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    1. The Wise and the Lost

      by , 04-26-2017 at 03:19 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-25

      The Wise and the Lost

      I am on what looks like a road from a fantasy game. The road leads across green fields and rolling hills. Not too far off I can see what looks like a wall around a city. I have the idea that is where I am going so I head in that direction. The road leads past a pillar with a white hand statue on it, the hand is pointing farther along the road and the fingernails are painted a red that looks like blood. I continue past that and soon come to a place that used to be blocked off by a heavy gate, but the gates have been literally torn to pieces and cast aside. I am about to go through the destroyed gate when I hear a couple different people calling out to me. One of the voices calls me by name, ďRaven!Ē while the other voice demands to know who I am and what my business here is. The person addressing me by name is Legolas from the Lord of the Rings books, and the person who wants to know my business is a treeÖ or rather an Ent. The Ent seems to consider it good enough that Legolas knows me and he returns to his guard post near the destroyed gate where he becomes virtually invisible, which is why I hadnít seen him on approach.

      Legolas comes over with Merry, Pippin, Gimli, and Aragorn. I do a double take and before I even realize Iím going to speak I ask where Boromir has gone. Aragorn says not to worry, my healing work did its job well, but Boromir went directly on to Minas Tirith, as was his original intent. He says I will never believe who came back to them when they needed him mostÖ Gandalf! Well there he is right now, with Treebeard and King Theoden and the others. He heads off in their direction and everyone follows him. We meet up not far from the tower of Orthanc, Gandalf doesnít look surprised to see me. He motions to the tower of Orthanc and says he was just about to go have a word with Saruman. I say I think I may yet be able to heal Sarumanís heart from the darkness that has taken up residence there. Gandalf says he would not tell me to not try, but he has a feeling Saruman wonít be likely to listen to reason. I say he merely has to listen to my song.

      When we get to the tower, Gandalf calls Saruman out. After a brief pause I see Saruman standing on a small balcony up above us, about a third of the way up the tower. Saruman leans out and surveys the people here, I quickly duck out of the way closer to the tower so he doesnít see me. Saruman is now saying how he has little hope that Gandalf is here for his council, but King Theoden has been his friend for so longÖ he then sets off on trying to win King Theoden over with his charismatic voice. I look back and see that Theoden seems hesitant to give any answer to Sarumanís request that he come up and they talk together and make peace between Saruman and the people of Rohan. Saruman is acting like he is the one who has been wronged rather than King Theoden and the people of Rohan, even though it was Saruman who started the attacks, not the people of Rohan. I ignore what Saruman is continuing to say and I go to the door into Orthanc. It is, of course, locked. I use the Harry Potter spell Alohamora to unlock the door and it swings open silently and I enter, taking care to be completely silent.

      The interior of the tower of Orthanc is dark at first, but my eyes quickly adjust. I find stairs that head upward. I wonder how many levels up Saruman is, it only looked like a few, which is less than Iíd pictured it when reading the books. I climb up a few levels, following the sound of Sarumanís voice. Suddenly he sounds angry for a bit before going back to his soft and soothing voice. Someone down there is getting him annoyed. I get to the level where he is and quietly open the door. I see across the room to where the balcony connects to the room, Saruman is outside and completely unaware of me. Now Saruman is telling Gandalf to come up, let the two of them take council together and speak reasonably as only the wise can. There is a pause, then Saruman gets pissed again. He spits out a few curses that werenít mentioned in the Lord of the Rings books and then turns away from the balcony and comes inside. He stops short when he sees me and asks who I am to barge into his tower unannounced and uninvited. I tell him I have only done what he bid, for someone to come up and be reasonable and hear his council. I figure he might be more agreeable if he thinks Iím on his side. He says he doesnít have any interest in taking council with the likes of me. I feign disappointment and say then I will have to settle for giving my help to him even if it is unasked for.

      He starts to say there is nothing I could possibly have to say that would interest Saruman the Wise, but I ignore him and begin the song Liberate by Disturbed. Saruman needs to have his mind set free from Sauron the Dark Lord, who controls him through the Palantir. ďBold motherfucker wonít you liberate your mind?Ē Saruman does a double take at the music that starts playing, the sound of DisturbedÖ ďBold motherfucker, wonít you liberate your mind? Can't you see that the messages have fallen behind? All the hate in your heart will be leaving you blind, so bold motherfucker wonít you liberate your mind this time!Ē The room fills with a golden energy that flows around and through Saruman. When the song is done he looks disoriented, confused. He asks what has happened, what has he done? I say he has done only what his puppet master has commanded him to do, but now the strings have been broken and he is free to act on his own again. I look around the room and I see the source of his problems, there is the palantir sitting on a pedestal in the middle of the room. I go over to it and carefully pick it up without looking into it. I say to Saruman that the palantir is what the enemy has been using to control him, but no more will he be shown those twisted and backwards versions of what is happening in the world. Now he will make his own mind instead.

      Saruman looks confused still as I walk from the room. I go down the stairs and past a confused looking Wormtongue, who does nothing to get in my way. I figure he can stay loyal to Saruman, because now that will not put him on the side of evil. I have a feeling Saruman is going to be very angry at the Dark Lord for being used as a pawn. I notice that he looks rather sickly, but I figure Saruman can help him if he is ill. I exit the tower of Orthanc and find Gandalf and the others still there. Gandalf asks what happened in there, he said he heard what sounded like music from another world (I get the idea he didnít particularly like it) and then nothing. I carefully hand Gandalf the palantir and say the enemy has controlled Sauron using that, but now the strings are broken and Saruman is a puppet no more. Gandalf takes the palantir, also making sure not to look into it, and wraps it in a cloth he pulls from inside his robes. Aragorn asks what about Wormtongue. I say heís been doing evil under Sarumanís orders, so now if he continues following Saruman, he wonít be doing evil. I say if Wormtongue needs more healing of heart, I will return, but now I canít stay. Everything is fading even as I say that, and then I wake up.
    2. Dragon Warriors

      by , 04-25-2017 at 05:35 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-24

      Dragon Warriors

      I am on top of what looks like a mountain, standing near the peak on a ledge that overlooks the valley below. It is dark out, but I can see the light of dawn beginning in the west. I look around, not sure where I am or why I might be here. Q from Star Trek is here, he says he will be right back. He disappears in a flash of light and then after only a short time he appears again with a man and two dragons! One of the dragons look like the Red Eyes Darkness Dragon from YuGiOh, and the other one looks the same but is a white dragon with blue markings. Q tells me not to worry, he wonít let me make Pikachu jealous. He sets a cute Pikachu on the ground near my feet. He says weíd better get going now before itís too late. He says he canít wait to see how those stupid orcs react when they see three dragons diving from the sky at them! Q laughs and then disappears in a flash of light.

      The black dragon picks the man, MoSh, up and sets him on its back. The white dragon looks at me expectantly, but Pikachu gets directly between my legs and then transforms into the Blue Eyes White Dragon from YuGiOh. When he has finished transforming I am perched on Pikachuís back and he is a dragon. MoSh takes flight on his dragon, then he calls to me and asks if I know where weíre going. I say I believe weíre heading for Helmís Deep, theyíre probably under attack right now. Pikachu takes flight and we lead the way down into the valley as the light in the west slowly brightens. The white form of the Red Eyes Darkness Dragon takes flight and follows as MoSh follows me down into the valley. We soar over the lands below, I never get tired of riding on the back of a dragon, it is so exhilarating that I have to be careful not to let it wake me up. We fly down lower to the ground and over Helmís Deep to where the area beyond is packed with orcs and humans in the service of the enemy. The light in the west is growing, but that doesnít seem to bother the orcs attacking, theyíre the Uruk Hai, human-orc hybrid monsters created by Saruman. There is only one thing that will make them stop, and that is when theyíre dead.

