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    1. The Play

      by , 06-18-2015 at 12:35 AM
      I was walking into a weird building with possibly "The People" (Kind of like Spirit Guides), and my family. We were putting together the stage. After this we were just suddenly acting. Brady was yelling at me as part of the play, suddenly people told me it was my part. So I decided to fight back as part of the play, I was jumping backward a lot and swung around. I was acting and had to pretend to be drunk. I jumped back again and fell into the crowd, that happened a few times. My grandfather told that I was jumping too far. I tried to control it but I couldnt. So I just told them it was my sensory dissorder.
    2. Mike Shows Me His World (Lucid), High School Band, and Classroom/Donuts/Pickles

      by , 09-28-2014 at 02:07 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was waking up in what seemed to be my room at my house. It was dark and nighttime. I was looking at my dresser, and something seemed amiss. My TV wasn't there. I was dreaming!

      I got pretty excited, because I knew it was the beginning of the dream. I had quite a bit of lucidity ahead of me. I went into another room, thinking as I went, trying to figure out what to do with my lucidity, when I remembered CanisLucidus's dare, or at least the first part of it, to make Mike, my spirit guide, appear. I was in the bonus room and saw that on the couch sat my parents. It was quite dark in the room, like it had been in my bedroom. My dad was smiling at me, sitting right in front of me, and my mom was next to him on the right. I wanted Mike to appear, so I decided to try the Canis approach to making people appear in his dreams. I turned around to face away from my parents on the couch and said to my dad
      "You're going to be Mike!"
      I had no idea if this was going to actually work for me, but I turned around and saw that he had, in fact, changed! He was an older, rugged-looking man with straight, slightly thinning and slightly whiting shoulder length red hair. The red seemed to be mostly closer to the tips. He also had a mustache and a small beard. Even though he (once again) looked different, it was definitely him.
      "Mike!!" I said. I gave him a big hug.
      "Where have you been?" I asked.
      I don't recall his exact response, but he was telling me he had been busy doing other things. I kind of expected him to respond with something like "I've been here the whole time!" or something cheesy and predictable like that.

      Mike then asked me if I wanted to see his world. Of course I said yes! I don't remember if there was a period of transport or not, but we were then there. We were outside. It was sunny and bright, and actually appeared to be quite Earth-like. There were humans like us walking around, quite a few in fact; we seemed to be in a town or neighborhood. I wonder what made this world different from Earth? I then thought that this was a very Earth-like planet, but it was in a different dimension. That made much more sense to me.

      We then proceeded to go to his house. I was introduced to his mom, though I don't remember exactly what she looked like. I was a little nervous about meeting her since I was from such a different place and that I wouldn't know much about this place if she asked. We were in his house for a bit. It was easy to tell that he felt at home in this world. I felt like an outsider.

      Then, I think we were outside again, and he was showing me some solar powered thing that charged when held under the sun. It may have been a cellphone, but at any rate, it was a small black device that looked similar to some cellphones. He was guiding me on how to hold it under the sun, telling me I did a good job when I figured it out. Well, there's one difference, more emphasis on solar energy. There were other slight differences, I knew there was, but I didn't know what they were yet.

      Around this point, I also looked at some text on a sign that looked like it said "Kristia" or something like that. I looked away and back to find that it was now gibberish. The K was still there though. Yay for wonky dream text!

      I was also remembering that I had another part of the dare to do, but everything was so fast paced, I couldn't seem to recall it. There was a brief point where I did, but Mike was in front of me walking, so I didn't ask and forgot about it.

      We were then going around town, and his appearance kept changing, which is what he's good at doing. I'd look at him, and he'd look different, but still had something about his face that made me know it was still him. He, at one point, turned into this short, very dark Indian-looking woman with short black bobbed hair. He was next to me, then started to walk in front of me. I cannot recall where we were going at this point, all I know is that we were outside.

      Throughout the dream, I had also been doing random finger count RCs to make sure I was going to stay in the dream, sometimes coming up with 6 fingers, but it was usually 5.

      We were then sitting down somewhere. He was back to his form from the beginning of the dream, which was kind of a relief for me. I then really wanted to kiss him. I focused on his lips and leaned in. I closed my eyes, there was a slight delay on his end, but we kissed. I was concerned about my eyes being closed and how that could very well wake me. We kissed a couple of times before...

      I opened my eyes and I was in my room...kissing my husband. Ha! Well that's good at least. I looked at my nightstand and saw that many of my things, my notebook, phone, DS, etc. weren't there, but were on the floor. I guess I somehow knocked them off the nightstand in my sleep. I asked my husband if I had been doing anything in my sleep, and he said I had been singing a song. Ha!

      I then, at some point, figured out that I was dreaming again, and had had a FA. I found Mike again somehow, though I couldn't tell you where. I feel like we went back to his world for a bit, and we were talking about something when the dream finally ended for real.


      I was in high school band again. We were going to have to stay until after 10:30pm, which, in the dream, was when classes ended, for band rehearsal. I was complaining to my friends about it. We weren't happy about it.

      I was then sitting with the other clarinet players in an arch in the front row of seats in the band room. We were trying out for chair placements. My band director played a scale on the clarinet he was holding and told us that was our tryout. God, I hadn't played a scale, or the freakin' clarinet, in forever. It was assumed I was going to go first even though I was sitting in the smack dab middle of the arch because of my last name. I said
      "Don't look at me! I always go first!"
      The attention was taken off of me. I looked at my mouthpiece to make sure my reed was placed on there correctly.


      I was about to walk into a classroom to watch some kids while the teacher was out. I wrote something on the floor right next to the inside of the doorway on the right in chalk, a couple of sentences that kids would write over and over again on the blackboard for getting in trouble, though I can't remember what the sentences were. I hoped that the teacher didn't expect me to write them over and over again on the blackboard.

      I then was walking into the class. I walked in the front past the teacher's desk which was in the middle of the classroom. There was someone else in there at another smaller desk close to the end of the front. I started to think about how I would discipline a student who was doing something wrong. I looked to the blackboard and saw another, smaller board on it. I could make them write their names up there like I had to do when I was a kid, but I doubted that I could speak up enough to do this; I didn't want them to dislike me.

      I was then putting cake donut holes in bags when the other person there asked me a question, asking me if I would do something, a hypothetical question. I said yes, I'd do it. She was shocked by my answer, but I had meant it in a different way than what she was taking it in, and I tried to explain myself to her. I was then putting dill pickle slices in one of the bags with the donuts. I had only put a few in there before I realized that was a terrible idea. I took them out, but there was still a little juice in there.


      I had a dream before my LD, but I was so excited about the LD that I completely forgot it! Still super stoked about seeing Mike again. It has been awhile!

      Also, thank you Canis for (inadvertently) giving me a method of making DCs appear! Also, I completed half your dare. Does that count for anything? XD
    3. "Katie Did", Trouble Summoning Mike (Lucid), and Swimming In the Boat Pool

      by , 08-02-2014 at 03:58 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work. I was putting together these big boxes with four big pastries each in them. The boxes were on the racks we use to bake. I was choosing random pastries for the boxes. I seem to remember a small chocolate cake being one I was using. I was calling the boxes "surprise boxes", since the customers would get random pastries.


      My old (crazy) roommate, Katie, had purposely framed one of the cake decorators at work, who, in the dream, was the drummer's wife in my husband's band. She hid pieces of weed in between random packages on the sales floor, and she had told me that she had done all this like it was no big deal. She told me how she avoided the cameras very cleverly while doing so, making it look like nothing was going on. I "remembered" I hadn't seen the drummer's wife at work in awhile; now it made sense as to why.

      I was then at work, but it was nighttime. I was supposed to be working an overnight shift, but it was some kind of drill. Many others were there with me. We filed into a room, like a tornado safe room, and I thought we were supposed to duck, but I don't know if anyone did. I was sitting on the floor, saying to myself that I knew who had really hid that weed, but I didn't know if I should say anything or not. A guy was then next to me, and I told him that I knew who did it. He said I should definitely tell someone.

      We were then dismissed early, around 2am, even though we were supposed to be pulling an overnighter. I went home, and my husband was on the couch, watching a movie on TV. The movie was actually depicting the same type of situation, with someone being framed the same way. It was coming up on the part that someone told on the framer. I sat down with him, and started to talk to him about the situation with the crazy old roommate. He then straddled me and started doing small pelvic thrusts, just to be his silly self. The old crazy roommate then walked in from another room in the apartment. Um...what? Why is she here? She then sat down on a chair and started to talk to us. Dallas then turned the TV around to where I thought she couldn't see it, but the TV was a cube-shape, and had 4 screen on it, so she could see the big screen, and we were treated to a smaller screen. I knew that if she saw the rest of the movie, she'd know I was going to tell. I then fell asleep.

      When I woke, I was on the couch still, but the crazy old roommate was gone. I thought for sure she had left, but I then heard her voice from the other room. She said
      "I'm going to have to hear drums when I get home."
      I knew she was referring to her drummer boyfriend playing.
      I then saw a woman standing on a porch that was right in front of me, even though I was in the living room. She was talking on the phone. I asked her if we had all fallen asleep on the couch with the TV on, and she said we did, though she seemed slightly irritated that I interrupted her phone call.


      I was in my apartment, and I knew I was dreaming. Not sure what triggered it. I saw my husband in the kitchen, loading dishes in the dish washer. I went to go take his belt and his pants off, but I guess I got too excited, and woke up. I fell back asleep again.

