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    The Dream Adventures of WINDHOVER@

    Panty and Stocking dream

    by , 01-22-2012 at 03:57 PM (1431 Views)
    Windhover's Dream

    dream 1 - I rode a snowboard down a snowy hill. someone instructed me. I twist my waist to turn, sliding down in S path. (I've never did snowbaaording IRL)

    dream 2 - I was Panty from anime PSG.(the left one in the picture) I think I imagined myself to be Panty; I was semi-lucid. I also imagined the train scene in episode 2 to have awesome action
    I was on the head of the train and there was Stocking driving See-thru(car) behind me. Stocking was also swishing her sword to fight the train. the train was running so fast I slipped many times. I fell back of the train, I had to run towards the front, shouting 'you idiot!!(in Korean)'. the train was green, not red. I stood back and got into See-thru. then I remembered using Chuck as a 'elastic rubber-band(?)' so I imagined me hanging on Chuck...at this moment the dream got unstable. I held onto Chuck...and his mouth(?) got stuck on See-thru and his body got really long + stretchy, just like in anime!!!! then I got pulled up to the head of the train, and jumped on the window shield of the front; SLAM!!

    I summoned Panty's backlace gun and BLAM! shot the train head. BOOOOOOOOM........(just like in the picture below)

    I dont recall at this moment.. anyway, I was with Stocking at some kind of port. (I'm still Panty) There was a floating Italian restaurant on the sea, so we went there to eat something. I ate pizza. I asked Stocking if she ever went to Italy. She said "yeah, I went to Milano once." suddenly a man near me grabbed my arm not to go. I got scared and looked for Stocking. She was nowhere. and then I realized that she was swimming under the restaurant.....wtf?!? I also don't recall here. Stocking and I finally got out the restaurant and we went to some kind of hotel and rested in a room. I said something with a feeling of tiredness...my voice was exactly like Panty's.

    dream 3 - and then I woke up from Panty and Stocking dream. I visualized Frosted Flake box randomly, and I was in the mall with bunch of cereal boxes. I realized that this was lucid dream, so I looked for my favorite snack(home run ball) and ate some of it. then I wanted to eat chocolate...so I went to the counter and found dark chocolate piece. I ate it but it didnt taste like real chocolate IRL. near the counter, I found iron bars that seemed like good place for parkour, so I ran and umped onto it, and I slid down. there were several boys doing parkour. I did monkey vault (I'm not good at this vault so I did this). my body was so light. and I jumped over the bar and flew away...
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    1. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Lucky!! I've been wanting to have a dream as Panty for ages. :O
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    2. Windhover@'s Avatar
      haha me too xD