      There are orcs gathering around outside the outer walls of Helmís Deep, and everyone on both sides stops what theyíre doing to stare in wonder and amazement at the three dragons diving down over them. The black dragon shoots a black fire at the orc hoards, the white dragon fires a white flame. When the two mix together it creates a massive wall of fire that incinerates all the orcs in its path. Pikachu adds his power in the form of a lightning storm crashing down all around the orc hoards, who are now in a panic and running blindly in the other direction. In the increasing light I can now see there is a forest in their path, and the orcs are rushing to take cover in the forest. They seem to think that will save them, but as I am remembering it, that is a forest of ents and they will never escape there. All three of us circle around for another pass, and now I can see Helmís Deep clearly below with the defenders on the wall still watching us, seeming unsure of what to do about the arrival of three dragons. Another pass and another attack destroys another wave of orcs. Now they are all either dead or have disappeared into the forest of ents. I look back and I see the people on the wall of Helmís Deep still watching us, some of them pointing, theyíre probably waiting to determine if these dragons will attack them next. Since some of them know me, I fly down on Pikachu and get close enough that they can see me on his back. Legolas is the first one to realize who I am and he looks completely stunned. It takes a bit of time before Aragorn can get anything out of him. I wave to them and then head back into the sky. MoSh seems to be enjoying flying high over the ground on the black dragon. I start to follow him over the land, but it is too late for that. Everything around me fades to black and I wake up.
    3. The Horn of Boromir

      by , 04-25-2017 at 05:32 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-24

      The Horn of Boromir

      I am in a forest walking along a path. Itís a very nice day for being out on a walk, though I donít know where I am and I canít remember how I came to be here. I start to think that is strange and maybe I should do a reality check. I stop and I am about to do a reality check by pinching my nose, but I am distracted by voices calling out in the distance. I listen more closely to the voices and I can hear that they are calling out for Frodo over and over in voices loud enough to signal not only Frodo, but every enemy close enough to hear as well. I start following the sound of the calls, thinking I had better find out what is going on and what the problem is. I come through some trees and I see a man heading up a hill and a hobbit is falling behind, but trying to keep up. He finally stops and looks around, seeing me. He calls me by name and asks if Iíve seen Frodo anywhere. He says Frodo went off to think for a while, but that was far more than the hour he said he needed, and no one can find him. He says Aragorn went ahead to look but he couldnít keep upÖ

      I go to follow Aragorn up a hill as he is searching for Frodo. I have almost caught up with Aragorn when I hear the sound of a horn blowing from the other direction. I turn and look in that direction, it no doubt means someone is in trouble. I decide Iíd better follow the sound of the horn, someone might need help now. I change direction and head in the direction of the horn. It seems to take me forever to get there, it must have been farther off than I realized. I enter into a small clearing just in time to see a man with several arrows protruding from his body fall to the ground. There is an orc standing over him about to finish him off with a sword. I call out to distract the orc from killing the man before I can act, ďHEY, DOUBLE UGLY!Ē is all I can think of to say. The orc pauses and looks over at me, but this is enough of a delay for me to form my arm into an Alex Mercer blade and remove his head from his shoulders. The head of the orc rolls away and the body collapses.

      I run over to the man, who I now remember is Boromir. He has been badly hurt, but he is still alive. I tell him to hang on, I can heal him. He says itís too late for him, heís too badly injured. He grabs my Assassin robes with surprising strength and pulls me close to him. He says he has to tell someone, he canít take this secret to the grave. He says he tried to take the ring from Frodo, and thatís why he ran off, but he might be in danger. He says orcs took the other two hobbits, he tried to stop themÖ I tell him to stop trying to explain, he wasnít himself when he tried to take the ring, and now he needs healing before we can go after the hobbits taken prisoner. Aragorn comes running into the clearing and looks alarmed at Boromirís condition. He asks if Boromir is alive, and I say yes, I am going to heal him. Boromir goes limp, he passed out, which will make the next part much easier. I pull the arrows out, which would have hurt if he was conscious, and then I focus healing energy through him which seals up the wounds. Boromirís breathing becomes more steady, no longer labored. I tell Aragorn that Boromir should be ok now. Aragorn says heís never even seen Gandalf do healing like thatÖ who am I? I have a feeling I am about to wake up, so I tell him that would be a rather long story to tell and I donít think I have time. I say there are reasons beyond my control that sometimes limit how long I can stay around there. I pull a crystal necklace out and hand it to Aragorn. I tell him it contains light energy, and it should relieve any lingering effects that may be present. Boromir stirs like he is about to wake up. I tell Aragorn to give him the necklace and he will be fine. Aragorn is asking another question, but I donít hear it before everything fades to black and I wake.
    4. Enter Lothlorien

      by , 04-10-2017 at 05:27 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-07

      Enter Lothlorien

      I am in a place I donít recognize. I look around, trying to figure out where I am. I see I am very close to the foot of some tall mountains, I am in a rocky area at the foothills of the mountains. Not sure where to go, I follow the sound of a flowing river or stream. I go a little way before I find the source of the sound. The river is little more than a creek here, bubbling out of the rocks and flowing and cascading away down the foothills. I start following the stream to see where it leads. I make note of how nice a day it is for taking a walk outside. I kick myself for not bringing my phone alone, I could be getting distance on my Pokemon Go app even if there arenít any pokemon in such a remote area.

      I have not gone far before there is a flash of white light in front of me. I stop and do a double take because there are now two men standing where there was no one just seconds before. I recognize both of them right away. One of them is MoSh, and the other one is Q from Star Trek. I am surprised to see either of them here, since MoSh lives in a different country than I do and Q doesnít exist in our world at all. When I think about that I realize this area doesnít look like any place around my home, which is in the middle of a desert. Q smiles and even chuckles a bit. He says itís amazing how slow the mind tends to conclude that it is dreaming. He tells me to do a reality check. I hesitate, my mind really is working rather slowly though Iím not sure why that might be. Finally I pinch my nose to do a reality check and I find I can breathe just fine even with my nose pinched. So I become lucid and then I announce to Q that I am dreaming. Q says he knows that, heís the one who told me to do a reality check. He says the rest of the fellowship should arrive momentarily, and he was going to disappear. He then tells both MoSh and me to make sure and remember that weíre dreaming. MoSh gets down on the ground and is looking at his hand strangely. I ask what heís doing and he says time dilation. Iím really not sure what he is talking about. I am thinking about asking Q about time dilation but when I look back I see Q has vanished.

      I look over at MoSh and see he is still focused on his hand. I wait for a bit and soon a group of people come along. I recognize them from the Lord of the Rings books / movies. Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, Merry, Pippin, Sam, Frodo. It appears Aragorn is leading them. He does a double take when he sees me and says he thought Iíd disappeared again. He says we have to hurry on our way because there will be orcs swarming from that mountain after us once it gets dark. He asks who my friend is, pointing at MoSh. I give him a name that must satisfy him, but I canít remember what name I gave. Aragorn hurries past and tells us we had better keep up. MoSh gets up and watches Aragorn and the others pass by. I notice Frodo is hanging back a bit. I ask if he is ok. He looks like he is in pain. He says he is ok, just got the wind knocked out of him by an orc spear back there. I tell him I can help, and I focus some healing energy through him. He seems to feel better and continues at a quicker pace.

      We have continued quite a while when we come to a river. Legolas is saying the river is the Nimrodel and can wash away weariness when one bathes their feet in the water. He says we will have to wade across it because there are no bridges, but it is shallow. So everyone wades across the river. It is starting to get dark out, even now dusk is settling into night. Legolas is singing a song about the Nimrodel now, but I donít pay much attention to the words, the melody is nice. Legolas says weíd best sleep in the trees and jumps for a branch. Someone is in the tree, however, and gives him a command in a different language. I somehow understand the language, the tree dweller commanded Legolas to drop back to the ground and wait thereÖ Legolas tells everyone else to stay still and not move. I wait for a bit and finally some elves drop from the trees. They do not seem hostile, however, just cautious.

