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    1. Observing a New Location

      by , 03-27-2015 at 05:29 PM (Kali)
      There's a large school, maybe a charter school. I'm following around this young girl who looks maybe 15 or so. She's very bubbly, outgoing, she looks directly at me and talks to me at least once, but others don't, so I'm not sure what form I've taken. She's walking with another girl in the beginning when a guy friend of theirs approach. He's whining about wanting her to draw a symbol on his face. He thinks the symbol will bring him happiness. She draws the symbol but whispers to me that it's not to make him happy, but the opposite. I shake my head and laugh. His fault for asking for such an unnecessary thing. Personally, I find the guy to be a twat but sharing my opinion on such matters is outside of the scope of my expertise. I am to observe.

      We have lunch. The system is slow. They're taking groups at a time instead of having the kids just line up at general lunch time. The process is very inefficient and I mention it to one of the workers by accident. The worker agrees but it's to keep the process relaxed. The reasoning makes me think the other workers are easily stressed.

      We arrive in a forest glen area. I see dominating images of this older kid. His image is plastered on a building wall, these images become animated, there are symbols drawn across his chest. He either has or is going to commit suicide and this is his statement regarding the matter.

      We arrive in another area of campus, I become lost in an indoor pool hall, then the showers, the building is so large I can't even find the exit. Teachers are urging their students to shower. One door I try leads me into a sauna where about ten students are sitting in the dark. I find that weird but politely turn the light back off and shut the door.

      After burning my foot under a shower with a mold warning sign, I manage to make it outside by thinking of being outside. There's an Olympic sized swimming pool I'm walking along the side of. It's a beautiful day, kids are getting out of the pool, I have a vague awareness it's the end of the school day for them. I'm thinking of what it would be like to swim in the pool and the instant I've thought it,
      I slip and get dragged into the pool. I surface and start bitching on how it was just a thought, not a command. I realize it might be best to cease talking to myself out loud.

      Since I'm in the water, I might as well enjoy it. I head toward the opposite side of the pool which I'm thinking is the shallow end, crossing a water polo team in the process. I reach the other side and it's not the shallow end. I try doing the free-style to a ladder on the opposite of the pool but wind up in a downward spiral that's pretty great. I go with that instead. A man and a teen girl pop into the scene. He's telling her about the school and I have the sudden urge to turn around and speak to him, ask him who he is. He's different than the other beings who are here. I ignore the impulse. I'm not here for socializing. As I try to get out of the pool my feet stick to the ladder. It's worse than the jell-o resistance. It's takes more focus than I'd like to finally get free from the pool. Once I do that man follows up behind me and just swings himself over the edge. I hear him tell the girl her speed. I'm still inclined to turn around but can't get myself to follow the lines of where that curiosity would lead.
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    2. Trying to Interpret Symbols

      by , 09-15-2014 at 04:32 PM (Kali)
      I find myself using the toilet in the middle of a living room. Initially I'm alone, then friends come over. I ask each of them to leave as they casually wander over and try to talk to me. They don't, so I shout at them to get out. They leave to a different room.

      A boy walks over soon after and he doesn't say anything. I question who he is. No answer. I question which adult he belongs to here. No answer. He picks up a phone and either he's asking for Tony or identifies himself as Tony to somebody on the other end. I tell the kid to get out. He follows me to the door. Friend B tells me that I'm mean for kicking a child out. I explain the kid isn't exactly a child, he simply appears as one. Also, I've provided him three chances to explain his presence. No explanation equals no presence. I walk him out.

      The kid and I arrive in an entirely new place. I find ourselves walking up a hill near my childhood home. It's evening now. That same kid is dragging a car jack behind him. He's struggling. I help him pull. Looks different than home, it's home but ugly. Trash lines the streets, we pass a dead body on the sidewalk, then another one. A couple cars drive past but they're stripped down to the metal and the doors are missing. I wonder what happened. I get an uneasy feeling as we walk up my old driveway. The boy runs into the house and I follow after, trying to close the door. There's a problem with the door, it only closes half way. It can't be secured. I refuse to move from the door until I can make lock it. In the process of trying to extend the length of the door, dogs arrive.

      Dogs are trying to wiggle their way in and I push them out. I don't know who's living here now and why things appear the way they do. One of the dogs stares at me, his eyes appear to have cataracts. I try to stare past his eyes, to understand what the dog is beyond the form. These are simply images, the images aren't real, images are symbols. I can't interpret the symbol.

