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    Thread: Beat up faces?

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      Beat up faces?

      Hey everyone! I am new to the forms and dream interpretations, and I was hoping you could help with this one.

      So basically, in my dream, me and a tv show character that I admire a lot were walking towards each other in a gymnasium. I for some reason knew it was a school dance, but all of the lights were on and it was just us two in the room. As we got close to each other, I realized that we both had extremely beat up faces and we both were pretty messed up. Neither of us cared though, and we were still just as happy to be with each other. We still cared about one another the same amount despite how our faces looked. He expressed his love for me right there and it was really sweet.

      Any ideas? I just don't know what to think about the whole beat up faces thing. Thanks!
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      It beats me too. What do you think about it yourself? Does beated up faces remind you of any interpretation. At the end of the day it is your mind and it are [theoretically: your thoughts] that manifest in dream form. Ty for sharing I welcome you on DV hope you come here more often.

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