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    1. May 5th and May 10th 2015 LD's Brief Notes: TOTM's, Starry Sky, Ancient Canyon

      by , 05-13-2015 at 11:53 PM
      May 10th
      (already noted in TOTM thread if you read this there)

      Brief notes…

      -DILD: in an office waiting for Ken. Is he even coming to work today? I remove my earplugs twice. I decide to look around office while I am waiting maybe there is someone who can tell me if he is expected to come in today. Cute women...hmmm…wait! I am dreaming! Go around the office a bit checking out the women and then into the void.

      -visuals come back with women around, have sex, some fading in and out of the visuals

      -I think of the smell TOTM, memory peg#5 and settle on smelling the perfume of a woman I am embracing - it is very nice and familiar floral note from somewhere in the distant past, possibly reminiscent of lily of the valley (void)

      -waiting for the fade to fade - I eventually find myself at a long table like in a school cafeteria. I look around excited that the I have managed to get another dream scene after another trip to the void. With me turning around from the table to look around at the rest of the room I loose some visuals and think TOTM. I think of the wind carrying me task and the wind generates with no effort and lifts me up easily and pulls up towards those typical white ceiling panels, up and through and to another level of them above and then I get swept sideways up and sideways into an outdoor red sandstone canyon with village structures and tents below.

      It feels like I am in some ancient place and just enjoy as I get swept down the canyon and up a bit for nice views in spots. (void)

      -Later I think of the fun wind task again and get swept up towards the night sky. I can see some stars but the more I look, the more stars that come into view. So many beautiful stars in a beautiful night sky that I almost want to cry.

      -during one of the trips to the void I did some dancing in the void - some concern about moving my waking body and decide to just float in the void and stay patient. Getting some nice lucid time on my G-nights (usually Saturday night/Sunday morning). 8mg G + 500mg C. Chemical enhancement experiments started after LD#300.
      #321 & 322

      May 5th

      College freshman girl "if dreaming" thoughts cue me in. I'm walking down the school hallway and it's the beginning of the school year, there are new freshman students arriving. I see one girl who is very attractive and I try to make eye contact before we pass and I also have a glance looking back towards her. I think if only she looked at me with a strong stare it would be like one of those moments in dreams. Wait a minute! I am dreaming! I go to the nearest girl and immediately start making out with her and getting fairly frisky. I have been given freedom, dream freedom! After a bit of that I wake directly to my alarm. My alarm ended this one but likely also near end of REM. #320
    2. Red and Blue Stars

      by , 05-13-2015 at 10:02 AM
      Morning of May 13, 2015. Wednesday.

      My wife and I are looking through a large window. The setting is seemingly my old bedroom in Cubitis though the window (not as it was in real life) is seemingly just an open area to look through a wall to the south (without any window features to block or distort any of the sky scene). I study the nighttime sky and notice a series of red and blue stars in no particular pattern. Some of them do imply a vertical line, though not straight. They also seem to be planets at some points and all the round shapes are all the same size. I have a slight concern as to whether or not this is a possible threat (and concern about how close these supposed stars or planets are to Earth), but it is not that clear an emotion. There are about a dozen in all, not that close together, though somewhat constellation-like.

      The imagery is not quite right, though. I sometimes get the impression at times that some of the cloud cover is behind a few of the stars which is of course impossible. Also, I seem to be aware that the stars are casting shadows against the backdrop of space, which is also ridiculous. Still, the imagery is beautiful. It reminds me of my prenatal memories and what seemed to be prenatal dreams, the main one featuring red and blue stars - or mostly the change of such, and their coming into existence or fading depending on my level of attention and focusing upon them or their potential to exist, almost as if they represented how conscious I was in the womb (relative to their brightness).
      Tags: blue, red, sky, stars, window
    3. A quick trip through a mirror

      by , 03-26-2015 at 12:15 AM
      I came across a mirror lying on the floor, remembered the TOTM and went lucid. The mirror's rather small for this - I take hold of the edges and pull it wide enough to stretch out on top of it. Initially, unusually, the mirror showed me my reflection - I focus on the background behind it, and it goes black. I briefly imagine stars in that blackness, but don't actually see them; that acts as a trigger, and I sink into the mirror as if it's liquid.

