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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 17-11-16 Hunting People Down in Truck

      by , 11-16-2017 at 07:33 PM
      Earliest memory of the dream is a firefight in a parking lot at night. I was firing on two other guys with a shotgun, and before that with a carbine. I was very annoyed they wouldn't die despite hitting them at point-blank range. They escaped in a vehicle. Not content to give up the chase, I break into a car myself, hotwire it, and pursue them. This all felt very much like a video game, like GTA V. Anyway, I'm racing through the streets, trying to find them. I'm driving a big rig now, with a massive and sharp "scoop" mounted on the front. I see my victims. I think they drove into a wall and were stuck. I went full speed and smashed into them as hard as I could. The scoop went right through their windows (their car was a kind of armored van now?), quite possibly killing them all there and then. I rammed them a few more times to make sure. Suddenly my truck was gone, and I was on foot, holding the crushed car in my hand (it was really small all of a sudden?) and smashing it into walls and the ground in a fit of extreme rage. Their car was little more than a flat sheet of crushed metal now, covered in blood. Someone else was with me now. I realized we had to bail before the cops spotted us. As I ran off I could see a car approaching on the street, but I don't think it was a cop.

      I have some more vague flashes of earlier dreams, but nothing even remotely coherent. A food stand? A long road in the countryside? A part of a "Serious Sam" level?
      Tags: rage, truck, violence
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. 17-11-10 Back to School, Nuclear Blast & Nightmare, Pulling the Plug on Dream

      by , 11-15-2017 at 05:47 PM
      The first dream started innocently enough, with yet another return to that bloody school. I was running late. I entered the classroom where everybody else was already assembled. They weren't just the guys from my own class, but also from the other class from that same year. I sheepishly greeted them and sat down. They cheered and mocked me as I did so. I made brief eye contact with my former friends, realizing fully well they hate me. As it turned out, I was there to complete my third year of my bachelor in electromechanics.

      The second dream started out as a kind of franchise trailer for Call of Duty. I saw footage of modern military stuff like jets and tanks. Then, the view switched to Nazi World War II tanks driving up a hill towards the US capitol. Then, the capitol exploded in a massive nuclear blast. I was physically present in the scene now, and knew I was about to die. I saw the "wave" of debris and other fiery fuck you heading my way, and realized I would soon be vaporized. But when it hit me, I was thrown into the air by the air pressure. High into the air. Like, a mile. I saw the land the capitol was on, a wide river, and a town on the other side. For a second I was happy, thinking I'd survived, but then I realized I'd fall to my death. Just my luck. Fortunately, I ended up floating and eventually flying. I flew around a little bit, quite low to the ground, through a park. There were people walking around, but then I noticed a woman I'd seen before. She was there "twice". And where ever I looked, there she was. It was like she was replicating outside my field of vision, and everybody was turning into her. Until there were at least ten "clones" of her in that park, and no one else. I felt this was becoming a nightmare, as this is a plot I've seen before in dreams. That's right, despite not being lucid, I still "knew" this was a dream. I talked to the "woman", whom I knew was not a woman but a monster. She *looked* like a woman, but I knew my own growing fear and unease could make her morph into a monster at any time (as dreams usually do). She had a name, which I forgot. I realized flying away was pointless. The monsters my dreams spawn can teleport, and always know where you are. Always. You can't hide or flee from them. I knew the only way out, was to terminate the dream by waking up - as this would instantly terminate 'her' and the whole dream world. I could 'feel' my real body at this point, but I was still in the dream. I told her what I was going to do. I asked her if she had any last words before I erased her from existence. Then I chose to wake up.

      I think that's the first time I've ever voluntarily ended a dream despite not knowing it's a dream. It sure caught the nightmare creatures off-guard.
    3. 17-11-15 Left Behind, Gaming With Hayden

      by , 11-15-2017 at 05:25 PM
      In the first dream, I was outside on a parking lot somewhere. I was with a group of others at first, but I lagged behind and I got left behind and couldn't find them anymore. I remember finding a bicycle? Not sre if it was mine. I forgot most of this dream.

