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    1. Lord of the Rings/ Nick & Judy

      by , 06-13-2016 at 02:10 PM (The Dream Adventures of WINDHOVER@)
      Dream 1 - I'm Frodo or a hobbit, running across a field with Frodo, Sam and others wearing fellowship hood. At some point I fly over very dense yellowish-white tree forest and land somewhere with the team. We walk with that elf lady (I forgot her name, but she gave Frodo that crystal light bottle in the movie) among the white trees. Then Aragorn joins, for some reason he's bare feet and his toe pinches my foot and I yelp 'ow'.

      Aragorn descrbes the magical existence behind the white trees, but I barely remember what he says as I focus on the people walking in the distance like the picture above. Except that it's during the day and the trees are white, more dense. The elf lady says something about them. All I can think is, wow this feels so enchanting.

      Then I become more of a spectator. On a wide, giant grass field, there are myriad Orks and monsters running in troops and this 'prince' looking person, with dark armors and costume, head covered with shiny helmet, befriend these Orks. At first I was scared, but I feel relieved that all of us are in the same team. Then the prince hops on a dark horse. Suddenly everything goes in slow-motion like how typical LOTR motion picture is made. I hear heavy drum music that makes this so dramatic. His dark cape flowing in slow motion gave me the impression "wooooooooooow this is soooooo cool" all the time.

      The troops are moving to the east. I see huge gorilla with very long limbs, as tall as maybe a 10-floor building, and people on his back are riding him.

      And then I just fly over the horizon really fast. Now the whole theme has become modern, families and kids are having fun at this huge shallow ocean but very clear with beautiful green blue color. I fly on its surface, sliding and making splashes.

      So as I'm semi-LD, I morph into Judy the rabbit and play Zootopia cops with Nick. We're at some kind of school building. I see a criminal running away through the hall. I chase him with a gun. I leap into the air and jump on him, then hand-cuff him from behind. Case over. Nick gives me that con-artist smile and I hug and kiss him. And then I see an otter or weasel running away at another hall. I chase him, but he's turned into a skunk. The more I chase him faster, he somehow gets smaller, and then smaller he's just a black dot and disappeared. I was like 'oh'.

      I go for a mountain hike with Nick. I try to climb up this really sloppy ground and Nick is trying to race me. He wins me over.
      At the top of the mountain, we take a rest and cook a pot with onions and carrots. Some people are trying to go through a narrow passage where we're at. We didn't realize we were blocking it. But this lady helps us so that people can go through.

      I fly away to the horizon again and see my hometown. I wake up.
      Fall asleep, have another dream about telling my mom about this whole dream.
    2. 11-26-14 Salivating bad guy

      by , 12-04-2014 at 08:50 PM
      Someone was making a new version of Lord of the Rings. it was turning out horrible. The orcs were basically people dressed up in chimpanzee suits. Sauron was a huge ugly monster and he had a wife. He ate his own spit.

      I was sent to live in a bookstore. There was an all-boys' section. As sort of a personality test and to see if I had what it took to live there I had to fight a Pokémon boss battle. I did horribly. Some obese teenager pushed me over from behind. I remember being a bit surprised by that.

      A screaming man came riding over a hill on a tractor and started shooting maniacally at me with a machine gun. I ducked underneath a car for protection and started saying my prayers.
    3. Weird way of Travel

      by , 10-22-2014 at 09:57 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      this is from the morning of 10-21-14

      Dream 1
      I am trying to make it to a basketball camp. I have to get there using a tree house as my car. I go to my elementary school first and C is there. He asks me why I didn't just walk because my tree house was acting funny. I go into the school, it is open house. J is there. I then leave the school for Basketball and L isn't going to the camp but he leaves anyways. The staff is a little annoyed by him leaving. We walked over to where my tree house was parked and he asked how I got into it. I grabbed a long rope and started climbing up. I was then at home and my mom was there, along with another girl. I'd been calling my mom for a while because I needed help, but she wouldn't answer. The tree house wasn't working. My mom told me to wait but the other lady said she'd help me right away. We had to take the house off the tree and move it, because it was stuck in the garage.