      Even as Legolas and the other elves are discussing whether or not our group can pass into Lothlorien there is a lot of noise around us and we are under attack. Aragorn expresses surprise that the orcs could have caught up so quickly, and draws his sword to fight. Legolas fires arrows and drops a few orcs before they even reach us. It suddenly occurs to me that I was going to make sure MoSh has a Witchblade. I donít see one on his wrist so I reach into an inner pocket of my Assassinís robes and I find a Witchblade there. I take it out and toss it to MoSh after getting his attention. He catches it and puts it on. It forms into armor and a sword as the attacking orcs get closer. The orcs are now close enough to engage in melee combat. I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and then I engage the orcs in battle. My Alex Mercer blade carves through attacking orcs as fast as they can come on and attack. Iím being attacked from all directions so I use a spin attack like Link from Legend of Zelda, slicing several orcs open across the middle. I look around just in time to see MoSh remove the head of an attacking orc. Before long all of the attacking orcs have been destroyed.

      After the battle is over I see some of the elves set about disposing of the orc bodies. One of the elves is over talking to Legolas, from what I can tell they are discussing whether we will be allowed to enter into Lothlorien. They finally decide that we can enter, but will have to be blindfolded. I look over and I see MoSh looking up at the trees and wandering around a bit. He says this place is beautiful and then takes off flying, much to the amazement of the fellowship and the elves. One of the elves asks me where MoSh is going. I tell the elf not to worry about where MoSh is going, he wonít cause any harm. The elf says thatís not for me to decide. I tell him that if fighting by their side to defeat the orcs isnít proof of friendship, what is? He looks like he will say something else but then he doesnít. I realize I still have my blade arm active and I shift it back to my normal arm. The elf says weíd best get into the trees to rest for the night, they have platforms prepared for just such use. The people in the fellowship start climbing up rope ladders that are hanging down from the trees. The elf asks if MoSh will be returning. I tell him I donít know for sure, but I rather doubt it. And I donít think Iíll be around for much longer, either. He asks where I would go when there are surely more orcs out there on the hunt. I tell him I can only be there in a dream, so I might be waking up at any time. He says no, that while Lothlorien may look like a place only to be found in dreams, it is most definitely real. Before I can clarify what I mean, however, everything fades to black and I wake up.
    5. Escape From Moria

      by , 04-07-2017 at 03:31 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-06

      Escape From Moria

      I am in a dark place. A very dark place. It is so dark that I literally canít see my hand in front of my face. The night vision feature of my Penticon computer chip implant activates and now I can see around me, though everything has a strange greenish tint from the night vision. I am in a long underground passage that looks like it was built rather than a natural cave. It looks like a mine shaft. I follow it for a while and soon find it opens into a huge hall that is supported by many huge pillars. I am able to see the main hall with my night vision, but I see there is a dim light coming through a passage off to my left. I head down that passage to see if I can find out where I am and why Iím there. The source of the light is from a door on the right.

      I go through the door and stop short when I see an elf pointing an arrow at me. Itís Legolas, and he lowers his bow when he sees me. He says I have a bad habit of sneaking up on people. I tell him I wasnít trying to sneak. Boromir looks puzzled and says he thought I got trapped outside Moria after the lake monster destroyed the doors. Sam looks upset and says he thought I was going to see Bill safely to Rivendell. Gandalf has been focusing his attention on an old book, but he looks up and sees me. He is standing beside a large slab of stone that looks like it might be a tomb, the book is lying open. He closes up the book and gives it to a dwarf, Gimli. He also wants to know how I got past the destroyed western gate. He then says I can tell them later, for now he has a feeling we had better all get moving out of there. He says to go back to the main hall and then exit through the eastern passage.

      But before anyone can move towards the western exit there is the sound of drums from all around. Legolas, who has gone back to watching the passage, calls to the others that they are coming. I reflexively ask who. Gimili says we cannot get out. Aragorn says to close and bar both doors. Boromir is beside the western door and he says itís no good, the door is broken and wouldnít budge if we had our own troll to push. Gandalf fires an energy blast down the hall outside and illuminates many orcs in the light as the orc in front gets a hole blasted through it. Gandalf tells everyone to run through the other door, thereís too many to fight. I donít figure I have to listen to Gandalf, so I go out into the halls to stall the orcs and give the fellowship a better chance to get away. I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade, charged with light energy so it is giving off a light that I can see the enemies by. The orcs fire arrows at me, but I knock them aside with my Alex Mercer blade. That doesnít deter them, however, they are advancing down the hallway. The group of orcs parts and makes way for a troll coming through their ranks. The troll is practically filling up the entire passageway all by itself. Iím not sure how easy it will be to take on a troll in such a closed area, but remember talking to MoSh about the Ranma Ĺ anime series. I think of a technique used by Ryoga Hibiki called Bakusai Tenketsu, which shatters inanimate objects such as stonesÖ so I use it on the supports of the passage to each side, causing the aging structure to collapse around and on top of the orcs and troll.

      I go back through the door into the room with the tomb and I see no one is left there. The far door has also collapsed even though I didnít do my Bakusai Tenketsu anywhere near it. I assume I must have accidently caused the collapse, however. There were apparently some orcs on the near side of the collapse in the outer passage because now they come into the room and attack me without seeming to realize there is nowhere to go in here. I use my Alex Mercer blade arm to fight back. Only a few orcs got through so it doesnít take long to cut them down. My next thought is that I have no idea how Iím supposed to get myself out of here with the outside passage blocked and the other door also blocked. Maybe I could find a way through the collapse? I start looking around the collapsed door to see if I can find a way. There arenít any openings large enough for anything bigger than an ant to go through. As I pointlessly try to fit into a small opening, however, I find I am getting smaller and smallerÖ until I fit through! I hurry along the dark passage and stairs beyond by using night vision once again, and I seem to be my normal size again. Somehow I seem to have changed size without being consciously aware of how I did it. I wonder if I will be able to do it again if I choose toÖ

      I finally enter a huge hall at the end of a passage. The hall is lit by a red light coming from a giant crack halfway through the room. Fire is coming from that crack. In the other direction I see a long and narrow bridge. On top of the bridge I see something ugly like a demon of some kind and Gandalf. I can hear Gandalf speaking loud and clear, "I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of UdŻn. Go back to the Shadow! You cannot pass." I see Aragorn and Boromir coming up behind Gandalf as he strikes the bridge, causing a wall of white flame to erupt and the bridge to break under the demonís feet. I know what is about to happen and I take off at a sprint to reach the bridge in time. The bridge collapses underneath the demon, and it plunges into the depths. I am reaching the edge of the bridge as the demon sends its whip up to snare Gandalf, he is hanging on the edge as I jump the gap and dive to grab his armÖ I barely get hold of his hand. He gives me a strangely calm look and says to me to just let go, this is not the end. I canít hold on with only having his hand and the weight of the demon pulling down, and he slips away, yelling louder to everyone to, ďFly, you fools!Ē

      Iím about to jump right off the bridge and go after Gandalf and the demon, but the next thing I know strong arms are pulling me away from the edge, a man says not to be foolish, Gandalf is beyond our aid now. I look and Aragorn is pulling me away from the edge. The bridge is crumbling, if I hold Aragorn up he might fall, tooÖ not acceptable. So I follow him the rest of the way over the bridge and we get off just in time. Aragorn calls to the others that he will lead them now, and we must start by following Gandalfís final command, we must get out of here! So there really isnít any option now but to follow the others down a passage and then into the final chamber. I see the door to the outside on the far side of the room, the light shining brightly through. There are more orcs barring our way to get there. Aragorn and Boromir charge right in and kill several orcs, Legolas hits a few more with well aimed arrows. I reform my Alex Mercer blade (it had changed back to a normal arm) and use it to cut down a couple more orcs. The rest run away in fear. We all pass through the door and onto a rocky landscape under the bright sun.

