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    Thread: New Lifeboat IRC Chat

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      New Lifeboat IRC Chat

      Greetings, everyone!

      As you may know, the forum had an extended downtime on March 26, which caused many of the features of the forum to stop working. One of these features that was broken was the forum's user database connection with the IRC chat. As such, any user registered after March 26 is unable to join the chat, and any username/password changes made on the forum are not reflected in the chat.

      As a temporary workaround, we have set up a "Lifeboat Chat", to be used until the official chat is fixed. I have tried my best to make it as similar to the current chat as possible, including using qwebirc for a webchat client for easy access. However, without a forum login database connection, we had to get a bit "creative" with the user verification process. Don't worry, we've tried our best to make this as easy for you as possible, with the help of a bit of automation and a whole lotta mlem. Just use the following steps:

      TL;DR Current chat is still borked, here's how to access the new temporary chat:

      1. Send a Private Message to MlemBot with the subject IRC Request. The body of the message can be anything, but the subject must be IRC Request, with nothing else.
      2. Soon after sending the PM, you should receive a reply from MlemBot with your randomly-generated password, and instructions to access the webchat client. This usually takes about 5-10 minutes, but can sometimes take up to an hour. If you do not receive this PM within 24 hours, please PM me, and I will fix it for you when I can.
      3. To access the webchat, click here: Lifeboat IRC Chat, and sign in with the username and password provided by MlemBot (the link to the chat is also in the PM from MlemBot). Do not use the "Chat" button on the forum navigation bar - that will take you to the original, currently-broken chat.
      4. If you wish to use an IRC client instead of the webchat, you can follow our IRC Client Tutorials, substituting instead of irc.dreamviews.com, and your password from MlemBot instead of your DV password.
      5. Eat, chat, and be merry!

      Remember that normal chat rules still apply to the Lifeboat Chat (you can view those here). Also, keep in mind that this chat will only be used until the forum connection for the official DreamViews IRC chat is re-established. Once the official IRC is fixed, the Lifeboat chat will be disconnected, and the party will move back to the normal chat.

      If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

      Sweet dreams,
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