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    1. Probably Not What Goat Meat Tastes Like But Whatever

      by , 12-28-2017 at 07:50 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

      Woke up at: 12:00 PM


      It seems to me I am in the desert, almost keeling over due to the lack of food in my system. The "narrator" of the dream (Who sounds a lot like Oxhorn who, in short, sounds like Tom Hanks) says I am on a quest to find a "warm animal".

      Apparently the temperature is so hot that animals in the desert literally cook from the inside out. I come across a dead goat, or some other creature like that, and pick apart nicely sliced pieces of meat from its body.

      It tastes savory, but also something that could be served at a barbecue due to its peppery sort of taste. It's also kind of spicy, and the meat itself was reddish orange with black spots, implying it was cooked recently. It was, as expected, pretty warm for being recently cut meat from a goat's body. I snuck along a bag full of the stuff along with me.

      I come across another traveller, but from this point on I don't really remember much. He talks to me about where he can find this meat, and I told him that those goats are all over the desert, not wanting to give up my share.

      And the rest is all fuzzy images from that point on.


      1. First time I ever engaged in taste in a dream, though non lucid. Sadly, I don't think goat meat counts as junk food so no TOTM for me.

      2. Now I suddenly don't feel hungry for some reason.
    2. Film Trailer - Demons

      by , 12-07-2017 at 12:06 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I dreamt of the trailer of a film
      it was about a portal being opened from "hell" to earth
      and that the CIA or FBI or whatever already made a big large security compound basically stopping demons from entering freely our world
      and characters were talking about that, and that now each demon that enters must stand trial to have a chance of becoming a citizen of the US
      basically meaning that not every demon is a genocidial maniac monster
      and then there was a scene of one entering ,a powerfull one, it had a human head with those cat like animal ears\horns, yellow reptile like skin, and yellow eyes black sclera, I think it said something that made everyone worry big time
    3. A Call

      by , 09-21-2017 at 02:57 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      Before I woke up , I have woken up in a dream. It was quite vivid .
      I was lying in bed , the tv was on ,relaxing . Then suddenly my phone rings, its NK, I was surprised. "How would she know my number?" - I had some doubts ,but that was not enough for me to get lucid.
      I picked up the phone and said Hi how you doin in a relaxed manner, she answered with an I'm ok with an awkward, aloof, detached , apathetic voice. Her voice was so vivid, i actually heard it with my ears, it was not a typical voice from a phonecall ,it was like if she was next to me.
      Then she started to talk about a cat ,and something something justice. I dont remember the rest of it , I woke up shortly after that.
    4. Meeting N again

      by , 09-04-2017 at 02:15 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I've been with N again , in some sort of unstable and surreal space , a part of it was a house , a street was there maybe?
      Last night I thinked so much about her , that in this dream I ended up meeting her . She was with her brother, sitting somewhere, talking about things and looking at stuff on a phone.
      At a point she notices me and we try to communicate silently so his lil brother doesn't notice me. It would be too much of a bother to explain who I am.
      Then I woke up. The dream was really unstable, i kept popping up at a roof then anotehr place.

      It was really N, the vibe or the energy she gave off was unique. But her expression was empty, like if she still sleeps and are barely cosncious of whats happening.

      My lucidity was risen a bit when I first saw her, but I did not become lucid in the end.
    5. Drawing Digitally

      by , 06-24-2017 at 08:25 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      I was using my Wacom tablet and I was drawing one of my characters called Benn (He's basically an old-western bounty hunter) on Manga Studio 5. The screen was zoomed in on the ends of his pants, which are torn, and it looked like I was 80% done.

      Then the dream ended. Though it does seem like that was only one part of the dream, not the whole thing. So, there's that.
    6. Star Wars + Harry Potter Crossing

      by , 06-12-2017 at 02:34 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      First I had two short lucid dreams\hypnagogic imagery, where i wanted to search up something on the "dream web"
      but failed both times and woke up .