      We move quickly away from the entrance, making sure to get beyond the range of bows and arrows before taking a pause. I look around, everyone is sad, some are openly crying. I just kept thinking I should have saved Gandalf, I should have saved him. Apparently I said that aloud, because Aragorn says I did everything I could, we all did. He said this was what he feared from the start, alas but he spoke true. Gimili blames one of the mountains, shaking his fist at it, saying only if Caradhras had been less cruel. I look around again and I see Sam has a cut on his head. I donít know where he got that, but I can heal itÖ I go over to Sam and focus healing energy on the injury and it closes up quickly. Iím not sure if he even notices, he is currently lost in his grief. I look around, but no one else looks injured. Aragorn says if Iím willing to stay around, they could use the extra help now. I tell him I canít stay constantly, but Iíll be back if Iím needed. Everything around me fades to black and I wake up.
    6. Entrance to Khazad-DŻm

      by , 04-06-2017 at 12:42 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-03

      Entrance to Khazad-DŻm

      I am in a strange place I do not recognize. I look around to try to get some idea of where I am. There are tall mountains off to my left and I am in what appear to be the foothills. The foothills are rocky and there is a somewhat broken path winding through the rocks and hills. I follow that path for a short while, not making any attempt to stay quiet since I donít notice anyone in the area. I do a double take when I reach the top of a ridge and find myself face to face with a man aiming a bow and arrow at meÖ or rather an elf. I stop where I am and look, recognizing the elf as Legolas from the Lord of the Rings. I wonder if the rest of the fellowship is somewhere in the area, and think theyíre probably sleeping and it was Legolasí turn to be on watch. He doesnít fire his arrow, he says I donít look like a servant of the enemy, although some of the most foul creatures can make themselves appear fair if need be. I spread my hands out to indicate Iím not armed and I donít want to fight. I say my name is Raven Knight, and I was just wandering out here. I would only seek to help him and his companions if I can. He seems unconvinced, and asks how he is to know Iím telling the truth. Iím not really sure what proof I can offer, so I figure I will depart and just watch from afar in case they need help.

      I notice the sun is setting and it is now dusk. The wind starts blowing, blowing and howling. Then I realize the howling isnít the wind. Legolas goes over to a sheltered spot and wakes someone, telling that person that the wolves are on the hunt again. Aragorn gets up and does a double take at seeing me. He asks who I am. Legolas tells him I have claimed to be a wanderer, but thereís no time to check, the enemy is nearly upon us. I figure thatís why I was brought here. Aragorn wakes the others and everyone gets together in a circle facing outward for easier defense. Someone in the middle is trying to strike a fire. The wolves, or rather wargs, arriveÖ and they have orcs on their backs! The orcs and wargs surround the group on the hill, though theyíre clearly ready to put up quite a fight. Now is the time I can prove I am here to help, by fighting off some orcs. So I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and start picking orcs and wargs off from the outside of the circle. My blade slices right through their orc hide. The fight doesnít last for long, soon the orcs want to retreat, but the company doesnít want to allow that if it is possible to prevent it because they may alert other enemies as to where they are. I take down one fleeing orc with an Alex Mercer tendril, Legolas fires an arrow and takes out another fleeing orcÖ and that is all of them.

      Since I have been fighting on their side, Gandalf indicates I should follow them to a safer place. He says there will be more enemies very soon, unless by chance that was all that they sent. I follow them down a dark path, following the light of the moon, and soon we reach a pool near the mountain. We go around it and Gandalf says the entrance to Moria has to be around here somewhere. After a brief pause, he does something to the stone wall and glowing writing appears in the light of the moon. He says that while heís figuring out how to open the door everyone should leave behind what baggage they donít need and each take a portion of the ponyís baggage and turn the pony loose. Sam is very upset about that, saying that is no different than killing the pony, who he calls Bill. Gandalf says heís sorry, but thereís no choice. He says there are places in Moria that Bill wonít be able to pass, and thatís assuming Sam could even drag the pony into the dark underground place. Sam is crying. I go over to Sam as the others are removing the ponyís burden, and suggest my solution. I tell him I will escort the pony back to Rivendell, make sure Bill makes it safely. And there Bill will await Samís return. Sam looks at me and asks how I intend to make it back with the wargs and orcs on the hunt. I tell him that is my problem, but I donít think it will be a problem. However Bill will be waiting for him, so Sam will have to be sure to make it back, too.

      Gandalf laughs and says this riddle was too easy, he was making it harder than it shouldíve been. The writing on the wall tells what the password is, itís just ďfriendĒ in the Elvish language. He speaks the word and then the doors swing open. And at that moment tentacles reach from the dark pool and grab at Frodo. Bill gets scared and runs away, heading around the pool and for open ground. Sam seems undecided on what to do, I tell him I will make sure Bill is safe. Sam cuts the tentacle holding Frodoís leg with his knife, which is a good size sword for him. Gandalf calls to everyone to get inside, and they all crowd through the door before the tentacled monster slams the doors shut and then starts ripping the place down. The others are safe for now, so I follow after Bill. The lake monster doesnít seem to have any interest in either Bill or me, it seems it was after only Frodo. I walk a ways with Bill, but I realize it will take far too long to return him to Rivendell the normal way. So the Metallica song ďThrough the NeverĒ comes to mind, and I use it to open a portal. I lead a hesitant Bill through the portal and on the other side I see Elrondís house in the distance, lights glimmering in the moonlit night. Bill will be fine now. Everything around me fades to black and I wake up.
    7. The Battle of Five Armies

      by , 04-05-2017 at 04:27 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-03

      The Battle of Five Armies

      I am in a place I donít recognize. I look around to see if I can get some idea of where I am. The area around me is rather desolate. I see no sign of life, there are very few plants that are even alive. I see no trees except the burned husks that look like theyíre left over from a raging forest fire. I walk through the desolate landscape for a bit, wondering what could have happened here. I walk for a short ways and then I hear a voice behind me. This surprises me because I was just there and I didnít see anyone around me at all. I turn towards the voice and I see a man and a woman standing there. The woman is in a kimono and the man is in blue jeans and a t-shirt. The woman smiles at me and tells me to do a reality check. I look at her for a minute, for some reason my mind doesnít want to wrap itself around that concept. But finally I do a reality check by pinching my nose, and I find I can still breathe. So this is a dream! I look between the woman and the man, Asuka and MoSh, wondering what to do now. I donít remember what goals I am supposed to accomplishÖ

      My thoughts are interrupted by the sounds of a battle not far off. I hear the clashing of steel, people yellingÖ I look in the direction of the sound but I canít see very far due to a ridge. Asuka says something about training different techniques of fighting, but the first thing she had done was to bring MoSh here to see me. When I hear her mention fighting I comment that I hear a lot of fighting just over that ridge. Without giving much thought to anything else I head in the direction I hear fighting from. I look down into a valley below and I see total chaos. There is a large battle going on down there that appears to involve humans, dwarves, elves, trolls, orcs, and zombies, at least those are what I can see from where I am. I see a small group of dwarves have become separated from their main force and are quickly being closed in on by orcs. I have to help them!