      I was in a room somewhere, when I just knew I was dreaming. The dream seemed quite unstable, so I examined my hands. I started trying to call out to my spirit guide, Mike, but my voice wouldn't come out, no matter how hard I tried. I started to run around, trying to say
      "Mike? Where are you? Spirit guide? Where are you?" but the words 'Mike' and 'guide' would only come out as rasps. I ran by a mirror on a dresser.

      I then woke up, but it was an FA. I then woke up for real, and went right back to sleep and into the same dream, being fully lucid again. I was in the same room again. I decided to make my friend Ashley appear. It got kinda raunchy at this point, so I'll spare you the details. All I'll say is we fooled around with scissors, I think the point being that they would not hurt me in a dream. Throughout the experience, I kept examining my hands, as to not lose the dream again due to excitement. It worked, and I did not lose the dream.

      I then saw this vial of dark purple-red liquid. I called it "dream juice". It didn't have much contents left. I looked in the mirror, and started to pour it on myself. I ran out, and made another vial appear in my hand. I thought about how looking in the mirror watching it appear made it easier to make it materialize. I then started to pour some of it in my mouth. White chunky stuff was in my mouth along with the dream juice. It was kinda weird.

      Then, I started going throughout other rooms in the area, looking for Mike. Why couldn't I find him? I felt as if this shouldn't have been an issue. I ran into a few DCs, asking if they were Mike, or if they knew who Mike was. They all told me no, until the last one I encountered, who was an older woman. I asked if she knew where Mike was, and she said yes, and pointed to another room.
      "Mike?" I called out.
      "Yes?" said another voice.
      A man then emerged, an older gentleman with grey hair, a small grey beard, and a mustache. He reminded me of a janitor. He had been working on something in that room.
      We spoke for a bit, but I don't remember many details, other than he spoke to me about always changing his identity, always being another person. He then said
      "Oh, there is an event I need to invite you to. It's taking place the 4th through the 7th."
      I then saw something on a piece of paper that said it was to start at 7:08pm.
      I never got any more details about this event, because I woke up.


      I was on DV, and got a notification, a warning that someone had corrected one of my typos. I had spelled "sue" wrong? Proper grammar and spelling was supposedly a big rule. I then thought about other DJ entries from the past that I had been really tired when I was typing them out. I knew they were full of errors, but they never got corrected.


      I was having to go to work, but it looked like I was just working behind a counter with shelves of bread and baked goods behind me. A woman came up and asked if we had any fresh-baked bread yet that morning, and I looked, and only saw some fudge and some desserts, but no bread. I guess we were behind that morning, so I told her no, we didn't. I then went out from behind the counter, and my manager, Shannon, took over. An older lady who was there with her young granddaughter asked her if she had any "peanut bread" yet. Apparently, this woman would come get this "peanut bread" a lot, and would scam us somehow. Shannon was quite rude back to her, and replied with
      "How about no?"
      I had NEVER heard her speak to a customer like that! Wow.

      My 6-year-old nephew Gary was here at some point, but I can't remember what for. He was asking me questions.

      I then was at a computer with Dallas, taking these timed quizzes. They were some sort of graded multiple choice assignment, but for what, I'm not sure. I was at the computer taking them, and I skipped over a the last part of a long section to come back to later. The timer was still running on it though. I went and did the final, three question section, and started trying to answer those questions. The timer on this one was mere seconds, though, and I didn't finish in time, only getting one out of three correct. I then had the option to re-do that section, and the questions were now about some area of Disney and Mickey Mouse. I was asking Dallas if he knew the answers. I had to guess on a lot of it. One of the questions was a three part question. I ran out of time on this one after answering two questions. I got two out of three of them right, and got a little screen that said so, like a congratulatory screen. I then tried to go back to the other section so I could finish, but I couldn't click on it at all. In fact, the only one I could click on was the last section that I had done twice now. I had run out of time on the other section. I then saw bars on the left hand side of the screen indicating how many questions we had gotten right. The bar by the section I had skipped some on was about 75% full. I guess I hadn't done too bad for myself, despite skipping questions.

      I then was back in my apartment. I had to go out and meet Dallas's mom at this little building by the front office of the apartment where Dallas and I had taken the test before. I exited my apartment, and saw that the stairs were gone, but just from the third to the second floor. It also appeared that there was trash and random things on the second floor. I guess they were doing some type of construction. I carefully made my way down, hoping not to fall. I somehow made it down just fine, though I had to be very careful and precise with my movements.

      I was then outside during the daytime with Dallas's mom. It was morning. We were standing in front of this huge, clear pool of water that was only supposed to be used for boats. It was not open for the day yet. There was a gate in the middle of it, and two small water ways for the small boats to pass through. I could see the small building where the test was in the distance. I jumped into the water, fully clothed. It was very comfortable, a little warm even. I think the water had been too cold before, and Dallas's mom was saying something to me about it. She then jumped in as well, and we were swimming around in the water, even though we weren't supposed to be in it. A small speedboat then came through one of the water ways. I figured we probably needed to get out before we got in trouble.

      I then was looking at a computer at my typed up dreams from the night on my DJ here on DV. I could only see some of the text against the black background of my DJ; the rest of it was hidden. I highlighted it with my mouse, and I could see it again.

      At some point, I became lucid in my apartment, but either it didn't last, or I just forgot what happened.


      Wow, so either my subconscious was trolling me with the janitor Mike thing, or I dunno what. It didn't seem like Mike; his personality was much different. I felt like he was having to be incognito for some reason? I'm not sure. It was strange that I couldn't summon him, though. Maybe it was because the dream wasn't very stable? Though at that point, it had stabalized quite a bit. Hmm. Weird and interesting.

      I will say, though, that it seems to be becoming easier for me to become lucid. I don't normally have this many LDs in the same week (knock on wood). I am being more intentional about becoming lucid, thinking about it before I fall asleep, and definitely when I wake up and have to pee or something, which is the best opportunity for me to do a WBTB. Hoping that this lasts; I am very much so enjoying all this lucid time.

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    4. Lucid: Learning My Guide's Name, and Seeing His True Form *Updated*

      by , 07-30-2014 at 12:27 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in an elementary school front office. I saw many women working there, and many working on computers in the back. I walked up to my mom, who was one of the women working on the computers. I "remembered" that this was her job now. She seemed content.

      Then, a girl at the front desk gave Dallas and I some drinks that looked like orange and red Kool-Aid drinks that used to come in the bottles (Kool-Aid Jammers?). She had stolen them to give them to us for the movie we were going to see. Her boss, a woman, asked her if she had stolen them. She said no, even though she obviously did.

      We were then leaving so we could get to the movie on time. This is around when I became lucid.

      I spoke to my husband for a long time. We spoke of past lives, I discovered he was in many. I asked about my mom, and saw an image of her as I did. I knew she was in some past lives as well; I knew before I even asked. A random DC appeared that had traditional African clothing on. I asked if he was in a past life, but he disappeared; he was just a regular DC. I remember something about the name Mary; it wasn't a coincidence that the people in my life have the names they do. I thought of all the Marys I knew (Mary Katherine is my best friend IWL, for example; I thought about this at this point in the dream). Dallas and I were on a lake at night for part of this dream.

      I then was walking through a mall. I felt the dream was about to end. Before I woke up, I saw many stores with signs lit by neon green lights. I felt like this is where the movie theater was located.


      I was determined to return to this lucidity to meet up with my spirit guide and find out his true form. I kept falling back into sleep and immediately being lucid, but I would wake again very shortly; the dream was not stable enough.

      Finally though, I re-entered sleep and stayed. I was lucid immediately; I felt SP and saw the dream forming. I waited a little bit before I went and did anything; I knew I had to stabalize first and foremost.

      The dream finally felt good enough for me to continue. To increase the stability a bit more, I examined my hands, and thought about what Hyu said to me about using your senses to increase stability. I used my sense of touch. I was walking through my family's kitchen, and felt everything I came across. I touched the counters, etc. The sensation felt a bit "muted" but it really did help. I thought for sure the dream would fall apart before this.

      I then was inside somewhere, walking down a wooden hallway, when I knew that I wanted to see my spirit guide. At first, I said
      "Dream guide appear!" but realized my error and corrected myself to
      "Spirit guide appear!"
      I then saw a shadow behind me. I looked behind me, and saw what looked like a girl I knew growing up named Jess.
      "Wow, this is tricky," he said, referring to taking on other forms.
      It didn't matter; I knew it was him. He looked like Jess, but had the voice of a man.

      I then started to feel as if I was losing the dream. I said to my guide
      "Please! Keep me in the dream!"
      He held onto me and things started to stabalize again. This happened a couple of times throughout the dream.

      We were then walking into a restaurant. It resembled a Cracker Barrel. We sat down at a table with a couple at it. He said to them
      "Excuse me, may we join you?"
      The table had dirty dishes and food on some of the dishes. We sat with them. We were across the table from one another. We were speaking, and I asked him his name.
      "Mike," he said. He then called me "Bethany".
      "Was that my name?"
      "Yes, you were very proud of me," he said. He was referring to a past life we had shared together.
      I had brief thoughts that he was a musician of some sort.
      "Mike, may I see your true form?" This was part of my goal for an LD.
      He replied, saying something about the way he would look, but I can't remember exactly what he said.