      Wake, then back asleep.

      I'm with K (I think--her form changes part way through). We're sitting in an outdoor stage area, waiting for something. A man discreetly approaches the people in the 2nd row where we were sitting. He explains there's a situation and points to our left. I see a large black duffle bag sitting nearby. He explains it's a bomb and he wants to move people row by row. We get up and follow up. My friend heads over to another area, where she finds a bomb under a chair. A moment later I hear something fall apart and duck my head under to ask her what's going on. She managed to diffuse the bomb right before it went off. She shows me a handful of liquid red and blue gel balls. She goes on to explain the majority were red because when the blue leaked, it would combine and be undetectable. The person was trying to cover their tracks.

      We leave. Another scene begins. I'm in a building and guy is talking to me telepathically. He demands I open the stairwell door for him. As we're talking, I'm viewing his intentions for being here. He intends to harm me. As I'm studying his thoughts, I'm viewing an aquarium which forms in the wall in front of me. It fills with those same gel balls from before except this time they're all blue. A shark forms but that quickly dissipates and the images within the water become blurred. I don't quite understand the symbolism but I get the gist of it.

      I'm here! Open the door, NOW.

      My waking mind begins to interfere. I'm questioning my actions, why am I opening the door to somebody who wants to harm me. Dreaming mind isn't all that worried about it and shushes the waking one. I casually open the door for him. I have a genuine curiosity about where he's going with this. It's not always about the act itself, there are points given for style and if he has something original, I just might borrow it.

      He leads us through a building, he's stubborn about where he's going. It has to do with another bomb. We arrive in a room filled with office staff. As he tries to cross the room I shrink a table around him as he crawls under, causing him to struggle. While he's distracted I turn around and inform one of the woman to call for help.

      He frees himself and we continue down another hallway.

      The sound of the authority vehicles can be heard below us. His plan has failed. I watch him, wondering what he'll do now.

      He panics. Races down another stairwell, leaving the building. He screams at me that he'll find me another day, then clarifies; tomorrow.

      I respond in his mind, looking forward to it.

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    3. Something more? Can anyone help me understand?

      by , 04-08-2014 at 04:43 AM
      For the third time in my life this has happened...the first time this has happened to me I was 10, again when I was 18, and now it happened last night (22 turning 23 next week) I remember it as clear as day, it was a short dream I am sitting on a fallen palm tree that's sitting on white sand with my toes in clear blue water with two furry dogs? (they were kind of big) one was all black with blue eyes and the other was all white with red eyes. There was a strong breeze that came through I close my eyes to stop the sand from coming in. I opened them and there was a woman, I couldn't see her face she had the sun directly behind her. She seem kind, it was like I knew who she was without really know who she actually was, weird and may not make a whole lot of sense but that's the best way I can explain it. Anyways she softly takes my hand in hers turn my hand palm facing up and with a paint brush made from bamboo she writes something on my arms first starting with the left arm and then the right arm.
      This woman drops the paint brush and a gust of wind blows me off the tree and into the water but I don't fall in I catch myself and I look up and she's gone. I look down at the water and see ripples but can't tell what's causing them, I look at my arms and see these odd symbols so odd I don't even know what to compare them to, and then it starts to rain...a sun shower and that was when the dogs that I have with me get up we go through a door and I rub my arms to try to dry myself off and I looked down and whatever the woman wrote on me was smeared, for some reason it made me upset. And then I wake up now I don't know if the same exact dream happened the other two times all I remember from those is just waking up with those same symbols always smeared. What does it all mean? Should I be worried?
    4. 1/28/14 - horrible sightings in the sky

      by , 01-28-2014 at 11:08 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me my sister and my half sister are standing in my yard in front of my house. It is pitch dark night. For some reason we are looking into the sky and night clouds form, then we see them form into land in the sky, choppy patterned green beige and orange islands. They are frightened and ask me what is going on, I tell them a storm is coming, but not the usual kind. They are confused by my explanation. I tell them a storm of evil is coming. And I was right, we see two missiles shoot down from the sky from far away, and it lands somewhere and the earth rumbles a little bit, and I bright flash of light shines from of the earth where the missiles landed. I told them now look what forms in the sky, we look and we see symbols, satanic symbols. Evil depictions. My mom runs out and asks what's going on, I tell her to look at the sky, she does and see's all the things, they form and disappear fast and new things form. Then I pointed them all to a part of the sky that seems to have a holy depiction, we are iffy of it but I can tell we all seem relieved by it. Then we all walk towards the house and go into the door into the house and we lose our worry.
    5. A lula do Brasil

      by , 11-21-2013 at 02:13 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      21.11.2013 1/2

