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    1. lucid among other things

      by , 03-11-2015 at 07:27 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      last night I was dreaming about witches, or possessed girls, or maybe both....I'm not sure, but they wanted me. For sex...and my soul. I was trying to figure out who knew about them without letting them know I knew about them, while trying to get people who weren't under their spell yet, to help me kill them.........yeah.

      I'm lucid at my old warehouse job. Everything is super floaty. I feel like I'm on a planet with altered gravity. I don't remember doing much other than floating around, and asking this girl her name...maybe that was in another lucid because I can't piece how I met her.....let alone what she told me her name was.
    2. Hong Kong Apartment + Trail of Smoke (DILDs + FAs)

      by , 03-08-2015 at 08:03 PM
      Ritual: WTB 12:30am, woke 7:30 with first DILD. No techniques, hadn't really intended to get lucid, but I was wearing a Jawbone fitness tracker on my wrist to bed for the first time. It's a bit tight and I think the unfamiliar sensation served as an anchor for consciousness.

      DILD (eventually), "Hong Kong Apartment": I am in Hong Kong with my husband, staying in the apartment of someone unknown to me. I'm curious who this guy is and why we're at his place, so I'm attentive to my surroundings. It is a one-bedroom apartment and the layout feels familiar; I figure it must be a common floorplan here. The first thing I remember is being in a small room of unclear function, a study maybe, and looking at a plaque on the wall. It depicts a Chinese character, the archaic version of that character, and the pinyin transliteration: sōng, corresponding to the English word "page"—not the leaf of a book but the job title. From this I suppose that the young man who lives here must be serving as a page in the Hong Kong government, in the same way that there are pages in the US Congress.

      My husband is talking to me, and I'm vaguely following his words but not entirely sure what he's going on about. I'm still trying to figure out why we're here: does my husband know the guy who owns this place, or is this some kind of Airbnb arrangement? Meanwhile I'm trying to wrap an enormous porkchop—the size of a prime rib steak—that I have for some reason. It is fully grilled but no one has eaten it yet, and I'm not hungry now so I want to put it away. It had been wrapped in butcher's paper but I'm having trouble re-wrapping it, and this distracts my attention for some time as I end up having to use a piece of foil to supplement the paper where it is torn. As I finally wrap the porkchop successfully and go to put it in the fridge, I see that there is fresh lettuce in the fridge, and I've also noticed dirty plates on the counter. I had assumed the apartment's owner was letting us stay because he was away somewhere, but these details make me think he must be currently living here and could walk in at any moment.

      I know my husband needs to leave for some meeting or event, and our conversation is delaying his departure, so finally I say in exasperation, "Get out of here already!" Right after he goes out the door, I worry that he might have misunderstood my tone of voice and thought I was angry, so I opened the door and called after his retreating form, "I didn't mean to speak harshly." Meanwhile a girl with short, curly blonde hair is walking from right to left in front of the apartment, and I think she might be someone he had just been referring to—at the time I even recalled her name, something with the initials "J.S."—so I gaze at her curiously. She looks back at me with the self-conscious but indifferent air of someone wondering why a stranger is staring at them. It seems like it would be awkward to start a conversation so I go back inside.

      Alone in the apartment, I look around at the decor. There are a lot of hand-carved wooden animal figures, and they remind me of a set that I bought in a museum shortly before Christmas, but couldn't figure out who to give them to. They seem to match this guy's tastes... maybe I should give them to him, in thanks for the loan of his apartment. It seems like a nice gesture so I plan on it. In the center of the main room, which has an open floor plan connected with the kitchenette, is a wide square column that is hollow inside to serve as storage space. I note with interest that there are a number of oversized books here. One of them is at least four feet tall, and the title on the spine reads Disney as Orientalism, accompanied by some Disney-style graphics. I make a mental note that later I'll want to pull that one out and flip through it. It's so big it won't fit on a table—I'll have to do this on the floor! It is the largest of the books in this closet, but none of them are small. Several others are about three feet tall with matching red covers, and I see that one of them is about Shanghai. Books of this size must have cost a fortune... this guy must be doing well here. I wonder if it would be rude to read his books without asking permission first, but figure there's no harm in it.

      I wonder how I'll explain my presence if this guy shows up while I'm here by myself, since I'm still not clear on who he exactly is or why I'm at his apartment. In fact, this question starts to bother me, because it seems like I should have a better explanation. Of course, it's always possible that I'm dreaming, but... I want to discount this at first, since it seems to contradict what I'm experiencing from this environment. It is so detailed, lifelike, and stable, it really doesn't feel like a dream. But I make myself take the time to think this over more carefully: if I am actually dreaming, that would explain a lot, like why I had a porkchop, something I almost never eat, and the difficulty I had wrapping it. It would explain why I am in Hong Kong with no idea why I am here, and why I find myself in the apartment of a guy I don't even know. I don't use any techniques to RC, I just think it over and gradually recognize the illusory nature of my surroundings: indeed I am dreaming!

      So now what? Normally I would apply myself to some task or other, but I had specifically made a point not to do so this time, if I got lucid, because I'm facing too much work today to spend hours writing up my report. So my plan was not to do anything specific, but simply to contemplate and enjoy the dream environment. (For some reason I had the idea that this would save me time writing things up later, although that is proving not to be the case!) I walk toward the back wall of the apartment, which is completely transparent, and look outside. It is still night, but there is a well-lit open-air bar just below, with a stream running behind it. There are a surprising number of people down there, and all seem to be relaxed and enjoying themselves, like guests at a resort. I sit down to watch the scene, while thinking back over what I've just experienced. I'm still impressed by how detailed and stable this dream was. For instance, that Chinese character on the wall—it was so clearly articulated, even though I don't think it was one I've ever seen before, and I strongly doubt it's even a real one. I wished I had looked at it more carefully, and focus on reviving the mental image. I think can remember the top elements of the modern version of the character, but I'm vague about what composed the bottom, which was complex, and I had not studied it closely at the time. The archaic version was simpler, and I can remember it much more distinctly. Concentrating on this inadvertently wakes me up.

      Interlude: After writing the above account and going back to bed at 8:45am, I certainly didn't intend to get lucid again, given that I've already spent a lot of time writing when I should be working, but I never want to rule it out. I ended up having several FAs, the later ones bringing on a very long bout of lucidity, in which I just wandered around exploring rather than working on specific tasks. There would still be a lot to write up but given time constraints I'll have to keep it brief. Woke for the day at 10:15.

      FA: I was in the bathroom thinking that I should make a more consistent effort to recognize those little discrepancies that might make me notice I'm dreaming, like I did in the last dream, without realizing that I was actually dreaming at that very moment.