      Shortly after that I feel asleep and had this non lucid dream

      It was kind of a Star Wars and Harry Potter Crossing , the story starts off in a green plain (it was raining) with Darth Vader , talking to Harry about the dark side and things , after he got captured by the empire. He wasnt in his usual suit, but in a white suit that looked like a Geth (from Mass Effect )

      I was some sort of ghost and I told him through telepathy that Ron ,Hermione ,and many others got killed by a person with a pistol, and that he should give in to the darkness and kill, face his fear and hatred and stuff like that.
      Overcome by the Trauma and rage, Harry goes on a dirtroad , following a person walking down there, meanwhile I'm with him and suggesting him to use avada kedavra and crucio.
      Once Harry got up to this person ,they engaged in a duel, Harry used Crucio and a green forcefield came over the person, as the person suffered heavily (idk the gender or the identity of this person at all, idk who the hell was that ,only that he\she killed them) .

      At this point , the narration changed, and I heard something "And in the green light of acceptance, Harry started to see pictures from the past....."
      and at this point the dream shifts and I dont remember the rest of the dream...

      Updated 06-12-2017 at 02:37 PM by 92016

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. It's over , Anakin!

      by , 06-11-2017 at 04:27 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I'm in a forest with my friend. Its fall in the dream, there are barely any leaf on the trees , its about afternoon.
      For some reason my rage overcomes me and now I want to kill him, I grab a stone and throw it in his direction, but it didnt get him. Then I chase him for a while, he climbs up on that hill full of trees. I follow him, I remember Star Wars, and the "high ground" so I continue to climb, once i got there, he starts to back up , but instead of following him , I climb up on that big branch that has fallen off and is on another tree. Then I screamed " It's over , Anakin! I have the high ground!" , then as an echo I hear the answer " You underestimate my power! " , I say " Don't try it" . Then at this point it all goes foggy and I dont remember what happened after wards.

      In a ltely fragment I remember fightning someone, then i became semi lucid, and tried to jump on the next level of that building where my enemy was . then i woke up.
    8. Fragment numer (??)

      by , 05-30-2017 at 01:57 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I play some game , or well im in the game , floating rocks, a roller coaster .
      I fall out, I enter some kind of cave full of portals, they are screens, scenes are played from the movie trilogy called matrix
      I fall into each portal, and the screen displays different stuff, more surreal and simple stuff. Doesnt make any sense.
      then i land in some underground place, i kill some creature. then i wake up.
    9. Fragment numer (?)

      by , 05-11-2017 at 10:13 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I was in my house, in fact near my bed , I got semi lucid, or well , I was not lucid, its like muscle memory, my subsconcious just knew that its a dream and can do anything.
      So I tried to do force lightning on a cabinet.
      But instead of lightning, fire came out of my hand as I concentrated the energy on the tip of my fingers...
      Then shit was on fire.
      And I woke up.
    10. Nature, buses, revenge (fragments)

      by , 03-29-2017 at 03:16 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I was in my city, then somehow i wandered off into nature, and found myself in a settlement in the middle of nature, on the plains, there was little rivers flowing, abandoned buildings and such, then I found , kind of a tribe with occultists and hippies, there was a river that was secluded with rocks and cardboards flow into a lake.
      These people believed in nature and living in balance i guess? Then at a point i learned of that there were other people like me who wandered off and joined in,

      It was sunset all the time in the dream so the scenery was beautiful .