      Eu não estava no sonho.
      A única coisa que eu via era um tabuleiro com vários símbolos e desenhos.
      Havia alguém narrando histórias/mitologias usando as imagens do tabuleiro.
      Eu/alguém pedia pra esse narrador contar a história do Brasil usando o tabuleiro.
      Numa determinada parte da narração aparecia um desenho era uma lula cinza/bege num círculo azul claro.
    6. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 03-19-2012 at 06:43 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Entry time.

      ‘Cause I promised I would and everything seems to be telling me to get back into the whole dreaming thing.

      Not a five star entry, so no recording for this one. >.>

      Fun House (Non-Lucid)

      Both of us peek inside the wooden crate sitting on my deck. Inside sits an assortment of bottle, each a different blend of some sort of coffee mixture intended for consumption before the special event I’d set up for the two of us later that night. MTM grabs the most potent bottle of the lot and downs it before I can protest. I sip something much more mild, but the effects of the drink are immediately apparent.

      I frown, knowing that MTM has probably already been compromised, but preparations continue, as the two of us glide down to a field behind my house. Words were exchanged with the man in charge of tonight’s festivities, a suave twenty-something with short, blond hair and a red jacket over a black undershirt. After a few winks and candidly coded responses between him and MTM, I confirm my suspicions: she works for them now.

      Looks like I’ll be doing things alone.

      The day passes, night falls, and the real fun begins. After a mostly uneventful day filled with brief bits of uninspired HvZ and other campus shenanigans, I find myself riding a motor-powered skateboard, racing to the big event. Not satisfied with the speed, I kick things up a notch and transform the motor-power into rocket-power and the wheels into anti-gravity pads.

      Tearing through the streets, blanketed in the glow of yellow-orange street lamps and rushing neon lights, I make my way to the first check-point and blaze past the rag-tag line of people assembled in front of the entryway, up the concrete stairs, and over the dingy, dark-red carpet. Finally, in the first chamber, I dismount in a flash of sparks and approach the table where the first challenge awaits.

      Several guys in dark blazers stand there, hunched over the table in the center of this poorly lit room, watching me approach. Only one person sits, flourishing a deck of cards, grinning as a I approach. Without hesitation, he deals out the cards in front of him, forming rows and columns as the Chinese symbols on the face of the cards, begin to glow a shimmering blue and purple gradient and rise from the cards in a ghastly fashion.

      The first to rip itself from the card floats towards me and attaches to my forehead, causing the world around me to shift and distort. I know the game immediately. If I didn’t do something about these symbols, they’d attach to me and mutate my perception, driving me to insanity. Grabbing the board I’d rode in on, I manage to get the exhaust to create a shower of sparks. Quickly, I douse the symbols with those fiery sparks, extinguishing their power and clearing the game.

      As I walk toward the stairs, leading up to the next chamber, I notice two other tables and games set-up in front of the stairs. The world sways around me, and I realize: these are just illusions created by the symbol; I can move on.

      Ascending the stairs, I’m met with another challenge. This time in a more home-like setting, a woman, who looks like a grade-school teacher smiles briefly at me before finishing up the colorful board she’d been working on. It’s one of those peg boards frequently used in classrooms, decorated with a bright, wavy yellow border and big blue letters on a cerulean background. The letters spell the command: “Ask Margie about H2O.”

      In the corner of the room, to my left, rises a giant girl. She can’t be older than eight years old, but she towered over me, bloated and disproportional, with an expressionless look upon her drooling face. One look is all I need to determine the only winning move is not to play. I continue upwards as a fellow challenger comes up the stairs from the first chamber. I hear her ask ‘Margie’ about water. Then come the screams...then silence...

      Upstairs now, I make my way to the porch, where I meet the man in charge for the second time today and MTM standing beside him. He expresses surprise that I arrived so early. Not in the mood for bantering, I let him know that he needs to fix whatever was wrong with MTM or he’d regret it. Smugly, he reassures me that I simply need to complete one more task, but I sense betrayal and deceit in his words. Delving deeper, I discover his identity as a vampire and the entirety of his plan. Oblivious to the fact that I know everything, he takes me and MTM into a room with another giant, disproportionate child, this time a toddler.

