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    1. a dild/deilld hybird

      by , 04-06-2014 at 08:01 AM
      Last night I was having some very interesting dream that took place in a kind of always oscillating maze of consistently changing but similar locations, this all took place in a tunnel system with a maze like quality that went from swimming pools, to stores to city's and the like, with many dream charters in all the locations, which changed location and over all appearance, the swimming pool now is far away from where it once was in the system and store is now somewhere closer to where the pool was originally. The city was night then day.

      I left after a while and ended up in my car and started driving down a highway, during this drive things got weird the dream world started collapsing literally around me vividly with very obe like experiences while my "body" was still in the car. When I finally was not floating out of the car anymore and was again driving it I realized three things : I'm dreaming, This dream has already been very long, and this dream is showing signs of extreme rapid unrepairable instability. I came to the conclusion I can fight it, more than likely will exit this unsaveable dream anyway, and will loose any sense of self awareness I had and move my real body instantly. Especially since I'm in an extreme excited mood, trying to patch up my leaky ship.

      Or, what I ultimately chose, I could just let the dream end it's natural course, while holding onto lucidity through to the other side. I then remembered I had always wanted to try a deild where you start out with a dild (when you do deild it's from realizing a dream just ended after the fact and catching yourself from moving which can lead to a wild like re-entrance into a new dream) what I was about to try was purposefully existing one dream while holding onto a single lucidity through one dream, exit reform into the other dream. So The following is what happened. I was in awe at how Singular Depth and Vision became. The more the dream went down the path of destruction the more it looked infinite and faded , I didn't fight and just let this ending happen, while passively taking it in. The Singular feeling ended with a feeling of nothing but completely black space. I was no longer in the dream, and felt the feeling of strong sleep paralysis. I knew it was time to just ride it, and it faded into a very vivid dream. There a villain wanted me in a duel. We had a strong and very long battle I dodged what looked like blue astral projectiles of some sort. And I gained a sort of electric discharge attack out of my penis yes I beat a villain with my *beep* It sure was fun getting my new "power"
    2. Crystal Memories

      by , 04-02-2014 at 07:39 AM
      This is my first DJ, so i'll start with my most recent LD.

      It was two days ago. I fell asleep into a dream that was of a cavern.. or rather a cave turning into a long stoned pathway. It was illuminated by bluish fiery light from both sides, leading down the path as well. While walking down this path, i noticed the walls had crystallized mirrors. Looking into them,, it seemed foggy at first, but then when it started to clear up. I noticed my younger self.. my childhood self. Having fun. Each mirror i looked into was a sequence of a childhood memories i enjoyed. Witnessing this made me realize i was in a dream and yet, i hand no control of the memories that came or the area that i dreamed of.
      However i was able to control myself. A Dream induced Lucid Dream (DILD) with some Dream control is what it was looking back on it. With the Control i had, i was able to jump into these crystal mirrors that took me to the areas of my memories. Seeing my younger friends & parents, but unable to communicate with them. Although my younger self seemed to smile in my direction from time to time, then resumed playing. It was heartwarming if not odd. With my control, i continued to jump into mirrors and various memories of my younger self, almost like teleporting. Until i ran into a different dream area, not of my memories but of some starry night city that looked like a mix of Las Vegas, and New Orleans at mardi gras. And as i look around at the shining lights & stars, the various people laughing and dancing and yet can't see me. I finally noticed my younger self again. Looking back at me with a smile and then says. " The fun doesn't end yet." and with a chorus of music, i wake up, listening to nothing but the whirring of my fan and the cold breeze in my room. I honestly felt great that morning, kind of a warm pleasant feeling. I'm curious to what the dream meant. Maybe it means that if i keep positive and enjoy my life, better things will come? Maybe better things that i never thought would happen? I can only hope.

      Well this is my First Dream Journal. I hope it wasn't too odd for folks. XD

      If my dreams are always this interesting, i'm certainly going to write more.
    3. The Hills 2/21/14

      by , 03-24-2014 at 05:29 AM
      color legend: non-dream dream lucid

      Lucid #7 The Hills

      I'm riding in a car on an isolated road in the middle of golden brown rolling hills. I suddenly become lucid. I get out of the car and run up a hill onto the vast expanse. I marvel at the beauty of the golden hills and distant snow covered mountains.