      On the other side, I'm walking out of an apartment building into an alley. I have a thought that this is supposed to represent somewhere in Wyoming; but looking around at the buildings, the vending machines, this definitely looks like Japan. I wonder if that's just my mind filling in the setting with familiar memories, or if this is actually meant to be Japan; I keep walking, figuring it'll work itself out, and I had no particular goal here anyway.

      I cut through a shopping area where people are eating, listening to them talk, no one saying anything particularly interesting to listen in on. I'm uncertain whether I'm visible to others; my initial impression had been that they couldn't see me, which is how I preferred it, but there do seem to be a few people here and there who notice.

      Out of the shopping area and onto a main street, there are Christmas lights in the trees here. I cross the street and find the sidewalk's lined with little garden plots, blocked off by ropes - some kind of display, or some kind of competition maybe. One such plot holds a tree that fascinates me - it's white, not much taller than I am, gnarled, no leaves, and covered here and there in pale green moss with small blue flowers. Very beautiful.
    4. Swimming Among the Stars

      by , 03-07-2015 at 06:26 PM (Kali)
      Classes started this week and with the heavy coursework dreaming is taking a hit. Most of it is blurred memories up until this one part where I'm looking at myself floating on a raft, like the kind people use in swimming pools. A woman appears on top of me and I watch as she kisses me. I'm telling her to go, but she's persistent. She makes a joke as she positions her thighs around my shoulders, causing me to laugh. I watch as we roll into the water.

      My awareness merges with my body as I'd actually like to feel the water against my skin. It's very calming here. It looks like we're in outerspace given the darkness all around us, with just small bright specks of light, stars, winking at us. A few others are here too but before I'm able to get a good look at them a dolphin captures my attention.

      I silently call the dolphin over. I reach out to stroke the snout and give it a good body rub. After a minute someone calls the dolphin away, they need to leave. I see a second dolphin nearby and the pair head toward the person and leap over an invisible barrier; the dolphin I'd been petting pauses, turns around, then finally leaves completely. I can't get over how beautiful and peaceful this place is. Given my high level of lucidity I deduce that I'm well-rested which also means I must be close to waking. I close my eyes and re-open my physical ones.
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. Futures

      by , 02-06-2015 at 10:47 PM
      There's a teenage girl who's come to me to learn her futures. I've spread them out like cards on the table, and as I hold my hand over one depicting a man she could be married to, she says she wouldn't mind that one so much, that wouldn't be so bad. I have the impression that she doesn't feel she has a choice in any of this - she might want to know what the options are, and she might have her own preferences, but someone else will be making the decision, not her.

      With that in mind, I move to one of the futures on the outside edge, the more unlikely options. It's labeled Dreamer. I see her lying on a couch with an arm thrown over her head, looking at the ceiling, wasting away. Her clothes are glowing green like an absinthe advertisement. Since I think of her as wasting away here, I conclude that this is a future she wouldn't want and start to move my hand away, but that vision version of her stops me. She sings, "I listened to my dreams." This is important to her. It's not something she regrets. "They taught me how to feel." Behind her there's a glass window opening onto a balcony, from which I can see a river and the stars. There's a whale swimming through the clouds, adding to the fantastical nature of her possible future.
    6. 500 archers, a falcon in a lake of stars

      by , 01-29-2015 at 10:36 PM
      As Louis, being seen as a vampire by someone who I didn't want to see that, fleeing the scene, and Lestat finding this much more funny than I think is appropriate.

      Discussing a military operation, looking at a map of what is essentially much of India and Southeast Asia, although at this point in time - meant to be 6th or 7th century or so - the countries and their borders are significantly different than in the present; we're primarily discussing a trade route at the moment, but I've also been having a disagreement with the man in charge about our manpower. While discussing the trade route, we receive word of 500 archers spotted approaching from the north, in addition to the army we're already facing. I am significantly less confident about our ability to handle this than the boss is.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      As some manner of religious authority, I'm performing a ritual to help a group of people, a sort of blessing or summoning, making something sacred. At the start of the ritual I have to offer up whatever spiritual virtue I possess as a sacrifice; this will leave me vulnerable until the ritual's complete, so I'm relying on the two people who asked for my help to accompany me. With the offering made, we step through a portal.

