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    1. Drones

      by , 06-06-2015 at 05:50 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #442 - DILD - 1:51AM

      I went to bed super early but ended up with restless legs at midnight. I took 5mg Valium and returned to bed.

      I am looking out a second story window with my son. Two cigar shaped aircraft hover in the sky. One lands in the yard and the other smacks the window. I realize they are just funny looking drones. I inspect the glass but find no cracks even though I am sure I heard it break. I see two boys with remotes controls across the street and I try to use my phone to record them as evidence just in case they really did damage my house. I can't get my phone to work right and I see a girl trying to get her cat on part of the roof. Somehow all of this triggers lucidity and I run down the stairs and out the front door to interact with the kids. It's now night time and they all scatter as I fly around the yard. I see the girl run in my front door so I go back after her. My cat is always trying to get out in waking life and it was no different in the dream world. I set her outside and let her run thinking this will somehow benefit her in waking life. I can't find the girl in the darkness of my house and I wonder if she phased out a wall. I see my wife in the kitchen and the dream darkens. I try to maintain but lose out to a false awakening. I enter my dream in my DJ and skip forward to work where I tell B that I got lucid last night and it was awesome. I wake up.

      A lot more happened in the dream, but my recall was weak and I don't feel like adding details. I had a few other super vivid and interesting dreams until I had to get up for work.
      Tags: dild, drones, kids, sky, valium
    2. First Of Night DILD

      by , 06-02-2015 at 12:21 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #441 - DILD - 10:39PM

      I normally wouldn't count this, but a rare thing happened. I got a DILD literally within the first few minutes of sleep.

      I was at work talking to my buddy while he was doing some work on a machine. I'm not sure we were having any real conversation, I think it was just random thought words. I noticed I was feeling odd, like heavy bodied and sluggish. I realized this as a dream sign and said, "Dude, I think I am dreaming." When I said that I uncontrollably slumped over and the dream went dark. I tried to hold on, but I slowly woke up.
    3. [DILD] Bully fight

      by , 05-31-2015 at 08:37 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was walking up the stairs in a skyscraper. It was dark, old place, looking like it was built in IX century. Suddenly I realised that this is a dream. There was a group of DCs going up. I shouted "I need to check something outside!" and ran down the stairs to reception.

      The reception was empty. There were old vending machines near benches, an empty flower pot and receptionist workplace. I opened the door outside. It was cold, starless and moonless night. There were people in hoodies standing all around the entrance, waiting until they can enter the building.

      I jogged through some alleys and empty streets, until I found myself on a square in front of a medical center. I wanted to go inside, but seeing that the doors were closed I had to find another way in. I ran towards the wall, but I couldn't phase through it.

      I made a nose RC. It was strange, but it worked, so I was sure this is my dream. I tried to pull my hand through the wall, but it couldn't phase through. I just touched the cold, concrete wall. Suddenly someone from the crowd, that wanted to enter the center too, shouted: "Hey! You!"

      I turned around and saw a bully from my old school. I knew what were his intentions, and couldn't stop myself from charging at him. I tried to strike him with my fists two times, but he dodged and counter-attacked successfully. He started to laugh, as if I just followed his plan.

      I was preparing for another attack, but suddenly another DC ran towards us and shouted "Stop!" But she was too late.
      As I tried to strike again, I've lost lucidity and woke up.
    4. Birthday Present

      by , 05-03-2015 at 04:59 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #434 - DILD - 6:24AM

      the orgasm of lucid sex-749d2eacbb61274b77139826b7a50fdf.jpg

      I open a package from the mail and find this beautiful .357 magnum with a case of shells. I awkwardly load a few directly into the back of the gun and realize one shell is actually a large nail. I throw it away and discover it has a magazine clip. I ponder the possibility of actually getting a super awesome pistol in the mail. I'm amusing it's a birthday present, but who from? Maybe, it was sent to the wrong address. I check the package and it has my name and address correctly printed. Do they even send guns in the mail? Oh well, I'm just glad I got it. Hmmm. Things like this never happen. I should nose plug out of good practice. I blow through and don't want to believe. I do it several more times and become really disappointed that I don't get the gun after all, but decide to go ahead and enjoy both lucidity and my handgun.

      I look around and it seems to be some sort of apartment merged with past houses I've lived in. I don't thing about this too much as I point my gun looking for something to shoot. I see A from work and tell her to "Freeze". I pull the trigger, but only get a *click*. Damn, it's not working. Ok maybe I really don't want to shoot a co-worker DC. I point the gun around the apartment trying to shoot but only getting dry clicks.

      Sadly, the dream starts to darken, and I have to recreate a scenario. Shooting zombies is probably ideal. With that thought, a couple lurch at me out of the void. The sound of the gun fire is disappointing, but I blast an unrealistically large hole the size of a frying pan clean through each torso. I, and both zombies, pause to stare at the damage with mild surprise.
    5. March 28th through April 26th 2015 #301-318

      by , 04-26-2015 at 09:28 PM
      3/28 - WILD-style entry but memory gap before entry. Nudge vibrations. Sound I decide will be shower and dream girl inside. Roll out of bed and despite poor visuals I interact with dream girl sexually. First G use, 4mg + 250mg C (commit to use it no more than once a week). #301

      3/29 - DILD notice I am shirtless at a party in a library and realize I am dreaming. Float around vaulted ceilings above crowd. #302

      3/31 vivid apple juice dreams! DILD in which I use my time stopping stop watch and have a sexual interaction.#303

      4/1 FA caught DILD. Suspect sound of alarm being turned off is not waking life. Hall too dark - should mean this is a dream. See a sign on bottom half of home office door with moving visuals and know for sure I am dreaming. Phase outside and end up back inside later and stabilize by licking and touching wall. I decide I will find Girl Friday in the house and do under some blankets in a bedroom. Interact sexually! 304