      Dream 2
      I am in a hotel room. Aragorn is there and he has a partner who is a speaker or something. They are looking at a map and telling me something. The speaker starts speaking and a narrator's voice comes on and says, "And is voice was heard from" (then he listed several places in Middle Earth and my view was just a map and lines flowed from the places listed until every city had a line connecting it showing that Aragorn ruled everything). Someone else wanted the speaker's job but I told them that sadly they couldn't get the position because the speaker had died. (I think)

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    4. The Australian Plane Theater, Evil Machine Hunt, and Asking for a Present

      by , 01-07-2014 at 05:04 AM
      Dec 27-28 (Lucid)
      I was by myself in a city trying to go see Lord of the Rings in theaters, and buy myself a ticket that costs in the high teens. I'm looking around for the actual room the movie is playing in, but go back to the ticket booth, and buy the ticket alongside a flight to Australia. I find myself heading towards the plane and getting on, but it's slightly militaristic, lots of military are our escorts on and it's slightly part of the act and show, but also necessary because the plane is important. I get on the plane, find the movie theater room, which is very very large. Probably like the size, area wise, of 8 large movie rooms. There isn't one big screen to look at, but several smaller screens pointing every which direction scattered throughout the room. I pick a seat eventually that's fairly secluded, but as I sit there, I start to think. I realized I should pick a better seat because I couldn't see one of the bigger screens well, just some small ones. But I also wonder why I'm going to Australia, when I had work the next day, and the ticket costs like over $400. I got up to leave and grabbed all my stuff. As I was leaving I texted my friend Trent telling him how I almost just went to Australia by myself, and I further realized how silly the idea was. As I was looking for the place that would refund my ticket, I realized it was a dream at this point, ran back to the plane and got right on and into the movie room. As I was running to the movie room I saw stickers and signs posted all over for the military saying "shoot first" and "be fast" and other similar ones. When I was in the movie room I wanted to watch the movie for whatever reason, but I find out that it's not gonna start for another 18 minutes. I realize my dream wouldn't last 18 minutes, so I grab a remote next to me and point it at the nearest screen and turn it on. There is some news playing or something. I pointed at other screens too but couldn't get those to turn on. Turning back to the news station, I want to see if there are channels or how it would work. I could see faces of the anchor on screen pretty detailed, but not words. I cycled through and realized it was repeating like 3 channels. At this point the plane is moving and going really fast, but not flying yet. I go to a window, which is somehow nearby, and want to go outside. I put my hands on the wall and then my head and I could push my head through the wall of the plane. As soon as my head went through the dream went dark, as if I was waking up.
      I didn't want to wake up yet, so I just reimagined the sense of wind going by, then the sight of looking along the outside of the plane and soon I was back in the dream! I launched out of the high speed plane with no fear and landed running on some scenery. I was running very fast and wanted to push myself even further. I was running and jumping faster and then realized I wanted to try one more thing, teleportation. I thought back to what people said the best way to teleport was, going through a solid wall. I see a rock face just big enough and flat enough for what I need, and run up to it. I think about where I want to go first, and I decide upon a strip club (at this point I was losing lucidity and didn't have much of my better judgement ). I put my hands on the wall and it felt fuzzy, not like the solid rock it should have been. But when I pushed my head against the rock I phased right through. It felt only slightly solid, and it looked black and foggy on the other side. I walked forward maybe 5 feet then emerged in a small room consisting of 5 or 6 guys and girls that were in the process of undressing. The room reminded me of the airplane again and the DC's looked like flight stewards/stewardesses. I keep going forward and see an open door to my left and there is another room of people slightly further along in the undressing process. Before I see anyone actually all the way I wake up, because I was getting too excited.