      The door locks behind us and the man stands behind the monstrosity. My final task is simple, he tells me: “Defeat this child.”

      Scornfully, I remark, “Don’t insult me. The two of you are so far beneath me I could blow you both away with a single blast.”

      “Then do it,” he laughs harshly.

      But I’ve already charged up a blast, or at least, tried to. When I release the stream of energy, forming a Kamehameha pose, the blast is imperceptible and simply passes through the head and body of the giant infant. Improvising, I modify the stream’s frequency as it passes through the thing’s brain, mutating it further, restoring its free will and rational thought.

      When I’m finished, the giant baby and I have a short, intelligent, discourse, much to the dismay of the suave twenty-something. We bargain out a deal, wherein I let the giant live and he grants me the win. He even offers, very casually, to kill the guy standing behind him, but I insist that honor falls to me...
    7. Magic Pillar Switch 06/23/2010

      by , 07-13-2011 at 04:01 AM
      12:00 AM

      At a tiny bay just past a water inlet I stood at the grassy shore. Randy from work was there. A stone pillar about 2' wide barely poking out of the water was like a tiny island. On the top were symbols (something about matching symbols and clicking them) (something about cleaning the island)... Disks were being tossed in the water. I dove in to collect them (like at the pool with water rings). After collecting them the water level rose up from being low to high.
    8. The Part of Me That Will Never Forget You

      by , 06-19-2010 at 05:35 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      May 18, 2010

      After so many years I finally learn why I dream of high school, years after I've graduated. Lucid, I tell my DCs that this is a dream, and they dissolve back into me. Later, I dream of a boardwalk with a spectacular scene of water

      The Part of Me That Will Never Forget You

      I'm back in high school, getting ready for a big colorguard competition. This is a familiar sight! I've been here before, years ago. I know I've graduated from high school, I know I shouldn't be here. But I don't realize I'm dreaming yet. My team assembles and we perform over a large audience. I'm freaking out! I only remember half of the routine, what do you expect? It's been years!

      After performance I talk to my captain "Lets go over the routine again". I know she's graduated too, so I'm sure she's having trouble remembering. She agrees! Were all rusty and could use some rehearsing. But right now it's break time. In the down time the team separates into their individual cliques and circle of friends. That's when I walk around and really realize something is completely wrong here.

      This team is composed of EVERYONE who I was in colorguard with. But that can't be right. How could this team have seniors from when I was a freshman, and freshman from when I was a senior? The two age groups never went to high school in the same time period! And why am I here? I start to do the math. When I graduated from high school, when I graduated from college, this is insanity! I'm dreaming!

      I quickly run to my closest team members who were off in their own room. I wanted to show them something amazing. To be honest, I was hoping in some way they weren't just dream characters, that I was some how dreaming with my old high school friends. I interrupt their gossip "This is a dream! Let me show you!". I start to levitate in front of them. At first they look at me as though I'm insane. But then they smile and giggle girlishly.

      "It's a dream!" I grab my friend by the hand so I can show her dream flying for herself. I take a quick turn around the room! But when I look at my hand, it's not my friend I'm holding, but some random object. I look around in the room, and all of my friends have turned to objects.

      I know this, I've seen this before dozens of times in dreams. Suddenly I'm talking to a dream character, half way in our conversation I become lucid, I want to continue the conversation now that I'm lucid, but the dream character transforms into some plain old object. Sometimes I ignore the dream transition, and keep talking to the object. . . . . But then it just feels like I'm talking to myself. . . .

      I'm disappointed that my friends aren't dream characters anymore. I just wanted to fly with them.

      I run into the hallway where the rest of the team was assembled. My captain starts talking about our next performance. I shove my way right between all of them, and I levitate.
      "Ahem. . ." My captain seems annoyed that I'm interrupting her all so important lecture. "Look at my feet!". I dangle my toes wish were freely in the air! The freshmen start shouting "Wow!! That's so cool!" But the older members who've known me longer seem really disturbed. Angry, confused, terrified.

      "Whats going on?" The older members ask

      "This is a dream! Don't you see! It's a dream!"

      I wanted so much to dream with them, to make them all lucid and we could all go on some colorguard dreaming adventure together! They look at each other, and suddenly they seem to understand this dream nature. Maybe more than me.

