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      Hearing music in a dream?

      Earlier today this morning. I had a dream and in the dream I heard some music playing. It was a ending theme song from InuYasha. I heard the song in the dream and it felt like I was waking up early in the morning in the dream but I wasn't. It actually felt like I was waking up at 4:00am because thats usually the same time InuYasha comes on in the morning. There was no music playing when I actually woke up. This was a weird experience that I heard because I actually heard the full song playing in the dream. I still remembered the dream when I woke up around lunch time. Has anyone had this happen to them before? Its really weird. It felt like I was waking up in the dream because I saw the TV in the dream. It's odd. I heard the full entire theme song 100%. I don't know what the hell I experienced there. Sometimes in dreams stuff like this doesn't happen. There was no anime playing when I woke up. I dont know why I heard the song playing in the dream and It was playing full length.

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      Dreams are supposed to be your thoughts playing out in your head. It takes from the subconscious (or so I've heard), so anything that you ever experienced is remembered (even if you don't consciously remember it) and can be used in a dream. You could have just simply been thinking about it to make it play in your dreams.

      I've had music in my dreams too, I've had tunes I've never heard before, along with songs that I know that are sometimes even played with different instruments. I never have any music on either.

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      I've had music playing in my dreams. I've been waking up a lot recently, with a song stuck in my head.

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      I like music in dreams. My mind often chooses music that I'll like the most, sometimes adding my special touches, too.
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      I can't remember, that I ever heard music in my dream, expect in the last nights.

      I recently woke up with a song in my head I never heard before, but I knew, it was from my dream. (That's the only thing I could remember of the dream)

      And a few days ago a famous classic song played constantly in background of my dream ('The musicplaying clock'). The song was perfect. It was awesome! O.o

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