      FA/DILD, "Trail of Smoke": I hovered for a long time on the border between sleep and waking and enjoyed observing its ambiguities. For instance, there was a point where I was convinced I was immersed in dream visuals but hearing everything perfectly accurately from waking life (I was probably wrong about this). I caught at least one FA and was pleased after my failure to catch the last one. Then a long dream followed where I was basically lucid the whole time, but also knew I wouldn't have time to write it up in much detail, so only certain episodes that were especially interesting stand out clearly in my memory. I really can't take the time to include them all here, but the last scene was worth mentioning:

      I am wandering through a dream environment typical for me, a labyrinthine enclosed public space, and having just seen someone smoking on a magazine cover, I now find myself smoking a cigarette. The smoke doesn't dissipate completely but lingers faintly in the air along the path I have walked, like that memorable scene from Donnie Darko (2001). It looks like I could potentially trace back the smoke and rediscover all the places I have visited in the course of this long dream. This makes me wonder: how big is the dream world? And the answer seems obvious: there are no boundaries, it is as big as mind itself. Standing in that world even as I recognize its boundlessness, I feel a sense of awe.

      I gaze at the glimmering smoke trails and murmur, "All the places I've been are like a trail of smoke that follows me."

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    3. Time Stop + Sphere (DILD + DILD)

      by , 03-05-2015 at 10:23 PM
      Ritual: WTB 11:30pm, WBTB 5–5:45am. Took supplements (l-theanine, alpha-gpc, piracetam, bacopa), did about half an hour of relaxation/breathing/counting on my back. Toward the end had brief series of vivid hypnagogic images (close up of eagle's head, view of a forest) then snapped back to full wakefulness. Not worried, this always happens. Turned on my left side to fall asleep. Woke with dream at 6:30am, so I had probably been asleep for about fifteen minutes.

      DILD, "Time Stop": I've just finished a multi-course meal at a nice restaurant and I'm standing a the bar afterward, where the proprietor is offering me a special drink. While she prepares it, I notice that I can barely stand, my legs are crumpling under me, and I stagger as I try to regain my balance, hoping no one will notice. I kneel at the bar, which is low enough to accommodate this, to disguise my inability to stand. This is so embarrassing... am I drunk? I think back and don't understand how that could be, since I've only had ordinary wine pairings with my meal. Then I realize the truth: ohhhh... that incredible heaviness in my legs, that's just because I'm falling asleep!

      I'm relieved to understand what is going on, and also impressed that I can think so clearly about the fact that my real body is falling asleep in bed without disrupting the dream. I decide to go on with the narrative that is playing out because I really want to try this drink. The bartender sets an unusual glass in front of me. It is shaped like a particular wooden table made by Isamu Noguchi circa 1941, but with a semi-circular indentation on top for the drink. It is made of hollow light blue glass and the interior is full of crushed ice, to keep the drink cool. The whole thing is very small, like a sake cup, and the indentation looks like it holds less than an ounce of liquid.

      The How Many Grapes Can You Fit In Your Mouth Game!-isamu_wooden-table_c1941_sm.jpg

      I try the drink, which is a clear liquid, pleasantly bright and floral in taste, in flavor a bit like St. Germain but lighter-bodied and not so cloyingly sweet. I complement the bartender and ask what it is made of. "Catfish liqueur," she replies. I'm impressed! I wouldn't have guessed, as the taste was not the least bit fishy. Another girl asks how the drink is made, and narrates as the bartender shows her: "So you mix it with that blue stuff, then top with..." I look at the bottle she's indicating. It is a gallon-sized jug made of translucent plastic containing a clear liquid. It reminds me of those extra-large bottles of Heinz white vinegar, but the shape of the bottle is more like that typically used for laundry detergent. There is a graphic of naturalistic forest trees on the front of the bottle which makes it resemble the cover of a nature magazine. The brand name clearly reads: "Gesuckt." From the name I assume it is a foreign import, probably German, and wonder if I can buy it at any of my usual grocery stores.

      My earlier thought about "fishiness" has now taken the form of a chunk of sardine or mackerel that I discover lodged between my gum and upper lip. I reason that it must have come from a dish I ate during the meal earlier. I prod it out with my tongue and finish chewing it. Meanwhile I'm walking away from the bar toward the restaurant area. There are a lot of people in the room, which reminds me—hey! I could try the TOTM again, see if I can do it properly this time.

      "Freeze!" I say loudly, but people keep going about their business. I remember the difficulty I had with this last time, and it also reminds me that I'm supposed to be stopping time, so I switch wording. "Time stop!" I command. I say it a few times, still not getting much result, so I decide an explanation is needed, addressing the room in a loud voice so that everyone can hear. "I said 'time stop!' That means everybody stops moving. Time stop! Time stop, everybody!"

      I look around and find that everyone has frozen in place. Okay, this is better, I seem to have gotten the point across. Now I'm supposed to put someone in an embarassing position. I didn't plan ahead for this, so I'm going to have to come up with an idea on the fly. My gaze falls on a stout old lady in the middle of the room. I walk over and unbutton her light blue jacket and white blouse. Inside, she's wearing a pink bra, and I'm relieved to see that it has a front closure, so I unhook it and reveal her breasts. I hope I'm not being too mean, but remind myself that it's just a dream so there will be no lasting harm.

      Now I have to get everyone moving again. What's the opposite of "time stop"? I try some variants: "Uhhh... go. Start. Start moving." This works, but meanwhile I had taken my eyes off the old lady to check whether everyone else was back in motion, and when I look at her again, her clothes are already back in order and no one is reacting as if they had seen anything unusual. I chide myself for not paying closer attention. I'd better try again.

      "Time stop! Time stop!" This time the DCs react much more promptly, like they're getting the hang of it. Okay, what should I do this time? I look around for ideas. Among a group of people in one corner are two meathead-looking guys. I go over and start posing them really close together, much closer than a couple of straight men would normally be comfortable with. As I move and angle their bodies, I notice that it doesn't feel so much like time has stopped as that they are just playing along while I reposition them, and there's some difficulty, maybe even slight resistance, as I lean their faces together as though they were about to kiss. Finally I get it just how I want, so that their lips are almost touching. Then I step back a few paces so that when I restart time, I'll have a clear view of both their reactions and the people around them.

      This time I restart the scene with more confidence, like I'm getting the hang of this too. "Okay, renew!" I command, punctuating the signal by clapping the first two fingers of my right hand into the palm of my left. It feels like being a movie director.

      I watch closely as people start moving again. I was hoping the two guys would either react with comic embarrassment or, even better, be overcome by a latent attraction and really start kissing. Instead, they simply draw away from one another without any expression or commentary, and no one around them takes any visible notice. I'm disappointed with the blasé behavior of all these DCs, but I have to admit it makes sense: they're projections of my own mind, after all, and I'm fairly blasé myself most of the time.

      Observing a dog walking through the room, I momentarily wonder if I should try again, but the lackluster reactions of the DCs has sapped my motivation, and I feel that I have adequately performed the TOTM. I wonder if I should wake up and write... but the dream seems stable, and I'm reluctant to end it earlier than I have to. However, I'm aware how easy it is to start forgetting the details if I don't record them promptly, so I do the next best thing and start verbally recounting my memories of the scene, to help fix them in mind for later. As I'm doing this I end up waking anyway.