      4/2 Day practices: This really could be a dream!
      I reach for a cat that fades away…aha DILD. Flying among interesting clouds as far as I can see. 305

      DILD Hose being pulled…by who? See no one and head to front door…it's ajar…break in? I bet I'm dreaming. Float RC, yes! Ends trying to stabilize rubbing the ground. 306

      DEILD Although I feel myself back in bed, I get the idea to imagine that I can still feel the ground I was rubbing and I can. Eye clench vibrations. Lots more ground rubbing. Eventually get classroom scene with cute blonde nearby and sexual interaction. 307

      4/5 DILD guard messing with me and I use dream actions to attack him in a van. Lower level lucid. 308

      DILD I go into my familiar hall bathroom but the toilet is gone..aha! Sexual interaction with Girl Friday and her mother. 2nd ever G experiment. Same 4mg/250mg G+C dosage. 309

      4/9 DILD guy pops out and I think whoop him like in a dream…I am dreaming! I attack him with multiple combinations and the move on to dream goal peg 1. 310

      4/10 DILD narrow stairs and black lady coming down them. Start to move aside and then realize I can just float over her…ah yes I am dreaming. Float up to next level and low head space and mostly crawl through interesting halls and rooms. Some interesting toys remind me of one of my favorite lucid dreams. Attempt dream goal peg 1. 311

      4/12 After some trouble getting to sleep and memory gap I have a WILD style entry. Dream started in bedroom and continued in house and bedroom with some involved stabilization on street. Completed dream goal peg 1 (subconscious question..should I..? Answer: "If you want to." Dream felt like 10 minutes. 3rd G experiment same dose 4mg+250mg. 312

      4/18 vibrations and WILD style. Sexy woman in short skirt. 313

      4/19 WILD style entry and maybe held onto consciousness throughout - remember thinking it is taking a while to get to sleep. Vibrations, ethereal experience, no visuals but feel I'm in my dream body. I remember my previous embrace of Girl Friday in a non-lucid, the warm hug and I start to feel her again. I rub my hands up and down her back to bring us both firmly into the same space. We have a very sensual, sexual interaction. Eventually vibrations and a fade back to bed. 314

      After some minutes of patience, which is unusual for my DEILDs, normally feeling that if it doesn't happen in a matter of seconds that it won't...so perhaps more WILD than DEILD. Involved some eye clenches to nudge the vibrations…guessing some waking eyes and some dreaming eyes doing the clenches. The rest here: http://www.dreamviews.com/tasks-mont...ml#post2156310 315

      Similar set of playing with vibrations and then backing off trying to let the vibrations ride on their own. So many voices. After a while I find myself at a busy conference. Rest at the same link above, TOTM. This was my 4th experiment with G + C and the first at a dosage of 8mg and 500mg. 316

      4/24 DILD running down this beautiful wide set of stairs I am easily able to jump down to the next flight and 2 flights on the next jump fully realizing that I am dreaming. Joyfully float down to a huge open lobby area. Later FA where I am telling someone about the dream. 317

      4/26 I seem to go in and out of lucidity for a good length of dreams with many sexual interactions and experiences. 2nd time with upped dose G + C 8mg and 500mg. 318
    6. Another Lucid!

      by , 04-21-2015 at 11:11 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      Had another lucid dream this morning, with this one being the most clear-cut example of a DILD I've had to date. This also marks the first time I've had two lucid dreams in one month, (as far as I remember), so I'm patting myself on the back.
      I had two fragments from other wakings in the middle of the night, and both of these fragments involved work and coworkers. I'm starting to think this is becoming a dream sign.
      This lucid came about when I woke up 20 minutes prior to my alarm for work. I went back to sleep, and...
      I was in my high school science class, and there were plenty of familiar faces around me. However, my friend Garrett wasn't there, so I decided to go look for him outside the class. I exited into the hallway, and went around the corner to a spot I knew he always was at, but upon finding this corner, he was no where to be seen.
      It was at this point that I got suspicious, and decided to do a reality check, with me questioning if I was dreaming. I did the nose pinch a few times, and every time I did, I could breathe, but I didn't notice that was weird until the third time it happened. Once I realized, I was lucid. "This is a dream," I thought to myself. Immediately once I went lucid, my view shifted, and everything suddenly became much more vivid and detailed, but also more shaky. I looked at my hands and studied them, hoping to stabilize the dream. My thoughts briefly wandered to me in my bed, and I almost woke up. But, instead, I re-focused on my hands and just as the dream was fading, I teleported a few feet in front of me and everything was back to its vivid self.
      I was very excited, and wondered what I should do. I decided to go find some of my other friends, who were probably in gym class right about now. I thought about being at gym class, and POOF, I was there, only now, I was floating. I floated around, enjoying the feeling of hovering, and watched my classmate's reactions. Once I exited the gym, I briefly considered what I should do next, but...

      Then I woke up. The lucid itself felt about 5 minutes long, which is the longest I think I've had, or close to it. And teleporting is a new for me as well, which was surprisingly easy for me to do, although if it did make the dream less stable, I certainly didn't notice it.
    7. Kill Zombies

      by , 04-16-2015 at 12:51 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #431 - DILD - 3:00AM

      I really had a lot of wakefulness this night and spent an hour up with my legs until I was able to lay back down and have my second LD for the night.