      Then the dream switched, me and some people were on a way that was cracked to the ground and some buses got stuck, I screamed "you fuck, get going already".Then the bus driver got out and was like wtf , so i asked whats the problem with the bus, then we checked the tires that was wrecked .
      after that the dream switches back

      Later I met with my friend from school , he had a different hair now though.
      I wandered around that settlement a while then I suddenly heard riot, turns out my friend got killed and the people started to fight against eachother for survival, kinda battle royale situation escalated, some people fled into a place with the leader or main person of this cult whom i met later.
      But now i ran around in this chaos, some ppl tried to kill me, they teamed up against me, so i fled from the lake where it all broke out, ran in the water among the old
      buildings, then I stopped ,
      in a building was birds, they started to fly around me , and I felt a natural energy in myself, I started to throat sing, it was kinda similar to kargyraa but alot more epic and deeper. I became one with nature , through the singing i were able to comunicate with the birds, I felt balance with myself, it felt really good, some kind of singularity I guess. I went back to comfront the riot, with an army of birds gathering above me, then I ordered the birds to kill them all, and they did, some 7-10 people died on the river.

      Then I've let go of the birds.
      Later I've met with that woman who I assume leads this tribe or what : She looked like xoxaan from star wars legacy , but with white hair and white clothes, bit similar to an assassin but without hood .
      we were floating above a rock in the middle of the plains and walleys , and some other men in dark clothes floated around us too. We talked and then kissed. Thats when I woke up.

      Updated 03-29-2017 at 03:22 PM by 92016 (forgot a fragment)

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Golden Lamb

      by , 12-28-2016 at 03:12 PM (Crusader's Journal)

      Winter, night. I see an unusual golden color lamb, he is deity, but something happened with him. His kicked out from somewhere, or he fled himself. I saw this in such image, lamb flew a very long distance through the air, close to pine forest, and fell down on the snow. Then he decided to dig a hole in the snow, and began do it. It seemed to me, that it did not greatly upset him, because he is deity, and actually nothing bad could happen. He just wanted to rest and sleep in the burrow. Then I see a sectional schematic. He digged a very big burrow, a narrow passage on top, a circular burrow below, the volume is probably 100 times more him. When he had finished, he fell asleep on the bottom. While digging he was seen by a large herd of ordinary gray sheep. They came to his burrow and followed his example, all began to climb into his burrow, and completely filled it, that in the burrow is not left empty space. They are lying on sleeping magic lamb and on each other. Sheeps also filled the whole passage, and a few left to sleep at the entrance of the burrow. I thought, what a terrible claustrophobia have these sheep, they do not have enough air, and if someone from the bottom wants to get out, it will be quite impossible to do. The only thing was clear, that with golden lamb nothing will be, because he is immortal, he slept peacefully.
      Tags: non lucid
    12. My Dream

      by , 12-02-2016 at 09:27 AM (Crusader's Journal)

      Winter day. I'm in a place similar to a park, people walk on the paths, hilly snowy terrain, no many trees. I was moving quickly, flying close the ground, and lucidity comes in this. Continue to enjoy flight, fly almost touching the snow, flew over the hills, felt that I overcome the law of gravity. I was approached by someone, who is not a man, it seems it was the thing who spoke - children's toy :) and ask me "how are you move like that?" I said "this is my dream, and I do what I want". Then it all becomes into some nonsense, I was lying on the snow with this toy and we are communicate someway... and in this I lost my awareness. I'm going down the hill to a small town, got into the house, in it I find a girl and started to have fun with her. I have small understanding that this is a dream. She resisted, but not much, not screaming, and she said that her boyfriend came, warned me in advance. I held her and we hide behind the wall, she is silent. I got from somewhere a syringe with tranquilizer! Guy went near, I injected him in the back, and he immediately falling to sleep, fell down, but not completely asleep, again injected him in the head, and he passed out. I said to girl that when he wake up, nothing will be remembered. Funny that she was glad all this and we continued fun with her.
      Tags: lucid, non lucid
      lucid , non-lucid
    13. Lost at School

      by , 11-24-2016 at 08:11 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      I remember that I was trying to get to my Directed Study class in 5th period, but I was lost. I had one of my friends by me as we searched. Eventually, we were lost in a place in the school. The teacher there let us search, but we eventually realized that we were in the wrong wing of the school. We then went to the other wing, but still couldn't find the classroom. When 6th period came, we gave up and went to science class. I sat in my chair, the teacher shouted at the person in front of me, (she wouldn't do that in real life, she's pretty nice in real life) and I went about my day.