      We stood up. He then started to change. His head went down into his shirt; it was kind of comical. He then emerged, mostly, having his now tuxedo shirt and jacket part way over his head, which was partially stuck inside the shirt.
      He was a homely, red-haired middle-aged man. He was tall and skinny. I then asked him
      "May I see what I looked like?"
      I was then looking in a mirror on the wall. The mirror was a bit high for me (I'm quite short, even IWL). He instructed me on how to change my reflection. I don't remember exactly what he said, but I waved my hand in front of my eyes. In the mirror, I saw my eyes change. I kept going, and my whole face changed. I saw that I was missing a tooth also. I was a homely, kind-looking middle-aged woman with thin, fine wispy hair. I kept going even after this, and my face morphed into a rat's face. Oops, too far. I said something about this to my guide, and he joked about the rat face.

      We were then sitting down again, and speaking of something,
      when my husband's alarm woke me up.


      Alright, well I didn't end up going back to sleep after all, but I did get a chance to think a little more on this.

      Before I went to sleep, I thought about becoming lucid, about situations that could induce lucidity, etc. I imagined it happening as I was falling asleep.

      Wow, intention is such a powerful thing! I did not become lucid until early this morning, but that is the norm for my lucidity.

      I do believe that I am finally starting to see the power of my mind; I am finally being able to tap into things that I once thought I would never be able to do. I am finally, finally coming into my own, and being able to use my intent, and actually believe that it's going to work instead of having doubt tower over me. This feels legit. I am absolutely amazed.

      Now, I need to figure out what to do next. I think that I just need to let things flow, and when I meet my guide in my dreams, I'll know who he is now, hopefully, and that in itself will induce lucidity. I really hope that this journey I am on continues. I will, of course, keep you all posted.

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    5. Violin With An Ex, and FINALLY a Long Lucid!

      by , 07-27-2014 at 02:12 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at Nick C's place, an ex of mine that IWL, I really hurt when I left him. I don't remember why I was there, but it had something to do with me playing the violin. Another person was there too. I could sense how upset Nick C was. He was frustrated and hurt. I was frustrated from the bad vibe in the room; him feeling bad was causing me to feel bad, too.

      I was sitting at a cluttered kitchen table. I had brought the violin with me; I think it was Nick C's anyway. It needed to be re-strung; there were these new greenish strings sitting on it, just needing to be tightened into place. I think Nick C was going to do it, because I didn't know how.

      I then "remembered" playing the violin in a rock band. At the time of the memory, I was still with Nick C. We were playing an indoor show. There was a crowd there listening. It had been my first time ever performing on the violin. Someone had come up to me and asked me to play louder because they couldn't hear me. Eventually, I gained more confidence and started to play more loudly. For my first time ever playing, I was actually doing a really good job.

      Then, I came back to the present. I was too overwhelmed by the bad feelings, and had to leave. I said
      "I'm leaving. I just can't be here anymore."
      I considered taking the violin. I wasn't sure whether or not I should. I think Nick C said it was fine (despite the circumstances). I started to put it in its case. I threw something else in there as well, but I'm not sure. I'm also not sure how it all fit in the case, but it did. I couldn't play the violin, though, because of the strings not being attached.
      I was close to the door, and was looking for my flip-flops. There were lots of shoes on the floor by the door. I finally found mine, a pair with a straw-like material on the foot with a black fabric outline around the edges (they actually resemble a pair I had when I was a teenager IWL). I slipped them on and went out the door.

      I then was walking towards my car, which, in the dream, wasn't my car; it was an old, red car kind of like my husband's. I was walking through the yard to get to my car. Nick C was behind me. He said
      "You know you're going to have to pay for putting me through all this, right?"
      "Yes," I responded. I knew karma would balance things out eventually.

      I then realized I wasn't holding my keys. No big deal, I thought, I'll just make them appear in my hand. I did just that, simply by thinking about my keys being in my hand.
      The power of thought, I thought to myself.
      I then sat in the driver's side, and Nick C got in and sat in the passenger's side. I then realized I also didn't have my purse. I did the same thing I did with my keys, and thought about it to make it appear.


      I woke up around 5am to pee. I noticed a sound coming from the kitchen, and thought it was my coffee pot going off too early. I went to look, but it wasn't. I then went back to bed, and knew that this was a perfect opportunity for lucidity. I fell asleep after laying awake for a bit.

      I was still working at Kohl's, though I don't know why, since I had quit and stopped showing up to work. I "remembered" my name still being on the schedule.

      I wasn't at work though, I was with my husband, Dallas. We were at I guess what was supposed to be our place. We had ordered a game online, and it had come in the mail. I think it was a SNES game. I was opening the package, and the game had come with some skimpy hot pink and black Playboy pajamas, complete with bunny ears. It was like a bonus for buying the game. We were both excited. Free stuff rocks.

      Then, I was waking up on a porch. It was very sunny; a beautiful morning. I wasn't quite sure where I was, though. I examined the view I had from the porch, and somewhere off to the east was a beach.

      The beach triggered lucidity. I didn't even RC; I just knew. I then stood there for a second trying to remember my lucid goals. God dammit, I couldn't remember; it was like there was a block there. Not the first time that's happened, but I didn't want to waste the lucidity. I decided to go inside and get my husband. I hesitated before I opened the door, though; I did not want to lose this dream. I put my hand on the gold doorknob and went inside. I walked down the hallway, and felt the vividness fading a little. I rubbed my hands together, but it didn't really do much. I examined my hands instead, and it helped. I noticed one of my fingernails on my left hand looked as if it was sloppily painted with white nail polish.

      I then saw my husband; his back was to me. I started to talk with him, and he faced me.
      "This is a dream!" I said, as usual.
      He didn't seem to believe me, and kept turning around and avoiding eye contact with me. I kept trying to convince him, but he just wouldn't hear it. Oh well, whatever. I decided to just go explore on my own.

      I was then outside, walking through a lightly forested area with many pine trees. I noticed that Dallas had come along after all; he was behind me. I then decided to test my power of thought, and held my hands out to either side of me to fell the trees. I thought my intention to make them fall, and, behind me, as I passed them, I heard them creaking as they fell. Neat.

      Then, we were on a paved road. I was barefoot; I could feel the hot pavement underneath my feet. There were children about, playing in the street. A car started to come. One little girl in a red dress with black polka dots was lagging behind the rest of the children, who were running to the side of the road for safety. I thought she was going to get hit, but she got sideswiped, and her clothing got caught on the side of the car. The car kept driving with this girl attached to the side of it.

      We kept walking. I then decided to try to find my dream guide, which has, over the years, proved to be a futile search. I yelled
      "Dream guide, if I have a dream guide, please appear!"
      Nothing. Of course. As usual. I started to climb over this small grassy hill on the edge of the road to see if my guide was on the other side.
      Dallas then said
      "Krista, it's not working."
      I knew he was right; I have suspected for awhile now that I do not have a dream guide. I am, in fact, my own dream guide. It makes sense when I think about it. Not everyone has separate dream guides, after all.

      We were then standing by some stairs. I was trying to think of something else I could do. All these children started to play around us, and I couldn't concentrate. One of them was the girl who got sideswiped by the car; I remember the dress.
      "Go away!" I said. I needed to think. They all started to go down the stairs.
      I then looked up at the sky, and noticed dark clouds coming in quickly. It was very vivid and beautiful, but I knew a storm was coming soon.

      I then had an idea of what I wanted to do.
      "Spirit guide, please appear!" I said more than this, but I can't remember specifically; this is the gist of what I said.
      Dallas then immediately stepped in front of me.
      "I am your spirit guide," he said. I was a little surprised. I then noticed that there were two Dallases there: The one standing in front of me who had spoken, who looked just like my husband, even down to his clothes, which were his IWL work clothes, and one standing off to the side, whose face looked slightly different from my husband's.
      "What? Are you really my spirit guide?" I inquired.
      Then, I noticed a huge, white cloud was coming down from the sky. It morphed into the shape of a hose vacuum cleaner. It sucked up a car. The car quickly went into it. I knew we were next, and that this was the end of the dream. The cloud laughed an evil laugh, and turned to us, and started to suck us up into its depths. We flew up into it, and I heard a weird noise as I was waking up.


      I was up and about to type out my dreams on DV. I went to the computer. The desk was way smaller than IWL, but I didn't notice in the dream. It was in the corner, and I wanted to move it in front of the window. It had something to do with the seat and where it was positioned; I didn't want to hurt my back.

      I got on DV, and noticed I had already typed my dreams up. I even had 4 comments. I looked at the comments, and one just said "coupon protected". Ugh, a bot. I checked my email, and there was something about it in my email.


      YAY FINALLY SOME LUCIDITY!! So stoked, even though I again did not remember my goals. I didn't meditate yesterday, but I did get to sleep in a little today; I don't have to work until 9am as opposed to the 7am shifts I've been working. I do think that meditating the other day did help, though. It helps me to clear my mind and any debris that's collected.

      I was quite intrigued by what happened when I asked to meet my spirit guide. This is going to need some further investigation for sure. God, this was the longest lucid I've had in ages. It was very vivid and clear. I am super giddy this morning!

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    6. 4.29.13 - Emotional Healing

      by , 05-01-2013 at 03:36 AM
      [Sleep at 12:15 am. Alarm off at 4:00 am - awake for 5 minutes. Non-lucid. Recorded 6:05 am.]
      I remember talking to someone about Opa's death. While in real life I have been sad and, of course, I miss him, I have not really cried or even thought about it beyond the first day. In the dream though, I broke down into hysteric tears. I really missed him and felt his lose deeply even though we were not too close. [I suddenly remember when he stood up for me against Oma with the whole mayo fiasco.]

