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      dream of an ex bf getting married in my dream

      I used to dream of my ex all the time of him or I searching for each other..... We broke up in 2008. I have not heard, talked, or emailed him since 2008. We live in two separate states. We dated from 2006-2008. And from 1998-2001. I'm dating a guy now.
      I had a dream that my ex bf was getting married in my dream.
      My dream was in a building and there were so many people.
      I was looking for him and I found him with women in a wedding dress.
      I did not see her face just back of her. He turned and looked at me. I yelled "NOOOOO" and ran crying in tears. Then he was following me as I ran out of building. He was looking for me but I just continue to run and cry. Then I woke up from my dream. I remember every detail of it. Its been weeks since that dream and I remember it so clear. When I woke up from my dream.... I felt very sad.
      Since my dream of him getting married.....all my dreams of him stopped...stopped.
      I hate it.
      Any suggestions?

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      As cliché as it sounds, there are dreams that will make you sad or disappointed and then there are those ones that make you happy or grateful. And personally, you'd have more grim or disappointing dreams when you're stressed over something during waking life [especially during finals week].

      Although, for what it's worth...

      Quote Originally Posted by Matte87 View Post
      You can fool yourself in a LD. You can do whatever you believe you can do in a LD and some people would claim killing DC's is horrible since you're killing a part of yourself. I don't believe that. I think it's more of a question of morality. I wouldn't go around killing DC's just for the fun of it. Even dreams in which I decide to be evil and try out some powers I kinda feel bad afterwards. I've been a vampire a few times and it's pretty awesome though.

      If you believe that a particular DC, say a friend you often meet in your LD's, will die and never come back in your dreams then there's a chance he/she might not. Most likely however they'll turn up sooner or later. It's all about what you believe
      to reiterate...

      Quote Originally Posted by JeanLucGodard View Post
      They are figments of your imagination. No big deal.
      DCs will come and go. Just believe. And maybe not dwell too much on non-lucids?
      You were born an original. Don't die a copy.

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      You want to continue dreaming about your ex? Look at your photos together, think of your time together, etc...

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      Quote Originally Posted by liberty1963 View Post
      Since my dream of him getting married.....all my dreams of him stopped...stopped.
      I hate it.
      Any suggestions?

      I take it you still wanted him and thats why you liked dreaming of him? Maybe your mind did this on purpose so you can finally move on?

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