      Interlude: From 6:30 to 7:15am I record my notes and then return to bed, going to sleep with no further techniques. I wake up at 8:30am from another DILD.

      DILD, "Sphere": The plot has been going on for a while but I don't remember much detail from before I become lucid. I'm sitting on the toilet in the bathroom of a house that belongs to a male friend I've been hanging out with for most of the dream [!WL]. I feel guilty when I notice that I've almost used up all his toilet paper. I tell myself that I should really stop giving into the urge to use the bathroom when I'm dreaming. This isn't waking life, where it actually makes sense to go if you feel like you have to. In a dream it's completely pointless, a waste of time, and kind of gross. If I'm doing this, it's because I'm too caught up in the idea of a physical body. I'm reminded of something Sageous wrote in the forum, how he doesn't really have a body in dreams anymore. I should work on getting less attached to mine.

      The How Many Grapes Can You Fit In Your Mouth Game!-michio-ito_fox-mask_1915_sm.jpg

      I get up and go over to the bathroom sink, studying my reflection in the mirror. It's actually a close resemblance, as far as I can tell through the mask that covers most of my features. The mask is reminiscent of the one worn by Michio Ito in his 1915 "Fox Dance," though mine lacks the long snout and doesn't cover my mouth. Also my eyes are clearly visible through the sockets. The fact that I am wearing a mask does not strike me as odd, and instead I ponder what to do about my body. I don't think I can eliminate the idea of it all at once, so it might be best to proceed in stages. What's the most radical distortion I can think of? I know! I'll become a sphere.

      I keep watching my reflection as my face starts swelling and widening. It looks disturbing at first, like obesity or an illness, and I have to focus on making my whole body expand, not just my face. Not only can I witness this happening in the mirror, I can actually feel it. As I become rounder and rounder, I remind myself that there is no reason a sphere should only see out of two frontally positioned eyes. I should try to expand my concept of vision to include the area behind me. This only partly works: I'm now getting visual feed from what seems like the opposite side of my sphere, and can perceive the rim of the tub and a bit of the floor and shower curtain, all very close up. However in the process I lose my frontal vision, and as I try to experience both visual fields at once I become disoriented and start rotating in place, which makes sense given that I'm a sphere with nothing to stand on anymore. The disorientation gets so bad that I'm afraid it might disrupt the dream, so I let my body snap back to its familiar structure, satisfied that I had a reasonable success for my first try.

      I look back in the mirror to check my appearance again. My reflection looks like it did before, and I'm still convinced that it is just like waking life—although in retrospect I realize that my dream-self had a brunette bob rather than the shoulder-length brown hair of WL. I'm still wearing the mask and want to look at the face underneath, so I take it off. There are more layers of mask under the first, and I peel them off one by one, until I'm finally just wearing glasses, and take those off too. Finally my face is uncovered, and I am satisfied that it is a good likeness. I notice an unusual vividness to my eyes, which are sparkling and happy, and I am pleased with my appearance.

      Stepping outside, I realize that I'm still carrying my glasses. Should I just throw them away? I feel a natural reluctance, but remind myself that it's a dream, it doesn't matter. Then I reason that I might want to use them later: this could be a good trick to improve focus if the dream gets hazy. Sure, I could always manifest a fresh pair, but that will be easier if I condition my expectations by saving these now. So I slip the glasses into my jacket pocket.

      What should I do now? I'm in a great mood and have no particular task in mind, so I decide to explore the dream world. Perched alone on a grassy hillside I see a strange building, very gaudy, with red roofs under a gold dome: it looks like a cross between an old McDonald's and a sultan's palace. I realize it is a restaurant of some kind and head over there.

      I'm still feeling unusually happy and excited as I walk in, so I pump my fist and go "Woo!" My enthusiasm has been making the people around me more friendly, I notice, and remind myself that I should try to be more like this in WL. The restaurant is small inside, like a cafe, with a several tables and a counter where I go up to order. Despite the counter it is not a fast food restaurant: the menu consists of about six innovative dishes printed on a small square of white paper.

      "What's the tastiest thing on the menu?" I ask, then realize I have a craving for spicy food and ask, "I mean the tastiest spicy dish."

      "The D-4," replies the server. I check the menu and the description lists this as a big steak dish, which sounds too heavy and will take forever to prepare, so I look at the appetizers instead. There are only three listed, but two of them sound like they consist of just three pieces of fish, served nigiri sushi style. The fish that interests me looks like langoustine, but with the soft, ribbed texture of monkfish. The server tries to warn me that it's a very small dish, but I say, "I know. It looks like someone has already left one here," pointing to the piece sitting on the menu.

      I put in my order and take a place at a small table, then get up to think this over. Can I really commit valuable dream time to sitting down for a whole meal, even a small one? Shouldn't I be doing something more productive? Maybe I should just leave. But I consider that the experience might be interesting, and I can even try to combine it with a task—the circumstances are ideal to work on summoning, something I've always struggled with.

      I walk back over and tell the server, "Actually, I'm here to meet somebody." I pull out my phone, wondering who to call among the characters I've tried (unsuccessfully) to summon over the years. But then I notice that someone is already sitting at my table, so I go over to see who it is. I've never seen this guy before: he looks like he's in his twenties, with straight, mousy-brown hair and thin, very pointed features.

      "Hi, are you here to meet me?" He nods.

      Okay, I think, rolling with the circumstances, this could work. I'll meet someone new, like a blind date. "What's your name?" I inquire.

      "I'm Denny, a crass ass." He looks bashfully down at the table.

      This odd term rings a bell. Didn't I, much earlier in the dream, long before I got lucid, meet a guy named Paul who used the exact same term for himself? What an oddity; I don't think I've ever heard that term in life. What could it mean?

      "Did you say, 'a crass ass'?" I ask, enunciating clearly. The young man nods.

      "Why would you call yourself that?" I am genuinely mystified.

      "It's what my friends call me."

      Unfortunately I woke up before I could find out anything more!

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    4. Teeing Up Made Me Lucid - Feb 28, 2015

      by , 03-01-2015 at 10:06 PM
      I’m no golfer (more a gopher), but I did manage to recognize that my game was a bit off, and beyond ridiculous, so I became lucid in this Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD). Here’s what happened.

      An old friend and I were at a golf course in Calgary on this cloudy, fall day. I watch him tee off and make a perfect swing (Smack!), sending the ball sailing down the field. My turn! I walked up the teeing ground, stuck my tee halfway into the earth, and placed the golf ball on top. As I rose to stand, and very unexpectedly, the entire teeing ground became covered in about 3 inches of ice cubes, and my friend said, “Ah, that’s better! Now it’s nicely iced.” It was indeed nicely iced and I slipped and fell onto my side, and then I scrambled to get back up onto my feet because it was freezing cold! My golf ball was buried in ice cubes, so I leaned over to sweep the ice cubes away from my ball, but I accidently knocked the golf ball off the tee.