      Then I was possibly half awake and still crying. I knew I had been dreaming but also recognized the fact that I needed to cry since I had not allowed myself to do so in real life.

      The dream started somewhere else with a person (the one I was talking to about Opa) but I can't remember what we were doing or why. We were walking at the time of the conversation, and it was dark. Everything was dark. [Because I did not have to see to feel. Sight can be misleading, as I had let my emotions misguide me. In order to heal on a deep level, I needed to FEEL, not to think or rationalize.] Remember thinking I should wake up and write it down, but was still partly sleeping and wanted to continue - very tired.

      [Contemplation. Dream fragments remembered until entire dream pieced together. 4.30.13 1:30pm]
      At the beginning there was I girl with light skin and long dark hair pulled back. She was talking to me and leading me somewhere. Saw through my own eyes, or the eyes of the player, not watching from above like usual. Was I myself? Or just a character?

      Surrounded by darkness and rocks. Maybe in some kind of cave? Was there water nearby? On the walls? Possibly in the cave behind my waterfall, but then why would I have to be lead. I WAS following, but why and to where?

      Dream then changed, but same darkness followed. Not a scary, fear inducing darkness, more a comforting, peaceful darkness. I felt at ease, walking next to someone. I believe different then the girl in the beginning, but somehow felt the same, just older. More wise and knowing. Talking to me as we walked through the darkness. I don't remember hearing words, but knew there was a conversation. Don't know where we were or where we were going. More like surrounded by nothingness. Going no where, doing nothing but being.

      Suddenly flooded by thought of Opa and feelings of immense sadness and loss. I was crying. Although there was so much pain, I knew this was a part of a healing process that I have not allowed myself in a waking state. I knew I had to think of him, of how much I missed him, and just let the tears come. I felt safe knowing this woman was somehow supporting me, encouraging me to let myself simply feel.

      I believe I partly woke up, crying, and reflected on this experience as something I needed in order to move on. I know I suppress my emotions in a waking state, so much that it very rarely even creeps into my dreams, so I know I am making progress. I felt relief.

      I knew I should write everything down or forget the details, but somehow felt the beginning of the dream was not significant and had no fear forgetting the rest. Too tired to wake fully, possibly even still dreaming. Floated back into sleep.

      Was this my guide? Do I need to let myself heal emotionally before I can travel successfully? Hopes of seeing Dason still hold me back. I need to let this go while coping with the reality that he is gone. I need to find a way to hold on to his memory while still somehow moving on. This is a big task that will take time. My guide will help me. I have full trust in her.

      [Sudden memory from 8 years ago. Remember the dream so long ago? A sword. A guide. A tower. Dason, Brittany, max?, Jamaal? We were going to take over the world. Change it. What did she say to me? Only he could do something, but I was needed for... something. Same guide? He was the tower, looking up at its immense structure. The guide and myself watched from above. "You know he is the only one that can change the world?" I was disappointed it wasn't me, but I was also young and immature. She was wise. What was meant? What was my purpose? I knew instinctively others were involved, but I played a big role in this change. So long to go without this dream... until now. Why?]

      [Contemplation and inspiration. 4.30.13 10:15 pm]
      Tarot reading few months ago. Guidance, reversed. Thought nothing of it until the following weekend when it all occurred to me at once. I ask for guidance, as if I do not have it, but in fact I do. There are signs every where and I have the tools to guide myself, but I set this all aside because I am waiting for guidance from him. He cannot lead me any further. "I have taught you everything you need to know." At the time, I cried. I knew it was a dismissal, a good-bye. How right I was... I need to heal and move on. It is possible he still exists outside my heart, but I need to progress with my own insight or risk losing everything. Guidance is here, I just have to open my eyes to it. Now, my guide has returned. Whether an astral being, a spirit, or a creation of my mind, to me it is a representation of guidance. It is knowledge and understanding to help me see choices and follow my own paths. It is me.
    7. Meeting My Spirit Guide...?

      by , 05-12-2012 at 03:09 PM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)
      Friday, May 11th, 2012
      Meeting My Spirit Guide...? (DILD)


      Meeting My Spirit Guide...?

      I have a robocop dream of the twin towers. I am next to robocop and we are in one of the towers. An attacker enters and fails to kill robocop. We both jump out the window and we fly to the top of the tower. I feel like I might fall. Then I jump in order to stop a missile. The dream rewinds and I am aware of it. This whole scene repeats multiple time with slight differences each time. This feels too real and so I wanna wake up.

      I am unconscious. I feel the bed behind me and I know I am asleep. But I am unconscious. This is strange. I have never been aware of the unconscious state of sleep before.

      It is time to wake up. I start waking up.

      My mind wanders through different wake up scenes. I am in a hospital and I hear the nurses scuffling about.

      A flashlight wavers over my two closed eyes.

      I am not waking up to real life. I am waking up to a dream.

      I hear Muffy's voice (the girl from the TV show Arthur).

      I wake up.

      I am in Mr. Ratburn's class. EVERYTHING is two dimensional and the colors are cartoon-like.

      I feel like I am Arthur. I lift my head up. I am seated at a desk and had fallen asleep during class.

      Am I waking up from a nightmare of being in a coma or something? Or is THIS still the nightmare?

      I RC through my nose and realize that this is a dream! I am me again and Arthur is seated next to me. He is a cross between Arthur and my brother. We walk out of the class room as I try to maintain awareness by casually not thinking about it or about waking up all too much.

      It feels SO real and awesome.

      He and I walk to the cafeteria as we talk. Everything is still two dimensional.

      Me: "You know how I know I am dreaming?"

      Him: "How?"

      Me: "Pinch your nose and breathe in."

      He does it wrong and pinches the bottom of his nose leaving open airways through both nostrils.

      Him: "There's nothing really special about this..."

      Me: "You're doing it wrong."

      I tell him to completely pinch his nose and then he does it right. He looks shocked and speechless.

      Me: "See? This doesn't happen in waking life."

      We split up.

      I wonder what I should do?

      Sex! I am going to open up a portal and have sex with some hot chick!

      Wait! No. I wanna find my spirit guide. I have never had a lucid dream this clear and stable before.

      I start to run back to the hallway from which I came. Everything is becoming three dimensional now.

      I focus on finding my spirit guide. I might have to create a portal or think "through" a door.

      A black man sitting at the cafeteria bar turns around immediately and looks at me in a sort of semi-shocked kind of way.

      I look back at him and then I smile.

      Is this my spirit guide?

      He starts laughing in a friendly manner and we shake hands.

      Him: "Finally!"

      It feels like I am talking to a person in waking life.

      Me: "I know, it's taken me a while huh! But I'm finally here!" ^_^

      I wonder what I should ask him.

      Me: "Well, hi! My name is [name]! What's your name?"

      He sits there in silence and then responds.

      Him: "Well...I don't really have a name."

      Me: "Hahaha. All right. What would you prefer to be called?"

      Him: "Morgan."

      Me: "All right Morgan. It's great to meet you."

      We move from the bar to a booth in the cafeteria. Everything is now completely three dimensional.

      Morgan is sitting to my right. Across from us sit three other guys. They are Morgan's friends. I am trying to make an active effort to remember everyone, how they look, where they are sitting and all their names.

      To the farthest left (from my perspective) sits Brooke. In the middle (to Brooke's left) is Seth. Finally, to the far right is Eric.

      Someone makes a joke about Morgan by calling him Morganstern (a reference to Hamlet's Guildenstern).

      We talk and talk as if we were any other group of friends hanging out in waking life. Brooke plays in a band. We talk about that for a little bit.

      Brooke: "Yea. My band...it's just..."

      Me: "You play in a band!? That's. so. cool!"

      Brooke: "Yea!"

      Me: "What's your bands name?"

      He looks at a bottle of Blue Wave flavored vodka on the table and starts to laugh.

      Brooke: "It's actually called 'Blue Wave.'"

      I look at the table and see two empty bottles of Blue Wave.

      Hahahaha I can't believe his band is called Blue Wave.

      Brooke: "But it's terrible."

      Seth: "Yea his band isn't too good."

      Eric: "It sucks."

      Wow, this whole thing is silly. And Brooke doesn't seem to mind too much either, hahaha.

      Some wandering DC that looks like my waking life buddy DS, makes a passing comment as he overhears us.

      DC: "Your band is fucking terrible!"

      Guess people here know about Blue Wave.

      I take a sip from a drink I have and it tastes JUST like Blue Wave. I spit it out as I realize I am holding an empty bottle of Blue Wave and must have sipped the very little bit at the bottom.


      Me: "So are you guys from the external, or are you an internal part of my mind?"

      I sort of guide them with this answer, thinking internal. For some reason, if they say external, it would seem like I am fooling myself.

      Brooke: "Internal."

      Seth and Eric: "Yea internal."

      I wonder what Morgan would classify himself as. He is still here sitting next to me, but has let me do most of the talking.

      Now I feel like exploring the dream a bit.

      Me: "Hey guys. It was totally awesome meeting you. I wanna explore for a little bit, but there might be a chance I will wake up."

      I smile and laugh at the thought of an unintentional wake up. This dream has been pretty damn stable and awesome.

      Me: "Anyway, in case I do wake up, I'll see you guys around. Hahaha. If not, I'll be back soon!"

      I walk around the cafeteria and see an asian girl standing and staring at me by a second hallway (not the one through which I originally entered). It feels like we might know each other. I decide I want to meet her.

      She turns around and runs into the hallway. I run and follow.

