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      Exclamation Every Other Day I Can't Remember Any Dreams

      Every other day I have a problem remembering my dreams or I my dreams aren't vivid at all.

      If I remember vivid and long dreams the day before, I wont remember anything the next day. If I remember a few short dreams the day before, I will only remember one small dream fragment the next day. This is frustrating because it keeps my dream recall from being constant.

      It might have something to do with how long I sleep, but I don't think that that is the problem. My hours of sleep seem about the same everyday.

      Does anybody have an answer to this?
      Does anybody else have the same problem?
      Is this normal when recalling dreams?

      Thank you!

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      That's normal. Recall fluctuates, sometimes for no apparent reason. Last three days I had numerous, detailed dreams. Last night I thought to myself, finally, I'm getting it. And this morning I know I had long dreams, but managed to write down only three sentences of fragments.

      If you normally have good recall, don't get frustrated over it, accept it as a fact of life. Bu thankfull for dreams you get and express that to your higher self. Write in your DJ every day and you'll be fine. Happy dreams

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      It's strange, I clicked on this thread because I was mostly curious because I didn't quite understand the title, however now that I read it, I can relate to that.

      Thinking about it, every time I have a vivid dream (not lucid) I seem to not be able to recall my dream the next day.

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      How about you use the 90 minute method for dream recalls on the next day? It'll take you some sleep, but should improve dream recall.

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