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      Dream control and lucid dreaming are closely related, but remember that you can always have one without the other. Some lucid dreams have little to no control, while other non-lucid dreams seem to offer a great amount of control in the context of the dream plot.

      Much of what you may wish to do in lucid dreams will require some form of dream control. Be it teleporting to a new place, flying, having adventures, creating scenarios for practice or problem solving, or banishing nightmares. In order to become successful at controlling your dreams, it will take a lot of practice and experience on your part.

      A common misconception about dream control is that is it instantaneous and will always work the way you expect it to. This is just not so--the mind is far too complex for things to work that way. While it is a good general rule to have confidence in yourself and believe you can accomplish your goals, sometimes you still may need to practice certain kinds of dream control.
      In the beginning you may be able to exert some control in your dreams, such as changing the scene or situation, or controlling your own actions, but it will likely take you awhile to gain complete control of your dreams. This is due to the fact that it can be difficult to determine how much force to put into trying to change something. Sometimes the changes will occur easily; other times you may get frustrated if what you want to happen doesn’t. It is essential that you don’t allow yourself to become too aggressive or frustrated with your attempts at dream control because if you do you’ll likely wake yourself up.

      In order to be successful at changing your dreams you have to believe it is possible. If you’re trying to do something in your dream that you don’t really believe is possible, then chances are you will be unsuccessful. You must convince yourself that you are in control and anything you want is possible. Since too much force will simply cause you to awaken, begin by calmly trying to change aspects of your dream—just think about what you want to change, and try to picture it happening. For instance, you could imagine a bolt of electricity flying out of your hand, or even something much simpler like a giant sundae materializing before you. Keep in mind that you should build up to trying more adventurous things, such as the ever-popular flying. If your attempts don’t work, try changing something else. If still your efforts at dream control are futile, try instead to simply go along with the dream and practice controlling your own actions instead.

      Deam spinning and verbal commands can aid in dream control. Again, dream spinning will allow you to change your dream setting. If your dream begins to wildly careen out of your control, try spinning and picturing your desired dream as you do so. Verbal commands are generally the best way to exert control in your dreams. If you want something to happen, say it out loud: if you want to be 12 feet tall, just say it. Repeat your desire over and over, and picture it in your head.

      Sometimes—and you’ll figure this out as you go along—you have to become a little creative when trying to exert your will in your dream. For instance, are you trying to find someone in your dream but not having any luck? Try picking up the phone and calling him or her…he or she may just appear right in front of you. Actually wishing for someone or something to magically appear right in front of you can be difficult. Instead, either try closing your eyes and envisioning him or her appearing, or tell yourself that he or she will appear as soon as you go around a corner.

      Remember that you are in complete control once you become lucid, but again it will take a while to be able to wield this power properly. Don’t allow yourself to become overcome with emotion if you find yourself in a distressing situation: always remember that dream spinning can quickly bail you out of anything. Also, remind yourself constantly that you are in control—if you are able to maintain this attitude, you will likely be able to free yourself from precarious situations and change your dreams completely.

      Comment on Skill

      Finally, keep in mind that controlling dreams is like any other skill: practice is essential. Furthermore, there are those who possess an innate talent for lucid dreaming and will achieve faster success than others, as well as those who will be more adept at dream control right from the start. Of course there will also be those who simply will always have trouble at dream control, for various reasons that make us individuals and set us apart from others. Don’t become too frustrated or hard on yourself if that is the case—and make sure you don’t sleep away your life with your lucid dreaming endeavors. Regardless of your ability, you can still have fun with gaining consciousness in your dreams which will certainly provide you with the opportunity to at least control your own actions.

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