      Without thinking any more about MoSh and Asuka I head down into the valley, making a straight path towards the cornered dwarves. As I am approaching the battle I transform my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and my left into an Alex Mercer shield and then I head into the battle. I immediately find myself under attack by orcs and zombies, but their attacks fail to break through the Alex Mercer shield. And the Alex Mercer blade cuts an orc or zombie down with ease, though I make sure to keep moving so I donít get completely surrounded to the point where I am unable to make it to the dwarves in need. I canít see where I am going any longer, so I just do my best to keep traveling in a straight line until I finally break through a wave of orcs and then I see dwarves in front of me. A dwarf attacks me at first, seeing the design of the shield and assuming I am fighting with the orcs. I move the shield enough for them to see I am a human and tell them I am on their side, here to help them reunite with their kin to make a united force against the enemy. They stop attacking me and one of them says he saw DŠinís forces not far to the side. So all together, six dwarves and me, we fight our way into the throng of orcs and zombies until we reach the main force of dwarves.

      Now I stop and think about MoSh and AsukaÖ I just took off and left them! I wonder where they ended up? Did they come down and get involved in the fight, or did they stay out of it? I head back in the direction where I saw them last and once again I am surrounded by orcs and zombies attacking me. Some of them are slain before they can get close to me because the main force of humans is trying to sandwich the orcs and zombies between themselves and the dwarves. Elves are on a hill nearby and they are picking enemies off from a distance with their bows and arrows. I get near the edge of the battle and I see where there are some wounded people lying there. I have found Asuka, she is tending to them. I see she is giving people what look like cookies! I get there and ask where MoSh went. She said he is out there practicing some of his fighting. She asks if I have been wounded, because she has cookies that will heal me. I donít need healingÖ but I still want a cookie. So I take a cookie and look around, trying to find MoSh.

      As I turn away I see MoSh is in plain sight on top of a hill at the far side of the battlefield. He looks like Ranma Saotome now, and he is fighting a man who is wearing black robes and wields a black staff. The man he is fighting uses his staff to fire purple rays of dark energy at some fallen humans and orcs on the ground near the base of the hill, and they stand up, returned to a semblance of life as zombies. I head in that direction, wanting to help out. That means I charge back into the fray, and I get immediately attacked from all sides. I swing my arm blade in wide swipes, slicing open any orc or zombie that comes in my path. A troll stomps into my path, barring my way from reaching MoSh and the man heís fighting. The troll stomps up to me and swings his huge club weapon down on top of me. I crouch down and block with my shield. The shield holds, but I am pushed a couple feet into the ground. The troll seems confused as to why I didnít go splat. He swings his club to try again. This time I jump up and onto the club, which is wide enough to run along. I run along the club and run my arm blade right through the trollís neck. Blood spurts everywhere, all over me, I am grossed out, but the troll falls over dead. I look back towards the hill where MoSh was fighting, standing on top of the fallen troll to get a better view. I see him on top of the hill, but now he is holding the manís staff and has used it as a spear to drive it through his enemy. I can see when the man dies, and at the same instant every zombie in the field drop dead. This leaves the orcs severely outnumbered without the dead assisting them. I turn to face orcs that are now charging at me, but everything fades to black as I wake up.
    8. Healing in the House of Elrond

      by , 04-01-2017 at 12:11 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 03-29
      Healing in the House of Elrond

      I am in a strange place that I do not recognize. I am in a forest, it is a very nice day out. I see dappled sunshine on the ground around me and I hear birds singing in the trees. A gentle breeze was ruffling the leaves and blowing on my face, feeling very nice. I follow what amounts to a dear trail through the trees until I find a woman in the forest with me. She looks like a Japanese woman wearing a kimono, and she also looks a little bit annoyed at me. I donít even recognize her let alone know why she might be annoyed at me. She looks around and motions to the forest around us. She asks what makes me think this place is a beach? I laugh and I say itís clearly not a beach. She tells me she is Asuka and then tells me to do a reality check because this is a dream. She then looks around and calls out. She says MoSh has wandered off againÖ so weíd better find him.

      I havenít actually done the reality check, but I start looking around for MoSh. We soon find MoSh standing and staring at a beautiful place. A series of buildings among the green trees, all connected by a series of paths. MoSh is staring at the scene, and now I join him in staring at the scene that is before us. Asuka goes over and talks to MoSh for a bit, asking him if he is keeping in mind that this is a dream. Before he can respond, however, some people approach us and one of them demands to know who we are. I turn and see there is an elf there who looks like he stepped right out of a Lord of the Rings story. He has his gaze fixed upon the three of us, but before he can repeat his question another man speaks up. He says he knows me, and tells them I am Raven Knight. He says I fought valiantly to defend against the Nine and I also seem to have some skill in healing. He says thereís no time to delay, Frodo has to get to Elrond.

      Everyone seems to be assuming that if MoSh and Asuka are with me then they must be ok, and we all go into the closest building. We go directly to a bedroom where they place Frodo into a bed. Another elf comes along, he says he is Elrond, but weíll have to forgive him for not welcoming us personally to his house, he has a patient to attend to. The door to the bedroom closes between us, Elrond, and old man with a long white beard I am assuming is Gandalf, and Frodo on the other side. I turn to another elf on this side of the door and he says he is Glorfindel. He pauses and looks at the three of us, Aragorn is also still here with us. After Glorfindel looks at MoSh and Askuka and me, he suggests that maybe we would like to refresh ourselves in the halls of healing. I ask what that is. He says it is a series of natural pools that are fed from the springs that feed the Imladris. He said the pools purify all darkness from those who bathe in their waters, and it is something he would recommend for any weary traveler, especially those who have come face to face with the evil things we have fought today. Aragorn is more concerned with how Frodo is doing, he is clearly anxious about the hobbitís condition. Glorfindel says Elrond is very skilled as a healer and will do everything he can to return Frodo to full health. He says from the look he got, Frodoís would is grave but not yet beyond all hope. He adds that Aragorn being stressed about it will do nothing to help Frodo, all it will do is rob Aragorn of his peace of mind. Frodo is getting the best help that is to be found in the west, though Elrond would be slow to accept such praise. He says that for now there is nothing we can do for Frodo, but the wait may seem less if we wait in the pools of healing.

      So I follow Glorfindel along with Asuka, MoSh, Aragorn, Marry, and Pippen, but Sam refuses to budge. He pounds on the door until finally Gandalf lets him in and says he can stay as long as he promises to stay out of the way and let Elrond do his job. It looks like Marry and Pippen might try the same, but Aragorn tells them that Glorfindel is right, too many people in the room might just get in the way. After following Glorfindel for a ways we emerge in an area with waterfalls cascading into crystal pools of water. Glorfindel says the water is healing, whether you swim in it or just wet your feet. Asuka, who now somehow had a bathing suit on, jumped right into the water and splashed MoSh in the progress, soaking him. He didnít seem too pleased with that, though Asuka was laughing. I was thinking this was a good chance to use a healing song. I focused on the song Voices from the Macross Plus soundtrack, and it created golden energy all around the pools. The golden energy flowed around and into everyone present, including MoSh and Asuka.