      I am messing with a tall chain-link fence and gate. I was needing to get something from the pasture, but nothing is working right. Then the sky lights up from lightning and the wind picks up. I worry that the lightning will let the zombies see me. Then the lightning lights up the sky a purple color for several seconds. I hear some loud sound like machinery and thing the thunder is odd but will also get the zombies active. I get the fence together and just head for the old country house. Several cartoon zombies rush at me and I pick up a dry twig from the ground and stab them in the skull. My fear turn to delight and I enjoy doing battle with the undead. I may my way over to and RV and Rex jumps out to help fight. I now slowly become lucid and forget about the zombies. There are large green barrels rolling down and me I Hulk smash them out of my way as they come. I feel super powerful and want to Hulk smash zombies so I come out into the open. It is now day time and I am wading through deep snow, but it doesn't slow me down at all. I shout out taunts at the zombies in a strange voice, "Ooooh yeah. Come one fucker mother fucker. Give me something to break. Break your fucking face." I look around, but there are no more zombies. I deduce that dreams run on emotion, so since the fear is gone so are the zombies. I walk around and find another RV. I feel the dream fading and I try to focus, but I wake up.
    8. No Relief

      by , 04-16-2015 at 12:33 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #430 - DILD -12:16AM

      melatonin about 11PM

      I get the feeling that I am doing some traveling. Feels like Colorado. I am at a bar and I am to wait for this dark haired attractive woman so that I can escort her safely home. It's not like any type of a relationship other than something like me being her body guard. The woman turns to me, stops, then runs to the restroom. I start to follow then stop, not sure what to do. A waitress above me in a balcony says, "She's just going to the restroom first. Do you need to give her a message." I shake my head and wave her away. I realize now that I too need to pee really bad, but it strikes me odd because I just went. In fact, I had just come out of the restroom. I decide I better do it now rather than waiting so I go back into the men's room. It's a fairly small restroom and full like most bars, but I squeeze past the other men to where the urinals are. To my dismay, the urinal section is completely blank. I look under the threes stalls in the room and see the middle one looks empty. Another man is trying to beat me to it but I cut him off. He pauses and then goes into the stall on my right. I chuckle to myself knowing that I saw the feet of someone sitting on the toilet. I half expect to hear a commotion from there, but I have to pee so bad that I forget all about it during the act. After a long pee, I notice that I still feel the urge to go and it really hurts. This could only mean one thing. I might actually be dreaming right now. I do a quick nose plug and let out a quiet yet ecstatic gasp. I am happy to be in a lucid, but the urge to pee is really prevalent. I do my best to forget about it for now and focus on my goals. I need to get out of the stall quickly so I do a high back-flip over the door behind me. Things go into slow motion here and get a little unstable with hazy vision, but I focus on standing in the spot I thought I needed to be and headed out the restroom door.

      My vision returns now and I find myself entering a dark theater. I recall that I wanted to find my dream buddy and go for a run. I hover up and quickly scan the audience. To my left, I see bemistaken sitting with what I think to be her husband. I glide above them and reach down, taking her arm, and pulling her up to my side. I say, "Hi bemistaken." She just glances over at me and smiles. I know we need to go for a run, but time is short so I make the best of what I got. Together we run on top of the theater seats side by side toward the movie screen. I see a Hispanic boy and girl having conversation along with our shadows on the screen. Once we dive into the movie I reach out and touch the girls right cheek for stability. I feel the sensation of merging with the movie but when I turn around we are now on a stage like were are in some play. I nervously look at the audience, but I am blinded by the light. I feel the need to perform and bemistaken and I do our best to act things out. I hear something like a drumbeat and the children singing. Bemistaken says, "Staring, [name]" and then turns to me. I say, "Also staring, [name]' Then I feel like someone is beating under my feet so we lift part of the stage up the let the children out, but we see no one there. I wake up and rush to the toilet.

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    9. No Way Out

      by , 04-10-2015 at 01:35 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #429 - DILD - 2:22AM

      I had another really bad night with restless legs and I was up and down a lot so I didn't do an actually WBTB, but I did manage to meditate with binaural beats for an unknown amount of time. I eventually got uncomfortable and rolled over to sleep with LD and goals in mind (though I didn't even think about goals afterward) and had this lucid dream.

      I thought I was the 11th Doctor and I was playing some sort of video game. Something about some friendly blobulous aliens. Something about putting my ID card into a reader and going up escalator then I use the card to enter an elevator. I somehow get to a low level of lucidity when I enter and I decide I just want to get outside. I push the number 8 in the elevator though I meant to push the button marked '1G'. I quickly push the intended button, but it's too late and I'll have to wait for it to cycle. The elevator goes up a second and the doors open to another set of doors marked '11'. I decide I wasn't meant to go there anyway, so I wait for the elevator to head back down. Suddenly, I feel a huge amount of G-force as I drop too quickly. I clench and hold on to the rail. I see a poster on one wall that looks like a silhouette of the Doctor and the TARDIS. It reads: "The Doctor Tower Experience" I think it's really ironic since I am the Doctor.

      The elevator stops and I am crumpled to the floor. I slowly get up and step out the open doors only to find myself on the floor again. I think how odd it is, but still recognize this is a dream. I see my phone in my left hand and notice the screen rotation button. I decide this is much like that and I focus on being up right and walking and suddenly I am driving a car.The dream blacks out and I find myself on the floor of the elevator again. This time I focus on the screen rotation idea a little more clearly and I watch as gravity shifts. There is a split second of blackness and I find myself in an apartment with yellow walls.

      This now triggers a much higher level of lucidity and I find my consistent teleportation exhilarating. I still would like to get outside. I don't remember my jogging exactly, but I feel like I need to get outside for some reason. (Why didn't I try to teleport again? DUH!) I see empty counter space and I turn around to see a the front door. I step out into a very small hallway. To the left are stairs leading down into darkness and I decide to avoid that. The hallway goes straight for a few steps then takes a right. I follow it but as I round the corner the hallway morphs and closes off. The walls change color from yellow to brown. I decide I was meant to face the dark so I go back and head down stairs. I am really worried that I'll get lost in the void, but as I descend the stair well lightens. I have some weird feeling in my eyes like I am straining to keep them open. I worry this means I am waking up and sure enough I do.