      Machines were being woken up similar to transformers, and were controlled by someone evil. There were humans chasing us down still. I was on a team of people running away from someone hunting us down. The ones hunting us gave us a head start because we did something nice for them. We went down a hole, and were sliding down for a while. We were in an ancient building and had to find our way out. There were creatures that looked like giant centipedes around trying to kill us, they were poisonous so we had to avoid them. I get stung by one as we're running away and apparently it's a big deal, but I don't feel hurt. We run back to my house and we're supposedly safe. My perspective changes to the guy hunting us and he uses these lights on a large globe to track us down. They zoom on our location which is a large tower on his 3D map. Back to my perspective we're talking and enjoying getting away, and the room looks just like my kitchen. Soon I remember I'm being hunted and bring up that they know where we are. Jim Hatfield, my co-worker, is next to me apparently and is mad I didn't bring it up earlier. Soon the people who let us go earlier show up one at a time and we start talking to them to reason to them. I realize at this point I'm dreaming, and my fear goes away. The people killing me though are supposedly other lucid dreamers, but I think they're DC's. I explain to them that if we're both lucid dreamers we don't need to be fear each other because we can't get hurt and we can always come back. The girl I'm talking to agrees, but replies that lucid dreams are few and far between and I realize she's right. Soon enough the main guy who was supposed to be hunting is comes in and I just ignore him. I want to stabilize the dream so I rub my hands together, then I want to try licking the ground or furniture around me. I started just runnin my tongue along the ground. It didn't taste like anything, it just felt like a flat surface. I also tried furniture, but this didn't work at all as I didn't taste or feel it on my tongue. At one point the dream fades out and I wake up, but I DEILD back into it. I walk around deciding what to do while I'm still in the dream, then try to levitate a bit. I jump up, try to float. It works just a very small bit on my 3rd try but I fade out again and DEILD back in. I remember I didn't quite complete the ToTM so I ask my DC mom who happens to be there for a present. She go grabs one out of a stack of presents that I apparently missed, and hands it to me. The wrapping paper on it was your average Christmas pattern of a color with trees all over it, and when I tore it open, there was another set of wrapping paper there, but this one was silver, and had these oval logos on it all saying "Dragon Force". I tore open this paper and inside was a box saying "Dragon Force" on it and inside the box were several dragon shaped gummies. I grabbed one and took a bite, and it tasted like a fruit roll-up. I looked underneath the dragons and there was another set of gummies that looked like transformers and also Galactus. I start laughing at the utter randomness that the gift turned out to be. I then go back to my room, wake up along the way but DEILD back in by licking the couch in the living room (it was the old purple one). One of the DC's who used to be my enemy but who was now my friend showed up and I offered to show him my room. He is happy to see it and follows me. My room is extremely messy when we get there, like you can barely see the floor messy, and I have to push everything out of the way. He is happy that it is messy (I seem flustered that it's messy and kind of forget I'm dreaming at this point). I see my Xbox one and it's crooked and broken on the corners and I get really angry. I ask the guy if he believes in shared dreaming and he responds yes, I say I don't and think he's just a DC. He starts laughing and I don't know what to think. The TV is turned on and people are voting on if they think shared dreaming is real. I wake up, but DEILD back in one last time. I ask the guy what it was like for him to have me leave for a few seconds, but can't remember if there was a response. I just thought I would have faded in and out if he was a dreamer. I then fade out again and wake up and try to DEILD, but can't this time. Now I realize how ridiculous shared dreaming actually seems (my personal view, not to offend anyone who may believe in it).

      I was in New York City with my dad. I’m exploring by myself and a guy I meet says he needs help connecting to the cellular networks there. I decide to help him and get it working. We then go into a restaurant to go eat, but he thinks thats weird so he gets up and leaves. I follow him, flustered that he didn’t thank me for helping him.
    5. Invisibility in the Girls' Locker Room, and a Failed Visit to Erebor

      by , 01-07-2014 at 04:56 AM
      I realized I was dreaming and thought about what I should do. I thought of a task of the month and remembered the invisibility one. So I think of the most classic "naughty" trick in the book, go to the girls locker room. I'm outside, and I know I need to find a school, but it's really dark outside and hard to see. So I put on some night vision goggles, and things then green but they brighten up. I see a school not too far away so I head in that direction. I stop and realize I haven't gone invisible yet. I just think about it and repeat that people can't see me. For some reason I knew it worked and I head inside the school. There were girls leaving and they didn't see me walk by them. I head to the girls locker room, and there was one girl left. But then she left and I was by myself...
      I then remembered that I wanted to visit Erebor from the Hobbit. I decide to phase through the wall and think that's where I want to show up. I push through it remembering an old dream that's how I did it. When I go through, I come out in a fancy hotel. I thought about trying again, but I decided to just explore a bit and see if I could just "stumble upon" Erebor. I find a hallway, and then a door. I open the door and realize I found it. But it was extremely dark and hard to see. So I thought maybe I just need to help my subconscious out, so I'm walking down the stone stairs from the movie trying to think of what it looked like. It doesn't really work because I end up back at the hotel.

      I'm at home, and for some reason my mom is like a tyrant. She loves Erica, but doesn't treat me very well, and treats McKenna like dirt. This doesn't sit well with me so I confront her, and get mad at how she treats us. She's confused at why I'm mad, and I respond it's mainly for McKenna. I trash some of the food she's made to let her know how angry I was and then left to let that sit with her. Soon some people come over, and I felt like I needed to tell someone what happened. I grab either my dad or someone else and pull them away from the crowd to my room, and talk to him saying I was mad at her, but she's still my mom so I don't know how I should feel.

      I'm at someone's house, but we're like all prisoners there. Someone hacks a computer to give us GPS coordinates from the wi-fi. Someone breaks in because they knew what we were doing.