      In the second, I was playing what looked like "Duke Nukem 3D". However, the graphics looked different and reminded me a lot of the leaked "Duke Nukem: Forever" screenshots that leaked in 2001. I remember fighting the final boss, the Cycloid Emperor, but he was in some kind of massive armored vehicle instead of on foot. I shot at him and he died rather quickly when his vehicle exploded. I was surprised the game was so easy. In another scene I was going through a level, and encountered two Cyberdemons (from the classic "Doom" games). Then a secret wall opened, revealing alien green goo, explosive barrels and a Battlelord Sentry from Duke 3D. I blew up the floor and fell through. At some point I discovered my save games were compatible with my older save games from when I played the "Megaton Edition" in real life. At some point, it turned out I was playing the game while actress Hayden Panettiere was with me in the room (sitting on the couch opposite of me). She talked about the game and I was amazed she was into video games. Needless to say his made me like her even more. The conversation changed subject a few times and in the end (right before I woke up) we were talking about my motorcycle accident 6 years ago.
    4. 17-11-11 Back in Time (School), Fighting Lizard Demons

      by , 11-15-2017 at 05:43 AM
      In the first dream, I was (for the umpteenth time) in my old school, but a good ten years back in time. Oddly students were seated in the hallways instead of classrooms. I left the building and flew off to look for girls (subconscious awareness this wasn't real and I could do with my DC's whatever I want). But suddenly I remembered doing a certain thing to a certain person would accidentally prevent another thing (that's supposed to happen) from happening. I was in the past, after all.

      Long, and complicated dream, can't be bothered to write it all down. I'm half human cop, half lizard/demon. I'm in the police station, and walk over to the coffee machine to get some coffee. I get weird looks from the other officers who are seeing me for the first time (the first half-demon cop on the squad). I notice they made the buttons of the coffee machine bigger so I could still use it (I had very big mutant hands).

      In a later scene, I'm still the demon-lizard-guy from before. I'm in Hell, fighting off big demons attacking the "base camp" of the good guys. I'm having to solo several big demons, wrestling them by their horns. The humans were reluctant to join in the fight because I looked rather demonic myself. I couldn't get hurt but was still getting thrashed pretty hard by the demons, who were a lot bigger than I was. Luckily, Thor (from the MCU) suddenly appeared and joined in the fight. He knocked out a few demons with his hammer.
    5. 17-11-14 Supernatural Horrors

      by , 11-14-2017 at 03:40 PM
      Pretty cool nightmare. I'd entered some kind of 'other dimension' populated entirely by supernatural killers, one of which was Pennywise the Dancing Clown. It began innocently enough, with me strolling through what looked like a library, though it also sold candy and reminded me of the candy shop in my local movie theater. Suddenly I heard a disembodied voice mock me, and the scene turned dark and scary instantly. There was a scene where I saw a man walking, and every time he appeared again (he walked behind objects sometimes) his face turned gruesome, looked straight at me and screamed loudly in a very demonic manner. There were way more scenes, most of which I forgot. In the end, I found the exit. It was guarded by Pennywise himself. I managed to convince the beast it was best to let me leave, but it was a very tense moment. Pennywise constantly vanished and then reappeared somewhere else right outside my field of vision, right when I was slowly advancing towards the exit gate while trying to convince It. I got out of the gate and found myself back in the "normal" dream world. I immediately flew away as fast as I could. Somehow, as I was escaping, I felt like I *was* one of the monsters.

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      Tags: flight, pennywise
      non-lucid , nightmare
    6. 17-11-12 Highway Incident

      by , 11-14-2017 at 04:59 AM
      There was a car accident on the highway below (multi-level highway, I was on an elevated road, looking down on the "main" highway below). I ran towards the edge and jumped down, knowing fully well I would float down safely. I think I wanted to help? Anyway, cops were there, and I get very nervous they might see my taser and tactical equipment... which is all illegal where I live... so I decided to fly off when they weren't looking. However, as I reached the altitude of nearby rooftops, I scared some birds and they caught the lady cop's attention. She saw me, but couldn't do anything to stop me anyway.

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    7. 17-11-13 Violent Incident, Money Trouble

      by , 11-13-2017 at 05:04 PM
      I was in an industrial-looking environment. I don't remember why, but I tossed a bottle of compressed gas (air, or something more explosive) at two welders. The bottle exploded and presumably killed one of them. Or at least knocked him out. The other one, a woman, followed me into another room and attacked me. There was a brief fight, and then I beat her to death using a kind of stick. Turns out "she" was transsexual.

      In a slightly less horrific dream, I felt guilt over going to the movies because I have no job at the moment. That dream isn't even a dream, it's just reality.