      Or so I thought. I make DJ notes and say something about how I was playing a game called Hero's Call beta. I pause wondering if that was right when I actually do wake up.
    10. [09-04-2015]

      by , 04-09-2015 at 03:36 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Non-lucid + DILD - ToTM attempt

      I was wandering with three sisters. From conversation with them, I received an information that they are princesses, an evil queen took the throne, and they are in a serious danger. I wanted to help them, but didn't knew how.

      We were moving away from the main road, close to the forest. When getting closer to a village, we spotted some mercenaries of the evil queen. I lied down on the ground. It was cold, I felt grass touching my skin. Two of the princesses hidden behind the trees, but one of them spotted a carriage, and ran to it.

      The carriage stopped in front of her. She thought that it was her mother inside, but then the evil queen went out of it. The other princesses ran to help her, and all of them were kidnapped by queen. I decided to try and help them. I grabbed the carriage in the last moment, and it started flying to the sky.

      When getting close to the clouds, I lost my strenght and fallen. When close to the ground, I suddenly teleported to another place. It was dark dungeon. I found a torch and lit it. It was empty, I felt alone... left behind. I entered a huge chamber. There was an old man in dark robe in the middle of the room. He had completely white eyes.

      He turned around and looked at me. Telepathically he sended my information about who he is. It was a powerful necromancer, surrounded by creatures summoned by his enemies. I grabbed a stick lying on the ground, and wen to the lower level of dungeon.

      I opened the door, and faced a melon monster. A huge melon with razor-sharp teeth, walking on two frog-like legs. I bashed it with stick, until it collapsed into a few melon slices. I found another such creature, and killed it too. The stick broke when I dealt the last blow.

      The I felt strange. Everything was blurred. The necromancer teleported me to the exit of the dungeon. It was a gratitude for my help. I opened a hatch, and found myself in the basement of my home. I went to the kitchen, and met my siblings.

      The eldest sister when looking at the broken stick told me:

      - Hey! This was my stick before!

      - Yeah... it was.

      I went outside, and found a huge swing in the middle of my backyard. I used it for a while, and then entered my home.

      Suddenly I realised that it's a dream. I took another stick lying for some reason in my home, and went outside. I tried to point to the ground with it, and got teleported to place I pointed. I tried it a few more times, but it didn't worked. I felt that I slowly lose lucidity, and I thought to myself "This is my dream. I am lucid dreaming."

      It was enough to make the dream more stable. I tried to teleport with a stick again, but this haven't worked. I though again "This is my dream. This would work now." And repeated my last activity, to no avail.

      Then I recalled the basic task for this month. I looked at my neighbors house. I decided to go jogging. I ran for the street. I wasn't running with unbelievable speed, but I was running quite quickly. Surrounding area changed from countryside wih forests at summer, into autumn tones.

      Everything get blurred on the sides, only the area in front of me stayed sharp. I decied to turn left, and ran through and old village. I made a few turns around old buildings, and ran back. The road in front of me was empty. I saw my house in the distance. I ran much more quicker.
      When getting closer to the gate of my house, I lost lucidity and woke up.
    11. Doctor Visit, Dream Figure Describes Dream Creation, Visit with my Daughter - Apr 2, 2015

      by , 04-04-2015 at 08:30 PM
      WBTB 3:00 Am, Read Dreamviews dream journals, Mantras (written and spoken), and then I got all my pillows organized in their perfect places, then to bed - about 1 hour later. I then laid in bed and repeated my mantras in my mind until I was feeling sleepy, then I started to meditate. I was doing body energy work where you bounce your energy in a clockwise direction around your bedroom, off the walls and through your body and out the other side. After one complete rotation, I would pick a different plane to repeat the exercise. One bounce takes about 1 to 2 seconds. A mental image of my room builds in my mind as I proceed. It’s like your scanning the room with a beam of body energy. After about 10 minutes I started to do tactile imagery where I was climbing a ladder, and then I move on to climbing a rope, and then picking up coins with my right hand and dropping them into my left. By this point my body is asleep and my mind is awake. Sometimes my hands or feet start to feel really sore (pulse with pain), so I move energy away from feet (repeating) to my torso, and then the pain fades and disappears. This is a common problem while in ‘the void’, or in deep meditation, and I accidently stumbled across this method of getting rid of the aches. It works awesome!

      While in ‘the void’, hypnagogic imagery and occasional voices happened. Then I got a 2 dimensional picture of a hospital room, and it quickly turned to 3D (lucid dream). I started to walk around the room, but it was black and white, and of poor clarity. A nurse walked past me, and I decided to close the curtain around the bed, so I could focus on improving clarity. A doctor then walked in through the opening in the curtain and stood beside me. Then my vision started to fade quickly, so I asked the doctor to hold onto my hands, and he did. Darn, I was now back in ‘the void’, but I was still holding onto the doctor’s hands. I could hear somebody laughing to the right of me, and then the doctor said something. Soon after, the doctor let go of my hands, and I woke. Position and pillow change.