      The hallway juts inward and there is an immediate right a few feet ahead. I turn right. I don't see her...

      Behind me, my friend from high school AA, appears out of nowhere. She looks terrified, out of breath and in shock.

      AA: "You have to wake up!"

      Me: "Why?"

      AA: "Wake up!"

      Me: "No!"

      AA: "Listen! There's no time. Just wake up!"

      The hallway contains an inward groove. I pull her into it. That way, if anyone is looking for her, they won't be able to see her in the hallway unless they walk inside and make an active effort to search. At first glance, the groove will hide us and any pursuer will not be able to see us.

      In a calm voice, I speak.

      Me: "Just tell me why. If you tell me why, I won't ask questions and I will wake up."

      AA: "That man, the one you were talking to is dangerous!"

      I can tell she is referring to Morgan.

      Me: "How so?"

      AA: "He's been talking about how he is going to have you wandering through hallways for hours and hours..."

      I can tell she means that he is sadistic and intends to torture me within the dream, starting with the meaningless wandering through hallways.

      I then sense someone chasing us entering the hallway through the cafeteria. I can't tell if it is actually Morgan, but it feels like him.

      He is in the hallway! All he has to do now to find us is make the immediate right turn and continue walking. Then, if he sees us in the groove, he will have found us. And if he finds out that I know...

      I look at AA one last time. Then I close my eyes and loudly shout.

      Me: "WAKE UP!"

      I am in my bedroom. I do several RCs and recall everything with no effort.

      Was Morgan my spirit guide? Was he even a conscious entity? Was he an impostor with an ulterior motive? Was he really as evil and sadistic as AA claimed? Or was AA a DC that kind of just was starting a new dream plot for me to fall into.

      Meh. I want breakfast!

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    8. WILD Bail Out and Dream Guides

      by , 03-10-2012 at 04:02 PM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)
      Friday, March 9th, 2012
      WILD Bail Out and Dream Guides (Hypnagogia, DILD)


      WILD Bail Out and Dream Guides

      Despite it being around 4 or 5 in the morning, everything in my bedroom is still very dark. I lie on my back, trying my best to fall asleep. I want to get a few hours at least.

      My body drops as it locks into some sort of trance. Is this light trance? Deep trance?

      It is full-fledged sleep paralysis! It's been a while. For now, I decide to play and go with it. But I feel really creeped out.

      A woman is near me to my left. She and I start to talk. It is implied she is my dream or spirit guide. She pushes me towards my right, in an agreement to help me get to my dream.

      Me: "Wait. Are you good or bad?"

      I expect her to be completely honest.

      Her: *pause* "I am not a harmful person."

      I wake myself up as I am somewhat scared.

      I have a bunch of normal dreams about all kinds of things, most of which I don't remember. However one particular scenario in one dream sticks out.

      I am in a small library containing various shelves of books. In the center of the library is a huge beige fridge. I walk towards it.

      There is a woman who I note as resembling DVC. I think she is someone's dream or spirit guide. Wait. Is she my guide?

      I open the fridge. It is not very clean. I see a few ketchup and mustard stains here and there.

      Someone else is here. It is very vague. Is it Hyu? Is this person really here? The clarity is really low.

      I am not sure if there is a dreamer. I know that there is a dreamer's guide; at least in the dream that is how I perceive it.

      Someone's dream or spirit guide is here. I can't tell which type of guide. It might be Yuya.

      I want to ask her some questions. Questions about how to improve myself. Questions about the nature of dreams and even some deeper-level stuff. But mostly questions about how to improve my lucid dreaming in order to learn and grow.

      One of the nearby DCs gets a crazed look in her face as I speak. This DC has an agenda. Her mind is fragmented. I can see the four or five pieces that make her up.

      I completely fall into the plot of the dream.

      As I focus on the DC, I forget about everything else. I feel like I need to deal with the DC and prevent the psychotic fragment from completing its agenda.

      The library's various shelves of books also contains vials of various substances. One was made by the DC. She looks like Georgina from Gossip Girl.

      Georgina is mad at the main dream plot character, Dan (also from GG). They stopped hooking up a while back, and out of spite she now wanted him to drink the poisonous substance she concocted.

      I think Dan drinks it without being aware of doing so. He falls to the floor...

      ...A blur...

      I think I'm supposed to generally learn from my own guides. I'm not entirely sure, but maybe the appearance of others has to do with my earlier fear of the WILD and the ultimate bail out. I'm not gonna try and overthink what hasn't been made clear. I'll see what happens in the future.

      Lucid Flight

      Something about being lucid.

      Something about flying. I am running across a street and jump. I fly. Everything is really hazy, but this is really happening.

      Someone else is with me. I think I am following...her? We fly through the night sky. It takes me a little while to gain some height.

      I can't believe I'm flying!

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    9. Lucid Dreaming Chaos!

      by , 07-24-2011 at 06:18 PM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)
      July 23rd, 2011
      Lucid Dreaming Chaos! (WILD, DILD)


      Best representation I could find for my "spirit guide." She has white or blonde hair and a very light peach complexion, with blue clothes/aura.

      Goddamnit. How many FAs was that!? I wrote lots of dream notes and everything! Also, a note as to how I color coded this dream journal. Lucid dreaming technically means you KNOW you are dreaming. So even though I may or may not have been dreaming for most of the WILDs or sleep paralysis episodes, I color coded them as hypnagogia. Just keep in mind that they could have occurred from within the dream.

      Well, here it is!

      It is 7:34am. It's kind of late, but I decide to try and WILD. I'll just wake up at 9am today. It takes me a little while to fall asleep. My WILDing does not seem successful. Every few minutes or so, I find that I am really uncomfortable and slightly impatient. I decide to just try and go to sleep. As the wandering images start to flow, I instead fuel them in order to get to a dream faster.

      Now this is where the confusion begins. I either WILD or DILD. I cannot tell which. I cannot tell if I start experiencing sleep paralysis from within a dream/false awakening type thing or whether it is an actual WILD. As for the FAs, except for the parts I KNOW don't happen (like dream recall note taking or talking to people), I am not sure if I really woke up or not.

      Either way, I fall into sleep paralysis. I want to keep my eyes closed, but I also want to look around. It's been weeks since I remember inducing sleep paralysis, so I am proud of myself. I decide to look around. I see nothing. I feel a slight sense of relief. No evil dream monsters attacking me today. The wall to my far right starts to blur as an invisible figure seems to bulge out of the air. I guess I spoke too soon...

      ...The invisible figure starts to walk towards me, while floating in the air, as it forms. It begins to solidify. I can only perceive the entity in bits and pieces. The form of it is completely distorted. It looks and feels JUST like my dark spirit guide.

      What should I do? Should I make myself wake up? Should I face the entity? I make my decision quickly.

      No more fear! I have consciously been through sleep paralysis many times. It is time to face my dark spirit guide! Within seconds, the entity almost completely forms. This is new. I see a blond-white haired young fairy-like woman hovering over my bed. I can definitely see her wings. She is wearing blue colored fairy-like clothes. I cannot really make out her face.

      I try to proceed through my hallucinations. I relax and ignore everything that is happening around me. Focus on nothing. Think of nothing. WILD.

      I wake up.

      Again into sleep paralysis. I see the fairy-like woman hovering over my bed again. She begins to speak.

      "Wake up!" she exclaims in a worried voice. "You have to hurry! Wake up before it's too late!"

      I try to move. I am trying to wake myself up but I am not sure how, so I just try my best to break out of the paralysis. I can feel my inner hands flailing about.

      I wake up

      I don't feel tired anymore. I am excited. I can't wait to start writing a log for this experience. I FINALLY went into conscious sleep paralysis again. I feel like I should end it here. I think that if I go into sleep paralysis again, I will see dark entities. I think that is why she wanted me to wake up. The dark entities were coming.

      I think my dad and my brother walk into my bedroom. My brother somehow knows I just had sleep paralysis. I might have told him. They leave and I go back to sleep.

      I fall into another round of sleep paralysis.

      All sorts of scary dream-entity monster things are in my room now. I can't really focus on any particular entity. I think there might be four. Maybe three. But there is an emphasis on the one in the middle. This one approaches my bed and hovers above it. I think it might be black and white. I am not too sure. It might have also been slightly invisible.

      This entity's presence is the strongest. I want to proceed through the WILD, but the entity is distracting me, tugging at me and just giving off a negative vibe. I try to imagine things around my room wiping all of them away. I expect hands to protrude from the wall and just knock them out of my room through the walls. The hands don't appear, but I manage to slightly repel them. However, they try to fight back. I try to move, but SP keeps me in my place. However, I can move my inner body. I can move every part of myself THROUGH my physical body except for my head and torso.

      Then I do something that even surprises myself.

      I always leave the radio or my mp3 player on as I fall asleep. I usually play chill out music on my mp3 player. Something like this:

      But because I am staying in Philly with my parents for the summer, I don't have access to all of my music. So I just leave the radio on a classical music station at night. Usually, the music is light and relaxing. Sometimes it gets intense.

      What I end up doing happens without me even thinking about it beforehand. I subconsciously and instantly perform this attack, as if it is a reflex. I amplify the volume of the radio by A LOT, near it's maximum output. I think I do this with just expectation and belief.

      The classical song playing right now is LOUD and INTENSE. The drums are booming. The strings are fast. The lead is a trumpet-like instrument blaring it's horn as I begin my attack.

      This isn't the song I heard, but the feeling/vibe is similar. Specifically, the build up and the intense sections.