      This takes us to a dark and dusty room, a place I'm familiar with. I summon light into my hands, with an effect much like a dim flashlight. In the middle of the floor there's a large trunk full of false panels, something a stage magician might use; at the moment it's lying open so that all its tricks are clearly visible to anyone who might pass through. I didn't leave it like that. There are a few objects on the shelves of the room that weren't here the last time, indicating that someone other than me has indeed been using this place. This is something to worry about. I close the trunk properly, and we continue.

      A brief memory gap - after the dark room, we came out into a field at night with a river off to our right, and what we did here I can't remember; but then we came to the cliff at the opposite side of the field, and
      the view here was so fantastic that I briefly went fully lucid to enjoy it. I'm looking down on an immense lake so still that I can see stars reflected here and there. In the far distance, there's an immense grey statue of a falcon submerged in the lake so that only its head is above the water - but that small part of the statue above the water is at least the height of a two or three story building.

      Continuing the storyline, this is certainly the appropriate place to perform a sacred ritual, so I begin a prayer - something about the lake filling with stars. But before I get very far, that river off to our right rises in a flood. The two people with me are afraid, but I'm thinking this is convenient - we'll just ride that water down to the lake.

      The river sweeps us over the cliff, which is great fun, and when I sink under the water of the lake I can see a group of hammerhead sharks swimming far below. They don't seem to care about us. Surfacing, although we've all separated, we're all making our separate ways toward that falcon statue.

      Along the way, however, I bump into a seal; it considers me and then swims on. And then into a shark; the same happens again. And another shark, and this one seems more interested in my presence; and another that I have to physically shove away;
      and so on; I'm not concerned about my safety - though I am worried about the other two - but I become so busy fending off sharks that I can't continue to the statue.
    7. Jan 11th to Jan 18th 2015 Super Brief Notes LD's #264 to 270

      by , 01-22-2015 at 03:29 AM
      I am keeping these recaps brief but if anyone wants more details, feel free to ask.

      1/11/15 epic night for me starting with a semi-lucid that felt like it occurred over a full day and I even had the thought "I keep getting back into the same dream!" I was on a trip and had 2 different sexual partners and my Wife didn't mind!

      Later dream/DILD: entering a dark hall I realize this feels like a dream scenario and become lucid and start opening a bunch of doors trying to influence what will be inside. #264

      late morning DILD: older DC kicking coins at me. I keep them and walk away and his friend follows me and I get dreamy thoughts it knock him out and realize this is a dream and knock him out. Fly around various things but not much control in stopping where I want to for a while. #265

      success bringing a dreamlet scene back! Late morning dreamlets. When a sexy one faded that I wanted to explore I told myself it was just a crowd passing in front temporarily blurring my view and instead of the typical new unrelated dreamlet, it came back! Not counting as a full fledged LD though.

      1/15 huge sky full of stars makes me lucid. So beautiful! #266

      fiddling with a broken gadget and a goblin?(short green creature) appears and I immediately realize I'm dreaming. Strip down and explore nearby DC activities and sex. 267

      2 sexual LD's with Wife but one may have been semi-lucid so count one. 268

      1/17 shoot up into the sky to escape collapsing house and realize I'm dreaming. Throw fireballs and fly. 269

      1/18 towards end of long exploring dream I am at a beautiful overlook and get the thought to fly down to my destination and realize I'm dreaming. Fly a bit before ends. 270
    8. LD#154: once in a two moon

      by , 01-08-2015 at 02:16 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was playing with legos. Somehow or other I had legend of Korra lego figures and I had made a spaceship that all of the main characters could ride around in. I was doing that thing that you always see kids doing with Lego spaceships where they spin in circles and run around making laser gun sounds for no other reason than it could be done. I was really enjoying myself as well.

      I was playing outside at night for some reason. I believe it was summer.

      Just then I stopped. I noticed that the moon seemed to look strange.
      It seemed like there were no craters and the whole thing was just flat gray maria. My view seemed to zoom in on the moon. It came back to me, and I thought of how strange it was. Then I noticed that there was a second larger moon right next to it.

