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      Are you dreaming?

      Dreamviews is a web-based resource for all information related to sleep, dreams and lucid dreaming. We host a variety of tutorials, videos, articles, and classes, as well as the largest and most active community of dreamers on the web. All of our videos and tutorials are accessible to guests. To post in the forums or use the chatroom, please register.

      Members of the forums have access to our special dream journal system, which allows dreamers to categorize their dreams and track recurring dream elements.

      Our Dream Guide program consists of several staff members called Dream Guides, who help new members get around the forums as well as answer any dreaming and lucid dreaming questions they might have.

      For a more in depth learning experience, we offer classes at Dreamviews Academy, which is hosted on the forums and chat. Here you will be able to learn about lucid dreaming and put into practice the techniques involved with the help and guidance of your teacher.

      Now lay back and enjoy floating away in the world of lucid dreaming...

      What if you could enter a world within your own mind--one which is completely realistic, but completely safe. One where you can do anything your heart desires, no limits, no consequences. If you can imagine it, you can do it--and all while sleeping peacefully.

      A lucid dream is a dream in which you know you are dreaming. Also known as conscious dreaming, lucid dreaming is a learnable skill that can be used for living out fantasies, practicing creative problem solving or role-playing important life situations, stopping nightmares, creative or artistic inspiration, and even personal or spiritual exploration. Lucid dreams can be anything you wish them to be. It is one of life's most beautiful free treasures.


      In a lucid dream, anything you can imagine is possible. Even knowing this, many people still ask, what is the point of lucid dreaming? What makes it worth doing? Sometimes this question is connected to the idea that dreams are not as realistic as waking life. The quality of dreams can vary, but generally lucid dreams are much more vivid than normal dreams. A dream can seem as real as any waking experience. This is what separates a lucid dream from a mere daydream: a lucid dream is more closely described as a virtual reality, where everything seems very real, but at the end of the day (or night), you are in a completely safe and private environment.


      Even though not everyone remembers their dreams, we all dream at night. On the other hand, many of us always remember our dreams, even though we may or may not write them down or give them much attention. The biggest culprit of bad recall is often too much stress. Even if you are actively trying to remember your dreams, being under a lot of stress and not getting restful sleep can impact your ability to recall anything.


      After building up good dream recall and starting a dream journal, you will be ready to start learning to lucid dream. There are a variety of different induction techniques, each with their own pros and cons. As you read about each one or even move on to read the full tutorials for any of these techniques, try to think about which ones might fit best in your lifestyle. There are two basic categories of lucid dreams: DILD (Dream Induced Lucid Dream) and WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream). The key difference between these two techniques is whether or not you have a period of dreamless sleep before the lucid dream (DILD), or whether you pass directly from the waking state into the lucid dream (WILD).

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      A lucid dream is a dream in which you know you are dreaming while you are still in the dream. This realization gives you awareness/consciousness/clarity in the dream.
      The word "lucid" means to have clear thoughts and understanding. However, a lucid dream is not just any dream where you have clarity; the official definition of lucid dream means the dreamer must realize he/she is dreaming.

      A lucid dream can have varying levels of clarity; A lucid dream with high clarity is much more likely to be under a higher level of your control, whereas less clarity in the dream would allow for less control.

      Lucid dreaming is something which has been practiced for many centuries. For all that time, not much was known about it scientifically. However, lucid dreaming was popularized ...

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