      With each blare of the horn, I somehow project an attack. It is as if the music and I are one and the same. The music follows my lead and the attacks follow the lead of the music. The horn is the blade of the sword, the bullet to the gun, the most dangerous part of the weapon, or whatever it actually is. The drums are the most foundational part, the stabilizer of all. It keeps the control and the stability of the music, and therefore it keeps the control and the stability of the attacks. I'm not completely sure how it actually works. I can't see an actual weapon, but I can feel it. With each note, the projected attack moves in complete synchronicity. Every instrument of the orchestra affects the attack and the weapon in some way.

      I remember Ketsuyume's thread: The importance of rolling with fear; for all training oneironauts

      Particularly, this part:

      As dream/other world travelers in training that want to become more conscious in our endeavors, I recommend strongly having a memory we can draw on at any time. Even in moments where my consciousness is just barely holding on, if I experience even the smallest twinge of fear this memory/anchor almost always comes to me. I've even heard the song on a few occasions.

      Your anchor might be a golden meadow, the beach where a beautiful soul mate awaits you, a place in real life, or something similar to what I have created. The important part is that it resonates with you so strongly you can easily draw on it's memory at any time. My anchor is both beautiful/pure and melancholy/dark because it is what resonates with me, personally.
      Fear will no longer decide what action I take. Fear will only be a measurement of how far I'm willing to go to accomplish my goals.

      No time to think. Time to fight.

      The music builds up to its most intense point and I am flowing with it. The maneuvers and attacks follow the music like a dance. A dangerous one. The entities are not happy. They try to fight back. I am repelling them in all directions of the room. My strength is increasing. They aren't as strong as I originally thought. I can do this. I can take them out.

      I wake up.

      I believe it is the radio that woke me up. So I turn the volume down.

      I already turned it down earlier before I started the first, original WILD attempt.

      I attempt yet another WILD.

      I fall into sleep paralysis.

      This time, I try to "peel" my inner body outside of my outer body. It is working.

      I am leaving my body behind! As I start to fly out of my own body, a haziness overwhelms me.

      I fall into a normal dream. It is South-Park styled.

      I am in a large wood-type cabin. It is a luxurious vacation place. There are lots of people in this room. Kids, teens, and I. I am more of an observer. There is a pool table in the cabin as well. Everyone here is just relaxing. The kids seems a bit angry and aggressive.

      An old military man walks into the cabin. He is very tall, is wearing a dark greenish military uniform (not the camo, the formal attire), and looks pretty strong. He walks up to one end of the pool table. He is the father of one of the kids here. He presents himself as a "cool" person. Everyone in the room sort of accepts this and is impressed by this. Everyone here listens to him. If he tells them to do something, they listen.

      I don't remember much. He generally teaches and trains everyone here to be cool. He even breaks items around the cabin to impress the people here. His son, however, is embarrassed by him.

      It isn't long until other kids around here start seeing him the same way. He is no longer cool. Everyone stops listening to him. I can now interact in the room. I walk up to the pool table and see one of the two pool cues are broken. I want to break the other one for fun.

      Something about him putting all the kids on planes later on. They listen and go on various planes. All of those planes are then put on one super huge plane. This huge plane crashes downward into a field.

      It is supposed to be funny. I just find it disturbing.

      I think I wake up.

      That's funny. I am not in my bed. I am seated on the chair behind my dad's desk facing a computer that is turned off. There is a long wire to my left. It is hovering in the air. One end of the wire is attached to a part of the ceiling behind me. The other end is attached somewhere to the wall in front and below me (to my left).

      I have never seen that wire before...Am I...dreaming?

      I do the nose reality check a few times. It works. Twice.

      Yes! FINALLY! I manage to keep my excitement down, but my subconscious expectations of waking up are still there...

      ...I focus on the monitor in front of me. I will not think a single thought. Quiet that internal dialogue!

      I grab the monitor. It feels somewhat real, but the dream feels foggy. Am I losing the dream? Should I induce an FA to start from a fresh clear and vivid dream?

      Instead, I walk out of the room. I jump over the banister and down the entire flight of stairs that leads to the living room below.


      I am pretty sure I wake up.

      When I wake, I realize that I need to practice much better dream control and stability. Fortunately, my level of excitement didn't overwhelm me this time. I decide to take a break and write all of the significant details ony my phone's notepad thing.

      Then, I decide I'm just going to go back to sleep. If I LD, I LD. If not, then whatever. Hahaha. I just don't want to have another SP episode today. I had too many of them already.

      I can't feel my body. When I move, I do feel it. It is heavy.

      I snap out of it.

      I don't want to fall into sleep paralysis again. I just want to sleep!

      I start slipping into SP again.

      I snap out of it again. This is starting to get annoying...

      ...and back into SP I go!

      Fine. Whatever. I won't try to WILD. I'll just let my conscious seep into whatever normal dream is in store for me...

      ...I am now in my living room. I step on something sharp. It penetrates my big toe on my left foot and it hurts only slightly. I take my sock off and pull it out. It is a thin, sharp, wire-like white nail about an inch long. It stabbed my toe almost the whole way through! This surprises me.

      I "remember" I have something I need to do! I gotta get back to that South Park cabin!

      Another blur in my recall. I forget what happens. I might have somehow gone back to the cabin, or I may have gone through another false awakening.

      Either way, I find myself in my living room again. It is darkish here, as if most of the house lights are off. Outside, I see that the sky is overcast and it is dimming. Night is almost here. The television has the news on. My parents are seated on the green couch that faces the TV and watching it. My brother is walking around in the living room and he is up to something.

      I walk towards the TV so I can see what is being reported. They are doing a news report about Africa. There is some kind of civil symbolic protest going on. There are two men wielding oversized thick bats. Almost like clubs, but larger. The clubs are yellow-ish and plastic, but they are also strong. In front of the two men are empty gallon containers of milk. Instead of being made of plastic, these containers are made of a thick glass.

      The men swing their bats and break the glass. I "remember" hearing about this. It is some sort of political movement protesting something using symbolic measures. The symbol was taking the bat and swinging it to break the empty gallon glass containers. It makes sense to me.

      I start walking to the kitchen. I pass the TV, and now have my back to it. I hear another glass container breaking. A few shards of glass actually hit me. I turn around and stare at the television. They break another glass container. More shards fly out of the screen.

      Now I have two thought processes.

      One says "this makes sense. Since they are only using a single camera, only a little bit of the glass can get through the TV. No one will get hurt from these few pieces of flying shards of glass."

      The other says "Wtf...? This...doesn't feel right. Let me see this again."

      I go to the front of the television, and stand on its right side so the glass does not hit me. They break another container. Pieces of the glass fly out of the screen. This is...weird...I think.

      I do the nose RC. It fails. I do it again. It passes.

      So I am dreaming.

      I am incredibly relaxed. I just don't want to lose my lucidity. Other than that thought, I believe that I will not wake up. This dream is stable.

      Don't forget. Don't think through internal dialogue. Have a meditative mind. Just do what I want to do.

      Yet, I am repeating to myself internally: "This is a lucid dream. This is a lucid dream. This is a lucid dream."

      I kind of want to induce a false awakening to "start off fresh" with strong clarity and vividness, but I decide it might be risky. I might actually wake up. So I start exploring.

      I go to the front door of my Philly house. I unlock it and am about to step outside. However, I think I sense something. Someone is behind me and this person is about to do something bad. He may have hit me. I turn around and in front of me stands my brother. He has a non-dangerous weapon in his hand. He actually just wants to fake-fight. But I want to explore.

      I see a cardboard box nearby. I put my right arm in front of me and I start levitating it. I move my arm and the box mirrors my movements. I make the box hit him in the head. He collapses to the floor as if he is dead. My parents don't even care. They are just sitting down watching the television.

      I feel bad, even if he is just a dream character. I crouch beside his body, pick him up and intend for him to be alive again. He comes back to life.

      After this, I start walking out. I want to fly again. I must rid myself of the fear of lucidity loss. I have always associated flying with losing lucidity or waking up. Here is my chance to practice.

      I start walking outside. Haziness.

      I find myself without lucidity on the front porch of the house. I am with my dad and my brother. An asian man is also here. He is standing on the porch right next door to us. He is missing some teeth. But he is wearing a nice light red or light pinkish button down shirt. The shirt is unbuttoned and he has no undershirt on. He is really skinny. He is wearing a light brown hat and khaki pants.

      I look around. I see that the sky is still overcast. This is...weird...I think. I've never seen this asian man before. And yet, he is chillin with us like we've known each other for a long time. Everything about this just feels...off.

      I start to bring my hand up to my nose to do an RC. The asian man turns around to go inside his own house. This distracts me as I want to shake his hand and say bye before he leaves. After we shake hands, he goes inside.

      I see a woman that looks EXACTLY like my freshman year Chinese teacher LW follow behind him. She is wearing formal work clothes. I wanna shake her hand too.

      "Oh, no," she says matter-of-factly. "No germs."

      I "remember" why. She has a very sick child in the house and everything inside is disinfected. For this reason, my dad is annoyed that I forgot.

      I realize that I am now on their porch. Two or three kids run out of their house and stare at me. I go back to my porch. That was weird. How did I get here? Blurriness. I think I may have had another FA.

      Even more blurriness.

      I wake up. Wow. Intense dreams, I think to myself.

      I wake up, again.


      Wasn't I already up?

      I look at the clock. It is around 8:35am.

