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    1. 12/20/13 - mall shopping

      by , 12-21-2013 at 02:41 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in a mall, I walk up to this store, it is as if it is the only store that represents current trends. It represents what the "follow the leader" youth are at the moment I feel. I feel so compelled to go to this store every day, and I enter and quietly go to the back where no one is. I avoid the groups in the store. I dig through the clothes, and I dig through the backpacks, and other accessories, but just as the other times I find nothing. Nothing resonates with me. So I quietly try to exit the store without the groups, or the worker seeing me with which might spark an unwanted conversation. I come back at I assume is the next day, I go to the back of the store to a place unoccupied, I dig through all the stuff, the fads have changed since the last time, it always changed, yet I find nothing. I try to exit the store unnoticed, but the worker stops me and comments on how I come in everyday, dig through stuff, then leave. I tell him that I come in with hopes of finding something everyday, but, then he finishes my sentence "but find nothing.", Some girl who was listening starts talking, I don't hear any of the words, but I begin to follow her and just leave the worker. I hate how she keeps talking, but doesn't make eye contact with me and I have to push through people to keep up with her, then I realize we are out of the store, then I can understand her words and she says "how old are you?", I tell her "22", then she sighs and says "it's a shame you're too old.", then she begins to walk again, I get frustrated and ask her "too old for what?", then she just kind of ends our conversation by smiling at me then walking away, but I keep following her from behind, then I wake up.

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    2. Murder Scene Target

      by , 02-22-2013 at 08:01 PM
      I'm having trouble recalling dreams I have on school days, I can remember dreams better on the weekends.

      I was on Sterling Avenue, the street I recognize for its loneliness, I was standing in front of the barber shop staring at the areas around me. It seemed like a gloomy, depressing day. I saw a bridge over the middle of the street I'm facing. On opposite sides of the bridge, I see groups of different criminals. I could only remember two groups, the bald people group and the swag group.

      I walked over the bridge to see what the bald people group were doing. They revealed off a violent setting for me. Before I got off that one end of the bridge I walked back to the side I just came from, the swag group. These group of "swag" kids were small but we outnumbered everyone else and even though we had a large group, the swag group didn't have the guts to walk over the bridge and confront the bald people group. We had to find another way out.

      There was a hidden passage way to my right, I didn't tell my group that though. One of the kids found it themselves. After that, he yelled to the whole group that he found an entrance. We all rushed in to the entrance door and reached the streets to Sterling Avenue.

      Once we got out we were out to seek some justice from something I had no idea about. We all ran super naturally down the streets like a rebelling army. At this point it was already dark but some of the fast food places were open on the side.

      We didn't stop rushing through the streets until we reached Target, a public community store(if that's what you call it). I was the only one who rushed in to the store and prepared myself for robbery.

      When I first entered the store I tried my best to look casual. There weren't so many people in at the time. The first section I struck was the school section. I saw a few crafting materials on the viewing board, grabbed them and started pulling them out of their packets. I'm not going to tell you it's good to steal but the satisfaction in taking these things without fearing anyone, without worrying about anything else, it filled me with satisfaction. I have yet to steal something expensive from this dream.

      Some of the things I got a hold of, I only threw the materials inside the boxes to the other side of the store. Sort of like that scene in Zombie Land where you see those two guys destroying objects and dropping them on the floor to get some fun out of it. That wasn't all that this dream had to offer though. There was a few people walking around the store, a few women. That's when I thought of the idea that boggles my mind in waking life. Murder. I thought of killing one of these women, just to feel what it's like to actually try and perform it vividly.

      I looked around the viewing walls to see if I could find a sharp object. I didn't want these women to see what I was doing, so I was on alert. I saw a knife, one medium sized on the top of a counter. I made sure no one was looking. The tension inside me was growing and one of the things I thought about was how good it felt to not yet get caught. I picked up the knife and concealed it on my right pocket side. The ladies were walking to the other side of the wall, I slowly followed. One of them were by themselves viewing items. I took the knife out and aimed for her neck. I slashed her neck once hoping it would be an easy kill, but it wasn't. The neck was a bit ruff. I kept on slashing her neck until she bled. She never did. Then something happened after she turned around. When she turned around, I found it to be my mother. I stared at her and watched her slowly fall to her death. I was never this evil, especially not evil enough to kill my own mother.

      I struggled to do anything else but to watch her die. I did notice a few strange faces coming off of her face. I noticed an evil of some sort, a devil maybe, he told me how evil this was and how evil I had to be if I wanted to enter that type of life. I felt hopeless to do anything else, so I quickly rushed out of the building and went through the flames of fading dreams.
    3. Am I Dead or Alive?

      by , 12-30-2012 at 03:21 PM
      This type of dream had always bothered me ever since I got attacked in 2011. I fear for my life every time I found myself alone on the streets, both in waking life and in dreams. I first began on a street somewhere in a big city, a city like New York or Boston. I was just walking down on the sidewalk until I met some thugs on the way...

      I ran in to a group of people whose plan was to always attack me once every time I'm seen in public, alone. There were ways for me to avoid walking up to them but I just had no intention of going anywhere else.

      I walked up to the group of people and just after a few seconds of going their direction, I get attacked. I don't remember how but I do remember seeing a tasty piece of pork chop somewhere in my mind. It gave off a sad feeling.

      I continued walking down the same street until I met up with a few other criminals and joined their group, only because it was my job at the time. I didn't feel any sense of friendship towards them either. Something inside me told me that these guys may only be using me to get some information off of the enemy. The city I was now in was somewhere in Mexico.

      My purpose for being here was not needed. I was not this type of criminal, so I decided to flee the country, or die trying. Crossing the border was never my goal, but too leave such a horrid life of seeing others die and performing evil deeds was a goal I had to finish out! I've done so by walking just a few steps next to this Mexican village and ending up in some kind of a peaceful borderline where nothing evil would ever occur.

      I killed a man just to get in this area. I had not told this to the authorities standing on the borderline, instead I lied to get away from the life I'm in. However, the person I killed came back from the dead to tell me it was okay. I fell to the ground and cried at the man's generosity for not turning me in. And it was at that moment when I realized, I was a bad person for lying. Then I woke up.
    4. Drama Production

      by , 02-08-2012 at 07:34 AM (The first foothold of Arch.)
      I'm part of a drama production, we are carying out various tasks, we are using the iPad to create water on the floor.
      I go outside and look at all the different productions in progress.
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    5. Field Trip Groups

      by , 07-30-2011 at 03:07 AM (My dream journal....)
      Monday, April 4th, 2011

      I'm sitting at the science room table at school. I think the whole 8th grade is there. vividness wasnt that good. I was sitting across from a friend (who i'll call Sarah). We are deciding groups for some field trip. I want to be in another friend's (who I'll call Lisa) group, but I remember her saying earlier in the dream that since i have someone (who I don't remember) in my group, that we dont need to be in the same group. So she gets herself and her other friends signed up to be in one group. I'm really mad and frustrated at Lisa, but Sarah thinks I'm frustrated because she's getting a heart surgery tomorrow.


      Throughout the whole dream, the sun was shining though the window, in my eyes.

      I never looked behind me, but I could hear people talking and knew they were there.