

      Off in the distance I could see a planet, and I slowed down for a controlled entry and landing (Don’t fly full speed into a planet!). The planet looked like something from the movie Dune. It was covered in desert and mountainous rocky outcroppings. Below I could see some gold structures, so I flew in for a closer look. When I fly, I usually do the ‘Superman’ with my arms down, but as I approached these golden structures I started to fly in a standing position. It’s a more relaxed position for viewing, but does look a bit odd, no doubt (as one dream figure told me in previous LD). The gold structures were actually golden temple domes sticking out above the sand dunes in a mountainous valley. There was a natural rock archway extending from the side of mountain, which I flew through as I entered the “Valley of Golden Temples”. I discovered this place, so I’m giving it a name – lol. There was a woman in a flowing dress standing on one of sand dunes and she watched me as I flew by. I should have landed beside her, and asked her what this place was, but I wanted to get a closer look at these golden temple domes sticking out of the sand. Then I could hear East Indian style ancient music playing all around me, with singing to match. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve heard anything like it. I landed on a sand dune, beside a golden dome, and there was warm colored light coming out from openings immediately below the dome. The sand was right up to these openings. Everything quickly faded, and then I woke. I really wanted to go inside!

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    15. Wishing my Daughter Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (Jan 6, 2015)

      by , 01-07-2015 at 10:26 PM
      In this dream, I was sitting in a bus with my dad, and I gave him a big, long hug, and shortly after I fell asleep in his arms. I woke up (in the dream), behind the same parked bus, holding a bicycle pedal sprocket. I had no idea how I went from sleeping in my dad’s arms in the bus to being awake behind a parked bus holding a sprocket, but anyway, I went with it. I put the sprocket down on the ground, and then it morphed into a bike frame and sprocket. Okay, I get it! I’m definitely dreaming – Lucid again!!! I picked up the bike frame, and I was surprised at how light it felt, and added the wheels, seat, and handle bars (by thought), and then I jumped on it to go for a ride. One problem, my feet couldn’t reach the pedals! This didn’t stop the bike from taking off down the road though, so I only had to steer it, because it was powered by dream magic. I hadn’t seen my daughter in a few days in a LD, so called out for her, “Daughter, where are you, I’m lucid!” I repeated this over and over as I rode the bicycle down the street. I came to bridge crossing a small brook, and on the other side I could see some girls sitting on the front steps on a brick apartment block. I figured one of them must be my daughter! But without warning, the dream went completely black, but I laid perfectly still in bed to try and recover it.

      What happened next wasn’t a typical LD re-entry for me, because the dream instantly came back perfectly vivid and clear. It was like somebody opened the theater curtains. There were three girls sitting on a motorcycle right in front of me, and I was also sitting on a motorcycle. The girls were all looking at me giggling and smiling. I asked if one of them was my daughter. One of the cuties spoke up and said, “No.” Sometimes my daughter appears in my dreams as someone or something else, so I always check before I assume. Then I could feel somebody sitting snuggled right up behind me on my motorcycle, and their chin was resting on my left shoulder. I asked if she was my daughter, and she said, “Yes!” I spun my head around to face her, and it was totally her to the finest detail! I instantly told her I loved her, and I wished her Merry Christmas and Happy New Year because I hadn’t remembered to do so in an LD up until this point. It’s much more special when you can do this face to face. We then took off on our motorcycles down the street, but the dream started to fade, so I began to swirl. Strangely the motorcycle, my daughter and I, were all swirling together, and unfortunately I woke up. Cruising on motorcycles would have been a lot fun!

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