      I dug around in the ice and found my golf ball, but now my tee was gone. I asked my friend to help me find it, and he reached down into the ice cubes and pulled out a wood screw. He said, “Here it is!”, and he threw it at my face, and it bounced off my forehead and went back into the ice cubes. That wasn’t a very nice thing to do, I thought. I dug around and soon found my gulf tee. I placed it back in the earth and placed my ball on top. I stood back up to take my swing, but then my gulf ball turned into a lawn bowling ball! I thought ‘what on Earth’ is going on around here? I kicked the bowling ball of the golf tee and placed another golf ball on top of it. I gazed down at the green, and I saw that it was behind some rolling hills, and we were surrounded by suburbia. As I swung my driver backwards, in preparation for my swing, it hit a square cement post that had magically appeared on the teeing ground. Okay, I get it! This has got to be dream! There’s no way waking life could possibly be this messed up. I’m Lucid.

      My friend was hiding behind the cement post, so I peeked around the corner, and looked him right in the eyes. Now his eyes were glowing silvery blue. Not his regular eye color, and since when do people’s eyes glow? I stayed calm, and decided to hide my lucidity and investigate this dream figure, so I asked him, “How’s Erin doing (his wife)?” He then looked at the ground and started to kick the some ice cubes around with the point of his foot, and he didn’t answer me. Then I asked him how his son is doing. Still, no response. Well, I thought, this is obviously not my friend, but whatever, I’m good with it. All the ice cubes disappeared. My lucidity started to fade, so I said, “Please wait here, because I have to swirl.” I began to swirl to bring back my clarity, and dang it, he vanished. I began to think about flying as I was swirling, and not surprisingly I slowly started to rise upwards. Now I could hear the wind howling in my ears and blowing against my skin, and all was dark. I was swirling and flying at the same time. I tried to think of place that I wanted to go, once I was done swirling, so I started to call for my daughter to come, but I ended up waking instead.
    5. House Fishing and Hugging a Seagull - Feb 27, 2015

      by , 02-28-2015 at 06:26 PM
      Here are a couple of lucid dreams I had last night. They weren’t of very high vividness and clarity (more like waking world), but they were nonetheless fun and interesting.

      This is a dream induce lucid dream (DILD). One of my dream signs is fishing, so when I was standing on a dock fishing, I realized I was dreaming! As soon as I became lucid, I appeared in my mom’s kitchen, still holding my fishing rod. I was really enjoying fishing, so I wanted to do some more. My mom was standing at the kitchen sink, then she turned and smiled at me, and then I went off looking for a place to fish. I walked into the living room, and imagined there should be water under the area rug, so I rolled back 5 feet of the rug, and there was water! I quickly dropped my bait line into the water hole, lowered the fishing line down until I felt the bottom, which was at about 12 or so feet, and I started to jig off the bottom. Hey, wouldn’t that be awesome to have a fishing hole in your living room! Suddenly I felt a couple of nibbles on the line, and then I pulled the rod upwards to snag it. This fish dragged the line sideways under the floor. I reeled it in, but it was only a 12 inch pike, so I released it. After I released it, the fishing hole closed up, and there was only hardwood flooring. Hmm, where should I try next?

      I was determined to do more lucid dream fishing, so I walked over the hallway and cast my bait all the way down to the end, while I imagined the hallway turning into a river. The bait landed on the floor, but still no river. I slowly reeled it in while I focussed on there being a river. Just then, my wife walks up behind me and asks what I’m doing? I told her, “Not now honey, can’t you see, I’m trying to catch some fish here!” Unfortunately, I think I lost lucidity at the point, and I don’t remember what happened next.

      In this second lucid dream, it was awesome, and I voice recorded it after it happened, but then later in the night I accidently deleted it, and now I can only remember part of it, dang it anyway! Here’s what I remember. I was flying down a ski hill in the vertical position, about 5 to 10 feet above the slope, beside a friend, who was also flying. My friend was about 5 feet to the left and we were traveling about 15 mph, at night, enjoying the beauty of the scenery and starlit sky. Then a seagull came flying right over my head from the rear, only missing me by inches, then it turned around and mad another close pass. I raised my arm for it to land, but instead, it landed on my head! Typical bird!

      We travelled like this for about a hundred yards, but its claws were digging into my head, and it was a bit annoying, so I raised my forearm up to it, so it would climb on, and it did! A short while later, I started to hug the seagull, and I could feel love radiating from this bird! I was getting all these memory flashes (can’t remember of what). My friend flew in a bit closer and raised his forearm for the seagull, so I carefully passed him the bird. The seagull climbed onto to his forearm, and it started to grow bigger and it began to morph into a person, but then it returned to bird state. When we got to the bottom of the ski slope, the bird flew away, and we decided to land and go inside the ski chalet. I don’t remember what happened after that, but I have memory fragments of my daughter being there, and it was a happy time!
    6. Galantamine #5

      by , 02-28-2015 at 01:56 PM
      I went to sleep at 10:40 and woke up a 4:00. I took 8mg galantamine and .75mg melatonin dissolved in water. I used this mixture to wash down 500mg choline bitartrate. I went back to bed, laid on my back and put my attention on my breath for about 15 minutes. I then rolled over onto my right side and slowly counted myself to sleep.. "1...i'm dreaming......2....i'm dreaming." I let this go after getting to about 25 and fell asleep.

      1.I am in my paternal grandmothers kitchen. I am looking out of a window at a hummingbird feeder. There is a little ruby-throated hummingbird zooming around drinking from the little plastic flowers. I admire him for a little while. I turn and look around the kitchen, noting that it is my grandmother's. I look back out the window and the hummingbird is back. I reach up to the window for some reason and notice that my hand has only 4 fingers (including thumb). I check again and realize I am dreaming. I do a nose-pinch to confirm and it fails, I am certainly dreaming. The dream promptly fades.

      2.Next I am standing in a blue tiled room. I am in front of a folding table at which a colleague is seated. I am telling her about the hummingbird dream I just had. I explain to her I realized i was dreaming when I noticed that my hand had only 3 fingers and a thumb. I hold up my hand to show her and it is again short fingers, this time I have 2 fingers and a thumb. I realize I am dreaming. I immediately thank her for all her hard work at our job. I turn and look around the room and see a man standing on the other side of the room. i instruct my colleague and the man "please observe this!" I walk up to the wall and push my hand cleanly through the blue ceramic tile. I fell no sensation, my hand just disappears up to the wrist as I push against the wall. I look at the two dcs and they have no reaction. I decide to go talk to the man and the space between us instantly closes. I am immediately standing right next to him. His face changes slowly into that of a woman. The dream fades.

      I am completely in the dark, but I know that I am dreaming. I do a nose pinch test and confirm this. I rub my hands together and pat my body down to reinforce the embodied feeling, hoping for some visuals. I remember that I can take off the dark glasses, so i reach up to do so, but when I do this my real body's hand comes up and touches my forehead. I wake up.