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    8. 17-11-04 Child Murderer

      by , 11-04-2017 at 06:43 PM
      I did really awful things in this dream. Not sure I should put it here. I might censor some of it. I was running around a series of dark corridors. To the right was a dressing room for boys, and to the left was the one for girls. Children, that is, aged 8-14, something like that. I was... killing them. With a knife. It was very dark, and I managed to kill only one boy in their dressing room. The corridors and rooms felt oddly abandoned and dark, which I found quite unsettling. I thought I was in a nightmare or horror game for a second, until I remembered I was the monster and had nothing to worry about. When I moved on to the girl's side, I found a room where one girl was sleeping. Next to her, her father was sleeping. Guarding her. I realized if I killed the girl, her father would no doubt attack me. So I decided to kill him first. While he was still asleep, I pushed my knife into his neck. He died gurgling, unable to resist. The girl woke up and saw her father die with the knife in his throat. She was quite young and didn't quite understand what was happening. I told her her father was just going to sleep, or something like that, to calm her down. The goal was to kill the girl next, but watching her wimper over her dead dad filled me with such regret, I just wanted to undo everything I'd done. I woke up right there and then, feeling confused I could commit such evil.
    9. 17-11-01 Valley, Bodyguard & Assassin

      by , 11-04-2017 at 03:54 AM
      Complicated dream. We (a group of survivors of some unknown disaster) were walking through a very long valley (over 1,000 kilometers long). The survivors were all teenagers, guys and girls. I think I had to go separately to pose a distraction (to distract some kind of enemy), while the others stayed in group. I reached our destination, the end of the valley (which was a large open space of fertile land surrounded by mountains and hills), quite a while before the others did. Eventually they arrived, though. I spoke to someone, who said many died on the way here as they were attacked and had to fight. We walked up to a monument erected in their remembrance (how it got there so quick, no idea), for those who died so the others could reach safety.

      This dream was somehow a prequel of the previous dream, despite having no obvious narrative connection. I was being protected by a bodyguard in the form of Stellan Skarsgård. Though he looked taller and more lean than he does in real life. He used a pistol with suppressor. We were in a building resembling a hospital. One of the rooms had a view of the adjacent corridor through big, long windows. It was an office of some kind. An assassin appeared, determined to kill me. That assassin was none other than Jean Reno. I think it was his character Bezu Fache from "The Da Vinci Code". Later (after waking) I remembered Stellan played Richter, the antagonist of that movie's sequel, "Angels and Demons". Anyway, as a firefight erupted and I dove for cover, I think I asked Stellan for a suppressor so I could fight to defend myself. Odd to ask for a suppressor when you don't even have a gun to use it on. Dream logic.
    10. 17-10-31 Hunting Zombies

      by , 11-04-2017 at 03:31 AM
      Badass dream. I was "hunting zombies" inside what looked like an abandoned, dark apartment building. I encountered the little scorpion-like enemies from Resident Evil: Revelations 2 while crawling in some kind of tunnel/ventilation shaft. They chewed on my legs a bit until I guess I shot them. I had two weapons (that I remember), a mini-crossbow and a revolver (not my usual G19 pistol, an actual revolver). I entered a certain apartment which I knew to be a "resistance hideout". I was pretty sure they would all be zombies by now. I slowly opened the door (very tense atmosphere), and shuffled inside with my gun raised. There was a mirror, and I could see myself in it. I was wearing my black leather trench coat and I recall thinking I looked kinda badass. Like some kind of Van Helsing demon-hunter. The zombies must have disagreed, because they came pouring out of the room from around the corner. I think I killed at least four. I opened the revolver's cylinder, and checked ammo. I had only two rounds left. I removed the empty rounds, then closed the cylinder again. The resistance leader suddenly came out. He was infected, you could tell, but not nearly as badly as the ones I just killed. They were fully "zombified", with a kind of... mold... growing all over their heads. Anyway, I aimed at the leader's head. He did not attack, but rather exposed his forehead in such a way, it was clear he wanted me to kill him and put him out of his misery. I could not pull the trigger because of the "can't pull triggers" phenomenon. I was all out of ammo, for virtually all of my weapons. The leader then spoke, and said he'd help me find ammo for my weapons. Turns out he'd known me a long time (but I didn't know him), he'd been expecting me and he was sympathetic to my cause.

      Less epic dream. I was living in a very spacious apartment next to a car showroom (which was on a first floor in a building next to mine). I was tasked by Ferrari (?) to clean up a container in the harbor. I told myself I'd do it tomorrow.