      My captain asks me "If this is a dream, and you're the dreamer, then who are we?"

      The room gets quiet. The whole team waits for my answer. Quiet faces. Happy faces. Anxious faces. I looked into their eyes. My throat tightens up, I could barely say what I'm going to say.
      "You are the part of me that will never forget you."

      The room lightens up! Everyone seems happy! It didn't matter who, or if they were members I didn't get along with, or superficial cliques. In this tiny fraction of time, we were all here together and happy! I wanted so much to dream with them, to have a dream adventure with them. But then instantly before my eyes, they all turn into dolls and animal plushies. 'They' were 'gone', and I was all alone in an empty band hall. With no one to talk to, or be with, except maybe the only person who I have ever talked to or hanged out with in a high school dream -

      For the first time, I understood why these dreams seem to haunt. It's simple, I'll never forget them. And these dream character are the part of ME that remind that.

      I leave the band hall and fly outside to find a new lucid dream adventure. But I was still sad at the lonely nature of my dream. My dream becomes a black void, and I don't remember after time.

      The Boardwalk
      After what feels like a long time I'm in a new dream. I'm walking along a huge boardwalk. Water takes on a spectacular scene in front of me. It's as if in the middle of the ocean, there's a water fountain the size of an Egyptian pyramid. The water was pouring from this structure. I can't make out the structure, because the water is pouring from the very top, and veiling it. I watch a giant bird land on this watery structure. Then I realize that's no bird but a dinosaur! I watch another spectacular scene, as a massive boat sails right through the water-pyramid. The boat, still submerged under water, sails right under the boardwalk! I run to the other side of the boardwalk to see it as it passes.

      It was moving at such an incredible speed for such a massive ship, the water around it bubbled up and moved out of it's way! A dream character shouts "Did you see how fast that ship was moving? That was unreal!". It was unreal, it defies the laws of physics!

      I woke up shortly after.
    9. Dream Wheel Day 2 - Foreign Territory

      by , 06-18-2010 at 04:43 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 2, 2010

      Synopsis: Dream Wheel dream. Exploring different 'territories'. Pool bringing lucidity. Epic storms! Strange green symbols of doom!

      Foreign Territory
      I was exploring different 'territories'. It was sort of like a touristy field trip for me to visit these different territories.

      Now some tourists were using a map to guide them. I wasn't! I just ran around the place with no direction! The first territory that I explored was a giant suburbia. According to the tourist guide, it's the backyards that are a real point of interest. So I invaded every back yard I could. Well at least in this territory, it's perfectly legal to do so! From suburbia I can see two other territories, one is a forest and the other is a giant building. I enter the giant building. It's mostly just architecture. There isn't much in the building except for a tiny pool hiding in the corner.

      I take a dip in the pool and swim around for a bit. The tourist family watches me in envy, they were obese and were too self conscious to take a dip.

      Coming out of the pool I become lucid
      . I quickly fly out of the large windows of the building. Two massive storm systems in territories far and away catch my attention. One was just an overgrown rain cloud that covered the entire horizon. The other was a tornado system, with twisters going towards the sky instead of towards the ground.

      There was also a rollercoaster, and being lucid I achieve an old goal of riding a rollercoaster in a dream.

      I forgot about the dream wheel, and decided to visit the two other territories safely above their storms. But that's when my dream characters pointed my attention towards the ground. On the ground were three green glowing symbols. In my minds eye, it spontaneously meant two things. One was 'summoning'. That these glowing symbols had the power to summon/bring...something here. And/or at least a targeting system for something to land here! I didn't know what that something was! Which made the experience frightening, almost alien!

      But I did feel there weren't enough green symbols yet.
      (note: the dream wheel has five points for it's five members!)

      Having completely forgotten the wheel, I imagined the next best thing. That these symbols meant the wrath (the storms) of God were coming here!!..........Well this was when I lost my lucidity completely. This whole place is going to blow! It's the end of the world!!

      I told the rest of the dream character to run for it, the wrath of the storms were coming!! Panic ensues! We were too afraid to run in the streets, we imagined that this some how would leave us wide open to lightning strikes. Instead, we climbed from one backyard to the next, slowly making our way to the next safest territory. It was actually physically exhausting for me to climb those fences, and the ground had already turned to mud. The kind that just sucks up your feet. I imagined if worse comes worse, I could just transform into a cat and hide in a hole until the storm passes!! I woke up shortly after.

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