      3. I am sitting in a parked car with my wife. It is early morning or nighttime. we are in a parking lot near a rural intersection. There is a cornfield across the street. A car zooms past us on the road and fails to make a turn at the intersection. It speeds through the cornfield and plunges into a forest. I ask my wife if she saw it, and she replies 'yes that was crazy." I do a nose pinch and realize I am dreaming....details omitted.

      Although Galantamine obviously works I am unsure how I feel about this method. It is somehow not as satisfying for me to get lucid in this manner when I compare it to non supplement induced LDs. I plan on giving it 5 more attempts (that will be 10 total) to see collect enough experience to enable me to reach an informed conclusion.

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    7. A Deer Turned Into a Beautiful Woman - Feb 24, 2015

      by , 02-27-2015 at 01:19 AM
      Here’s a couple of Dream Induced Lucid Dreams (DILDS):

      I was standing in a room, which I didn’t recognize, beside my father in-law’s cousin, who’s currently very sick in the hospital with cancer (in waking life). Seeing him standing there made me instantly lucid. A few seconds later my vision started to fade, and I tried spinning, but I woke up.

      In this second dream, I was laying in the box of my pick-up truck, at night, staring up at a light standard. Then a doe, a deer (a female deer) peaked it’s head up over the edge of the right hand, rear fender and stared at me. I tried to ignore it, but it just kept staring. I found this a bit irritating, so I looked at the dang thing and said, “Why don’t you get lost, and go bother somebody else!” Instantly, the deer turned into a beautiful, long haired, blonde woman, who I didn’t recognize! She had this look of sadness and insult on her face from what I said, and she immediately turned around and walked away. Seeing a deer transform into a beautiful woman made me think that maybe this is a dream. Hmmm, then boom, I was lucid!

      I quickly stood up in the truck box and saw the woman walking around the park car beside me. I then realized I was at my home town’s shopping mall. I remembered my dream intent to meet with my daughter, so I said, “Hey, please find my Daughter, and I tell her I’m looking for her!” Well, quite unexpectedly, the woman spun around with excitement and happiness all over her face, and she came running right up to the side of the truck box and reached both her arms up towards me! So I kneeled down, leaned forward, and hugged her, and then she gave me a big kiss on the lips, but then woke from all the excitement. Wonder who she was?
    8. Never gets old

      by , 02-24-2015 at 08:12 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I find myself randomly lucid in my house. Everything was really vivid, and I was just observing how realist everything was. I went outside and looked at the neighbors house and saw that it was missing. There was another house about 40 feet from where it normally stood. A lady came out talking about something that I can't recall at the moment. I decided to look for my ex...maybe try to solve some internal problems, or plan b action, so I walked into a building. Her son was there and he ran up to me saying "Hi Wade, she's not here". There's only one person that I have trouble summoning in a LD, and it's HER. I think about the similarities, and then I dismiss it. I think it only happened because we're no longer connected.

      I also remember driving my car...well I had another car. She was a futuristic version of Desire. The entire dash was digital, and I had to use a weird key to start her up. The key was shaped like an octagon cylinder. I placed it inside something that made it stand up perfectly, and I drove.....or something. The car seemed to literally turn on a dime, and it felt like it was hovering.
      Tags: desire, dild
    9. Boss ‘Pissing Me Off’ Made Me Lucid - Feb 21, 2015

      by , 02-23-2015 at 04:25 AM
      Last night at stayed at my folk’s house and I wasn’t able to do the Wake Back to Bed (WBTB) routine and incubate my intended lucid dream (LD), but I was lucky enough to have one interesting LD. Here’s what happened:

      In this dream I was discussing a project with my boss, and then ‘out of the blue’ he says, “You’re always sweaty.” I stopped what I was doing and looked at him and went, “Huh?”, and he repeated, “You’re always sweaty.”, so I retorted, “No, I’m not! What do you mean?” He points at my nose and says your nose is always sweaty, and bloody.” This was starting to piss me off, because I don’t have a bloody, sweaty nose. Then I realized I was standing in my underwear, my pants were gone! I stormed off to the back of my truck, sat on the tailgate, and opened my suitcase to pull out some pants, but then all my clothes went flying across the ground. Then about 15 Mexicans came walking past me and they stomped all over my clothes! Now I was really pissed off, so I chased after them while swinging my pants in the air, saying lewd comments. Then I said, “Yeah, you’re lucky I’m dreaming!” Utopia, I’m lucid! I quickly apologized for my bad dream behavior. They accepted my apologies and continued on their way.

      Things started to fade, so I began to swirl (spin) to bring back visual clarity. After about 10 seconds, my vision was perfectly clear, so I walked to the front of the truck and started chatting with my boss and a co-worker. We walked into a small, empty building where we could talk in private. My first question was, “Are we having a shared dream?” They didn’t answer me, so I said, “I’m lucid dreaming right now. I often lucid dream, but I don’t let people know that I’m lucid, but I’ve decided to tell you. Who are you?” They both looked at each other, and they became very uncomfortable with the conversation. A bright light started to glow from behind me, and they both backed away, while staring at this light with a total look of fear. The light being emitted resembled that from a welder. My boss and co-worker then ran out the backdoor, and I followed chase. I wasn’t scared of this light, but I just wanted to know the answers to my questions. My co-worker transformed into a woman as he ran, and my boss disappeared into thin air. I followed my ‘now female’ co-worker in a crowed community center, and I lost him (or her).

      There was a 1 foot tall, blonde woman singing a beautiful song beside a live band. There had to have been at least 100 people watching, and they were all nicely dressed in suits and dresses (I wasn’t, I only had my shirt and gitch on). A woman, who I didn’t recognize, walked up beside me, said my name, and asked me to have a seat and enjoy the show. I sat beside an elderly woman who said, “That’s my Uncle singing!” I thought to myself, “That’s a woman singing. Kookoo! Kookoo!”, so I replied, “He sure is a nice singer!” Wink, wink. After the woman was done singing, she walked past me to the left, and I complimented her by saying, “Great singing!”, but she looked away, because she was probably thinking who’s that weirdo sitting there in his gitch! Lucidity faded quickly and I woke up.

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    10. A Big Hug, a Smile, and a Dream Figure Acknowledging Lucidity - Feb 20, 2015

      by , 02-21-2015 at 08:10 PM
      Wake Back to Bed (WBTB) for about 1 hour (studied lucid dream techniques). I incubated a dream by using pictures while repeating a mantra for 10 minutes. Lights out followed by about 45 minutes of deep meditation with hypnagogic imagery and voices, then I fell consciously asleep (failed WILD). About 15 minutes later I woke up after having this dream induced lucid dream (DILD) and OBE attempt:

      In this dream I was sitting in a darkly lit room with a friend watching TV. I thought to myself, I’m supposed to be attempting a WILD right now, not watching TV! I looked around the room to find a place to go back sleep, but there wasn’t any place suitable, and I was concerned the TV would interfere with my sleep, so I decided to go upstairs. Half way up the stairs my vision went black, and then I realized I was in fact already dreaming! I sat down on the top step holding onto the bannister, thinking, how can I get my vision back, so I could continue on with this lucid dream (LD). Suddenly I was back in bed, consciously awake, but my body was sleep.