      Originally made on 11/24/16
    14. October 11 2016 Dreams

      by , 10-12-2016 at 09:50 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      It's been a while since I've said anything. I think maybe I'm afraid of going back to lucid.

      I'm in a bed which I think is in Aspen in an open room. There's an opening with a balcony on the left. I can hear someone who I think is having sex through the wall. They end up finishing up and on the right is another open walkway where I see Grayson and a random girl. She leaves and then he brags about getting oral or something.

      Separate dream I'm on the beach with some of my pledge brothers and I think it's stations night. There's snakes going in the ocean and out and going along the beach. I'm frantically running around trying to dodge them. In my mind it's a competition to see who can last the longest. It's not just us avoiding them but also eating them in waves. I'm throwing them up at a disgusting rate, the ocean is an ornagish tan from all the throwup. Eventually someone tells me to quit and I do.

      My vision goes to gravel road w/ fields on the left and right at about dusk. It leads into a house where I see Hayden. We're in this room with too much stacked furniture and a blackboard on the other side. He doesn't notice I'm there. He's rehearsing speech for stations with writing on the board. He's going to let them decide and at some point he writes "worst" in blood.

      Possibly connected. I'm watching this scene of Sam and some really attarctive burnette who I assume is a girlfriend. They're no the ground him on top of her. She takes her lingerie to bare chest and he starts kissing her breasts. Randomly, they get into an argument and it turns out they were on the phone the whole time having phone sex. They hang up. I'm on the phone with him now as he sits in his chair and I'm laying on the ground in front but I'm unseeable. I ask him what's on his boxer briefs which looked like 2 red pills. He tells me they were lube and then made a gesture rubbing his crotch.

      I'm in a futuristic and dark city which I think is Harrisonburg with tall skyscrapers. I'm going back to my room or something for a pregame. I go up spiral stairs and in this small circle room is a path with blue lights that go right. There's 2 girls dressed in white tennis uniforms saying that tennis has a party tonight. I say that's cool and then tell them our party's at bung which I say is far and they laugh as another girl walks in on the right. I go left to a room which is circular with a tall ceiling and more orange and blue lights. In the middle is a tall smooth oval table. Around it are people I don't remember and shot glasses. I look right and ask to everyone "is Syndra coming tonight"? I was talking about this asian girl to the right of me who has ruffled hair and giggling at me. she takes a shot of some random pink alcohol that has sprinkles on it. I remember thinking she didn't speak any English at all.
    15. Silly dreams & distressing w/ some water basketball!

      by , 09-04-2016 at 11:53 PM
      Not lucid only. Nothing much by way of dreams since my recall is poor right now. Staying up late & getting worn out swimming w/ Mike during his 3 day vacation for Labor day. Did meditate at the pool a few times over the last couple of days which was relaxing. Also we kicks some water basketball ass at the pool! I'm short & have back issues as most know but I was in my element today. These 3 kids wanted to play against Me & Mike & thought we should we would agree. Two against three was totally not fair so when a third kid piped up we took him on our team & agreed it was fair now. The kids were all "my" heighth & taller. Mike of course is 6 ft. I was the shortest. We ended w/ a score of 60 - 8. I prayed for a good day & I sure got it! Half of the aquatic part has been shut down over the whole 3 days due to lifeguards going back to college. So in the end we are coming up w/ stuff to do in the main pool which does have a cool wide blue/green slide, a yellow basic curve slide, basketball hoop, big pool, diving boards, rock wall, sitting wall & lap pool w/ accelerated rushing water.... Anyway, that's it for me today. Gotta get off of here & spend some much needed one on one w/ my hubby. My daughter wanted me to take her kids this week after Mike has been insanely stressed. Notice that I did not mention them at all, lol. Ya not happening.
      non-lucid , side notes
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