      I look at a mirror and think I should try to see through this, then realize that means I'm dreaming, but I wake up.
    6. Babysitting in hell, and the attack on Mordor

      by , 09-27-2013 at 04:59 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from September 25.)

      I was visiting someone's house with my dog, Loki. I think I was helping them with some groceries or something, and it was a very nice brownstone sort of place that you'd see for rent in the better areas of a big city. I entered the place and while I was sitting at the table, a demonic entity appeared. The person I was visiting didn't seem surprised and seemed to know this would happen, she said "Sorry." to me and left the room. The demon looked like a typical classic demon, he had the whole "Greek Pan turned Christian devil" look. He came up to me menacingly and demanded that I give him my dog for sacrifice, to which I said HECK NO (because my dog is awesome cute, I mean just look at her on my DJ page image with her cute lil' sunglasses...) and I offered up myself in place of my dog. He mulled it over for a bit and finally agreed, pointing a finger at me and transporting me to a demonic den. I found myself in some kind of pit, surrounded by human bones and lots of blood splatter. I could hear screams and see fire out in the distance. The demon appeared before me and said the pit I was sitting in was the nursery in hell, where the baby demons were kept, and because I was now his servant I had to constantly keep watch over the little babies. Apparently, I'd been relegated to the position of babysitter. The babies I watched were actually really cute, they were like the little Raphaelite cherubs, except they had bat wings and horns. After a while it got a bit tedious and I knew I couldn't be a babysitter for eternity, so I sneaked out of the pit and entered this portal that took me back to the home I'd been taken from. The person I'd been visiting was there, and she explained she had to offer me and my dog in exchange for her own freedom. But now that I'd gotten free, the demon came back and took her instead.

      There was a war going on, against the forces of Mordor, and I was one of the strategical officers behind the scenes in charge of trained battle animals. We had lots of different animals, all in cages waiting to be let out so they could feast on the bad guys of Mordor. I remember a few griffons, some lions and tigers, and some gargoyles. It was my job to know exactly the right moment to let out certain armies of battle animals to do maximum damage to Mordor. Unfortunately, our army was kind of lazy and was taking its time getting ready. We knew the enemy had a weapon that required a few hours to charge but could wipe out the entire world once it fired, but I was the only one who seemed to realize they were charging it and nobody would hurry or listen to me. Suddenly, as our troops began to mobilize, we heard a big booming voice coming from the Eye of Sauron start to count down from 30. I raced to get everyone moving, but it was too late, and when the countdown hit one, a giant wall of fire engulfed the whole world. But when that happened, I didn't die, I woke up and found myself to be a strategical officer for the forces of Mordor instead of the good guys, and realized I was actually a bad guy who just dreamed I was good. I handled the animals for the Mordor side, but they were weak compared to the animals I'd seen in my dream. I let out a tiger, but then a tiger from the forces of good pounced on top of it, five times bigger than it. Then I let out a griffon that had the ability to levitate things, and I remember messing around and getting the griffon to levitate random pieces of paper, trying to buy the good guys more time. One of the commanders got pissed and I jumped on the griffon and flew away.
    7. 2009, Dec. 13 (Sun), 22 (Tue) (Estimated), 23 (Wed); Nazi, Ring on groom's nose, Frodo Baggins

      by , 05-08-2013 at 04:32 AM
      Most of what I wrote below is what I wrote at the time.

      "Dec. 12th - Dec. 13th

      I've been playing "The Saboteur" A lot lately. But anyway, The part I distinctly remember is when a Nazi standing in a checkout lane at Walmart told me to stop doing something in my awake life. I was lucid dreaming at the time too and I actually told him that I knew I was dreaming. I asked him to keep talking and he did. I don't feel like sharing all of the details. "

      (Now I do feel like sharing; This was speaking of mas--------on, Fill in the blank.)

      Next entry:

      "Dec. 21st-22nd (I'm guessing...)

      I remember a wedding at one part that went weird. The best man put the ring (Which was like a hoop earring) On his nose, I think the bridge took it off his nose and then saw it wasn't a wedding ring and ran off."

      I also wrote this little note later:

      "(Bridge? Did I mean Bride?)"

      Note - "His nose" = The best man's nose.

      Third dream:

      "Dec. 22nd-23rd (If you count falling asleep after midnight the 22nd)

      At one part I was Frodo Baggins in the Prancing Pony. It was weird, It went similar to the lines of the movie - Pippin said "Sure I know a Baggins, He's over there" And I may have went over to him. I'm not sure exactly how it all went, Some parts may have repeated but when I got the ring on I couldn't get it off and the eye was rather far away.