      I thought for a second about what that might mean and realized that extra celestial bodies was a common dream sign.
      I preformed the nose pinch. Dreamin', baby! I had good lucidity too.

      I looked up at the night sky. It was a clear night with no clouds. I thought about the stars for a few moments. There was a very bright one (might have been a planet) right above me.

      I realized that I might want to try and stabilize the dream, seeing as I've been losing my lucid dreams a lot this past week or so. So my first priority was to get daylight. I tried my old trick of swiping the sky like an Iphone screen, but it didn't work. I tried swiping it the other direction and it still didn't work. I tried swiping it north-south (though this makes no sense) the sun came up directly south relative to my house.

      Just then the dream started to destabilize. I laid down on the grass and grabbed onto it with both hands. "I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream, I will not lose the dream!" I began to feel like I was spinning. A golden light passed over me, and I phased through a number of blurry environments but retained the grassy bed below me.

      I got up and pulled up the grass. I put it in my mouth to try to stimulate taste or maybe hold onto the dream a little longer, but it tasted like having metal shards in my mouth. I spit it out to see that the grass was in fact a bunch of small X-acto blades.

      I looked around. I was in a perfectly flat meadow. All around me were equally sized and spaced tombstones. They were huge, about ten or twelve feet tall, and they didn't have any writing on them. And they were all on forty-five degree angles leaning toward a huge tree that the sunlight shone through. There were a couple of clouds in the sky.

      I began to feel Manei was somewhere in the dream. I felt like I should focus on her, bring her forward, but the dream was slipping quickly.

      "I want to know why the dream is so unstable!"

      I began to lose the dream again, and let it slide this time. There really was no point if it was going to fight me this hard. I did my best to hang on to staring at the huge tree.
      Tags: grass, grave, lego, moon, stars, sun, tree
    9. Not a hallucination

      by , 01-03-2015 at 09:26 PM
      Recent dreams included an appearance from Inanna and Dumuzi.


      Avoiding direct sunlight, I made my way into a bar where I'm surprised to find a certain man - I'll refer to him as my friend. That's a lie, but it entertains me and disturbs him when I adopt a friendly attitude. I sit down and address him by name, and say, "I thought you were going back to Australia."

      "This is Australia," he says.

      That explains a lot. My aim is terrible, but at least I've got him to serve as a guide now. But to my surprise, he's not at all impressed by seeing me here. I'd really expected more of a reaction. We talk at cross purposes for a while, until he says that he'd thought I'd disappeared with yadda yadda event - I realize he believes he's talking with the hallucinatory version of me who'd been with him for a while. I'm surprised that lasted so long, it wasn't intended to. I explain to my friend that I'm not his hallucination, I'm the real thing. He doesn't seem to believe me.

      I sit down at the bar and wait for him to come around, and watch the sun go down through the window. A woman comes over and sits down next to me - on the bar itself, not a stool. We explain pleasantries, and she says a few things that don't make much sense to me until I recognize this as the opening moves of a mating ritual. I start to tell her that I appreciate the intention but our species aren't compatible in that way - and now my friend's hurrying me out the door. Oh good, it seems he's accepted that other people can see me.

      In the parking lot outside the bar, I stop and stare at the stars. I'm absolutely in awe of them. I call my friend by name, and ask him, "What am I looking at?" Seeing them in this unfamiliar arrangement is astonishing. He doesn't seem impressed by them, and I can't figure out why - this arrangement must be the one he grew up with, the one he spent so much time trying to get back to, so he should appreciate it. Seeing them through an atmosphere creates such an amazing effect. There are a few wisps of cloud adding to the view - and for a moment a patch of stars appears to be moving, but then I realize there's a children's toy floating above our heads in the shape of a translucent butterfly, distorting the view. I look down at the kids - they're looking at the toy, not the stars. My friend is trying to hurry me along through the parking lot, and I try to impress upon him how moving this is. "Do you know how long it's been since I've been down to earth? Any earth?" He remembers, he was there, and he is not interested in reminiscing.

      Short note from an earlier dream today: reading a description of "laurel leaves, called apollon," in which the author acknowledges that they cause strife but states that it's merely like the rebelliousness of an adolescent, and that they are indisputably sacred to Apollo.