      I tried to repeat the WILD technique described above, but I fell asleep, and then I had this interesting Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD). In this dream I was viewing it in 3rd person, from above, and it was an excellent Rambo movie scene! Rambo was driving a quad with really big wheels, and towing a fifth wheel style, semi-trailer (all camouflaged). On both sides of the semi-trailer were two army tanks being towed by heavy cables. These tanks were literally skidding across the ground on their tracks, and it really made no sense to me how a quad could possibly have this much pulling power. I realized I was dreaming - DILD (for several reasons)! Rambo was driving this assault vehicle combination through the thickest jungle ever, and trees were flying! He fished tailed onto a logging road, and under a bridge, and then one of the tanks drifted way off into the forest knocking foliage everywhere. He then drifted through a parking lot and smashed sideways into a restaurant. I then moved from 3rd person to 1st, and I followed Rambo as he ran into a restaurant in a blaze of glory with his dual machine guns!

      The two women behind the cash register ducked as bullets flew overhead, and the patrons looked at us as if we were aliens (kind of WTF look). I instantly told Rambo to stop shooting because he was going to hurt these people, then he unexpectedly turned into a regular looking guy with a huge smile on his face. I quickly looked around the restaurant, and nobody looked any worse for wear, so I headed outside. When I got outside, I noticed that we were inside a huge facility, and the Rambo Assault Vehicle was still there, smashed into the side of the restaurant. A very tall 7 foot man was standing beside Rambo’s vehicle admiring it. I figure he have been the dream creator of this awesome Rambo action scene I just watched, so I asked him, “Did you just create this amazing action dream with Rambo and this assault vehicle?” He laughs and replies, “Heck no, this action dream was created through the thoughts of hundreds of people!” I wasn’t expecting that answer. Interesting!

      After he said that I started to float up above the wreckage and restaurant to see if there was an exit out of this facility. The ceiling was really high, maybe 100 feet, and it was lined with offices and mezzanine walkways. There were people everywhere, and several of them were watching me as I flew around the perimeter of the facility. A child then shouted my name and said, “Show us some lucid dreaming tricks!” Okay, I’ve never had that request before, so I flew into the central area of the facility, about 40 feet off the floor, and I started to form a beach ball size of white light in my hands. I was planning on giving it to the kid, but then the dream fading, so I immediately took off flying right through the facility wall and into the blue skies.

      It was an amazing summer day, and I was flying over a massive city on the coast. There was one very tall building in the city’s central area, so I flew up to it for a closer look. The building was covered in black reflective glass, and reduced in cross section at several intervals in elevations. I could see many people inside the building, through the tinted windows, and I thought maybe this would be a good place to meet up with my daughter. When I got to the roof, the wind was way too strong for a safe landing, so I abandoned mission, and I decided to look for a better place. I quickly flew over to the coastline and saw a beautiful park below with a large concrete monument (war hero remembrance site). I landed on this large concrete deck with concrete railings, a monumental statue, and steps going down in two different directions. There was grass all around, a sidewalk, several covered bench areas, lots of people, and the view of the ocean that was nothing short of amazing! I then started to call for my daughter to come, saying I found a beautiful place for use to meet at.

      As I was walking down one of the concrete stairs, my oldest sister appeared out of thin air, right in front of me. She said, “I figured I’d find you here!” I walked up to her and held both her hands and said, “Yes, this place is amazing!” My 2nd oldest sister then appeared to her left and said, “Hi!”, and then my son appeared to my right on another set of steps, “Hi dad!”. Then my daughter appeared right in front of me. She was crying, I ran up to her and held her in my arms, asking her what’s wrong? She said, “I can’t do this. I don’t want you talking to mom about this anymore.” I then remembered the nasty argument mom and I had the other day about my lucid dreaming visits with my daughter, and I said, “Are talking about the argument mom and I had the other day?” She said, “Yes.” I woke after that, and I realized just how upset my wife gets when I talk about all the wonderful visits my daughter while lucid or in an OBE; whereas my wife barely remembers any of her dreams, and dreams with her daughter has only happened a couple of times since her passing. I’ve decided in the future to only discuss these dreams with my wife if she specifically asks, or if she is directly involved in the dream in some way.
    12. Snuggling in ‘The Void’, and Giving our Daughter a Sandwich Hug - Mar 31, 2015

      by , 04-03-2015 at 01:23 AM
      I went to bed around 10:00 Pm and woke at 3:30 for Wake Back to Bed (WBTB). Read some dream journals, and did some written and spoken mantras (to visit with my daughter while lucid), and then I went to bed and meditated to state where I was consciously awake with my body asleep. Unfortunately, I did fall consciously asleep, and I ended up in a dream where I was driving a snowmobile down a mountainous gravel road during the summer. I was pulling a co-worker on a bobsled, and we were travelling dangerously fast, so she said, “Hey, slow it down a bit!” It sounded like a good idea, so I pulled into a parking lot to take a break. The road just seemed to end in the parking lot, and I found that a bit strange, so then I questioned myself if I was dreaming or not. Yup, definitely dreaming, I’m lucid! I then woke from the excitement and I was back in the void.

      I was lying in bed with my mind consciously awake and my body asleep for a short period of time. Then I felt somebody crawl into bed behind me (I was laying on my left side), and then they reached around and hugged me with their right arm. I moved my dream arm carefully, so as not to move my physical arm, and I gently held onto the person’s wrist. It was definitely my daughter’s wrist, because she has very small delicate wrists. We laid quietly for about 5 minutes in ‘the void’, and then I decided to try and speak with my dream voice, “I love you!” It worked! I was able to talk without using my physical voice. I then felt ‘the vibrations’ happening, but I didn’t want to OBE exit because I was perfectly happy just lying there with my daughter. Soon afterwards ‘the vibrations’ ended, and then I heard a lamb go, “Baaaaah!” in my right ear! Little did I know I was false awakened.