      I decide to form a mountain of my own and ski down it. I create my mountain by raising my hand and forcing a mountain to rise out of the ground. I fly to the top and reach behind me to find skis. I put them on and ski down the mountain. I then fly in the air and decide to make a floating mountain above the one I just formed. I wave me hand and a huge round ball of stone forms in the air. I play god by slicing off sections of it and adding others. I make it into a gigantic sculpture of sorts. Before I finish I wake up.
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    4. Success! 2/1/14

      by , 03-24-2014 at 05:05 AM
      color legend: non-dream dream lucid

      Lucid #6 Success!

      I'm in a classroom with a friend. We are sitting cross legged on the floor talking and laughing. We talk about lucid dreaming. For some reason I get cocky and say "Hey watch this!" And I look at my backpack on the floor and try to make it fly to the ceiling. At this point I didn't know I was dreaming, but for some reason I still tried to make it levitate. As soon as I tried it zipped up to the ceiling and right back down to the floor again! I was astonished.

      I know I’m dreaming and immediately nose pinch reality check and rub my hands together to stop the dream from fading from my excitement. I get up and try to fly. I can’t even get off of the ground. Disappointed, I step out onto the balcony and see that I am in New York City! This time I think of heaven and I rise off the ground and start flying upward over the city! I’m a bit scared to look down and when I do the view is astonishing. The sun is setting so the city is framed in shadow and an orange glow. The feeling of flying is too amazing to describe. You feel so free. Anything is possible. I see a huge glass tube extending into the sky from the city streets below. Curious, I fly into the pipe and zoom down it. I get shot out at the bottom like a bullet and zip through the streets with incredible speed. I fly sideways along the sides of buildings and

      I have a memory gap. I am in a room with a bunch of random objects around me. I try to use telekinesis to make them fly around and succeed with a few, but the majority just stay where they are. I get frustrated and I wake up.

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    5. Water-Bending 12/31/13

      by , 03-24-2014 at 02:04 AM
      color legend: non-dream dream lucid

      Lucid Fragment #2 Water-Bending

      I don't remember much of this dream because I forgot to write it down in my DJ when I woke up.

      I remember being in a classroom. Iím in the front corner of the room behind a desk. The room turns into chaos. Everyone suddenly starts fighting each other. I join the fight by water-bending into a girlís face. I turn it into ice so she canít see. My next victim is a guy. I water-bend water towards him and it surrounds his body. I freeze it and he falls over unable to move, begging someone to help him. Everyone looks at me and I smirk and walk out of the room.

      The next thing I remember is flying around a bit. Iím still not very good at it but it was a good second try.
    6. Struggling 12/28/13

      by , 03-23-2014 at 11:13 PM
      color legend: non-dream dream lucid

      Lucid Fragment #1 Struggling

      I suddenly become aware that I am dreaming. I RC with my nose pinch and am able to suck in a big breath. This feels amazing and I marvel at the feeling. I remember my goal of flying but become conscious of my real body. I spend the rest of the dream trying to lose the feeling of my body IWL but I wake up.

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    7. Crazy Night 12/24/13

      by , 03-23-2014 at 10:22 PM
      color legend: non-dream dream lucid

      Lucid #5 Crazy Night

      This was absolutely insane, it was about 9 in the morning and I fell asleep after an hour of trying. I have a memory gap but the first thing I remember is being Lucid in some sort of nursery. I remember there being a baby and an old woman in the room. I rub my hands together but I become conscious of my real body.

      I wake up and without opening my eyes and deild back into the nursery. I try to fly and I get maybe an inch off the ground. The scene shifts to me standing on a newspaper, and only a newspaper. As I look at it, it gets bigger and bigger. Probably twenty feet long. I imagine a dream door in the paper behind me. I reach back, take the handle and jump in. next thing I know Iím in a black and white town from the 20s.