      There is a period I donít remember very clearly, the next part I remember really well is inside what they call the Hall of Fire. It is a long hall with tables and comfortable chairs, illuminated primarily by a large fire that always burns at one end of the room. MoSh is sitting in one of the chairs around the outside of the room looking at a stringed instrument that partly resembled a guitar but not quite, I get the idea it is one of the elvish instruments that are commonly used in Rivendell. MoSh starts playing the guitar. I donít recognize the tune, but I like it, so I sit down close by and listen. Asuka is also listening intently and seems to be enjoying the music. As MoSh continues playing, some more people gather around, migrating from other parts of the room apparently to get a better listen to MoShís music. Soon there is a small crowd of people silently standing or sitting around us to listen to MoSh play. He finishes one song and then moves on to another, then seems aware of the crowd for the first time. He sets the instrument aside and says itís not enough like a guitar for him to play well. I say it seemed to me he was playing very well, and some of the people around us agree, Asuka most of all. He says no, itís not his best playingÖ and then fades from existence, much to everyoneís surprise. Asuka tells them thatís what happens when he wakes up. Iím next to follow, for everything around me fades to black and I wake up.
    9. Ambush at the Ford

      by , 03-28-2017 at 03:58 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 03-27

      Ambush at the Ford

      I am outside on a road that runs through a thick forest. It is a very beautiful forest, and the day is a pleasant one. I donít really think much about how I came to be here, I just walk down the road at a leisurely pace. As I am walking down the road I notice that it is starting to get darker. At first I am thinking it has merely reached the end of the day, and the sun is setting. I walk for a while before I reach an area clear enough that I can see the sun in the sky, and I see it is still high up and shining brightly. But for some reason the light of the sun doesnít seem to be reaching the ground. Itís as if there is some large invisible barrier keeping much of the light away, as well as much of the warmth. The air around me is growing colder as I proceed. I think this is really strange, but I donít let it stop me. I am now being pulled forward by a feeling I need to get somewhere quickly, before it is too late.

      After walking for a short while I hear the flow of water up ahead. I hurry along and reach an area that is more open as it approaches a river. The river flows over the road, but it looks like this is a river ford, a place where the water is shallow and I could wade across if I need to. I notice that in spite of the road coming into the open air, the darkness is deepening rather than dissipating. I look up and I see the sun, but much of the light is not making it to the ground. I hear the sound of someone approaching and I look. I see a man approaching me, watching me suspiciously. He asks who I am and where am I going. I donít exactly know the answer to where am I going, so I decide to give my name, Raven Knight, and I say Iím going wherever this road may lead me. I think he is about to ask another question when he looks alarmed and turns to look back down the road. He then says if I am not in league with the enemy then I had better get out of sight.

      I am still wondering what enemy he is referring to when I hear a couple cries of alarm. A couple of small people, I immediately think they are hobbits, come from a spot by the side of the road that they had apparently thought to be hidden. I hear another voice back there warning someone to stay away from his master orÖ orÖ he trails of, apparently not sure how to finish that threat. Aragorn starts in that direction, one of the hobbits says the dark riders have come upon them from behind! I immediately know that is where I need to be. I run as fast as I can, right past Aragorn and to the place the two hobbits came out of. Sure enough, there is a dark cloaked figure on a black horse towering over a hobbit who is lying on the ground looking injured. A second hobbit is standing between the fallen hobbit and the towering dark rider, holding a sword, and shaking with fear, but unwilling to abandon his friend. I hurry forward, calling out to get the monsterís attention. I donít think itís working, but then I am finally able to get between the dark rider and the fallen hobbot, who I am now assuming is Frodo. The protective one muct be Sam. I tell Sam he had better get Frodo out of here, Aragorn is out on the road and will help. Sam looks like he wants to ask questions but instead he helps Frodo up and they make very slow progress out towards Aragorn. Aragorn is out there saying we have to get to the ford, the dark riders wonít cross. I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade, and I charge it with light energy. When he sees this, the dark rider backs off a bit then turns and leaves. I have a feeling he is not retreating.

      I head back out onto the road thinking I can help the hobbits and Aragorn. They are making their way towards the river ford, Aragorn is calling out, asking where the pony went off toÖ then says itís no matter, the pony could never outrun the dark riders. The dark riders are approaching the ford, I see five of them coming from down the road. Aragorn says there is no choice, he will have to fight them to delay them while the hobbits escape. The hobbits clearly think this idea is insane, thereís no way Aragorn can face the riders alone. I come out and say he will not be facing them alone. In fact, he should help the hobbits get away, in case the rest of the riders ambush them as they try to escape. Aragorn says he doesnít know who I am, butÖ he trails off as he sees my right arm transformed into a glowing white blade, then seems unsure of what to say except something about me being a witch. I tell him no, Iím no witch, but the dark riders cannot face this light energy.

      But before anyone can consider escape it is too late, there are now five of the dark riders on one side of us and another four dark riders between us and the river ford. There is no choice but to fight. Aragorn pulls out a sword to fight, so I use Battery by Metallica to call a bolt of lightning and charge his sword with light energy. I still have my Alex Mercer blade arm charged with light energy. Now I focus on the song Old Friend by Disturbed as I attack the dark riders with my glowing blade. ďHear me now, feel my blade! There is no more time for apologies! Malevolent emotions take hold of me! Are you ready to begin your trip to the other side? Death is an old friend of mine! Aragorn and I attack the dark riders, and the fact we are attacking them with light energy has clearly taken them by surprise. Their demonic horses rear up in fear of the light. But Iím not interested in the horses, Iím after the wraith riding on the horseís back! I jump up and swipe with my blade, splitting the black robes in half and eliciting a horrible shriek. I hear another shriek from the one Aragorn attacks. Then I hear one of them laughing.

      I turn and Aragorn turns at the same time and one of the ring wraiths has snuck up from behind on foot and is holding Frodo by a foot. He is laughing manically, and says we have lost. I tell him not to count his rings before theyíre won. He seems in a mood to gloat rather than take his prize and run, and he says if we even try to approach him we will get Frodo back piece by piece. I feign that I am striking the ground in frustrationÖ and I unleash Alex Mercer tendrils into the ground. The tendrils, also charged with light energy like my blade, erupt right underneath the ring wraith holding Frodo. They blast right through the ring wraith, eliciting another horrible shriek. The ring wraith disappears into nothing more than a black robe, dropping Frodo. One of the tendrils gently wraps around Frodo and lowers him safely to the ground before I withdraw them. Upon seeing that, the other ring wraiths flee.

      Aragorn looks at me strangely, but is more concerned about Frodo. We both go over to check on Frodo. He definitely is not looking well, it seems being in such close proximity to the ring wraith has only accelerated his sickness. He is phasing between solid and semi-transparant right now, and he looks to be in pain. I transform my blade back to normal and then focus on the song Voices from the Macross Plus soundtrack to use it as a healing song. Golden energy gathers around Frodo, and at the same time I notice that the sunshine is once again reaching the ground. The healing energy flows into Frodo, and he immediately looks better. He opens his eyes, and is no longer phasing in and out. He remains solid now. He is looking at me strangely as I finish the song. He says something about me being a fair elf maiden. I say no, I am no elf maiden, just a healer doing what I can to help. I tell Aragorn that I sense there is still a piece of the evil blade inside Frodo, but Elrond of Rivendell has the skill to heal that. I donít try to remove it myself, because even now I feel I am about to wake up. Aragorn still wants to know who I am. I tell him if there is need, I will be back, and maybe we can talk more then. Everything fades to black and I wake up.
    10. Lord of the Rings/ Nick & Judy

      by , 06-13-2016 at 02:10 PM (The Dream Adventures of WINDHOVER@)
      Dream 1 - I'm Frodo or a hobbit, running across a field with Frodo, Sam and others wearing fellowship hood. At some point I fly over very dense yellowish-white tree forest and land somewhere with the team. We walk with that elf lady (I forgot her name, but she gave Frodo that crystal light bottle in the movie) among the white trees. Then Aragorn joins, for some reason he's bare feet and his toe pinches my foot and I yelp 'ow'.

      Aragorn descrbes the magical existence behind the white trees, but I barely remember what he says as I focus on the people walking in the distance like the picture above. Except that it's during the day and the trees are white, more dense. The elf lady says something about them. All I can think is, wow this feels so enchanting.