      What the heck is it with golden rings in my dreams lately? "

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    8. Fail. Non lucid

      by , 10-02-2012 at 09:50 PM (Zödra)
      Now this is two dreams, but they combine into one, and I wouldn't have considered it two dreams except I woke up and wrote part of it in my DJ next to my bed and then I went back to sleep.

      I was with my family watching Lord of the Rings. It looked nothing like any of them, but if I had to guess I would guess it was The Two Towers, since their were wargs in it. I was watching the television, but as it always does, I kind of jump into the television. However, instead of taking control of a character like I normally do, I just watched it in third person. Not much to say about the fight, it wasn't in Middle Earth, it was actually in a neighborhood. I zoomed out of the TV and back into my parents house, I automatically knew that they were filming right outside.

      I went out and started talking to a Gondorian, he was complaining about how much it hurts to put his armor on, and how much it hurts when the fake Warg bites him. They packed up and left, leaving me in a backyard, but it was the dark red of night falling. I knew I should go inside, but I didn't really think about it. It became night and a Wolf came around the corner (I do not know if it was a Werewolf, but I could have been, I was thinking about the task of this month right before I went to bed). It jumped at me and I kicked it, I snapped its teeth at my arm and I snapped my hand back, the wolf started moving in slow motion, or I just started thinking in fast motion, because I was moving way faster, I pulled my entire arm out of the way of the mouth, but I could feel the teeth with my hand as the jaws closed and barely missed. He jumped at my again and I grabbed his head and threw him away. I walked back home.

      This was a pretty intense battle, and I became very vivid from this point on, and I had almost my entire brain there. Normally fighting a dog would seem weird, but my occupation for the past couple of years has led me to fight about 50 dogs without a weapon in people's back yards. I haven't been bitten yet.

      I crawled in my parents doggy door and start talking to some people inside. somehow I get back outside and I try to crawl back in again, but the door is way too small, and my dad tells me not to. I get back inside on the computer. I am showing people quotes from Lord of the Rings off of IMDB
      "Brandon, get off the computer." I look at the time, it reads 6:59.
      "I have to leave to work at seven, so I'll be off in a minute." I reply.
      "Sure you will." He says, in a knowing voice that makes me look at the clock again 7:05 it reads.
      "That is weird! It said 6:59 one second ago!" I know I have to get to work, so I woke up.

      When I wake up, it was 6:44. I was really mad about that, because I had 10 more minutes to sleep, and I had just done a reality check that failed! It also didn't feel like waking up normally feels like, it felt like I woke myself up.

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    9. Youtube on microwave, an epic house fight

      by , 08-21-2012 at 05:49 PM (Exterminate)
      Two dreams again ._.

      Youtube on microwave

      I remember watching on the microwave, specifically 2-3 videos on Nintendo 64 best games countdowns. I watch the last video, and my dad comes out to the kitchen, and I start talking to him about the Nintendo 64. He recognizes some game I have never heard of, then I remember the countdown hitting #2, then the dream ends, all of a sudden perspective change! I see my friend(I have no friends irl .-.) wake up, and he is a bit depressed that he remembers none of his dreams the previous night. I tell him exactly what happened in his dream, like I was a bystander or something.

      "Epic" house fight

      Okay, so me, my brother, and my mom are at my grandparents' house, and I either have my psp, or my yo-yo with me. If it was my psp, it was dead, if it was my yo-yo, it had no string. Either way, I could not use either one, so I just had it in my pocket. Due to boredom my grandma suggests we go digging for something of which I can not remember. So we grab two quite heavy chairs, three small shovels, go into a van, and take off. We go up a mountain, but on the way up, we go around three corners, all of which have a lake next to them, you have to drive a bit into the water to get around and up.(This part seems really familiar. I doubt this has happened in real life, so it had to have happened in a previous dream.) We end up at the top, and we see about 3 homes, and a lot of land. We put the 3 shovels in a soft spot in the dirt in someone's front yard, and I am sitting there wondering why we were doing this, and if one of us owned this land or something. My mom and I sit down in the heavy chairs, and wait two to three minutes, then grandma grabs one shovel and says "they need to be taken out like this, one jerk to the back, to knock the dirt out, but keep the ___(Don't remember what the stuff was called) in." So what is left on the shovel is what looks like granola bars, but I assume it is some vegetable. We do the same to the other shovels, and next thing I know we are back at my grandparent's home(even though it looks nothing like my grandparents home irl).