      I wake up and deild back to the black and white town scene. I try flying again and donít get much luck. I get a few feet in the air and fall. I try to put my finger through my palm for a reality check but it won't go through. I do my normal nose pinch reality check and I can breathe in. this blows my mind as usual and I try to fly again and I soar upward! on my way up I find I have to flap my arms like a duck-.- some brown haired man says I look like Iím having some trouble I grab his hand for some reason and take him with me. He doesn't slow me down at all. I realize Iím actually going really fast. My goal is space. When we get close he tells me that I won't be able to breathe, but I assure him I will. I let him float back down to earth and I plunge into space.

      I wake up and deild once more... Into space again. I imagine I have huge wings like in the maximum ride books that I loved when I was younger. I imagine them unfolding from my back and extending them. I have pretty black wings with some brown and grey mixed in. I try flying this time but it feels weird. Then a small pink boy with wings flies over to me from nowhere and tells me the tips of my wings are caught on my shirt still. So he helps me, and my beautiful wings unfold all the way. 13 feet long wingspan and amazing.

      I wake up before I can try my new wings out. This time I wake up for sure because I want to remember the dream so I can write it down. This was a very long lucid for me and a very crazy series of my first deilds.
      lucid , memorable
    8. Robots, anime figurines and a sliver of lucidity

      by , 03-22-2014 at 11:21 AM
      So, I had my first "Succesful" WBTB this morning, which means I didn't immediately fall back to sleep. After reading a little bit in my pathfinder core rulebook and watching some TB Vs Crendor Gimmick-a-Thon, I decided to attempt a WILD, and failed.

      So I fell asleep. First tihng I remember is walking through a mall built into a temple (My dream architects have no respect, but they surely are original.) I was being chased around by robots (Didn't really classify as a nightmare though, it was more exciting than scary in my opinion) I don't really recall the specifics, but at a certain point some sort of ops team breaks in to take down the robots, and so they do.

      The dream after that was clearer: I was standing in a fairly dark store, which I recognized being in the main shopping street in my little town, in the spot of a toy store. For some reason, I went there to get my figurines "scanned" (I bought a few in Japan last year) in a machine that would print a book with pictures and information. Little did I know that the figurine I was scanning had heat-influenced paint that rendered her clothes invisible when exposed to heat. And that machine was quite hot. I was unaware of that fact, and DC's in every direction shot me some rather strange looks. After having a conversation with the store cleric about how to greet customers I left the store.

      After that I ended up in (what seems to be) a fairly fancy clothes store, where they, to my surprise, sold figurines of 2 animes I was familiar with: A Certain Scientific Railgun (Which was probably triggered by a certain avatar on this forum, I haven't seen the actual anime in ages) and Soul Eater (One of my personal favorites). At which moment I had the reaction of "I WANT ALL OF THESE!" and so I grabbed all of them. Then I froze. Wait a second, I'm broke. Maybe I can buy one of them though. But which one?At which moment it dawned on me. Why would a fancy clothes store, especially in Holland, sell anime figurines?
      That must mean I'm dreaming! I can get all of these for free!But on the other side, they're not real either, that's too bad. At the moment that I realized this fact, everything felt extremely vivid and realistic, which was felt awesome! And then... everything went black. I focused on stabilizing my dream and painting a dream scene at the same time, when I feel my dream throwing me a curveball, a false awakening. My mind goes "I read about these, I should do something against this before I lose lucidity!" and resisting this false awakening, I woke up for reals

      Although my lucidity was only brief, it has left me hungering for more.
      Time to practice my WILD technique a bit more!

      Feel free to leave any questions, I'll be happy to answer them.
      Sweet dreams!


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    9. Competition #17, Night 12 & 14 Scarlett Johansson and Flying Goldfish

      by , 03-21-2014 at 08:56 PM
      Night 14 - 1 DILD success & fun, then so close on 1st WILD attempt, 50% there on a 2nd WILD attempt (I was trying, thanks to BrandonBoss for the encouragement to hit a new high yesterday). Nice NLDs also, drank a lot of water to ensure I wake and recall better. I did a good review of dream signs before bed but was hoping for more points tonight. Dreams sign review seemed to incubate a number of minor dream signs, but only one helped me become lucid (making out, kind of like FryingMan's KILD). The other dream signs that showed up this night were: amusement ride, police, party, mall, and 2 I should add to my list that have shown up enough: cave/tunnel & sleep related.