      Then I become more of a spectator. On a wide, giant grass field, there are myriad Orks and monsters running in troops and this 'prince' looking person, with dark armors and costume, head covered with shiny helmet, befriend these Orks. At first I was scared, but I feel relieved that all of us are in the same team. Then the prince hops on a dark horse. Suddenly everything goes in slow-motion like how typical LOTR motion picture is made. I hear heavy drum music that makes this so dramatic. His dark cape flowing in slow motion gave me the impression "wooooooooooow this is soooooo cool" all the time.

      The troops are moving to the east. I see huge gorilla with very long limbs, as tall as maybe a 10-floor building, and people on his back are riding him.

      And then I just fly over the horizon really fast. Now the whole theme has become modern, families and kids are having fun at this huge shallow ocean but very clear with beautiful green blue color. I fly on its surface, sliding and making splashes.

      So as I'm semi-LD, I morph into Judy the rabbit and play Zootopia cops with Nick. We're at some kind of school building. I see a criminal running away through the hall. I chase him with a gun. I leap into the air and jump on him, then hand-cuff him from behind. Case over. Nick gives me that con-artist smile and I hug and kiss him. And then I see an otter or weasel running away at another hall. I chase him, but he's turned into a skunk. The more I chase him faster, he somehow gets smaller, and then smaller he's just a black dot and disappeared. I was like 'oh'.

      I go for a mountain hike with Nick. I try to climb up this really sloppy ground and Nick is trying to race me. He wins me over.
      At the top of the mountain, we take a rest and cook a pot with onions and carrots. Some people are trying to go through a narrow passage where we're at. We didn't realize we were blocking it. But this lady helps us so that people can go through.

      I fly away to the horizon again and see my hometown. I wake up.
      Fall asleep, have another dream about telling my mom about this whole dream.
    11. 11-26-14 Salivating bad guy

      by , 12-04-2014 at 08:50 PM
      Someone was making a new version of Lord of the Rings. it was turning out horrible. The orcs were basically people dressed up in chimpanzee suits. Sauron was a huge ugly monster and he had a wife. He ate his own spit.

      I was sent to live in a bookstore. There was an all-boys' section. As sort of a personality test and to see if I had what it took to live there I had to fight a Pokťmon boss battle. I did horribly. Some obese teenager pushed me over from behind. I remember being a bit surprised by that.

      A screaming man came riding over a hill on a tractor and started shooting maniacally at me with a machine gun. I ducked underneath a car for protection and started saying my prayers.
    12. Weird way of Travel

      by , 10-22-2014 at 09:57 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      this is from the morning of 10-21-14

      Dream 1
      I am trying to make it to a basketball camp. I have to get there using a tree house as my car. I go to my elementary school first and C is there. He asks me why I didn't just walk because my tree house was acting funny. I go into the school, it is open house. J is there. I then leave the school for Basketball and L isn't going to the camp but he leaves anyways. The staff is a little annoyed by him leaving. We walked over to where my tree house was parked and he asked how I got into it. I grabbed a long rope and started climbing up. I was then at home and my mom was there, along with another girl. I'd been calling my mom for a while because I needed help, but she wouldn't answer. The tree house wasn't working. My mom told me to wait but the other lady said she'd help me right away. We had to take the house off the tree and move it, because it was stuck in the garage.

      Dream 2
      I am in a hotel room. Aragorn is there and he has a partner who is a speaker or something. They are looking at a map and telling me something. The speaker starts speaking and a narrator's voice comes on and says, "And is voice was heard from" (then he listed several places in Middle Earth and my view was just a map and lines flowed from the places listed until every city had a line connecting it showing that Aragorn ruled everything). Someone else wanted the speaker's job but I told them that sadly they couldn't get the position because the speaker had died. (I think)

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    13. The Australian Plane Theater, Evil Machine Hunt, and Asking for a Present

      by , 01-07-2014 at 05:04 AM
      Dec 27-28 (Lucid)
      I was by myself in a city trying to go see Lord of the Rings in theaters, and buy myself a ticket that costs in the high teens. I'm looking around for the actual room the movie is playing in, but go back to the ticket booth, and buy the ticket alongside a flight to Australia. I find myself heading towards the plane and getting on, but it's slightly militaristic, lots of military are our escorts on and it's slightly part of the act and show, but also necessary because the plane is important. I get on the plane, find the movie theater room, which is very very large. Probably like the size, area wise, of 8 large movie rooms. There isn't one big screen to look at, but several smaller screens pointing every which direction scattered throughout the room. I pick a seat eventually that's fairly secluded, but as I sit there, I start to think. I realized I should pick a better seat because I couldn't see one of the bigger screens well, just some small ones. But I also wonder why I'm going to Australia, when I had work the next day, and the ticket costs like over $400. I got up to leave and grabbed all my stuff. As I was leaving I texted my friend Trent telling him how I almost just went to Australia by myself, and I further realized how silly the idea was. As I was looking for the place that would refund my ticket, I realized it was a dream at this point, ran back to the plane and got right on and into the movie room. As I was running to the movie room I saw stickers and signs posted all over for the military saying "shoot first" and "be fast" and other similar ones. When I was in the movie room I wanted to watch the movie for whatever reason, but I find out that it's not gonna start for another 18 minutes. I realize my dream wouldn't last 18 minutes, so I grab a remote next to me and point it at the nearest screen and turn it on. There is some news playing or something. I pointed at other screens too but couldn't get those to turn on. Turning back to the news station, I want to see if there are channels or how it would work. I could see faces of the anchor on screen pretty detailed, but not words. I cycled through and realized it was repeating like 3 channels. At this point the plane is moving and going really fast, but not flying yet. I go to a window, which is somehow nearby, and want to go outside. I put my hands on the wall and then my head and I could push my head through the wall of the plane. As soon as my head went through the dream went dark, as if I was waking up.
      I didn't want to wake up yet, so I just reimagined the sense of wind going by, then the sight of looking along the outside of the plane and soon I was back in the dream! I launched out of the high speed plane with no fear and landed running on some scenery. I was running very fast and wanted to push myself even further. I was running and jumping faster and then realized I wanted to try one more thing, teleportation. I thought back to what people said the best way to teleport was, going through a solid wall. I see a rock face just big enough and flat enough for what I need, and run up to it. I think about where I want to go first, and I decide upon a strip club (at this point I was losing lucidity and didn't have much of my better judgement ). I put my hands on the wall and it felt fuzzy, not like the solid rock it should have been. But when I pushed my head against the rock I phased right through. It felt only slightly solid, and it looked black and foggy on the other side. I walked forward maybe 5 feet then emerged in a small room consisting of 5 or 6 guys and girls that were in the process of undressing. The room reminded me of the airplane again and the DC's looked like flight stewards/stewardesses. I keep going forward and see an open door to my left and there is another room of people slightly further along in the undressing process. Before I see anyone actually all the way I wake up, because I was getting too excited.