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    10. The Most Beautiful Starlit Night Ever

      by , 12-29-2014 at 08:41 PM
      This dream happened Dec 26, 2014 while I was staying at my father in-law’s house way out in the wilderness. I was between lucid dreams, consciously awake, but my body was asleep. I heard somebody talking in my room, and I figured it must be wife. Then I felt very mild vibrations in my torso propagating out to my limbs. I waited patiently for ‘the vibrations’ to increase in intensity and magnitude, so I could do an OBE, but it wasn’t happening. I decided to try an OBE exit anyway, and to my surprise, I popped right out of my body and stood beside my bed. I couldn’t see anything because my blanket was still over my face. I decided to ask for assistance to remove the blanket from my face, “I can’t see, please help me.” Now something new happened that I have never experienced before; as I spoke, my body beside me spoke instead, and it was lagging behind what I was saying by a fraction of a second. My voice also sounded hollow and distant. I repeated my request for help and the exact same thing happened again! My body was saying what I was saying, so I guess I was talking in my sleep. The weirdest part about this was the lag time from when I spoke in my OBE to when my body spoke. Maybe this could be one of the reasons why people talk in their sleep? Anyway, back to the dream (OBE), or whatever you want to call it.

      I still couldn’t see anything, so I resorted to ripping the blanket from my face piece by piece until all was clear. It was very dark in the bedroom, and I headed for the door. I carefully opened it so as to not make any noise because everybody was asleep. Click, the door opened, and I walked out into the hallway. My wife was sleeping in the adjacent room (away from me and my CPAP machine), and I wanted to go and see her, but a golden shaft appeared in front of the door and blocked me from opening the door, so I headed downstairs. I didn’t want to go into the living room, because my father in-law’s bedroom is right there, and I was concerned about waking him, so I decided to go outside into the cold of winter, but there was one problem, I only had my gitch on. I figured, well, you can freeze when you’re lucid, right? I opened the door carefully so as not to make any noise, and then the screen door. Well, holy crap, it was cold out there. I could feel the cold air passing right through me, and into my lungs, and I instantly became very cold. It was like jumping into snow naked. I stepped outside and closed the doors, and I slowly warmed up to where I was comfortable. The snow sparkled and glittered. This is when I saw the most amazing thing.

      There were no clouds in the sky, and all I could see were beautiful, brilliant stars everywhere. I’m talking 100 times more than what you normally see, and a 100 times as bright. The night sky around the stars was perfectly black. It was like a super HD IMAX experience. I was speechless as I simply stared up into the night’s amazing sky. It was like I had Hubble telescope vision. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. Then some white fireworks went off in the distance. I decide to fly up into space and take a closer look at these beautiful stars, but as I launched, I was knocked back to the ground by some mysterious force. I looked up to see what I hit, and all I could see was the overhead power line going to my father in-law’s house, so I moved over about 20 feet and tried again. On the 2nd attempt to fly, I didn’t even get off the ground. So I decided to go for a walk, but then I woke up in bed. Strangely, I was getting intermittent cold shivers in bed, for about 10 minutes afterwards, even though I wasn’t cold. This description really doesn’t do justice for what I experienced; it was nothing short of magical.

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    11. Aliens

      by , 12-08-2014 at 05:07 PM
      I went for a walk outside at night with a friend. While walking through a parking lot we looked up at the stars and could clearly see the constellations as if they were "traced". I saw the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Cassiopeia, The Archer, and a couple of others that I don't even know if their constellations but I'm sure they are.

      ***Note to self: Look up constellations after this entry***

      All of a sudden I saw these moving lights in the sky. At first, I thought it was a plane, but then circles of light appeared and started to flash. They looked like the Olympic rings but in a Diamond formation? And then a spaceship appeared, and then it fly away. My friend and I watched this happen 2 more times before they picked a spot to land.

      And like little idiots we ran over to the landing site to see them. There were at least 3 ships, and they started unloading. They were bug-like creatures. One of them forgot something and had to run back into his spaceship to grab it. And then they started killing people, because it was part of their game.