      I look in the street and there are archers and swordsmen standing there, after something of which I do not know. They all sort of stand down, so we think we are safe, but as they start dispersing, one man who looks like a guy from Lord of the Rings keeps his bow fired straight at me. He shoots it, and I dodge, running to the backyard.
      Spoiler for Archer:

      A huge fight ensues, and I try to gather reinforcements. I see two cats with about 6 six kittens, and somehow know they will help. Oddly they were located behind a fence in the backyard, which had another fence behind it. I keep walking, and see some pigeons, I see them, say that we are in danger, they all fly off, but I think they are on our side. I think see a huge tree get up and start gathering bushes and other trees to help. The bib tree reminded me of an ent. I see a pigeon, and hold on to it, it brings me way into the air, and drops me, I grab onto a nearby tree, and climb down. Then the dream sort of ended.

      I do not think either of these as being fragment dreams, they were both pretty entertaining, I'd say my dream recall is getting much better
    10. Universal Studios, LotR, fire station, bad guy

      by , 02-17-2011 at 10:25 PM
      2/16-17. 1130. At Universal Studios. There’s a light rain and we’re deciding on getting on the backlot tour tram

      LotR. I’m with Frodo and Sam. Sam, Pippin, and I have to leave so start to go. Head down a hallway, bt then go back to room with Frodo in it. Merry’s there. I tell Merry to take care of Frodo. I give some sort of speech telling Merry how important Frodo is. “Like a mare, or garden” is all I can remember. Leave and go out and I’m at a school. There’s a horse there and I jump on it, but then it’s a girl, wearing a blue shirt. Ride her across a lawn area. I see Dave and so stop and get off. Praise girl with, “Good girl” and she gets mad. Then mad at Dave because she gave him many chances to ask her out, but now is with Richard. Girl is Carrie(?) but looks nothing like her

      725. Doing a ride along with Station 1. Xxxx is captain. We’re getting the rig ready for the shift to start. Xxxxp seems to be mad at me for some reason and tell me to pull a hose, “Yes, sir!” I pull a preconnect and flow some water to make sure it’s working. Have to restabilize myself because of the pressure. Xxxx puts on and takes off a silver HazMat suit. After taking it off, I check it out and it seems like it neoprene, like a wetsuit. Rig is now a black truck. Engineer is playing some music loud and the chief(?) comes out and has him turn it down. Xxxx tells him to turn it down more. Then we head over to a large garage that’s for storage. Rig now looks like Jim’s blue and white Ford. Then head out, but I’m not on rig

      835. Mira Loma? Driving and go under a freeway. I was supposed to get on(?) and miss it, so go to the next street and pull down it to turn around. See some cops pass by on the other side after I get turned around. Matt Xxxxxxx is a bad guy, but the cop is Matt as well. Cop shoots bad guy and hits him. Bad guy then runs away toward the freeway and up the embankment. I hop a fence to go after bad guy, and find where bad guys hide out. Freeway is no longer there, but the hide out looks kind of like a bus stop/ train stop
    11. Digimon, modelling and another predictive title XD

      by , 01-02-2011 at 05:17 PM
      I'm standing in this huge japanese market. Numerous shops line both sides of a dirt street. The buildings that the shops are tunneled into appear mexican, but signs hanging down above them have a japanese flair. I appear to me marcus damon, and im here because of the latest craze: miniature customisable aerial RC plane combat! I enter the large archway into the shop. There are hundreds of mini aeroplane parts, ranging from propellors to machine guns. A plump, bald, bespectacled man is sat in the store. He helps me to pick a starter plane and parts. This man seems similar to the one I met in my first LD, who taught me how to use dreamworld abilities, except this guy doesn't have a beard. Could he have shaved...?

      Im now driving down a motorway at night. Me and my mum are moving to a new town, or so it would seem.

      We're at the new town. Im in a house with two other digimon tamers, both girls. There are bunkbeds, and bunkbaths (like multi - level baths). For some reason I say "You guys are awesome. Better than a bucket of sex!" What? What does that even mean?!? Anyway, we go out into the town, and come to a railway surrounded with trees. It's still night, and I see two small dragons flying down. They appear to be digimon, and one joins me. However, he then seems to communicate with his old tamer, Seto Kaiba ( I've been watching too much YGOTAS rofl ). Seto Kaiba the abruptly kills him. We all swear vengeance and decide to kill him.

      Unfortunately, the scene changes once more. I'm in my living room with the battle of five armies boxed set. (Because my dreams involve so much implanted memories, I'll just colour them differently) My dad bought it for me and my brother as a present. I open it up, and everythings already painted. However, the giant mountain that was promised is missing. Instead theres a tiny hillock. I grow annoyed, until I lift it up and reveal a massive snap together mountain underneath XD.