      <snip>the woman standing in front of me seems to be a dignitary, maybe even a head of state. She is somewhat tall and thin and has blondish-brown hair and a formal skirt & jacket on. Surprisingly she reaches behind her and gently grabs me down in the crotch area making a bold pass at me and I realize that I am dreaming. We are behind some other people standing facing a presenter that is saying something about having great confidence in Russia and she plays a clip of Vladimir Putin saying that Russia is the god of the top 3 nations (that are assembled here?). I am ignoring this and doing some various things with the dignitary woman with her back to me but I think that this is a good opportunity to bring Scarlett Johansson in. She still has her back to me and I think confidently to myself that when I turn her around she will be Scarlett Johansson. I turn her around and her face looks like a nice representation of her and her body has shortened a bit from the tall woman and it seems to look like her body. Her hair is black though, which is not the color that she usually has (but I found a picture I will put below). "Hello Scarlett." "Hello." I am so thrilled to have her in front of me and begin to kiss her while staring into her beautiful eyes and soaking in her beautiful face. I keep going and going but after a while it seems like her face is changing slightly and I decide it is time to move on lest she changes into something undesirable. I fly up above the group and start to recall my goals for the night and competition and as I think of the first one I feel myself fading back to bed and it seems that I was at the end of my REM cycle. 122
      scarlett black.jpg

      Night 12

      <snip> I am in my office moving a goldfish bowl with 2 small goldfish in it (none currently IWL) when I am clumsy and slosh the water partly out of the bowl. There is a gold colored gold fish and a darker one. The gold colored one gets splashed out of the bowl but amazingly starts to swim in the air!! I quickly realize that I am dreaming. What a cool visual! I fly and float a bit and I have to really think hard what my goals are and I ask myself several times before remembering next two goals. I decide to start with the one that I think will be easier and I do a closed eye teleport to a bridge scene. As I am looking around I feel myself fading back to bed / but I feel like I can DEILD so I squeeze together the area around my eyes which usually brings on vibrations and there are light vibrations but I relax and I find myself back in a combination of my office and my bedroom and my wife is laying there. She asks me what I am doing and I notice that I am completely naked so I ask her if she wants to...I fly over to her and <edit> before fading back to bed once again and I later figure out I must have been at the end of the sleep cycle as it took a while to get back to sleep, trying to WILD. As my wife got up I found myself feeling as if I was still in that weird office/bedroom combination but I should not have corrected myself because it solidified the fact that my body was back in my actual bed and I eventually fell asleep during the WILD attempt. 120,121
    10. Sky/Cosmos Dream Sign Again!

      by , 03-04-2014 at 12:29 AM

      Late posting, will just post quick tags for my record:

      As in last post:
      Awareness work type: retracing my steps (&looking at myself from the outside)
      Pre bed & short wbtb: visualization, interacting with desired DCs: Scarlett, Girl Friday, Wife
      wbtb: as above + very short SSILD session, closed eye teleport attempts
      1st LD, WILD based entry though not sure maintained consciousness but remember realizing that I can see through my sleep mask. In home and didn't get very far.

      later in morning DILD=group, no respect, bottle rocket into sky creates an usual display and I realize I am dreaming. Fly up, fly back down to slap around the disrespectful for fun, sexy time, more flying. 112&113
    11. Air Balloon Restaurant

      by , 02-25-2014 at 09:27 PM
      This is probably my first lucid dream achieved using a purposeful lucid dreaming method, which in this case is by DILD! Hopefully I'll be able to add much more to my LD count in the near future

      The following format is based off of CanisLucidus' DJ format since I feel like this is the most clear way of being able to tell a dream.

      Color Legend: Waking Life Dream Lucid Dream

      Air Balloon Restaurant (February 20th, 2014)

      I decide to sleep a little earlier than usual and attempt to do a WILD, which doesn't seem to do anything as I soon drift off into a dream...