      I sat up in bed unknowingly in a false awakening, and I saw my wife, son, and my son’s friend, all standing in my bedroom. My bedroom actually appeared as my bathroom, with my bed in it. I could hear rocks rolling around somewhere. I told everybody to get the heck out because I was trying to lucid dream, and they all just laughed at me. My wife passed me the I-pad, but it looked totally different, and I couldn’t get the dang thing to work properly, so I passed it back to her and she closed it like a laptop. All these dream signs and I still didn’t realize this was a false awakening. I was getting real angry with everybody being in my room, so I laid down in bed to fall back to sleep. That’s when I woke for real! Darn, that would have been an awesome lucid dream. Clarity was picture perfect!

      In this next dream, I was at a shopping mall talking to a pretty quadriplegic, black haired girl (in her 20’s) who was painting with her mouth. I asked her if she always paints with her mouth, and she replied, “Sometimes I paint with my hair”, as she grabs the paint brush and sticks it in her hair. So I smile and say, “Oh, you’re not paralyzed?”, and she nods ‘yes’ at me. So I sat down beside her to watch her paint, then she sat on my lap. I felt a bit uncomfortable with this, but I was willing to go with it. Then my wife walked up and pushes lightly on the girl’s back to get off me! Trying to avoid trouble, I stand up and walk off with my wife. I reflected on what just happened, and I figured out I was definitely dreaming! Lucid again (DILD)! I then put my hands on my wife’s shoulder and said, “We have to call for our daughter to come!” She momentarily looked puzzled, and then she caught on! We both started calling for our daughter to join us in this dream. We walked up a flight of stairs to a landing, and then my wife became distracted with something. Then I put both my hands on her shoulders and looked her right in the eyes and said, “You must stay focused. Keep calling for our daughter until she comes.” My wife had the strangest looking glowing bluish eyes. She agreed and we continued up to the 2nd storey of the shopping mall.

      Suddenly I heard my daughter say, “What? What’s going on? Huh? How come mom’s there?” BTW, there were tons of people in the shopping mall. Then I saw a little girl walk by, I thought maybe that was my daughter, but no, she walked right past us. We continued calling for our daughter. Then my daughter came running up the stairs and towards my wife. She was really young, maybe 5 or 6 years old, with curly blonde hair. My wife scooped her up in her arms with excitement and they hugged and kissed! I ran around to the other side, and together we gave our daughter a huge sandwich hug! That’s when I woke from all the excitement. I wish I could have stayed longer to see what happened next.
    13. The Women's Restroom

      by , 04-01-2015 at 10:28 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #427 - DILD - 12:08AM

      I went to bed around 9pm but was having another very restless night. I ended up meditating a little and then falling asleep with "lucid dreaming" as a mantra.

      I am driving; following my mom in another car. We are going to church, but she's super early for some reason. I turn off decided to see if Wal-Mart has an item I need IWL. As I turn down a side street, I contemplate going to church with my parents. I shout out loud, "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO CHURCH!" I look up at my rear-view mirror and see myself. I have a scowl on my face and my hair looks disheveled. Then, it dawns on my that I don't have to anymore. I'm a grown ass man. I decide I'll not go to church, but not go home either. I'll just spend the time shopping for stuff I've been wanting to buy.

      I am suddenly in a fast food restaurant and I realize this sudden change in scene triggering lucidity. The first thing I think of is to find Bemistaken. I don't know why, but I feel like the women's restroom is the more logical place to look. I look to my left and see the restroom sign and entryway. I shout for Bemistaken and a stall opens up. A woman pops her head out smiling, but she only looks like a poor imitation. Rather than probing farther, I quickly dismiss the woman. I suddenly, recall the mirror task from last month and remember that I wanted to do it better. I turn to the sinks and push my face into the glass. The other side looks much the same, but I decide it must have just taken me through the wall into the men's room. The dream is starting to fade now, but I manage to look around and see urinals to confirm my idea. I quickly wake up.


      I am on a plane ride with my wife and kids. I try for a window seat but the plane is made like a hotel room. There are recliners near a large plane glass window. I want to take pictures of the view, but I have to fasten my way too young baby daughter in her car seat.


      I am with all the people I work with and we all see a tornado in the distance. I take a snapchat video and watch the replay. I can see sparks from power lines snapping. Suddenly, one is much closer and coming our way. We all turn to go back inside, but we are just in some old trailer house. It's a small tornado that blows over us. I heard popping and crashing, some glass shatters, but we are all fine. I ask about [someone] and my boss says she was caught outside. I go out and see my car is totally flat. I cry about not buying the Gap Insurance. I go to find my wife in another trailer. Her father is there and I ask about her whereabouts. He just shrug like he doesn't care. I berate him for this and then find her sleeping on a cot. I tell her about the car but she just stares at me blankly. I go outside to take a video of myself and my car. I try to tell what happened but I keep getting choked up. I should have just bought the Gap Insurance.

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    14. High School Gym, Dancing with my Daughter, Sick Boy and Girl, & Water Bending Attempt - Mar 21, 2015

      by , 03-31-2015 at 02:28 AM
      High School Gym, Dancing with my Daughter, Sick Boy and Girl, & Water Bending Attempt - Mar 21, 2015

      Prior to my WBTB I had a Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD). In this dream I was a passenger in the back seat of a convertible. This fellow walks up beside the car and hits me in the forehead with an object (not sure what). I got a bit pissed so I reached up and grabbed him by his collar with my right hand and signalled ‘No’ with my left hand, waving my finger back and forth. He then goes to the fellow in the front passenger seat and says something to him, then he turns to me and says without expression, “I’m one of your dream guides and I’m trying to make you lucid.” Well, saying that certainly worked (not sure about hitting me in the forehead though)! Smoke started pouring out of the engine hood, and we got out to investigate. A bunch of my co-workers then showed up and helped us put the fire out by using water bottles. I then woke up, and it was time for my regular WBTB routine. Strangely when I woke I saw the numbers 3:31 floating and fading out in the air above me, and then I looked at the real clock and it said 3:35 Am. My real clock is 4 minutes fast. That’s never happened before. Maybe it was a false awakening?