      I wake up shortly after and take a while to realise I dont actually have the set
    12. Lord of the Rings remake

      by , 11-11-2010 at 08:25 PM
      Non-lucid Half lucid Lucid Other notes

      Apparently someone had decided to do a remake on the Lord of the Rings movies and I watched a few fragments from those on a computer. The main story was still the same, but their length was much shorter and most of the characters were played by new actors (Although, Elrond seemed to be played by the same actor and I thought it was a bit weird that he would want to do almost the same thing once more...). Actually, some of the characters had even been replaced by others. Instead of Arwen there was a woman with long, red hair. I sat there watching the fragments of those movies while at the same time reflecting over those remakes. I was a bit annoyed and perplexed that so many remakes were made nowadays instead of completely new movies. However, at the same time I thought it was going to be very exciting to watch another interpretation of this story.

      A bit later I had actually been transported into the world of those movies together with one or two other persons. However, those people were more in the background. In front of me was a wide, open landscape with a few broad paths. There were a large group of elves and humans, dressed in colorful clothes, marching on the path in the middle. I knew where they were going: To the sea to sail away in ships. At this point I started to become half lucid and realized that I could choose another path instead of following theirs. I told the "background people" who were with me this and then branched off to the right instead. However, this path did not go very far but stopped at a shed with a large wooden wheel and some other stuff outside. I then realized that maybe the main path was more interesting after all. I now became a bit more lucid and looked more closely at the marching elves and humans. I noticed that some of them were dressed in rather ridiculous ways, almost like circus performers. I soared above them now, sank towards them, but then soared higher again. I almost felt as if I was teasing them. When looking more closely at their faces I saw that a few of them looked as if they had a bad attitude. I was annoyed by this and thought that elves in those movies were supposed to look pleasant and serene and have a nicer attitude. I therefore grabbed one of the women closest to me and pressed her against the wall, as if to force her to become nicer and happier. This, however, did not work. Instead she seemed to become afraid and angry and was struggling. I believe I woke up shortly after this.

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    13. Lord of the Rings Featuring Jesse Eisenburg

      by , 11-07-2010 at 05:40 AM
      I am watching Lord of the Rings: Return of the King with my brother and my dad. The first scenes I can recall seeing are helicopter shots of hilly, green, swampy landscapes and grey skies. My brother says, "This is boring!" and I respond, "Nah, I don't think so. Its like a more epic version of Planet Earth". There is then a flashback to a scene from The Two Towers when Gandalf and Aragorn are fighting a red and grey, writhing, serpent-like creature in a street of a burning city. This flashback scene makes me want to watch The Two Towers again, but I am still excited to watch the rest of [U]Return of the King[U]. Next, there is a scene in which Jesse Eisenburg (wearing jeans and a t-shirt) is trying to get somewhere to deliver a message in a large pamphlet to the good guys. This message will be crucial in helping them win the war against Sauron. Eisenburg is trying to get to a boardwalk that follows the edge of a cliff that looms over a large lake, but there is a highway and a railroad track between him and the boardwalk. There are a lot of cars traveling down this two-lane highway, so he waits until the right moment and dashes across the highway. There is no train coming, so he immediately crosses the train tracks and steps onto the board walk. This board walk is slightly hanging over the edge of the cliff and is only held by ropes that are connected to the train track. A train comes, and there is something that topples over and out from the cargo car. As it falls, it severs one of the ropes that suspends the boardwalk. The boardwalk falls over the edge of the cliff along with a screaming Eisenburg. However, he grabs ahold of one of the many vines dangling from the cliff and does not fall to his death. He is only holding on with one hand, as he is clutching the pamphlet in the other hand. I think to myself, "I would've dropped the pamphlet if I were him". He crumples the pamphlet up and sticks it in his pocket so that he can hold on to the vine with both hands. He eventually climbs back up the cliff and continues on with his journey.

      -Level of Lucidity: 3/10 (I had a faint feeling that the LOTR movie wasn't the way it normally is)
      - Feelings while in the dream: 5/10
      - Sounds and Scenery: 6/10
    14. The Elf Prince

      by , 09-07-2010 at 07:24 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am lost in a dark forest and though I cannot see them, I know there are goblins chasing me. The trees of the forest are huge and look like sequoias except that their bark is grey and white rather than red. I can see the full moon sometimes between the branches of the huge trees but it offers little light to find my way through the forest.

      I come to a river that is is not very wide but it is very deep and the water is moving very fast. I am afraid that I will be swept away with the current if I try to swim across. I head downstream, following as close to the river as I can while staying amoungst the trees.