      I appeared on a sidewalk nearby a bunch of buildings in what seemed to be a small plaza of some sort. I was with my little brother and father as far as I could remember and we headed inside a restaurant that featured a huge balloon right above the roof of the restaurant. We head in and we don't take our seats and instead we are being shown around the restaurant by our waiter. Eventually it is revealed that the bar area contains a secret passage going to an exclusive upper room in the restaurant with multiple LCD TV's.

      So I head on in and found that the majority of the passage as well as the entirety of the room was inside the balloon that I had noticed outside previously! Going into the balloon was pretty steep and there were several people ahead/above me who temporarily blocked my progress upwards. A blurriness later and I'm in the room in the balloon. As I felt the room gently swaying (since it was inside a balloon) I for whatever reason decide to perform a pinch-nose reality check.

      Upon breathing through my tightly closed nose I suddenly realized that I was in a dream, gaining lucidity. At first I get really excited that the technique worked but suddenly I feel a chill in both of my arms and I remind myself to calm down before the dream got any more unstable. I don't believe I announced to anyone that I was in a dream (nor do I think there was anyone with me at that point) but suddenly I teleport to back outside of the restaurant where the dream had roughly started in the first place.

      I begin heading in a different direction walking forward while rubbing my hands together in an attempt to change the scene and maintain the stability of the dream. To my dismay the chill prevalent in my arms did not go away so as a result I decided to not try to exert any major sort of dream control just yet. The scene becomes indistinct and I eventually perform another reality check and confirm once again that I was still in a dream.

      Despite doing this I lose lucidity for the rest of the dream as a major scene shift changes the setting to that of my old high school roughly with a newly attached pool complex of some sort. While there were plenty of attractive women all around I didn't end up doing anything with them as I wander around the pool which looked oddly familiar. I end up naked sitting in my car next to a gas station wondering why nobody noticed that I was naked (not that I wanted them to notice). I pulled out and blindly followed several of my friends who were in another car as I attempted to drive home on this dream highway. I unfortunately follow them on the wrong road though I was confident that I'd be able to get back on the right highway further down.

      I think the dream ended around there. Pretty exciting since that was my first DILD that worked but also disappointing that I lost lucidity so quick and before the end of the dream.
      Tags: dild, lucid
    12. College Life 2/20/14

      by , 02-22-2014 at 11:36 PM
      So I am in this big city going to some kind of school or college, wierd cuz I'm 14. I'm in this apartment which is in like kind of a forest only 2 blocks away from the school/college. My apartment is almost exactly like my room except for some subtle changes. I walked to class. I can't remember the content of the class, only walking to it. I think that this is where the rem cycle ended. I walk back and see my neighbors at the apartment, one of which is an old man wearing black, and the other is a young girl(my age?). For some odd reason, he tells me" she is a strong one". Not thinking anything of it I go upstairs to my room and play skyrim for a while,( which I haven't played in months.) then I go back to class. After I come I see my brothers car in the drive and get excited. I walk inside where he greets me. Then my nephew( who is like 19 and his girlfriend walks in. Another couple that I Don't recognize come in the door behind them. Then my neighbors come downstairs and the phone rings. I pick it up and it says," It's where you don't want to look. It's in the corner of your eye." Suddenly everyone runs down into the basement except for the old man. I look closely at his face. Very wrinkled and pale. Then he pours this potion that eats away at ur skin like acid on his hand and then touches me. After he goes downstairs, I go upstairs looking for something to cut my arm off so it didn't spread. But then I notice my xbox was on. I then did a reality check and realized I was dreaming. Of course, with my beginners luck, I got too excited and before I could do anything before I woke myself up.
    13. Ecstasy Upon The End Of The World DILD