      Then somebody hugged me! It was a long lasting firm hug, and I felt safe. Then I got ‘the vibrations’, and I thought, “Great, time to OBE exit!” I opened my ‘dream eyes’ and I saw a glowing, yellow/orange hoop floating in front of me (a porthole), and sitting on my bed, to my right, was my daughter! She had beautiful, long, full body hair, the biggest smile, and she was saying something, but I couldn’t hear what she was saying, because there was a lot of electrostatic buzzing and crackling sounds. She was now pulling on my shoulders for me to get up! I normally leap to my feet when I feel the ‘the vibrations’, so that’s what I tried to do, but instead my physical body moved, and it was over. I was now physically awake. Darn it! Thinking back on the situation, given the circumstances, I should have tried to sit-up in bed instead of leaping to my feet.

      After several more dreams, I ended up having another DILD. In this dream I was at work, and there were several incongruities that tipped me off that I was dreaming. First; buildings that don’t exist; second, ceilings way taller than waking world; and finally, an employee lounge. Yes, an employee lounge could only truly exist in a dream! Not only that, a waiter walked up to me and offered me pancakes! I walked out of the lounge onto a wooden deck. There were several people sitting around enjoying the gorgeous, sunny, summer afternoon. There was a man standing beside the deck and I walked up to him, because I recognized him from somewhere (not sure where). I sincerely said, “Howdy mister!”, and he looked at me with a huge smile and replied, “Ahh, I see! Doesn’t it feel really uplifting when you become lucid!”, as he reached down with both hands and cupped his stomach, and then he raised one arm up above his head, while making a flowing action with his hand. I looked at him, and said, “Yes, that’s it! It’s like a huge adrenaline rush, and it’s all brilliant!”

      Right after I said how brilliant lucid dreams are, my vision started to fade, so in an attempt to maintain lucidity, I leapt from the porch to fly, but I crash landed on my chest. By this point everything was blurry and distorted, and then I tried to shoot up into space, but I just fell backwards onto the ground. By this point all was black, and I was lying perfectly motionless, focussing my intent to get back into the dream. Then, very unexpectedly, somebody grabbed onto my right ankle and started to rotate me slowly counter clockwise. By this point I was consciously awake, with my body asleep, and I was back in bed, but still rotating. Somebody was still pulling on my ankle! It felt like I made one or two more rotations in bed, and then they let go. I felt myself slowly align with my physical body. I woke up and continued to lie perfectly still while recalling all of the dream experiences. Once I was satisfied that I had remembered all the dreams I could, then I did my voice recording. I went back to sleep and had many more wonderful dreams. It was wonderful, amazing night full of dreams.
    11. Crazy Blonde Woman, Space, Fairies, and Sarcoma - Feb 15, 2015

      by , 02-20-2015 at 05:08 AM
      This was a dream filled night.

      In this dream I was visiting some old family friends in Washington State. The father and son were arguing, and the boy started to cry. Shortly thereafter the father stormed out of the house, so I scooped up my poodle and ran outside to talk to the father about what just happened. He jumped in car and ‘rolled down’ his window, then slightly glanced my way. My poodle was in my left arm, and I put my right hand on the driver’s door window sill to start up a conversation. Being very upset, he wasn’t up for talking, so he ‘floored’ his car out of the driveway. One problem, I was still holding onto the window sill! I didn’t want to let go or else I would go tumbling down the road and possibly hurt my dear little poodle. Then I realized this can’t possibly be happening! Boom, a dream induced lucid dream (DILD).

      Immediately, I let go of the driver’s door, and I flew up into the air carefully holding my poodle. I flew up alongside another car that driving in the same direction as my friend’s. Then I reached for the passenger door handle, opened it while flying (new LD experience), and I jumped in. A blonde hair woman was driving, and she was nothing short of nuts! As soon as I sat down, she immediately gave me this insane look, and then she started to drive erratically and totally out of control! I looked at my poodle, to make sure she was okay, but now the woman’s head was on my dog! My dog started to laugh and smile at me, while saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Thinking about this now, I have no idea why I started to panic, but I did. I decided to abandon this lucid dream, and I tried to wake myself up, but I couldn’t. Great, I usually struggle to stay lucid and not wake, but now when I want to wake, I can’t. Now I couldn’t move! Then I woke, and I was lying in bed thinking, “Man, I sure didn’t handle that very well.”

      I remained perfectly still, and let my body fall asleep, while I was consciously awake. After visualization and hypnagogic imagery, I found myself entering a dream, lucid. I this lucid dream I was standing in a warehouse with a couple of childhood friends. I said, I think we might be in a shared lucid dream. One of my friends replied, “No we’re not.” I said, “Yes we are, and I can prove it! Follow me.” I then took them to a large mirror that was hanging on the wall, and said, “Take a look at yourself! You’re young again!” Both of my friends stood there looking in the mirror, amazed by what they saw, and one replied, “I think you’re right, we are dreaming!” Suddenly a bunch more of my friends appeared and we all stood around looking in the mirror. Strangely I was my current age, but everyone else was young.

      A co-worker then walked up the mirror and looked in it. I asked him, “How old do you look?” He said, “hmm, maybe 17 or 18?”, and then he looked at me and said, “Who are you?” I introduced myself, but he still didn’t know who I was, so I said, “You probably don’t know me because we don’t meet for another 20 years or so.” Then I woke, but I remained perfectly still to try and get back into the lucid dream, because I was really enjoying it! What happened next was really cool.

      I was back in the warehouse again, and perfectly lucid, but all my friends were gone. I tried to remember what my dream intent was (to visit with my daughter and heal somebody), but I couldn’t remember either. So I walked out of the warehouse and stood in the ‘back forty’ admiring the extreme vividness of the night’s sky. The stars were immensely beautiful and dramatic, way more intense than the waking world’s. I decide to fly into space to simply enjoy its beauty, so I raised my right hand, and lifted off, but I was only moving slowly. At this speed I’ll never reach space. When this happens, I simply close my eyes, and accelerate up into space with great speed. After the wind stopped howling, and when I could no longer feel the wind blowing against my skin, I knew I was in space, so I open my eyes. The earth was below me, the sun was off to my right, and I tell you, it was blinding and very irritating. The sun is usually hidden behind a black disc when I’m in space, but this time, for some reason, it wasn’t. I then accelerated through space to get away from the sun to a place where it was nice and dark, so I could simply admire the brilliance of space.