      NOTE: Everything before they landed. The stars, the lights. Felt too real. I just searched constellations on Google and I'm looking at the exact constellations I saw in my dream, in the order they appeared. I didn't know I had that knowledge. But I guess we look up at the night sky all the time. It would make sense that some part of us would know it and retain it.
    12. A white horse and rider

      by , 12-05-2014 at 07:08 PM
      There's a man, some kind of ruler, lying in his sickbed, potentially his deathbed. He's speaking to two servants to either side of his bed. Circumstances are forcing him to return to a place he'd once tried to conquer many years ago, but had been forced to turn away from at the last minute. His servants think returning now will be a disaster, given his health. But he's inspired. He says that when he first marched on that place, he'd felt he was approaching the height of his power. As though if he'd reached that place, he also would have reached his dream of creating something that would change the world. I want to use the word 'technology' here, but that gives the impression of some new gadget - what the ruler is after is something as revolutionary as the invention of writing. His statement makes one of the servants focus on the symbol the ruler is wearing around his neck. It's a gold star with 14 rays, arranged much like a jack, the toy, or like a three-dimensional version of a compass rose. I, disembodied, think of alchemy.

      There's a white horse and rider walking through a hall of the palace. An extremely agitated servant is trying to get them to leave, but the horse and rider brush him off. They walk through a pair of wooden double doors, into a room where the ruler who'd been in his sickbed is now up and in military uniform, going over maps. The setting looks significantly more modern than I'd thought in the previous scene, maybe as late as the 1800s.

      The ruler reacts about as you'd expect when a stranger on a horse walks into your room. The rider asks, "Don't you recognize me?" And his face changes - now he's identical to the ruler. "Though when we last spoke, it was more..." And his face changes again, growing younger. Very little changes, really - skin's a bit tighter about the jawline, mostly. The rider reaches up to feel that jawline, and compliments the ruler on how well he's aged. Perhaps that's the result of easy living. This is sarcasm - an accusation. The rider says "we" expected greatness from the ruler - but what has he done with their gift in all this time?

      The rider says, "We convene in the morning. I expect you there." And he leaves.

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    13. Making out with a Giant and traveling inside her brain.

      by , 10-30-2014 at 11:52 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Making out with a Giant and traveling inside her brain (DILD)


      I was in my old house, when I used to live with my parents. The room looked different though. I had barely just a bed and a wooden table, said table was clear and pretty much empty (I believe it just had a lamp and that's all.) The light in the room was very dim and the door was closed. The door had a metallic door knob that looked like this:

      Suddenly, the door know started to grow and it had an evil looking face, it would grow larger and approach at me.
      I immediately realized I was dreaming as this was a classic nightmare I used to have when I was a small kid, which I found funny to dream that out of nowhere. As I was lucid, the door knob said, "Lucid Nightmare, yes?" I told the knob that screw that and just jumped out of the window and started to fly.

      It was night and there was little to no lightning at the street. I saw a female DC that was on the street and I approached her but she freak out, started to scream and ran away. I took a nice stroll (this time I did not fly for some reason, weird for me) and I was gazing at a sky full of stars. I suddenly saw in front of me a very hot DC, but she was huge, like eight feet tall. I felt like lucid sex and realized that this was an actual dare, as I remember I needed to stare for over one minute, so I pulled her pants and panties down and stared into her privates for a while, in addition of playing with them (I won't be graphic) but it was for over a minute. I also recalled that the exact wording was to look into her eyes, so I also looked into her eyes and made out for a while, over a minute without waking up
      (So I guess I have to say, FryingMan, you were right and Stephen LaBerge was wrong with this... first time I focus on staring and I did not wake up, as the dream continues...)

      After a while making out, I recalled my last dare to go, to go inside a DC's brain and find a DC within representing an emotion. I did not find any hardships on this as I would think in real life. I asked her, "Can I go inside of your brain now?" She accepted and she hugged me. I felt like pulled inside her body and suddenly, the dream went blank. I felt I was going to wake up but I started to spin to bring stability. I saw a giant brain in front of me, or most likely, I shrunk to a tiny size:

      I started to fly towards it to enter it. As I approached the brain, I felt how the imaginary changed. I was flying like through a sea of neurons, that looked pretty much like space. I landed on one of the connectors that interwined one neuron with another and I could see around a lot of energy, and even like stars:

      After a while, I kept flying until I entered, I believe, a neuron. I landed and there was a DC dressed in a business professional attire. I asked him what emotion he did represent, and he replied, "Feeling of happiness." I kind of felt it was a bit of weird form to represent happiness but... oh well, that is what came out from this dare and it was now completed.