      by , 02-10-2014 at 09:17 PM
      2/10/14 Excited and carefree witnessing the end of the world. Exhilirating non-lucid turned lucid (dild)..."overjoyed!!?" is what I wrote in my bedside journal.- It might have been influenced by day residue of seeing a listing for the movie Melancholia in my on screen guide over the weekend and recalling the movie of which I had seen parts of (featuring a glowingly beautiful and bare Kirsten Dunst in one scene). I guess I need to go back and watch the whole movie. Very unusual awakenings tonight either due to an unusual (for me) and more extensive pre-sleep/in bed/closed eye review of recent dream signs, day recall, and some mantras and visualization of diving off a cliff softly onto a beach and floating back up, repeat. Unusual awakening #1 was after only 1 hour of sleep and directly from a non lucid dream. I don't remember waking up that quickly after going to bed anytime at least in the last year. Unusual awakening #2 was 40 minutes later (perhaps end of normal 90 minute cycle with some interruption time in between making it approximately 100 minutes from going to bed.)

      Earliest possible part of dream was in a version of my office where I always seem to be coming back from training sessions and SC (who I haven't seen in a long time) was in a cubicle nearby and I could hear her leaving me a voicemail (could hear by way of the sound travelling from her mouth a short distance across the room). Possible transition or new dream to a group setting perhaps in a conference room with families present and someone hands me a camera asking me to take pictures of everyone. I see two cute babies across on the far side of the room and zoom in on them and snap a shot but the baby on the left's head disappears. I think "what?" but my mind fills in an explanation "ah, the baby tilted her head behind the other baby's head...there it is now" (or very similar thought). Moments later, while looking at the front of the camera it accidentally takes a picture and I look at the screen and it features a woman in the room looking provocatively towards the camera and her dress is purposely revealing in more ways than one. This scene somehow transitions to a large group walking outside at night time. The provocateur is there with her boyfriend and my wife just in front of me. The provocateur walks close to me and then in front of me as if she wants me to check her out and I grab her from behind in a flirty way but then move to my wife and grab her from behind in a loving way. I can hear someone talking about how some planet (or other celestial object) is crashing into Earth and I am looking into the sky. Everyone starts running but my wife and I seem to have no fear more like a joyful running through this field and there are flashes in the sky, beautiful flashes and I realize that I am definitely dreaming. My wife says something like "lets make love one last time" and we are now running in a different direction from the group deep into the field for privacy I assume. I remember the TOTM (true love) but I think I said it wrong or she heard me wrong and she answered "It is to give others what you can not." I remember thinking that perhaps she meant "give what you think you are not able to give." I woke up shortly after and just had to write it down before trying to re-enter that dream or any dreams. The most memorable part for me was running through that field and looking up at the sky lighting up...breath-taking! Afterwards I managed to get various dreamlets of 2 to 10 seconds in length, some of which I found fascinating at the time but eventually had to get up. 105

      Got lucid at the very end of a dream 2/8/14 but decided not to count it. It involved my computer acting strange (dild) but my awareness was low as it had been recently until this morning.
    14. Dream Tennis

      by , 01-31-2014 at 12:18 AM
      I've forgotten completely how I became lucid, but I became lucid at one point and I only remember the following after that, so no point in color-coding.

      I'm in my house upstairs with my brother Zach. Once I go lucid, I attempt to recall any dream goal of mine, but struggle with it and eventually give up. Instead, not wanting to waste LD time, I turn to Z (who knows I'm dreaming) and say, "Show me something interesting."

      He cooperates and leads me outside. Like my house, the street looks much like it would in waking life, but the sunlight was extremely bright, the grass a vivid bright green, and there just seemed like there was an aura of happiness resting over the dreamworld. I smile, taking in this sight for a moment, and then Zach jumps and takes flight from the ground. I follow him up, and the moment I'm in the air, I notice the area past my street is much different than it should've been. He began flying away in a straight direction and I follow him, looking around at the massive town as I did so. It was completely and utterly random at this point--colorful structures and tall skyscrapers stuck up in every direction, with the woods bordering everything around. My interests are piqued as I wonder what Zach's going to show me.

      Eventually we float back down to the ground, in which he leads me into a small, square, basic dark building. Inside the ground is all carpet, the lights are dim, and people are chit-chatting in every direction. It was very dark, but the atmosphere was very welcoming, much like a bar or a small party.