      The stars where flying past me, like warp 9.5 (Star Trek), and then I came to a standstill, to simply admire the backdrop of deep space. Then the most bizarre thing happened; 5 or 6 fairies flew past me, leaving a trail of white smoke and sparkles. I figured this is my queue to follow, so I did. These fairies were all different colors of the rainbow. I know, this sounds like a 60’s acid trip or something, but this is what I saw! Believe me, I’m not into fairies, but whatever, I’ll go with it. The fairies arced sharply to the right and flew into a huge spacecraft full of square openings resembling a giant honeycomb. The opening was about 8 feet square and I carefully flew over the fairies, so as not to hurt them, and landed about 15 feet down the opening. The walls of ‘opening’ were covered in white butterflies. Honestly, I was thinking, this is one insane lucid dream. I’m more into realism, and this was anything but that.

      “Okay fairies, let’s all sit in a circle over here and introduce ourselves!” I watched with amazement as these colorful little (10 inch tall) fairies walked up to me, while the white butterflies fluttered on the walls and ceiling. They all gathered around, and then they all turned into young children about 3 or 4 years of age! Boy and girls. They all introduced themselves, one at time (I can’t remember all their names), but the first girl was named Arcadia. Btw, the spacecraft was now moving through space at a very extreme speed, because I could see stars whipping past the opening. After they introduced themselves, I looked at the first girl and said, “Let’s see if I got this straight,” as a pointed her, “You’re Arcadian.” Then I heard my dear daughter laugh and say, “Dad, her name’s Arcadia, not Arcadian!” I then looked at the kids closely to see which one was my daughter, but before I could figure out which one was her, we landed back on Earth, at some sort of daycare center. A pretty woman helped all of the kids down from the spacecraft, and then I stepped past her as I grinned with excitement.

      The woman smiled at me and asked, “Did you have fun?” I excitedly said, “Yes, it was great! We were in space with fairies!”, and I turned to point at the spacecraft, but it was now a play structure. What the heck! She laughed at me and said, “You have a great imagination!” I didn’t even try to argue with her, because what just happened was beyond belief. The kids scattered in all directions, and the daycare was now full of adults. Everything was extremely vivid and clear. An African guy, with gray clay on his face, walked past me, and I put my hand on his shoulder, smiled at him with amazement, and I said, “Hi!” He looked at me and said, “What?” Then one of my dream guides came up to me and said, “Quit touching people, and wipe that smile off your face, you need to blend in.” He looked really angry and pissed off at me (He’s not very sociable). I was just happy to be there, and I felt gratitude for what I was experiencing.

      There was a young man standing against the wall. He was well over six feet tall, had brown short hair, and was very muscular. His wrists were chained together, and the skin around his eyes was dark, and his face was very pale. He really looked sickly. My first thought was to shear off the chains his wrists using my fingers, but then I thought maybe he’s under arrest or something. I asked him, “What are you in for?” He barely opened his eyes as he slurred, “Narcotics and sarcoma.” I thought, “Oh, he’s arrested for doing drugs, but what’s sarcoma? What does that mean? It sounds a bit like carcinoma.” I felt like I should do something for him, but I couldn’t figure it out (my dream intent to heal somebody), so I asked him, “What did you say?” and he replied once again, “Narcotics and sarcoma.” I started to feel upset because I knew I had to do something, but I didn’t know what, and then I woke up from this amazing string of lucid dreams.

      I did a Wiki on sarcoma and this is what it said: “A sarcoma (from the Greek σάρξ sarx meaning "flesh") is a cancer that arises from transformed cells of mesenchymal origin. Thus, malignant tumors made of cancellous bone, cartilage, fat, muscle, vascular, or hematopoietic tissues are, by definition, considered sarcomas. This is in contrast to a malignant tumor originating from epithelial cells, which are termed carcinoma. Human sarcomas are quite rare. Common malignancies, such as breast, colon, and lung cancer, are almost always carcinoma.”
    12. what the what?

      by , 02-18-2015 at 05:29 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      So I'm playing basketball in my back yard with a bunch of Spanish people and dominating. I'm going easy on them because that's generally how I played if went against people who weren't good as me. Anyways, someone else wins the game (I think we were playing 21)....and recall gets a bit fuzzy...but I know the dream is about to end...so yeah. I'm lucid, but not maxed out ready to turn the world inside out lucid....also, there's a gap in recall.... I found myself calling out to a girl named "Anna". I wanted to kiss her before the dream ended. Some girl came out....and it wasn't the person I wanted to see, so I started yelling "Annie" instead. This other girl came from the crowd....I can't explain it...she was blonde at times....brunette at others, and I decided to go ahead and kiss Anna first, and then kiss Annie. Anna's face was covered behind something that looked like a bouquet, and all I could see was her ruby red lips. I gave them a kiss, and I walked up to Annie.

      She took my hand, (left one I think) and she kissed it. It stung, and plants started sprouting from it....and eventually they shot out of my hand. I tried to control it....but it was too random.
      Tags: dild, plants, wtf
    13. A few of non lucids, and short DILD

      by , 02-17-2015 at 05:24 PM
      *Due to troubles with internet connection I haven't updated my DJ. I've noted the dream I had that night with todays post.


      Hotel in the school

      I was in my old school. The building was changed into the hotel for students. I was following group of my friends. We had to meet in one of the rooms there. On the way I stopped by into the toilet. I was going in circles all around the corridor, stopping only to enter the toilet a few more times. Then I saw my friend leaving cafeteria and going upstairs. I thought that I should eat something and meet with him later. I entered the room, and the cook asked if everybody got its meal. I told them that I haven't so they gave me a meal. Potatoes and meat with some salad. I took fork and knife, and when I was just about to eat, I woke up.


      Obstacle course and swimming

      I was at the beach with my older sister and my brothers friend. We were having fun the free time. When we got closer to the ocean, we were running towards the pier. My brothers friend was first, I was second and my sister was just behind me. We had to jump over the benches, and we have finally reached the pier. We have immediately jumped into the warm, crystal clear water. Suddenly I realised that I can't swim, but somehow I did it. Then the friend asked if I left my clothes on the land. I looked at myself, and saw that I did left them, but they disappeared. Next we got out of the water, and drove to my eldest sisters home. The place was changed. The rooms were furnished with antique furniture. There were ornaments from rare kinds of wood and from marble. Lights gave the rooms moody feeling. The rooms together formed a cross. I was sitting on the sofa in my underwear still wet from swimming, and was preparing to drive back to my home. I changed my clothes, and went to a shop. I haven't bought anything, and went back to sisters house quickly.