      Machines were being woken up similar to transformers, and were controlled by someone evil. There were humans chasing us down still. I was on a team of people running away from someone hunting us down. The ones hunting us gave us a head start because we did something nice for them. We went down a hole, and were sliding down for a while. We were in an ancient building and had to find our way out. There were creatures that looked like giant centipedes around trying to kill us, they were poisonous so we had to avoid them. I get stung by one as we're running away and apparently it's a big deal, but I don't feel hurt. We run back to my house and we're supposedly safe. My perspective changes to the guy hunting us and he uses these lights on a large globe to track us down. They zoom on our location which is a large tower on his 3D map. Back to my perspective we're talking and enjoying getting away, and the room looks just like my kitchen. Soon I remember I'm being hunted and bring up that they know where we are. Jim Hatfield, my co-worker, is next to me apparently and is mad I didn't bring it up earlier. Soon the people who let us go earlier show up one at a time and we start talking to them to reason to them. I realize at this point I'm dreaming, and my fear goes away. The people killing me though are supposedly other lucid dreamers, but I think they're DC's. I explain to them that if we're both lucid dreamers we don't need to be fear each other because we can't get hurt and we can always come back. The girl I'm talking to agrees, but replies that lucid dreams are few and far between and I realize she's right. Soon enough the main guy who was supposed to be hunting is comes in and I just ignore him. I want to stabilize the dream so I rub my hands together, then I want to try licking the ground or furniture around me. I started just runnin my tongue along the ground. It didn't taste like anything, it just felt like a flat surface. I also tried furniture, but this didn't work at all as I didn't taste or feel it on my tongue. At one point the dream fades out and I wake up, but I DEILD back into it. I walk around deciding what to do while I'm still in the dream, then try to levitate a bit. I jump up, try to float. It works just a very small bit on my 3rd try but I fade out again and DEILD back in. I remember I didn't quite complete the ToTM so I ask my DC mom who happens to be there for a present. She go grabs one out of a stack of presents that I apparently missed, and hands it to me. The wrapping paper on it was your average Christmas pattern of a color with trees all over it, and when I tore it open, there was another set of wrapping paper there, but this one was silver, and had these oval logos on it all saying "Dragon Force". I tore open this paper and inside was a box saying "Dragon Force" on it and inside the box were several dragon shaped gummies. I grabbed one and took a bite, and it tasted like a fruit roll-up. I looked underneath the dragons and there was another set of gummies that looked like transformers and also Galactus. I start laughing at the utter randomness that the gift turned out to be. I then go back to my room, wake up along the way but DEILD back in by licking the couch in the living room (it was the old purple one). One of the DC's who used to be my enemy but who was now my friend showed up and I offered to show him my room. He is happy to see it and follows me. My room is extremely messy when we get there, like you can barely see the floor messy, and I have to push everything out of the way. He is happy that it is messy (I seem flustered that it's messy and kind of forget I'm dreaming at this point). I see my Xbox one and it's crooked and broken on the corners and I get really angry. I ask the guy if he believes in shared dreaming and he responds yes, I say I don't and think he's just a DC. He starts laughing and I don't know what to think. The TV is turned on and people are voting on if they think shared dreaming is real. I wake up, but DEILD back in one last time. I ask the guy what it was like for him to have me leave for a few seconds, but can't remember if there was a response. I just thought I would have faded in and out if he was a dreamer. I then fade out again and wake up and try to DEILD, but can't this time. Now I realize how ridiculous shared dreaming actually seems (my personal view, not to offend anyone who may believe in it).

      I was in New York City with my dad. Iím exploring by myself and a guy I meet says he needs help connecting to the cellular networks there. I decide to help him and get it working. We then go into a restaurant to go eat, but he thinks thats weird so he gets up and leaves. I follow him, flustered that he didnít thank me for helping him.
    14. Invisibility in the Girls' Locker Room, and a Failed Visit to Erebor

      by , 01-07-2014 at 04:56 AM
      I realized I was dreaming and thought about what I should do. I thought of a task of the month and remembered the invisibility one. So I think of the most classic "naughty" trick in the book, go to the girls locker room. I'm outside, and I know I need to find a school, but it's really dark outside and hard to see. So I put on some night vision goggles, and things then green but they brighten up. I see a school not too far away so I head in that direction. I stop and realize I haven't gone invisible yet. I just think about it and repeat that people can't see me. For some reason I knew it worked and I head inside the school. There were girls leaving and they didn't see me walk by them. I head to the girls locker room, and there was one girl left. But then she left and I was by myself...
      I then remembered that I wanted to visit Erebor from the Hobbit. I decide to phase through the wall and think that's where I want to show up. I push through it remembering an old dream that's how I did it. When I go through, I come out in a fancy hotel. I thought about trying again, but I decided to just explore a bit and see if I could just "stumble upon" Erebor. I find a hallway, and then a door. I open the door and realize I found it. But it was extremely dark and hard to see. So I thought maybe I just need to help my subconscious out, so I'm walking down the stone stairs from the movie trying to think of what it looked like. It doesn't really work because I end up back at the hotel.

      I'm at home, and for some reason my mom is like a tyrant. She loves Erica, but doesn't treat me very well, and treats McKenna like dirt. This doesn't sit well with me so I confront her, and get mad at how she treats us. She's confused at why I'm mad, and I respond it's mainly for McKenna. I trash some of the food she's made to let her know how angry I was and then left to let that sit with her. Soon some people come over, and I felt like I needed to tell someone what happened. I grab either my dad or someone else and pull them away from the crowd to my room, and talk to him saying I was mad at her, but she's still my mom so I don't know how I should feel.

      I'm at someone's house, but we're like all prisoners there. Someone hacks a computer to give us GPS coordinates from the wi-fi. Someone breaks in because they knew what we were doing.

      I look at a mirror and think I should try to see through this, then realize that means I'm dreaming, but I wake up.
    15. Babysitting in hell, and the attack on Mordor

      by , 09-27-2013 at 04:59 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from September 25.)

      I was visiting someone's house with my dog, Loki. I think I was helping them with some groceries or something, and it was a very nice brownstone sort of place that you'd see for rent in the better areas of a big city. I entered the place and while I was sitting at the table, a demonic entity appeared. The person I was visiting didn't seem surprised and seemed to know this would happen, she said "Sorry." to me and left the room. The demon looked like a typical classic demon, he had the whole "Greek Pan turned Christian devil" look. He came up to me menacingly and demanded that I give him my dog for sacrifice, to which I said HECK NO (because my dog is awesome cute, I mean just look at her on my DJ page image with her cute lil' sunglasses...) and I offered up myself in place of my dog. He mulled it over for a bit and finally agreed, pointing a finger at me and transporting me to a demonic den. I found myself in some kind of pit, surrounded by human bones and lots of blood splatter. I could hear screams and see fire out in the distance. The demon appeared before me and said the pit I was sitting in was the nursery in hell, where the baby demons were kept, and because I was now his servant I had to constantly keep watch over the little babies. Apparently, I'd been relegated to the position of babysitter. The babies I watched were actually really cute, they were like the little Raphaelite cherubs, except they had bat wings and horns. After a while it got a bit tedious and I knew I couldn't be a babysitter for eternity, so I sneaked out of the pit and entered this portal that took me back to the home I'd been taken from. The person I'd been visiting was there, and she explained she had to offer me and my dog in exchange for her own freedom. But now that I'd gotten free, the demon came back and took her instead.

      There was a war going on, against the forces of Mordor, and I was one of the strategical officers behind the scenes in charge of trained battle animals. We had lots of different animals, all in cages waiting to be let out so they could feast on the bad guys of Mordor. I remember a few griffons, some lions and tigers, and some gargoyles. It was my job to know exactly the right moment to let out certain armies of battle animals to do maximum damage to Mordor. Unfortunately, our army was kind of lazy and was taking its time getting ready. We knew the enemy had a weapon that required a few hours to charge but could wipe out the entire world once it fired, but I was the only one who seemed to realize they were charging it and nobody would hurry or listen to me. Suddenly, as our troops began to mobilize, we heard a big booming voice coming from the Eye of Sauron start to count down from 30. I raced to get everyone moving, but it was too late, and when the countdown hit one, a giant wall of fire engulfed the whole world. But when that happened, I didn't die, I woke up and found myself to be a strategical officer for the forces of Mordor instead of the good guys, and realized I was actually a bad guy who just dreamed I was good. I handled the animals for the Mordor side, but they were weak compared to the animals I'd seen in my dream. I let out a tiger, but then a tiger from the forces of good pounced on top of it, five times bigger than it. Then I let out a griffon that had the ability to levitate things, and I remember messing around and getting the griffon to levitate random pieces of paper, trying to buy the good guys more time. One of the commanders got pissed and I jumped on the griffon and flew away.
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