      After my WBTB routine, I had another DILD (I had fallen consciously asleep while in ‘the void’). In this dream I was walking into my high school gym, and it certainly was not the way it was supposed to be! When I entered the gym there was a 3 ½ foot tall concrete railing spanning the entire width of gym, and on the other side it dropped down into two lower levels. I instantly became lucid! I momentarily considered jumping over the concrete railing and going for a flight, but I felt a bit acrophobic, so I aborted mission. Instead I turned around and came face to face with a lightly glowing, male, dream figure. When I saw him, he quickly turned away and pretended he didn’t notice me when I said, “I’m dreaming”. The excitement of the moment caused me to wake.

      I fell back to sleep and found myself becoming spontaneously lucid in this memorable dream with my daughter. Everything was perfectly clear and vivid, better than waking life! I walked into a dance hall with at least 100 people dancing to a classic county tune. It looked like square dancing to me, but what do I know about that? The music was very loud. I remembered my dream intent to visit with my daughter, so I started calling her name as I walked around the perimeter of the dance floor. When I reached the front of dance floor I discovered a smaller, circular, empty dance floor with bright colorful pot lighting above. It backed onto the larger dance floor, and the DJ was standing on an elevated platform with all his equipment. As I walked across the smaller dance floor a new song started to play and it was a groovy, hip hop tune with a kickin’ bass beat. The pot lights started keeping beat with the music. Well, I instantly started dancing with myself, and I was really getting into it! That’s when the DJ said, “We’ve got a dancer here!” The tone of his made it sound like, “Oh, here’s another mindless, zombie dreamer going through the instinctual motions.”, but I was fully aware of my environment and I noticed all the people on the main dance floor were now watching me. I didn’t care, I was having fun!

      A group of teenage boys and girls then came running up to my dance floor and started dancing all around me! That’s when I noticed my daughter was in the group! She was wearing a horizontal black and white striped hoodie with the front zipper undone. I called over to give me hug, but she said, “No, I want to dance!” She glanced over at the crowd, and then continued dancing. Then I said, “Daughter come and give me a hug, I need a hug!” She said, “Okay.”, then she ran over to me and I scooped her up in my arms. “Dad, you did it again!”, and then I told her that I loved her (of course). She said, “Dad, it takes so long.” (the time between lucid visits), and I said, “Daughter, it’s hard to do this.” She then got a sad look on her face, and quickly recovered by saying exactly what I felt, “It’s so very important that we spend time together. I don’t care how much time I spend, or how difficult it is trying to become lucid with you.” Her expression changed to happiness and she said, “Yes!” and I held her in my arms, as we danced in circles, until I woke.

      I entered the next dream in a fully lucid state from ‘the void’. I appeared in my kitchen, and there was pale, sickly looking, young boy sitting at my kitchen table (maybe 7 years). I walked over to him and asked his name, and he said, “I don’t know.”, so I said, “You don’t know your name?” He looked down and said, “Yes, I don’t know my name.” I remembered seeing him in an earlier dream, and I told him about this, but he didn’t understand what I was talking about. Then a girl in her late teens walked into my kitchen, and she looked equally as sick. I told her I also saw her in an earlier dream with this young fellow. She asked who I was, so I introduced myself and I told them they were inside my house. Then I told them that they are both welcome here anytime at all, and they both replied, “Thanks!” The lucid dream ended.

      I was walking down a highway and I became spontaneously lucid for no reason at all. Off in the distant I could see cop car lights flashing, so I flew up into the air (horizontal position) to go and investigate. As I approached the cop car, I realized it was driving away from me, so I sped up to get a closer look. I came in right over the flashing lights, and then I flew in vertical position about 10 feet in front of his windshield. I then spun around to face him, as I was flying in reverse down the highway. It was real rush! The cop just ignored me (another crazy lucid dreamer), so I spun around and followed the highway for a very long time, and then I came upon a tunnel that passed under the ocean. At this point I made a hard left and flew along the seashore until I found an interesting looking public pool. I landed beside the main pool and walked around to the other side by a kiddie pool. I remembered dreamers at Dreamviews talking about water bending so I decided to give it a try. I focussed on lifting the water upwards to form a water arm, but instead the water violently rumbled and made undulations. I felt like I was making a scene, so I decided to go for swim in the main pool. Just before I jumped in, the lifeguard said, “That guy’s going swimming with all his clothes on!” I didn’t care, these are my dream clothes! I sat on the bottom of the pool and breathed the water (felt like air), and then the dream suddenly came to an abrupt end. After this I had a cool non-lucid dream about petting kittens in a cow pasture with my son.
    15. Big String of Fragmented Lucid Dreams - Mar 28, 2015

      by , 03-30-2015 at 06:19 PM
      I went to bed early at 9:00 Pm. I find this is the best time for me to go to sleep if I want a fun filled night of lucid dreaming. I woke at 3:00 Am for WBTB, and took my puppy out for a pee. Read some dream journals at Dreamviews. Did some mantras (written and spoken), and then I went to back to bed at about 3:30 Am. I also used meditation techniques to bring me to the state of being consciously awake with my body asleep.

      I was in ‘the void’ for at least an hour (very long time) seeing occasional hypnagogic imagery and voices, which in itself was very interesting and a bit shocking at times. Then I got ‘the vibrations’, so I OBE exited! I quickly moved away from my body and towards the door. I really wasn’t expecting this to happen, and I didn’t have an action plan. I was staying at my father in-law’s house, and once I made it to his hallway, I didn’t know what to do next. This pause and indecisiveness wasn’t good because shortly thereafter I ended up back in ‘the void’. I should have started counting and headed off somewhere. I was a bit disappointed because I think OBE’s are awesome.