      Smashed by car - DILD

      I was in a big city. To save some money government changed regular busses into vans with trailers. I was standing on a trailer. The "bus" was slowing down, to pick people from the bus stop. The dream was very vivid. I could see smallest pollution on the road, smallest details in faces of people standing all around, and the blue van in front of me was very detailed. Suddenly I realised that it's a dream. I thought to myself And the last thing I'd want would be falling from the trailer and getting smashed by a car.... Then the van stopped voilently. The trailer I was standing on disengaged from the van, and I've fallen on the road, close to the car. I landed on my knees, and when standing up the car started to move back quickly. I hitted the van with my hand to alarm the driver, but it was vain. I tried to phase through the car, but somehow I couldn't do it. Usually it works, but this time it was different. The van was moving quickly. It hit me and I hit the trailer with my back. Then the car moved a bit forward, and then backwards, smashing me. I woke up.
    14. Barbie Doll Woman, False Daughter Visit, and Karaoke Fail - Feb 14, 2015

      by , 02-17-2015 at 01:00 AM
      I did the Wake Induced Lucid Dream technique using visualization followed by hypnagogic imagery until I slipped into a lucid dream without losing consciousness. I was sitting at my weight bench in the basement, and then this girl walked up beside me in a grey hoodie, with the hoodie over her head, but I could see her face, and she was very pretty. She sat on a bench in front of me and faced me with a smile. I thought, “Hmmm, who’s this cutie?” I felt the dream start to fade so I leapt to my feet and started to swirl, but the dream ended and I was back in the void with my body asleep, but my mind was aware. I focussed on trying to get back into that dream, but I lost consciousness and fell asleep.

      The next dream was a bit odd, because I became lucid for no reason at all. I was walking towards an old fashion wooden staircase, and then suddenly I was lucid. I thought where the heck am I? The stair case went half way up to an intermediate landing, and then the stairs went in the opposite direction, off this landing, to the 2nd storey. I continued up the second set of stairs to the 2nd storey, but just before I reached the 2nd storey, I saw a woman walking towards the staircase on the 1st storey, so I peeked my head over the staircase handrail, right near the 1st storey’s ceiling, and I saw this amazing looking woman. She didn’t see me because my body was hidden by the staircase, and my head was right up near the ceiling.

      This woman looked like a Barbie doll. She was tall and thin, had long blonde hair in a ponytail, and was wearing a knee length, light green skirt and matching jacket. Now what was odd about this woman was her perfect complexion, and her face had no wrinkles whatsoever. It was so perfectly smooth it didn’t seem to be real (like a Barbie doll). Also, her entire eyes were jet black with no whites. She was really quite the stunning site to see. Just before the steps she bent over and picked up a small golden colored object, about the size of beetle. She rose back up to almost standing and then she tilted her head slightly as if she could hear something (she still didn’t know I was there). Then I said, “Hey, hello!” She jumped back about 2 feet, and I totally startled her. I mean she looked like she just saw the devil himself. Again, I said, “Hi!” Her mouth dropped open and she backed up about another 5 feet right to the edge of another room. Then she grew old and wrinkly right before my eyes, and shrunk about 1 foot in height. Then she turned into an old wrinkly, gray haired man, and then she turned into a grayish and green cloud. By this point I was so shocked by her transformations that I woke and voice recorded my lucid dreams. I guess she didn’t feel very safe being around me. I just wanted to talk to her, holy smokes, chill!

      I was lying in bed, consciously awake with my body asleep, and then I got some very faint vibrations. I could feel one of my legs floating around. I thought great, OBE time! Yeah! I tried to leap out of bed, but my physical body moved, and it was over, and then I fell asleep.

      The next dream was a Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD). The dream leading up to this DILD was very interesting and fun, but I’ll jump forward to the DILD. I walked into a utility room, and at the far end of the room was a pretty Asian woman cleaning something in a sink. When I saw her I became instantly lucid! I remembered my dream intent to visit with my daughter. The room had a landing at the door, and then it dropped down a couple of steps into the room. I was standing on the landing, and I couldn’t see the entire room. I bluntly said, without introductions, “Where’s my daughter?” She looked at me slightly confused, shrugged her shoulders, and said, “I don’t know?” I called, “Daughter please come, I’m lucid!” The woman suddenly looked with interest to the corner of the room, which was hidden from my field of view.

      To my surprise, a beautiful, dirty blonde haired woman came running around the corner and into my arms. I said, “Daughter, is that you?” She happily replied, “Yes, it’s me dad!”, and then she planted a big kiss right on my lips. I was thinking to myself, she doesn’t sound like my daughter, and my daughter certainly isn’t so quick to give me a big kiss on the lips. An elderly woman then walked into the room beside us and she pointed her finger at the woman I was hugging, and she shook her head side to side to let me know that wasn’t daughter. I understandingly nodded at the older woman, and then she smiled back at me. I thought to myself, well since I’m here I might as well hug her a bit longer, since, well, she was quite beautiful, and she felt pretty real to me! After about 10 or 15 seconds, I let her go, and I went off to find my daughter.

      I walked out the building and onto an outdoor, karaoke stage. There was small crowd of people, and so I decided to give it a try. I forgot about my intent to visit with my daughter. Distractions, distractions….., so I picked up the microphone, and the DJ put on an old song from the 70’s. I recognized the song, but I couldn’t remember the words, so I tried to do the best I could, but I sounded like crap and out of tune. Then I notice a woman walking through the field in red skirt and jacket, and this clued me to remember my lucid dream intent. Instantly, I dropped the microphone, and tried to fly to her, but I couldn’t seem to get any altitude, and I landed in the crowd. My vision faded and I woke.
    15. Going For A Swim

      by , 02-16-2015 at 12:20 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #412 - DILD - 6:35AM

      I am walking up a hill with my younger daughter and son. For some reason I am going to some apartments to take a swim. I tell myself that if I am going to live here, I need to figure out how to park on the other side so I don't have to walk so far all the time. Some triggers semi-lucidity and the walk up the hill feels hard and slow. I realize that this is all a mental thing and tell myself to just pretend that it's all super easy and it will be. It works for a second and gets difficult again at the last few steps.

      I am inside the apartment but it all looks really odd. I feel this is normal for a dream so I let it go and try to ignore it. I have my son in my arms and for some reason think I need to put him down for a nap. There is a door way that I think leads to his bedroom, but when I open it, it is just a broom closet. I know this is all pointless so I unceremoniously toss my son into the darkest part of the closet and walk way. I feel a mental tug to do it right, but I don't want to get caught up in mundane tasks in a dream. I am still really caught up in going swimming so I try to find the back door. As I make my way outside, I pass though some tiny kitchen that I recognize to look like a small version of the duplex I used to live in.

      Outside, my lucidity raises as I look around for a pool. I see an above ground pool to the right, but quickly reject that. I look to the left and see my younger daughter jumping into a large in-ground pool. Excited, I run and jump and yell, "JEEEERRRONIMOOOOO!", as I belly flop into the pool. As I make impact I worry that my vision will get distorted and I end up in the void. Of course, this thought manifests as I see a blur of blue and air bubbles and the dream fades.

      The lights come on and I wake up with my son in the bed with me and my wife. He's crying and some liquid has pooled up all over the sheets. Not sure if he peed out of his diaper, I ask, "Why is everything so wet?"
      My wife just says, "He's been crying." I realize that there is no way a kid can tear up that much and remember that I was just now dreaming that I was swimming. The lights do out and I roll over and make swimming motions in the dark until I reach my wife. I start kissing her and decide maybe some sexy-time would be nice. The light returns and my wife stops me. She asks, "Right now? [in front of R?]
      I tell her that it doesn't matter [in a dream]. We continue to enjoy each other, but I wake up before we get very far.

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