      Zach leads me to the left and the right again into a large room where electronic music played in the background with a couple of bars and something interesting in the center--a small tennis court with maybe 3-4 people on each side. Most of the people looked like older teenagers, say around 15-19. They're playing...tennis, but with a few peculiarities. Firstly, they're playing with their hands (much like volleyball). The ball was mostly transparent, but the clear ball was surrounded with an intricate glowing orange design that left a motion blur behind it in the air and was quite easy to see. There seemed to be no way to take score--players just played until they got bored. The biggest difference to this kind of tennis and IWL tennis was the fact that the physics were very trippy. At the weirdest moments the ball would go in slow-motion, or shoot towards the ceiling, or fly past the players towards the wall.

      Zach explained to me, "This is dream tennis. Kind of an interesting sport, I think. Do you want to try it out?"

      I nod and grin and Zach and I join one of the teams together, and we play a few rounds. At first I mostly suck (no, really, I blatantly made the ball hit the 2-foot-tall net at one point), and I'm teased by my teammates about this, but I eventually (and proudly) get the hang of it. At one point in the middle of the game I question Zach as to why it's not called dream volleyball since you play with your hands. He only says, "I don't know, I didn't make the rules, I'm only a dream character!"

      All in all the game and the dream itself was rather strange yet fun, and I totally wouldn't mind playing dream tennis again in a later LD. Eventually I wake up after a few rounds and I DEILD back to sleep, though the contents of the dream that followed are a bit more... private.

      On a side-note, I remember a non-lucid dream fragment from earlier in the night where I was playing one of my favorite MMORPGs called Mabinogi, but that's all I can remember from that.

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    15. Electrical Stars

      by , 01-29-2014 at 09:35 PM
      (I know I haven't done any DJ entries like ever, which is why I plan to change that. )

      non-lucid lucid awake/other stuff
      backstory: Austin is an 8-year-old DC from a vivid non-lucid I had a couple of years ago, involving a plot of him being traumatized from visiting a wicked haunted house and me trying to help him. I eventually died at the end of the dream (because of said haunted house) and it was partially my fault, so I came up with the goal last week of seeing him in a lucid dream and apologizing, then trying to help him again (you can say I'm really attached to my DCs).