      Wait. A lot of the memories start returning to me. The false awakenings, the lucid dreams, the sleep paralysis, the dream recall within a dream note taking.

      No no no no no no no! Everything was an FA up until now! So I wrote nothing?! Nooooooooooooooo.

      I RC several times. Everything feels "realer" and more "stable." This tells me I have some work to do with dream control and stability.

      But right now, this is not a dream.

      I start typing up all the notes again on my cell phone, and I make sure to RC throughout the writing just to be sure.
    10. Sleep Paralysis - Round Two

      by , 04-25-2011 at 04:36 PM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)
      April 23, 2011
      Sleep Paralysis - Round Two


      I WILDed.

      I was in sleep paralysis. I tried to move and couldn't. I wasn't as scared of my dark spirit guide being there because I intended to remain focused and see this thing through. I was going to go all the way and get into a dream lucidly.

      Distortion. Everything around me was a blur. I knew I was lying in bed in my room though. I managed to move my inner hands and then tried to move my outer hands. I could hear the external perceptions but there were new internal perceptions. I tried to focus on those.

      I focused on the internal. I felt myself fall into a pool of water. It was as if I was there, but not really. I couldn't see a thing. I felt myself both on my bed and in that pool.

      Then I felt myself lying in bed at a hotel room. I opened my eyes. My room looked fancier, but then in a flash, changed back to my actual room.

      I did the nose pinch test with my inner hands. I could breathe. I tried to get up out of my bed hoping I ended up dreaming. That the earlier visualizations caused me to fall into a dream where I was in my bed, like a false awakening.

      My chest felt heavy like it was latched in place but because I thought it was a dream, my expectations allowed me to get out of my bed.

      I remembered about my dark spirit guide.

      "Not yet dream guide. Not yet spirit guide."

      I whispered this to prevent my guide from making an appearance.

      As I got up out of bed, I saw two views superimposed onto each other. In one, I was standing through my bed right in the middle of it. I felt the carpet on the floor beneath my barefoot feet. In the other, I was lying in my bed. It was really trippy.

      I decided to try the goggle trick. I intended to have goggles over my eyes. When I would take them off, every visual perception in front of me would change and I would be in a new dream. I felt my forehead and my eyes. There were no goggles to take off. The intentions weren't working.

      I tried the intentions several times, but nothing happened. I snapped back to my original state lying in bed. I decided to try and progress through the WILD with visualizations and forming a dream that way.

      As I tried to progress through the WILD, I felt my true body again.

      I had woken up.

      I went back continuing my attempts to WILD.

      I felt my body go into sleep paralysis.

      I thought I heard my locked door open.

      "Not yet dream guide. Not yet spirit guide."

      I whispered these once again. I wanted to meet my spirit guide when I was in a true lucid dream and not during sleep paralysis.

      I focused on my visualizations and internal perceptions again.

      I heard children.

      "[Birth name]! [Birth name]! [Birth name]!"

      They were chanting my name happily, cheering me on. It was strange and had a spirit-like vibe.

      So this was what an auditory hallucination was like. I've never had one before. I was never this proficient at WILDing. Now I feel like I am.

      My body felt like it was swirling. But as I was focused too much onto what was happening to me and not just letting it happen, I started to lose my immersion in my internal perceptions.

      I felt my true body. I woke up...I could FEEL it. Feeling myself wake up from sleep paralysis was a strange sensation. It felt like I transitioned from one world to another. In my waking world, I sensed it as home. I knew it and did the nose pinch test to prove it. I did several other tests as well just to be sure.

      Then I decided to give it another go.

      I quickly went back into sleep paralysis. I could move my inner arms and everything. Just as quickly as sleep paralysis came, it left.

      I felt my true body. I had woken up again. I felt refreshed. I was done. Maybe tomorrow.
    11. Sleep Paralysis

      by , 04-23-2011 at 07:10 PM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)
      April 22, 2011
      Sleep Paralysis


      I WILDed.

      In my dream I was in my bed again. I couldn't move. I knew this wasn't sleep paralysis (at least that was my guess). It was a dream that I was IN sleep paralysis.

      I decided to use this opportunity to try and break free from this lucid paralysis. I couldn't move any part of my body. I was kind of apprehensive as well. I was afraid my dark spirit guide would make an appearance. I was sort of considering how real this all was but not trying to focus too much. Just enough to remain aware.

      I couldn't move.

      But it was as if I had another set of hands. If I tried to move the hands in front of me, I would fail. But there were hands in those hands. When I tried to move these inner hands. I could move freely. The same went for the legs.

      I could move my inner hands and legs whenever I wanted wherever I wanted. But when I tried to move the limbs in front of me, I would fail.

      I tried rolling out of my bed several times. It didn't work. While I could move my limbs, it was like my chest was latched onto itself. It was as if there was a lock between my outer and inner chest. No matter how much I moved, that core part was stuck, keeping me in the bed.

      Instead of trying to break free, I decided to try and use a "rope" method for astral projection that I read years ago. I forgot how it is actually supposed to go, but I tried my best from memory. I imagined there was a rope above me. I started pulling on it. It was like a pulley. I felt my inner legs start to move upwards. I kept pulling and I started to move upwards. But once again, the chest lock was there and prevented me from going much higher.

      Afterwards, I decided to try and move my "consciousness." Seeing how I was in a sleep paralysis dream, I wanted to see if I could instead break free by moving my perceptions away from my bed. This also didn't work.

      Finally, I tried WILDing within the dream. This had the most promising results and made me question whether I was in an actual sleep paralysis dream or whether I was in sleep paralysis. Maybe I'm having legit sleep paralysis. The line between waking life and dreaming gets blurred and so perceptions of the two probably merge.

      I closed my eyes and imagined perceptions around me. They would start to form. I was lying down on a bus. I was walking into a building. I actually felt the door with my eyes closed. It was like I was transitioning my perceptions from the external world to an internal world.

      But I kept bringing my attention back to the outer world. The dark spirit guide. I was half paying attention to my door hoping it wouldn't show up. I wasn't ready for another encounter. Not yet. This felt too real, my room felt too much like mine, and if the spirit guide were to walk through the door right now, I would probably freak. This was too much like real life. Hell, it WAS real life in terms of the way it felt.

      I found myself still stuck in the bed. I moved my inner head. I saw my outer hands were lying limp next to me. Maybe I could try and move them with my mouth?

      I went ahead and managed to put my outer fingers in my inner mouth. I felt the fingers in my mouth, but not the mouth on my fingers. It was really weird. These fingers didn't feel like my own. I tried biting the fingers and it was the same thing. The perceptions only went one way.

      Then it happened. My door opened. I remembered locking it earlier this morning, so I felt that it might be my dark spirit guide. My comforter was blocking me from seeing who came inside.

      "Get the fuck out of here!" I yelled. "I can't deal with this right now. Not yet..."

      I said this in a "please don't bother me right now" kind of attitude. I was scared because I didn't want to have another lucid experience with it that involved me being paralyzed.

      I tried my best to wake myself up. I moved around frantically. My inner hands were waving furiously but my outer hands were limp on top of my body. I darted my eyes back and forth thinking "WAKE UP!"

      After about 30 seconds, I woke up.

      I did the nose pinch test and knew I was awake. My eyes were incredibly groggy and I closed them.

      I was in sleep paralysis mode (dream?) again. I couldn't move or anything. I tried to wake myself up again!

      I woke up. But then I fell back asleep.

      I didn't want to try anymore. I wanted a normal dream or to wake up.

      So I woke myself up and started typing this journal entry.

      I have a theory as to what's been going on with my "lucid paralysis."

      I'm in true sleep paralysis. Originally I thought it was a dream, but it's happening too often and the experiences don't seem to be as malleable as dreams truly are. I can change my perceptions around me but only in ways that seem hallucinatory. Immersion techniques (into another dream) seem to be the only ones that work in getting me out of that state.

      I just experience this so often that I tend to fall into dreams of being in sleep paralysis. When I have a sleep paralysis dream, I can break out of the state.

      My best bet, whether it's a dream or not, is to use what I've got. WILD into a dream (or a new dream) with the rules I want it to have.

      As for the dark spirit guide, I'll seek it out again, no question. I just need for it to be on my terms right now.
    12. Meeting My Scary Spirit Guide

      by , 04-22-2011 at 07:22 PM (Journey To The Center Of niteLite's Mind)
      April 21, 2011
      Meeting My Scary Spirit Guide


      I was in my old Philly bedroom near the left window. For some reason, I thought I might be dreaming, so I did the nose pinch test.

      I was dreaming.

      While I realized I was dreaming, I was in the midst of jumping, but I remembered everything I had to do. This was MY dream. I would not wake up for a while until I wanted to wake up. I was calm and relaxed. I would be in for an adventure.

      As I landed from the jump, the entire scenery "flipped" around me as if I was doing a flip. I wasn't.

      I found myself back in my own bed, paralyzed. I had woken up but was in a state of sleep paralysis. Everything around me was distorted.

      I decided to try and break out of this sleep paralysis a different way. Instead of doing something boring like trying to just move and hoping I could take control of my lucid dream, I decided to bring another entity into it.

      I struggled to utter some words. I said something like:

      "Spirit Guide. Please come and help me if you're out there."

      Nothing happened. At least at first. I was still paralyzed in my bed.

      Then, someone opened the door to my room. In waking life, I locked the door. I was definitely in a hallucinatory state. At first, this someone resembled my friend OT, but it wasn't him at all. This was the result of me calling out to my spirit guide.

