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    Odds and Ends

    by , 03-11-2012 at 01:41 PM (464 Views)
    I think there is something to allergy meds giving you more intense dreams. I've taken at least one for the last 3 night and each night I've had extreme dreams.
    But then I either wake up too quickly or I wait too long to record them and forget most of the details.
    I went to sleep last night at 10:10 and I woke up at 8:00.

    I recall only bits and pieces.
    In one, I was playing some game as if the game was life. I was zapped somewhere to a forth garden but it was very dark and spooky and there were spirally things hanging from the ceiling that would shock you if you got too close.
    Someone was teaching me about the garden and at one point I had to look through a periscope to spot some dangers. There were leopards surrounding one area.
    I asked if I would ever be able to remove the spirally things and she said no.

    In another dream my step-mom and mother were together. We were at my grams house with my uncles. I was confused because my Uncle Hank was alive and Uncle Jimmy was missing. It was assumed he wandered off to die alone.
    There was a lot more to that dream, but I've forgotten.

    In some other dream, I was working with some robotic interface. I don't recall exactly how we interacted. But he (the interface) was bugged. He spoke first in a male voice, but it changed to a woman's voice and back and forth and so on. I told him to run a diagnostic test on himself and he reported some great failure.
    I gave him to some tech guys to fix.

    Then I was on some spy mission, tracking a robotic dragonfly with a camera mounted on it. Some other people, with my team, was at the bottom of a hill intercepting audio from it.
    Its wing broke, however, but not before it found me. We worried the mission was compromised, but I picked it up and we raced back to the office.
    We were then pursued for the information we gathered. They even broke into our headquarters. I was taken prisoner. A guy carried me down a hall with many doors. He kept kicking them open and then his companions would search the area. The last spot held a cabinet. My daughters friend Brittany was inside hiding. They dragged her out.
    I don't remember how the dream ended.

    In some other dream, I was doing some sports activity with a guy and some girl. The guy collapsed from a severe cramp. We ripped open his pants and I found a HUGE knot under his skin. I kept messaging it, but the other woman kept interfering, thinking her way was best (which I barely recall was one step away from molesting the poor guy).

    In another dream, my skin was peeling as if I had suffered a severe sunburn. I kept peeling it, but I worried some sections weren't ready and I'd make things worse.

    That's it.
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    1. Alyzarin's Avatar
      I told you, it's that diphenhydramine! Sounds like an intense night.
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