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    Thread: Possible soulmate dream?

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      Possible soulmate dream?

      Recently I met this guy and very briefly chatted to him but that night I had an incredibly vivid dream abut him. When I had met him during the day I had not really taken in what he looked like but that night I could see his face completely clearly which I normally find very hard to do in dreams. In the dream he was standing in front of me touching nose to nose. We were staring each other in the eye yet it seemed like his body was flipped upside down so that he was stood on his head. It was very effortless for him to do this and he still managed to maintain eye contact the whole time (obviously physics did not apply in the dream world!) When I woke up I got a very strong feeling that this guy was a part of me that was missing and that in the dream we were connecting back together. Any thoughts and interpretations would be appreciated!

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      Disclaimer: I am not a professional and dreams are always best interpreted by the dreamer (except maybe those nasty parts we try to keep hidden away even from ourselves. Then an observer is handy to point out our faults). I interpret dreams for fun (I do get whimsical sometimes) and for practice. If you take anything from it, do enjoy, but never take anything I write as gospel.

      First, I would say the appearance of this guy has nothing at all to do with him, but everything to do with you. Dreams are always about yourself. It's the only person your mind thoroughly understands.

      All those wonderful, sharp images of the guy's face were probably noted by your subconscious at the time of the meeting, but your very loud, noisy, talky conscious self missed all this detail. Once you got into dreaming, your subconscious managed to talk over your quieted self and project a clear memory. Now for the fun, weird stuff--because all that other stuff is just Jungian-ese.

      I see this all the time about the eye-to-eye contact, about this other entity staring into your soul, etc. In fact, you are "nose-to-nose", practically mirror images. Of course! It's you, after all, and s/he knows all your most intimate secrets. Okay, that's a little Jungian-ese, too. Truly, here's something fun, the "flipped upside down." As you described it, I imagined your heads at the same level (because he's maintaining eye contact), so he's also levitating upside down. Is that right? I will assume so. By the way, I also assumed you are female. That makes a difference.

      Here are two thoughts on the upside-down thing. 1) Your ideas about a relationship with a guy need to be turned completely around. This could mean a LOT of things, and here's where only you, the dreamer, or someone very close to you like a best friend or mom could identify your upside-down attitude.
      2) Your first impression or reaction to a guy (or males, in general) is opposite (upside-down) or turns out or turned out to be wrong.

      I think you get the idea. Phrase it how you like.

      That feeling you had at the end may be a good sign that maybe your upside-down relationship attitudes (not necessarily relationship with a guy, maybe any male in general) are getting turned around or that they will. That, of course, gets into prediction, and that's a whole other ball game.

      That's all I have. Remember not to take it too seriously and just have fun with it!

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      Thanks for taking the time to reply to my message. A lot of what you have said resonates with me. Sometimes it takes an outsider to see the bigger picture!
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