      Because of the noise of the fast flowing water, I cannot hear goblins sneaking up behind me. One of them grabs my arm but I shake him off and in a panic I jump into the river. The water carries me fast and far away from the goblins but I have trouble keeping my head above the water and start to drown.

      I am almost out of air when someone grabs me around the waist and pulls me to the other side of the river. I cough out all the water I swallowed as the man who saved me pats me gently on the back. When I have calmed down a bit I see that we are in a clearing and with no trees blocking the moonlight I can see the man who saved me.

      He looks like Legolas (as played by Orlando Bloom in Peter Jackson's rendition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy), and is dressed in royal silver and blue robes. A silver crown sits on his head and catches the moonlight in such a way that it looks as if there is a glowing halo surrounding his head.

      I lay in awe on the ground and look up at him and he just softly smiles at me. I cannot remember any more of this dream.
    15. Amongst the painted clouds

      by , 08-30-2010 at 01:53 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream starts off with me watching Peter Jackson's rendition of the Lord of the Rings movie, the Fellowship of the Rings. Everything seems like it is in virtual reality or 3D and I am viewing the movie from the inside. I can move myself around and view everything from any angle I want but I am invisible to the characters in the film.

      The part of the film taking place is when Gandalf is imprisoned atop the Tower of Orthanc in Isengard and he looks over the edge to view the destruction of the trees and the beginning of Saruman's war industry. Everything feels very real like I am really there and watching a real event take place, even though paradoxically it feels as if my body is laying down on a bed.

      As the scene progresses a thick fog rolls in enveloping the top of the tower and making it impossible to see the things occuring on the ground below. Gandalf disappears and there is suddenly quiet, and along the edges of the tower's platform many standing easels appear with painting canvases on them, all facing towards the center where I am. At first the canvases are blank but as the fog swirls around them streaks of grey colour slowly start to appear, as if the fog was being imprinted on canvas or if the fog was doing the painting. The images look like rouge renditions of clouds or of the fog itself.

      I can feel the fog as it swirls all around and it is cold and damp, like sheets of cold silk being pulled across my skin, and at first I fear that I am being painted on too but when I look down I cannot see my body because it is either not there or invisible.

      The scene changes and I am in a painting studio somewhere in Renaissance Italy. It is nighttime and the room is dimly lit by a few candles and is filled with the thick fog from the previous scene. Men of various ages start entering the room from a door on the west side of the room but it is too dark to see there faces. They all sit or stand at canvases around the room and begin painting in the dim candle light despite the thick fog.

      A large window on the east side of the room begins to light up as the sun begins to rise and as it does so I can see the men's faces and what they are painting. The men are all famous painters throughout history, from the late medieval period to the late 19th Century and even though they are dressed according to their specific time period, they are all painting pictures of clouds, under the direction of a man dressed in black Renaissance style clothing whom I think is Leonardo daVinci.

      I am in awe of all the painters and am entralled to be able to watch them work. As the sun rises further the fog dissipates even more and almost disappears completely. There are all different sorts of clouds being painted: there are thick, dark storm clouds; fluffy white clouds lit by bright sunlight; clouds lit my the moon, and so on. One of the painters is even trying to paint the fog in the room.

      The painting they are creating are incredibly beautiful and I remember thinking to myself "I wish I could paint like that." Everything still feels very real and even though I still feel like I am laying down, I can move about the room to get a closer look at some of the paintings. At one point I stretch out my arm and touch one of the canvases and I can feel the wet paint on my fingers, though I cannot see it because my body is still invisible. (Through all of this I still had the sensation that my body was laying on a bed. I know it is contradictory, but I felt I was both laying down and moving around as if free from my body. I don't know really how to explain it.)

      The day seems to go by too quickly and the sun begins to fade and the room begins to darken. The fog returns and becomes thick again as the sun goes down. The scene changes yet again and I am now indeed laying on my bed in my apartment and I can see my body. The images of famous painters creating images of clouds in a foggy room is still before my eyes, projected on the far wall of my bedroom as if it were a vision or hallucination.

      My room is suddenly full of the clouds they are painting, lit by the setting sun, and I am again entralled by the beauty of it, though my body lays motionless upon my bed as if paralyzed. As the sun sets and the room becomes darker, the painters themselves disappear though the images on the canvases continue as if painted by invisible hands or creating themselves. The beautiful oranges, pinks and purples on the clouds fades to a dull grey and soon I can no longer differentiate the clouds from the fog because it is too dark.

      The light fades competely and everything goes black. The dream ends there because I wake up.

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