      As I kept exploring the brain, I tried to recall more dares, realizing that I had no personal dares to do and I was not able to recall any of the anyone dares. I believed there was something to do with an armor and being a knight
      (which there is none) but I could not recall more so I figured it was not a dare.

      Suddenly, I felt like if I was in some sort of forest, but I believe I was still inside the brain because I saw neurons. However, I could see the sky with millions of stars, but instead of blackness, it had a faded reddish color, which I found to be pretty amazing. I felt like flying there and check it out, but I woke up.
    14. 9/12, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 27, 10/1 Quick notes mostly on LDs

      by , 10-05-2014 at 08:20 AM
      Paraphrasing most entries so no hashtags...some just cut & pasted from digital DJ.

      *Sexual content in many spots.
      10/1 DILD: I was so angry at people cutting in front of me at an elevator line that the emotion instantly lifted me about 1 yard/meter off the ground which immediately clued me in that I was dreaming. I let the anger carry over into my lucidity and was venting telling them how I can just fly to the top of the building...I don't need this f-ing elevator...and I can smack you around if I want to, rip off your clothes, so there it turned sexual and I ripped of a few women's clothes with TK floating above the crowd feeling omnipotent. It was quite fun but I should have moved straight to some goals and ended up waking up as my wife got out of bed (99% sure that wasn't an FA). 213

      9/27 I believe 3 separate lucid events and that HH's SSILD and visualization were the keys. After low key game. Waited 1 hour after waking to record dreams due to breakfast ready. The first one I went back to sleep trying to get more and I think I forgot too many details. I think it was the dream in the #shopping area and I'm #lookingFor #lostItem shopping bag I set down on this couch or chair and its missing when I go back. The lucid part is sexual with a sexy woman something about her curves and fine body. 210

      The second lucidity event I am walking past the #school that is having a big sports or Olympics day with all the students competing in different events but I paid particular attention to students playing #rugby. When I first look at them I wondered if they weren't wearing football pads but upon further examination or dream transitioning they were clearly not wearing football pads and I could see them doing a rugby scrum. This transitioned to me playing with them and narrator talking about how one of the ways to score is kicking the ball through the uprights and one of the guys kicks the ball forward and I leap up to catch it but a taller guy catches it first I continue running down the field leaping into the air and I realize that I'm dreaming I have a lot of fun bounding across the field. 211

      Third lucid event seems to start as a DEILD As I am visualizing in bed and I get the scene of a sexy woman and as I enter the scene there is a table, paper and a pointed plastic writing pen and ink that you dip it into and I write different messages to see how well I can write in a lucid dream. I forget exactly the first words I wrote but they came out pretty good but when I tried to write "dream" and it was very hard to read and I had more trouble with the ink getting more runny and not sticking to the writing device and the colors were getting too light to show on the white piece of paper. I've then start to remember that there was a sexy woman when I first came into the scene and I could see her sitting on the far end of the table. As I go to move towards her it gets a little foggy but I stay patient and focus first on her toes and her toenails painted with nail polish and slowly work my way up her leg with her body reforming. I reach under her dress
      and caress her sexy legs and butt and remove her underwear. I reach for her wonderful warm moisture before working my way up to her top before waking up. 212

      Stats from app: 12:15-10am xyz spikes113, 335 356 417 445
      wbtb@530recall slipped away; 604 recheck app@620-625 xyz: 658?dild 712?dild 805 840deild 908wife up audio+xyz spike, 920 925 952 (late more tossing and turning? Earlier c/b combo of my and wife's movements?)