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      Tags: revolver, zombies
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. 17-10-30 Flight to Mediterranean City

      by , 11-02-2017 at 01:48 AM
      I was walking through the back of a garden (monastery?), and to get to the house I had to traverse a field inhabited by a bunch of animals. I somehow knew these animals were "nice" and would not attack humans, but there were wolves and even a bear so I did not feet at ease. I think the bear and two wolves were fighting, giving me a chance to slip by. Suddenly I decided to fly, as this was safer. I flew, and found myself over an old Mediterranean-style city. My mind struggled to draw enough scenery so part of the city was repeated over and over. I struggled to find a place to land because the "replication" effect was so strong. I made a loud and messy landing and I'm pretty sure everybody saw me, but I didn't care. Navigating the city, I think I was looking for a man called Arthur. He was supposed to be the real-life King Arthur, except he had a different last name. I think I saw him from a distance, on the first floor terrace of an inn (?).

      Dream notes of dream I've entirely forgotten... Recognize brother, but older. Soundtrack with piano and synths, live "happily ever after". I do recall the soundtrack and how cool it was. I still heard it while I was waking up.
    12. 17-10-29 Control Room, Monster Saves Me, Grandmother in Netherlands

      by , 10-30-2017 at 03:16 AM
      Notes say "prison", but I remember nothing.

      In another dream, I was sitting in a control room (like the one at the chem plant I used to work at). Benny (ex-colleague from there) was there. I was surprised he hadn't been promoted yet? I think he'd been demoted, even. Meanwhile, I was having a dream conversation with the ASMR girl I was listening to in real life at that moment. Her RL sentences leaked through into the dream and manifested as a conversation I was having with her, but I noticed she kept talking even if I didn't reply.

      I was in a very large room, and was corned by a large monster (about 20 feet tall). It was about to eat me. Suddenly an even bigger monster (50 feet tall, easily, white fur) burst through the wall behind it, and ate the monster instead. It smiled at me, and I expressed my gratitude for the save. It asked me why I didn't ask for its help earlier. Then an RPG-style "dialogue" started, and I could choose from several answers. One of the three answers simply said "anbebekudu". I googled that word (still in the dream), and found a definition that actually sounded reasonable (but I forgot). Upon waking up, I googled it in real life, and it of course means nothing.

      I was in the Netherlands with my deceased grandmother (on father's side). There's a lot to explain in this dream and I'm way too lazy to describe all the details. She was having a drink at an outdoor terrace. I ran around the block for some reason. The accent of the people around me told me I was in the Netherlands. Eventually I got back to grandma, and more stuff happened that made me feel very emotional. I was filled with intense (real life) grief and regret, mostly about the death of my grandfather, and my complete inability to show emotion near others (meaning I never told him how much he meant to me before he died). I hugged my grandmother and let it all out. Very unlike me. And shameful in retrospect. I think my mom was there, too. She was surprised I was so emotional.
    13. 17-10-28 Left in Freezer

      by , 10-28-2017 at 07:25 PM
      I was hiding (or my point of view was, I wasn't me) in the back of a freezer truck. You know, like a truck that transports meat. When the rear door closed, I remember this could be dangerous. Eventually the dream went into third person, and it was *REDACTED* who was left in the freezer. I was supposed to set her free but forgot. So I guess she froze to death. Good thing she can heal...?
      Tags: claire, freezing
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. 17-10-26 Things

      by , 10-27-2017 at 07:11 PM
      I was sitting in a garden (I assume it was the garden of our old house, but it felt different), looking out over the landscape. The landscape was one of rolling green hills, and a very cloudy, grey sky. The air felt very humid but cool. I was admiring that I was on Earth, as other worlds are mostly dry, barren and devoid of atmosphere or life. Debby, my father's wife, walked past me.

      Then things got pretty horrific. I saw a transforming "Thing" in the house. You know, like the monsters from "The Thing". My character (I was no longer myself, and I was now watching "my" character as if I was just a camera) shot it with his gun, and assumed it was dead. As he left the house, the Thing grabbed him by his leg with one of its tentacles, and dragged him back inside. While being dragged, I saw a shotgun on the ground between him and the monster. He grabbed the shotgun but didn't shoot (?). He got bitten by one of the Thing's many mouths. That's when I woke up. The monster had features of various animal species. It had the head of a whale, tentacles, and features of a few other land animals (but all horribly deformed and "unfinished").
      Tags: debby, the thing
      non-lucid , nightmare
    15. 17-10-24 Talking to Old Friend

      by , 10-24-2017 at 02:34 PM
      In this dream I spoke to an old (former) friend, Fenn. From the way he spoke (and from what he said, I guess) he was no longer friends with Michaël, his best friend and former classmate of mine. They had a falling out of some kind. Our conversation was surprisingly pleasant.
      Tags: fenn
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