      However, the vibe this entity gave off wasn't exactly comforting as I came to expect when reading the dream journal entries of others. When the entity walked in, I started to feel fear. I also felt as if this entity was real. I've had lucid dreams before and felt the emptiness behind most DCs. They weren't real. But this one had an essence. I felt as if another entity was truly there with me. The fact that I wasn't yet in a dream made everything feel all too real.

      It walked towards my bed. Everything about it became distorted. It was as if I could only perceive it in bits and pieces. It's face was incredibly distorted. I couldn't make much of a face out. This made the entity slightly scarier. The entity stood next to me as I was laying in my bed. I wondered what it would do to help me out.

      It "sat down" on a chair that I think it made. Afterwards, it telepathically communicated with me.

      "Do this by yourself."

      I heard a voice when it communicated this to me. The voice was almost non-existent, yet I "heard" it. The best way I can describe the "voice" was that it was like a deep dark whisper. And yet this was a voice that didn't require breath to exist. The entity was not exhaling to talk. It sounded unhuman-like.

      I understood why the entity wanted me to do this by myself. The intentions were for me to grow spiritually strong enough to be capable of unparalyzing myself whenever I wanted from my own dream. If I let my expectations control me, I would not grow.

      Despite all of this helpful knowledge, what the entity did next really creeped me out.

      The entity took my left paralyzed hand and picked it up in it's own. It started swirling it's index finger on my palm.

      I was trying to break free from the paralysis now, but I couldn't. If I moved my right hand, it would be like fighting against a force trying to move my hand back to it's original spot.

      The entity was still swirling its index finger on my palm. I wondered what the hell it was trying to do. Immerse me in the dream? Transfer knowledge? Give me support? Despite any rationalization I could come up with, I was CREEPED OUT!

      I woke up out of the sleep paralysis state.

      I did the nose pinch test several times to be sure. The next few dreams were a sleep paralysis roller coaster.

      I fell back asleep.

      I was in sleep paralysis again (#2). I didn't want to see the entity again, so I tried to wake myself up. I tried to wiggle my fingers and they moved very slightly. I moved my eyes all around trying to get my waking body to physically move and thus, wake up.

      I woke up.

      The nose pinch test and failing to manipulate the things around me told me I was really awake.

      I lay in bed trying not to fall asleep. I was incredibly tired and could easily fall back into a dream. However, I didn't want to.

      I fell back asleep.

      I was in yet another sleep paralysis state (#3). I tried to wake up again fearing the entity would come back.

      I woke up after struggling against the paralysis.

      I fell back asleep.

      I was in ANOTHER sleep paralysis state (#4). This time, I tried to fight the paralysis.

      Every time I moved a limb, it would be shot back into it's original place. I tried my best to believe I could move. I was starting to roll out of my bed. It was working...

      I woke up.

      I fell back asleep.

      I was in YET ANOTHER sleep paralysis state (#5).

      I still felt apprehension towards the possibility of the spirit guide entity coming back. I wondered if it really was my spirit guide at all or just a random entity that had malevolent intentions in appearing.

      I managed to "pop" several limbs from my own body. I thought about whether or not I might be astral projecting. So I took that approach to try and free myself.

      Maybe the entity was an astral entity that was malevolent...

      I popped my legs and arms free from my body and imagined rolling from my bed and being pulled up from my body. It was working...

      I woke up.

      I fell back asleep.

      I was in another sleep paralysis state (#6).

      I managed to pop my hands out of my body. The only problem was that while I could FEEL my hands moving, I couldn't SEE them moving. Visually, I could only perceive myself lying paralyzed in the bed. My hands also appeared paralyzed.

      However, I moved my hands and could feel them moving through space. I decided to do a goggle trick I remembered reading about on dreamviews. Expect to have goggles on and take them off with my moving hands. When the goggles come off, I'm supposed to see my actual self in a dream.

      Yet when I tried this, there were no goggles to pull off. Because I didn't feel like I was wearing them in the first place, there was nothing to take off.

      The dream started to reduce in clarity...

      I fell into a normal dream...
    13. The life of Her

      by , 04-13-2011 at 07:55 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The life of Her (Non-lucid)


      This was an extremely long dream. I can only recall fragments from the first part of the dream. Several days, nights, months and years happened in this dream. I think I was a spirit guide from a lady since she was born until she was old. The whole dream covered the life of her. She had no name, so I call her, "Her" It felt odd to be a dream, I was not lucid and I was not Astral Traveling either.

      - Her was born. Female, blonde, special child. She could see me.
      - Years passed, she had a hard childhood. She only could trust me.

      I was in a hotel with Her. Her was about 10.. The hotel did not have much decor, it was mainly a wooden closet, a bed with a green cover and two brown lamps. There was an odd lamp by the closet that made noises and revealed images from the future when you walked by, but I was uncomfortable, so I left. I started to talk with Her. Music sounded in the dream. She was sad because she had no friends. I told her to be assured people loved her. I told her she had indeed friends.

      Now I was at a swimming pool. Her was about 18. Her was nervous and excited at the same time. She was going to have a race. She jumped on the second aisle of the right of the pool. Two female ladies tried to screw her, however, a third lady, who was Mexican jumped between then and pushed Her to the corner. Her was happy that she did not have to deal with the other two ladies anymore. A gun was shot and the race started. Her dove and started to swim very fast, she arrived second, someone arrived prior to her and received the gold medal.
      Her left the swimming pool to me her only friend, or maybe two friends. I was floating in the middle of the pool, now empty. I could see the spectators seats. The seats were wooden and they had a shape like a pyramid. The sits were so next to each other that I could slide on them and get into the pool. Oddly, I did not splashed.

      Now I was in some gardens. Her was about 40. Her found some hidden stuff of a friend. Her told me she was not a fancy city gal but a more rural gal who grow in the woods. She told me she had to act like a city gal to fit in. There was a small wooden house under a couple of trees. There was a sink in the middle of the house, but not faucets, just the sink. The sink looked old and damaged. There was not pipe on the bottom of the sink. I saw some blood under the sink (on the ground)

      I was in a big forest, but it had almost no trees. Her was on her 80s. One of her last wishes was to take a picture of me, with her. I told her I did not belong to that world and I doubted the camera could picture me, but I tried. There camera had a two inch radius objective that was tried to a cord. She moved the objective and placed it on my forehead. Her said, "Right where the Third Eye is!" Then, she moved the objective back to the camera. It was dawn and after several tries, only her appeared on the photo. I decided to take some pictures of her and I told her that my energy would be within her photos. Her was happy. She smiled, lied down in the ground and died with a smile on her face. Shortly, I woke up.
    14. The Mountain School and Wolf Spirit Guide.

      by , 07-18-2006 at 04:28 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      In a three story school, located at the base of a steep mountain, children were gathered there to be trained and tested. It was a special school for training in survival tactics or something like that, but it also focused on philosphy. There were no glass in the windows and it was winter time, so everything was very cold and everyone was dressed in winter clothing all of the time. There were no sleeping quarters and the children just slept on the floor of the classrooms in heavy arctic sleeping bags.

      In the dream I was an orphan and at the school only because I had no where else to go. I was a ward of the school, as much as a student. I felt like the odd one out, because I didn't have any friends and I had very bad vision, whereas all the other students were sociable and no one else wore glasses.

      I did not do very well at my studies and I really didn't like it there. At free time I explored the forests surrounding the school, while the other kids socialized with each other and played in the school yard. The teachers constantly advise students to stay out of the forests because there are monsters and enemies around.

      One day, after the daily studies were finished, I decided to explore the road that led up the mountain. Evening was approaching as I explored and I was suddenly attacked by three oversized crow-like birds. I had minimal training in fighting and I only had a small knife to defend myself with. As I fought the birds a wolf appeared on the road behind me, but it just watched from a distance.

      When I managed to kill the birds, I collapsed on the road and saw the wolf approaching. I was covered in blood and exausted and I was afraid that the wolf was going to eat me - it looked very hungry. I threw the bird carcasses towards the wolf (with the last of my strength) which it ate rapidly, then disappeared back into the forest. After the wolf disappeared, teachers from the school arrived and carried me back to the building.

      After the story of my encounter spread around the school, I suddenly had respect from the students and teachers, but my interest in my studies did not increase any and I still spent most of my time alone. Not even two days after the incident, I was back in the forest and the wolf appeared in front of me. It looked at me cautiously but did not attack. I sensed that it was hungry again and I threw it some meat from my pack. The wolf ate the meat quickly and when it was finished, he telepathically thanked me and dissapeared deep into the woods.

      I was surprised that I could hear the wolf's voice in my head, but I do not tell anyone of my psychic experience. I also figured that it was only a one time thing. Several weeks went by and I was exploring the forest and I once again ran into the wolf. When I saw him, I automatically threw him some meat from my pack, which he gladly ate. Because it was getting late I started to return to the school, but the wolf spoke to me telepathically and told me to stop.

      The wolf said it was dangerous to return to the school and that I should hide in the forest until morning, but I ignored his warning and started back anyway. The wolf followed close behind me but was silent. When I got to the edge of the forest, I saw that there were tanks and large trucks that had surrounded the school. Men in military uniforms were rounding up the students and teachers and putting them into the large trucks.

      The wolf grabbed the sleeve of my coat and dragged me back into the forest to avoid being spotted. When we were a bit deeper into the forest, the wolf let go of my sleeve, looked at me for a moment (his "expression" mysterious and unreadable) then he dashed off deep into the woods.

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