Interesting article: New research explores benefits of Buddhist practice in virtual reality

What do dreams and video games have to do with Tibetan Buddhism? For one thing, they all introduce us to 'dereification' ó the creeping feeling that reality isnít as solid as we might think. For another, they will all come together at a workshop led by Buddhist teacher and lucid dreaming expert Andrew Holecek at Shambhala Mountain Center next week, where new research on the subject will be unveilled.

Holecek will explore 'dream yoga,' the Tibetan Buddhist practice of meditating in a lucid dream. In his 2016 book, Dream Yoga: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming and the Tibetan Yogas of Sleep, Holecek blended traditional Buddhist teachings with modern sleep science research. Now heís looking at how to further incorporate Western knowledge with the ancient tradition by exploring the potential of virtual reality...