      I then went on a lucid dream marathon for the next three hours. Usually I wake myself up after each lucid dream and voice record it, but for some reason I decided to keep on truckin’. Unfortunately I lost a lot of the dialogue and details along the way (missing tons of content), and my memory was very fragmented. I don’t usually do this, because I think every lucid dream is special and needs to be remembered and recorded. Here’s what I could recall when I finally woke:

      Some of these lucid dreams I entered fully conscious and aware. When transitioning from ‘the void’ to the lucid dream, I would momentarily see a two dimensional image in front of me, and then it would abruptly go to 3 dimensions and envelop me with all my senses. I was trying to pay extra attention to this last night so that I could give a good description of what happens when a dream initiates.

      In this first LD I saw my sister’s husband Ken in my bedroom against the wall. He looked young and had black hair instead of blonde. I had entered this dream in a lucid state, but seeing my brother in-law standing in my room with dark hair made it very obvious that I was in fact dreaming. As I mentioned above, this started off as a 2 dimensional image and abruptly went to 3D. I sat up in bed and faced him and said, “Hi ken, thanks for helping me to become lucid!”, and he replied, “I didn’t make you lucid, I was just standing here.” “Well, thanks anyway.” I don’t remember what happened after this.
      I entered this dream consciously, and I saw beads on the ground beside my bed, so I leaned over and picked them up. I then jumped out of bed and flew out the window. To my surprise I was flying through an amazing garden with beautiful stone buildings. I forget what happened next.

      In this next dream I became lucid (DILD - not sure why), and I jumped over a stone railing into a courtyard using the ‘Superman’ position, but I didn’t fly. Instead I fell about 30 feet and crashed hard into the ground. I don’t remember what happened after this, but I do remember thinking that maybe I wasn’t dreaming.

      My neighbour in the waking world is also a lucid dreamer and OBE’r. I was already lucid at this point for some reason. I was walking through these beige stone buildings in what looks like an Asian resort, and I could hear him calling my name from behind, so turned around to face him. This dream was ultra-vivid with perfect clarity. He said, “Hey, wait up!” I was totally shocked when I saw him. He looked and acted exactly the same as in the waking world. “Oh, hi! How are you?”, and replied, “I’m doing good! Let’s go off and explore!” I said, “We’re sharing a lucid dream.”, and he quickly replied, “I know.” I couldn’t help but notice that he was butt naked, so I looked down to see if I had clothes on, and I did (blue jeans and T-shirt), so I said, “Hey, why don’t you have clothes on?” He looked down totally shocked, and said, “I don’t know why?” We then went off exploring, and shortly after he vanished into thin air right in front of me. I continued on, but I can’t remember what happened next.

      Two middle aged women walked into my bedroom, so I sat up in bed and started talking to them (entered dream in lucid state). I didn’t recognize them, but they knew who I was. We had some funny conversations. They were both constantly laughing as we were talking about all the funny and crazy things that happen in lucid dreams. My tongue then went numb and I could no longer talk. I was just babbling and my tongue was flapping around uncontrollably. They laughed even harder. I forget what happened next.

      I was false awakened by a ringing android phone, so I got out of bed and found it ringing by my daughter’s crib. We no longer have that crib, and I didn’t recognize the phone, so I instantly became lucid (DILD). I could hear my father in-law talking downstairs. I answered the phone and I could hear really deep distorted voices coming from the phone. I then laid back down on the bed and started to play with the phone to see if I could get it to work in a LD. Not much luck of course, but I did manage to get a home screen, and some of the apps would momentarily flash on and off. I forget what happened next.

      In this next lucid dream, I don’t remember how I got there, or why I became lucid, but I do remember talking to an elderly lady and we were discussing lucid dreaming. I jokingly mentioned something about lucid sex, but she didn’t find much humor in what I said, and she pretty much ignored my joke. She seemed to know me really well, but I didn’t recognize her. She seemed almost like a mother figure.

      In this next dream I became spontaneously lucid while walking outside in a park like setting, so I called for my wife to join me, but she didn’t come. I was a bit disappointed, and I don’t remember what happened next.

      In this next dream I met homeless man Paul, from my prior Lucid Dreams about God, and I introduced him to my wife and they hugged. He was wearing the same weathered blue parka. I wasn’t lucid in this dream, but I thought I would mention it, because Paul represented God in my LD’s.

      In this dream I was staring at my right hand, point finger. Now this is weird, because it had two extra joints on it, and it was very long and strange looking. I was moving it around and trying to figure what the heck was goin’ on? My wife walked up beside me and I reluctantly showed her my finger. I thought she was going to blame this strange mutation on the fact that I lucid dream all the time (she gives crap often about my LD obsession). The extra finger joints then turned into a little, tiny hand on the end of my point finger and it started to wave at me. Okay, I get it, I’m dreaming! Dream Induced Lucid Dream - DILD! I then remembered my mantra to heal my wife’s sore hip. I asked my wife if we could try healing her sore hip in this lucid dream. She said, “Sure, let’s try.” I kneeled down on the ground and asked for God’s healing light to form in my hands (I read about this LD healing technique in a few books, and I’m determined to make it work too). A whitish ball of light, about the size of a basketball started to form in my hands. When my wife saw the ball of light she started to freak out and jump around while making screeching sounds. I lost all concentration and the ball disappeared, then I started to give her crap, and I woke soon after. Hmmm, this lucid healing thing is certainly proving to be a challenge, but I’m up for it
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