      The dream starts off a little strange (you know, like most dreams do). I'm in public school--currently in virtual school IWL and being in public school is a common dreamsign for me that I've managed to miss--with old classmates in the gym. We were in what were like lab desks with 2 people at each desk, and our fairly b**chy reading teacher was in the gym with us for some reason, showing us some sort of sitcom that "I'd seen before" (false memory). Yup, in a school I'm not even in anymore, sitting at desks in gym class, our reading teacher supervising us, watching a sitcom.
      It didn't make much sense.
      Like most people I wasn't really paying attention to the show, just talking to others. We were never given questions on the show, so why bother watching? Eventually there's this random skip where I'm in a giant Wal-Mart with Mom, and of course I was obsessing over the candies and ice cream that were there. I don't remember much of this part, only that it was big and huge and grand and wonderful, much unlike a typical Wal-Mart. Anyway, eventually there's another weird skip (maybe the start of a new dream) where it's much later in the day; to be precise, bedtime. I have a schedule in the house for going to bed; I say good night to my friends online, I shut down my computer, Dad gives me my anxiety medication, I say good night to my parents, and then I go to bed.
      All goes well until I try to shut down the computer. I'd been playing a rhythm game called "osu!" (been quite addicted to it lately) and even after I had shut down the computer, a demo or replay of the game would keep playing itself against the black monitor. The computer was off, so how could that have happened? This seriously concerns me, so I go into the kitchen to find my tech whiz dad preparing my medicine and explain what's going on.
      I expected some sort of logical answer or fix from him or at the very least for him to go check out what's going on, but all I get is, "That's strange."
      Annoyed, I stood there trying to think of what could've happened. Why was a computer still running if it had no power? Then
      suddenly everything clicked together, and I realized I was dreaming. Dad looked at me the moment I realized--didn't say anything, didn't do anything, just looked at me--as I did a quick RC to make sure I was really dreaming. I thought of what I would do, and remembered my goal instantly, then turned to Dad who had put down my medicine and was still looking at me, and I asked,
      "Did you know that you're part of my dream?"
      "Yes I do."
      "Will you help me?"
      "Yes I will."
      What do you know, a cooperative DC for once.
      I flew out the kitchen window and Dad followed me, but I was immediately unsettled by the darkness of the night. No, really, it was pitch black outside. I didn't like the idea of not being able to see the area, so I decided I would make it daytime. First I tried going back inside and, when looking away from the window, deciding it would be daytime. It didn't work. I realized I had to be more creative with it and--I can't remember if I came up with it or if my dad suggested it--but I decided I would use a lightswitch to light up the world. I summoned a lightswitch on the back of our house, and without further ado, flicked it up. What I expected was it to become suddenly daylight. What actually happened was much more extraordinary than that--it wasn't daytime, but above my head, all the stars in the sky began to 'light up' and glow white and silver one at a time. The sky tinted a lighter blue as a response--not daytime blue, but not like the space-like black-blue it was before. What looked like thin, white, electrical waves passed between all the stars here and there, which were still glowing a bright and beautiful white. The area was lit up almost instantly as if it was nearly daytime. It was an absolutely tremendous image, especially since I was right under it.
      After a minute of being awestruck at the stars in the sky, I eventually start flying around with Dad thinking about what I was going to do. I can't remember why, but even though I planned to stick to my goal and I knew my time was limited, I wanted to spend some time exploring the dreamworld. Unlike our typical backyard out the window it was all forest or plains, with no other civilization around. I came across some beautiful structures that were simply there as art--a variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes, all towering up to the clouds. Eventually I found the Wal-Mart from earlier in the dream, though completely empty and could be easily stolen from.
      (pssht, do you really think I'd steal from there?)
      We turn around and I notice something a little more eerie: there was a wooden post stuck into the ground, and surrounding it were stuffed animals sitting against it tied to the post. Well, most of them were stuffed animals, anyway--there was a single live chicken tied to the post, looking right at me. I approached it with a curious mindset, but the chicken was hostile, trying to get to me and preparing to attack me. Eventually, to my surprise, it rips its way from the post and heads towards me. I'm more confused than afraid, especially since I felt no pain or really, no anything when it started pecking at my ankles. I summon and draw a sword from my side, attempting to kill it, but everytime the blade touched it, the chicken would multiply itself and all the chickens would continue to try to attack me. I just stand there unharmed and confused, and look up to Dad. He smiles at me, then looks at the chickens, shouts "Look!" (in which all the chickens look up at him), and then makes a sort of shoving movement with his arms. When he does, poof, the chickens just vanish, leading a cloud of smoke behind them at my feet.
      I grinned and thanked him as I felt myself waking up.
      I let it happen, preparing to DEILD.
      When I'm awake I slowly peek my eyes open to roughly check the time by how light it was in my room. It's light out, so I know it's morning. I cut straight to business this time and start envisioning Austin's house in front of me. Eventually, I'm back in the dream.
      For some reason I'm in a third-person camera view when I start the dream, so I take this opportunity to look around the wooden, low-class house for a moment. Then I force myself to get back into my dream body maybe twenty feet before his front door.. Dad's standing a good distance behind me, continuing to accompany me, but giving me privacy for my goal.
      I don't have to go to his front door--Austin bursts out the door, and runs toward me with a big grin preparing to hug me. I fall to my knees and hold out my arms as well, and the exceptionally short 8-year-old boy gives me a big, long hug. I was preparing to give him a big long emotional speech and then try to help him, but what came out was quite different. I think I'm crying at this point, and I tell him I'm sorry maybe about a thousand times, in which he just says, "It's okay. You don't have to be sorry. I'm just happy you're here."
      We stay like that for maybe a minute, and I'm both happy and sad, and eventually I can feel myself waking up again (in response to a familiar noise, I think my dog jumping off my bed and being let outside by my dad for the morning).
      I let it happen, again, and feeling some sort of relief and closure, I finally get up for the day.
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