      9/21 Lucid #sex with perfect, perky #Russian girl. Her breasts her butt! Her skin so soft after some hesitation from her I showed her she wanted me bad and she let me touch her everywhere. Thought about fingering her behind but afraid the dream might come up with a surprise there. Later sex with M, the friend of wife with twin sister. I told her it is okay...it's just a dream! She says "Your c*ck is so big! After exploding inside her my wife and I walk out of party and through a #shopping area with various #stores with groceries and #restaurants and my DC wife is proud of her stud "since it is all a dream" my new pick up line. I am scanning all of the DC's we pass. One lady looks interesting but I'm looking for a certain type since I already had 2 women so far this dream. 209

      9/20 Awesome vivid tsunami dream where I am calm and lead a rescue.
      WILD/LD 1: I thought I was just visualizing when a dream materialized. I hear Girl Friday downstairs and go down to hook up. Go semi-lucid as various people judge my interest in her but regain it when I see a girl in lingerie laying on the floor trying to seduce me. She is too young. I pick her up and hold her like a father would. 206

      LD 2: I think that I WILD again. I am laying in bed visualizing when I find myself in a scene laying under the stars. I remember the striking feeling and realism of opening my dream eyes wide to soak in the whole view with so many stars in every direction. It was extremely beautiful and felt like a spiritual experience. I remembered my personal goal that I tied into the TOTM. 207

      LD 3: Awake again visualizing and enter non-lucid dream at some point turned DILD.<snip> He leaves it unattended on oven to overflow and the oven starts to fill up with water like a clothes washer but it's open so the water would flow out onto the floor. I start to try to turn it off and then realize this is a dream the oven can't just turn into clothes washer. I fly up from there up out of the house but then I remember Girl Friday was there and I fly back down into the house but I seem to have messed up the visuals but I stay patient. I go into the living room in a bit of a fog I go sit down on the couch next to where Girl Friday was in the dream. I reach out for her and she seems to be forming back into my dream and I'm looking down at the floor and there's this round item rolling back and forth by itself that was cool. I think I'm forgetting a lot because I waited until the morning to record everything until I'm actually getting up. I did record the tsunami dream during wake back to bed which I'm doing shorter now. Factors for improved multiples? Vivid dream at beginning of night. DEILD focus. Visualization at each awakening. Stop and ask if dream. More frequent random natural self awareness. Back to lumosity. Adding a little fat back into my diet. 208

      9/19 LD 1: This whole thing, this whole discussion and scenario has all been a dream! Start to get naked then decide to do nose plug=can breathe but am I fully plugging it, do finger through palm and proceed to get naked. I call for Girl Friday to come in and as I hear her (or someone approaching) I wake up. 204

      LD 2: A noise (my wife leaving) wakes me up and I DEILD back into what looks like the same scene as my previous dream except I notice a mirror and look into it to see myself as a woman who looks like a thinner version of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I decide to open my blouse and check out my breasts. They are small but nicely shaped. I sit down and take off my pants with plans to check out down there but I transform back to myself with my normal junk down there and all. I fade back to bed and fade in and out of some dreamlets including one with a little Asian girl I felt drawn to protect named Ashikara. I am trying to find her again in the fog and a little blonde girl pokes her head around a corner and disappears. Possible NREM lucid but not counting this part after the LD with me as a woman. 205

      9/18 Examining source of smoke makes me lucid. Smoke coming from underneath carpet, pull it back, embers present, hole under carpet, look closer and hole gets bigger, think it looks like mouse hole and a mouse comes out. There are many orange ear plugs down this hole. Earlier I attempted the glottal RC and had trouble hinting a dream already but the above scenario confirmed it. Convincing FA. 203

      9/15 Standing over bed seeing fleas on bed made me lucid. Wife there also. 202

      9/12 I see Cameron Diaz and realize I am dreaming. I walk up to her and give her a kiss on the lips and then look at her again and she still looks mostly like her but with no make-up. I think FA after. Also DEILD focus bleeding into NLDs. 201
    15. Kipo 581

      by , 09-20-2014 at 02:54 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Given I went to bed at 2:00am last night, I'm surprised I had any recall at all.

      Anyways, I am with a group of astronomers, two I believe. I recall they are looking at this very large blue star in a nearby galaxy that they call Kipo 581.
      There was something to do with them studying it. They were trying to prove that they could learn everything about it only using old fashioned astronomy techniques.
      Something to do with them giving up on old astronomy techniques. They got in contact with NASA and launched a new telescope into orbit. The telescope was supposed to see if there were planets in orbit around the star.
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